Seahawks sign Luke Joeckel, visiting with T.J. Lang & RB’s

March 9th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

The Seahawks fans get their wish — some O-line help. The deal for Joeckel is reportedly worth $8m. It’s a substantial prove-it deal — but look at the going rate:

— The Panthers gave Matt Kalil, a below-average starter who missed 14 games in 2016 through injury, a $55.5m contract with $25m guaranteed.

— The Browns are set to pay Kevin Zeitler $60m over five years with $31.5m in guarantees. They’re also giving often-injured guard Joel Bitonio a $51.5m extension with $23m guaranteed.

— The Broncos are paying Ronald Leary $36m over four years with $20m in guarantees. Leary only started in Dallas in 2016 because of an injury to La’el Collins and he was diagnosed with a degenerative knee issue.

— The Rams are paying Anthony Whitworth $36m with $15m in guarantees, including $13m in 2017. Whitworth turns 36 in December.

— Russell Okung has agreed a $53m, four-year contract with the Chargers including $25m in guarantees.

— Riley Reiff intends to sign for the Vikings. Considering Minnesota’s desperate need on the O-line, they’re likely giving him a big contract.

The Seahawks cannot compete in this market — and that’s a good thing.

Before the Joeckel addition, Seattle only had five players set to earn more than $10m in 2017 — Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas and Jimmy Graham. All five justify their salaries. The next five highest earners are Doug Baldwin ($9.6m), Kam Chancellor ($8m), Bobby Wagner ($7.6m), K.J. Wright ($6.8m) and Cliff Avril ($5.5m).

Consider the cap hits for those ten players and then consider what Matt Kalil and Ronald Leary are going to be earning in 2017. Then consider which of the ten above you’d rather lose and replace with Kalil, who would be the third highest paid player on the team.

Like it or not, the Seahawks built their identity on defense and possess a rare, genuine franchise quarterback.

Had the Seahawks built their identity on the O-line like Dallas, that’s likely where the investment would be right now. And we’d all be talking about the defense not being good enough instead.

As it is, the Seahawks didn’t have the #9 pick in 2011 for Tyron Smith or the #16 in 2014 for Zack Martin. They picked at #25 and #32 instead. And they had the foresight to draft Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, K.J. Wright and others on day three.

They’re left to try and develop a young line with a little help from guys like Joeckel with a point to prove. And they have to identify targets in an ever shrinking pool of draft options.

Good O-liners go early (aka the range where Seattle never picks) and it’s why Garett Bolles will likely go in the top-10 this year. They just don’t last. You’re often looking for upside and potential after the first round.

Have they missed on players? Sometimes. But it’s not a long list of O-line Pro-Bowlers drafted after the first round in the Pete Carroll era:

2010: 0
2011: 2 (Rodney Hudson, Jason Kelce)
2012: 1 (Kelechi Osemele)
2013: 1 (David Bakhtiari)
2014: 1 (Trai Turner)
2015: 0
2016: 0

Five in seven years. That’s it. And at a time when Pro-Bowl invites aren’t exactly hard to come by.

Plus for all the talk of Seattle’s ability to identify talent, it could be a lot worse. See, the 2011 late first round:

#23 Danny Watkins (Eagles)
#26 James Carpenter (Seahawks)
#29 Gabe Carimi (Bears)
#32 Derek Sherrod (Packers)

Meanwhile they’ve turned a defensive tackle into a $6.5m a year guard, a second round tackle into a blossoming center and we’ll see if the current group can take a step forward in 2017.

Joeckel has a point to prove. He was once tipped to be the #1 pick in 2013 before the Chiefs selected the more athletic Eric Fisher. He flopped in Jacksonville after being selected at #2. Yet he has familiarity with Germain Ifedi and might be playing next to him at right tackle.

$8m speaks to how highly rated he was entering the league. It also dispels any theory that the Seahawks are ‘cheap’ on the O-line.

It’s the kind of prove-it deal Seattle nailed with Bennett and Avril. Let’s see if Joeckel can deliver on his potential. He’s not even 26 until November.

As for T.J. Lang — he’s considered one of the best guards in the NFL. He broke his foot in the NFC Championship game and is expected to miss the entire off-season. That could impact his value. And while it seems somewhat likely he’ll end up returning to Green Bay, the news he’s visiting with the Seahawks tomorrow will be welcomed by anyone hoping for proven experience and quality on the O-line.

This level of focus also suggests what we kind of knew already — this is a draft for the Seahawks to go heavy on defense.

Meanwhile other reports claim the Seahawks will visit with Latavius Murray, Jamaal Charles and Eddie Lacy. A veteran running back addition appears to be a distinct possibility.

And Stephen Hauschka has signed a contract with the Bills. There will be a new starting kicker in Seattle this year.

618 Responses to “Seahawks sign Luke Joeckel, visiting with T.J. Lang & RB’s”

  1. Nick says:

    Look, many of us are going to be underwhelmed by this move. That’s ok – get it all out. At the end of the day, this is probably a depth signing with the added benefit of veteran guidance. Moreover, this move now means they don’t necessarily have to force a G pick in the early goings of this draft.

    • cha says:

      Some folk’ll never lose a toe
      But then again, some folk’ll

      I’ll show myself out.

    • Daniel Bryan says:

      Sorry to break it to you, Nick. Depth signings, even on the OL, don’t land contracts that can be worth up to $8M.

      • Nick says:

        It’s up to 8 million from what I understand. Right? And for one year? There’s no long-term commitment at all to this guy.

        • arias says:

          And that’s by design. He should need to prove he can start at left tackle before a long term commitment is made.

  2. RealRhino2 says:

    Shouldn’t there be a question mark rather than a period after the word “line” in Schefter’s tweet?

  3. vrtkolman says:

    TJ Lang is visiting Seattle too. That would be a good get. Joeckel is very meh, but that is ok.

  4. vrtkolman says:

    Joeckel seems like the anti-Cable lineman. He’s finesse and lacks strength. He doesn’t get push in the run game. He had a serious leg injury last year and it’s not even certain he will be ready for next year. Very weird signing.

  5. JT says:

    Quick check of the PFF grades show that Joeckel actually performed well in the run game last year, and was typically hopeless as a pass blocker (he only played 3.5 games before injury). I’m skeptical, but we needed some veteran depth. Hopefully it’s not too much $$$

  6. AlaskaHawk says:

    As long as we aren’t losing draft picks.

  7. Hawk Eye says:

    as underwhelming as it is, it still seems so much better than the Webb signing. At least he is a former #2 overall pick, maybe he needs a change of scenery to become average. I would take an average T in a heartbeat
    Low bar, I guess….

  8. The Hawk is Howling says:

    I think this could work out, he has never been in a winning atmosphere with the Jags. Luke was what the #2 pick in 2013. Now we see if Cable truly is the O-line guru he is supposed to be. Luke still has that potential to be good!

    Go Hawks

  9. Misfit74 says:

    Ideal signing after passing on Whitworth. He has the raw talent. Maybe Cable + winning organization will reclamate him to at least ‘average starter’. I like the move.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Hey Misfit how do you add a picture to your profile on here. I hope you don’t have to have a Facebook account!

      Go Hawks

  10. TDD says:

    Joeckel’s TEF appears to be below the 3.00 threshold with 27 bench reps, 28.5″ vertical, and 10′ 6″ broad jump, but he does have 34+” arms and should be more serviceable at tackle than Sowell or Webb, which isn’t saying much. Would love to add Lang or Schwenke if the money is right.

    • TDD says:

      My bad, 8′ 10″ broad jump.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      His 3 cone drill was 7.40 which very good. His twenty yard shuttle was 4.68 which is not great but not bad either. His overall draft grade was 95.3 which very strong. I don’t know why it hasn’t clicked for him yet but very little has clicked for Jacksonville since 2013. The big question is consistency right? That’s been the fly in the soup for the current guys which could be anticipated given their youth.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Let’s be clear. They didn’t draft the guy. They just signed him in the latter half of the first wave of FA to an incentive laden contract. He’s also a former top 5 pick (whether justified or not). And he’s highly versatile. Can play every spot but center (and maybe even that too).

      This is a good acquisition and I’m somewhat at a loss to explain the negative reactions considering how low our expectations were going into FA. BTW I’m not saying your reaction is negative TDD.

    • Reggie Regg says:

      No way Webb or Sowell were even close to a 3.00 in TEF

  11. Kenny Sloth says:


    On a one year deal? Sounds good to me

  12. swisshawk says:

    Shit, next year will be crazy: clark, lockett, kam, jimmy looking for big bucks or testing the market. Won’t be fun 🙁

    • Trevor says:

      The Dolphins just signed their SS to a monster extension.

      JS really should have gotten Kam done with Bennett because I have a feeling now he is going to want crazy $ and I can see him testing market next year which really sucks.

      • nichansen01 says:

        Draft Obi and we don’t have to worry.

        • Josh Smith says:

          Obi is an unknown quantity. You just never know and you’re talking about replacing one of the most impactful players in the leauge. We need to do what it takes to resign him.

          • Reggie Regg says:

            No way man this is Kams last good season. We gotta get on board with churning the roster and getting value for our guys the season before not the season after.

      • Misfit74 says:

        Elite player, R. Jones

    • BobbyK says:

      Clark and Lockett will not be free agents testing the market. They will be under team control for another year after that.

      • Redhawk87 says:

        Thank you.
        We CAN give them contracts after this next year, but will still be under rookie contracts for another year after that. We will be getting more money available to us in freeing up cap space, and we will only be paying for Bennett and Clark for at most one year (2019). We can work around that. Kearse is only likely to be on the team for one more year, then traded/cut.

        We can afford to franchise Jimmy (for even less in 2018 than what he earned in 2017), and then get him for an extended contract for a comparable to his current pay. We have no other dominant TE, and he just set franchise records for the position. We’re going to keep and extend him.

        Kam is the big question. Seahawks have to draft for a SS replacement this year, and early. If Kam agrees to stay on at a reasonable deal for 3 years, then that draft pick stays as buffalo CB and backup SS (to become starter once Kam retires at end of the new deal). If he wishes to move to greener pastures next year, then the draft pick becomes starting SS.

        We don’t have tons of cap space, but it’s also tied up with reasonable deals with tons of starters. We don’t need to go out and spend tons on new deals. The Seahawks are in no way facing a point where we’ve screwed ourselves out of keeping the starters we want. When it comes time to renew, we will be able to do so.

    • RWIII says:

      Swiss. Clark and Lockette still have two years left on their respective contracts.

    • PDXBen says:

      Old expensive teams are often bad teams.

  13. McGruff says:

    Reports are that it is “:up to” $8million.

    FTR, based on my calculations Joeckel tested at 2.86 TEF

    • Redhawk87 says:

      I just ran that calc too. Using the PwTEF (Physically weighted TEF, personal design of mine off of Rob’s TEF), he scores 98.21. The Seahawks have never selected someone with less than 105 using this test (not enough data to conclude Hunt or Odhiambo), but 98 is still far superior to most O-linemen these days. Only Lamp, Bolles, and Asiata I saw so far of this year’s class got over 100.

      • Bob says:

        The thing people seem to be missing is the bench press. Do any of you think he’s lifted some weights since he’s been in the league?

        He’s got to be better than Sowell which should at least improve the competition. He can play more positions.

  14. Volume12 says:

    Up to $8 mil? Holy ish! Incentives?

  15. The Hawk is Howling says:

    I’m all aboard the Connor Baring train, who else?

    Go Hawks

    • Dutchenstein12 says:

      I agree, I think he would be a great fit at the right price. He can play the SAM and provide some depth as a pass rusher. Seems like our kind of signing.

    • PDXBen says:


  16. The Hawk is Howling says:

    *Barwin* damn it auto correct, need to check before I send!

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Nobody, oh okay cool!

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        Meh. He’s not really what the defense needs. Happy Thursday to ye Craige!

        • The Hawk is Howling says:

          Oh thanks Eric you straight rule Brov, I haven’t had the time to comment much plus I don’t have the scouting skills that a lot of you blokes do. I have the day off and know a lot more about free agents. It’s a fun day as a football fan!

          The Seahawks are becoming stronger on the Offensive Line!

          Hell Yeah

  17. Trevor says:

    I thought we could not get anyone because we had no cap space. $8mil is a lot of money for a guy who could not make the Jags OL. 1 yr deal or not.

    I hope the $ is not guaranteed in anyway and he has to earn a starting spot and play X # of games to make the $8mil.

    Rob what are your thoughts on Joeckel? Did you like him coming out.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Kalil got $11 million a year and he is at the same level if not worse.

      • Trevor says:

        Kalil had some good play prior to injuries. The same cannot be said about Joeckel.

        • vrtkolman says:

          Joeckel actually improved a lot this past year after being absolutely awful his first two years in the league. Kalil had a great rookie year then flatlined ever since. I’m not trying to defend this signing or anything, but I think the players are pretty similar.

  18. TDD says:

    $8 million?! Hopefully a huge chunk of that is incentive-based and/or including a 2nd year option…

  19. nichansen01 says:

    Houston just gave away Osweiler, with a second round pick.

  20. JT says:

    There must be a ton of incentives in the $8 mil. Joeckel’s a career under-performer coming off a torn ACL & MCL in week 4 last season.

  21. Trevor says:

    If we are not going to sign impact guys I would prefer to wait till free agency wave #2 and try to sign some Vet bargain deals. Keep the cap # to try and get Jimmy, Kam, Britt extensions done.

    • MSL says:

      More Webb and Sowell? No thanks. At least this guy has some potential upside.

    • KingRajesh says:

      I’d rather not extend Kam. I doubt he’s got many years left with how many surgeries and injuries he’s had. The only downside is that with Earl already talking about retiring, could you really get rid of “his brother” Kam and keep him motivated to play? Tough to stay.

      Extend Britt, let Jimmy play this year, and we could franchise him next year (to allow us to re-sign him) if he balls out with Russell this year.

  22. Trevor says:

    No one has been begging for OL help more than me but a guy who could not even make the Jags after being the #2 pick to an $8 mil one year deal was certainly no what I had in mind.

    Best case scenario is he plays well makes his $8mil and then we are right back in the same spot because we wont be able to afford him next off season. Maybe he is just insurance / competition for Gilliam and Fant and none of the $ is guaranteed. At least that is my hope.

    • JT says:

      With the significant knee injury he suffered last year factoring in as well, I bet there’s heavy incentives on the $8 mil.

