Seattle’s defensive future lies in the 4-2-5 and here’s why

For quite some time now we’ve been discussing Seattle’s use of the 4-2-5 formation and why it might feature even more prominently in the future.

Here’s a quick recap on some of the main points:

— Seattle ran a lot of 4-2-5 last season with Jeremy Lane playing 71% of the defensive snaps as the nickel cornerback

— Lane replaced the SAM linebacker as the Seahawks, like a lot of teams, moved towards a ‘nickel base’

— Frequently a 4-2-5 is a Cover-3 look with a post safety or middle-of-the-field safety

— This formation puts the Nickel and the Strong Safety close to the line of scrimmage, leaving the Free Safety aligned in the middle third

— You can also switch into a look that puts the Nickel next to the Free Safety aligned in a two-deep look

— In other words, this is very ‘Seahawks’

— Pete Carroll’s lukewarm review of Jeremy Lane’s play as the starting nickel led us to wonder whether that would be considered a key target area in the draft

— Carroll recently suggested they are willing to use a formation with three safety’s on the field at the same time

— This is a strong draft class at safety

— The Seahawks have not drafted an orthodox cornerback earlier than the fourth round in the Carroll era, so a ‘Buffalo’, ‘Big Nickel’ or ‘Slot’ drafted in the first round arguably would chime with this existing trend

An article was brought to my attention today that further reveals why the Seahawks might be trending towards a permanent switch to the 4-2-5. The piece was written by the TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson, detailing the benefits of the formation and why he’s used it during his career.

Every single word from Patterson is solid gold. I originally intended to highlight some select quotes but basically I’d have to copy and paste the whole thing to do it justice. You’ll read the first couple of paragraphs and I guarantee you’ll be nodding along, fully understanding why the Seahawks are embracing this 4-2-5 concept.

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of its intentions:

— Provide a simple scheme that promotes execution and athleticism

— Take away an opponents run game

— Establish an eight-man front

— Find a way to counter-punch while playing ‘bend-but-don’t-break’

— Out-hit the opponent, create takeaways and eliminate big plays

— Find ways to blitz using your DB’s

I’ve basically just bullet-pointed Seattle’s defensive plan. Patterson writes about the 4-2-5 like he’s just finished watching the Seahawks defense.

And when you consider the ‘Buffalo’ (a 4-2-5 with a third safety on the field, explained here) is a single-high safety cover-3 scheme anyway — it all makes perfect sense.

This is why I think it’s highly likely the Seahawks will draft Obi Melifonwu if he’s available at #26.

He appears set to be the poster child for the ‘big nickel’ moving forward. If you were to create an ideal prospect for the position, he’d look like Melifonwu. The 4.40 speed, the 6-4, 225lbs size, the 79 1/4 inch wingspan, the 4.09 short shuttle.

For a position of growing importance in the NFL, Melifonwu is essentially the ideal. It’s no surprise the Seahawks’ top brass got excited watching him at the combine.

We already know they love unique traits and freakish athleticism. For this specific role he is the ultimate prospect.

Of course, there are likely other teams with similar intentions. Don’t be surprised if Melifonwu is off the board by #26 as a consequence. He could set a new standard for the trendiest defensive position in the modern NFL.

Carroll recently asserted Bradley McDougald could be used as a ‘third safety’ or ‘big nickel’ in 2017. I suspect he was brought in as a hedge. If the Seahawks really want to run this type of scheme, they couldn’t go into the draft knowing they might miss out and then have to re-think everything they want to do.

The McDougald signing means they can use a 4-2-5 next season with a big nickel. The question now is whether Melifonwu or someone else will end up taking that job as a first round pick.

Melifonwu isn’t the only option. Chidobe Awuzie was 6-0 and 202lbs at the combine. McDougald is listed at 6-1 and 209lbs. It’s entirely possible Awuzie could be drafted to compete for that job.

And despite his lack of size there seems little point in betting against Budda Baker also being a consideration — or Adoree’ Jackson for that matter considering his extreme kick return qualities and rare athleticism.

For some McDougald’s presence on the roster will be interpreted as the Seahawks having ‘got their man’ and now they can look at other positions. Possibly so. Yet their willingness to play the waiting game before eventually getting him for a mere $1.8m would be a curious and cheap way of landing a vital starter.

The price feels like a hedge. And they do need depth at safety as well. So if he’s beaten to the ‘big nickel’ job by a rookie, it’s hardly a wasted signing.

Either way, it still feels like this circled position…

… is the key to the Seahawks plans on defense this year.

And if they don’t take a ‘Big Nickel’ with their first pick, keep an eye on Shalom Luani later on.

Other notes

Jason La Canfora is reporting Gareon Conley is going to be drafted in the top half of round one.

This isn’t a big surprise. Conley is a prototype outside cornerback who had a very good combine, a solid final season at Ohio State and he has zero character concerns.

The question is — how quickly will Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu and Adoree’ Jackson follow after him (assuming Marshon Lattimore and Marlon Humphrey are the first two CB’s off the board)?

Teams generally aren’t stupid. When you have rare physical traits, way beyond the norm, you’re going to go early. Teams will look at King and Melifonwu and see how unique they are and they’ll take a shot. Jackson is an explosive, incredible playmaker.

The Seahawks under Pete Carroll have impacted the league. A player you’d consider ‘Seahawky’ these days is attractive to virtually the entire NFL.

As we discussed above, increasingly this is a match-up league and finding players that can give you a match-up advantage is incredibly important. The best way to create a match-up advantage is to draft for extreme physical upside.

So while there’s been an assumption for a long time that Melifonwu, King, Conley and Jackson will last to #26, do not be shocked if that isn’t the case and the Seahawks have to consider alternatives like Chidobe Awuzie, Budda Baker, Tyus Bowser, T.J. Watt or Justin Evans.

I wanted to finish with a quick word on Colorado cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon. As we highlighted over the weekend, there are actually very few cornerbacks in this draft class that match Seattle’s previous length barometers.

Witherspoon is one of the few that does.

I watched three of his games again over the weekend and there are so many things to like. He’s terrific in coverage — regularly extending to break up passes. He has the short-area quickness, feel for the route and the deep speed to be a very effective cover-corner.

Only one player in the country defended more passes than Witherspoon in 2016 — his Colorado team mate Tedric Thompson.

However, his play against the run is so bad it’s frankly impossible to imagine him in Seattle’s defense.

When I say bad, I mean Indiana Jones 4 bad. There are literally plays where Witherspoon moves out of the way to avoid contact. He shows zero willingness to even set a strong edge to push the play back inside. His mere presence would be enough at times — he doesn’t need to get off a block and tackle like Richard Sherman. Just hold the point at your side, force the run back inside and let the other players do their work.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t even do that. This isn’t about tackling technique (which also isn’t great) or a couple of things that need tweaking. This is about want and desire. And sadly, as good as he is in coverage, you’re going to give up a ton of plays if Witherspoon plays this way at the next level. Teams will key to his side all day long — whether it’s running the ball, bubble screens, WR screens or whatever.

