Video: A full seven round draft simulation

Yesterday I posted a seven round Seahawks mock draft using the fantastic Pro Football Network simulator. Today I’ve done another projection but this time in video form (see below).

I talk through the thought process, make a couple of trades and try to focus on certain targeted players (I don’t get them all). Let me know what you think.

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  1. dcd2

    Can’t wait to watch the video with the commentary Rob. Thanks for continuing to put out content, when there isn’t a whole lot going on!

    If you want to REALLY play around, choose the Dolphins and see where it takes you. I worked under the premise that they signed Cam Newton, so QB wasn’t a need (thought Herbert was there all the way to 26 & Jalen Hurts was another option that lasted until #76).

    With (a lot of) trades, the Phins ended with an additional 2nd rounder for 2021, as well as:

    15. Jedrick Wills – OT Bama
    22. Denzel Mims – WR Baylor
    34. Jonathan Taylor – RB Wisc
    39. Antoine Winfield Jr – S Minnesota
    46. Damon Arnette – CB tOSU
    56. Jabari Zuniga – DE UF
    69. Lloyd Cushenberry – C LSU
    70. Raekwon Davis – DT Bama
    75. Brandon Aiyuk – WR ASU
    89. Willie Gay Jr – LB Miss St
    153. Hakeem Adenji – G Kansas
    154. Devin Asiasi – TE UCLA
    227. Lamar Jackson – CB Nebraska
    246. John Reid – CB PSU (my favorite nickel prospect)

    Talk about a haul, lol!

  2. Brett in AZ

    Rob – this is a great idea. Listening to you think-through the various moves and trades gives context that is very hard to capture with straight posts. You should definitely do this again! Now going back to watch the rest (you just traded the pick to San Diego…).

  3. Nick

    Rob, I loved this mock draft video. Definitely would like to see another in the future after we’ve signed Clowney (I’m willing it into existence).

    I was startled to see Madubuike go so early, but you didn’t freak out and move up to get DT/DE. You trusted in the depth of that tier 2 DT/DE. I think that’s something to keep in mind for PCJS. There really isn’t that “have to get him” guy out of that tier—even if its our #1 need. I’d say Davis is the most likely candidate for that, and you identified that.

    I’m glad you picked Davis in Round 2. Though, I don’t think he’ll last that long. I hope I’m wrong. Pauline had him in Round 1 of his latest mock.

    What is it you specifically like about the LSU OL tandem so much? Sorrry if I’ve missed out on previous analysis on the site (you’re producing so much man!)!

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Damien Lewis was sensational at the Senior Bowl. He was incredibly good on tape (just had an iffy moment vs Derrick Brown but he’s a top-10 pick). Then at the combine he was pretty explosive and has the length/power. Just seems like a plug and play type to me. Cushenberry is consistent and handles his business but Lewis has the wow-factor.

      • dcd2

        I think he means the guys you took in this draft: Robert Hunt and Kevin Dotson

        If not, maybe you can talk about why you did like those guys so much?

        • Rob Staton

          Ah right…

          Louisiana had one of the most productive and highly graded run games in the country — up there with the top SEC teams. Hunt and Dotson are the reason why. They also fit Seattle’s size and style.

          • dcd2

            Thanks. Haven’t heard much buzz about them. Fortunately I’ve got a little spare time to check them out.

  4. Nick

    Ok, so I watched some excellent film analysis of Yetur Gross Matos. I’d recommend it:

    According to this bloke, YGM’s major weakness is that he rushes without a plan. And that he isn’t physical or nasty enough. He takes too many plays off. He has his moments, but they’re too few and far between.

    However, this analysis confirms what I saw, too, that he is masterful at setting the edge. Could this be a criteria that Seattle is going to put a lot of emphasis on? SF and LA have run outside of Seattle every game it seems. We get gashed out wide. We’ve got two good interior run defenders in Poona and Jarran. Do we need to set the edge better and more consistently?

    • EmperorMA

      I am NOT a Gross-Mother fan.

      • EmperorMA

        I don’t like Gross-My Toast, either.

        I prefer avocado toast with an over-easy egg on top.

  5. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I really like your mock draft I say keep doing them. I also enjoy the video simulation. Thank you

  6. Ashish

    Thanks Rob for showing the Mock draft. It was first time got see how you trade in mock draft, so thanks for sharing.

  7. kamal

    Thanks it was great and would love to see more. love the discussion on each pick, and that you wouldn’t take players that you thought would be long gone

  8. Trevor

    Really enjoyed this! Thanks Rob

  9. George


    Why no mention of Isaiah Wilson over Hunt? You were discussing him as a potential top 20 player. What is the knock on him? Not sure Brandon Shell is the longterm answer at RT, so if you’re going OL that early why not go after Wilson? Just curious you’re thinking there. As always, love the stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      I said beforehand I won’t take players where it’s unrealistic. For me Wilson is a top-26 lock. So I wasn’t going to take him at the end of round two.

  10. EmperorMA

    I enjoyed that very much, Rob.

    I am not seeing the love for the two O-linemen from Louisiana, but I am sure you have scouted them far more than I have. I think a stay put and keep that R5 pick might have netted both.

    I am absolutely fine with Taylor as our first pick. Carson is likely gone after this year, and Penny will most certainly not be at full strength, at least to start the season. Maybe not even the entire year.

    The thing I struggle with doing these mocks on my own is that the value seems to always be on offense. For example, I’ve been able to come away with Taylor AND Reagor in a couple of my runs, and I just have to do it because I just don’t love any of the D-Line players available to us when our time on the clock comes up.

    I’m having a hard time making the draft fit needs rather than then letting the board come to me, which is my nature.

    Any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s far better on offense.

      But until they sign some pass rushers, what choice do we have?

    • JUJUS

      I wonder if someone asked RW if he could name any “Superstars” From Wisconsin… I wonder if Jonathon taylor might just pop out of his mouth…

  11. Brett in AZ

    Fun to watch that whole thing. Top of that draft looks excellent! Trading up for Zuniga might have cost you a tight end, but it locked you into a pretty nice looking draft. Especially if we bring in another FA pass rusher or two. This format is a 10+. Do it again!

  12. EP

    Would be great to watch live commentary from you for the real draft Rob. Wonder if that is a possible option for you.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve done it a few times over the years but they end up being 3-5 hour shows the first two days and that’s quite a tough ask. Plus I do enjoy just watching the draft.

      • EmperorMA

        Maybe pop in a pick or two before each Seahawks pick and give some commentary about what has gone on previously and what the Seahawks may do, then a brief outline of the Hawks’ pick once made? Myabe 20-30 minutes tops each time?

        • Sea Mode

          +1 if he’s up for it, or even a Google Hangouts or something where people can pop in and out and chat.

      • EP

        Yep fair enough, I suppose there’s only so much you can say for each pick, the first round especially can be such a drag at times. If only it went as fast as the simulator.

  13. Shane

    Very entertaining. Enjoyed the commentary and hear your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time. Look forward to more of these as the DL fills out.

  14. TomLPDX

    That was fun! thanks Rob.

    I was hoping you would take a C at some point, Throckmorton (sp!) seemed to be there at the end but you didn’t seem interested. Not worth taking a flyer on?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t stop thinking about his Senior Bowl display.

      • Eburgz

        Didn’t they have him playing some tackle? Looked awful out there.

        • Rob Staton


        • dcd2

          It is crazy how bad he looked there, but hopefully teams give him a little leeway. He was a 2 time 2nd team all-american. He played every position on Oregon’s line and never missed games (52 straight starts).

          He looked as expected at the Shrine game and only came to the Senior Bowl as a last minute invite.

