Chidobe Awuzie could be on Seattle’s radar & a new podcast

In this weeks podcast, Kenny and I get into a number of topics including the importance of wingspan and the likelihood of the Seahawks focusing on the nickel/slot position. Check it out:

Today I wanted to build on what we discussed yesterday — the key to this draft could be what Seattle does at the nickel/slot position.

There’s a consensus among draft analysts that the Seahawks will take either an O-liner or an outside cornerback. It’s possible for sure, depending on who’s available.

Yet with the Seahawks shifting towards more of a 4-2-5 formation (and as we highlighted yesterday, it perfectly suits Seattle’s defense) adding a dynamic ‘fifth DB’ could be much more of a priority than people realise.

There’s a relatively high chance they will be attracted to Obi Melifonwu and Adoree’ Jackson for this role — but it’s entirely possible neither will be there at #26.

So today I wanted to look at another option.

Colorado’s Chidobe Awuzie.

If you didn’t see this yesterday, take a look…

Before you even get into what he shows on the field, isn’t this just about the most impressive video you’ve seen this year highlighting the football IQ of a draft prospect?

If the Seahawks do draft a ‘big nickel’ in round one, that player is going to need a strong awareness of safety and cornerback duties. You’re basically a match-up weapon — playing at the LOS, blitzing, covering across the middle, dropping into a two-safety deep zone. You might end up travelling to the outside. It’s a complex job requiring a strong understanding of different techniques.

So right off the bat, Awuzie ticks that particular box.

We learnt yesterday how the 4-2-5 looks to utilise blitzing — in particular with the fifth DB. The Seahawks have experimented with the CB Blitz since Kris Richard became defensive coordinator. Awuzie attacks the backfield better than anyone (or at least at the same level as Budda Baker). He had four sacks in 2016 and six TFL’s. In his college career he had an astonishing 226 total tackles.

He isn’t the biggest but he compares to Bradley McDougald in terms of size. He’s 6-0 and 202lbs while McDougald is fractionally taller (6-1) and a little bigger (209lbs). Awuzie on the other hand is much faster (4.43 speed), more agile (4.13 short shuttle) and more explosive (39.5 inch vertical, 11-0 broad). If they’re willing to play McDougald as a big nickel, Awuzie is basically a more athletic version.

Is wingspan a problem? Arguably not considering he’s essentially acting as a ‘third safety’ or a hybrid CB/S. Earl Thomas has a 74.5 inch wingspan, Awuzie’s is 74 1/8 inches. We’ll find out in this draft class how important wingspan is considering the massive difference between the short cornerback group and the long safety group.

What do you see on tape? He’s good in run support with the requisite physicality and aggressiveness. There is absolutely zero doubt he’s a fit in that regard. Awuzie plays with the kind of attitude you expect from Seattle’s defense.

Unlike Adoree’ Jackson he’s not a particularly sudden runner and he does give up separation to more dynamic receivers. That said, he’s competitive to work back and recover and there’s a reason he has 28 PBU’s in his college career.

Awuzie is an instinctive player and he clearly does his homework. His one interception in 2016 came on a play he identified, made himself disappear in coverage and was then able to explode to the ball having anticipated the throw.

I liked in the video above that he basically had a chip on his shoulder about his athletic profile, even giving Daniel Jeremiah some grief for his pre-combine view of his speed.

He might not have the dynamic raw playmaking skills of Adoree’ Jackson or the standard-setting physical profile of Obi Melifonwu — but there’s a ton to like about Awuzie. It’s very easy to imagine him in Seattle’s defense — his personality fits them like a glove and if he needed to he could probably adjust to free safety in an emergency. He has the talent, grit and athleticism to be a starter as a big nickel/slot hybrid.

He’s another player in this class who could easily go in the top-20 or last into range for Seattle. He is a must-consider though for all Seahawks fans at #26. Put him on your radar, add him to the list. He’s a legit option.