So unless he can convince teams that he has it within him to change, it’s hard to imagine him being much of a consideration for a club like Seattle that places such a strong emphasis on defending the run and tackling.


  1. Ty the Guy

    Love the idea of the 4-2-5. Adding Obi would allow Kam to stay in the box too. Not sure if I love the idea of Obi covering some of the quick slot guys, might like Baker more. But great stuff Rob.

    With McDougald we do have the luxury of going after an outside CB in Round 1 and use McDougald as the Buffalo.

    Justin Evans, Marcus Maye, or Shalom Luani might be guys to look at if Obi goes before 26

    • Ty the Guy

      *guys to look at in later rounds

    • Misfit74

      I think Josh Johnson is another Safety we must consider, albeit not at 26.

  2. drewdawg11

    Nice work, Rob. I have been obsessing over how we are going to replenish the secondary all off season. Hey, it’s more fun than worrying about the line, right? Is there a scenario where you would try and move up to secure Obi? He’s special, rare, however you want to say it. Guys like him aren’t really out there. I would be willing to part with a third to move up a bit. What are your feelings on that?

    • Rob Staton

      In terms of moving up, I’d rather move up from #58 personally and play the hand we’re dealt at #26.

      • HawkTalker #1

        If you use the several draft trade charts now available, regardless of the chart you use, there is a HEAVY price to be paid in moving up in the first round. Unless you see someone you must have the you feel is way undervalued (has to really be someone still in the first round and still being considered undervalued), you are going to give up some big draft capital to do it. Trading two third rounders and a first rounder for a better first rounder can be a very concerning proposal.

  3. Steve Nelsen


    We’ve talked about Obi as a big nickel and the possibility of adding Shalom Luani later. You have also mentioned some slot CBs that make sense at 26. Because of the obvious Seattle need at CB, we have discussed that position in some depth. But, if the Big Nickle can be a safety, we should dig into that position further.

    What other safeties might be available at 26? With all the CBs and the need for QBs and OL on other teams, I think at least one really good defender will be there at 26. I wonder if a safety projected to go earlier might slide to 26. And I wonder what other safeties might make sense in round 2 or 3.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we’ve pretty much been through all big nickel options at #26 by now to be fair. Melifonwu, Evans, Budda, Awuzie. Some will make a case for Josh Jones too.

      • Jason

        What are your thoughts on Nicholaon from Michigan State. I guess the hawks have met with him.

      • Misfit74

        +1 for Josh Jones.

        • lil'stink

          Am I missing something on Josh Jones? He impressed at the combine but does he have any good looking tape? The 2 games I watched on him he looked pretty ineffective.

          Just based on tape I think John Johnson looks better.

          • Rob Staton

            I wasn’t impressed with Josh Jones’ tape. Was a disappointment. Was hoping for a lot more.

            • Misfit74

              Bummer. Nfldraftscout has him as a SS (#4, 2nd rounder). I’d prefer a FS type generally speaking because coverage is key. Do you think he’s poor in coverage to the point he won’t make a good Buffalo or are there just others you like better?

              • Rob Staton

                It was like watching Jordan Willis really. Incredible physical profile but little evidence of it on tape.

          • peter

            I just went back and looked at the combine results for all DB’s. Josh jones has pretty good numbers but I agree on the tape.

            I also agree abut John Johnson though I think he’d provide some great inside coverage. His tape he just seems sticky and quick to read and react plus he’s a willing tackler. I think he’d be a great pick as a comp third or 4th if Seattle trades down.

  4. LeoSharp

    I suspect the team was planning to do test this last year with Brandon Browner. It also helps explain why they were looking at an athletic CB/S in Sean Davis 6’1 201 with sub 32″ arms before the draft. Davis went after the Seahawks original pick in the 2nd round.
    This qoute from the Gary Patterson article looks to be what the Seahawks may be thinking with Browner, Davis and now Obi

    ‘We believed that you recruit corners who might be safeties and better athletic safeties who grow into linebackers.’

    They already have Kam who is essentially another linebacker, and have all the other personnel essential for a 4-2-5 defense. Such as athletic coverage linebackers a great centerfielder and relentless pass rush

  5. Vista

    The preseason schedule is out. Week 1 we play the LA Chargers in LA. Week 2 & 3 are in Seattle against the Vikings and Chiefs respectively. Week 4 is away against the Raiders

    • HawkTalker #1

      Would be fun to have that game be where Seattle meet Beast Mode again, but in silver and black.

    • Ocotillo25

      I’m hoping to make that game in LA. Just found out that StubHub center only has a capacity of only 27,000! That’s an insanely small venue for an NFL franchise, temporary or not.

      • HI Hawk

        See you there!

  6. Nick

    The team saw this change in fomration coming for awhile now. They didn’t retain Bruce Irvin and they upped Jeremy Lane’s contract and playing time. I agree, McDougald is a hedge.

    I think Marcus Maye could be someone that is picked much higher than anticipated. He could be our guy. He has a knack for finding the football and lays out big hits time and again.

    Can’t find it now, but remember reading Pauline saying that Maye had a better draft grade than Keanu Neal last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Maye is another possible option for sure

    • Nick

      The tape of him in this game is just…incredible. Tenacious and ferocious player.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Yep – like his tape and the man can put a hit on you..

  7. AndrewP

    Rob- I know you do this every few weeks, but, now that we have gotten even closer to the draft, and names are narrowed even more, I’m wondering if we could have another “If Player A is taken RD1, look for these guys in RDs 2-3. However, if it’s B, look at these guys.”

    How about this, even, if you want to simplify it:

    If it’s Melinfonu, look for ___
    If it’s Jackson, look for ___
    If it’s King, look for ___
    If it’s SOMEHOW Bolles/Reddick, look for____

    • Nathan_12thMan


      I’d very much so love to read that. Once that first domino falls it should be easier to guesstimate who the Seahawks will target in the following rounds. So giving the scenario for what happens after each of the most likely options gets taken by SEA would be really fun to read.

    • Misfit74


    • HawkTalker #1


    • Kendo

      That would be a great read to book mark for review during the draft.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Give me some Jordan Willis. Love that guy for each of those players except Riddick

  8. Forty20

    Given Kevin King’s versatile deployment through his college career (safety, slot, outside) and his status alongside Melifonwu as one of the true physical freaks of the game – should we also be considering him in this role? With his size and athleticism along with his experience in three different types of positional coverage he is essentially THE match-up corner for all the mismatch TEs and RBs in the league.

    He has 1.50 (!) 10-yard speed for blitzing and is a relatively sure tackler coming out of college. Obi is probably the freakier athlete but King feels like he could also be so much more than just a corner with the right vision.

