Seahawks add Iupati, bring back Fluker & Wright

D.J. Fluker is returning to the Seahawks

Yesterday we discussed how Seattle’s off-season was right on track with the minor exception of losing J.R. Sweezy.

Today, they took it up a level — re-signing K.J. Wright and D.J. Fluker and adding Mike Iupati. Three key and important deals. Here’s why:

Linebacker depth is strong

The weakest position in the draft is linebacker. Devin White and Devin Bush will be top-20 picks. Mack Wilson will go in the first two rounds. After that? There’s not much to get at.

The Seahawks were highly unlikely to get a starter in the draft. As noted in our free agency primer — they had to have a plan at the position. Re-signing one of Wright or Kendricks was vital. Getting both is a huge plus — especially with Wright, Kendricks and Bobby Wagner all missing games in 2018.

Now they can ignore the linebackers in the draft altogether if they want to and focus on other positions.

Plus — Wright and Kendricks are quality players.

Retain consistency on the O-line

It’s disappointing that Sweezy departed but re-signing Fluker was a must. No other player did more to set a physical, imposing tone on offense. The O-line created a much more physical offense in 2018 as the Seahawks regained their identity.

There’s been so much change on the line over the years and it hasn’t helped. Replacing one starter is manageable. Iupati is familiar with Mike Solari during his time in San Francisco and should be able to slot into the starting left guard spot. He’s clearly not quite as productive as he was earlier in his career. However, the Seahawks witnessed the benefit of experience last year. Rookie O-line starters tend to struggle. Now they won’t feel any pressure to replace Sweezy in the draft. They could still go O-line early — but it isn’t a must.

Also — if you’re not aware by now, the Seahawks love run blocking offensive linemen. Pro Football Focus ranked Iupati as the sixth best run blocking guard (+300 snaps) last season.

Don’t lose any comp picks

At the moment they’re collecting extra 2020 picks nicely. If they avoid adding outside free agents and stick to players who were cut — they could have 10-12 picks next year. That would make a nice change after two years of limited stock.

They’re currently projected to gain a third, fourth and two sixth round picks.

What does it mean going forward?

The Seahawks are almost there. They could do with adding another pass rusher. We’ll see how that market develops with still a handful of veteran options available. They could do with adding another defensive tackle in the Tony McDaniel style.

Then it’s just a case of drafting well. They’ll need to create picks by trading down from #21 (possibly multiple times). The draft is strong at receiver, tight end, guard, defensive line and safety — plus there are plenty of tall/long cornerbacks.

Adding the likes of Trysten Hill (DT, UCF), Dru Samia (G, Oklahoma), Trevon Wesco (TE, West Virginia), Gary Jennins (WR, West Virginia), Amani Hooker (S, Iowa), Marvell Tell III (S, USC) and one of the multiple cornerback options would set the Seahawks up for a positive season. And they may just still consider adding a quarterback like Will Grier (QB, West Virginia).

Whoever they ultimately target — they’re very close to being able to focus on the draft and re-signing the ‘big four’ of Russell Wilson, Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed to extended contracts.

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  1. Ben

    Hey Rob, great post as always. I was wondering how likely you think it was that the Seahawks trade picks in next year’s draft for extra draft capital this year? If they feel comfortable with the number of comp picks they will gain next year they may feel more able to give up their late round picks next year and that might reduce the need to trade down (as much) this year?

    • Rob Staton

      It’d simply more of robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s time this time stopped trading away future picks.

      And let’s be honest — what are day three picks next year going to net in return? If you trade away a fourth in 2020 you might be able to get a fifth this year. That’s one extra pick and bad value overall. And really, there’s no need to not trade down in this class. The guy you get at 21 probably has the same grade as the guy you take at 50. It’s that type of draft.

  2. CaptainJack

    Do you think it’s possible that Solari wanted Iupati over Sweezy? Iupati in play style and size is closer to Fluker than Sweezy.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe but doubt it given how much they talked about keeping the O-line together. Plus this move occurred once Sweezy had agreed to join Arizona.

      • JJ

        Any word on Sweezy deal?

        • Rob Staton

          None yet

  3. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, Iupati is counting in comp pick formula because he wasnt cut.

    It is 6 vs 2 rigjt now, so every knew signing will cancel one comp pick.

    • Cameron

      Spotrac shows 2019 dead cap on AZ’s books for Iupati, indicating that he was, indeed, cut.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I think i saw somewhere that cards didn’t use option on his contract. If he was cut then he doesn’t count against comp pick.

        • Look Who's Hawkin?

          According to OTCs breakdown of the comp pick formula, voided contracts still count as CFAs. So the Hawks currently still have +4 (Iupati cancelled out Sweezy, Myers cancelled out Hundley)

          • 80SLargent

            Also according to OTC (via Fieldgulls):
            “Players who have options declined by their former teams qualify for the compensatory formula, even though the team had a method to keep them under contract. See Donte Stallworth in 2009, who qualified in favor of New England despite having an option on his contract declined. This exception has in recent years been used far more often to protect teams’ compensatory pick potential, with the Patriots, Broncos and Ravens particularly standing out in their usage of team options.”

            Now, here’s the important part:
            “Teams who renegotiate a contract that add a player option to void their contract earlier than first agreed upon do not qualify for the compensatory formula if the player exercises that option to void. See Laveranues Coles in 2010; see also Jerome Felton in 2016.”

            The Cardinals renegotiated the contract with Iupati which added a player option to void the contract earlier than first agreed upon. Therefore, like has been said before, Iupati does not count in the comp pick formula.

            • Look Who's Hawkin?

              It wasn’t a player option to void the contract, it was a team option to void the contract. Arizona made the decision to void the deal, not Iupati. So he falls into category A of your statement. Check the OTC cancellation chart, he is listed as a net gain.

              As other posters have pointed out, it likely won’t matter as I would be surprised if Seattle adds another FA. And even still, we may not end up with 4 comp picks, as the 7th rounder may fall off depending on what other teams do, given the hard limit of 32 picks rewarded.

              Unfortunately, Myers deal projects him to have a 6th round value, so as it stands now we are slated to add a 3,4,6 and 7. Though that could change of course. Sweezy’s contract details remain unknown.

        • CaptainJack

          Every team is only allotted four possible comp picks, so it shouldn’t matter.

          • j

            Unless we want to add another free agent.

    • j

      They voided his contract. When he got hurt they renegotiated his contract, giving Arizona the option of voiding it at the end of the 2018-2019 season. They did. Not sure how that will affect comp picks.

  4. 80SLargent

    The picture is coming into focus. So far, so good. Go Hawks.

  5. jb9

    Also, Nick Perry has been cut and Everson Griffen may be released soon if he doesn’t agree to a restructured contract. Couple of guy who won’t cancel comp picks…

    • jujus

      Everson Griffin restructured his deal, he isnt getting released/cut.

      • jb9

        Yeah just saw that. Happened minutes before I posted 🙁

        I Wonder what Mr Staton thinks of Nick Perry?

        • Starhawk29

          He posted on another thread that hes not a fan. Sort of agree, Perry only ever had one productive season. There’s still the Carroll connection so you never know

          • jb9

            Thanks, I check it out

  6. Matt

    Could either Ifedi or Fant play LG in the event that they both look better than Iupati in camp or is that just crazy talk?

    I’d like to see both Ifedi and Fant on the field next year but unless Duane Brown got injured I’m not sure how that could happen.

    • H

      Well no need to worry because that heavy 6 Olineman package isn’t going anywhere.

    • Dale Roberts

      Fant was in on almost 35% of offensive snaps last year and Carroll was adamant that he wanted Fant back in the blocking tight-end position next to Ifedi. It’s possible we may see Fant’s role expand if he isn’t forced inside due to injuries to the mash unit of Fluker, Lupati, and Simmons.

  7. no frickin' clue

    So with Fluker, Simmons and Iupati all (hopefully) available at Guard, does this mean Ethan Pocic’s time is up? He seems like the one guy on the OL who does not fit the OL identity that Pete and John have constructed. Or, given the recent injury history of those 3 guys, would it take one more name (maybe via the draft) to do that? I just don’t see Pocic as part of the plan.

    • Rob Staton

      Just keep Pocic for depth at multiple positions.

      • Brett

        Time to move him to C and draft a G.

        • Sea Mode

          We already tendered Hunt.

          • Elmer

            Pocic could theoretically beat hunt in training camp and exhibitions. But maybe there is some trade value to Pocic, with a team that badly needs O-line help, maybe for a day 3 draft choice. Don’t know.

            • Isaac

              In my opinion hunt is extremely underrated. He’s a center traditionally but has played well as an undersized guard. When he gets to play PFF rates him as one of the best pass protection lineman in football. At some point he needs a chance to replace Britt as a cheaper option at center.

              • Elmer

                I like Hunt too. We’ll see if Pocic can make this team.

  8. H

    I’m very content with how this has all gone. Unless there’s some great deal out there, the only piece of business i want to see get done before the draft is a Clark extention.

  9. GauxGaux

    Starting to believe that after the initial rush of QB/DL (1-15), we’ll see a consistent offensive push for OL, TE (including Wesco), and WR deep into Round 2. Offense might be the surprise underdog in this draft, giving the defense even more value into the later rounds. Supply and Demand.

    An outcome could be surprisingly better trade value for 21-50 before it dies off a bit, and less offensive options (Samia, Lindstrom, McLaurin, Hall, Wesco, Sample) for PCJS – assuming we prefer draft capital.

    • GauxGaux

      …so lonely when you come back two hours later and no one has replied to your post.. go hawks!

  10. CaptainJack

    Now go get Markus Golden! My number one pass rusher I want, if affordable.

    • 80SLargent

      He just signed a one year deal with the Giants.

  11. Dale Roberts

    It looks like we now have a three guards in Fluker, Lupati, and Simmons that might be able to play a full season… combined. I hope you’re all ready for Pocic to get a lot of reps next year.

    • SouthAlaska

      I think Roos would play before Pocic at G unless Pocic gets a lot stronger in the offseason. It’s not like Sweezy is a ton more durable than Iupati. 7 solid OL (Brown, Fluker, Britt, Iupati, Ifedi, Simmons, Fant) is more depth than we’ve had in awhile.

      • AK Hawks

        Yeah another Alaska Seahawks fan!!! I think they are really counting on Simmons making a push for more playing time. They were saying on Brock and Salk yesterday a lot of these older linemen end up retiring before camp starts. So far I think free agency has gone exactly how the good teams play it, let the bad organizations fork out stupid money and the good ones go with value. It happens every year. I am so happy that the Hawks are ran by smart people it doesn’t make for a sexy free agency period but it will mean we are playing good football and have a long term plan.