While a lot of focus has gone on the offensive line and outside cornerback, it’s worth remembering a few things:

— Seattle likes their young group of O-liners and has already signed two veteran players to support the developing unit

— The Seahawks still have Richard Sherman and while many assume they’re going to want a dynamic #2 or eventual replacement for Sherman, look at how they’ve actually filled that job in the past (Browner — free agent from the CFL, Maxwell — sixth round pick, Williams — free agent, Shead — UDFA converted safety)

— Jeremy Lane has played outside cornerback, they seem to like Neiko Thorpe and Pierre Desir and Deshawn Shead is working to return — this is how Seattle has filled that #2 corner position in the past

— While a case can be made that Bradley McDougald could be the starting ‘big nickel’, as discussed yesterday his signing looks like a hedge

— If McDougald ends up just being a backup safety that’s no bad thing because there is literally zero depth on the roster behind Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor at the moment apart from McDougald

The Seahawks appear to have a pretty strict wingspan ideal and if Kevin King is off the board at #26, it’s hard to find an alternative who matches what they like (unless they want to start Melifonwu at corner)

It’s entirely possible Seattle addresses the following positions in this kind of order:

R1 — Big nickel or slot cornerback
R2 — Pass rusher
R3 x 3 — Safety depth, tight end, receiver, D-line, cornerback or linebacker

So while there’s currently a lot of focus on the Seahawks drafting an outside corner or O-liner with their first pick, that might not be the case.


  1. AndrewP

    I like Awuzie, but he’s a guy I’d be willing to trade down from #26 and risk losing out on.

    Bolles/Reddick/Jackson/King/Amazing offensive playmaker that somehow falls… If one of them is there, pull the trigger. However, if they’re all gone, I want the extra draft capital to move up from the 2nd/3rd RD picks and build between our 3/6.

  2. BobbyK

    There’s a lot of players I like in this draft class. I’m going to like and root for whoever they draft. I just happen to think Watt is the best “slam dunk” player who will be a great pro in terms of who will be available when the Hawks pick.

    • BRSeahawks

      I feel that way too. A few team’s will definitely look to their non-stars drafted in the 2017 first round and think “that’s a shame we passed on him for _________”. I fucking love Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu, Garett Bolles, Adoree’ Jackson, David Njoku, but I think neither of them has half the chance of being bluechip players that TJ Watt has.

  3. Misfit74

    I can dig it.

  4. Ed

    I like it, especially if the pass rusher is someone like Bowser that can play LB on 1st down and DE on passing downs.

    A little twist Rob. What players do you think the Hawks would not trade out of 26 for? I bring that up because some teams might look to move up for 3 positions:

    QB (Mahomes and Webb are gaining momentum and there is still Kizer)
    Skill (Njoku/McCaffery/Cook/Davis could all still be on the board around 24 with teams like Steelers/Packers)

    With so many options in early 2nd, I would probably trade back and get another 3rd or 4th and get (Baker/Evans/Bowser/Tankersley) in the early 2nd.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not really sure who they’d really ‘have to take’. It would depend on how many of the names we’re discussing are available I suppose. I can see them not taking a chance on Obi, King, Adoree’, Awuzie. Maybe a top O-liner. Could even see them being enamoured with Bowser or Watt.

  5. nichansen01

    I love love love what Seattle is doing with free agency.

    Rejected players who the league are sleeping on. Guys who are all going to be hungry to prove themselves and redeem their careers, and get that second contract. This is Dion Jordan’s last chance to play in the league most likely.

    • Volume12

      The Dion Jordan signing is very ‘meh.’

      • HawkTalker #1

        What? Really? Cough up some detail sir.

        • Volume12

          What do you mean? This is a hedge signing. Hope I’m wrong, but doubt dude even gets out of TC.

      • nichansen01

        He’s not someone to get super excited about right now. But why not take a flyer? What’s the downside?

        • Volume12

          There is no downside. But like you said, nothing exciting.

          • nichansen01

            Reminds me of the chris clemons signing last year.

            • Volume12

              I think that’s exactly what it is. He’s got a lot of potential and I really do hope he makes me eat my words. What a great story he would make.

              • drewdawg11

                Clemons had a track record of success. Jordan wasn’t even great in college.

  6. Greg Haugsven

    I just feel it won’t be an outside corner due to the fact that position needs a year to learn there technique. Do we want our first round pick not playing much? I would think that the slot would be the pick and Obi or Jackson or even Awuzie could be the pick.

