Seahawks begin to arrange interviews with candidates to replace Pete Carroll

Following a week of taking stock, reports are revealing who the Seahawks want to speak to about replacing Pete Carroll.

They’ve requested interviews with the following:

Frank Smith (OC, Miami)
Dan Quinn (DC, Dallas)
Ejiro Eviro (DC, Carolina)
Raheem Morris (DC, LA Rams)
Mike Kafka (OC, NY Giants)
Patrick Graham (DC, Las Vegas)

If any new names are reported I’ll add them to the list and update my thoughts below.

Frank Smith (OC, Miami)

He isn’t from the Kyle Shanahan tree even though he joined up with Mike McDaniel in Miami. He spent a number of years acting as an assistant O-line coach under Sean Payton in New Orleans. He was then a tight ends coach for the Raiders and Chargers for four years and his final official job in LA was run-game coordinator and O-line coach. He hasn’t been calling plays for the Dolphins, whose offense started brilliantly this season before tailing off badly at the end. Per DVOA, their offense finished the year ranked #2 in the league. He was recently ranked first in a poll of 1700 players listing the best offensive coordinators in the league. Smith has a reputation for being a supportive coach and was credited with aiding Darren Waller with his sobriety, with Waller stating: “Frank is my favorite coach I’ve ever had.”

Dan Quinn (DC, Dallas)
I spoke a lot about Quinn yesterday so check out that article. His defenses have consistently ranked in the top-five during his time in Dallas but there are issues too. Firstly, the Cowboys have had a lot of success beating up weaker teams/quarterbacks with a schedule ranking 30th in the league this year. Against top opponents, they’ve faired poorly. Yesterday against Green Bay (48-32) was the latest example, to go with crushing losses to the likes of San Francisco (42-10) and Buffalo (31-10). Nevertheless, the expectation is he will be able to build a strong staff and his communication skills are said to be excellent.

Ejiro Eviro (DC, Carolina)
A Sean McVay coach for years looking after the Rams’ secondary, Eviro was highly rated when he made the move to Denver to become the Broncos’ defensive coordinator in 2022. As we know, things went badly and Nathaniel Hackett was quickly fired. Eviro, though, still produced the #13 defense in the league. He was released from his contract after Sean Payton’s arrival and joined the Panthers, who similarly were a hot-mess this year. In difficult circumstances, Carolina had the 25th ranked defense per DVOA. He runs a 3-4 base according to reports. For the last two years he has paired himself with Dom Capers, in both Denver and Carolina, the long-time Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator. Without a doubt, John Schneider will have contacted Capers to talk about Eviro. The pair worked closely together in Green Bay, as Schneider has occasionally noted.

Raheem Morris (DC, LA Rams)
An extremely likeable, energetic personality radiates from Morris and he’s said to be well liked. He became the youngest Head Coach in the league aged 32 when he took the Buccaneers job in 2009, going 3-13, 10-6 and 4-12 before being fired. He then worked with Dan Quinn in Atlanta, replacing him as interim Head Coach when Quinn was departed, going 4-7. He’s been the Rams’ defensive coordinator since 2021 — helping them win a Super Bowl in his first season. His defenses have ranked 3rd, 18th and 22nd per DVOA. These aren’t great rankings given they have Aaron Donald, although they have lost talent as time has gone on.

Mike Kafka (OC, NY Giants)
A fourth round pick in 2010, Kafka had a nomadic playing career as a backup quarterback before eventually turning to coaching. He started with his alma mater, Northwestern, before Andy Reid brought him to Kansas City. Reid was the coach of the Eagles when Kafka was drafted so they had a connection. He rose up the ranks with the Chiefs — starting as a quality control coach before moving on to become Patrick Mahomes’ QB coach and then adding passing-game coordinator duties. He was long touted to replace Eric Bieniemy as offensive coordinator in KC, only Bieniemy couldn’t get a Head Coaching opportunity. Thus, eventually he took the Giants coordinator’s job in 2022 (ironically, if he’d waited 12 months, he would’ve had the Chiefs gig). Kafka worked with Brian Daboll in New England as a player, so was again reuniting with a former coach. Daboll let him call plays, likely a term of the deal to get him to New York. The Giants had the #16 offense last year as they made the playoffs but a series of injuries and struggles this year saw them become ultra-conservative and sink to 30th. Once considered one of the hot up-and-coming coaches in football, Kafka isn’t the most charismatic public speaker but Reid and Daboll certainly saw something in him and he’s been credited as a big help in Mahomes’ career.

Patrick Graham (DC, Las Vegas)
Graham played his football at Yale, went undrafted and then embarked on a coaching career. He spent six years with the New England Patriots, mostly as a linebackers or defensive line coach. He then started to move around a bit — spending two years with the Giants coaching D-line, a year with the Packers coordinating the run defense, he spent a year with the Dolphins in 2019 as the defensive coordinator, followed by two more years with the Giants as an assistant Head Coach and defensive coordinator. Finally, he spent the last two seasons as DC with the Raiders. Clearly his roots are in the Belichick system. The Raiders had the #8 ranked defense per DVOA this season (they were 29th last year under his stewardship). Maxx Crosby has spoken glowingly of his relationship with Graham.

None of these coaches are in the playoffs, currently. That could be deliberate from the Seahawks, for two reasons. It might be common courtesy to those coaches who are focusing on big games. There’s nothing wrong with registering an interest and saying ‘we’ll circle back at an appropriate time’. They might respect that. Also, you can spend more time with these individuals now rather than rushing through a Zoom call with, say, Ben Johnson, Mike Macdonald or Ben Slowik, before they get to playoff prep.

This feels like the beginning of a process, which will likely go on for some time. Names will be added as we go along. It feels like the Seahawks are going to cast a wide net and that’s the right thing to do. As mentioned, if any new names emerge today I’ll update the article.

One other quick thing to mention. On an appearance on the Dan Patrick show today, Adam Schefter revealed a little nugget. Schefter was talking about Mike Vrabel and said:

“He’s had a great relationship with the (Seahawks) General Manager John Schneider for quite some time.”

This isn’t well known as they’ve never, to my knowledge, worked together. In studying Vrabel over the last few days he seems to share a similar personality to Schneider and it’s easy to imagine that they’d get on.

It doesn’t mean he’s going to get the Seahawks job. It’s a connection worth considering, though, as the process moves along.

Earlier today, Peter King wrote about the fit, noting: “Mike Vrabel and Seattle make sense.” He later added in his FMIA piece:

On Mike Vrabel. Don’t know where he goes, but if I were him, I’d want to partner with Seattle and GM John Schneider. Excellent organization, smart GM. All Vrabel would have to do is coach a team with pretty good talent, knowing that Schneider has the money and experience to build a Super Bowl team—if they get the quarterback right.

Again, it’s just a name to keep in mind that we might otherwise overlook. Vrabel was named coach of the year in 2021 after leading Tennessee to a 12-5 season. He had a strong run with the Titans, reaching the AFC Championship game in 2019, then going 23-10 in the following two seasons. However, the wheels fell off a bit in the last two years as they tried to transition away from ageing players.

