Self-assessment & an early look at 2020

If you missed our extensive review of the 2019 Seahawks draft class, click here.

What’s next?

The Seahawks currently have approximately $18m in free cap space. That could increase by another $7m if Doug Baldwin retires. There will be a further saving when Kam Chancellor is cut later this summer.

Pete Carroll was misquoted yesterday by the local Seattle media and it was implied he stated people would be ‘excited’ by their subsequent moves. Here’s the actual, less interesting quote:

“We’re not done. We’ve got work to do and we’re excited about what’s coming up. You guys will see in time.”

They’re acknowledging there’s work to be done on the pass rush. They probably anticipated this before the draft and that’s why they met with Corey Liuget, Al Woods and Allen Bailey last week. They previously spent time with Nick Perry.

In 2018 Bailey had six sacks (the most productive season of his career). Perry is only a year removed from a 7.5 sack season. They’re unlikely to be able to acquire a 13-sack edge rusher at this stage of the off-season. Finding two players who might be able to combine to produce that level of production could be a solution.

They also need to add a defensive tackle and Liuget or Woods could fill that void.

Inevitably people will talk about Ziggy Ansah and Ndamukong Suh. They too could be options and the Seahawks might explore their market if they haven’t already.

Ansah is recovering from shoulder surgery and there are concerns about when he’ll be ready to play again. He’s always been a hot-and-cold player — capable of dominating one week and then disappearing for stretches of a season.

There’s no doubting Ansah is the most talented player available but he’ll be no use to the Seahawks nursing an injury on the sidelines or belittling the fire and brimstone they just added via the draft. They’d need to be convinced he’s ready and determined to have an impact in 2019. Fans will call for his signing but we just don’t know how motivated he is. That’s something for the team to find out.

Suh is in a strange place. He admitted that he basically mailed it in during the 2018 regular season. He hasn’t had a sniff of interest during free agency. It’s possible he’s just become so rich that he isn’t motivated to go all-out every week. He’s made $139m so far in his football career.

It seems NFL teams are sceptical about whether he has anything left in the tank. Suh at his best would be a fine addition. A Suh coasting through the season and undermining the ‘always compete’ identity will be the last thing this team seeks to add.

So the options are limited. There might be a lot of soul-searching over the next few days. Any player still available on the open market is going to be flawed. Whether it’s age, motivation or loss of effectiveness.

That’s why I think they might at least consider what’s out there in the trade market. That doesn’t necessarily mean a big splash either. They might look for value.

Learning from mistakes

Every year I like to reflect on our draft coverage and see where we could’ve done a better job. This years example was pretty obvious.

At the end of the 2018 season we spent a fair bit of time wondering what they’d do at linebacker. It seemed inevitable K.J. Wright would depart in free agency. Mychal Kendricks was expected to re-sign but who knew what would happen with his court case?

Clearly a plan was needed at linebacker. When they re-signed both Wright and Kendricks, it threw us off the scent.

I assumed that was a review of the linebacker class — or at least an acknowledgement that they had to focus on other areas in this draft. We didn’t talk about the position at all. Then they drafted two linebackers who were ideal fits for what they look for at the position.

It was a difficult one to project. Going into the draft with only five picks — and with big needs elsewhere (DL, WR, DB) — it would’ve been a curious projection to pair the Seahawks with a couple of linebackers.

However, I should’ve spent more time at least discussing and looking at Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven.

A couple of years ago we noted how they seem to pay attention to the short shuttle when considering linebackers. We’d also heard Carroll talk about his determination in 2017 to add youth to the linebacker position. Only Shaquem Griffin was added in the two subsequent drafts — and none of the prospects in the 2017 or 2018 class ran a short shuttle quite like Cody Barton.

His 4.03 shuttle was the fastest at the combine among linebackers and was the second fastest by a linebacker in the last five years. Burr-Kirven’s 4.09 is the eighth fastest time in the last five years.

Even if we didn’t mock the two players to Seattle — we know enough about what they look for at the position to bring their names up in the general conversation. It should’ve been an easy win — to note they were likely Seahawks targets. And it would’ve led to a payoff for us as fans when both players were eventually drafted.

Gary Jennings is a good example of that. We talked about him throughout this process because he was an obvious Seahawk — from his forty time, to his frame, to his catch percentage, to his ability to compete for the ball in the air.

Moving forward I’m not going to let free agency moves or a perceived lack of need prevent us from identifying and discussing obvious Seahawks. If a player has an ideal physical profile for Seattle, we’ll talk about them.

An early look at 2020

Here are some of 2020 eligible names who could be a big part of next years draft…

Laviska Shenault Jr (WR, Colorado)
It was difficult to watch Colorado in 2018 knowing the sensational Shenault Jr wasn’t eligible for the draft this year. He’s 6-2 and 220lbs and does it all. He can make plays as a runner or receiver, he can grind out yards in the red zone or get downfield. He’s a mismatch weapon who could easily land in the first round next year.

Grant Delpit (S, LSU)
When people were projecting fifth round pick Deionte Thompson in the top-10 last season, I liked to compare Thompson to Delpit to make a point on the huge difference between the two. Delpit is a legit playmaker with range, size and physicality. He’s 6-3 and 203lbs and had five interceptions, five sacks and 9.5 TFL’s in 2018. He ran a 4.04 short shuttle at SPARQ testing, jumped a 37-inch vertical and achieved an overall score of 114.54. He’s a top-10 talent.

Chase Young (EDGE, Ohio State)
With Nick Bosa’s season ending prematurely in 2018, Young was given centre stage to show why he could be a top-10 pick next year. He’s 6-5 and 265lbs with superb quickness rushing the edge with the frame to handle run duties too. He recorded 14.5 TFL’s and 9.5 sacks and he has a great chance to develop into a big-time NFL rusher.

Willie Gay Jr (LB, Mississippi State)
Whenever you watched Mississippi State last season it seemed like Gay Jr was making a huge play. He’s 6-2 and 235lbs, flies around the field and just has a knack for turnovers and impact. He jumped a 39-inch vertical at SPARQ, ran a 4.26 short shuttle and achieved an overall score of 128.22.

Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)
He could’ve been a top-15 pick this year. Brown flashed in numerous games in 2018 and is a complete defensive tackle — combining power in the run game with quickness and an ability to shoot gaps to get into the backfield. He had 10.5 TFL’s in 2018 and five sacks. It was surprising he chose not to declare. He’s listed at 6-5 and 325lbs but he plays with great quickness.

Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
Another player who could’ve been a high pick this year but surprisingly chose not to declare. Davis underachieved in 2018 and allowed Quinnen Williams to be the star for the Crimson Tide. However, as we saw against Georgia in the 2017 National Championship game, Davis has the size, length and quickness to draw comparisons to Calais Campbell.

Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama)
The 2018 Biletnikoff Award winner, Jeudy looks destined to follow Julio Jones, Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley as a top-level first round receiver from Alabama. He had 1315 yards last season and 14 touchdowns. He’s not the biggest at 6-1 and 192lbs but he’s incredibly sudden and capable of being a factor on intermediate routes and as a downfield threat.

Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama)
He’s already been anointed as the #1 overall pick next year but I’d pump the breaks on that. It was all too easy for Alabama last season but when things got tougher at the end of the year, Tagovailoa got hurt and some flaws were exposed. He’s a good quarterback but he’s not Trevor Lawrence and it’s not a sure-thing he ends up the top prospect next year.

Jabari Zuniga (EDGE, Florida)
A player we mocked to the Seahawks before he chose not to declare. Zuniga is 6-4 and 257lbs and plays with quickness and intensity. He’ll chase down the ball carrier and compete to the whistle. He wasn’t quite as exciting as Jachai Polite in 2018 but he’ll be the main man next season and has a chance to take the next step.

Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon)
Everyone thinks the Miami Dolphins are trying to ‘tank for Tua’. They seem to be forgetting the reports stating Dolphins brass were enamoured with Herbert and were ready to write-off the 2019 quarterback class when he chose not to declare. Like Tua he’s no sure thing. He has the tools but he’s inconsistent.

Ceedee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)
A four-star recruit who was the ideal compliment to Marquise Brown for the Sooners. The 6-2 and 189lbs receiver recorded 1158 yards and 11 touchdowns and provided Kyler Murray with a target who could make contested catches and get downfield. With another good season he could find a home in round one.

Steven Montez (QB, Colorado)
We couldn’t anticipate how bad Nebraska were going to be in 2018 but Montez’s performance in a big road win put him on the map. His deep-throwing ability is exceptional, he has a rocket arm and he has the mobility to make plays as a runner. He’s a terrific, underrated talent.

Jake Fromm (QB, Georgia)
There are times where Fromm looks like a legit NFL passer. He has a reasonable physical profile with a decent-not-great arm, 6-2 height and 220lbs size. He’s led Georgia to compete in the SEC and they should’ve won the National Championship a year ago. Can he take a step forward and convince NFL teams he’s a pro-starter?

Bryce Hall (CB, Virginia)
Speed, speed, speed. He’s been clocked as capable of running at 22mph and you see it on tape. Watch this play (click here) for two reasons — a great run by Seahawks’ sixth round pick Travis Homer and the unbelievable closing speed of Bryce Hall. He had two interceptions in 2018.

Tee Higgins (WR, Clemson)
A classic big target who makes the Tigers’ offense tick with Trevor Lawrence. He’s 6-4 and 210lbs and ran a 4.23 short shuttle and jumped a 34-inch vertical at SPARQ. He can go up and get the football and make contested grabs. His stock will likely be determined on whether he can run a lot faster than he did at SPARQ (4.75). He had 936 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns in 2018.

Trey Adams (T, Washington)
Back injuries, doubts over whether he’d continue to play football and two lost years have hampered Adams’ stock. Yet it’s easy to forget he was once seemingly destined to be a top-15 NFL pick. If he can get back on the field in 2019 and have a strong season, he can get back into that range — especially with an expected major down year on the O-line.

