Things I think about the Seahawks — 15th March

1. Trysten Hill could be in play with their first pick

The Seahawks love traits. They’ll take a guy who could be great and coach them up. Trysten Hill emphatically fits the bill. He’s as explosive as Ed Oliver. The thing is, Hill’s 6-3 and 308lbs not 6-2 and 287lbs. He had arguably the single best workout of any player at the combine. His drill work was sensational. He flashed incredible movement, change of direction and quickness. The Seahawks like length (+33 inch arms) and agility. Hill has 33.5 inch arms and ran a brilliant 4.38 short shuttle. He’s as good as any of the top rated defensive linemen in this deep class but could last into range because he ended up in the coaches doghouse at UCF. That didn’t put off the Seahawks when they drafted Christine Michael in 2013. Hill’s exactly the type of player they’ve targeted in the past and would give the Seahawks a chance to land a top defensive lineman from this great class without picking in the top-15.

2. Wide receiver is another option with the first pick

If the Seahawks trade down into the late 20’s, the 30’s or even the 40’s — that could be the range where a receiver starts to make sense. It’s not a good year if you want to take a receiver in round one. There might be zero wide outs with legit first round grades. Yet there are 18 at the combine who ran a 4.4 or faster and that’s what Seattle likes. In the 20-40 range the likes of Deebo Samuel, Parris Campbell, Marquise Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, N’keal Harry and others might come off the board. We might see a rush in the 20’s but it could last a little longer.

3. There are great big nickel options this year

This draft is stacked with safety prospects who can play nickel. A lot of the top safeties in college have been converted in recent years. Amani Hooker, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Johnathan Abram — they all spent a ton of time playing in nickel. This is the perfect draft to try and replace Justin Coleman with a fast, tough defensive back prospect. Hooker might be the pick of the bunch but Marvell Tell, Gardner-Johnson, Abram, Marquise Blair, Darnell Savage, Juan Thornhill and several others warrant consideration too. The range? Rounds 3-4.

4. Dru Samia screams perfect run game fit

If you said Samia and Trysten Hill were top-50 picks in this draft I wouldn’t argue. Samia is fantastically physical and does an exceptional job as a run blocker. He drives defenders off the LOS to create lanes but also squares up brilliantly and keeps everything in front. He can progress to the second level, combo-block, pull around and block on the move. He finishes and constantly plays with an edge. He wants to hit you and leave a mark. I don’t know whether the Seahawks will make an early pick on the O-line after signing Mike Iupati and D.J. Fluker but Samia would be a fine choice.

5. West Virginia are a Seattle pipeline

Will Grier’s deep-throw ability, Trevon Wesco’s credentials as a sixth linemen, Gary Jennings’ speed and chunk-play ability. It’s no wonder John Schneider attended the Oklahoma vs West Virginia game. All three of the names above could be on Seattle’s radar and it won’t be a surprise if they bring in multiple prospects from WVU.

6. It’s time to get a full back

And specifically, it’s time to draft Alec Ingold from Wisconsin. He’s an old-school punisher with a willingness to play special teams. Trade down, get a day three pick and write Ingold’s name on it.

7. They will add a pass rusher and a defensive tackle in free agency

They’re meeting with Caraun Reid and need to find someone to fill the Tony McDaniel role. They could also do with adding another pass rusher — although the options are getting thin. Is there a chance to land Justin Houston or Ziggy Ansah? They’re the two big names left on the market but could be expensive. They could still add a receiver (eg Jordy Nelson or Jermaine Kearse) but cheap additions to the D-line seem to be the last domino’s to fall in free agency. That said, they need to try and protect their comp picks. And for that reason, they might be willing to bring back Dion Jordan and trust Rasheem Green and Jacob Martin take a step forward. That would put pressure on finding help in the draft but it is a good D-line class.

8. A prediction on Frank Clark

They agree terms on an extension in the not too distant future. Dee Ford’s trade and signing helped set the parameters for a deal. They should be able to work this one out. The sooner they get this one done they can move on to Jarran Reed, Bobby Wagner and — hopefully, eventually — Russell Wilson. That last one will be the trickiest to conquer and could have a major impact on Seattle’s 2019 draft if they fear the worst on a long term deal.

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  1. 80SLargent

    The 49ers just released Cassius Marsh. Hmmm…

    • Sea Mode

      It’s a “no” from me.

    • Dale Roberts

      PFF rates him a 58.1… average.

      For reference here are the Eagles grades:
      Edge Defender: Brandon Graham, 91.6 overall grade
      Defensive Interior: Fletcher Cox, 91.2
      Defensive Interior: Timmy Jernigan, 81.5
      Edge Defender: Michael Bennett, 80.6
      Key Rotational Player: Chris Long, 82.5 / Derek Barnett, 74.7

      Here are the Seahawks grades:
      Edge Defender: Dion Jordan, 83.6 overall grade
      Defensive Interior: Jarran Reed, 77.8
      Defensive Interior: Tom Johnson, 77.7
      Edge Defender: Frank Clark, 81.2

      So… no from me.

      • BobbyK

        I always thought Marsh was bad. The only thing he ever did well was seal the edge. While important, you need pass rush from an edge and he simply didn’t have it. One of my biggest head scratching moves of all-time was when the Patriots traded for him because of how much respect I have for them. But everyone makes mistakes and they released him later that season. Made perfect sense. And then the reason the 49ers are worthless is because they sign him and actually gave him pretty good money to not be good. lol

      • 80SLargent

        I think most of us know that PFF grades should be taken with… a healthy grain of salt. Especially if Dion Jordan was graded this highly. He was pretty much invisible the entire season.
        I’m not saying Marsh should be signed to be Seattle’s new (old) starting LEO, but he’s a guy who had 5.5 sacks last year, can play special teams, has only missed one game in the last 4 years, and is 26 years old at a position that a lot of times takes years to develop. Rotational edge rusher and special teams is where his value is, and signing him wouldn’t cost much money or a comp pick.
        Dion Jordan is the C.J. Prosise of the defense. When is he ever healthy? Let go of his draft position. His “best” season was 4 sacks. He’s played 17 games TOTAL in the last 4 SEASONS. He’s 29 years old. He had a golden opportunity to establish himself last season, and as said before, was pretty much invisible. If one would rather have a guy like Jordan than Marsh, then I don’t know what else to say.

  2. Snax

    Just wanted to bring this up since it seems to come up frequently in this blog.

    One of the great things about this space is people can share ideas and mocks of their own with other passionate Hawks fans. But @coleslaw was berated for including Jake Browning in his mock. Sure some of us can get caught up with our own bias (even unintentionally), but it’s something we should really be aware of.

    It’s great that the Seahawks have Dissly and Luani, but make no mistake, it’s not because they’re local guys.. And no, local guys aren’t owed at least a tryout

    It’s fine to mock a local guy to the hawks, but please put in some careful consideration and thought into whether that guy will help the Hawks win by provided detailed analysis.

    I’m from Western, and I’m sure I can speak for everyone who didn’t attend UW, WSU, or Oregon, please leave the local guys chatter on Twitter or somewhere else… It’s incredibly annoying and makes your college teams fanbase sound arrogant. Just because you think highly of “your guys” DOES NOT mean Hawks or the rest of the NFL do too. Be objective, down-to-earth, and realistic…

    • Rob Staton

      All I’ll say is all ideas are welcome but all ideas are also open to being challenged and debated. There’s nothing wrong with suggesting Jake Browning to Seattle but there’s equally nothing wrong with suggesting it’s not likely to happen.

      • Snax

        That’s fair. There’s just been a lot of chatter on UW players in the last couple of posts in the comments. It’s getting old, I say take it somewhere else or start or or whatever.

        Just be objective is all, don’t turn this into one college teams secondary blog

        • Rob Staton

          I think this is a bit harsh. People are always going to talk about players they like. It’s hardly taking over the comments section. But no, they’re unlikely to add Jake Browning.

        • brendon

          it is possible to not read comments too, I’ve had good luck with that.

          • snax

            Thanks for the comment, Brendon. Good luck with that.

            • brendon light


    • EP

      I think to be fair, people tend to comment on the players they have most access to and for a lot people that’s the Washington teams, not everybody watches or can watch a lot of different teams and players. It might come across a wee bit bias but it’s in good nature and always with the Seahawk’s in mind. Nothing better than a hometown player at their hometown team, it’s nice to fantasise.

      • Snax

        I recognize this, and that’s why I said coleslaw may have unintentionally been biased. And it’s why I asked people to try and be aware. Our goal on this blog should be focused on Seahawks winning. Not promoting or bashing each other’s teams/players. Hope he doesn’t take offense, none was meant.

        • EP

          Yeah, totally get where you’re coming from. Diversity is the spice of life

        • AlaskaHawk

          Snax – You were pretty adamant about what people should post, and how they should feel about posts.

