Russell Wilson sends a message

Seattle’s quarterback just delivered a timely and quite masterful press conference.

Russell Wilson was his usual self. Ultra-positive. Ambitious. Talking about his desire to be the best at practically everything.

Yet subtly within his words were some seemingly deliberate statements — right when the Seahawks are preparing to appoint a new offensive coordinator.

“Coach Carroll and I, we have to be on the same wave length”

“…For me and coach to hopefully partner on the thought process of the next person”

“The next 10 years are super critical… and the legacy I want to be able to create and do. It’s vital, critical, super significant that I’m part of this process”

That’s just a flavour of what he said. This was Wilson letting everyone know what his expectations are. Firstly, to be involved in the process of identifying the next coordinator. Secondly, to be lock-step with the Head Coach on the offensive direction.

Three days after Carroll spoke of his willingness to win 17-14, stay in the game and keep it tight — Wilson shared a very different vision…

“We’ve got to put our foot down on the gas… I think we should score 24 points before the half, get ahead. We can do that — no matter how we do it. Let’s go win. Let’s start early.”

He talked, quite rightly, about game planning game-to-game and being adaptable.

He reiterated his desire to set passing touchdown records and wanting to try and score 50 (or 60) times next season.

He countered a lot of what Carroll said about needing to run their way out of facing two-deep safety looks. He spoke a lot about the passing game…

“We have to do everything extremely well… if you really want to be a great offense… we have to be able to throw it down the field. We have to have great concepts conceptually in the middle of the field, get the ball out quick… our screen game… up tempo and change the pace.”

“We can’t settle for anything less than winning it all” he exclaimed, while also discussing the importance of ‘winning’ free agency and the upcoming draft too (a sequel, perhaps, to his call for ‘superstars’ to be added a year ago).

Wilson never said anything in a pointed, angry, controversial manner. He was affable, jovial and apologised for a bad wifi connection after virtually every question.

When pressed on whether there was any disconnect with Carroll on offensive vision, he said no. But then I don’t think anyone expects Carroll and Wilson to be at each others throats. There is clearly a mutual respect between the pair.

This is purely and simply about Wilson having expectations for his career and whether they mesh with Carroll’s ideas for the Seahawks.

The message landed, I thought.

If the plan was to appoint a yes-man willing to do whatever Carroll wants — then that’s not going to cut it. Wilson wants to help pick the man responsible for the offense and he wants to agree with the plan.

He talked about this being a critical appointment for the future of the organisation. The next step could dictate the next decade for the Seahawks. For his career.

Wilson sounds like he’s desperate for the team to get this right. Nobody should doubt he wants to achieve his goals in Seattle. Yet he also sounds like a man who is making it known what his expectations are. Fail to meet them and the consequences are predictable.

The timing couldn’t be better. A public message that he wants in on the decision making process — both in terms of the offensive plan and who will be installing it.

The serve has been returned to Pete Carroll’s side of the court.

The next shot will be very interesting.

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  1. Gohawks5151

    I’m glad to hear this from him. I truly wondered if he had this in him. No back channel leak to Florio or Cowherd. Russ on camera and on record. It is a far stronger message to Pete, the team and the fans of his expectations. Pressure is back on Pete and the team. Hopefully the decision is well thought and Russ is included.

    • Big Mike

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Good post man.

      Way to Man up Russ.

  2. cha

    I like the idea that RW did this from Mexico. Out of the country. It gives both sides some distance to think about things and consider where to go from here, rather than say awkwardly bumping into each other in the weight room tomorrow morning.

    • Silly Billy

      didnt realize you could even travel to mexico with all this covid stuff

      • JUJUS

        If you are wealthy you can do what ever you want.

        only the plebs have rules to follow.

        • IHeartTacoma

          Yep, I met a wise man who told me “laws are for poor people”. He was a LEO, and poor, and knew what he was talking about.

  3. Gohawks5151

    Lost in it all a bit, Scott Fitterer offered the GM job in Carolina. Another hit, though I’m not sure how big. I can hear the bring back Scot Mcloughan people rustling awake.

    • Whit21

      He did have a hand in some of the most successful seahawks draft picks so.. why not.

    • TomLPDX

      This seems to have been inevitable for the past few years. He’s been getting interviews for a while and it was only a matter of time. Carolina sounds like a good spot for a new GM and I wish him and the Panthers luck in the future.

  4. KennyBadger

    Well done Russ. I hope it doesn’t lead to your exile.

    • Big Mike

      If it does, sadly many people will blame him. I won’t.

      • TomLPDX

        Nor will I. I was impressed with this press conference and liked the way he said things. Never threw anyone shade and at the same time didn’t moan about loosing Schotty. That made me kind of wonder if Russ thinks Schotty wasn’t up to the challenge as well. It’s one thing to like a person on a personal level and quite another to have to work with them. No way would I go into business with my best friend…

    • BobbyK


      Loved his idea of being flexible week to week based on matchups. Common sense this day and age. I’m fine with Pete’s stone age football some weeks, and some weeks Russ should cook a little bit. Take advantage of opponents weaknesses. Be smart. Again, common sense.

  5. SeattleLifer

    Thank goodness at least Russ is willing to put some form of expectations out there towards Pete. It will indeed be interesting to see what might come of it. I actually wish Russ would have been a little more pointed at this somewhat crucial juncture before an o-coordinator hire.

  6. dcd2

    Very interesting. I’m curious who RW would like to see interviewed and how those candidates will line up with Pete’s vision.

    Thoughts on Alex Van Pelt? He was OC for the Browns this year, and we’ve talked about how their offense seems to be what Pete wants to be. Not sure if it is anything other than a lateral move, but maybe if Pete could share his idea – get on the same overall page – and then but out of the offense?

    In the end, I’m still leary that any good OC is going to want to come run Peteball, knowing that he’ll likely butt in with R-R-P ultimatums if things hit a rough patch.

    Maybe a college OC like Phil Longo from UNC? Step up for sure, and he led AJ Brown/DK Metcalf’s Ole Miss offense to great things in the passing game. Then followed it up by running one of the most effective ground games in FBS at UNC the year.

    • Duceyq

      Pete Carmichael Jr from the Saints would be idea. Great running game that is diverse with a quick hitting passing attack. He doesn’t call the plays for the Saints but is part of the install and prep.

      My vote!

      • Rob Staton

        No existing offensive coordinator is going to make a lateral move to run Pete Carroll’s offense

      • Ryan

        Carmichael most likely won’t do a lateral move.. He would become a play calling OC though with the Seahawks… The QB coach Joe Lombardi though, could be hired and it would a promotion for him.. Joe was also the OC with the Lions a few years ago when they passed for over 5,000 yards and had 2, 1.000 yard recievers. He has play calling experience and experience coaching a shorter QB. Brees is only an inch taller than Wilson.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know why anyone would expect those two guys to leave Payton and the Saints to come and be told what to run on 4th and 1 by Pete Carroll.

          • Jeffers

            Is it not standard operating procedure for the head coach to make the decision on 4th and 1? Also doesn’t Payton literally call the plays in New Orleans?


            Sean Payton doesn’t seem like the best example of “these coaches wouldn’t want to give up their power by going somewhere where they would have less power”.

            • Rob Staton

              Is it not standard operating procedure for the head coach to make the decision on 4th and 1?

              It’s standard procedure for the coach to decide whether to go for it. It’s not necessarily standard procedure for him to pick the play. It’s certainly not standard procedure to let the OC make the call during a 2-3 minute injury break, then decide you don’t like the call, forcing an expiring clock, false start and then a punt.

              Sean Payton doesn’t seem like the best example of “these coaches wouldn’t want to give up their power by going somewhere where they would have less power”.

              That’s not the point I’m making. I think anyone thinking the lure of being a playcaller is enough to want to leave an offense like Payton’s, where your prospects are huge, to go and call Pete Carroll’s offense, is in for a shock.

              • Jeffers

                Yeah the fact that they couldn’t at least come to a play they agreed on in that 3 minutes is kinda soul crushingly infuriating.

                Can you help explain to me why coaches who never called plays get hired to be head coaches by the way? It’s mind boggling to me. As far as Carmichael though he’s been the OC for the Saints since 2009, which to me leads credence to the fact that he’s probably not going anywhere but also makes it seem unlikely his prospects for advancement are too high where he is at now.

                • Rob Staton

                  I don’t think it matters so much for Head Coaches. I want my Head Coach to lead, to provide the vision, to be the man responsible at the top. I’m content with the coordinators calling plays.

