The next 24 hours will tell us a lot about Seattle’s future

Wilson and OBJ are close friends

Make no mistake, what happens between now and tomorrow is important.

The Russell Wilson trade saga had been simmering for some time. As we all know, what really kicked things into gear was Wilson sitting at the Super Bowl watching Tom Brady win another Championship.

Here was a team, 100% invested in their quarterback, enjoying success.

When Brady wanted Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay obliged. When Bruce Arians said publicly there was no chance of Antonio Brown being added. Guess what? He ends up with the Buccs because Brady wanted him.

No quarterback had more weapons by the end of the year. No quarterback had been listened to in quite the way Brady had — from personnel decisions to game plan.

What Brady wanted, he received. And it worked.

Wilson craves that. He perhaps feels he’ll need to go somewhere else to get what he wants — just as Brady did.

He doesn’t want to confine the best years of his career to a philosophy he doesn’t believe in. Clearly, as the likes of Greg Olsen have made clear, he doesn’t think Pete Carroll’s approach will deliver success. That doesn’t mean he hates Carroll or has a bad relationship with his Head Coach. It just means he doesn’t want to look back in 20 years and wonder what could’ve been.

That’s why the four teams Mark Rodgers passed on to Adam Schefter all had offensive-minded Head Coaches. Wilson wants to do things differently and yes — that means a lot of passing.

He sees the success Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have had. He sees the creativity Buffalo uses with Josh Allen. He’s seen first hand what Sean McVay can do for whoever starts in LA. Plus of course, Brady in Tampa Bay.

He wants a slice of that.

He also wants the team to deliver when he makes a personnel request.

A year ago Antonio Brown was destined to land in Seattle before he quickly bolted for Florida. Wilson and Carroll even conducted press conferences where they were asked about the signing — that’s how inevitable the deal felt at the time.

It probably wasn’t anyone’s fault in Seattle (although the team hastily put out in the media that they decided against the move in a clear case of damage limitation). This was the draw of Brady at work — an immovable force within the NFL.

Now the Seahawks are in a similar position. According to reports, Odell Beckham Jr ‘prefers’ to join the Seahawks after being released by the Browns. Other reports have since suggested Wilson has urged the team to sign him.

If they don’t put in a waiver claim or sign him if/when he clears waivers — what will this say to Wilson?

It’s easy to imagine this making a deteriorating situation even worse.

The quarterback could easily view it as such — the Seahawks prefer to save their $13m in cap space for next year, rather than push to get back into the playoff mix in 2021.

Furthermore, they failed to act on his desire for Beckham — a close friend — to join him in Seattle.

I would suggest the Seahawks, if they really want to try and ‘have a go’ this year, should add Beckham and open up their passing game. The running game has been an incoherent mess at times with no consistency. The defense plays in fits and starts. Their best chance to make a late run is to lean on their star quarterback and give him an arsenal of weapons capable of beating any team.

This goes against Carroll’s preferred methods but at 3-5 and with the season on the brink of being wasted — this is no time for sticking to your guns.

How do you cover Beckham, D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett? That’s a great question to ask upcoming opponents.

Beckham might prove to be a busted flush. He might have minimal impact or even get injured again.

Yet the price — essentially half of their remaining cap space if they claim him off waivers — is so small, what exactly are you losing if it doesn’t work out? At least you gave yourself the best chance to make some noise this season.

Always compete? How can you even utter those words if you sit on $13m and continue to pass up opportunities like Beckham and Stephon Gilmore?

For the cost of two Benson Mayowa’s, why not have a go to see if this once elite receiver can rekindle his magic when playing in the same offense as Wilson and two other stud receivers?

Not signing him could be the final straw for Wilson, setting the table for an eventual trade in the off-season. Only this weekend Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen were discussing the prospect of the Philadelphia Eagles making a move.

Currently the Eagles are slated to own the #3, #7 and #14 picks in the 2022 draft — putting them in pole position to trade for a veteran signal caller.

If the Seahawks land Beckham and make a firm statement to Wilson — it might not heal all wounds but at least it shows they’re trying.

If Beckham lands somewhere else and all indications show that, despite Wilson’s desires, they weren’t interested — we’ll need to start looking a bit closer at how Seattle will be spending those high first round picks.

If you’ve missed our draft coverage this year — the 2022 class has plenty of depth but lacks star talent at the top end. Even if you end up with #3, #7 and #14 — you’re unlikely to find a quarterback you’re sold on for the future. You’d also be left nervously hoping to land a top name such as Kayvon Thibodeaux or Derek Stingley.