          • Snax

            AlaskaHawk, I don’t think I came across as telling people what to discuss. But what are we doing here if we’re just being biased to a college team?

            It’s fine to mock x UW player or x WSU player, but be thorough on how it actually helps Seahawks. I’m just annoyed that people use this space that way. And likewise you should speak highly of your rivals players if it helps hawks

            • AlaskaHawk

              Your still trying to control what we say. Your just using different terms like bias.

              Of course whoever they pick will help the team. But I just watched an entire season with Hundley as backup – so I don’t think it really makes a difference if someone mocks a PAC 12 quarterback.

              • snax

                All I asked was that people provide some deep analysis for a hometown guy if you’re going to mock him and keep it relevant to Seahawks. Isn’t that why we are here, and is that really controlling what people say? Ultimately you can write whatever you want, I don’t control this blog. I thought it was time someone said something about it.

                I don’t agree that it doesn’t make a difference who they select at QB. We have limited picks and limited space in minicamp. Again, we want people we think can contribute, not be a place holder on a roster sheet.

                • Brandon

                  Like someone else said, it’s not difficult to ignore things you don’t like and move on. I think people should be able to post what they want if it’s respectful and you can respond with your opinion and call it good. I hate to jump to conclusions but it just kinda seems like you’re resentful of people who went to those schools.

                  • First Down

                    I think you’re missing his point entirely and WAY over analyzing… and resentful of people who went to those schools? I’d say that’s definitely jumping to conclusions. He’s just saying to take the conversation somewhere else if that’s what you wanna talk about. I get it, this a Seahawks blog

                    Anyways, this thread needs to end.

      • Gohawks5151

        To carry this even further, its about access for Pro teams as well. Pete has a good relationship with Peterson so he’d probably have more access to information about his players. Not just the raw data but personality, grit, work ethic etc. If the athletic data was equal then you would probably lean to the guy you have got more info on.

        • snax

          That makes sense for sure. But at the end of the day the question remains, can they compete on our team?

    • Coleslaw

      No hard feelings brother just was getting annoyed with all the comments about him lol. The whole point of that was to show how well our roster is set up for the draft, and a lot of people just wanted to focus on Browning which is of the least concern to me so I was just tired of hearing about it lol.

      1 love go hawks!

      • Kenny Sloth

        It was a good mock and I think illustrated your point really well.

        Sorry that the over analyzing took away from that.

        They’ve met with him anyway, so it’s as likely a selection as any other QB at this point in the process. We often get carried away with the names in a 7 round mock and miss the forest for the trees imi

      • snax

        Good job on that mock btw! I would’ve looked to get Ryan Finley instead if he lasts to 6-7

  3. cha

    “6. It’s time to get a full back”

    Do you see a FB like Ingold expanding much more on Madden’s role, or are you saying it’s time to get one in a similar role that provides continuity?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s time to get a proper full back.

      Ingold can play special teams too.

      • cha

        The old-school footballer in me wants a Super Jumbo formation with Iupati/Britt/Fluker tearing up the middle Fant at TE and an angry FB clearing the way for Carson to run over some DBs.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll have some of that!

        • 80SLargent

          I like it. We should remember that Penny did an awful lot of his damage at SDSU out of the I formation.

          • Kenny Sloth


        • Simo

          I’ll take some of that Super Jumbo too!! Let’s go with Fant at one TE and Dissly at the other, and a butt kicking FB to lead Carson’s way.

          But let’s also develop a dynamic screen game for Penny and our WR’s. While we’re at it let’s keep, or even improve, our downfield passing attack!!

          The more multi-dimensional the offense is, the harder they will be to defend!!

        • laphroaig

          The ghost of Woody Hayes approves. So do I.

          “Three yards and a cloud of dust.”
          “A crunching, frontal assault of muscle against muscle, bone upon bone, will against will.”

          Now that’s some real football.

        • Dale Roberts

          I’ve long been a fan of the jumbo package and I think it would be effective now more than ever. While defenses are loading up to stop the spread with lighter, faster athletes let’s be the one to say, “Go ahead and deal with our BAMF offense that’s averaging six yards a carry”. And BTW while we’ve got you sucked in you forgot we have the best long ball QB in the game.

      • Gohawks5151

        Do you think it is best to specialize with Ingold? Or get an H back type guy like the guy out of LSU? (Sorry i cant remember his name)

        • Rob Staton

          I’m open to either. But I’d prefer a BAMF

      • Oly420

        “Madden’s role” has become a FB that can’t play FB…
        BTW I miss Mike Rob and the Real Rob Report

    • Bigten

      What about Khalid Hill? Was very promising idea before he got hurt last year. If I remember correctly he was a guy similar to Wesco. TE/FB hybrid.

      • Elmer

        I have wondered the same thing about Khalid Hill. He got cut with an injury settlement last year, I’m not sure if that means anything for whether they would consider bringing him back.

        I have also wondered if they are going to try Bo Scarbrough at FB. He’s a big RB.

  4. Trevor

    Nice summary of the current situation Rob. I agree with almost everything.

    THis really does seem like a draft were there are some guys between Rounds 2-5 who really seem ideal Hawks picks that could come in year one to contribute as well as provided much needed depth on the roster. JS stated he would like 7-8 picks and I hope he can pull it off.

    If he can something like this might be possible.

    Rd #2 Terry Mclaurin (WR /OSU)
    Rd #3 Trysten Hill (DT/ UCF)
    Rd#3 Justin Hollins (Edge/Oregon)
    Rd#4 Marvel Tell (DB/USC)
    Rd#5 Foster Moreau (TE/LSU)
    Rd#5 Devine Ozigbo (RB/Neb)
    Rd#6 BJ Autry (G/Jack St.)
    Rd#7 Alec Ingold (FB/Wisc)

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure Tell lasts until round four personally. Think he goes earlier than that. I also think that’s at least a round too early for Hollins. I think both Hollins and Banogu will last. Good athletes but where’s the fight in the dog?

      • Trevor

        Could be right about Hollins his physical profile does not really match what you see on tape. But it is the type of an elite physical profile that the Hawks tend to like. The Hawks LB coach ran his pro day drills so they should have had some good looks at him.

        I like Tell as well but he does not seem to be rated that highly and his tape is a little suspect. But he is exactly the type of athlete Pete could turn into and elite secondary player. Not quite Tre Flowers it he just looked like a Hawks DB to me at the combine.

        Would love Mclaurin with the first pick as he is going to be an elite gunner from day #1 and I think has a chance to be a legit 1/2 WR in a year or two.

        • Rob Staton

          To me Hollins is the type of guy they consider later in the draft. Rounds 5-7. Their athletes usually have some good tape too. Hollins’ is poor.

      • Bigten

        Rob- you mention Tell as going earlier than 4th, what about Hooker and Savage? Would really like to grab one of them in the fourth. And while we are at it, do you se deionte Thompson falling to the middle day three now with all the athletes at Safety? I still really like the thought of him and his pedigree (bama) as a CB convert. Tho I never saw his arm length.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve graded just over 120 players and had all three in R3.

          But I think Savage could go earlier because of the speed.

          I’ve got Thompson in R3 as a safety and R5 as a convert. Think he goes R3 though.

          • Dale Roberts

            I’ll be surprised if a team doesn’t fall for the hype and think they’ve got a steal in round two.

          • McZ

            Yesterday, I played with drafting Burr-Kirven in R5 or later and convert him to FS. Do you think, this could be possible?
            I know, a weird idea, but compare his Combine stats to ET, and you get the idea. This is zero risk, as he would be a ST force, too. And PC is known for having a different view on some players.

            • Rob Staton

              He’s 6-0 and 230lbs, plays linebacker and runs in the late 4.5’s. He’s not a free safety.

              • McZ

                He ran 0.07 slower than ET in his combine, and apart from being heavier he at least is a match.
                Dumb idea, I know.

                • Rob Staton

                  And DK Metcalf ran a faster forty.

                  Is he a safety too?

                  Come on.

    • Dale Roberts

      Substitute Grier for Hollins and I’d take that draft in a heartbeat. Hill is getting some noise so he might not be available in R3. Between Hill and McLaurin I’d take Hill.

  5. JJ

    Clayton said that Sweezy signed for $5.25 mil per year. Have not seen that reported anywhere else.

    • Sea Mode

      That would make sense, cause I’m not really buying this generic stuff:

      “To an extent, yes, I could’ve made a choice to [stay in Seattle], but it wasn’t,” Sweezy said at his press conference when asked whether it was hard to leave the team he had spent the majority of his career with. “I feel like I’m supposed to be here. I got really good vibes about everything, and I’m just excited to get started.”


      The Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks were among the teams that also pursued Sweezy, reported 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s John Gambadoro.

