Seahawks linked to Greg Hardy & Dorial Green-Beckham

Jason La Canfora believes the Seahawks are showing interest in Greg Hardy

Randy Starks to Cleveland, Greg Hardy to Seattle?

According to Aaron Wilson, Starks signed a two-year, $8m contract with the Browns. It’s a similar deal to the one Terrance Knighton agreed in Washington (albeit for an extra year).

The Seahawks are only likely to add another player if it provides a significant upgrade or fills a key need. The interest in Stefen Wisniewski makes sense because he would slot in at left guard or center. At defensive tackle, you’d have to be adding a vital piece to the rotation. Clearly a 31-year-old Starks wasn’t seen in that light. He’d also cost a little bit more than Tony McDaniel and slightly less than Brandon Mebane. Swapping one for the other wasn’t really necessary unless you had genuine fears over Mebane’s health.

The DT market started to droop when Knighton signed his contract — but it never dipped quite low enough for Seattle to seriously get involved. They can still probably afford to spend $3-4m on Wisniewski. With around $15.5m in cap space remaining (per Spotrac), they’d need to shave a salary or two (Mebane?) and perhaps delay extending J.R. Sweezy’s contract until next year. Remember, they’ll need around $5m for the practice squad, injured reserve and the upper-tier rookies. They’ll also need around $7-8m if they extend Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner’s contracts in 2015.

Given how tight the cap is, Jason La Canfora’s suggestion that Seattle could be in the running to sign Greg Hardy is very interesting. La Canfora and others are quick to stress nothing is imminent. Peter King believes there’s a good chance Hardy will receive a six-game suspension to start the season. It’s unlikely he’ll be signed to a contract before the NFL makes a decision.

How can the Seahawks afford him? If he does miss almost half the season, he’ll be cheap and almost certainly playing on a one-year ‘prove it’ contract. Seattle offers an opportunity for Hardy to max-out his value playing for a contender. We’ve seen the benefit of having ‘Seahawks’ on your résumé during the current free agency market. It could be a marriage of convenience for both parties. Seattle gets a highly controversial yet productive pass rusher. Hardy gets a shot at redemption playing for a winner.

The Dallas Cowboys have also been linked with interest today. They present a similar opportunity. You can play for a contender, ‘America’s Team’. You won’t have the same supporting cast but you also have a chance to shine as a focal point of the defense.

There will be criticism aimed at any team employing Hardy. It won’t sit well with some fans. Per the Charlotte Observer, here’s why:

A district judge in Mecklenburg County found Hardy guilty in July of assaulting and threatening to kill ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder during an early-morning altercation at Hardy’s uptown condo last May.

Hardy immediately appealed the decision and was granted a jury trial, which was scheduled to begin Feb. 9.

The morning of the trial, however, prosecutors told the judge they were dropping the charges because multiple attempts to find Holder – including setting up surveillance at her new residence – were unsuccessful.

District attorney Andrew Murray said Hardy had reached a settlement with Holder for an undisclosed amount to settle any civil claims.

Hardy is without doubt one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. He’s also the kind of player you’d usually run a mile from.

If the Seahawks do pursue this, it’d have to be cheap with strings attached. They’d need assurances from Hardy that he’s a changed man. They’d need to believe any promises were sincere.

Even then they’d be taking a gamble. Not on talent — Hardy has that in spades. It’s the situation. The ugliness that led to him missing almost the entire 2014 season and now leaves him currently unemployed. It’d be a big call.

Meanwhile it appears Chris Canty will visit with the Seahawks on Thursday. He’s 6-7 and 317lbs and most recently played for the Ravens. He turns 33 this year.

Seahawks linked to Dorial Green-Beckham

Yahoo’s Charles Robinson Tweeted today that Seattle was “digging” into DGB prior to trading the #31 pick to New Orleans. He goes on to suggest the Seahawks could be interested if he falls to #63. Dane Brugler of NFL Draft Scout joined in, saying he’d “heard similar”.

Chris Mortensen knew the Seahawks were going to draft Russell Wilson in 2012 — he famously admitted he’d told Wilson prior to the event. For that reason I’m loathe to put the mockers on this. After all, we know the Seahawks were determined to add a big, dynamic receiver or tight end. They went after Julius Thomas before completing a trade for Jimmy Graham. Thomas agreed terms with the Jags and if the Saints keep Graham — DGB is one of the few bigger pass-catchers they could’ve targeted in the 2015 draft.

Images also appeared to show one of the Seahawks coaches running Green-Beckham through drills at his pro-day. It could all be part of an elaborate ploy. An enormous red herring. Or maybe there’s something in it?

Green-Beckham is the hardest prospect to work out in this draft. We’ve talked enough about the off-field concerns — they are legit. You look at his 4.49 speed at 6-5/237lbs and wonder how fast he’d run at 225lbs (a better playing weight). You then take into account he only has nine inch hands and 32.5 inch arms despite the height. He also recorded average measurements in the vertical (33.5 inches) and broad jump (9’11”).

He’s the biggest, fastest, most intriguing T-Rex-who-can’t-jump in the draft.

In won’t be a shock if he goes in the top-15. It won’t be a surprise either if he lasts deep into the second round — or later. In my latest mock draft I had him going to the Panthers with the #57 pick.

You’d have to consider him at #63 if he was there. Of course you would. The risk factor is reduced as a near third-rounder with a salary to match. There’d be much less pressure in year one following the addition of Jimmy Graham. You’d also wonder — why have some teams passed on him twice so that he’s even available at #63?

Adding to the debate is the now critical offensive line need. If Wisniewski doesn’t sign for the Seahawks, they’ll need to draft one starter for sure. It’ll be two if they don’t genuinely see Patrick Lewis as the man to replace Max Unger. It’s a deep draft for O-linemen but you run the risk of missing out on the guys you want when you’re waiting until the end of each round to pick.

For some, getting a player with DGB’s potential at the end of round two would be seen as a dream scenario. That’ll only be the case if they’re still able to address pressing needs at center and guard. While it’s a good draft for athletic O-liners — it’s also a really deep draft for wide receivers.

With Graham on board a more likely target might be Tyler Lockett — a player high in character who set 17 school records at Kansas State according to Sharon Katz. He also ranked fourth in the Big 12 in YAC and led all receivers on passes thrown 15 yards or longer (21 receptions). He’d be an immediate contributor on kick off and punt returns. He was one of the top performers at the Senior Bowl.

The need for a bigger receiver is negated somewhat following the Graham trade. Lockett has the same thick lower body, height and speed of Golden Tate. He’s not as big or as sturdy as Tate at 185lbs — but he’s highly competitive. He high points the ball downfield, consistently finds ways to get open and is one of those players who just ‘jumps off the screen’. The type Seattle usually covets.

Like Dorial Green-Beckham, however, you might only get one shot at Lockett. He probably won’t be there in round three — if he makes it to #63 at all.


  1. J2 MED

    I, for one, would rather go for a DE in the draft in rnds 4 or 5 than go for Greg Hardy. As far as wideouts go, I’m on board the Lockett train. We all know how exciting Walters’ 2 yrd returns were. I think that this is the draft to hold back on drafting for the trenches until the mid rounds especially with the depth of the o-line class.

    • Trevor

      Hardy is top 5 edge rusher in the league. I don’t think you can compare him to 5th round prospect. The only real questions are can you deal with the baggage (which is legit), do you trust him and can you afford him.

      The talent and fit for our scheme are not in doubt he would be perfect opposite of Avril letting Bennett move inside to work with Hill. Our pass rush would be 2nd only to St.Louis.

      If we can afford him and Pete is comfortable with it I say give it a shot. The risk is minimal and the potential reward is huge.

      • bobbyk

        I think the interest in Hardy stems from flashbacks of watching some no names trying to get to Brady in the biggest 4th quarter collapse in Super Bowl history. They almost would have been better off having Michael Bennett rushing all by himself with a bunch of LBs playing zone (b/c Lord knows the back-up DBs couldn’t have done much when Simon was on the field and he was the best they had). Must stop thinking about it…

        • Rik

          I feel your pain!

          • Curt

            Yep still hurts for me too. I for one would like to see them draft D line and O line and let them fight it out. With 11 picks I’m sure they will draft multiple D and O line. Love to see an impact WR/KR like Lockett to go with Wilson’s new toy if available in the 2nd.

      • J2 MED

        For me, I think it’s the cost. I just don’t know how affordable it could go. I do like the idea of bringing Mike Bennett inside though…

      • CD

        Even if Pete wants him, I think this is a player that has to go through P Allen. With all the PR stuff Allen has done for this team/city, I don’t see him wanting to bring in a guy with this (DV) background as the fan relationship is very important to him.

        They did sign both McDaniel and K Williams who both plead guilty earlier in their careers, but not nearly as bad as the Hardy incident and well before all this blew up.

    • TannerM

      I’m not sure who they could even go after with such a late pick. Pass rushers are going to go fast, just like they did last year. A fourth or fifth round pick… maybe Shaq Riddick out of WVU? His body compares favorably with Randy Gregory, with a 1.57 10-yard-split. His best game of the year came against Baylor (3 sacks), so he likes to play on the big stage; and from what I read, WVU misused him (funnily enough, the same was said with Bruce Irvin). Still, it’s going to be tough to find someone in the middle of the draft.

      • Volume 12

        Depending on what’s going with him, there’s also Harvard’s DE-LEO Zach Hodges. But that’s a nice comp you made to Shaw Riddick. He’s so full of potential and is really just a ball of clay right now.

        • TannerM

          If only there was more tape of him. I found a few highlights from last year and and a reel of his junior year at Gardner-Webb. Other than that, practically nothing. The one highlight I keep finding is a brutal sack against Baylor where the Baylor guard couldn’t even react before Riddick was on top of the QB. Sure, it was a complete breakdown on the line, but it was impressive how he was quick enough to barely be touched.

          • Volume 12

            He’s very unique. I actually like W. Virginia quite a bit every year. They always have guys with some kind of freakish or elite qualities.

            • Trevor

              They do they always have a couple of super athletic guys that are Jr College transfers. I think Shaq Riddick has incredible upside. I think he will go early than expected though and I have no idea how he did not get an invite to the combine. Hopefully he stays under rated till the Hawks take him in the 4th or 5th.

              • Volume 12

                Because he didn’t have eye opening or mind blowing stats. So stupid. That doesn’t always lead to production at the next level.

  2. Volume 12

    The thing I find interesting about the whole DGB thing is, ‘prior to the Jimmy Graham trade the Seahawks were digging into DGB’s background heavily. If he falls to #63, watch the Seahawks.’

    Sure it would be an amazing addition since the pressure would be off of him to be the no. 1 target, but is he really going to get past a team like Rob said in Carolina, or a team in St. Louis that always takes red flag guys and is desperate for receiver help. There seems to be quite a few teams who would take a receiver of his magnitude in the 2nd round.

    But, the feeling I get from this draft is they’re going to take BPA regardless of position.

    • manthony

      I love the BPA approach!
      Much better then SFs ‘draft guys with torn knees’ strategy.

    • David Ess

      quick honest question. have the Rams needed WR help? or QB help. there QB’s have been Austin Davis, Kellen Clemens, shaun hill(?) and mix in Sam Bradford here and there. think its more or less Saint louis needs a QB and maybe got it with Nick Foles.

  3. Ross

    The first thing I thought when watching the video was ‘T.Y Hilton’.

    I don’t necessarily think we need a guy exactly like Hilton, but I do think we need someone who fills the same role. I hesitate to suggest that we need a true number one receiving threat, like Hilton is on the Colts, but I do think we need a guy who can develop a long term relationship with Russell Wilson, who might not rack up 1300 yards and 10 TDs a season

    • Ross

      (hit submit by mistake), but becomes a trusted target. Russell’s guy, his wingman. A-Rod and Nelson are a great example. Maybe Paul Richardson is that guy. We probably wont find out anytime soon, which is a shame. Even if I were confident in P-Rich I think it would be silly to miss on the quality of depth at receiver this year. Tre McBride is my favorite because he has a more complete skill set. With Jimmy Graham though, maybe we need more of a specialized guy like a Devin Smith.