    • Aaron

      I’m ready for Pocic to either be Britt’s backup or beaten in competition by the rookie OG we draft.

      • Simo

        I’m ready for Pocic to take a significant leap forward this year in his development. It’s likely he will have to play at some point this year, so let’s make sure he’s as good as he can be!

      • 80SLargent

        Maybe trade Pocic to the Raiders? He was a “Cable guy”, and Oakland just traded their LG Kelechi Osemele to the Jets for a half eaten box of Cracker Jacks.
        I could definitely be wrong, but Pocic doesn’t seem to be the type Solari likes. That, or like you said, he could just serve as Britt’s backup.
        A left side of Brown-Iupati and a right side of Fluker-Ifedi, now that’s a grown-ass man offensive line flanking Britt or whoever else plays center. Pocic or Joey Hunt might be all right surrounded by those guys.
        With Fant, Simmons, Jamarco Jones, Jordan Roos, add in draft/UDFA as depth, I’m liking this line. The days of paying guys like Joeckel $8M and starting Rees Odhiambo at LT seem so long ago…

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt Pocic has any trade value. A 6th or 7th at best. Might as well keep him for depth.

          • Dale Roberts

            Is Pocic our next center or do you see Britt (27) there for the next five years?

            • Rob Staton

              I see Britt remaining for a long time yet.

          • SeventiesHawksFan

            It’s too soon to write him off. And he may be able to take over at Center. He had a rough year last year. But wasn’t THAT bad the year prior.

            If he can get strong enough to hold up at center he could become a quality player for us.

          • j

            Maybe a player for player trade where we get a similar type of guy.

            • red

              Joey Hunt ERFA? or RFA always thought he was solid backup center.

  12. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    Congrats to @seniorbowl alum, @DJTheWarrior76! OL Coach Mike Solari deserves a lot of credit for helping get the @Seahawks back in the playoffs last year and he lobbied hard to bring in Fluker last year. Fluker’s passion and toughness are borderline rare. Well-earned deal.Jim Nagy added,

    1:03 PM – 14 Mar 2019

    And check out how even the defense feeds off of him:

    jarran reed

    O-Line going to be looking righttttt🔥 @Seahawks @DJTheWarrior76 #mikeIupati

    10:37 AM – 14 Mar 2019

    • mishima

      Really enjoying Reed and Clark becoming vocal leaders; hopefully, next gen core.

      Not sweating the ‘big four.’ IMO, the tag will be reserved for Wilson; Wagz will test FA, but re-sign (like Wright); Clark’s situation will be resolved (sign OR trade), this offseason; Reed will get season’s first extension, 4/52.

      If they can get Wilson done…pure gravy.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        I think the pathway is being cleared for Clark post draft / pre franchise deadline. And Wagner and possibly Reed by end of season. The front office loves to announce December extensions.

        The money should be there. We still have $9 million to potentially free up between Kam, Mingo and Jaron Brown cuts. If comes to keeping those two or having the money freed to get two or even three of the big four done, it’s a no brainer.

        Another $12 to $15 million in dead money comes off the books next season. Plus Duane Brown’s contract expires. The money for Wilson at $33 to $35 per year for five years is not a problem. The issue will be the guarantees.

        • TomLPDX

          I wouldn’t write Duane Brown off just yet. Dude is a solid LT and played well last year.

    • CaptainJack

      Reed really needs a partner in the interior… Suh anyone?

      • lil'stink

        How dare you sleep on Poona like that!

      • Simo

        No thanks!! Just on name recognition alone, he’ll probably command a minimum of $10m/yr, and that’s way to much for an aging def tackle. Let’s get younger, not older! Also, doesn’t seem like the Rams have much desire for him to return, so that should be a red flag.

      • AlaskaHawk

        They should get ahead of the curve and offer Poona an extension now. He’s the most underrated defensive linemen in pro football. In two years they will be staring at a big contract like they are with Reed now.

  13. Donovan

    The Seahawks’ starting offensive line is now projected to be four former 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick.

  14. Uncle Bob

    There’s a little more FA frenzy to go, but for the most part the big stuff has settled. Looks like Clark waiting for bigger number comps isn’t going to materialize, so why hold off from signing a realistic deal at 17-18? Two thoughts; one is he’s being a bit stubborn and his agent hasn’t been able to talk him in off the ledge, or, he’ll just play it out for awhile to feel like he’s in more control of his destiny and will play under the tag with hopes of pulling down a bigger number next year. That second idea might be the result of what he sees in relation to Wagz.

    Rob’s comments about this being a thin year for linebackers is pretty accurate barring an unexpected late bloomer. Had they taken VanDer Esch last year then we could easily speculate that Bobby would be traded for valuable draft capital. But the way it looks now the team almost must sign him to some sort of extention/new contract saving next year’s tag for RW since it’s unlikely RW and his agent, in particular, will be very cooperative until they have to. Frank’s agent might see that whole picture and figure it gives them leverage for an outright free agency play next year. Good thing is that means Frank will have plenty of outside motivation to perform at a high level, in addition to his own personal drive. Bad thing is, we’re looking at only a 2021 comp. Water under the bridge, but planning to replace Bobby for the eventual day when it’s necessary hasn’t been enough of a priority.

    The draft is going to be very interesting, again, this year. Ya got yer work cut out fer ya Rob……

  15. SeventiesHawksFan

    This post echoes my take on things.

    The pathway for signing Clark prior to the franchise deadline is being cleared. Though I don’t think it will happen pre-draft.

    We have to wait for the Kendricks sentencing as well. If the judge is accommodative of his career, Mingo is an almost certain cut. Kam is a certain cut as well. And Jaron Brown can be let go too. Thus freeing up almost $9 million.

    That’s enough to get Clark signed post draft and Wagner and potentially Reed done toward the end of the season.

    Next year $12 to $15 million more is freed up from Kam Chancellor and other assorted dead money coming off the books. Plus Duane Brown’s deal expires. That’s another $9 million.

    That’s enough to get Russell his $32 to $35 mil per year for five years. Plus one or both of Ifedi and Fant. Getting a T who will be ready by 2020 would a very smart move if they can locate that player in the draft.

    Meanwhile we are picking up comp picks. Additional impact player and meaningful talent additions will have to come through player development (lots of promise with many of the young guys), the draft and UDFAs.

    I’d expect us to sign only one or no more free agents until after the draft. Maybe a DT for for depth. But that can likely wait.

    Seems a very astutely navigated free agency this year. And light years better than last year. How irrelevent do pretty much all of our FA pickups last year seem now? Plus not dealing Thomas. I’m can imagine the internal convo this off-season was ‘ummmm yeah let’s not do that again’.

    • Sea Mode

      Duane Brown is signed through the 2021 season.

      Definitely agree with you about the comp picks!

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        Oh my mistaken understanding then. Just the dead money portion coming off the books plus targeted cuts should be enough to get the big four all done either way.

        A decision will also need to be made regarding Ifedi / Fant at some point. Fant becoming LT of the future after Brown is gone would be the ideal transition.

    • red

      Why would reed sign towards the end of season ? If he signs now he hedges injury risk while making say another 5 or 6 million this year.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        The front office has done several December deals. Presumably also to hedge injury risk on their end.

        They’ll probably want to get Clark then Wagner done first.

        If the conversation with Wagner continues into the regular season, it probably goes similarly with Reed.

        • red

          Reed is in the same situation that Clark was last year, former second rounders entering last year of contract. Seattle did not do a deal with Clark in December. If we offered 5/75 to clark last year before the season he probably takes it now he is 5/100 with the tag. If Russ does not sign he gets the tag next year giving all the leverage to reed to enter the free market where he will be priced out of our services.

          • SeventiesHawksFan

            Reed’s and Clark’s position are not quite the same though. And their second round selections are completely irrelevant in particular.

            Reed is an every down DT with some pass rush ability that is recently manifest. That is a different market with different pricing.

            Clark is an every down end with elite or near elite pass rush and pressure ability that can beat the best OT’s. And he is not a liability against the run. Reed is not in this category.

            Reed is likely to command $12 to $15 million per year. The money should be there to get him signed. Reed is not an elite pass rush threat. Just a pretty good one recently with better than expected numbers. What team is going to give him more $14 to $15 million? I think there is a ceiling to what he can expect.

            And he’s on the team who drafted him, the system he knows, and is entering another contention window. The FO should be able to keep him out of free agency. Or be in a position to match offers if it gets that far.

            • AlaskaHawk

              12-15 million seems high to me for an interior linemen. He isn’t a Suh or Donald. He will probably get signed for less than 10 million per year. The key question is , how much is guaranteed?

  16. Sea Mode

    He did extremely well for a guy who turns 31 before the season starts. Can’t believe those guarantees. Poor Giants’ fans…

    Ian Rapoport

    4 years, $37.5M with $23M fully guaranteed for new #Giants WR Golden Tate.

    1:54 PM – 14 Mar 2019

    • Volume12

      They got Kerry Collins another weapon?

  17. Josh

    Totally liking how this is turning out. Hoping for some good luck with health this year!

  18. Sea Mode

    Trevor, your guy Matthieu Betts had a nice pro day.

    6023, 253, 33 arm
    4.70 40yd
    4.29 SS
    6.97 3C
    30″ vert
    9’9″ broad
    23 bench

    • Trevor

      I would think the Hawks would like those agility #s. He is someone I would love to see them bring is as a UDFA and spend a year on the PS to learn he US game.

  19. Sea Mode

    Bring back some cheap LB depth and ST value maybe?

    Aaron Wilson

    49ers cut linebacker Brock Coyle

    3:02 PM – 14 Mar 2019

  20. mishima

    Jordy Nelson cut by Raiders. Fit?

    • dylanlep

      5 years ago

      • Sea Mode

        10 years ago

        • Dale Roberts


          • Dylanlep

            I couldn’t help myself and I looked up his 2014 season. Almost 100 catches and 1500 yards so yes, five years ago!

  21. WALL UP

    It’s great to see how JS/PC & company plan ahead. Not doubt the length of the contracts are well orchestrated with future replacements in mind. It’s also intriguing, to see the change in perspective in the type of O lineman that they prefer, in terms of Brute strength over finesse athletic technicians.

    With that mind regarding the OL prospects mentioned in the draft, which ones would fit the mold that they’d recently catered to, specifically at the guard positions, 330 lbs+, that will maul defenders and will not be pushed back up the middle?

    One such candidate is B.J. Autry. He is not the most athletic lineman in the draft, but he’s very difficult to budge up the middle. He’s also very light on his feet, and mirrors quite well for a man his size (340 lbs) 35 1/4 in arms to boot. He may be available in the 4th Rd in this draft, that could become insurance for Iupati injury possibilities. Not saying this will be their selection, but he does fit the mold that seems to their direction.

