Seahawks seven round mock draft

Pro Football Network’s mock draft simulator is the best on the internet. Not only does it include trades but the rankings are a lot more realistic (and that matters a lot).

I did a seven rounder for the Seahawks last night.

This mock assumes they’ll at least make one key addition to the D-line before the draft. They have to. Whether that’s Jadeveon Clowney or Everson Griffen. Really, they need more than one addition. They need both.

They could still trade for Yannick Ngakoue (although why they’d be able to agree a contract with him and not Frank Clark or Clowney remains to be seen). Remember Tony Pauline’s reporting this off-season. He said they would prioritise Jarran Reed and they did. He reported they were interested in Ngakoue too. The deal pitched was a second rounder and then swapping #27 for #42. I’ll reflect on how that would potentially change this mock at the end of the piece.

First round (#27)
Trade with the Indianapolis Colts
Jordan Love was still on the board so I made a deal with the Colts. In return for pick #27 the Seahawks received #44, #75 and #193. Why make the trade? I had a small group of players in mind for the first pick and I knew one or more would last to #44. I also needed #75 to target a specific player early in round three.

Second round (#44)
Julian Okwara (DE, Notre Dame)
The Seahawks need speed in their pass rush and they’re unlikely to find it with what’s left in free agency. Okwara couldn’t work out at the combine as he recovers from an injury and that’s not ideal. You want a complete profile to consider. However — his pressure percentage of 19.1% led all draft eligible defensive ends in 2018/19 and his pass rush win percentage last season was 23% (behind only Chase Young and Joshua Uche). He also has 34.5 inch arms, ideal size and great strength and quickness. Had Okwara not been available I would’ve been forced to consider Uche or Curtis Weaver (or even Bradlee Anae despite his physical testing). That’s the situation at the moment. They need pass rush and the options are so thin in this class. If they don’t take one early they’ll miss out.

Second round (#59)
Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
Not only do the Seahawks need to add a pass rusher they also need more at defensive tackle. Al Woods has moved on to Jacksonville. I had two targets in mind at this spot — Justin Madubuike and Raekwon Davis — and both were available here. I like the idea of slotting someone in with great size and traits to play next to Jarran Reed. Davis has first round physical skills. Despite being 6-6 and 311lbs he plays with tremendous leverage. He’s excellent versus the run but can also play across the line. His pass rush production tailed off at Alabama but there’s untapped potential there. They’ve been looking for a Calais Campbell type for a long time and Davis could be it. He’s available here due to his poor sack production and some character question marks but the Seahawks need to take some chances to add talent. However, I have to acknowledge that they’ve veered away from players with character question marks. Madubuike had a superb combine and is a true one-gapper with a 14.9% pass rush win percentage (third in the class behind Jordan Elliott and Javon Kinlaw). He doesn’t have Davis’ traits but he does have 33 inch arms and he might be seen as a nice compliment to what they already have.

Second round (#64)
Robert Hunt (T, Louisiana-Lafayette)
I want to throw some curveballs into this mock because that’s what the Seahawks tend to do. Hunt feels like he could be one of ‘their guys’. He’s 6-5 and 323lbs with 33.5 inch arms and massive 10 3/4 inch hands. Louisiana-Lafayette had one of the most productive running games in college football last season. He’s played multiple positions on the offensive line. He’s incredibly physical and gets after opponents. With Brandon Shell’s contract indicating he’s more of a veteran hedge rather than a long term fixture, the Seahawks will probably draft a right tackle at some point. If they miss out on the first wave, Hunt could very much be in the frame and they might make sure they get him in this kind of range.

Third round (#75)
Cam Akers (RB, Florida State)
With over 10 years of data to study we’ve been able to clearly identify the type of physical profile the Seahawks look for in a running back. It enabled us to project C.J. Prosise, Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny as probable targets. This year there are two names that really stand out — Jonathan Taylor and Cam Akers (although I’d love to think they’d consider Clyde Edwards-Helaire too). Akers is right in their ballpark at 5-10 and 217lbs with explosive traits (35.5 inch vertical) and great speed (4.47) and footwork. The Seahawks need someone who can be a three-down compliment to Carson and that’s what Akers is. He has great potential that was somewhat wasted on a lousy Florida State team. The trade with the Colts was partly inspired to get into this range to select Akers. He was the target all along.

Third round (#101)
Devin Duvernay (WR, Texas)
This is a great receiver class but there’s a point where there’s a significant drop in talent. This is the latest I think you can consider adding one or you risk missing out. I have mixed views on Duvernay but he was the best option left on the board. At Texas he received more receiver screens than any player in college football in 2019. There’s a lot of short-stuff on tape that leads to somewhat manufactured production. However — he’s incredibly mature and likeable, he’s tough and he ran a 4.39 then jumped a 35.5 inch vertical. The Seahawks love speed and grit at the position and he has it.

Fourth round (#133)
Bryce Hall (CB, Virginia)
I took a punt here for the future. Hall suffered a horrible looking injury during the 2019 season and might not be fully ready for 2020. For that reason he might last into day three. The opportunity to try and get some value is too good to turn down here. He’s one of the few cornerbacks in this class with Seattle size (6-1, 202lbs, 32 1/4 inch arms). Bring him in, redshirt him and see if he can be a potential starter down the line considering the uncertain long-term futures of Shaquill Griffin and Quinton Dunbar (both free agents in 2021).

Fourth round (#144)
Shane Lemieux (G, Oregon)
The offensive line depth in this draft is really something. It’s superb. And even with the Seahawks collecting veteran O-liners recently — the options are too good to pass compared to the other positions. In recent drafts they’ve been very active in adding day three linemen to draft and develop. I couldn’t not take Lemieux. He’s incredibly physical at left guard and had his team mates frequently energised with some highlight-reel blocks. He’s well known to be very intelligent and a team leader. He’s more of a run blocker than a pass protector and he has solid size at 6-4 and 310lbs. Let him compete with Phil Haynes at left guard.

Sixth round (#193)
Kevin Dotson (G, Louisiana-Lafayette)
Again, the O-line options are too strong in this draft to pass up. Dotson combined superbly with Robert Hunt to produce massive results in the running game. They were a great force together. Dotson received PFF’s highest run-blocking grade in 2019 ahead of LSU’s brilliant Damien Lewis and Kentucky’s tone-setting Logan Stenberg. Let him compete with Chance Warmack for a spot on the roster.

Sixth round (#214)
#214 — Josh Metellus
I thought Metellus had a really good combine workout and showed some flashes at the Senior Bowl. He’s a terrific run defender who finishes his tackles. That’s a big deal given Seattle were poor in both areas in 2019. He could compete to be a big nickel or strong safety with special teams responsibilities. He’s a confident personality and will add a bit of juice to camp. He moved well at the combine.

The class in full

#44 — Julian Okwara (DE)
#59 — Raekwon Davis (DT)
#64 — Robert Hunt (T)
#75 — Cam Akers (RB)
#101 — Devin Duvernay (WR)
#133 — Bryce Hall (CB)
#144 — Shane Lemieux (G)
#193 — Kevin Dotson (G)
#214 — Josh Metellus (S)

There’s a good balance to the class with five offensive players and four defenders. With the need to focus on the D-line early the first two picks at least provide upside and a possible first year contribution. I wanted to tap into the receiver and running back classes before the end of round three and I wanted to make the most of a strong O-line class.

For the most part I also think I hit on players that ‘fit’ the Seahawks preferences. And I tried to do the mock with some kind of plan based on the simulator rankings. Where would I need to pick to get the guys I want? From Okwara to Hall I was able to work the board early and with the last three picks it was all about value.

If the Seahawks traded for Ngakoue (which feels unlikely because, again, I’m not sure how they get a deal done with him and not Clowney or Clark) they’d essentially be swapping him for Okwara in this projection. If they were able to bring in someone like Everson Griffen to play the five technique, that would at least be a more competent looking bookend pass rush. Ngakoue’s also an alpha at a good age (he only turns 25 in March).

As we’ve discussed a lot though — they’ve used a ton of cap space padding the middle class. Whether they’d be able to make two moves is a question mark now. It’s a lot harder to project. And if they add Ngakoue and don’t sign a five technique they might be inclined to take a closer look at Jabari Zuniga (who at least has played some inside/out for Florida). They could even ask Raekwon Davis to play that role (they’d need so sign another defensive tackle though). Either way they’re almost forced to look at D-line early unless they do something soon to fix this glaring issue.

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  1. cha

    Jordan Schultz
    Comp update: League sources say Nickell Robey-Coleman’s one-year deal with the #Eagles is worth $1M guaranteed, up to $1.3M. Good, solid pickup for Philly, as Coleman was a very productive slot corner during his tenure w/the #Rams.

    AmI wrong, how is that not an absolute steal?

    • Greg Haugsven

      That seems more like stealing than Dunbar?

    • mishima

      “CB Nickell Robey-Coleman just text me he is going to the #Eagles on a 1-year deal.”

      Guess who?

  2. Gohawks5151

    I like this draft a lot. Hall is a nice add. Awesome athlete and good piece for Pete. Lemieux is a stud. Duvernay seems like he could replicate a few things Aiyuk does.

    I can’t remember the name of the South Carolina receiver that you and others were high on (Brandon) but since he never never worked out how far do you see him dropping?

    • Rob Staton

      Bryan Edwards. In this mock he was gone middle of R2.

      • Cortez Kennedy

        The first thing I wanted to ask after seeing this mock was where Edwards went. I dig him a lot, and have been hoping the broken foot causes him to drop. But his tape is so sweet middle of round 2 sounds right.

        • Rob Staton

          Very good player.

          • Pugs1

            Would it be a safe assumption to drop any player with injury or off field concerns at least a round because of teams inability to fully vet players?

            • Rob Staton

              Possibly so — yes

  3. DC

    Thanks Rob. I like the bolstering of both lines. Hope it happens in real life.

  4. wsguy

    With the new CBA reducing practice time in training camp, and potentially elimination of off season programs – the ability and time to develop rookies will be significantly diminished – does that reduce the value of 2020 draft choices?

    • Rob Staton

      A little bit. But you’re not just drafting for 2020.

  5. Greg Haugsven

    Some of the projections are off but it is for sure the best one out there. It is even fun to be another team besides the Seahawks to see what happens as well. A couple times Ive even traded up to #11 to get Simmons.

  6. TJ

    On Raequon “They’ve been looking for a Calais Campbell type for a long time and Davis could be it.” I watched the replay of the LSU-Alabama game this morning and focused on Davis. I totally agree with this statement. He wears his size/weight very well – he doesn’t look that big.

  7. BobbyK

    I very much liken your 4th round CB to what they did with WTIII in their first draft class. I like it.

    I have wondered this for quite some time, but I know Jody Allen is very much against character concerns. I can’t remember where I read something along these lines but they do seem to have veered away from character risks more than usual since she took over from her brother (though you could see a trend more so after the Malik, I am better than TJ Watt, McDowell pick, too).

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt Jody Allen has any input in terms of who they sign or draft to be honest.

      And they’ve just re-signed Jarran Reed after his suspension.

      • BobbyK

        True. I forgot about Reed!