      • Rob Staton

        Translated: “This is possibly my last contract and they offered the most”

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’ve ripped on Bevel and Cable a few times – but I have to say that they did a good job finding Sweezy and converting him from defense to offensive guard. Well done guys!

  6. dylanlep

    Hi Rob, have you cooled on Saunders? Just curious if you like Hill that much better as of now.

    • Rob Staton

      Not cooled on him, he just has short arms so unlikely to be a Seahawk. Plus Trysten Hill is a lot better. Which is no slur on Saunders by the way. Hill is the real deal.

      • Trevor

        I know Jim Nagy spoke glowingly of Hill as the best player in the UCF roster when Scott Frost was there. Hope that means the Hawks have really had thier eye on him. Plus the Griffens should have some good insight into him as a teammate.

        He could be a Tyler Locket or Frank Clark type day #2 steal.

  7. Eli

    Excited to see what defensive linemen we pick up in the next wave of free agency. There’s still some decent names out there at DE: Derrick Shelby, Andre Branch, Wes Horton, Brandon Copeland (although he was more of a LB with the Jets; really just like him as a person first and foremost).

    I’d really love to see us kick the tires on Branch, he’s got good measurables and athleticism and think he’d be a really nice fit. Corey Liuget would be a another player I’d like to see us kick the tires on.

    • Eli

      Looked up Branch’s combine results just to get an idea of what he is:

      40-yd – 4.7 seconds (though reports at the time said he also ran a 4.62)
      10-yd split – reported at 1.62, apparently only Bruce Irvin was ahead of him
      32.5″ vertical
      10′ broad jumo
      7.19 3-cone
      4.25 20-yd shuttle
      19 bench reps

  8. Sea Mode

    RE: jujus on Akron DE Jamal Davis II from last thread

    jujus says:
    March 15, 2019 at 9:36 am
    also edge prospect

    Jamal Davis II
    6’3″ 243lbs 34.25 arm length 82.375 wingspan

    4.6 40 1.58 10 yard split
    19 bench
    39 vert
    10’2″ broad
    7 sec 3 cone
    4.44 20 yard shuffle
    11.78 60 yard shuffle

    looking for film now

    I actually looked into him just yesterday after seeing his 1.58 split and other great measurements and testing numbers. But only 5.5 sacks last year in the MAC? Not a great start to the investigation… But I guess Cliff Avril only had 6.5 as well his senior year, so we’ll give him a shot.

    Highlights show a very twitchy, long, athletic player. Much more OLB than DE. Should be able to add more to his frame.
    [haha, after I wrote this, I watched his combine interview and he said the two questions teams ask the most is can he hold weight at 243 and is he open to switch to LB]

    Top 2019 NFL Draft Pick 😤 Official Jamal Davis II Highlights 💯 VictoryLapSeason18

    I watched the one 2018 cut-up of his on YT. Here are my notes as I watched vs. South Carolina:

    Jamal Davis II (Akron EDGE #9) Vs. South Carolina 2018

    – his get-off is nothing short of incredible. First off the line every single time, no question.
    – But looks like his only plan of attack is quick get-off at the snap and speed. Any contact at all with OL and it’s over. Gosh, any contact with even TE or RB, and it’s over.
    – Doesn’t even try to use his hands on many snaps. Very poor.
    – don’t like the way he jogs out the end of some plays, even when the action isn’t that far from him.
    – OT basically laughs him off whenever he tried to convert speed to power. Not happening.
    – vs. run, he either shoots a gap and is into the backfield (often over-pursuing) or gets washed out and has to fall back to try and make a tackle at the 2nd level.
    – Am I noticing a slight limp towards the beginning of the 3rd quarter? Worth noting that if he’s playing through it.
    – Finally, in 4th quarter he brushes off a RB and makes the tackle from the backside (8:35 mark)
    – 9:12 mark: finally, an inside counter! What he’s needed all game, since the RT knew what was coming every time. Very quick spin move and nice recovery of balance to get to the QB. why the heck hasn’t he busted something like this out earlier? If you’re drafting him, it’s going to be on day 3 because of his amazing build and freak athletic potential like that. But then, of course, he goes high and misses the sack…

    So, incredible frame and athleticism, but needs to learn technique basically from scratch. R5-R6 for me depending on how much you buy into that potential and the fit for your scheme. He could do really well as OLB in a 3-4 defense I think.

    I wasn’t particularly impressed by his interview either. Seems like a nice kid, but nothing special, perhaps even a bit immature still. Definitely unfair to try and judge anyone based on a 3 min. interview, but I’m just saying that nothing said to me that he’s ready to tackle head on with passion the amount of learning it’s going to require at the next level. (hope I’m wrong though)

    Akron defensive end Jamal Davis [Combine Interview]

    • Volume12

      Waiting on D’Andre’s Walker pro day.

      That’s a dude whose flying under the radar, a lot about him and his play screams ‘Seahawks’ and he has the ability to control the LOS in the run game. Like Iowa’s Amani Hooker, Walker seems to be a guy they’d hit off with in sit downs and IV’s. Which is probably the most important aspect of all this.

      Depending on far they trade back and his #’s, wouldn’t be mad if that’s their selection.

    • Volume12

      I’m really digging all the Iowa guys right now.

      S Amani Booker
      DE Anthony Nelson
      TE Noah Fant (crushing on him)

      • DC

        How’s Nelson’s tape?
        Certainly crushed the agility tests & has intriguing size. Iowa produces some solid dudes.

  9. schuemansky

    I think we on SDB and als PCJS value DT’s, and especially the run stopping type, quite a bit higher than the NFL in general. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Dexter Lawrence going to be drafted in R2 (of course that is if we are not taking him at 32😜

    • Rob Staton

      I still think Lawrence goes top-15

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ditto, but national media is sleeeping on the guy as much as anyone in this draft

  10. Bigten

    In the last thread it was asked what guys were like Jacob Martin this year thay could possibly help us, I wanted to add to that by asking what guys were dominant (numbers wise) in college, but just seem to not have any buzz due to size questions and the such.

    • Brett

      Not Rob but one guy I have my eye on in middle rounds is Ben Burr-Kirven. He was all over the field last year making plays then showed up at combine at a respectable 230 and owned all the agility drills at the LB spot placing first in the 3 cone and 60 yard shuttle and 3rd in the 20 yard shuttle all while running in the 4.5s. Seems well suited to playing LB in the modern NFL (very good pass defender) and in his first year or two would contribute heavily on ST. We continue to need an infusion of speed and athleticism on those teams.

      • Rob Staton

        We can say with a great deal of confidence they’re not spending a pick on a linebacker and if they do it’ll be extreme late round on an athlete with upside. They are stacked at LB. It’s not a need.

        • Brett

          I am just saying I like the guy – plus our LB depth is misleading. Kendricks is up in the air, KJ is on a one year deal with an option and coming back from injury and neither Griffin or Calitro really flashed last year. No one should expect a mid round LB to come in and start right away but this time next year our LB room could easily look very different.

          I am not totally disagreeing and saying we for sure draft a LB, but depending on how many picks we are able to get I won’t be shocked to see us draft a LB. My outlook is you draft not just for the next year but the next 2,3 and 4 years down the line.

          • Rob Staton

            I appreciate planning ahead but the Seahawks always set up their draft with free agency. A double hit at LB and nothing on the DL, for example, is a clear nod to the DL class.

            I just want to try and guide us on the right path here in the nicest way possible. But to be brutal, I think there’s next to no chance they draft BBK.

            • Brett

              Not brutal at all – i obviously respect your opinion a ton and it’s just dialogue. Cheers.

  11. Donovan

    Rob, On a scale of “Absolutely Not” to “Do that in a heartbeat” where would you fall on the notion of trading Russell Wilson to the Cardinals for the #1 pick (Kyler Murray)? I personally wouldn’t do it, as I’m more risk averse and would rather have the bird in hand. But I can see an argument for it if Zmurray is as good as you. Relieve and we get the huge cost savings.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t want to trade Russell and want to exhaust every opportunity to keep him. And that for me means playing out the next 12 months. But if by this time next year he’s on the tag, I’m listening if a deal is unlikely.