                  As for Carmichael — if he can’t get a gig with New Orleans’ track record, running PC’s offense isn’t likely to change that…

  7. Pran

    I haven’t listened but did he talk about what went wrong and why he was so dreadful for a stretch of 8-10 weeks. Wanting to be great is great but introspection should start with in.

    • TomLPDX

      I think he offhandedly did by stating that they went stretches where he didn’t even get the football in his hands at times during games (i.e. the D couldn’t get the opponent off the field).

      • GoHawksDani

        Nice, throwing shade on the D?
        Well the D was on the field sooo much in some games because he gave away the ball 2-3 times.
        Defense was awful in the first half…but the last 5-6 games they were mediocre, maybe even good. That’s when the offense started to sink, so that is not a good answer imo

  8. Troy

    This is reminding me a bit of the Deshaun Watson situation in Houston. They told Watson he would have a say, and in the end he didn’t have any.

    At least in this situation, it doesn’t seem like Pete promised anything to Wilson, so he shouldn’t expect to be consulted however considering Wilson’s position with the team its not a ridiculous thing for him to ask.

    In the end tho I think Pete does what he wants, Rus gets very frustrated next year (but plays it cool publicly), and we are talking trade at the end of next season.

    • BobbyK

      Pete wants to win. Russ wants to win. But Russ absolutely deserves a say in this. If Pete doesn’t think he should – just trade him (I don’t want that).

      • GoHawksDani

        Tbh Russ should have more say in this than Pete. Pete should have almost zero say in the OC. RB coach, Solari, Russ, QB coach, WR coach and maybe top offensive players (Lockett, DK, Brown, Carson if comes back) should talk about it and appoint 2-3 guys, and from those 2-3 Pete should choose one.

  9. Matt

    Finally went back and watched it…that’s about as assertive as RW is going to get. He’s so careful with his words and I absolutely noticed the phrasing of things were definitely in more of an ultimatum (too dramatic of a word) manner.

    This is really going to be interesting to watch moving forward. The ball is absolutely in PC’s court – I very much hope he embraces RW’s message; BUT if not, I sincerely hope both sides mutually part.

    I’d like to see RW flourish in his career. Likewise, I’d like to see PC truly commit to his preferred style. The worst thing that can happen out of all of this is a half-ass middle ground. Whole ass this thing!

  10. Seahawk65

    The let Russ cook hype was too much. In the beginning of the season, all of the defenses, not just Seattle’s, were struggling. I thought the offenses would suffer for lack of a pre-season, but that wasn’t the case. It was the defenses. Russ and his receivers took great advantage. But even in those games, the defense gave up a lot of points so we really didn’t blow teams out. Then when the defenses caught up, Seattle struggled. Coach Carrol isn’t saying we have to run the ball all the time no matter what. He’s saying that the running game helps the passing game by giving Russ more time in the pocket. And it helps the defense by limiting their time on the field. They all must work together. I think it is entirely possible that what Carrol wants and what Russ wants is the same thing. He can throw a lot of touchdown passes and win a lot of games when the opposing defense has to adjust to the running game. Our defense will be better as well. I’m guessing Russ will have a lot of input into whoever they bring in.

    • God of Thunder


    • GoHawksDani

      I think PC wants a system similar to the Saints’, just change some of the short passing to runs.
      Saints run regularly with Kamara and Murray. They do it because Kamara is special and to help the pass, and control the clock. Pete doesn’t want 80% run 20% pass. He wants to be around 50-50. Some games 60% pass, some like 45% only but it won’t be a R-R-P all the time for 66% run and 33-34% pass.
      Too many people thinks that it’d mean way too much running. (not you Seahawks65, sorry, just having some thoughts after reading your comment, but it’s not against you, I think similarly as you I think :))
      Where Pete-ball is bad, the predictability. Too few run designs. They run 4-6 running plays with little changes (didn’t count it, just a gut feeling). A younger, creative OC who likes to run the ball, and also solid in the passing game could be good for both PC and Russ. Pete just don’t want to throw 70% of the time. But if someone gives him balance and safe plays he’ll be fine with that

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think Sean Payton’s Saints are the right comp

        • Duceyq

          Curious to why you think it’s not the right comp?

          Seems like a perfect hedge to please both Wilson and Pete. Wilson looks up to Brees, hence why I think Schotty got the call with the last hire. Seems like Carmichael can offer a more uptempo version of run/pass balance with more of a diverse intermediate pass game. Great screen game too.

          Very interested in your thoughts, thanks!

          • Rob Staton

            The offensive style and approach is very different

  11. Henry Taylor

    This is excellent news. We’ve talked at length about someone needing to hold Pete accountable, it’s not gonna be ownership, it’s not gonna be Brennan Carroll. The one man in this organisation with the clout is his superstar Quarterback. I’m hopeful again.

    • Bankhawk

      I haven’t seen any clips of Russell’s statement as yet, but am loving that he did this in a style consistent with his persona: with a spirit of positive collaboration between peers!
      Also liking the general drift of the blog’s reception of it: a positive rational recognition of the huge contribution both player and coach have made to a decade-long golden Era of Hawkdom.
      No party represented here would be served by racor or finger-pointing, however submerged in subtext. A compromise is possible as Pete clarifies his thinking. Russell can at the very least, be allowed to meet and consider, then to express his own vision.
      In the end, compromise will be possible, or the fit between the views will be less than optimal, and there can be a parting of the ways.
      An unhappy Wilson does little to serve anyone’ interests here: the organization’s, that of the fan base, or the future Hall Of Famer. Likewise, there is no way Pete dedicates the final years of filling out his legacy on half-measures he has no faith in.
      Ball in Carroll’s court, indeed! Game On!
      But sportsmanship, gentlemen, sportsmanship! 🏈💯

  12. Timmy

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Deonte Brown as a LG for the Seahawks? He is 6’3″ 330 pounds and is deemed as an absolute mauler in the run game and a wall in pass protection. Projections for him and most OL are all over the place. Could he be plugged into the LG slot and next to Duane Brown? It seems like this will be the draft where Seattle double dips on OL.

    • Rob Staton

      Haven’t studied him fully yet but will do

      • dcd2

        Along those lines, how about Christian Barmore (DT: BAMA)

        You had him sniffing round 2 in the last mock… Did the championship game move him up in your eyes? He looked like a stud late this year.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not convinced. I don’t get all this first round talk with Barmore.

          To me he looks like an occasional flash player.

          • charlietheunicorn

            I can’t recall who said this exactly, but one of the draft talking heads (Schefter I think) said something like 6 guys from Alabama will go round 1 in the 2021 draft….. they were dominant and played well, but 6????

            “Alabama QB Mac Jones, WR Jaylen Waddle, CB Patrick Surtain II and DL Christian Barmore have all declared for the 2021 NFL Draft.

            All four are considered likely first round picks.” ~ schefter

            • Rob Staton

              Can’t see it.

              And let’s be right… a lot of people get called first round picks at this stage.

              • charlietheunicorn

                Do you think Mac Jones is a 1st round talent? a franchise QB?
                He had terrific weapons around him and an offense loaded with talent
                I really don’t see it, but I’m no QB guru either.

              • BobbyK

                I notice that every year. There’s always about 40-50 guys that are supposedly first round picks.

                A bust pick of mine (Solomon Kindley) from last year was projected in a few drafts to go late first round. He was a guy I wanted the Hawks to get with the Earl Thomas pick last year. He went in the early fourth.

            • dcd2

              I could see that for sure. Not a real ‘out there’ call.

              Smith, Waddle, Najee, Surtain, Leatherwood, Moses, Barmore are all in the RD1 convo anyway.

              They (draftniks) get paid to make statements that stir conversation and get clicks too. If it’s only 4 guys, that go in round 1, no one will care. If it is 6, he’ll say: “See, I told you so back in January”

              • Rob Staton

                ‘Draftniks’ just get paid for an opinion, the McShay’s and Kiper’s of the world don’t stir conversation. I think that’s unfair.

                Smith and Harris will go in R1 — although Harris’ 40 time could change that. Surtain has a shot but he’s not fast either. Leatherwood’s stock is anywhere between early R1 and R3 depending on who you talk about. Moses didn’t have a great year for me. Waddle’s injury could complicate his stock. Barmore is a mid-rounder for me. I don’t think Mac Jones is a first rounder.

                So I think it is pretty ‘out there’ really.

          • dcd2

            That surprises me. I think Barmore looks great. Looks way more active and troublesome than Raekwon Davis from last year and people were all over him.