      • Cortez Kennedy

        Don’t forget Josh Gordon!

        • Rob Staton

          I have no expectation for Josh Gordon.

          A lot of people assume he’ll be fine now the league has relaxed its rules on marijuana. I wouldn’t make that assumption personally.

  8. Fonkie

    Thanks for the new reading material. I’d be almost as disappointed with that draft as I have been with FA so far tho.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t blame me. I tried to fill holes.

      • Fonkie

        Nope not blaming you at all. Just disappointed PC & JS didn’t attack FA & put themselves in a position to not reach to plug holes in the draft and get the most talent possible. I get totally what you were doing there & I will be disappointed if it goes that way.

  9. mishima

    Smothered cabbage and crawfish edition!

    I mock some of the same targets (my alternative 2nd choices in parentheses): Okwara (Zuniga), Davis (Madubuike), Akers (Edwards-Helaire), Duvernay (Reagor), Lemieux (Stenberg).

    Not familiar, but love the 2 nasties from L’Acadiane.

    Hope they follow your script and prioritize in order: Edge, DT, RB, WR, OG.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      It seems Rob has to take Akers over CEH due to the history, but the comment on CEH is perfect. He is the only player in this draft I am attached to, and the one that would get me most excited along with the trade up for Simmons.

  10. DavidinBellingham

    This is a great draft. I like that we get R. Davis and Okwara for the defense early, Akers and Duverny (one of my personal favorites) for offensive weapons, and some offensive line talent when there is still value.

  11. Bigten

    I would absolutely love this draft! Very much hoping this to come to fruition. Mainly because I really like the first 4 rounds. It sure would be interesting if we grabbed this many OL prospects. And i really hope Willie Gay drops for us to take him late second.

  12. AlaskaHawk

    I like the way you layed out the draft. Lots of linemen on both sides of the ball are just the thing to add more power. I would be very pleased if the Seahawks could draft this way.

    • Veryal

      Really think lemieux would be a steal in the fourth. Also really like the idea of getting a stud redshirt corner in the fourth as well. Overall I really like the draft here. Addresses a lot of needs.

      • BobbyK

        Especially with both projected CBs set for FA after the year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m not sure if Lemieux will last that long either, but there will be other guards available in that range.

        It seems from free agency that the first two defensive picks are critical.

        Also like the running back picked. The Patriots used to have a three back rotation – so I don’t see why the Seahawks couldn’t pull it off.

  13. cha

    I can get with this draft because it addresses needs but also makes room to tap into the deeper position groups. Nice work Rob.

    Here’s (desperately) hoping Okwara and Davis can be rookie year contributors.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      That would be sweet. Imagine a Seahawk draft with the first two picks 1st year hits. How far back do we have to go to get that? Make it the top three and we go back to Russel Bobby and Irvin.

  14. Doug M

    Love this mock draft. Okwara, Duvernay and Bryce Hall are 3 guys I’ve been hoping the Seahawks can get.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s alright. I want to go receiver earlier because of the great class. I want to be able to at least consider the possibility of Taylor or CEH or Cesar Ruiz. None of that is possible at the moment though because of the state of the DL.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        That is the best comment.

  15. Happy Hawk

    Suh just signed back with the Bucs 1 year $8mil. D Poe signed with Dallas as well. Lots of defensive lineman coming off the board. Hope we are not left without a chair when the music stops. We need to get on with it and sign BOTH Griffen and Clowney now. Stop messing around! This year’s draft class doesn’t have the DL strength, depth, or quality we need to fix our sack/pressure problem. Worried

    • Gohawks5151

      If we sign another D line guy that’s not named Clowney or Griffen this fan base will implode

      • GerryG

        Depends on who it is (there isnt many left though). If they move on from the those two, and DO SOMETHING to fix the cavernous black hole of talent that is the DL, I will be encouraged. It’s the doing nothing that is making me crazy

  16. Ryan

    I really like that mock draft simulator, very fun. I’m concerned about the D-line so I went heavy there and then traded up to snag a WR in the 3rd.

    35. Julian Okwara (DE)
    59. Jabari Zuniga (DE)
    64. Raekwon Davis (DT)
    78. Brandon Aiyuk (WR)
    85. Anthony McFarland (RB)
    214. Michael Onwenu (G)

    #27 to Detroit for #35 & #85
    #101,#133, & #144 to Atlanta for #78

  17. Mick Forster

    You’re bang on about the PFN simulator being the best available. I took a crack at a Seahawks mock, inclusive of trades. Thoughts on this?

    27: *Trade* pick 27 to MIA for picks 39 and 70
    39. Julian Okwara, DE Notre Dame
    59. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
    64: *Trade* pick 64 to NYJ for picks 68 and 191
    68. Jabari Zuniga, DE Florida
    70. Isaiah Wilson, OT Georgia
    101. Brandon Aiyuk, WR Arizona State
    133. Solomon Kindley, G Georgia
    144. Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB Vanderbilt
    191. Trey Adams, OT Washington
    214: *Trade* pick 214 to HOU for picks 240 and 250
    240. Jonathan Garvin, OLB Miami
    250. Rico Dowdle, RB South Carolina

    • Positrac

      That was a blast! Thanks Rob.
      I traded 27 for 38+113, not sure how realistic that is.

      SEA 38.
      Julian Okwara
      DE Notre Dame

      SEA 59.
      Jabari Zuniga
      DE Florida

      SEA 64.
      Justin Madubuike
      DT Texas A&M

      SEA 101.
      Devin Duvernay
      WR Texas

      SEA 113.
      Hunter Bryant
      TE Washington

      SEA 133.
      Joshua Kelley
      RB UCLA

      SEA 144.
      Hakeem Adeniji
      OT Kansas

      SEA 214.
      Jordan Fuller
      S Ohio State

  18. Walter Rucker

    Just think….if we can fix the DL w Clowney, Griffin, then the draft is wide open for us. I really really want CEH…I have to think they have a plan, God-willing

  19. Paul Cook

    It’s a thoughtful and balanced draft. But I’m just crabby now. I want a real potential difference maker. That means trading up, not down, IMO. But yeah, I like some of these names and a few others posters are mentioning.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t just automatically get a difference maker because you moved up. The deal has to be right and it has to be for the right player. There’s a reason why I’ve only pitched one proposal for doing so in +11 years.

      • Paul Cook

        I know. I get it. I really haven’t thought about trading up much at all in previous years. This particular year, however, I’m down with it with the particular players I mentioned.

        • Paul Cook

          …those players being Young, Brown, Simmons or CeeDee Lamb.

  20. Aaron

    Have you ever thought about doing a video of your mock draft and providing commentary so we can see what you see and follow your line of thinking on each pick? I would definitely be interested in watching.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — and now I have the software to record me doing one of these live seven round mocks.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Sweet. That would be very entertaining and informative!!!

        I suggest doing that straight-away!

      • brendon light

        I’d love to see that and would absolutely watch!

  21. DC

    If Alabama’s Terrell Lewis was guaranteed to stay healthy, what range would he be selected in?

    • Rob Staton

      That’s difficult to answer. His lack of health seriously impacted his performance and production at Alabama. So we’ll never know what level he could’ve achieved.

      I don’t think he’s a particularly exciting player. He’s high-cut and more explosive than quick I think.

  22. EmperorMA

    This is a nice draft, especially when you consider the eight ball the Seahawks seem to be behind right now on the DL.

    These are not the RB or WR (Reagor, Taylor, CEH) that I wanted from this class, but with our #1 not coming until #27, we may not be in a position to fret about it. Getting two decent prospects through a trade might be a blessing.

    I love the R4-R6 picks very much. I might prefer the safety from Notre Dame a tiny bit more than Metellus, but either should be a nice get for special teams. And the OL picks are perfect.

  23. Darnell

    Thanks for sharing that cool site, much appreciated.

    After a trade down with Detroit for 35&85:

    35. Josh Jones
    59. Curtis Weaver
    64. Brandon Aiyuk
    85. Robert Hunt
    101. Hunter Bryant
    133. Zach Moss
    144. McTelvin Agim, DT
    214. Reggie Robinson, CB

    Regrets are not being able to get Chinn or Dugger, and not being able to get in on a 2nd wave DT like Fotu or Lawrence.

  24. Ukhawk

    Cool draft

    Maybe Greenard is the guy they’re targeting?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve written a lot about Greenard.

      The short shuttle is a big deal in Seattle so it’s worth noting his time. He’s also a terrific character and a great presence. True alpha and leader. But he just lacks any kind of quickness. The Seahawks need some speed in their rush and Greenard is pedestrian at best. He’s slow. So while there’s a lot to like and that short-area agility and chance of direction is good — he’s a 4.8/4.9 runner and that shows up on tape.

  25. Matthew Johnson

    Just did a Mock Draft on there – pretty cool. Pretty happy with the results.

    39. DE Julian Okwara
    56. RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    59. DT Justin Madubuike
    64. DE Jabari Zuniga
    101. WR Chase Claypool
    144. OLB Davion Taylor
    214. S Josh Metellus

    I obviously picked this and like it (duh) – but I wouldn’t be shocked if this is what the draft looks like. And honestly, considering Free Agency – I’d like it and would feel like the top 5 guys could provide immediate impact while Metellus is a nice player and Taylor is an absolute freak athletically.

    • Matt

      Last one – not to annoy.

      45. C Cesar Ruiz
      59. RB Jonathan Taylor
      63. DT Raekwon Davis
      64. DE Jabari Zuniga
      76. LB Willie Gay Jr.
      133. OG Damien Lewis
      144. OT Hakeem Adeniji
      177. DT Khalil Davis
      194. OT Alex Taylor
      214. DE James Smith-Williams

      Can’t believe it fell this way with Ruiz, Taylor, Davis, and Gay Jr. Doesn’t seem likely, but fun no less.

      • Sea Mode


      • Matt

        I lied…one more with preposterous trades – can pretty much say goodbye to the 2021 Draft, lol:

        9. OLB Isaiah Simmons
        59. DT Justin Madubuike
        64. DE Jabari Zuniga
        68. DT Raekwon Davis
        165. OT Hakeem Adeniji
        214. DE James Smith-Williams

        • GoHawksDani

          LOL you went a bit defense heavy 😀 but I love it. It would be so exciting to see how our young defense plays

  26. Matthew Baldwin

    I would totally be happy with this draft…with one exception.

    We’ve spent one of our first two picks on DL each of the past 5 years, so regardless of what happens with Clowney, double dipping early this year is very likely (and love Okwara and Davis).

    Only concern is we don’t get much faster on D. That was a major issue last year IMO. Willie Gay Jr or Jeremey Chinn would be a welcome addition.

    • Rob Staton

      Neither were available.

      And to be honest I’m not sure where Chinn fits. For me he’s an athletic SS.