Land those two and perhaps someone like Jordan Davis or Trevor Penning and you might be able to say with confidence you’ve properly bolstered ‘need’ areas. Yet the finger crossing involved with a Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis taken later in the draft — if available — is enough to create plenty of anxiety.

Both players, along with several other quarterback prospects, have positive traits. Yet nobody has emerged this year to definitively say — ‘draft me, I am the top signal caller in this class’.

We may end up having to dig into that pool of prospects very soon, regardless.

As Wilson prepares to return to action this week against Green Bay, this feels like a significant 24 hours. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. cha

    Pete Carroll has a press conference today.

    I’d really like it if the press corps asked him about this and pressed him for an answer better than “always compete” or “we’re in on everything.”

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I also want to see him pressed. However, if I’m PC, there’s no way I’d tip my hand prior to a deal. OBJ isn’t ours to lose by any means even if we are one of the more likely candidates for a landing spot .

      What I’m most interested in is if we pass on waivers and risk another grabbing him for whatever benefit there may be to signing OBJ as a FA.

      Rob/Cha/et al, any thoughts on pros and cons to claiming him (and his current contract) versus signing as a FA to new contract? Obviously there’s the risk to lose him to another team’s waiver claim. Outside of that, is there some foreseeable financial benefit to a new FA contract as compared to his current price tag?

      • cha

        Claim him – $7.25m due this year, and no chance at a comp pick until his contract expires after 2023.

        Let him go through waivers and sign him as a FA – negotiable contract (far less than $7m) and you have the chance at a comp pick if he leaves this offseason.

        • Troy

          Or claim him and re-negotiate his deal down from 7.25m to something more reasonable.

        • D-Mac

          I believe his contract was re-worked with the Browns prior to his release, voiding the last two years of his current deal. If we claim him off waivers we will be on the hook for the $7+ million, but he’d still be a free agent (and eligible for comp pick) this coming offseason.

          • Rob Staton

            He won’t be eligible for a comp pick if claimed off waivers

            • Submanjoe

              So he’ll clear waivers and sign somewhere. Hopefully Seattle doesn’t screw it up. Hopefully they just sign him.

            • D-Mac

              Are you sure? If we assume the remaining terms of his current contract, which then expires and leads him to UFA, then why would he not be factored into the comp pick formula?

              • BobbyK

                Even if he was – Carroll has no long-term vision anymore. He doesn’t care about future draft picks. He’s proven that to us. He’ll blow all that extra cap space to “comPete” now. If we lose a big money guy, Carroll will simply instruct his puppet GM to sign someone else to burn that money on. Therefore, no comp picks either way.

              • cha

                It’s not a standard contract that expires, it’s been adjusted and that matters.

                OTC’s comp pick guru tweeted this:

                Nick Korte
                If Odell Beckham, Jr.’s renegotiated contract is claimed off waivers, he will not be eligible to become a compensatory free agent in favor of his new team, should he depart for a different team next offseason.

                Elric Bills
                Nov 5
                Replying to
                Is that because he won’t be with the team a full year? What’s the rule that causes it? (Not doubting, just curious about the process)
                Nick Korte
                Nov 5
                It’s because his contract is being shortened.

  2. Gross MaToast

    Everything points to signing Beckham as the most sensible thing this franchise can do to get what’s left of this season back on track while appeasing a QB who has had enough. I would have great interest in watching RW throwing to that set of receivers. Rob is absolutely right – it might make the season fun again.

    But, it’s not PeteBall.

    If they don’t get Beckham, it means Pete ain’t going nowhere. RW is.

    How many times a team can trade down from #3, #7, and #14 and how many picks they can amass in rounds 3-7.

    If the past few years of drafting have taught us anything, it’s that they won’t get Kayvon Thibodeaux or Derek Stingley, taking guys with comparable measurables and none of the skill instead, plus add a handful of vagaries from directional colleges that they are really pumped about.

    The decision on ODB seems monumental for this franchise. Good stuff, Rob.

    • Big Mike

      “If they don’t get Beckham, it means Pete ain’t going nowhere. RW is.”

      • BobbyK

        And we can look forward to Jalen Hurts to lead this team to 6-11 or maybe 7-9 records for a couple of years. That would be “fun”.

        • Starhawk29

          Not picking a fight, I don’t want Russ gone either, but Hurts is not bad. He’s grown as a passer consistently over the last three years (per my untrained eye). So while I don’t want Russ gone, I wouldn’t be unhappy with him as my QB.