    • Nathan_12thMan


      This is my thought. Obviously if the Seahawks like an outside CB in the draft (R2 or below) enough or if they like at least one guy currently on the roster enough (Desir, D.McCray, Thorpe, Elliot, etc) then even if King is there we might see them go Obi just because of what he brings (more size) over King. Then they can grab a CB in round 2 or 3 and have a priority CB in rookie free agency to get.

      Or maybe King could fit what they want in a buffalo package and his rookie year he plays that role while someone already on the roster earns CB2 (Desir, Thorpe, etc). Then in ’18 things could change, does he move to CB2? Does Sherm get traded and he moves to CB1? We’d have to wait and see.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Would like to hear Rob/Kenny/Vol’s take on this proposal . . . Come on man!!

        • Rob Staton

          King has experience playing the slot and at safety so it’s certainly possible.

          • Hawks46

            Right now we basically have Elliott on the other side of Sherman, not to mention all the reports of a strained relationship with Sherman. The point is, we’re really thin at starting CB with either Elliot or Lane fighting for that starting RCB opposite Sherman.

            King makes the most sense, with Obi being a close 2nd.

            Then again you have to determine who you can get in later rounds (as in after the 1st) easier; a Buffalo Nickle or starting outside CB.

      • Misfit74

        King as a potential Buffalo in round 1 might be a stroke of genius: Big enough to cover bigger (slot) receivers, short area quickness and speed to cover the sudden, slot-mavens, and size enough to support the run effectively. Plus can also line up outside should they land another slot corner/Buffalo type later on.

  9. Mike

    The more I think about I agree that Obi is the pick if he’s there. In addition to being able to play the big nickel, he could also potentially play either safety position, outside CB, or LB in the Deion Jones/Buchanan role. That is some amazing versatility due to his size and athleticism. Seems like a perfect scheme fit for this year and offers flexibility going forward.

    Knowing how you feel about Tony Pauline, it’s interesting that in his latest mock Obi, King, and Adoree were all there at 26. He curiously has 2nd round grades on Obi and Jarrad Davis and a (gasp) 4th on Bowser. I know you aren’t him, but what do you think he sees with these three?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know to be honest, other than they are being severely underrated IMO.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I hope he’s right = big haul for hawks. Then it would be time for wheelin and dealin to bring some of those names home.

    • peter

      I’ll take Rob’s thoughts on Seattle’s process over Pauline’s any day but if there’s some glitch in the football universe where you can draft King and Obi. King and Davis. Or Obi and Davis then I’ll surely take it.

      Bowser I can see since I can’t see how many teams would use him. Seattle I think would have a field day with a rangy SAM who could rush the passer and drop into coverage especially with some work on technique.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        IMO Rob is the superior talent evaluator (scout), especially when it comes to SEA specifically. In fact, I’m not aware of one better. He may not know every prospect, but the ones he does, he really does.

        But Pauline is extraordinarily well connected and has some key sources around the League. I wouldn’t totally dismiss anything he says.

  10. Totem_Hawk

    Seahawks signed Cyril Grayson 5’9 180 out of LSU. Is a track guy, hasn’t played since HS.. Ran a 4.33 in the 40, and a 34.5 vert at LSU Pro day. Will get a shot as a WR in camp.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Fun – thanks for the post.

      I need to turn some of this stuff into SMS messages so I don’t have to wait one second longer than I have to before I read it. Someone help me!!!!

    • Vista

      I was intrigued when I saw this earlier today. I wonder if he has the potential to become the next Tyreek Hill, without the baggage.

  11. AlaskaHawk

    Now there are rumors that Marshawn Lynch will come out of retirement to play for the Patriots … or maybe the Raiders. The Seahawks were extremely generous with their contract extensions to an aging Marshawn, even renegotiating with him over already signed contracts. All the rumors are about other teams – not about him returning to the Seahawks.

    I think this will have some influence when there is talk about extending other super stars. Is a mega star like Kam Chancellor worth the risk of a long term contract? We all love him, but he is nearing the age where he will break down and get one step slower. If they want to negotiate – he is in his last year.

    All the rumors about Sherman getting traded has me dying to see his latest physical and 40 time. Of course he has two more years on his contract – or one year from renegotiating.

    I’m not really sure what Marshawn’s game is. Nostalgia for the game? Trying for that Hall of Fame nomination? Just wants to be on a team? It seems like he would be talking to Seahawks first as he is under contract and they do need a steady running back.

    • cha

      Michael Giardi‏Verified account

      Talked to source inside Pats org. Tells me Marshawn Lynch would have to be “much less of a pain in the ass” than he was in Seattle (1/2)

      • HawkTalker #1

        LOL that is seriously funny, and I can so hear that coming from the Pats organization. They sure don’t put up with all the by-products from the Seahawks “big personalities”. That kind of stuff will get you traded!! LOL

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Beast mode was a pain in the ass. We still loved him, but we seem to be in agreement that we do not want him back. We want his younger clone, but not him.

        It would be good business for him to both get some more money and make a connection with the Raiders and Oakland. We all seem okay with that too.

        I think the NE Patriots is just a negotiating thing. Since he said only Oakland he is at a disadvantage. Maybe it is real, and he will kiss some Belichick ass, but I doubt it. Maybe he disrupts that team and helps the Seahawks.

        Both this beast mode thing and Richard Sherman on the trade block have been rich distraction. Keeps us from running out of things to think about or discuss.

    • Jusjamn

      I just hope we get something if Beast Mode goes to another team. The Seahawks were so good to him that he should be insisting that Seattle gets something for releasing him. It would sure feel like a slap in the face if he went with no compensation.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wonder why spotrac doesn’t show Lynch’s salary in their calculations?

      • Rob Staton

        Probably because he’s officially retired.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Yeah he would have to unretire be for they would put it up.

  12. Cameron

    If you are going to run a base down nickel formation you are probably going to want to ‘beef up’ on the DL. So it comes as no surprise Seattle’s apparent interest in 350 +/- lb Nose Tackles. Makes me wonder if we’ll address the position in the draft and in what range. Thoughts Rob?

  13. Victor

    Help me out here Rob, or anybody else for that matter

    Read a list at about each teams visits, private practices and talks during senior Bowl.

    Does anybody know why Seahawks has fewer private visits with prospects than other teams.
    Hear over and over how this qb met this team and that RB met that team. Just curious why Seahawks has not invited a lot of cbs, s, LBs up to Seattle?

    • Vista

      The hawks dont like to show any obvious needs when heading into the draft and try to hedge their positions they hope to draft or the positions they are searching for. If they don’t show their hand as much as others, it shouldn’t convince teams to trade ahead of them. But that’s just my view and it likely isnt the real reason why news comes out about the players they are looking at. The other thing that happens is the hawks bring in a lot of prospects who arent considered the cream of the crop and are later round prospects

  14. Matthew Baldwin

    I see the argument for Obi but don’t hear much talk about his tape and that worries me.