          He’ll probably never be a pro-bowler, but I think he’ll be a better version of Pocic that you can find on day 3.

          • Kenny Sloth

            +1 super versatile and outstanding character.

            I think he has a higher floor than Lemieux.

            • dcd2

              Ya, a buddy of mine coached him back in middle school and has been a friend of the family forever. He’s definitely high character, and a smart dude as well.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Throck’s gonna be on a team as long as he wants

  15. cha

    Thanks Rob.

    I have always thought it would be a blast to be a fly on the all in a War Room. I bet some GM’s would love to be able to pause the draft and mull their options LOL.

    I’d imagine there’s a high stakes game of chicken in play at all times when it comes to trades or the teams right above or below you. Would be fun to see JS and PC do their thing.

    • TomLPDX

      I would love to see something like that. Talk about top-secret stuff, though!

  16. jdtjohnson

    that was great being able to hear through the decision making. I really enjoyed that. Would love to see more. Might be an easier way to put a post up some days too as it’s only 25-ish minutes versus the time it would take to write a full article. Could work as very effective filler for you on days you don’t have any material at the ready.

    thanks Rob…awesome as always

  17. Brian


    I will say I have only watched half of the draft but I learned a trick yesterday that make it easier.

    1. If you click on the team icon to the left of the draft pick number it will show you the picks made with which player and the future draft picks in order. Makes a little easier to see who you grabbed or if you are wondering if a player might fall to you.

    • Brian

      then i went back and you clicked the lions… lol

  18. TomLPDX

    Looks like the Colts picked up Xavier Rhodes. What happened to that guy?

    • john_s

      His body type wasn’t going to age well as a CB. He should probably be playing safety

  19. drewdawg11

    That draft would be pretty sick. I was shocked that you didn’t take Wilson, but I’ve become a fan of hunt. He’s so good a pin and seal on the edge.

    • Rob Staton

      As outlined at the start, I wasn’t making unrealistic picks. Isaiah Wilson will not be available at the end of round two.

  20. Eburgz

    Video and thought process were really enjoyable to watch. I’d probably take Uche first then take the DT in rounds 3-4 (Lawrence/Hamilton come to mind) but that’s just me.

    Uche is a great interview, he had an A+ senior bowl and PFF has his pass rush win% up at the top. Good length and apparent athleticism also. Really versatile guy who I think could actually be a good fit for our defense as a SAM/situational pass rusher (I think he’d be a better SAM than Barton and better situational pass rusher than Shaquem).

    Jon Greenard is another guy that has recently drawn my attention for a couple different reasons. He didn’t run a fast 40 but at times he plays with great snap anticipation similar to a Michael Bennett and I think he’s quick enough to threaten the edge and he’s a +run defender with awesome length. Word is he’s a dog. Didn’t seem like you like him too much, guessing it’s because he’s a limited athlete.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve written a lot about Greenard recently. I’d recommend going back and reading those articles.

      • Eburgz

        Must have missed your Greenard article. Just saw you respond to a comment recently saying he was slow.

        I think his snap anticipation helps offset his lack of athleticism to
        a degree. Just seems like the kind of guy (tough guy) we have been adding recently at a position of need. Probably didn’t test well enough to be an early round Seahawks but I didn’t think Collier did either.

        • Rob Staton

          I like his personality and his agility testing was good. But the Seahawks don’t need a 4.8/4.9 rusher. They need speed, quick twitch and people who threaten the edge consistently. Greenard has a great attitude and approach but he isn’t that.

  21. Aaron

    Thanks for putting that together! That was a very welcome distraction. Like all sports fans we’re starved for content, I could probably watch a new draft video daily–joking, not joking.

    Would love to see these weekly or after big signings, or just whenever you’ve got nothing better to post. Cheers!

  22. Bill Bobaggins

    Very cool, Rob. Loved the picks.

    A couple questions:

    You barely spoke a word of Penny. Do you think that the injury is that significant that they’d need to pick up a guy like Taylor? Or do you think they’ve soured on him a bit given that he was apparently “shopped” last year? He really seemed to be coming into his own before he tore his ACL.

    Also, a couple months back you were much higher on Hunter Bryant for the Hawks. Do you feel differently now that they’ve signed Olsen and Hollister? Felt like he would be a great pick at that 4th round range.

    • Rob Staton

      On Penny — it’s just a really hard projection. He’s half way through a contract he will see out. But it hasn’t worked out as hoped so far and now he’s had a serious injury. So I don’t really know where he’s at right now.

      I think Bryant remains an option but it’s hard to mock one to them when they have about seven on the roster. Plus I don’t think Bryant lasts that long and I avoided unrealistic picks.

      • Ryan

        I might’ve entertained Bryant as a more likely pick back when I was assuming they’d address the D Line in free agency. Now that it appears it’ll have to be a draft focus, I have a harder time seeing them bypassing one of the RBs or WRs for him.

  23. charlietheunicorn

    I liked the video.
    It shows how a team might view certain guys and why or why not they move up or down the board for value. That is the part I really enjoy, the wheeling and dealing aspect of putting the team together within the draft.
    I also liked that you pointed out some guys who would go earlier than they were mocked on your simulation. Much more realistic results.

    Every time I do the mock and almost every (trade down) scenario, I end up with Raekwon Davis. Should we consider him as a very likely target for Seattle? He definitely falls into a sweet spot for interior DL prospects.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob I have a quick question for you guys who passed on running at combine how much did they hurt there draft stock .or the guys who unfortunately weren’t invited to the combine. No pro days. Rob and any thoughts on Joshua Kelly

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to tell. We know they’ve been looking for a Davis type. But there are reasons to think they won’t take him too (character, maturity questions).

  24. Sea Mode

    Thoroughly enjoyed this format, Rob. Would love to watch it as a live stream and be able to comment in real time with you and others! (then it could obviously remain on YouTube afterwards for those who weren’t able to watch it live)

    My other takeaway from this was that we need to go back over the Combine numbers and find ourselves a couple late-round gems to target! Oregon TE Jacob Breeland is kind of my only one right now. I think quite possibly CB Madre Harper might fit the bill for our outside CB project. Incredible profile (near 34″ arms), but have yet to watch him. Would be nice to find a day 3 option to compete at nickel as well.

    On this specific draft, I liked the first half a lot, especially since we ended up with two of my guys Devin Duvernay and Michael Ojemudia, but then it hurt to see Bryce Hall and Devin Asiasi come off the board right before our two picks in R4.

    Thanks so much for doing this, and definitely keep ’em coming! It’s such a great way to talk about scenarios more than just specific players, which is harder to do in written mock draft format. Wonder if we might be able to get a word or two in with Tony about the rankings on a couple of those guys, then the simulator would be near-perfect… (wonder if PFN would listen if Jim Nagy told them a few “no way player X lasts later than Rd. Y”? Pauline gathers intel from sources, and Nagy could definitely be considered a source based on what he’s seen/heard at the Sr. Bowl.)

    Also, whenever you have time and feel like it, would you consider a full-length article on your two OL from Louisiana? Especially if they have become guys for you that might be worthy of the “don’t leave the draft without them” status for the Hawks. Thanks again for all of this!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thanks for bringing up Breeland. He missed half the season so he hasnt got a lot of buzz despite excellent frame, character, and leading the pac-12 in TDs with 6 in 6 games.

      He’s a big play guy, too. Soft hands, body control.

      Thanks again for bringing him up. I make it a point not to bring up Oregon players or I’d never stop.

    • dcd2

      Breeland was off to a great start until he got hurt. Really a shame as he was Herbert’s favorite target. He likely would have had a great year.

