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I joined Stu and Adam from the Pedestrian Podcast this week to pick through a number of Seahawks topics, have a listen below…


  1. Sea Mode

    Perfect. I didn’t think he would be let go on minimum. Not sure why that was even reported/speculated. Now we are definitely frontrunners.

    Adam Schefter

    Divorce officially official: After days of negotiations, the Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. finally reached a settlement that will result in him being placed on waivers Monday, after which he can be claimed Tuesday at 4 pm, per league sources.

    As part of the settlement of the reworked contract before it is terminated, the Browns agreed to remove the final two years of Odell Beckham Jr.’s deal, meaning he now is scheduled to be a free agent after this season, per sources. Beckham had two years left on his deal.

    Additionally, any team that claims Odell Beckham Jr. would inherit $7.25 million of salary for the remainder of the season, per sources. The cost is considered high for a player that now will be considered a rental with this being the last year of his contract.

    • Sea Mode

      Only teams with enough cap (of course, moves could be made)

      • cha

        Now that’s an intriguing development. $7.25m cost to claim him.

        • Submanjoe

          Which the Seahawks can afford and let’s them play the comp pick game.

          • BobbyK

            They won’t though because they’re too stupid. They’ll be signing mediocre free agents again in hopes of putting bandaids on the roster and that’ll cost them in comp picks even if OBJ signs a big deal elsewhere. They just don’t care about the future anymore. They say they do, but they’re liars if we judge them on their actions rather than their words.

          • Roy Batty

            I thought if they claim him they assume the rest of his contract, which is 2 more years?

            They would only get a comp pick if he clears waivers and signs a 1 year deal with the hawks.

        • jed

          To the Seahawks front office: do it do it do it do it do it do it

          What’s the worst that happens? He acts like a toddler crying for candy at the checkout line again and you drop him in a few weeks?

          • Hawk Finn

            Not sure, but dropping your toddler for crying sounds felonious…

  2. WallaSean

    This seems like a no brainer, try it for the rest of the season, let him go in FA and get a comp pick.

  3. 12th chuck

    unfortunately I doubt he makes it past philly. With all the holes on this team, we wont get any comp picks next year either.

    • dand393

      I completely agree I don’t see him getting past the eagles

      • PRan

        No team will claim him with out his consent due to the cost and drama( if he does not sign off).

  4. BobbyK

    I could go either way.

    Save the money moving forward so they can spend it when there’s a more realistic chance in ’22 to actually be good.

    Get him now and help make sure you’re not giving the Jets a top 10 pick AND see if there’s any special chemistry with Wilson. If there is, great (and keep him if you can – but if he’s great with Russ, you could get a nice comp pick… though the Seahawks suck so bad all around the roster that they will probably blow that chance). If not, a little harm was done (salary moving forward) but nothing significant.

    I will be happy either way, aside from that 3-5 record thing. And unhappy QB thing. And limited draft picks moving forward thing. And the bad center thing. And bad DL. And crappy RBs for a team that supposedly wants to run the ball.

    • Peter

      I want PC to retire so badly.

      Just looked at sportrac’ list of FA for 2022 and I’m not feeling it. Names to be sure. But i’d venture most would be resigned to their current team. Then there’s a massive list of people I didn’t realize were still playing.

      Back to OBJ….if this team had direction this could be a build around Wilson move. But with no direction it’s super hard to see if he adds value. And could he be integrated in a timeline that lifts the team?

    • Poli

      Side note: Creed Humphrey should win OROY but he won’t because he’s a lineman and more specifically, a center.

      • BobbyK

        I was fine with them drafting Eskridge or Humphrey. I liked both equally for the Seahawks. But I just realized today that Humphrey is 2 years younger than Eskridge. When you’ve got a pair of guys you love equally, you always go with the young guy if they’re that far apart in age.

        I still really do like Eskridge and think he’ll really help the ‘Hawks when he can get back on the field. There’s no way of knowing a guy is going to get a concussion in his first game and miss that much time.

        • Scot04

          Same for me Bobby, only I had Eskridge, Meyers, & Humphries as my hopes to drop. Didn’t expect all 3 to be there.

        • Poli

          Age aside, they’ve one of the best WR duos in the NFL, with oft injured Pocic at Center.

          Brings us back to the old saying that Rob has preached many times here that games are won or lost in the trenches.

          Nice to have a good WR prospect like Eskridge, but trying to solidify the OL would be even better.

          Wouldn’t have minded a free agent like Sammy Watkins as the WR3…..

    • Olyhawksfan

      Wow. Is that what centers do? Wouldn’t know.