          • BobbyK

            I think he’s a good guy and I’d follow him if I were a football player. He’s good enough. His ceiling could be that of Matt Hasselbeck (probably won’t get quite that high) and I loved that guy. He could win with an unusually stacked team at his disposal, but once Hurts gets his second contract – he’ll be in the Teddy Bridgewater area where he’ll get paid over $20 million to maybe not suck too much. I find it horrible to pay Andy Dalton $10 million to suck or Teddy Bridgewater $20 million to be bad but not terrible and actually have a good game here and there. I just want to keep paying top money to a stud QB that most teams in the NFL would rather have. Nothing against Hurts personally, but I just don’t see winning a Super Bowl with him in the near future where Russ can still take a team there (with a lot less help than Hurts would need).

            • Starhawk29

              Yep, Hasselbeck is the caliber of player I was thinking. He’s got a lot of growing to do to get there though. I have no disagreement with you on finding a top tier QB, but if you hire the right coordinator, I think he can be a lot like Alex Smith was for the Chiefs. You can build a playoff contender around him and find the right QB to drop in and run the table. He’s a player that belongs in the NFL, and can absolutely start and win games. He’s also probably never going to be an elite passer and someone who’ll have to worry about losing his athleticism as he ages (like Cam Newton).

              All this to say, I think Hurts is interesting to watch and juuust might pan out.

  3. Roy Batty

    Honestly, this is giving me the same anxious, nervous energy I used to get before the draft (that is, until they started whiffing on so many picks).

    If they pass on OBJ, the energy level at Wilson’s next presser will tell a lot about his true reaction.

  4. Eduardo Ballori

    Well elaborated article Rob, as usual.

    Only one issue, it was Russ who advocated for the addition of Greg Olsen to the Hawks and not Carroll.

    Concerned about the delayed development of Eskridge with OBJ coming in but, more important thant Dee’s development is a happy Russell Wilson. Hope they can make it work



    • Rob Staton

      Only one issue, it was Russ who advocated for the addition of Greg Olsen to the Hawks and not Carroll.

      I’m not sure why you’ve raised this. The article makes no reference to who advocated for Olsen.

      • Malc from PO

        I understand Eduardo’s confusion. You wrote “as the likes of Greg Olsen made clear” referring to Olsen’s comments as a pundit, but I think’s it’s possible to read that section and misinterpret it as referring to Olsen’s time with the Seahawks, and to Carroll being a driver behind it. The clarifying comment and reply was pretty helpful, to me anyway. Cheers, Rob.

    • Paul Cook

      I’m a fan of wanting to see what Eskridge can do, but at this point I don’t think we’re going to see very much of him the rest of the year with or without OBJ. Maybe a flash here and there.

      • Jordan E

        Eskridge has played one game. If hes a great player he will do fine and will step up with the level of competition and learn. Let’s not overcomplicate things. SIGN OBJ –> Show Russ we are trying –> Let Russ Cook –> Potentially Keep Russ Long-Term and make the playoffs at least.

        We are not going to go anywhere for a while with the investments made for Jamal Adams and the poor drafting of PC & JS. We are in the mode where we have to maximize what we have now and strike when things have not completely fallen apart yet.

  5. Sean Gross

    I don’t think OBJ fundamentally changes the Pete vs. Russ situation. If getting OBJ is actually shorthand for Pete also changing his offensive philosophy and Russ believing it is a permanent change, then I’d agree, but that seems far-fetched.

    Given how the franchise has underutilized pass-catchers from Harvin to Graham to DK, I don’t see it. Pete has repeatedly gone out and got shiny new toys that he won’t use well. So add OBJ to the mix…so what?

    I can see the next 24 hours resulting in a rental of OBJ, and then what? If they don’t fundamentally change their offensive philosophy as well, I don’t think it will make Russ more likely to stay. If they do add OBJ and open things up the offense, would the next 2 months of presumably improved offensive production be enough to convince Russ to ignore years of PC stubborness and failure and decide that Russ can coexist with Pete? I’m really skeptical.

    I’m not arguing that they should skip this opportunity and make the best they can of the remaining season…I just don’t think it changes the off-season much. I think it is Pete or Russ next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Pete has repeatedly gone out and got shiny new toys that he won’t use well. So add OBJ to the mix…so what?

      It shows you’re listening to the franchise QB and are willing to deliver for him.

      That’s not insignificant at all.

      Sure, the style of play will still be an issue. And the OBJ signing isn’t a cure-all.

      But not signing him could likely be the definitive end. That should be avoided at all costs.

      • Malc from PO

        I agree. The franchise from acquiring and retaining players to calling plays on the field seems to make poor choices of when to be aggressive and when to be conservative. Splash out on Bruce Irvin and Greg Olsen, pinch pennies on OL and DL talent. Bring out the trick plays when stuffing the Jaguars and attempt literally nothing against New Orleans (as you said on the podcast). I could see them here not picking up the waiver in order to get a better deal in FA and being squeezed out by another team.