            He and Patrick Jones (PIT) look like the real deal IMO. If Barmore did last until the late 2nd and was our pick, I’d be pumped.

            • Rob Staton

              They are completely different players. You can’t compare Davis to Barmore.

              And for what it’s worth, Davis had a terrific rookie season. So if anyone ‘was all over him’ — it was with good reason.

              Barmore showed some flashes in the latter half of the season but he’s inconsistent and doesn’t do it down-to-down. All the hype in pre-season was he was the next Quinnen Williams and he didn’t get close. I think he’s a third round, rotational cog and can do that job very well. But a lot of people see him as a first rounder and I don’t buy it.

              • dcd2

                I’ve read that he had a gimpy knee at the beginning of the year, and got healthy around mid-season. He looked great against the two best teams (OL’s) that they faced in ND & OSU.

                I was comparing him to another DT from Bama who went at #56 last year. Maybe different skillset, but it seemed a quick and easy comp to say I like Barmore above Davis if I’m draft a DT.

                He’s only played 2 years, and seems to have athleticism and upside. I’d love to get him on our DL. Hopefully you’re right and he sticks around awhile, so that is an option.

                • Rob Staton

                  But it’s not a good comp at all. They are two completely different players. Would you compare a 290lbs five technique and a 250 EDGE?

                  One is an inside/out five tech with the unique ability to line up inside and anchor. The other is a penetrating interior rusher. Not remotely similar.

  13. Chris

    I’m torn. I’m a Seahawks fan, since Day One. But it’s a business, so my natural inclination is to side with the players. I loved Dave Krieg, and when he went to KC I was upset, but learned to keep rooting for him as long as wasn’t playing the Hawks.

    Sherm was one of my favorites as well, and I found it in my heart to root for him (again as long as it didn’t affect the Seahawks).

    I root for all the ex-Hawks as they continue their careers elsewhere; Davis, McKissick, Willson as he went around the league; Hauschka, you name it, if they were a former Hawk, they were always getting support from me.

    So Russ will break my heart if he leaves. The ultimate underdog due to his size, yet as competitive as any I’ve seen. Yet this is a brutal business; if the Hawks thought they were better off trading him, or letting him go as a FA, that’s what would happen.

  14. Rob

    First post on this blog so take it easy on me. This article from SeahawksWire gives me some hope that Pete is making change for the positive and not just RRP. “I mean I just, frankly, I’d like to not play against two-deep looks all season long next year,” Carroll said. “And so we have to be able to get that done. It’s not just the running game. It is the style of passes that will help us some, but we have to get after it a little bit differently. As it unfolded in the end of the season, it became really obvious. In the last four or five games, it became really obvious.”

    Rob, while I don’t always agree with your takes, they are always well thought out and backed up with facts and I love this blog! And great first name too.

    • Rob Staton

      great first name too

      Can’t argue with that!

    • God of Thunder

      “ First post on this blog so take it easy on me.”

      Seriously Rob, that’s the first sentence of your first post?! Can’t you do better?

      Just kidding, welcome! Yes let’s hope this is change for the positive .

  15. Lewis

    I don’t believe Carroll wants to control the offense, personally. I don’t believe he told them to stop throwing the ball downfield. But I DO think he told them to stop turning the ball over. If Pete were running the show in the Rams game, we would have run the ball a lot more with Carson netting over 6 ypc.

    I want to see someone young and creative who can make the most of the unique attributes we have. I want to believe that Pete is ok with that provided they protect the ball and have some semblance of run/pass balance.

    I believed all that before this conference. If Russ and Pete have talked about this and are of like minds, we should see that in who they choose to interview.

    • Rob Staton

      Pete said after the Rams game he wanted to throw against LA’s two-deep safety

      • Ashish

        I have 8 years of experience watching football but I would have told PC you have 7.6% chances of winning the game.
        Am I missing something here that plan would have never worked. Even after Donald was out of game nothing changed. They should have run the ball short pass screen pass jet sweep reverse jet etc. Once you have defense on edge you can take deep shot.

  16. charlietheunicorn

    Urban Meyer……. meh

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of people said Pete Carroll… meh

      Worked out pretty well

      And he gets Trevor Lawrence, a whole boat-load of picks and great connections to a lot of top NFL prospects

      • TomLPDX

        Really depends on who he selects to be the GM. I read reports about Trent Baalke. Personally don’t like him just because of the dynamic he set up in San Fran with Harbaugh (who is no angel) and pitting everyone against each other with the owner.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Is he going to be allowed to draft who he wants or is it “suggest” talent to pick, but Meyer gets final say? Why does this scenario sound familiar…..

          • TomLPDX

            Actually I think the owner gets the final say. He said he is going to be totally involved. Jerrah II. Don’t do it Shad!!! Let your people manage the FB operations!

            • icb12

              I actually think thar Khan needs to be more involved.
              He’s been way too hands off since he bought the team. Trusted his football people too much.

              He needs to be more involved and certainly make his precense known to the team and start holding his hires more accountable.

              I’m not saying that he needs to meddle in every pick or start calling down plays.

              But he needs to be more involved all around. He’s largely treated the team as a side gig that makes him some money, it’s time to show a little passion and personal investment in it.

              There was an article about this a few days ago on espn, and I found myself agreeing with it a lot. Strange for something written on espn.

      • Rohan Raman

        I mean, Pete at least had some NFl experience before he came to Seattle. He had served in a variety of coordinator roles and twice as a head coach. Yeah, he wasn’t exactly a good head coach, but there are important lessons to be learned there in terms of communicating with grown men rather than college boys.

        Still, Jags could be going somewhere with this hire. Curious to see how it works out.

    • BobbyK

      Very good situation for Meyer and Jax. Good hire.

  17. charlietheunicorn

    Would Seattle consider recently fired Steelers OC Randy Fichtner for their spot?

    • Rob Staton

      I highly doubt it.

      And let’s be right… this is a team that refused to run the ball at various times in 2020.

  18. OlyHawkFan

    Its going to be someone out of left field. Someone who is willing to do Pete’s bidding to get his foot in the door. As Rob has stated, nobody on the cusp of real advancement is going to take this job.

    • OlyHawkFan

      that was supposed to be a response to the above comment.

  19. Kevin Mullen

    This is wishful thinking but man I’d love for some sort of swap or maybe a 3-team trade to get DeShaun Watson here. Him and DK would be electric.

    • dcd2

      I keep seeing Hawks fans throwing Deshaun’s name around and I’m wondering – Why?

      Why would we give up MORE capital, that we don’t have, to get another QB our coach doesn’t want to let loose? Why would RW ever waive his no-trade to go to one of the worst run franchises in the NFL?

      Nothing about the idea makes sense to me. Am I missing something (rumor, report, connection) that will lend credence to this idea? It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’ve seen it in more than a few places.

      No offense Kevin (you did preface)

      • kevin mullen

        I look at it as if DK and Tyler are still there if RW were to be traded only to be now catching from some no-name rookie, veteran whatever, it may not bode well with them and then you got two pist off WR’s.

        Insert a proven top5 QB in Watson, it’ll lessen the RW loss plus (IMO) have a better pocket passing QB who can read coverage. I’m not saying it’ll be cheap but it’ll negate the huge locker room uproar and provide a better option gunslinger.

  20. God of Thunder

    Saw something on another site that made sense to me: PC grew frustrated with Shotty’s either reluctance to adjust (to the defence’s adjustments) or Shotty’s inability to adjust.

    I’m not known for the sophistication of my “live action” insights from my couch, but even I had a few times when I) I wanted Shotty’s schemes to be a little better, ie befuddling to the opposition, and II) I wanted a better awareness of what the D was doing.

    • Rob Staton

      It was reported they weren’t anticipating a change. They parted when they disagreed on the way forward.

  21. OlyHawkFan

    If Pete and Russ are at odds, how is a new OC going to solve it? Hopefully they’re not and they can add a mind that will help bring balance and quicker adjustments, but is there really someone out there like that?

    • God of Thunder

      I’m not sure they are at odds .. I mean, strong personalities will always differ. And they should bring something different to the table. We’ll find out soon enough how seriously they differ …

  22. Rob Staton

    I’ve just recorded another interview for this years series.

    Vanderbilt’s Dayo Odeyingbo, to be published next week.

    Will be posting the interview with Alim McNeill on Friday (unless a new OC is announced)

    Please check out the Milton Williams interview too which is on my YouTube channel. I only want to keep doing these if people are interested and check them out.

