Seahawks sign former #3 overall pick Dion Jordan

The Seahawks now have the #2 and #3 overall picks from the 2013 draft on their roster (Luke Joeckel, Dion Jordan).

File this under ‘why not?’. There’s very little to lose from this signing. The Seahawks will likely add another pass rusher in the draft too, potentially with their second pick. Later on I’ll post a new Seahawks seven-round projection looking at this scenario.


  1. southpaw360

    I love it. Low risk and high reward. Great off-season so far. I can’t wait for the draft!

  2. Saxon

    Chronic is legal in Seattle so he will likely become a Pro Bowler here.

    • Cysco

      just because it’s legal doesn’t mean he can use it. It’s not allowed in the NFL regardless of what city the player is in.

      • Elliottatk

        I think it’s a joke

        • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

          Speaking of Jokes, what if the Seahawks convert him to play offensive tackle?

          • Dale Roberts

            His play for the Dolphins was offensive.

            • abark

              Can we teach him to drop into coverage with all that athleticism?

  3. Sea Mode


    He’s expected to line up at SLB, also get a chance to rush QB in nickel, etc.

    8:33 AM – 11 Apr 2017

    • cha

      I think he might have some potential as a “rookie year Bruce Irvin” type player. Not a full regular starter on defense, just a guy who is sent in on pass rush downs to provide some more pressure.

      • Michael

        Can he apply pressure though? He has 3 career sacks…

        • GerryG

          He’s only played <2 seasons, and was clearly high most of the time…so wouldnt read too much into those numbers.

          Good coaching and if he is motivated, he may still have a chance to be productive.

  4. Naks

    Low risk. I like it

  5. Ed

    Got a possible starting LT.
    Got a possible starting RG.
    Got a possible starting LB.
    Got a possible starting S.
    Got a possible rotational edge.

    JS has been busy. Really looks like they are steering to DB in the draft. Would love to see 3 DB taken with the first 5 picks. (Jackson/Tankersley/Luani)

    • Trevor

      If we got those 3 guys in the draft Ed I think we would all have to be pleased.

      • Dale Roberts

        Isn’t this a stunning statement about the draft? If we would have acquired Joeckel and Jordan in the 2013 draft the excitement would have been over the top. Would they still be on the team while we wondered why the hawks couldn’t win in the playoffs? The impact of a high draft bust and the tendency to hang on to players to save face can set a team back years. We’re lucky PC/PS don’t let ego get in the way of evaluation.

    • Nolyon


  6. vrtkolman

    I actually think he could be a really good SAM in our scheme. I like this. It all depends on his motivation.

  7. Overtime

    We are going to need to pick up a couple DT’s. We have only Reed and Rubin inside. Jefferson may or may not make the roster. I expect a couple DT’s either through the draft or free agency. Our run defense was not as stellar last year as it has been in the past. An injury to a DT would be a killer right now.

    • vrtkolman

      I doubt we are going to cut Jefferson after trading up for him last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Important to remember here — they’re basically only Tony McDaniel away from having a very similar rotation to last year. So yes — DT likely is a target. And I would expect Jefferson to get some competition too. But I don’t think it’s quite the desperate need some will have you believe.

      • Hawktalker #1

        Any idea how likely we would resign McDaniels? No one has picked him up yet so may be a value/competition resign?

        • abark

          I would guess that they’ll remain in contact with him. Clearly we’d like to see the options to come by a smaller salary cab hit in the draft. Though, if that doesn’t work or there’s an injury, would anticipate that McDaniel would be Schneider’s first call.

    • Trevor

      I think based on whom they have met with leading up to the draft they plan to draft a big bodied nose tackle type. A guy like Stevie T, Glover Stewart or another small school guy perhaps in the mid-late rounds.

      I personally would like see Eddie Vanderoes with one of our 3rd round picks.

      • Kenny Sloth

        +1 for correct use of ‘whom’

        Not that I’m surprised, Trevor, you smarty

    • cha

      It would be a really nice boost to the defense if Reed had a 2nd year impact like a lot of young Hawk defenders have had, Clark most recently.

  8. Elliott Atk

    If he can stay healthy, and drug free (might be hard in Seattle) this could prove to be a good low key FA signing.

    • Sea Mode

      Re-posting May 2016 article on Dion Jordan that I posted at the end of last thread. Gives some perspective on his motivation at least and what happened to him with the drug tests.

    • Misfit74

      Drugs are available in anywhere in the world. Seattle doesn’t change anything. ‘Wherever you go, there you are’.