    Anyone watch some of his tape?

    I’ve only watched his 3 min highlights which seem a little thin playing 48 games at S in the Big East. There were what, 8-9 plays in that highlight reel? In 48 games played in a crap conference at a free lance play making position like S?

    Not trying to be Debbie Downer on the guy. Just want to hear more about his tape than his measurables.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I have made some comments regarding my take on some of his tape. I have found it underwhelming in general.

      Trusting JS & PC are seeing a lot more than I do (and perhaps can).

      • Del tre

        Whats underwelming about it? He shows fantastic coverage abilities, breaks up passes, and comes up in run support to make tackles like a linebacker. If you go into the tape thinking youre gonna see Kam Chancellor that wont be it. Kam wasn’t kam in college either though. He made plays in coverage that i don’t see the elite corners of this draft class making.
        I’m surprised so many people say this about Obi yet when it comes to Kevin King’s tape i hear nothing of the sort. I see him get manhandled by bigger receivers, let faster wideouts behind him, and get beat when i saw him press. Not trying to knock king down, i do expect him to be a great pro, but if i look at his tape expecting him to make the play every snap, then you’ll start seeing the tape as underwelming. Its better to look at what each player can do, as opposed to them not doing enough.

        • RealRhino2

          If so many people say it, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe it’s there. The tape probably shows about what you’d expect from a prospect whose tape has received both praise and condemnation: some really good stuff, some not-so-good stuff.

          • Del tre

            This isn’t about that, Melifonwu’s tape is solid, it just seems that people are having unrealistic expectations for the tape itself. That was my entire point, if you start looking for what they can’t do on tape and focusing on that, you aren’t going to see the tape for what it is. Like i said, go watch Kam Chancellors tape in college, he developed just like Obi will. The Hawks looked at what he could do, rather than focusing on his shortcomings and it led to drafting an all pro.

    • Rob Staton

      Some notes on his tape vs Virginia here:

      Tape fine IMO. Shows a lot of qualities, in particular his ability to cover ground quickly, his ability to work through traffic, his short-area quickness is evident plus the instinct to read-and-react and then have the speed and awareness to play the ball. Extremely sure tackler, doesn’t whiff. There are things he can do better such as tracking the ball in the air but these are fixable.

      • Vista

        Without a doubt, Obi seems very moldable and seems to be the type of player that has the things you want a prospect to have

      • Goldfishwrestler

        Agreed! I like his tape a lot, and love his “sure” tackling. Two areas where he is far superior to Jones at are tackling, and his instincts. People knock Obi for not laying lumber, but I’ll take what he gives any day over Jones. Jones tries to make the big hit every time, but in the process misses a lot of tackles. Looks awesome when you connect, but puts your defense at a huge disadvantage when you don’t. Our tackling program, can definitely help here. And you can get better at knowing where guys are supposed to be, with refined tape study. But I much rather take the guy with natural instincts.

    • lil'stink

      Obi’s tape can be hit or miss, but the talent and athleticism are obviously there. I can’t help but think that his best position in the NFL might be at CB. If he can make that transition he has the tools to be an elite CB.

    • BeaconHill Hawk

      I studied some of his tape. There is not much on YouTube.

      His lack of instincts stands out.

      I compared his tape to Buddha Baker and its basically night and day.

      It was obvious Baker diagnoses plays way better than Obi

      Bottom line: Baker will be the better Football player if he can stay healthy. Obi will probably struggle understanding how to play his position on whatever scheme the Seahawks use.

      My hope is we pick up Baker somewhere in the first two rounds.

      • Rob Staton

        I didn’t see any lack of instinct personally.

  15. Misfit74

    Another big board to investigate, by one of my favorite’s in Josh Norris:

    He’s not as prone to group think and major media trend-following. You can tell if you listen to his podcasts or read his work. He’s one of two people that really sold me on Chris Godwin along with Matt Harmon. Please let Godwin make it to one of our 3rds!

    • HawkTalker #1

      TOP 50
      Bolles = #6 (1st OL off the board as Rob said could happen)
      Mixon = #16 (wow)
      Reddick = #18
      Bowser = #23 (Ahead of Davis, who goes @ #35 humm)
      Fournette = #25 (ohhh close to our #26 pick, hard to believe)
      King = #26 (our pick, nice)
      Taylor, Taywan = #41 (must be giving him so serious value – was near the bottom of many boards not long ago)

      Missing . . .

      Now that I’m thinking more 4-2-5, my mind is opening up more to OBI, but I’m still nervous as he still seems like a risk to me from the tape I’ve seen.

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly though he’s part of one of the trendiest 2017 draft cliques you’ll find — the trying too hard to knock Leonard Fournette clique.

      Fournette is not the 25th best player in the draft.

      • HawkFan907

        I’ve never understood that. I heard an analyst the other note that he can’t see much of a difference between him and Derrick Henry. It’s probably the same group of people saying that Mahomes is now QB1 in this draft. These trends always take off and go nowhere. Fournette is the ideal NFL back that will be a star for years to come.

        • BobbyK

          I was scared that we’d take Henry last year. Didn’t want him.

          I absolutely love Fournette. The only difference between the two is that I think one is a stud and the other is a guy I’m glad who isn’t on our team.

          • MontanaMike

            I was thinking the same thing Bobby, i was worried they’d take Henry. He’s not the worst pick, but we addressed a more pressing need. This year there’s so many players that i want and have no clue where we go. In the past when we signed 1 yr deals for needs it could be a sign that they’re getting teams to look another way until they grab the player they targeted, this year there’s so many options and not enough picks, plus we always pick someone that i never even considered, except a few rare times.

            • Greg Haugsven

              There is no chance Fournette gets past Carolina. Which is the last team I want him going to, it would make them scary.

              • DC

                What if he drinks and drives a semi truck into a shopping mall between now and the draft and in the process breaks both legs?

                So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

  16. HawkFan907

    I’m looking forward to some trades that will shake up the top half of the draft. I feel like teams will be trading up to position themselves to draft Fournette and Bolles. I think SF would be smart to trade back with Carolina and Jacksonville would be smart to trade back as well, possibly with Cincy. That way Cincy would take Bolles in front of the Jets and Carolina would take Fournette.

    As far as our pick goes, if Obi and King are gone I wouldn’t mind trading back with Cleveland into the second round. I feel like Bowser, Watt, or maybe even Adoree will be there at the top of Rd. 2 for us to snag. I think regardless we end up with a good player.

    • BobbyK

      This new Cleveland regime has a clear pattern of being a team that trades for picks, not one that gives them up.

  17. Coleslaw

    My big board for the Seahawks at 26.
    Evan Engram
    Charles Harris
    Takk McKinley

    • Ground_Hawk

      Nice! I’d add Jordan Willis to that list.