      I wouldn’t be opposed to signing Greg Hardy. I would be concerned if I were a fan of the 49ers, Ravens or Panthers, but Seattle has a pretty clean record, and he’d be largely removed from his previous situation all the way up in the Pacific Northwest. Only if the price is right though.

      • scott

        I agree with you on Tre McBride. He has a durable 6 foot frame with the same speed as Tylor Lockett and is
        freakishly good at high pointing poorly thrown balls in traffic. Both are good returners. However, its Lockett’s injury history, and fumbles that is a big red flag for me. P-Rich has shown to be injury prone, and we do not need another injury prone receiver. For the 2nd pick DGB and Nelson Agholor will be gone. So, I am hoping
        that Ty Sambrailo will be available here and if we can get Tre in the third, that would be really good for the Hawks.

  4. Spencer

    I’d like to see the success rate of Offensive Linemen based on where they’re drafted. Seems like there’s a lot of first round busts, and you can often find guys in the middle rounds. With a surplus of middle round picks, I wouldn’t be mad to see them spent the 2nd round pick on a guy who can help us out in a big way. Whether it be DGB to add an additional big target and red zone threat, or Lockett who can have a big immediate impact in the return game(a huge area of concern). Then, grab a couple guys in the middle rounds to come in and compete for jobs.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a fair suggestion. The depth on the OL is good enough to wait. You can find guys in the middle or even later rounds. Heck you can even get a possible future left tackle in Rob Crisp on day three.

      • Trevor

        I have watched as much tape of Crisp as I can find and I am a huge fan. I think he has a legit shot to be a starting LT in the league in a year or two if he gets a little stronger. He has great length and footwork but lacks a little strength. I am not sure why he is not rated higher. I know he had some injury issues but those seem to be behind him.

        I really hope the Hawks take Crisp as insurance for Okung. I know he is rated as a 7th / UDFA but I would take him as high as the 5th so as not to miss on him.

        If we get Poole at Guard and Crisp at Tackle I think we will have added a solid starting guard and back up left tackle.

        • Spencer

          I’m a big fan of Crisp as well. And as we all know, if the Seahawks target a prospect that they like, they will take them as early as they deem necessary to ensure that they get them. Especially in the middle-late rounds.

        • Volume 12

          That’s what was said about P-Rich too though. Injury wise.

    • MoondustV

      This reminds me of the success from Jahri Evans. 4th rd, #108 pick.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      “I’d like to see the success rate of Offensive Linemen based on where they’re drafted.”

      How would we go about determining that.

      • Comfect

        I’m not going to go do this, but maybe average (or median?) AV from OL picks over the last however many years, grouped by round or by day of draft? Possibly compared to the same statistic for overall picks in that same group (to compensate for the idea that someone who’s a R1 bust is likely to pick up more chances and reps just because of sunk costs)?

  5. ross

    I hadn’t watched much of Lockett before now but I’m kinda sold. He’s got great speed and suddenness and plays bigger than his physical size. That said, I do worry that press coverage in NFL would be tough for someone as small as he is. He won’t blow by CBs in the NFL like he did in college. Very intriguing though.

    • Spencer

      I would like to see him used in a similar way to Tate and Harvin. Screens, short slants, pick plays, etc. to get him into space.

    • Volume 12

      I think that size is so overrated in the NFL. Especially at the wide receiver position.

      • bobbyk

        I think it’s nice to have one big, huge target, but the others can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If we had a Waller, I’d have no problem with a bunch of Lockett, PRich, and Baldwin sized WRs.

        • Volume 12

          Don’t we have one big huge target now in Jimmy Graham?

          • bobbyk

            Fair point but I was thinking in terms of WRs and into the future with a 22-year old Waller as opposed to a player over a half decade older if that makes any sense.

            • Greg haugsven

              One thing that it seems we all, for the most part, agree on is that wed all be stoked to land Tyler Lockett. My gut still tells me the Seahawks are looking at Danielle Hunter at 63…I know your not the biggest fan Rob and I’m not sure I am, it just seems like a Seahawk kind of pick. One that comes from left field.

              • peter

                Danielle Hunter….the DGB of Edge rushers? Tons of tackles for loss, extremely bad (low) sacks) total. Very fast 40 yard dash…unfortunately not nearly as important as 3 cone and jumping exercises by the FO.

                It’s hard to see if Hunter really will be a Jason Pierre Paul, or if he will be Dion Jordan.

                • TannerM

                  Well, it would help if Miami actually had a clue when it comes to Dion Jordan. They still haven’t figured out what to do with him.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  I agree peter I’m just trying to think like them…whoever they pick is probably going to be someone you wouldn’t think…Irvin, Carpenter, Michaels, and Richardson…all guys that made you scratch your head…who’s it going to be this year

                  • peter

                    No doubt it’s not a bad way to look at players, Greg. Danielle Hunter I’m not a fan of yet…the tape is a mixed bag, but like JPP as an example he has good numbers in some areas even almost great numbers. I just could not find any numbers for 3 cone or vertical and it seems like he may have not done them at the combine?

                    TannerM, agreed about the DIon Jordan/ Miami thing, but to be fair he probably got heavily overdrafted based on what he could be. He looked good in college but w/o looking it up wasn’t he a top five pick?

                  • Greg haugsven

                    I think he went #3… Mii traded up for him..
                    He could explode playing next to Suh

            • Volume 12

              It makes total sense Bobby. I’m not sold though that Jimmy Graham isn’t a receiver. He’ll line up out wide and in the slot more than he will at TE. Luke Wilson will the be the in-line TE.

          • Greg Haugsven

            No v12, his name is jimmy f’in graham baby! Woooooo

            • AlaskaHawk

              Between Graham, Matthews and Willson we have three big receivers now. Don’t sleep on Matthews – he will have a big year in 2015.

              • Jake

                I tend to agree with you on Matthews. I think the gameplan forced Wilson to trust him in the Super Bowl. After that performance I think its safe to assume that he has now EARNED Wilson’s trust moving forward.

                • Comfect

                  I really hope they let him get the reps to keep earning that trust.

        • Drew

          I’d rather have a bunch of Jimmy Grahams, Chris Matthews, etc. Look at what the tandem of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey were able to do in Chicago and what they could have done if they had a better QB?

      • ross

        It might be overrated but I don’t think it’s meaningless. Target size, getting off a jam, hand fighting, high pointing the ball, taking hits after/during the catch – these things are important for success and size and strength help with all of them. Without size and strength, speed and route running ability are just that much more important. Lockett might have enough of those to succeed, which is what makes him so special. He certainly stands out.

        • Volume 12

          No it’s definitely not meaningless. That’s true. But every year more and more of these speed receivers continually show that their explosive, field-tilting weapons. These types of wide-outs are how you combat the new trend of bigger CBs that we started.

      • Ben2

        End zone fade routes, jump balls, boxing out ….you’re wrong

        • Volume 12

          Fair enough.

    • Rik

      I’ll be happy if we come away with Agholor (unlikely), Lockett, or Alford for the return game. Good field position would be a big boost to our offense – even if they don’t score we flip field position with a big return and make the defense’s job way easier.

      • Drew

        Throw McBride in with that group.

        • scott

          Ditto on Agholor and McBride. Unfortunately, there is no way Agholor will be available that late in the 2nd round, and Lockett’s thin frame and injury history, including a lacerated kidney, is going to be a big factor in the pros. Unfortunately, I don’t’ see that body type lasting an entire season in the pros. Hate to say it because he is a great player on and off the field. If Ty Sambrailo is available that late in the 2nd it would be a plug a play OL. I am hoping McBride will be there for us in the 3rd. Like Lockett, he is a great player on and off the field. He has an amazing ability to pluck poorly thrown high ball out of the sky. Durable body frame and great returner.

    • Ben2


  6. Ely

    PC and JS have always been upfront about selecting the guy that they feel can make the biggest upgrade over the player they’re replacing. So selecting Lockett improves two areas of the most need in WR and KR/PR. Pete has never been shy on how much he values special teams so it would not surprise me for him to value someone like Lockett much more than most teams because of his immediate ST value. With the draft deep on O-line unless they have a later round target or feel BJ Daniels really can be their return specialist I would place my money on the Hawks drafting someone with dynamic return qualities. Why not go Lockett if he falls to #63 and take care of two positions with one pick?

    • SunPathPaul

      I agree Ely…you fill three spots with one pick! Why not use our first selection on one player who fills three spots!


  7. keanu

    Look for them to add a pass catcher in the mid rounds someone like Vince Mayle from WSU and address the o-line to protect Russell

  8. Colin

    You put out a NASCAR package of Avril, Bennett, Hill and Hardy…. Oh my God. Watch out.

    One year prove it deal? Yes. I understand he has some pretty serious legal issues, but I’m not big on the moral superiority point of view that he should never be allowed to play in the league again. There’s some things that have come to light in his situation that at least give me a shadow of doubt for his benefit.

    • Jake

      I agree that he deserves another shot because this is an entertainment business, there is no responsibility to any subordinates or stockholders or anything – so his being a “good person” is irrelevant. His issue is obviously decision making, and he’d be getting paid for his talent not his ability to assess a conflict and react appropriately.

      At the end of the day I’m not the moral police, so if the Hawks signed him I will neither celebrate him (because I loathe men who put their hands on women), nor will I curse the team. Its hypocritical to believe in second chances, but not be willing to grant them.

      All of that said, his story is ugly – worse than Ray Rice, there’s just no video to sensationalize it. A judge saw sufficient evidence to determine he was guilty of the crime. The fact that the victim just disappeared before the trial is also suspicious. The evidence points to a pay-off, which explains why she would need to disappear as opposed to changing her story (perjury).

  9. Stuart

    Yes please for all the reason’s you stated above for Greg Hardy. As far as the “thug” status goes with Hardy, if he plays on the Hawks then he is our “thug.”

    DGB, at one time, I wanted him soooo bad. That ship has sailed for me. I love the “T-Rex” label Rob.

    Any news on Wis-signing with the Hawks? That would take a lot of pressure off…

    • Jason

      I’m not asking for athletes to be saints, but the man was convicted of beating and strangling his girlfriend. I do not want to root for an organization that employs him.

      • JeffC

        He was convicted? I thought the charges were dropped.

        • Jason

          I believe they were dropped when the victim couldn’t be located to testify at a new trial. But yes, he was convicted once.

          • j

            Hardy first requested a bench trial. That is, he wanted his case to be heard by a judge, not a jury. Hardy was found guilty in that bench trial.

            He appealed and the case was overturned. So he got a new trial, and he opted for a jury trial this time. The significance here is a jury trial is scheduled further out, because it is difficult to coordinate. So a jury trial may be scheduled four months in advance, while a bench trial is more like two. Exact figures depend on the jurisdiction, though. But basically a jury trial gives you more time to prepare.

            This probably was a delay tactic, as most defense attorneys want DV trials in front of a judge. A jury is more likely to be sympathetic for the victim.

            Hardy then gave the victim a substantial amount of money in a settlement for a civil suit. (She sued him in addition to pressing charges). Then the victim failed to show up for her criminal case. As her testimony was needed to convict, the prosecution had to dismiss.

            • Coug1990

              I don’t think it was actually overturned. I think I remember reading that there is a quirk in the North Carolina law that if they are found guilty by a judge, they can automatically get a jury trial.

              I am sure as part of the civil settlement, it was agreed that she would not testify. He is guilty. I would be disappointed in the Seahawks if they signed Hardy.

        • Miles

          Hardy was found guilty. The charges were dropped on appeal because his the victim couldn’t be found to testify against him (as stated above). No one can say whether or not he’s guilty. But often times when there’s smoke there’s fire. The harsh reality is that if we sign Hardy, we may well be signing a player who thinks its okay to strangle a woman. Who knows what else he thinks is okay.

          The football fan in me would be elated to get him especially on a prove-it deal. But the human being in me knows signing him is selling a part of our soul.

          • Coug1990

            I am a human first, a football fan second. People matter more than any sporting event to me.