      Perhaps he will see the benefits of being on such a strong team with so many respectable leaders and rekindle his career to some degree. He has talent, clearly. Get his head on straight and this could provide low-cost dividends.

      I like the move, and have long thought we might take a flier on him once he was rumored to be coming available. Even still, he will have to work very hard to make the roster.

  9. Trevor

    He seems to fit the physical profile the Hawks look for in their Edge rushers and I really liked him coming out of college hopefully a change of scenery coming back to the PNW and our coaching staff / culture with light a fire under this guys.

    He is still really young. Could be a steal and if not very little downside. Love the signing.

    • Michael

      I wonder where his weight is currently. He was really skinny coming out of Oregon.

      • GeoffU

        Was listed as 275 for the Dolphins. Was 248 coming out of college (about the same as Bruce Irvin). With 2 years off though, no telling what kind of shape he’s in.

  10. Sea Mode

    Rob, Awuzie just appeared on a couple NFL network shows yesterday if it helps for your upcoming piece:

    Path to the Draft (probably the better of the two as it illustrates his versatility and football IQ)

    NFL Total Access (pronounces his name correctly at least at the beginning…)

    • Rob Staton

      Saw them both — very impressive

  11. Del tre

    Just curious rob, are you thinking Wormely could be our pick in the second? He can rush inside and outside, he is huge and athletic, and comes from Michigan, screams Seahawk to me.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. Wrote about him towards the end of the season. He could be an option.

  12. Ishmael

    A few of us talked about this when he first got cut. He’s a wonderful athlete, albeit a proven drug cheat, but then again so is Von Miller. Here’s that famous gif of him covering Gronk –

    I think it’s a great move, low-risk high-reward. Young veteran reclamation project, can he give them some pop off the edge? Ties into what PC was saying the other day about wanting to add more EDGE. They’ve actually done a pretty damn good job this off-season in filling their needs before the draft.

    • Dutchenstein12

      With the talent in this draft, this is really setting up to be our most exciting camp. Influx of competition, talent and youth is just what we need. Depth is one of the main factors for our downfall last year, this offseason could put us close to where we were in 2013. Not to mention how well it is setting up for some comp picks in 2 years. JS/PC have to be the most exciting duo in the league.

  13. Overtime

    I see them trying Dion Jordan at the SAM. Coming out of college he was only 250 and was good at covering WR’s, TE’s and RB’s in the slot. In Miami he bulked up to 275 and was forced to play out of position at DE. The Hawks have probably given him a weight target for training camp, He has to get into playing shape. It would be good to know what he weighed in at during his physical.

    • Ishmael

      3-4 personnel in a 4-3 front right? Going to be fascinating to see how it plays out.

      • Misfit74


    • KD

      This is what I was wondering as well. It’s possible LB is a better position for him. Does anyone know if Pete Carroll recruited him while at USC?

  14. AlaskaHawk

    This is so great. In the past I’ve complained about the state of the offensive line (always look like crap at beginning of season) and the slow decline of the secondary (Sherman was the only cornerback fighting for interceptions). This year is the most active I have ever seen John Schneider and Pete Carroll in free agency- at least the most active since that first year where they tried out 250 plus players.

    Someone finally lit a fire under their butts and got them to bring in new talented free agent players. I hope they are all good enough to make the team. Basic strategy seems to be picking up offensive and defensive line in free agency. And finding their secondary in the draft.

    • Dutchenstein12

      While I agree I like how aggressive we have been this offseason (exciting for fans), this is really the 1st year where we haven’t had to focus on signing a bunch of our own guys or had to worry about losing out on the comp picks from other teams signing our FAs. JS/PC have always been active/progressive, it’s just some years it made more sense to focus on our own guys and be awarded comp picks down the road. So saying “someone finally lit a fire under their butts” isn’t a fair statement to make on their past offseasons.

      • BobbyK

        From 2013 when we won the Super Bowl, we have essentially gotten worse each following season. This is still a great team, don’t get me wrong, but the depth is as poor as I can remember (as spoiled fans of a team in the midst of a great run of winning seasons). We need that depth replenished and more than ever it seems we need an impact starter or two. The secondary essentially played three CBs last year on most snaps. Sherman was awesome. But the other two weren’t good. Why throw at Sherm when you can have your pick of two other CBs who aren’t good? It doesn’t matter if Sherm is a stud if the other guys make it so Sherm rarely ever has to get challenged. We no longer have that pipeline of CBs where “next man up” actually works – because it only works when the next person up is actually good. Time for a Humphrey or King. Or if they’re gone, Obi or Jackson. Something of quality.

