Thoughts: Seahawks sign Kendricks and Myers

Mychal Kendricks is back with the Seahawks

The Seahawks are right on schedule in free agency, with only one small hiccup.

Nothing has been a surprise so far. On January 27th we listed a bunch of predictions. We then followed this up with our free agency primer. Included were the following:

— Mychal Kendricks will re-sign
— Earl Thomas is done in Seattle
— Check out the kicker market
— The Seahawks won’t make a free agency splash
— The priority will be retention not addition

This was never going to be an off-season where the Seahawks came out and blew everyone away. They are still in the midst of a re-set.

The biggest dilemma, as we’ve discussed so much and now others seem to be latching on to this too, is the ‘big four’ out of contract players in 2020. How to re-sign Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Frank Clark and Jarran Reed is the puzzle to solve. The secondary issue was keeping the new core together and adding where possible.

The only minor issue so far is losing J.R. Sweezy. His deal with Arizona hasn’t been officially announced yet, by the way. Let’s assume he does finalise that move.

They can still re-sign D.J. Fluker. The way he’s petitioning on Twitter suggests he isn’t getting close to the market he hoped for. If nobody steps in this week, he might be more inclined to return to the team where he knows he’s a good fit.

They re-signed Mychal Kendricks today. That’s a major positive. This is not a good draft for linebackers. If they lose K.J. Wright, they won’t be scrambling around for a replacement. Kendricks is also an extremely talented player and a very capable starter. He’s only 28 years old and could be a longer term player for the Seahawks. It’s safe to assume Pete Carroll has some insight into his legal situation and that there’s a good chance he’ll be free to play in 2019.

They signed a kicker. Jason Myers isn’t a sure thing by any stretch. He’s not Robbie Gould. The Seahawks cut him last year in order to roll with Sebastian Janikowski. However, he made a pro-bowl in 2018 and is a good age (27). They made an investment to try and solve a problem and didn’t, like the previous two years, simply ‘get by’. They want to play games tight. It was time to spend money on a kicker.

There’s still an opportunity to sign a pass rusher. Plenty of names remain available. The first wave of free agency is where good or even average players get paid elite salaries. When things calm down next week, that’s the time to make a move. If the Seahawks can add a pass rusher and re-sign Fluker they can focus on the priority of re-signing the big four. They’ll be set up for the draft and anything else in free agency will be a bonus.

They’ll also protect their comp picks.

It’s still too early to say with any certainty but things are starting to take shape for the draft. We know they’ll trade down from #21. We also know there’s plenty of depth at tight end, receiver, guard, nickel/safety and the defensive line.

Losing Sweezy puts a greater emphasis on the O-line (especially with limited remaining options on the open market). Yesterday I suggested Dru Samia could be a target. Don’t be surprised if some teams have him graded higher than he’s currently being projected. Go and watch him against Alabama. Samia is the real deal. Teams interested in him — and the Seahawks could be one — might not want to wait to see if he’s there on day three. Rounds 2-3 is not out of the question for Samia. He will likely have a variety of grades but some teams will rate him highly.

Assuming they’re able to collect picks in rounds 2-5 — they should be able to address their other needs too. Trevon Wesco would be an option at tight end and might last a bit longer than the likes of Drew Sample, Dawson Knox and Josh Oliver. Trysten Hill is going to provide the best value on the D-line in this draft if he lasts beyond round two. And there are a long list of tall, long cornerbacks and 4.3/4.4 runners at safety with experience playing nickel (such as Amani Hooker and Marvell Tell).

Nobody should’ve been expecting a splashy start to free agency with the Seahawks ‘going for it’ — throwing money around to accelerate their re-set. This was always going to be more than a one off-season project. Wise, cost-effective additions and good drafting is the key.

The elephant in the room has always been the need to solve the Wilson, Wagner, Clarke and Reed dilemma. That will have their full attention soon enough.

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  1. DC

    Can we resurrect Markus Golden’s career when bargain shopping begins? If AZ does select Murray Frankie is going to need some help. 1 or 2 year deal and prayers for complete healing. It’s fun to poach division rivals too assuming the signing works out.

    • TatupuTime

      Golden really has those t-rex arms (31 1/8). I know FA and draft are different – but that’s a pretty far cry from the 33+ inch they usually look for. Really liked him coming out though and he’s probably just looking for a shot.

      • CaptainJack

        12.5 sacks in 2016. I don’t care about the arms.

        • Kyle

          John and Pete apparently do care though. They’ve consistently valued length at that position

  2. RWIII

    Here is the article on Kendricks.

  3. Trevor

    I think putting a 2nd round tender on George Fant today was another really important move. I think he could be a key piece long term.

    • Nick

      I wonder if they see him as another option for RT—seeing as Ifedi will be a free agent next year.

      • DC

        It will be interesting how the OL plays out in the near future. To keep funds available for the big 4 do you look to Jones or Fant to replace Ifedi? Or Pocic to replace Britt? Mediocre to decent OL are killing it in FA now so comp picks are likely from potential departures. That said we’ve gone down this road recently and been burnt badly by it. Regardless, keep that OL pipeline open & pick winners!

      • AlaskaHawk

        The problem with holding Fant as a backup is that he will want a lot of money next year in free agency. They have essentially blown his value by sitting him on the bench. Of course they need talented bench warmers too – just in case there is an injury at tackle.

    • DC

      And if he walks someone will sign him for 4 years/$70 million by this time next year 🤯

    • Nick

      Thanks! A player who can offer them positional versatility on the OL could be intriguing to Seattle. FWIW, Samia played RT in his freshman year before moving to RG. And he has 33″ arms, too.

  4. Nick

    Rob, I like Samia a lot. But he started almost his entire college career on the right side of the line. Seeing as we’ll be looking to replace our LG, do you see that as an issue? Would they kick Fluker over to LG to make life easier for Samia?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say Nick. Some players adjust easily. Others struggle with it. The way he squares everything up makes me think he’ll be fine.

  5. Jare

    What a great day! I never anticipated having any shot at a reprieve on Meyers. I thought that would just be a terrible lost opportunity. This signing vastly outdid any expectations of a kicking solution I would let myself realistically expect. I love being pleasantly surprised. I’m also jacked on Kendricks! Any indications he might play for Seattle this season is something to be happy to hear.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Kendricks signing is great news!

    I was just reading about Levon Bell. Considering how we have been talking about how running back (and safeties) are undervalued, they have been getting some good contracts. As I read:

    Le’Veon Bell was the best running back in football. No one was smarter, more complete, more slippery, more devastating and more relied upon. Some people may have forgotten all that since he’s been gone for a year.

    Bell’s new contract with the Jets is a good one. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the four-year, $52.5 million deal included a $35 million signing bonus. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the Steelers weren’t offering “substantial guarantees.”

    But from everything I heard from teams Tuesday and in the early hours Wednesday, Bell was expecting more. He was also expecting more teams to be interested. In reality, there were only a handful of legitimate suitors, according to several teams.

    I think he got paid extremely well for a running back.

  7. Zxvo3

    Rob, do you believe the Seahawks intrest in Tyrell Williams means that they are looking for a WR to add to the team?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t see any proper evidence they were interested in Tyrell Williams. It was just some guy on twitter who puts a lot out there and says he speaks to execs but has no track record of getting stuff right.

    • SoCal12

      I think they definitely want an upgrade or at least competition for David Moore. Definitely at a lower price for what Tyrell went for though ($11 mill/yr). I think they’ll end up signing a cheap vet and draft someone with a highish or mid round pick.

      • charlietheunicorn

        They were not going to drop 11M on a guy at WR.. perhaps at another position, but not WR.
        Are they interested in WR options, sure they are, but only at the 3M or less price.