  5. JJ

    Hawk scouts at ole miss game today. Couple of qbs to look at. Any other notable prospects?

    • CD

      They should just save money and throw darts at a board. They are on about a 10% success rate since 2013. It pisses me off how bad these ‘professional’ scouts are?

    • McZ

      This game will certainly pause the Malik Willis overhype, and Corral also looked flat.

      • Rob Staton

        I said in the podcast in this article that I thought Willis was a day three pick and Corral overrated.

        So not surprised by this at all.

        The mock drafts and general draft coverage is horrendous. Too tied to mock drafts and the first round. It should be OK to say — this is simply a class extremely lacking in legit first round prospects. Because that’s simply the truth.

        • KD

          I wouldn’t touch any of these QBs with anything more than a 3rd round pick, and that may be overly generous.

  6. Paul Cook

    Washington Huskies vs Oregon Ducks grudge match the marquee game today. A few other interesting games like Ohio State at Nebraska, Michigan State at Purdue, Auburn at Texas A&M, Indiana at Michigan. Normally I’d say LSU at Alabama, but I feel Alabama handles them with ease.

    College Football Playoff Rankings

    1) Georgia
    2) Alabama
    3) Michigan State
    4) Oregon
    5) Ohio State
    6) Cincinnati
    7) Michigan
    8) Oklahoma
    9) Wake Forest
    10) Notre Dame
    11) Oklahoma State
    12) Baylor

    I imagine Cincinnati and Oklahoma are a little perturbed at where they sit in the rankings. You could make the argument that Oregon could have the easiest path to the CFP in that they’re ranked 4th now, have the easiest schedule remaining, that Michigan Sate will probably drop a couple of games from here, and that Georgia and Alabama play in the SEC and have tough games remaining.

    But UW will take care of that argument today. 🙂

    • DriveByPoster

      I have taken an opprtunity to watch Wake Forest today. They have sneakily snuck inside the top 10 so I thought I’d check them out. It’s another shoot out game. With 9 minutes eft in Q3 they have just made it past 35 points (as they have in every game this season) against North Carolina. It’s good fun to watch & some great action in the passing game. Some pretty iffy D by both teams though!

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Ohio State / Nebraska game has been interesting from a David and Goliath viewpoint. I like Nebraska’s secondary, they have made several difficult interceptions.

      • DriveByPoster

        The outcome of the Wake Forest game also hinged on the performance of the secondary. In this case, DB Storm Duck (not a name you will easily forget), balled out for Carolina in the second half & shut down a big chunk of Wake’s passing game. More a Brandon Browner type than a Richard Sherman. Physical at the line of scrimmage, sticky in coverage & with a winning attitude. One to watch out for perhaps.

  7. Paul Cook

    Watching this Ohio State and Nebraska game and wanting OSU to lose has been a teeth gnashing experience. Nebraska has been given every opportunity imaginable to pull even, get ahead, and win this game but they either shoot themselves in the foot, or they are not up to the task

    • BobbyK

      The story of their season. Close against a lot of good teams, but can’t get it done.

      • Paul Cook

        Yup. They may never get near back to where they once were as a football program. It must be tough to recruit to Lincoln Nebraska to begin with, then throw in the move to the Big Ten, the loss of traditional rivalries, and some recruiting pipelines to places like Texas. It’s a wonder what Tom Osborne did there. He was really amazing as a coach and program builder.

        • BobbyK

          I was as big of a Nebraska fan as could be in the 80s and 90s. Went to two of the three national championship games they won (first two trips outside the midwest I ever took – did those in lieu of “spring break” in college).

          As life happened and marriage/kids, I didn’t have time to invest into Nebraska and the Atlanta Braves (really didn’t care about the Braves the other night – just love the game of baseball these days, no in particular team) anymore and the Seahawks have been the only team I’ve stayed with as a somewhat fanatical fan. But I still hope they do well, but don’t ever see them being as they were in the 1990s (or any team ever being as good as they were in 1995).

          • BobbyK

            Best college football teams ever (that I’ve ever seen)…

            ’95 Nebraska
            ’19 LSU
            ’92 Washington
            ’87 Miami (I know they lose to Penn State, but they were great)

            It’s so funny because two of those teams above were never unanimous National Champions (and the Miami team didn’t even win it).

            • BobbyK


            • Big Mike

              Those ’92 Huskies would’ve beaten the “co” champs Miami team by 2 TDs.

            • GerryG

              The 92 Washington fiasco turned my interest away from college football for years, until the BCS. It pissed me off so much.

  8. Paul Cook

    Purdue seriously looking to knock off Michigan State today. This game was almost the definition of a trap game. MSU sky high coming off their big upset win of Michigan and going on the road against a dangerous Purdue team.