  6. Paul Cook

    The reasoning makes sense to me. I just have so little faith in our team’s ability to maximize the potential of our weapons on offense that I wonder how much of a difference this would make? But sure, go for it. Create some buzz around the team that’s been waning with each passing week.

  7. Big Mike

    Rob said: “This goes against Carroll’s preferred methods but at 3-5 and with the season on the brink of being wasted — this is no time for sticking to your guns.”

    But it’s Pete Carroll and he’ll die on that vine imo, UNLESS Carroll knows he’s retiring after the season as you and others have felt for a while. If that were the case, he could well go for the signing as he’d be “passing the torch” to Russ.

  8. JJ

    How is the center position this draft? Although the way this regime values centers I supposed it doesn’t matter.

  9. Cortez Kennedy

    Ok, I’m in. It’s all about showing Russ Seattle is his permanent NFL home. Bonus points for the fun.

    Of his three stated destinations, we have the money and the big armed superstar qb. OBJ can dissuade undesirable teams from claiming him. Get it done.

    • Sea Mode

      If he wants to be here, claim him and then negotiate a contract restructure. I have this gut feeling though that they’re not going to put in a claim, hoping to save a few bucks and that the pull of playing with Russ will bring him crawling to Seattle if he somehow clears waivers.

  10. Sea Mode

    Turns out things could actually be worse than our recent drafts…

    R1 Henry Ruggs: Prison
    R1 Damon Arnette: Cut
    R3 Lynn Bowden: Traded, 0 snaps
    R3 Bryan Edwards: Starting WR
    R3 Tanner Muse: Cut, 0 snaps
    R4 John Simpson: Backup
    R4 Amik Robertson: Benched

    • TomLPDX

      I wonder how much of this is on Gruden? The Raiders need some stability right now and if Mayock and Bisaccia can figure out a way to calm this season down, start winning the games that matter, they just might survive this year. I’m hoping they can…and I am a Raider Hater! 🙂

      • Sea Mode

        Mayock had sure better play that angle hard, just like JS had better pin a lot of decisions on PC…

        • TomLPDX

          But it was just as obvious in LV that Gruden was in charge and Mike did what he was told.

          • Big Mike

            Agree Tom.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      I still think it’s just a matter of time with Edwards. I expected him to have been a lot more productive by now.

      But yeah, there is going to be a reckoning in Las Vegas this offseason.

    • Simon McInnes

      Relocating a typical Raiders squad to Vegas – nobody could have predicted how that might pan out 🙂

  11. Ashish

    Can OBJ reject to join if he has been picked by team on waiver?

    • TomLPDX

      Not that I know of. Guess he could retire.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      “Sorry guys, my shoulder has really been acting up…”

    • Roy Batty

      Any player can hold out. The drawbacks are a lack of income, fines, no accrued games against the contract, and optics.

      It would not bode well for his future earning potential to continually bully his way off of teams. Also, he is not getting younger, has a history of injury and has off the field issues (his father being only one of them).

      His best case scenario is clearing waivers and being a great teammate on his preferred team, no matter his stats for the rest of the year. Second best is being claimed by a playoff contender and doing exactly what I previously stated.

  12. Sea Mode

    What do you guys think about the Mac Jones play? For me, it’s the walking away that says the most about his intentions.

  13. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    While I was driving, Seahawks officially designated Russell Wilson, Dee Eskridge and Nigel Warrior as returning to practice. They did not do so with Chris Carson, who was also eligible.

  14. Sea Mode

    Haha, Mike laying it out there like it is. And the double “never in my career” is perfect Russ camp. 😂

    Mike Garafolo

    Did we think this was going to end any other way that Russ being hailed as a better healer than the T-1000?

  15. Sea Mode

    It would be soon like us to claim him instead of OBJ tomorrow…

    • Big Mike

      Just can’t have enough TEs to nit involve in the offense dontcha know?

  16. Sea Mode

    Here’s a guy for us to keep an eye on: Alabama DT Phidarian Mathis.

    6040, 320, 34,5″ arms, 5.5 sacks and 6.5 TFL so far this season. Redshirt senior.


    Seems to be a big personality guy who just loves ball:

    Could another Crimson Tide DT be the one to replace the one that we lost…?

  17. Paul Cook

    I heard that Brock Huard was a big no on OBJ.