        Right now,
        It looks like Clark could get between 18.5-20M per year
        RW could get between 27.5 and 32.5 per year
        and Wagner is inline for between 15-18M per year (thanks to the CJ Mosely overpay contract)

        I overall think they have been doing a fine job of not overpaying middle of the road guys or overpaying top end talent.

  8. BobbyK

    I was impressed with Kendricks last year. I knew he was a decent player, but he exceeded expectations. I know it’s still possible to have a LB group of Wright, Wagner, and Kendricks on the field at the same time, but it looks slim. Would have liked to have seen it though.

    Looks like the Seahawks realize they aren’t going to dominate anyone on offense or defense anymore so they’re going to upgrade the ST in a major way so they can have one of the three units on a team be more dominant than their opponents. This isn’t your LOB defense anymore and although this team did score points last year – not many people, including most of us, would say they’re on of the great offenses moving forward (not bad, mind you). Some weeks we’ll have a better offense and/or defense than our opponents, but it won’t be all the time. But there’s a good chance that with our returners and kickers (coverage needs a bit of improvement), we will have a better ST unit than our opponents most weeks though.

  9. charlietheunicorn

    The gut says, WTF are the Seahawks doing….
    … the head says, we’ll be just fine. 😀

  10. Trevor

    Rob did you have a chance to check out Kyler Murray’s Pro Day today? Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not seen any of it — but will check out the video later

      • Trevor

        I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

        Just a Pro Day and I know everyone looks good for those but I don’t think I have ever seen a QB with a better arm or look more natural throwing the ball.

  11. Shane

    Seeing Earl leave sucks. I knew it was over after but its a reminder that the good ole days were so special and fun. Looking forward and seeing the Hawks losing this much talent while only having 4 picks (obviously moving back in the draft), this season feels like the true rebuild. My fandom 2 cents are try to move Wilson for a boatload of picks, sign Wags, Clark and Reed to long term deals, nail down Fluker and bring in another FA guard for competition our run game will be solid only thing missing is a game manager QB who ISNT making 40 million a year. I think they can find

    • BobbyK

      Who is this game manager that you speak of? I’d like to know because it would be fun to see what he makes per year. Just because Wilson might make up to $40 million, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cap savings of that.

      Lets say they sign Wilson to $36 million per year and sign Ryan Tannenhill for $10 million to be their starter (he’d sign for much less as a back-up, but would be paid more if he was the starter… that’s just the way the market goes).

      That savings would probably allow the Seahawks to keep Clark and KJ. Clark, KJ, and Tannenhill or Wilson and a couple of rookie free agents?

      So many more different scenarios, but trading franchise QBs without a King’s Random (not 2-3 picks in round one) isn’t smart.

      Anyone think the Chiefs are going to trade Patrick Mahomes in 3 years because he’s going to make too much? I don’t.

    • drewdawg11

      I wasn’t paying much attention to Eric Berry this last season. Is he just done? Released by KC today and I have to imagine he will find a new home soon, but how much of the original Berry is left? It wasn’t that long ago that we were all debating whether or not Seattle would take him 6th overall, (he didn’t last that long). I remember debating Berry vs Earl with my friends and I was the only one who said “take the left tackle first and take Earl with the second first rounder”. I believe Mike Mayock had Earl as the top safety. Still, Eric Berry was a stud. Cancer, the Achilles, all sorts of setbacks in his career. Does his recent play drive down his price on a price it deal, or is he just too far gone? I’m really not a fan of Thompson. He’s just stuck in the mud sometimes.

      • Rob Staton

        Sadly, injuries are taking their toll. Berry has just missed so many games.

        Also — been saying this a lot and still believe it. Seattle likes the safety’s they have already a lot more than the fans/media.

        • Sean-O

          It’s frustrating because the coaches apparently see something in TT & Hill that us fans don’t. Plus, seeing FA safeties that are clearly better than both of them, that might be able for reasonable deals, is tough too.

          • Gohawks5151

            I’ve always been of the opinion that Pete bets on his ability to make them functional while waiting for the possibility if an upgrade. If T2 and Hill pan out great. If not they will be advantageous. Safety wasn’t the priority this past draft class. It may be this year though. Some talent that may be there later to push the incumbents.

          • betaparticle

            the combination of Hill at SS and McDougald at FS was excellent. I agree not the same as two All-Pros in Thomas and Kam, but that tandem looked far better than McD at SS and TT at FS.

          • Rob Staton

            Well there’s two things I’d say to that Sean. One — you’ve got to trust the single best developer of defensive back talent in the league if he thinks TT & Hill are worth persevering with. Second — who are the safeties that are better and available at reasonable deals? All we’ve seen so far is guys get overpaid.

          • Tony

            Safety’s are usually unseen on most plays, usually on broken coverage and tackles. Fans are a terrible judge of safety talent unless they break down all-22 tape. Even then you don’t truly know there role in the play or if another player missed assignment. Hill
            And TT showed promise last year. It’s just hard to compare 2 young players to top 10 all time talent that preceded them.

    • Tony

      Theres a 10% chance that a game manager cant get us to the playoffs yearly. Theres an 80%chance RW gets us to the playoffs yearly. Teams trade alex Smith’s, Kirk cousins, case Keenans. Teams dont trade phillip rivers, Aaron Rodgers, matt Ryan’s. When was the last true franchise QB traded? In their prime? It just doesn’t happen unless the qb forces it. Until we draft a qb who looks to takeover as a franchise qb, that’s when we trade Wilson. Trading him cuz hes pricey and going with some random game manager is a move that deserves immediate firing of GM and coach.

      I’m just tired of hearing such a lazy media tweet, irrational fan response of trade him for picks and just use an alex smith lite QB. It might be exciting, but then we win 6 games and you demand a new franchise qb. We can find pass rushers and playmakers. I’ve waited 30 years for a franchise qb. I’ll take my chances of paying a top 5 qb and making budget cuts elsewhere.

      • 80SLargent

        100% of this. I wish the talking heads and armchair GMs would stop propagating this “trade Russ” BS.

      • whit21

        theres little to no chance RW will be traded within the next 3 years..1 year left on his deal and they will sign him to a 3 to 5 year deal.. there is no chance PC will give up his franchise QB this stage in his coaching career.. A quality QB is more important than Wagner, Reed, Clark..

        The only issue i have with top tier salary player is its hard to sign other players.. like when they payed all the defense because all the offense was cheap.. except the Oline in 2013 was the highest payed in the league. but the defense and RW was relatively cheap..

      • Rick

        There is a very solid argument to be made when considering trading Wilson.
        But it would have to be in the ideal circumstances.
        If you could know that Murray would last until #4 than if he was still there I would look to trade Wilson to the Raiders for #4, #24, #27, and #35.
        You get the future QB, get cap relief, and get high end picks to use or trade down to restock the depth of the team.
        Add that trade with the Clark proposal Rob had with Buffalo and you could set the Seahawks up for the next championship window.
        You cant be sentimental about building teams. You need to make calculated decisions.
        Other than the Patriots nobody has shown they can be competitive every year with a high priced QB.

        • 80SLargent

          The problem with that is, Murray isn’t a sure thing. He could very well flame out in football, and be playing baseball for the Oakland A’s in a few years.
          Russell Wilson is a sure thing, the 2nd highest rated passer in NFL history, a known quantity at the most important position on the field. Smart management doesn’t trade that away. This isn’t Madden or Draft Day.

  12. Uncle Bob

    Well Rob, the really good news about the ETIII signing is you won’t have to beat your head against the wall anymore trying to get the dreamers to recognize reality…………..the red spot should fade in a day or two. 🙂

    I suspect that the only reason KJ hasn’t been snagged yet is those interested teams are likely running medical checks, he’s probably doing some traveling right now. Wish we could keep him, but not likely in the cards.