    • D-OZ

      best sleep on Awuzi. He is the next best corner behind Conley and maybe King? It’s a tossup between Awuzi and the Bama CB. Although I think the Bama CB might be best suited as a FS/SS.

      • DLep

        See I think Awuzie is a nickel corner to start his career but also looks like a future stud as a pure free safety which is why I would like this pick so much. You get him on the field as a rookie because he can play the nickel and then as Earl get older he is a great successor. And he provides safety depth in the meantime as well.

        • C-Dog

          That’s kind of what I’m thinking. Nickel corner, and possibly a nice hedge at FS if ET decides to hang it up.

    • BRSeahawks

      I wouldn’t set that in stone. Of course the Seahawks would want to inject big time talent in the outside CB rotation. It just had not been the highest priority. Now it might be. PCJS gave quite a big contract to Cary Williams a few years ago in hopes he could start outside corner, didn’t they?

      Now tell me if PCJS wouldn’t want to draft some of the closest things to Richard Sherman to come out in the draft for a while (Gareon Conley and Kevin King). Thing is and will be about value vs priority.

      • Greg Haugsven

        But do you want that guy basically redshirt in to learn the first year? I’m not saying he wouldn’t play but I would bet the slot would play way more snaps.

  7. 805Hawk

    What a great interview! I’m not sold on a nickel CB in the 1st, which I think Awuzie fits best, but this kid has the attitude and IQ to make Seattle or some other team very happy for a long time.

  8. BobbyK

    It’s so much fun to think of the options the Seahawks have (or any team you’re a fan of)…

    1. They go for the best DB in the first (Obi, King, Humphrey, Awuzie, Baker, Jackson, etc.) and then trade up in the second for a “leftover” pass rusher like Bowser (I don’t see teams dumb enough to allow Watt into the second round).

    2. They go pass rusher in the first (Watt) and then trade up in the second for a “leftover” DB that falls because we know someone will (Baker, Obi, King, Humphrey, Awuzie, Jackson, etc.).

    3. They go with Bolles or Lamp in the first and throw a curve to our thinking, knowing that we can still get a defender in the second (whether a pass rusher or DB). Then use all those threes to potentially pull a Tyler Lockett type trade into the early third if they see the talent falling off a cliff (not Avril). This is with the assumption their DBs they love are gone (perhaps Obi/King or whatever they happen to like most).

    Personally, the more I think about the options – the more I want the “guaranteed” stud with their first pick and I think that’s Watt. I could be wrong, I know.

    I see so many good DBs that I’m okay with the worst of the good leftover DBs with a little trade up into the earlier second round (using one of their three third rounders).

    If we could add a pass rusher AND nickel corner with flexibility (who may turn into an outside CB, SS, or FS later in their careers) in the first two rounds, that’d be great.

  9. D-OZ

    Nice article, Rob. You are spot on as usual. I am about 77% sure Obi, King and Conley will be gone by #26. About a month ago I stated Awuzi would go in the 1st.round and I think he still will, depending on team needs beyond Seattle. (GB,Dallas,NO,Steelers) I totally think he would Excel in the slot, outside and blitzing off the corner. ST dynamo, he has the tape to rectify his value as an all-around player. GO HAWKS!!! Dobbs @ 106 🙂

  10. Volume12

    Boy, Seattle covered their bases in this draft in terms of LBs. Damn. Wonder if they liked anyone other than the pass rushers.

  11. Volume12

    Could also be Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis, VMAC visitor.

    Didn’t C-Dog tell us that Seattle has been monitoring this Michigan D very closely all year long?

    Whatever the case, I’m not expecting a rookie CB to start on the outside this year.

    • nichansen01

      I wouldn’t like drafting Lewis. Small and slow.

      • Volume12

        4.47 is a good speed. He’s bigger than Adoree Jackson. And a little bit longer too. Plays a lot bigger than his size. Kid made some clutch plays this year for them. He might have the most impressive INT of the year outta any college corners.

        • nichansen01

          nice ball skills. where did you get that 40 time? I’m seeing 4.54.

          • Volume12

            Pro day results. These guys can choose what they’re official times are out of the combine or pro day.

            And most of these scouts are either old school or have been trained by the like. They’ll go off their hand times.