    • McZ

      Aidan O’Connell could be a sleeper QB in 2022 draft. This Purdue offense operates much better under him, even with practically zero run game. Full set of passes, lacks a little arm strength for the deep throw, but has good second reads.

      George Karlaftis II consistently beats the LT, completely undermines attempts to create a clean pocket, save a passing game.

      • Paul Cook

        LOL I had the same thought myself about O’Connell. With this terrible draft class at the QB position, at least this guy can spin the damn ball, make most of the throws, has decent size, and look like he knows what he’s doing out there. Yeah, as a later round pick, why not? He might make a better back up QB prospect than what we’ve had.

        • McZ

          Looking at Justin Herbert, Mac Jones and even Mike White, you cannot do much wrong with size, leadership, IQ and a halfway decent arm.

          I wonder: is this the new market inefficiency, because most teams are looking at mobile Mahomes-clones.

          • BobbyK

            Based on athleticism, Trey Lance is a future HOFer and Mac Jones is another bum. But QB is so unbelievably mental. That Manning kid has such an advantage because you know he’s so smart and trained exactly like Yoda training a committed wanna-be Jedi. There’s no way Jones should be good and Lance should look so terrible – but I’m so happy the 49ers took Lance over Jones.

            After seeing this QB class not even for a half-season, I’d say Lawrence is best (long-term vision, something Pete Carroll knows nothing about anymore), followed by Jones… Of those top 5 QBs, I’d say Lance looks the worst and he was the #3 overall pick.

  9. Tomas

    I doubt OBJ will choose to play for Pete.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s very close to Wilson

      He won’t even be thinking about Pete

      • Tomas

        Hawks 31st of 32 in 2021 passing attempts. I’m aware of Florio’s and other comments linking OBJ to Seattle. Maybe OBJ’s completely irrational, but if not, a ball-hog should attempt to avoid Seattle like the plague.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re 31st of 32 with Geno Smith playing three and a half games.

          And it’s possible to… you know… adapt

    • BobbyK

      Why are there comments like this? The Seahawks have the #9 waiver claim. If they claim him and the top 8 don’t… how is this even an issue?

      • dand393

        Because he can say he won’t play for the hawks if they claim him and will be a free agent at the end of the year

        • BobbyK

          So he’ll throw away $7 million + to not play for a team for a few games? By that logic, every player in the NFL draft would say they “won’t” play for a certain team and will re-enter the draft the following year. But we know that’s BS.

          • dand393

            Well according to Adam shelter

            Beckham does not want to go to just any team, according to sources familiar with his thinking. Beckham wants to spend the rest of this season with a playoff contender and in a winning environment, where he believes he would be happy and productive.

            If a team that does not fit this criteria claims Beckham and the $7.25 million remaining on his contract, there could be potential issues for that team, according to a source, although it is unclear exactly what those issues would be.

            So ya I’m saying if Seattle claims him he might just say he won’t play

            • Rob Staton


              He loves Wilson, they are friends. No way Russ is giving up on the season.

              It’s already been reported that OBJ wants Seattle.

              So people just need to chill.

              • dand393

                It’s also been reported he only wants to go to a playoff contender and as far as I can see Seattle is definitely not a contender and I’m pretty sure you would agree with me on that one. I’m sure OBJ has friends on many teams but if winning is truly important to him then he’s not playing for Seattle

                • Rob Staton

                  You’re just arguing for the sake of it now.

                  Wilson will 100% believe Seattle is still a playoff contender. So will Carroll.

                  Whether you or I think they are or not is irrelevant.

                  It’s been reported that he prefers Seattle so basically everything you’ve said is countered by that.

                  • dand393

                    Definitely not arguing for the sake of it, if that’s the logic the same could be said for you, I have laid out good points as to why I think he would not play for Seattle if they put in waiver claim, I’m not saying there is zero percent chance he would play but very unlikely he would. I was just replying to BobbyK comment saying

                    “Why are there comments like this? The Seahawks have the #9 waiver claim. If they claim him and the top 8 don’t… how is this even an issue?”

                    I was just saying why there are comments like this, that’s all

                    Side note how do you put somebody quote in green like everybody else does

    • TJ

      Well….. according to Florio, Seattle would be OBJ’s top choice.

  10. Paul Cook

    I agree with what Rob said about these QB hit penalties. The Huskies just got a late hit on a QB run. The QB made some yardage then started to go into a slide. A Husky defender was going about 20 miles an hour when he went into his slide. There was no way he could possibly avoid hitting him. None. And he tried to let up on the hit, and certainly didn’t lead with the head.