  27. Sea Mode

    Well, we’re down a 2021 R2 pick, but WE GOT HIM. 😁

    R1P10- Derrick Brown, DT Auburn

    R3P74- Cam Akers, RB Florida State

    R3P101- Damien Lewis, G LSU

    R4P144- Hakeem Adeniji, OT Kansas

    R6P214- Jacob Breeland, TE Oregon

    CLE gets: 27, 59, 64, 133, 2021 R2
    SEA gets: 10, 74

    • Sea Mode

      Or would you like this one better? (Traded away a 2021 R2 again)

      R1P11- Derrick Brown, DT Auburn

      R3P79- Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB LSU

      R4P120- Devin Asiasi, TE UCLA

      R4P133- Bryce Hall, CB UVA

      R4P144- Damien Lewis, G LSU

      R6P214- Tipa Galea’i, OLB Utah State

      NYJ gets: 27, 59, 64, 101, 2021 R2
      SEA gets: 11, 79, 120

  28. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Ifedi on a one year deal to bears to play guard. Smh. Watch him be a stud. Which awhile ago Softly was predicting him as guard. Time will tell.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He should have been a guard smdh

  29. SoCal12

    My PFN sims with no trades:

    Yetur Gross-Matos
    DE Penn State

    Jalen Reagor
    WR TCU

    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama

    Cam Akers
    RB Florida State

    Bryce Hall
    CB UVA

    Shane Lemieux
    G Oregon

    Calvin Throckmorton
    C Oregon

    The PFN sims a fun little gadget, but a tad unrealistic lol. Like I saw Lucas Niang going in like Top-20.

    • Sea Mode

      Work those phones!

  30. Coleslaw

    I lost my mock by refreshing on accident😅

    Was really unrealistic anyway but I’ll try to remember.

    Trade with Detroit: 27, 101, 2021 3rd for 35, 67, and 85.

    35: Julian Okwara DE
    59: Isiaiah Wilson OT
    64: Hakeem Adeniji OT
    67: Cam Akers RB
    85: Jabari Zuniga DE
    133: Azur Kamara OLB
    143: Shane Lemieux OG
    *Lost draft*

    Was assuming all we did for DL was add Everson Griffen, so we had that extra 2021 3rd from Clowney.

    • Coleslaw

      Did another for good measure with the same trade and FA scenario. Still just as unrealistic but whatever lol.

      35: Julian Okwara DE
      59: Isaiah Wilson OT
      64: Jabari Zuniga DE
      67: Robert Hunt OG
      85: Cam Akers RB
      133: Shane Lemieux OG
      144: Hakeem Adeniji OT
      214. Josh Metellus S

      Wanted to really bulk up the OL on this one. Still could be realistic if you switch out Wilson for someone else. I wanted to trade up to like 102 for Rashard Lawrence but I decided to wait for one of the OGs since I only had 3 picks left.

  31. Hawkles

    SEA 36.Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame
    SEA 59.Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU
    SEA 64.Justin Madubuike DT Texas A&M
    SEA 99.Willie Gay Jr. OLB Mississippi State
    SEA 101.Robert Hunt G Louisiana
    SEA 133.Shane Lemieux G Oregon
    SEA 144.Kindle Vildor CB Georgia Southern
    SEA 214.Josh Metellus S Michigan

  32. J

    I did two. One with a trade one without

    2.37: Julian Okawa DE
    2.59: Raekwon Davis, DT
    2.64: Cam Akers, RB
    3.71: Willie Gay Jr LB
    4.101; Lynn Bowden, WR
    5.133: Hakeem Adeniji, OL
    5.144: Michael Ojemudia, CB
    6.214: Josh Mettelus, S

    1.27: Javon Kinlaw, DT
    2.59: Julian Okawa, DE
    2.64: Isiah Wilson, OT
    3.101: Cam Akers, RB
    5.133: Michael Ojemudia, CB
    5.144: Logan Steinberg, OG
    6.214: Josh Mettelus, S

    I also did one where both Brown and Becton were available at 1
    27. I went with Becton.

    Good mix

  33. Von

    Here was my 1st crack at the simulator:

    A couple of trade backs

    39. Julian Okwara -EDGE, ND
    64. Prince Tega Wanogho – OT, AUB
    70. Raekwon Davis – DT, BAMA
    77. Isiah Wilson – OT, UGA
    101. Chase Claypool – WR, ND
    118. Hunter Bryant – TE, UW
    133. Bryce Hall – CB, UVA
    144. Damien Lewis- OG, LSU
    185. Oluwole Betiku – EDGE, ILL
    214. Sewo Olonilua- RB, TCU

  34. Mark Souza

    The thing I like about you draft is the first 5 picks are potential difference makers who may be fighting for starting jobs in 2021. Well done.

  35. GoHawksDani

    I love it! You had me at Duvernay, I’m a big fan of him. Completely different than other guys on the roster so he could play in a specialist role day 1 (screens, jet sweeps, checkdown etc).
    I like the first two picks and Akers too. And I don’t mind the OL picks as this is a good draft for them and you can never have enough good OL (if you have too much you can trade them for high picks).
    Yeah…I’d be ecstatic about this draft.

  36. Matthew Baldwin

    Barton is 6′ 2 237lb and ran a 4.64, 116 broad, 32.5 vert, but more importantly he can’t cover a TE on the flat, or blitz and that’s been a major problem for us. He’s better suited as Wags heir IMO.

    Chinn is 6′ 3″ 221lb and ran a 4.45, 138 broad, 41 vert, deadly blitzer, can cover a TE with his S background. He’s not that much lighter than Shaq Thompson when he came out (228lb). Him or someone like him should be out WIL (Willie Gay?). Anyway, more speed at the 2nd level should be a priority.

    SF LB Kwon Alexander has crushed us and he’s 6′ 1″ and 227lb.

    Anyway Rob, you’ve got a good beat on what PC/JS might do and always love your blog Just hoping PC/JS get faster on D.

    • Matthew Baldwin

      Sorry that was meant to be a reply to an earlier comment

    • Rob Staton

      I want more speed too. But just because a player is a certain size it doesn’t mean they can necessarily just fit into a position or role. I didn’t see a linebacker when watching Chinn, or a big cornerback. I think he’s exclusively a safety.

  37. Troy

    My draft assumes we sign 2 of Clowney/Griffen/Ngaukue.

    I would be ecstatic with this draft! Really feel it helps set up both our oline and offense really well going forward. It will probably never happen that we draft entirely offense, but if we can take care of our needs in free agency defensively I really like the additions this draft could add to our offense.

    I didn’t trade down simply because I think Ruiz will be a foundational player for us and I couldn’t let him slip our grasp.

    Cesar Ruiz
    C Michigan

    Prince Tega Wanogho
    OT Auburn

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    RB LSU

    Brandon Aiyuk
    WR Arizona State

    Harrison Bryant
    TE FAU

    Logan Stenberg
    G Kentucky

    Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

    • BobbyK

      There’s no way you’ll have all three of those early picks if you sign Ngakoue though.

  38. brendon

    Did a PFN mock:

    Traded from 27 to 37 with Chargers, got 37, 71 and 186.

    SEA 37.
    Jalen Reagor
    WR TCU

    SEA 59.
    Julian Okwara
    DE Notre Dame

    SEA 64.
    Joshua Uche
    OLB Michigan

    SEA 71.
    Justin Madubuike
    DT Texas A&M
    (trade) icon

    SEA 101.
    Chase Claypool
    WR Notre Dame

    SEA 133.
    Zack Moss
    RB Utah

    SEA 144.
    Joshua Kelley

    SEA 186.
    Kevin Dotson
    G Louisiana
    (trade) icon

    SEA 214.
    Josh Metellus
    S Michigan

  39. Cortez Kennedy

    I love this draft, it looks like a lot of the ones I have done to pass the time lately. I’ve been reading since 2010 and nobody reports and talks about the Seahawks better. Thanks Rob!

  40. Coleslaw

    Cut Britt and K.J. so we can keep Clowney and add Everson Griffen.

    Trade with Detroit: 27, 101, 2021 3rd for 35, 67, 85.
    Trade with LAR: 133, 214, 2021 4th for 109.

    35. Willie Gay Jr. LB
    59. Justin Madubuike DT
    64. Prince Tega Wanogho OT
    67. Brandon Aiyuk WR
    85. Nick Harris C
    109. Cam Akers RB
    144. Hakeem Adeniji OT

    Britt is replaced, KJ is replaced, Duane Brown successor added, legit 3rd WR, DT to pair with Poona and Reed, and Cam Akers. Nuff said.

    Tried to keep it realistic too. Took Prince over I. Wilson to keep it that way lol

    • Coleslaw

      We would go into next offseason with our big FAs being Griffin, Dunbar, Carson and Griffen. Resign Dunbar and Griffin, go get another RB or resign Carson and the big need is still DE. But we would have plenty of money and still a 1st and 2nd rounder in 2021. No 3rd or 4th probably.

      • Hawk Mock

        I like it. Been wanting a high pick at LB since we lost MSmith. Need the speed.

  41. Brett in AZ

    Assumed they signed one of Clowney/Griffen, then traded for a situational edge. Or else ended getting both Clowney and Griffen, with cuts to provide cap.

    Cesar Ruiz
    C Michigan

    Jonathan Taylor
    RB Wisconsin

    Justin Madubuike
    DT Texas A&M

    Alex Highsmith
    DE Charlotte

    Chase Claypool
    WR Notre Dame

    Shane Lemieux
    G Oregon

    Raequan Williams
    DT Michigan State

  42. DougM

    I like Hall. Like Dunbar I think he has experience at being a receiver. When he defends the deep ball, he turns his head like a receiver.
    Also, I wonder if you have an opinion on Antonio Gibson, Memphis. He tested as wide receiver at the combine but was featured as a running back at the Senior bowl. He weighs 228 and ran a 4.39 40.

  43. charlietheunicorn

    What are the deepest position groups?
    What are the thinnest position groups?
    Could Seattle take a QB in the top 3 rounds…. to play back-up?

    I noticed 3 OL in this mock, but after the flurry of activity in FA, OT seems like a pretty solid bet, I’m not sure about the OG…. even though the Ducks OG would be a nice get in the draft.

    I’m also wondering if they will go with a true LB pick or hybrid LB/DE or S/LB type of guy?
    They hit the position group pretty hard in 2019 with draft capitol, so it tends to make me think they will not invest highly in that position.

    As you mentioned, Seattle has a preference for the RBs they have signed or drafted, so it would be out of left field if they go after CEH in the draft…… which is why I like this move, if they do it. If they got Akers, no complaints here.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I forgot, what would be the optimum number of picks Seattle will want in the 2020 draft?

      • SteveLargent80

        OL, WR
        DL, TE

  44. Rob Staton

    Just filmed myself doing a seven rounder in 30 mins with explanations and reaction.

    Will post the video this week. Maybe tomorrow.

    • Sea Mode

      I think that’s a really cool idea. Can’t wait to see it.

      • Lewis


    • Seahawcrates

      Thanks Rob. What a world, what a world…

  45. Bankhawk

    Rob, Like your mock; well thought out and each move comes with a clear justification. No rainbows and unicorns here. Just logical moves with an eye towards where we need to go. Nice one.

  46. Sea Mode

    Hi Tony, any Jadeveon Clowney predictions?

    Predictions? No. But what I’m told is the way free agency has slowed down, and with players not being able to take physicals, there is a real belief Clowney ends up back in Seattle.