  18. Sea Mode

    Rapoport in on the OBJ to Seattle watch as well:

  19. BobbyK

    Pete has to know Fuller and Pocic both suck. He has to know these clowns they’ve assembled on the OL aren’t good enough to play “comPete” ball, nor are there enough good RBs to run the ball with a heavy workload. They failed this past off-season when they didn’t get a decent center and figured Carson would stay healthy for the first time ever and Penny would actually get good when healthy. They simply don’t have the personnel to do what Pete wants to do. Their only chance now is to load up on receivers and have a go at it (not suggesting throwing every play, because I do believe in the run at least to keep teams honest). This is an unusual opportunity – to claim a WR like OBJ at this point in the season.

    Although not an ideal situation, the Seahawks best chance now is to Let Russ Cook and start Homer (and give Collins most carries) so he can be the stud pass protector that he is and zing the ball around to 4 stud WRs (I’m still an Eskridge believer).

    Do I expect much from this year? No. Not anymore. I didn’t coming into the year but the Colts game screwed me over by giving me a bit of hope. But this OBJ thing is probably the last ray of hope we could gain going into the homestretch of the season.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m an Eskridge believer too, as long as he can get on the field!

  20. Rob Staton

    Pete’s answer in the press conference certainly made it seem like they’re very much in on OBJ

    • Rob Staton

      Also something that, although it was a long time ago, it’s worth noting.

      The Seahawks reportedly liked OBJ in the 2014 draft… a lot.

      During the CFB the media consensus was he was a late first rounder. Some websites new better, of course. But Tony Pauline reported Seattle really liked Beckham but he wouldn’t be there for them.

    • cha

      He definitely had a twinkle in his eye

      • Rob Staton

        Short of winking at the screen, that was as close as Carroll could get to admitting they’re in on this

    • Tomas

      If Pete gave a real f*** about what Russ wants he wouldn’t have cheaped-out on the OL “fix” by merely signing a mediocre, and declining, Gabe Jackson. There were better lineman available. He didn’t draft a center. His first thought for a new OC was Adam Gase, for God’ s sake. You’re all forgetting that, as a poster here put it so eloquently, Pete is “borderline f’g nuts.” Logical moves – set forth adroitly by Rob per usual – have no place in Pete’s mind. It’s tragic … but there’s a madman at the wheel, and it’s time to abandon all hope, until a new skipper takes command.

  21. Robert Las Vegas

    I really hope the Seahawks OBJ. I have some co workers who are diehard 49ers fans they want Kyle S out of there I might trade Pete for Kyle.maybe you know San Francisco has lost 10 of there last 11 home games.and raising season ticket prices.and oh yeah traded 3 number ones for a guy not playing.thank goodness they didn’t draft Mac Jones Rob excellent point on your part

  22. One Bad Mata'afa

    Has it been indicated what type of salary OBJ is expecting (should he pass through waivers)?

    • Rob Staton


  23. Palatypus

    FWIW, his agent is Zeke Sandhu of Elite Athlete Management according to Sportrac (where you can find details on OBJ’s contract.)

    This is his bio from that site:

    “Zeke Sandhu is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of ELITE Athlete Management with 23 years of experience as an agent. He is a Certified Contract Advisor with the NFL Players Association, CFL Players Association, and NBA Players Association. Zeke also earned his financial planning credentials by obtaining the Series 7, Series 66, and Life & Health Insurance Licenses. He is well versed and knowledgeable on Salary Caps and Collective Bargaining Agreements. He negotiated the most lucrative shoe deal for a player in NFL history. He has represented numerous first round picks, with the most recent being Odell Beckham, Jr. Zeke was a former collegiate wide receiver where he studied business management and marketing while attending school. Being a college athlete engrained in him the importance of being steadfast in his faith, possessing integrity, working hard and being team-oriented, which has transferred over to his career as an agent. He resides in Chandler, Arizona.”

    Here is a picture of Zeke with OBJ from his Instagram account.

    • Palatypus

      Spotrac, not Sportrac.

  24. Palatypus

    And it hit the crossbar. The Bears just can’t catch a break.

  25. 12th chuck

    that was a terrible officiated game, anyone guess who the calls favored?

    • Palatypus

      A terribly officiated game with Pittsburgh? Never happen.

      • Scot04

        Lol, so true, gives some flashbacks. I don’t think anyone will forget that Superbowl. Horrible, just horrible.
        Tonight just reminds us how this part of the game needs to continue to improve.

        • 12th chuck

          it was bad when we played them a few weeks ago as well

          • Big Mike

            Fuck the NFL for endlessly doing one thing after another to help the stealers win football games.