        Personally, I hope they are able to snag 1 of Obi, King, Humphrey, Jackson… AND 1 of Watt/Bowser. A Humphrey/Watt scenario would be my favorite. But King/Watt would be close. Even if it’s Obi/Bowser, I’d be thrilled. 🙂

        • Matt B.

          I think a big aspect of this is that they didn’t really have any cap space to spend after the last two seasons (if I remember correctly), this year they actually had some cap flexibility in addition to not having major FA’s walking out the door (resulting in comp picks) so they could be much more active. Personally, I think we have larger holes on the roster this year then we’ve had in the past comparing my perspective at this point in the offseason the last two years to my perspective now. However, that could just mean that we end up with a stronger overall team if we are able to identify some strong starters/role players at positions that looked ok last year but ended up being weaknesses for us. Time will tell…

          • AlaskaHawk

            I agree we had large holes, some of which were quite predictable and weren’t addressed adequately in previous years. I’m mostly picking on the offensive line. The whole move Nowak to Center experiment, and not having a decent left tackle last year has left a foul taste in my mouth. I just see a lot more action going on, and yes as a fan it is more satisfying.

        • Dale Roberts

          The Hawks have had the lowest average draft pick of any team over the last four years. We tend to think of the draft in terms of the first round. First rounders are immediate starters while future starters are built with physical talent that needs coaching. If you draft late in every round it’s much harder to find the talent that the other teams missed. Seattle has compensated by mining UDFA talent extraordinarily well. The teams that stay competitive know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Keep seminal talents and be prepared to jettison them when they decline or go off the rails, hoard draft picks, appreciate UDFA’s, and don’t overspend in free agency. Oh and have a great QB/HC/GM/owner ’cause without that you’re the Redskins or Chargers and that would suck. Really anybody can do it. LOL

  15. Rory

    An Off-topic Draft Question.

    I am a long time reader, first time poster. Thank you for this great site, it really provides a lot of in depth discussion about the Seahawks during the offseason!

    Onto the question,

    If somehow Garett Bolles fell to the Seahawks at 26, how would this influence the Seahawks’ interest in Issac Asiata?

    I can see the positive, Asiata and Bolles played together at Utah, and likely they would have the chemistry and trust that we hear is so vital on an offensive line. Potentially you could plug both of them in to work together as a unit as they did at Utah. If it works, you may have one side of the line locked up for a number of years, if they can grow together.

    And I can see the negative, if the Seahawks used their first round pick on the line, would the Seahawks be less likely to use another of their picks on the Offensive Line? Considering they have already strengthened with Joeckel and Aboushi and hopefully our current players like Odhiambo, Glowinski, Ifedi and Fant will also improve.

    So would two of the top five picks been too steep a price?

    Thank you!

    • Ed

      With LB and DL needs and multiple DB needs, I don’t see 2 of first 5 picks (and no 4th and 5th rd picks), I don’t see them taking 2 OL in first 3 rounds. My ideal picks:

      1 S (Obi/Evans/Luani)
      2 CB (1 being a slot guy) (Jackson/Baker/Douglas/Tankersley/Awuzie/Griffin)
      1 LB (that can rush on 3rd down) (Bowser/Davis/Reddick/Biegel)
      1 either OL/DL/TE/WR

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think they want to see what they have before investing a high pick in a tackle.

      The rest of the draft is the same for OL only two or three draftable guys in my opinion

      • Kenny Sloth

        Each round only 2-3 Draftable OL for the Hawks*

    • BobbyK

      I’d be all for a scenario like that if the rest of our OL wasn’t so young. Plus, as mentioned, this team needs to get younger on defense. They had 5 picks in the first 3 rounds last year and took 4 offensive players, including their first round pick. It’s time for defense.

    • Sea Mode

      Glad to have you, Rory!