      If you’re looking at combine numbers, for a nickel, check out John Reid. I’ve been pushing him on here for awhile, but can’t seem to get much interest. He jumped well, ran 4.49, and had a 6.95 3-cone with a 3.97 short shuttle and managed 20 reps at the combine. He’s as close to Justin Coleman as I can find. He also faced KJ Hamler every day in practice.

    • Lewis

      Agreed. Lot of fun to watch

  25. BobbyK

    That draft simulator is addicting, Rob. I’m not sure if I should thank you or be mad you exposed me to it:)

    • Sea Mode

      He took Taylor and even name dropped you, so you can thank him this time around… 😜

      • BobbyK

        This is my favorite one I’ve done:

        48. Julian Okwara, DE (drafted for need)

        59. J.K. Dobbins, RB (drafted a better player at 59 than I did at 48 – but no way he’ll be available at 59 in real life)

        64. Raekwon Davis, DT (another area of need)

        101. Solomon Kindley, OG (I like him)

        133. A.J. Dillon, RB (I don’t trust Carson to stay healthy, Penny will be no factor until possibly late in the year; a running team needs a stable of RBs)

        144. Saahdiq Charles, OT

        I’m not happy about ignoring the LB/DB/WR positions, but I am okay with it because we go into the 2021 Draft with all of our picks in addition to the following:
        2nd, 3rd, 5th…

  26. Jordie2120

    Hi Rob,
    At the end you were really unsure about taking anyone, so would teams not look to switch the 2020 6th for either a 2020 7th + 2021 6th or a 2021 5th… of perhaps two 7ths and take two fliers rather than 1???

    I really enjoyed the video, definitely want to see another… perhaps with a trade up in the first round? (This one had Brown and Ruggs fall to late teens). Definite value from 40-90, so max the picks there.

    • Rob Staton

      It was the sixth round and I haven’t studied the deep depths of the draft like teams have. That’s all.

  27. Kenny Sloth

    If Derrick Brown slips out of the top ten I’m at least gonna sniff around at those picks.

    • Sea Mode

      I just ran one and he went #23 to NE!!

      BTW, if you want to know what it takes to get him after the top 10, take a look at my two mocks from yesterday:

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m actually super duper cool off that yo.

        I need to keep a second this year.

    • Volume12

      That’s when the fun begins. Whose gonna slip and who will be taken way earlier than projected.

  28. Producehawk

    I did this for fun. Go ahead and make fun. I know we don’t need Hurts but he fell and no one wanted to trade.

    SEA 42.
    Jonathan Taylor
    RB Wisconsin
    SEA 59.
    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama
    SEA 64.
    Tyler Biadasz
    C Wisconsin
    SEA 82.
    Jalen Hurts
    QB Oklahoma
    SEA 101.
    Devin Duvernay
    WR Texas
    SEA 116.
    Hunter Bryant
    TE Washington
    SEA 133.
    Joe Bachie
    ILB Michigan State
    SEA 144.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU
    SEA 164.
    Kalija Lipscomb
    WR Vanderbilt
    trade icon
    SEA 214.
    Trey Adams
    OT Washington

    • TomLPDX

      I’m not going to make fun. I would love to have a developmental QB that has a lot of upside (and a lot of trade potential) to back up Russ. Plus he could fill in at a moments notice.

      • Producehawk

        I like this one

        team logo
        SEA 27.
        Javon Kinlaw
        DT South Carolina
        SEA 59.
        J.K. Dobbins
        RB Ohio State
        SEA 64.
        Raekwon Davis
        DT Alabama
        SEA 101.
        Chase Claypool
        WR Notre Dame
        SEA 133.
        Ben Bredeson
        G Michigan
        SEA 144.
        Azur Kamara
        OLB Kansas
        SEA 214.
        Michael Onwenu
        G Michigan

  29. no frickin clue

    Great simulator suggestion Rob. I ran it for the Hawks and made one trade, shipping out #27 overall to the Giants for #36, #99 and #110. This is what I ended up with:

    2.36 Julian Okwara, DE, Notre Dame
    2.59 Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M
    2.64 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU
    4.99 Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington
    4.101 Darrell Taylor, OLB, Tennessee
    4.110 Gabriel Davis, WR, Central Florida
    5.133 Colton McIvitz, OT, West Virginia
    5.144 Logan Stenberg, G, Kentucky
    7.214 Rodney Clemons, S, SM

    Wish a few more WRs I liked had slipped down to the 4th round but they didn’t make it. Couldn’t pass up Clyde at 2.64 though.

  30. cha

    Trade back multiple times and take needs to fill the DL and then tap into the depth of the draft.

    40.Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    59.Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    64.Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU
    96.Hunter Bryant TE Washington
    101.Rashard Lawrence DT LSU
    116.Robert Hunt G Louisiana
    133.Shane Lemieux G Oregon
    144.Nick Harris C Washington
    171.Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska

    • cha

      Oh I got a 2021 2nd out of it as well.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Would love this if you got a WR

      • cha

        I probably should have taken a WR at 133 or 144 but I didn’t see one I really liked. Bryant can be our “WR” in this scenario. Year 1 just be a split out seam weapon.

  31. charlietheunicorn

    This mock draft exercise was useful.. a name popped up that got me to digging into the internets

    What do we know about Gabriel Davis – WR UCF? Anyone watch his tape….
    I’m lookin gat him as a #4 WR (day one) and upside to #2 WR in Seattle.

    • Cheese22

      Big, fast, uses hands instead of body to catch the ball. Makes the impossible catch but the knock I read is he has lapses of focus and will drop easy ones. He’s cloned himself after OBJ if you didn’t notice.

  32. Justin Mullikin

    The way I was hearing things was the two players you wanted in that projections was the two guards from LSU. I would love a breakdown of those two players again especially since pro days are a no go.

    • Rob Staton

      I said Louisiana as in Lafayette

      • Justin Mullikin

        And this is why you do not cook dinner while listening to a video. Completely missed that, wow I am foolish. Made me chuckle and my own mistake. 🙂

  33. Stephen Pitell

    Yes, this is fun. This is my first mock draft using this system, and I’m happy with it. I got Ruiz, so we can save some cap by releasing Britt, or better yet, trading him. My least favorite pick was Moss as it seems our TE room will be full. I got two OL and two DL plus a favorite of this site RB. Let me know what you think.

    27. Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
    59. Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame
    64. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU
    101. Rashard Lawrence DT LSU
    133. Logan Stenberg G Kentucky
    144. Thaddeus Moss TE LSU
    214. Steven Montez QB Colorado

    • Justin Mullikin

      Wow, my simulation looks a lot like yours.

  34. Greg Haugsven

    Its fun to watch you go through it. Its also important for people who are doing this to not take certain players at times as you know they wont be there.

  35. Quiller

    Hope they update the simulator with Tony Pauline’s top 300 prospects. A bit different like he has Rakewon Davis as number 20 best player and a first round grade. Jacob Eason at 35.

  36. Volume12

    So we are getting FaceTime visits instead of visits to team facilities. That was a total shot in the dark.

    • Volume12

      Atlanta seems enamored with Ezra Cleveland.

  37. Isaac

    I was really hoping you would trade down again in the second and pick up matos at some point. If pass rush or d lineman is available later why not grab trade down? Reagor would also be a nice pick up even with dorsett on the roster. Who we spend the additional picks on is the hard part for me.

    • Rob Staton

      Because the idea wasn’t just to keep trading down until I decided to draft a DL. The idea was to add a collection of players who fit at various positions.