      • Shane

        Best thing about this site is the open mindedness and forward thinking that spawns hope that sports fans thrive on. Thanks Rob for your open mind as well as your very rational thoughts…

        Here’s my reasoned thoughts concerning Russ. Rob stated before the 2018 season ended that this next contract negotiation would not be an easy process. He was right, and it really bugs me because Russ is not a $40 million qb. The Hawks offense is nearly always at the bottom of 3 and out possessions, Russ’s 3rd down completion % is middle of the pack, and the magic he had in his first 4 seasons hasn’t been there with exception to the Houston game. Russ’s first 4 seasons were magical and he made some amazing plays with his athleticism during the best ride we Hawks fans have ever been on, but that ride is over, the LOB is gone and Russ’s athleticism is clearly waning. I don’t see great seasons ahead for Russ. I see him being just good to average for 1 or 2 more yrs. As his legs go so goes his effectiveness. Let’s all be honest he WILL not be playing at 36 or 37. He’s an athletic qb who has thrived in Pete’s run first system. I believe if we pay Russ 40 plus million for 4 or 5 seasons it will mark the day the Hawks became a perennially 8-8 team, maybe a WC playoff appearance thrown in there, big deal. As a fan I want to hope for the next great defense or for a qb who is better than Russ. If there’s a team offering a boatload of picks (come on Giants) this season I say pull the trigger now.

        I think Grier could be a great game manager type with a solid run game and stifling D behind him. I love his moxy as a leader and his arm is very capable of producing explosive plays.

  12. Sea Mode

    I know this is generally not a good idea since you lose one round of value for future picks, but I was thinking today about how we should have 11 picks next year and only have 4 this year. So how about, besides the inevitable trade down this year, we also balance out the difference a bit by trading one or two of next year’s picks?

    We could trade our 2020 R3 and R4 native picks knowing that we likely have a R3 and R4 comps next year in order to get something better this year. It would help get us up to 7 picks this year and we would still have 9 picks next year, and at least one in each round.

    Why am I suggesting we consider this? We really do need a QB hedge and maybe don’t want to trade down too far out of range for Grier.

    So, for example, instead of trading all the way down to the middle of R2 in order to add R3+R4+R5 picks, I’m going to make up a trade with NE, who has 11 picks. Not that it’s likely given that it’s the Patriots, but just for the exercise. Who knows, maybe Dexter Lawrence falls to 21 or they want to go get a WR or TE weapon (Parris Campbell maybe?).

    From SEA: R1P21 (261pts) + 2020 R3 (~20pts) = 281pts
    From NE: R1P32 (184pts) + R2P64 (80pts) + R4P134 (16 pts) = 280pts

    And then, just taking WAS because they have 9 picks this year:

    From SEA: R3P84 (51pts) + 2020 R4 (~10pts) = 61pts
    From WAS: R3P96 (39pts) + R5P153 (11pts) + R5P173 (7pts) = 57pts

    So Seattle would end up with:


    (optionally, we could trade R5P173 for a R6+R7 if they want even more quantity)

    That would enable us to hopefully pull off a draft like the following (yes, I think a lot of the same things you think in this article!):

    R1P32- QB Will Grier, WVU
    R2P64- DT Trysten Hill, UCF
    R3P96- OG Dru Samia, Oklahoma
    R4P124- WR Gary Jennings, WVU
    R5P153- DB Marvell Tell, USC (convert to CB)
    R5P159- TE/FB Trevon Wesco, WVU
    R5P173- RB Devine Ozigbo, Nebraska

    Yes, the trades are optimistic, but I just wanted to find a possible way to secure Grier and Hill at the top. TBH, I could live without Jennings and Ozigbo if we just got the other 5 guys and then load up in UDFA. So you could use the draft value of those two picks to balance out the trades if you think they are unfair.

    PC did say that we don’t have many holes, so let’s just get the right players for us and continue to develop the ones we have on the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      My response to this would be: No, no, no, no, no.

      Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

      All they need to do is trade down a couple of times this year. That’s it. Keep your 11-12 picks next year.

      • Sea Mode

        I would gladly give up 2 of next years’ 11 picks (and even managing to not leave any huge gaps in so doing) in order to secure some kind of vital leverage/backup plan in case (almost when…) things get ugly with Wilson. I’m surprised you wouldn’t be willing to do the same since you have been the one repeatedly warning of this storm that is brewing.

        Maybe it comes down to our evaluation of the QB class or our valuation of Grier’s draft stock. I, at least, have not found any other QB (not named Murray) besides Grier in this class that gives me any hope of being a semi-viable alternative to point to in negotiations, or even just a suitable backup behind Wilson. And for me, Grier’s floor is the very top of R2. Trade out of R1 and I think we miss out. If you think we can still get him in mid R2, then trading down to there makes sense.

        So let’s say we trade down to 40 for the extra R3, R4, R5 as you have often proposed and draft Grier at 40. Now do you think Hill lasts to mid-late R3? I don’t, and I think Seattle will have a huge target on his back. So, at that point, if you want him, you either pool up the picks you traded down for and see if you can trade back up into the end of R2, in which case you are back at the starting point, or you tap into next years’ capital (not touching R1 or R2).

        I’m prepared to be completely wrong on either or both of Grier and Hill’s stock, but if I’m Seattle, I’m not crying over letting go of 2 future mid-round picks in a year when I will have 11 if that allows me to go get them.

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 2015 and 2016 when we planned and moved around to get the specific guys we really wanted with our top two picks, it gave the best results long term: Clark/Lockett, Ifedi/Reed.

        I know the counter is always that we need to shoot more to hit more, but we manage to do that anyway in UDFA and through FA, so I would rather raise our chances of hitting by setting up our shots better in the higher probability early rounds than by just shooting more in the mid-low rounds. Ideally, you do both. But given the hole we’ve put ourselves in this year with draft capital, I think this time around we might have to choose one or the other, and I’m choosing the former.

        • Rob Staton

          Listen, if they want a QB in this draft they can make it happen as long as the guy’s not called Kyler Murray. They don’t need to trade away 2020 stock.

          Move down, get your extra picks, determine the range you’re comfortable moving down in. There’s no need to start giving away more future picks.

        • DCD2

          I like it Sea Mode. I think it does make a lot of sense. If we got Grier and Hill with those early picks and still had 5 more in this years draft and 9 more in 2020… that could work.

          Robbing Peter to pay Paul is what this team has done for half a decade, so I can see why Rob is against it. Next year should also have a much stronger QB class and from my estimation, a better OL class as well. Maybe next year is the year to pull the trigger on a QB? I’m assuming that they get Clark/Wagz/Reed extended or otherwise addressed and have the franchise available for Wilson.

          Like much of these discussions it’s a matter of do we think they will, or do we think they should? I highly doubt they will, but I also don’t think it’s a bad idea.

          • Rob Staton

            They shouldn’t and (IMO) won’t.

            Just… say… no 😂

            • DCD2

              I agree that they will not make a move like this.

              I like the thought experiment though. SeaMode is thinking outside the box and coming up with a way for us to spread out ‘taking our medicine’ over two drafts without it tasting very bad.

              Here’s another thought though. Rather than trading next years picks for this years picks, we start planning on trading next years pick(s) for 2021 stock. Things staying the same, we’ll have 11 picks next year and I’d like to see us start capitalizing the value discrepancy for trading future picks. Swapping 6’s for 5’s and 5’s for 4’s.

              Next year is also going to be a really good QB class, so having a lot of ammo for flexibility makes sense. Hearing Russ on Fallon last night, sounds like he wants to be the highest paid QB ever and also wouldn’t mind living in NYC. Next year is the latest we can look to secure a plan B..

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        But if a player they’ve identified falls them, moving one of next year’s ~11 picks isn’t necessarily too high a price to pay. And they can still trade down next year too to acquire more picks if needed.

        Amassing extra picks next year does improve options and flexibility this year. Whether they do it though should depend on if a player they’ve identified falls enough to make it worth it.

        I’d be quite opposed to moving anything higher than a third myself. Since we should have that extra third pick next year.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll keep saying it – just keep the picks.

          Have a full draft.

          Trade down and get your picks this year.

          Stop spending ahead.

          Nobody is going to sway me off this one. I think it’s a horrid idea.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I’m pretty solidly against trading up too. Our first pick is our only real asset right now and whoever is slipping in the draft that is so tantalizing to us is what gives it value.

            There’s only about 16 legit blue chips in this class and we’ll benefit from someone trying to snap up the last one.

            If we end up with 2,3,3,5,5,6,7 I’d be ecstatic.

            • DCD2

              Agree with this thought. Someone slipping to 21 is exactly what creates our best hope to get value from trading the pick. If it’s a bunch of guys that we aren’t excited about sitting there, then odds are other teams aren’t rushing to trade up for them either.

          • SeventiesHawksFan

            We traded up to get Reed when he fell to them. Do we think that was a short sighted trade now?

            I agree with the principle you espouse. But prior recent missteps in frittering away picks should not lead to overly rigid thinking either.

            If we can deal one of (likely) eleven picks we have next year to pick up a Jarran Reed type steal who falls to us then I’m not opposed. They just need to make sure they’ve done their homeowork and don’t overpay.

            I’m not saying I think they should use next year’s picks. Just that it shouldn’t be ruled out because recent history didn’t mostly was expedient.