      • Coleslaw

        I really like him too, Idk about at 26 though. After a trade down for sure!

    • HawkFan907

      Personally I’d take King because he less raw than Obi. Obi is so good, but I think King has the chance to be the next Richard Sherman. If we grab a top tier corner early like King, I feel like we can get a solid backup safety in the third. I think by the time we pick even in the second there will be a big drop off as far as corners go.

      • Coleslaw

        I’d be ecstatic to get either honestly. They’re both going to be great players. I’ve been begging for a solid starter opposite Sherman for so long, but I feel like Obi is going to be a generational player.(For the right team) He’s just the ideal Buffalo at the beginning of the trend. Like how Sherman was the ideal long corner at the beginning of that trend and how Kam was the ideal deathbacker at the beginning of that one. Obi could revolutionize our defense and really allow us to mix things up (and get turnovers again).
        That said, if Obi is a 10/10, King is a 9.9.

      • Dutchenstein12

        It seems to me like there is a bigger drop off of safeties or slot guys than there is corner. Could potentially get Tankersly in the 2nd or a guy like Rasul Douglas potentially in the 3rd to name a few. I like King a lot, I just keep going back to how hard it is to make an impact as a rookie for us at outside corner. I think our cb2 is on our roster already. If we trade Sherm than snagging King with one of our first 2 1st round picks might be a necessity (don’t think the Hawks would take anything less than at least a 1st). My top are guys like Obi, Adoree, Peppers or Budda. Someone special who can instantly make our defense more dynamic.

  18. KD

    Thanks for looking more into the subject of wingspan Rob. I had a feeling this might be a data point to give a new perspective on what defines a Seahaws CB. We’ll see if this trend holds up in two weeks, but i really appreciate the investigation.

  19. Josh emmett

    I was looking at the spark scores and there are like 5 edge rushers that are elite. There are 5 tight ends that are elite. A 5 or 6 db’s. I think there are going to be a few elite defensive players left at #26 with a trade up or down for the Hawks to pick from that probabaly have a first round grade in their system. Elite as in athletically like the Seahawks covet. They are going to get a stud defender or a beast tight end in the first round. What about Trevor knight at 58? If they can get a steal for him in the 3rd round and give him 2 years behind Russell and trade him for a stud player or draft pick down the road? Russell and Knight have similar athletic profiles. Trade him New England or something. Thoughts on Knight? He’s Texas A+M so you know the Seahawks know of him because they love some aggies. I would love to see russel have a crop of backups with his skill set like New England does with Brady and just take in draft picks on trades for guys like Hoyer, castle, and now gorropolo.

  20. Scraps

    “The price feels like a hedge. And they do need depth at safety as well. So if he’s beaten to the ‘big nickel’ job by a rookie, it’s hardly a wasted signing.”

    Like drafting Russell Wilson, hey.

    • jdtjohnson

      I think you got that backwards. Matt Flynn was the hedge in the event they didn’t get Wilson. Plus a bridge until he was ready. Just turned out he didn’t take any time.

  21. Zorn Is King

    I enjoy everything going on here Rob.
    Last season the defense got tired from being in the field too much. It exposed three faults:
    A) lack of ball control on offense due to porous o line. 2) age on the defensive line that put intermittent pressure on qb’s but unsustainable due to too much time on field, and 3) opposing qb’s finding the soft spots against a defensive secondary that was both predictable and injured.
    I bring this up to prioritize draft picks.
    First, o-line, which would include Bolles and Ramsey to allow the power running game. Keep the offense on the field.
    2) pass rushing. Bowser or Watt on the edge in Irvin’s old spot would decrease pass time and relieve pressure on secondary.
    3) secondary. Obi-won, or King/ weatherspoon would work for long term, while Asoree would fill the slot.
    I think that’s my order too.

    Bille’s/Ramsey/ watt/ Bowser/ Obi/ King/ Weatherspoon.

    Any first round pass rusher I’m missing?

    Obviously I love Watt. He’s going to be sensational for a decade.

  22. KD

    Also, I loved the ending rant that you and Kenny had about the proliferation of mock drafts. I think it’s still useful to keep an eye on guys like Kiper, McShay, Jeremiah, et al since they are the ones talking to scouts, coaches and GMs, and they can get a feel for players that are gaining and losing momentum throughout the process, or even the CFB season based on what teams are actually saying.

    Ultimately, this is also why I am absolutely addicted to draft simulators like On the Clock, first-pick and such, because you get a new scenario almost every time. Because of the nature of it, you get those situations that occur outside of 3 standard deviations, like Fournette falling to #26, but for the most part, the range in which a player is taken is pretty accurate, so you get a nice, broad sense of a player’s range. It’s a bit like asking 1000 people to guess the number of jelly beans in a large fish tank. The average tends to be very close to the actual number since just as many people over estimate as under estimate, and usually by the same amount.

  23. lil'stink

    The closer we get to the draft the more I want Reddick. He’ll probably be long gone by #26, but I wonder if a trade up to get him would be worth it if he falls past NO at #11.

    Bowser looks like he could be very good in coverage, with his added pass rush ability he could also be a great LB in a 4-2-5 scheme. I think the 4-2-5 scheme could also be a great fit for Budd Baker – perhaps package our 2nd rounder with a 3rd to move up and get him.

    If there aren’t any draft day trades I think it would be hard to pass on Obi at #26

  24. Dale Roberts

    Taking another look at the safeties, I didn’t realize that both Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams have 33+ inch arm length. Peppers, Evans, and Baker have 30+” arms while Melifonwu, Williams and Maye have 32+” arms. I understand that arm length has been less critical for safeties but if they are going to be pressed into man coverage more often might that be another tie breaker? It’s amazing how close their 40 times are.

    If you had to list the qualities most important to the Hawks for the buffalo safety position, what would they be?

    Might the Hawks consider trading up for a shot at Hooker or Adams?

    Could Thomas move out to corner or into the slot in certain situations?

    • Comfect

      “Might the Hawks consider trading up for a shot at Hooker or Adams?”

      Personally I’d doubt it; trading up that far would be a big expense. I expect they’ll go top-15, probably top-10, maybe even top-5.

      • bigten

        What if saints end up letting go of there 11 pick for sherm? Besides being a OSU alum, i think hooker is going to be the next great safety. He would be great to replace ETIII. But I’m not sure how he would be in the buffalo role until ETIII retires. Nothing saying hooker would even make it to 11 (chargers and titans specifically) but curious what thoughts are on him being a buffalo if some how we get a shot at him. ( can dream for titans 5 overall for sherm)

  25. Rawls1234

    The problem I see with big nickel is that someone like Obi, even though he’s super athletic, won’t be quick and agile enough to play slot receivers.