      • Drew

        Are people not allowed a 2nd chance? If they aren’t in prison or have a pending case, why shouldn’t a player be allowed an opportunity to turn themselves around?

        • Jake

          He can turn himself around all he wants. I don’t want his type in Seattle, on the team or in the community. His crime warranted severe jail time, which he did not do because he paid off the accuser. No one’s suggesting he should not turn his life around – he should. Playing football is not a right.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      “DGB, at one time, I wanted him soooo bad. That ship has sailed for me. I love the “T-Rex” label Rob.”

      It is somewhat ironic that we label a guy with 32″+ arms a t-rex, but then turn around and extoll a different receiver with the shortest measurable arm length in the entire WR class.

  10. TJ

    According to ESPN, the Seahawks have re-signed Jesse Williams. He told the reporter that he is healthy for the first time since leaving Alabama. After 2 years off, do you think he can add anything?

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to say. Right now I think it’ll be an achievement to get through a camp healthy. Making the team will be very difficult. Let’s hope he really has turned a corner.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      If he is healthy he plugs in right behind Mebane and takes Kevin Williams spot… if he is healthy. There are a lot of guys that have come back from knee surgery. It just takes the big guys a bit longer.

      • scott

        Ok, this is an area of concern for me, and that is stopping the run. After that serious hamstring surgery, I highly doubt that Mebane will be the same for quite some time, and now we don’t have K-Williams to fill in.
        Jesse Williams does not have the type of frame to be a dominate run stuffer. He is all upper body and little lower body mass, making him top heavy. The loss of K-Williams and a compromised Mebane is going to spell trouble in the run D.

  11. Steele1324

    I question both of these rumors.

    As Rob has pointed out here, DGB does not satisfy on many counts, and his off field problems are real. I think they can find other impact WRs—who are also KR/PRs or certainly can do the job—throughout this draft, my favorites remain McBride, Bell, Conley. I do not view Lockett as superior to them.

    Hardy is a great pass rusher and on a pure football basis, absolutely he would be a welcome terror. However, his off field is terrifying and ugly, a P.R. nightmare. Here, too, I think there are other pass rushing options.

    • Steele1324

      Unless you expect DGB to become Randy Moss, he seems redundant if they have Matthews. Similarly, you guys know I question smurfs and slots when you already have Baldwin. Besides ST, what does Lockett provide that is unique? He isn’t faster than others. But more importantly, his hands aren’t great. He looks like a body catcher.

      • peter


        A strong case can be made that Ricardo locket/Kearse/Matthews who is already gone could all be upgraded in this draft.

        Yeah they did a trade for Graham but he’s a TE of which the roster is not very good or deep at this time. Regardless of all the Td’s I hope he makes there is some serious room to look towards the draft at WR’s.

        And I know you don’t really like smurfs but I think as others have stated that if you can find the right player the mismatch is what matters not the size as per WR’s. Heck Golden Tate was basically a smurf when he got to town. “bottom line….89,” Steve Smith Sr I honestly feel can almost not just better the Seahawks current recievers but at his age can still almost blow the doors off the teams current WR’s. and that dude is the smurfiest of them all.

      • lil'stink

        I go back and forth on Lockett more than any other receiver. His quickness, versatility, and route running look legit. His hands and ability to get contested balls – maybe not so good. I think OL is more important going into the draft even if we sign Wis, it seems like a no brainer to go OL at #63 depending on who is available.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I agree on Lockett at 63. It’s hard to imagine he’d be BPA, or BP at a need position at that point in the draft.

          • Steele1324

            I am not against smurfs—as long as the other styles of WR are on the roster as well. Anytime you become one dimensional, it’s easier for defenses to scheme. Not even the Patriots, who smurf better than anyone else, also put some size next to smurf.

            Lockett in rd. 2 is, to me, too high. I see his type as more of a complentary WR, and the Hawks are missing the feature type WR. I see McBride, Bell and Conley all within rds.2-4. Taking Lockett means you don’t get them.

            In rd.2, I think the pick had better be well justified. Someone like Dorsett at least has some superior element like speed that Lockett doesn’t have. Lockett also doesn’t have great hands.

            You could get a similar smurf effect lower in the draft via Super Mario Alford or JJ Nelson, without dumping your chance at the other guys nearer the top of the board.

            • peter

              Gotcha! That’s a fair point about slotting and positioning. I like Dorsett a ton but have a feeling he goes about 4 to 7 picks before the Hawks at 63.

              • scott

                Agree. There is no way Dorsett is available at 63.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “Unless you expect DGB to become Randy Moss, he seems redundant if they have Matthews.”

        Couple things:

        1. He doesn’t have to be Randy Moss to be worth the pick at 63.

        2. I don’t expect Seattle has the same hopes for Matthews’ career prospects as we do.

        I don’t read too much into the idea we were digging into DGB. I would expect no less of Seattle to do their full due diligence. He’s a quality WR, who flashed significant talent. Measurables aside, he played like a bigger WR and performed well. From a more limited sample size (targets), he had similar production to Dez Bryant. Bryant played in a pass happy system with a very good college QB (Weeden) — and amassed better total statistics.

        Just because they were digging into him, doesn’t mean we were taking him. Or that we had formed any opinion of him either way. But we were considering him a possible option. Which any good NFL team should still do. I never expected that Seattle would just strike him off the board based on what we think we know about his character. They would dig and form their own opinion.

        That said, I think the best thing we can take away from it is, we don’t know what Seattle thinks of DGB at this point. Obviously we didn’t write him off before hand. We may have by now. Or he could be a guy worth considering at #63 should he fall that far.

        I would expect, that given where he was projected possibly to go — that Seattle was on the basis of tape, felt he was a candidate at 31. I can’t say either way whether what we found would preclude him from our board a full round later. For all I know, he could be stricken from the board or we could have him rated more like a third round flyer kind of player.

  12. smitty1547

    Adding Hardy would be huge, I to will not play the morale superiority card for a guy who had to take the whole year off. These guys have been pampered there whole life, I want to see how they act after some discipline. See if they have made a change or not, if he acts up again you cut him, nothing ventured nothing gained.

  13. Rob Staton

    Updated the blog post to include Aaron Wilson’s report that Chris Canty will visit with the Seahawks on Thursday.

    • bigDhawk

      I hope Geritol is part of the nutrition program at the VMAC. We seem to love us some old D-linemen.

      • SunPathPaul

        Hilarious! dude

    • drewjov11

      We went after him a few years ago. He’s just a guy nowadays. Will he play for free?

      • Miles

        If the Seahawks can get him for less than McDaniel’s $3.3m, my guess is that he’s McDaniel’s replacement.

        • Jake

          Could be a contingency plan for Jesse Williams/replacement for Kevin Williams. I like the idea of low-end vet deals for guys like Canty/Kevin Williams as depth pieces. They are undervalued because their long-term impact is non-existent. But guys like that, who haven’t won championships are supremely motivated. I would rather the Hawks kick the tires on Red Bryant though if they’re serious about a veteran run stuffer.

  14. peter

    I don’t think theres not at least a little bit of smoke to the DGB thing. Regardless of trading for Graham who knows how the FO feels about Matthews. He certainly wouldn’t be the first Superbowl player to both come out of nowhere or alternately have an on paper great game only to be let go, cut, or just faded away. I know some people look to the practice squad guy Douglas MCneill but digging into DGB’s past and really looking at what he could be could simply show that Seattle is still on the hunt for any player that provides an explosive game breaking element to their scheme.

    Sort of the “planet theory,” meets a bit of Al Davis as far as being bigger (safety, corner) faster (avril, Irvin) longer (their draft parameters) and While I agree that a player like Lockett is a waaaayyy better pick even at 63 then DGB I don’t fault them for considering the possibility of lining up with Graham, Willson, DGB?, Matthews?, I mean it may not always be pretty but a short QB with a sick jump ball and deep ball could do worse then that set up.

    Personally I see a few good WR’s gone well before Seattle’s 2nd round pick. Then Basically Tyler Lockett. Whom they will have to probably draft in the 2nd if they want any chance at him. I like McBribe but it’s hard to slot a guy from WIlliam and Mary and guess the FO and other FO’s see him playing in that conference.

    Then who else is there that isn’t really a project..?

    • Benjamin

      Wasn’t WR Cody Lattimer the decoy last year?

      • peter

        True latimer was at least some sort of decoy. And again DGB could be that. This could be redundant information after the Graham trade.

        Or I don’t think it actually is out of the realm of possibility to consider DGB. He’s not my choice because I don’t think he’s all that dynamic but pc/js often talk about looking not at draft spot or typical metrics but could a player beat out and be an upgrade over someone currently on the roster. Frankly DGB could probably do that. I just hope they look else where, even Waller who has basically slightly better combine numbers, smoked dope and has off field issues a lot less significant then DGB’s

  15. lil'stink

    I hope the Seahawks stay a long way away from Greg Hardy. Taking a flyer on a selfish head case like Percy Harvin is one thing. Taking a chance on someone accused of domestic violence and threatening to murder someone is something else entirely. Even if you perform your due diligence and feel that it was an isolated incident, it sends the wrong message. Do not want.

  16. Trevor

    Moves remaining for 2015 off season. Win forever PC JS

    #1 Extend Wilson and get deal done
    #2 Extend Sweezy
    #3 Extend Wagner (if the $ makes sense we have a lot already tied up at LB)
    #4 Sign Wiesnewski (4 years /15 million)
    #5 Sign Hardy (1 year /4 million prove it deal)
    #6 Cut Mcdaniel (Cap Saving 3.5 Mil)
    #7Restructure Mebane (Add one year to deal and cut cap hit to 3 mil)

    Rd#2 WR/ KR Lockette
    Rd#3 DT/DE H.Andersen
    Rd#4 WR Waller
    Rd#4 OG T.Poole
    Rd#4 S Safety J Tartt
    Rd#5 LEO Shaq Riddick
    Rd #5 LB L Trail
    Rd#5 CB N Marshall
    Rd#6 FS Drummond
    Rd#6 OT R Crisp
    Rd#7 DT C Covington

    • Spencer

      That would be pretty ideal. Wouldn’t mind using the third and one of the middle picks to trade up and secure Sambrailo. Rob has me on his hype train.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I like most of it Trevor, except good luck at getting Wis for that little and the McDaniel cut is $3 mill…love the picks.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Maybe Chris Conley instead of Waller but either would be good.

      • scott

        I agree here. After watching the highlights, I think he would be a dominate guard and could replace R-Okung if needed. He had the perfect body ratio for durability in the pros. Unfortunately, I doubt he will be available that late in the 2nd.

    • peter

      I like a lot of this I just literally do not know what many of you see in Lynden Trail. He doesn’t even dominate at the division he played in and his combine numbers are not “sparq-y,” in the slightest add that to Seattle has very rarely picked small school guys and even more rarely have they picked pure prospects besides Jameson Konz I guess I’m asking to explain the Lynden Trail fascination.

      • Volume 12

        I wouldn’t say they rarely pick small school guys. Michael Bowie, Ty Powell, Jeremy Lane, Marcus Burley, Deshawn Shead, Jimmy Staten, Korey Toomey, and there’s plenty of others that aren’t on the team. The small school guy just tend to be in the last 3 rounds of the draft.

        And then there’s the ‘not small school,’ but perhaps overlooked or underrated is a better term? Luke Wilson, Garrett Scott, Bobby Wagner and Robert Turbin, Eric Pnkins, and again more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

        But you do have a point that they tend to select guys from the major programs and power 5 conferences.

        • peter

          Underlooked/ undervalued schools. Even schools like Idaho and Utah st. have to play some big boys now and again and even in their respective conferences they have to play some tough teams (boise for one) who give other big teams fits.

          And to probably more accurately round out my thought about Trail…..Someone like say Nick Marshall in the fifth as development makes sense. He’s got superior athletics, a desire to play the spot (cb) a past with it. But a lot of those guys on the list above arent haven’t yet had any impact on this team (the first grouping Toomer, Shead a udfa, Bowie gone…) Now that second list there have been some finds to be sure.