    I’m in the camp that believes they will be looking seriously for another wide receiver or two, but not an overpriced one. There’s probably some uncertainty about Doug, and the last couple games of the year it was apparent to me that RW had lost faith in anyone but Lockett and Baldwin downfield.

    Some big splashes this year in free agency, more than usual it feels, but the outcome will likely be the same as every other year. Seldom do the teams who “win” in free agency, translate to big wins in the post season. The talking heads will anoint their darlings, and ride them most of the season barring early disasters, only to see them fade when good health and solid coaching prevail. They almost got their favorite last year with the Rams, with some officiating “help”, But in the end the charm was gone when they needed it most. Actually their last half of the season was merely adequate for the most part. Individual talent is a good thing, stars are intriguing, but they aren’t the “silver bullet” that too many fans expect. No one player, even a so called franchise quarterback will ensure the big prize, it’s a team sport and the club that brings together sufficient talent across the field that works together and is well coached will be the most successful.

    BTW, for any fans who think the Giants will pursue RW probably haven’t paid attention to Gettleman’s preferences. He’s more interested in a Haskins, maybe even Rosen, they’re more his type. And he’s made it pretty clear so far that he’s reshaping to his desires.

    Keep up the good work and bringing sanity to the evaluations.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Uncle Bob

      Yay!!, Half an hour after that post KJ says he’s agreed to a two year deal to stay. Team docs must have faith in his knee. Good for all concerned……

  13. Rob Staton

    Quick note — if the delay in commenting ever returns let me know. WordPress updates itself all the time so want to make sure the settings don’t change.

    • Ashish Dhanurkar

      Rob, can we way to have latest comment on top? Like many I go read comments section would be nice to see latest comments on top.

  14. Dale Roberts

    I grew up a KC Chief fan then moved to Seattle and suffered through the long years before Paul Allen bought the team. In the interim I spent six years in D.C. and believe me in D.C. the consensus is that as long as Daniel Snyder owns the team most of their moves will fail utterly. Normally when I think of a coach/GM it’s about the season and maybe I’m wearing rose colored glasses but it’s such a pleasure to watch the off season unfold knowing that most of what the team is doing will work out. It changes the year round experience.

  15. Kelly

    Hey Rob

    1 Note before I ask my question. The submit comment button below seems to disappear when I click this text box while using my phone. I don’t know if this is a me problem or everyone problem but it does show up when im using my pc.

    I wanted to ask you about the possibility of adding d-end Derek Morgan and/or S Eric Berry. I know both are coming off injuries but I would think that neither would necessarily break the bank.

    I specifically ask about those 2 because I have been following your blog for 10 years now and specifically remember liking those 2 players a lot during the dre-draft coverage. Especially Berry where he was drafted one spot ahead of Okung and then we drafted Thomas later on that round

    • Coleslaw

      Tilt your phone sideways and it should reappear, even after you tilt back up. I have to do this with every comment and just got used to it. I actually like that I cant post too early on accident.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure what the issue is with the submit comment button. We have the option to switch to the Disqus comments system if people prefer?

      Eric Berry — like everyone I’ve enjoyed his career but he’s just too injured at this stage to rely on. Morgan — could be a cheap option for some EDGE depth if he is willing to play for a smaller amount.

  16. Coleslaw

    Guess what I just realized.

    Earl Thomas will in fact be playing in the Clink this season.

  17. millhouse-serbia

    So Sweezy sign for 1.875mil per year. It basicly means JS/PC didn’t even want to keep him. :O

    Rob, your thoughts on Emanuel Ogbah.

    • Dale Roberts

      Where did you find that? I just looked (again) and can only find his 2018 salary.

      • millhouse-serbia

        • 80SLargent

          Considering that’s slightly less than what he made last season, I don’t think there’s any way that number is correct. Surely J.R. wouldn’t have signed this early in free agency to take a pay cut.

        • Dale Roberts

          I think they’re guessing. I’ve looked at every source I can find and nobody else has a number. I’ll be shocked if the contract is that low.

  18. Dale Roberts

    According to reports the Kendricks deal will be just one year. Why do a one year deal when we know the big four are looming next year. I’d think they would have done a three year deal given his durability, age, and proof of performance in Seattle.

    • GerryG

      He’s hoping for more $, his last shot at a bigger deal, next year without any uncertainty looming over him

      • Dale Roberts

        So you don’t think it was the Hawks doing their usual 1 year bargain? Seems like given his situation Kendricks doesn’t have much leverage.

    • Rob Staton

      Kendricks will believe, quite rightly, if he has a good 2019 season he can gain a bigger contract in a year when the legal situation has gone away.

      A one year deal was inevitable.

      • Clayton B. Russell Jr

        Hey Rob, now that Wright and Kendricks have signed are we still talking about TJ Edwards as a possibility to reinforce the LB Corps? Last year, you and the board spent sometime discussing him? Would he even be available even if we trade down to recoup draft picks?



        • Rob Staton

          I think they’ll leave off the LB position. Weakest position in the draft.

          • Clayton Russell

            Rob, not sure if I missed anything within the recent posts, but has there been any information on who the Seahawks have brought in for interviews POST-Combine?

            • Rob Staton

              Not yet. Those won’t happen for a while though.

  19. millhouse-serbia


    You wrote this:

    “R3 Earl Thomas (4 more FA signings over $13.75m/apy to knock it down to R4 = very safe)
    R4 Justin Coleman (3 more FA signings over $9m/apy to knock it down to R5 = moderate risk”).

    Why do you think like this?

    10 comp pick limitation per round? I have never found that anywhere.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, you are right: that’s not the right way to think of it. There is no limit per round, only a 32 pick limit in total and 4 picks per team.

      What it depends on is what percentage the adjusted APY (subtracting workout bonuses, incentives) falls in against the contracts in the entire NFL. Playing time also factors in a little bit, as well as honors (pro bowl, etc.).

      Round: Highest Percentile – Lowest Percentile
      3rd: ………100th – 95th (top 5%)
      4th: below 95th – 90th (top 10%)
      5th: below 90th – 85th (top 15%)
      6th: below 85th – 75th (top 25%)
      7th: below 75th – 50th (top 50%)

      So as long as Earl’s contract is in the top 5% in the entire NFL this year, he should still net a R3 comp.

      That said, the more big deals that are signed this year can change the range of percentiles, but probably not by enough to affect Earl and Coleman comp picks.

      Thanks for the correction.

    • John_s

      This is the best place to keep up with comp picks.

  20. Madmark

    I made a list of FA still on the market that if I charge I like for C.J. Anderson to visit us. He’s show to be that guy as a RB 3rd guy, 2year deal.
    How about a Darrel Sproles, god if he was healthy I really be kicking the tires on this guy. whats not to love what he has done, shame I loved this guy.
    Clay Mathews bring him in and maybe he becomes the Chris Clemen as a rushing leo. I need to see it.
    I also want to see Mike Iupati does have the gas in the tank for another 1 to 2years veteran backup and competition. Ha Ha Clinton Dix as secondary back I have to see he’s finished I thought he was that good.
    I might just have another look at previous player here before like a Spencer Ware or a Luke Willson.
    this is on the cheap you understand.

  21. C-Dog

    If Kendricks doesn’t service any serious jail time and is available for training camp and the season, this could be a pretty significant signing. He balled out against the Vikings and the other few games he played in.

    I would still like to see Seattle be active in free agency and the draft looking for young LB talent to bring in and coach up. It’s going to be challenging to afford Bobby Wagner next year. Would be nice to have a player in place in the event that they have to make yet another tough choice there.