    • Coleslaw

      Sure he can, he’s just as fast as most and his length gives him some leeway anyway

  26. Greg Haugsven

    If it comes down to Obi or Jackson is Obi’s talent enough to pass on a guy that also has unreal return skills? I think I’d be good with either guy.

    • peter

      Is Lockett not doing reaturns anymore? I only say that because he was drafted to be a great returner as well. Do they swap out or is Lockett offically done to limit potential injuries?

  27. HawkTalker #1

    Rob from the previous post RWIII suggested Javacy Jones.

    I’d be interested to have your and anyone else feedback on him. Small shoot, big motor, big production, nose for the ball . . . 77 TFL as a junior.


    • HawkTalker #1

      Small school

  28. Ocotillo25

    That clip during the combine that keeps going around, with the reactions by PC, JS and KR in the press box, are directly after Moreau’s 40 NOT Melifonwu’s. This isn’t to say they’re not interested in Melifonwu, but the positive nods and poorly hidden grins synchronize to right after Moreau ran (unless of course NFL Network decided to tape-delay this footage and why would they do that without providing context?).

  29. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Hey Bub. I liked Indiana Jones 4. Don’t knock it.
    They are rumored to be trying to get Harrison Ford to come back and do #5…..

    • Ed

      Please no. Tired of all the lame remakes. Can’t Christopher Nolan just make films.

    • C-Dog

      Harrison Ford is on a role reprising Han Solo and now Decker from Blade Runner. Might as well run the Trifecta of the roles that defined his career. Bring him back for Indiana Jones 5!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      They also are trying to talk Sean Connery back into acting. His last gig, “the league of extraordinary gentleman” was such an ordeal.. he quit acting.

      I also thought H.Ford/Han Solo was one of the stronger acting jobs in Ep 7. He might have held the movie together. There were a few scenes they didn’t need him in, but overall… strong. He’ll be back in Ep 8, some flashbacks.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Ford will not be back to Star Wars. He cost too much, that is why Disney killed him off.

    • Rob Staton

      Indiana Jones 4 was an abomination

      • Rik


  30. Ed

    Maybe Hawks have their new TL with Grayson. 4.33 speed, holy moly, can RW throw that far?

    • HawkTalker #1

      But can he catch the ball? What else can he do besides run a fast 40? Show me the money.

      • Ed

        Will be key. But a special athlete, that’s what the Hawks do.

      • Magmatizer

        Apparently he drew attention at the LSU Pro Day not only for his 40, but also his impressive performance in WR drills. I wish Pro Days were more widely filmed and that the videos were posted online. It would be great way to see prospects that missed the combine, either through injury or not receiving an invite.

  31. Dingbatman

    Find ways to blitz using your DB’s

    I think this is a key point. Who are you blitzing? The Seahawks tried blitzing Lane last year a few times with mediocre results. Are you looking for a db who also can come screaming off the edge in a blitz? Has Obi displayed that ability? There is nothing in his highlight tape that indicates that is part of his game. Who are the defensive backs who match the Seahawks physical criteria AND have proven production at blitzing the qb? Chidobe Awuzie’s tape was amazing. Admittedly I’m not familiar enough with so maybe other members of the SDB crew can help me out.

    Criteria. Which players might fill the role of Seahawk defensive back who have BOTH the physical characteristics they look for AND a proven ability to be a genuine blitz threat?

    • HawkTalker #1


      • Dingbatman

        Just watched his tape again. What a threat. Ability to wreak havoc on offense, defense and special teams. I think PC and JS are pretty high on McDougald as Buffalo. Adoree at 26 and another outside cb with one of our 3rds.

    • Coleslaw

      Obi left unblocked can wreck a run or pass. Don’t remember which game but I’ve seen him almost get there at the handoff

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree with your thoughts batman.

  32. Erik

    I put a premium on outside corner at #26 over the Big Nickel or Buffalo position personally. Who is available obviously changes the teams choices. I was hoping for a first and a 3rd for Sherman. I think with so many good DB’s in the draft having a numbers advantage is beneficial. The kid from A&M, Justin Evans, is one player I hope we can snag in the 3rd if available. Hardest hitting S in the draft with great combine results. Isn’t as polished as others but, I haven’t seen anybody else hit people harder than he does. Plus speed and can hit people lights out.

    • HawkTalker #1

      In addition to his lights out just the best, highlight tape,Watch some raw tape on Evans and see how he plays when he is not making the big plays. Does he have a nose for the ball, is he on sisterly getting involved in plays, is he consistently making sure tackles or does he wiff a lot, take a look for yourself. The tape is out there.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I worry about taking an outside corner at 26 due to the year it takes to teach there ways. I want my first rounder playing significant snaps and I’m not sure an outside corner would.

        • Dutchenstein12


  33. Kyle

    I’d rage so hard if this came true. Funny mock draft simulator

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    • David Ashton

      I managed to land a similarly awesome one.

      26: R1P26

      58: R2P26

      90: R3P26

      102: R3P38

      106: R3P42
      210: R6P26

      226: R7P8


      Think it’d be debatable which would help us more!

      • David Ashton

        26: R1P26

        58: R2P26

        90: R3P26

        102: R3P38

        106: R3P42

        210: R6P26

        226: R7P8

        Now with improved formatting!

        • Kyle

          Yeah, both would dream scenarios. There just is no way that happens. I just have hope for Fant with how explosive he is and for what he was able to do last year( I know he was very bad) but with no experience playing LT against beast d lines all year, i just feel he has a lot of potential. With my draft we load up on CBs, get a great prospect in Watt. My scenario also lends toward trading richard sherman and grabbing someone else high. possibly a john ross or skill position. I might trade out one of my CBs for siragusa. but possibly not depending on how the later rounds would of played out.

          Both would be super ideal

  34. jdtjohnson

    The hawks seem to hedge every year before the draft. I’m super tired and headed to bed, so someone might be better at remembering/digging up the examples for me, but they seem to do this every year.

    The other thing I wanted to bring up is to remind everyone to not be too disappointed with who the hawks actually pick. Seems like every year when they only pick one or two guys that have been talked about on here, everyone gets their nose out of joint that some other guy we’ve tracked didn’t get picked. They know more than we do. Just because you don’t recognize the name or they skipped on a recognized named guy, doesn’t mean they “blew it”. They are the professionals and know what they’re looking for. We arent’

    Just something to keep in mind on draft day(s).

  35. C-Dog

    In the 11th hours leading up to the draft, Seattle trades Richard Sherman to the New Orleans Saints for the 32 Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and DL David Onyemata, a player they liked in the 2016 draft who will compete with Q Jeff as an inside rusher, but also might factor, long term, as an eventual starter.

    With the 26th Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Obi Melifonwu, defensive back, Connecticut.

    Seattle trades pick 32 to the QB hungry New York Football Jets who want to move ahead of Cleveland and San Fran for picks 39 and and 107.