    • sdcoug says:

      And then you get a nice comp pick

      • Trevor says:

        I want a functioning OL not another comp pick

        • sdcoug says:

          Only pointing out that it’s an upside move, with more free agency and draft yet to come. Maybe they felt that had to strike or lose the opportunity

  23. nichansen01 says:

    Sign Lang instead of Murray or Charles.

    • Volume12 says:

      Murray would be a great addition. They really liked him when he came out.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        Murray will be too expensive, Charles could be cheaper, better if healthy
        3 injury prone backs may add up to 16 complete games???

        • Volume12 says:

          Would rather have Charles too. But if not? Murray would be a very good addition.

          Yup. Injuries have never scared Seattle away. No risk, no reward. You don’t win games by not taking chances and building a team full of after school specials.

      • Trevor says:

        I like Murray. At the same price I prefer him to Murray at this stage in his career.

      • Josh Smith says:

        Concerns me that Murray only managed 4.0 ypc behind OAK’s O-line.

      • C-Dog says:

        I would totally be down for Murray. More so than Charles. I think they need a more physical in between the tackles runner.

        • PDXBen says:

          I’ll pass on all 3 – hive me Snacks ….err Lacy. If you can motivate him and get his weight down ….he’ll truck some fools! Wouldn’t same type of prove it deal

  24. CC says:

    Basically, almost anyone is better at R or LT for the Seahawks than what they had. Joeckel gets a year to prove himself, and maybe he ends up being okay. While not ideal, I’d hope they could pick up Okung as well. There isn’t going to be a decent tackle at 26 so happy to see we did something.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I think Okung gets more $$ than what SEA is willing to pay. This is an OT-starved League.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        For the #Chargers and OT Russell Okung, it’s a 4 year deal worth $53M, source said. $13.25M guaranteed.

        No thanks to that.

  25. drewdawg11 says:

    I would have paid the extra $4 million a year for Whitworth. That’s just me.

  26. JT says:

    It makes sense to balance out the youthful OL & RB positions with veterans, while focusing draft capital on an aging defense. Especially with the strength of this draft class coming mostly on the defensive side of the ball( secondary, EDGE).

    I much prefer Charles to Murray. Latavius doesn’t strike me as a difference-making RB, yet he’ll be expensive on his second contract. Charles might come cheap, and would not need to fill a big role.

  27. J2MED says:

    Tom Pelissero tweeted out that Joeckel CAN earn up to 8 on this one year deal. Max value is laden w/ incentives. He’s gotta make the team first lol

  28. TDD says:

    Reshad Jones resigns with Miami for 4 years/60mil with 35mil guaranteed. This can’t help with Kam or ET.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      Earl is going to get his money when it is time. His true value showed up when he got hurt.
      Not sure they will pay Kam over $10 M, but I bet someone else will next year if he hits FA.
      If the offence steps up, they can afford to lose Kam. But the D will take a step back without him and lose maybe the most intimidating player in the league. Pomalolo played well into his 30’s Kam can also. If his body holds up. No easy answers for this

  29. Nathan says:

    Geez free agency is crazy.

    I’m in austrlia, it’s 9am here.

    I checked the computer at about 7:50am before leaving for work, in the time it took me to drive to work this has happened, and the Osweiler trade.

  30. Shadow says:

    Do we know it’s $8 million for sure or can it increase to $8 million with incentives?

    Will he be playing guard or tackle, do you think?

  31. First post after reading for 14 months:

    The fundamental question is how to win. Most agree that the defense needs to be added in this draft based on the Seahawk’s needs and the strength of the draft. Here are a few points to consider on this topic.

    The 2016 defense looked tired and had a hard time getting off the field on third down. Part of this was the time of possession. The defense will look much better with a ball control offense that can run the ball better and get first downs. That means 4-5 yard gains on running plays, not 4-5 yard averages. By that I mean a RB with a high average often has multiple explosive plays mixed with a lot of 1-2 yd gains. We do not need a high average gained that way. We need a high average with a high mean and a balanced ball control passing game that kills the clock and give the defense rest.

    Reducing the load on the defense also will improve the health of the defense at the end of the season. Seahawk fans know the value of a healthy defense as key injuries have played a big part in the post season. The healthiest year resulted in a Superbowl win. Some of injuries seem like random plays and can be attributed to luck, but fatigue plays a role as does the circumstances in the game.

    While reviewing film of Rawls in 2015 I noticed that many of his highlight runs were following a fullback. Improvements in that position might be more valuable and less expensive than the OL. Also, could a better blocking TE make the difference we are looking for? How about another running back? Both TE and RB may be in play in the first round. Maybe a DE as well.

    Beast mode punished the defense and that pain opened up the running game in the second half. A bruising fullback can do the same. Could one of the excellent TE in the draft play that role as well? A really heavy RB?

    I am all for drafting Kevin King. I think he will be a better than OBI and a bigger need. He seems like a sure thing and may even be available in the second round. However, that extra option year for a first found pick is more valuable for the more expensive players like QB, CB, LT and DE. So maybe they should play it safe and pick him at 26. The tough call will be if somebody interesting drops.

    The Seahawk FO does seem to draft a year in advance. We may see more DT and DE in the 2017 draft than we are expecting. A more effective pass rush is one way to get off the field on third down and will make the DBs look better as well. I know we have top players there, but it just seemed like they we not getting the pressure at the right moments. I think that contributed to the low numbers of interceptions in 2016.

    It sure has been a pleasure reading Rob and all the comments, especially with the underlying confidence in the Seahawk front office and the relative success. This web site is so far ahead of anything else and it is entirely due to the written content. Here’s hoping for the return of a ball control offense and home field advantage in the playoffs.

    • JT says:

      Well-reasoned all the way through. Reported interest in Eddie Lacy meshes with your thoughts about the running game.

    • sdcoug says:

      Good post. The frequent 3-and-outs have been a big problem (in my mind at least) and part of my frustration with our O -coord. It’s a delicate subject that I won’t get too far into, but whether it’s not finding a proper play rhythm or bad Oline play or Russ not finding his reads, etc, it really does put the D in a bad spot, both from a field position perspective, as well as weariness and prolonged opportunities for disastrous occurrences (scores or injuries). Even picking up one or two first downs (before punting) drastically shifts the field of play.

      As for the lack of pressure at the right moments… it does feel that way. Bennett and Avril have the sack numbers I guess, but it’s always rounding the edges. We are burned repeatedly by a QB calmly stepping up in the pocket and completing a pass. Hawks like to hold the middle running lanes, but more interior disruption would go a long way for our D, and as you said, especially for our DBs. Speaking of, to me it appeared they weren’t pressing much this year or even playing on the ball. It felt like our DBs were routinely 5 yds off the receivers at time of reception most plays. Can’t make an Int when you’re so far off. Could just be my imagination, or perhaps it was by design. Either way, it felt different to me

    • Josh Smith says:

      Agree. Have thought that our pass rush has been overrated for a while now.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Thanks for reading!

    • Reggie Regg says:

      Good points! I’ve always believed Mike Rob”s value has always been underrated in the success of the 2013 team.

  32. AlaskaHawk says:

    Sorry Rob but signing one linemen for 8 million doesn’t negate that they have been cheap dollar wise, and it certainly showed last year. Maybe they are ready to change, lets see what they can come up with.

    My other thought was your comment about how if we were building our offense like Dallas we would be complaining about defense. That is true enough. I just think it is quicker to rebuild the defense as you have argued that the most talented players are on defensive side of draft.

    Anyway – I have high hopes for this signing.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Alaska if they gave Joeckel $80m you’d still claim they were being cheap.

    • LLLOGOSSS says:

      Look at all the bad money that’s been spent on OLmen during our run ignore poor OL play. Rob has made this point many times, throwing dollars at these players is what bad teams — without their own stars to pay — do. We don’t pick high enough to reliably draft our own studs up front every year. It’s not a matter of being cheap, it’s a matter of being smart about who to pay. I’m sure they would love to pay a player $12-13m and feel good about it, and they will when they identify elite available talent.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        *our run *of*

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        The facts are that the offensive line of last season was one of the cheapest dollar wise in the league. The other fact was that they were all on their rooky contracts. Every one of them.

        Yes I’m glad they are changing and trying to find some talent. And going forth I will be happy to say that the Seahawks are willing to pay for an offensive line. But lets not mitigate the disaster they made for themselves through their choices. Last years line was bad.

        • LLLOGOSSS says:

          But last year’s TEAM was good. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. It’s been explained ad-nauseum — the Seahawks pay for elite, and try to develop the rest until they can either get paid like the elite here or go elsewhere and get overpayed. What we have is a team full of superstars; we’re still the envy of the league. Stop acting like what this FO does isn’t working. It’s hard to win the Super Bowl every year.

          • LLLOGOSSS says:

            We might be back there this year with a few tweaks, no need to overhaul a bloated payroll.

        • Seahawcrates says:

          In 2013 Seattle paid for the most expensive offensive line in the league. Not that long ago. It has been a rocky transition to the league low, and probably too fast, but the data doesn’t support the contention that this front office won’t spend on the offensive line.
          I think after 2013 they decided they didn’t want to sink that much capital in an average at best group especially knowing the bills for their true core was coming due (Russell, Sherm, Wagner, Bennett, etc)

  33. McGruff says:

    Not that we would get anything with our weak FA class this year, but Joeckel does count against the comp formula for 2018

    • Volume12 says:

      We weren’t getting any though.

      • McGruff says:

        We don’t know that yet. SO far we’ve lost Haushcka, and Willson might bring in a good contract.

        We might have eeked out a couple of 7ths.

        • Volume12 says:

          Possible. But they aren’t done in FA. Really not worried about an extra 7th when they hit on UDFAs as frequently as they do.

          • McGruff says:

            Good point. Given the lackluster group we are offering the NFL, this is a good year to say “screw the comps” and just sign some guys.

            Many of the guys on our radar so far are cut vets, though.

            • Volume12 says:

              Yeah I definetly would love if they had more picks next year, but it’s very likely these signings (more to come) will cancel those out if.

  34. Josh Smith says:

    Just have to point out that Zane Beadles was drafted in th second round in 2010 and went to the pro bowl in 2012. Other solid players like Jared Vehldeer and Terron Armstead have been drafted in the third round or later, albeit they have never made a pro bowl.

  35. Trevor says:

    Best case scenario going forward in free agency IMO.

    #1 Sign TJ Lang
    #2 Sign Latavius Murray or Blount
    #3 Bargin Vet DT who can provide a little pass rush to the rotation
    #4 Extend Kam, Jimmy and Britt (These free agent contracts are getting obscene get the deals done now because these guys will be out of reach in a year most likely)

    If we went into camp with following 2 position groups I would feel confident that our run game would be vastly improved.

    RB Rawls, Prosise, Murray or Blount, Collins
    OL Lang, Joeckel, Fant, Gilliam, Ifedi, Britt, Glow, Hunt, Rees + perhaps Asita

    • Volume12 says:

      I wonder how high they are on Will Perciak and Robert Myers.

      Think the Lions let the hometown boy TJ Lang leave w/o a deal?

    • Redhawk87 says:

      I really don’t see a big splash at RB like Murray or Blount, honestly. Could happen, but I just don’t see it. MAYBE a prove it deal for Charles, going the committee route (splitting carries between Rawls, Prosise, Charles, maybe even Pope).
      They can franchise JG next year for cheaper than this year’s contract. So they won’t extent him this year.
      They SHOULD extend Britt sooner rather than later. They need to keep him.
      Kam, it’ll depend on how much he’s asking.

      • Reggie Regg says:

        Do the seahawks have the ability to resign J. Britt say 3 or 4 games it next season if he’s is ballin?

  36. McGruff says:

    Shefter tweeting that Eddie Lacy will visit Seattle and Minnesota.

    I could get behind that.

    • Volume12 says:

      They’re 100% getting a RB in FA huh?

      • Volume12 says:

        Will Lacy follow the food or money? Seriously though if he can keep his weight down he could resurrect his career.

        • McGruff says:

          Culture of the team is interesting. I just watched all his carries from one game this year. He’s fat. No doubting that. He’s a fat man.

          But he ran well. showed some agility and burst and fight. He’s averaged 4.4 yards per carry over his career, and never been under 4.

          I could see our team and our coaching staff being one of the few in the NFL to say, “Your’re fat. I couldn’t care less as long as you are effective. If you can play good while fat, fine with us.”

          • Volume12 says:

            ‘ Hes fat. No doubting that. He’s a fat man.’

            Oh my god that had me laughing out loud.

            Is this why PC was at ‘Bama yesterday? And might as well check out Robinson, Tomlinson, and Humphrey while he’s at it.

    • Reggie Regg says:

      Lacy is better than every back on our roster IF!!! lol

  37. CA says:

    I’m sorry but after seeing all the negative on Twitter I really like this move.

    Cheap, has had upside and really well touted out of college. Let’s see if he fits. Go Hawks.

  38. Darth12er says:

    Just listened to an interview with Obi

    4th one down. When he’s describing what positions he can play on defense , it sounds an awful lot like he’s describing the Seahawks.

    I like this Joeckel move. Why not swing for it!

  39. Volume12 says:

    Okung to the Chargers.

    • Darth12er says:

      Good luck to him, im kind of glad he’s not coming back. Gonna miss Hausch though. My wife was pretty upset when I told her he’s leaving this morning haha.

  40. vrtkolman says:

    Russell Okung has agreed to go the #Chargers on a 4-year deal for $53M. Guaranteed $25M

    Shockingly, the free agent contracts are still ridiculous.

    • STTBM says:

      More power to him. He wont get beaten to death there, and he can live in the sun instead of the grey and wet.

      Would have liked to see him come back for a reasonable price though, since he knows the system…

  41. nichansen01 says:

    I want Lacy over Charles and Peterson.

    • STTBM says:

      Depends on if he can get over his Lethargy Addiction, and put the fork down. He’s lazy and fat–not exactly a Seattle kind of guy.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Lazy doesn’t go away. I can’t believe he’s coming in. He’s young but he’s a sloth.

        • Volume12 says:

          Lacey just made me think that this team might target Clemson TE Jordan Leggett. Same thing was said about him, but if you watch his tape from year to year? There’s tons of improvement.

          They took a CB out of LSU in Tharold Simon who had his name posted on a list outside of a restaurant that had all the guys on the team who were ‘lazy’ or didn’t work hard.

          They like these reclamation projects or guys who are labeled as something else, miscast, etc. Motivation tactic.

      • Shadow says:

        If we can light a fire under him and he doesn’t use it to roast marshmallows, it could work. Not my first choice, though.