          Just for me a see a lot of people on here slot Trail in the 5th which there are a lot of picks and I wouldn’t mind seeing him later like a udfa or like the konz the last pick in the 7th round but not in the fifth where for me there is still immediate starting level talent out there to not be looking at developmental players with that steep of a curve

          • Volume 12

            No I agree about that. The Trail part. I think if they do take small school guys it will be in the later rounds. That was my point I didn’t get across.

            I absolutely Nick Marshall. There’s nothing anyone can say or no one that will get me off his bandwagon.

            • Volume 12

              Should say love Nick Marshall.

      • OZ

        I am not on the Trail train either…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I love the spirit, but there is NO WAY the Kraken signs for a 1 year 4 million dollar deal. You will have to do at least 6 million and prob 10 million guaranteed over 3 years / or about a 24 million dollar deal if incentives are met.

  17. j

    Might Canty be seen as a cheaper alternative to McDaniel?

    • Steele1324

      Probably. Canty is also a bit old.

      • j

        But both are short term-guys. McDaniel is old too. Realistically either will only help you over the next 1-2 years.

  18. Dawgma

    F*** Hardy at any price. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

    • Miles

      I feel if they sign Anthony Spencer (who is visiting this week), that will put us out of the Greg Hardy conversation. I mean, he’s a guy who hasn’t played for a full year. On top of all that, he’s probably going to miss another six games due to suspension. If he is able to get to the level he was in Carolina, it may not come until late in the season. Yeah you could get him for cheap but there’s a reason. It’s that you’ll really only be paying for about four or five games of ideal production.

      Besides, do we need a superstar to be our third DE? How about a guy that can do his job consistently without being brilliant, necessarily. Oh, and he’ll be available all season, barring injury. Maybe Anthony Spencer provides that on a small price tag.

      • Steele1324

        Spencer is okay, solid, not spectacular. For a temporary fix, he would probably be fine. Longer term, though, I would like them to have a younger pass rusher ready, in case they (heaven forbid) let Irvin go.

        • Jake

          Spencer is unexciting, he is not really an upgrade from Schofield, so I’m not thrilled that the Hawks have interest in him.

    • Rob Staton

      Watch your language.

      • rowdy

        Sorry rob I know I dropped a couple on here. I try not to but I have. I’ll watch mine as well!

  19. John

    I’m sorry but I just have to say that the music played in that highlight video was the worst! I do like Lockett however.

  20. RealRhino2

    Love it. No stone unturned. Do your research, etc.

    I think it’s worth sitting down with the guy. If his story seems off or he seems shady in any way, run like heck. If not, maybe give it a shot.

    As to DGB, I say a thousand times yes. If they’d pick Lockett over this guy I’d have to think they have a screw loose or think he’s a really, really bad seed. In looking over mock drafts this past few days, I’ve tried to figure out if there are going to be any guys still around between 45-62 that would be worth the Hawks trying to move up for. I think I’m down to just Erving, DGB, and Marcus Peters. DGB is a chance at an all-pro in the late 2nd rather than just a decent PR/KR/slot guy.

    • Steele1324

      RealRhino, I’m with you. I prefer other options to either guy, but if the choice is DGB or Lockett, no question I take DGB. For all of his question marks, he would still be closer to a feature WR, and that is what they need. Lockett is a complementary part.

  21. southpaw360

    I could get behind Hardy for 5 million on a one year deal even if he is suspended for the first 6 games. Let him leave after this year and get that compensation pick JS loves so much. There is risk here but a huge reward potential. Double digit sacks/compensation pick. Or, maybe he cleans his act up and we sign him to a Bennett/Avril deal. Unlikely but who knows? I just dream of our pass rush with Hardy, Bennett, Avril and Hill. Oh baby!

    • Miles

      I didn’t think about the potential comp pick. Good point.

      The combination does sound good, doesn’t it? But the fact that he hasn’t played in so long is another red flag. I think it’s going to be hard for him to come back after the six games and be the player he was right away.

  22. Brandon

    I think for the DGB situation if he falls to our second round pick I think we should take him because of the upside, but honestly we should use the pick to get guard. Plus looking at other receivers I feel like Darren Waller would be a better pick for us then DGB, considering he is faster, taller, longer, doesn’t have the Offield issues, and can be picked up later. But if Chris Matthews continues to be as good as he was in the Super Bowl I don’t think we would benefit from getting a tall receiver. I really like Chris Conley from Georgia. In my opinion he seems to be fast, mature, and pretty solid overall. I think somewhere in the fourth round we should go after Center BJ Finley from Kansas State. I don’t know why but I feel like he can be the next starter. what do you guys think?

  23. red

    I like Lockett fine but at 63 might be a bit soon seems like fighting the board a little. Also Lockett while good seems like only slot, now that we have Graham I feel Baldwin will get most of the snaps from the slot where he is most productive. But at 63 Rashad Greene might work can play outside and inside. Also Pete talking up BJ Daniels as a slot guy KR. Also could probably get Crowder/Alford/Diggs in the 4TH.

    • Jim Q

      Lockett(78), Dorsett(81) & McBride(84) are all ranked as round 2-3 -or- rd 3 per I think any would do well as a Seahawk. I like them all, but I’ve just
      found stats I couldn’t otherwise find on McBride. It has been said that he is a kick
      returner, but William & Mary stats are hard to find. Here is a blurb on McBride that
      supports the fact that he can be a kickoff & punt returner as well as a WR, (inside & outside).

      “”Solidly built throughout with an athletic frame and good muscle definition for the position. Adequate body strength to shake off arm tackles and run through contact. Smooth release and gets into his route quickly, showing the quarterback his numbers to present a good-sized target. Smooth athleticism and quickness out of his breaks with sharp footwork to gear up naturally. Gets good depth and takes advantage of coverages, hiding and selling his path. Nice job finding soft zones and has some shake after the catch. Excellent tracking skills, using his body to gain position and attack with his soft hands. Knows where the sticks are with terrific field awareness before and after the catch. Experienced lining up inside and outside. Extensive special teams experience as both a kick returner (23.1 average) and punt returner (11.1) over his career. Tough and intelligent on the field and off. Was recruited by Harvard for academics out of high school. Accountable and responsible personality, coming from a military family ?””

      • Trevor

        Nice info on Mcbride! He would be a great get for the Hawks.

        • scott

          I agree JIm. McBride would be a nice steal in the 3rd. I especially like the durable solid frame and his ability to high point poorly thrown balls. With Tylor Locketts slight frame and injury history, I just don’t see him lasting an entire season. There is also 6 fumbles and the small hands issue to worry about.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree red…95 sounds better but he might be a goner

      • red

        Lockett is a good player but I dont know if I draft pure slot guys in the top 100. Let the board come to you gems to be found in slot in middle to late rounds.

        T.Y. Hilton #92

        A Brown #195

        J Brown #91

        H Douglas #84

        Cruz UDFA

        Welker UDFA

        Beasley UDFA

        Amenola UDFA

        Edelman 7RD

        • Steele1324

, that list speaks volumes.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          A. Brown will cause his stock to climb. If people think Lockette can have that kind of production, he will be gone well before #100.

    • OZ

      Lockett is more of an outside guy to me. He can take the top off of a defense. We need a return man bad…

      • SunPathPaul

        With taking either Lockett or Dorsett, it comes down to can we count on this player being fast and elusive enough to go down field and spread the D out consistently? If they can, now that we have Jimmy, that ability becomes a perfect addition! Home run threat taking the safety deep, opens up Jimmy and Marshawn in the offense even more. We have our BIG target in Graham, now we need a fast deep threat to scare and traumatize all the d’s we face next year!!

        Go HAWKS!!!

  24. jj

    Rob, was playing around with the player rankings at, and came up with this mock based on selecting players only available at least 10 picks later than the Seahawks position (missed Sambraio (sp?) by two picks and felt desparate for OL over McBride who they are slating early/mid 3rd). Thought about Conley vs Bell as well, but went with Bell as he is not a previous occurrence on my wish list… what do you think?

    2 – Ali Marpet, OT/OG, Hobart. Athletic as all get out, didn’t allow a sack in his last season (DIII), but by reports was very competitive at senior bowl practices (where he practiced at OG). Some slate him as a guard, others as a center at the next level. Entered college at only 230 lbs, so he reportedly carries a bit of bad weight at 307, but Sweezy would serve as a great example for him. Plus, he’s got a bellyful of intangibles, including being voted OPOY in his conference. Alternate Sambraio (breaks my rules)
    3 – Eric Rowe, CB/FS, Utah. Combine super-SPARQ star, 31.5″ arms (which I’m not concerned about with a 41.5″ vert at a 6’1″ frame), played FS for his first 3 years, converted to CB as a senior and seemed to figure it out in the second half of his senior season. Time at FS an obvious advantage, and if he doesn’t work out as a CB, he could be a fantastic depth option at S (with eventual starter potential in 3 years when ET or Kam is likely to be heading out of town). Alternate Ibrahaim Cambell SS
    4 (NO-Unger) – Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska. Raw, but talented, and a natural hands catcher. Does well in traffic, does well highpointing, good body control, and protects himself well from big hits. Exceptional long speed.
    4 – Leterrius Walton, DT, Central Michigan. Small school, penetrating 1gap interior DL with length.
    4 (Tate) – Ramik Wilson, ILB, Georgia. Heart of the Georgia defense. Decent length, good speed, could play weakside or middle in our scheme.
    5 – Nick Marshall, CB, Auburn. QB to CB convert, as much talent as any tall CB in the draft. Give Richard a week with this guy…
    5 (Browner) – Kaleb Eulls, DT, Miss St. Run stuffing 2 gap DL that was one of the stoutest DTs in the SEC.
    5 (Breno) – Shaquille Riddick, DE, WVU. Athletic freak, 6’7″ 240 lbs, so he’s a bit light, but he’s got crazy balance and flexibility coming off the edge and with his length, I never see him get cut block effectively. He looks like he’s going nowhere with his gangly look, but damn it if he isn’t on the QB in an instant. I think they could actually pick this guy in the 4th. Plus, how can you go wrong with a chimera of Shaquille Oneal and Riddick (Pitch Black)?
    6 (Harvin) – Zach Zenner, FB, So Dakota St. SPARQ freak, RB/FB, decent hands, good camp fodder, give Coleman a run for his money.
    6 (McDonald) – Laurence Gibson, OT, VTech. I feel like we are missing the boat on this guy. He’s athletic, moves to the 2nd level really well, and has played multiple positions. Check him out on some tape of defensive players against VTech on draft breakdown
    7 – Mark Glowinski, OG, West Virginia. Filling out depth on OL, make the competition fierce. Average to slightly above athleticism, work ethic never quit kind of guy.

    So what you think?

    • Trevor

      I think Marpet and Sweezy would make a great guard tandem with our ZBS scheme and he is raw enough that Cable could mould him how he wants to .

      Also really like Shaq Riddick. I am not sure why he was not invited to the combine. He screams seahawk and to me is by far the best LEO prospect in the mid rounds .

      Gibson is a nice pick too and like R Crisp actually has the talent to stick at Tackle as he gets stronger.

      Nice to see some different names to check out.

      • jj

        It’s funny, I spent about 45 minutes typing this up between interruptions, and you have Riddick too. l thought I had an original thought. Your list has Riddick where I think he needs to be picked, but I pushed him two picks later so I could fit the other talents under my rule.

        I only found highlight tape on Riddick – using WVU tape for other players is too hit or miss for my low level of patience – but that highlight tape showed an extreme level of balance and flexibility that you can’t ever earn in an NFL weight room, you have to develop it during youth and maintain it through puberty. He’s so smooth and natural in the way he sheds, it looks like he’s going slow and he’s never going to get anywhere and all of a sudden he lays out and with those ridiculously long arms, I almost wonder if he can touch the rim while standing on his toes. Laid out, he’s probably 10 feet long which eats up space to the QB really fast – and that shows up on the film I’ve watched. Obviously I haven’t seen all the bad/inconsistent stuff… But hooooo boy, if it worked out right, I see Jevon Kearse upside in two years.