    • Ky Swift

      Definitely interested Rob! Thanks for all the hard work you put forth, very appreciated! I look forward to all of the articles you post!

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

    • KD

      Ooooooo! Huge get there. Guy is a monster. Love his game.

    • Kendo

      I enjoy these interviews. Keep them coming Rob.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I listen to them here so it won’t show up as a view on youtube but please keep em coming

    • swedenhawk

      Really looking forward to these, Rob. As an aside: I’m also a journalist (culture, not sport), and a father too. How you keep this prolific pace and maintain such a high level of content for a blog that you do in your limited spare time… it’s simply astounding!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man.

        I can honestly say that, since the season started, I’ve worked practically all of my free time on this. I’ve stayed up until 3am and 2am on separate days in the last week for interviews. I basically have two full time jobs and no free time. But alas, what else can we do during the pandemic?

        I am looking forward to taking a break after April though and spending proper time with my kids over spring and summer.

        • IHeartTacoma

          Don’t miss too much time with your kids. You never get it back.
          Regrets, I’ve had a few….

          • Rob Staton

            Had some great advice before my son was born, not to spend so much time working and try to enjoy all of the moments that were coming.

            I failed badly in that regard, on all levels.

            It’s one of my biggest regrets. I hope someone else will read this and not make the same mistake.

            • TomLPDX

              Just remember, Rob, that it is never to late to be in the present.

  23. Austin Slater

    Rob I was in the same camp as you before the press conference. Little hope Pete would do the right thing with the higher. Has your opinion changed now? I definitely feel like the odds of landing someone who isn’t strictly a yes man went up after Wilson spoke. Not saying it’s going to happen but I don’t feel like it’s an impossibility. Am I overly optimistic in your opinion? Russ needed to do this and like stated a few of his comments were loaded, in a good way. Loved it

    • Rob Staton

      I still think Pete is going to do whatever Pete wants to do.

      I think Russell’s conference was timely, important and a lot of what he said was deliberate.

      So we’ll see what Carroll decides to do. I’m sure Wilson will be watching closely…

      • dza990

        I’m cautiously optimistic and truly hope this portends a better hiring than Pete alone. On another note, I wonder what role Schneider plays in this hiring, if any at all?

  24. Ky Swift

    Interested to see what Saleh will do for NYJ. Wonder what OC he will bring and if he will stay with Darnold. I think he keeps Darnold and loads up on defensive talent in draft this year.

    • Rohan Raman

      Apparently, he is bringing Mike LaFleur, SF’s passing game coordinator, with him as the OC. The DC choice will be interesting.

      More than anything, I’m happy he’s out of the division and wish him the best of luck.

      • Ky Swift

        Darnold would seem competent to run the Shanahan style of offense. They need to draft a rb this year to get the ground game going. I think this ensures Sherman is not only out of SF but won’t follow Saleh to New York. Would like to see him come home to replace Shaquill.

      • swedenhawk

        Mike McDaniel, IMO, would be more of a get — and more aligned with Pete-ball. Although Brock Huard recently remarked that the Seahawks’ next OC would be someone who has had play-calling duties, and then floated Arthur Smith and Nathaniel Hackett’s names. Like Rob said, the next shot will be interesting for sure…

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s be right here… I love Brock…

          But there is 0% chance of Nathaniel Hackett being the OC. Arthur Smith has just been offered the Falcons job.

          I have absolutely no idea why Brock and Jake Heaps were talking up existing coordinators for other teams who have been linked to HC gigs. It was absolute pie in the sky stuff.

          And that’s the same for Mike McDaniel too. There is NO WAY he is going to leave the Shanahan system to come and run Pete Carroll’s offense when he can help run Kyle’s instead. He will be a HC one day if he sticks with Kyle.

          Jason La Canfora spelled it out. The buzz around this opportunity is lukewarm at best because of Pete Carroll. None of his OC’s ever develop into Head Coach candidates. They just get fired or move on because they don’t see eye to eye with Pete any more. It’s a development graveyard, being an offensive coach on Carroll’s staff. And you have to deal with constant meddling.

          I won’t be surprised at all if this ends up being Dave Canales’ job. Simply because anyone worth their salt won’t be interested.

          • Matt

            Yep. Even crazier…all of his DCs have failed everywhere else.

            I’m going to say something a little outlandish – but another factor is that maybe these candidates, on top of not having faith in this being a good career move; perhaps they don’t view Pete as a real football mind to learn from, as well?

            1) It’s a bad job because they are expected to do what PC wants.
            2) In the process – they don’t gain a bunch of knowledge about the game.

            Pure speculation – but I seriously question where Pete ranks in the hierarchy of “football minds,” around the league. My guess is that it’s very low.

            • Rob Staton

              Fair speculation

              Pete acts like a guru, a mentor, a self-help specialist and someone who is eternally positive. He’s not a details guy. He’s not a clever scheming and game planning guy. What tricks are you learning? How to have a great team meeting? You could learn how to cultivate culture but it’s hard to copy. Pete succeeds in terms of culture because Pete is who he is. You can’t pretend to be Pete.

              • Jeffers

                Pete Carroll has only had 3 offensive coordinators in Seattle, and I don’t think it’s really fare to even count Jeremy Bates who was only here for a year and was like 30 when he got hired. Every single OC he had when he coached at USC went onto a head coaching job. Darrell Bevel interviewed for a TON of head coaching jobs, and if you get into the interview stage and can’t get the job at some point that is on you. Dan Quinn took the falcons to the Super Bowl. As far as the football minds thing, the dude literally changed how defense was played in the NFL. Do we not remember all the copycat defenses popping up after our Super Bowls?

                Doesn’t seem like fair speculation to me at all.

                • Rob Staton

                  Pete Carroll has only had 3 offensive coordinators in Seattle

                  How many do you think a coach should have in 10 years???

                  Every single OC he had when he coached at USC went onto a head coaching job.

                  We’re not talking about USC which is a completely different situation in every single way.

                  Darrell Bevel interviewed for a TON of head coaching jobs

                  And didn’t get any of them.

                  Dan Quinn took the falcons to the Super Bowl

                  Kyle Shanahan says hi

                  As far as the football minds thing, the dude literally changed how defense was played in the NFL.

                  By acquiring legends and playing a very simple scheme

                  Do we not remember all the copycat defenses popping up after our Super Bowls?

                  And none of them succeeded because it’s a basic scheme that relies on talent.

                  • James Z

                    Great counter, Rob! Touche!

                  • Jeffers

                    Didn’t the Broncos literally win a superbowl with a defense that took a lot of concepts from the Seahawks defense? Maybe I’m remembering that incorrectly but I could swear I remember people talking about that back then.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Didn’t the Broncos literally win a superbowl with a defense that took a lot of concepts from the Seahawks defense


                  • Jeffers

                    Either way, to say all his coaches have flamed out elsewhere is just not true. -Especially- if you count USC, which I see no reason why you would not because they are all also coaches he hired that worked under him.

                    When I said Pete has only had 3 OC’s in the NFL I simply meant that is a small sample size, and it’s really been 2, lets be honest, so even smaller.

                    As I said though, Bevell had plenty of opportunities to be a head coach, any lack of capitalizing is on him, not Pete.

                    Gus Bradley has coached a top 10 defense in 4 of the last 5 years with 2 different teams.

                    Dan Quinn took the Falcons to the Super Bowl and had a winning record as the head coach of the Falcons. It is unfair to give all of the credit to Kyle Shanahan.

                    Any coach to looks at an opportunity to coach Russell Wilson on a team that makes the playoffs every single year as a potential death knell to their career is an idiot.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Either way, to say all his coaches have flamed out elsewhere is just not true. -Especially- if you count USC, which I see no reason why you would not because they are all also coaches he hired that worked under him.

                      It’s completely different in college. And who exactly has had a great career since working for Pete at USC??? I can’t think of anyone.

                      When I said Pete has only had 3 OC’s in the NFL I simply meant that is a small sample size, and it’s really been 2, lets be honest, so even smaller.

                      No, it’s been three. And will soon be four in 11 years, which is a lot.

                      As I said though, Bevell had plenty of opportunities to be a head coach, any lack of capitalizing is on him, not Pete.

                      So you’re both arguing Pete did a sterling job helping Bevell get jobs and then arguing Bevell wasn’t good enough to get jobs. Come on.

                      Gus Bradley has coached a top 10 defense in 4 of the last 5 years with 2 different teams.

                      And completely failed as a HC and has bounced around since.