            • Volume12

              Also, Seattle likes drafting prospects that don’t have a lot of heat or hype on them.

        • Ishmael

          I really don’t like 40 times, especially for a nickel corner. What’s his 10 yard split? Or the 10-20 yard split? Can he get up to speed and get moving in a hurry?

    • LeoSharp

      He’s definitely one of the better cover corners in the draft and has safety experience. Should fall lower than his talent due to his legal situation (domestic violence)

    • C-Dog

      Yes. I was watching a Wolverine game towards the end of the season, and Brock Huard was doing color for EPSN, and in his words Pete Carroll told him to tell Coach Harbaugh that Seattle has been watching the Michigan defense all season long, and they like what they have been seeing.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh whaaaat!!!

      I didn’t know he visited

      He had really solid tape.

      One of the better slots I saw

    • Grayson

      I’m hoping Seattle is getting more info on Wormley

  12. Volume12

    Seahawks working out Oregon TE Johnny Mundt. Thought this was who they were looking at from Oregon ever since that Utah game.

    • nichansen01

      I saw him make a really nice catch against UW.

  13. Volume12

    Keep an eye on VCU’s Mo Allie-Cox. This kid might be the next Antonio Gates.

    • nichansen01

      Do you know if the seahawks have shown any interest?

      • Volume12

        Sure have.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          They weren’t at his pro day. At least not according to the reports I read.

          • Volume12

            Bro, he’s a VMAC visitor. Trust me.

            • DC

              Do I read correctly that he is a FA and free to sign with any team?

              • Greg Haugsven

                That is correct.

                • DC

                  Very interesting…

                  We’d likely have to hold a roster spot all year for him but the potential payoff could be huge.

                • DC

                  And he could learn from (and then take the place of, shhhhh) fellow convert JG.

            • STTBM

              Thats cool info Volume! They tried it with Fells, and he stuck but not here….

              Would be fun to see what the kid can do…

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I trust you implicitly V12

  14. D-OZ

    Yea, that won’t happen……

    • D-OZ

      (Rookie CB starting)

      • Volume12

        I think a rookie will at nickel.

        Love at all the CBs they’ve worked out or brought in. 90% have been slot guys. And then looking at their depth chart on the roster, they don’t really have any except for maybe Elliott.

        • Volume12


        • D-OZ

          Nickle. I agree…

    • Volume12


    • peter

      If not a rookie who will start? One of the guys floating around on the practice squad or playing special teams? Shead?

      • Rob Staton

        Carroll said Jeremy Lane is next man up to play outside corner with Shead injured. He’s played outside before. He will be pushed by Pierre Desir (who they seem to like), Neiko Thorpe and DeAndre Elliott.

        People might not like that but it’s how Seattle has filled the #2 corner spot in the past.

        • HI Hawk

          I don’t expect any drop-off from Shead to Lane on the outside. Elliott looked good in spot duty for a UDFA, so outside CB is probably less of a need than slot CB right now. Again, Elliott is really the only candidate for the slot right now, that’s less than ideal since he isn’t really suited for the role.

  15. Dingbatman

    Yes!!! If the Seahawks plan is to do more blitzing with their defensive backs then this could be the guy. Rob you have often mentioned how the Seahawks like both athletic “freak” athletes combined with proven production. I haven’t been able to find a corner with more proven production. In 2016 he had 4 sacks and 6 tackles for loss. Bobby Wagner last year had 4.5 sacks and 6 tackles for loss. KJ Wright had 4 sacks and 10 tackles for loss. Imagine getting similar havoc wreaking production in the backfield..from your slot corner.

    Budda Baker seems similar but he’s not a corner. Perhaps Adoree Jackson or Obi Melifonwu have the physical ablility to be a blitz threat but their stats do not reflect that.

    Awuzie is also the special teams “gunner”.

    • Volume12

      I keep going back to what Tony Pauline mentioned about him. And Pauline has nailed multiple picks for Seattle over the last 2 or 3 years.

      Awuzie’s wonderlic score. Really starting to think this might be the most important thing for Seattle when it comes to their CBs. Physch profile.

      Its already one of, if not the hardest position to transition to from college to the pros, so you better have short term memory, highly confident, incredibly smart (film rats man), and tough minded.