    • Rob Staton

      They haven’t switched to brute strength from finesse athletic technicians.

      You can’t describe Breno Giacomini, Max Unger, James Carpenter, J.R. Sweezy, Germain Ifedi etc as finesse athletic technicians.

      • CaptainJack

        Sweezy was always an undersized but highly athletic player, dunno about technician, but Iupati is closer to a carpenter or ifedi than sweezy

        • Rob Staton

          Sweezy was highly athletic and explosive.


          Not in the slightest. He was an absolute beast.

          • Elmer

            Did you ever go back and do a TEF on Iupati?

            • Dale Roberts

              I calculate his TEF at 2.51. His SS was 4.93, 3-cone 7.89, and 40 5.26. Not explosive and slow.

              WEAKNESSES Lacks adequate speed for the guard position. Must improve his instincts for the game and get better dealing with complex defensive line play. Because of sub-par speed, downfield blocking needs to get better. Struggles to get to the second level in the running game

              All he’s done is play/start 114 games and go to the 2012 pro bowl as a starter but they obviously didn’t sign him for his TEF score.

              • Wall Up

                Solari had a lot to do with his success with the power run scheme he was implementing with the Niners. He was and still is a mailer in his system.

    • Sea Mode

      On Autry though, it was nice to see this the other day. Good for him:

      Jim Nagy

      Proud of how @JSUGamecocksFB OG B.J. Autry attacked the pre-draft process. Last June he was 375 lbs, weighed 351 at @seniorbowl, and yesterday he was 335 at pro-day! He shown NFL teams he is serious about football. Could be a mid-round steal.

      4:32 PM – 12 Mar 2019

      • Aaron

        Loved watching what limited stuff we have on Autry in the running game. I would love him to stay in the 330-340lb range for his health and still a good size. Could be a day 3 option at OG.

    • WALL UP

      Well, . . . . Perhaps I should make this a little clearer with the notion of a “switch” connotation. I said, “change in perspective with … specifically at the guard position”.

      Judging from not signing Sweezy, who was more of a Cable selection, in favor of the type of player that utilizes his brute strength more so, than technique to handle the defender. The Knock on Sweezy was he was not big enough, and he gained more weight to compensate. I’m not saying that Sweezy is not strong, he just doesn’t carry the 20-25 more lbs that a Iupati, or a Fluker, B.J. Autry, Simmons would carry at the guard position.

      It’s hard to overpower a defender that weighs more than you do, in a power run scheme that Solari utilizes in this run game.

      The selection of Simmons over Pocic is another example of what direction of their preferences are for the guard position.

      Again, it’s not to say that I’m preferring B.J. over a Samia, but the type of guard that they have reupped have a smash mouth, mauling type disposition for a power run scheme. Samia doesn’t appear to have those traits.

      Sumia’s overview – “Vocal leader who has cut his teeth with an Oklahoma offensive line that has dripped with aggression and attitude during his four years as a starter. Samia is a loose-limbed, athletic guard whose foot quickness and second-level agility make him much more attractive as a move guard rather than a base-blocking option. His length and movement skills are a big plus, but issues with core strength and body control at the point of attack must be improved in order to survive against NFL power.” – Lance Zierlein

      Autry’s Overview – “Massive, nimble guard prospect with unusual combination of girth and foot quickness. Autry hasn’t been tested by NFL-level talent across from him, but his size, strength and athletic traits certainly check out. While he has the athleticism to potentially match against sub-package rushers, his instincts to recognize when he’s being gamed aren’t there yet. Autry is capable of fitting into gap and power run schemes and could become an eventual starter if he can control and manage his weight.” – Lance Zierlein

      Watching film from each concurs with Lances assessments. Both have the potential to become starters at the next level. But, in the power run scheme that they’re successfully deploying, Autry is more suited for the hawks style of play. I’d like to know your honest appraisal of B.J. I did however have him as the highest 4th Rd pick, based on their needs.

      • WALL UP

        He plays LG #79.

      • Rob Staton

        I disagree with Lance.

        • Wall Up

          Any thoughts on B.J.? Solari may just love to get his hands on him. Autry moves quite well for a player of his size. With his weight down to 335lbs, he should be quicker on his feet. He has a lot of naturally born tools with which to work with.

          If Solari does get that opportunity, Autry & Simmons could be their guard tandem of the future.

          • Rob Staton

            I’ve not properly watched BJ yet. What I have seen of him, he looks quite squatty and they seem to prefer tall and massive. But I will watch him for sure.

  22. Michael in Reno

    So if players who have been released/cut don’t count against our comp picks, who are some options out there for Edge and run stuffing DL? I know Nick Perry was cut, but who else would be a good/cheap option. Would Bruce Irvin count against the comp picks. Markus Golden? Just seeing whom we might have interest in. What date is the cutoff that signings no longer count against comp picks?

    • Michael in Reno

      Former Seahawk Damontre Moore killing it in the Alliance and I know we kicked the tires this past season. Wonder if he will be a chaep edge option as well.

      • Michael in Reno

        Was Urban from Baltimore cut or is he a free agent?

        • 80SLargent

          To answer your questions in order:

          1. “What date is the cutoff that signings no longer count against comp picks?”
          A: The 2nd Tuesday after the NFL Draft

          2. “Was Urban from Baltimore cut or is he a free agent?”
          A: Urban is an UFA (contract expired)

          • Michael McGlynn

            Thank you!!! So Urban would count against comp picks then? How about Golden and Bruce Irvin?

            • 80SLargent

              Both are UFA, so they count against comp picks.

        • WALL UP

          Brent’s 2018 salary was $1.1 mil. His stats could be misconstrued, because of facing constant double teams in a 3, and sometimes 2 man front in Baltimore’s 3 – 4 defense. Still, he was hard to handle.

          He played the entire season last year. His scheme fit is best suited in a 4 – 3 Def that is utilized by the Sea. Also, he’s only 27 yrs old. If his meds do check ok, his best years are ahead of him. He’s an ideal TMac rendition @ 6 – 7 300 lbs, with a unrelentless motor.

      • Sea Mode

        Talent was never the problem for him. Off-field issues.

        • Michael in Reno

          Watching him dominate in the Alliance though makes me wonder if he would be a potential steal if he finally got his shit together. League is full of 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances for talented/under-achieving players. Maybe having to play in the new league is a wake-up call for him? I tell you, there is some talent in that league and I hope to see PC/JS poach some potential projects on the cheap. Would be super hungry too. Always compete!!

          • Sea Mode

            Some team will take a swing on him at some point after what he’s shown in the AAF. Just hope he’s got his act together. Already wore out his welcome on 5 NFL teams in 5 years: NYG, MIA, SEA, DAL, OAK.

  23. Hawktalker#1

    Where are we with Jamarco Jones?

    I thought he was a great value pick at the time that could really contribute.

    • CaptainJack

      I see him as a swing tackle, while fant is more the 6th lineman.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He was on injured all last year but apparently the y really like him. Hopefully he stays healthy all year and can get some snaps. Might be our starting RT in 2020.

  24. Michael McGlynn

    Last I read he is fully recovered and good to go. I think he will be solid.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I don’t see his name listed often as we are displaying offense of line positions. My opinion has been that he should be in there somewhere, at very least competing for one of those positions.

      • Michael McGlynn

        Everything I have seen is he would kinda be our back-up Swing Tackle, but who knows. Maybe give him a go at guard. Have someone who can back-up all positions but center would be amazing.

  25. Cameron

    My most coveted day 2 free agent this year was Danny Shelton, who happens to still be out there. I reeeeeeally want him to complete the rotation of Reed/Ford/Shelton/[Naz, Jefferson, Draft Pick]. I’d be fine with that cancelling one of the 6th round comp picks.

    I just don’t have a sense for his cost, just that it should be somewhere under $7m, which was the cost of the 5th year option the Pats didn’t pick up.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Anybody know how the comp pics work?

      What happens if we signed a free-agent, which would normally decrease the number of complex we would get, but we cut the free-agent we signed before our 53 man roster? Do we get our comp pick back?

  26. Sea Mode


    PFF SEA Seahawks

    Mike Iupati has finished with a top-10 run-blocking grade among guards in 6 out of 8 seasons, not including his injury-shortened 2017 season. #SeahawksPFF SEA Seahawks added,

    3:21 PM – 14 Mar 2019

    Anyone have access to PFF to check who the other best run-blocking OL are? Any FA?

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Unsure. But I was VERY surprised to see that DJ Fluker graded out as like the 50th best run blocking guard out of 60 something qualifiers. That seems extremely fishy, he had a good year. I don’t put a ton of stock into PFF since it is all film based and impossible for them to know specific assignments just from film a lot of the time, but generally I feel like it is a decent measure. Far from a perfect system, but still worth looking at.

  27. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, the name Sean Bunting wasn’t really on my radar for the top half of R2, but those are some impressive numbers.

    CB Sean Bunting
    6003, 195
    31.75 arm, 76.75 wing
    4.42 40yd
    41.5 vert
    10.5 broad
    4.11 SS
    6.85 3C
    14 bench

    • CaptainJack

      Arms too short… great vert though, meh broad, good 40, good short shuttle.

      • Sea Mode

        He would be a slot corner for Seattle with those agility numbers, and that’s good length for that.

        But we pretty much know they aren’t going to be taking a DB in R2 anyway. Just wanted to add a name I hadn’t seen to future mock drafts.

  28. Nick

    Iupati seems like an excellent addition for the year. This way, they don’t feel forced to start a draft pick at OG right away. Smart long term move. Still think Samia is in play.

    • Kenny Sloth

      +1 but I think Dru Samia is gonna be drafted higher than most other fans are projecting.

      Sneaky deep OL class, especially on the interior

      • Trevor

        Agree completely about Samia. I think is a Day 2 not a Day 3 guy. That Sooner OL was really good last year . I think Cody Ford is the best OL in this draft class.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d have no complaints if someone drafted Samia in the top-50.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ditto. Would you take him for the Hawks in the late second?? Assuming we have another pass rusher in the works?

          • Rob Staton

            I’d consider it.

    • Rob Staton

      I hope Dru Samia is still in play. Absolute beast. Fantastic technique.

  29. CaptainJack

    off topic but I had to share this gem:

    • Kenny Sloth

      Lol I remember this hahah

    • Sea Mode

      hahhahaha, what the heck?

      “Ambiance or Decor?” 😂

      Just one more confirmation that Buffalo is where no FA wants to go!