        • AuRevoirBrandon says:

          I think Eddie Lacy would fit better on our roster than any of the other free agent running backs. Mostly just as a short yardage and goal line guy. A committee of Rawls, Procise and Lacy sounds awesome, they all have different skill sets. Murray is a lead dog, who needs 15+ touches to be effective and Charles is pretty similar to Procise IMO. I’d be pleased with any of them, but I like the upside of Lacy the most.

          Also Blount is a viable option, just not a fan of the former Pat/Duck at all.

  42. STTBM says:

    Glad to get Joeckl. He’s young and better than Sowell, Webb, Gilliam and Fant combined. Lang would be a good signing too, but I cant see us being able to outspend the other teams interested. Seattle also waiting to see if they can get Fluker and Okung on the cheap. Neither worth paying big bucks for…but would be great to have!

    Rob, Seattle has done a piss poor job of finding adequate Oline talent. You make it seem like Seattle gets a pass because they didnt miss Pro Bowl players on the line when choosing the mostly terrible linemen they took. Its not so black and white–while there werent many Pro Bowlers, there were solid players Seattle passed on time and again–look at the Patriots, for instance. They keep taking players on the Oline we pass on, and they outplay the guys we take. NE is laughing at us!

    Its true Seattle has been hosed somewhat by draft position (losing out on Trent Williams and having to settle for Okung, etc), but they have simply chosen the wrong guys time after time. They have done a mostly fine job in the Draft, but have blown at least one whole draft, and have consistently struggled to find adequate players on the Oline, at any round.

    Thats what people want; not necessarily All Pro players along the line, just a line that gels and is adequate. So far, they have never once had one for a full season in the last six years. Thats a remarkably long string of not being adequate or average. Many other teams have managed to fix their lines in far less time, with far less investment.

    I do find it funny that some were ragging on JS and PC for not being aggressive in FA this year, and now they sign Joeckly and reports are coming out that they are talking to Okung, Fluker, Schwenke, Remmers, etc and bringing in Charles and even Lacy for visits. They are after it, for sure!

    Cant wait to see who else they corral to help out this line! They’ve finally got the message that the line needs improvement immediately, and fortunately, unlike last year, there are options available within our price range!

    • Rob Staton says:

      You mean the Patriots with a left tackle drafted before Seattle’s pick in 2011, a right tackle who had a life-threatening illness who fell to the fifth round in 2011 as a consequence (Seattle drafted Richard Sherman in the 5th round instead that year), Joe Thuney — drafted before Seattle’s three third rounders last year so unavailable to them. Shaq Mason who isn’t that good and was a fourth round pick and David Andrews an undrafted center.

      This isn’t a great example is it of a collection of players Seattle has supposedly passed on? A right tackle taken in the same draft/round as Sherman, a left tackle they couldn’t get at, a guard they couldn’t get at and a center who wasn’t even drafted.

      Would you rather have Marcus Cannon in 2011 or Richard Sherman?

      The amount of revisionist history people come up with to complain about Seattle’s O-line is incredible.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        But Rob, Seattle is obviously one of the worst-run franchises of the past seven years, and their methods clearly don’t yield results.

        • STTBM says:

          Their methods have resulted in one SB win. Thats good. But their methods to O line have been poor, to say the least.

        • Dawgma says:

          We have the worst o-line in the NFL last year, so in that area….no, their methods clearly aren’t working.

          • LLLOGOSSS says:

            Our roster is still the envy of the league. How does that happen? Not in a vacuum, I’ll tell you that. It’s been said time and again: it’s hard to find good OLmen, it’s hard to build a consistently elite team, it’s hard to win the Super Bowl every year, it’s hard to pay the elite players what they’re worth, and it’s hard to resist overpaying for average OLmen. We won’t have everything firing on all cylinders every year. They’re developing an OL while competing for championships. Quit being melodramatic, it’s pretty dang good around here. Yes, we need to fix the issues on the line. But that doesn’t mean overreacting to the problem and throwing money at it would have been smart every offseason.

          • Scraps says:

            We have the worst line in the NFL =by PFF=.

            Every time Seahawks fans say that it puffs up PFF, who doesn’t deserve it. First let them show their work.

      • STTBM says:

        Shaq Mason was a guy we could have picked, right in front of them, and he’s allright. A heck of lot better player than Sowell or Webb. NE have started a couple UDFA, and a couple different Centers, all of whom played better than anyone on Seattle’s line last year excepting Britt, who was on his third position in three years.

        Plenty of teams had a season with terrible O lines, and managed to fix them in a year or two–without investing the Draft capital Seattle has. Seattle is on year seven without managing to field a decent line for a full season. They have invested more picks than anyone over the last few years, and have little to show for it.

        And they let that line destroy their qb, who spent the entire year playing hurt and had quite the down season. And the team went as far as the line took them, which wasnt far. Considering the talent outside the line, this was a major disappointment.

        • Rob Staton says:

          You’re not going to win this Patriots debate with ‘Shaq Mason’. You said Seattle has passed on players they’ve taken. They haven’t. Fact.

          “Plenty of teams had a season with terrible O lines, and managed to fix them in a year or two–without investing the Draft capital Seattle has.”


          “And they let that line destroy their qb, who spent the entire year playing hurt and had quite the down season.”

          And this philosophy also helped build and pay for said QB and an elite defense that helped Seattle win its first Super Bowl.

          People really need to do their homework if they’re going to get into these O-line debates.

          • RealRhino2 says:

            That’s a weird “fact”, Rob, when the Seahawks have, in fact, passed on OL the Pats have taken. Solder is the one guy we didn’t have a shot at. But we took Carpenter AND Moffitt before NE took Cannon. We took Ifedi before we took Thuney, and as of now, Thuney is better. And we didn’t have to move up to take Reed, heck, we could have taken Reed in the 1st (like they thought about) and taken Thuney at the back of the 2nd if they didn’t like him in the 1st.

            And we took Terry Poole, who can’t play football, right before the Pats took Shaq Mason. And of course, obviously, if they had a UDFA at center, we declined to take him with any of our draft picks that year as well.

            Maybe as importantly, when the Pats’ OL was bad, they didn’t cry about cohesion and inexperience and communication. They realized the problem, fired their underperforming OL coach, brought in a guy who could coach, and suddenly it was okay to have a rookie and a UDFA starting.

            • Rob Staton says:

              This is a silly counter Rhino. Are we honestly now going to argue the Seahawks ‘passed’ on Thuney because they didn’t take him at the end of the first round?

              If he was graded as a third rounder (the round NE took him) he was off the board before Seattle’s three picks in that round. I certainly don’t recall any Seahawks fans rushing online to complain about Jarran Reed over Joe Thuney a year ago. Marcus Cannon lasted until round five because he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In 2011, the Seahawks drafted K.J. Wright and Richard Sherman either side of him. And we’re going to say they ‘passed’ on him are we?

              Their center was undrafted. They didn’t draft Shaq Mason and took Terry Poole instead. Mason isn’t even that good.

              So basically, we can all waste our time on this or we can move on and talk about FA. I vote move on.

              • RealRhino2 says:

                Okay, let’s move on. I was just going to post that I’m not suggesting that we *should* have taken Thuney in the 1st, b/c I thought he was a 3rd-round guy all along. But I did want us to take Mason, who maybe could have been an adequate C for us, and instead we took Poole. Since Pete said most of Britt’s improvement this year was due to experience rather than the position change, I assume that means we could still have benefitted from that improvement at G or C, with Mason providing depth/competition at the other spot.

                My biggest takeaway is this: Cable is full of excuses (or we make a lot of excuses on his behalf), while the Pats just take steps to fix the problem and get the job done. Ifedi *should* have performed better than Thuney, but he didn’t. Cable said Gilliam could play LT, but he couldn’t. He thought Poole could play, but he couldn’t. I don’t trust the guy’s judgement. Great at getting a 7th to play like a 3rd, also great at getting a 1st to play like a 3rd.

                • Dawgma says:

                  +1 to everything in this post. As far as I can tell, there’s no better sign that a guy can’t make on the OL in the NFL than Cable’s glowing endorsement.

                • Rob Staton says:

                  There’s always something to moan and complain about, isn’t there?

                  We’re one day into FA and people are trying desperately to find ways to complain when Seattle is aggressively attacking veteran additions to the O-line.

        • bankhawk says:

          Destroy their QB? So, shall we labast the Dallas O-Line for Romo going down two years running?

          Another thing that gets me is when it is at times insinuated that Seattle has played it cheap in free agency causing the O-line to suffer. But I dont recall any season where the Hawks sat on a bundle of cap dollars twiddling their thumbs as the world (and prospective OTs) passed them by. Who would you not pay so as to land those big ticket OTs?

        • Scraps says:

          “And they let that line destroy their qb, who spent the entire year playing hurt and had quite the down season.”

          This is a fib. It wasn’t the weak line that injured Wilson. That came with a worry — the weak line will injure Wilson! — to a fact, without being true in between.

      • EranUngar says:

        Just to add to it Rob,

        NE had a very poor OL in 2015. They paid the tuition cost of integrating 2 rookie guards and an UDFA center. There is no magic about it. They kept those guys, paid for the “work in progress” cost and ended with a decent OL in 2016.

        We paid the “work in progress” cost last year but no one is willing to let this line reap the rewards.

        IMO, the more changes we make in personal and positions, the worse the line will be.

  43. Ty the Guy says:

    I don’t mind the Joekel signing. Not. One. Bit.

    You get a 26 year old veteran who has a lot to prove. One year deal, so you can dump him if you need to next year. The price seems high until you look at the comps in the neighborhood. The lack of OL talent and depth in the league is concerning and adding a young guy who can play multiple positions could be key to our success.

    Let me know what you guys think about this scenario:

    1) Draft Lamp in the 1st or Asiata in the 2nd or 3rd.

    LT- Ifedi/Joekel
    LG- Glow
    C- Britt
    RG- Lamp/Asiata
    RT- Ifedi/Joekel

    I personally like this way more than the 2016 offensive line. Tear me to shreds…. or slap me a high five. Either way. Progress. Merica!

    • Overtime says:

      They aren’t done yet. I think they bring in TJ Lang. Then the O Line will not be addressed in the draft until the end of R3. The talent just is not there. Everyone other than the top four or five guys will need a year to develop. I see our line looking like:

      LT Joeckle, Fant, Sowell
      LG Glo, Odhiambo, Lang
      C Britt, Hunt
      RG Ifedi, Odhiambo, Lang
      RT Gilliam, Ifedi, Sowell, Rookie

      If they sign Lang, he is not expected to be recovered from hip surgery in time for training camp. He could work his way into the lineup during the regular season. He should come cheap.

  44. EP says:

    8 million doesn’t seem so bad when you see the money being thrown around so far. Not perfect but better than nothing I suppose. Traded for him in madden when it first came out last year. Worked out ok for me in that, here’s hoping he does the same in real life.

    • RWIII says:

      I am happy with the Joeckel signing. Its only one year. Its like he is in his contract year. He will be playing for his next contract. The Hawks have FILLED their BIGGEST need. They can now focus on their NEEDS in the draft. They don’t have to REACH for a tackle. If the Hawks had to reach for a tackle that could have wrecked their draft reaching for tackle. This draft is LOADED with the players the Seahawks need. Just think if the Hawks were forced to grab an offensive tackle they could have missed out on a safety/cornerback.

      Now at 26 the Hawks can either take the player they want or they can trade down.


  45. BobbyK says:

    Lang leaves Detroit without a deal. On to Seattle.

    I wonder what the line would look like with him and Joeckel?

    Lang has started 47 games at RG, 27 at LG, and a few at each tackle spot.

    • Overtime says:

      Much better! Lang is an All Pro that can play four spots along the line. If healthy he certainly offers more than anyone in the draft.

    • JakeB says:

      We’d have legitimate depth for the first time in a while if nothing else

    • C-Dog says:

      Lang also has had some significant experience at RT earlier in his career with the Pack.

    • STTBM says:

      Damn, I would love to get Lang, and I dont care if we have to pay him close to 8 mill or 8 mill with incentives. Put Ifedi at RT where he belongs and let him start to learn.

      • bankhawk says:

        I think the current moves (signing of Joeckel/fishing for Lang) are eminently realistic moves to shore up a situation that we all agree needed to be addressed (even if we differ on the how of it at times). Im really intrigued to get the details on Joeckel and see what shakes out from Langs visit, while remaining hopeful on our lads in development.

        Ill be looking for your piece on LBs, Rob. Cant imagine how you find the time and energy with a day job and the wee ones and all, but always grateful that you do! As always, thanks!

  46. Rob Staton says:

    Had a major epiphany in the last hour. Just written a piece about linebackers and Seattle. You’ll all like this. Will save it for tomorrow because of free agency.

    • BobbyK says:

      Look forward to it!

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Yay Robbie!

    • Hawk Eye says:

      Glad to see you are continuing to provide us with entertainment rather than taking time off to go to your job.
      Hope that job does not get in the way of keeping us informed, we don’t pay you to go to work (I know, we don’t pay you!) 🙂

      on that note, you should find a few ways to get this site to generate a few $$ for you. Growing family takes time and money. Pretty sure you get enough traffic to generate some advertisment

    • C-Dog says:

      Sweet! Looking forward to this one.

    • sdcoug says:

      Since you already finished, that should free up time for an additional piece for tomorrow as well. I kid, I kid. Sort of… 😉

    • LLLOGOSSS says:


    • Jujus says:

      Rob! ty for the hard work. I was thinking about a live Q&A podcast and then you mentioned something about it a few days later! Personally if you can get enough people live do you think it might be something you do weekly up to the draft? we are ravenous for content with you so please appease the masses.

    • williambryan says:

      I’m going to take a guess.. most of the Hawks LBs have been extremely gritty or otherwise had huge chips on their shoulders. Wagner was too small to be a MLB. KJ was too big and slow. Bruce Irvin was a drug dealer. Malcom smith had a eating disorder that would’ve kept anyone else from being able to play football. KPL has battled depression… idk lol

    • Ukhawk says:

      Liked your thoughts re Cunningham, he’s exactly the kind of guy they could grab in R2. Really versitle & much room to grow

  47. JT says:

    Rumoured Hawks visit coming from J.J. Wilcox, SS. Interesting…

    • Volume12 says:

      With Shead and Terrell released the need for another safety just went up even more than before. Although Shead could very well be returning.

      • Volume12 says:

        As is McCray.