      • Dingbatman

        What did Pauline say? Did Awuzie do well on the wonderlic also?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          He scored a 35 on Wonderlic

          • Dingbatman

            That’s good! Right? Wiki P says 18 is the average for corners.

            • Volume12

              That’s outstanding. Like phenomenally good. I might be wrong, but I think Peyton Manning had a 32 or something? I could be way off base here.

              • DC

                P. Manning got a 28 as did Russell Wilson. Brady a 33, Rodgers a 35, Luck a 37, Eli… 39(weird!)

                • troy

                  You know, Eli might put off the dopey vibe but its clear that both he and his family are pretty smart, would be interesting to see Archies…

  16. DLep

    Think its relevant to the current discussion, Zach Whitman updated his 3sigmathlete site with sparq scores incorporating pro days. Awuzie improved his vertical significantly, now is a 1.9 sigma athlete, that’s 97th percentile. He is officially in freak category athletically.

    I don’t know, intelligence (video above, 35 on the wonderlic), elite athleticism (97th percentile sparq), position versatility (nickel and free safety), production (14 pbs, 4 sacks, 6 tfls), this guys seems to be the total package and a very good fit for the Seahawks.

    • DC

      He sounds like a future coach in that video. Whomever they do draft for that small/medium/large nickel position, that player has the best chance for max impact as a rookie starter. Whether it’s Obi, Awuzie, Baker or Jackson, those are some special talents.

      The Seahawks have said in the past that they draft based on their own roster. In this case, you are competing vs Lane for the nickel position which any of the above 4 would beat out imho. I don’t see another position on defense where that is going to happen, a rookie beating out an incumbent (aside from injury). I’m also treating the SAM as the human tailbone. It’s getting a smaller role over time. The Bruce Irvin role left with Bruce Irvin. Exciting that both Awuzie and Baker have proven pass rush ability.

    • Sea Mode

      Well put. He definitely stands out.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    During some cross talk on 710 today, the mention of drafting a WR to compete with the existing group was mentioned. The “impression” left with several discussions leading up to the NFL draft… and the interest in WRs in FA are pointing towards this possibility.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been thinking for a long while that Seattle will probably draft a WR, maybe day two.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    That tape is pretty good. One thing I really like about him that I’ve seen in his highlights is the way he rushes the QB. He takes his outside hand and puts it in the path of the Quarterbacks arm to stop the pass and uses his inside arm to tackle which most guys don’t do. I see Avril do this all the time. Most guys just try to hit the QB as hard as they can.

  19. Rawls1234

    What are your guy’s opinions on Awuzie’s teammate Witherspoon. He seems allergic to tackling, but he really uses his length well to breakup passes. He has the ideal height and arm length the Seahawks look for. Possible target?

    • swisshawk

      Rob shared some further thougths on him in his 4-2-5 article. He was really impressed by his coverage skills but said that his lack of willingness to tackle could remove him from Seattles board (if i remember correctly). Worth a read

    • Rob Staton

      Wrote about him here:

      He really is allergic to tackling. It’s an absolute horror show.

      • STTBM

        Kinda like Deion Sanders back in the day! Kinda hard to see Seattle being interested even if Witherspoon was Sanders 2.0 in coverage…

    • peter

      not to pile on. Sorry Rawls, but if you watch the tape at Draft BReakdown against the Huskies to me it shows in a nutshell who you are getting with Witherspoon.

      He has a great game in the air. Really. But any time the Huskies run the ball or do a short pass play built on YAC they go in his direction because he’s a total liability.

      At about 1:26 in the tape he’s the last defender on an easily stopped TD and gives the lamest head down. no arms out fake tackle attempt ever for a sure TD. I’m pretty sure PC would lose his mind watching plays like that.

      • Ishmael

        Pretty much this. The problem with his tackling isn’t technical, you can always teach technique, it’s that he absolutely hates the physical aspect of the game. He wants no part of it. And if you don’t have the mentality, you’re never going to be even competent. There are players like that who are still excellent (Patrick Peterson really isn’t a fan), but the Hawks want their corners coming up in run support.