      This is something I have thought about as well, and I concluded for myself that it was unlikely. The chemistry thing is nice, but

      1. they need to draft other positions too

      2. Depending on where they want to play Bolles, it would be hard to get Asiata on the field, unless they have given up on Fant, Joeckel or Odhiambo. You could be looking at:

      a. Joeckel, Odhiambo, Britt, Ifedi, Bolles
      b. Bolles, Joeckel, Britt, Ifedi, Fant
      c. Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Ifedi, Bolles

      • TCHawk


        d. Joeckel, Aboushi, Britt, Odhiambo, Ifedi (2nds – Fant, Glowinski, Hunt, Asiata,
        e. Bolles, Joeckel, Britt, Odhiambo, Ifedi (Fant, Glow, Hunt, Aboushi, Gilliam)

        While I think our best line would be e (or a), I really want to go CB (or big NB) in the first. I think our D needs to get younger, more athletic, and less injury prone. So I’m in favor of D picks for rounds 1 & 2, then get an OL with one of the 3rd rounders.

        • Misfit74

          Joeckel, (?) , Britt, Aboushi, Ifedi
          (left to right)

          If I had to project today, I think those 4 are the likely starters, with the uncertainty mostly at LG.

          • Rory

            Thank you Ed,Kenny, Bobby, Sea, TCHawk and Misfit!

            Reading your responses, I think my original question was a little outlandish considering the teams very real needs elsewhere, to spend two of this year’s five most important picks on the O-Line. Perhaps if it was another year, it would be possible. Just the idea of potentially locking down the line for hopefully this year and in the future, was a very tempting prospect. I don’t know how usual it is to draft teammates in the same year onto the same team, and if this makes a major difference in performance or not. Watching the highlights of Bolles and Asiata working together for Utah and putting them in Seahawks jerseys just seemed ideal. They both have that same aggressive and physical style, the Seahawks liked in Ifedi. Thank you!

    • Matt B.

      I would have absolutely no qualms with this. I see merit in everyone’s reactions and reasonings as to why we wouldn’t do this (other positions of need, young OL on the roster, investments in FA), but if we were able to end up with a half of our O-line that was league average or better for the next 4 years, while also having way better depth in case of injuries… I can hardly justify not paying that price. Especially given our play style seems to favor effective running game and play action as opposed to quick passing. I would trust JS, PC, and Richard to identify some solid CB talent that they could develop later in the draft or in FA.

  16. KD

    Not very surprising to be honest. I do remember Rob saying during that particular draft that if the Seahawks were picking #3 overall, they would likely have selected Dion Jordan because he is such a freakish athlete. A very low risk gamble with potentially high rewards, as long as the coaching staff can identify exactly what Jordan excels at gets him to embrace it.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    His college tape was so weird because he was a prototype DE and he dropped back so much.

    You expected to see him play like Deforest Buckner.

    He reminded me of KJ. Big and long, but agile and smart

  18. Awsi Dooger

    I’m a Dolphin fan so I know all about Dion Jordan. His athletic ability was always wildly overstated. The ESPN Sports Science program gave Jordan high marks but Jordan flunked the edge rusher metrics used on sites like They had a very sharp poster named Waldo on that draft forum who came up with analytics similar to some of the numbers spotlighted here. Waldo isolated a formula to project edge rusher success or failure in the NFL. It’s based on the explosive and twitch categories like vertical jump and 3-cone. Jamie Collins from that draft stood out as low risk and likely to make it big, while Waldo labeled Dion Jordan, “The Reach.”

    Waldo no longer posts on that draft forum but some of the regulars there have taken his formula and applied it to subsequent years. There is a relatively short 5-6 page “Analytics” thread devoted to the current crop. Rob and others might be interested in the findings because it has an excellent success record, particularly with edge although Waldo did tinker with other positions. I looked at that thread a few days ago. Solomon Thomas, T.J. Watt and Jordan Willis were atop the low risk group. Myles Garrett wasn’t listed because he didn’t have a 3-cone score. The red flag group included Charles Harris, Tim Williams and Takk McKinley.

    I wasn’t thrilled with the Dion Jordan pick so I posted a thread on Finheaven featuring a 15 year old scout from the Cincinnati area who absolutely panned the choice. Naturally the regulars jumped in to attack but the kid eventually showed up in the thread himself and basically dominated matters. I mostly stayed out of the way as that thread reached 50 pages or more. The kid liked lower round Dolphin slection Dion Sims better than Dion Jordan and that has proven to be astute.

    Anyway, Dion Jordan as a Dolphin was a lumbering right end with almost zero explosiveness. He mostly arm wrestled with the tackle and was seldom a factor. He could be abused in run defense. Not unexpectedly, New England spotted that vulnerability beyond any other team. They unmercifully plowed Jordan backwards into the end zone at Foxboro.