        And Seisay & SJB. But they weren’t beating out Thorpe & Elliott anyways.

      • JT says:

        Wilcox won’t come cheap, and you’d think they’d only pursue cheap back-up safeties in free agency. I’m still formulating thoughts on this one

        • Volume12 says:

          I see what ya mean. I think its just showing that they want a veteran body there to go along with a rookie.

          • JT says:

            Wilcox could easily sign for $5+ million per season on a long-term contract. He played well for Dallas last season, and he just turned 26. There are a few potential takeaways from simply having strong interest in Wilcox, instead of cheap backup-types.

            1. Lack of confidence in (or desire to) work out an extension with Kam?
            2. Extreme lack of confidence in Kam’s durability? – he had surgery on both ankles this offseason.
            3. Willingness to use a Big Nickel defense with 3 safeties, like the Patriots do?
            4a. Lack of interest in spending a high draft pick on Melifonwu, after exhaustive combine interviews?
            4b. Or might they view Melifonwu primarily as a boundary CB candidate?
            5. Could Wilcox come much cheaper than I think he would?

            • JT says:

              6. Leverage in Kam extension talks?

              • Hawkfaninmt says:

                Doesn’t make sense… why not just give Kam that money?

                • EranUngar says:

                  Well, he did miss a few games every season lately. Isn’t it one of the reasons we parted ways with okung?

                  They should know exactly how durable Kam is and may not be willing to resign him for a few years beyond 2017….

            • Trevor says:

              All possibilities for sure.

              • AlaskaHawk says:

                Wilcox is probably using this as a negotiating ploy with Dallas. It just happens to also let teams take a look at him if Dallas doesn’t offer enough.

  48. Volume12 says:

    I like the move because he does have upside as mentioned above, still young enough for TC to try and correct some of his defiencies. And because they’re in the middle of their championship window. He was the only left that made sense in that regard.

    I don’t like it because if he does play well enough to earn that $8 mil then he’s going to have a ton of suitors and I don’t think Seattle would pay him that. Then they’re left in the same situation next year.

    Which is why I think they need to add 1 more OT in the draft. Doesn’t have to be a high pick or a 1st rounder, but someone who can step in.

    Low risk, high reward situation. There is a risk though and that’s pretty much the Seahawk m.o. isn’t it?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Yeah Vol I agree, though if he can be our Right Tackle which I think they signed him for even for a year that gives our young O-line guys time to develop. So now we can Draft Kevin King with #26 I’m stoked to look at these players after the draft. Also if it was up to Charles, Peterson, and Lacey. I want the big boy Eddie. Being around all the enthusiasm in the Hawks locker room is what makes depressed people healthy again. It’s all about Love and support!

      • Volume12 says:

        This is true. Plus thinking about it if he does play well & leave then there’s a potential comp pick.

        I wouldn’t mind any of the 3 honestly. Lacey if he can get that weight under control could end up being the best of the 3 long term. That’s a big if though.

        • The Hawk is Howling says:

          Right! What we need at running back is a bruiser on first or second down. Rawls, Lacey, Prosise, Collins, and Pope sound straight up Dope, if they can stay healthy!

          Go Hawks Ya’ll

        • The Hawk is Howling says:

          Vol? Could Eddie Lacey play some fullback with his size. What I mean is he a good blocker? I’m still hoping we get Reese back though.

          • Volume12 says:

            I don’t think so. I guess it would depend on where Seattle wants his weight to be at. But I see Lacey as a D’Onta Foreman w/o the home run ability.

            • The Hawk is Howling says:

              Cool, thanks for the answer Vol! I was just hoping to get a fullback/ halfback for optimal options. Still want Marcell Reese back me self!

            • The Hawk is Howling says:

              I’m still intrigued by D’onta Foreman as an option. We need a big boy to wear down the defense. Then put in Prosise, homerun, oops I mean touchdown. Go M’s ta boot!

              Go Hawks

              • Volume12 says:

                Go M’s indeed. I really like the moves they made this off-season. Jarrod Dyson in LF, Wade Miley in the starting rotation, improved the bull pen, loved them getting Jean Segura in that trade and keep in eye on Dan Vogelbach at 1B. This dude is a throwback power hitter.

                • The Hawk is Howling says:

                  Wade Miley was last year and they traded him mid-season so you know. I don’t follow Baseball like football. However I am an Allston in Co-ed softball. Ha ha

                • sdcoug says:

                  I think you mean Drew Smyly. Also keep an eye on Mitch Hanniger

    • Darth12er says:

      There isn’t a like button on this site…so 👍🏼

      • Darth12er says:

        Agree with everything vol. I wish there was a team option for year 2 or something.

  49. Peanut says:

    Rob, the stuff you said about O-line spending, where Seattle picks etc is everything I´ve been saying for a while. Seattle are picking late because we do well, and when our time comes around, all the worthy 1st rounders are gone. As you said, we are a team built around defence and a underrated QB. I would MUCH rather have our defense than some mediocre lineman that only cost alot cause linemen on the market are getting rarer by the season.

    • Dawgma says:

      And this is why every other well run playoff franchise has a bottom tier OL! Oh, wait. Nevermind!

      God, some people are just full of excuses.

      • Knights who says Ni says:

        who would you like to get rid of to pay for this “improved o-line”?

        Kam, Earl or Sherm?

        It will probably cost you two guys

  50. lil'stink says:

    As with any deal the details have to be known before passing judgement about Joeckel. Curious why this deal happened today instead of one or two days down the road. Was this our main target for FA?

    I know I’m in the minority here when I say that moving Ifedi to tackle next year is probably a horrible idea. TJ Lang might not be ready for training camp and is likely to command what, at least $7-8 million APY in a 4 year deal? I can’t imagine we are legitimately in the running for him. Going after a guard that is likely going to carry a steep price tag is not what I think the team will do. Probably just window shopping, unless Lang is looking for a 1 year deal because he wants to test the market again next year.

    Or maybe the team wants Lang at guard because they are going to move Ifedi to tackle, and Joeckel is a hedge for that if it fails? Or for the Fant experiment?

    With all the money being thrown around today it just reinforces in my mind how important it is to draft well. I think having a good draft is exponentially more important to our success next year than free agency.

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s possible they want to replace Glowinski.

      • STTBM says:

        I think thats a good point Rob. Glowinsky was a perfect fit as a pulling RG the way Cable used to run his line, but he was forced to adjust his scheme a bit, and Glowinsky struggled at times last year at his larger weight and new position of LG.

        I had high hopes for Glowinsky, kinda bummed he wasnt better at LG.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Really replace Glow? You have told us he is a TEF warrior. I think the only change on our line is Luke J on the Right Tackle spot. I truly believe “Fantasy Fant” will be our Starting Left Tackle next year. IF you think about it they actually believe in his potential so much they basically played him with no experience, and to me it’s very telling.

        However I do believe in your insight and gut feelings more then anyone Rob. Someday you will be the Hawks GM. I hope that’s worth moving to Seattle for you Brov!

        Go Hawks

      • lil'stink says:

        I suppose Glow would still have decent value as a backup. I always got the idea that while he probably wasn’t going to turn into anything special he was decent enough for his draft position. I’m just in a state of shock that this potential move is getting so much momentum… didn’t really see it coming at all. But if Joeckel is just a one year bridge then maybe Lang is the one guy they really wanted.

  51. Rowlandice says:

    I think Joeckel is a decent competition piece for for either T spot and obviously Gilliam has to be ready to step up or again be replaced. People want to see more additions but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they don’t bring in any more OL in F/A and just add more competition pieces for the back up G for Odiambo in the draft. That’s why we’ve been talking here about Asiata in the 3rd RD. I could see another “project” T pick late in the draft or UDFA. They need to provide competition but I think they also want to see some continuity with these young players as well. That’s one reason why I don’t see Ifedi moving to RT from RG. This is THE draft to reload on DEF and I want to see them draft a DB or two, LB and some help on the DL.

  52. Dale Roberts says:

    Have you all looked the pro day results for Latavius Murray?

    His 4.38 40 @ 223 lbs would have been the second fastest this year (McCaffery 4.37 @ 202lbs) at 20 lbs heavier than McCaffery.
    His 36″ vertical would tie him for 6th.
    His 22 bench press reps would tie for 5th.
    His 10’4″ broad jump would again be 5th.
    His 6.38 three cone would be 2nd to McCaffery but at 20 lbs heavier and one of the few under 7.00.

    I don’t know how he would perform now but he showed some serious movement at his pro day. He fell the the 6th round of the draft, I don’t know why. He’s still only 27 years old.

    Does anybody know why Oakland would let him walk?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Maybe it’s just a system thing, some players work better in others. Those numbers for Murray are quite enticing though.

    • JT says:

      Oakland is willing to let him walk because contracts are much cheaper for entry-level backs, and because Murray simply isn’t that good of a runner. Last season he averaged 4.0 ypc behind one of the top offensive lines in the NFL.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        We’ll that is a great point JT. Still I have to wonder if he or Lacey could
        Resurrect their carrers like Beast Mode did with us. Like I said we need a bruiser not another finesse back.

        Love your contribution to this wonder Blog JT! You are one of my favorites Brov!

        Go Hawks

    • Rowlandice says:

      I don’t know why the Raiders would let him walk. I watched few Raider game this year and I see a lot 2-3 yard and a cloud of dust plays from him. His physical skills don’t seem to translate on the filed. But give him and opening or the ball out in space and he was quite effective. He also seemed decent on short yardage and routinely got the ball when the Raiders were in close. I believe he even had a 3 TD game this year – all one yard runs if my old man memory is correct.

    • Overtime says:

      He sounds like Christine Michael.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      I honestly think that all that stuff you mentioned is not really all that important for a running back.

    • Ishmael says:

      ‘Does anybody know why Oakland would let him walk?’

      He’s not very good

  53. Volume12 says:

    Idaho DT Glen Antoine put up 37 reps on the BP, 8’7″ broad jump, 30″ vert at 337 lbs during Idaho’s pro day.

    • C-Dog says:

      Good lordy. There’s some serious war daddy stuff going on with those clips. Nice find, Volume.

    • Ishmael says:

      That is a large individual. Sort of dude they’ve been looking at recently, great find.

  54. BobbyK says:

    I’m glad they aren’t banking on two proven brittle RBs (love their talent, hate their amount of inactive games per season).

    Of all these FA RBs we’re talking about, who are the best blocking backs? Not only has our line been bad, but after Lynch, we’ve had some brutal blocking from our RBs, too. Collins looks to be our best blocker, but I don’t see him on the team if Rawls and CJ (and veteran pick-up) stay healthy throughout camp (a BIG IF).

    We know AP is a horrible blocker… but I don’t know who the best guy picking up the blitz is b/w Charles, Murray, Lacy, etc. Bueller? Bueller?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      That’s why I’m still holding out hope to sign Marcel Reece BobbyK. That is my wish. Who was our Fullback last year before he got hurt preseason “Cottom” What do ya’ll think of him, promising?

      Go Hawks

      • STTBM says:

        I hope we let Reece compete for a spot too. Cant count on Cottom, and nobody else is any good at FB on our roster.

        Dont know who is better at blitz pickup, but it cant be Lacy. That guy is fat, lazy, and not anything but a guy who carries the rock.

        Just my two cents, lol!

      • lil'stink says:

        I was all aboard the Cottom hype train before the achilles injury. Now… who knows. I hope he can make it back from his injury. His physical profile is pretty impressive

  55. LLLOGOSSS says:

    Give me Lacy there.

  56. LeoSharp says:

    Scot Mcloughan fired from the redskins due to alcohol related relapse

    • 503Hawk says:

      I really feel for that guy. Addictions are no laughing matter.

    • STTBM says:

      He made Bruce Allen look bad, Allen got jealous, they pushed him out. They knew full well he was an alcoholic who was likely to relapse when they hired him, and by all accounts he was doing a fine job when they booted him.

      McCloughan is a mess, but he’s a genius. And WA is the most dysfunctional FO in the league, far worse even than the Browns.

  57. 503Hawk says:

    Wowzers! I was looking for and update during my lunch (“Nothing!”). Thought Rob was having to play dad for the day. I check back 3 hours later and… BANG!
    I like it. Rob, I especially like your reasoning. Hard to argue with.

  58. vrtkolman says:

    Interesting, JJ Wilcox is visiting Seattle. He would be fantastic safety depth, though I’m sure he’s looking for something more…

  59. Ehurd1021 says:

    Can we afford Lacy and Lang?

    • Ehurd1021 says:

      Who is the better option between Blount and Lacy? I would think the physicality Blount runs with would be much more attractive as well.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Maybe, but Blount is known for being a jerk. He doesn’t fit our team. An inspired Lacey sounds a lot better to me. But I’m just a person, who knows?

        Go Hawks

        • nichansen01 says:

          Blount is also coming off of a 300 carry season where he averaged under 4 yards. NO THANK YOU

        • Ehurd1021 says:

          Yea… people used to say the same about Marshawn tho. Blount seems to have been a solid teammate in NE but maybe you have more information than I do. Blount seems like a passionate, outspoken man to me lol… fits right in line with our locker room IMO lol.

          Lacy allowing himself to go the way he did in Greenbay is very telling. Says something about him as a teammate and his love for the game. I like both guys honestly.

          • The Hawk is Howling says:

            I understand that and I hate gossip so I apologize for pretending to know what Blount is really like. Not cool on my behalf.

      • MSL says:

        Lacy has more long term upside in my opinion. I’d be happy with either on cheap vet deals…Lacy seems less likely on that kind of deal.

  60. vrtkolman says:

    Jordan Schultz‏

    Source: #Seahawks are working diligently to sign OG TJ Lang. He will visit w/the team tomorrow, and has become top priority for SEA

    This is very good news if true. Lang would improve the line by a lot, no matter where he played.

    • DLep says:

      Just read that, yes! This legit could be happening.

    • JT says:

      You made my heart skip a beat with this… in a good way.

    • nichansen01 says:

      YES please get this done schneider.

    • BobbyK says:

      Curious to where they would put Lang on the OL if they signed him. He’s not competition. He’s a starter.

      • vrtkolman says:

        He would be “the guy” IMO. He would instantly become the leader that everyone will look to for teaching and such.

        • nichansen01 says:

          I think left guard or left tackle.

        • Trevor says:

          Exactly! He is the type of guy they need to let the young guys gel around. That is why I wanted Zietler but Lang is a great option B.