He is a defensive minded coach but his former offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith, was recently fired by Atlanta. That name might make you cringe but Smith led the #5 ranked offense per DVOA in his final year working with Vrabel, before getting the Atlanta job. Titans fans were disappointed when he left.

Before Smith was appointed, Vrabel brought in Matt LaFleur. He lasted a year before being poached by Green Bay. So it’s also possible Vrabel could be persuaded to look towards the Shanahan/McVay system if he was appointed.

Certainly when he left his position in Tennessee, the NFL internally reacted with shock and there was a lot of praise, per this article from Charles Robinson, for a man we’ve maybe overlooked too much in this search.


  1. 805Hawk

    Would it be considered a promotion for Frank Smith to come to Seattle as an OC that calls plays? Could be getting a jump on an OC candidate (disguised as a HC interview) that could come in under a defensive minded HC, should one be hired. I realize that the HC would be the main hiring entity, but JS would have to night off as well.

    • Whit21

      I think they have to give an additional title like asst. Head coach or something along those lines..

      Thats why rob was saying they could poach a good defensive coordinator by giving them an additional title if they hire an offensive minded head coach

    • Phil

      Darrell Bevell is Smith’s QB coach and passing game coordinator. I thought his offense, when he was with the Seahawks , was one of the best — except for one play in the SB. If Frank Smith was chosen to be Seahawks head coach, I hope Bevell would be his OC.

      • Phil

        Forgot to add that Bevell and Schneider go back always to when they were at GB together …

  2. jed

    Schefter a reporting they asked to speak with Mike Kafka, Giants OC.

    Jeff Simmons also said they’d ask Mike MacDonald but it’s just a matter of timing.

    Good to see a wide group, even if it’s initially leaning defense. Couple be just how things are leaking and probably nothing significant even if I want to read into every little detail

  3. cha

    Mike Kafka

    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks requested a head coaching interview with Giants’ offensive coordinator Mike Kafka, per source.

    • 805Hawk

      I’m a huge fan of Kafka. QB coach when Mahomes was drafted by KC. Could be key if they brought in a rookie this year.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      His books are eerily popular.

      • 805Hawk

        Ha! I see what you did there.

  4. HawkHomer

    Interesting initial list. None of the hot names are mentioned, other than Quinn I guess. My first thought was maybe the primary coaching target is still in the playoff hunt, and these guys are being considered for coordinator/assistant hc positions.

    • Rob Staton


    • dand393

      Doesn’t the head coach pick his staff or does the GM do it for him cause it wouldn’t make sense to interview people for OC and DC and then the new head coach comes in and picks his own staff

      • DK

        It could be vetting by Schneider on candidates that potential candidates have sent through their agent or something.

        If say MacDonald wants Smith or Kafka to be the Asst. HC/OC, Schneider can vert them now or if Ben Johnson wants a DC who might be in high demand, Schneider can vert them and then start getting an idea of who they want as position coaches and start putting out feelers there.

  5. BrandoK

    Could some of these interviews of the DC’s be a hedge if Seattle hires an young offensive minded HC. That would then give them an indicator of what DC could be available or lured away to be an Assistant HC/DC.

  6. WLO333

    Frank Smith seems like the most interesting one of that group, given that the Dolphins have become such an offensive juggernaut. I think it was hard to judge that offense in the blowout against the Chiefs due to the detrimental weather conditions.

    I wonder how you would compare him with Johnson and what the Lions have done. Are the Lions weapons as potent as what Miami posesses? I have come away impressed with the Lions’ O line, and wonder how much that unlocks the offensive possibilities for them. I don’t know how it compares to the Miami line, and wonder how much could a vastly improved line do the same for the Seahawks, especially with a creative coordinator.

    I hope they get this right, because it could be fun. There is still a lot of potential on this roster, though the cap is tight.

    • Whit21

      It seems to look like theyre just interviewing interesting coaches that have been eliminated from the playoffs while satisfying the rooney rule.

    • Brad S.

      And Tua has become particularly erratic towards end of season (and it looked at least in part like it was on Tua).

      • Chris

        Very true, when he’s come up against playoff caliber teams he hasn’t looked so good.

  7. Big Mike

    Nice throw Rudolph
    And to think our team lost to this guy….smdh

    • jed

      Remember when Bobby stopped Harris and the Stealers OL pushed him into the end zone when the rest of the defense watched?

      And now a real team is trashing Pittsburgh.

      • jed

        Buffalo might be Buffaloing

  8. Sneekes

    It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these interviews are John testing the water for moves much further down the line, even beyond this off-season. We know at draft time – John talks to prospects he has no chance of drafting as due diligence for potential moves maybe years in the future.

  9. LouCityHawk

    Frank Smith is really interesting

    I like him, not as much as other offensive candidates, but view him as preferable to most of the defensive coordinators.

    Smith came up from Butler and his hallmark has been excellent OLINE play and creative running attacks.

    I don’t know how to do those fancy block quotes, but read this:

    “I never had a relationship with a coach like I do with Frank,” Waller said. “I honestly text him more than I text my friends. We laugh every day at practice, but I seriously respect him as a teacher and a coach and an authority figure you can talk to as a friend. Nothing’s off limits. We can be real and honest with each other about everything. That’s so important to me, having him in my life.”

    When Waller was going through his battles with overcoming substance abuse and returning to football, he says Smith was one of the guys who helped him through it.

    “Frank helped so much with my transition to the Raiders,” Waller said. “He has a friend that was in recovery like I am, who worked the 12-step program and went to rehab. He was able to understand me by understanding his friend. We learned a lot from each other, and he was able to welcome me in without putting too much pressure on me. But he wasn’t allowing me to be someone just happy to be there. He had me set goals, something I never did before that.

    “He really opened my eyes to the fact that I could be great. I never really thought I could be great. I was too worried about all the pressure and the negative things. I never saw the game in a positive light. He helped me see that football can be so much fun if you’re not worried about things outside of what you can control.”

    How is that for your good vibes?

    What does his boss say?

    “Similar to my story, Frank has been in the National Football League a long time and how I first got connected with him was through stories of his relationships with players,” McDaniel said. “So we really connect at the most foundational elements of what our profession is, and that’s developing, maximizing, really serving the NFL football player in their dream to try to help solidify their goals and help them reach their best selves. He sees a lot of things very, very similar to myself. He’s instrumental here with just my day to day and then also connecting me to the rest of the football staff and the players. Brings it every day. Doesn’t take anything for granted.

    “I’m not surprised and he’s very deserving of the opportunity to interview. It’s not if but when, whenever that that does come I know he’s gonna do an outstanding job because of not any guessing (but) what I see on a day to day basis. And so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of teams and he’ll do great job interviewing and however that works out, I know that he epitomizes for me the NFL, not for long.”

    Lots of interesting stuff with Smith, seems like the fight fire with fire type.


    Raheem Morris is a less exciting version of Quinn, Macdonald and Weaver, at least to me.

    Eviro is a name that some will like, I’m not a fan, at all.

    Kafka is low key shocking given the state of the NYG.