  38. Justin Mullikin

    Here was my first projection (this is fun)
    #32 Cesar Ruiz (C)
    #59 Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB)
    #63 Justin Madubuike (DT)
    #64 Jabari Zuniga (DE)
    #133 Solomon Kindley (G)
    #144 Thaddeus Moss (TE)
    #214 Thakarius Keyes (CB)

    • Justin Mullikin

      Projection #2 with a side of mortgaging the future for a special player. (lost next years round 1 and 2 picks)
      #9 Isaiah Simmons (LB)
      #64 J.K. Dobbins (RB)
      #80 Raekwon Davis (DT)
      #133 Anfernee Jennings (DE)
      #144 Shane Lemieux (G)
      #214 Trey Adams (OT)

  39. Tanner

    Great idea Rob! Thanks for everything you do

  40. Dominic

    Hi Rob, long time lurker, love your work! I also traded with the Chargers (27 for 37 and 71) but decided to grab Okwara first, ended up with a DE bonanza:

    37 Okwara DE
    59 Curtis Weaver DE
    64 Zuniga DE
    71 Akers RB
    101 Peart T
    133 Bryce Hall CB
    144 Nick Harris C
    214 Montez QB

    No WRs is bad, but we just paid Philip Dorsett and have a gaggle of young ones that always seem to take 2-3 years to do anything, and only one OL because we just signed 4 in FA. No LBs because we got 2 last year and I think we hang on to KJ one more year.

    Posting because hey, 3 DEs when that’s your biggest problem seems like not a bad idea if the right ones are there.

    • Cheese22

      I like the idea. Plus, it seems the Hawks do this too. When they decide to target a position, they don’t just pick one from that position. Sometimes more than 2…it seems.

  41. Kelly

    SEA 35 Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
    SEA 59 Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin
    SEA 64 Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    SEA 85 Logan Wilson ILB Wyoming
    SEA 101 Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona State
    SEA 144 Bryce Hall CB UVA
    SEA 214 Trey Adams OT Washington
    SEA 255 Kevin Dotson G Louisiana

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, what a draft! I think this is the best one I’ve seen yet. Covers all our needs perfectly! How’d you pull that off? Ruiz always goes at #26 to MIA when I run it…

      • Kelly

        I honestly don’t know. I didn’t even think that hard on it lol. Just lucky I guess.

    • EmperorMA

      LOVE this draft! The only thing I’d like to see changed is a different OT but other than that, fantastic!

  42. Scotia Seahawk

    That was really entertaining! Great to hear you talk through players and relative positioning. Hope you can do more of these,

    Many thanks,

  43. Denver Hawker

    The Draft is still on according to Goodell.

    With teams operating remotely and social distancing, it may be tough to manage the usual communications among scouts and coordinating trades with other teams.

    With no pro days either, will make for a very interesting draft night.

    Further concern about limited OTAs, mini camp, etc. Some players that need development simply won’t get it and could fall as a result.

    • TomLPDX

      I don’t think OTAs will happen this year and hopefully training camp will start on time, but I have my doubts. Stay safe people!

  44. Producehawk

    Ok I admit it is addictive

    Xavier McKinney
    S Alabama

    SEA 59.
    Justin Madubuike
    DT Texas A&M

    SEA 64.
    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama

    SEA 79.
    Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    RB LSU

    SEA 101.
    Devin Duvernay
    WR Texas

    SEA 133.
    Solomon Kindley
    G Georgia

    SEA 144.
    Thaddeus Moss
    TE LSU

    SEA 158.
    Trey Adams
    OT Washington

    SEA 214.
    Dezmon Patmon
    WR Washington State

    SEA 220.
    Justin Herron
    OT Wake Forest

    • drewdawg11

      If your first two picks were what transpired in real life, I may throw something through the television set. A safety who can’t cover and a DT who can’t really play.

  45. Volume12

    Big, IF true.

    Clowney could remain a Seahawk or he could find himself playing for another professional football team. Just got off the phone and ‘wow’ was all my source had to say.

    • mishima

      You broke what might break.

      • Volume12

        Gotta give the people what they want.

        I also have Wrestlemania spoilers if anyone is interested in more mind blowers.

        • mishima

          Drop some Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka knowledge on me.

          • Volume12

            He murdered his GF in the 80s and Vince helped him cover it up.

            Also, that was not a gimmicked coconut Roddy Piper smashed on his head.

            • dcd2

              Did Macho Man really crush Ricky the Dragon Steamboat’s larynx with the ring bell?

              Who is Sandy Barr?

              Would Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat Kerry Von Eric in a cage match?

              If Brett the Hitman Hart and Jim the Anvil Neidhart faced off against Rowdy Roddy Piper and The Million Dollar man – Ted Dibiase, who would win?

              Better ring girl accompanymnet: Elizabeth (Macho Man) for distraction OR Python in a bag for Jake the Snake Roberts for fear factor?

            • Volume12

              I have it on good authority that…

              Yes, he did. And Steamboat did in fact take classes to repair his speech.

              A god damn legend in Portland.

              Mid-South Duggan would mollywhop Kerry. He’d be highly sedated unfortunately.

              In a shoot? Hart Foundation.

              Loved me some Damien, but Liz was/is timeless.

              Keep in mind, these are facts. Wrestling is NOT subjective.

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                But WCW triffling-ass, cheating Jim Duggan would get housed by NWA super babyface Kerry von Erich. The WWE version would be a toss-up.

              • dcd2

                Well done. Your wrestling bona fides have been confirmed.

    • dcd2

      WHAT? Holy bleep. I trust your sources V12, so that is possibly exciting stuff.

      Keep us posted.

      I’m also hearing rumors that may to turn into rumblings about a number of FA defensive players signing or entering the late stages of negotiating soon.

      • Rob4q

        Pretty sure that post from Vol was in the sarcastic font!!! Haha

        • dcd2

          Look again Rob4q. So was mine 🙂

          • Rob4q


    • Jon

      That was straight up gold

  46. Awsi Dooger

    I was checking the SPARQ archive today. If anyone wants a reference toward how bad this defensive line/edge crop is in relation to a typical year, it was front and center in those athletic testing numbers. In 2018 there were a combined 22 players who tested at 70% level or above, in comparison to the average NFL player at 50%. Last year there were a combined 25 players at 70% and higher.

    This year there are 5

    Granted, we had test skippers like Chase Young, and canceled pro days. Far fewer full performances to draw a SPARQ score. But 5 at this stage after a full combine is ridiculous.

  47. Rob4q

    This thing is just too cool with all the possibilities! I love that you can see the trades and who the teams took with the draft picks they traded for…

    44. Julian Okwara, DE Notre Dame
    64. Bryan Edwards, WR South Carolina
    75. Cam Akers, RB Florida State
    80. Matt Peart, OT UConn
    91. Rashard Lawrence, DT LSU
    101. Hunter Bryant, TE Washington
    133. Logan Stenberg, G Kentucky
    144. Bryce Hall, CB UVA
    160. Kamal Martin, OLB Minnesota
    214. Tipa Galea’i, OLB Utah State


    IND Received:
    Pick 27 – Jordan Love

    SEA Received:
    Pick 44 – Julian Okwara
    Pick 75 – Cam Akers
    Pick 160 – Kamal Martin

    LV Received:
    Pick 59 – Tee Higgins

    2021 SEA 4th

    SEA Received:
    Pick 80 – Matt Peart
    Pick 91 – Rashard Lawrence

  48. Bruce Smith

    Love this analysis. Please update this on a regular basis.

  49. Callum

    Loved this Rob, please do more as we’re all stuck inside

  50. HawkScott

    I don’t comment that often, but I just wanted to say thanks for an AMAZING video, Rob! I loved being able to get into your head, and really see the reasoning for each of these picks. So much of the time, we as fans just sort of plug our favorite players into these slots… and you almost forget how complex the draft can really be.

    Thanks again for the great content! Stay healthy, my friend!

  51. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, that was fascinating to watch and listen to your thought process with each pick. Thank you!