        • jj

          I just watched this on

          They played Riddick mostly at DT in this game, in their weird 3-x defense. Riddick was consistently getting trucked by double teams, not surprising at 240 lbs. But as a pass rusher, he was always drawing two blockers. Two sacks came on blocking assignment errors, but he was on the QB in a flash. He dove into the backfield on one play and covered about 4 yards for a TFL. Chased down the CB from behind. For a guy who kept getting trucked and pancacked, he had a crazy good motor at the end of the game even when it was out of reach. His long arms let him disengage from a single blocker at will.

          I could see a team (or many) falling in love with him for what he could be in 2016 and spending a mid 2nd to early 3rd on him. I think he’d be a total steal at the end of the 5th.

          Remember when watching the tape, it’s not about what he can’t do, it’s about what he can do (especially with a bit of physical development and teaching).

      • Steele1324

        I wonder if Marpet is a better pick than Sambrailo. Then take Finney or Gallik for center.

        • OZ

          I like him at center.

    • Brandon

      This is a really good mock in my opinion. I definitely agree Seattle should go for a lineman with the second rounder but I think with all the picks we have we would grab at least one O linemen somewhere between 4-5th round rather than wait later. I also really like the Nick Marshall pick. He seems to be a good working guy (although he seemed kind of downed during his pro day interview) and has good length. The move for a fullback is a good idea, but i hope the team brings back will tukuafu to compete with derrick coleman or a defensive line spot.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I like it overall. I’m concerned that Rowe won’t last to the bottom of the 3rd. With Safety being so thin in the FA pool and draft… he has speed like ET… which a team like JAX or ATL might want to get their hands on.

      If Seattle can grab Marpet, Rowe and Bell with 1st 3 picks…. outstanding draft.
      I’ve got my current 1st 4 picks being OG/OT Marpet, WR Waller, FS Rowe and CB Cox

      I totally agree on a RB late and a OL late in the draft.. can’t have too many of them heading into camp.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an intriguing mock. Marpet in particularly is very interesting. Ideal center body type, looks incredibly powerful. And yet a total unknown at this level because of the college he played for. I’m not sure they go linebacker that early or focus quite as much on the DL. Wouldn’t rule it out either.

    • scott

      Ok, I am really impressed with what I am seeing with Kenny Bell. What really impresses me is his speed after the catch. There is a second gear going on there. Also, he has the YAC factor in spades. The Hawks desperately need this, and this guy really fights to get those extra yards for a 1st down after contact.

      • jj

        The real ? Is whether we lack after catch ability, or if the scheme and Wilson sabotage the chance for YAC. When given a bit of space, kearse and Baldwin have shown good elusiveness in the open field. Not great, not breakaway, but good at both. It seems our lack of YAC is more about how and where the ball is thrown.

  25. Tom E. Robinson

    ‘The smurfs’…I like it for Kearse, Baldwin. The smurf package. Also Doug Baldwin and the 10,000 pedestrians.

  26. Tom E. Robinson

    The smurfs could also include Richardson and Norwood. “Third and eight. The Seahawks come out in their smurfs package….”

  27. Misfit74

    Hardy would make us as rich at DE as the Rams are at DT. I think the world of Hardy as a player. He’s an absolute monster and I’ve been following his career since his final season in college. He would be our best defensive end and at that (projected) price? Gotta do it if he checks the interview / screening boxes appropriately.

    • Steele1324

      I have followed Hardy since his draft year also. No disagreement about his abilities. His other stuff, though…

  28. Ho Lee Chit

    A couple observations:
    About the centers:
    Unger is 6-5, 305 but hoisted 225 lbs 22 times at the combine
    Lewis is 6-1, 311 but did 25 reps
    Carpenter 6-4.321, 23 reps
    Marpet is 6-4, 307 with 30 reps

    Lewis has a huge leverage advantage because he is short.
    Marpet seems to be stronger as well as faster than the others which bodes well in replacing Carp.

    About PR/KR:
    Will Blackmon, the second CB we signed returns punts and kickoffs. Over his six year career he has returned 72 punts for 636 yards with 3 TD’s and 81 kickoffs for 1674 yards. Our need for a returner may not be as great as we are making it out to be.

    • Jake

      I said that exact same thing last week. When we signed Blackmon, I knew it signaled the end of the Bryan Walters experiment and put us in position to look at position players for their abilities at their primary position. If a receiver or DB is drafted who can also return kicks (Ty Montgomery in the 5th would be my choice over Lockett in the 2nd), then they can compete for the job.

  29. Matt

    So our scouts did their research on DGB then we traded for Graham. Seems like we came to the conclusion DGB isn’t a 1st rounder. At 63 he would be an amazing value. I just can’t imagine him lasting to the end of round 2 though. Honestly I don’t think drafting a big WR project is a good idea after getting Graham…I’m thinking DGB and Waller here. They probably wouldnt play much in year 1 and neither holds any special teams value that we know of. I’d like a more ready to contribute WR and/or a return specialist. Lockett is the guy for me if he’s there at 63.

    • realrhino2

      Or they came to the conclusion some other team was going to grab him before we could at #31 so took the bird in the hand rather than fighting to move up the board. We just don’t know.

      I’ll just say that you the talent at #63 is rarely all-pro level.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Graham is a proven NFL commodity. DGB is not. Take the proven commodity everyday.

  30. Ho Lee Chit

    Rather then Tyler Lockett we might want to reel in Ty Montgomery in the middle rounds as our PR/KR guy. Montgomery actually had better production than Lockette in the return game. He averaged 20 yards on punts and 25 on kickoff returns. His hands are not as reliable as a receiver. But the Hawks are famous for finding what a guy can do and not asking him to do what he cannot do. With a middle round pick put Montgomery on the roster as a 6th WR and forget about our return problems.

    • Volume 12

      I could see this. He’s a weapon if used right. I kind of agree about the WR with return skills. There’s plenty of them to take in the mid rounds. I get the interest in DGB because of his rare size and upside, but a returner early on?

      • Ho Lee Chit

        I could see Agholor at #63 because as a WR he is worth that pick. His return skills are just a bonus. With Lockett we are reaching to take him at #63 because we want a returner. He will never go that high on his receiver skills because he is too small and there are too many others to pick from. With Will Blackmon on the roster our returner position is covered. So, why are we reaching for Lockett?

    • sdcoug

      Difference is, Lockett is a tremendous receiver, as well as a good returner. To me. he would be a much more valuable piece of the roster than a guy like Montgomery who would likely be using up a valuable roster spot as just a returner

      • Volume 12

        Hmmm,. Sounds like Ricardo Lockett, BJ Daniels, Bryan Walters, Brock Coyle, etc. You do need STs guys.

        • sdcoug

          v12…when game-day rosters are limited, would you rather have a WR/KR, or a KR taking up a spot? Not a big deal?…I’ll point to the super bowl when Burley wasn’t active due to a roster crunch.

          • Volume 12

            Your asking the wrong person. I have no say over how’s active or who’s not. I doubt that’s why Burley wasn’t active. If they felt that Simon with a separated shoulder should have been on the active roster during the SB, that speaks volumes to me about what was going on with Burley.

            Montgomery is a WR/KR. And a 5th round pick isn’t a high draft pick. Seattle obviously values guys with special teams ability, whether we agree with it or not,

            • sdcoug

              “Seattle obviously values guys with special teams ability, whether we agree with it or not.” Not sure where I suggested otherwise; and Lockett certainly offers special teams ability as well.

              In regards to the Burley comment, my point was that when Lane went down it sure would have been useful to have Burley active. To that end, tying up a valuable game-day spot on someone who likely won’t be a contributor other than ST seems like a bad way to go. If a Baldwin, or a Kearse goes down I’d like to have a more accomplished and capable receiver ready to assume the spot. Now, I realize this speaks to your opinion of both lockett and Montgomery’s current and projected ability as a receiver, but it certainly appears lockett is much more highly regarded in that capacity.

      • Steele1324

        The question is whether Lockett is a more tremendous receiver than the other receivers we also like. I say he isn’t. Just doesn’t have hands as good as others. The return ability is nice, but it does not merit a high draft pick.

    • Steele1324

      In Montgomery, you have someone who might be worse as a WR than Lockett, but a better returner. I think they can grab WRs who just have fewer deficiencies, who excel at both receiving and special teams.

      • Jake

        Montgomery has the potential to become a good receiver, either way he could be a lot more than just a returner. With his size he could be an awesome gunner and if he can’t improve as a receiver, conversion to CB is another possibility, he has the athleticism for it.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          I would be okay with Montgomery filling the last WR spot and doing noting but special teams. He could return both punts and kickoffs eliminating the need for Baldwin to do that. I agree with you that his body type might also make an effective gunner. He doesn’t have to beat out Kearse to make this roster. He just has to be better than Walters. If he did those things he would justify his salary and never need to catch a pass. After all, Bryan Walters only caught 6 passes last year.

          • Jake

            I mean, we’ve kept Lockette around for a long time, so clearly the 5th or 6th receiver position has very little to do with actually catching passes. I think Montgomery could be an upgrade on the “Lockette role” – plus he could be a returner.

            • sdcoug

              All fine until those 5th and 6th options (Lockette/Walters) become your 3rd and 4th. Anyone else want to see Lockette feature in a SB again? urley wasn’t active in the SB because of roster limits. How’d that one turn out? I’d rather have a good receiver/good returner package than “can’t really catch but he can return” option

              • sdcoug


  31. drewjov11

    I keep saying it, but if Marpet is there when we pick, get him. He looks like a natural guard. Athleticism, tenacity, confidence. Small school satire aside, he’s got the “it” factor. We can get a receiver and a returner later on. Mario Alford, perhaps.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I am really falling in love with Marpet, too. The more I study him the more he looks like Cameron Erving. I think he can be plugged in any where on our O Line, Since we usually only have 7 linemen active for each game, the versatility is important.

      • Volume 12

        Good point.

  32. MoondustV

    Rapoport just reported that DE Anthony Spencer will visit us tomorrow.

    • drewjov11

      It says that he played in 13 games and had .5 sacks? I know he was hurt most of 2013, but that’s not very good, regardless.

      • Miles

        Yeah but he had 11 sacks in 2012. Could it be that he just had a down year and can make a comeback?

        • Steele1324

          Injuries and age are the issues with Spencer.

          • Trevor

            He looked awful last year with no explosion. I know he was coming off an injury but basically no sacks in 13 games in not a good sign for a edge russher.

            • Miles

              Did he not finish the year well though? One sack and 7 QB pressures in the playoffs.

  33. drewjov11

    Also, I want to find more on Kevin Cook. He’s tall and has good speed and the only knock that I found on him was his level of competition.

  34. AndrewP

    This is an incredibly PC area, and I cannot see the fan base getting behind either coming to the Pac NW.

    Hardy was found guilty of domestic violence, a pretty gruesome one at that, only to have a conviction waved off because of an obvious payoff. Same goes for DGB. This isn’t a guy who was borderline homeless and ended up surviving through a tough upbringing by any means necessary; this is a guy who by all accounts shoved a girl down a flight of stairs with little remorse…

    Just don’t think either will fly in PCville.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I think Paul Allen learned a valuable lesson during the days of the Portland ‘Jail’ Blazers. Ever since he has run a pretty tight ship with both his franchises.

    • Grant G

      I, for one, would be extremely pissed if they signed Hardy. A little less so with DGB, but still pretty disappointing. Read the court accounts, and Hardy isn’t a guy who “slipped up.” Pretty chilling stuff, and I’d like to think we’re cheering for more than just laundry out there. I know these guys aren’t all angels and many may be jerks, but there is a huge difference between someone who is an egomaniac and a flat-out maniac.

    • Ehurd1021

      So you write off guys in their early-to-mid twenties for making a mistake? You are also jumping to some pretty bold conclusions without any facts about two people you have never sat down with and had a conversation with. You don’t know what happened with Hardy and his girl or how apologetic DGB is. Just don’t think its fair to say that about anyone.