    • Sean

      With regards to Kafka, I wouldn’t put much stock in the Giants offense from this past season. Look at Matt LaFleur when he was hired away from the Titans in 2018 to be the Packers coach. On the surface that appeared to be a terrible hire, and I’d say Green Bay is pretty happy with how things have gone.

  10. LouCityHawk

    Can’t believe people still argue with me over Allen being elite

    • Big Mike

      That was some kind of run.

    • nfendall

      People like to the point at his turnovers which can be problematic at times, but the guy is a special talent.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Watching Allen, anyone else really want a QB who can run?

    Jayden Daniels can run

    • 805Hawk

      Sign me up.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Also really enjoy watching Pittsburgh get punched in the face repeatedly.

        We couldn’t do it

    • cha

      I have to detox my Football Brain center from PC-itis.

      Whenever I hear running QB for the Seahawks I think ‘yeah, but that’s for like a year or two when he’s on a cheap contract. Then Pete will demand he develop into a pocket passer who abandons a very effective skillset, but refuses to build an OL or keep RBs healthy to support him.’

      • Blitzy the Clown


      • WLO333

        I always got the impression it was Russ’ plan to transition to to more of a pocket passer for his own longevity (maybe it wasn’t?). However, he never learned to master the subtleties of the easy dump off, passing over the middle (Drew Brees couid do it at about the same height), throwing a guy open, or just getting the ball out on time. Things that are essential to success in the pocket.

        He seemed largely improved this year with a return to his former style, but he’s just not as athletic as he was, and not as effective. I wonder if he lost more of his athleticism due to no longer training to maintain it rather than from aging. I think he made a career mistake in trying to get away from the rushing and scrambling elements if his game.

        It never made sense to me that, when the read option started becoming popular, that we didn’t optimize his usage in it. That did feel more like a coaching decision to overprotect him. I have no idea how much of that was Pete.

        • TatupuTime

          Yeah, I don’t know how much of that was on Pete either. Russell clearly lost a lot of mobility and speed throughout those years. Not sure if just body type/age or some of those nasty early career leg injuries he played through. Russ will make every o-line he plays with look bad, he just takes a lot of QB sacks. Gotta lot of issues with Pete, but I’m not ready to say he didn’t get a fair amount out of the skill set he had with Russ.

        • Phil

          In my memory, when Russell Wilson started running the read option in Chicago against the Bears and specifically against Brian Urlacher, that was a revolutionary change in Seahawks football, and maybe in NFL football.

          So who was the Seahawks OC who recognized Wilson’s talents and added the read option to the Seahawks offense? Darrell Bevell, who is now QB coach and passing game coordinator for Frank Smith and the Dolphins.

    • Phil

      I really want a QB who can run …….. and who has the wisdom to slide. Daniels looks a little on the lean side to me, but nothing that a 5000 calorie per day diet coupled with some extended time in the weight room wouldn’t solve.

  12. ShowMeYourHawk

    If Pittsburgh stays with Tomlin and all they really NEED is a QB, any chance they’d take on Geno for pick #52? Granted, you’d have to wait until you’d secured your own QB or at least traded up in Round 1 to land one but I could see him helping them. At least, more than the lesser options they have on the roster now. Tomlin doesn’t seem to be in a “draft a QB again and wait for him to develop” type of situation.

    • Whit21

      I would hope they covet geno like that..

      However, i doubt he would go for anything close to a 2nd rounder.. not with his salary is for 2024..

      IF, they did like him. Its a 5th or later..

  13. Sten

    Interesting how John is interviewing so many candidates. Not surprising given the amount of roster turnover the team had when he took over initially. I wonder if the shotgun approach will carry over to how the roster looks this next season

    • nfendall

      This is exactly what I was hoping for.

      Even if they have a main target, I want to see them interview several candidates. You never know when someone might blow you away out of nowhere and it also gives you potential options at coordinator if one of them becomes available.

      • cha

        Exactly. Teams talk to draft prospects and file away their info. Even if they don’t draft them, when they become available, they dig out their notes and revisit.

        Interviews are essentially free. Why wouldn’t you cast a wide net, if for no other reason than information gathering?

  14. cha

    Which storyline got the heartiest chuckle from you today?

    * Mel Kiper suggesting the Falcons will trade pick #8 to Chicago for Justin Fields?

    * Jonathan Jones suggesting the Raiders will draft JJ McCarthy at #13 if they land Jim Harbaugh to coach their team?

    * Seahawks twitter throwing a fit because Tony Romo said Mason Rudolph is on a “Geno Smith archetype”?

    • Rob Staton

      Stop the world, I want to get off

      • cha

        Never in one day have I heard more hype about 3 average-to-below-average QBs.

        Well maybe in 2022 a month before the draft.

    • Spectator

      To be honest, I think Harbs going to Raiders is the only chance JJ has of going in the first round. Harbs has said on multiple occasions he sees JJ as his son, so i really could see that happening.

      • BK26

        Well his sons didn’t play in the NFL and McCarthy looks like he shouldn’t be there so, you can see him making that connection.

  15. Sea Mode

    Lots of interest, it appears…

    Albert Breer

    The Seahawks will interview Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn for their HC job on Thursday afternoon, per source. So he has Carolina and Tennessee on Wednesday, Washington and Seattle on Thursday, and the Chargers on Friday.

  16. 805Hawk

    This is quickly turning into “if they don’t draft Carter I’m going to lose it” twitter debates. People are getting set on a name or two and won’t come off them. Just give it time and be open to whomever they hire. JS is doing a ton more than listening to NFL network and reading a few articles and Wikipedia.

    • 805Hawk

      *I am referring to Twitter/X and not this comments section.

  17. Sea Mode

    Grit. Let’s get it back.

  18. Brandon

    All these candidates absolutely suck, Carolina, Giants offense-worse in league, Quinn who is still giving up points as we speak…

    FFS- Allen must have financial constraints, try selling team when they are a dumpster fire…. We don’t want anyone on this list!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Brandon, chill.

      You can’t just look at the team names and come to that conclusion.

      Eviro has been highly rated for years, was part of the Rams SB staff. He went to be part of what was described as a superstar Carolina coaching staff and now we know that franchise is rotten.

      Kafka spent years in Kansas City, was really highly rated by Andy Reid, went to NYG to be an OC only because he knew Daboll and Bieniemy wasn’t moving on. He did a good job with a limited roster a year ago and this year, they had a car crash injury situation. What was he supposed to do, deliver a top-10 offense without a line or QB?

      And these are just the first flush of candidates.

      This coaching search is going to get really irritating really soon if everyone has a meltdown when someone is interviewed and isn’t a hot-shot.

      • Palatypus

        I think that was Dark Brandon.

        • Alfred

          Probably smoke screen too. Remember last year they took pictures with the top 4 QBs, but a report after the draft said they were actually eyeing on the two defensive guys the whole time.

          • geoff u

            And stupidly so. I hope it was Pete who didn’t want to draft a QB.

        • Hawk Finn


    • Sea Mode

      Big names still in the playoffs. Patience…

      I trust JS on this one to at least have a comprehensive plan and vision for the team.

