Seahawks connected to Odell Beckham Jr

Take a chance, Seahawks

According to Mike Florio’s sources, the three teams to monitor when Odell Beckham Jr is released on Friday are the Saints, Seahawks and 49ers.

One of these teams is not like the other two.

The Seahawks have Russell Wilson. The Saints, currently, have Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill. The 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance.

If Beckham Jr is released — and if the financial offers are somewhat even — the Seahawks would have a big advantage there, as Wilson prepares to return from injury.

Personally, I think it would be a good move.

For starters, if it wasn’t abundantly clear prior to his absence, the Seahawks are totally dependant on their franchise quarterback.

The running game is all over the place and the defense isn’t going to scare a serious offensive opponent.

Seattle needs to be able to throw punches in the passing game. Lots of them.

Adding Beckham Jr to D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett would create a potent trio capable of challenging any opponent. It would take the pressure off needing to rush Dee Eskridge back from his concussion and guard against further issues if it becomes a recurring problem this year.

The Seahawks need to do whatever it takes to find a dynamic strength where they can be consistent. With Wilson’s return and with extra weapons thrown into the mix, this would give them the best chance to find that strength — via the passing game.

Take the shackles off and let it rip.

You never know, having a brilliant passing attack might even open up some running lanes.

It’s also possible, whisper it quietly, that it could make the Seahawks ‘fun’ again.

Some might argue it’d be too much risk or be too many mouths to feed in the passing game. Let’s not forget that this team tried to sign Antonio Brown a year ago, despite already having Metcalf and Lockett. That was much more of a ‘risk’ than ODB. If you’re willing to go there for Brown, you better be willing to go there for Beckham.

It’s also worth noting that Brown eventually joined Tom Brady in Tampa Bay despite the Buccaneers already having Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski and others. Having lots of weapons helped Brady, it didn’t hinder him.

This franchise still needs to prove to Wilson it means business and that it’s taking his concerns seriously from the off-season.

They have $13,382,838 in available cap space (the 49ers have $3,469,988 and the Saints just $998,752). What have they got to lose by taking a chance on Beckham Jr rejuvenating his career and finding his best form?

The Seahawks always say they’re in on everything but increasingly it’s other teams making the big moves. It’s time to take one last meaningful swing in 2021.


With Beckham Jr now released, we wait to see if he’ll be claimed off waivers or reach free agent status. The Seahawks are ninth in the waiver list.

Florio has offered the following update:

“Some believe he prefers to go to Seattle, which makes sense given the presence of quarterback Russell Wilson and other receivers who attract plenty of attention.”

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  1. Dave

    I know everyone is going to say he is this that and the other, but I don’t think so. Has he caused any drama in Cleveland? NO. he’s matured and just wants to play ball. A three WR set with him metcalf and Lockett is no joke. 3 outstanding WRs, one (at a minimum) should manage to get open each play. I like the idea, I’m sure russ is in on it given the off season and pro bowl connections. Can JS/PC pull it off? Only time will tell

    • Todd

      Yes he has caused Drama or Cleveland wouldn’t have released him

      • Rob Staton

        But is it more him causing drama or it just being a poor fit?

        • Elmer

          If he does fall to the Hawks on waivers, does the OC have the offense in a place where it can use him to advantage? So far the offense has not looked like it can use more than two receivers very well.

          • Rob Staton

            Then make the offense capable of taking advantage of him

            • Elmer

              You’re right. It brings up another question. Is the limited receiver diversity due to the offense being unable to take advantage of the receiver options that it has, or is it because the TE,s and the backup WR’s just aren’t very good at the NFL level? Either way. It needs to be fixed and OBJ would help. (As long as he isn’t a locker room problem)

        • Hawkdawg

          This is the same question that was posed when he was a Giant. After awhile, you start to think there is fire behind that smoke.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      This has always been a dream of mine, to see one of my greatest LSU boys join my Seahawks! Please John, pull the trigger!

  2. STTBM

    What the Saints and Niners have that Seattle lacks is decent GMs and Coaches who adjust in-game, throw the ball, and run an offense more modern than 1972.

    Why would Beckham want to split 15 throws a game between himself, Lockett and DK?

    It could happen, it should happen…but even if it does, can you see Carrol allowing it to work? I can’t. He’s more likely to double down on his conservatism with Wilson back, hoping Wilson can pull the game out at the end.