          My dream OL would be

          Sign Lang
          Draft Asiata in 3rd and Aviante Collins in the 6th

          LT Fant Backup Rees
          LG Lang Backup Asiata
          C Britt Backup Hunt
          RG Glowinski Backup Aviante Collins
          RT Ifedi Backup Gilliam

          Joeckel would not make the team in this scenario and the $8mil would not count against the cap

      • JT says:

        Guys – Lang has been a Pro Bowl-level Right Guard for the Packers for years. In all likelihood, he would be signed to play the same position – RG. It would indicate that they’re ready to move Ifedi to RT.

        • Trevor says:

          Would love that. I thought he was an LG.

          LT Fant
          LG GLow
          C Britt
          RG Lang
          RT Ifedi

          Bench : Gilliam, Rees, Draft picks Assiata, Collins

          That looks OK to me. Really strong up the middle which is what you want ideally with a short QB, Two young, raw but incredibly talented athletes with ideal length at the OT positions.

          That could be a league average OL in 2017 which is fine with me and a really really good OL in 2018 if those tow young OTs develop as expected.

          • STTBM says:

            Looks to me like Seattle is making sure EVERY single position has competition. Britt is the only one safe. Lang can play T, but he’s a fine G. Joeckl can compete at both, and will most likely win a spot somewhere. Glow, much as I liked him heading into last year, is not safe and will have to compete, and so will Ifedi.

            This is how you do it. I am finally, at long last, pleased with Seattle’s offseason moves to strengthen the line. They arent messing around this year, and they arent throwing stupid money around either. This is serious, smart work on JS and PC and TC’s part.

            Still a bid disappointed we didnt give Chance Warmack a look–he signed a one year deal for only 1.5 mill. I also thought we’d take a look at Warford, but who knows what he signed for…

            OVerall, this is exciting stuff!

    • Poko says:


    • STTBM says:

      This makes me very happy!

  61. subterranean says:

    I know this is contrary to their stated position but pursuing TJ Lang plus Joeckel makes me think they try to move Ifedi to the RT. Then Glowinski could move back to his preferred RG. Fant gets a year to develop and Ifedi learns to be the mauler they want at RT. I have a hard time thinking they would sign Lang, sit Ifedi and then do what at RT? I suppose you could move Joeckel but he doesn’t fit their profile and that would still leave Fant or Odi as the competition for the left side.

    • subterranean says:

      I’m assuming in this scenario Lang would slide into LG where he does have experience despite playing more games on the right. They could keep glo on the left but I recall that he was more of a right side guy in the past

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think it’s time we embrace Fant as the likely LT starter. They believe in his potential. And having stated their desire to keep Ifedi at RG, I think it’s more likely to be something like this:

      LT Fant
      LG Lang
      C Britt
      RG Ifedi
      RT Joeckel

      With the potential to mix and match how they see fit. We could see Joeckel tried at tackle and guard, Ifedi at tackle and guard, Glowinski in the mix. Lots of options.

      • BobbyK says:

        It’s funny because this time last year the only profile we had was a big mauling LG and an athletic RG. The Seahawks/Cable had never done it any other way. All that changed when they did the opposite this past year (mauler on right side, more athletic guy on left side). How times have changed in one season.

      • Trevor says:

        It sounds like the Hawks have made signing Lang a priority now and that would go a long way in helping improve the OL. Proven vet who has played multiple positions at a high level and has the type of attitude you love.

        I think that combo may be exactly what the Hawks have in mind Rob. With Gilliam and and Joeckel competing for RT.

        • BobbyK says:

          If this OL market stays nuts, it’s also possible some team signs Gilliam and the Seahawks don’t match.

          • nichansen01 says:

            Possible comp pick?

            • JakeB says:

              Think he would have to sign for a pretty penny to generate one in this market. Could maybe get one out of Willson if he walks, but I’m not certain about that either.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        That is the line up I’m hoping for Rob! Isn’t Lang’s best spot at RG and do you think he is big enough to transfer to our LG grater? Cheers

      • subterranean says:

        Fant at LT doesn’t bother me much – he seems to have a tremendous physical and mental aptitude to even do what he did last year, what, one year removed from Basketball? I am more surprised with Joeckel at RT, but I do hope they bring Gilliam back to camp with an opportunity to compete. This would give them better depth, with Glowinski, Odhiambo and Gilliam as backups.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        I agree with this alignment, and I think that’s a line that can get us where we need to go.

        Also agree that the coaches will let guys compete and see who wins jobs at different positions.

      • STTBM says:

        I agree, Rob, that is a distinct possibility.

        Either way, they have serious competition at each spot on the line. I like it!

    • McGruff says:

      Why doesn’t Luke fit their profile?

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        They seem to want a mauler at RT. Joeckel is more finesse.

        • BobbyK says:

          Last year, people said the RG had to be athletic and the LG had to be the mauler. We said to look at all physical profiles of every Seahawks/Cable line in the years prior to “prove” it. Then they did the opposite in ’16.

          They may have had a specific profile for RT… but after having a unit on the team sabotage its ultimate goal for a few years (they could have run the ball with a good OL in the SB, so you can actually say 3 years running)… they probably would “settle” for having a RT situation that doesn’t suck, whether it’s their ideal profile or not. And they are out to get a guy at RT who sucks the least. I could have put that more graceful, but thought that was a funny way of putting it with this line.

        • McGruff says:

          Joekel is a highly graded run blocker who struggles in pass protection.

  62. Misfit74 says:

    Regarding the RB visits:

    Although I think J. Charles could be a good hedge against Prosise missing time, I’d rather draft Dalvin Cook who ‘could’ slide to bottom of, or, out of first round due to athleticism, medical, and character red flags or find a way to draft Joe Mixon, who may well be the best all around RB in this year’s class.

    Murray and Lacy don’t do much of anything for me.

    • BobbyK says:

      If we had a couple of first and second round picks, I’d agree (except I’d want McCaffrey). But since it seems they are intent to get veterans to help on offense this off-season, I’m perfectly fine letting them draft a bunch of kids on defense early.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Hey Misfit74. I asked how to put a pic in my profile earlier on this thread? Any who I just don’t think Dalvin Cook is what we need, he is our Prosise M8. We need a grater big boy carrier! Please let me know how to put a hawk pic in my thread my fellow Hawk!

  63. nichansen01 says:

    With Joeckel on board and the interest in Lang, I think we can put to rest the Cam Robinson speculation…

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Plus one as well. Wait is that how you say it. Just Jesting

        Go Hawks

    • JakeB says:

      I bet we end up seeing him go way before 26 anyway, whether he should or not

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Not so sure. Both Joeckel and Lang are interior OL. Maybe Joeckel can move outside, but it’s far from a guarantee. The team needs tackles, not guards.

      I wouldn’t be shocked with Robinson at 26 or Moton at 58.

  64. JT says:

    I’m seeing a lot of comments pointing to Lang as a LG. However, he’s been a Pro Bowl-quality RG for years. Why change his position? Meanwhile, Ifedi struggled on the inside as a rookie, while playing RT in college. Heavy interest in Lang indicates they’re ready & willing to move Ifedi to RT.

    Joeckel has played LT and LG the past 3 years – he will most likely compete at those spots with Fant, Glow and Odhiambo.

    • Trevor says:

      Good points JT.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        JT always has good if not great points Trevor. Though so do you, you are one of the most passionate writers on this blog and you are awesome!

        Trailer Park Boy’s for Life

        Go Hawks

    • Ehurd1021 says:

      Absolutely. I wanna see Ifedi back at RT.

      • Ehurd1021 says:

        Lang did play LG for years while Sitton was at RG with the Packers tho. He’s versatile; his natural position might actually be LG tho.

        • JT says:

          Yup, he did for a few years. He’s been playing RG since 2013 though.

          His average PFF grade over the last 4 seasons (2013-2016) at RG: 85.8

          His average PFF grade over the previous 4 seasons (2009-2012) at other positions: 65.9

          Obviously Lang’s improved, but his performance at RG should keep him at that spot with whatever team signs him.

          • pob12 says:

            Isn’t the average PFF guard score higher than the average tackle score? Probably better to look at score relative to avg or median at a given position.

    • C-Dog says:

      If they bring in Lang, I kinda have the sneaking suspicion that they might switch Ifedi to RT. They might like Lang’s veteran savvy next to their young high round investment. While they’ve stated that they see Ifedi as a RG, they have shown enough with other players that the positions that they start out with aren’t the positions that they end up with (i.e. Bruce Irvin the future starting LEO, and the continual moving of Justin Britt).

      That said, I could see a line of Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Lang, Ifedi as easily as I could see a line of Fant, Lang, Britt, Ifedi, Joeckel as easily as I could see a line of Joeckel, Glowinski, Britt, Lang, Ifedi as easily as I could see a line of Joeckel, Lang, Britt, Glow, Ifedi.

      I think the two things that stay most recently fresh in my mind is that Carroll said that Fant is the their starting LT, and they have stated Ifedi is most comfortable playing on the right side of the line, and that they like him at RG. Now, did he simply mean that Fant is the starting LT before FA and the draft, as in “(as of right now) Fant is our starting LT?” And just because Ifedi is more comfortable on the right, and they like him at RG, what happens if they like someone better at RG, does that spell a position move for Ifedi?

      • Misfit74 says:

        Agreed. Ifedi is long and athletic enough to play RT. I hope he can get it done with more development and Lang next to him.

    • Poko says:

      I agree JT.
      Sooner or later,Ifedi needs to convert to RT.
      I think, it is a good timing when there is a pro-bowler.

  65. Dawgma says:

    The pro bowl things is such a bullshit argument. We don’t need pro bowlers for the line to work, but we DO need roughly league average players. Which we can’t find, in any round.

    • Misfit74 says:

      I agree. Any references to Pro Bowls I immediately dismiss. It’s a popularity contest and not a good measure of level of play. Players go on name recognition long after they decline, or just because they are on popular, or winning teams.

      • Rad_man says:

        Yep. Totally agree. Pro bowl arguments are empty. And we don’t need elite. Just average would be fine. The problem is on the market, it seems like league average is a 40 million dollar commitment. I was fine with their strategy to go dumpster diving for average-ness last year. But they found garbage, not useful.

  66. Chris Calvert says:

    So if we sign TJ Lang, a potential line would be…
    LT Joeckel
    LG Glow
    C Britt
    RG Lang
    RT Ifedi


    • McGruff says:

      I think Joeckel plays RT for us and Lang plays LG.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Yep, me too Fant stays at Left Tackle, Joekiel is the Right Tackle. Just my feeling.

        Go Hawks

    • Aaron says:

      Worried about changing up three positions again. However, Joeckel and Lang are much better than Sowell and Webb. I love that combo too, has the potential for two pro bowlers in Britt and Lang. How long has it been since we’ve had multiple pro bowlers on the o line? 2012?

    • JT says:

      Even with (likely) poor OT play from Fant/Joeckel & Ifedi, that’s a much improved interior. I hesitate to call it a league-average line, as Trevor called it in a post above, but it certainly wouldn’t be the league’s worst.

      Mediocre is a big improvement over what we had last season. I’m really crossing my fingers for this to come to fruition.

      Also, I’m pretty convinced at this point that Joeckel’s $8 million is very lightly guaranteed (almost all incentives).

    • C-Dog says:

      I think that could be possible, Chris. It’s going to be very interesting to hear how they see Joeckel. My hunch is that they might want Lang playing next to Ifedi.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      That definitely looks good on Paper or computer Chris. There’s a chance for that line up!

      Go Hawks

  67. astraeus says:

    “A Day In The Life Of The Seahawks’ Player Personnel Department At The 2017 NFL Combine”

  68. Derron James says:

    I see the seahawks are visiting JJ Wilcox

    • nichansen01 says:

      Intriguing not not altogether surprising since the Seahawks don’t like to go into any draft with a super obvious need (such as safety)? Hence the Perrish Cox signing at CB

  69. Aaron says:

    The Joeckel signing looks great on paper. A one year deal for a LT or LG at a price cheaper than the rate for LTs, RTs, and guards this year. Would love to get Lang in here because he’s a legitimate starting guard in the NFL. However, I’m not sure if GB, or JAX for that matter, ran a ZBS. I know TC loves the ZBS but I hope we mix it up like we did against NE and DET last year. Lang is coming off injury, as is Joeckel, which might make him affordable for us. However, if it’s for another 1 year $8 mil then we won’t have much left over for a vet RB, let alone resigning Britt, Kam, or Jimmy. Should we sign Lang and both him and Joeckel pan out then it’s pretty much guaranteed that either Kam, Jimmy, or both are gone after this year.

    As far as o line combos go, I’d expect we keep about 9, maybe 10 max, o linemen at the cut down to 53. How about this depth chart if we sign Lang…

    LT: Joeckel, Fant
    LG: Glow, Odhiambo
    C: Britt, Hunt
    RG: Lang, Odhiambo
    RT: Ifedi, Draft pick (Moton?)

    It would mean changing up 3/5ths of the o line again, which has me worried that they won’t gel and Wilson is pummeled once again. Then again that combo looks a whole lot better than the Sowell, Glow, Britt, Webb, Gilliam combo we somehow let Russell stand behind against Miami and the Rams last year.

  70. DC says:

    I have one concern about Lang and there may be nothing to it. Do the GB & NE OL look better than they really are because their QBs get rid of the ball so fast? Will he look as good protecting the magician RW? I know Rodgers moves around quite a bit but when he wants to that ball is out faster than anyone in the league.

    • JT says:

      Rodgers has a quick release when he pulls the trigger, but he is actually one of the slowest QB’s in the league at getting rid of the football. He’s so improvisational in the pocket, and puts tremendous pressure on the O-Line by holding the ball & trying to scramble for more time.

      Sound like anyone we know?

      Lang is a perfect fit, and would be by far the best pass protector on the Hawks.

      • vrtkolman says:

        This is just fanspeak, but I checked around some other forums and a Rams fan said that TJ Lang was the only player he has seen that has shutdown Aaron Donald. I could see that being useful!

    • BobbyK says:

      The NE line was terrible in ’15 and decent in ’16. Same QB. That should help answer that question.

  71. Old but Slow says:

    Washington State has no income tax. I wonder how much of an advantage that is in terms of signing free agents. Anyone?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Sorry Old but Slow, Washington state definitely has a sale tax.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Sorry Old but Slow, Washington state definitely has a sale tax so ya know. Smiley Face

      • Coleslaw says:

        Sales tax =/= income tax

        • The Hawk is Howling says:

          Right, it just depends on when you pay it. Washington State has sales tax so everything but most foods are taxed at the register. States like Oregon and Florida, I think maybe Texas pay the tax at the end of the year. Not quite sure how that’s contrasted when you make millions. I plan on finding out. Wish me Luck, not Andrew. Peace

  72. Poko says:

    The news excited us!