                      Dan Quinn took the Falcons to the Super Bowl and had a winning record as the head coach of the Falcons. It is unfair to give all of the credit to Kyle Shanahan.

                      It really isn’t unfair at all. The offense carried Atlanta to the SB. Matt Ryan was MVP under Shanahan. Since he left, they’ve been bloody useless.

                      Any coach to looks at an opportunity to coach Russell Wilson on a team that makes the playoffs every single year as a potential death knell to their career is an idiot.

                      Any team who thinks running Pete Carroll’s offense is appealing, with him medling, is an idiot. Which is why, according to reports, the reaction is lukewarm.

  25. Roland Joser

    If Russ wants to be great he has to fix his flaws too, like getting the ball out of his hands quicker, when he couldn’t find anyone down field he threw bad and late passes to his running backs in the flat and when he did make a good pass to his rb and wr in the flat they had no time to operate cause he waited too long. he hesitated too many times to make throws in the second half of the season to open WR’s!, there are no excuses for his play in the last 8 games he also threw more INT’S IN HIS CARREER THIS YEAR DUE TO BAD DECISIONS which prompted Carol to stop passing so much. the next OC has to create an offense that gets the ball out of Russ’s hands quicker so he doesn’t get sacked, that is one of the ways to avoid pressure as well as running the football especially when our oline isn’t that good in pass pro. Oline still needs work! we had several drafts to fix it and we did not sure we got better weapons for Russ, but the oline is a huge reason why Russ had no time to throw. Carol is an old school coach so he should know better that a good oline is a huge key to a successful offense, Carol coached for the niners!, and they always had great olines! if Russ wants to be great he needs an oline!. what good does it do to have all these great pieces to throw too if Russ has no time to throw!.
    If Carol wants to run his style of offence then he needs a great defense! If you don’t have this then it puts pressure on the offense to win games. We don’t have any draft capital so we need to create some draft capital; get rid of Adams he is not our style of player try and trade him for pics because he is going to ask for alot of money which we can’t pay, KJ is probably gone, don’t resign Griffin and cut his brother they are not that good, lets get some fresh blood on this defense and rebuild it like we did when Carol first came in. Get a third WR to help out for the future, Moore might ask for more than we can pay, Gordon can’t be trusted due to his drug issues.
    If Pete wants to go out his way he needs fresh blood to do it, he needs young hungry players! The Hawks need to draft well from here on out!, get more pics how ever they can cause some of the players on this defense and offense are not cutting it!. Carol has 5 years to get it done! Go Hawks!

  26. BobbyK

    Would be cool if you could do a follow-up interview with Damien Lewis, as he was one of the guys you liked and interviewed last year. I know the Seahawks are protective of that sort of stuff though. Any realistic chance of that happening?

    • Gohawks5151

      I would love this

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so unfortunately — I don’t have a contact in the Seahawks media team to even ask.

  27. Mike

    Cap experts correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the guaranteed money that is dead money to the Seahawks the signing bonus they gave him?

    I see on over the cap a -9,000,000 cap hit if traded, but wouldn’t this make his trade value higher because the team receiving him only has to pay him $19 mill a year for the next three years.

    • dcd2

      I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I’ll give you my best interpretation. First off, I don’t see a -$9M cap… I see -$13M.
      Secondly, I think OTC is wrong. I’m not sure how they are calculating pre-June 1 VS post-June 1 numbers, but they don’t make sense to me.

      The quick answer to your question is ‘yes’. Teams trading for RW would be happy about paying him ‘only’ his base + what look like roster bonuses in 22 & 23, as we would be eating the signing bonus money and cap.

      RW got a $65M signing bonus. That money has already been paid. He got a big fat $65M check the day he signed that deal (or within a year). That bonus is then pro-rated over the life of the contract. They piggy-backed some of that bonus money into 2019 as part of the extension and prorated the remainder ($52M) over the other 4 years. That is the $13M/year pro-rated bonus. To me that means his cap hit is 39M, $26M, $13M for ’21, ’22, ’23. OTC shows it as only $13M next year if he’s traded/cut after June 1. I assume this is because the $13M for 2021 has already hit, but it should be $26M IMO and $13M for the last year.

      • Mike

        Sweet thanks for this .
        I think a trade for Russ would need to bring a bunch of high value picks back for him. Like I’m not sure even the 2nd overall pick would be enough with how much cap we would have to eat up on his contract

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure how they are calculating pre-June 1 VS post-June 1 numbers, but they don’t make sense to me.

        It’s simple. If he’s traded pre-June 1st the Seahawks are on the hook for the dead money this year. After June 1st, they can spread it out over numerous years.

        It’s the same way as designating someone as a post-June 1st cut. You can spread out the cap hit. But you can’t designate a player as a post-June 1st trade.

  28. BobbyK

    Sorry for being repetitive but I really like the way Pete wants to run the ball with authority and how Russ wants to QB an explosive offense.

    Pete is a moron is he’s not willing to get a great LG and RB this off-season. You can’t do what you can’t do if you don’t have the horses. But Pete is smart if he gets a good LG ***AND*** a good RB. And, no way in hell is Carlos Hyde the bell cow in the offense Pete wants to run. Hyde/Penny is a start… with a high pick needed to give them a proper stable of RBs (or resigning Carson if he doesn’t have the market he wants).

    But Russ is right that they need to be flexible week to week. Just because you’re a Pete team one week, doesn’t mean you can’t be Air Coryel some weeks, too.

    It’s what Bill Belichik does. Adjusts. That’s a good quality instead of being hell bent on stone age football only.

    Heck, look at what the Bills did to the Seahawks earlier this year. They ran a million plays and passed about 999,997 of them and ran 3 times in the first half. Stone age Pete couldn’t believe they’d do that. Well, the other team outsmarted him in the same way I screamed (not only me) for Pete to take TJ Watt over Malik.

    • Daniel

      Could someone, anyone, directly ask Pete why on Earth they wasted the kind of money they did on mediocre O-linemen if Pete is so committed to the run?

      • BobbyK

        I think with Finney it meant they didn’t believe in Pocic.

        Shell was an upgrade over Ifedi. If he wasn’t, they thought Ogbuehi was. And Brown wasn’t as ironman anymore so they wanted depth at OT, too.

        Then they had Fluker at RG. He got hurt plenty as well. But getting Lewis was huge (and they released Fluker a day or two after because of it).

        No clue why they did’t actually get anyone good though. Rob mentioned the other day the ‘Hawks could have had a top-3 RT in the NFL in Conklin but instead chose a bunch of bums to “prioritize.” I agree with him.

        • 12th chuck

          I dont know how hard it is to scout good lineman for the nfl, but I dont think the hawks do either

        • Mike

          We also don’t know if Conklin even wanted to come here he is a Midwest guy. Also he has had a couple years that were pretty mediocre prior to the last two seasons.

      • turbotpl

        Amen. Been asking that question for years.

  29. Chase

    Jets hire 49ers DC Saleh as head coach.

    • 12th chuck

      that’s probably where Sherman will go, it’s pretty unlikely he wants to come here

    • icb12

      And the 49ers get 2 3rd round comp picks for it. Great.

      • Scot04

        Rams got their two 3rds. Might as well give the 49rs a couple more as well.

  30. jopa726

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Panthers are expected to hire VP of Football Operations Scott Fitterer as their new GM, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. A late addition to their interview process, he made a quick impression on the Carolina search team

    Scott Fitterer had been with Seahawks organization since 2001.

  31. BobbyK

    A lesson for all of us: once you betray the trust of someone you love, you never truly gain it back. It’s just the way it is.

    I love the Seahawks and Pete Carroll told all of us last year around this time his off-season priority was the pass rush. We all knew it needed to be improved, but they didn’t (until it was so worthless they traded for Carlos Dunlap and then pieces started to fall into place… never mind trading a 1, 1, and 3 for a pass rushing strong safety earlier). Pete had never lied to us before about an off-season priority. But he lied last year and I don’t trust him anymore.

    If he wants to run… he sure as hell better have 3 RBs and and great LG acquired. Or don’t even bother trying to do your stone age BS.

    Russell Wilson should be a stud with the right OC. But does Pete care? Personally, I don’t care about Wilson’s stats, I only care about the Seahawks winning.

    I don’t mean anything bad by this, but I have plenty of loved ones dead by the time they reached Pete’s age. My Dad is 71 but all 4 of my grandparents and my Mom was less than half Pete’s age now when she passed. The only reason I bring this up is because Pete seems set in his ways moreso than old people who are so old that they’re dead by his age now.