  3. Neville

    Why not, during this last hurrah season

  4. Justaguy

    This proposed move seems desperate to me but I understand the desperation. The trump card is Pete. Does anyone still envision Pete converting his philosophy because I certainly do not? Odell will not be the difference. We lack a consistent OL & DL.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t say desperate. It’s simply an opportunity that has presented itself.

      Desperate is getting to camp without adding any impact players in the off-season so blowing two first rounders on a box safety

      • Justaguy

        The quantum effect is still zero playoff victory

        • Rob Staton

          Well at least it won’t be as boring as it has been

        • Elmer

          It would be an indication that they are willing to go for it, if nothing else. Better to bring in someone with a record of achievement instead of another marginal guy.

          If they don’t get OBJ I would like to see what Eskridge and Cade Johnson can do.

      • Hawkdawg

        A box safety who is not an impact player, no less…

  5. BobbyK

    What’s OBJ’s contract scenario next year (and year after) if he’s claimed?

    As of today, I do know he’s got some health issues. I think he’s got a pretty banged up shoulder.

    I have no hope of winning a Super Bowl this year, but he could be an important piece for ’22.

    • cha

      He is owed $8m for the rest of the year guaranteed.

      2022 and 2023 (age 30 and 31seasons) he’s due $15m each year but $13.75m is not guaranteed. He could be claimed and then cut this offseason with little penalty.

      But he very likely wouldn’t get claimed if released right now. Teams would let Cleveland foot the bill for the $8m owed, and has been pointed out, very few teams have that cap room available and would consider him a fit.

      So he’d be free to pick his next team and negotiate a salary for 2021 – not much given the situation and the number of games left.

      • Sea Mode

        As Thursday night comes to a conclusion, however, we’re told that the Browns currently plan to release receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Friday.

        The move is expected to be accompanied by a revised contract that reduces the team’s obligation to pay Beckham, if he’s not claimed on waivers and becomes eligible for the balance of his salary termination pay. The challenge for Beckham becomes not making the reduced salary so low that someone claims the contract on waivers.

        • Rob Staton

          Go and get him

          Give the fans a lift

          Add a bit of excitement to the season

          • L80

            Considering they paid about 8 mill to a washed up Olson, why not get him in here with that ability he has?…..They have missed out on a bunch of players this year alone and have at least 2 first round busts on their roster that are sucking money like a well oiled Shop Vac.

            Make it happen.

  6. uptop

    Obj would be subject to waivers wouldn’t he? I don’t know how that stuff works and if it’s favorable for the Hawks

    • GoHawksDani

      afaik it would be favourable, because Hawks finished worse than 49ers and Saints, they’d have rank higher in the waiver claim list

  7. Hawkster

    OBJ … hmm, not sure if he can block or not. I’m sure they can teach him to, or at least try.

  8. Hawk Mock

    I just saw something that said he is going to be released tomorrow. I think that would add some fun to the offense if they actually open it up and he’s healthy. Be nice to see Russ win a recruiting battle if he did get involved as well. I feel like we’re usually just used and abused for guys to get better offers from where they really want to go.

  9. KD

    Dammit Pete! Jonathan Taylor was BEGGING to be a Seahawk. sigh….. Watching how good Taylor is… is depressing.

    • Denver Hawker

      He hit the hole so hard on that long TD run- I just cried inside. Dude is dynamic and earned all $54 I paid to have him on my FF team.

      • Sol

        Jonathan Taylor was such a great prospect. Why in the world didn’t the Seahawks draft him? He even went to Wisconsin. It’s ridiculous but I’m beginning to worry that armchair GMs and amateurs actually could do a better job in the draft than the Seahawks leadership..

  10. Submanjoe

    The Rams trade for von Miller, last year of his contract. If he walks in the off-season chances are they get a comp pick the following year. I want Seattle to play that game too. I agree with above notion that Seahawks just won’t pass enough to get the most out of Beckham. He has two years left on his contract and that’s not great either. I’d guess Cha is right that he’s likely to clear waivers and negotiate his own contract. But if some team claims him…Seattle would be the one.

  11. Jordan E

    Let Russ Cook Baby!! Or Die Trying!! No harm in this move. We can alwaya franchise DK and this can show Russ we are willing and recognize that this is his team.

  12. Mick

    If we’re gonna be a finesse team, go for it, he would make us so much harder to predict. I don’t believe he would be a bust. My take is he would much rather have Wilson at QB. And Eskridge is still a rookie who needs to get healthy and get used with NFL, so I wouldn’t feel bad taking snaps away from him.