            The Jarran Reed trade up was a good decision. Whether it was the year’s picks or involved one from the following year (I don’t remember which it was).

            Anyhow we do agree no expedient trades getting little or nothing is preferable. They need to stop doing that.

            • Rob Staton

              The Reed deal is one trade though. As we’ve seen throughout the PCJS era for every Reed/Tyler Lockett trade there’s also the moving up to make sure you get Jesse Williams and Tharold Simon, dealing for Percy Harvin or giving up stock a year in advance for Quinton Jefferson. That Jefferson trade — they gave up a future pick for someone they ‘had to have’ too. And they cut him soon after. He’s ended up back with the team but that was no given when he was off with the Rams.

              So yeah, we can highlight that one time it worked and say ‘don’t rule anything out’. But then you can make a case for practically anything. There’s usually that one time a decision worked. Applying one positive result to avoid any counter is just a way to have a debate that is somewhat half-baked. On this occasion I don’t want to hold a tepid, ‘Ooooh never rule it out just in case’ viewpoint. I want to say NO NO NO NO NO! We’ve had two drafts where we’ve spent ages talking about needing to replenish stock and no picks etc etc etc. Let’s have a class where they have LOADS of picks and just bloody well enjoy it.

              • SeventiesHawksFan

                Agreed it doesn’t always work out. Nothing in the draft ever does.

                Quinton Jefferson I thought was a good trade and pick. Just mishandled and his early career injuries could not have been foreseen either. But now we starts.

                Percy Harvin, Jesse Williams were cases of wishful thinking and ignoring the risks and how badly it can turn out.

                Jimmy Graham, Malik McDowell and Sheldon Richardson also are examples of wishful and expedient thinking. Ignoring the downside risks. That needed to come to an end.

                Tharold Simon is just a pick that didn’t work out. He fit their profile. And seemed almost there at one point. Still a miss.

                If they trade a next year pick for a player who falls to them this year, a case like Reed with no known major risk factors and the value seems apparent, i still hope they do it.

                And I don’t think it’s half baked thinking. Not accounting for obvious risk factors that are glaring is the hubris and expedience that I want them to avoid.

                If we deal a fourth or fifth next year to get a superior talent in the second or third round at a position of need who also checks none of the high risk boxes, I think it’s an understandable and justifiable use of resources. And may even make the entire draft a huge success if two to four meaningful contributors are added.

                If we can come away with a future contributors / starters at DL, OL,WR/TE. And one or two secondary projects who works out, it will have been a hugely successful draft. An FB of the future would be icing on the cake. Even if it costs us next year’s fourth or fifth.

                • Rob Staton

                  But how are you ‘trading up’ in the second round? You have no second rounder and if you trade down into the second — why are you trading back up?

                  And how much is a fourth or fifth next year (value of a 5th or 6th this year) propelling you up the board in round three??

                  We’re spending too much time debating this.

                  • SeventiesHawksFan

                    Was more thinking this year’s third plus one of our 3rd, 4th or 5ths next year to get a no red flags player they’ve identified who drops into high second or early third territory.

                    And this is all just purely speculative. I’ll drop it. Appreciate your take on things.

  13. red

    trade 21 to 28 for late 3 and late 7 92nd and 242nd

    trade 28 to 35 for 4 and 6 105th and 197th

    2nd 35 N’KEAL HARRY WR
    3rd 84 pick Joe Jackson DE
    3rd 92 pick RENELL WREN DL
    4th 105 pick SAIVION SMITH DB
    4th 124 pick DREW SAMPLE TE
    5th 159 pick BEN POWERS OL
    6th 197 pick JORDAN MILLER DB
    7th 242 pick JORDAN SCARLETT RB

    Would like to find a WILL, but after Bush they just are not available maybe the LB from Florida but no testing on him . FS are available probably between 50-100, but like Rob said think they might be content with what we have.

    • Volume12

      Might be more of a MLB, but you check out Germaine Pratt?

      Super Physical, plays the with a ton of passion and intensity. Former safety and ’18 was his first year as a starter. Led the team in tackles every game and stuffed the stat sheet.

      Was a school Seattle scouted heavily this year which could mean not a damn thing in the end.

      • Rob Staton

        Pratt has some really good plays and some of the absolute worst, ugly, him ending up on his backside plays.

        • Volume12

          Definitely a guy you gotta keep clean and will matchup well with TEs in coverage. Not a big shocker though considering he was a safety and this was his 1st season committed to the position.

      • Pugs1

        Rob, have you looked at WR Preston Williams yet? He’s got a DV arrest in his past which clouds things but curious about what your thoughts of him as a prospect?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes, I’ve watched a lot of him. Could easily make a case that he’s the most naturally gifted receiver in the draft. But he’s a total bonehead and probably isn’t going to be drafted.

        • Eli

          He also tested pretty poorly at his pro day, at least compared to what you would expect him to test at based on his film and the way he’s hyped up as an athlete. Not sure how to reconcile that sort of stuff

    • HawksBill

      I will have to check out the videos on N’KEAL HARRY, not familiar with him but he sounds like a big post-up type WR.
      I like Joe Jackson, when I asked Rob about him in the last post, he sees him as a 4th rounder. He may last until then, maybe under the radar because he didn’t do a lot of drills at the combine and I am not sure Miami is doing a pro day. Can’t find a date for it online

      • Rob Staton

        Harry is a strange prospect. A big receiver who does his best work in YAC but we’ll see if that translates. Not able to create separation but makes improbable circus catches. Not someone I’m crazy about.

        • red

          ASU fed HARRY 3 or 4 screens a game alot of cbs played off him. I like jump ball guys with Russ, Baldwin comes down with some 50/50 balls but that is not what he is built for.

          • Rob Staton

            Russell Wilson barely even throws jump balls to his receivers. He prefers separation. The only jump balls he throws are in the red zone and if you want a guy for that draft J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. Wilson is as conservative as his Head Coach wants him to be. RW wants to see separation and that’s why they go after these 4.4 runners who get open.

            • HawksBill

              That is probably pretty accurate, seemed like the coaches had to convince RW to throw jump balls to Jimmy Graham.

            • DCD2

              Yep. Watching the Super Bowl, I remember thinking how great Edelman would look in a Hawks uni. He gets open at will and it has nothing to do with his 40 time, bench reps, etc. He’s sudden and has great hands. I think that is what ‘fits’ our offense.

              • Rob Staton

                Edelman is not sudden. He’s clever. He’s a fit in NE but not here.

                • DCD2

                  I don’t understand this take at all. He’s just like Doug, except coming off a SB MVP instead of multiple surgeries. Redundant maybe, but I don’t buy the notion that he’s not a fit.

                  You also don’t get 5 yards clear of NFL defenders time after time by merely being ‘clever’. Maybe he’s clever in how he sets guys up, but he also hits his cuts and breaks as fast as anyone.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Don’t understand it then. Just because two guys are similarly sized doesn’t mean they are the same. Doug’s releases are nothing like Edelman’s.

  14. Volume12

    You mentioned W. Virginia. LB David Long. Undersized, but incredibly active. Coaches rave about his toughness. Does a little bit of everything.

    Don’t know if LB is anything more than a late day 3-priority UDFA at this point, but I really wanna see how Long tests.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched him because all the reports talked about his football character and passion. I thought he was OK. Not a player who jumps off the screen. And I think the two linebacker signings this week pretty much end any chance they draft a LB this year.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. Was never 100% convinced LB was a anything more than a possible late day 3 pick, which is what Long is IMO, as it was. Load up on some guys in UDFA.

        • red


          Any thoughts on VOSEAN JOSEPH ? Not sure what he is a ILB Will maybe a 3-4 nickel rusher. On video he will get pushed around and is not a great tackler but he makes some plays and gets to the QB around the corner fast.

          • Rob Staton

            Undersized, throws himself around. Some good and bad tape. Highly doubt Seattle goes after a linebacker after the work they did this week.

        • Sea Mode

          I like the Michigan David Long better.

  15. Volume12

    The Tyreek Hill story is frightening. What is it about the physical, athletic freaks, truly special players that seem to have the most baggage?

    • Gohawks5151

      Came into the league with an equally ugly incident. See if KC had the guts to sent him packing like Hunt. Or if they pussy out in the name of winning.

  16. Eburgz

    My ideal Seahawks draft with backup options

    trade back to top of the 2nd to acquire 3rd & 4th round picks

    R2 DL Dexter Lawrence (Jerry Tillery, Trysten Hill)

    R3 WR Terry McLaurin (Emmanuel Hall, Mercole Hardman)

    R3 Edge Christian Miller (Deandre Walker, Austin Bryant)

    R4 TE/FB Trevon Wesco (Foster Moreau, Drew Sample)

    R4 Slot Corey Ballentine (Jimmy Moreland, Marvell Tell)

    R5 LB David Long (Bobby Okereke, Ben Burr-Kirvin)

    Couldn’t find a place for OL (Samia, Autry, Dieter) or outside CB (L. Johnson, I. Johnson, J. Peters). Safety depth also but I don’t have 3 mid/late round guys I like and am familiar with. I know, “X player might not last” that’s why there’s backups. Now your turn.