    How did the Louisiana OL guys you like score in TEF?

    • Rob Staton

      They didn’t get a combine invite (or were rehabbing) unfortunately.

  52. CHawk Talker Eric

    Thank you everyone for the kind and supportive replies to my previous post. I really appreciate it. My situation hasn’t changed, which isn’t great, but it’s also not bad considering. I’ll let y’all know if anything changes.

    I really enjoyed the video mock. Because I’ve run the simulator myself so many times, it’s really easy to watch you do it. It’s immersive, I was totally involved and the 30 minutes flew by.

    I also really liked the draft itself, how you traded down and took Taylor because he was available (even though chances are he’ll be long gone in the real draft). Then I was telling you to take Davis. I kept repeating out loud take Davis, take Davis as you were going through the possible options. You did. I was happy.

    I was a little surprised by Hunt because I kind of forgot about him. He doesn’t get much press. But I’m down with the pick.

    The trade up for Zuniga was well executed. He’s the only intriguing EDGE/DE option after Okwara, who will likely require SEA’s first pick (assuming a trade down). With his athleticism and motor, Zuniga has some upside that make him a good value in R3. I hope they find a way to get him in this range.

    Duvernay isn’t quite Reager, but I’d rather have Taylor early. At least Duvernay the intangibles they look for like grit, leadership, attitude. SEA have missed on R4 WRs before, but this one might have legs.

    I know nothing about Ojemudia but he had a decent Combine. His 3 cone in particular is excellent at 6.87. The rest is good too: 4.45s 40yd, 36″ vertical, 122″ broad and a 4.21 short shuttle. And he has 32″ arms (32.25″ to be exact). At least he fits the mold.

    I feel like I’ve heard more about Kevin Dotson than Hunt, so this feels like great OL value for a late pick. And of course, the ubiquitous final choice of Josh Metellus. He’s going to be a Seahawk isn’t he?

    Lots of fun.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      BTW I did a trade up for Simmons scenario and I think it came out well. I’d be ecstatic if they pulled off a draft like this.

      I traded 27 + 64 + 2021 R1 + 2021 R2 to CAR for 7. The rest of the draft was straight up.

      7. Isaiah Simmons
      59. Justin Madubuike
      101. Cam Akers
      133. Logan Stenberg
      144. Hakkem Adeniji
      214. Josh Metellus

      • Sea Mode

        Nice! What an excitingly different draft night that would be for Seahawks fans!

    • Volume12

      Hey man. Sorry to hear about ya not feelin’ well. Positive vibes brother.
      Not knowing is the worst feeling sometimes, but you’ll be alright. Let me know if I can be of any help somehow.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Thanks V12 I appreciate it. Means a lot

  53. millhouse-serbia

    First of all , this type of content is great. I really enjoyed it.

    This draft class would be dream scenario.

    I just think it would be to risky to wait to adress your biggest need with 4th pick, when only one player you like is still on the board.

    Maybe it would be less stressful if you go Zuniga with 59, Hunt 64 and DT with 4th pick.

    In this scenario if you took Zuniga with 59, Blacklock, Elliot and Gallimore woud be there at 69 (mabe even Davis)…thats 3 or 4 DT and from edge options it was only Jabari. And imo LEO is much bigger need than DT. It wouldnt bee total disaster if all of DT are gone before that 4th pick(71st)…which I cant say for LEO…

    What would you do if Zuniga went with one off 65,66,67pick? Leave the draft without biggest need…

    If they dont trade dor YN, and dont find LEO before draft, that should be priority No1 on draft night no matter what…we saw their faces after 1st night last year when probably all players they wanted were gone before their pick..i really doubt they will risk that much this year again…if I choose between big reach and leaving draft without LEO, I am choosing “reach” all day every day…

    Once again this was great and hope you will do more in the future…

  54. Donovan

    Very cool – thx for doing. While big follower of blog, I wasn’t familiar w Robert Hunt, so that was nice to come across someone new.

    Big takeaway: For as much as you struggled at end of RD 4, it sure would have been nice if Hawks had upped Ravens offer and offered a RD 4 pick for Calais.

  55. Swaine


    Any chance we take Anthony Gordon for a back up developmental QB? Great format!

    • Rob Staton

      He had a good Senior Bowl and combine but given they’ve only drafted two QB’s in 10 years it’s hard to project another this year.

  56. Jordan

    Solid video Rob. Do more mock drafts! Its great seeing how you think and puts the draft really in perspective. Maybe do one where we also trade for a YN or Judon (some situation).

  57. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Awesome content. Thank you for the distraction! Good job simulator! Lol.

  58. Henry Taylor

    This might be the best one of these I’ve done, might be a little unrealistic getting Taylor where I did, but I felt it was within the range of possibilities and crazier things have happened. If it’s too much for you then just swap his name for Akers and everything stays the same. Tanner Muse is one player I got in this class which we haven’t talked about much that I’d be very excited about getting that late. Every time I watched Clemson it was him and Simmons who popped on the defence. Didn’t think he could have an NFL future at safety until he ran a 4.4 at the combine, he also adds ST value right away.

    37. K.J. Hamler, WR Penn State
    59. Jabari Zuniga, DE Florida
    64. Jonathan Taylor, RB Wisconsin
    71. Joshua Uche, OLB Michigan
    101. Damien Lewis, G LSU
    133. Amik Robertson, CB Louisiana Tech
    144. Nick Harris, C Washington
    186. Tanner Muse, S Clemson
    214. Steven Montez, QB Colorado

    • Sea Mode

      Even with Cam Akers, that’s an amazing draft. We can always dream…

  59. Bigten

    Do you think the lack of interviews is going to have a drastic affect on guys such as Willie Gay who have some red flags? May be that we are one of the teams that says “no” to a guy we couldn’t Interview. Could see him falling further. Could also help certain guys that will end up busting. For instance, a player like Polite last year may have still been taken in the first. Just a thought

    • Volume12

      They’re still doing em. Just by phone and FaceTime.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        I wonder if there is technology to do a simple x-ray. Or, perhaps use body sensors to understand speed in simulated 3-cone, short shuttle, 40, etc.

        Maybe Seattle, with technology, gets a leg up?

        • Volume12

          Interesting question.

  60. millhouse-serbia

    Chance Warmack (Seahawks) one year, $1.047M, $910K, $25.5K first game 2020 roster onus, up to $112K in per game active roster bonus, veteran salary benefit

  61. swedenhawk

    terrific video, Rob! would definitely like to see more… for example, what if you played out the Ngakoue trade and sign scenario with Tony Pauline’s compensation package in mind?

    • Rob Staton

      I will do a simulation tomorrow where I trade #27 for Jacksonville’s R2 and give them #59 right at the start. That was the touted deal (although I don’t think it’s very likely now). And we’ll call it the Ngakoue sim.

      I’ve also done one that focuses on the lines of scrimmage which I’ll put out over the next seven days too.

      • swedenhawk

        Awesome. Looking forward!

  62. DK

    So this new toy the Rob has introduced to all of is has lead to another mock draft.

    This one I dropped down twice from 27 and I don’t follow Rob’s rule for himself of not drafting players who he doesn’t realistically see being available at a certain pick.

    If this were the Hawks haul from the draft I’d be pretty happy. Outside of receiver, where as a guy who watches a lot of Wisconsin football, Cephus isn’t as good as other names we have all talked about here, there was just always better value available than a receiver.

    47. Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame
    59.Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
    64. Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    74. Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    101.Cam Akers RB Florida State
    115. Robert Hunt G Louisiana
    133. Bryce Hall CB Virginia
    143. Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas
    144. Quintez Cephus WR Wisconsin
    214. Trey Adams OT Washington

  63. HawkfaninMT

    My quarantine gift to you all that have not seen it yet…

  64. cha

    Sounds like Michael Brockers won’t be signing with the Ravens after all. Baltimore had concerns about his ankle.