  47. KD

    I like the idea of bringing in Raekwon Davis, but the only thing that makes me cast some doubt on whether they will select him is that, to the best of my knowledge, they have not met with Davis yet. Of course it’s possible that they are doing these meeting remotely for public safety reasons and we just don’t know. They have met with Okwara, so that is a very real possibility.

    If we look at the list of confirmed meetings that they have had, Ross Blacklock is a 34DE type (So is Anae, but i wanted to focus on Blacklock). I watch 3 games of his of TCU vs. Baylor, SMU and Purdue. Here are his combine measurables [ Davis’ numbers in () ]:
    Ht: 6031 (6061)
    Wt: 290 (311)
    SPARQ: 103.5 (101.2)
    Arms: 32.38 (33.88)
    Hands 9.75 (11.0)
    40 yd: 4.90 (5.12)
    10 yd: 1.70 (1.78)
    Shuttle: 4.67 (4.86)
    3 cone: 7.77 (7.95)
    BP: DNP (24)
    Vert 29 (28)
    Broad: 8.92 (9.25)

    So Davis has Blocklock beat on most measurables, so I took a look at 3 games of Blacklock and here are my impressions if anyone wants to agree or disagree.

    -Not overpowering or a bully. Didn’t see much of any bull rush or pure strength against opposing guards.
    -Relied heavily on swims and counters to get around OL which showed off his agility and quickness advantage.
    -Has a good motor once he starts to get around the guard in 1 on 1 situations, and showed he can do this regularly.
    -Flexible in that TCU ran quite a few stunts with him showing good quickness.
    -Of the games i watched, his performance vs. Purdue > SMU > Baylor

    That’s just my impression of him, and a one-two pick of Okwara and Blacklock seems a realistic option. May even get LJ Collier juiced up to play next to a former teammate.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t read too much into who they met with at the combine.

      VMAC meetings are more revealing but they can’t do them this year.

      • charlietheunicorn

        You don’t get classic videos of PC talking off his shirt to meet DK Metcalf.

      • KD

        Oh, indeed I agree with that. I’m always more interested in how many times the Hawks meet with a prospect. One time just shows that the player is on the radar. Twice means that there is some real interest there. Three times and you can start mocking that player into a draft slot. Of course all that is on halt right now, so we can only speculate if they wanted to schedule more meetings in the future. But if Blacklock is picked in the 2nd round, I wanted to know ahead of time why and it looks like they may be intrigued by his agility.

    • KD

      Out of curiosity, I looked up Tony Pauline’s assessment was and I agree with what he wrote after watching him:

      “Prior to announcing he would enter the draft, I was getting second to fourth-round grades on TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock. The film justifies these grades, as Blacklock shows great explosiveness, fundamentals, and intensity. What Blacklock needs is more bulk and better strength, as he gets tied up on blocks too often, but I suspect that will come in time.”

  48. SebA

    That simulator is tons of fun. Took Ruiz as Rob would want, possibly reached for Zuniga but got solid value for Dugger/Akers/Bredeson/Adeniji and then took a punt on a backup QB.

    SEA 27.
    Cesar Ruiz
    C Michigan

    SEA 59.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida

    SEA 64.
    Kyle Dugger
    S Lenoir Rhyne

    SEA 101.
    Cam Akers
    RB Florida State

    SEA 133.
    Ben Bredeson
    G Michigan

    SEA 144.
    Hakeem Adeniji
    OT Kansas

    SEA 214.
    Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

    • Hawktalker#1

      Well done!!!

  49. Greg Haugsven

    Traded 27 for 39 and 70.

    64…Isaiah Wilson
    101…Willie Gay
    133…Amik Robertson
    144…Zack Moss

  50. Greg Haugsven

    This is cool, just dont know how realistic.

    • SebA

      There’s always a few scenarios in each mock on the site that seem a bit off, but it’s so much fun you have to forgive them for that!

    • KD

      Thanks to the Bill O’Briens of the world, the NFL Draft is not realistic either 😛

    • CaptainJack

      Every year players fall unexpectedly and some players are drafted much earlier than expected. So a draft simulator is really only realistic if it’s slightly unrealistic, in a strange paradox.

      Who would have expected DK being around at the end of round 2?

      • SebA

        That’s a really good point!

  51. charlietheunicorn

    It’s not as though new Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Brandon Shell’s two-year, $11 million contract will become an albatross for the organization, and the same applies to deals Seattle handed to Chance Warmack, Cedric Ogbuehi and B.J. Finney.
    But that’s sort of the point. While a lot of other teams might regret overpaying for incoming players this month, the Seahawks might regret dumpster-diving for cheap, mediocre offensive linemen.

    ~Ripped from Bleacher Report


  52. WALL UP

    I like the inclusion of Dotson in your draft. If he were available @ 193, that would be steal. I’ve had been vacillating in placing him @ pick 133 & 144, and settled with him @133, hoping he’s still there.

    He’s Country strong, doesn’t commit penalties, and is durable as it gets. I don’t think he’s missed a snap, much less a game in his career. Pairing him with Hunt wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    But, the thing I noticed about Hunt though, is that he spent a lot of time on the ground, over extending himself. I would love the possibility of Wilson playing along with Dotson. That would be totally filthy right side.

    Trading for Ngakoue would afford that opportunity, if Wilson would last until the 42nd pick. I do believe that a Ngakoue trade could be in their plans, as Pauline indicated. From looking at their acquisitions thus far, this seems to be the only logical conclusion for the lack of activity at this stage to fill that “True Leo” position. This is how I hoped their selections would go:

    Trade (1) JAX Ngakoue and 42 for SEA 27 & 59 picks;
    Trade (2) DEN 77 & 115 for SEA 64;
    Trade (3) SEA 2021 6th Rd pick and 214 for IND 193:

    Yannick Ngakoue (DE)
    #42 — Isaiah Wilson (RT)
    #77 — Cam Akers (RB)
    #101 — V. Jefferson (WR)
    #115 — Amik Roberson (NB)
    #133 — Kevin Dotson (RG)
    #144 — Davon Hamilton (DT)
    #193 — Tyshun Render (DE)

    All these are positions of need that could have an impact on their roster right away.

  53. drewdawg11

    I just can’t get on board with Okwara. He’s talented, but I feel like he will get run over if he’s anything more than a situational rusher and maybe he can make it as an OLB. As an edge player, he’s going to get exposed and we already had issues with holding the edge in the run game.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Who else do you prefer in that same basic range?

      • drewdawg11

        If have to see the board, but honestly, he’s a situational player so why use a top pick? He could turn out to be a full-time player in time, but there’s a big myth that guys get to the league and add strength. They do, but not dramatically. Still waiting on all those gains by Pocic and Green to pay off. I’ve seen great clips of Okwara covering people and I think his best role is a standard OLB who blitzes in pressure packages.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Opening your draft at #44 is not going to work out very often, no matter what it looks like.

      That’s the problem I have with trade down proposals like that. There is too much faith in specific names as opposed to the big picture. Once you surrender one and a half times around the block before you pick for the first time, you are losing ground to the league, not gaining ground.

  54. KD

    I tend to use the Fanspeak or First-Pick simulators as well, but this one is great as well so I gave it a shot with no trades:

    Jalen Reagor
    WR TCU
    Hawks met with him at the combine, and he’s a personal favorite of mine.

    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida
    Here’s the EDGE

    Isaiah Wilson
    OT Georgia
    Let’s assume that these former first rounders don’t work out that well, Wilson could immediately compete or could take the time to be coached up.

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    RB LSU
    CJ prosice replacement

    Logan Stenberg
    G Kentucky
    Hawks also met with Stenberg, so a real possibility here.

    Anfernee Jennings
    DE Alabama
    Sure. Whynot?

    Trey Adams
    OT Washington
    I guess he falls all the way here due to injury concerns, but talent wise is worth the risk with a 6th rounder.

    There were a lot of other possibilities as well, but i just went with my gut on some of these 😛

  55. Von

    What if Patrick Queen falls to 27? Trade back or get more speed on defense ?

    • Jujus

      Pat Queen has bust written all over him to me.

      4.5 @ 230 isnt that fast, only 6′ and shorter arms then our corners… I dont think he is on the board AT ALL.

      • jujus

        Now If we are talking Lb’s lets look at willie gay.

        6’1″ 243lbs 32 5/8″ arms ran a 4.46.

        Thats some real speed size– And probably available @ 64.

  56. CHawk Talker Eric

    I agree PFN’s mock simulator is the best I’ve ever used. I’ve run multiple mocks on it already. It’s highly entertaining, which is much appreciated during these times.

    What’s interesting is my favorite run came out remarkably similar to yours, at least early and late (including the trade down with IND, though I didn’t ask for the late round pick like you, I just got #44 and #75; I shoulda asked for more).

    Anyway here’s my board:

    44. Julian Okwara
    59. Raekwon Davis (though honestly I’m leaning more towards Madubuike lately)
    64. Isaiah Wilson
    75. Brandon Aiyuk
    101. Hunter Bryant
    133. Logan Stenberg
    144. Nick Harris
    162. Hakeen Adeniji
    214. Josh Metellus

    Funny, but in every run I did, my final pick was Josh Metellus. He just seems like a late round Seahawks pick.

    I’m utterly confounded by the focus of SEA’s FA period thus far, given the depth and breadth in this OL draft class. I’ve done PFN mocks where I was able to select Shane Lemieux at the same pick (144) and how could you pass him up there? I also had runs where I was able to get Nick Harris anywhere from 144 to 181, which would be amazing value. There’s such an abundance of legit quality OL prospects throughout this draft, why would SEA spend so much cap space on OL vet hedges?

    But I like the way we’re both thinking about the early picks. I’m all in for Okwara with the first pick, followed up by a DT prospect. We can only hope Okwara’s still available whenever SEA’s first pick is. Perhaps in an ironic twist, Okwara’s inability to test might push him down far enough for us to get him after the anticipated trade down from 27.

    As for the DT, I like Davis a lot, but Madubuike is looking better and better to me. I know SEA have long wanted a DT with Davis’ measurables. They almost had it with McDowell. I can see them deciding this is the year to get that kind of DT and Davis is the guy. And I’d be very happy with that. But if we’re looking purely at the prospects’ game play, and not just the measurables, I really like Madubuike. I think he could be at least as good as Clint McDonald, and maybe, just maybe, as good as Geno Atkins.

    On a personal note, and normally I wouldn’t talk about something personal like this, but the times compel me to mention it. Last Friday I came down with a high fever. I still have it. In the almost week since then, my temp hasn’t been lower than 100ºF/37.8ºC and it’s been as high as 103ºF/39.4ºC. Understandably, this has me well freaked out. Fortunately I have NO respiratory symptoms. No cough, sore throat or congestion. Also no nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Only the persistent fever with sweats/chills, a constant headache and some serious fatigue. But because I lack the typical respiratory symptoms of pneumonia/flu, I’m not able to get tested for COVID19 yet, so I still don’t know if I have it.