  13. GoHawksDani

    I’d sign him. What’s the worst case scenario? He sucks, need to cut him, you lose some money. What else would you do with that money?
    Best case scenario? He’s a valuable asset, teams needs to decide who to double between 3 WRs, someone gets open for almost every pass. With good gameplan, Hawks should be moving the ball with ease.

    With very little risk and potential big gain, it’s a winning move in my book.

    Absolute best case scenario: They sign OBJ, Russ is happy. Pete retires, JS goes to other team, ownership signs a good HC, GM. They bring new good coordinators. We trade Adams and Bobby. Bring in some good players for the trenches, a good RB and Hawks build a potent passing and running attack with a solid defense

  14. MattyB

    Yes please.
    A signing like this would put a smile on everyone and as Rob mentioned quietly – it would make the offence fun for us scary for others

  15. Sea Mode

    I guess we’ll see if RW is still a big enough pull even with the sinking ship PC is captaining. Or does OBJ want to play with a contender instead while rebuilding his value?

    It’s definitely a roll of the dice though since he’s been hurt so often. Is he still the player he used to be or is he just living off his reputation at this point…?

  16. Denver Hawker

    Looks like his contract will now be restructured to get min and he’ll go waivers. I’d imagine that changes the equation a bit to get him on a contender.

    • Sea Mode

      I thought the idea is to lower the Browns hit a little bit in exchange for releasing him, but not so much that any team would still want to claim him on waivers.

      I would think going all the way down to the minimum would be a pretty sure way to get himself claimed not by a contender. Unless, of course, he’s simply going to refuse to play for anyone except the team he indicates or some shenanigans.

      • Denver Hawker

        That makes more sense.

        I was supposing the latter- his agent would provide a list of teams to GMs that he would play for and threaten to be a cancer to anyone else.

      • Denver Hawker

        Saw a list that said Hawks are 9th in waiver priority.

  17. Roy Batty

    Imagine the conundrum of defensive coordinators facing the Hawks with OBJ signed.

    Who do you double team? Which speedster does the safety gamble on? Man or zone? High 2 or single?

    Russ has got to be drooling over the prospect.

    • Elmer

      I hope that RW is drooling. There were media reports that RW was lobbying for Gordon and Antonio Brown. I have not seen any reports like that about OBJ. Hoping that is not an indicator of lack of interest in OBJ.

      • Rob Staton

        Wilson and OBJ are very close.

        No need to worry there

  18. Sea Mode

    Nice timing, I guess…

    Adam Schefter

    Today is Odell Beckham Jr.’s 29th birthday.

  19. cha

    What ever happened to Geno Atkins? He had a ‘great workout’ with the Seahawks in August, then vanished off the face of the earth.

    There hasn’t been a retirement announcement that I’ve heard of.

    He probably didn’t get an offer he considered worthy and has either decided to take the year off or maybe wants to join a strong team for a playoff run.

    Anyone heard anything on him lately?

    • CHaquesFan

      I’ve been having the same question, I remember him visiting the Vikings within weeks 1 or 2?

      • Rad_man

        My bet is team was being nice to him and his brand..said he looked great…but in reality saw that he was washed up or close to it.

        He’s still out there with no job. 33 years old and 161 games played. Fork out his back.

  20. Rob Staton

    Latest from Mike Florio:

    “Some believe he (OBJ) prefers to go to Seattle, which makes sense given the presence of quarterback Russell Wilson and other receivers who attract plenty of attention.”

    • Ashish

      Since we are not trading draft picks, this is safe bet. Worst case it will not workout but has high upside.

  21. Forrest

    I can’t see the Seahawks putting in a claim. I can see them signing him after waivers. …and they should, if it’s a prove it deal, which it should be. Honestly, I don’t think he has much left. Can he separate and get open deep? Can he be a mentor to Eskridge? Doubt it! Could he add some excitement to the fan base and show a commitment to Russ? Yes! Low risk, high reward. Just wish we had a Robbie Tobeck in the locker room to get in his face, if he gets out of line.

    All of that said, my feeling on the value of a WR3 has changed after watching the Chiefs struggle with just Hill and Kelce. I’m just not sure Beckham will help. I think Eskridge is the same guy on a cheap contract. I think the Hawks need a chains mover for 3rd down. A tall, quick separator.
    Great point on Atkins, Cha!