    So the Rams snapped him back up on a near equivalent deal for 3 years.

    • Simo

      Hmm…thought the Rams were a hot mess, letting all their players go because they were in cap hell? How did they just scrape up enough bones to bring him back for 3yrs, $31m? Must be a super low first year cap hit. Sorry, I just really enjoy seeing the Rams and their wonder boy coach struggle mightily!!

      • dcd2

        Interesting point. They’ll have to do a number of deals to free up money for the draft class, IR & practice squad. It looks like they are at about zero cap (Gurley still showing on OTC, but Brockers isn’t).

        • cha

          They can extend Ramsey and lower his 2020 cap hit as well.

          But they definitely are playing fast and loose with the company credit card. They already have $11m dead cap money for booting Gurley.

  65. millhouse-serbia

    Per source, Brandon Shell’s deal with the Seahawks is as follow:

    -$4M signing bonus, $5.1M total guarantee

    2020: $1.1M base + $2M SB proration + 400K roster bonus = $3.5M cap hit

    2021: $3.075M base + $2M SB + $425K roster = $5.5M cap hit

    $500K playtime incentives per/yr

    So 2020 cap hit 1mil less than anyone thought.

    • Rob Staton


      And also opens the door for a high pick at RT if they… finally… sign or add some pass rushers.

  66. MoBo

    Here is my draft:

    36: DE Okwara
    64: DT Davis
    67: WR Edwards
    75: RB Akers
    99: G/T Hunt
    105: CB Hall
    144: G Dotson
    219: S Myles Dorn (or Metellus)
    247: NB Levonta Taylor

    27 & 59 to GreenBay for 30, 62 & 94 (Value 990:1028)
    30 to Giants for 36, 99 & 247 (Value 620:644)
    62, 94 & 214 to Lions for 67 & 85 (Value 414:420) Madabuike and Davis were both on the board
    85 & 133 to Colts for 75 (Value 204:215)
    101 to Vikings for 105 & 219 (96:88)

  67. Kingdome1976

    I’m struggling to see how we don’t pick a right tackle with either our first pick or second after trading up. I know we need DE’s bad but do we really have an answer through the draft that we can feel comfortable with? At this point we haven’t signed Clowney/Griffin or traded for Yannick. I can only conclude right now that we have to be a super explosive offense to even get into the playoffs this year.

    If we even play this season

  68. Greg Haugsven

    Brandon Shells contract.

    2 years $9 million with $500k per year in incentives. $4 m signing bonus and $5.1 guaranteed.

    2020 Cap hit:
    SB Proration…$2m
    Base Salary…$1.5m

    He replaces Jordan Roos and his $750k cap hit in the top 51 so the total cap space used to sign Brandon Shell in 2020 is $2.75m

  69. Greg Haugsven

    As expected Chance Warmack is signed to an MSB contract which puts his cap hit at $750k for 2020. He has the same cap hit as the last member of the top 51 so his net cap space used in 2020 is $0.

  70. DC

    Rob – you need to do a Youtube channel for this kind of stuff. It might take a little while to get enough views to monetize it but you would definitely have a following!

    • Rob Staton

      Hi DC — I actually posted this one to my channel. I have some interesting things set up for the next two weeks so stay tuned.

      • DC

        Awesome! Wasn’t aware you had a channel, going to go check it out now! If you could also put up your podcasts on there would be awesome too, I know that might be difficult, but my network at work won’t let me play podcasts on your site, but will let me play youtube, go figure!

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not a very active channel. But it will be more active this week. Few things lined up.

  71. AndrewP

    Rob- Curious; what concerns do you have about Ojemudia beyond his lean build? I ask b/c several write-ups I’ve seen more or less say, “yeah; there’s something to work with.” He’s a guy I don’t mind their taking a chance on in RD5, if he’s available.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not studied him much — just know he ticks their profile boxes. I will look at him more soon though.

  72. Rob4q

    While running the draft sim, check out this trade that was generated by the sim:

    IND Received:
    Pick 6 – Jeffrey Okudah

    DET Received:
    Pick 34 – Jonathan Taylor
    Pick 44 – Jacob Phillips
    2021 IND 1st
    2021 IND 2nd
    2021 IND 7th

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I’ve seen it throw up a few strange trades involving the Colts

  73. Qoolio


    Thanks for the video analysis (and for all of the posts). Your insight helps to make some sense of what is going on with the team and provides a very welcome diversion at a time like this.

    The draft conversation finally pulled me out from lurker to poster for the first time. I appreciate your guidelines of taking what the board gave you, but also not taking selections that seem far too good to be true.

    After reading about targets, strengths, and the depth of the class, my goal was to get six picks in the top 100 and to have two more around 125-150. My goal was to get an early pass rusher, DT, RB, and WR in the first six picks and hopefully Hall and Dotson in the fourth/fifth round.

    27 to LAC 37, 71 with Love still on the board
    37 and 101 to NYJ for 48 and 79
    48, 133 and 2021 4th to HOU for 57 and 90
    57 to CIN for 65 and 147

    59. Raekwon Davis (DT)
    64. Jabari Zuniga (DE)
    65. Kyle Dugger (S)
    71. Cam Akers (RB)
    79. Devin Duvernay (WR)
    90. Robert Hunt (G)
    144. Bryce Hall (CB)
    147. Kevin Dotson (G)
    214. Kelly Bryant (QB)

    • Rob Staton

      Nice haul

      • Lewis

        Or…nice Hall 🤪

    • Kenny Sloth


  74. Zane

    Would love to hear your thoughts on two TCU guys, Rob: Lucas Niang and Sewo Olonilua

    Have a feeling the Hawks’ will like them.

    • Kingdome1976

      I’ve thought Niang to be our first pick for awhile now….still do.

  75. Rob4q

    So is this analysis saying he projects as an OLB in a 3-4 defense? Arms too short for the Seahawks to convert him to and EDGE?

    Bryce Huff, OLB Memphis
    6’3″ 255 lbs Hand: 09 1/2 Arm: 31 3/4 Wingspan: 75 3/4
    40 Time: 4.67

    Career Snapshot: Two-year starter who was named Second Team All-AAC in both of those seasons. Combined to make 101 tackles (34.5 for loss) with 16 sacks during his junior and senior campaigns. Missed Memphis’ bowl game due to injury as a sophomore.

    Positives: Explosive pass rusher who can be used out of a three-point stance or standing over tackle. Possesses a strong build, breaks down well and consistently plays with leverage. Strong at the point of attack, defeats blocks from opposing tackles, and makes plays against both the pass and the run. Effectively uses his hands and shows good speed up the field and the ability to rush off the edge. Plays with an aggressive attitude, flows well to the action and attacks opposing ball carriers.

    Negatives: Average instincts, bites on ball fakes and sometimes gets caught out of position. At his best up the field and struggles in reverse.

    Analysis: Huff turned in terrific production at Memphis and constantly disrupted plays behind the line of scrimmage. He has limitations, but he should be effective as a situational pass rusher standing over tackle or out of a three-point stance.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Not Rob… but, arms and wingspan do not meet minimal standards for edge. Height and weight may be a bit light as well. Do you know his explosion, strength, agility scores?

    • CojackTX

      Love his film and burst. Wish the arms were a little longer, but I mentioned the other day that he might be viewed as a Jacob Martin type. One of the few late round DE/LEO options who intrigues me.

  76. Michael Hasslinger

    Hey Rob. Thanks for all you do.