  30. Trevor

    Wonder if the Hawks will kick the tires on former Bears 1st rounder Kevin White? He was a freak coming out but injuries seem to have derailed him. Another guy to watch as a reclamation project is Treadwell if the Vikes cut him. I know Pete seemed to like him coming out but he has been in Zimmers dog house since day#1.

    I think WR is a spot they definitely need to add depth and competition.

    • 80SLargent

      The Cardinals signed Kevin White.

    • Sea Mode

      C’mon, this was like a whole hour ago… 😉

      Ian Rapoport

      Former #Bears first-round WR Kevin White is expected to sign with the #AZCardinals, source said. He visited the team today and will restart his career.

      3:25 PM – 14 Mar 2019

      • Greg Haugsven

        LOL, its funny how fast news can become old. Ill see “Breaking News” on ESPN and if its still there in 5 minutes Im like damn, thats old news.

        • Sea Mode

          Twitter is crazy that way. Dang effective though at spreading news quickly.

      • Trevor

        Lol I guess that is a no on White.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I like the thought though but the Cards snagged him.

          • AlaskaHawk

            The Cards have been busy this off season. It will be interesting to see if they can make all the players work together.

  31. Sea Mode

    Fluker 2yrs up to $9m. Will have to see what those incentives look like. If Jason Myers’ contract is anything to learn from, it’s gonna be team friendly.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It might be low the first year with an out. Ill bet he has at least $1 million per year in per game roster bonuses.

  32. Sea Mode

    I really liked this kid as a late-round specialist interior rusher project. Not a DE (or LB??) for me at all. Made a play every time I saw him lined up inside on tape, and they put him inside at the Shrine Game, so I’m not sure why teams are still trying to look at him on the outside. He’s got the height, so beef him up a bit more and let him rush!

    DL Kyle Phillips, Tennessee
    6040, 277
    33.25 arm, 81 wing
    4.65 40yd
    32.5 vert
    9’7″ broad
    4.59 SS
    7.28 3C 🔥

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sounds like a good 5 tech for RDE in our system.

    • Trevor

      Former 5 stat recruit going to be a Day 3 steak for someone. Really came on this year when they brought former Alabama DC Pruitt in as a HC.

      • CaptainJack

        Tennessee does a fantastic job of turning five stars into UDFAs… lol

  33. charlietheunicorn

    I like the Iupati pick-up,. but the only concern really is… can he stay healthy. He has battled several injuries over the last few seasons, so that is very important. Availability to play has been something Sweezy excelled at while he was in Seattle.

    Pluses to the additional….. worked with OL coach previously, likes to knock heads in the rushing attack, a large human being. I had heard on the radio Seattle might have one of if not the largest OL going into 2019.

    Now, if they can get a larger back (RB/FB), to compliment the stable of RBs they have right now…. in the 240 lb range…. then, perfect!

    • 80SLargent

      If the big back is your cup of tea, they have Bo Scarborough on their roster.
      They seem to have a “type” ~220#.
      Penny got bigger last year and it slowed him down too much. Him and Carson have plenty of size for the position.

    • Hawktalker#1

      What do you want? Lacy back? Eating more donuts and Twinkies then everyone else doesn’t make you a good back 😉

      Carson is big enough.

      • Elmer

        Big can be a good thing. Big and slow, not so much. Maybe Lacy was backed up from eating too many cheeseburgers.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Always hated this narrative.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      scarbrough’s big enough, no?

      • charlietheunicorn

        I’m not sure what his current weight, but he was around 230 pounds I thought.
        I liked the pickup last fall and like it even more now. I’ll miss Mike Davis, but Bo knows football.

        • Elmer

          Maybe Scarbrough will get a look at FB. They didn’t tender Madden.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Carroll once said that his ideal back was 6’3 240 and runs like Rawls.

      So basically Fournette

      • CaptainJack

        Eh I think the ideal height for a running back is 5’10-6’0. I wouldn’t want to go much taller than that.

        Once you get over 6 feet injury risk increases.

        • Sea Mode

          He did say that though.

          Fournette is 6004, so maybe more like Derrick Henry (6025, 247, 4.54 40yd, 37 vert, 10’10” broad).

  34. Sea Mode

    Aaaand let the bargain bin DT search begin!

    Field Yates

    Former Cowboys DT Caraun Reid visited the Seahawks today, per source. With Shamar Stephen gone, DT is an area for Seattle to address this offseason.

    5:26 PM – 14 Mar 2019

    • Volume12

      I think they got their starter in Poona Ford. Should be given every chance to lock down that spot at least, but who knows. Would only make sense to bring in some competition and depth.

      They liked Reid coming outta Princeton IIRC.

      • CaptainJack

        I LOVE Poona as a rotational little ball of energy.

        I do not like the idea of having a 5’11 dude starting… He’s going to get pushed around on running plays.

        • Sea Mode


          Over the last 5 weeks of the regular season, Poona Ford had the highest run defense grade (92.2) among interior defenders. #Seahawks

          Quote Tweet
          Corbin Smith

          More Poona in 2019?

          According to Pete Carroll, the #Seahawks undrafted sensation will have a shot at winning a starting role next season.

          9:09 PM · Jan 8, 2019

          • CaptainJack

            Hey I LOVE him as a rotational piece. But if he’s an established starter teams are going to take advantage of that.

            • Sea Mode

              He’s 310 lbs. That’s heavier than quite a few starting DTs in the league, including Jarran Reed (306).

              I’m not sure how him being shorter makes you think he will get pushed around. He has the arm length and is automatically the lower man to win the leverage battle. He uses it to his advantage.

              I know you’re not bashing on him or anything, I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from in saying you don’t trust him as a starter.

              (And of course they will bring in more depth/rotation/competition anyway through both FA and the draft, regardless of whether they consider him the starter or not.)

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              I’m not sure that teams CAN take advantage of that. He’s 300+ pounds with long arm. As Sea Mode said, he pretty much automatically wins the leverage battle with that build, particularly with offensive linemen getting taller.

            • SwissHawk

              Aaron Donald is 1 inch taller. Like Russ, his height shouldn’t define him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m not as sold on our iDL as a lot of people. Might be worth taking someone early that will give us leverage against Reed’s contract

        I really hope we dip into this DT class. When you have someone like Trysten Hill potentially lasting into day 3 you know it’s a deep group.

        • C-Dog

          Trysten Hill would be a great hedge for Reed. I gotta feeling they might reach a deal with Reed easier than the other Fab Four. Both sides might have a lot of incentive to reach a deal early. Reed would risk leverage by potentially getting injured and the team could lose leverage if he busts out with another ten sack season. I think it’s going to be RW and Wagz that could prove trying.

          • Sea Mode

            Trysten Hill is a lock in my next Seahawks mock draft for sure. EXACTLY the type of player they target.

            And as others have said before, inside scoop on him from the Griffin bros. should help JS know what kind of guy he is beyond the apparent clash with coaches this past year. They wouldn’t come out and say anything negative about him if asked in the media, but I’m sure behind closed doors JS could get an honest opinion, be that positive or negative.

            I do also share your sentiment that the Reed deal happens easier than the others. He seems to me to be a more straight-forward guy like Lockett. Just loves football and will take good money without putting up a fuss. I just hope it’s now rather than next off-season. 3-yr extension @ $13m/apy probably could get the job done, as proposed by Millhouse further down.

            • Rob Staton

              I think it’s as simple as this.

              Either the Seahawks will LOVE Trysten Hill and probably take him with one of their first two picks. Or they won’t want him at all.

              Because he is as physically gifted as any DL in this draft. He had massive upside potential. He is a rare athlete. So if they’re comfortable with him as a person it feels like destiny.

              • Simo

                Unfortunately, I’m sure there’s a number of other teams who feel the same way about Hill. He definitely seems like he’s all about football, and teams can easily investigate the clash with coaches to see if there’s something more there.

                Man wouldn’t he fit nice alongside Reed, and in between Clark and ?? (Irvin, Barrett, Urban). Put a fierce pass rush on the field and suddenly the entire defense is considerably better, especially the young secondary.

                • Rob Staton

                  Definitely there are other teams who will feel that way. That’s why I think they might take him with their first pick to jump the line.

              • Sea Mode

                Agree 100%. Destiny is the perfect word to describe the situation.

      • C-Dog

        That’s what I’m kinda guessing. Carroll raved about Poona towards the end of the season almost more than any other rookie and PFF absolutely loved his play through December.

        If they are looking at Reid, they are looking for someone to perhaps bring some athletic inside rush and not a big two gap run stuffer. Meder is also a good run defender.

    • Elmer

      They signed Meder awhile ago, didn’t they? It would be interesting to know how they feel about Reid vs. Meder. Hard to see them keeping 4 DT’s plus Quinton Jefferson and Naz Jones. Also, we don’t know what they will do in the draft.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    This was good to see..

    “…However, as strained as the relationship between Thomas and the Seahawks became over the last year, the source said the two sides parted on good terms. As for Thomas’ market, the source said unequivocally that the Browns were never even in the conversation, contrary to reports.”

    (not the Browns part, just the Seahawks part)

  36. Gohawks5151

    120 comments in about 6 hours!? Maybe the comment delay was on purpose to slow all of us down! Glad to be part of all you Seahawks junkies.

  37. Coleslaw

    I dont think we should get too attached to those 2 6th round comp picks. They’re likely to turn into 7th rounders and signing a good player for cheap will likely appeal more than a 7th rounder.

    Some guys I’m watching for who may or may not cost us a comp pick:
    Ziggy Ansah (1 year deal only)
    Shaquille Barrett
    Justin Houston (pipe dream but would be amazing, hes still performing when healthy)
    Ndamukong Suh (if the price is right)
    Adrian Phillip’s
    Jahleel Addae
    Tre Boston
    Clayton Geathers
    Corey Liuget
    C.J. Anderson
    Darius Philon
    Johnathan Hankins
    Jimmie Ward
    T.J. Yeldon
    Eric Berry (1 year deal)

    I really like what we’ve done so far, I like our chances to replace what weve lost and maybe even add to what we had.

    The way I see it is we’ve lost Coleman, Davis and Stephen. We upgraded at kicker with Myers. Stephen should be replaced by the routine late FA DT addition. Coleman can be replaced by a safety in the draft. We can still sign a RB or draft one. After that, anything we add is an addition to what we had last year

    • Coleslaw

      I would really like Yeldon or Anderson, I think I want us to sign a RB now more than anything. That’s really the only position that I prefer FA to the draft for his right now. Maybe DE if we somehow found money for Houston, Ansah or Barrett. Other than that I’m pretty okay with waiting for the draft.

      So I guess I’m holding out for DT, RB, maybe DE.