  22. All I see is 12s

    G Scott is reporting that KJ is gonna be back with the Hawks this year. Very good news. I have Previously opined that I am quite confident that Kendricks is not gonna do any time but will only see a five-year federal probation sentence. He was a cooperator and everything that he’s done in the case so far has showed a level of contrition- this is the type of thing that is usually guided by the prosecution of these cases to pave the way for a light plea deal.
    Anyway, I wonder if this is perhaps paving the way for a trade not everyone would like. Here in the blog, everyone seems very well aware of the high number Bobby Wagner will command next year. The Colts have been sitting there with a pile of cash. They hold a late first-round and a very early second round pick. I wonder if the Colts who have whose front office has many ties to Seattle, are in win now mode.
    A trade of Wagner to the Colts for one of those pics would seem to make sense for both teams. Kendricks could play the Wagner spot for Seattle, and the Colts could give Wagner the massive contract that will be required. This makes sense anyone else?

    • millhouse-serbia

      That is exactly what I thought when I saw this news about KJ. I don’t see all three of them in seahawks uniform next year.

      • All I see is 12s

        Indianapolis was so quiet during free agency. They have so much money. It just makes me very suspicious.

        • Sea Mode

          If anything, I think they would be way more interested in acquiring an edge rusher (Clark, Clowney, Lawrence, Houston) than a MLB.

          • All I see is 12s

            If memory serves, they were one of the teams in on CJ Mosley. Seems like having a dominat mlb to go with Leonard would be a priority. They need a rock on the defense. That’s not to say they don’t sign another pass rusher. They would want the same guys the Hawks likely want. Guys like Barrett, Houston or ansah.

      • GoHawksDani

        Wagner ILB, Kendricks SAM, KJ Will. If it’s nickel time depending on the team and situation it could be either Kendricks or KJ. They have different skillsets.
        Kendricks feels like the better passrusher, run defender. KJ is better at passpro. And both Kendricks and KJ has some injury concerns so having some depth at the position is not hurting the Hawks

      • Wall Up

        One of the good reasons for having KJ back is his value in playing all three positions. Releasing Mingo will help to pay KJ’s salary, whereby Kendricks could make up for some of the ST reps lost from losing Mingo. Also, incoming rookies will play additional roles on ST. This is a weak LB class, outside of the first two to come off the board.

        Kendricks (WLB), BWag (MLB), and at KJ (OLB) all playing together would be great to see, something that I’ve hope for. By not signing Sweezy, this may well have opened the opportunity to have KJ back.

    • Sea Mode

      Condotta confirms as well, and this per Greg Bell:

      K.J. Wright is coming back.

      Two league sources told me late Wednesday night the veteran Pro Bowl outside linebacker, one of the most popular and longest-tenured Seahawks, has agreed to return to Seattle instead of sign elsewhere. That decision comes after he shopped in his first chance at NFL free agency.

      Financial terms were not immediately known, but I’m told it’s a short-term deal.

    • CaptainJack

      Makes a chilling amount of sense.
      I’d go through with it. Wagner is a great Seahawk, one of the best ever, but I doubt we’ll be able to resign him past next year, and we’re in a strong need for draft capital.

      • Sea Mode

        Nobody can deny we need the picks and that he will be expensive to re-sign, but I’m just worried about what kind of message that sends to the entire locker room about seriously competing these next couple years if we ship out our best player for a R2 pick.

        And don’t forget it’s not just his talent, but he’s the one making all the calls on defense and getting everyone lined up. Would be much harder to replace than at first glance.

        Something tells me PC would never allow it, would rather take another year of Bobby and a R3 comp if it came to that than a R2 right now.

        • H

          Agreed. I will, however, concede to having a high emotional investment in this one. Bwags is my all time favourite player, I would be absolutely heartbroken if he left

        • EP

          We don’t even know if Kendricks will play and he’s coming off an injury, KJ is as well. Maybe hedges against each other or just the LB depth we’ve been craving for a long time. I don’t think having the two of them spells the end of Wagner, I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it.

    • GoHawksDani

      Nope. If you trade Bobby, just trade RW while you’re at it.
      Replacing BWagz would be much harder than replacing Clark. And Clark would command 20-22 million, while Bobby only 15-16 million. BWagz is the communicator and the heart of this defense, and the best MLB in the league. Clark is a top5-10 DE
      If I see a trade it’s either Clark (wants a ton of money and more easy to replace in this year’s draft), or Reed (killer numbers last year so some team might give up a ton for him, but we cannot be sure if he’s either a 3-5 sack, solid run D dude or a beast with 8+ sacks and really good run D. And Reed will probably also command some ridiculous 20 mil or more per year contract)

      • Wall Up

        Agreed. BWag is too valuable to be traded, despite having KJ back. DT is a position that can be replaced more readily than DE, or an All Pro, HOF MLB. Until signs of diminishing skills become apparent BWag ain’t going nowhere. Reed will probably lose out on the decision next year of who to keep. Russ, Clark and BWag may be the big three that they keep.

        • Snax

          Co wider bwags age though and at the position he plays. You sure you want to trade your rising rookie? You know how the team feels about 3rd contracts

          • Snax

            * consider auto correct

    • Rob Staton

      The Colts aren’t trading for Bobby.

      And the Seahawks wouldn’t get any value anyway.

      • All I see is 12s

        I don’t know. Seems like the best linebacker in the league would have considerable value. as of now we have KJ Kendricks and Mingo still on the roster. This could change. But it seems very peculiar right now.

    • C-Dog

      I’m happy KJ is back, really happy, but I kinda bet nobody is happier than Bobby and there is a good chance Bobby is the reason. He was very vocal at the end of the season about the importance of keeping KJ, almost to the extent of demanding it, I thought.

      I can see a conversation go some like this.

      Bobby: Hey, John, we are bringing back KJ, right?

      John: Yeah, I don’t know. I hope so, but we got to deal with the guards and Frank, and, you know, brother, KJ was hurt and didn’t play much-

      Bobby: You want me there at training camp?

      John: Excuse me?

      Bobby: You want me at training camp and not holding out for a new deal while you are negotiating with Russell and Clark? Keep KJ Wright, brother.

      John: Okay. We’ll see what we can do.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I want Wagner back – but I don’t think he is irreplaceable. Whichever of the big four athletes don’t get signed, you can bet there will be a 1st or 2 round pick devoted to filling that position in 2020. Give me a linebacker from Alabama and I’ll be happy.

  23. Shane

    Mahomes isn’t a game manager. He’s the best qb in the game. If the Chiefs had even a semblance of a defense they would have won the SB last year. And this year they will make another run, possibly for the next 2 more yrs. So agreed they wont trade Mahomes after his rookie deal. BUT I question whether they make crazy runs like they had last year when they’te paying him 50+ million a year. Wilson is a game manager qb that throws an accurate bomb outside the #s and thats cool, but he cant sling it 50 times a game and be successful. Theres a reason why they went back to the run game after Chicago last year. Wilson needs a run game to have guys open on the outside. As a fan I dont want that much money tied up

    • H

      You honestly think the step down from Wilson to, say, Case Keenum is worth $10m in cap space?

      • Sea Mode


        • BobbyK


          • DCD2

            Who’s paying Keenum $30M? These comps are just ridiculous. We get that you guys think that losing Russ is inconceivable and signals the inevitable demise of our franchise, but come on.

            Keenum costs the Skins $3.5M this year and you guys are talking about giving Russ $40M. You could afford Aaron Rodgers, Case Keenum and our entire draft class for that price.

      • C-Dog

        Bless you. Oh, Lordy. It’s going to be a long year with the Trade Russell camp.