    • Rob Staton

      Lawrence in R2 aint happening

      • Eburgz

        I thought the same about J Reed but I agree about Lawrence (I know Lawrence is a freakier athlete but Reed was elite in college and most had him pegged as a top 20 pick). That’s why I’ve got backup options. McLaurin probably doesn’t last to R3 either.

        This is an ideal scenario where he falls due to a perfect storm of the PED test, getting hurt at the combine and most importantly being viewed as a pure run stuffer. Also he hasn’t gotten noticeably better (many think he regressed) since his breakout freshman year.

        I think it’s much more likley he gets drafted early like Vita Vea did last year. But maybe teams think the Bucs decision to draft Vea was a big mistake. He had a disappointing season considering where he was drafted. Also, I thought Vea was a better prospect in a worse DL class, surrounded by less talent than what Lawrence had at Clemson. Aand he got better every year. And he didn’t have the steroid red flag.

        I’m not the only one that thinks it’s possible (while I admit it’s unlikley) , plenty of mocks by “pros” have him lasting to the late first/early second. Remember when Burns showing up at the combine at 245+ wasn’t happening either? Anything is possible 😉

        • Rob Staton

          Big difference between Lawrence and Reed though. Lawrence and Rashan Gary were considered by some to be the best two HS DL recruits ever. Legit five star talent. Lawrence nearly ran a sub-5.00 at the combine at 342lbs despite getting hurt on the run. That would’ve been freakier than DK Metcalf’s run.

          I loved Jarran Reed in that draft and had him as a top 20 talent. But he wasn’t an athlete like this.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        This mock lines up with what looks to be the right positional tiers throughout the draft. Give me Hill and Mclaurin and I’ll be happy.

        With basically the entire LB unit back from last year it looks like an off the ball LB is not a target in the draft. One of the athletic boundary CB projects like Lonnie Johnson, Thomas or Peters would add high upside depth.

    • Dale Roberts

      Not sure McLaurin will last till 21 in R3 either.

      • Eburgz

        Dude…are you guys serious? As I said this is an ideal Seahawks draft for me.

        “I know, player X might not last, that’s why there there’s backups”

        I said that because I specifically didn’t just want replies of “that guy won’t last”

  17. AndrewP

    Rob- Just about every two round mock I see doesn’t include McLaurin, and, WalterFootball (I know, context) has him in RDs 4/5…

    Do you think there’s an average-ish chance he’s there @75?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not beyond the realms of possibility

    • red Lance Zierlein has him at 133 on his board.

      • Eburgz

        He didn’t make dane bruglers top 100 either. Older prospect with limited production. I hope teams are sleeping on him as much as draft media are.

      • millhouse-serbia

        He isn’t on Dane Brugler top 100 big board.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Good to hear that news on both boards. Hope he stays off everyone’s radar. But I’m betting, like most quality prospects, he have more attention and move up boards as the draft approaches.
          Just hoping that only happens to the degree where we have an option to pick him if he is high enough on our FOs big board. Give me separation talent for our WR prospects over jump ball abilities all day long. (Although having both never hurt anyone either!!)

          Go Hawks.

  18. Dale Roberts

    How far in front of April 25th can we say the draft board is set for most teams?

    FYI… Suh, Ansah, J Cook, Z Brown, Callahan, Claiborne, Collins, and Ajayi are all that remain from the top sixty free agents.

  19. KD

    Hey Rob,

    This is PRECISELY the kind of insight that made me a massive fan of, not only this blog, but of the draft. I probably explained why previously, but I’ll re-iterate it.

    Before the 2012 draft, every Seahawks fan knew that they were going to take a pass rusher. I listened to every ESPN expert and blogger who said “These are 1st round talents”, and so i listened to them, and watched ONLY they players they mentioned. When Bruce Irvin’s name was called, I almost threw my self out the damn window because I had never heard of him. I was only focused on those guys who the “experts” were telling me to look at.

    Ever since then, as a Seahawks fan, I vowed that I was not going to be shocked to the point of throwing myself off a figurative bridge because they drafted someone I had never heard of. Which is why I was really surprised, and pleasantly so, when when Penny was drafted last year. I was a Nick Chubb fan, but you encouraged me to check out Penny, so I did. When Penny’s name was called, it surprised me, but in a good way. I watched a ton of his tape, and although he wasn’t who I would have picked, I was not disappointed whatsoever because you suggested i do some homework.

    With regard to this draft, the possibilities are so open that it is impossible to focus on a single position group. As a regular working fella, I just wanted to thank you for letting me look over your shoulder and copy your homework, as well as everyone else here. If I had to rely on “Experts” we would be drafting OL and CB until the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

    I don’t know what this draft will harvest. But, because of the patience and reasonable pace that this FO has taken so far, I am absolutely pumped for this draft because that pick will not be a lateral one. It’s not releasing Eugene Monroe so you can pick Luke Joeckle. This pick will be an addition.

    I’m pumped. GET HYPED!

    • Rob Staton


  20. Greg Haugsven

    DJ Flukers contract details:

    Looks like 2 years $6 million…$1 million guaranteed (Signing Bonus) (Ive seen up to $9 million with incentives but cant find out what the incentives are)

    Year______Base Salary_______Signing Bonus________Roster Bonus_______Cap Hit

    2019_______$850k_____________$500k________________$775k_____________$2.125 million

    2020_____$2 million____________$500k_____________$1 million____________$3.5 million

    2019 Roster Bonus $150k if he makes the 53 man roster and $62,500 per game with 10 games likely to be earned…total $775k

    2020 Roster Bonus $62,500 per game

  21. Dale Roberts

    Rob… Juan Thornhill, Gardner-Johnson, Nasir Adderly, and Darnell Savage all have under 32″ arms. Earl Thomas and Justin Coleman also fall below the 32″ threshold. Does the 32″ standard only apply to CBs? They make exceptions such as KJ’s long arms in exchange for pure speed. Earl Thomas I get but how did Justin Coleman make the grade (I know we didn’t draft him)?

    • Nathan W.

      Earl Thomas was our FS not outside corner. It has already been noted that the 32 inch requirement isn’t a requirement for slot corner or safety.

    • Rob Staton

      The threshold only applies to outside cornerbacks

  22. Greg Haugsven

    So far here are the 2019 cap hits by each player:

    Frank Clark…$17,128,000
    Jason Myers…$2,500,000
    Akeem King…$1,400,000
    DJ Fluker…$2,125,000
    KJ Wright…$4,000,000 – $5,500,000 (depends on how much of his roster bonuses are LTBE)
    Michael Kendricks…$4,000,000 (reported to be $4 million)
    George Fant…$3,095,000
    Quinton Jefferson…$2,025,000
    Mike Lupati…???

    Total…$36,273,000 – $37,773,000 (depending on KJ’s roster bonuses)

    • Trevor

      That looks like really good value to me.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Agreed. So far so good. Provided Clark gets locked up.

  23. Lupe Green

    Russell on Jimmy Fallon. I don’t like it.

    • Rob Staton


      I’m telling you… get ready everyone. Wilson is a different cat to Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers etc.

      • Rob Staton

        And while I do not think it will happen, the Giants (the one team linked to RW) just acquired an extra R1 pick.

        • Trevor

          Funny he has been in NY all week too.

          • Michael (CLT)

            Spring training.

            • mishima

              Takes place in Tampa, Florida.

        • Peppapig

          He’d hook up with his old mate Tate.

          • Jujus

            I’m still of the belief that tate banged ashton.

          • Isaac

            A past teammate who I believe was doing his wife. I could be wrong but I think that’s why he had a black eye the week of the super bowl.

            • Rob Staton

              Let’s not have unfounded speculation in here please.

      • Trevor

        I have long benn of the belief that PC/JS should do whatever is possible to sign Russ to an extension before the draft and if they can’t get a deal done trade him before the draft to get max value.

        The question I have now is whether he even has any significant trade value? If he is set on becoming a free agent why would any team trade for him and be in the exact same position as the Hawks are right now.

        • Rob Staton

          Depends what a team is willing to pay

        • Michael (CLT)

          I’m of mind to let go what I don’t control while savoring a fairly assured three year journey. I love Wilson as our QB, but have no control on his ultimate motivation. Ultimately, for the game to play out in his favor he’ll need to play at a high level.

          I expect a great run in his prime, and the drama to be consistent. I’ll enjoy the former and let go the later.

          Love your work, Rob.