        If you can’t bang with David Johnson, Zeke Elliot, Carlos Hyde, and all those other big boys, you’re not going to make it in Seattle. I love what he does in coverage, but unless he has a massive mindset shift I just can’t see it.

        • peter

          Nice reference BTW to the type of runners a Seattle team will face.

  20. swisshawk

    What would you say to the unrealistic scenario of trading sherm and lynch to oakland for osemele and say, a 3?

    • peter

      I think if Lynch goes to Oakland it will be some sort of quiet gentleman’s deal between the FO not packaged with Sherman. As a way to keep good working relations with an out of conference team. Like a 7th round pick. Seattle isn’t without leverage but their leverage with regards to Lynch’s retirement money isn’t the most significant thing in the world either. Maybe Oakland is a bit more charitable and gives up a 6th but I can’t see them interested in Sherman.

  21. swisshawk

    I would be very happy if the hawks could move down and up with their 1 and 2 (like last year, assuming all the “ideal” picks are gone) and select ncb awuzie and cb tankersley.
    I felt that shead had a good year, but the one thing that was obvious to me was that he always played his man, not the ball. I get the impression that tankersley would be more of a ballhawk, what I would really appreciate from our cb2.

  22. Peanut

    Awuzie, Witherspoon and Thompson? Is it normal for almost an entire secondary to be draftable the same year? Isn’t Awuzie considered an option in round 1, Witherspoon round 2 and Thompson day 3?

    • CLB

      UW has 3/4 of their secondary rated to be taken even higher, and Ohio St. has 2 CBs probably drafted in round 1. Sure hope we can get at least 2 excellent DBs in the first 3 rounds, and another 2-3 in a lower round and UDFAs.

      DeShawn Shead looks like his rehab is going great and ahead of schedule, but he possibly won’t be back to full strength until a month or more into the season.

      • nichansen01

        Don’t forget Malik Hooker. Also the entire florida secondary is draftable (wilson tabor and mayes)

    • bigten

      See LSU has 2, OSU has 3 in first round, UW has 3, Florida has 3, Michigan has at least 2 and bama has 2. Its amazing to see how good some schools have a killer defensive back field and how the best seem to be with other bests. Does that make them less valuable because they essentially could trust each other and focus on there tasks? i saw no, but other would disagree (see the negatives on Humphrey)

      • CLB

        Right, bigten. Forgot somehow about Hooker at safety for OSU – a probable top ten pick, was just thinking about the 2 CBs. And Florida has Maye at safety to go with it’s 2 CBs, although Tabor has possibly dropped quite a bit after his very slow 40 at his pro day.

        I definitely agree with Rob that I hope that we don’t draft CB Witherspoon since he almost runs away from tackling. We can’t have any defensive players not want to tackle – that’s your job as a defender.

        • bigten

          If tabor drops into our 2nd round range, i would like him as a pick over witherspoon. I am ignorant of what his measurables are though. Also watching film on jourdan lewis from michigan state, he might not have the longest arms, but he sure can use them. He seems to have great position and always gets the most length out of his arms. Really seem to like his film.

          • CLB

            Tabor ran a 4.63 and a 4.68 at the combine, but at his home track at Florida, which is usually faster, he ran 2 4.75s. This is someone who is consistently going to be beat, doesn’t seem worth wasting a draft pick and training him if he is just going to lose most of the time. Would much rather have someone who has 4.5 or better speed and can keep up with the receivers.

  23. Sea Mode

    Mayock’s updated positional rankings just published:

    1. Budda Baker, Washington
    2. Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado
    3. Jourdan Lewis, Michigan
    4. Desmond King, Iowa
    5. Damontae Kazee, San Diego State

    Not surprised to see Awuzie up there. He’s good. Really like him.

    Am surprised to see Jourdan Lewis. I remember not liking his measurements or tape much (except for that one incredible INT), but now that he is a known VMAC visitor, I guess I’ll have to go back and look again.

    • Rob Staton

      I put together a piece on Lewis that will go later today. Definitely one to monitor.

      Mayock’s rankings are as bizarre as everyone else’s. Too many lurching changes that suggest they’re either based on what he’s hearing too much and not his opinion, or he’s not actually watched some of the players he ranked in his earlier lists.

      I mean why now is Kizer suddenly dropping from the #1 spot after Mayock stood by him for so long? Makes no sense.