  24. Noah T

    Do you think Schneider can make a run for Ezekiel Ansah if he lasts into late free agency? I think he could be a value steal and if we revive his career, he is a quality situational rusher

    • BobbyK

      Yes. If he lasts well into free agency he could definitely be a great addition. He’s a bit older than Avril was, but he could do what Avril did in ’13… play only about 50% of the snaps and be quite effective.

      • Sea Mode

        Visiting Saints per Rapoport.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s also so hit and miss and banged up a lot.

      • Noah T

        Thanks for clarifying, that’s just what I was thinking

  25. JC3

    Who do you think they should sign in FA after K.J.?
    I hope they pick up Rodney Gunter, 6-5 @ 308 lbs is a younger version of T. McDaniel.
    4 yrs @ 27 mils?

    • Sea Mode


      And while I don’t know anything about Gunter, I don’t think almost $7m/apy falls in the “cheap veteran addition” category. Would rather spend the money towards extending Reed and roll with Poona next to him.

      • JC3

        Clark is a given & must re-sign, and I just hope they stabilize one position instead of signing one year plug-in. Gunter is player on 2nd contract with profile they like heading into second wave.

        • jb9

          Clark’s agent has stated he considers Clark in the same class as Khalil Mack. If they want more than $18m per for Clark, the Seahawks need to trade him asap for hopefully a late 1st (Colts #26?), although the Pats and Chiefs could only get a 2nd for Chandler Jones and Dee Ford.

          Ziggy Ansah and Alex Okafor seem like good fits,

        • jb9

          Ziggy Ansah and Alex Okafor

    • C-Dog

      There is a lot of interesting DLs that I think they could bring in. He could certainly be one of them. I’d kinda like them to take a short multi year flyer on one of the younger players that still has upside. Malcom Brown is one I’m keeping my fingers crossed for.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Man it would be nice to sign Clark long term to lower his cap hit this year. Also we will gain some as well once they cut Chancellor. Maybe more if Brown, Dickson, or Mingo go.

  26. GerryG

    It’s nice to the LB core is set, with Griffin providing some depth and speed.

    They can try to round out some FA and still be in like for comp picks which is good news.

    Ford and Flowers have helped set pass rush market without breaking the mold ala what we saw with nickel and LB. now it’s just a question if the three tag guys to set the rest of the market. Hopefully can deal with Franck one way or the other before the draft

    • Aaron

      The LB core is set on paper, however it’s still in flux. Bobby is in the last year of his deal, KJ is likely a short term deal with a knee that is concerning, and Kendricks may or may not serve jail time. I still think we need to add a LB through the draft at some point, even if it is to develop a guy for a year before they start. In the case of Griffin, he’s a special teamer.

  27. Sea Mode

    Nice, it’s official:

    ig: josinaanderson

    Overnight news: I received a text from free agent LB KJ Wright saying “I am coming back to Seattle” to play for the #Seahawks.

    5:11 AM – 14 Mar 2019

    • millhouse-serbia

      2year deal wort up to 15mil.

      I didn’t expet that JS and PC will give him that money.

      • Sea Mode

        That’s a good deal for the Seahawks. I was thinking he might get 9-10/apy elsewhere.

        And it’s not even a sure thing that the apy will be $7.5m, since he says “up to $15m”, that means some bonuses could be in place that might not count against the cap. We’ll see.

      • Aaron

        I was expecting he’d get over 10/yr so this is a good deal imo. Hopefully it’s incentivized for games played and the second year we can get out of it if he continues to have health woes.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Im sure there are lots of per game roster bonuses included in there.Sounds like the base APY might be around $6-$7 million a year.

  28. millhouse-serbia

    Before yesterday we had 25mil cap space.

    So 4mil for Myers, 4mil for Kendrikcks and 8mil for KJ.

    Now have only 10mil cap space.

    5mil for draft players.

    It is only 5 million if we don’t cut anyone.

    • millhouse-serbia

      We will save 2.3 mil when we cut Kam.

      Pottential savings:

      Mingo – 4.1mil
      Dickson – 2.7mil
      Brown – 2.7mil

      • Aaron

        I would expect all four of those players to be cut before June.

      • Todd Warczak

        Looks like Dickson would save 3.55 mil post-June 1. If they draft a TE and Dissly makes it through training camp, Dickson might be gone. Easier to keep Vannett around 1 more year for cheap. If Dissly can’t make it back this year, the TE roster spots will be interesting.

    • Shadow

      We can’t tell what the cap hits will be for Myers and Wright until the actual contract details are released. The average per year does not mean the actual cap hit per year. Myers could have a low base salary in 2019 and a high one in the last year of his deal, which would give him a lower cap hit this year. Wright may have plenty of incentives in the deal to make it look larger than it really is. The only cap hit of the three players you mentioned that we are reasonably sure of right now is Kendricks since he’s on a 1-year deal.

      I’m guessing when the contract details come out it’ll show that we have more than $10 million in cap room at the moment.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Fluker signed as well.

      • Aaron

        You anticipate him signing or he signed??? I haven’t seen that news yet.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Well, cant find it now. i swear I saw that this morning, maybe it was just another twitter rumor…

        • Georgia Hawk

          Cant even find a hint now so apparently i was still asleep and dreaming this morning.

          • Aaron

            I hope they find a way to get a deal done. I loved Fluker. The physical tone he set for all the guys on the o line as well as how he helped coach and mentor Ifedi were huge positives last season. On the other hand, Simmons was solid too in his couple starts.

          • H

            Lol, we’ve all been there.

    • Rob Staton

      And some people were tweeting and writing about making a splash in free agency 🤦‍♂️

  29. Wall Up

    It looks like they’ll have enough for DE and vet DT infill, ala, TMac, after Fluk has signed. JS is right on course for a good FA offseason. It should be interesting who they sign.

    • Simo

      It’s been a great FA season for JS! So far he’s checking all the right boxes. Need LB’s, check, resign KJ and Kendricks. Need a permanent kicker, check, sign Myers. Let’s just lock up Fluker for 3 years and move on!

      Feel confident we can replace Coleman, Stephen, Hundley, Davis, and Sweezy, and had to let ET walk. Should be some valuable 2020 comp picks as well.

      Now if JS can just secure a complimentary edge rusher we’ll be in great shape for the draft. Looks like Irvin, Urban, and Golden all still available. Hope their prices are falling fast.

      • Wall Up

        I’m still think Urban and Quinn would be great assets to the roster. Hope it happens. Their nickel will come from the the safety class in the draft.

  30. millhouse-serbia

    Jim Nagy about Adderley:

    “Adderley is a stud. Easily has the range and instincts to play single-high in Hawks scheme. Could also play nickel and cross-train as outside CB.”

    • Rob Staton

      On this occasion I would challenge that. I don’t think he has the range to play seattle’s scheme in single high.

      • millhouse-serbia

        And in your opinion, is there any safety in this draft class that has that range?

        • Trevor

          Not Rob but I like Darnell Savage in that type of roll. He never really played it in college as he played coming downhill more often but he showed at the combine has the speed to play that type of roll IMO. His game speed shows on tape as well.

        • Rob Staton

          Not many, no. I’m not even looking for that type. Players like Earl are exceptionally rare. I’m looking for a guy who can play nickel and some safety.

      • millhouse-serbia

        And do you think Delpit has it?

        Its so shame we dont have edit button.

        • Rob Staton

          Delpit is a different type. Very talented though.

      • Eburgz

        I mean, Nagy was a scout for the hawks and has worked with Adderley at the senior bow. Doesn’t mean he’s always right but he would know as good as anyone about this. Has he run a 40 yet? Adderley said himself he will run in the 4.3’s. Didn’t run at the combine supposedly because he rolled his ankle first day of senior bowl practice but gutted through it.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not questioning Nagy’s credentials. But I’ve watched a lot of Adderley and just do not see what he’s seeing. And I know others feel the same.