Henry Ruggs (WR, Alabama)
The other big playmaker for the Crimson Tide, Ruggs is only 6-0 and 183lbs but he’s lightning quick. He ran a 4.25 forty this spring and recorded 741 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in 2018. The NFL loves dynamism and speed at receiver and Ruggs made his fair share of big, impact plays last year.

K.J. Hill (WR, Ohio State)
He ran an unreal 3.93 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 37-inch vertical. You see that quickness and agility show up on tape. Hill is adept at getting open and could be the next dynamic weapon to come out of Ohio State. He’s 6-0 and 198lbs and could take on the #1 target role in 2019.

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  1. Volume12

    I love Bryce Hall.

    Iowa DE AJ Epenesa might give Chase Young a run for his $.

    • Volume12

      Do you not like D’Andre Swift Rob?

      • Rob Staton

        He’s not someone I have an angle on yet. I could’ve listed another 10-15 names here but wanted to focus on the players I feel confident talking about.

        • Volume12

          Makes sense.

          I’d highly recommend checking out Epenesa when you get some time and will be shocked if you come away not feeling Swift.

    • MyChestIsBeastmode

      Ya, Hall’s speed – wow! Just watched Homer’s highlights before reading this post. When Hall bursts into another gear to cover a lot of ground and catch our new RB Homer in a dead Sprint 30 yards downfield, I had to do a double take thinking “who the hell is that speed demon”. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

      • JimQ

        Regarding CB-Bryce Hall. It should also be noted that Bryce Hall in 2018 was #1 in FBS in passes defended with 24 (including 2 INT’s) in his 13 games, that equates to 1.85 passes defended – per game. Not just a speed CB, but also a very good CB prospect that will surely be a day 1 pick in next yeas draft.

      • Awsi Dooger

        I’m a Canes season ticket holder so I’ll give a rundown on Travis Homer: When things were going well for Miami, Homer really added to the swagger among the fanbase. It was like…our running back is tougher than anybody on your team. Homer runs with emphatic athletic arrogance and thrills to dip his shoulder and plow through traffic. At his confident best in the wash you can look upfield for the next defender because the one in his path isn’t going to be a factor. Travis Homer has always reminded me quite a bit of Albert Bentley, who was a hard charging small sized Canes running back from the ’80s. Bentley was on the Colts when they traded for Eric Dickerson, who admitted to being instantly shocked at how good Bentley was.

        Homer is also great at all the little things, like blitz pickup. He excels as a gunner on special teams. That might be how he first becomes a favorite of the Seahawk fan base. Miami special teams have a long history of excellence but recently they have been very disappointing, to the dismay of the fans. Homer has been a rare exception. He relentlessly fights and often bullies the guy assigned to block him on the wing. Plus he’s a sure tackler.

        Very good pass catcher also. Great angles on the out routes and quick turn upfield. Similar to Duke Johnson in that regard, It has become Johnson’s strength in the NFL.

        Homer is a solid citizen who will fit perfectly with the Seahawk mentality of hard trying and self motivated.

        Obviously there are negatives, otherwise this would not be a 6th round pick. Homer can be immensely erratic and frustrating. More than anything, he often doesn’t even attempt to elude defenders as opposed to running smack toward them and assuming it won’t matter. That was always the chief complaint among Miami fans and the primary reason Homer was not as popular during 2018 as the 2017 breakout season. There would often be a 5 yard gap to the next defender and everything suggested a basic move or angled acceleration. After all, Homer has sufficient speed. Nope, no attempt at elusiveness. He’ll merely look at the defender and head straight toward him, almost as if magnetized. So often the tackle would be made right there and the fans at Sun Life Stadium would react in disbelief. Homer feels like a positive when things are going well but his limitations show up when the team is struggling. Early 2018 he was in a slump and really didn’t resemble the 2017 version at all. Despite the timed speed he can he caught from behind occasionally.

        Todd McShay mentioned the erraticism during the Saturday telecast when Homer’s clips were being shown. I have to say Todd McShay is light years above any other draft analyst in terms of correctly describing players from the teams I am most familiar with…Miami and my alma mater USC. Others will offer generic stuff that is technically correct but nobody among the public analysts offers the consistent special insight that McShay provides, almost as if he follows that team exclusively. Every summary of Miami and USC players is next to perfect. I always have to laugh when McShay is knocked. He got that reputation early in his ESPN career and so many people have never bothered to notice how much he steadily improved nor acknowledge the elite level he now holds.

        Homer will fumble at inopportune times. Out of nowhere and seemingly unnecessary. I hope the Seahawks coaching staff can fix that. One major issue is that Homer always holds the ball in his left hand. I have never seen him either begin with the ball in his right hand or switch to his right hand during a run. He basically does everything with his left hand, including clubbing the blockers on special teams. That’s why Homer was gunner on the right side, so he could bother from the inside arm. Opposing players are often thrown off guard when getting pelted by the left arm.

        Miami had two running backs with more raw talent that Homer…Lorenzo Lingard and Cam Davis, who really came on late season after Lingard got hurt. Canes fans admired Homer for everything he contributed during 2017 but the presence of those two guys made it easy to say goodbye and we hope you succeed on the next level. I think Homer found a good fit.

        • MaxC14

          Thank you for this, great to get insight from a person who is able to see multiple college games from their team.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Cool stuff Awsi! Homer has a shot at the roster, but his fumbling issues are a major concern.

          Alex Collins is still on the FA market.

        • God of Thunder


        • Jared Marshall

          Excellent stuff. Appreciate you sharing. Hard to get that sort of take from watching YouTube.

        • Kemoarps

          So it sounds kind of like he’s Thomas Rawls. I’ll take that from a 6th round pick!

  2. MyChestIsBeastmode

    DK Metcalf. After going through his highlight reel again, I give no f**k$ if he suffers an occasional concentration drop. His ability to make tough, contested catches, the fact that he looks like a man amongst boys, and his acceleration + top end speed have me salivating. This kid made some Randy Moss-esque catches. I hear the boom or bust talk and we shall see, but I’m all in on the BOOM! This offense might just get really damn entertaining. Go Hawks!

    • ZB

      Just imagine being a small CB getting blocked by Metcalf on run plays to his side.

      • MyChestIsBeastmode

        I feel like we are looking at 4.3 40 version of Kam Chancellor on our offense. Put him out there with the “Jumbo” package along with Fant at TE — defense will have to be concerned about us running it right up their ass or play action and blowing the top of their secondary.

        • David

          He really is just a big Move TE ala Vernon Davis. Not quite his size though. People have been knocking his agility but when you are that big and fast and people are trying to guard against a deep ball giving a huge cushion you can just stop and have the ball thrown to you.

          One way I think they could utilize him is on WR Screens as either a blocker or runner

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Move TE’s don’t run a 4.33.

        • Shady_Hawkster

          I posted this in a previous thread, but I feel like it bears mentioning here too. Kam Chancellor announcing the Metcalf pick felt like a symbolic moment, the passing of the torch from one generation of franchise-defining bearer of a godly physique to the next. Here’s hoping this one works out as well as Chancellor did, hearing Metcalf’s phone call with JS sure got me rooting for the dude.

    • RobeND

      I have read that Wilson likes to go long. Metcalf is perfect for that with his straight line speed. If he has the endurance, run him long all game. He will take 2 defenders out of the play each time. I can’t help but think that is what PC is thinking considering Metcalf’s lack of agility.


        His route tree will be curtailed somewhat, but there are a few other routes this guy can run besides the go. Calvin Johnson ran basically four routes in his career; clearly there’s a lot a huge receiver with blinding speed and limited agility can accomplish.

  3. DCD2

    He’s a Junior, so I’m not sure if he’ll come out, but Jordon Scott, DT from UO, is one to keep an eye on.

    Plays NT and eats double teams all game long. Great get-off from the snap for a guy his size. Love him in run D and is very athletic. I am not sure about his arm length, but am guessing that he would turn heads at the combine.

    People will talk about Herbert and possibly MLB, Troy Dye (needs to add about 20 lbs of good weight IMO) but Scott was the key factor in taking the Ducks run D from almost dead last in the country to a top 25 unit, as a freshman. He’s also a great kid with an infectious personality, that LOVES football.

  4. ZB

    I just watched Batman’s combine workouts. Holy crap this guy is a freak. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen a guy that looks like this. Also people keep mentioning he can’t run routes and he sure looked pretty crisp when doing the drills for his size.

    For myself I can say I’m super excited to have him on the team and hope we can use him well.

    Go Hawks.

    • Troy

      When did Bruce Wayne enter the draft?

      • Don

        Who is Batman?

        • jujus

          Im batman

          • Kenny Sloth


        • LLLOGOSSS

          To be fair, the offense at Ole Miss asked him to do two things: go’s, and comebacks. He can do more, and he will in time.he won’t be running double-moves, but there is more you can do when you run that fast and can shield the defender with your body. Remember too, that this guy won’t need crazy separation to be “open.” Certainly anything Jimmy Graham could do, Metcalf is capable of, physically, and likely much more if he maximizes his ability.

  5. Sean-O

    Another great article. The content on this site is first rate & second to none! Thank you for your efforts.

    Do you ever sleep?

    • Rob Staton

      Not for the last few days…

      And thank you.

  6. H

    Imagine being a punt returner against Seattle this year, Dickson’s kick hanging in the air for what feels like an eternity and knowing that the moment you catch it Neiko Thorpe and Marquise Blair are flying down the field to take your head off.

    • laphroaig

      I predict lots of fair catches.

  7. ZB

    Everybody needs to watch the Youtube video called:

    “D.K. Metcalf is shockingly similar to Calvin Johnson”

  8. CaptainJack

    um… Clowney?

    sounds like we might trade for him

    • Rob Staton

      Already touched on it yesterday

      But there’s nothing saying they might trade for him

    • Alex H

      As someone who follows the Texans in the AFC, I would say pass. Will be just as expensive and far less durable. The guy is definitely talented, but he doesn’t play anywhere with the heart FC did. There has been a few articles out 3 days ago whereby the Texans were trying to unload Clowney onto KC, but KC chose FC. I think that says it all.