    This is getting old. Fast.

  11. Bankhawk

    I’m figuring that the Hawks will be needing to select at least one (if not two) Rb’s in the coming draft. I love Carson, but who can say what we can count on him for going forward, given the injury history.
    Last couple weeks, I have enjoyed watching Tex A&M Jr rb Isaiah Spiller. Anybody have a take on where he might go in the draft if he declares?

  12. Paul Cook

    I wonder if UW head coach Jimmy Lake gets fired this week for smacking that player in the face mask and then shoving him in the back during the Oregon game? You’d think it would be suspension by the university at minimum. We’ll see…

    • 12th chuck

      he should get fired for an lackluster offense. terrible. same for pete, stuck in his old ways, the new league is geared for passing, to set the run up unless your titans

      • BobbyK

        Pete’s offense is fine if he has the people to run it. Like most offenses. But when you go into a season with crappy players on the OL… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the results.

        A fireable offense would be to think you could have a power running team with a center the “quality” of Pocic and Fuller “competing”.

        And when you do run it – you already know Penny sucks. You know for a fact that Carson is an injury prone machine. You saw enough of Dallas as a rookie to know he sucks at being a bell cow if he’s called upon. And Alex Collins was a guy nobody else in the NFL wanted.

        And you want to be a power running team with no RBs and no power or anyone good in the middle of your OL. I just don’t get it, Pete. “ComPete” is fine if you have decent players competing, but then the competition is Trash vs. Trash – it doesn’t matter, Mr. Carroll.

    • KD


    • Big Mike

      Looked to me like the player was confronting a referee.

      • Paul Cook

        Insiders are saying that things are deteriorating fast for Jimmy Lake at UW and that there may be an announcement of some kind as early as later today. I think the AD Jen Cohen is really hearing it from alumni, ex-players, season ticket holders, and the big donor class.

        As for me, I just want him and his staff out for coaching incompetency bordering on negligence. He’s just in over his head and yet he retains an almost arrogant posture about it. He never makes changes when they are needed, when seemingly everyone in the world who’s closely watching knows certain changes need to be made.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah change is needed. UW needs a big hire.

          I can remember being impressed and surprised when they landed Peterson. They need something similar now.

          • Paul Cook

            I was ecstatic when they got Petersen. I was hoping he’d be around for a long, long time, but he burned out and wanted to move on from coaching. I do know he detested the social media world, and tired of what recruiting was becoming as a result of it. But there was more than that certainly.

  13. Tomas

    Jimmy Lake: Pete’s ideal OC.

  14. Ashish

    When will we know about OBJ new team?

    • Rob Staton

      Monday or Tuesday, unless he ends up having a free agent tour

      • Ashish

        Will be surprised if he clears waiver

  15. Kyle R

    If Zimmer gets fired this year and Pete steps down at the end of this year, would Zimmer entertain the idea of being a defensive coordinator again for a young new offensive minded head coach here in Seattle?

  16. Norman

    And the Jaguars knock off the top AFC team in the Bills, because chaos.

  17. Sea Mode

    Lol. Body count: 5

    • 12th chuck

      better than penny

    • bmseattle

      Was that Jamal Adams trying to make that tackle downfield?

      • Big Mike

        You guys are killing it 🙂

  18. Palatypus

    For those who love literature.

    They should call this Green Bay offense The Ministry of Love.

  19. Canadian Hawk

    Is this back to being a thing again?

  20. Big Mike

    With every failure by Love, Rodgers’ position with the Packers gets stronger.

  21. J.P.

    Was Kingsbury actually the genius all along and not Shanahan?

    • Jordan

      Too early to say for Kirk, but probably not. Never should’ve applied to Shanahan off of one good outlier season.

      McVay and Carroll have been the largely consistent long-term standard in the division.

      • Jordan

        Kliff. My apologies.

  22. Palatypus

    Matt Stafford looks terrible today. He’s got very happy feet and is playing scared.

  23. V

    I like Jamal Adams, but I wish we had traded two 1sts for Jalen Ramsey when we had the chance instead of him. Nothing against Adams, but he isn’t worth that one bit. No strong safety in the league is worth 2 firsts. I wouldn’t trade 2 firsts for Chancellor either

    • Palatypus

      The difference between Jamal Adams and Kam Chancellor is that Adams is a peacock and Chancellor was terrifying.

  24. Palatypus

    Mike Vrabel is building a house inside Matt Stafford’s head.

  25. Pran

    Like this game.. Titans are who Seahawks like to be. Rams with 2 elite players on defense keeps offense in game..