  26. Jordan E

    LET RUSS COOK BABY!!! OBJ + DK + TYLER!! Thats Madden Level!!

    • Denver Hawker

      You misspelled Gerald Everett…smh.

      • Peter

        Who is Gerald Everett?….

        • Rob Staton


  27. Ashish

    Everyone except OBJ to go unclaimed can’t wait for 1 pm pst

  28. Simon McInnes

    OBJ games played in the last four completed seasons: 4, 12 , 16, 7 (and 6 so far this one). On the one hand if it gives Russ a good vibe then hurrah. But let’s not expect wonders in what he is able to do on the pitch, even though the productivity per game remains respectable.

    • Rob Staton

      Jamal Adams games played in 2019/20 — 14, 12


    • UkAlex6674

      They are positively giddy numbers compared to Josh Gordon who the FO and many fans wanted for so long. Let’s give it a go, at this point there is nothing to lose..

    • Mick

      I don’t even care if he busts. What matters is Russ is sent the right message about how we want to run our O.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s the key. Let’s hope Pete sends that message.

    • Peter

      Expecting wonders is when you give up the farm for a polamalu/ earl thomas level player…but you get a hyper fashion conscious JAG.

      I get “smart fans,” realize wilson sucks…but OBJ has never played with a QB as good as Wilson.

      I’m staying hopeful since even PC has long had a fascination with weapons. The man himself talks defense the running game, but the team has spent decent resources with stangely maybe their most succesful aquisitions at WR.

      Plus i don’t think few things can make this defense stronger at this point in the season than trying to out shoot your opponents.

      • Rob Staton

        I get “smart fans,” realize wilson sucks…

        Inject this comment into my veins. LOVE IT.

  29. Palatypus

    Looks like Jim Nagy found a left tackle for us to look at.

  30. Paul Cook

    Brock Huard back on the no-to-OBJ train. He says that OBJ would be a redundancy to DK and TL, that he will expect his touches, that he wouldn’t provide the new dimensionality that Eskridge would (jet sweeps and the like), and that he’s proven to be a troublesome figure.

    So it’s not overwhelmingly pro-OBJ amongst the local media.

    • Scot04

      It comes down to does PC want to show RW he’s willing to listen.
      If so they’ll put in a claim.
      If he makes it through waivers we all know what we’ll hear as he goes elsewhere.
      “We were in it until the very end.”

    • Norman

      Not dismissive of Brock’s take on this by any stretch, but I would counter that Eskridge has missed half a season of opportunity for development in WR3 role, thus I fear his deployment as such could be bumpy during this catch-up period once back on the field. With OBJ, his experience & talent can step right in to be productive in that role, while Eskridge can meaningfully contribute on gadget plays and occasional 4-wide situations from a WR4 position this year, with the comfort of developing without undue pressure to produce as a more critical component of the offense.

      • Paul Cook

        I lean toward signing him for the rest of the season. But I think it will be a meaningless addition unless we change our offensive philosophy to a pass first/pass-to-set-up-the-run offense the rest of the way. If we don’t try to be a creative, multi-dimensional, quick strike, explosive offense when RW returns…then I give up.

    • Jordan E

      Side note but in my opinion- the local media is more focused on character and “culture” over winning a SB and actually getting better.

      Not surprising Brock Huard is not a fan of adding OBJ since OBJ has some questionable issues. If Eskridge is the man (we saw enough in like 1 game to conclude so) then he should step up anyway and learn from the increased competition and up his game.

      • Peter

        You’re 100% right about culture. Would love to have the time to dig up many seahawks broadcasters about the lynch trade back when. Dude was a borderline mess in Buffalo and became a legend here in Seattle.

        Plus OBJ seems to not have been a problem recently just isn’t into what the browns are doing.

        • Peter

          Edit: dig up comments, broadcasts, and tweets from back then from the likes 9f brock, salk, etc.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t live in Seattle so I don’t listen to Huard (yes I know his show is on podcast, but I repeat, I don’t listen to him), but what does Brock recommend Seattle do at this point in the season?

      And if his answer is nothing, that they shouldn’t try to utilize their available cap space now by adding a marquee player who has the potential to make a difference, then that’s why I don’t listen to him.

      Seattle will not make the post season if they don’t do anything to improve the team. OBJ has the undeniable ability to improve the team. That doesn’t mean he would, it just means that he could.

      • Jordan E

        100% Agree with your take Blitzy. The truth is we do not have much going for us in the future bc of the Adams trade. The most we can do now is take a shot and improve the team or we risk losing Russ and having very difficult rebuilding years without our high #1 pick this year…

        Seattle media def has the rose-colored glasses on PC & JS after they won us a SB. Yes, they deserve their credit and will go down as Seattle icons. But they also need to be held accountable to the present and need to start delivering now. Seattle media has been very hesitant to criticize them (until recently) and unwilling to take risks on high-profile guys to get better.