          Go Hawks 😀

    • Brett

      I watched it and didn’t come away with that impression at all. He reiterated that he wants to be the highest paid QB in the NFL, not a surprise at all. He also said he’s happy in Seattle when Fallon pressed him on NY (expect him to say that but still, it wasn’t awkward).

      Last contract he signed made him the second highest, barely behind Rodgers. Given how well he’s played making him the highest paid once he signs his contract doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Pay the man.

      • Trevor

        The problem is Russ is not Arron Rodgers and Rodgers has won nothing since signing his two big extensions. Same goes for Bree’s as soon as he signed his big deal they have not won since. How many playoff games have the Hawks won since Russ signed his first big extension in 2015?

        2 Wildcard games in 4 years that is it!

        I am a fan of Russ but this whole idea that he has to be the highest paid QB in the league is ridiculous IMO.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Lot to unpack here

      • AlaskaHawk

        He also said he expects to play another 10 to 15 years. So you have to be willing to pay him the most money for long term next 10 years.

        My gut feelings are – Why does that offense run so raggedy when he is QB? He had the best season of his life statistically, a hall of fame numbers year. Yet half the time the offense couldn’t get a first down to save their lives.

        If he ran the offense smoothly, so that it looked like an offense that could move the ball consistently, I would want to extend him. I just have a feeling something is wrong. And that leads back to the question of whether you can put an offense together with rotating linemen? Or is it the long time he has to hold the ball for deep passes?

      • Hawksince77

        I noted that as well, his desire to be the leagues highest paid QB. So tell me (anyone): do you think PC/JS are going to make him the highest paid? Based on their track record of second and third contracts?

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’ll be open to making him the highest paid player. But I don’t think that’s the issue.

          ‘Being the highest paid player’ is too vague. Because that would mean $34m a year as things stand. Seattle would probably be open to something like that. Would Wilson? Nope. He wants to be the highest paid player, sure. But what’s the number? What does he actually want? Is he even that interested in doing a deal or does he see two franchise tags and free agency as a route to go?

          These are the questions. And I’m convinced Wilson wants the tags.

    • charlietheunicorn

      The Fallon interview was nothing to get excited about…. he said what you would think he would say.
      He actually mentioned that he would not be shocked to be the highest paid QB in the league on his next deal….. and lets be honest, everyone knows that is going to happen. QB deals defy the laws of cap gravity. When you see far less accomplished QBs get 25M+ a year…. RW is worth more than that. When you can constantly have your team in the playoffs…… you are worth the money.

  24. drewdawg11

    I went and watched some game film of Hill. Occasionally, he flashes. More often than it, he’s being handled at the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t have a plan. He’s athletic, but he’s not overwhelming anyone. I don’t see him as a top 50 pick, plus what the deal with being in his coach’s doghouse? I did go and watch Dru Samia and he looked really good. He’s a bruiser, but he plays intelligently and knows how to pass guys off and move on to the next defender. I don’t think they’ll go OL tnat early, but they could do much worse.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree strongly. I didn’t see a player being handled at all or a guy without a plan. Not sure what you’re seeing.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I saw Hill penetrating the backfield and disrupting offensive gameplans.

      He absolutely dominated their bowl game and changed the tenor of the game for them.

      He has excellent balance and I love how he gets after the rush with quick feet crashing inside w/ the hogs.

      I think his pass rush plan can be developed further but that’s a pretty reductive critique because it’s obviously coachable.

      The doghouse thing is the only reason I have him as a late 3rd- early 4th

  25. millhouse-serbia

    New 49er DE Dee Ford signed a five-year, $85 million deal, with $19.75 million guaranteed. A year-to-year deal. Good for the team.

    • $500K Pro Bowl incentives each year can take value to $87.5M.
    • $750K in per-game roster bonuses inc. in the $85M.
    • $51M over first 3 years.

    • Volume12

      Gotta disagree. I like Dee Ford, but much like that deal he ain’t great.

  26. Coleslaw

    I think Seattle is going to love Jaylon Ferguson. Freaky potential and good against the run. Had like 52 TFLs the last 3 years or something like that. I think he had 26 last year.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll see. He wasn’t good at the Senior Bowl.

      • Coleslaw

        True. Hes a project for sure but I think there’s enough tape that you kinda know what he can do and what he needs to work on. Hes shown he can physically compete with NFL OL, imo he just needs to put in more work. Skys the limit for him. I think Seattle would be comfortable making him their 1st pick.

  27. BobbyK

    The Seahawks newest left guard is Mike Iupati. I did a google search for Mike Lupati and the only thing that shows up that is closest to that is the newest Seahawks guard, Mike Iupati. I think Mike Lupati is hiding somewhere with Waldo. We hear about him from a bunch of fans but nobody has a clue who this guy is.

    • DC

      You can find Lupati hangin’ out with Bruce Irving & Frank Clarke down at Duke’s bar & grill.

      Speaking of Iupati, there’s a semi decent chance in my mind that he doesn’t actually make the opening day roster.

      • Sea Mode

        😂😂 Well played! So true.

      • Eli

        Why do you say that? He’s a great run blocker and I would imagine his contract isn’t so burdensome that we have to cut him loose at any point. If he stays healthy its probably a great signing and if he runs into some nagging injury stuff then he’s at least solid depth to have around.

        • DC

          There’s a possibility that his future release nets Seattle a comp pick in cp formula. If he’s neck and neck with someone else for a roster spot that could play a big factor in who stays. Also, as you mentioned, health is a concern. I’m rooting for the best outcome.

  28. C-Dog

    If they select Trysten Hill with their first pick(wouldn’t be disappointed, I want them to draft DL with their first pick every year), that might signal a readiness to let Jarran Reed enter free agency, especially if they are determined and dug in to extending RW, Wagz, and Clark.

    I wonder if their philosophy at DT has changed with Clint Hurtt now taking over the line. They used to be intent on having a rotation of big space eating two gap DTs like Branch, Rubin, McDaniel, and lately they have bringing in smaller quicker guys like Richardson, Tom Johnson, Ford, and so far the only DT they have been attached to in FA is Caruan Reid. That’s not a McDaniel type.

    • Eli

      I mean coming out of Alabama Jarran Reed was seen as one of the best run-stuffing/nose tackle/two-gap lineman in the draft. I think that’s the role we had intended for him and more than anything he’s just grown as a player – but let’s not forget before this year he only had 3 sacks over two years.

      I don’t think drafting Hill would be a hedge on letting Reed walk, but instead would just be a good way to continue adding interior pass rush guys and not bank on Reed being that guy – especially when he provides so much value as a run stopper.

      • charlietheunicorn

        It would give more scheme flexibility. You could flip flop the roles of the two players and not suffer as much weakness at the DT position….. causing opposing offenses to have to adjust to multiple front looks and assignments…. making the defense less predictable.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Roster Review time!!!

    C: Justin Britt 27
    Joey Hunt 25
    Marcus Henry 26

    G: DJ Fluker 28
    Mike Iupati 31
    Ethan Pocic 23
    Jordan Roos 25
    Jordan Simmons 24

    T: Duane Brown 33
    Germain Ifedi 24
    Jamarco Jones 22
    Ezekiel Nkansah 24

    TE: Ed Dickson 31
    Will Dissly 22
    Nick Vannett 26
    Tyrone Swoopes 24

    WR: Doug Baldwin 30
    Tyler Lockett 26
    Jaron Brown 29
    David Moore 24
    Malik Turner 23
    Caleb Scott 23
    Amara Darboh 25
    Keenan Reynolds 25

    RB: Chris Carson 24
    Rashaad Penny 23
    JD McKissic 25
    CJ Prosise 24
    Bo Scarbrough 22

    FB: N/A

    QB: Russell Wilson 30
    Paxton Lynch 25


    DT: Jarran Reed 26
    Nazair Jones 24
    Poona Ford 23
    Jamie Meder 27

    DE: Frank Clark 25
    Rasheem Green 21
    Branden Jackson 26
    Ricky Ali’ifua 27

    LB: Bobby Wagner 28
    KJ Wright 29
    Barkevious Mingo 28
    Austin Calitro 25
    Shaquem Griffin 23
    Jacob Martin 23
    Emmanuel Ellerbe 22
    Emmanuel Beal 23
    Justin Currie 25

    S: Kam Chancellor* 30
    Bradley McDougald 28
    Tedric Thompson 24
    Delano Hill 23
    Shalom Luani 24
    Tevon Mutcherson 26
    Marwin Evans 25

    CB: Shaquill Griffin 23
    Trey Flowers 23
    Akeem King 26
    Kalan Reed 25
    Simeon Thomas 25
    Jeremy Boykins 23


    K: Jason Myers 27
    Sam Ficken 26

    P: Michael Dickson 23

    LS: Tyler Ott 27

    • Kenny Sloth

      Immediate needs: starting pass rusher opposite Frank Clark, rotational run stuffing DT, nickel corner?, GET A DANG FULL BACK

      Future needs: CB project, WR competition, backup QB w/ upside to start or be traded off, Speed at safety?, DL depth.