    26: R1P26

    32: R2P7

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    107: R3P43

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Obi will seem like a shoe in for the big nickel, but Carroll is intrigued about making him a cornerback long term, and if Obi picks it up enough through training camp, Carroll will be willing to live with his early mistakes, as they did with Brandon Browner in his first year with the team. Awuzie will make a big impression with the team and fans as the starting inside corner taking over for Lane, as #20 moves outside.

    Hall comes home to back up Mike B and learn from him as they had Frank Clark learn. He will some base DE and NASCAR DT.

    Asiata will push for time at guard, Hansen gives Seattle a potential upgrade over Kearse, Biegel an edge rushing linebacker, and Luani will factor into the big nickel packages.

    Dobbs competes for the backup QB gig, and Daniels is drafted to compete with Willson.

    UDFA’s include DE Jonathan Calvin, LB Javancy Jones, DT Grover Stewart, LB Joe Mathis, RB Elijah Hood, FB Freddie Stevenson, DB Treston Decoud, K Conrad Ukropina.

    Seattle gets two impact players of the LOB, and potentially three down the road with Luani. Also, they legitimately like McDougall, Desir, and Elliot. Seattle also adds to the pass rush in various ways with Hall, Beigel, and Onyemata. They add to the OL with a player they coveted, and might have taken at 58. They address depth with the pass catchers with sure handed Hansen, and underrated athletic Daniels. All that, and perhaps a few sneaky UDFA steals in Stevenson, Jones, Mathis, and Decoud.

    With Sherman no longer on the team, look for Kris Richard to get more creative dialing up pressures, and new DL coach Clint Hurtt to work the front seven rushers more. Awuzie might make a lot of hay as a rushing nickel.

    Also, look for Seattle to recommit to the run game more with Lacy and the other backs factoring in, along with the new additions to the line. Seattle wants to be as explosive and ball controlling as it can keeping that transitioning defense as fresh as it can.

    • Dingbatman

      That looks like one sweet draft! If both were available I’d take King over Obi simply because he wouldn’t be both a rookie and learning a new position on the job. I would still do the “dance of joy” though with either!

      • C-Dog

        I might feel more compelled to have King over Melifonwu, as well, but I have to say, Obi’s athletic upside seems really enticing.

    • Dutchenstein12

      I like this scenario, good write up.

      I still prefer this trade to the dolphins:
      Trade Sherman and a late 3rd (102 or 106)
      For Byron Maxwell and a 1st (22nd)

      That would lessen the blow to the LOB and give us another starter. Then next year we can decide between Maxy and Shead.

      22. Obi/King
      26. Adoree/Budda

      Don’t get me wrong, I sill would prefer Sherm. But I would argue the combination of youth and dynamic talent would be more balanced/dynamic than our current defense with just one 1st rounder coming in. Byron Maxwell combined with whoever wins CB2 (Lane, Desir, or Elliot), ET, Kam, McDougald and then Obi or Adoree/Budda in the slot would be pretty awesome.

  36. Ground_Hawk

    University of Cincinnati’s LB Eric Wilson had an outstanding proday. Whitman updated his spreadsheet at, and has Wilson at 6′ 1″ 230 lbs with a 136.4 pSPARQ. He had over 100 total tackles in each of his last two seasons as a Bearcat (I’m not sure what a bearcat is, but it sounds vicious), and he definitely doesn’t shy from making a punishing hit. I think he needs to be in consideration for day 2.

  37. jujus

    i believe joe mathis had his workout today? Does anyone have any info on the details?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m reading he is a 4th round or so guy, perhaps the last 3rd round pick for Seattle…. but if he is actually back to being healthy, he will definitely rise into 3rd round at the min. A Steelers website thinks they will grab him in the 3rd round.

  38. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Does anyone know anything about FS Jason Thompson out of Utah?
    He broke the SPARQ meter… 144.1 score / 2.8 over average FS.

    • schuemansky

      Short way to work in case he becomes a Seahawk. From Renton, WA.

      • D-OZ

        Pretty sure he is a local guy…Thompson.

  39. Sea Mode


    #TAMU QB Trevor Knight, who intends to remain a QB (not safety) had workouts with #Texans & #Jets last week. Seattle, Dallas like him, too

    2:17 PM – 10 Apr 2017

  40. Sea Mode

    How Cyril Grayson turned from little-known LSU track star to NFL receiver in 72 hours.

    Short answer: ran hella fast!

    Long answer:

  41. Sea Mode

    Oh shoot…:

    “Sources with knowledge of the situation tell me the San Francisco 49ers are very high on Fournette and are seriously considering using the second pick of the draft to acquire him. The new front office wants a bigger back to run the offense and they’re ready to give up on Carlos Hyde, who has had his struggles staying healthy since being drafted by the franchise in 2014.”

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised at all.

      Fournette is second only to Myles Garrett in terms of talent in this class.

  42. Zach

    At 6-2 1/2 and 78″ wingspan, Tyus Bowser’s ability to cover and rush the QB as a SAM seem to check all the boxes. Would love to see Hawks try to move up in the 2nd to draft him.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the SAM as we know it is possibly in the past. Bowser, IMO, would arguably be an EDGE in Seattle.

  43. Austin Slater

    Rob This is one of the best articles of the draft season, well done.

    Would love Melifonwu but wondering if a trade down for a guy like Awuzie ends up being the play. Just get a play maker for the defense as it is badly needed with the transition in age for a lot of the stars of the defense. This defense can still be the #1 defense in the league for another 2-3 years but we need to hit again like we did with Clark. Anyway great article.

    • Rob Staton

      Going to have a piece on Awuzie later. Got to be on the radar.

      • HawkfaniMT

        He had an interesting piece on the NFL network yesterday. Seems really intelligent when discussing scheme and technique. He talked for a moment about technique, and hand use, which was great. Then he discussed how when in the slot he will watch the RB as an indicator for which way his WR will be coming out of his breaks. xample he used was that if RB goes to the flat top the offense left, he is trying to open space by forcing LB movement in that direction. So he would be looking for the slot WR to use that vacated space.

        Maybe common knowledge to some of you folks, but the way he explained it, to me, came off as a very high football IQ.

  44. CLB

    Already seems like a good re-sign of Deshawn Shead, making great progress in his rehab from the torn ACL:

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, I wouldn’t have expected him to be doing that at this point. Definitely good news.

  45. Dingbatman

    Great piece as usual Rob. I wonder about this bit though…

    — Find ways to blitz using your DB’s

    Chidobe Awuzie seems to be far and away the most productive blitz threat. 8 sacks and 18 tackles for loss his last two seasons are far beyond any of the other “slot” or “buffalo” type players. He also apparently is quite the gunner on special teams.

    If the Seahawks are looking to increase their blitz, where is that coming from?

    • Rob Staton

      They blitzed a DB quite a lot the last two seasons under Richard, at least that was my impression. Awuzie very good at it for sure.