    Needless to say my anxiety is high and I’ve spent some long hours during the last week stressing over the slightest tickle in my throat or sniffle in my nose. I don’t think I’m overreacting at all. COVID19 is a killer, even to the relatively young and healthy (which I like to think I am). Plus, I’ve never had a fever for this long; I rarely get sick. So it’s been pretty damn stressful for me.

    But the worst part is how worried my family are, particularly my mom. Today was her 80th birthday and instead of us celebrating it together, she spent it alone because of a statewide lockdown. Instead of taking birthday photos with her family and friends, she’s hovering over her phone and calling me every hour to make sure I’m not getting worse. Sadly, my mom has history with pandemics. Her mom, was orphaned as a young child by the 1918 Spanish Flu. She literally lived in an orphanage for a time. My mom grew up hearing all about that tragedy, the horror of watching both your parents get sick and die, suddenly being alone in the world, etc., so I’m sure the current situation is bringing up a lot of deep rooted fears for her. As much as it sucks not knowing for myself, I can handle waiting to get tested because I know resources aren’t sufficient to meet demand and there are others who need to be tested more than I do. But the stress not knowing is putting on my mom makes me resent the fact that we weren’t better prepared for something we knew was coming. I’m sure eventually I’ll get tested, even if my fever subsides, but I shouldn’t have to wait weeks for it. Nobody should have to wait to know if the reason they feel terrible is potentially lethal.

    Anyway, I’m truly grateful to Rob and the group for all the amazing coverage/content and comments. SDB isn’t just a welcome and appreciated diversion, which it is, especially right now. It’s a treasured and esteemed community bound together by our common passion and enthusiasm for a sport and a team. We all care deeply about football in general, and the Seahawks in particular, which I believe predisposes us to care about each other as well. I’ve known some of you for years, and even though we keep it pretty focused on football, life has a way of seeping into the discussion. Like today.

    Thanks for listening.

    • SteveLargent80

      All the best to you. Hope you feel better soon! Truly appreciate all the work Rob puts out. An excellent objective view of the Seahawks organization. Not overly cynical, or ridiculously lavishing them with praise. A fair and accurate description

    • Dingbatman

      Thank you for sharing your story. Be well.

    • BobbyK

      All our best!!!!!!!

      • Rob4q

        Great draft and for sure take care and hope you feel better.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Good post.

      Hang in there and please let us know when you have improved. I know that will be coming.

      All the best!!!

    • Rik

      It’s a tragedy that citizens of other countries (South Korea, for example) can get tested and know within the same day whether they’re positive or negative. And here in the USA we are still struggling to get up to speed.

      It’s gotta be hard not knowing. Take care of yourself and take care of your family. Best wishes.

    • Mac

      Let others know on the forum if you need people to go out and get you groceries etc. I’m sure I as well as others could pick stuff up for you and leave it on your porch. Stay at home and stay safe!

    • Rob Staton

      You will get through this Eric 💪🏻

      We’re with you

    • Sea Mode

      Stay strong, brother. You’ll be in my prayers.

      Always enjoy reading your comments.

    • DC

      Hey Eric,
      Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated.
      I’ve been drinking Rosemary tea every night before bed as it has anti-viral properties. If you live in the PNW, Usnea, aka ‘old man’s beard’ is a lichen that grows on alder branches and maple branches. That’s anti-viral also. A simple hot water tea for either one. Go easy at first to see how your body responds.
      Health to you sir!

      • Roger Davis

        DC – interesting contribution, thank you.

        May I suggest that before anyone takes Rosemary Tea, or any other commonplace home remedy, that they “Do the Google” to make sure that any underlying condition they may have will not worsen if they try the potion. I just “did the Google” to see when Rosemary Tea (RT) can be dangerous and there are some conditions that could become more serious, even dangerously serious, if you take that tea and have the condition.

        I would remind those of us with any health challenges that – while RT and most vitamin herbal remedies are generally safe – Do the Google to see if they are safe for you given your specific health challenges.

        I have an incurable cancer, Follicular Lymphoma (FL) and it has devastated my immune system. Obviously, my immune system is “seriously impaired.” While my “numbers” are dangerously low my oncologist thinks I’m doing well as they’re not getting worse.

        I’ve also had several skin cancers – a by product of having been a red headed, sun loving, sun burned youth. My dermatologist was checking my most recent skin cancer surgery recovery and I mentioned to him that “even though my numbers are low my Onc thinks things are going AOK with my FL.” He asked what my Lymphocyte level was and I told him 0.54. He nearly had a heart attack. He ordered me to start taking 500mg of Niacinamide (a form of B3) twice a day as a recent study had shown that can reduce skin cancers. He told me if I got SCC or melanoma that, “you’d be 75% more likely to die form it.” Obviously, I’m now taking 1000mg of B3 every day!

        I then saw my ophthalmologist (O), I’m being treated for glaucoma, and since my dermatologist went nuts I thought I better tell him about my low Lymphocytes. My O said, “That’s great! Glaucoma can have an autoimmune effect and if you’ve a low lymphocyte count that may help keep the glaucoma under control.”

        Obviously, any tips we have for each other are worth investigating – but first “do the google.” As the Roman poet Lucretus once said: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

    • mishima

      Hang in there. In this together.

    • Seahawcrates

      All the best to you. Stay rested. My mom is also stressed. We talked her through a zoom setup so now she is able to see her grandkids and great grandkids at least once a day. It was a challenge to get her connected remotely and she was frustrated and wanted to quit because new tech can be hard for the elderly but we have lots of teachers in the family and we worked on it slowly with step by step instructions and practice sessions. But it’s making a difference for her in her isolation. I’m feeling for you, man. Take care of yourself and hopefully on the other side of this damn thing you’ll have some immunity and can help others.

    • cha

      All the best CHawk Talker.

      I think it might be a small help to the community, a reminder to keep our comments positive and avoid getting nasty, if we knew ones like you are coping with a serious challenge and use this site as a ‘welcome and appreciated diversion’ as you put it.

      We can’t make you better, but we can help you cope by keeping civil discourse alive!

    • TomLPDX

      Hang in there, Eric…what ever it is your body is working to defeat it and you will win. Go brother Hawk!

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      Healing thoughts and energy to you. The fever is doing it’s job. Hang in there man

  57. Shawn

    SEA 38. Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame
    SEA 59. Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    SEA 64. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU
    SEA 101. Van Jefferson WR Florida
    SEA 113. A.J. Green CB Oklahoma State
    SEA 133. Logan Stenberg G Kentucky
    SEA 144. Quintez Cephus WR Wisconsin
    SEA 214. Chapelle Russell OLB Temple
    2021 CAR 5th

  58. Greg Haugsven

    Looking at some league cap stuff. Atlanta is trying to create enough cap space to officially sign Fowler and Gurley. So they restructured Matthew’s and Ryan’s contract, Ryan’s for the second time. His cap hit next year is now $41 million.

  59. Hawktalker#1

    I did enjoy that!!!

    SEA 44.
    Austin Jackson
    OT USC
    trade icon
    SEA 59.
    Justin Madubuike
    DT Texas A&M
    SEA 64.
    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama
    SEA 75.
    Cam Akers
    RB Florida State
    trade icon
    SEA 101.
    Devin Duvernay
    WR Texas
    SEA 133.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU
    SEA 144.
    Nick Harris
    C Washington
    SEA 160.
    Hakeem Adeniji
    OT Kansas
    trade icon
    SEA 214.
    Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

  60. Albert

    This is the best mock I’ve seen yet. A very good job Rob. But the fact that I agree with it, probably means Schneider is going to throw us a curveball.

    I’m curious, where did Memphis RB Antonio Gibson go in your draft? I think he would be a good, if not great fit for our offense, but he SCREAMS Kansas City Chiefs. I’m not sure Cam Akers is the guy. The Seahawks did meet with A.J. Dillon at the combine.

    Drafting two offensive lineman from Louisiana-Lafayette is intriguing. Doubt that’s ever happened before by the same team. Still, I’m on board with it.

    You wrote that if we trade for Ngokwue that we may need to draft a DT. I noticed that they tendered Bryan Mone as an ERFA. Two other possibilities that we all forgot about are Demarcus Christmas, who clearly needed a year of weight training with an NFL staff after seeing his results at the combine, and Nazair Jones who was redshirted on IR all last year due to injury. I could see any of these guys filling Al Woods roster spot and nobody noticing the difference.

    I also like Bryan Edwards a lot.

  61. Denver Hawker

    This seems to confirm player evals are all over the place still.

  62. Coleslaw

    I did one for my Bucs since they’re relevant again lol.

    Did some maneuvering and traded a couple future picks. Ended up with:

    1.26. Kristian Fulton CB
    2.39. Jalen Raegor WR
    2.45. Josh Jones OT
    3.74. Robert Hunt OG
    3.97. Anthony McFarland RB
    4.117. Hakeem Adeniji OT
    139. Azur Kamara OLB
    155. Nick Harris C
    161. K’Von Wallace S
    194. Raequan Williams DT

    Brady would have Evan’s, Godwin, Raegor, Brate, Howard, Ronald Jones and McFarland. And a bulked up OL. Kristian Fulton would pair nicely with Justin Simmons in the secondary. K’Von Wallace and Azur Kamara could compete at OLB with Anthony Nelson. Williams could excel next to Suh, Vea, Barrett, JPP, Gholston.

    TB would be serious contenders imo

    • brendon light

      Haha. Awesome. How’s you end up on SDB as a Bucs fan?

      • Coleslaw

        I’m from Seattle, Bucs are my 2nd team lol

  63. Rob4q

    Gave the PFN mock simulator a try, lot’s of fun with this! Here is what I came up with:

    Trade with Indy…just seems like the logical partner (Indy took J. Reagor)
    1/27 + 2021 3rd for 2/34, 3/75, 5/160

    Didn’t like the options there so made another trade back, with Chicago (Chi took P. Queen)
    2/34, 2/59, 6/214 for 2/43, 2/50, 6/196

    Late trade back with Cinn to add picks (Cinn took Q. Davis, WR)
    5/160 for 6/180, 7/215 + 2021 7th

    2/43 – Justin Madubuike, DT
    2/50 – Lucas Niang, OT
    2/64 – Curtis Weaver, EDGE
    3/75 – Brandon Aiyuk, WR
    3/101 – Rashard Lawrence, DT/DE
    4/133 – Logan Stenberg, G
    4/144 – Joshua Kelley, RB
    6/180 – Julian Blackmon, CB/FS
    6/196 – Chapelle Russell, OLB
    7/215 – Bryce Huff, EDGE

  64. swedenhawk

    Hi Rob. After about a dozen or so mock drafts with the PFN simulator, it seems that there’s real value to be had in rounds 3-4. Do you see a scenario where Seattle trades down multiple times to accumulate picks in the 65-140 range? Or is the talent drop off too great? Thanks, and looking forward to the video!

    • Rob Staton

      I think 50-100 is a sweetspot

  65. millhouse-serbia

    Here is Albert Breer answer on Clowney situatio…I just dont know why he speaks about micrfracture surgery…he had core surgery…

    From Craig R (@CFR624): What’s the latest on Clowney? How do you see the #Seahawks pass rush FA plans unfolding?