  31. Greg Haugsven

    If Kendricks doesnt get jail time and does get to play that might spell the end for Barkevious Mingo? Or they may move himto a more of a DE position.

    • Trevor

      I was thinking the same thing. He has not really shown much pass rush ability in his career but if they turn him into a situational pass rusher playing 15-20 snaps on defense and then as a special teamer perhaps he can have an impact.

      I think more likely that if Kendrick’s avoids jail time that Mingo is cut.

    • Aaron

      I’d rather they cut him to save space. Mingo is JAG imo.

  32. Eburgz

    On paper we have the best linebacker group in the league IMO. Kendrick’s likley avoids jail and KJ was healthy by the end of the season so I’m optimistic about the chances they all can play together.

    #1 priority now has to be to lock up fluker. Wonder what it would take; 3 years 5mil APY?

  33. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    #Seahawks are signing G Mike Iupati, source says. One-year deal for the former #Cardinals and #49ers lineman. He’s 75% of the way through the NFC West.

    8:14 AM – 14 Mar 2019

    • Logan Lynch

      Hmmm. Might be a hedge. Bring him in and see what he can do. Cut him before the comp pick deadline if we have to.

      • 80SLargent

        Iupati was cut by Arizona, so as an SFA, doesn’t count in the comp pick formula.

        • Logan Lynch

          Even better…guess I should do some research before posting!

      • DAWGfan

        Iupati was cut so AZ won’t be due a comp pick.

    • Trevor

      Hope it is a really cheap come in an compete for a spot type deal. I have never been a fan of Iupati.

      • Sea Mode

        Condotta points out he is familiar with Solari from their time in SF.

        • Sea Mode

          And that he has played almost exclusively LG, so probably more of a Sweezy replacement than Fluker, with whom talks are ongoing.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      I see that AZ voided the final year of his deal – safe to assume this means he does not count towards the net +/- when factoring comp picks? If that is the case, then I am fine with this deal. He has a rep as being a good run blocker, so he is a good fit for our system. On a 1 year deal coming off injury issues, I assume it is for minimal guarantees and probably some roster incentives. I’ll wait till I see the terms, but could be a good low risk signing for depth to see if he can stay healthy

    • 80SLargent

      That’s a weird way to spell “D.J. Fluker”.
      So Arizona gets Sweezy, we get Iupati, hmmmm….

    • j

      Cards cut him (or at least “voided his contract” due to injury) so don’t think this would affect comp picks.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would be betting its for league minimum for a 10 year vet.

        • j

          Still effects comp picks in that it would effect our net FA signed/lost.

    • Trevor

      I am hoping Iupati is a hedge/ competition for Jordan Simmons at LG and not a replacement for Fluker.

    • EranUngar

      “Pro Football Focus ranked him (Iupati) as the No. 6 graded run blocker among guards who played more than 300 snaps”

      I can see why this might make a ton of sense.

      Add Fluker at RG to Iupati at LG and RW will pass 15 times a game at best…

    • Aaron

      Always loved Iupati as a run blocker. He’s big, nasty, and very tough (remember Kam put him in the hospital?). He knows Solari’s scheme from SF and is a veteran hedge. Still need to draft an OG regardless.

  34. Trevor

    Love the KJ signing assuming his knee issues are behind him. He has been the consummate Pro and leader on this team for years. If they were going to keep an older player then he is the guy you want to keep.

    Pete seems pretty confident that Kendrick’s will avoid jail time and if so the Hawks will finally have LB depth.

    I would like to see Wags, KJ and Kendrick’s as the starters with Mingo and Griffin focusing on being situational pass rushers and special teamers.

    As Rob has pointed out there is not great LB depth in this draft so it lets JS kick that can down the road till next year.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I believe he was a big reason why our run game suffered so much. Will be nice to have him in there again.

      • Trevor

        For sure! He seemed like the guy that connected the front end and back end of the defense as well. If his knee issues are behind him then this can only be looked as a positive.

        • Greg Haugsven

          100% agree. Hopefully he can play all or most of the games. He also sniffs out screens better than anyone. Hopefully Batman and Robin can stay side by side for all 16.

  35. Sea Mode

    On the “submit comment” button problem, I experience it as well (I use Chrome on Android) and have been able to isolate how it happens. Upon typing the first letter inside the comment text box on the phone, it immediately adds more height to the text box, which covers the button. Delete all the contents of the text box, and it reduces back to shorter height, revealing the button again. Screenshots:

    With no text:
    With text:

    Hopefully that can give a clue for whatever developer you were working with. Not even sure it is an issue linked to the site itself or if it’s the way Android/Chrome interact with text box inputs. Maybe others can test it out and report if it also happens on Apple/other browsers.

    And yikes, I’m not sure about moving to Disqus. It has nice features and all, but I like the simplicity of the default system and now they include ads unless you pay for the premium version. And the ad redirects and heavy plugin can slow down load times a lot:

    Something similar, but without all the garbage, could be:
    It’s obviously a play on the “Disqus” name, meant to be an imitation, and the base module (which I think includes all we would need here) is free. It also doesn’t require login (Disqus does), which might turn away some first-time commenters, and incorporates the two key features I mention below.

    I think most of us might not even care for the social media integration and other fancy features offered by 3rd-party comment systems, so it may even be an option just to add a couple small plugins to the native WP comments. The only two features I would really appreciate are:

    1. Comment editing:

    2. Color unread comments differently: Haven’t found a viable plugin for this yet.

    My proposal for now would be to check on fixing the button issue and testing out that comment editing plugin with the default WP comments. Then, if you/we don’t like it, you could consider moving to one of the other systems.

    Of course, I mention all of this purely from the perspective of a user. If you are looking into options to improve SEO, spam control, social media integration, moderation dashboard, etc. then that’s an entirely different story and I would support whatever you want to try.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It does the exact same thing on my phone and I use Chrome and Android. As soon as you type the first letter, submit comment is gone. Havent tried another browser or Apple. When it comes to my PC I have to type my username and email in every time. It used to store it in the past?

  36. Coleslaw

    LG: Iupati, Pocic
    RG: Simmons, Pocic

    LG: Iupati, Simmons
    RG: Fluker, Simmons

    Is OG a bigger need than we thought? Iupati is a hedge, even with Fluker we could still use another G. Pocic should probably be looked at as a Britt hedge, he doesn’t fit what we’re going for at OG.

    To me it’s looking like OG is our biggest need, Fluker or no Fluker. Followed by LB and DE

    • Aaron

      Even if they kept both Sweezy and Fluker I still thought OG was a need. I hope we draft an OG to compete with Simmons and Iupati with the hope they end up being the starter. Pocic is strictly a C imo, and might be competing for his roster spot this preseason.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I had the same feelings. I liked Sweezy and Fluker, but you just keep your fingers crossed on their health. Plus there was no succession plan in place. And we all know how short on money the Seahawks are. A good rookie on a cheap deal would have been very helpful.

        Lastly, in the past they have drafted high for tackles, and often ended up converting them to guards when they failed. Ifedi was a tackle in college, that started as guard and then moved to tackle the next year. Britt shuffled from tackle to guard to center. Half the backups were supposed to be tackles. They were building the offensive line from the outside in.

        Getting the best guard for that specific position would be a welcome change. Get the big guys that can run block. Build the line from the center out. That will give Wilson a little more time to throw the ball.

        • Volume12

          Sweezy is replacement level. Seattle proved that twice.

  37. Sea Mode

    Full details on Jason Myers contract are in, and it looks nice for us.