    • SoCalHawkFan

      I’m hoping they make a run at Center for Mack or Pouncey then spend money on LG. I think we have some young talent that could play LG for us with Brown and either of those 2 veterans at Center leaving us the ability to trade down and maybe get some DT depth and a slot receiver that can work the middle of the field and a CB prospect. We could also take a RB middle round that doesn’t have break away speed but that does fall forward and runs between the tackles splitting time with Penny. We have to see what Penny will give us this year or chop it up as a loss and get his salary of the books. Excited to see whom they hire at OC and what we add in the draft but I’ll cross my fingers that the first FA we sign is one of those Centers.

      • SoCalHawkFan

        They couldn’t sign Conklin because Russ was pushing so hard to sign Greg Olsen to get us over the top. They tried to add pieces to satisfy Schotty and Wilson which didn’t work out. Olsen never split the seams on the 2 deep and they never tried to send Dissly to do it. I wonder if anyone has seen a chart of targeted passes on the field by our offense on non scrambling plays? It would kind of be cool to see where the maps sit on attempts because i have a feeling they’re all tords the sidelines. Doesn’t matter now as we’ll have a new OC next year and whole new scheme but it’d kind of cool to see. Go Hawks!!!!

        • Matt

          There’s not going to be “a whole new scheme” next year.

    • Henry Taylor

      Fwiw, I dont think he lied last year. I think he just failed.

  32. millhouse-serbia

    Great presser from Russell. Hope Pete will liste to him. But i am not so sure. Why?

    Because Russ obviously was for Schotty to stay and Pete didnt even told him he will fire Brian. If he didnt ask him what to do with Schotty (not just ask him bit didnt even tell him what will happen) why anyone has hope (Including Wilson) that he will ask him for new OC… Shame nobody asked him that yesterday.

    I just hope one of two things will happen

    1. Choose OC with approval from Russ and play offense Russ will be happy

    2. Trade him this offseason

    Ap to 40min of presser i was like thats it, Russ is done with Seahawks. But after his answer about legacy i still think that for him winning SB is more important than winning MVP…

    • Rob Staton

      Pete didnt even told him he will fire Brian

      That’s because he wasn’t fired.

      Pete and Schotty both called Wilson within 10 minutes, after a mutual parting was agreed because both parties had different ideas for the offense.

  33. millhouse-serbia

    Andy reid once went 9 seasons with 1 playoff win across two teams (4 seasons with 2 apperances 0 wins with philly and then 5 seasons with 4 apperances and 1 playoff win with KC)

    Sean Payton had 2 playoff wins in 6 years after his Super Bowl.

    John Harbaugh has two playoff wins in eight years since the super bowl against the niners.

    Mike Tomlin has 3 playoff wins in 11 years since last making the Super Bowl.

    • millhouse-serbia

      This show how hard is to reach SB in this league.

      Yes, we should hope for more, we should ask questions what is needed to win SB again, we should discuss whats good and what is not…

      But dont take 12-4, NFC West title and PO for granted…

      If you ask me now would i be happy with 5 PO birth, with only one NFCC without SB in next five years, i would say yes.. Of course this is from perspective in 2026, not knowing how season will end and without taking me hope we can win it all… Because i always hope we can win it again…

      • Rob Staton

        And the Jaguars have more playoff wins than us in recent years. Let’s run through all of those stats now.

        I don’t care about 12-4.

        There’s no award for that.

        This team has one playoff win in four years. It’s OK to say that’s not good enough.

        • millhouse-serbia

          I really dont see that way… I think every win is award… When we were 5-0 i was happy as little kid… And i had hope we can winn it all… Every season where i have hope we can win SB during all 16 games is successfull season for me…

          • Rob Staton

            You’re more than welcome to feel that way.

            But you shouldn’t be telling other people ‘not to take things for granted’ because you feel differently.

            It’s perfectly fair to say one playoff win in four years isn’t good enough. Nobody needs to be told otherwise.

            Winning 12 games and then getting your arse kicked at home by a division rival in the playoffs is not ‘success’ or ‘enjoyable’.

          • Mick

            To me even going playoff and out is acceptable in certain circumstances. However losing against a better team after doing your best is one thing and being crushed by a team with no QB because you can’t get a third down to work is another.

      • McZ

        I think, the last few days are full of framing, multiple steps to create a picture about who ***ultimately*** bears the responsibility for being kicked out of the PO, again.

        So much to the “culture”.

        If we look at the superficial data of the last 8 regular season games and the playoff dropout, the only pattern you can derive is, that winning or not winning is not in Wilsons hands, but in his legs and in his OL. There were multiple games, where Wilson put a stagnant, non existing run game over the hump.

        The difference between 20-9 vs Rams and 20-30 vs Rams is Wilson being required to run 9 yds in the first, or Wilson being required to run for his life for 50yds, to get something going. The RB corps was 86yds in both games.

        The second difference is holding the Rams to 118yds rushing, or giving up 164yds.

        In all three games, the Rams secondary played lights out.

        So, either you have to believe Russ, that he can hang 24pts before halftime on that premium Rams secondary (or the flexible, moving-parts Giants secondary, ftm). He took 5 sacks and 10 hits… and his TDs came after rolling out and in garbage time. I don’t buy that. This won’t work in a playoff game.

        Or you have to accept the fact, that we’re once again into a full round of “fixing the run game”, a run game, that is required to open up spaces for passing.

        It is abundantly clear, that you need a working IOL for that. You also need pure talent at RB, that is available over much of the season. Those two needs are interdependent. Your RBs are not bound to stay healthy, if your IOL sucks.

        Finally, trades & cuts…
        The Jamal Adams trade has put this franchise in developmental nowhere territory. Paying him $20m, Bwagz $18m and retaining RW will swallow up cap, that is eating into improvements at every other position.

        All those ideas of shopping around one of those players are all nice and well. Trading BWagz or RW comes with $7.5m and $39m dead cap pre-June, according to OTC. Jamal Adams is $0 dead cap, but they won’t let Adams go. It’s a matter of face saving. It’s not the same question as with Clowney, which the media was quick to forget.

        So, I expect (and fear) them to do, what most people won’t like and won’t find logical. Once again, they are bound to harrass the trenches for savings. Cutting Duane Brown saves $11.5m, Carlos Dunlap $14.5m.

        The plans about that secondary? I keep scratching my head. Possibly, we should ask the Rams scouting staff?

        • Rob Staton

          The Jamal Adams trade has put this franchise in developmental nowhere territory. Paying him $20m, Bwagz $18m and retaining RW will swallow up cap, that is eating into improvements at every other position.

          I just don’t see how they can make this work.

          I hope they just made an aggressive move to try and win in 2020 and are fully prepared to trade him again. I just don’t see any value in committing so much to three players. Especially when two of them are a safety and a linebacker.

          Plus they are a year away (two max) from having to pay D.K. Metcalf. They need to be paying the right people. Adams is just a luxury. Get Keanu Neal instead. Get some picks. They won’t be any worse off.

          • Big Mike

            Do you really, in your heart of hearts believe Pete will admit to the mistake this quickly though Rob? I just don’t see it but would LOVE to be wrong.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t.

              But I wish they would.

          • Thisthat

            Agreed on there is no way to make this work. I’m swapping Wagz with Adam’s though. Younger, less depth at S position in place and prime years still ahead. Adam’s looked square in a round hole this year and still produced numbers (83 tackles, 11 TFOL, FF) Let the team have a full training camp with him in there and I believe we’ll see a much better version of this secondary next year. I love #54. His mic’d up game against Kap/9ers is one of my favorites to watch, the sh*t he talked and the dominant plays made are incredible. Would miss watching him.

            • Rob Staton

              Adams produced because they manufactured him numbers.

              You’re not getting anything for Wagner. You can get some needed picks for Adams.

              • All I see is 12s

                Brock Huard believes he left two or three interceptions on the field including a pick six.

                • cha

                  That’s not a belief. That’s a fact.

        • cha

          We need to slow down on this “Wagner and Adams will eat the cap” talk

          Wagner is $17m and Adams is $9m in 2021.

          2022 Wagner is $20m with $16m of that not guaranteed. Adams will either be traded, franchised or in the cheapest year of a long term contract. At worst, they’ll have one season of about $36m cap hit between them.

          Wagner isn’t going to be making $18m/year during the fattest parts of Adams’ contract. By the time Adams’ cap hit gets really heavy, the NFL will be inking massive new TV deals and seeing a completely new influx of gambling revenue.