    Craig, I think two things are at work here. One, Clowney’s injury history (he’s had microfracture surgery) is such where he’s getting dinged for the same reason Cam Newton is—an inability to meet with team doctors makes it difficult to prove that he’s not an enormous medical risk. Two, I think his financial expectations were a little unrealistic to begin with, and that’s not a knock on him as a player.

    I know it was fairly well known in Houston that he wanted to join Frank Clark and DeMarcus Lawrence in the $20 million club after being franchised in 2019, and the Texans were never going there. That, plus clashes with coaches, led to the trade to Seattle, and he was good-not-great for the Seahawks (he actually had fewer sacks than one of the “parts” in his trade, Jacob Martin). So if you’re paying him what he wants, you’re doing that based on potential, and it’s tough to pay someone as banged up as Clowney’s been on that basis.

    All of that is why I think the likelihood is he’s back in Seattle, maybe on a one-year deal.

    So it looks like everyone thinks he will be seahawks because no one else cant do physical exam…

    I am not so sure about it…yes its reasonable if he doesnt want to wait for long time and want to sign before draft…but what if he is ready to wait until july, avgust…to wait on some injuries etc…

    • Sean

      Hmm maybe the medical exam thing is just making the Seahawks extremely confident that they can get him on the deal they want. Sounds like teams not being able to exam him is a pretty big issue.

      • Sean

        In addition, maybe the Seahawks themselves are concerned with his injury history..

        • Rob Staton

          Should’ve signed someone else then.

          • GerryG


    • Sea Mode

      Millhouse, when you want to end the green quote, you need to add a slash “/” at the end before “blockquote”.

      (without spaces)

    • Bmseattle

      Clowney did have microfracture surgery on his knee, back during his rookie season, I believe.
      It would make sense that any team interested in giving him a long term deal would like to check out that knee.
      My guess is that both the Texans and the Seahawks *do* have info on the knee.
      Whether it is the money or the medicals that is the hold up on the Seahawks end of things… we can only guess.

      I can understand the frustration from Clowney… finally reaching free agency and not getting a chance to truly be “bid on”.
      Now he is forced to accept a multi-year deal way lower than he wants, and/or a one year deal less than the franchise tag that he was already “insulted” by.

      • Simo

        You make some valid points about Clowney’s injury history, and that teams would want to check that out thoroughly before committing big to him.

        Since the Hawks do have his medicals and are still offering him a contract (as far as we all know), then they are simply offering what his market says he’s worth. His market is probably being set because of the injury history and lack of sack production over his career. He’s clearly a disruptive player, but not a top sack producer.

        Still its hard to feel to bad for him, he’s still going to make millions at a time when many are losing jobs!

        • Bmseattle


          Oh, I agree! Understanding the frustration from Clowney is different from feeling bad for him.
          He’s extremely fortunate, even if he is valued less than he anticipated he’d be.

          But understanding his frustration can help us understand (perhaps) why he hasn’t signed yet, and why he may not be inclined to sign anytime soon.

  66. Madmark

    Well Rob, Things are iffy for men at this time living in the outskirts of Graham , Washington. I”m one of the old guys here on your site. I have to say you are a better Seahawk Fan than I am. This website has been on my favorites since the draft of 2010. I’m a 13 year survivor of small cell lung cancer so you can see my concerns. What I wanted to say was I appreciate the website more than you know. There was a guy named Kip who always posted a post that was 2 player’s I want this draft.
    For me I want Isiah Wilson, the reason is he is a monster this is the RT we have looking for with a Carpanter and Ifede. I think its a 2year project but if it works its a 10year player that I believe will b a Pro Bowler.
    The other player I like is A.J. Dillion I like to take him at 101. He’s is everything Seattle wants as far as physical. If you can’t develop this guys abilities then you need to retire as a coach. Carson comes off the field if I want to keep it more physical Dillion can be the answer.
    43 Isiah Wilson
    59 Cam Akers I don’t think he last to 75. Seattle reach before with Michaels
    64 WR that drops here
    75Nick Harris
    101 A.J. Dillion
    I haven’t look at rest except Trey Adam latter if he drops

    • Rob Staton

      Stay safe Mark, all the best 👍🏻


    I’d be thrilled with this haul.

  68. Hawkster

    Wow, really tough being a GM watvhing them go off the board just before mo over and over.

    Traded with GB, they took Reagor, then the same trade with Indy Rob did (IND took Diggs). Then whoosh off comes Delphit, Epensa, YGM, RDavis, Okwara, Dobbins, TLewis, and C E-H, so I panicked and grabbed Uche. The computer picked Johnson, I wanted Duvernay.

    44 Uche OLB
    59 Hamler WR
    64 Strowbridge DT
    75 Elliot DT
    94 T Johnson WR
    101 Stenberg G
    133 Kamara OLB
    144 Moss TE
    193 Onwenu G
    214 Durant T

  69. Rob Staton

    Woke up. Had breakfast.

    Had to delete about seven messages again because people can’t handle the fact we’ve talked about the Seahawks off-season in non flattering terms.

    Incredible really.

    • DC

      Has to be pretty bad for a delete on here. This isn’t a very offendable crowd.

    • Ukhawk

      Shame Rob

      I’d like to ask those people 2 simple things:

      Q: “Will the current Hawks defense scare any team?”
      A: “No!”

      Q: “Will the current Hawks defense take them to the Super Bowl?”
      A: “Doubtful”

    • GerryG

      The discussion has been very rational and pointed. It’s not been a classic Internet pile on of senseless screaming.

      Thanks for moderating, sometimes I feel this place slipping into the shouting match that ruins Internet spots discussion.

      The plan is flawed, imo, and in the opinion of most, but it seems they are content to wait on Clowney, and will free up the required amount via cuts/restructuring/extensions once they know the number. Bizarre offseason plan, but I can’t see what else it could be.

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      This kind of makes me chuckle. I’ve been know to disagree with some of your takes in the past, but this?? It boggles my mind how anyone could NOT be disappointed and confused by the off-season to-date. Unless, of course, they never paid attention enough to realize this FA period was a perfect confluence of available cap space and critical need. It’s comical how some people equate criticism or concern with not being a true fan.

  70. DC

    That mock sim is pretty fun…

    KJ gets moved/released. Something gets done on the EDGE.

    27. Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State
    59. Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama
    64. Isaiah Wilson, OT Georgia
    101. Malik Harrison, OLB, Ohio State
    133. Antonio Gibson, RB, Memphis
    144. Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin
    214. Tipa, Galea’i, OLB, Utah State

  71. Henry Taylor

    Cheers for this, good article and that simulator is the first one I’ve seen that isn’t terrible. Ill likely do a few more of them with nothing else going on in my life. Not too happy about being forced to go Dline this early and often in this years draft, but I’d be very happy with this group overall (traded down multiple times because that’s what they do):

    45. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
    59. Jabari Zuniga, DE Florida
    64. Isaiah Wilson, OT Georgia
    76. Brandon Aiyuk, WR Arizona State
    94. Hunter Bryant, TE Washington
    101. Amik Robertson, CB Louisiana Tech
    133. A.J. Dillon, RB Boston College
    144. Damien Lewis, G LSU
    214. Trey Adams, OT Washington

    • Henry Taylor

      Just for fun, I did a trade up scenario as well. Originally it was gonna be for a DT but them Simmons fell to #9 so I moved up for picks #27, #59 and a 2021 1st. Didn’t get to fill out the needs as much in this one so it would rely on resigning Clowney to the Dline at the very least. I do like the the top 3 picks all started on a National Championship winning side in the last 3 seasons.

      9. Isaiah Simmons, OLB Clemson
      64. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
      101. Lloyd Cushenberry, C LSU
      133. Zack Moss, RB Utah
      144. Jack Driscoll, OT Auburn
      214. Steven Montez, QB Colorado

  72. millhouse-serbia

    Yesterday I wrote about draft priorities…

    I had Leo as first and DL as second. And had these two players as draft targets.

    Priorities 3,4 and 5 were C,S and OT. I think with pick 64 they will take BPA from that three position.

    A than I had WR and RB (late 3rd early 4th round are spots where i expect them to draft that two positions)…

    So i could say my mock wouldnt be much different than Rob’s.

  73. ChrisClem

    Have you Rob (or anyone else) looked on Madre Harper at all? Seems like the perfect CB for the Seahawks, both in terms of size and testing. 4,10 ss. 4,41 40. 40 VJ. 6,70 3-cone. 33 7/8’’ arms. Played with Tre Flowers in college. I would think Pete would love to coach him up.

  74. Daniel Mock

    Here is mine:
    I traded #27 to Green Bay for #30, #136, & #208
    I traded #59 to Cincinnati for #65 & #147
    I traded #144 to Washington for #162 & 216
    I traded #162 to Houston for #171 & 240
    I traded a future 7th rounder to NYG for #255

    30. Johnathon Taylor, RB Wisconsin
    64. K.J. Hamler, WR Penn State
    65. Jabari Zuniga, DE Florida
    101. James Lynch, DT Baylor
    133. Ben Bredeson, G Michigan
    136. Shane Lemeiux, G Oregon
    147. Anfernee Jennings, DE/LB Alabama
    171. Shaun Bradley, ILB Temple
    208. Trey Adams, OT Washington
    214. Kelly Bryant, QB Missouri
    216. Yasir Durant, OT Missouri
    240. Jacob Breeland, TE Oregon
    255. Jake Luton, QB Oregon State

    I drafted Bredeson & Lemeiux despite our recent signings. We’d probably keep one if not both, and can cut some of the non-guaranteed/low dead money guys. I took a flier on Shaun Bradley w/o knowing much about him. I thought Trey Adams and Yasir Durant would be good roles of the dice this late in the draft. Kelly Bryant intrigues me as he lost his job to Lawrence from Clemson and was a grad transfer. Jacob Breeland is an under the radar prospect due to injury (He was one of Justin Herbert’s favorite targets prior to going down…a decent blocker and good route runner). I traded next years 7th for Mr. Irrelevant Jake Luton, who I believe can grow into a solid quarterback.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m a fan of Breeland; mocked him to us up above in the comments as well.

      While I like your first three picks, I feel like a draft class of 13 is just too many guys. Probably about half of them would likely not even make the roster. I think we should look for a few quality additions more than quantity.

      • Spencer

        Seems strange to me that a team would trade a 7th rounder this year for a 7th rounder next year

        • Daniel Mock

          In that scenario, I traded a future 7th to get back into the draft for the very last pick. So in the simulation, the odds are that the Giants would probably get a higher 7th rounder next year.

      • Daniel Mock

        You might be right, but it was all done trading back with the hope that more selections might increase the odds of hitting on prospects. Even if half didn’t make the roster, we still have a draft where six or seven make the roster

    • Positrac

      Your pick of a RB in the 1st is great.
      I wish SEA would put their money where their mouth is.
      Draft a RB fist pick every year.
      Four or five top RB’s on the roster.
      They all get lots of snaps.

  75. Ross

    Hey Rob – Love checking this site and finding a new piece to read while I drink coffee and ignore work for another 20 minutes. Thank you!