      • Trevor

        Houston on a 2yr deal like Kjs would be perfect! Veteran presence while Martin and Green continue to develop as pass rushers. WOuld not count against comp picks either. Bring him in to play 20 snaps a game strictly rushing the passer and he could have a big impact. Would help him stay healthy too.

        • Coleslaw

          I totally agree and I think a cheap APY 2 year deal with solid guaranteed money would appeal to both parties. Say 2 years $10M with 7 guaranteed. Like you said, limit his snaps, he stays healthy, if he doesnt and we cut him he still gets a good chunk of cash and can sign elsewhere. We get a top talent at DE to bookend Clark for very cheap. If he stays healthy on that deal we would look like geniuses. If he doesnt, I think it’s worth the risk for that level of talent.

        • Coleslaw

          Adding Houston, Yeldon and a DT like Liuget, Philon or Hankins then drafting a WR and DL early and adding a NCB would make this roster look so nice… Surprisingly few holes if we can patch these last handful.

    • BobbyK

      I remember the Hawks being interested in Liuget in the draft when he came out.

    • charlietheunicorn

      How about bringing Ronald Darby on a 1year prove it deal to play 3rd CB.. add veteran depth at the position?
      He was a 2nd round pick and had world class speed. He is coming off an ACL injury, but could probably be had for a song right now.

  38. Sean-O

    Anyone given much thought as to who the backup QB is going to be in ’19? I don’t see Lynch as more than a training camp body. I know there has been chatter about the Hawks drafting a guy in the earlier rounds but with a lack of draft capital that’s hard to see in my opinion.

    What are the thoughts on these guys? All four are still relatively young & at some point have shown a little bit of upside.


    • charlietheunicorn

      I would bet on an early-ish pick at the QB position now. Some of the major needs are being addressed in FA…. and depth will be the major factor on who Seattle picks. I’m thinking they will not find many instant starters this season, but will find some valuable depth to strengthen the 2020 season and roster.

      Rob has mentioned a few prospects to keep and eye on already, but one scouting service says Jacob Dolegala, QB, Central Connecticut might be well worth a pick in the 4th or 5th round. He is a bit larger, but has a legit arm.

      • McZ

        Connecticut has a center?

    • C-Dog

      I can see John Schneider wanting to draft a QB semi early like Will Grier or Jarrett Stidham, but I can legitimately see Pete Carroll saying to him “nah, let’s sign Bortles. I think we can coach him up.”

    • BobbyK

      I don’t think Bortles is a good starting QB, but I think he’d be one of the better back-ups. He has plenty of starting experience. Not that it’s great starting experience a majority of the time, but he did make some plays to beat the Steelers in the play-offs a couple years ago. For the right price, I could be swayed. Nowhere near Teddy Bridgewater money though!

    • Eli

      Personally I think Lynch is super interesting and think his development is worth monitoring. Coming out of Memphis he got some good reviews – best arm in the draft, crazy athleticism for someone his size, etc.

      The knock on him was small school/weaker competition and that scouts couldn’t get a good read on his personality, calling him “a bit spacey” and “a different dude”. Thrown into the situation they had going in Denver its understandable why he could never find his footing – he was someone who needed to sit for a year and not be in and out of the lineup.

      Lynch is exactly the type of player we should be taking chances on. I’d sign him every time over re-treads like AJ McCarron or RG3

  39. RWIII

    Folks. What a difference 36 hours makes. 36 hours ago I was depressed. Especially after the Hawks lost Sweezy. But now the Seahawks have a field goal kicker who was 6 for 6 beyond 50 yards. Beyond 50 yards is where your kickers make their money. The Hawks then add Mychael Kendricks, K.J. Wright, Mike Iupati and D. J. Fluker. Awesome! Now if the Hawks can get Ndamukong Suh in the mix. That would be icing on the cake.

    • hawktalker#1

      I was about to make a very similar post, but couldn’t have said it any better. Nice post.

      Like Sean before your post, I’, not sure if I’m thrilled about having Lynch as our BU QB, but will sure go with whatever PCJS determine is best for the team.

      Looking forward to a little FA help for pass rush and then going to the draft.

      Would like to see us get one of the Safeties we’ve been talking about to compete for hole Coleman left.

      Also am still a little excited about Jamarco Jones and what he can bring to the OL.

      GO HAWKS!!!

  40. Coleslaw

    Hopefully this shows some people a reason to be optimistic. This roster is pretty close to being real nice. With this mock draft we can have a very competitive roster.

    2. Parris Campbell WR
    3. D’Andre Walker DE
    3. Renell Wren DT
    4. Drew Sample TE
    5. Jamal Peters CB
    6. Marvell Tell III NCB
    6. Jake Browning QB
    7. Alec Ingold FB

    -Trade down to 32-40 for 3rd and 4th
    -Trade down from 4th to 5th for 6th
    -Trade down from 5th to 6th for 7th

    This also includes us signing TJ Yeldon, but if you want to exclude that and just leave out any remaining FA signings, just replace Yeldon with Prosise.

    DE: Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Jacob Martin
    DT: Jarran Reed, Poona Ford
    DT: Naz Jones, Renell Wren
    DE: Rasheem Green, D’Andre Walker, QJeff

    WLB: KJ Wright, Mychal Kendricks, Shaquem Griffin
    MLB: Bobby Wagner, Austin Calitro
    SLB: Barkevious Mingo, Mychal Kendricks

    CB: Tre Flowers, Akeem King
    CB: Marvell Tell III
    FS: Tedric Thompson, Delano Hill
    SS: Bradley McDougald, Shalom Luani
    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Jamal Peters
    Defense: 25


    LT: Duane Brown, J. Jones,
    LG: Mike Iupati, Jordan Simmons
    C: Justin Britt, Joey Hunt
    RG: DJ Fluker, Jordan Roos
    RT: Germain Ifedi, J. Jones, George Fant

    RB: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, JD McKissic, TJ Yeldon

    FB: Alec Ingold

    TE: Ed Dickson, Will Dissly, Drew Sample

    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Parris Campbell, Jaron Brown, David Moore

    QB: Russell Wilson, Jake Browning

    Offense: 25


    Kicker: Jason Meyers
    Punter: Michael Dickson
    Long Snapper: Tyler Ott

    Special Teams: 3


    Roster: 53

    That’s a really nice team with no holes except maybe some cracks in coverage. I’m expecting a few guys to take a step forward. David Moore, Jacob Martin, Rasheem Green, Rashaad Penny, Tre Flowers, Shaquill Griffin, Tedric Thompson, Naz Jones and Poona Ford all have a chance to take big steps forward, surely a few will. There are also some guys coming back who we didnt really have last year but should be nice players, like Will Dissly, Jamarco Jones, JD McKissic and KJ Wright.

    No matter how we draft, I’m going to enjoy watching this team improve this year. If we can figure out how to handle the “big 4” problem, we can add nice pieces in the draft and get back to competing for Super Bowls.

    • Trevor

      I am not a big Jake Browning fan but the rest of your Mock would be awesome and set this team up nicely going forward.

      • Coleslaw

        Yeah I just picked a QB cause we need a backup lol

        • Kenny Sloth

          Definitely don’t NEED Jake Browning when we have Paxton Lynch already signed.

          Like….. It’s definitely not a need. If we’re just taking any QB might as well stick with Lynch for a season

    • CaptainJack

      If the seahawks draft Jake Browning I’m switching fan bases.


      Kind of.

      • Josh


    • CaptainJack

      I don’t get why seahawk fans are sleeping on Paxton Lynch. I liked him coming out… Denver has been a dumpster fire last few seasons…He has the traits to still become a good starter, and a very solid backup.

      • Kenny Sloth

        +1 don’t see why you would absolutely just BURN a draft pick taking someone like Browning who, imo, is inferior to someone like Lynch in every way.

        Can’t think of one thing he does better than Paxton. Maybe playaction I guess.

        • Coleslaw

          I literally picked him because he was the last ranked qb in the class and I didn’t know who fit and who would be there. I know nothing about the late round QBs aaaaand just picked one for the sake of picking one. If Paxton is the guy it’s fine vy me, we just need someone on the roster lol

          • Kenny Sloth

            I get why you did it, but if we’re just drafting the last available guy then what are we doing here.

            I like the other players you selected but those ranges are super sus. Good mock tho.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      lovin this draft except for jake. wouldn’t mind him as a rd 8 signing tho.

    • Oly420

      Nice post. I’ve always wanted to post a Seahawks (big board) mock draft.
      You look like a genius until you mention Jake…

    • Sea Mode

      Nice draft!

    • Pedestrian

      LOL Jake Browning will be lucky to make it in the CFL. If we wanted a QB who threw straight to the defender, might as well ask a fan in the stands to come down and play QB

    • KyleB

      Are you just kind of a UW guy? That fan base is beyond annoying locally. Browning isn’t even close to being a draftable player. He’s a UDFA at best. I echo others who have suggested that if you selected a QB just because we needed one and he’s the last available (also we do not need one at all of it’s not one of the top 5-7 guys), then that’s pretty much a wasted seventh round pick.

      • Coleslaw

        Cool story bro I’m not going to explain myself again. I could have just put QB.

        I should have known people would find something to complain about. After I’ve explained myself and you still come in saying the same things they said like it’s going to accomplish any thing is where I just stop caring. GTFO.

        Not even a UW fan, yall just hate Browning and I dont care. GOMD.

        • KyleB

          What does GOMD mean? 14 year old teenage girl with angst lol

      • AlaskaHawk

        Thankfully Gardner Minshew will be available also!!! ha ha ha

        • Snax

          I agree Browning is Charles Barkley TURRIBLE, but Minshew isn’t exactly NFL starter either. Both probably won’t make it in NFL though. Come on AlaskaHawk, no one even mentioned Minshew or WSU here. Don’t be goober

          I went to Western, and simply don’t care who’s side you’re on. Leave your UW WSU bias out of your mocks!! Just because you think highly of “your guys” doesn’t mean Seahawks or rest of NFL does. Be a little down to earth and realistic….

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t see why a team in Seattle wouldn’t invite them to a camp if they are UDFA. They may even throw a late draft pick at them, if they had more draft picks. The player most likely to get that treatment would be Burr-Kirven if he slips down the draft board.

          Anyway, I’m not a big fan of players coming out of PAC 12, but I still respect that some of them will make it in the pros. I would prefer that the team drafted the majority of their picks out of Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma.

          • Snax

            Look, there should be no “treatment” for any player/school just because their local guys. Seahawks will bring in guys to workout or pick solely because they believe that guy can help the team win. No other reason than that.