      And I wanna put this out there for those who maybe never grew up in a household with domestic violence or have never had the unpleasant experience of dealing with personally with love ones, women are NOT always the innocent party and there is definitely a double standard. And just coming from my personal up bringing dealing with it and seeing how certain things would be hung over my fathers head in situations I could only imagine what that would look like with a NFL player with a whole lot more to lose. Hardy had is day in court and the case was dropped — IMO that should be all that counts for people who want to judge and who will most likely never know what really happened.

      • Volume 12

        Well said. I think the interest in these 2 guys shows that Seattle will never write a guy off because of his supposed red flags, before at least doing some due diligence.

        I’m with ya about women having double standards. Now I’m not one of these guys, but some dudes figure that if a chick wants to act like a man, well then, she’ll get treated like a man. It’s just their up-bringing and in their nature.

      • Grant G

        The case was not dropped, though. He was convicted in a bench trial, and appealed following the conviction. The case was dropped by prosecution when the accuser/victim didn’t show for the new trial – which is unfortunately all too common in domestic assault trials. Look, I may have gone overboard in my rhetoric, but I don’t see someone who has been convicted of choking and threatening to kill his girlfriend, whatever the circumstances, as a kid who made a “mistake”. I do get the distinction you’re making between accusation and guilt.

        I just think signing Hardy would be a really hard message to send to your fans.

        • JeffC

          You have to wonder if the female fanbase, which is very strong here and boisterous, would feel betrayed.

      • mrpeapants

        ty ehurd great points. everyone deserves a second chance.

      • Jake

        Hardy had his day in court and his accuser there to testify and he was found guilty. He requested a bench trial, it was granted, and the judge deemed him guilty – he committed the crime.

        Hardy had his second day in court (appeal to a jury trial), the accuser fled due to a financial settlement with Hardy and the case was dismissed by the DA due to the accuser’s disappearance, it never went to jury. He paid her off to shut her up, she fled to avoid perjury – he committed the crime. Or at a minimum, he presented further evidence that he had something to hide.

        You can say second chances all day and I agree with second chances, within reason. Even with Hardy, someone should give him a shot (maybe even the Hawks), this is an entertainment business and he’s a unique talent. But, don’t play the “dismissed” or “not guilty” card with Hardy – it doesn’t match reality. He may be free and he may not have a felony attached to his name legally, but he is a woman beater and he is a horrible human being.

        • realrhino2

          Well, I don’t want to get us too far off track, so I’ll keep this short. I’ve handled the defense side of more than a dozen domestic violence cases, and I believe several things are true, based on that experience.

          1. District court judges, frankly, aren’t all that bright. I’m not joking. They get stuff wrong a lot. I’ve had a client found guilty only to have the guy that really did it be found a few weeks later. So don’t tell me a guilty verdict in this case means he did it. I’ve seen way too many of these to really believe that.

          2. There IS a double standard, as mentioned above.

          3. By its nature domestic violence cases are difficult. Usually only two witnesses, so a guilty verdict usually just means a person in a robe chose to believe one over the other. Not a lot of certainty there at all. You have to sit down and talk with the person, IMO, to get a good feel for what went on.

          • Miles

            You can’t put too much stock into the double standard though. The reality is much greater than that. It is often incredibly hard to prove that someone was raped or abused. So, already there’s an extreme disadvantage for women who are much more vulnerable to these attacks by men than the other way around. We live in a patriarchy and therefore women are already disadvantaged in many ways, including the wage scale and especially how domestic violence is viewed with an ignorant slant.

            It took a video of Ray Rice beating his wife before anyone realized it was a problem.

            To emphasize this “double standard” is really just digging the hole deeper for women. EVERY time a woman or girl says she has been abused, it MUST be taken seriously. Period. And to make excuses for a man because of this idea that women can get away with striking a man is really just making domestic violence an even greater issue. The last thing we should do is let men know that they are the victims, because then it’s suddenly okay to hit women for some. Hitting women is not a defense mechanism. It’s a mechanism that needs to be treated with anger management and counseling.

            I’m not going to add anymore to this even if someone responds. I just need to have my two cents here because defending men on DV issues can be quite damaging.

          • Jake

            I understand your point of view, as you seem to have experience in the field. I also tend to rely on proof in most cases, but sports are about emotion as much as realism. No matter how many people defend Hardy or men like him, a double standard is warranted for violence against women. If men would stop using physical dominance against women, the issue would go away and a double standard would not be necessary. But until we stop beating on women, it needs to persist because bigger, stronger people like to fall-back on physical intimidation and violence.

            Women need to feel safe to bring charges and not hide out of shame or fear. There are abuses of the system of course, but far more crimes against women go unpunished due to fear of retribution than there are injustices towards men who were falsely accused.

            • Miles

              Yes. Thank you.

  35. Volume 12

    I find this guy to highly interesting. Owned DT Danny Shelton so bad during the Senior Bowl week that the guy quit.

    Is he raw? Absolutely, but that’s to be expected, because he’s only been playing football since he was 15 years old. Some don’t think he’ a great athlete, but I personally think his athleticism is just fine.

    He needs some work, but when has a Tom Cable O-lineman never not? Has tremendous character. Traveled to Ethiopia to dig wells for the villagers so they could have water. Has his doctorate degree as well.

    Great back-story. From Jamaica, but moved to inner city Chicago with his mom when he was 8 years old. He’s a fiery competitor, highly intelligent, and has a great work ethic.

    Hasn’t given up a QB sack in 2 years. Never missed a game in 4 years of CFB. Plays with his head on a swivel. Gets good leverage. He’s one of the best hand fighters I’ve seen in the class. Does a great job crossing the defenders face. Never gets rocked back on his heels. And has this rare technique where he almost becomes the QBs personal blocker. He knows when to re-driest or help out teammates. If he does get beat, has a great hook move to recover and slow down the defender’s momentum. Just plays so alert.

    He does need work when asked to get in space, but does it fluidly and with ease. The potential is clearly there. Squats over 500 pounds, power cleans over 300 pounds. He can trap and pull with the best of them, but his long speed isn’t great, but was big Carp’s?

    Duke OG Oaken Tomlinson-6’3, 323 lb., 33 5/8 inch arms, ND over 10minch hands. His arm length is actually better than quite a few of our favorite O-lineman.

    He’s probably not everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ but I think this guy is a perfect fit for the ZBS and power run game that Seattle combines.

    Watch this and tell me if this doesn’t seem like someone who’d fit in perfectly in Settle’s locker room.Tremendous leadership qualities.

    Here’s a link. Pretty effective against a good Miami pass rush. Different style.

    • Volume 12

      Should say Laken Tomlinson. Not Oaken.

      • Trevor

        He would be a perfect guard in our system but I dont think there is anyway he lasts till 63. If he does I think he is far superior to Marpet / Sambrailio and could start day #1. I have wondered why he hasn’t gotten more buzz on this board. I assumed it was because everyone thought he would be gone.

      • Onur

        He is good at in-line but look like Carpenter in the second level.I mean bad(one play against miami Tomlinson gave up in the second level and let linebacker tackle running back,look 7:09.And at 7:29 he missed linebacker in the second level)

        After Unger leaves we definitely need a guy can get to the second level and block linebackers(we need athletic guys like Marpet,Tomlinson is clumsy).Carpenter was too bad,Unger was very good.I think Carpenter was unsuccessful at double teams too.Unger made him look decent.

        Tomlinson is good at pass pro. But in run plays he is much like Carpenter.He leave double teams too early.Can’t block in the second level.He needs someone to help him.And without Unger he won’t fit Seattle’s scheme.Even if we had Unger, Tomlinson shouldn’t be no.1 choice.

        • drewjov11

          I like this kid, and that stuff can be coached up. He’s a thick and athletic kid who looks like an NFL guard. Can we find a way to get he and Marpet? There’s your new and improved offensive line with Sweezy taking the next step. Protecting Russell Wilson and paving the way for the running game is the best way to stay amongst the elite of the NFL. We can get a wr later, (cook, Alford, etc.). Build up this line so Russell isn’t always running for his life.

        • Volume 12

          No not a no. 1 choice. But a good choice should the board not fall Seattle’s way.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      “Some don’t think he’ a great athlete, but I personally think his athleticism is just fine.”

      This is just patently false. Marpet’s athleticism, by way of drill scoring is amongst the best of the OL group going back 5 years.

      Of the mobility/agility metrics (SS, 3C, 40/10), he scores in the top 10 in all three drills for all OL combined in the 2011-15 draft classes. Joel Bitonio is the only other OL to achieve that feat.

      • Volume 12

        I never said anything about Marpet. I like Marpet. But I’m with Rob. Some of these O-lineman from the small school will struggle to play in today’s NFL. It’s not like it was in the 90s.

  36. Tien

    For me, with Hardy, it comes down to price and whether our front office believes that what he did was an isolated incident where he made some really bad choices or whether it was indicative of a pattern of bad behavior that will continue with the Seahawks if we sign him.

    Maybe during the background checks and interview process, the Seahawks determine that during the year off, the light bulb finally came on and Hardy has learned from this incident and is not likely to re-offend AND he’s willing to take a really below market price to prove himself and if so, I say sign him! What he did was horrible and despite the final determination of non-conviction, I think he did do it…but to me, there’s a big difference between a guy doing something really stupid (and now regrets and wants to redeem himself) and someone for whom that incident is just part of a pattern of bad behavior. If he checks, it out we should give him a second chance and the upside of himself as a player on our team is tremendous!

    I’m not too excited about DGB. Our need for a big difference making target is much less now with the Graham signing so even in the 2nd round, I’m not sure he’s worth the opportunity cost of bypassing a quality OL, DL,, WR, or even DB, for someone with red flags in his character and physical abilities that may be above average but not necessarily freakish.

  37. rowdy

    I think I’m the only one here that says no on Tyler Lockett. I just see him as a returner and 5th receiver and think 63 is to high for him, especially sense we have way bigger needs. I see his role being very limited in the nfl and the comps to tate just aren’t there imo. Lockett needs space, tate didn’t and Lockett won’t have as much space in the nfl and is 30 pounds lighter I believe. If he’s there in the 4th I’m cool with it. Plus his 8 3/8 hands might be the smallest in the draft.

    • Steele1324

      I’ve said no to Lockett also!

      • rowdy

        Just read your comment, must of skipped by it the first time. We’re definitely in the minority lol

        • Benjamin

          Agreed, Lockett in the 3rd or 4th then yes, but at the end of the 2nd, I just don’t see it. He has talent, don’t get me wrong, but would anyone be surprised if Seattle traded back into the early 3rd? Lol. Seriously! Sambraillo and Marpet will probably still be there, but I just have this feeling.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      No thanks to Lockett at 63.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I’ve said no at 63 as well.

      Not that I don’t like him. But I think there are better alternatives at 63. If he’s there at 94 or 111, then yeah I think he’s good at that range.

      It’s not that I’m down on him. He possibly will go somewhere closer to 63 than 94. But there are a host of guys similar to Lockett in that 3rd/4th round range. I’d take him — even as a 2nd WR taken. He does have ability.

      I simply don’t expect he’ll be the best player even at the WR position at 63. And for sure, I don’t see the value in having 3 short/quick WRs (Baldwin/Richardson/Lockett) on this team. Seattle has repeatedly admitted they look for unique value in their prospects. Lockett seems to be a very redundant kind of prospect for us.

      I’d expect to see us take a player who could possibly compete with Kearse or Matthews. Not one to compete with Baldwin/Richardson. It appears that we still are committed to the latter. I don’t see Lockett competing with the Kearse/Matthews roles.

      I get the ST value. But this draft is pretty chock full of return guys. And I don’t see us burning 63 on a guy who’s main value is for punt returns. There are far too many regular starters at 63 in this draft.

  38. Steele1324

    Not only is Anthony Spencer visiting the Hawks, but Chris Canty as well. If the past is any indication, either guy looks like a typical Seahawks short term bargain signing that could work out well.

    Both are old, but Spencer did perform very well at the end of the season and really well in the playoffs. Canty had an infection in his wrist, but no joint problems and he had a strong season prior to the infection.

    To replace Schofield, Spencer would do the job. Canty is still an effective run stopper and grinder.