    I love Van Jefferson for his size and route running and I really want PCJS to draft him. Where did he go in this mock, and is that where you expect him to go in the real draft?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t remember where he landed but I think it was round four

  76. Bergstrom

    Decided to join everyone else and have fun with a mock draft. In this mock, Clowney has been resigned. In trying to make sense of this offseason so far, I worked under the assumption that PCJS feel that keeping the D relatively in tact but adding one new X-factor would make a significant difference. Therefore the O-Line signings and the signing of Dorsett could be a hedge against missing out on those position groups early due to an aggressive trade up.

    9. Isaiah Simmons
    OLB Clemson
    Simmons has been discussed Ad nauseum but he would be a much needed injection of speed and talent. He could be used to neutralize the elite TEs in the division or rush off the edge at times to help a still weak D-Line. Watching close on the sideline with speed and aggression is a thing of beauty. In this draft, he falls to 9 and I traded 27, 64, and our 2021 1st.

    59. Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama
    Another player Rob has discussed a lot. I had considered trading down from here to gain another pick in the top 100 (or at least move up from 101 to get CEH). Both Davis and Madubuike were available here, so it made sense. However, the other GMs were being difficult so I just had to grab my guy.

    101. Cam Akers
    RB Florida State
    Missed out on CEH, grabbed a guy that fits our mold. I was disappointed to miss out on the WR and OL depth in the top 100. Again though, maybe our FA moves are a sign that they are prepping for this.

    133. Nick Harris
    C Washington
    Add an aggressive and technical, if undersized, center. We know they like Hunt, so why not?

    144. Saahdiq Charles
    OT LSU
    I will admit, at this point I was out of my depth. So take the rest with a grain of salt. Wanted to add a developmental OL prospect. Has the potential to be a utility back up at Guard and Tackle.

    214. Trevis Gipson
    DE Tulsa
    Athletic DE prospect. Flashed in college. Needs to add bulk but has upside.

    The final question: Would adding Dunbar, Simmons, Davis, and Irvin be enough to improve or defense enough to make us a legit contender?

  77. A, Chris

    First off, I appreciate you Rob. You’re killing it this offseason. So thank you for all the work.

    Akers is a great pick. I’m partial to Zach Moss, myself. But if I’m JSPC and Johnathan Taylor is still on the board at 27-33, I can’t not take him. The guy is lightning in a bottle. Russ wants stars and that kid fits the bill. Get your o-line in the late, WR in the mid, and your DE/DT with your second pick.

    Stay safe!

  78. Rob Staton

    I’ve video’d me doing another one of these. 30 mins in total.

    Will post later unless they sign anyone today.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. Just curious: do you mean screen capture with voiceover?

      • Henry Taylor

        Could we cast one of your wife and kids as Goodell and former Seahawks standing behind a podium announcing the picks?

        Get some production value out of a lock down?

      • Rob Staton


  79. Yimba

    tried a 5 round mock draft:

    -traded 27 for 44 & 72 with the cardinals
    -traded 44 for 60 & 92 with Ravens

    Picks : 59, 60, 64, 72, 92, 101, 133, 144

    59: Raekwon Davis DT
    60: Bryan Edwards WR
    64: Jabari Zuniga DE
    72: Cam Akers RB
    92: Logan Wilson ILB
    101: Ben Bredson OL
    133: Kenny Willekes DE
    144: Logan Stenberg OL

    would obviously be very happy with this draft. not gonna hold my breath lol

    • Qoolio

      I’ve been taking a similar path through the simulator. Assuming that moving up won’t happen, I am curious where potential trading partners are to get six picks in the top 101. I’m not holding my breath for seven, but it’s a fun exercise in resource management.

  80. Sea Mode

    John Boyle

    Interesting note from @chosen1_47 [Quinton Dunbar] on his interview with @710ESPNSeattle, said he is familiar w/ and has worked on the step-kick technique the #Seahawks ask CBs to use, including working with Marquand Manuel.

    • Lewis

      That makes an already good signing sounds that much better.

  81. cha

    I’m sure this has been discussed at some point and I missed it.

    Is there anything to the thought that the Hawks and Clowney already have a deal, and the delay is just due to getting a physical squared away? That they’re playing it different than other teams/agents, instead of leaking the deal then have a physical when they can, they do the opposite?

    There was a blip about Brockers not being able to get a physical and it endangering his 3/$30 deal with Baltimore, which both sides moved quickly to quash, but they acknowledged he hasn’t gotten a physical yet.

    I’m not saying the Hawks have had a deal struck for an entire week plus and are holding off. Just maybe in the last couple days – since the general consensus of news broke that Clowney isn’t getting the offers he wants and may have to go short term and retry in a couple years.

    • Simo

      Anything is possible but this seems unlikely to me. Numerous deals are still being announced even though the players can’t complete the physicals just yet, not sure how it benefits anyone to hold off announcing a deal if in fact one has been agreed to?

      I do hope you’re theory turns out to be correct though!!

  82. Jujus

    Heres my PFN mock this morning

    Joshua Uche OLB Michigan
    Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU
    Willie Gay Jr. OLB
    Leki Fotu DT Utah
    A.J. Dillon RB
    Logan Stenberg G
    Colton McKivitz OT WVU
    Trevis Gipson DE Tulsa

    • Michigan 12th

      I doubt it will fall this way, but this is one of my favorites so far. I love the first 6 picks.

  83. millhouse-serbia

    2.3 mil cap hit for Ogbueni.

  84. Kingdome1976

    Did the mock simulator. 4 rounds with a bunch of trades.

    SEA 37.
    Julian Okwara

    SEA 47.
    Cesar Ruiz

    SEA 64.
    Ross Blacklock

    SEA 70.
    Michael Pittman Jr.

    SEA 133.
    A.J. Dillon

    SEA 144.
    Jack Driscoll

  85. LAHawk

    If we let clowney walk and we signed Everson Griffen to a reasonable short-term deal, and then this was our draft… I’d be OK with it? There would be question marks on both lines but we’d have a good receiving corps, a fairly deep secondary (if we have the $$ we should extend Dunbar or Griffin or both imo), and the best QB in the NFC. You have to draft and develop pass rushers because there’s no way to get bargains on them in free agency. We should be stocking up on young guys up front, just like Rob suggests.

  86. Rob4q

    Quality over quantity – 5 picks inside the top 75! That simulator is so much fun to play around with…

    Trade 1/27, 4/133 to Miami for 2/39, 3/70, 5/154

    Trade 2/39, 3/101, 5/154 + 2021 6th to Indy for 2/34, 3/75

    Trade 6/214 + 2021 5th to Balt for 5/177

    2/44 – Jonathan Taylor, RB
    2/59 – Justin Madubuike, DT
    2/64 – Jabari Zuniga, EDGE
    3/70 – Bryan Edwards, WR
    3/75 – Willie Gay Jr, OLB
    4/144 – Logan Stenberg, G
    5/177 – Hakeen Adeniji, OT/G

    • Ashish

      Every year we have SDB favorites and always wish to see hawks to pick up those players. Let’s see this year we get atleast 50% players selected.

  87. Greg Haugsven

    Contract numbers out for Cedric Ogbuehi.

    1 year $2.3 million
    $500k guaranteed (signing bonus)
    Base salary $1.3 million
    $500k per game roster bonuses (14 ltbe)
    Cap hit is $2.237 million

    A bit much for a dude that made under a million last year.

    • Greg Haugsven

      $1.527 million net loss of cap space after he bumps Travis Homer and his $710k cap hit out of the top 51.

      • Simo

        Don’t know if I would sweat this very much. It has already been mentioned that the new OL pieces they have added recently will likely end up costing less than the previous pieces. This is considering that Fant signed a $10m/yr deal and now Ifedi has signed elsewhere. It’s also likely Iupati is gone, and we still don’t know what the plan is with Britt. The OL in 2020 could cost significantly less than the 2019 version.

        • Kingdome1976

          ..and could be significantly worse.

          • Simo

            Sure, that’s possible of course. But I don’t think anyone was of the belief that Ifedi, Fant (not even a starter), Iupati, and even Britt were a top notch OL. Not a superstar among that group. Seems worth a try to reduce the cost and hope for equal, and perhaps a bit better, overall OL play.

          • Greg Haugsven

            But could be much better as well. We wont know until the games are played.

  88. RWIII

    #44 — Julian Okwara (DE)
    #59 — Raekwon Davis (DT)
    #64 — Robert Hunt (T)
    #75 — Cam Akers (RB)
    #101 — Devin Duvernay (WR)
    #133 — Bryce Hall (CB)
    #144 — Shane Lemieux (G)
    #193 — Kevin Dotson (G)
    #214 — Josh Metellus (S)

    That would be quit a haul. I especially like the pick of Bryce Hall in the 4th round. He could be steal.

    Question for Rob. Just curious do you remember what your scouting report was on Jarret Stidham. I am curious to see how you rated him. The Patroits took Stidham in the 4th round. Actually the Patroits took 6 players ahead of Stidham in the 4th round. It’s almost like the Patroits took a flyer on Stidham. Of coarse Brady was taken in the 6th round. So you don’t know.

    • Rob Staton

      Think my view was like most. Clear talent and arm strength but his last season at Auburn was a waste. He does lack some of the improv ability you need these days. The Pats are planning something. Not sure what but they will be.

      • RWIII

        Thanks Rob.

  89. DK

    Here is the latest version of my mock draft using the simulator.

    Traded 27 to Miami for 39, 70, and 141

    Knowing full well Schneider and Carroll will make more than one trade here was what this draft looked like:

    39. Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame
    59. Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    64. Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    70.Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina
    101. Willie Gay Jr. OLB Mississippi State
    133. Logan Stenberg G Kentucky
    141. A.J. Dillon RB Boston College
    144.Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas
    214. Yasir Durant OT Missouri

    6 out of 9 picks spent in the trenches, but Russell won’t need superstars if he gets more time before having to run for his life and we all know the defensive line needs an influx of talent.

  90. Rob4q

    Can we talk about LJ Collier for a minute? I understand that expecting huge improvement from him doesn’t solve their problem, but maybe he could be part of the solution. Wasn’t the feeling last year before the draft that he was one of the D-line players the Seahawks would be interested in? Didn’t he have an impressive last college season along with a great Senior Bowl performance? And didn’t he offer some of the alpha personality and other traits we felt they would look for?

    So what happened to him last season? Well, JS came out and said the ankle injury he suffered in pre-season should have sent him to IR for the year but he gutted it out and wanted to play. He sure wasn’t very effective when he got on the field though. Could the injury have been the reason why and maybe they should have just put him on IR? Maybe it actually hurt his learning curve not being able to go 100% and worrying about the injury instead of just playing…and then screwed up his confidence because he wasn’t as effective.

    So what should his expectaions be for the upcoming season? Is he just going to be a rotational player along with Rasheem Green going forward? Or can he compete for a starting spot and be the player we all hoped he would?

    • Rob Staton

      I really liked Collier at TCU and certainly I’m not giving up on him after one year.

      However, for me he would be a mere bonus. He and Green are players that have to earn the right to even be talked about. If they do that, great. But they have to earn respect not projection that they can play any part in this whatsoever.