        Yes a center or defensive lineman or cornerback are bigger needs than WR. But no big name players are available right now. The best shot we have now to improve our team and make RW3 happy is OBJ.

  31. L80

    Putting those 3 on the field at the same time along with Everett/Dissly is a good thing for the Hawks and present5s a tough defensive assignment. Brock can stow it. Same with Salk saying I would rather save that money and spend it next year. Oh brother……

    The facts are that when you look at the schedule, these next 2 games seem the most difficult especially in GB. Except Kaaron Rodgers status is unknown. If she’s out this is a winnable game. Also Murray in AZ isn’t in the best of health……We’ve seen crazier things happen and while I scoffed last week at a playoff chance, when you add a weapon like OBJ and a determined Wilson, the Hawks could become good.

    Remember that season, I think it was 1986, where the Hawks were on FIRE at the second half and were averaging over 35 a game. They ended up 10-6 and still missed the playoffs because of ill timed losses earlier on.

    ANYTHING is possible.

  32. Rob Staton

    I think this means Seattle has decided against it

    • Jordan E

      This would be so Seahawks PC-JS if we do not get OBJ and he goes to a real NFC contender instead.

      • Rob Staton

        And scores a TD on Sunday for GB

        • Jordan E

          ^^^ Oh man.. I can see this already happening -_-

    • Pran

      No, ho does not see Hawks contending any time soon.

      • Scot04

        I’ll be disappointed if he’s not claimed by the Seahawks; but happy with the $100 I win if he goes to Green Bay.

      • Rob Staton

        Well other reports said he wanted Seattle.

        • Sea Mode

          Exactly. How else does one explain the sudden change in reported preferred destination?

          Alas, we’ll know soon enough now.

        • Scot04

          I’ll be hoping Seahawks put in the claim. Don’t really care about the money. Want something to atleast make the Seahawks interesting again.

        • Pran

          He did also mention about going to a contender. Seattle was one of his preferred destination due to Russ. Its just so obvious for him to go with ARod and Packers over Seattle at this point.

          This also shows how far Hawks have slid from being a free agent destination.

  33. Paul Cook

    Couldn’t this mean that OBJ wants to play with a great QB and a true SB contender? I don’t have any inside information on the guy, but this would make sense to me.

    • dand393

      Yup that makes sense as that’s what was reportedly what OBJ wanted, maybe Seattle inquired and he said don’t claim me cause I won’t play for you even if he’s good friends with Wilson maybe a contender is more important to him but hopefully they put a claim in anyways and he just plays with no issues

  34. L80

    Seems like people are throwing spaghetti at the walls for attention right now. An hour to get that claim in. And if they don’t I’m officially out. I’ve already seen/heard enough of their BS.

  35. coach62344

    I agree with Paul Cook and Huard. I don’t see the value. What good is a great 3rd receiver when you don’t have the time to throw the ball? Everyone is thinking about Wilson but what about Metcalf? The worst reason not doing this is the lack of an effective scheme.

    Why should a star (ego or not) go to a team where you don’t know what they are going to do week to week? What your role is going to be in the offensive scheme?

    Flowers was let go and the Bengals picked him up. He is doing well being the CB on the slot receivers. If this holds up this is a great example of a team having a scheme and finding players that fit in this scheme. I don’t see this with PC. He seems double minded. He wants to win but seems to be entrenched in his way of thinking. It is like he has or can’t make up his mind what to do.

    • Rob Staton


      You’re giving up virtually nothing

      Don’t think people realise how many crap players are earning what OBJ will get if he’s claimed

      • Sea Mode

        I loved it the other day when you wrote “for the price of two Benson Mayowas” 😂👌

        • Sea Mode

          *oops, my bad: in this very article, not the earlier one

      • Ekmer

        Now that OBJ has cleared waivers, a prediction:

        Our GM will fart around and try to lowball him, so OBJ will sign with another team. I hope that my prediction is wrong…

    • Jordan E

      Here you go- More options to throw it short or WRs to get open when Russ is able to get time and be free.

      Here you go- great coaches can adjust the scheme and get their players open. Waldron is coming from the Rams who have had Cooks, Kupp & Woods on the field at the same time. Waldron should be creative and talented enough to figure out how to make it work. Let’s be real. Are you happy with the current scheme and offense now?