    That weakness prompted the Dolphins to ask Jordan to gain weight. He did and that weight gain became a fixation for the Jordan apologists on Dolphin forums. They attributed all of his issues to playing too heavy and out of position. Many wanted Jordan to drop back to 240 or 250 and at linebacker instead of defensive end. Then the drug suspensions began and Jordan was next to invisible, other than an occasional photo of Jordan vacationing on a beach with his girlfriend and a sloppy belly. Dion Jordan doesn’t exactly inspire confidence via facial expression. It’s a never-changing doper look. You wonder how anyone could interview him and conclude that’s the guy you want to bank on with a premium pick. Then- general manager Jeff Ireland is the ultimate curse term among Dolphin fans.

    Obviously Seattle is getting Jordan for free. Like most Dolphin fans I don’t care what Jordan does for the Seahawks, as long as we’re rid of him. I grew up with the early ’70s Dolphins and a roster of incredibly smart incredibly dedicated players. Dion Jordan is the antithesis. He was tried briefly at SAM in pass defense roles and had virtually zero instincts or recognition. His overrated athletic ability was glaring at Detroit when he picked up a blocked field goal and appeared to be home free before being caught from behind. By far his most touted play for Miami was while covering Gronkowski in Foxboro. He mirrored him well down the left sideline. The ball wasn’t thrown in that direction. Somehow the apologists envisioned that type of coverage on every play and asserted we had the ultimate tight end eliminator in Dion Jordan.

    I always thought Jordan should be used to rush up the middle on obvious passing downs. He does have length and can cause problems with that. He can’t bend the edge and he’ll never win any instinctive or motor contests. Most likely he could recognize the quarterback while asked to move straight ahead toward him.

    • nichansen01

      Ouch. Thanks for all the info. Right now, he’s just camp depth.

    • Elliott atk

      Excellent and insightful post, definelty would be intresting to look further into the edge rush formla you mentioned and see how it relates to the Seahawks draft picks. Do you have a link to the specific thread you mentioned?

    • DLep

      Interesting Awsi, have you checked out draftcobern? Site put together by Jim Cobern and he does similar type trait analysis, though he highlights physical and athletic thresholds as minimums for previous pro bowl and all pro players at each position. Similarly, he has TJ Watt and Willis rated very highly and Takk not so much (though he projects him as a long term starter). Here are his profiles on Watt and Willis:

    • Overtime

      Doug Hendrickson of ISE is the agent for both Dion Jordan and Marshawn Lynch. ISE is one of the larger sports agencies. It seems likely Schneider’s familiarity with the agent led to Dion getting a final shot at the league. Dion Jordan would seem to have more red flags than a Russian military parade. Drugs and drug suspensions from the league, a poor support group of family and friends, a follower personality, over weight, multiple ACL injuries, no clear position and more than one coaching staff that have given up on the guy. He truly is on his last chance.

      Coming into the league he was thought to be an athletic freak like Obi Melonfonu this year, Then everything went South for the guy. He missed his first training camp and underachieved. He got suspended for drugs and when he came back, injured his ACL for the second time. Saddled with a big cap hit, Miami finally released him. Their coaches have lost the trust needed to invest anymore time in him.

      I see the Hawks giving him a weight target. If he doesn’t make it, he probably gets cut before he steps on the field. At 270 lbs, he lacks the strength to anchor against the run or the burst to turn the edge. He is not a DE. Perhaps, the Hawks give him a shot at the SAM LB spot. One of the Miami reporters was on the John Clayton show and had very little good to say about Dion Jordan. The one highlight Jordan has is covering Gronk 40 yards downfield in 2013. If he can get back to that maybe he survives camp. He may not have the motivation. I suspect this is just a favor being granted to his agent with no guaranteed money at all.

      • Dale Roberts

        “more red flags than a Russian military parade”… sweet.

    • BobbyK

      Thanks for the insight. I would also be interested in a link to that formula. I have been thinking that for quite some time TJ Watt is going to be the best AND safest player available for the Seahawks.

      • DLep

        Yeah some of the sentiment seems to be that Watt would be a consolation prize but I dont view it that way. Potential pro bowler based on a few different analytics sites.

    • DC

      Great read, thanks! If you have a link to that formula we’d all like to take a gander.

      The worst thing about D Jordan is that he’s a ¿!! Damned 🦆

    • abark

      Thank you for the candid feedback, this site handles such well!

  19. Jason

    Take it with a grain of salt, but I will take the haul that Walter Football has today for the hawks on its mock draft.