    • BK26

      Buckle up, this was just Day 1….

      Would you rather they only interview 1 or 20?

  19. Gross MaToast

    Reading these names make me feel like I imagine my dog feels when I offer her dry dog food and nothing else.


  20. Palatypus

    The last time it snowed here in Pensacola, we won the Super Bowl a few days later.

    There is a 1% chance of snow tomorrow.

    I feel like something big is about to happen.

  21. nfendall

    People who are freaking out about the current list of coaches that the Seahawks have requested to interview need to take a deep breath.

    Some of the most successful coaches in the NFL weren’t the hot names when they were hired. Not to mention the wider net you cast, the more opportunities you give yourself to find someone and get blown away, not to mention potential coordinators if they become available.

    Also as Rob and many others have mentioned, there are several intriguing coaches who are still in the playoffs and it is reasonable to expect they would rather meet in person than a zoom meeting.


    • Palatypus

      You don’t get a fruit basket in a Zoom meeting.

  22. 12th chuck

    Raheem Morris,…,, the thought of giving the Rams a second round pick for hiring him makes me cringe.

    • Luis Guilherme

      It’s two late thirds over two years. And it’s not taken from us, just given to them. So not as bad, but still something to have in mind.

  23. Rob Staton

    Adam Schefter says Mike Vrabel and John Schneider “have had a great relationship for quite some time”

    • Seattle Person

      Well…a lot of things that are true about Quinn is sort of true about Vrabel though right? I think he’ll find great coaches as well.

      I’m not advocating for him though.

      • Rob Staton

        He has a ready and available OC in Arthur Smith… but not sure how people will feel about that. I guess nobody will steal him away!

        • Seattle Person

          If that’s his O.C then no thank you…

          If you couldn’t win with all the weapons Atlanta had then no chance he’ll do anything with the offensive weapons the Hawks have.

          • Rob Staton

            In fairness, under Arthur Smith, Tennessee had the #5 offense in the NFL per DVOA in 2020. That’s how he got the Atlanta job

            • Seattle Person

              Could be a lot worse. It doesn’t give me great confidence I must admit.

            • Austin Slater

              His strange usage of Bijan week after week like he was just wanting to prove himself right bordered on bizarre. Every metric favored Bijan by a mile so it was baffling.

              • Rob Staton

                Indeed, it was baffling

          • Spectator

            To be fair, he was dealing with a QB situation that could be the worst I’ve seen in a while. Ridder and Heineckie are bad bad.

    • BrandoK

      Could Vrabel be a candidate for the DC position if Seattle goes with a Young Offensive HC or is he just wanting to be a HC right now?

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t see him going for that

  24. JoeG

    Rob, thanks as always for your reporting and keeping us updated on this. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but will need to trust JS to do the right thing. Either way OC or DC it’s fun and makes the off season interesting this year for sure. Great job!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  25. Kitsap Hawk

    Personally, I want to see a bit more culture change than we would expect from Quinn. Being a players’ coach is one thing, but the lack of discipline this year is a problem.

    Not suggesting he’s the only one that could bring that change, but I’d like to see them talk to Bieniemy.

    • Seattle Person

      Is Bieniemy going to instill discipline?

      There are a lot of players and coaches in the NFL that drags his name through the mud. I’m not sure how he is on anyone’s radar.

      • BK26

        That’s the one thing he’ll do. Look at the chiefs: undisciplined on offense. They’ll even admit that that is what is missing.

  26. Hoggs41

    If it’s a defensive guy, what do people think about Frank Reich as OC?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think he’s interested in rushing back in, he might retire

  27. Palatypus

    If we hire Kafka does The Rebuild become The Metamorphosis?

    • cha

      No but the platypus might turn into an Axolotl and have an existential crisis.

      • Palatypus


    • Dingbatman

      Or Kafka On The Shore?

      • Palatypus

        Or Pickle Rick.

      • BRNDNvsWRLD

        At long as the coaching search isn’t A Wild Sheep Chase

  28. Nick

    All you can ask for as a fan in finding a new head coach is to 1) be open-minded and 2) cast a wide net. It looks look John is doing that. Super excited about the process. Whoever they come out with I trust they will go about it as professionaly as possible. In JS I trust.

  29. Whit21

    Why is David Moore playing bettee than he ever did in Seattle…

    O yeah.. they just had him running go routes and not routes that get guys open..

    • Glor


    • Luis Guilherme

      To be fair, he was sitting on his couch for much of last year. But Canales developed him and believed in his potential, so he brought him to Tampa.

  30. Seattle Person

    If we thought Jerry is going to blow a fuse then what is going to happen if Philly continues to play like they are so far?

    • Palatypus

      Yeah, I loved how the defensive backs pulled a Jamal Adams on that touchdown.

  31. Rob Staton

    I have updated the article with Patrick Graham notes and the latest news relating to Mike Vrabel & John Schneider

  32. Leo

    Man the Eagles and Steelers might be joining the group of teams hunting for coaches too, I can’t remember the last time there was this much competition for HC candidates. If we had moved on from Pete years ago, we would have had such an easier time nabbing our top choice…

    • Rob Staton

      Eagles 💯

      And I have to say — that to me is not an attractive gig. They look like a team that is pushing towards reset

      • Leo

        Definitely a bunch of old guys at the end of their tether, and Hurts ain’t the answer. But they still have some exciting offensive weapons and a well-regarded owner/GM combo, not a bad opportunity for an offensive coach to come in and make an immediate impact with some basic, modern scheming.

        • Rob Staton

          The concern would be, IMO, that the culture is F’d. You probably need to wipe out all the old guys and then you’re hoping younger guys — people like Jalen Carter — are going to be on it. They aren’t.

          Then there’s Hurts’ situation and his contract. AJ Brown looks like he’s fed up.

          The O-line’s good though, which helps.

          Just feels like this happens all the time in Philly — success then collapse. Always short term.

          And coaches will think — if you don’t win big you’ll get canned — Pederson, Sirianni

          • RomeoA57

            I can only imagine what the media will say about a coach going to a Super Bowl one year, making the palyoffs the next and still getting axed. I kind of want to see this happen for entertainment purposes.

            • Palatypus

              I too would enjoy seeing Santa Claus pelted with snowballs.

  33. Palatypus

    Weather in Philadelphia (11-6): 26 degrees with light snow.
    Weather in Tampa (9-8): 68 degrees and mostly cloudy.

    How lucky is it that this game is being played in Tampa?

    • Big Mike

      Well would Philadelphia be tackling any better up there?
      (I do get ya tho)

      • Whit21

        The eagles just didnt have the additions they had a year ago.. injuries and a dline that under achieved from last year.. they got too old to compete late in the year and it showed..

        The trade for kevin byard is like the hawks trading for leonard williams. They just were not capable at end..

        Makes the hawks win look like what the hawks did to bad teams.. not playoff football..

        The eagles are a talented team like the hawks.. but looked old amd couldnt execute on offense and rhe defense couldnt cover or tackle..

        Another dark horse in the coaching carousel.. will they move on from sirriani like Dallas could move on from Mccarthy? Maybe..