    Robert Windsor is intriguing to me in the later rounds. I am curious if you think he would be a fit for 5 Tech. He has the athleticism, but lacks strength. He also looks to be a bit high cut.

    However, if he can maintain weight while gaining strength, he may be someone who could hold down the edge and provide pressure.


    • Rob Staton

      Short shuttle and arm length check out. Thought Stenberg got the better of him at the Senior Bowl. Will try and watch him a bit more as haven’t really studied him.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Thank you.

        Stenberg got the best of damn near everyone. Daniels from Nebraska and Agim did get him once or twice. I still have a man-crush on Stenberg.

        Thanks again.

  77. mishima

    Will Love be the only QB worth trading up to #27?

    • Rob Staton

      He might be gone.

      • mishima

        Agree. IMO, teams won’t move up for Eason or Hurts, so who will teams want to move up for? Maybe Taylor/Swift (get it?), Reagor/Hammler, Jackson. Brain hurts.

        Afraid a team might jump in front of us to take one of the few DE/OLB pass rushers, so a trade down poses considerable risk. Will last year affect this?

        Fate: Curtis Weaver at 40.

        Fun exercise. Thank you.

  78. DC

    I have a funny feeling that the real draft will pale in comparison to all of these sims.

  79. DC

    Anyone care to guess where Jacob Eason ends up?

    I can see him as a Steeler.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He is a tricky one. I see him as a second rounder but not sure where he goes.

    • mishima

      Maybe Detroit at 67.

      • mishima

        Or Indianapolis at 44.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah Steelers maybe. Could see one or two others.

    • cha

      Detroit at 35 seems like a fit. A big strong-armed QB to groom behind Stafford.

    • Henry Taylor

      Bucs makes the most sense to me, gives them someone to develop in behind Brady who has the arm strength Arians likes and might be able to learn how to manipulate the pocket from watching Brady. I have very little optimism in him working out in the NFL wherever he goes though.

    • Trevor

      Eason to the Bucs would make a ton of sense. Give him 2 years to learn behind Brady and Ariens loves QBs like that.

  80. Hawktalker#1


    Thanks so much for producing this. From your video question, my request would be to produce as many of these as you can and especially add new versions with new trades that would impact the draft. These are so insightful to help us know what your thought as at various stages in the draft and why you make the decisions you do through the draft. Also, you do such a great job verbally communicating your thought, this is a terrific medium for interacting with the SDB community. Please sneak some addition prospect information gems into each of the new drafts for us. We are all dying for relevant Seahawk content right now. Excellent excellent work on the video. My sincerest appreciation for this and the coming videos (assumptive close there)!! LOL

    • Hawktalker#1


      P.S. I see some others leveraging future draft picks to get what they want in the 2020 draft. What is your position on doing that? Only for some specific individuals? Hurts too much robbing from Peter (next year) to pay Paul (this year)? Thx

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you.

      I’ve already recorded another with a different approach and trade down scenario. I am going to record one tomorrow which includes a Yannick Ngakoue trade too.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Outstanding. Thank you

  81. Henry Taylor

    I watched some Louisiana-Lafayette OL, you weren’t kidding about Hunt. So many run plays where he moves his guy back 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Zierlein’s pro comp for him is Cody Ford, which I very much see.

    I do think he’s probably a better fit at guard, certainly earlier on, and #64 might be a little rich for my blood, but I could absolutely see him being a guy they make sure they get by moving up in the third.

    • Rob Staton

      I just keep thinking back to Justin Britt at the end of R2 in 2014. They needed a RT, knew the options were thin after that point, so took the guy they liked. Then Britt ended up having to move inside. They might see the same with Hunt.

      • TatupuTime

        Ugh. Daniel Jeremiah just tweeted out that Hunt is one of three interior guys he really likes (along with Ruiz and Cushenberry). That probably means there is more teams interested than the media would have you think.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s why I’ve been taking him in R2 in these simulations.

  82. EmperorMA

    Can anyone here help me understand how trading DOWN is going to help the Seahawks increase the quality of their roster?

    It seems to me the FO’s penchant for doing so is primarily responsible for the lack of quality on the current roster.

    • Rob Staton

      Not this again.

      Too many people keep falling into this trap.

      What you need to realise is when the Seahawks trade down, they don’t do it ‘simply to get extra picks’. They do it because they believe the player or players they are targeting will still be available later. When they traded down and took Paul Richardson, Germain Ifedi and Malik McDowell (for example) — they probably would have taken all three with their original pick. That was actually confirmed in the case of Richardson — and that was the biggest trade down.

      So they’re not ‘missing out’ on anyone when they do this.

      And let’s be right here. The difference between players in the late 20’s and early 30’s — that’s not the reason why they’ve had mixed results.

      • EmperorMA

        Then my next question would be, why do they target players who are R2 talent for their first selection?

        • Rob Staton

          Because there are only ever 10-20 players every year with a first round grade.

          So even when they’ve been picking at 18 and 21 recently —- they haven’t been in position to draft a player with a R1 grade.

          So they’re not ‘targeting’ R2 players. That’s what’s left on the board.

          • dcd2

            Even the top 5 aren’t locks.

            Imagine the 2012 draft class. Let’s say John is convinced that Justin Blackmon is the WR that puts us over the top. Flynn to Blackmon for the next 5 years has him salivating.

            He needs to move UP to #5 (1700 points) to get him though. The cost is #15 (1050), #47 (430), #75 (215) & #225 (1).

            He pulls the trigger, Seahawk MySpace rejoices. We get Blackmon who turns in a solid rookie season and never plays again. Meanwhile the Jaguars draft Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and JR Sweezy with those picks.

            • Rob Staton


              The problem is we analyse draft classes in a bubble. We don’t invest the same amount of time judging how the other teams do. And the ones regularly picking at the end of each round probably have the same success as Seattle.

              Plus the first three years set expectations to an unrealistic level.

          • cha

            And if you want to go the “increase the quality of their roster” angle, the players gained by trading down and still get a player of quality they could have had at their original spot is pretty extensive – whether directly by trading down or by ‘bank shot’ type deals like gaining ammo to trade back up.

      • dcd2

        Here’s a good article that really dives into explaining the value of trading down:

        The other question to consider is which team drafts consistently at the end of round 1 and consistently trades down? Seahawks & Patriots

  83. Trevor

    I don’t think the problem has been trading back. The problem has been the player they have selected with that initial pick has not worked out for 5-6 years now and that has really hurt the roster quality. Richardson, Ifedi, Mcdowell, Penny, Collier all look like guys who for whatever reason never even played well enough to get their 5th year option picked up much less get a 2nd deal.

    The trade down has not been the issue. The player evaluation and selection clearly has been however.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good thought process Trevor. You just wonder what the problem is with there early picks. I always judge it by if they sign them to a second contract or not. Off the top of my head the only first rounder we have ever signed to a second contract is Thomas.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Second rounders Wagner and Britt come to mind.

      • cha

        “the only first rounder we have ever signed to a second contract is Thomas”

        Does Bruce Irvin count?? haaaaaaaa

      • Trevor

        It really has been the one true weakness of this front office. There is no way to sugar coat it. When you miss on your first pick 5-6 years in a row it has to hurt the talent level of your roster.

        • Rob Staton

          A bit too much is made of it though.

          2010 — Okung/Earl nailed it

          2011 — Carp has had a long career

          2012 — Bruce

          2013 — traded pick

          2014 — receiver draft. They liked Paul Richardson. So did a lot of others. He had injury issues but also produced when healthy.