    1) Adoree Jackson
    2) Zay Jones
    3a) Cordrea Tankersley
    3b) Eddie Vanderdoes
    3c) George Kittle

    Anyways, it is nice to see mocks not having us draft 2OL in the first 3 rounds.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would sign up for that in a second.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Possibly take out Kittle and add Siragusa or Asiata

        • Trevor

          Agree Greg but it would be a crazy good drat either way.

    • Trevor

      That would be an absolutely sick draft. Would love all 5 picks and be doing back flips for a week !!!

    • Misfit74

      That would be fine with me, but I like a ton of WRs better than Zay Jones. Godwin!

    • Misfit74

      Pro Football Focus compared Baylor WR Ishmael Zamora to Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon.
      “They have identical size and speed, with strong effortless hands, but a lack of route running was a big question for Gordon,” writes the PFF analysis team. “He was able to take that next step in the NFL (on the field only) and Zamora definitely has that same potential.” The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder did not receive an invite to the NFL Scouting Combine due to his animal abuse case from over the summer. During Baylor’s pro day earlier this month, Zamora turned in a 40-yard dash in the mid 4.4’s, plus a 40-inch vertical jump. He also addressed his off-field troubles, saying, “I’m not an aggressive guy or somebody you have to worry about in the future coming up on TV.” Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline views him as an undrafted free agent when all is said and done, but there is a chance that his athletic traits could be enough to induce a team into taking the plunge late on Day 3.

      Speaking of Josh Gordon, we need t o get him. #GoHawks

      • Rob Staton

        No thanks on Zamora

  20. Coleslaw

    This is the best signing of the off-season so far. I once saw Dion Jordan successfully man cover Calvin Johnson in the end zone and got a hand in to force an incomplete pass.

    • Greg Haugsven

      No doubt he has skills, hopefully Bennet and Avril can get to him and shape him up.

  21. Michael

    FWIW – If you assume 22 bench reps (the average of all DL/LB from this year’s combine… Jordan did not participate in 2013) then his TEF would’ve been 3.30 when he came out of Oregon.

  22. Darth12er

    I’m excited for this signing. Absolutely nothing to lose, he may not even make the 53, or he could be a good role player and develop into something good.

    Just listened to this, talking about some DB’s. interesting take on Kevin king and Witherspoon there at the end. It’s the hot take Tuesday one at the top:

  23. Dingbatman

    Having the 2nd and 3rd picks of the 1st round of the 2013 draft on our roster on 1 year “prove it” deals should throw a fair amount of cold water on anyone who is excited at the prospect of trading Richard Sherman for draft picks.

    • Hawkfan086

      Begging to differ with you…

      “Lost in the latest report regarding the Seattle asking price for cornerback Richard Sherman is a fundamental reality that fuels the perception a trade will happen: Seattle is dropping its asking price.”

      • cha

        Mike Garafolo‏Verified account

        We talked Richard Sherman on Up To The Minute Live. No price drop expected.

        Not saying either is right or wrong, but Florio/PFT have been way off before.

        • Ishmael

          Florio, for whatever reason, hates the Hawks. I wouldn’t trust a word he says.

          • HI Hawk

            He hates everyone except the Patriots. He’s the most negative reporter I’ve ever seen.

      • RWIII

        I think the price for Mike Florio’s work performance is dropping.

        Seattle is NOT going to give Richard Sherman away.

  24. Robertlas vegas

    Here is my draft day dream round one is adoree Jackson we need a slot corner and a returner one who has break away ability how many remember when Bryan Walters was are punt returner that what I remember was pretty uneventful.and second hopefully he falls to the second round and maybe I am wishing jarred Davis. ROB is 100% right he. Is the best I nterview in the draft and the heart of Florida defense .if I needed to trade up in round two I would have to consider it

    • Greg Haugsven

      He is my pick to Robert, day 1 starter for me that can make plays.

    • Elliott Atk

      I believe Walters was actually our Fair Catch specialist

    • RealRhino2

      What about other slash-returner options? Tredavious White is better at covering people, and he is a pretty nifty returner, as I recall. Peppers? He’s got feet for hands, but he’s a heck of a returner and “weapon.” Maybe you get Ryan Switzer in the 6th and he can be a Jamison Crowder type for a much lower cost.

  25. Rawls1234

    Is Ahkello Witherspoon projected as a 1st round pick?

    • DC

      Not anywhere that I have seen. Mostly see late 2nd through the 3rd.