    Cap hits:
    2109: $2.5m
    –potential out with only $2m dead money–
    2021: $4.35m
    2022: $5m

    So it’s essentially a 2yrs/$8.1m, with an option to keep him beyond that if he’s doing well.

    • Aaron

      What a fantastic deal! Way to go JS. If he doesn’t work we’ll have minimal cap damage, if he does then we’ll have a great kicker again, and for a reasonable contract.

      • icb12

        I personally have a hard time believing that Myers is going to continue to produce at his 2018 level. I think it more likely he regresses back to his overall career averages-which aren’t particularly great.

        Hopefully I’m wrong.

        • Cameron

          Jason Myers career stats by distance:

          XP: 106 of 121, 88%
          20-29: 24 of 25, 96%
          30-39: 25 of 28, 89%
          40-49: 32 of 36, 89%
          50+: 16 of 26, 62%

          It would be nice if his extra point percentage was a few points higher, but it’s clearly consistent with his 30’s percentage. He’s a fair bit better than he was made out to be in JAX, due to a disproportionate amount of FG tries being from 50+, as a result of their terrible offense.

          Personally, I’ll take a consistent 89% of anything within 50 yards, and better than 50/50 from beyond 50 yards.

  38. Ty the Guy

    Looking at the deals guys are getting this year and looking at 2020, I am growing more concerned that something will have to give with the Big 4.

    You could easily pencil in $18 mil/yr for Clark, $15 mil/yr for Wags, $10 mil/yr for Reed, and $30 mil/yr for Russ. That is $73 mil/yr for 4 players. With the cap possibly going up to $200 million next offseason, you are still looking at $127 million for the rest of the team. For 47 players, that is approx 2.7 mil/yr per player.

    That’s very poor/simple math. But the concern is real. Something will have to give. We may have to let Frank walk. Or as Rob has pointed out, we may be best served by drafting a legit QB prospect. Will Grier is actually my 2nd favorite QB in this draft.

    • RWIII

      Ty: Will Grier would be awesome. Especially the fact that his wife is a real cutie.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      It is definitely a lot of money, but remember that the cap is not cut and dry. How Seattle chooses to structure those deals will depend on the cap hit each year. I still have the utmost confidence in this front office to do the right thing and sign guys to appropriate deals with appropriate structure.

      Also, if you go look at Seattle’s cap breakdown, you can see how many contributors they have on cheap deals – this team has had success because they draft and develop players and find value in all areas. They will need to keep doing so in order to stay competitive.

    • Eli

      The number of players on the Seahawks who have made $2.7m or more in the last three seasons:

      13 in 2016
      15 in 2017
      10 in 2018

      The bottom 30 to 35 players on the roster are generally making somewhere between the rookie minimum and <$2m, so there's really no need to allocate $2.7m per roster spot. The concern is not as real as you've been led to believe. There's more than enough room to lock up the guys we want to.

      Feels like people around here have forgotten its okay to pay for your good players.

      • Eli

        Just to show some other math you could use:

        $60m for your bottom 35 players = ~$1.7m per roster spot
        $140m for the remaining 16 players who count against the cap = $8.75m per roster spot.

        Or in the scenario above it would be $60m for 35 players + $73 for the foursome, leaving $67m for 12 remaining roster spots that count against the cap. That would be ~$5.6 per roster spot, or exactly what you would expect mid-tier middle of the roster players to be paid.

        Why are we so worried?

        • Eburgz

          Great stuff. Keeping all 4 is totally doable. Although Ty’s estimates seem like the floor of what these guys could expect. If we could sign those guys at those rates I’d do it in a heartbeat.

          My guess is 33 million APY for Russ. 19 for Frank, 16 for wags and 16 for reed. That contract for Mosley at 17 APY was huge for the linebacker market, Bobby is older but he’s better.

        • Ty the Guy

          Eli, I like your math a lot better.

          PCJS haven’t steered us wrong yet. There is a reason they are in the positions they are: because they are good at it. From the armchair it looks daunting. Putting together a SB team in a salary cap league and having 4 of your best players (including your top 2) all in need of a new contract at the same time? Scary.

          Just curious, but if you had to let go of one, who would it be?

      • UkAlex6674

        Good work Eli you beat me too it! The FO will be working it all out as we speak. I’m not overly worried yet.

  39. RWIII

    I love the fact that the Seahawks signed both Mychal Kendricks and K.J. Wright. Love it. Absolutley great signings. With that said. These guys are 28-29 year old players. Bobby Wagner and Kendricks will both be free agents next year. So just because John Schneider was able to bring back Kendricks and Wright. The Hawks still need to look to the NFL draft for the linebacker position. Now the need is not as great as it was two days ago. But there are some interesting linebackers in this draft. Let’s see if Schneider can find one.

  40. Sea Mode

    Wow. Good for him.

    Albert Breer

    New Ravens S Earl Thomas hoped to make $30 million over the next two years. Did even better than that. His 4-year, $55 million deal …

    Through 1 year: $22 million
    Through 2 years: $32 million
    Through 3 years: $43 million

    … With $32 million fully guaranteed. Rock solid deal.

    9:39 AM – 14 Mar 2019

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think it is safe to say that Earl got his payday. Maybe not as much as he wanted, but still a very good payday. The guaranteed money is especially important. Basically a 2 year deal with extensions.

  41. mishima

    Per John Clayton, Fluker signs 2-year deal. Deal for Iupati is for 1 year.

    Terms not announced.

    • GauxGaux

      PCJS are crushing FA… Rob, you’ve been spot on, bravo!
      Really enjoying my first offseason on this blog – Go Hawks!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Whaaaat? I thought we were gonna lose all our guys and somehow also not get comp picks and also somehow get fleeced and also somehow trade away our best players.

        I thought JS was nothing without Scot McCloughan?


  42. Isaac

    What a day full of exciting hawks news!!! First Kendrick’s and Myers. Then kJ and lupati. Now Fluker is back. I think we all were hoping for Sweezy and Fluker. Then got a better player. Plus with the guys who have left the hawks are in line to collect several comp picks. Next years draft will be huge. I’m stoked!!!

  43. Volume12

    Mike Vrabel is the most impressive one in this clip.

  44. Trevor

    With the signings of Iupati and Fluker can we rule out OL this draft unless someone they really like a lot falls for some reason?

    As it stands now.

    LT Brown / Fant
    LG Iupati / Pocic
    C Britt / Hunt
    RG Fluker / Simmons
    RT Ifedi / Jones

    • CaptainJack

      They have five starters and five players who are pretty decent backups. I don’t see any spot in dire need of an upgrade at the moment. Kind of hard to imagine them drafting OL this year…

    • Volume12

      Doesn’t seem likely there or at LB now, but with Seattle you can never be too sure.

    • Lil'stink

      Iupati’s deal seems like a draft hedge. Might not even make the final roster. It might push the need for OL down, but I think if there’s an interior OL they like you can’t rule out the chance we’d take him.

    • Aaron

      We should still draft an OG. If Ipuati passes his physical then he’s a vet hedge. Simmons is coming off injury. Fluker, as awesome as he is, can’t be expected to play all 16 games. Pocic is on the roster bubble imo, and Hunt is a C who may also be on the roster bubble. We need to add another guy for depth and competition.

  45. Trevor

    Really happy with Free Agency so far. Better than I had hoped for actually.

    -We needed a kicker and got a pro-bowler from last year
    -Was hoping to keep Sweezy and Fluker. Kept Fluker and swapped Iupati for Sweezy which should be a wash.
    -Was hoping to keep Kendrick or KJ and we kept both. Wow
    -Was hoping to get 2-3 comp picks for next year. So far so good.

    Really hope they get a deal done with Clark and extend Wags + Reed before camp starts. Have to thing Bobby is in a much better frame of mind with the KJ extension.