        Thats why i hate all this national cover for pete carroll love.. you’re close but so far away when playoff football comes..

  34. Palatypus

    Four missed tackles on the same play by Philadelphia. Clint Hurtt, is that you?

  35. Jabroni-DC

    The NFC Playoff seeds this year were as follows:

    #1 San Francisco

    #7 The other 6 teams

    What a dumpster fire of a conference.

    • Donald_Duck

      Why is the AFC so much better than the NFC?

  36. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, we gotta get you on Brock and Salk. Salk was discussing a”great point” that Brady Henderson made: hiring an Offensive coach saves you from losing your OC if there is success. Someone is plagiarizing you Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair, that’s a point a lot of people are making. It’s not a unique thought on my behalf

      • Joe B

        Rob was honest a few months back when he gave credit to Florio for that idea (who got it elsewhere….)

    • Sea Mode

      I also saw someone tweet about some of the defensive HC candidates “not going to bring Parsons/Donald/etc. with them to Seattle”.

      Just the way he phrased it sounded exactly like the way Rob has for some time now.

      But hey, whether they give credit or not for the idea, I’ll certainly take it if more Seahawks fans online start to spout actual wisdom instead of just divisive nonsense!

  37. geoff u

    Eagles with the 29th ranked defense per DVOA, worse than us. They were #3 last year.

    The Jalen Carter effect.

    • Big Mike


      • geoff u

        Well I’ll give his supporters credit for one thing, he certainly turned a defense around.

    • Palatypus

      And Devon Witherspoon was the Pro Football Focus Rookie of the Year.

      Three sacks, 16 pass breakups, one interception, one forced fumble, and eight tackles for a loss.

      • Palatypus

        Defensive Rookie of the Year.

    • Jordan

      These Georgia Bulldogs defenders on the Eagles…. the talent is there, but there’s something off. Ironically, maybe a lack of dawg in them.

      Kancey is considerably more noticeable than Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter tonight.

    • Dregur

      Has Carter seen much playing time?

  38. Seattle Person


    Heads are going to roll in Philly.

    • Big Mike

      Yes they are. Belichick is going to have his choice of Dallas or Philly.

  39. 509 Chris

    Didn’t someone tell me that Kancey was gonna be a player?

    • cha


    • Palatypus

      Calijah Kancey was the 19th overall pick and has 4 sacks and 19 solo tackles per PFF. Jalen Carter was the 9th overall pick and has 6 sacks, 20 solo tackles, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.

      • Big Mike

        Carter, DROY

        • Peter

          Jokes aside and Geoffu made a great one above is DROY will/should go to Will Anderson Jr.

  40. Glor

    All I gotta say is watching the bucs with 80mil in dead cap space year absolutely destroying the eagles due to great great coaching… man what could have been. Really nice to see a team that knows how to be aggressive on defense and tackle.

  41. Palatypus

    Darius Slay Jr. getting pinned, rolled, bent, and twisted like that makes me think of Kenneth Walker III’s sports hernia injury.

    • Seattle Person

      It actually reminds me of the Johnny Knox injury. He was pinned and got blasted bending his back. I believe he broke his neck or his back.

      • Palatypus

        Slay was sitting up on the cart.

  42. 805Hawk

    The Jalen Hurts contract is going to haunt the Eagles for years. He’s turned into an utter disaster.

    • Peter

      That contract is not great but he needs a coach.

      Disaster? He still had more TDs than our qb and our runningbacks combined.

  43. seaspunj

    i am not a Baker Mayfield fan but i am happy he has had his day in the sun.

    I hope Tampa keeps Baker 1 less team looking for a QB

    Rob if Quinn goes back to a 4‐3 Dee can you maybe guide us on some 5 Techniques Dline in the draft to research?

    Deep down i miss the Red Bryant type Dee lineman and i still remember in a preseason game Michael Bennett specifically saying the Seahawks needed a 5 technique

    Really hope Seahawks draft 2 QBs this upcoming draft and looking forward to the amazing draft knowledge you reveal in detail

    • 509 Chris

      I hadn’t even thought about hopefully going back to a 4 3.

      • Peter

        I’m not opposed to it but mafe and nwossu….where do they play? Can they be Sam and Will lb’s? A little small for 4-3 ends.

        • seaspunj

          Nwosu can play LEO similar height weight as Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin

          Mafe a bit heavier but at 261 lbs

          if getting a 5 technique means they can stop the run its a start.

          • Peter

            The bigger point is I actually think this team is pretty far from a good 4-3 or 3-4.

            The lack of synchronicity is pretty glaring. Intrigued to see what the next coach does.

    • Palatypus

      The Huskies needed a Red Bryant against Michigan in the first quarter.

  44. Palatypus

    BTW, here is proof that a 12-year-old is smarter than Paul Finebaum.

  45. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Eagles pooped the bed
    Cowboys pooped the bed

    Neither outcome was a surprise, but now I might have to suffer through a Ravens vs 49ers SB… guess I’ll pull for the luckless Lions!!!

    • Big Mike

      LOVE it when the NFCE poops the bed. Get tired of the hyper focus on that division.

  46. Joe

    I keep wondering why a coach with the philosophy of “run the ball” and “stop the run”couldn’t really do either for the last couple years. And then you look at the drafts for the last 10 years and you haven’t drafted a pro bowl OL or DL.

    Maybe Cross is your closest hit, and you needed the 9th pick from trading your QB to get him.

    You would think with that philosophy you’d be heavily slanted towards the big uglies on your draft cards. Was Pete enabling John? Or was John influencing Pete? I think it’s the later.

    Pete excelled when he had a room full of Alpha’s to carry out his vision. But somehow that shifted with the trade, or somewhere around the time with the trade for Jimmy Graham. A pro bowl center for a finesse TE? Review the drafts from 2013 on. No where, except Jarren Reed, can you see an imposing DT. The rest were finesse or tweeners.

    Why does John get a pass? Because he had 3 out of this world, unprecedented, out of his mind years as a GM? Capping it with SuperBowl. Why he didn’t win GM of the year in there is a crime.

    It really irks me that John gets to keep his job when Pete was left to patch all the middling roster moves together. Dude had 3 bombs for trades of his 1st round picks. 3! Think how 1 of those sets a franchise back. And we’ve had 3!

    Remember 2020 when we had 3 draft picks?

    Is there a PFF for GM’s? Would love to see that list so I can stop thinking we’ll be stuck in 2nd gear with Schneider, the past achievement rider.

    • STTBM

      Pete was the one who instigated and pushed for Graham. Bevell didn’t ask for him. Same thing with Harvin. And it’s Carrol who doesn’t want DTs to rush the passer, who won’t pay them or draft them high. Reed was the highest drafted, and that was in the second round. And he’s always tried to save money on the OL, though at times they’ve spent money when it fell apart, it was always patchwork and reactionary.

      I can’t see blaming JS for it all, that seems silly. However, I’m not giving JS a free pass. He bought into some of PCs junk philosophies too. I will give him credit for pushing back on Carrols measurable at corner, we’ve had several good corners Carrol never would have looked at, from Free Agency and the Draft.