    • Dale Roberts

      Witherspoon dropped off my radar when an analyst (I think it was Rob) pointed out that he can’t tackle, is not physical, and is extremely weak against the run. If fact he doesn’t even try against the run. Not a Seahawk.

    • Rob Staton

      Not with the way he appears to be allergic to tackling.

      • abark

        I rode pine in junior football, not easy to do yet I did it easily. So, I know the answer for me, but I’ll go ahead and ask for Witherspoon, can he be taught the Seahawk way to tackle & take to it?!?

        • Rob Staton

          Unfortunately with Witherspoon it wasn’t a technique problem. There are plays where he literally moves away from the ball carrier to avoid contact. He cannot hold his side of the field, doesn’t force runners back inside. That is fundamental. It’s a big concern with AW and a major shame because in coverage and in terms of physicality he’s very exciting.

  26. MontanaMike

    I like the signing, at the very least- camp fodder. Looks like Sherman is going to get his chip back, I wonder if Schneider’s just letting him drop so he can turn it down. Yeah my head’s spinning on who falls to us and who we pick.

    • DC

      Heard Sando on with the Professor mention that all of this front office stuff with Sherman is them calling his bluff. It made some sense that to publicly admit you are seeking to trade a particular player lowers their prospective trade value because teams can see your hand. Dropping that value makes the trade less likely to happen. Gut says he’s a Hawk this year.

      This is exciting. Accumulating FA depth. Gonna find some baad boyz in the draft and re-energize those grey hairs on defense. We’re getting back to the big one this season and we have to to cement the legacy of all these guys before they start leaving. 3 Super Bowl trips in 5 years with 2 wins is historic for any team. They will be remembered for an epic run of football.

  27. Dale Roberts

    I asked Google, “what happened to Dion Jordan”? According to an August 16, 2016 article in the Miami Herald he has a problem with drugs, a problem with alcohol, he’s recovering from knee surgery, hasn’t played since 2014, had two prior suspensions so has very little experience, and he really isn’t a defensive end. This young man is an uber athletic train wreck. Your expectations should be non existent.

    • AlaskaHawk

      My theory is that they hired train wreck Jordan so the fans wouldn’t bitch when they draft Mixon.

      • Del tre

        If the Hawks drafted Mixon I’m not sure i would remain a fan. That kid has a lot more problems then that video. Big difference between him and Jordan, in fact Dion Jordans story is probably more relatable than anything.

        • Ed

          What. It looked like he was a model citizen on campus after that on and off the field.

        • abark

          It appears that we got both a good player and a good person in Clarke. I don’t think the NW fan base would swallow a vid clip of Mixon KOing a young woman.
          Lets keep in mind the continued reaction to “speed chess playing” Ray Rice hitting a woman he married. Mixon knocked out an acquaintance; the thing (& it’s huge) on his side is youth + talent.

        • Ishmael

          There are some players who have done some genuinely disgraceful things already on the Hawks roster. Anyway, Mixon is apparently going to go in the second which would probably be too rich for the Seahawks in this draft.

          • abark

            Absolutely too rich!

      • Misfit74

        That’d be genius. Mixon best back in the draft.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks won’t draft Mixon. 100%.

        • abark

          Thank you, for many things, simple accuracy here, not even an ethically accurate statement.

        • Smitty1547

          I love your sight and 99% of your opinions, however on Mixon you sound like all these people who laughed at the thought of Trump winning, its a safe bet they won’t but you have no idea of the 100% certainty you claim on this.

          The only other thing I strongly disagree with you on since were talking about it is Beavell and Graham apologist that you are.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not an ‘apologist’ for anyone. I base my opinions on reasoned arguments, not hysteria.

            As for Mixon, yes I’m 100% certain Seattle will not draft him. Schneider spelled it out. They will never draft a player who struck a woman. No further debate is necessary.

            • Smitty1547

              They would draft OJ if he was young and available and he fell far enough in the draft, I don’t care what he said.

              • Rob Staton

                John Schneider was quite clear. He spelt it out.

                Not sure why this is so hard to accept.

                He clearly stated they will not draft someone who punched a woman.

                Joe Mixon will not be a Seahawk.

  28. RWIII

    Glad the Hawks are taking a look. But this guy has a TON of work to do. To get back to his prime. Yes he has a LOT OF WORK TO DO. So lets see what happens. Hopefully he does put in the work.

    Time will tell.

  29. DC

    Anyone have an opinion on Florida Atlantic DE Trey Hendrickson? Seen any tape?