    • Volume12

      Love the KJ, Fluker, and Meyers moves. The other 2 are ‘meh’ for me.

      • Trevor

        I agree about Iupati. I have never been a big fan but I was not a big Sweezy fan either so they are a wash for me.

        I thought Kendricks looked really good last year. I am just curious how they get him and KJ on the field at the same time.

        • Volume12

          I liked Iupati a few years ago. Not saying I don’t now just don’t have much faith in him health wise. It’s also not the most athletic line. Could be a little insight into what Solari likes.

          They could play Kendricks at SAM, but I see your point.

          • CaptainJack

            In solari’s scheme you just have to block the *%#! out of the guy in front of you. This isn’t cable’s ticky tacky scheme anymore.

  46. CaptainJack

    With Iupati and Fluker on board… would any team take Pocic in exchange for a conditional late round pick?

    • DC

      Fluker, Simmons & Iupati haven’t exactly been Iron Men. Depth ain’t a bad thing to have.

    • Volume12

      Man, y’all want to cut or release all these vets except when it comes to the O-line? For as solid as it looks, or we’re being real here that’s an old, injury prone line they got. They need the youth behind it to push it. Remember when Pete was all about that?

      • Trevor

        +1 I think they need keep adding depth and competition at all positions.

    • j

      I would be surprised.

    • Uncle Bob

      Denver is in need of center bodies, so if Munchak thinks he can work with Pocic that could be a good chance to pick up a late round pick.

      • red

        two years of pocic for one year of Emmanuel Ogbah ?

  47. Volume12

    Did Seattle and Arizona essentially just swap LGs?

    • Trevor

      Basically. But if he comes back healthy I really hope they give Simmons a shot at that LG spot. I was impressed with him last year. But he seems injury prone as well.

  48. Sea Mode

    Darren Wolfson

    There are many in Eagan hoping that Griffen stays, including teammates. If he doesn’t, the Raiders, Redkins, Seahawks, and Panthers all have some level of interest. #VIkings

    9:50 AM – 14 Mar 2019

    • Volume12


    • CaptainJack

      Well we knew they liked him coming out… nothing wrong with making a splash for an elite pass rusher to pair with Clark. But other teams will likely outbid us.

  49. Trevor

    Is this the most loaded offensive skill position group in the NFL? I think it might be.

    QB Baker Mayfield
    RB Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt
    TE Njkou, Harris
    WR OBJ, Calloway, Landry

    • Isaac

      Not the hawks don’t care! Ha

    • CaptainJack

      Will Hunt be the same? Who is Harris? Calloway is just a JAG imo.

      • DCD2

        Hunt was crushing it before he got suspended. Nothing wrong with his skillset/body. Just a matter of how long he’s suspended and the optics of his situation.

        • CaptainJack

          Gotta wonder how the suspension and hate is going to change his spirit to play. Chubb is good but he’s no better than Carson IMO.

          OBJ is obviously an elite talent but he’s also a total headcase. Can a sophomore QB manage a diva receiver? We’ll see…

        • CaptainJack

          Reminds me of the rams defense last year.

          Added Suh, Talib, Peters… they were supposed to be impenetrable right? Instead it was the offense that was insanely good, while Suh underachieved, Peters was flat out bad and Talib couldn’t stay on the field.

    • CaptainJack

      I’m looking at the raiders WR corp… Jordy Nelson, Tyrell Williams, Antonio Brown? Is this the freakin Pro Bowl? Now THAT is a group.

  50. jujus

    Happy to hear about the resigns. At this point a pass rusher at a solid value is all I want. Ansah/Griffen/houston.

    my rough mock

    1 3 4 5
    2 3 3 4 4 5 6 7

    2 Edge Jaylon Ferguson DE
    3 LB / OG / safety? BPA value
    3 Tristyan Hill DT
    4 Trevon Wesco TE
    4 Derrick Thomas CB
    5 Tanner Farmer OG
    6 Jalen Hurd WR
    7 OT

    • dylanlep

      hope we get in on houston

    • Volume12

      Jalen Hurd is very interesting. Was watching him last week and his COD and agility at his size blew me away. Raw as can be, but man he has traits for days.

      • CaptainJack

        I LOVE Jalen Hurd’s highlight reel, it’s a whole lot of fun.

        Kind of the perfect fourth or fifth receiver for us😊

        • jujus

          Jalen hurd with his limited time at WR has shown me great hands, Attacks the ball in the air, And plays like Sidney rice mixed with the footspeed of Tate.

          I love the possibility of getting a 6’4 223 lb Wr that runs 4.4 with YAC ability.

          JS / PC are all about finding the GEMS and value that others dont see. Hurd Could be our Edelman…

  51. Kenny Sloth

    Waaaaah 😭😭😭 John Schneider couldnt resign JR Sweezy wawaaaah he’s da worst GM evuuuhr. Were gonna be a dumpster fire waaaah 😭😭😭were gunna get fleeced and bullied like Marshawn and Kam did to us… This team is terrible at drafting and the media keeps telling me that wur gunna loos Russell and Frank and they’re both gonna go to New York and I just gobble that right tf up.

    I doubt there’s a plan because I don’t know it.


    This offseason has taught me that most seahawks fans are absolute tRASh. Fair weather f***s. Some y’all bigger fans of Sherman than the actual team it seems like. Y’all just some USC-hawks ain’t been fans but since 2010 don’t know bout no roster churn

    And the worst kind are folks who been fans since 1977 and still think they know better than actual pros.YEEEESH


    /not sarcasm

    • CaptainJack

      Not sure what this refers to because I don’t see panic here or at fieldgulls.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Armchair GMs out-thinking themselves

    • Gohawks5151

      This guy! Haha. Not wrong though… Chalk it up to getting into the FA frenzy. As we know the opinions will sway a thousand times before next week, much less after the draft and summer. Patience is best.

      • Kenny Sloth

        A little heavy-handed probably huh 😅😅

        Silly season in full swing. Dont buy the hype

    • DCD2

      Is there a way to mute someone? I’ve seen nothing but courteous dialogue with people having different opinions. That’s the whole point of a comment section.

      Calling most Seahawks fans absolute trash and Fair weather F****? Get out of here with that.

      Who’s said one word about Sherman? WTF are you talking about? Go back to twitter with these “contributions”

      • Kenny Sloth

        The Saaalt

        • DCD2


          Anyway, moving on.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Not even a little.

      • Cameron

        Seconded. Way over the top, and not appreciated here.

      • Kenny Sloth

        >”courteous dialogue with people having different opinions. That’s the whole point of a comment section.”

        >Get out of here with that

        >WTF are you talking about? Go back to twitter with these “contributions”

        I think you’re looking for the self-righteous blog ✌ ✌

    • Kenny Sloth

      “NOT ALL SEAHAWKS FANS” – Some Y’all

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Surprised this comment made it through moderation. Doesn’t seem like the type of verbiage usually posted on SDB.

      I agree with your sentiment, though perhaps not the way you’ve chosen to express it. But I haven’t seen too many comments in line with this rhetoric though, unless you are talking about Seahawks Twitter, who seem to pan every move the team makes. I remain unconvinced that many of their more outspoken contributors are even Seahawks fans honestly. But it seems like the general consensus that I’ve seen is largely positive regarding the moves we’ve made. Would have been nice to get Sweezy back, but Fluker was far more of a priority IMO.

  52. Trevor

    If we only make one more free agent addition I hope it is Justin Houston on a 2yr deal similar to KJs assuming his medicals check out.

    He was still really productive when healthy and would be a nice veteran presence in that room while guys like Martin and Green develop. He also would not count against the comp formula.

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