            It’s great they drafted Dissly, and awesome that they have Luani. But make no mistake, Hawks don’t have those guys simply because their local…

            @ Coleslaw, obviously there was some bias even if it’s just familiarity from watching UW games. You should’ve been blasted just the same if you suggestion Minshew.

            Unless you really think a local guy can help Hawks win, just leave them out of your mock and do everyone a favor. Seriously, to everyone who isn’t UW or WSU, or Oregon for that matter, it’s REALLY REALLY annoying to see local guys mocked with little to nothing to back it up. If you’re going to, then please give plenty of detail as to why that player is a good fit for our team. Otherwise go start or

            Everyone else is sick of it….

            • Coleslaw

              Lol it’s my mock who are you to tell me what to do with it? I literally don’t even watch UW. I’ve seen Browning play like 5 times. I’m a Georgia fan.

              Do me a favor and don’t comment on my post if you don’t like it. I’m a fan making a mock, get off your high horse and get off my back. I picked a QB you don’t like are you going to cry? Little whiny baby.

            • Coleslaw

              “Wah I have to read Jake Brownings name in a mock draft” why cant you just take the mock, and replace Browning with whatever you want. I literally have no preference for Jake Browning whatsoever, literally just picked a name from a list. If you cant understand that and really want to berate me for it then you’re wasting your time. Quit b****ing and move on with your life. I’m sure you can find better things to do.

  41. CaptainJack

    Despite getting Kendricks and Wright back, I think the seahawks might like Ben Burr-Kirven. He’s not so different in physical dimensions from Austin Calitro, Brock Coyle, Kevin Pierre-Louis or even Shaquem Griffen. Seahawks seem to like these faster and smaller interior linebackers. He plays with his heart out, he definitely would be a big “culture” guy on this team. I think he goes around round 4 or 5.

    • King_Rajesh

      I’m a UW alum and I can’t see Ben Burr-Kirven being productive outside of special teams. Think he should go in the sixth, I have real concerns as to whether he could contribute at his size, especially with his short arms, as an actual LB.

      • astro.domine

        Well, he measured 6′, 230lbs with almost 32″ arms at the combine. Definitely undersized, but not as small as I thought he was. Doubt if NFL starter is in his future, but maybe he could play in nickle packages.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wouldn’t write Burr-Kirven off because of size, mostly because he is a good tackler. You just need to find the right spot for him. Special teams and nickel defense would be a good starting point.

    • McZ

      When I saw him playing, my first thinking was “all over the place, like ET”. Then I saw his arm length, and thought, he would possibly make a great FS in this league. Think about having ET, but being even more effective against run and screen.

  42. millhouse-serbia

    Someone asked Nick Korte on twitter about Iupati and even he isn’t shure how that goes.

    I think Dion Jordan will sign somewhere for more than 1mil so he will count in comp formula too. That means we can sign another one FA (two if Iupati doesn’count) and not loose comp pick.

    • CaptainJack

      I would personally like to bring back Dion Jordan.

    • Simo

      It’s time to move on from Jordan. He has difficulty staying on the field and when he’s actually playing he’s extremely inconsistent. He’ll make an outstanding play or two and then disappear for the rest of the game. And then he’ll miss the next game.

      We’re better off using Jordan’s money elsewhere, preferably towards a starting DE opposite Frank. Hopefully another team will pick him up for enough $ so he counts in comp picks.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Agreed. Jordan had another big opportunity last year, and he dropped the ball. Unless the medical staff, for some reason, thinks Dion will be healthy going forward it is time to move on.

        • Sea Mode

          I want to keep him. The potential reward is just too great to abandon the project now.

          Of course, the medical projection will be key in deciding.

  43. Jared Marshall

    Hey Rob, you know what tastes great? This crow I’m eating on Fluker. The insane money being thrown at marginal players mixed with the lack of free agent guards made me think somebody would throw like $18M at him. If rumors are to be believed, Fluker is getting “up to” $9M over two years. I love it; I love everything we’ve done this free agency. Anyway, just wanted to own up to getting spooked.

  44. Sea Mode

    Nice to be back amongst those “gaming the system”!

    Warren Sharp

    Teams are gaming the comp pick system. Letting FA walk & not getting greedy. Picks can be traded.

    >PHI has 3 (3rd/4th/4th)
    -Combined value=37th pick overall

    >NE has 2 (3rd/3rd)
    -Combined value=43rd pick

    >SEA has 4 (3rd/4th/6th/6th)
    -Combined value=54th pick

    3:37 AM · Mar 15, 2019

    Enter 2019 draft with 4 picks, 2020 draft with 11? Oh yeah…

    And I have a feeling we might end up with a R5 once we find out what Sweezy got from the Cards. I think it would have to be a sweet offer for him to leave Seattle since he seemed to really enjoy being back.

    • Sea Mode

      *Oops, that last bit is obviously not part of the Tweet.

  45. Sea Mode

    Somebody’s happy!

    Bobby Wagner

    Yessir!!! Back at it again! We got work! Couldn’t happen to a better person.. Congrats!


    Kj Back Kj Back! I appreciate all of y’all support and positivity into making this happen! A Decade On This Team And City Is A Blessing! #2MoreYears #ThePeoplesChamp #GodIsGood @ Virginia…

    8:16 PM – 14 Mar 2019

    • Trevor

      I think I read somewhere Bobby was representing himself. THat is always a tricky situation but JS should be on the phone with him now while everyone is feeling so positive. Get Bobby locked up now!

      Really glad both Kam and now KJ are retiring as Hawks for life. Two guys who seemed to really lead the younger guys and were everything Pete was looking for in leaders. Bobby should be the next Hawks lifer.

  46. millhouse-serbia

    We have 190.7mil cap space with rollover.

    For 44 players that will probably be in top 51 next season we spent 148mil.

    When we cut Kam we will have 12.7mil dead cap.



    KJ+Kendricks+DJ+Iupati+Draft is around 20mil for this season. And it is 48 players + draft.

    So we have approximately 10mil at the moment.

    And we can save 9.5 mil with cutting Mingo, Brown and Dickson.

    I am 100% sure they will be careful with comp pick this year, so it wont be more then 1 or 2 new FA’s.

    • Sea Mode

      IMO if you want to be careful with comp picks, then you keep Dickson and Brown who have fulfilled their roles well and won’t save that much anyway over the replacements we would have to sign. (also potentially cancelling out comp picks in the process)

      Brown only had 166 yds, but he played 33% of offensive snaps plus 27% ST and didn’t complain about lack of targets, blocks well, and was a weapon in the red zone (5 TD). Oh, and he helped win us the TD celebration of the year after one of his TD catches… 😉

      Dickson was valuable blocking and receiving as we all saw, and will be a good hedge until Dissly is fully recovered. Even if we draft a TE in the draft (Wes-co! Wes-co!), he could take the FB spot on the roster and we can decide between cutting Dickson after this season for only $866k dead money or moving on from Vannett.

      Mingo on the other hand… bye bye, unless Kendricks unexpectedly gets immediate jail time. (and probably even then…)

      • H

        I’d keep them around as a hedge until the draft and look to get their replacements. If you’re successful go right ahead and cut them to help fund the “big four” extensions.

      • BobbyK

        I don’t see any scenario why they’d move Vannett in a cheap final year of a rookie contract over Dickson and his bigger cap hit. One is younger and entering his prime, the older was hurt last year and on the wrong side of 30. I like our additions so far, but I worry about so many important players on the wrong side of 30. Those players get more injured, on average, than kids in their early and mid 20s guys. That’s just a fact. We can’t complain if the injury big bites us big time next year because some of it we would have done to ourselves. We do need a little extra luck next year. But they do have insurance at guard because they have three capable big guys – so if two of the three can be healthy all at one time – then they’ll still be fine.

  47. CaptainJack

    Skip the expensive FA pass rusher, just bring back Dion Jordan and draft one.

    He had a down year but I still think he’s a valuable rotational piece.

    • Aaron

      I would still like, and hope to see, a veteran other than Dion Jordan to be opposite Clark, but I can see a reason why they wouldn’t do this. They drafted Green and Martin so maybe they hope for development from them, and then add another rookie or two in this draft.

  48. KD

    This entire day feels like a huge weight has been lifted heading into the draft.

  49. millhouse-serbia

    One question for all of you…

    I think we need to take a risk and re sign Reed this off season (just like we took a risk with Tyler)…

    If he wants Sheldon Richardson money that is 4yeras – 13mil per year…that is 52mil for 2020-2023…with 1.55mil for 2019 that is 53.5 mil…

    Does it have sense to give him right now 11.5mil for 2019 (we have cap space and we don’t need more than 1 or 2 cheap FA – and need to take care of comp picks) and then it will be 10.5mil per year for 2020-2023.

    • Sea Mode

      Heck yeah, I give him 3yr extension @ $13m/apy if he takes it. Actually, Sheldon got $12.3m/apy, which would be an even better deal if we could pull it off. ($13m would make him currently the 10th-highest paid DT)

      Just like Tyler, it will look like a steal by next year’s free agency. (Just 1 year into his new deal, Lockett is already only the 20th-highest paid WR)

      And doing it as an extension on the last year of the cheap rookie contract lowers the cap hits spread out over the next 4 years. For example, even though Lockett is receiving $10.25m/apy, his cap hits are like this:
      2018: $4.44m
      2019: $6.65m
      2020: $10.25m
      2021: $11.5m

      That’s the bonus you get for extending early.

      The problem is that Reed is 2 years younger than Sheldon and had twice as many sacks last season, so I think he will want something around $15m. Grady Jarrett is getting $15.2m on the tag. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal he ends up getting. He will be 26 in April and had 6 sacks last season, so is probably the closest reference for Reed at this point.

      So I don’t think Reed’s cap hit would need to be $11.5m for 2019 unless JS wants to front load it a bit to prepare for RW/Bobby next year.

      • BobbyK

        I think it will take more to sign Reed over Sheldon simply because of his age. Few few teams throw money at an Earl Thomas at 29. Richardson will be 28 late next season, while Thomas will be 30 soon. It’s only a year and a half difference, but it’s a difference in NFL terms.

    • C-Dog

      Said it before in another post, but I think Reed might be the guy they lock in first.

  50. Trevor

    Rob I agree with you that the Hawks will trade back from 21. I put the probability at 95% +. But what if a truly elite talent were to fall for whatever reason? Personally I can think of 3 guys who might justify just taking because of the impact they could have on the roster going forward long term.

    #1 TJ Hockenson (TE /Iowa) I think he goes top 15 but sometime TE last and if there is a run on QB, DL then who knows. He is everything the Hawks could want at TE as he is a great and willing blocker as well as quality receiver. By drafting him the Hawks are set at TE going forward with one of the best blocking TE in Dissly and a potential multi year pro bowler in Hockenson.