      • Saxon

        +1. Clowney is silly talented but lacks Frank’s motor and toughness. He has never gotten a double digit sack total in any of his 5 seasons. Gotta save that bread for dependable and durable instead of mercurial and missing.

        • Rob Staton

          Sacks are not the only measure of success.

          TFL’s are often described as a greater measure.

          Here’s the difference between Clark and Clowney:

          Clowney — 16 (11th in NFL)
          Clark — 11 (40th in NFL)

          Clowney — 21 (2nd in NFL)
          Clark — 10 (47th in NFL)

          Clowney — 17 (1st in NFL)
          Clark — 11 (29th in NFL)

          Total in last three seasons
          Clowney — 54
          Clark — 32

  9. Paul Cook

    There’s going to be some serious tankage going on in 2021 for the #1 pick. Trevor Lawrence is in that Andrew Luck/John Elway/Peyton Manning class of QB prospect. At least for now. I wonder what kind of insurance policy he’s got now? LOL

    • David

      Who is going to be the worst team in football?! I don’t think teams in the NFL tank at least I have seen no evidence. They give up for sure and you can usually tell by the teams QB if they are going to try and be good.

      Originally I was thinking the Giants except they spent a pick on Daniel Jones. This could be another Josh Rosen thing though where you draft a QB one year and then the next he gone.

      • God of Thunder

        There are often teams that just implode. (Or like Carolina, mini-implode.)

        I think Miami could be bad. If Cam Newton is injured, then them also. Detroit don’t impress me.

        • Volume12

          Miami’s depth chart is…not good. You could be right about them.

          Cincinnati will probably be bad as well.

          • Coleslaw

            I think Cincy will be actually pretty good. They want to pound the rock. They went like all OL lol. Defense is gonna have holes, but the offense should be good. Until Dalton gets in the playoffs of course

            • David

              I think that is one of the weird things about the NFL you can always make a case for a team being pretty good. If you would have asked me this question last year I wouldn’t have said AZ and 49ers would have been bottom 2 yet here we are.

          • Nathan M

            How sad would it be for Rosen if he gets supplanted by a first overall pick two years in a row

        • charlietheunicorn

          I’m not going to write off Detroit quite yet. Patricia is in year 2… and like in Seattle back in 2010, it might take 3 years to turn the dumpsterfire around….

          They had some solid get in the draft, even if I was not personally a huge fan of their overall draft.

          • God of Thunder

            I don’t mind the Lions. I think though that Stanford is overpaid and who knows where his head is now that his wife has cancer (in remission but still…). Green Bay is a 4 loss streak from freaking out, the Giants are a Barkley injury away from disaster, Arizona could easily go 2-14 while Kyler Murray and the rest learn the ropes. There could easily be drama in Oakland. So many 8-8 looking teams could go belly up and end up 6-10.

        • David

          Miami definitely could tank but I think with Fitz you are at least 5-7 win team. He just has those stretches where he preforms like a top 10 QB and then ends up also performing like a bottom 10 QB. Worth more than a couple wins.

          Carolina seems too consistent to be at the bottom. If Cam gets injured possibility though. Detroit I see as better than last year.

      • Eli

        Probably Arizona again

        • David

          I will take it

  10. kevin mullen

    Congrats making top50 at this year’s Huddle Report.

    Well deserved!

  11. ZB

    BBK is a beast. I already love this guy.

  12. David

    Hey Rob are you going to do a highlight soon of all the UDFAs we picked up?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to hold off for a bit for one key reason. A lot of the names that are reported end up only being try-outs. And then a few days after the announcement they’re cut. So if I’m not familiar with a player signed as an UDFA — I want to get through the rookie mini-camp first. Otherwise I’m studying players who might be with the team for what amount to a few days.

      I did write about Jazz Ferguson and Derrek Thomas here though if you want to check that out:

      • David

        Thanks Rob!

  13. Bigten

    Absolutely Love that we are already discussing 2020. Can’t wait for the college season to start!!!
    Looking towards our DE and DT needs, what about Shane ray? Did he get picked up yet? Would a change of scenery help him?

    • Rob Staton

      He didn’t get signed. When it gets this far and nobody’s had a look at him it raises alarm bells. It seems like he’s simply a bust. Maybe after May 7th he gets a shot somewhere. I think the Seahawks need someone who’s at least started to come in.

  14. ZB

    I wanted to mention that I lived really close to Kailua-Kona in Hawaii for about 5 years while Ursua was in high school where he grew up. You would think being on an island with awesome year round weather and incredible beaches would make these kids soft. Trust me when I say these kids from hawaii are tough SOB’s.

    I believe he is Polynesian.

    • Gaeleck Eylander

      I am super intrigued by this kid. He was a multi-sport athlete in high school and a talented(top 10 recruiting ranking in Utah by one publication) prospect as a dual threat QB. Speaks multiple languages and comes from a highly athletic family. I think this kid has a very good chance of sticking.

  15. TomLPDX

    Rob, what are your thoughts about finding a tackle as Brown’s eventual replacement next year. I hope Duane has many years left with us but, like the LB corps, we need to have a plan in place to address it. You only list one tackle in this article and he is questionable at the moment but I’m sure there are others and they will emerge once the new college season gets underway. Since Ifedi isn’t the answer and I’m not sure that George is either, I believe they will need to address it one way or the other.

    • Rob Staton

      Well that’s an issue for 12 months time Tom. We’ll see how the season plans out, see what options are in the draft and act accordingly.

    • Volume12

      Depending on Ifedi and what they do with another pass rusher, OT & DE could be the main needs going into 2020. Looks like a pretty good year for OT’s. Of course all that could change.

    • david

      We definitely need to think about replacement/depth.

      A part of me thinks they are grooming Fant to hopefully take over either of those spots and his 6th offensive lineman role is just training for that.

  16. Ashish

    @Rob, dude seriously you have energy for the article? Don’t get me wrong I wait your new post eagerly. Amazing research on the players. My wife asked me how do you know all these players name I told following one blog. Thank you @Rob and gang.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Ashish

  17. Zxvo3

    From a standpoint now; their biggest need is EDGE. For now my targets for EDGE are Chase Young and Jabari Zuniga.

    • Volume12

      Syracuse DE Alton Robinson
      Boise St. EDGE Curtis Weaver
      NC St. DE James Smith-Williams

  18. Bigten

    As an OSU alum, chase young is very interesting to me. Idk if it’s a good comp, but I was at a feels games last year, including the TUN game in Columbus and, and young reminds me of Gary. He’s just a physical specimen, but when I watched him, he didn’t quite play as big as you want him to, similar to Gary. A lot of untapped potential and might suffer from just being so much bigger than everyone. Very interesting to see how he plays this year without D. Jones inside. Young was 5 star recruit, ranked 7th nationally, coming out of high school for what that’s worth.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Zx, Like you, I was thinking about what the Seahawks greatest needs are in 2020.
    Barring an injury or something catastrophic / out of worldly control. This is pretty much the order of importance for myself, when looking at the team in 2020+.

    1) TE. Simply put, they have got to get at least 1 more TE on the roster. They have 2 guys currently on shorter-term deals and a 3rd coming back from a major injury. This position could be their greatest need, imo, and #2 would not be even close.

    2) C/OG. I’m not against them grabbing 1 more guy to be a back-up center / eventual replacement for Britt. I love Britt, so I’m in no rush to usher him out the door. But if they get a top CFB center, after a year sitting behind Britt, the guy could be the perfect fit. They also need to save some money (long term) if they can and Britt is not necessarily cheap.

    3) DE/OLB/EDGE. I know I cheated, but the guy they need may not currently be on the roster. If they go by committee approach, perhaps this isn’t as big of need. But if they need 1 guy, then they will have to draft someone pretty high next year.

    4a) WR. I know they drafted and signed a bunch of fools this year. But nothing is guaranteed about any of them. They might have to draft 2 more next year. Keep flooding the position until they find the exact right fit.

    4b) MLB. They need to get a quality insurance plan. They might have done that in 2019, but as of right now, we don’t know if they got the guy or not. Plenty of intriguing quality LBs were drafted however…. and they have 6-7 guys in the mix at LB now.

    5) QB. They have plenty of draft ammunition and can afford to draft a proper back-up. It wouldn’t necessarily be a high 1st or 2nd round guy, but 3rd round on has to be a consideration.

    6) RB. You have to keep stacking at the position. They will likely have at least 2 guys “gone” from that room, no matter what, after 2019.

    7) CB/S. They have some many projects and possible players in the mic right now, I think this is almost impossible to project as a straight up need in the 2020 draft. I think this will come down to Ugochukwu Amadi and his progress playing slot CB in 2019.

    In closing, I’m glad Seattle has 10+ picks in the 2020 draft. They will have plenty of options. I can see 2020 being one of the best drafts for Seattle in a very long time. They might draft for quality over quantity (trade up for a few guys, instead of down, early in the draft). They are going to be very hard to mock for, since they could have so many options at each pick. GL Rob and anyone else playing predict the pick!

    • Troy

      It is funny that you completely missed OT in your list of needs…Duane is great but old, and Ifedi is on his last year (if they don’t pick up 5th year option. I see OT has a big need in next years draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we need to chill a bit on the whole ‘OT is a need’. Duane Brown is older but look at Andrew Whitworth. And Duane only signed his deal a year ago so they or he doesn’t intend to call it a day any time soon. They might keep Ifedi. And they have Fant plus Jamarco Jones. It might be a need but who knows? We have no idea what the needs will be in a years time.

        • Barry

          Duane is the epitome of studd. And he’s been rejuvenated being on a winning team with a good QB. If he had been here longer/earlier we might have been talking about him in the same manner as Walter Jones.