    • Roy Batty

      According to OBJ’s dad, he has been open on every play;)

  22. cha

    Here’s the timeline:

    Field Yates
    Whether Odell Beckham, Jr. is waived today or tomorrow, he will be subject to waivers on Monday.

    Any team that wants to claim him would have to submit a waiver claim by Monday afternoon and would inherit the remaining 9 weeks of whatever money Beckham is still owed.

  23. Paul Cook

    The thing with OBJ is that I don’t know what’s going on with him. I’ve watched Cleveland play this year and last and he’s been almost nonexistent. Even when I have seen him involved, he hasn’t looked good, or special at all.

    For these reasons I’m not sure I’d want to pay him his remaining contract. I wouldn’t be upset about it if we claimed him, but not jumping for joy either. Couldn’t we spend that money on some help in the trenches?

  24. Pran

    I don’t like this trade option. We only throw so much and unable to even involve #1 TE on team. we are going thru phases of game where DK or Lockette are not targeted. with out running game, will Russ have enough time to throw considering Russ’s conservative style except for deep passes. Do we need another Diva in locker room?

    If they do bring him in, i would think this is Pete/JS’s hail mary to save the season and job.

    • Pran

      oops..its not a trade still..

  25. Scot04

    Seahawks should 100% put in a claim.
    This team needs to do something to juice up the fans, let alone boost the team.
    That’s if he gets to us in the claim order; I have 0 confidence we get him if he clears waivers.
    We’ve lucked our way to impact players before, Hopefully this is another.
    We might as well use that 53rd roster spot on an actual football player.

  26. cha

    Hey 710, these Wyman breakdowns are about the only good thing you’ve got going right now.

    But they’re super clunky, using still shots instead of video.

    How’s about you splurge and get Wyman a video system and a clicker to use?

    • Big Mike

      A video system he can use to try to convince us that Jamal Adams is actually good?
      I ask because he responded to a text I sent last summer to his 710 show listing all the reasons why Adams should not have been traded for nor extended (as we’ve discussed here and were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about) and I was basically called clueless without him using the actual word.

    • Roy Batty

      Save money by dumping Salk, the head priest prosthetizing at the alter of Carroll.

    • cha

      I take that back. Jake and Stacy are good. Brock when he’s allowed to talk is good.

  27. cha

    Greg Auman
    · 1h
    Many have reported that the Browns will convert most of his remaining 2021 salary to a bonus, so he’ll be costing close to league minimum, maximizing the chance of a team claiming him. They’re paying a lot to make sure he doesn’t get to choose where he plays.

    • Scot04

      I don’t see him getting to us in that case, Unfortunately.

  28. Simo

    I’m not opposed to the Hawks adding OBJ, it never hurts to have loads of weapons. If he can recapture some of his former ability this would be an absolute win, and he’s only 29 years old still.

    If Pete were to allow Russ to cook for the rest of the season (probably not realistic) it would be fun to see how it worked. My biggest concern would be the ability to protect Russ, since we’ve seen all year this is not a good offensive line.

    Would have preferred if the Browns cut a good lineman!

  29. Matt

    Just wanted to have a moment of silence in remembrance of Jonathan Taylor *wanting* to play for the Seahawks…

    Man this FO…so depressing.

    • Big Mike


  30. cha

    Jake Heaps
    If the #Seahawks don’t put in a waiver claim for OBJ then the motto of Always Compete is dead.

    They can 100% do it and rework any aspect of his current deal they don’t like on arrival.

    Sorry Jake, gonna have to disagree with you there.

    Always Compete has been dead for a while now. Its rotting corpse is stinking up the place.

    -Collins had clearly beaten Penny in the pecking order and yet Penny got placed ahead of him to start the season.

    -Ugo had clearly beaten Blair for the nickel job. PC even said so when Blair got hurt. He had forced Blair into the game ahead of Ugo at times ‘just to give him some snaps.’

    -Alton Robinson strip sacks Ryan Tannehill for 7 easy points mid-2nd Qtr vs Tennesee Week 2. He logs 18 total snaps in that game. Rasheem Green, Kerry Hyder and Benson Mayowa log 50+ snaps each. Hyder logs 2 pressures and zero sacks, and the other two don’t log a pressure or a sack.

    *With Mayowa hurt, he logs 42 snaps against Minnesota and records a 66 pass rush grade and an 81 overall grade on PFF. Similar snaps and grading the following week against SF.