  73. GoHawks5151 says:

    Like the Joeckel signing. Sounds heavily incentive laden. Hurt early and often, he’s young enough to have a chance to turn it around. I think he is Gilliam competition. Lang would be ahead of Glow. Fant has the eye of the coaching staff and they will give him every chance like they did Gilliam. I think they, and we all, hope he has a Jason Peters like jump in year 2 (like they thought Gilliam could..) How realistic that is, is another question. Maybe I’m drinking too much of what Pete is selling, but I do think another year of maturity and some additions will increase their performance big time.

  74. sdcoug says:

    Shalom Luani worked drills with a scout from the Seattle Seahawks at the WSU pro-day.

    Not sure if a hawk coach always does this (leads drills), or if they wanted an up-close look. For what it’s worth, Gabe Marks was lead by a coach from Cinci.

  75. All I see is 12s says:

    Anyone else intrigued about Sen’derrik Marks and Connor Barwin suddenly available?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Yeah “All I See” I brought it up earlier in the thread. I don’t think anyone on here is interested. I want Connor though

      Go Hawks

    • vrtkolman says:

      Yes to both. It wasn’t long ago that Marks was considered an elite pass rushing DT.

    • C-Dog says:

      Barwin could be interesting if they want to have Frank Clark rush inside more. As for Marks, I’d prefer them to go a bit younger at DT, but if they signed him to be a part of the rotation, I wouldn’t be disappointed in that. Not sure how much he has left.

  76. Coleslaw says:

    I imagine the line as

    LT: Fant, Odhiambo
    LG: draft pick/Glowinski (Lang a wildcard, would start and no draft pick)
    C: Britt, Hunt
    RG: Ifedi, Glowinski/draft pick (loser of the battle at LG or glowinski if Lang is the LG)
    RT: Joeckel/Gilliam
    I really like that idea honestly. We might pick up a G in the draft even with Lang for when Ifedi moves to Tackle

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      I would rather have this:
      LT…Joeckel, Fantasy
      LG…Glow, Odi

      Or even better

      LT…Joeckel, Fantasy
      LG…Glow, Odi
      RG…Lang, Odi
      RT…Ifedi, Gilliam

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Or Fant

        • Hughz says:

          I don’t think anyone should dismiss Fant. He showed a lot of potential and with another offseason of Cables tutoring, he might be an above average LT.

          • Misfit74 says:

            I agree. Hard to see it clearly now, but he has almost no football experience even after 2016, and is definitely talented. It could come together for him.

            • Hoberk Unce says:

              Fant, Glow, Britt, Ifedi, Gilliam is the lineup that beat the Pats in NE last year. Hard to say they don’t have the potential to excel as a unit, especially with an offseason of working together.

  77. Ehurd1021 says:

    Do you think Seattle will be interested (afford) Sen’derrick Marks? We need an interior pass rush and depth/rotation and he feels that need.

    • C-Dog says:

      If they want him they can probably afford him. He’s getting pretty long in the tooth. I could see them maybe being interested once the market cools down.

  78. The Hawk is Howling says:

    So the Cleveland Browns basically paid Brock Eisweilers salary for the next year or two for a second round pick which I believe is the pick right in front of the Hawks. This is a big deal to us right.

    Any thoughts?

    Go Hawks

    • DC says:

      It’s a 2018 pick.

    • Totem_Hawk says:

      I believe it’s a 2nd rounder in 2018…

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        Cheers Totem_Hawk and DC for clarifying it’s a second rounder in “18” not this year. Appreciate the knowledge

        Go Hawks

    • Hoberk Unce says:

      $16M this year if they keep Osweiler, $10M if they cut him. 2017 salary cap is $169M, and teams are required to spend 89% ($150.4M) or face a penalty. Currently CLE is $50M under the cap ($119M) so they need to spend $31.4M more than their current salary in 2017.

      The Osweiler deal drops that to a $21.4M gap and nets them a 2018 2nd. Or they can take on the extra $6M if they think he has a shot at contributing. So, from that perspective, good cap management by the CLE front office. Plus, per NFL Gameday, CLE picks in 2017 and 2018 are:

      2017: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6
      2018: 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7

      They’re at least giving themselves a shot at contending in 2020.

  79. DC says:

    At this rate, when Frank Clark’s payday comes up what is he going to command?
    Seattle won’t let him see the open market and I would guess that he will be our top priority for an extension next off season.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      I agree on Frank Clark plus he loves this team. Not worried about him leaving but let’s see what he does this year before.

      Go Hawks

      • Coleslaw says:

        If he keeps getting 10+ sacks a year all around the line he’s going to make big money. At only what, 24, 25? Teams will be willing to pay him

        • DC says:

          Seattle will keep Clark. It’s just that some of the aging guys eventually will leave via FA, get traded or get cut. We’re not going to keep everyone we want to keep. Limited $$$ and this market is getting crazy with inflation.

      • Misfit74 says:

        We will undoubtedly extend Clark next season. Even if we have to restructured re or otherwise lose a guy like Avril. Clark is a young, core player on defense.

  80. John_s says:

    Anybody else hoping that Schneider brings Scot back as a consultant?

    I’m sure it’s a long shot since Seattle let him go a few years back but man a JS/Scot combo is lethal with the draft

  81. LLLOGOSSS says:

    Rob, I’m curious — I know TEF is an indicator of athleticism and not skill, and is generally geared toward draft targets, but — what would Joekel and Lang have registered in TEF at their combines?

    I ask because I’d like to know if their “type” at OL extends to those they decide to pay as well as those they decide to draft. You expressed some skepticism over Zietler, I believe, in part because of his short arms — perhaps an indicator of how someone will better justify a second contract, with the idea being that the superior athlete with the better physical profile/length would be a “safer” bet to withstand regression.

    Also, knowing that would help us to view the players a bit better in context with the rest of our line. Are they simply talented (Lang)? Or are they specimens (Joekle?)?

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      Good thought LLLOGOSSS! I believe it’s about the TEF factor which Rob stated to me in drafting. Signing a proven O-lineman is different based on their experienced play.

    • Hughz says:

      I don’t think the TEF really applies to veteran lineman with experience. It’s so hard to find good lineman out of college that we need measurables like the TEF to mitigate the risk of drafting a bad player.

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        Fellas I understand TEF is used to determine draft prospects.

        But might we learn anything from viewing the TEF of the only two known high-dollar targets Seattle has had interest in?

        Maybe, maybe not. But if they’re both a 3.00+ in TEF, wouldn’t you all be glad I asked?

    • Rob Staton says:

      TEF merely identified a trend in the players they’ve drafted. I suspect being a veteran maybe enables them to look objectively at what they offer as a pro versus upside you need to develop.

      Alas it’s clear not every veteran they look at will be a TEF star. But the guys they are drafting to coach up and develop are consistently scoring 3.00 in TEF.

  82. Coleslaw says:

    Does the Joeckel signing mean we won’t draft Cam Robinson? If we did draft him we would have 3 guys who could compete for RT. (Ifedi, Joeckel, Robinson) Ifedi would probably stay at RG and Gilliam goes to LT to backup Fant. Odhiambo slides inside to compete with Glowinski again.
    Not my first choice but if you want O line help you have to get linemen

    • Volume12 says:

      It appears Seattle likes someone from that ‘Bama defense. They brought a huge contingent with them to that pro day. Clint Hurtt and their LB coach were there too.

      • Ukhawk says:

        I think it might be LB Anderson

        • Volume12 says:

          He’s a dog man. Love the grit and toughness he brings. For that reason I could see them liking him. Does he have the explosion and athleticism? Could be something they’ll overlook for the intangibles he brings.

      • C-Dog says:

        They gotta be looking at Tomlinson. I have a sneaking feeling Seattle might take another day 2 plunge on a DT this year.

        • Volume12 says:

          Yup. Incredible backstory, 2 ACL tears, who has better gap discipline and plays more assignment sound football than the ‘Bama D-line. He’s a Rubin hedge for next year.

      • Trevor says:

        There are a ton of guys it could be.

        Mught even be a guy who we have not even really covered here on SDB because of the injury Edddie Jackson. He was going to be the leader of that defense this year before that injury.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I doubt Cam Robinson has ever been a serious consideration.

      Doesn’t match their physical ideals, might be yet another tackle who has to play guard and too many fantastic defensive players to take instead.

      • Trevor says:

        I think you are right Rob. If Bolles, Lamp and Ramzyk are off the board I doubt the Hawks even look at OL till the end of Rd #3 at best.

  83. The Hawk is Howling says:

    By the way I actually had a dream we drafted Demarcus Walker, hopefully with the second pick.

    Go Hawks

    • HawkTalker #1 says:


    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      I meant our second round pick.

      I want Kevin King all the way with #26!

      • Trevor says:

        I would love Walker in the 2nd. I have been a fan all year. Looking forward to seeing what he does on his pro day. I was a little disappointed he did not test at combine.

        Based on the lack of any Buzz he certainly could be there when we pick in Rd #2.

  84. HOUSE says:

    I personally like the Joeckel signing. Let’s see what the kid has… If we are able to sign Lang, I think the OL for 2017 looks like this:

    LT: Fant
    LG: Lang
    C: Britt
    RG: Ifedi
    RT: Joeckel
    Depth: Glowinski, Odhiambo, Gilliam, Hunt and/or rookie

  85. Misfit74 says:

    Pro Football Focus compared Florida LB Jarrad Davis to Seattle Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner.
    “Like Wagner, Davis is an elite athlete but is undersized for an inside linebacker,” the outlet notes of the 6-foot-1, 238-pounder. “While that can inhibit him in some ways, Davis has everything needed to be a pro bowl linebacker.” The outlet would like to see improved tackling and patience against the run. The likely Day 2 selection did not participate in Combine testing this past weekend due to an ankle injury.

  86. Misfit74 says:

    I’d like this:

    1. Reddick/Obi/King
    2. Mixon
    3. Witherspoon

    • peter says:

      You just like stirring the pot. Mixon in the second. Ha!

      • Trevor says:

        Mixon will absolutely go in the 2nd. Most talented RB in the draft.

        Lions take him in the 2nd mark my words and he is in in the voting for Offensive ROY. No team needs an RB more than the Lions and they are on record already as having him on the board. Thier GM is already preparing the fan base for this move.

        • Trevor says:

          Kind of glad the Hawks are not considering Mixon as we had so much chaos last year we don’t need more distractions.

        • Misfit74 says:

          Well, the Lions do have Ameer Abdullah coming back healthy, and Zenner played well. But as with the majority of teams: Mixon would be their David Johnson, his closest comp. Absolutely worth a 2nd if your organization can handle the PR. Worth an early 1st, but that’ll be too much risk & exposure for teams.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            He’s a lot more raw than some care to admit.

            They just think they see a market deficiency and want to outsmart everybody else

  87. Greg Haugsven says:

    Feels like Lang is just using the Seahawks. He is going to give Green Bay the chance to match or get close to any offer he gets. He’s going to stay a Packer.

    • Volume12 says:

      IDK if you saw that rumor or not, but apparently Seattle really wants but would have to cut 1 big name or 2-3 other names. Not sure how beleivsble it is or if that’s the case, but something to potentially monitor.

      • Misfit74 says:

        Our available cap was 30 Million today. Luke is +/- 8M. That leaves plenty for Lang and the rookie class.

      • C-Dog says:

        I have to admit that the thought entered my head as to whether they are bringing in Wilcox to see if he can be a cheaper alternative to SS, and a bridge to a player they are targeting for the draft, and they are looking to move Chancellor. I don’t think that is the case, but my mind did go there for a spell.

      • JT says:

        V12 – That rumour doesn’t have a lot of weight to it, as it assumes Joeckel’s $8 mil is on the books.

        It’s likely that’s contract is heavily incentives with no guarantees. If so, it’s possible the Hawks could release Joeckel after signing Lang. Pure conjecture until we get the contract breakdown, but it’s possible.

  88. Volume12 says:

    Seahawk scouts at OK St, Wazzu, Wyoming, and Idaho pro days.

    The reason I posted that Glen Antoine clip? Seattle scouts ran the Idaho pro day.

  89. Mitch says:

    Hi Rob,

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on Joeckel when he was coming out of college. Do you think he will have better success in our system?

  90. Coleslaw says:

    J.J Wilcox has a visit scheduled with Seattle. I’d love it, a hard hitting backup who might be able to play big nickel or a really athletic SAM like Pinkins. I think they’d really like Wilcox

  91. dumbquestions says:

    The Joeckel signing feels like another opportunity to measure the Tom Cable factor. I’d love to know whether he had any voice in the decision.

    I don’t know a thing about OL coaching. I only know what we all hear constantly – that Cable is a lineman whisperer, that he has a knack for spinning straw into gold. So maybe this is another moment to see what his value really is relative to other OL coaches in the league.

    So much seems to depend on the player’s motivation and willingness to do whatever is asked. Was that the problem with Kristjan Sokoli? A freak by all measurables, but apparently he didn’t want to be an O-lineman. Was it his talent, his head or his heart? What was wrong with Terry Poole?

    For whatever it’s worth, Joeckel played for two OL coaches at Jacksonville: George Yarno and Doug Marrone. Where do those two rank in the pantheon of OL coaches? Not as good as Cable? Not nearly as good as Cable? Absolute crap? Did they help Joeckel or hurt him? Or did Joeckel act like a head case whenever he couldn’t play on the left side?

    I have some of the same questions about Joeckel that I have about Greg Robinson (Rams). Both were highly touted out of college, labeled can’t miss, top-5 prospects. Both have turned out (so far) to have barely average careers, and now all the experts scoff at their abilities, as if everyone should have known from Day 1 that they wouldn’t be that good. Could it be that they just never had a chance to play for Tom Cable?

    I suspect the truth is somewhere in between, but I don’t know how to look for it. Since I’m a shameless homer, I want Joeckel to succeed. I don’t really care where. If we believe Carroll, Fant is the starting LT (It’s clear from the comments here that some folks aren’t sold on that, and don’t believe in Fant at all). Assuming Joeckel is a better fit on the left, and assuming he wont supplant Ifedi at RT, he seems a likelier fit at LG.

    We’ll see.