          • OaklandHawk

            I love Duane Brown but he’s not even close to Walter Jones. Big Walt is in the conversation for best LT of all time. Brown will be lucky to sniff the Hall of Fame.

            • Barry

              Perception is a funny thing. I’ll never argue Walt’s greatness. I have had his jersey since the 98 season. Jone’s situation was ideal with the coaching and talent around him.

              I doubt Brown will ever be in a conversation for HOF unless the Hawks go on a few years of epic SB runs. The facts remain from a talent and athletic standpoint Duane isn’t far behind. It’s not by chance talents like Arian Foster or Matt Schaub had some good years.

              We often like to thing a HOF is that way because they are just that great. Yes often they are a great talent but if you look at many they had a comfort zone and other complimentary talent around them. Look at the LOB, the 49rs Rice, Montana/Young/ Owens and great players on D and many other teams are the same. But it’s often not the tangible talent that makes it work. It’s the mental.

              Even the GOT Tom Brady wasn’t the best at reading the D or the most accurate coming out of college and as a young pro but Belichick knows how to protect or compliment players. When Brady was young it was with a strong running game and great defense, less pressure on having to make everything work, sound familiar?

              Pairing of great talent is often how you get great players to be amazing players. Their have been great talents, offensive linemen who wont get a change at Canton because they weren’t lucky enough to have Steve Hutchinson beside them, Shawn Alexander behind them and Holmgren Coaching. Each one is a plus to the other.

              Something the guys at PFF don’t understand. They think a great qb is just great. There is always a system to a puzzle.

              But I digress, Jones is one of the best of all time and like Holmgren said he could have been the NFL MVP.

  20. Coleslaw

    Favorite picks from this class: Collier, Blair, Metcalf, Barton, Jennings, BBK, Haynes, Homer, Ursua

    Not so favorite picks: Amadi, Christmas

    Amadi is so small, I worry hes just a chess piece who will only line up on small slot receivers and backup FS.

    I have no issues with Christmas, but I feel like they could’ve got someone else. Still no TEs..

    • Rob Staton

      Thing to think about with Amadi — picks & touchdowns.

      That’s what Coleman did. That’s what Amadi did at Oregon.

      • David

        Sounds like they might try Amadi at FS according to Pete? Originally when they picked I was thinking Coleman replacement but perhaps they have more faith in Akeem King than Tedric Thompson?

        • Gaeleck Eylander

          Pete seemed to emphasis that each of the new guys that enters this system will start off doing what they are comfortable at. Amadi will eventually be given every opportunity at the slot, but initially he will be utilized as a FS and especially as a ST dynamo. Now that Lockett has been elevated to the top of the depth chart at WR, I suspect that Ogu could end up as his replacement as punt returner.

          • David

            Could just be me but I didn’t think he was implying that the goal was to have him be the slot more

            so that they can utilize him in that way but he will be Next to Marquise as FS & SS. To me it more sounded like they would like him to take over that safety spot.

            Maybe that’s just my bias because I don’t see Thompson being a starter.

            I wonder if Ursua also has punt return chops? couldn’t see any stats on it though. But Amadi definitely could take over that roll, seems like Lockett hasn’t been super dynamic lately anyway

          • Kenny Sloth

            Except Amadi played a ton of nickel at Oregon. Barely any free safety really. Definitely notbeen a centerfield ballhawk for Oregon

            Penny’s gonna return punts before Ugo imho

    • H

      Re Amadi being small, one thing i didn’t know about him until looking at his NFL bio today, despite only standing 5’9 he’s got 31 3/4″ arms. That’s remarkable length for a guy his size, and half an inch longer that Justin Coleman’s.

  21. charlietheunicorn

    I’ve always heard the phrase… “If a player is thinking about retiring, then they should.”
    Their subconscious is telling them, it is time to move on. With Doug, the competitor in him can’t accept that yet. So he needs time to find “football peace” within himself. Hell of a player and hell of a story. He epitomizes everything good about the NFL.

    • RobeND

      If not this year it will be soon. I bet it is getting to the point that he hears his joints creak when he walks. Nice job picking up Ursua to start training the replacement and develop some chemistry with Russell. They must have really wanted him since they specifically traded for a 7th round pick at the 11th hour to get him.

  22. Coleslaw

    UDFA LB Noah Dawkins ran a 4.41 at 6’1″ 227. Only other #s I can find is his 125″ broad jump.

    • JimQ

      Some #’s that stand out to me from some of the later picks & UDFA’s so far….
      UDFA-TE-Mik’Quan Deane, Western Kentucky, 6-3/237, 4.56/40, 1.59/10, 34.5″-Vert, 10.17′-Broad. Good #’s.
      LB-Cody Barton, 30-reps -Strong for any LB
      OG-Phil Haynes, 33-reps -A Strong Guard & as well as a great pick.
      DB-Ugo Amadi, 4.51/40, 1.59/10, 18-reps. -Fairly sudden & very strong for his smaller size.
      LB-Ben Burr-Kirven, 1.55/10, many good #’s, get off is an important one. Really warming up to this pick.

      Also, I’ve watched some WR-John Ursua highlights and I’m impressed, maybe he’s very much a Baldwin type with a little coaching up. Jennings should be great & Metcalf is the cherry on top. RW has to be very happy.

      • Shady_Hawkster

        What I wouldn’t give to get to hear that phone call between Pete and Russell after the draft. (For the unaware, during the final press conference, Pete’s phone rang and he mentioned it was Russ calling . . . responded with something to the effect of ‘haha will have to call him back, cant talk now’)

        I’m guessing Russ is a happy camper right about now

    • jujus

      from the senior bowl website

      Noah hawkins UDFA to Seahawks
      Citadel 6007 230 Arm32 1/2 hand9 1/2 Wing76 3/4

  23. Dog aka Doug

    Rob, I really appreciate the self-reflection in this article! I have read closely all of your articles in the last two months especially leading to the draft–wow you have done an AMAZING job.

    THANK YOU!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks dog

  24. Rob Staton

    I know a lot of people have been speculating on PC & JS seeming despondent after R1.

    I think it’s been overblown but there is one angle I think might have some validity.

    They took Marquise Blair in R2 so clearly wanted an enforcer type at safety.

    I wonder if they were targeting Johnathan Abram at 27 and had to resort to plan B. Tony Pauline also reported the Colts and Seahawks liked Ben Banogu. The Seahawks, theoretically, could’ve gone Abram then Banogu. There’s some validity to Tony’s report given Indy traded up to get Banogu. Or they could’ve gone after Chase Winovich.

    Just a thought. I think I prefer Collier & Blair anyway because Collier is a better pass rusher. But Abram fit the style of player they targeted in this draft and they ended up drafting a similar safety in R2.

    • David

      I think you’re pretty close if not right on here Rob. They probably viewed Abram as a more developed Safety and were going to take an opportunity on the raw physical upside of Banogu. But had to pivot to plan B

    • Coleslaw

      When asked when the DL talent left the board, JS took a moment to think and responded: “Probably after Chase went. After Chase went.”

      • Rob Staton

        Indeed. I noticed that.

        • Coleslaw

          I like Collier and Blair more than Abram and Banogu, but I like Abram and Winovich the most, that would have been so cool.

    • Coleslaw

      Would fall in line with them wanting to add a vet to the group, too. Could’ve gambled on Banogu with a vet coming in.

      I’m starting to think they’re going to trade for someone after Baldwin retires. Idk if it’s Clowney or someone else, but I bet you they aren’t just gonna grab any of these FAs, unless they trust them to be effective in a rotation.

      Nick Perry, Ziggy Ansah, Jadeveon Clowney should all be on our radar. I wonder what other pass rushers could be on the trade block.

      • David

        I’m hoping we get Shelton, Liuget, Nick Perry, Derrick Morgan. I think you could get all 4 for 1/3 of Clowney.

        I’m not so concerned about getting a Pass rusher at this point. I’ve kinda come to the conclusion that we aren’t going to have a by committee thing and nothing real great. As long as their average at getting to the QB we will be fine.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure they will be fine.

          Bennett + Avril + Clemons was legit. The most underrated part of the Super Bowl team.

          You’ve got to be able to impact QB’s whatever anyone says.

          • EranUngar

            Yes they were. The Seahawks totaled 44 sacks on the SB year. the most in the PC/JS era.

            Last year, after we lost both Bennett and Avril, we had 43 sacks. NE had just 30…

            Pass rush is vital in the modern NFL but there is way more to defending the pass then just getting to the QB. Mack and Donald and JJ Watt and Von Miller have 1 SB title combined.

            • Rob Staton

              And last year they had Frank Clark and a very surprising season from Jarran Reed which may or may not be repeated.

              Look, I’m not going to be doom and gloom about this. But the Seahawks’ pass rush is currently inadequate. And I’ve seen what this defense looks like when it relies on one established pass rusher, let alone none. And that was with a legendary secondary.

              If the Seahawks want to continue to progress in 2019 they have to find a solution to this issue. And it’s not just about sack numbers. It’s about consistent pressure.

          • david

            Fine is different than great, I’m not saying they have “their players” set for years to come for Pass rush although Reed and Collier seem like center pieces. My expectations are just low. I don’t think our pass rush will be better than it was last year just about the same.

            I’m not devaluing the pass rusher just that if I am reading the tea leaves we might be out of a real value this year unless either someone has a career resurgence or we mortgage a bunch of capital. Neither of which I think is likely at the moment. I will be happily surprised if it does.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Clowney is a legit option. He’s a game wrecker. He has the special athleticism that Seattle seeks. He has had much more production than Clark in terms of TFL’s. I’m not predicting it happens or saying it’s likely but it’s the kind of move I can see Pete and John going for.

    • Kenny Sloth

      But but but Montez Sweat /s

      I think they wanted Deebo Samuel tho

      • Rob Staton

        I never really saw Deebo as one of their targets personally

        • Kenny Sloth

          Perhaps not, but Schneider mentioned him when he talked about the receivers starting to come off the board he also went one pick before we traded down

  25. H

    Which team (other than Seattle ofc 😉 ) do you guys think helped themselves the most this draft?