    *Robinson then logs 6 whole snaps against the Rams and one (ONE!) snap against Pittsburgh. Seahawks record 1 sack and 5 pressures as a team vs the Rams, and 1 sack and 8 pressures vs the Steelers, and lose both games.

    *PFF pass rush grade avg for Hyder/Mayowa/Green vs Rams: 53. vs Pitt: 59. Top grade of all: 65 for Hyder

    *PC gives a meek answer when asked about Robinson’s playing time.

    -Tre Flowers bumps DJ Reed to the other side because ‘he’s had his best camp’ after 3 solid years of below-level play. He’s predictably terrible.

    -The team consistently cannot find snaps for Ryan Neal even though he’s regularly solid.

    -Pete says ‘the bench is an effective tool’ when asked about why Brooks is sat and the team suffers through Cody Barton being on the field. When asked about poor play at other spots (corner), he makes excuses.

    -Poor game plans and baffling in game decisions.

    Always Compete is a distant memory.

    • Paul Cook

      Good point about the “always compete”. And there were even more examples than the ones you mentioned.

    • Ashish

      Can you please email this to PC and JS with high priority?

      • Rad_Man

        Re Penny and Collins I won’t ever blame a coach for playing a higher ceiling young player over a lower ceiling established guy. Pete has to find out if there’s any way to tap into Penny’s potential. He’s a much more unique and potential star player than Alex Collins, who has pretty much shown us what he is.

        These types of situations are easy to point to and criticize, but the perspective of what the coach is trying to find and get out of a player before it’s too late also needs to be considered in many of the situations you cite. Only the coach knows the inner workings of the player’s mentality, practice and work ethic, or what they “See” as potential there.

        It would be a shame to do to Penny the same thing they effectively did with Collins – not give him playing time and see him reach closer to his talent level elsewhere.

        We also don’t know if putting Collins 3rd helped make him what he is now. There’s too much there we can’t see.

        Also, Brooks has been playing well/betterl of late. Maybe the benching got his head straight.

        I read this blog and think sometimes people have gotten into a situation where Pete can do nothing right, everything is viewed as a mistake or a flaw of his philosophy. He appears to have entered “can’t win” territory for many fans.

        • Rob Staton

          I read this blog and think sometimes people have gotten into a situation where Pete can do nothing right, everything is viewed as a mistake or a flaw of his philosophy. He appears to have entered “can’t win” territory for many fans.

          Did you come to this conclusion after we gave the Dunlap trade an A+ last year, praised the appointment of Shane Waldron as a step in the right direction or talked up Dee Eskridge?

          Which is it?

          Or are you just creating a lazy argument?

        • cha

          Penny and Collins I won’t ever blame a coach for playing a higher ceiling young player over a lower ceiling established guy. Pete has to find out if there’s any way to tap into Penny’s potential.

          First off, that is EXACTLY what he is doing with keeping Taylor and Robinson behind Hyder, Green and Mayowa.

          Secondly, if that were the case, they’d actually give Penny some actual play designs to ‘tap into his potential’ instead of putting him in and plunging him into the middle of the line so much.

          We also don’t know if putting Collins 3rd helped make him what he is now. There’s too much there we can’t see.

          You cannot be serious. That is absolute rank speculation.

          I severely, severely doubt that Collins gained anything by being bumped down the depth chart. He’s ran just like he showed in preseason (before getting bumped).

          Also, Brooks has been playing well/betterl of late. Maybe the benching got his head straight.

          Did you not get my point? I wasn’t bashing Brooks. If a benching is what it took to straighten the matter out, fantastic. My point was how can you witness such poor play in other positions for weeks on end and not take a similar action?

          I read this blog and think sometimes people have gotten into a situation where Pete can do nothing right, everything is viewed as a mistake or a flaw of his philosophy

          I read comments like that and cannot reconcile them with everything I’m seeing on the field and what comes out of Pete’s mouth.

          They’re 3-5 and scraping for the playoffs after years of one and dones, after a reset 4 seasons ago.
          They’ve wasted resources at an alarming rate, and they cannot openly justify their decisions when questioned. Their franchise quarterback knows time’s wasting and has expressed it.

          So yeah. The benefit of the doubt has long since expired.

          • BobbyK

            One guy wants to kill to be the best he can be (Chubb) and another is a talented player who likes his McDonalds (Penny). To us fans that don’t know it all – that’s enough info made public right there. I’m with ya, cha.