    • Volume 12

      I wonder if Canty is the better option and then take a young pass rusher in the draft.

      • Steele1324

        I think they draft young pass rusher(s) and DTs regardless, and develop them. Canty and/or Spencer would be for one year. Spencer got 7 QB pressures and a sack in the playoffs.

        • Volume 12

          I do too, but Spencer IMO would be nothing more than a camp body and competition for a rookie. Which would be a good thing.

          • Steele1324

            Spencer at his best was a great run stopper and a decent pass rusher. In a part time rotational role, he could make some plays for the Hawks. Would take snaps away from rookies? Maybe.

            But in terms of remaining veterans, he is unfortunately about as good as it gets. Better than Freeney, but far from Sheard.

  39. CharlieTheUnicorn

    For the right deal, I would take on “the Kraken’. I know there are considerable “issues” to work through. But if you can get him on the DL at DE…. the thin pass rushers on the DL would suddenly become borderline unstoppable.
    He could be a impactful/game changer for Seattle, at a fraction of the cost of SUH going to Miami.

    Then you can concentrate on OL and DT in the draft, without having to try to find a pass rushing DE or LEO early in the draft.

    There is ZERO chance I would make a play for DGB in the draft. I do not trust him on or off the field.
    There are way too many ways this pick could end badly for Seattle. Take a more polished guy you can trust, if you must take a WR in the 2nd round.

    • Steele1324

      On a pure football basis, a pass rush of Avril-Bennett-Hardy is the best in the NFL. That is exactly the kind of pass rushing stable that the Giants always try to put together.

      But it’s Hardy and a very creepy case.

  40. TB

    OL needs to be a priority. We have to find an understudy for Okung who can play when he’s hurt and step in long term, a guard that can road grade AND no whiff on ever pass play and now a center. I know the cap is thin, but getting Wiz at C would really help out. A vet there would be a great plus – still need to draft the understudy there too who can take over long term. Love to see young, cheap talent ini those slots.

  41. Volume 12

    IDK, but the more I think about this DGB thing, the more I kind of like it. It puts an evil smile on my face man. PC really is like a mad scientist and the draft and locker room are just his laboratory.

    Now I was one of the 1st people opposed to DGB, but like I always say, I’ll be the first to eat crow and admit when I’m wrong or concede a point. And if you look at the 2nd round, DGB might just be the BPA at that spot. That’s the problem though. Will he be there? I think he might, but I could see a team taking him anywhere in the 2n really.

    He’s raw, can’t run a route to save his life, struggles to get off a press, but every one of Seattle’s first overall selections are raw and unfinished products. They always swing for the fences with a ‘book or bust’ type of pick,. And that’s DGB. His style of play isn’t about running routes I figured out. It’s doing what he did at Mizzou.

    His back-story is pretty unbelievable and I know he’s done some stupid things and has a track record, but Bruce Irvin did commit home invasions. Granted Irvin was younger than DGB, but is taking a family’s sense of security and feeling of being safe much better? Yeah, he has a track record, but like someone else has already said, Seattle’s locker room might be the best placed to gets this guys head on straight and put him in his place if he gets out of line.

    Yes, we have Jimmy Graham now, but as Steele pointed out, we don’t really have a ‘go to receiver.’ As big a move and unstoppable as I think Jimmy Graham makes us, DGB would be brought along slowly. And I really do think this. ADB would be a great mentor for DGB. Thing is, will he be there at no. 63? I kind of hope he is now. In PC/JS we trust! Right?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I certainly hope not. SEA can do much better at 63.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I certainly hope not. SEA can do much better at 63.

      Also, who is the big “go to receiver” for the Saints? They don’t have one. Marques Colston is the closest they have, and although he’s had some decent seasons, his stat line from 2014 isn’t much different from ADB (59 recs/902 yds/5 TDs vs. 66 recs/ 825 yds/ 3 TDs).

      Saints put up prolific passing numbers without that “go to receiver” unless you consider Graham was that guy.

      • Volume 12

        I think that after the Jimmy Graham trade that they probably won’t target DGB, but if guys like Sambrailo, Lockett, Agholor, Marpet, and others are off the board in the 2nd, then I say, pull the trigger. It’s essentially a 3rd round pick. Their first overall selection or most of them are going to be guys that have overcome some type of adversity or have ‘red flags.’

  42. Volume 12

    Did SF LB Chris Borland retire?

    Perfect example of why you take guys that love and breathe the game of football. You have to make the game fun for these guys. Put them in a mindstate of what attracted them to the game in the first place. Teach it properly, take care of your players, don’t rush guys back.

    But, Mr Borland, lead with your heart, not your head. Hats off to you sir if true,

    • Steele1324

      He is retiring because of the risk of head injuries. I respect him for walking away for that reason. The risk is real. Anyone who laces it up has to ask themselves if it is worth it.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Tough decision I’m sure. Give the man credit for having integrity.

      This is a catastrophic off season for the 49ers.

      • Volume 12

        I did. That’s why I said lead with what tour heart is telling you. Not what your thoughts are saying.

        ‘Hats off to you sir, if true.’

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          No no I was agreeing with you V12. Tough to read that in the box.

          Taking nothing away from Borland’s decision, I really was pointing out SF’s off season.

          • Volume 12


    • Comfect

      The thing is, Borland appears (certainly appeared, I’d say still appears) to love the game. That’s why he played through what he now says he thought was a concussion in 49ers camp last year. Which is both unsurprising and frightening, which is a bad combination.

  43. Volume 12

    They have to ask themselves that at an early age. All of a sudden you get to the NFL and realize it’s a whole different animal? You know the risks the minute you try out for a high school football team.

    It’s why I laugh when people say they don’t like this guy because he did this end zone dance or said this. Just enjoy the game for as long as it lasts, because when it’s your time, it’s your time.

    • Jake

      I think for a guy like Borland, being in the training room, the film room, and on the practice field with Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman probably had a big impact. The NFL shortens lives, that much is known. Also, it decreases the quality of life for players who have major injuries or repeated head trauma. Borland was there seeing it in Willis – a 29 year old man, and I think he realized that he wants to live longer and live better. To each their own, he proved he belongs in the league at least – so he’ll always have that (and getting trucked by Beast Mode – which is a badge of honor).

  44. EranUngar

    A few remarks rob,

    You mentioned earlier that “The depth on the OL is good enough to wait”. Until we sign Wis the OL is Okung, Baily, Lewis, Sweezy, Britt. Gilliam is the only signed depth we have that played a snap in the NFL. Add our customary 2 injuries and it looks paper thin to me.

    I think the key words in the DGB discussion is “Before we traded for Graham”. We are in the “after we traded for Graham” and DGB is history.

    Since Obi got a 1.7M a year contract and JJ got 4M for 2 years they will likly ballance any low cost additions we do. That should leave us with at least 3 comp picks next year. A 3rd (Maxi), 5th (Carp) and 6th (Smith). Not too bad.

  45. Old but Slow

    A couple of off-hand questions: I like the concept of the SPARQ ratings, but what web site lists them. I am certain I have seen one, but I have lost track of it.

    Second, Rob, I have noticed that it is said that you are in the UK, which I find somewhat odd, but, of course not objectional, but Drew Boylhart (The Huddle Report) is also apparently located over there. So, have you ever had contact with him. Some of his ratings are way out there, but sometimes he has some helpful things to say. I would pay good money to see a conversation between the two of you over a Fullers.

    • OZ

      Check Field Gulls.

    • Carl

      3sigmathlete is the site that lists SPARQ ratings. It was started by Zach Whitman, a field gulls regular, cool stuff on there.

    • Volume 12

      After all of the pro days are over Zach Whitman over at Fieldgull will list every position by SPAARQ rating. It’s highly intriguing. They’ll take the SPAQRQ athletes heavily later on.

  46. Trevor


    Love the blog. I was wondering if you could do up something on the Offensive Line options you think would be available and a good fit for our system. I find it a tough position to evaluate for example I watched all the Senior Bowl Drills and Tomlinson out of Duke looked like a star but does not seem to be getting much buzz. Sambraillo on the other hand looked awful to me but is a favorite of yourself and most people on the board.

    Guys like Poole, Crisp and Morse are considered mid to late round picks but when I watch them they look much better than that to me.

    • Madmark

      I think its time to give Cable 3 guys to for the offensive line. In 2011 we gave him the 1st and 3rd. Carpenter and Moffit are both gone and it’s the perfect time to build a young cohesive OL. What if we trade 2nd for a early 3rd and a 7th.
      63+ Ali Marpet
      97 Ty Sambralio
      7th round pick Ron Crisp
      still have 3-4th RD picks,3-5th RD picks,2-6th RD picks, and 2-7th RD picks left. We still have Alvin Bailey.

      • scott

        I’m thinking they will target Ty in the 2nd. He is a great fit for the O line. However, I am afraid he will be picked just before 63. Just like last draft, we lost Brian Bitonio to the Browns just about 2 pick away. If we could get Ty in the 2nd and Tre McBride in the 3rd, that would be big. Just worried we will loose both, and there is no way Ty will be there at 97.

      • peter

        I like two of those guys as picks, I catually like all three of them for different reasons, but Marpet would be what in this scenario a 2nd round pick on a guy who never played center….seems dicey. is he a LG? Where does Sambraillo play then?

        • scott

          I agree with on Marpet. A huge gamble unproven player. Another red flag for me is his body type. A lot of upper mass as compared to lower mass. These O line frames can be at a high risk for knee injuries. I would say a 4th rounder.

  47. Hawxnews

    Pro Football Talk (among others) announced Hardy is meeting with DAL today, but has meeting scheduled with Seahawks.

    I’m with those that don’t like this. Hope the FO is just doing due diligence.

  48. CHawk Talker Eric

    Word is Hardy is on his way to VMAC after he leaves Valley Ranch.

  49. Turp

    Now we know why the Hawks are looking at Hardy.

    Clarence HillVerified account ‏@clarencehilljr

    Per multiple sources, Michael Bennett is seeking a trade to Atlanta and a new contract.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And not just a trade, he wants a raise.

      Is he pissed at the DL FA market this year and is trying to extort a raise?

      Bad blood with Graham?

      Hard on for Quinn?


      • Trevor

        I hope this is not true he would be a huge loss and with the exception of ET probably our most irreplaceable defensive player. Unless they are going to give us a first rounder there is no way I make that trade. He just signed a new deal. I would sooner let him sit. I thought he was a good team guy and sounded positive after the SB.

        If this is true it is very disappointing. Particularly if it is about Graham joining the team. He probable wanted us to trade for his brother. If the Falcons give us a 1st rounder let him walk. If not he plays or sits.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Wouldn’t he want a trade to CHI if it was about his brother?

          I don’t think it’s coincidental he’s asking for ATL (if there’s any truth to the rumor at all).

          I wonder if there’s been a change of scheme from Quinn to Richard such that Bennett isn’t happy with his projected role. But that seems so premature as to be unlikely.

      • Turp

        Nothing to do with Quinn or his relationship with Seattle. Bennett simply wants more money and can’t get it here. Hawks do not renegotiate contracts until 1 year before FA.

      • redzone086

        I’m so disappointed in Bennett. What his reasoning is for this I must know.

        • Steele1324

          I will wait for better confirmation of this rumor.

          • hawkdawg

            From what I’ve been reading, including a denial that the Hawks know anything of this supposed desire to be traded, you might be waiting awhile…

  50. smitty1547

    Just read Bennett is complaining and wants traded to Atlanta WTF

    • OZ

      The Graham thing? WTF!!!

  51. Miles

    Just saw on twitter feed from Clarence Hill that “multiple reports” say Michael Bennett wants a trade to Atlanta. I find this hard to believe, but nonetheless, it’s out there.

  52. Trevor

    Bennet looking for trade to Atl and new contract? WTF

  53. CHawk Talker Eric

    Anyone willing to trade Bennett for Julio Jones?

    • Miles

      Well I assume if Bennett just wants out, then we’ll be talking about a mid-round draft pick or something. Two things:

      Number one: I find this hard to believe. None of the major NFL outlets are reporting this yet. It sounds made up. It could be speculation turning into reality because of the Seahawks’ interest in Greg Hardy.