    For me, sadly, it’s gotta be the Cardinals. Kyler Murray is a superstar in the making, Byron Murphy the best corner in the class, I absolutely loved Zach Allen and Andy Isabella is a great fit for their offence imo (despite mixed reviews here). Hakeem Butler offers great value in round 4.
    I also loved what the Packer’s did, especially their two first round picks. I fancy them to reclaim the north after this off-season.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Arizona had a good draft. Also Tennessee, Oakland and New England.

      • Ashish

        I believe its combination of player skill set, the team they end up, playing scheme and coaches. Next comes the opportunity to be on field to improve as a player. I hope it works out for hawks and able to find 3 or 4 starters and a blue chip player. Now what round the player is picked does not matter.M

  26. charlietheunicorn

    There is safety out of K-State, Eli Walker. Intriguing size and hit power. The back story is pretty remarkable. Went the JC route and then played 2 years at K-State. Put up some solid stats.

  27. Thorson

    Rob let me echo what others have said – thank you for all of your hard work in creating content for this excellent website and further, cultivating a community where people can share their opinions, even the salty ones, and still expect to be treated with respect. That is rare on the internet.

    As to your postmortem about not looking deeper into the linebacker position, it’s easy to see why you would, given how stacked they appeared to be heading into the draft. They definitely shored up the position by resigning KJ and Kedricks. However, in retrospect, the position group is a little bit of a house of cards moving forward. It could all work out perfectly – Wagner produces at his typical all pro level and signs a third contract, KJ stays healthy and effective and Kendricks stays out of jail. However, it seems like PCJS always hedge their bets and often draft for a year down the road. It is entirely possible that any or even all of the three best outcomes don’t come to pass – Bobby has a down year and/or the Seahawks aren’t willing to commit $17+ million a year to a linebacker on his third contract, KJ can’t stay healthy or effective, Kendricks loses his legal battle. If any of those come to pass, their depth at the position looks much different. Having Barton and BBK in the fold allows them to have an insurance policy in case of a suboptimal turn of events. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst, as my grandpa used to say.

    In terms of FA d-line help, I wonder if Danny Shelton is in the mix. He checks some of the boxes they seem to like – local boy, former first rounder. I’d be okay with him and Bailey.

    One final thought. It was interesting to hear during the post draft presser that they utilized the analytics guys more than ever this year. I suspect that’s how they identified Haynes. TEF FTW!

    • David

      I think the Linebacker situation is similar to the running back situation of previous years. We had all those injuries and I remember one game where we almost didn’t even have a running back to carry the ball. The next draft we loaded up.

      Similarly I didn’t necessarily see the guard pick coming but remember when Fluker then Simmons went down and Joey Hunt came in.

      Last year all 3 Wagner, Kendricks, KJ went down and we really didn’t have anyone competent enough to fill in or at least anyone with some upside.

      Now we have another Big Guard to through in the mix with two Linebackers that have some upside!

  28. Gaeleck Eylander

    If all of the following players have actually signed UDFA contracts, then the Seahawks will soon need to start releasing players off of the 90 man roster to make room for any more additional signings. I believe with draft picks and the following 12 they’ve reached the maximum.

    Baylor CB Derrek Thomas
    Texas CB Davante Davis
    Northwestern State WR Jazz Ferguson
    New Mexico WR Delane Hart-Johnson
    Ohio State OL Demetrius Knox
    Utah OL Lo Falemaka
    Citadel LB Noah Dawkins
    South Dakota State QB Taryn Christion
    Eastern Washington DT Jay-Tee Tiuli
    Western Kentucky TE Mik’Quan Deane
    Michigan NT Bryan Mone
    Arizona State S Jalen Harvey

    Has anyone else been reportedly added? I think

    • James

      Last year, Poona was clearly the best UDFA prospect which of course proved true, as he not only made the 53, but also became a starting level contributor. What about this crop? Are Thomas and Mone the top prospects?

      • Gaeleck Eylander

        Those two are great choices. Ferguson could be a really fun project too. Also, Dawkins is incredibly fast. He supposedly ran a 4.37 prior to an injury that caused him to only run a 4.41 at his pro day. Christion is the guy that truly intrigues me, though. He could be an amazing backup if he develops. Accuracy is his main problem. Everything else about him screams Seahawks. I hope that he can be stashed on the practice squad and becomes a top notch backup to #3.

        • David

          Isn’t Accuracy a huge part of playing QB though?? If you don’t have that all the other stuff is kinda moot if its not tolerable

      • Rik

        Jay-Tee Tiuli is the Big Sky defensive player of the year for national championship runner-up EWU. He has a chance to make the team and contribute at DT. Be cool to see him with Poona.

        • David

          Jay-Tee Tiu – Looks to definitely have the size

          Height: 6’4 Weight: 328 Position: DT/NT

        • clbradley17

          EWU DT Jay-Tee Tiuli 2018 highlights –

          • Rob4q


            Jay-Tee is a beast! Watch those highlights and you can see the potential – he dominated at the LOS! He is throwing O-line guys around like rag dolls! Watch him blow through multiple double teams and the motor just keeps going…love this dude!

            But man, that red turf is hard on the eyes!

          • Stephen Pitell

            Holy cow, but he is a game wrecker at that level. Hopefully, it translates.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Thanks for putting this list together

    • clbradley17

      Report: Canadian QB Michael O’Connor gets rookie mini-camp invite from Seahawks

      Highlights –

      • D-OZ

        Good looking prospect. He can really snap it off. Like the way he throws his receivers open. Throws a nice long ball with proper adjustment on the ark. looks to be very accurate to all levels. This is a guy that could very well push Lynch. We’ll see.

  29. EranUngar

    Where will we get the 13.5 sacks that left with Clark?

    A great question. It reminds me of a similar question regarding 16 TD catches that left with Graham & Richardson a year ago. We speculated here that we will make up for some of them by running for more TDs and we did run for more TDs. However, even with the injured Baldwin RW passed for more TDs than ever before.

    It’s actually easier to come with 13 sacks then it was to come up with 16 TD catches. Lets see…Martin should be good for at least 3 more then he got last year(3) right? Marsh had 5.5 sacks last year, he should be good for at least 4 this year. Collier should get a few – lets give him 4. Green should be good for 3. There you have 13 sacks back.

    Honestly, I do not know where the sacks will come from. Kendricks had 2 last year in just 2 games and he is a Linebacker. What I do know is that during some of the great Avril&Bennett years (2014, 2015) we had 37 sacks, in 2016 we jumped to 42 just to drop in 2017 to 39. A year ago we talked here about losing Avril and Bennett and already decided right there and then that we will have to make up for that lose during the 2019 DL heavy draft.

    We had 43 sacks last year. The 2nd largest total of sacks during the PC/JS era and just 1 less than the 44 sacks during the championship season with Avril, Bennett, Clem, Irvin, McD etc.

    We may even drop to 37 like some of the years when we led the NFL in scoring defense.

    I do believe that the Seahawks will get some players for the DL after May 7th but they will not answer the 13 sacks question. There will not be a sack master on the roster next year. We’ll have a lot of lesser pass rushers in a rotation keeping then fresh and allow each one to go all in on every snap. We will not conserve energy, we’ll be fresh in the 4th quarter and not allow teams to get back to the game.

    Call me an idiot but i have this faith the Carroll will field a very competitive defense next year. Better then the one we had last year. Yes, even without Frank…

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll just say this — even with the LOB in 2011 and 2012, they relied way too much on Chris Clemons and it hurt the defense. There’s a reason they went after Bennett & Avril and it wasn’t just because they could.

    • Dog aka Doug

      Eran, I love your take on this. Pressure by committee is almost a preferred option if you don’t have a guy like Mack on your DL–a real game-wrecker. I loved Frank but he wasn’t the guy who takes over a game completely–the Seahawks will be better off paying 3-4 guys what Frank would have made.

      Will Green be able to step up this year? Martin? Both showed some flashes last year and with an offseason of training and improvement in technique both could make a big jump this year. With one or two additional vets te DL will be “good enough” IF Russ and company can take the scoring up another 4-5 ppg average.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Pressure by committee

        The ability to make the pass rush less predictable. Exotic blitz packages tossed in with base defense. The Patriots showed how to slow down some of the high flying offenses in the NFL, not by superior personnel, but by playing disciplined and having multiple players able to do multiple things from any defensive look. I’m looking forward to seeing what packages the HC and the DC come up with this season.

    • Coleslaw

      I trust PC when he said Martin and Green are ready to contribute. I think Green is good for 5 sacks, and many tackles. I like him to be our most improved player.

      Martin really impressed me last year, he knows what he needs to do now, I think he could get 5-8 sacks easy, maybe up to 10. Lets say 7. If he adds weight and keeps it on, while improving with his moves and hands, he’ll be a big contributor. Hes got the stuff.

      Marsh seems to have stepped his game up a little bit during his time with the Patriots. I like him for 4 sacks in a situational speed rusher role.

      Collier is gonna play a lot. Hes gonna wreck some guys. Could be a guy who gets 3 in 1 game working on some scrub all day. Hes got all the tools to win 1 on 1 battles. I’ll put the over/under at 6 for him.

      That’s would be 16.5 vs 13 sacks from Clark. A net positive of 3.5 sacks. This isnt including a guy like Perry or Ansah or even Clowney.

      • Coleslaw

        My bad,That’s 16.5 new sacks. Vs the 13 we lost from Clark. This is including the 1.5 we lost from Dion Jordan

      • Coleslaw

        Even if they all add up to 5 a piece that’s still 1.5 more than we had with Clark and Jordan

        • mishima

          IMO, it shouldn’t be viewed as a math problem. You can’t solely count/rely on creative blitz packages and sacks by committee.