  31. pdway

    Have OBJ on both my fantasy teams, so i’ve definitely paid attention to him more than most non-Seahawks this year, and to be honest – i’m not really sure he still has it. Maybe he’s got some doldrums being in Cleveland, or his friction w Baker is impacting things…but it’s been noticeable to me.

    All that said, i’d still be happy if we made this move. As Rob notes, this season is a torpid bummer, and adding another flash player is fun. It also strikes the important note to Russell, that we are not throwing in the towel on the year, and gives him another weapon.

    have really been hoping to see Eskridge flourish, but i guess who knows the when and if of that one at this point.

  32. RugbyLock

    How worrisome is it that Eskridge has been out since sometime during the first game? Should something more be read into that?

    • Sea Mode

      Well, they said it was affecting his eyesight and he had to go see a specialist in Florida iirc. So yeah, sounds like pretty serious effects of the concussion.

    • Jordan

      Can’t be too careful with head trauma.

      One of the things I appreciate about this regime is that they don’t seem to rush injury recovery.

  33. James Z

    Fox Sports reports OBJ released:

  34. Palatypus

    Who gets cut?

    • cha

      They have a spot available with Blair soon to go on IR.

      They will need to find room for RW and (maybe) Carson and Eskridge this week.

      Jacob Eason would probably go.

      They could cut Collier, Reid or Bless Austin and probably wouldn’t lose all that much.

      They have 4 TE’s. Tyler Mabry might go since they have Izzo on the PS.

      They have 3 centers. But they dropped Brad Lundblade off the PS so maybe they keep Shepley as a roster stash.

  35. BA

    I like OBJ but I really don’t see the point of this. Just like with the Josh Gordon saga there’s an awful lot of effort being put into building this all-star receiving cast on a team that can’t put together a functional offensive game plan for more than a half of any given game and doesn’t use its 3rd WR anyway.

  36. BobbyK

    Why I want OBJ:

    That would be a sick receiving core. Maybe it could spearhead some late season victories and give the Jets a pick outside the top 10-15. I’m going to be sick if the Jets get a top 10 pick.

    Maybe OBJ is the answer opposite Lockett to make DK expendable? I have worries about DK and his attitude after he gets paid and he’s the only guy on this roster (besides RW) worthy of another team offering a Jamal Adams type of ridiculous offer. I don’t want to trade DK – but taken in this context – I think it’s something to consider (only with the starting point being a pair of 1’s and a 3 like we gave for Adams). Having another WR like OBJ makes this more feasible.

    Why I don’t:

    This year is a waste. Let’s save every penny for when we actually have a fighting chance again. It would take a minor miracle for this OL and DL to be part of a Super Bowl winner regardless of the skill positions. This team would have to go through an unusual run of nobody getting injured and good fortune to make the Super Bowl.

    • Palatypus

      Save every penny? This joke writes itself.

  37. BobbyK

    I don’t think OBJ is washed up. This is an example why his stats are down (significantly). This one play sums up he and Baker Mayfield.

    • Jordan E

      Even if he is, he is far better than Swain and Eskridge needs time to come back. We dont have a bruiser like Lynch or Shaun Alexander anymore. Were a finesse team BUT Russ has shown that the Let Russ Cook movement can work sometimes.

      Russ will probably leave anyway if we do not make the playoffs. We should give him the chance / tools he needs to really cook and have the team his be his offense. The potential of DK + Lockett + OBJ is like a madden game

    • Olyhawksfan

      If that’s Russ it’s a touchdown. Pitch and catch baby!

    • Positrac

      I do not want to see body language like that on the Seahawks. If any of that rubbed off on DK it
      would be very unfortunate.

  38. cha

    Oh good. An extra 24 hrs of uncertainty.

    Field Yates
    · 48m
    While the team announced it will be releasing Odell Beckham, Jr., the Browns did not formally process the move today.

    The team is still working through the details needed (read: figuring out how to adjust the contract).

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      Divorce officially official: After days of negotiations, the Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. finally reached a settlement that will result in him being placed on waivers Monday, after which he can be claimed Tuesday at 4 pm, per league sources.

      As part of the settlement of the reworked contract before it is terminated, the Browns agreed to remove the final two years of Odell Beckham Jr.’s deal, meaning he now is scheduled to be a free agent after this season, per sources. Beckham had two years left on his deal.

  39. Ryan purcell

    Picking someone up off waivers doesn’t seem like a ton of effort is being spent. I like it. You’re always just an injury away from a strength becoming a weakness anyway.