      • Rob4q

        Makes sense, they haven’t really done anything to this point to even talk about…

    • cha

      I think Collier fits under the “hope for the best/prepare for the worst” line of thinking.

      It’s within the realm of possibility he does contribute something to really get excited about in 2020.

      However, counting on a player who basically missed his entire rookie season to be a starter/significant contributor in his second is fraught with peril. There are just too many unknowns and not enough actual game tape/action to make an accurate judgement call on him. The fact they like his physical traits and potential just isn’t enough at this time.

      So the Hawks should be inclined to surround him with depth. If they get good experienced talent around him, he can grow at a proper rate and not be crushed by constant double teams or facing their top OL on every down.

      My guess would be this season he is a rotational piece and occasionally shows us why the Hawks drafted him so high, and really gets fans excited about Year 3.

      • Rob4q

        Probably right Cha, rotational role until he actually shows something…

    • Davido

      In my opinion the problem lies in the nature of the offseason. During the offseason we fans want to see our team to improve. However, improvement is not made in free agency or the draft in reality. The difference between good teams and bad teams are not created on a desk in an office.
      The whole desk and office thing is a part of it since you need the right personnel to do the job but right now, who knows who the right personnel is? The difference is created by the personnel with hard work.
      Fans and media create winners and loser of the offseason during the offseason. I said it before, the Browns are “winning the offseason” for years now because from what we fans can see on the surface they improve their team by adding players that have shown that they can do the job. Yet they can’t make the playoffs.
      Seattle so far didn’t add those “proven improvements” and LJ Collier has not shown he can do the job. So from what we fans can predict LJ Collier is not the answer to our problems.
      I think he has the ability to be a difference maker, he was still a first round pick. But so was Ifedi and he never made a positive difference. Nobody of us, probably not even Pete can tell what his role will be next season. But in my opinion he has to be part of the answer! You don’t build a championship roster in FA. We were not missing one or two better players last year. We need improvement from our overall roster on depth like the David Moores out there but also on Superstars like Bobby or even Jadeveon Clowney.
      If this offseason will be a success depends on guys like LJ and not only on the next splashy trade we might make.

    • Volume12

      IMO the injury ansolutely had an impact on his learning curve. However, his learning curve was probably always going to be harder than some of the others from his class. He only started 1 season at TCU.

      • Rob4q

        That’s a good point too, he was always going to take a little longer. But did having Clowney and Green in front of him also hurt his chances of contributing? I doubt it because if he was showing it in practice they would have found a way to get him on the field more…

    • TJ

      I think that it should also be noted that some players start slowly. It isn’t uncommon for rookies to have a minimal impact, even ones who are destined to become Pro Bowlers. Yes, there are always high-impact rookies in any season who become instant Pro Bowlers, but I don’t believe its common.

      Collier had no impact as a rookie. Whether from injuries, learning curve, or whatever. I can’t remember who it was on this blog that pointed out a few days ago that Frank Clark didn’t play much as a rookie either. Is this true? Like Rob said, maybe we shouldn’t count on him to be an impact player, but we also shouldn’t give up on him just yet.

      • Bmseattle

        I’d feel a lot more optimistic if Collier was a younger prospect.
        Clearly he’ll have the opportunity to prove himself this year, but his age and lack of overall athleticism likely limits his upside.

        • Davido

          Im not too sure what the argument about his age is. Yes, he is older than many other rookies but it’s not like he is past his athletic prime yet. Especially when it comes to body composition and muscle mass being older can even be an advantage. Body builders for example have their prime at 30-40. It is a different sport but it’s a sport that is purely about muscle mass and body composition.
          Collier can still have the same body growth as a 21 year old during a full NFL offseason.
          How does being younger increase your ceiling? I hear that a lot but I never fully understood.

          • Bmseattle

            I was thinking more along the lines of evaluating his college production vs younger, possibly less physically developed players.
            I could be completely off base with this, of course. It just seems plausible that an older college senior would have some physical advantages.

            The “upside” issue is less relevant to me, though there is a reason why we might intuit that Green (as a younger player), might have more untapped potential than an older player like Collier, at the same point in their careers.

        • TJ

          Unless he is already approaching his late 20s, I don’t think his age will have any short-term effect. It might mean a shorter overall career, but should have no impact on what he can do for the next few years

  91. Rico

    Lurker, not much of a poster… huge fan of the Hawks since mid-70’s and admirer of your work, Rob. Appreciate having this resource especially right now as a welcome distraction.

    I tried that simulator you posted – that is fantastic! Could easily get lost in there for hours.

    I ran two simulations and ended up with (both times traded out of first and other trades, but just giving names I ended up with for simplicity):

    – Okwara
    – Clyde EE
    – Zuniga
    – Cushenberry
    – KJ Hill
    – Ojemudia
    – Stenberg
    – Bryce Hall

    Second time:

    – Thomas (OT)
    – Raekwon Davis
    – Zuniga
    – Aiyuk
    – Ojemudia
    – Zack Moss
    – Davion Taylor
    – Trey Adams

    Super fun! Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to craft, Rob.

    • Sea Mode

      That second draft class is 🔥🔥

  92. charlietheunicorn

    I just had to join the mock draft party… and made multiple trades.. as Seattle loves to do to get some more picks. One flaw was no 5th round pick, but I’ll live with these results.
    42. Julian Okwara – DE Notre Dame
    64. Raekwon Davis – DT Alabama
    69. Cam Akers – RB Florida State
    85. Hunter Bryant – TE Washington
    101. Shane Lemieux – G Oregon
    113. Nick Harris – C Washington
    133. Michael Ojemudia – CB Iowa
    214. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri
    221. Steven Montez – QB Colorado

    • charlietheunicorn

      41. Justin Madubuike – DT Texas A&M
      59. Raekwon Davis – DT Alabama
      64. Kyle Dugger – S Lenoir Rhyne
      97. Hunter Bryant – TE Washington
      101. Gabriel Davis – WR UCF
      133. Shane Lemieux – G Oregon
      144. Shaun Bradley – ILB Temple
      173. Khalil Davis – DT Nebraska
      175. Joe Reed – WR UVA
      185. Trey Adams – OT Washington
      214. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri
      251. Stephen Guidry – WR Mississippi State

  93. Volume12

    I try to do these mocks, but I’m too indecisive.

    Probably in the minority, but I still like Auburn DL Marlon Davidson as an option. Think he’d be a fantastic 5-tech and a guy who could excel shooting gaps as a 3-tech. Has some really impressive bend for his size. Sets a nice, hard edge. Needs to fix that stance of his.

    • charlietheunicorn

      The part I love is not the actual picks, it is trying to hoodwink teams out of their picks lol

  94. Greg Haugsven

    One thing that sticks out to me in the\is mock draft simulator is how many good players will be available to them at 59 and 64. I would love for them to trade back to around 39 and get an early third. If you could have 4 picks between say 39-70 you are looking at getting 4 really solid players.

    • DC

      I’ve really got it baked into my cake that we pull off the trade for Ngakoue, sending the #27 & #59 to JAX for #42 & YN. That solves the LEO problem & we can then move on and have a fun draft.

      • Greg Haugsven

        We can do that as well. Then you have 42 and 64 and 101 to really get some good players.

  95. NY12

    With a few trades

    34 Yetur Matos-Gross
    59 Prince Tega Wanogho
    64 Justin Madubuike
    75 D Andre Swift
    94 Willie Gay Jr
    133 Logan Sternberg
    144 Kindle Vildor
    160 Thadeous Moss
    214 Trey Adams

  96. Greg Haugsven

    Its cool because things can change so much with this mock draft. I traded back to 39 and Matos and Okwara were taken. Ended up taking Queen. Its fun to do over an over. Also like I said before try being another team other than the Seahawks to see who the computer does for us.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Try Bengals, and trade the #1 pick.. for insanity.

  97. Bigten

    First Sim:

    47. Julian Okwara
    59. Jabari Zuniga
    64.Isaiah Wilson
    71.Cam Akers
    101. Rashard Lawrence
    119. Robert Hunt
    133. Bryce Hall
    144.Antonio Gandy-Golden
    214. Bryce Huff

    Ill admit that was fun, and a lot harder than thought haha idk how realistic this would be tho haha

  98. Henry Taylor

    I’ve ran like 20 of these sims today…

    One thing I notice happening from time to time is a little fall for Andrew Thomas, I still think he goes #4 to the Giants, but when it happens I’m absolutely trading up for him. We’d have an immediate RT upgrade over what Ifedi offered or what Shell would, and we’d have our LT of the future whenever Brown decides to move on.

    So basically how would people feel about moving up for Thomas if the opportunity presented itself?

  99. Gaeleck

    A fun exercise! Not so sure all of these players would actually be available where selected, but it would be nice. Obviously a couple of trades were necessary.

    33. Jonathan Taylor
    59. Raekwon Davis
    64. Willie Gay Jr
    79. Hunter Bryant
    133. Logan Stenberg
    144. Nick Harris
    214. Steven Montez

  100. charlietheunicorn

    I’m still convinced that the Bengals are going to do at least a trade of the #1 pick, likely Dolphins… so what would they gain by doing this trade (and a few others). The Bengals need help all over the roster, I tried to fill the obvious holes… but the number one thing is to keep the QB upright, no matter who is under center.

    8. Justin Herbert – QB Oregon
    18. Andrew Thomas – OT Georgia
    30. Cesar Ruiz – C Michigan
    33. Jonathan Taylor – RB Wisconsin
    65. Michael Pittman Jr. – WR USC
    71. Clyde Edwards-Helaire – RB LSU
    80. Willie Gay Jr. – OLB Mississippi State
    94. Gabriel Davis – WR UCF
    107. A.J. Green – CB Oklahoma State
    147. Logan Stenberg – G Kentucky
    159. Shaun Bradley – ILB Temple
    180. Khalil Davis – DT Nebraska
    215. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri

    If they pull off a draft even 50% of this list, they would well be on the way to returning to “glory”. This enables them to trade Dalton and AJ Green if they so desire for draft picks or players to fill other holes. They could collectively turn the page and start rebuilding properly with a solid foundation.

    Note: Seattle traded their pick for #27, for a 2021 1st and 2021 2nd from the Patriots. No way this happens, just saying!

    • Producehawk

      Here is a fun one traded my draft to move up twice
      SEA 16.
      Derrick Brown
      DT Auburn
      trade icon
      SEA 53.
      Jonathan Taylor
      RB Wisconsin
      trade icon
      SEA 133.
      Alex Highsmith
      DE Charlotte
      SEA 144.
      John Hightower
      WR Boise State
      SEA 214.
      Calvin Throckmorton
      C Oregon

  101. Schleems18

    I think instead of duvernay i’d rather have john hightower

  102. Sebastian

    Tried it several times. Great stuff! I think the one below was the most „valuable“ one.

    19. Isaiah Simmons – LB
    75. Isaiah Wilson – OT
    101. CEH – RB
    133. Bryce Hall – CB
    144. Damien Lewis – OG
    160. Amik Robertson – nCB

    • Producehawk

      That would be nice haha

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