    #2 Dexter Lawrence (DT/ Clemson) Pete wants to run the ball, stop the run and e a bully in the trenches. Well no player in this draft helps you accomplish that more than Lawrence. They simply do not make many human beings on planet earth with this size, length and athleticsm. If the drafted Lawrence the run D improves immediately and Bobby Wagner would do back flips. If they extend Reed and add him with Poona. Those guys could be the best DT rotation in the league and all really young.

    #3 Montez Sweat (Edge/Miss St) Another guy who likely wont get past Det or GB but Rob mentioned there were some off field things at Mich St. So who knows. He has to be the prototype for what Pete wants in a LEO. Long, Stong and incredibly fast. I also love that he went to Senior Bowl to compete and did all drills at the combine etc. So he wants it. Line him up opposite Frank and you could have the best Edge Rush duo in the league within a year or two.

    Like I said i know we almost certainly trade back but if one of those 3 somehow fell I think if I was JS I run to the podium and take my medicine this year with only 4 picks and then next year add depth all over the roster with what could be 10-11 picks as it stands now.

    • Rob Staton

      A truly elite player won’t fall to 21.

      And as much as I like Dexter Lawrence — there’s no way you’re giving up the chance to have a proper, full draft class just to take him.

      They’re trading down. 100%, not 95%.

  51. clbradley17 and Walter football have the best pro day results, and have recently mentioned some of the players we’ve had an eye on for the last few months. Sea Mode mentioned Tenn.’s Kyle Phillips, who looked very good during Shrine Game week. Tony Pauline of draft analyst also said he looked great at the regional combine in KC. “Phillips was run through defensive end and linebacker drills today, looking solid in both. Phillips is getting a lot of interest from the pass rushing needy Buffalo Bills and New York Jets and has met with both squads. While many project Phillips as a priority free agent, we’ve stamped him as a late round pick based off his play in 2018 coupled with his performances since January. Phillips was one of the better players during Shrine Game practices and has now laid down a pair of terrific workouts for NFL teams.”

    At the Oklahoma Pro Day, Tony mentions G Dru Samia only saying that “Guard Dru Samia was one of the busiest offensive linemen the prior 48 hours. He met with the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Bucs and Detroit Lions. Samia is a solid Day 3 pick who could eventually start on Sundays.”

    He also praised G Michael Dieter at Wisconsin’s Pro Day – “I’m told guard Michael Dieter looked terrific in position drills, and the belief is he’s now moved into the early part of Day 3.”

    Looking at the Tenn. Pro Day results on the Walter Football page – – another player we could maybe draft late day 3 if we acquire 6s or 7s or bring in as a UDFA is DB Micah Abernathy. He ran a 4.45 40 at 6’0″ 203, also had a 6.6 3 cone, which would have been 2nd best at the combine behind Michigan’s DB David Long, jumped a 38 1/2″ vert. and a 10’10” broad. Ok. St. WR Tyron Johnson ran a 4.34 40 and is 6’1″ 193.

    Also have been hearing very good reports on game film of Hawaii LB Jahlani Tavai recently on at least a couple podcasts. 6’2″ 250, can do everything well, may be under the radar since he was hurt later 2018 and didn’t play in the all-star games or run any drills at the combine while he’s still recovering. Found a grainy video of him on youtube, but the one that directly followed was of 6’5″ 250 lb. DE/LB Justin Hollins of Oregon, still want to draft him early day 3 if we can get more 4ths etc. by trading down a few times. He has great speed and bend to rush the passer and also plays well against the run, had 10 tackles and 2 sacks in limited time at the Shrine game a couple months ago, and ran a 4.5 40 at the combine. The quick first step, long stride, speed and bend reminds me of Frank Clark when he’s sacking Browning of UW at 1:40.

  52. Ross

    Rob, Any thoughts on Brett Rypien, QB? Could work on arm strength for sure, but he can move well and completes a high percentage of passes. At this point, I think Grier is probably out of reach because I don’t think they’ll spend a Rd 3 (or higher) pick on a backup QB (except for Murray which isn’t happening), regardless of the RW3 contract situation. Too many holes/depth to fill on defense. So I feel like we’re likely looking at a late round pick again. Could Rypien be that pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t studied Rypien fully, just skimmed one game while watching the running back.

      I think an early pick on QB is still very much in play. I don’t think they have many holes on defense. They need a DT (might sign a veteran) and another pass rusher (might sign a veteran). I could definitely see them going DE or DT with the first pick but I don’t think this is a must given the depth and options throughout the class. I also think people really underestimate the seriousness of the situation with Wilson.

      • Ross

        For holes on D, safety has to be discussed, right? I never trusted PC’s optimism in T2. He just hasn’t shown much, in my opinion. Also, agree with DE as a first pick. But I feel like safety is/should be a bigger concern than has been talked about. You might be right about RW situation being underestimated – I think people can’t even fathom him leaving Seattle. But, honestly, if you’re RW, does Grier’s presence on the roster change your position at all? He’d be untested, wet behind the ears, and I just wouldn’t believe for a second that PC is willing to go into 2021with him.

        • Rob Staton

          I think safety is a massively overrated need.

          I understand why it’s overrated — the team is moving on from a Hall of fame player and the replacements are nowhere near Hall of fame level. But you simply don’t need elite level safety play. How many great safeties are even in the NFL?

          I think they’ll draft one in rounds 3-7 to compete and play nickel. But it’s very likely they’re very content with Tedric and Delano competing to start next to McD.

      • Bmseattle

        I totally agree with your concern over Wilson, Rob.
        I’m convinced that Russell wants to hit free agency… and he’ll happily collect two franchise tag contracts in the meantime.
        I suspect that there is *no* number that Wilson would accept right now from the Seahawks (aside from something so ludicrous as to be impossible from the team’s perspective.

        • Trevor

          I certainly hope that is not the case as I think locking Russ up as soo as possible is critical so PC/JS know what they have cap wise to build a roster going forward.

          If that is the case and he is set on being a free agent then the should be put on the trade market immediately. Keeping a guy for 2 years on a $25 mil + tag at the QB spot makes zero sense. Look how it worked out for Washington. The QB is the leader of the team and if he is not bought in completely then the team is going nowhere.

        • King_Rajesh

          “I suspect that there is *no* number that Wilson would accept right now from the Seahawks”

          If this is true, then we should fire the coaching staff for creating the situation that would be driving Wilson out of town. How hard is it to keep your elite QB happy? The Steelers keep Ben happy, the Saints keep Brees happy, the Packers keep Rodgers happy.

          Why can’t Pete and John keep Russell happy?

        • Ross

          Not saying you’re wrong, but what makes you convinced of that? Has he said anything at all to give the impression that he wants out?

          • Rob Staton

            Russell doesn’t want out.

            But I’d bet a lot of money he’s very, very, very willing and prepared to play on two franchise tags and then see what happens (probably free agency).

            He wants to max out his earning potential.

            • Ross

              “He wants to max out his earning potential.” – you could say that about every NFL player ever. Everyone always wants as much $$ as they can get. But there’s more to a decision than that for everyone – NFL stars included. If he’s happy in Seattle, and I think he is, where the city/coaches/FO/etc are known and familiar, where fans adore you for bringing the city’s only major championship, where there are RW jerseys worn all year ’round, it’s just human nature to lean that direction when all else is equal. Furthermore, I think MJL below has a point about WA’s lack of state income tax. For someone as hell bent on maximizing dollars as you say he is, that savings has to be a factor.

              I agree that RW situation is huge, but I’d bet JS will get an extension done sooner than later, because of the above, and because RW is smart and knows that playing without an extension is risky, and because JS is just too good to let RW walk.

              • Rob Staton

                I could say that about every player but it’s especially pertinent when talking about Russell.

                Read the tea leaves guys.

                Lot of people in for a MASSIVE shock when they realize the seriousness of this situation. I’ve tried to warn you.

        • MJL

          I wonder how much (if any) Washington (state) lack of income tax comes into play in the decision making for RW. If you figure he has another $300 million plus in salary to earn over the next ten years..that’s like a $35 to $40 million net difference to RW vs playing in a a place like NY.

  53. Tecmo Bowl

    A lame video, but it should be noted that Seahawks LB coach John Glenn ran the drills for Hollins and Jelks. Big fan of Hollins too-if we get him anywhere in day 3 it would be a steal.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched three games of Hollins and I have to be honest — my view of him was similar to that of Ben Banogu. Great athlete clearly but just doesn’t impact games. Just really underwhelming. Far from a terror off the edge and you’re just left wanting so much more.

      • clbradley17

        He may have not looked dominant or a game-changer in the games you watched, but even after those games in week 13, Tony Pauline had him rated a “steal in the middle of day 3”, and better than his pre-season projected 1st round DE teammate Jalen Jelks. He was his sleeper prospect that week. “In 12 games Hollins has totaled 57 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and five sacks, topping Jelks in each category. He also broke up seven passes, forced four fumbles and has five hurries. He’s similar in size to Jelks as both measure 6-foot-5.5 and tip the scale around 245 pounds, though Hollins is slightly faster. I gave him an early sixth-round grade over the summer and believe Hollins will be a steal in the middle of Day 3.”

        After that, he had the most sacks and TFLs by any player on either team with 1.5 sacks and 2.5 TFLs in Oregon’s win over Michigan St. in their bowl game. And I remember Tony Pauline saying he started slow, then looked good against the run and was beating everone around the edge rushing the QB during the Shrine game practices, possibly benefiting from the Pro coaching there. That was against a poor West OL, but then he dominated with 10 tackles and 2 sacks against a much better East OL and was defensive MVP of the Shrine game. He has all the tools and improved greatly during Shrine game week as the practices went on, and was MVP out of all defensive players playing only about half the Shrine game with 2 sacks and 10 tackles in that short time.

        While he may not have looked great during some games last season, he improved when it counted against MSU and all-star offensive lineman in their bowl game and the Shrine game. In some recent Combine recap podcasts, have heard them talk about some of the DBs running/drilling well at the combine and mentioning Marvell Tell. He had some great #s at the combine, but they mentioned his tape and technique are terrible, as are probably a lot of the other DBs, including Isaiah Johnson etc. who also ran well but have lots of flaws in their game. But with Pro coaching, they have the size and speed that we think possibly Pete can coach them up to play well like he did with Tre Flowers. Much in the same way Tony Pauline said on his Shrine game podcasts Hollins improved greatly with the Pro coaching there at the Shrine game. Yes he is raw and needs work, but if he was dominant already, we would be talking about a 6’5″ 250 lb. DE/LB who can run a 4.5 40 as close behind Montez Sweat in the 1st or 2nd round and not a late 4th or 5th rounder.