      And agreed. If PC/JS do not pick up OBJ because he does not fit their scheme and does not look to be a value then its time for PC/JS to go.

    • Ashish

      True, he is expensive we can spend money on Olson or other TE who will play 20% of snap but will get 7 mil.

    • cha

      Flowers was let go and the Bengals picked him up. He is doing well being the CB on the slot receivers.

      He has played a grand total of 15 snaps on defense in three games. May be a bit early to say he is ‘doing well’

      • Big Mike


  36. Ashish

    OBJ news has created excitement and little bit hope for current and near future for hawks. 10 mins more to go .. i wish Hawks claim him right away. Finger crossed.

  37. Denver Hawker

    OBJ cleared waivers.

    • L80

      Now we will see which shit stuck to the wall the best. Hawks FO can lose or keep the fan base based on their decision.

    • Ashish

      Oh boy, now we are dependent on OBJ to choose hawks assuming we are interested.

      • Jordan E

        Fire Pete man. This guy is a straight liar if hes saying he realized how important Russ was for his career.

        • Ashish

          Pete and JS has lost how to identify talent in last 5 years now.

          • Jordan E

            Pete & JS living off Russ past 5 years. And they treat Russ like crap and won’t give him his guys. No wonder this guy wants to leave.

      • Peter

        Don’t worry Ashish : the hawks are right there in on it

        • Ashish

          OBJ has good reason to go with Green bay, Rodgers and GB is 7-2.

          • Peter

            Listen internet friend. I get it. But this season and two crappy cycles of pickless (1st round) drafts have me needing a tiny spark to hang on to.

  38. Palatypus

    Looks like he’s going shopping.

  39. no frickin clue

    Ruh roh.

    No OBJ claim.

    There will be no handwringing this time over ‘being in every deal’ if we don’t in fact get him in FA. Even worse if he ultimately signs somewhere else for well below $7.25m.

    Maybe we’re saving up to bring in 3 more mid-level TEs that we won’t pass to anyway.

    • Peter

      Even if he signs at 7.25 i’m gonna be bummed after some of the contracts this team has doled out.

    • Mexican Hawk

      Nothing beats guaranteeing you get him (thru claim), but signing him now (even at that 7.25m) guarantees a comp pick if and when he leaves as a free agent.

      Not ideal, but that would be best case scenario. Now all up in the air as per bid-a-rama.

      • Peter

        Good point. But still prefer the guarantee over the comp pick roll of the dice……also NFL…how about a comp pick for a guy who reitired bever playing a game who is now on another team…just saying

  40. Hawk Mock

    To paraphrase Young MC, “that’s one more player we won’t be getting.”

  41. Jordan E

    Prayers @Corbin being right about this…

  42. Palatypus

    And Corbin Smith chimes in.

  43. Sea Mode

    Jake Heaps

    Seahawks sign OBJ today. Speak it into existence. Please make it happen.

  44. Sea Mode

    Welp, that would rule us out…

    • Peter

      “Muddled qb picture?” I’m confused. There’s a muddled picture here? I thought Wilson is coming back guaranteed asap….

      • Sea Mode

        I was just referring to the offensive-minded head coach.

  45. cha

    Feel free to ref everyonelovesnudez, the fact that OBJ doesn’t have a hand (or a foot) and still flies commercial, but I’m giving props to my girl on the left loaded like a pack mule just to avoid the bag fee.

    • Rob4q

      Haha, too funny!

  46. Peter Reynolds

    Is that Peacock’s stylist?

  47. 206

    There is no way OBJ chooses Seattle over a legit contender… I hope he does, but I don’t see it happening.

  48. L80

    Remember when Clark Griswold had enough of his dream of an Old Fashioned Christmas?

    I’m there. The turkey is burnt, the tree is on fire, and the house is destroyed. Way to go Pete and John,
    You did it

  49. Von

    OBJ is a team killer. Has never won a thing and is a complete diva and malcontent. If Russ wants him, i agree they should do it then, but i dont want him on the team.

    • Rob Staton

      People keep saying this and there’s actually no evidence for it at all

      You know who else was supposed to be a bad egg?

      Marshawn Lynch

      • Jordan E

        Randy Moss too. Especially after he was on the Raiders. Also heard AB would destroy the Bucs too. Think he helped them last year 🙄

        • Rob Staton

          ‘Too many mouths to feed’

          ‘A distraction’

          ‘Could be chaotic’

          Tom Brady

      • Von

        Marshawn was a bad egg OFF the field, he was loved by his teammates. The same cannot be said about Odell.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah… I must’ve imagined the players wearing T-shirts with ‘Free Odell’ on at the weekend.

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