      Penny was all Carrol, JS and the scouts wanted Chubb. And it was Carrols philosophy to draft positions of need first, no matter what, that led them to pass on drafting TJ Watt.

      Carrol lost his way not because he lacked “Alphas” but because he let his good young coaches like Saleh get away, only to replace them with old cronies who sucked, like Ken Norton. And he hired the wrong coordinators, and then meddled in their chili. Too many cooks in that kitchen, no clear recipe.

      Another reason they fell apart under Carrol is that he got stale, and the League figured out how to stop him. Without Lynch and a fantastic defensive roster, his gameplanning didn’t work. Yet he refused to adapt to his rosters strengths, instead banging his head against the wall in a vain effort to prove himself right.

      I do think JS has displayed epic hubris in past comments, and he has ridden past successes in drafting and FA too long. But the last two drafts were excellent–and that coincided with JS and the scouts wresting some power away from Carrol.

      He’s got his chance now, and no excuses now that Carrol is gone. JS wasn’t to blame for everything bad, nor the one responsible for every player win: it was a Collaboration. Moving forward, I think he’ll have more power, but I bet Vulcan insists on some form of collaboration beyond a GM who is a personnel Czar. Give the new regime a chance, and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      • Big Mike

        Well said. There’s never been any focus on interior d-line or o-line here. I really think that needs to change.

      • Peter

        I’m looking forward to the future and I’m very hopeful John kicks butt.

        I disagree with some of the points you made here though. Chubb/penny. Apparently that was actually Carrol letting his coaches, coach.

        On the ability to build a dline….a give both an F grade. Pete’s always waxed on about get off the bus types and yet come draft time they don’t do anything about and come Free agency they pass as well.

        On the note if oline. I’m giving the coaches, the gm, and the scouts yet another F grade.

        Okung, carpenter, ifedi,cross, pocic, glowinski, Lewis, Lucas, bradford, etc.

        The team has spent a decent amount of their first round picks on oline. The scouts and the coaches cant make it work. Misused players. Playing multiple players out of position.

        And then come free agency…..brown,blythe, joekel, and on and on.

        • Rob Staton

          Word on the street is the coaches had a TON of input into the draft picks in those later teen years… the Ifedi, Penny, Pocic etc pick era.

          One of the reasons John is probably going to really enjoy having autonomy

          • Peter

            Should be interesting. Obviously coaches have types. But that chubb/penny note makes you wonder how disjointed the whole process was. Much is made of carrol/John which I buy, but wonder with Pete constantly churning coaches how hard it was to build any kind of roster.

            First up….really looking forward to the big contract moves to start the new league year. Starting with the safeties and moving into Geno who probably shouldn’t be getting much or any more than whatever Mayfield gets.

            • BK26

              Mayfield doing what he’s doing isn’t going to help Geno’s negotiating power.

              That and Romo saying that Rudolph can do the same thing as Geno…

              I’m excited to see what roster changes the new guy makes: cutting of fat or a BIG gutting of the team.

              • Peter

                The problem with not writing back is Mayfield doing what he did. Gardner Minshew (!!) If you extrapolate his stats to 17 game starter played nearly identically in yards, tds, ints, and wins as Geno. It leaves room for people to say what they did about Rudolph and fans of Lock to say “what if.” For those chuckling saying yeah right about Lock….”what if?” Lock just needs a few more years? I mean it took Geno that long…..obviously I don’t see it with either player but it’s not an unreasonable argument.

                The problem for Geno truthers is pretty simple for me. He needs every single thing to be perfect. Are we closer to building that team or are we closer to having a team that is good in spots, bad in others, with a young qb building as a whole on their rookie deal?

                • BK26

                  Do we want to build up the ENTIRE roster for Geno being “fine to good” to succeed? Or do we want to upgrade the talent with a younger qb, set the most important position up and not worry about it for years? While also upgrading where else is needed?

                  Too many want to do the first, which is harder than finding your young stud qb. The entire roster….

  47. Forrest

    I like Mike Vrabel. I thought he out-coached us this year and in 2021 and I left both games feeling jealous. Tennessee’s GM was awful, but Vrabel has always had his players ready to go. He’d focus on the trenches and “Titan up” this team.

    I also like Patrick Graham, but as an elevated defensive coordinator.

  48. ErickV

    Mike Vrabel is definitely not my first choice but I wouldn’t be mad at all if we hired him. Watching some interviews and he definitely seems like a leader of men, part of it might be the fact he’s a former player. He also seems like the guy who can give some of these players a swift kick in the ass that has definitely been needed at times this season.

  49. UkAlex6674

    Vrabel interests me. Firstly I like the passion he would bring ala Campbell; there would be discipline aswell (no more coffee cups and). And hopefully the D wouldn’t be making anymore business decisions.

    I am a big fan of his body of work at the Titans and I think we’ve got a lot of what he likes already on the roster.

    • Peter

      Con: not a great overall record

      Pro: his team’s are the ones that often want it more.

      Con: not sure really who he is? A hard ass, toxic, a see a lot of speculation here and other places.

      Pro: somehow someway gets back up to the backup level players ready to roll.

      I’m very much not opposed to it.

      • ErickV

        Well said , I can see where you’re coming from. I think most of the unraveling in Tennessee had to do with a bad front office relationship, which I think he’d appreciate about JS if hired. For a little insight on his personality, I recommend Bussin with the Boys Podcast, it’s insane hearing a coach be so casual with former players.

        • Peter

          That’s a whole other category. A GM that isn’t a mess. Hard to win when you trade your best player and can’t build a team.

  50. geoff u

    Article on Spencer Rattler. Aiming for the first round.

    • Rob Staton

      Too right

    • Julian

      Back on the Draft, I’m thinking of ways Seattle might get a 2nd round pick back. I’d think we’d need it if we hope to draft a QB, with a high Offensive line pick?

      There are a small number of teams with two 2nd round picks including Green Bay, The Commanders, Philly and The Giants of course.

      Would this Trade attract another team?
      Seattle gives Tariq Woolen + 2024 3rd round pick for 2024 2nd and 2025 5th round pick?

      Tariq Woolen has shown he has a high ceiling, but unfortunately his Pro Bowl DROY shortlisted season seems to have gone to his head. Changing his name, lacklustre play, poor attitude to opponents and his team mates, doesn’t give the best representation of himself, but perhaps another team thinks a trade will be the wake up call he needs to make the most of his abilities? If it does they’ll have a Pro Bowl corner again. For Seattle, trading him could mean a QB and top Offensive lineman.

  51. swedenhawk

    Is it just me, or is Frank Smith a dead ringer for Robbie?

  52. Julian

    I imagine after this excellent end to the season for the Bills (irrespective of what happens against the Chiefs), Joe Brady will be promoted to full time OC from interim OC?

    However, perhaps a dream pairing for Seattle would be Mike Macdonald HC with Joe Brady OC with an Assistant Head Coach title and a nice contract to match? Two young guys helping each other out overseen by John Schneider?

    Joe Brady would be the right kind of guy to bring along a young QB too? Spencer Rattler?

    • Peter

      It’s interesting the various names John is talking to. Maybe it is to just find additional candidates.