        I’d like to get at least 2 edge rushers if we trade down several times and get 8-10 picks, if not more. Not sure if they still allow buying 7th rounders for cash considerations (cash) like they used to? But I’d like to see us get either De’Andre Walker and/or Christian Miller early, and Hollins, Kyle Phillips of Tenn. or Malik Carney of NC on day 3, or if any go undrafted bring them in as UDFAs. LBs, RBs and K etc. (QB, OL?) may not be considered, so we can get more than one at a couple positions if they are the best players available and also needed after FA. I’d like to see us get 2 4.4 WRs too and maybe 2 TEs (Sample & Wesco) if we release Dickson and they’re not happy with Vannett, and we have lots of picks after several trade-downs. And definitely draft at least 2 big fast DBs.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s fine. Tony’s a good guy and welcome to his opinion.

          I’m merely stating I found him to be massively underwhelming, frustrating and I have little interest in him apart from athletic upside.

          • clbradley17

            What later rd. edge rushers do you think could be helpful like Jacob Martin was last year? Would like to be able to rotate guys in and/or in case of injuries would like to find at least a couple in this draft. Jacob Martin came out of nowhere, had never heard of him before, but he was playing well by the end of the year with a couple sacks, several pressures and some big plays. Who are a few of your day 3 sleepers at edge that could help us?

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve not found any yet. Not sure it’s an EDGE class that stretches into round three.

              • HawksBill

                What do you think of Joe Jackson in the third round? I like his strength and potential at the NFL level.

                • Rob Staton

                  Too early for me. Round four I think.

              • clbradley17

                Last time I’m going to beat this dead horse, but he was the top rated edge defender in the Pac-12 according to PFF, had 20 QB pressures by mid.-Oct. 2018, and one of just 19 FBS players since 2000 with at least five sacks, five forced fumbles and an INT in a season. Don’t want to overdraft him on day 2 like Josh Sweat of FSU last year, but late on day 3 would be worth a look if we have several day 3 picks from trading down.

                EDGE DEFENDER
                First Team: Justin Hollins, Oregon
                Hollins posted the highest pass-rush grade (86.8) among all of the Pac-12’s edge defenders.


                • Rob Staton

                  Feel free to beat away. Very happy to offer a platform for all views. I just personally have very little interest in Hollins. I think he’s more of an athlete than a likely productive NFL player and found his tape massively underwhelming.

        • DCD2

          Oregon had a weird situation going on with their D coordinator most of the year too. Leavitt got passed up for HC there and then interviewed and failed to land a number of other HC gigs. Towards the end of the year, he seemed to be DC in name only and there were rumors that Heyward and Salvaea ran the defense in the bowl game. I don’t know how much of an impact the coaching situation had, but it seemed like Jelks took a step back this year. He was 1st team all Pac12 as a junior if memory serves, but not much of a difference maker last year. I think Hollins has the tools and is just starting to put them together.

          As you said, if he was polished, we’d be talking about him in the early rounds. As a developmental/special teams guy, I think he’d be a great get in the later rounds.

    • dylanlep

      Id rather have Cashman

    • Volume12

      “A good guy on and off the field, a guy who can play special teams, somebody who can play special teams. Somebody who can fill many different roles on defense, whatever position they want me to play is fine with me. I’ll put my hand in the dirt, stand up, drop, whatever they ask me to do. I’m a yes sir, no sir type of guy, anything they ask me to do I’ll do it,” said Jelks.

      He’s a project, but for me he’s another in this class who coaching staffs will like more than scouting staffs.

  54. jujus

    Seahawks Gritty backstory alert- Could be an interesting UDFA

    Found 2 minutes of highlights and seems to have a good bend.

  55. jujus

    also edge prospect

    Jamal Davis II
    6’3″ 243lbs 34.25 arm length 82.375 wingspan

    4.6 40 1.58 10 yard split
    19 bench
    39 vert
    10’2″ broad
    7 sec 3 cone
    4.44 20 yard shuffle
    11.78 60 yard shuffle

    looking for film now

    • Sea Mode

      I actually looked into him just yesterday after seeing his 1.58 split and other great measurements and testing numbers. But only 5.5 sacks last year in the MAC? Not a great start to the investigation… But I guess Cliff Avril only had 6.5 as well his senior year, so we’ll give him a shot.

      Highlights show a very twitchy, long, athletic player. Much more OLB than DE. Should be able to add more to his frame.
      [haha, after I wrote this, I watched his combine interview and he said the two questions teams ask the most is can he hold weight at 243 and is he open to switch to LB]

      Top 2019 NFL Draft Pick 😤 Official Jamal Davis II Highlights 💯 VictoryLapSeason18

      I watched the one 2018 cut-up of his on YT. Here are my notes as I watched vs. South Carolina:

      Jamal Davis II (Akron EDGE #9) Vs. South Carolina 2018

      – his get-off is nothing short of incredible. First off the line every single time, no question.
      – But looks like his only plan of attack is quick get-off at the snap and speed. Any contact at all with OL and it’s over. Gosh, any contact with even TE or RB, and it’s over.
      – Doesn’t even try to use his hands on many snaps. Very poor.
      – don’t like the way he jogs out the end of some plays, even when the action isn’t that far from him.
      – OT basically laughs him off whenever he tried to convert speed to power. Not happening.
      – vs. run, he either shoots a gap and is into the backfield (often over-pursuing) or gets washed out and has to fall back to try and make a tackle at the 2nd level.
      – Am I noticing a slight limp towards the beginning of the 3rd quarter? Worth noting that if he’s playing through it.
      – Finally, in 4th quarter he brushes off a RB and makes the tackle from the backside (8:35 mark)
      – 9:12 mark: finally, an inside counter! What he’s needed all game, since the RT knew what was coming every time. Very quick spin move and nice recovery of balance to get to the QB. why the heck hasn’t he busted something like this out earlier? If you’re drafting him, it’s going to be on day 3 because of his amazing build and freak athletic potential like that. But then, of course, he goes high and misses the sack…

      So, incredible frame and athleticism, but needs to learn technique basically from scratch. R5-R6 for me depending on how much you buy into that potential and the fit for your scheme. He could do really well as OLB in a 3-4 defense I think.

      I wasn’t particularly impressed by his interview either. Seems like a nice kid, but nothing special, perhaps even a bit immature still. Definitely unfair to try and judge anyone based on a 3 min. interview, but I’m just saying that nothing said to me that he’s ready to tackle head on with passion the amount of learning it’s going to require at the next level. (hope I’m wrong though)

      Akron defensive end Jamal Davis [Combine Interview]

  56. RWIII

    I think I am going to change my mind on Ndamukong Suh. Not really interested in a player that goes 80% until playoff time.

    • Sean-O

      It all comes down to money for me. If SEA can get Suh for a very reasonable deal, I’d explore it. He’d made so much money over his career, I’d hope the opportunity to play closer to home in front of family & friends more often would hold more value than a few million dollars.

      Plus, that 80% is pretty damn good & better than most at 100%. I’d love to see him take out some aggression versus the Rams a couple of times a year.

  57. Volume12

    Maxx Crosby is a limbs and herky-jerk. Love his motor and 2nd effort though. Let’s see what else he’s got as I finish him up.

    • Volume12

      Haven’t seen this guy make a single play in the run game yet.

      • Volume12


        Or course as soon as I say that he makes a big play/FF in the run game. With a picture perfect punch.

        • Volume12

          That’s what I wanna see! Can he be effective against double teams? Splits one on 4th &1, turnover on downs.

          He’s got a funky style but this dude can play

          • Volume12

            The f*** is this? A gray turf? Let’s see if I can make it through this w/o a headache. Woof.

            • Volume12

              Boy that was the definition of tale of 2 tapes.

              He’s a weird one. Skinny frame. That stance of his has gotta go in the trash. I hope that’s not the stance he’s most comfortable with because it limits his 1st step

              The athleticism definitely shows. He’s a natural pass rusher. His ability to slip blocks is incredible. Inconsistent in the run game. Gets pushed around a little too much. Great flexibility, plays with his hair on fire. There are things I really like about him, but also something I don’t. Can’t put my finger on it.

    • HawksBill

      I thought he stood out at the combine and not just because he looks weird running around. He could be the next Avril/Leo for a day 3 pick.

      • Volume12


        Had a great combine.

        Definitely think that’s his role at the next level.

        He’s another project. 3rd rusher/STer at first. That 1st step of his is broken and those little jumps and hops in his game throw me off.

  58. Simo

    Another FA edge option off the board with Shaquil Barrett signing with the Bucs. Any interest out there in Bruce Irvin, Brent Urban, Ziggy Ansah, or Clay Matthews?

    Justin Houston is arguably the best player of the bunch still unsigned, but he’s probably holding out for $10m+ per year.

    • Rob Staton

      The options are getting thin now.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve liked Clay Matthews for years. He had a decent year in 2018, didn’t seem to slow down. I wonder how much he is looking for? And whether this is Green Bay letting him find his market value before they resign him?

  59. Sea Mode

    Fluker contract details:

    Aaron Wilson

    D.J. Fluker (Seahawks), $6M, $1M signing bonus, salaries $850K, $2M; $150K 1st game 53-man roster bonus; $62,500 per game 46-man annual, up to $1.5M playtime incentive annual

    12:20 PM – 15 Mar 2019

    • millhouse-serbia

      So DJ 2.5mil cap hit for 2019, and KJ 5.5mil.

      • Sea Mode

        2019: $2.125m
        2020: $3.5m

        (at least per OTC)

  60. GauxGaux

    Really enjoyed Bob’s article about K.J. in the Times.
    Thrilled to be pulling for such a classy organization. Get the feeling PCJS really care about the young men on this team.
    2012-2014 were some of the classiest blue collar years in football. Some of that blue collar mutated into blue chip with Sherm, Bennet, Thomas, Lynch (kinda) – all who I still enjoy.
    But most of the blue collar class still calls Seattle home; Chancellor (!) and Avril (!), Wags, Baldwin, and now Wright. Russ is somewhere in between (no comment).
    If it weren’t for that class, from the organization to the players, I would have left football a couple years ago.
    Count one for Class.

  61. Alcohawk


    Love the blog. Any thoughts on the Hawks signing Tre Boston to start alongside McDougald? They could move Tedric Thompson or Delano Hill to nickel.

    • Rob Staton

      They like their safeties more than the fans do. They’ll let TT and Hill go after it and probably draft someone in R3-5 who can join the competition or play nickel.

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