          • cha

            Although I completely agree plowing a ton of cap $ into Adams isn’t a wise move.

            They badly need to invest in the DL.

          • Rob Staton

            That assumes they move on from Wagner though

            • cha

              If they pay him $18m for his age 33 season and beyond we’ve got a whole new set of problems.

              • Rob Staton

                Sure — but I don’t see him taking a pay cut any time soon. And in fairness, he just graded out as Seattle’s best defender per PFF.

                • cha

                  Yeah. There’s lots of talk about him being overpaid but he deserves every penny as combat pay for what he went through this season.

      • Matt

        This is the common misconception between the positive fans and the harshly-realistic ones.

        Nobody expects to go to or win a Super Bowl every year. Nobody actually believes that. The question is, “are you a real super bowl contender?”

        This team isn’t, nor has it been going on 6 years now. That’s the problem. Year to year records have to be taken with a grain of salt. This team, this year – had a monumentally cake walk schedule. Was there a single win this year, just one, where you looked at this team and said, “they have a real chance to win it?”

        The honest answer is no. Rob and a lot of commenters have been highlighting the warning signs all year long. And when the team loses in the exact manner many of us predicted – that’s when you know we have a problem. And that’s what reinforces the idea that this team is not a real contender, nor have they been for over half a decade. That’s all us “harsh realists” want – is a team that is actually a real contender meaning; they don’t need everything to go perfectly in their favor. There’s wiggle room. There’s margin of error and multiple ways to win.

        I very much wish I was a fan that said, “I’m just happy to be here,” because there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I would ask people with that mindset to acknowledge that there are fans who had/have real concerns – many of which are completely valid.

  34. Rokas

    What I really don’t get, is why that hide and seek is necessary.
    I am not an american, but what I always admired about US business, that it has that straightforward no bullshit mentality.
    RW been with Carroll for 9 years, and they still are not on the same page?
    How is that even possible? Didn’t they have eye to eye conversation after the season, where they also talked about Schotty and a direction, which team is going/needs to go?
    Why Wilson has to be cryptic with his messages, or go to Rodgers who goes to Florio ar whoever else,
    And communicate all that. It seems that Russ and Pete live in different stratoshperes.
    And there is JS, who’s job is to be aware of all this stuff, and try fix it if there is some issues.
    Is Pete really that stubborn and aloof, and he does not listen to anyone?
    We should approach Artis Thiel or whoever might be brave enough, to ask Pete, if he sees any similarity between him and Arsene Wenger, that fans are insisting on. Of course Pete will not know who is that Wenger, but he might google that later and have a minute of thought, lol.

    • Matt

      Rokas – As an American, I can tell you that the “straightforward” mentality is all but gone these days. I won’t get into the weeds on that, but the HR Departments have a lot of power these days.

      To answer your question about Pete and RW – my speculation is that they are uber positive guys who really don’t like confrontation. I think both guys are going about this is their own passive aggressive way; partly due to personality and partly because I’m sure neither one of them wants to throw a hand grenade between their relationship.

      After all, they did win a Super Bowl. Deep down, Pete knows he needs a high level QB to win. Deep down, RW knows that JS/PC were one of the few teams that actually believed in him. So, I think there is a shared caution that neither wants to be the one who draws their weapon first.

      I do very much think that dynamic could change based on the OC hiring and/or how next season goes. We shall see. I do think RW is going to be the first one to make a move/change.

      “Is Pete stubborn and aloof, and does he not listen to anyone?”

      I don’t think calling Pete aloof is fair – aloof, IMO, implies kind of a level of idiocy and I don’t think Pete is dumb by any means. Pete’s downfall, like a great many leaders (in any industry) – is his inability to recognize his shortcomings and to fill that void with people who can lift up that weakness. Pete has fallen into the trap that he knows better…about everything, and does not want to be challenged.

      I do believe Pete’s obsession with “culture” has lead him to make many mistakes in who he hires. Yes, I think your assistants need to have a shared vision when it comes to culture. I think getting people who see the game the exact same way he does is what has ultimately held him back. There’s real nuance here. All teams go through ebbs and flows, but Pete’s teams always seem to have prolonged droughts on that front. I think this is where an assistant who looks at the game differently could pull the team out of such slumps, in a much quicker fashion.

      Lastly – I think in the hierarchy of “football minds,” I think Pete is absolutely near the bottom at the NFL level. I’m not an analytics is everything guy, BUT, I do think analytics provides an extremely valuable tool to strengthen your football team and game day decision making. Pete spats on analytics. I have not seen Pete evolve and the problem with that, is that the NFL has absolutely evolved. The thing that worries me most about Pete – he does not believe in margin of error. He had a really disturbing quote after the Rams game where he said, “we just want to keep it close.” Why? You are playing a financial advisor at QB. Why are you playing it close? Why are you not applying pressure on them to force them to lean on that QB to win? It’s stupid. Extremely stupid. And that singular mindset is why I just don’t have faith with Pete.

      All of this, of course, is just my opinion. I obviously never played in the NFL, but I did play D1 College Baseball. My college coach was very similar to Pete in the regard of he wanted to run everything. All the other coaches were merely extensions of what he wanted. In 4 years – my team saw 3 pitching coaches, 4 hitting coaches, and 2 “field” coaches. My college team never amounted to anything in those 4 years and a common theme was nobody really developed – the same issues persisted.

      I then contrast that back to my high school team, which was a baseball factory, and over 15 years (yes, 15) – we had the same pitching coach, hitting coach, and head coach. The head coach had a standard of “how we do things,” but gave total autonomy to his coaches to run things the way they wanted to. I kid you not – every practice was “exactly” the same. There was ZERO mystery as to what we were going to do and at what level we were expected to do it. Baseball and football are obviously very different, but over my 3 years on that team – each year was significantly different because each team had it’s unique strength and my HC 100% went with what the team did well. I’m sure there were many years he wanted to play “x style,” but he absolutely leaned on what the team did well.

      I just don’t see that with Pete. It’s why I’m adamant that if we can’t get rid of Pete – then he needs to either a) actually coach to his personnel and build around that or b) trade the assets that don’t align with his vision AND *actually* acquire the requisite personnel to do what he wants to do.

      I’m very much afraid that nothing will change and we will see a half ass attempt to build to Russ’ strength and to manufacture a great run game when we don’t have the OL or RB to do so. Right now – I once again see this team limping into the playoffs and losing in the first weekend. We shall see…but I’m not feeling much hope with this team.

      • Rokas

        Thank you for an interesting story, that you shared, and thoughts about PC. Makes a ton of sense how you deconstructed the way Carroll operates and thinks. What I am afraid, is that Pete’s ignorance and stubbornness will make a very uninspiring next 5 years for us Seahawks fans. I don’t mind running the ball, but you can’t be that vanilla on Sundays against good teams anymore or we are betting on reincarnating LOB, which is highly unlikely.

        • Matt

          Sorry for the novel.

          And likewise – I don’t mind running the ball; I actually like it. I just hate the “establish x” on offense. There are finite snaps – they need to maximize the game plan based on the opponent. I don’t think Pete is a deep thinker on that front. He’s more of a “establish your will.”

    • turbotpl

      >> what I always admired about US business, that it has that straightforward no bullshit mentality.

      You clearly haven’t worked in US business. 🙂

      • Rokas

        Actually, I did. I worked at one of the oldest resorts in the country (Idaho), back in the summer of 2006. Had some side jobs as well at the steak house and gas station.

  35. Ross

    I’m really encouraged by Russ’ interview today because I’m hopeful it will spur direction. Whether that direction be Russ’ direction or Pete’s, at least they won’t be floundering. If it’s Pete’s, I think it’s clear that RW will be moved one way or another. I’d be okay with that despite my appreciation for RW.

    Either way, this offense became stale and predictable and i’m looking forward to some creativity.

  36. millhouse-serbia

    Former #Chargers coach Anthony Lynn has spoken with Pete Carroll about the #Seahawks offensive coordinator job, sources tell me and @RapSheet. Lynn hasn’t decided what he wants to do in 2021, but he’d be among Seattle’s top choices.

    This is run first OC. Guess it isnt what Russ wants.

    • Henry Taylor

      Can you imagine the game management problems we’d have with Pete teaming up with this guy…

      4th and 2 from the 35
      “We should kick a field goal here coach”
      Runs out field goal team
      “No let’s go for it we need points”
      Tries to run offence back out there, doesn’t get play in on time, delay of game 5 yard penalty
      “oh well guess we’ll punt.”