      • lil'stink

        And Cam Robinson is now Mayocks #1 OT after he initially had him as a guard as he didn’t think he could play tackle.

        • Rob Staton

          Exactly my point. He’s basically adapting his rankings based on what he hears.

          He might as well just do a weekly mock like the other 6-7 people on

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I like any of the top 3 on that list, and at least one of them should be available early R2 after a modest trade down from 26.

      Thinking more about Awuzie, changing my perspective on him as a R1 prospect. That film Rob presented, his 35 Wonderlic, some really good game tape, he wouldn’t be a bad selection at 26. Not my first choice at that spot but definitely not the worst.

    • D-OZ

      Kazee, sleeper! Looked very smooth @ the combine. Good hand’s and versatile.

  24. Ishmael

    One guy I’ve been thinking about lately for that big nickel role is Jabril Peppers. Heard him interviewed on that Jeremiah and Brooks podcast, the dude just sounds like a Seahawk. Overcame adversity (raised by his mum, who was working two jobs, with his dad in jail and his brother killed), big time athlete, leader, big personality, people gravitate to him. Explained that weird edge-setting role they had him playing at Michigan, just said they had injuries and the coach asked him to step up. Wanted to do the right thing by his team, wanted to help them win, not in it for himself.

    Not sure if he’d last to 26, but if he did I hope they think about it. He ticks so many boxes, and could cause absolute mayhem in underneath zones.

  25. peter


    you mentioned pass rush in the second at the bottom of this article. Any thoughts in round 2 who Seattle would target, beyond Bowser? I just feel like Watt would be gone before Seattle picked in the second and then you have to start looking at kind of misfit pieces for pass rush. Carrol Phillips? Jordan Willis?

    • Rob Staton

      They could move up. It’s also possible Wormley, Willis, Williams or Hall could be on their radar.

      • CLB

        The top CBs are so good at the top, hoping we can get Obi, Adore, or King at 26 and another excellent CB in the 2nd. Someone like Awuzie, Tankersley or another fantastic CB who we are shocked they drop into the mid-upper 2nd, maybe Conley or someone else JS has rated top 30 overall, just like we traded up to draft Reed last year.

        Still think we could get maybe Hall or another DE to rush the passer in the 3rd, but as you’ve mentioned before about levels, after the first few CBs it really drops off to a lower level at the position. With Shead out for awhile and Lane being sub-par last year, we may really need 2 top CBs (slot and outside CB) in the first 2 rounds to reload the secondary as the major priority.

  26. STTBM

    Rob, well thought-out! I havent been able to comment for a few days, but I have been keeping up with the blog. Thanks again for your continued efforts to decipher Seattle’s draft strategy and potential targets. I like Awuzie, but hope they can get him with their second. I would prefer Seattle to land a more “sudden” athlete with their first round pick, like King, Obi, or A Jackson, but it seems clear Seattle wont be ignoring Awuzie.

    Still shaking my head in sadness over the whole Sherm thing…sigh…

    So many cool players in the first couple rounds this year, Im getting impatient for the Draft to get here!

    What do you think about this idea? Perhaps Seattle intends to get King and/or Obi if at all possible, and hopes to trade Sherm at the last minute to either get a higher pick and/or trade up to do so? That would make it more likely they go pass rush in the second, or if they get another first for Sherm and land either King or Obi, they can take a pass rusher with their native first rounder…

    Apologies if this has already been discussed…

    • Rob Staton

      Worth noting on suddenness — Jackson is a sudden athlete, Melifonwu, King and Awuzie are not.

      Suddenness is a very rare, unmeasurable trait.

      I wouldn’t expect a last minute Sherman trade. Teams will need time to do a medical check etc. I think the longer this goes on the less likely they are to deal Sherman.

      • STTBM

        Melifonwu and King may not have the suddenness of A Jackson, but they have long speed and short-area quickness and size that puts them in the Elite Athlete category, at least for me. I should have been more clear–I would prefer an elite athlete or one with the incredible suddenness offered by Jackson.