      • Kenny Sloth

        Maybe add TE to future needs

      • millhouse-serbia

        Maybe they see Green as starter opposite Clark. Naz is 5tech now. You dont have Q Jeff. Why CB prospect with Flowers and Shaquill?

        I see OG as big need for future if Pocic can’t develope to starter level for LG.

        I agree we need speed at safety and TE for future.

      • DCD2

        Agree with the needs. DE, Nickel/Dime CB, FB, DT all make sense. I’d even go TE as a probable position that they draft. Don’t know how Dissly is going to look or when he’ll be back from his injury. Dickson is pretty long in the tooth and Vannett hasn’t showed us very much.

        I’ve been advocating for taking a QB this year, but it might make sense to wait until next year to draft one. Russ is technically under team control for 3 more years before the cost gets out of control. Next years draft should have 5-7 legit 1st-2nd round QB’s, and we should have significantly more draft capital.

        LB went from potentially our biggest need to our deepest position in a hurry. I think LB still needs to be considered in the ‘future’ column, as Kendricks and to an extent, KJ are no sure thing after next year.

      • Sea Mode

        Nice list Kenny. My impression is: we’re looking nice and young.

        I think they are going to give Rasheem Green and Jacob Martin a good shot this year opposite Clark to see what they have in them. Run stuffing DT may already be on the roster in Meder?

        In conclusion, PC was right. There are no huge holes. Go get the BPA in the draft.

    • Coleslaw

      I dont mean to be that guy and I’m sure everyone knows, but add George Fant into the tackle spot, giving us 4 trustworthy options.

    • Madmark

      you forgot George Fant

    • Coleslaw

      I see our biggest needs going into to draft as DE, DT, WR, NCB, OG in that order. We’re set up to go DE/WR or vice versa with our first 2 picks, with OG being a possibility too depending on how the board falls. We should be able to find a NCB after that. If we go OG/DE, we could still get a receiver later on, where we might not be able to get a guard.

      I really don’t think this team has a lot of holes, but we could use better players right now at DE, WR, and NCB. All the other ones are lesser needs imo, though I do expect us to grab our usual DT type, a TE, a CB project, and a FB.

      I really don’t see any room for an OL unless we’re ready to replace 2 of Pocic, Roos, or Simmons. One of them is likely to be cut for the 53 already. Unless we’re upgrading on Roos or Simmons and letting Pocic go, I don’t see a fit.

  30. clbradley17

    Excellent article Rob. Trysten Hill would be a fantastic first pick and great alongside Reed, with Poona rotating in, plus Meder played very well at Cleveland in 2016 before some injuries. Found a video breaking down Hill’s speed and agility on plays against Temple and Memphis.

    And Samia would be a very good solution at guard not if but when either or both Fluker and Iupati are down a few games with injuries, and when they retire or are released in a year or 2. There are some long overviews of the OK OL, but here’s a quick one showing Samia’s variety of moves on the OL.

    If we miss out on Samia on day 2, would also be happy with his teammate LG Ben Powers on day 3, who played very well at Senior Bowl week, Michael Deiter of Wisconsin or Chris Lindstrom of BC.

  31. charlietheunicorn

    So, let’s for the sake of discussion say the New York Football Giants agree to trade for RW….
    would both 1st round picks this year be enough in return or would a 1st from next season also need to be tossed in the deal?

    Would 3x 1st round picks be enough or would extra spice (picks) need to be tossed in or swapped as well?

    NYG: Currently own the #6 and #17 pick in 2019.

    • DC

      3 1st round picks and a 23 year old RW would be enough to get that deal done.

    • Trevor

      I would prefer a #1 this year and also 2020,2021. Gives you the best shot at finding the guy you want as Russell 2.0

      Not sure why the Giants or any other team would give us anything more than one 1st rounder though or if a trade would be even possible if Russ is set on seeing free agency and is will to play with the tag.

    • Bigten

      With the recent rumors that Giants aren’t enamored with Haskins, and in they have even said they haven’t even scouted him much, a sign that there may actually be something to the hawks to giants rumor? Though it could just as easily mean that they just don’t like Haskins (similar to Ribs assessment), or they are sticking with manning and waiting until next year (which I would prefer for them).

    • Volume12

      Golden Tate and Ciara? He gonna shoot his shot again?

  32. swisshawk

    I know, talking about trading Russell is getting boring, BUT
    – if he wants a boatload of money (>40 mill per season)
    – if he wants to play in an offense more fitting to his talents
    – if he wants to play in another city (NYC or LA)
    … it may be best to trade him before this draft (all reasons totally understandable). This way we could fetch MONEY for Clark/Wagner/Reed and a lot of PICKS to replentish the roster (I know trading a top 5 franchise QB is probably a bad idea, but the drama Rob mentioned in January will proceed).

    If this is the case, I would trade Russell to the NYG. A big city, super skill players on offense and a lot of money (after OBJ trade and cut of Manning) would probably be enticing for Wilson, while the Giants need a QB in a hard way. Trade compensation:
    Russell for 1.6, 2, 3 and 3 in 2019 and 1 & 2 in 2020 (Giants still have 1.16 and asome day 4 picks to fill out the roster)

    Perfect scenario in the draft:
    1.6 DE Ferrell
    1.21 QB Grier
    2 DT Hill
    3 OL Samia
    3 WR Hall
    3 NCB Tell
    4 TE Wesco
    5 CB Thomas

    And draft in 2020 (with comps 3,4,6,6): 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,6,6,6,7.

    I know hoping that Grier is there and he will lead this team anywhere is risky, but with Carolls philosophy I would prefer making the roster perfect again over a 40 Mill Qb who throws the ball 20 times (for the next 3 years…). An alternative could be trading for a current backup with potential (Bridgwater or Brissett), but this would only be a fix for 2019 , because paying them 20 Mill+ afterwards would be dumb (but would allow Grier a redshirt year). If it doesn’t work out with the QB situation you have at least a quality roster and a pretty high pick in a draft with super good QBs in 2020.

    • SamL

      No thank you. The Seahawks wouldn’t be the same without Wilson, he wins us games in the 4th quarter even if he doesn’t throw it a bunch. It would be foolish to trade him.

    • Coleslaw

      If we traded Wilson to the Giants we would get both their 1st rounders this year, their 1st rounder next year, and at least both their 2nd and 3rd rounder this year and next year. Probably their 2021 2nd and 3rd too.

      It ain’t happening

      • Rob Staton

        It wouldn’t take that much.

        Three first rounders would probably do it. Maybe an extra pick at some point. It wouldn’t take three firsts, three seconds and three thirds.

  33. millhouse-serbia

    Max Unger retires. Maybe we could trade Pocic or Britt there but problem is that Saints doesn’t have 1,3 and 4 round pick.

    • Aaron

      We wouldn’t get a 1st, 3rd, or 4th for Pocic anyways so it doesn’t matter. We could still trade him though and get a 5th at best. Really just want Pocic off the roster in some form or fashion, either by trade or not making the 53 due to competition in camp.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Get a 5th and call it done. No reason to take him to the end, then cut him at the 53 man cutdown.

        I’m a bit surprised Unger retired however, I’ve not heard of any significant injuries or reason to retire, except he might have finally decided….. getting up with constant pain everyday was not worth another year of playing in the NFL.

        Unger was a quality player and had a very nice career. /salute

        • Jujus

          We could defer the pick to next years draft and maybe snag a 4th rd pick?

    • Trevor

      Pocic to the Saints for a 6th or 7th would be about the best we could hope for I would think. Might be a good fit for him as an LSU alum.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Saint are in problem. No C on FA market and they dont have draft capital to take one on this year draft. I think they need starting calibre C, so Britt is probbably better target for them at the moment imo. Maybe next year 3rd or 4th for him.

        • Rob Staton

          Britt is much more valuable to Seattle’s than a 2020 third or fourth round pick.

        • Trevor

          I think the Hawks want to keep as much of the OL as possible together. THe drop off from Britt to Hunt or Pocic might not be huge for one game but for a whole season it would be pretty significant I think. Britt is not an elite Center but he is better than league average IMO and there is value in that.

          If they think Hunt is a serviceable backup I would trade Pocic for a late rounder this year perhaps but even then there is value in having depth with a guy like Pocic and is the late round pick really worth loosing that depth.

  34. Volume12

    Some rando on twitters mock draft. Seems bad.

    • Volume12

      Not sure what I find funnier. Him getting dunked on so hard in his mentions or the mock itself.

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