      I don’t see the pair coach ‘x’ with coach ‘y’ stuff. Coaches usually build their own staff.

      • Julian

        Yes I agree.

        I’m thinking perhaps Mike MacDonald as HC is a slight exception, as he comes from quite a limited coaching tree ? John might be able to help in this regard and is why he’d be the Assistant Head Coach as opposed to being an OC only, which I’m anticipating wouldn’t be a promotion from his position to be in Buffalo?

        • Peter

          I get it. I actually think it’s fairly forward thinking.

          Macdonald does have connections though. Two very solid coaching ranks he’s worked with.

          • Rob Staton

            But his connections are the Harbaugh’s

            One brother about to create a whole new staff of his own for the NFL, the other would need to replace Macdonald if he leaves

            Not exactly rich pickings

            • Peter

              Mcvay, shannahan, lefleur, McDaniel can all build a staff in around the same era from around the same tree I’m not as concerned if Macdonald can.

              • Rob Staton

                Well, I’m not suggesting he can’t have a staff

                LaFleur has had issues with his coordinators though, so it shows how issues can emerge.

                It’s a relevant concern for Macdonald that deserves to be acknowledged

                • Peter


                  Seems like Slowik could have similar issues. Of course the big cheese Harbaugh has a gravitational pull. I just keep open minded. Must of us Gere had no idea who pff employee turned HC candidate Slowik was until recently.

  53. DrT

    Since Vrabel’s not in the playoffs, why wouldn’t he be on this early list if he’s actually being considered?

    • Rob Staton

      Because you don’t have to make an official request to interview him

      Which is why these names get out in the public

      They can talk to Vrabel whenever they want, no requests necessary

      • DrT

        I’m starting to feel like Vrabel might be the guy. I could see him bring Arthur Smith with him if Smith doesn’t get any HC sniffs. That’s not necessarily who I would want, but I can see it happening.

        Of the ones you list, I really don’t want anyone as the HC. I would take any of the DC candidates as a DC and Smith as an OC. But, none of them as HC.

  54. Tatupu51

    I like Vrabel A LOT. He has head coach experience, is well liked by players and peers and, to my knowledge, is hands off with the offense. Vrabel paired with a strong OC would be a good hire.

  55. Jabroni-DC

    I’d like to see Seattle get very aggressive to land the best FA Center that they can & get the eyes & brains of the OL set going forward. Make Miami’s Connor Williams the highest paid C in the league if you think he’s going to fully heal from his ACL injury & by the time he’s 100% he’ll be ready to protect our 1st round pick by his sophomore year.

    Grab Rattler at #16 if he’s there & give him his acclimation year behind Geno, then target OL in the 3rd round. If he’s not there then consider a RT if Abe Lucas is forever injured or LT/LG Troy Fautanu if Abe is good to go. The offense could be more or less set up for 2025 & that 2025 draft could start stocking up ‘young & hungries’ on the defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d rather draft a center than pay Connor Williams big money

      It’s a great center draft

      • Julian

        To get Rattler and a top center in the draft, we’ll need to get a 2nd round pick somehow?

        Personally Powers-Johnson is a favourite. I think he could play Right Guard to high level as well, if Oluwatimi gets to where you need him to be or Evan Brown comes back on a cheap deal.

        • Rob Staton

          Not necessarily — centers last in the draft. Might be a good one in R3

          • Jabroni-DC

            The guy I covet is still Sedrick Van Pran but without accumulating more draft capital I don’t see how we get a QB in the 1st & him. Maybe a package of our two 3rds to move up.

            • Rob Staton

              He is excellent but there are others too

  56. LouCityHawk

    Kind of curious how everyone ranks the early candidates?

    For me I’d say:


    That I’d my order so far.

    Names I want to see added: Johnson, Slowik, Macdonald, Weaver.

    Names I’d be intrigued by: Joe Brady, Monken, Vrabel, Foote

    I’m guessing they are out on Callahan and others that aren’t actively coaching right now.

  57. Zane

    Give me MacDonald, Johnson, or Vrabel.
    Definitely encouraging that they seem to be conducting a thorough, wide search.

    • Zane

      What MacDonald has done with a relatively mediocre Raven’s defensive roster is just amazing. More impressive than Johnson’s work with a pretty loaded Detroit offense, IMO.

      • Zane

        Not to mention, we saw what happened when the two faced off earlier this year.

      • Rob Staton

        Not sure about that — Detroit’s offense was #29 before Johnson rocked up

        As impressive at least

        • Blitzy the Clown

          He did for Goff what McVay couldn’t. Turned him into a legit starter.

          My order of preference is Johnson, Slowik, Macdonald. Of the names currently on their interview list, I think Raheem Morris is an interesting one. The rest don’t excite me in the least.

          • Pran

            McVay took Goff to SB. Johnson did better than McVay if wins SB

      • cha

        If Detroit has a loaded offense, the Seahawks’ is absolutely busting at the seams.

        I could see Johnson coming to Seattle and saying “So, I’ve already got bookend tackles, a center and guard prospect, 3 top WRs, 2 talented RBs, and Will Dissly??? Let’s get a couple more interior OL, draft a TE and splurge draft a top QB and I’ll get in my lab and mix up an offense that will shock the NFL.”

        • JP

          Wasn’t the Lions O-Line ranked #2 per PFF recently? Where was ours ranked? After two seasons, I’m not really that sold on Cross/Lucas for the next 10 years unless they take a big step forward next season. And those are supposed to our best linemen.

  58. Palatypus

    Okay, so Penix accepted his Senior Bowl invitation. So I guess there will be seven (?) quarterbacks in Mobile this year.

  59. AlaskaHawk

    I am chuckling over the thought of Jim Harbaugh coaching the Dallas Cowboys and the fireworks that would happen between him and Jerry Jones. But Jim H does have a strong argument “I’ve won championships every where I’ve coached.” Jerry Jones eyes might light up and he would jump at the chance to see a championship while he’s still living.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      He never won a super bowl so he can’t really say he’s won everywhere he goes, but Jerry is insane so he might buy it anyway.

  60. DJ 1/2 way

    The utter calapse of the Eagles is really surprising. Is anyone placing some blame on the drag racing defensive lineman they drafted? How about the loss of key assistants? Seems like all fingers are pointed at the head coach.

  61. Jeremy

    Vrabel with Arthur Smith as coordinator and bring in D Henry to get in there with Ken and Zach?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they need Henry

      • Jeremy

        Me neither. But I couldn’t see it hurting. I was mainly being facetious but boy has he been good against the Seahawks the last couple times…

  62. cha

    John Schneider live stream press conf at 11am today (50 mins away).

    I want him to be a larger presence in the media landscape of the team. There’s a huge void with this giant personality out of the picture.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Chances he comes out shirtless, wearing the belt? Not great but not impossible.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m hoping he’s in Gimli cosplay slinging a huge battle axe

        • Gary Garland

          As long as that’s not a hint that he’s hiring Matt Patricia then I would be good with it.

    • Sea Mode

      Awesome. I was just thinking about that yesterday too; it would be great to hear from him more now that he is officially the head honcho and out of Pete’s shadow.