          The Seahawks need to replace Clark’s disruption.

          • Tecmo Bowl


            The Hawks are not known for exotic blitz packages. They’ve been more of a bend don’t break D, that mostly stays in base D. Perhaps that changes a bit, Wagner and Kendricks are both great blitzers.

            I’m excited to see Shaqueem do what he does best- screaming off the edge and fighting to the ball. It was frustrating never seeing him getting that opportunity last year.

          • Kenny Sloth

            +1 thought the same thing

  30. James

    Two reasons that John and Pete looked a little stunned after R1… 1) their plan was to trade down both R1s, but they had to use on of them on LJ, because the DEs were going so fast; and 2) they saw that the Colts made a much better deal to trade down than they got and they couldn’t understand why they got fleeced relative to the Colts, but all was well when the Panthers gave them that R3 to swap R2s, which made all the great later picks possible, including DK.

    • STTBM

      I think that’s a good guess. Was is notorious for being a mess–why in hell didn’t they offer that second rounder to Seattle for 21?! Only thing that explains what happened is a) dysfunction within Was and b) teams hesitated to give much to Seattle by way of draft ammo because they don’t want to help us.

      Any way you slice it, a weird deal the way the trades worked out. Seattles moves after taking Collier were among the finest Draft Finagling I have seen: now we wait to see if they turned those moves into straw or gold…

  31. Trevor

    I think the best plan of attack for the DL would be to take the $17 million in savings from Frank and try to sign both Perry and Ansah to incentive laden deals where they have huge per game bonuses given their injury history. By signing both you add depth in case one of them does get hurt.

    Then add Danny Shelton at DT as a big run stuffer. His is still young and should be motivated playing in the PNW.

    • Sean-O

      Agreed (all but possibly the Ansah part – is he healthy enough?) they’ll use money to grab a couple of guys on the D-line. I kind of wonder if they have handshake deals with a couple of guys like Perry & Shelton.

      May 7th should be a fun day for Hawks fans.

  32. charlietheunicorn

    OL: Here is my take when you project into the 2020 draft.

    OT: I think they have 6 or 7 guys already under contract for the OT position. I honestly do not see that as a huge need. If Ifedi continues his solid play in 2019, I would argue you might want to sign him up for another 3-4 years. 8M/year for a solid RT, would be a wise use of capitol.

    OG: This position has been stacked this offseason, but we are relying on many “injury prone” guys. I really like the OG Haynes and the UDRFA Knox. Simmons could be a nice fit, but I question his durability. I also thought it was interesting that durability was mentioned with both Knox and Haynes, eg. they do not miss games.

    C: You have a proven veteran at center (Britt), but I’m not sure how much longer you want to rely on him. I do not see an obvious center prospect on the roster currently. This is why I was thinking they could draft a OG/C prospect this year, but I’m almost 100% they draft a guy next season.

    • cha

      Why so down on Britt? He’s been very durable and is under contract for 2 more seasons and will be 29 when his deal expires. I am fine with the Hawks extending him and focusing on other real needs.

    • Barry

      If Ifedi continues to improve and current trends continue some team would throw money at him the Hawks normally couldn’t or wouldn’t match.

      I wonder if the reason we didn’t see any center/guard combo guys drafted is the staff sees Pocic as able to take over for Britt without much drop off. Or even feel Hunt can get the job done.

      I love both Britt and Ifedi but its the game of do the numbers work out.

  33. DC

    Upcoming decisions/questions.

    May 2 is the deadline to exercise the 5th year option on Ifedi. Idk the amount but it’s supposed to be north of $10M. I’m interested to see what the Hawks choose to do. With the absolute lack of OL talent around the league and the fact that Seattle has some stability on the line for the first time in forever I’m inclined to pull the trigger on it to see what he becomes over the next 2 seasons. As a young, healthy, decent RT he’s going to get one of those ‘wtf?’ contracts from somebody if/when he leaves with a possible high comp pick in return. If the option isn’t exercised that would indicate that the FO would rather roll with Fant and/or Jones. In that case it would seem prudent for Fant to receive an extension offer sometime before next off season. I’d like them to keep all of their tackles for continuity’s sake but that could prove too pricey.

    Reed. Gotta believe that Jarron is their dog & will be extended or tagged.

    Wagner. This future Hall of Famer is the last remaining healthy member of that legendary championship defense. He’s still playing peak football and needs to finish his career here, leaving the game on his terms… But just in case that doesn’t happen we’ve got some fresh LB talent in the house with a year to get their stuff together. Outside of health & legal questions it’s a very good looking group.

    DT ufa’s. Seattle has had a lot of success finding value at this position on the open market. Full confidence here.

    Pass Rush. Not going to guess.

    DBs. With the returning vets, udfa’s and the new draftees this is looking to be the most exciting, deep & competitive training camp in years. I’m excited!

    OL is also as good and deep as it’s been in years. I’m excited to see which of the young guards step up. There might be a name or two that many have penciled in on the final roster who don’t make the cut.

    WR. It’s gonna take time to develop the rapport with Wilson but the group is high on promise.

    TE. It comes down to one word. Health.

    RB. Looking good. I will miss Davis. C.J.’s last chance?

    QB. It’s your team Russ. Grateful you are here. Who’s the backup?

    P. The best in the NFL!
    K. Gotta be better right?
    Overall ST. Lots of guys added to improve this unit & it should improve.

    The depth is returning and all of our outstanding debts for mistakes past have been paid in full. It’s really a whole new team with a few familiar faces from the championship squad. I’ve released all expectations for the future and committed to just having fun and growing with these guys.

    • Coleslaw

      Pay Ifedi $10M while you have a top 10 LT and 2 guys who could start at either spot? It’s a no from me, dawg.

  34. Gaeleck Eylander

    What a wonderful time to be a Seahawks fan. It’s amazing that Pete has been able to guide this team to 9 & 10 victories during what amounts to years 1 & 2 of a rebuild. If I’m not overlooking anyone, after Kam and Doug retire the only remaining players who were on the roster for the Super Bowl victory are Russell, Bobby and K.J. And only those 3 plus Britt have been with the Seahawks since the Super Bowl loss the following season. Lockett is the only player still with the team from the 2015 draft. That’s only 5 core players who have been with Seattle since 2015. That’s roster turn!

    After looking over the roster earlier this afternoon I came away a bit giddy. Despite the lack of accomplished pass rushers, I love the depth that they have been accumulating at every position. I feel that there is so much talent that the Seahawks will be getting offered 7th rounders for a couple of these kids that won’t ultimately make the final 53 with Seattle.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    Not as complete as I would like, but a pretty good 1 stop place to check on other teams signings and the like. So if you had a draft crush and he was listed, you can see if the guy got plucked already. Jacksonville and Houston have been extremely active according to these lists.

    • Barry

      Sweet! Thanks!

    • RobeND

      I would have liked to see us be a bit more aggressive with UDFAs, especially OL guys. The Seahawks in Knox’s time used to talk about going after shrooms in the UDFA group. They were DL guys who lacked DL fast twitch muscle but were quicker than your average OL guy. Their formula was to put them in the basement and water them a few years. Every once in awhile one would grow into a productive OL guy.

      I think we could have gone after some WDE types who were injured to put them in the basement a year. Porter Gustin was the one I wanted. He never healed his last two years. He had a great combine. He was SC’s best rush end when healthy.

  36. charlietheunicorn

    Seattle love Utah players

    – Center Lo Falemaka, Seattle Seahawks:
    Falemaka started 22 games over the past two seasons for the Utes.
    – Offensive guard Jordan Agasiva, Seattle Seahawks (invite to rookie camp only):
    Agasiva started 24 games at right guard for the Utes.

    • Barry

      When smaller programs succeed its often due to great coaching. Utah is a well coached competitive team.

      • Nathan W.

        Whittingham has built a reputation for tough o line and dlinemen and stingy defenses. Utah has a hard time attracting top offensive talent, though. Makes it hard to have a complete team. Injuries also have not been kind to them. Love Utah as a team though.

      • mishima

        Utah is not a smaller program.

        • Kenny Sloth


          Everything else he said is pretty spot on

          • Barry

            They play in a major conference, yes. They are a college of normal student body size, yes. Let me know the next time an Urban Meyer leave Florida to go to Utah. Being in the PAC 12 helps but the PAC 12 pales in comparison to the players and sometimes the coaching from the SEC, ACC, or BigTen often.

  37. Nathan W.

    Send in DK Metcalf on passing downs. Blow through a tight end and get a straight line shot @ the QB. lol

  38. Barry

    Hey I was scouting the QB from ‘Bama and few other guys earlier the guy that stood out was Jerry Jeudy. First thing you notice is him signaling back to his qb hots and other adjustments. The kid has it all, most importantly football IQ.

    • WALL UP

      You’re right, he does have it all. What also stands out to me is his YAC, and the body control he uses to accomplish it. He can stop on a dime and change direction, it’s unreal. His moves and stride reminds me so much of Gale Sayers. I just hope he doesn’t get injured before his talents are fully utilized. Because, this young man has the opportunity to be a truly great receiver. He’s fun to watch. I’m sure he does well on the hardwood as well. He’s very talented.

    • Eli

      Jeudy is great. I like what I’ve seen out of Ruggs also in the few Bama games I caught last year.

  39. Barry

    With the amount of film I’ve seen I love Tua can force things at times that might be due to the gross amount of talent around him. At this point I wouldn’t have him as the top QB. Someone what of a limited arm, but that is partial to his throwing mechanics. Needs more body and better footwork. Something I always worry about with a QB coming from a big time program is bad habits the can get away with simply because of the amount of talent around them i.e. getting away with sub-par ability to read a defense. This might be the case with Tua. He’s mobile but not great at moving in the pocket with direct pressure on him. This can lead to not stepping in with someone in his face and a inaccurate throw. The kid has tools for sure. I’m hoping he’s putting work to understand the nuances of the opposition D and reading the D rather than just throwing it up and having a more talented teammate make the play.
    This channel is another that always has good film to just watch.