          2015 — traded pick

          2016 — Ifedi they needed a right tackle badly and he was the best one left by far at the end of R1

          2017 — Malik destroyed his own career, not my pick but we’ll never know what he could’ve been

          2018 — Running back draft and they took their guy — not the one I would’ve taken — but the logic was there

          2019 — Collier I’m surprised was so ineffective but I liked him and it was a DL draft

          • Trevor

            Still 8 years without an initial pick being resigned to a second contract has to hurt your talent level no matter how you look at it.

            • Rob Staton

              Last New England Patriot first pick to sign a second contract…

              Nate Solder. 2012.

              If you find a franchise QB, trade well and find talent later on it doesn’t have to matter.

              • Trevor

                I would argue that NE has one of the least talented rosters in the league now though.

                • Rob Staton


                  But they’ve also won three Super Bowls in that stretch due to a quarterback, coaching and some choice acquisitions.

                  And the lack of hitting in round one (and they’ve had some massive busts too) hasn’t hindered them.

    • dcd2

      Yep. Two years ago, when they traded down from #26 to #35, they picked up #95. The pick after Malik was Budda Baker (Pro-bowler) and the pick after #95 (Lano Hill) was Kenny Golladay (Pro-Bowler).

      Trading down gets us more swings. Quite a few of those have been misses recently though.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I understand the thought process on both sides but I think when a team drafts a player in the first round they think they are getting a guy for 8-10 years not just 4. Maybe I am wrong with that but we will most likely never know. Now obviously you can win without it but I would think this is the teams thoughts on it.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Maybe we would just be better off trading our first rounder every year and the following year to get a player around #13 every other year.

          • Greg Haugsven

            To also be fair to the Seahawks, if you go through every draft and look at the playoff picks (21-32) the first round success isnt very good.

        • Rob Staton

          Personally I think it’s wrong to view it that way.

          To me a draft pick is no different than a FA signing. You sign a four year deal. You get them for four years. You hope for value from that four years. You may re-sign them.

          Viewing round one picks as 8-10 year types is the wrong way to look at it. Ideally, yes that happens. But it shouldn’t be an expectation.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob I have been thinking about this recently the Seahawks make modified there first round pick okay so who has the picks and needs this is nearly impossible to do but I have a few thoughts first Los Angeles Chargers there going to a brand new stadium and Tyrod Taylor is your starting QB , the new York Giants have 10 picks they might .maybe the Jets .and what about are good friends in Houston for some reason I can see them trading back in round one to draft a receiver to replace Hopkins.just a guess

    • Tecmo Bowl

      You nailed it Trevor. The last 3 years in particular have been irritating.
      Malik was the one player I didnt want. He quit on his team his last year in East Lansing. Followed that up with Pocic. Huh?! A center? Our only solid position at the time on the OL(Britt).

      Penny I liked, but had him rated below Saquon, Chubb, Sony, Kerryon. Above Guice. Most on here wanted Chubb, myself included. Jury is still out though. Penny was hitting his stride before blowing out his knee.

      Collier was a bit of a desperation pick. Imo. JS/PC seemed disappointed how the board fell during their draft day 1 presser. The jury is still out, but LJ couldnt beat out Brandon Jackson(JAG) for playing time even late last year. Thats not a good sign.

      • Rob Staton

        So you’re angry they took Malik (but must surely acknowledge the freaky nature of him being a bust).

        You understand the Penny pick and accept the jury’s still out.

        And you accept the jury’s still out on Collier but acknowledge the board didn’t fall for them.

        And this has you irritated at PCJS?!!??

        • Greg Haugsven

          One thing we can all think about as well is that just because one player was a success/failure for one team doesnt mean he would be the same if another team had drafted him. For example Chubb has been great for the Browns but if we drafted him he would have been behind Carson. Maybe he has success when he came in and maybe he doesnt. Not just for Chubb but this can go for any player.

          • Rob Staton

            Good point.

  84. WALL UP

    It is interesting to follow JAX’s off season transactions in light of the prospects of trading for Ngakoue.

    Their not signing Darqueze Dennard opens the possibility of a trade with SEA to fill their need at CB. They do have picks 9 & 20, but adding 27 would allow the to pick a LT, WR and #1 CB, or DE.

    “Defensive end: Josh Allen is a core part of the Jaguars’ future, but they badly need to find a complement across from him since Yannick Ngakoue has made it clear that he doesn’t see a long-term future in Jacksonville. For the Jaguars’ pass-rush to remain effective, they will need to find another option off of the edge.”

    Yetur Gross Matos could be their pick @ #27, after picking LT Mekhi Becton, or Derrick Brown @ #9, and WR Jefferson, or Mims, or select A.J. Terrell @ #20. The options are all there with that extra 1st Rd pick @ 27 to get a player to fill their needs.

    Trading Yannick, who doesn’t appear to be part of their plans, makes filling those needs a lot easier. It also helps their cap situation. I honestly feel there may be a possibility of that trade that Pauline revealed earlier with the JAX. We’ll see. If so, I still like these picks for SEA:

    Trade (1) JAX Ngakoue and 42 for SEA 27 & 59 picks;
    Trade (2) DEN 77 & 118 for SEA 64;
    Trade (3) SEA 2021 6th Rd pick and 214 for IND 193;

    Yannick Ngakoue (DE)
    #42 — Isaiah Wilson (RT)
    #77 — Cam Akers (RB)
    #101 — V. Jefferson (WR)
    #118 — Amik Roberson (NB)
    #133 — Kevin Dotson (RG)
    #144 — Davon Hamilton (DT)
    #162 — Quinton Dunbar (CB)
    #193 — Tyshun Render (DE)

  85. no frickin clue

    I tried another mock on that site (thanks again Rob!). This is what I ended up with after trading #27 overall with the Chargers for a 2nd, 3rd and 6th.

    2.37 Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU
    2.59 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU
    2.64 Jabari Zuniga, DE, Florida
    3.71 Matt Peart, OT, Connecticut
    4.101 Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU
    5.133 Logan Stenberg, G, Kentucky
    5.144 Tanner Muse, S, Clemson
    6.186 Thakarius Keyes, CB, Tulane
    7.214 Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island

    • EmperorMA

      Nice work! I’d dig this draft!

  86. Greg Haugsven

    Here is a question for whoever wants to answer it. Have we improved in these ares since the start of last season, stayed the same, or gotten worse? You can answer it with a “better” “same” or “”worse”


    2019…Russell Wilson
    2020…Russell Wilson


    2019…Carson, Penny, Homer, Prosise
    2020…Carson, Penny, Homer (Carson and Penny coming off injury)


    2019…Lockett, Metcalf, Brown, Moore
    2020…Lockett, Metcalf, Dorsett, Moore


    2019…Dissly, Dickson, Hollister
    2020…Dissly, Olsen, Hollister


    2019…Brown, Lupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Hunt, Haynes, Jones
    2020…Brown, Finney, Britt, Fluker, Shell, Ogbuehi, Haynes, Jones, Warmack,


    2019…Clowney, Ansah, Woods, Ford, Reed (10 games) Green, Collier, Jefferson, Jackson
    2020…Ford, Reed, Green, Collier, Jackson, Irvin


    2019…Wagner, Wright, Kendricks, Barton, BBK
    2020…Wagner, Wright, Barton, BBk


    2019…Griffin, Flowers, Thorpe, King, Amadi
    2020…Griffin, Flowers, Dunbar, Amadi


    2019…McDougald, Hill, Thompson, Blair
    2020…McDougald, Hill, Thompson, Diggs, Blair

    Keep in mind some guys are young and growing (getting better) and some guys are getting older (declining)

  87. RWIII

    Greg: I like your format. Except for one thing. It’s too early. Wait until after the draft. RIght now it is incomplete.

  88. Jeremy

    Just a note saying I loved this video, and I hope they’re a part of the future on the site!!

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