      • cha

        Thanks a lot Henry, you just triggered my PTSD

        • Big Mike

          “Pre” Traumatic Stress Disorder?

      • turbotpl

        More accurately it would be:

        New OC: Let’s kick the field goal. Myers has been perfect out to nearly 60 yards, the defense isn’t working well today, and we need the points.

        Carroll: No, let’s punt and play for field position.

      • Gary

        And how is this different than what we have now?

    • Big Mike

      Russ isn’t going to get what he wants.

      • Thisthat

        I’m afraid you’re right Big Mike. PC has been great but pulling a power move like this will end terrible for all involved I’m sure. Russ plays next year maybe? Then forces his way out if not sooner and says I want out now after the hire is made and he’s not only not involved but does t like or agree with who it is

      • CL

        I don’t know much about Anthony Lynn, but look at this:

        The Chargers offensive DVOA rankings under Anthony Lynn:

        2017: 8th overall (2nd pass, 21st rush)
        2018: 3rd overall (2nd pass, 4th rush)
        2019: 12th overall (9th pass, 22nd rush)
        2020: 15th overall (7th pass, 31st rush) *rookie QB

        Per Brian Nemhauser

        • HawkMock

          He has a history and reputation as a running offense but it also looks like he can adapt to the talent around him. Different styles in Taylor, Rivers and Herbert but had some success with each.

          I think their failures have been due to bad personnel and draft decisions and not so much whether or not we let Russ cook or run more. A good offense can succeed at both and should have the balance Pete wants while still giving Russ freedom to get 4000+ yards and 35 TDs or whatever his magic numbers are for his career stats. Maybe it is because of the great content you provide on here, but it is frustrating watching them piss away money and draft capital on what they have been choosing when the alternatives discussed here seem so obvious to the casual observer. Personally would have gone after Hooper, Conklin and 2 of Jenkins, Lawson, Ogbah and Floyd last year. Chubb first and if not him, Taylor last year. I agree with BobbyK, go all in on the O-line and get a RB this year. Need to win in the trenches and not get pushed around when it matters in the playoffs.

  37. Frank

    This is from Pete Carroll’s Wikipedia page
    Carroll was repeatedly approached regarding vacant head coach positions in the NFL beginning in 2002.[12][40][41][42] Carroll hesitated to return to the NFL after his previous experiences, and said that his return would likely rest on control over personnel matters at a level unprecedented in the league. He had insisted over the years that he was happy at USC and that money was not an issue; he also was said to enjoy the Southern California lifestyle.
    Put simple, Carrol only want to coach in the NFL if he has control at unprecedented level of personal decisions. He want to test his football philosophy, and have no one else to blame but himself. The 19th best QBs in the league want to use the media to challenge PC from going out on his own terms is just bad chemistry for the team.

  38. Rokas

    It’s always insult to the injury to hire someone who is a worse in – game manager than PC. Dumb and dumber, is that the title of the movie?
    I just can’t get out of my head how Patriots wiped a very very talented Chargers in Foxborough a few years ago. I know it’s Bellichick, but they were so badly outcoached, I can imagine Lynn would not look better against Shanahans and Mcvays of this world.

  39. no frickin clue

    As upbeat as Russ made that press conference, it’s really a warning. Pete can’t now claim “oh, I didn’t realize you wanted to be involved in this process” – it’s been made front and center. Ignore Russ at your peril, Pete.

  40. Matt

    Brock and Salk seem to think Schotty was the one who “made the move;” not Pete. Very interesting – lots of smoke.

    • Mick

      If he thinks he’s got a shot for a HC job, I’d say it’s not unlikely.

      • Matt

        I’m confused – what are you referring to?

      • Jordan E

        I’d be shocked if he got a head coaching job in the NFL

    • turbotpl

      If so, do you blame him? Carroll was clearly micromanaging/meddling after midway through the season, when he got uncomfortable with the offense scheme deviations from Peteball.

      Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want a job where your manager is peering over your shoulder, breathing down your neck, and continually changing your decisions.

      I’d say Schotty leaving on his own accord is a possible explanation.

      • Matt

        I’m 100% on the side of Schotty.

        No way I’d work under a micromanager.

    • James Z

      Schotty has no shot at a head coaching job and will struggle to get an OC job. He’s a dinosaur. He might have to go backwards to a QB coach if he wants to stay in the league, IMO.

      • Matt

        I have no idea where you guys are getting this Schotty as an HC deal from. I’m not saying anything other than Brock and Salk said they think Schotty said “I’m out.”

        I believe that.

  41. Jordan E

    Very intrigued with whats going on. Appears to be a power play by Wilson to get his desired offense. I’d imagine that Wilson would have expressed his feelings to Pete and JS earlier. Say what you will but Pete has appeared to always support wilson at least publicly.

    Pete and JS both sign long extensions, so they are not going anywhere. Wilson may end up leaving Hawks in a year or so- should we sign a coordinator not to his liking and/or if the coordinator he likes performs poorly. I’d stick to my guns if I was Pete & JS and hire the coordinator I like for the long term- but obviously discuss and consider Russ side too. But would go with my guy end of the day.

    • Matt

      Sincere question – but what’s the appeal of PC at this point? What does he bring that you think outweighs RW?

      • Jordan E

        He’s won a SB and was mentioned as a coach of the decade. But with that said lol not that much over Wilson. I just dont see Pete going anywhere nor JS. With how the contracts and team structure I think Russ is only one to go.

        I do agree we need to improve running game though. ARod is the #1 guy I point too who had a career resurgence with an amazing running game. I think Petes desire for a real running game is a legitimate way to fix the offense.

        • Matt

          Oh I know he’s not going anywhere and what he’s accomplished. I just meant in 2021 and moving forward – I honestly don’t know what he brings to the table.

          • Thisthat

            I think PC is a big reason some FA want to come play here. Maybe not for the X’s and O’s But for a coach who tries to put guys in position to get the most out of them, super high energy, obnoxiously positive haha and the fact his record looks pretty good to guys who haven’t seen much success in their careers. Just look at Adams and Dunlap after winning NFCW. They were hyped to be on this team vs their previous situations. I remember Cliff Avril played on the 0-16 Lions before coming, Bennet, Clemons, Diggs etc all came for the “culture” not the paydays.

            • Rob Staton

              Most of those players came because they had no choice after a trade

  42. turbotpl

    Good on Russ. Both for making his opinion known, but also for doing it in a professional and amiable manner.

    Personally, I think Schottenheimer had to go due to lack of adjustments to defensive schemes, once opponents had neutralized the initial Let Russ Cook efforts and given that he was utterly predictable in his play calling. That said, I don’t think anyone other than Carroll wants to go back to Peteball run-run-desperation pass on 3rd and forever from 2017. Run-run-pass worked in 2013 because of Marshawn Lynch and the defense we have, but has completely failed since then. I can’t understand Pete’s obsession with that model given the dubious results in the last six or seven years.

    What the Seahawks need is fewer cute calls (e.g. passing on 3rd and 1 when Carson is on fire), a lot more quickly developing pass calls, and much more unpredictability. And above all, far far less Carroll micromanaging/meddling (which always seems to end in disaster). But I also feel Carroll is correct that more runs are warranted *at times*. Many times this season Carson was effective, but we kept trying to force long LRC passes rather than giving him the rock and daring defenses to stop him.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally, I think Schottenheimer had to go due to lack of adjustments to defensive schemes

      Well according to reports, he wasn’t going anywhere until he decided he didn’t want to run Pete’s offense any more…


    Tom Pelissero reporting Anthony Lynn has already spoken to Carroll about OC. As Rob would say, “Jesus wept!” Sigh.

  44. Walter A Johnson

    Mix it up confuse the opposing defense, one trick play a game. 1, 2, 3 ,4 quarter any time make the defense stay off balence. Heavy on the run 1st or second quarter pass the next 3rd and fourth whatever works the best hammer and flight or flight and hammer . Send the young and fasr wr to run the hell out of their best defenses. Tire the defenses out for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. Run, run run fourth quarter will be yours.

  45. Jordan E

    Pleasantly surprised Doug Peterson even contacted by Carroll for OC. I think Pete may be willing to cede more control. Just gotta make sure he agrees on philosophy. Knowing Schotty. I wouldn’t be surprised if he called a pass again on the 4th & 1 instead of a run with Carson.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Pete may be willing to cede more control.


      Let’s wait to see who actually takes the job…

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