  40. Palatypus

    I’m curious Rob. If Victoria Beckham were injured, would you be in favor of adding Lindsay Lohan to the Spice Girls?

  41. McZ

    Couldn’t sum it up better

  42. cha

    Call it drama created by OBJ, call it a poor fit, call it a strong desire to win, it cannot be discounted that noise has followed OBJ his entire career. There is a good possibility it could follow him to Seattle. That said, RW is a friend and I think OBJ would behave for him and for the chance to make some noise on the field for a change. Jamal Adams made a ton of noise in NY but hasn’t been a problem in that area in Seattle.

    My concern is Pete Carroll. Would he make a move like this? Yes he would.

    Would he also continue to run the exact same offense he always has – calling telegraphed runs on 3rd and 2 and then shrugging and punting deep in enemy territory? Very likely, yes he would.

    The only way this move works is as Rob pointed out in the piece – it has to be married to a real, honest to goodness dedication to the passing game. That doesn’t necessarily mean shoving the run down to 25/75 split levels. But it does require an admission that sending out banged up running backs and then running them behind UDFA centers that cannot block linebackers, let alone defensive tackles cannot be a sustainable way to success. Can he do that? Can the old dog pick up a new trick? Has 3 games without Russ shaken him so much that he is now looking at things differently? I’m not convinced.

    That said, if a move like this is made and elicits that kind of play-calling response by Pete, it could hasten the situation we’ve all seen coming – Pete’s refusal/inability to adapt and the need for a change.

    He has been given RW, DK, Lockett, Eskridge and a stable of TE’s and still would rather run battered running backs behind sub-standard centers in key situations. And then in the press conferences after, when asked about his choices, he praises the team for running the exact game plan he envisioned, except they lost.

    To get OBJ, spend $7m on him and then ignore him in losing efforts?

    That’s not going to go over very well.

    • Scot04

      I honestly don’t think they’ll even put in a claim. It seems they want to keep that money. If this isn’t a good reason to use it there won’t be a better one.
      If unclaimed he most definitely won’t be a Seahawk, too many true Contenders.

      • Jordan E

        Your probably right. Watch him sign with Rams- a team that is serious about contending.

        • SeaTown

          No chance Odell comes to Seattle. He wants Brady and Tampa.

          • BobbyK

            No chance Brady can have him if the Seahawks claim him.

  43. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Finally: Odell Beckham agrees not to seek termination pay. He gets his wish to be released after the #Browns could not trade him and the team gets cap and cash relief for a player who wanted out. Beckham likely gets to choose his next destination beginning Tuesday.

    Ian Rapoport
    · 33m
    Important detail: If Odell Beckham passes through waivers, a settlement will kick in which means the #Browns would only be on the hook for $4.25M (— $3M savings). He will then become a free agent and be able to sign with any team.

    • Scot04

      Hope the Seahawks prove me wrong and put in a claim. If we miss out because he goes higher in order fine.

  44. cha

    Nick Korte
    If Odell Beckham, Jr.’s renegotiated contract is claimed off waivers, he will not be eligible to become a compensatory free agent in favor of his new team, should he depart for a different team next offseason.

    Nick Korte
    Conversely, if Odell Beckham, Jr. clears waivers, and is signed by a team as a free agent to a new contract for only the rest of this season, he *would* be eligible to become a compensatory free agent in favor of the team that signs him.

  45. Frank

    I think he’s an absolute perfect style match up with what RW does well, and I haven’t written this year off yet. Say what you will about Geno, and I totally agree he isn’t a starting level QB, but in RW absence we at least have proven the offense is almost as functional if not, just as functional with a back up level QB running it. The defense is improving, and RW only usually has a half season of really good play so think we might be in-line for some renaissance late season Wilson after his forced vacation. I’m not a big Russ fan, but if there’s ever a time he could prove he is what he aspires to be and get PC one more before retirement, giving him Beckham for one last great chance at post season success. We have the cash, go get Beckham!!! Besides the Rams just got Von Miller, besides all the f those picks jokes, Sneads roster building is phenomenal, if not necessarily sustainable. We need a Beckham to have a chance in this arms race.

    • BobbyK

      Snead collects comp picks like crazy so he hasn’t actually raided the franchise of draft picks as bad as others would like to argue. They still have picks. At least he spends them on good players, instead of bums like Jamal Adams.

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