    Vs Clemson

    • Awsi Dooger

      Tua will be the top pick. Don’t make this overly complicated. Everyone is nitpicking the final couple of games while downplaying the big picture: Mayfield, Murray and Tua have all had seasons of 11.2 yards per attempt or higher in 2017 or 2018. That is freakish level. That is separation. It is the reason it was easy to see that clarity would eventually prevail and Murray would be the top pick.

      It is considered chic right now to hype the other 2019 guys but it won’t play out that way. Jake Fromm is not an elite prospect. He will free fall. Fromm has 8.75 hands, or at least he did a couple of years ago as measured at the Army All-America high school all star game.

      The wild card is Jordan Love at Utah State. Fantastic looking prospect but raw and he loses his top offensive threats, kind of like Josh Allen did before his final season at Wyoming.

      I am not overly high on Justin Herbert because he was only a 3 star recruit. If you look at the schools who recruited him other than Oregon, it is a joke list. I don’t mind sticking to that fundamental assessment that early excellence matters. Similarly as a Dolphins fan I didn’t mind trading for Josh Rosen because he was a 5 star recruit who started immediately in college and did well. My subjectivity can be set aside in favor of big picture logic and value.

      • Gaeleck Eylander

        Russell Wilson was also a 3 star recruit.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I’m not sure you can use their star recruiting ratings at all with any sort of accuracy. Look how many 5 star recruits get to college and do nothing. It’s all based on their success against, frankly, very uneven competition. How many times do you hear the phrase “man among boys?” Sometimes they don’t do as well against a tougher level, and sometimes, lower rated recruits continue to grow and mature and have much higher levels of success than the higher rated recruits.

      • Barry

        Yeah 11.2 is a great number for an average, for sure. But that is often dictated by the talent around the QB. Overly complicated isn’t relative when making observations versas numbers. The two games are just against solid competition. You want to know how a Qb will play? Even the fields out. It is simple and not over complicated, correct.

        Murray is Cam Newton. Not mentally but game wise. The mental game is what has separated Wilson from guys like Cam or Vick or RG3. So I’m hopping Murray has the same guts.

        Other than opinions and recruitment I’m interested in why you are up on Tua vs Herbert?

  40. millhouse-serbia

    About 1st day presser and PC -JS body language…

    I am 99% sure it is not about any specific player…it is about trades…they wanted more day 2 picks and after 1st day theyvdidnt add not even one…

    And when somebody asked them are they satisfied with how much pick they gannered Pete said absolutely and then with sad face expression added :”but it started really slowely”…

    • millhouse-serbia

      Gathered not gannered…

      And Schneider on pre draft presser spoke.about cliff after 3rs round…

      And.they said is started really fast with edges and ended with Chase…

      So everything is pointing the wayv they wanted as they could get 2nd day picks and after 1st day mission was failed…

      • Barry

        Like how they may have got to greedy with how far back they wanted to move and got two 4s for it. Vs the Rams moving back double digits and getting a third? I can get with that assessment.

        I think it was someone rectified by the aggressive trade back into the end of round 2 for DK. They don’t trade up often.

  41. charlietheunicorn

    Self Scouting

    Has anyone had time to plug in the SPARQ for all the WR, CB, RB,LBs etc the Seahawks have taken in the last few years? Are there any trends outside of the pure measurables such as arm length and short shuttle etc.

    I also was wondering if the new and improved SDB – TEF appears to fit the Seahawks current OL selections and acquisitions better or worse than the prior picks under Cable??

    Just wondering 🙂

  42. charlietheunicorn

    Some good stuff about DK Metcalf

    • ZB

      Yeah this video is really informative. I posted it earlier though.

  43. millhouse-serbia

    If I just knew this:””I’m Serbian,” said Winovich. “I’m eastern European. It’s Slovak, Serbian. And then I’m Irish and English. That’s my other half.”

    And I didnt want that he become a seahawks. I was so wrong. 🙁

    • Kenny Sloth



    • God of Thunder

      I do NOT care about the medieval Balkan tribal crap. I want talented committed ballers on our Hawks. Don’t care about their national or racial origin. Talented and commit. That’s it.

  44. GoHawksDani

    Wow, Ruggs’ speed…4.25, wow that is really fast. I think he might need to bulk up a bit, but even if he’s become a bit slower it’ll be a low 4.3. KJ Hill sounds interesting too! I’d love to have a really speedy CB with good cover skills too, but I doubt they’ll draft a CB early

  45. MaxC14

    What I see from the Seahawks draft is that they value players with versatility highly. Cody Barton has played and can play multiple linebacker positions. Same with Ugo and Marquise they have played different Safety positions and Ugo has even played some Nickel. Phil Haynes played both guard spots and one of the tackle positions (not sure which). I also just listened to Cody Barton conference call on with local Seattle media and he sounds like an amazing football player and a guy with a good head on his shoulders.

  46. SamL

    Hey Rob, who do you think will win the starting SS job? Blair, Hill, or TT at FS an Mcdougald at SS? My guess is actually Delono Hill, I really liked what I saw from him last season and I think he’ll take a big step forward. I imagine if it does play out as such people will get mad that we drafted Blair but I’m sure they’ll use him similar to how Hill was used last year with the 3 safety packages.

    On another note, which of these three defenders do you think will have the most impact their rookie year? Blair, Barton, or Amadi. I actually think it will be Barton, it’s more than likely he will have to take over one of the starting spots eventually due to injury, however I also think they will rotate him in as well to take the pressure off of Bobby and K.J and give him some starting experience.

    Anyway, thanks for all you’ve done this offseason Rob, I know a lot of people have already said it but you’ve been doing an outstanding standing job and all of your hard work really shows.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Delano Hill will start camp as #1 on the depth chart. Then there will be a healthy competition.

      I think it’s hard to say who will have the most impact of that trio because, for me, there’ll mostly be special teams guys in 2019. And it’ll depend on injuries as to whether their roles expand. I’ve been watching Barton a lot since the draft because I didn’t study him and I’m very impressed with what he brings. So he’ll be in the mix. But he isn’t beating out KJ, Kendricks or Bobby so might find a road block there until 2020. Amadi and Blair can start sooner but they might redshirt.

      The offensive rookies have a better chance to make an immediate impact (all of them) along with of course LJ Collier.

  47. Logan Lynch

    I’m very content with this draft. Looks like a few potential BAMFs that we added. You know that whole thing about having guys that “win coming off the bus”. Step on down DK Metcalf! I will be irrationally excited about him just like PC. He took his shirt off for him for goodness sake!

  48. Tecmo Bowl

    Tylan Wallace OK St. WR made a ton of plays last year. Not overly SPARQy though.

    Dylan Moses Bama LB. Felt like he stood head and shoulders above Mack Wilson when watching tape. 6’3″ 235lb former 5 star recruit with plenty of athleticism.

  49. Ben Ft. Worth

    So I thought I had set my DVR for ESPN, NFL Network and ABC, but it just for Rds 1! I only set it for 3 for NFL Network. So upset!

    • Rob Staton

      If you’ve got R1 on ESPN and have a means to get it up on youtube I’d love to see it. If you can’t do it no biggie.

  50. Matt

    I’m of the mind that Tua is going to be a lousy NFL QB. RIP the franchise that drafts him. He has some outstanding qualities, but he also showed how poorly he plays when he faces pressure. If there’s on quality I would worry about with a QB, it’s the inability to perform with pressure. I don’t think that is a “teachable” quality.

    Glad you put Ceedee Lamb on this list. I think he is the best WR in next year’s draft. The usual knock is that it is easy to be productive in Oklahoma’s system, but when you dig deeper – he has the size, speed, suddenness and nuance to truly be great. I don’t see a weakness in his game. He is even a really good downfield blocker. He is a guy that will probably last until the 20s and basically become Nuk Hopkins 2.0 – but just a better athlete. I say he will last until the 20s because he will have a really good combine but not do anything sexy (probably mid 4.4s, good agility and explosion numbers).

    • Barry

      Teachable and learnable are often a hard variable to measure. Many shorter QB’s have a higher ave of in face pressure simply due to their height. But all Qb’s have to learn a way to deal with it to succeed. For many taller guys they get criticized if they can’t sidestep or have some good pockett movement. Same for shorter guys getting the same treatment for moving outside the pocket and *can’t throw from inside*.

      Teams/coaches want to make the player comfortable. When people are comfortable they learn at above twice the rate they do when uncomfortable. But the situation is often a wide variable itself. This is why many teams put a mobile guy with a lot of movement

      I’m hoping Tua and his coaches are killing it in the film room and then in practice then on the field.

      So many talented QB’s get tossed aside for being less than what is perceived as needed of them. Often Pro coaches don’t get the time so development in college is so crucial.

  51. hawkin

    Every year, some of the seahawks drafted players grow on me a little. Delano Hill t2, and Darboh never did. I couldn’t see what they saw in them or what made them stand out as ‘guys we need on our team’.

    I appreciate JSPC’s focus in each draft, they have their plan and they stick to it, it’s always methodical. But this year it felt like that plan was to go all in on special teams… I can understand a team wanting to focus on that who doesn’t have as many holes as the Seahawks do. I can’t help but wonder if this is to help Brian Schneiders job a bit. I think he’s been given a lot of opportunities to succeed but hasn’t coached up the unit well enough, so much so even the media talked about him being on the hot seat.

    As always, whether I think highly or low of these draft picks, I’ll reserve my judgement until we see these guys early in the season. My initial feeling is skeptical of the direction they chose, and without addressing DE TE, rightly so.

    • Rob Staton

      The media might have talked about him being on the hotseat but he really wasn’t.