  46. Frans Geraedts

    Could Fabian Moreau be a candidate for the fith db?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe but his tape working inside was ugly at times. He also has a torn pec.

      • Frans Geraedts

        Could the injury mean that he falls into the third round?

        • Rob Staton


  47. House

    Interesting news… We just signed Dion Jordan

    • Sea Mode

      I’m expecting us to trade for Eric Fisher soon… then we’ll have the top 3 picks of the 2013 draft!

    • C-Dog

      Pete loves athletes. Not surprised about this at all.

    • GoHawks5151

      Long, Rangy, Athlete. How can we not pick him up. Playing for the master motivator and that locker room could change his carrer.

      • Ukhawk

        3 peds already, what’s happens at #4?

        • House

          Not three PEDs, there is some substance abuse in there as well.

          I personally don’t see the harm in giving him a shot. If he screws up, it literally cost us nothing. If he does well and doesn’t remain in Seattle potential compensatory pick in the future

          • Kenny Sloth

            He obviously didn’t see any harm in giving himself a shot or two 😉

  48. Bill

    This won’t be a popular post considering all the man-crushes on this blog for Obi Melifonwu to be a first round pick for the Seahawks.
    I think it is good to listen to all sides. The Bleacher Report article today does have some alternative comments on OBI worth considering:

    • Rob Staton

      I have major issues with that piece. For example:

      “When an unknown prospect goes ham at the combine, fans start clamoring for him, while media types like me start penciling him into mock drafts and penning “Is the new a guy a perfect fit for your favorite team?” articles.”

      We were talking about him in mid-November, long before the combine. We were talking about him as a player and what the tape told us. Mike Tanier doesn’t offer anything other than asserting he won’t go in round one. No tape notes, no detail. Just an assertion.


      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Hey I hope Tanier is right and Obi is there for us at 26.

        I think we’ve made a tremendous case for Obi being SEA’s pick at 26 if he’s still on the board.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s just a bit frustrating to read people asserting that others are only talking about Melifonwu because of the combine.

          The first piece we had dedicated to Melifonwu on this blog came over three months before the combine.

          Some people probably are reacting to his great combine. Not everyone is though. And a counter to those suggesting he will go in R1 needs to be deeper than ‘it won’t happen’.

  49. East Side Stevie

    Wow now Dion jordan. Wholly shit. John Sneider and Co. arent messin around this offseason.

    • nichansen01

      WOW. Incredible upside.

      • nichansen01

        There’s urgency in these signings I haven’t sensed in years past.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      Wow, wow wow

  50. Sea Mode

    Here’s an article on Dion Jordan from May 2016. Definitely sounds like a guy who could turn it around in the Seahawks culture.

    P.S. And just noticed his agent is Doug Hendrickson. (Lynch, Bennett, Cable) Wonder how much that connection had to do with us signing him.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’s also the second 2013 Draft “bust” pick to sign with SEA this offseason, along with Luke Joeckel.

      Wouldn’t it be rich if SEA’s worst draft class in the JSPC era (2013) becomes one of the strongest 4 years later?

      • Sea Mode

        Throw in #56 Arthur Brown and #61 Eddie Lacy as well from that class!

        • Frans Geraedts

          I very much like this plundering of the 2013 draft. They had them probably all on their board. Did their homework then. Did their homework now.
          They are taking full advantage of the fact that they cannot lose any compensatory picks for next year. They are using their cap space brilliantly. They are setting up a huge haul of compensatory picks to come. They have hedged almost all positions of need now.
          They are betting on their ability to coach people up. In terms of technique, positional play, culture and motivation.
          They are adding relatively young players that if they work out could be in the system for years.
          Imagine that three out of the four would work out!
          (Could they even make a strategy out of this? Alternating the plundering of a draft in fa with maximizing compensatory picks?)

      • BRSeahawks

        Bradley McDougald also went UDFA in 2013.

  51. Rad_man

    Schneider’s reaction in that video is pretty funny. Trying hard to put on the poker face but just can’t quite do it.

    • CLB

      Pete is rocking back and forth smiling, and JS also looks very impressed.

      Then JS turns and realizes the cameras are on them, and seems to mouth “get out of here” or “go away” – something along those lines.

  52. Stephen H. Pitell

    Adoree Jackson is becoming my favorite to be picked by the Hawks. I believe the buffalo nickel is something the Hawks might do if Obi is available at 26, but he may be gone, and anyways, while stopping the run is important, we were actually pretty good at it last year even without critical starters on the DL at times.

    While the big disappointment defensively was Lane in the slot. Slot receivers have been our bane. Even more so than TE’s in my opinion – though it’s a close call there. Kam has either been absent or hurt during much of the period we were being hurt with TE’s, but Lane played all season and disappointed. Before Lane seemed like a continuous search for someone who could play the slot, and for a while I liked Burley in the position, but he lost out to Lane. Maybe one of the guys already on the squad is being groomed for the position, IDK.

    In the dink and dunk, quick pass offenses that tend to defeat us – San Diego stands as the model case of a team that has beaten us this way while being less than one of the great NFL teams – it seems they do it with their slot receiver more often than not. To be fair, our worst performance in the last 5 years was to GB and Rodgers seemed to have time for daydreaming or taking bets with himself which receiver would get open first before he had to release the ball. Was that our DL or our scheme and play calling? IDK. Green Bay exposed us, and I believe everyone got beaten at one time or another, but a slot corner with world class short area quickness is something we lack.

    Is that Adoree Jackson? If Pete can see him IMPROVING our slot play I won’t be surprised if they “reach” for Adoree even if others are still available like King or Obi. With added value for elite level special teams play. Size is the issue. And because of size, I am talking myself into Obi again. It’s fun to speculate.

    • Misfit74

      No question, teams have had success with short /medium passing – usually quick routes that finish before the rushers can have success against the QB. Although some have pointed out we are somewhat designed to allow this to some extent, it would be nice to take away guys like Edleman, Cooks, and other players who rule that part of the field. Jackson would be great at this, and there are fewer big slot WRs and really good move TEs than receivers 6′ and under in the league to defend.

      Jackson is a compelling option.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a big fan of Adoree’ like yourself — but I mean this when I say he’s a top-25 pick in any draft. He’s an absolute stud.

  53. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    Rob, since they just signed this new speedster track star do you think their interest in Adoree’ Jackson might wain a bit? Will they possibly refocus on the “Buffalo” player even more now? Obi, Chidobe, Ahkilio, Hassan and the new guy maybe Samson Ebukam? Yeah, I know Obi is suppose to be a stand alone, Buffalo type, but these other guys “seem” to play to type.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he might be a hedge. If anything the McDougald, track star, Dion Jordan signing are kind of confirming the players I think the Seahawks might go in this draft. Adoree’, Daeshon Hall, the big nickel types.

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