    • Misfit74 says:

      Eric Fisher and Matt Khalil have also had ups and downs (esp Khalil). Now Fisher seems to be better and Khalil landed 53M. Top draft picks are going to get every opportunity to prove they can hang in the league. Thankfully, we got Luke for cheap. In part due to recent injury history. This is an ideal signing for us. Let’s see what Cable and winning does for him.

      • Volume12 says:

        They signed Joeckel because there was nothing better out there and you risk losing getting a worse a player. I can’t say it nor emphasize it enough.

        Seattle is NOT risk averse. They will role the dice all day long.

    • peter says:

      All this is pretty spot on. Especially the last bit about how most people scoff at Joeckel’s abilities now, but where was all of that years back.

      I don’t think Tom Cable is Great. I don’t think Tom Cable is Terrible. I’m not sure if it’s okay to be indifferent about him. But I am. I truly in the bottom of my heart believe there is a disconnect between the coaching, style, and drafting apparatus. Rob has made excellent points about Oliner’s here for years. But is Seattle a ZBS team? Then why do they look for maulers? Why does Seattle hang on to some prospects for about a year but let others hang around till they are good? (Britt…sort of Sweezy) If generations of fans and announcers believe and anecdotal evidence shows that continuity is important for the one field unit aside from the kicking teams that doesn’t change play to play, week to week….then why is Seattle so busy season after season moving existing players, who already struggled at new spots, around?

      Joeckel is a hedge against Gilliam. That’s my take. And Seattle tends to get these low risk types prior to the draft to give them seeming flexibility in case they don’t get their guy. Which tends to make me think “their guy,” is Cam Robinson. Which honestly I hope not. Seattle, to me, is actually better at one thing over the other as far as Oline. Seattle is better at teaching players to play their style then they are at drafting players to play their style.

      Britt: crappy pick. Taught to be a good/great center. Sweezy: basically not a pick taught to play guard. Breno: cast off from another team, afterthought. Taught to play Seattle’s style. Fant: super athletic profile, being taught to play one of the harder positions in football.

      Okung: 6th pick, first round. Doesn’t really count. Better be good at that spot. Carpenter: Next level meh player. made a career as a guard. Probably not the best use of draft capital in the first round. To be fair that pick through the entire second round that year doesn’t have a ton of great talent. John Moffit: the poster boy for trying to figure out someone’s heart before drafting them. Again Britt: Actually a pretty crappy pick, at the time. see above. was taught to play Seattle style. Mark Glowinski: probably already getting shown the door. Germain Ifedi: High hopes still……jury still out on him.

      • dumbquestions says:

        “Seattle is better at teaching players to play their style then they are at drafting players to play their style.”

        Perfectly stated.

  92. Coleslaw says:

    Man this is crazy..
    Last year Mitchell Schwartz gets a 5 year 33$M deal
    Desean gets a 3 year 33$M deal 1 year later.. what are we gonna do when kam, Sherm, Clark etc are all up for FA ):

    • C-Dog says:

      I would say that this a great draft to not only draft of the present but the future of the LOB because at some point, they’re going to have to start considering replacing a few of these guys.

    • McGruff says:

      I don’t think Kam gets a third contract.

      50/50 on Sherman.

      Clark will be priority #1. Really kind wish we had a 5th year option there.

      • Hawks22Fun says:

        I agree on Kam…great player with a body wearing down…

        Sherm had a rough year OFF the field, complaining and throwing fits…

        If we take Obi at #26, I bet he replaces Kam in 2018…

        If we take king at #26, then we could take another DB in this amazing class to hedge against Sherm…Witherspoon in the 3rd, with King?

        So we won’t get any COMP picks in 2018, but someone would bite on Kam, and we’d get something for him in 2019…

        If Sherm keeps poo pooing our coach, he might get traded, “IF” we can land 2 solid CB’s in this draft…

  93. Old but Slow says:

    Could we petition DB to not show any more videos of certain players? I want to hide Kevin King before the world figures the situation out.

    • Volume12 says:

      Just like last year with the DT position, the run won’t start on CBs till later because the position is so deep.

      • Old but Slow says:

        I hope you are right on that. King is so like Sherman in body build that some scouts must be taking notice. This last video by DB is against Colo, and the other backs make the interceptions, but King’s play is pristine.

        Thank you, V12 for all the info and ideas you bring to the table. I have been a draftnik for several years, gathering draft mags from Athlon and others, subscribed to Pro Football Weekly for years before they went out of business, bought the draft guides, but I have never had as much good info and so much fun with it as the last couple of years with this site and how it is run. And with Draft Breakdown and such to fill out the experience is like: Where you been all my life!

        • Volume12 says:

          King is one of the guys I’m hoping they grab as well. On a list of many for me actually.

          I’ve been following the draft for almost 20 years now. Those magazines were awesome back in the day before the internet was more than just chat rooms. I still get Lindy’s every summer. Remeber Street & Smith?

          BTW, happy to oblige. 😀

          • Old but Slow says:

            Bought them all. By the way, I have 10 years of Pro Football Weekly draft previews which are fun to look at to see how the players were viewed early and to compare with reviews we see today. Joeckel is in the last issue (2013) and it is a bit of a hoot. A can’t miss prospect.

            This is a great time to be a draft nut, with the resources and the success of our front office, it is all gravy. And with Rob we can’t lose.

            • Misfit74 says:

              I used to stop by a News stand in Seattle to get those in the early~mid 90’s. I miss those!

          • vrtkolman says:

            I’d love King and Witherspoon. Reload the secondary while at the same time you have Sherman’s replacement on the roster when his contract ends.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            It shows dude. I’m on year 7 how

            You have so much experience in recognizing patterns.

            What are some differences in scouting then versus now. Obviously tape availability, but trends and like desired mesurables surely change.

            6’3 corners were not the norm id assume

        • Overtime says:

          I used to buy Mel Kiper’s draft guides. Those were also good. These days publishing and distributing paper is both slow and expensive. Too few readers are reached that way. Television is also under siege because it has a limited number of channels and time slots and requires the user to be tethered to a location. The internet has really only been a viable substitute for about 20 years. This is putting traditional publishing and TV out of business and changing culture worldwide. We are in an age of instant information where a fellow can work from London, publish articles about a team in Seattle and reach an audience all over the world. Those who are not ‘connected on the internet’ are more isolated, uninformed and out of touch than ever before. Any teenager who is not packing a wireless device is growing up seriously behind his peers. Us Old but Slow guys are that way, too, if you do not keep your technology up to date.

  94. bankhawk says:

    Rob is sure enough the sherriff in this town. And he has a heck of a posse too! Vol-I reckon that makes you the deputy!

    We can be pretty sure all the teams with other needs will grab up players at thinner position groups before any run on DBs gets rolling in a big way. Thats why Im itching to see Robs feature on the LBs, as I figure it cant be quite as deep as the DB group.

  95. Sea Mode says:

    From WSU Pro Day:

    Luani also said that his agent has told him to expect to be selected near the fifth round of the NFL draft.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Shalom Luani working out with @Seahawks scout at WSU #ProDay

    • peter says:

      That’s probably realistic. We are so focused on Seahawks types that we forget that as V12 correctly stated a few threads back, most players even at their best get a 1 round bump post combine.

      Luani could be good and Seattle could totally use him but I see some SDB mocks that have him in the third, and I chuckle a bit. Not at the poster but “our,” (the blog’s fans) desire to see some of these totally seahawky guys playing here next year.

      Like myself. If I was picking I would run to the podium for King in the first. Total Seahawk. Done. But I’ve now looked through about 7-8 post draft big boards and there he is still sitting at around the 72-78 best player.

      • JT says:

        Most internet big boards out there are derived from a lot of group-think, instead of comprehensive scouting evaluations of the prospects.

        NFL teams’ draft boards don’t change much from the combine, because they’ve put in considerably more work than the vast majority of internet scouts/reporters. Teams already have near-complete evaluations of prospects going into the combine, so they’re rarely caught off guard with players’ athletic testing.

        In Kevin King’s case, he was likely considered a day 2 prospect with speed questions. Now that he’s tested fast and extremely athletic, his floor is top 50. And he could easily go R1 (to Seattle 🙂 )

        • peter says:

          I know the speed concerns for sure. And for me like I said…I’d run not walk to the podium. I do get the groupthink thing for sure. It’s my only tool to reference. And like you said teams have their own evaluations.

          Buuut….there be it online group think, logic, or something else there are a lot of players that were considered first rounders prior to the combine that are still first rounders, to which I mean to say there isn’t maybe as much movement as we here on the blog think there’s going to be.

      • Comfect says:

        Also, remember we have a big gap in our available picks, so if Liability was going to go in early r5 the Seahawks might still need to pick him at the end of r3 in order not to miss out (barring a trade that fills the gap by acquiring more picks).

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      +1 you’re on it today SeaMode

  96. Sea Mode says:

    Nice grab:

    “Quick note from UW Pro Day: Tanner Gentry @Tanner4Gentry caught every catchable ball. Crisp routes. NFL scouts swarmed him afterwards”

    • JimQ says:

      WR-Tanner Gentry, Wyoming, 6-1/210, is a guy I’ve had pegged as an UDFA possibility for the Seahawks. He’s been rated in the 500-600 area, however, IMO his production is much better than that ranking.

      2016: 14-games, 72 receptions for 1326-yds (18.42 ypc avg.) & 14 TD’s. Gentry could be a very good sleeper WR candidate, but maybe the cat is out of the bag now.

  97. Ishmael says:

    Just on McLoughlan… Couple of interesting tweets

    ‘Was told late in the season of jealousy up top and how they’d one day use McCloughan drinking as an excuse to can him. Exactly what happened -”

    ‘Source who knows Skins brass told me months ago this was EXACTLY how it would end. It was most cynical thing I’d heard. Then it happened.’

    Just a disgraceful organisation if true.

    • Hawks22Fun says:

      Knowing how ‘dan snyder’ the owner acts, how he ruined RG3 by treating him like a king, he certainly would do this…

      Between snyder and Jed York, there are 2 teams that need new owners…IMO

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Disgusting actions from a team with a racist name.

      The most racist part is that Natives were like “Um Please??? Very racist please stop”

      And they were like “HAHAHA ITS NOT RACIST. Look at my friggin research. You savages don’t know shit about your own culture”

      The definition of systemic disenfranchisment.

      And people say racism doesn’t exist today

      • STTBM says:

        Wow, Kenny, thats a very succinct way of putting it! I feel the same. WAS sucks…

      • Ishmael says:

        Pretty much just a disgusting organisation, awful fanbase as well. A team I always enjoy beating.

    • BHarKnows says:

      I REALLY hope Pete and John got on the phone and offered him a job. I’d love to have him back.

  98. Ed says:

    Poe probably only getting a 1 year prove it deal. Hope the Hawks take a shot. Lang/Poe/Lacy to finish off free agency.

    • vrtkolman says:

      Yeah, no one is going to give a 350 lb. man with back issues a big contract. I would love a one year deal as well, him and Reed on the field at the same time? Wow!

  99. nichansen01 says:

    If we miss out on Lang… we aren’t nesseacarily sunk since we have two guards on the roster who are clear starters in his absence. Fant – Glow – Britt – Ifedi – Joeckel is a pretty obvious starting lineup, that’s strength in continuity. It also lines up two first round picks in the right side.

    If Green Bay and Lang do work something, I would like to see a 1 year incentive based prove-it deal for Lacy, and then a more substantial deal for Wilcox.

    I’m intrigued by adding a FA safety, since it clears up that draft worry, giving us more flexibility in the first. For example, I would feel more solid about drafting a corner like King or a linebacker like Cunningham in the first with Wilcox on the roster.

  100. vrtkolman says:

    Sounds like Lang already visited and is going to back to Detroit, pretty big bummer if so 🙁

    • Trevor says:

      Really had my hopes up. That is too bad. I just want one FA Ol we can count on next year to come in an build around along with Britt. That certainly is not Joeckel.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Did you think we were gonna drop another 8mil on OL?

        There was no way we were signing Lang from the get-go.

        Felt like a pipe dream from the jump.

        Plus. Where would be play?#

        Never really made sense to pick up a guard when that is our strength

        • Rawls1234 says:

          I wouldn’t call Glowinski and Ifedi a strength. I doubt they would start on any other team.

        • Sea Mode says:

          I’d take a Pro Bowler wherever he played on the OL, Kenny. Get the talent first then figure out how the positions shuffle out. (Ifedi to RT, Glow as backup, etc.)

          But I would also like a source on this.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            One Whole Pro Bowl*

            Can’t wait to force our young guys into a different spot.
            At least it worked out for Britt

            But he’s one of the smartest guys in the league imo

        • Trevor says:

          I hope that was a joke Kenny. Our Guard play last year was the worst in the entire NFL.

          Bottom line if we can add a pro bowl level OL player he can play wherever he wants and make our line bestter.

    • lil'stink says:

      I think Lang is mostly just using us to try and drive his price up.

    • JT says:


      • vrtkolman says:

        It was on 97.1, The Ticket. Lang lives there in the off season, so it’s possible he’s just going back to spend time with his family and weigh his options.

  101. Sea Mode says:

    Seattle confirmed at Rutgers Pro Day

    They have a listed 6052, 217 WR Carlton Agudosi who apparently just jumped a 40.5 in vert…

  102. Sea Mode says:

    Wanna know why they couldn’t pay Campbell:

    Ian Rapoport‏

    #AZCardinals made official Chandler Jones’ 5-year, $82.5M contract that includes $53M in guarantees. He averages $17M over the 1st 3 years

    9:21 AM – 10 Mar 2017

    • vrtkolman says:

      Cardinals lost CC, Tony Jefferson, and DJ Swearinger. Their defense is a lot worse now.

      • nichansen01 says:

        Honey Badger always injured. Palmer and Fitz regressing. Cardinals definitely peaked in 2015.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Cards might lose a few more too

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Cards could be last in the division. Generally teams that are older that have a crappy season like last year don’t come back. The NFC West could be ruled by the Hawks for awhile.

  103. JT says:

    This helps, if only a little bit:

    “Overnight, the Seattle Seahawks received a $1,271,700 cap credit adjustment from the league.”

  104. Ehurd1021 says:

    TJ Lang visiting Seattle at 11 am PT today…. praying he doesn’t leave without a contract. He left Detroit last night without signing a deal. I still think he’s using us for leverage with GB.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Let’s pray… we can find another back and a safety in the draft… an elite guard? Not so much.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Sweet, then that means he hasn’t left yet after all.