      BTW, what was everyone’s reaction to PC in his press conference trying to sell the idea that he kinda/sorta/maybe agreed to step down now so that JS could finally get his moment and that was the real reason he and the Seahawks agreed to “mutually part ways”?

      To me, it sounded like a Bit of Salesmanship (I’m trying to be kind now that he’s gone, but the capital letters remain the same…). Mostly just a coping mechanism he has decided on in his own mind to somehow pretend he had some control over a situation he clearly had no control over.

      Same with his whole argument about his tenure not being about him staying on as coach but so that the organization can continue to win…??? (almost like a subtle threat “watch what happens without me”)

      Anyways, feel free to keep scrolling whoever just wants to let the past be the past. I’ve just been offline this past week and wanted to toss in my 2 cents on the topic.

      • Big Mike

        Hope we can hear reporters’ questions. I believe cha has said that’s a problem
        I’ve never watched any of these cuz I had no interest in listening to Carroll’s same old bs but I’m definitely up for this.
        Thanks for the heads up Brodie.

        • Big Mike

          You too cha

      • Big Mike

        Is he this late or am I somehow not connected?

        • Brodie

          Ya, nothing so far. (W)here’s Johnny?

          • Big Mike

            Just started

        • Brodie

          Just started 11:17 pst

  63. Sea Mode

    Interesting. Corbin sounds pretty much all-in on Canales. Thoughts?

    • Peter

      Enjoy Corbin but he still references Jamal as a difference maker

      • Hawkster

        He is, but not on the positive side of the ledger

    • BK26

      I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      He ain’t coming back. Why would John want someone that came up under Pete?

      • Big Mike

        I can hardly wait for the day the guy is released.

  64. brendon

    Can’t wait to see what John Schneider has to say tonight, then get your and Jeff’s reactions to it!

  65. Palatypus

    Hmmm…NFL Draft Buzz has Sedrick VanPran rated as the 3rd best center in this class.

    Let’s see how they feel about that after the Senior Bowl.

  66. ShowMeYourHawk

    Apparently, the Chargers interviewed Callahan for their HC position, so he IS making the rounds as an option…

  67. Blitzy the Clown


  68. Blitzy the Clown

    “Learning, evolving, where is the game going?”

    “If you’re stagnant in this League, you’re behind.”

    Quotes Marty Shottenheimer that 10 years in one place is too long

    “The coaching staff didn’t fall under my umbrella. Now it does.”

    Pete and Jody knew how he felt about Pete and the problems with the team.

    John has 100% control over personnel.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Yeah, it sounds WAY more contentious than we’d expect from a 14 year partnership.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      “It’s a young talented team that feels like they’re right on the cusp.”

      “Great core. I think we’re a very attractive job because of it.”

      Thinks they are still close to being championship caliber.

      • Peter

        I mean what’s he going to say here….?

        Really I don’t fault John or the former coach. Short of saying we are taking it day by day ( code for “we suck,”) you have to come out and say positive things.

        • BK26

          Yeah, if he says they aren’t close, what will that tell fans and potential new coaches?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Q: How wide a net will you cast to find a new coach?

        Too many [candidates] is not too many. Handle it like our draft process.

        Candidates are on active teams, so more names will be announced.

        “We have great ownership. We have great fans,”

        Q: How important is HC experience?

        “It’s a balance. You can take a shot with someone who’s never been a head coach and have had those ups and downs…There’s something to be said for that experience.”

        Not sure if any college coaches will be interviewed.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, they are a young, talented team that is a QB away on offense. They have some young pieces on defense too.

        They just need someone to coach X´s and O´s better. Win with scheming. Get more out of less talent like great coaches can.

        Yes, there’s work to do. But we’re not that far off. Rob’s article on the plausibility of a quick turnaround towards relevance/contention comes to mind as well.

    • Big Mike

      As we expected, this is totally his team now. No idea how this turns out, but I am so ready to see the journey.

      • Big Mike

        Competing with other teams to fill the HC position

  69. HOUSE

    I like Schneider’s answers today… Very open and honest without throwing people specifically under the bus. You know what/who he’s speaking of, but he justs wants improvement.

    “We overachieved in 2022 and underachieved in 2023”

    He will have personnel decision making authority.

  70. Big Mike

    He was asked what Pete’s role as advisor would be and he said something about he’ll be working that out with Jody. To me code for “it won’t be advising me”.

    • HOUSE

      Exactly. Even when Pete was asked last week, you can tell he doesn’t have a defined role. I think it was just Jody‘s way of not having to tell him “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”.

      • Sea Mode


    • Blitzy the Clown

      He started out making it clear that before now whatever the call was it was Pete’s. Now it’s his.

      Then he hemmed and hawed at defining Pete’s advisory role.

      But at the end, answering the last question about what it felt like to finally run the organization, he said he never felt like he wasn’t running it. Not sure those are compatible

    • Ian

      Code for Figurehead, code for Honorarium.

  71. Mexican Hawk

    This guy is prepared (John). Hawks in great hands.

  72. Mick

    Wondering if John’s comment on special teams means anything regarding Izzo.

  73. Big Mike

    He is aware of the difficulties of losing excellent coordinators after 1 year. My gut tells me he’ll go offensive guy because they’re more in demand than defensive coordinators for HC positions and he won’t want to see someone poached after one year. He even referenced Alex Smith having to play 43 different offensive coordinators in his first 3 years in San Francisco.

    • Big Mike

      *play for 3…

      • Peter

        Felt like 43 though

    • Cysco

      how did this come up? what was the question/answer?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think it was part of his response to the question of whether the new HC will have a defensive, offensive, or ST coaching background.

      • Big Mike

        IIRC, was a question about “balancing” the need for offensive, defensive and/or special teams oriented guys.

  74. Jeremy

    He’s a nice guy for sure. He NEEDS to get this coaching hire right.

    Also, him insisting and publicly stating he’s in charge of personnel completely takes guys like Jim H and Bill B out of the picture. This may be fine but needs to be stated.

  75. Jeremy

    One very interesting thing was he basically said that he’s now in charge and that this was contractual. He must have had it written into his last extension that when Pete Carroll leaves he is now the grand poobah. Exact quote “this was not a Jody Allen decision necessarily.” Good for him for using leverage I guess.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. Smart man to get that written into the contract when he took the job. And I’m glad he clarified that for us.

      (of course, neither he, Pete, nor anybody thought it would take 14 years…!)

      • Jeremy

        I don’t think he got it when he took the job but when he signed his most recent extension. I imagine as a relative unknown and underling to Ted Thompson in 2009 that he wouldn’t have had the leverage but who knows?

  76. cha

    Add Ben Johnson to the list. Confirmed the Seahawks will interview him.

    • Big Mike


    • Sea Mode

      Yes! I want a smart coach great with scheme and that’s what everybody makes him out to be.

  77. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I senses that Schneider voted Pete off the island

    • Palatypus

      And now Jamal doesn’t have immunity.

  78. Brett

    Bobby Slowik interview requested by the Seahawks *fist pump*

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