  30. DHawk

    My post is strictly looking at Dion Jordan’s combine testing as it pertains to TEF, SPARQ or whether or not he’s an “athletic freak.” Here are the numbers:

    6062 248
    4.60 x 40
    1.65 x 10
    32 1/2 vertical
    10-02 broad
    4.35 20 shuttle
    7.02 3-cone

    The numbers are good but not necessarily freaky…A comment above was that Jordan lacked elite explosion and was therefore exposed in the NFL. However, I think his combine may not have been his best testing, or what he is fully capable of in those drills. What we know as facts are that he was dealing with a torn labrum during the combine which required surgery shortly thereafter. That probably impacted his combine prep, and his actual testing. We also know that he appears to have had a personal accountability issue, which was manifest with his drug failures and underperformance his first couple of years in the NFL. In addition, he is long-limbed and more of a long strider, which would have required special focus for him leading up to the combine in order to put up his best possible numbers in the 40, 10-yard split and short shuttle.

    My point is that there is a decent likelihood that his testing numbers, while not quite in the category of Rees Odhiambo, probably approach that area we all dislike, which is “incomplete.” He showed as a very freaky athlete during his senior year, and was discussed by Rob as such leading up to the draft. I speculate that if Jordan had been completely healthy (and fully dedicated?), his forty time would have been in the mid 4.5’s, his 10-yard split might have touched the “elite” upper 1.5’s, his vertical would have been 2-3 inches higher, his broad would have been mid to upper 10’s, and his short shuttle might have reached the 4.2’s, with a 3-cone that might have dipped under 7.

    I could be wrong, but I think trying to judge Jordan’s “bust” profile using explosion numbers after his combine testing may not be a usefule exercise. He is obviously a fantastic athlete, and I will make an educated guess, based on what we know about that period of time in his life, that he’s actually a lot closer to Bruce Irvin type of freakiness than his numbers indicated. It also may be an indicator that his best playing position is back at LB, and his best playing weight is back in the 250-255 lb area rather than the 275 lb area that Miami had him play. We don’t know if Jordan has turned a corner or not, but if he has, then his athletic profile still has the potential for exceptionally freaky athlete…and maybe even pretty good football player…we shall see.

    • Dale Roberts

      Miami wanted a complement to DE Cameron Wake so they gave Oakland their 12th overall pick and their second round pick (42nd overall) to move up to number 3. A comment in the Miami Herald article was that Jordan never really played DE in college rather he played him all over the field as a mismatch. I can only suspect that someone fell in love and had to have his shiny new player. Add Suh’s monster contract and an unstable front office and voila… Miami’s path to mediocrity.

    • Robert Loeder

      Damn cool comment. Thanks for sharing! I’m pumped for Dion to put it all together. He dominated in college with ridiculous length and athleticism. Pete is the Tony Robbins of football!

  31. Dale Roberts

    If Kevin King and Obi Melifonwu were available at #26 but the Hawks selected someone else, who would that player be? Who would have to drop to make that happen? Garrett Bowles wouldn’t be that player for me.

    • Overtime

      Hooker, Thomas, Fournette …. I could think of many.

    • abark

      The Hawks D is aging and has many players that could hit the wall in a similar time frame, perhaps part of the impetus to deal Sherman?! To continue to dominate, we will need to have a much better ball control offense, like Dallas does with its OL. Despite all of the criticism that seems to ignore cap decisions, Seattle’s OL is young, yet with nice potential. Pete has spent some lip service of late, saying that the off-season pick up of Joeckel along with Germaine Ifedi moving back to RT have solidified the tackle position. I am not buying it if opportunity presents. Realistically we’ve got depth at guard(!) including Joeckel and Ifedi, not at tackle. Many of the mocks have Garett Bolles dropping past our pick, neither I nor the collective of this site believe he falls at all, probably a top 15 pick. If he does slide, no way he goes past the Hawks. Dude flat out fits our position analytics… there’s this guy who’s put together a “tef” formula that acurately predicts Seattle’s picks from past selections; feel free to look him up… kinda sorry for the sarcasm, I’ve read it’s not particularly heathy.

  32. Kelly

    I have read article after article about how “x” player could be the next Bruce Irvin. So in the simplist terms did we screw up by not resigning him to what is a modest contract with the current inflation. And before I get ripped a 8mpy is what I consider modest for a first rounder who performed reasonably well. Imagine how much more complete our d works be with him. Would make Watt whip cream instead of strawberries on our cake

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