      I understand the arguments against it, but think as well how much better a good vet OL could make the young pups by teaching and leading them.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Big pitch prepared from Seattle apparently… sounds to me like they really want him, not just *due diligence*

    • vrtkolman says:

      Man, I’ll stop reporting every news bit I find, obviously the earlier news that he left already was wrong!

  105. Sea Mode says:

    Connor Bozick, OT Delaware, listed 6045, 320

    I couldn’t find the Pro Day numbers on this guy, but from this video his vert looks so-so, his broad good, and he moves pretty well for a 320lb guy I’d say. Wonder if he really is that heavy. School’s Twitter says he “crushed it” in the bench, but who knows what that means.

    Can anyone get a better idea out of that video?

  106. Sea Mode says:

    Browns cut RGIII, as expected. Pretty funny:


    In 2012 Redskins mortgage future for RGIII, took Cousins in 4th as afterthought. Today Browns cut Griffin, Cousins signs for 1 year at $24M.

    9:36 AM – 10 Mar 2017

  107. Kenny Sloth says:

    Not only are the Seahawks dedicated to getting their players to be the best they can, that philosophy seems to run deep.

    Tom Cable has seemed to grow so much as a leader and a person.

    After breaking an assistant coach’s jaw and admitting to striking his first wife with an open hand back in 2010ish we have had no issues with discipline or even the anger.

    You can tell he’s one of those hot headed guys, but these days he speaks with so much control and ease. Like a different person.

    Just thankful for our organization

  108. Kenny Sloth says:

    Man, I can’t read the field gulls comments.

    RealRhino2 was over there correcting someone who penned some article about Joeckle fitting the athletic profile we have when he doesn’t at all.

    They’re all like “he fits our explosive profile because he has long arms, short shuttle was only .2 seconds slower than Ifedi”
    Ok… Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about guy.

    Than someone said Rhino must be “A TEF APOSTLE”

    XD omg can we all be TEF Apostles?

    • Volume12 says:


      • Volume12 says:

        I stopped reading that message board like 2 years ago for the exact same reasons you have.

        That board is the internet in a nutshell my man. What good would it be if everyone didn’t get personal and b**ch all day long?

    • MSL says:

      I saw that too, but it’s not all bad over there. You can tell there are quite a few guys that frequent both places. It’s still loads better than most places on the internet.

      • MSL says:

        Quite a few people….not trying to assume everyone is a dude. I do assume they’re all people though.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Nice, yeah I always see the same usernames in both spots.

          I love their analysis. The comments section are hard to sift through

      • Nem Beselek says:

        There is actually quite a bit of insightful comment on both boards, here and over at Field Gulls.

        I actually rarely comment on these stories, with my job and family commitments I am usually reading these threads a day or two later than when they first come out.

        I really do like this board a lot though, very good insight from most of the people on here. I used to comment on the PI forum quite a bit, and that always seemed like I was an adult trying to have an adult conversation with junior high kids.

        If any of you all see this, please keep up the good work, it allows my Saturday mornings go much nicer

  109. Kenny Sloth says:

    Man, I can’t read the field gulls comments.

    RealRhino2 was over there correcting someone who penned some article about Joeckle fitting the athletic profile we have when he doesn’t at all.

    They’re all like “he fits our explosive profile because he has long arms, short shuttle was only .2 seconds slower than Ifedi”
    Ok… Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about guy.

    Then someone said Rhino must be “A TEF APOSTLE”

    XD omg can we all be TEF Apostles?

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Duplicate Comment Detected xD

      • nichansen01 says:

        I usually like checking through field gulls game blogs. The negativity is a little overwhelming at times though.

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          I like their articles. I don’t read the comments often. I think as a fan base we sometimes are argumentative and that can sound negative. We are supportive of players like Joeckle while others may have a different opinion. Maybe it just is part of blogging.

  110. Ed says:

    Option A:


    Option B:


    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Option C:

      Frank Clark, Kam Chancellor, Tyler Lockett next yeat, comfortably

      • Ed says:

        I think they do Clark regardless. Not sure about Kam and Lock. My guess would be Kam before Lock for his history. Prior to losing the year, Lock didn’t have the same explosion.

        • MSL says:

          Well he (Lockett) was fighting through a knee injury most of the season, so there’s that.

      • nichansen01 says:

        I think we need to resign Frank C, but I’m willing to say goodbye to Kam, while drafting and grooming his replacement this year. Lockett can be a 1 contract player to me.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          I agree with you both at this time, but it’s better to have the money in case Tyler blows up. Or if Clark does.

          Or if neither does and you can tie them down for a few years while they continue to develop.

          I think the writing is in the wall for Kam tbh.

          If we were really dead set on resigning him he would have been reupped by now. I think we undervalue him as an organization, perhaps.

      • Trevor says:

        If Kam is not done this off season he is gone baby gone and that will be sad IMO. He should retire a Hawk.

    • Ehurd1021 says:

      I’m not willing to see Frank, Kam or Lockett leave for any of those options.

      If we can get Lang to take less to be on the squad, great. But he’s not worth seeing any of our core walk. We thought we could replace and groom Bruce Irvin’s replacement as well, and we’ve seen how that played out last year and this upcoming year if we’re not able to address OLB in this draft.

      Kam is still the engine to this defense; he’s still the most unique SS in the league and what he allows Seattle to do defensively is unmatched. We can talk about finding and molding his replacement all day… still is very unrealistic, not just in his measurables but in qualities you can’t match which is his heart, leadership, and physicality.

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        As much as I love Kam – his health has to be evaluated at the end of this season. Football is hard on players bodies. The Seahawks cannot afford to carry players on long contracts if their health is deteriorating.

        • Ehurd1021 says:

          Which is understandable, especially with the style of play Kam plays with. However, he still played solid last year while on two bad ankles at an all pro level. I don’t understand were the questions concerning his health are coming from.

  111. Coleslaw says:

    Matt Miller’s source from inside th3 seahawks organization told him we are doing our research on running backs in the first 3 rounds.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Doing research is expected. If someone interesting falls to round 3, gotta be prepared.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Wow thanks a ton Matt Miller.

      Sources tell me Seahawks Scouts are scouting potential Seahawks.

      Justkidding Coleslaw

      • Volume12 says:

        Oh sh*t! Kenny is entering cats today.

        Speaking of. Kenny u a hip hop fan?

        • Volume12 says:

          HAHA! That’s was supposed to be ethering.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            Bro you know I am

            One time for my LA Chargers

            One time for my LA Raaams

            One team cap space getting larger

            One team losin all they fans

            • Volume12 says:


              Have you heard the Remy diss track to Nikki? SHEther?

            • Greg Haugsven says:

              I can either imagine Kenny with a gold chain around his neck or looking like a French poet. Not sure what that was…lol

              • Volume12 says:

                ‘Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved!’

                Its a J-Cole song.

                • Volume12 says:

                  Or maybe it should’ve been ‘(NFL) don’t save ’em (Chargers), they don’t wanna be saved!’

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Yeah I did hear that track

                    A lot of my friends were like “Remy Ma new rappers tryna keep Nikki’s name in they mouth”

                    She been doin it for a while. I was rocking with her when she was Remy Martin.

                    I’m actually really sick today so no chain or beret for me

                  • Volume12 says:

                    She bodied her bro!

                    If Nikki’s ‘No Frauds’ gets radio play though? She won. Just like with Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ when him and Meek were battling.

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    These fueds today are trash.

                    I wish I could’ve witnessed the height of Biggie-Pac or Jigga-Naz

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    You hear the Kendrick Lamar verse on Big Sean’s Control?

                    He called out every new spitter on Earth and no One said shit back xD

                  • Volume12 says:

                    Oh yeah. That’s because Kendrick is the truth like he claims.

                    Your right. Oh my god bro! My favorite rapper of all time? The GOAT. Biggie Smalls. 2Pac’s ‘Hit ’em up’ was nice. Real nice for a battle record, but ‘Who shot ya?’ Game over. Because it got radio play.

                    Same with Has and ‘Ether’ or Jay and ‘The Takeover.’

                    Legit battles from 4 of the best to ever rock he mic.

                  • Volume12 says:


                  • Volume12 says:

                    Although the Dre and Eazy-E battle was nice too.

                    2 classic records.

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    :’) so good to find a real enthusiast of the art.

                    Im so sick of “that trap beat is fire”

                    And the lil yachtys of the world.

                    Can’t cook a burger but think they run shit

                  • Coleslaw says:

                    Joey bada$$ said shit back and buried Kendrick lol #KingOfNY

                  • Coleslaw says:

                    Look up killuminati pt.2 by Joey that’s his response

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Coleslaw my man!!!

                    Joeys real good but He says he’s KNOWS he’s already a better rapper than Tupac.

                    BrrrrA bye boi

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Cole, Kendrick didn’t even mention Joey Badass on that track.

                    He’s just a little upstart with a fire flow.

                  • Coleslaw says:

                    Yeah that seemed disrespectful to me but if you think about it Pac wasn’t really trying to put 16 bars together with all these rhyme schemes we see today. He was more of a real artist. Pac>Joey overall but imho a lot of rappers are better than Pac was. Tupac is top 5 hip hop artist ever though for sure

                  • Coleslaw says:

                    S*** my bad it must have been a different song

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Very well said.

                    Yeah as far as pure rhymes go these new guys torch the old school cats.

                    JCole, Earl Sweatshirt, Joey, Logic, even guys like KYLE are really intricate

                  • Coleslaw says:

                    Yup those guys are nice. Been an earl fan since he first popped up. If you want a good laugh check out Yung Gravy. Hes a local guy from Auburn, I can’t tell if he’s a troll or not haha.

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    You guys probably don’t know this, but I’m a musician as well.

                    I play 24 instruments I used to play for the Tacoma Symphony. I’ve been in the process of putting together an EP with some local guys that I’m really excited about.

                    I will share when it’s completed 😉

      • Coleslaw says:

        Obviously it’s more than just scouting them… read into tone maybe? It’s implying that we’re interested in an early round back and are working hard to find fits and possibilities.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Or it’s smokescreen season and we leaked something tricky to a tool like Miller.

          Don’t get me wrong I think we will add a back in that range if we don’t grab one in FA.

          Just a very superficial thing to say.

          Every team is doing their due diligence on early round running backs xD

          And what tone did I miss? All you said was we were doing research.

          That’s their job. Matt Miller’s job is to get clicks and retweets

  112. Andrew T. says:

    Regarding RBs – Thoughts on Karlos Williams? He was released by the Steelers. Flashed potential at Buffalo with 5.6 Y/A and 7 TDs in his rookie season. He’s a big, physical back with 4.4 speed. 6’1, 230 lbs. Sounds motivation and weight were issues with Steelers. Maybe a PC project?

  113. Volume12 says:

    Anyone think that Shalom Luani looks like Roman Reigns little brother?

  114. Volume12 says:

    Mike Mayock is a candidate to become the new GM of Washington.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      He’ll play ball for Snyder

      • Hawks22Fun says:

        I personally couldn’t work for a ‘control freak owner’ like that…

        He and Bruce Allen are ruining their team every time they get some momentum forward…


        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Pathetic. He landed them Josh Norman and had them in position for the playoffs.

          He gets fired.

          Even if he was drunk the whole time he was doing a better job than you ever had

  115. Sea Mode says:


    Packers’ RB Eddie Lacy is scheduled to be in Seattle today and tomorrow, then on to Minnesota for Sat-Sun, before visiting Green Bay.

    10:51 AM – 10 Mar 2017

  116. Overtime says:

    This year feels like more of a rebuilding year than any we have had recently. After the SB we lost our O Line and are still in the process of reconstructing that. Marshawn left and we don’t seem to have a reliable replacement. The LOB for the first time looks injured with no depth behind Cam and ET. The LB’s are gone other than our top two. Other teams have poached our players and we just have not reloaded. This draft with five picks in the first three rounds needs to produce a haul of starters and stars or things will continue to deteriorate. We got good by drafting under valued star players in lower rounds. I haven’t seen much of that recently. Even our first round pick last year, Ifedi, was below average. Is anyone else feeling this way?

    • Volume12 says:

      Defensively it could be. Last year though felt like more of a rebuild, or to put it better, a ‘reload’ on the offensive side of the ball.

    • Knights who say Ni says:

      There are a couple of reasons why

      We had a good core for a couple of years and it was hard for anyone, let alone rookies to make the team. Then all the other teams started to copy our drafting i.e. lanky, long corners and athletic, long LB etc. now it is hard to find those guys in the fourth , fifth , sixth round. Then we have been poached thoroughly by other teams. The last few drafts, it seems we did take some chances, but who here would have screamed if we did not take a OL last year? Alot, by my view. But it is getting harder since half the NFL are now looking for “seahawky” players

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Bunch of misses on the draft for two years. Was it 2013 AND 2014?

      • Rob Staton says:

        The 2013 was bad overall. Seattle didn’t whiff when everyone else got rich and fat.

        2014 wasn’t a bad class. Richardson has been hurt (it happens) but Britt is developing. Marsh has been involved. Not a great draft but not a disaster. And Richardson and Britt took steps forward in 2016 and could become good players for this team.

  117. AuRevoirBrandon says:

    Very interested in seeing what the trade market can offer us for O-line. FA and Draft are going to be very dry very quickly.

    What sort of compensation would we be willing to give up? A future 3? More? hmm…

  118. Sea Mode says:


    Patriots go from pick 64 in second round to pick 72 in third round and get Kony Ealy.

    12:54 PM – 10 Mar 2017

  119. Sea Mode says:


    Washington giving WR Terrelle Pryor a one-year, $8 million deal, per sources.

    12:56 PM – 10 Mar 2017

    • nichansen01 says:

      I thought washington already had an amazing wide out group? Well anyways very very solid replacement for Garcon. Imagine what he will do with Cousins.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Washington is really acting weird this off season. Between letting two wide receivers go to other teams, and holding onto Cousins when he doesn’t want to play for them. Might see if any more offensive linemen leave the team.

  120. Sea Mode says:


    Former Raiders OT Menelik Watson reached agreement with the Denver Broncos, per sources. Staying in division, defecting to rival.

    12:57 PM – 10 Mar 2017

  121. Sea Mode says:

    TEF ALERT at Rutgers!

    OT Chris Muller (6055, 312) *listed size
    3.25 TEF
    101.48 wTEF

    34 BP
    29 VJ
    9’2″ BJ

    and a 5.10 40yd to boot.

  122. nichansen01 says:

    Lost Bennett Sheard and Ryan, but added Allen Cooks Ealy and Gilmore. That’s insane.