  26. Sea Mode

    And here we go…

    The Seahawks have shown strong interest in acquiring the wide receiver, the person said. Quarterback Russell Wilson has urged Seahawks brass for a Beckham signing, and in recent days, team officials have done extensive research on the wideout.

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s the tweet:

      • 12th chuck

        I can only hope. Seahawks have been used as leverage bait before, so unless there is a signing…

    • Sea Mode

      Florio again as well:

      “He prefers to not be claimed. He prefers to become a free agent. The teams to watch I’m told are the Seahawks, the 49ers, and the Saints, and I’m told he prefers the Seattle Seahawks.”

      • Scot04

        Well if he prefers the Seahawks and gets claimed by them he should still be happy.
        It will be interesting to see what happens. If you’re the Seahawks and really want him, you just put in the fricking claim.

    • Palatypus

      Was this dropped by his agent? Who is Odell Beckham’s agent, anyway? Is it Drew Rosenhaus? You can’t believe any rumors that guy spreads.

      • Sea Mode

        The Mike Jones article is an unnamed source from within the team. The Florio stuff, I don’t know.

  27. Sea Mode

    Clearly a blatant act of violence…

  28. Sea Mode

    Haha, this is when you know your franchise is truly in shambles…

    I enjoyed some of the replies as well. 😂

  29. Sea Mode

    This might be the only way to effectively block AD!

    • Palatypus

      So, we just give the Rams Jamal Adams and he runs into Aaron Donald every play. Problem solved!

  30. AlaskaHawk

    I know how the Seahawks can make the playoffs. They just need to keep having bye weeks. LOL

    But seriously – what happened to the Rams? And will it keep happening?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Rams have shown they are still susceptible — in a way Green Bay, with Rodgers, Tampa Bay and Arizona are not.

  31. Big Mike

    Huskies fire their OC John Donovan after “amassing” 166 total yds and a whole 7 first downs vs. Oregon (a team that’s not exactly the ’85 Bears on D). There’s your next Seahawks’ OC under Pete.

    • Paul Cook

      I’m a big Husky fan, yet I almost couldn’t watch the last few games because it caused me psychic frustration from the coaching staff’s stubborn failure to make changes and adjustments to their offense when it was blatantly obvious it was in need of it, both from a schematic and personnel standpoint.

      Due to strong defensive and special teams play, the Huskies offense got the ball near midfield four times in the first half and came away with zero points. And the way they came away with nothing was so maddening I wanted to drive ice picks into my eyeballs. Oregon was practically begging us to take complete control of the game and we didn’t.

      And there’s a whole lot more…

      • Ben

        I’m right there with ya Paul. Hopefully Jimmy Lake doesn’t last the week (he should be gone already).

        • Ben

          Fingers crossed Cohen is gone right after him

          • Paul Cook

            College football is a whole lot different than pro football. Losing teams don’t get rewarded with first dibs on the top recruits. College football is largely designed so that the rich get richer. If UW envisions itself as a team that consistently competes for Pac 12 titles, and occasionally positions itself for CFP run, then you can’t afford to miss out on recruiting cycles.

            If you see your team getting weaker and weaker over two or three recruiting cycles, see the luster coming off your school as a top destination point locally and regionally for recruits, then you can’t afford to dilly-dally around. You can go into a several year swoon, especially if you have a weak or unstable coaching staff. We’ve witnessed that before.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Firing Lakes after less than a full season would be rash and ill-advised imo. The D is playing well (Lake’s focus) and yes, the offense has been abysmal. Which, to me, is why finding an OC should be priority #1 rather than blowing up the ship. Unless, of course, UW could coax a nationally coveted HC. But I do not think we have that kind of pull at the moment. ​

          TL;DR – Better to work with the Devils you know rather than the devils you don’t as they could be worse.

          • Paul Cook

            Well jimmy Lake has been suspended for a week and the next game and then his situation will be reviewed again. This is kind of what I thought would happen initially. There’s a lot of legal and contract stuff to work out in the case of his full dismissal, and there’s only three games left in the season now unless they eke their way into one of the lesser bowl games.

            You have to think that the writing is on the wall for Lake.

  32. Denver Hawker

    Is there a truly dominant team or even offense or defense in the NFL this year? Tampa offense? Buffalo or Denver defense?

    The margin between mediocre and great looks narrower by the week. Hopefully makes for some exciting football in the 2nd half of the season.

    • Palatypus

      …and the officiating gets worse every year.

  33. Hawks4life

    Russ expected to start vs Green Bay

    • Mick

      Wouldn’t be too surprising if he does better than Rodgers. Hopefully that will be enough for a W.

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