      Part of Seattle’s problem on special teams was a lack of depth. The roster was exposed during pre-season a year ago. Then when they lost a bunch of players to injury, special teams was severely tested. Carroll even spoke about how tough it is for guys like Delano Hill to be a special teamer all year, then become a starter and still stick to a plan with focus on ST. People blamed Brian Schneider because that’s what fans do. But the real problem was the terrible depth. And that was definitely a focus in this draft. More depth in key areas gives them a chance to improve on ST.

      • hawkin

        Not disagreeing about the lack of depth or the media pointing fingers. Though I do strongly feel Brian deserves some criticism. It hasn’t been just one season that unit has struggled.

        More importantly, you don’t go about a team “re-set” by looking to add strength to the SP first. It’s really really hard to look at this D-line group and think they’ll be as effective as last year. The experience just isn’t there.

        My long term prediction is this is a year we see the offense really take a step forward, special teams will be improved too, but the defense might really struggle. So much so it will set the course for the hawks to a middling 9-7 season. There’s just too much inexperience all over that unit.

  52. Rob Staton

    FYI — Unless a podcast opportunity emerges in the next 24 hours, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout on Tuesday. I’ll create a post tomorrow if you want to file any questions.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Saint Staton 😁😁😅

    • cha

      I’d be curious if you could do a quick review of the NFC West and how they all drafted. SF and AZ added top of the round talents but LA also seemed to have a sneaky smart draft. Who in the early going helped themselves the most?

  53. Pran

    wonder if PC/JS focused more on special team ability and depth to miss out on starters from Round 2/3 onwards..

  54. Trevor

    Question for your Google Hang Out ( Love them by the way)

    Are there any players on the Hawks reported UDFA / Tryout list that you have scouted (like / dislike). You have discussed CB Derrick Thomas in detail and I am excited about his potential but anyone else standout to you?

    • Zxvo3

      Another question for your Google Hang Out:

      What asking price would the Texans ask for Jadeveon Clowney? Would the asking price be similar to Clark’s or more/less? Is it worth to pay Clowney rather than Clark?

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks for the question I will save it. But any future questions let’s wait until a post the article for tomorrow so I can keep them in one area.

  55. H

    Really liking what I’m seeing from John Ursua, excellent quickness (not quite ADB but maybe at least Edelman or Welker) great at finding the space in zone coverage, good but not great hands. But it’s the grit that I’m enjoying a lot, really tough making catches over the middle and always looking to bounce of contact for extra yards.

    Had a watch of him yet Rob? could be one for your hangout?

  56. Volume12

    LOL. Michigan is becoming a D-line factory. They have 2 speed rushers who might be as good a combo as any in the nation this coming year.

    • D-OZ

      with nice length too. There are going to be some good choices in 2020. It’s look pretty deep so far. I have been doing some research the last couple of day’s. There is always a guy or two that come out of nowhere too. 🙂

  57. Volume12

    I’m sure Seattle will sign or get another pass rusher, but I wonder if Pete saying he was excited about what’s coming up is them doing some different things defensively. No, I don’t mean changing the scheme.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he made it clear he was talking about FA. He said John was working on stuff.

      • John_s

        Ian Furness thinks it’s going to be Nick Perry

        • BobbyK

          Nick Perry is anything but exciting.

  58. Aaron

    Seahawks acquiring a TE from the Pats for a 2020 7th rounder…

    Camp competition? Hedge becuase of Dissly’s injury?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably just some competition because they didn’t draft a TE.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Jacob Hollister for the link adverse

    • Coleslaw

      I’m hoping hes actually good, another TE could be a nice piece for us.

      It would allow us to give Dissly as much time as he needs, while also being able to cut Ed Dickson once Dissly returns.

      I see no reason for this team to have older guys making $3-5M. Imo we should cut them all for the cap space and let the young guys compete.

    • Eli

      6’4″ 239 lbs.

      40-Yard: 4.64
      10-Yard Split: 1.62
      Vertical: 36.5″
      Broad Jump: 10’1″
      20-Yard Shuttle: 4.34
      3-Cone: 7.12

      Had Hollister been tested in this year’s combine he would have been 4th in the 40, tied for 3rd in vertical (w/ Moreau and Warring), tied for 4th in broad jump (w/ Moreau), tied for 4th in 3-cone (w/ Knox), and tied for 9th in the shuttle. Had he been invited to the Combine his draft year he would have profiled as one of the more athletic TE’s coming out. I have no clue about anything else about him but he seems like a decent profile to take a shot on.

      • charlietheunicorn

        He was 11th ranked on SPARQ for TE’s in 2017 draft.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Pre 2017 breakdown of the guy.

      Player comparisons: Julius Thomas, Miami Dolphins
      Hollister – like Thomas – is an above-average athlete at the tight end capable of stretching the field deep while consistently terrorizing defenses at the short-to-intermediate levels. Neither are ever going to be proficient run blockers, but both are guys who can be lined up in multiple spots to create mismatches within the passing game.

    • Volume12

      Why not both? Bring him into camp and hope he can give ya something.

    • Barry

      Not a ton of tape. But #88 here and not bad. Seems a heady player.

      • Barry

        Sorry meant to say look at Wyoming’s first drive around 8 mins.

  59. JimQ

    I have to wonder why there was no interest shown in Walker, Omenihu, Nelson or Crosby? They all would seemingly have developmental upside so why were they not picked? Over hype? Perhaps mental makeup has been elevated a notch or two as a priority? A lot of information that we fans aren’t privy to like interviews, background checks, grit, desire for greatness, etc. seem to be more important than ever, so we all need to keep that in mind for future drafts.

  60. JimQ

    Hangout questions:

    1. Do you think the Griffith brothers gave a poor recommendation on Hill? I don’t follow twitter, but I’d imagine the topic has been discussed?

    2. Maybe PC/JS underestimated when Hill would go & he went earlier than they had him slotted?

    3. My theory as to why they didn’t go DL heavier is that they didn’t see anyone they could pick that was any better than veteran players they could sign without spending a valuable draft pick on, or that are on their current roster. What do you think of this theory Rob?

    • BobbyK

      There’s a reason the guy fell out of favor with the coaching staff. I don’t know what it is but coaches want to win and usually don’t care and overlook stuff so it must have been something big behind the scenes. After the Malik McDowell disaster, why go with a guy you perhaps can’t trust?

      • Kenny Sloth

        This is my take as well, but I doubt the Griffins share it. They didnt even play under that coaching staff.

        They probably think he’s an awesome player, thoughtful dude, and intense competitor, if I had to guess

    • Kenny Sloth

      Save hangout questions for tomorrow’s thread

      1. I doubt Griffin brothers said anything negative about him. He went earlier than we could afford imo. Are they even interested in bringing in guys with remotely uncoachable characteristics. DK has ulterior interests but no-one can deny his desire to improve. I don’t know everything about his situation, but I doubt anything he did to get in his new coaches doghouse would factor into the Griffin bros sentiment. They weren’t even at school when he had troubles. I’d imagine they have super positive opinions about him. But I also imagine that has little to do with their evaluation of his character.

      2. Doubt it. We know less than NFL teams and Rob had him pegged as a mid second. Good NFL teams make way less mistakes than fans seem to think. Ie I doubt we ‘missed out’ on someone like Sweat or someone like Samuel. If they wanted Hill we’d go get him, that’s just how we draft.

      3. It’s how the board fell. Cap space is more valuable than draft picks. Draftees are cheap alternatives to signing vets, we already have an ok group of young DL just need a veteran presence to show em the ropes now that Clark is gone. Reed is the alpha now, but he’s still pretty green as far as veteran leadership goes. Be nice to have a Tony McDaniel or Chris Clemmons type to hold down the fort

  61. charlietheunicorn

    Rob Rang did an interview on 950 KJR earlier today around 2:20PM local.

    He thought the guy who could stand out from the Seattle draft is the OG Haynes.
    In the cross talk with Ian Furness, they discussed that at full potential (according to PC) that he will top out around 340 lbs. They both agreed that he has a decent shot of outright winning a starting spot. I’m guessing at LG, since I’m not sold on the current version of Iupati.

  62. Jake

    I’ve been watching film on DK and I feel bad for the dude. He played with such a bad QB. His offense was also terrible. I think Seattle will be a great place for him to tap some of that talent and be a great receiver. Super excited for the season to start!

    • Volume12

      Metcalf, Lockett, and Jennings in a deep ball, play action offense is gonna be so much fun to watch. I think this offense is gonna take a big step forward.

      • Trevor


    • Volume12

      I’m not saying he’s him, who is, and Randy Moss was my favorite prospect I’ve ever watched, but the way Metcalf moves reminds me so much of Moss. Naturally gifted freak.

      • Gohawks5151

        You’re not alone. I think it’s the effortless speed and long, outstretched arms on those deep balls. People say you can’t be a one trick pony but it’s a hell of a trick. His ability on screens is underrated

    • Coleslaw

      I believe 100% that Seattle was the perfect fit for him all along. He really has a small chance to bust here, even if he was a late 1st rounder, hes going to be the Richard Sherman of the Offense. D’s are going to have to account for him and all the other speedy guys we have. The run game and deep balls is going to be our bread and butter all year.

      If the defense can be top 16, we’re a super bowl contender imo.

  63. BobbyK

    Suh AND Ansah in Seattle today per Schefter. Not shocked one single bit after hearing that press conference. They’re going to do something and it’s not going to simply be some clown like Nick Perry.

  64. SamL

    Lions’ DE Ziggy Ansah – who along with Ndamukong Suh are the most high-profile free agents that remain unsigned – is in Seattle today visiting the Seahawks, per source. The Seahawks could use another DE having traded Frank Clark to Kansas City.

    • Aaron

      I’ll take Ziggy on a 1 year deal under $10 mil. Suh…hard pass.

  65. Trevor

    Last year the one Free Agent viewed as a must sign for the Hawks was Fluker and I was pumped when they brought him in.

    If his shoulder is cleared then Ansah is that guy this year. When healthy he is one of the top speed rushers in the game and I trust Pete and a short term deal to make sure he is motivated.

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