      Number two: If this is true, the Seahawks still have control of Bennett. They can choose to stand pat and let him know he’s not going anywhere. They can also choose to roll more money into his contract. Keep in mind though that they didn’t do this with Marshawn Lynch and it’d set a huge precedent.

      This is very difficult to comprehend right now.

      • Trevor

        I agree completely with you. It is hard to believe and incredibly disappointing if it is.

    • Trevor


      • HOUSE

        Its on PFT now…

        I can’t see them rolling more money into the contract for him. Our cap is getting tighter by the second. The fact that we don’t even know the Hardy situation (how much and IF/WHEN he can play), makes this a crappy situation.

        • Miles

          PFT is not a real source. I’ll start noticing when ESPN and starts talking about it.

          • Miles

            THIS from Terry Blount:

            Seahawks are denying any knowledge of Bennett wanting a trade.

            Do you think Seahawks would say that if they weren’t fully aware of the situation?

            • Steele1324

              They would if they are honestly unaware. I suspect Drew Rosenhaus is in the middle of this mess somehow.

  54. Trevor

    No I would not trade Bennet for Julio. He is our most important defensive player except for Earl.

    • Turp

      Atlanta would never trade Julio…that’s some crazy rosterbation right there. Trade would most likely be for ATL’s 2nd.

      • HOUSE

        Considering they’d have to fork out more money to him, I’d see ATL’s 3rd rd pick AT BEST.

        • Turp

          If Bennett is on the block, ATL won’t be the only team bidding.

          • Trevor

            Why would we trade Bennet or give him a raise. He is one year into a 4 year contract and has no leverage.

            This is exactly why we should not have caved to Lynch it just sets bad precedence. What happens next year when Earl and Sherm realized they are not even top 5 salary in their positions do we renegotiate them as well.

            I really believe they have to hardball this and let him sit if he wants. I would not trade him for anything except Atlanta’s 1st and there is no way they do that.

            This news is as bad as the Graham trade was good.

            • Turp

              Completely agree with all points there. They should make him sit.

    • Jake

      I wouldn’t trade him at all. He either plays on his current deal or holds out – up to him. He just signed the contract last year, way too early to renegotiate and there’s no way to get equal value for him.

  55. drewjov11

    Bottom line: I have no idea if this is true or not. if it is, we just handed a first rounder to the saints and a center for jimmy. Don’t you dare accept anything less than a first rounder for Bennett. The Hawks have all of the leverage. The Vikings heads us over a barrell for a first and third, even though Percy was a nut. We have a tendency to throw picks at players. I hope that it works the other way as well. I don’t think that Atlanta will do that trade for such a high pick, but that’s what it should take to do business.

    • Turp

      A first is not gonna happen for a 29 y/o they will have to pay 8mil+…

      • Trevor

        I agree it wont happen but he is a top 10 Defensive line player in the league and invaluable in the scheme we run. So I say 1st or no deal and let him sit. If not the flood gates open for all our other star players wanting raises.

        I still cant believe this is true but he is a pretty unique guy so who knows.

        • JeffC

          Would you take a first rounder in 2016 for him (basically a 2015 first rounder)?

          • JeffC

            Second rounder, I mean.

  56. Trevor

    I will say I find it odd that he guy breaking this story is a Cowboys reporter on a day when Hardy is linked to both the Cowboys and Seahawks.

    • Miles

      Right?! That is weird. The only thing I’ve heard from ESPN is that the Seahawks are denying the whole thing. So now I’m not really sure what to believe but I think this might be just a rumor that won’t gain traction.

      • Turp

        Clarence Hill has a pretty good reputation, and also, Bennett is from Texas and went to A&M, right? So not that farfetched.

        • Miles

          The only direct source we have is the Seahawks and they said they know nothing about Bennett wanting a trade. Clarence Hill is nice and all but he has very little connection to the Seahawks nor the national media. This is a big story and it’s something Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport would dive on. We’ve heard nothing from them.

          • Turp

            Hey man, I don’t want it to be true either…but where there is smoke, there tends to be fire.

            Expecting to the Seahawks to say anything besides “news to us” is pretty silly. That’s exactly what they should say, true rumor or not. That’s not a good reason to dispute it.

            • Miles

              My problem is that if it were true, it doesn’t make sense for the Seahawks to say anything. What would be there to gain by saying it isn’t true if it is? Would it be to ward off the media temporarily? Perhaps. Or, it could be that they know the situation is not going to escalate, so it’s safe to deny it. If it were true, and they denied it, they would appear to be lying.

              Obviously we have no way of really knowing if it’s true. But I also feel that we have no concrete details on whether it IS true. I think the latter is important to consider as well.

              • Turp

                That is a valid point Miles. Trevor is probably right, most likely this is Rosenhaus trying to create a market/demand for Hardy by leaking crap about Bennett.

                • Miles

                  Thanks Turp. You are truly an even-keeled observer even when your wishes are at stake. Well done.

                  I think that Drew Rosenhaus can go eat soup.

  57. Trevor

    Smells like that weasel Drew Rosenhaus trying to create a market for Hardy.

    • Turp

      He is also Bennett’s agent

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Hardy and Bennett share the same agent. Perhaps trying to drive up the Cowboys offer.

  58. Turp

    This is better, ONeill says he has a solid source in further tweets. PHEW

    Danny 710ESPNSeattle @DDMon710 · 6m 6 minutes ago

    Michael Bennett has NOT asked the #Seahawks for a trade.

    • Miles

      I am super annoyed and relieved at the same time. But I’m also weary of what might come next.

      First question is what the hell is wrong with Clarence Hill.

  59. Miles

    Here’s an interesting paragraph from FieldGulls.

    Now, if this scenario did prove to be true, the Falcons would have to pony up a pretty nice package of picks and/or players to get an elite player at a premium position only one year into a four year contract. Seattle would only save $2M against the cap this year as well, so, yeah. It would have to be a PAYDAY. Not out of the realm of possibility, of course, but it seems like a long-shot.

    The Seahawks really lose a lot by trading him. As the above paragraph states, we would only save $2m by trading him. That must mean that the other team only has to pay $2m to Bennett in 2015 while Seattle makes up the difference. So to give him up, they’d have to get something really nice in return. In other words, they’re not going to just do some get-rid-of-him deal like Brandon Marshall got.

    • Miles

      One more thing. Bob Condotta reports that the Seahawks don’t actually have a visit lined up with Greg Hardy.

      • Trevor

        Seems like today was a complete fabrication / manipulation by Rosenhaus to try and create a market for his client Hardy.

        • Miles

          If that’s the case, wow. He got us (me).

          • Turp

            Me too! You just never know with the Seahawks…like, Percy Harvin trade v1…and then v2…Graham trade…etc etc…definitely pay more attention to the smoke than say, 3 years ago

          • Steele1324

            I hope it is all bullshit.

            But let’s say it is not. I would not trade him for their first round pick at #8, because I don’t think anyone, even in the first round, is comparable, certainly not in year one. Vic Beasley will go before #8. Others—Shane Ray, Bud Dupree, Randy Gregory—they are not Mike Bennett.

            • Miles

              I don’t think it’s true anymore. But let’s say even if you could get the #8 pick, you can upgrade other positions too. You could try and jump ahead of Oakland to get Amari Cooper. You can trade back, get more picks and draft Jalen Collins at CB. You could trade back and draft your RB of the future. Sometimes you got to roll with the punches and improve where you can.

              But it really does appear this was all a farce. Here’s to it staying that way.

              • Steele1324

                The immediate problem would be replacing Bennett. Not an easy thing to do. If it happened at the start of free agency, allowing opportunity to get a veteran of the same caliber, perhaps doable. Now, not so much.

    • The Ancient Mariner

      No, Miles, it would be the same deal going the other way as the Graham deal was for us. Atlanta (or whomever) would be on the hook for his salary, whatever that is exactly, and we would take a charge on the cap — all the money from his signing bonus that was prorated into future seasons would be charged against this year’s cap. With that charge, we’d have a bunch of dead money and thus wouldn’t save much this season.

  60. Ho Lee Chit

    Even if it were true, the Seahawks never negotiate in the press. If a trade were being considered we would not know until after the fact .,,. the same way the Jimmy Graham for Unger trade was handled. John Schneider and Pete just do not do business this way. One of the agents probably released this rumor to the press. Who and why, we do not know.

    • The Ancient Mariner

      We can be pretty sure who and why.

      Who: Drew Rosenhaus, agent for both Michael Bennett (Seahawks DE/DT) and Greg Hardy (potential Seahawks DE, also potential Cowboys DE).

      Why: Whether this has anything to do with Bennett’s wishes or not, this is certainly intended to drive up the bidding for Hardy.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is the 64,000 dollar question…. the Falcons may not be so airtight in the FO, which could be the source of the leak.
      I assume it is the agent, trying to drive the market.

  61. Bernardo De Biase

    Bennett is very important to the Hawks with his versatility and imo, the only guy on the market that could fill his role would be Greg Hardy. That looks a lot like Hardy’s interview with the Boys didn’t go too well and his agent is trying to build hoax using the media to improve Hardy’s leverage on contract negotiations. If this is true, however, Seahawks would have all the leverage here and should ask a premium player in return. I’m afraid Falcons won’t have the pieces to land him there.

    No to Lockett at 63. I’d prefer a major reach for a player with an all around skill set like McBride than taking a specialist here. I think we got return specialist covered with Will Blackmon.

    Speaking of Blackmon, I’d love to see Justin Blackmon as a Hawk anytime soon.

    • JeffC

      Bernardo where did you hear that Hardy’s interview didn’t go well in dallas?

      • Bernardo De Biase

        Just speculating myself.

        If it’s Hardy’s agent ventilating rumors, that should probably mean only this.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          If the money is right, the interview went well…. no matter what….

    • scott

      I agree with the “No Lockett at 63”. His injury and fumble history does not bode well in the NFL. We already have so many injured players as it is. I really like McBride also, but the 2nd round is too high for this pick. Another WR I see as a Golden Tate is Kenny Bell. Great speed after the catch and really exceeds in the YAC category. This guy really fights for those extra yards for 1st downs. It would be great if we could get him in the 4th.

  62. JeffC

    A Clarence Hill interview on the Bob/Groz/and Tom show revealed nothing. Clarence insisted his sources were right. Drew Rosenhaus was not the source. And Michael Bennett will not deny a rumor that he himself knows to be the truth.


  63. Volume 12

    Rob, I heard and see that Clemson DT Deshawn Williams-6’1, 300 lbs., killed his pro day in front of all 32 teams, but besides his 40 time which was 4.96 I can’t find any of his measurables. You know what they are, or anything about this guy?

    • redzone086

      I know Hawks have been interested in clemson players this year I’m thinking DB Smith #27 from combine and the pro day.

  64. Misfit74

    “ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Dallas is the “undisputed favorite” for free agent Greg Hardy.
    Schefter says to “forget about Seattle and Tampa Bay being involved.” For their part, the Cowboys say Hardy spent “most of the day” at team facilities on Tuesday, and that a deal could be struck as early as Wednesday. Hardy is having dinner with Cowboys coaches on Tuesday evening, and will stay overnight in Dallas. “

    • Steele1324

      From a football perspective, too bad. From a human perspective, Jerreh can have him.

  65. Steele1324

    Earlier on, I was keen on the idea of the Hawks landing Kikaha. After a lackluster combine, and after exploring others, I think I am coming back around to the idea. Kikaha may still be the best pure pass rusher in the draft after Vic Beasley. Kikaha has other issues, but no question he can get after the QB, has an insane motor. Surely, the Hawks could find a way to use him.

    I like Lorenzo Mauldin, Zack Hodges, etc. but there is something in Kikaha’s film that stands out in comparison.

    • Rik

      The film’s good, but he’s already had a couple of ACL injuries. Seems like a risky choice for an early round pick. I agree that we need to improve the pass rush. Maybe Kikaha’s the one to do it.

  66. rowdy

    Rob, congratulations on consecutive 300 comment post! You deserve more! Great work man!

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