        So much drama the past few years, since the PlayCall of Infamy. Even if Sherm stays this year, there could be problems. I keep hoping for the team to come together and become something special, like in 2013 and 14, but again, so much drama…and thats only counting whats hit the media! Hard to become a cohesive team greater than the sum of your parts with stuff like Sherm and Kam happening.

        You dont think a team might agree to a trade, then its kept secret until the Draft and that team is on the clock? If Seattle IS looking to trade up or add a higher pick in the first to target a certain player, it would behoove them to wait so as not to get leapfrogged by a team targeting the same player. At least thats how I see it..but that is a good point about teams wanting to do a physical on Sherm; they might want some time to talk with him and gauge his personality too…

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I don’t think you could keep a secret like that today. Too many ears listening to too many mouths.

          Also, a strong 2017 season will go a long way to restoring team harmony. Sherm won’t be as much of a distraction if the team is racking up wins on the way to a SB run.

        • Rob Staton

          I was only reflecting on the term ‘suddenness’, not critiquing other aspects of their physical profile.

          I don’t expect any secret trade is likely to be honest.

          • Dale Roberts

            You said “suddenness” is rare but not measureable. Really? Like TEF I suspect it’s just waiting to be discovered. Rob, your trademark is innovation. We are awaiting your genius.

            • Rob Staton

              Suddenness really is an eye test thing. You see it with Adoree’, D-Jax and Percy Harvin for example — but for some reason it doesn’t always translate to the combine. They’re all extremely natural, Olympic-quality athletes. But not necessarily the fastest running in a straight line over 40-yards. Over 100? They’d probably wipe the floor with the field.

              So sadly the only innovation I can probably provide is adding the 100m sprint to the combine 🙂

              • Dale Roberts

                I’d love to see how Steve Largent would have tested. Obviously not the fastest or most explosive but everyone said his cuts were sharp and he was very quick out of his cuts which allowed him to gain separation. Have you ever watched tape on Largent?

                • Rob Staton

                  I haven’t unfortunately

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    Some random Wednesday morning thoughts:

    I think SEA’s board at 26 goes
    1. Obi
    2. King
    3. Jax
    4. Trade down

    I think a trade up in R2 is more likely than a trade down from 26

    Can’t shake the feeling that SEA like Dalvin Tomlinson on Day 2

    The first 3 picks could be Nickel/CB/DT

    After the initial excitement of the Dion Jordan signing, I’m hopeful he turns his career around, but not expecting it to happen

  28. Sea Mode


    This is an interesting one: #Cal QB Davis Webb is visiting the #Seahawks today, source said. Many believe he’s a first-round QB. 🤔🤔🤔

    7:15 AM – 12 Apr 2017

    • C-Dog

      That’s the second potential high round QB they’re looking at. Very interesting.

    • cha

      It could just be opposition scouting, New England does this from time to time. Webb could end up in Arizona or SF and it wouldn’t hurt to get a look at him up close.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Could also be in connection with a potential trade partner for 26, to determine how likely a team would trade back into R1 to get him.

        • Ishmael

          This. Unless they want to have a chat to him about some of his teammates. I reckon you’re spot on though, think we’re going to see at least one team trade back into the first to get at a QB – Kizer, Webb, Mahomes could all go in that range.

    • Drew

      If Webb is a first round QB than Deshaun Watson is a top 5 pick.

      • Ishmael

        Well he’s ginormous, white, coaches son, ‘can make all the throws’, ‘first in, last out kinda guy’… All that shit scouts love. Doesn’t really matter that he’s not very good. He’s like Brock Osweiler with a slightly better deep ball.

        • DLep

          Think that is unfair, he is better than Osweiler.

          • Ishmael

            You reckon? Osweiler threw some beautiful balls in college. I was harsh on Webb’s deep ball, he throws some genuinely good ones – but how many times in the NFL is his WR going to get a clean release and be able to go deep with no safety coming across

            The only decent defence I’ve seen Webb play against was Washington and he was wildly underwhelming. If you take him in the third or fourth and say come be our backup for the next decade then sure, but if I’m a fan of the Browns/Bears/Jets/Niners and they’re trying to tell me he’s the future of the franchise… No thanks.

          • DLep

            On the qb discussion, continue to be fascinated by Jim Cobern’s work.


            For QBs he has a total qb stat, comprised of three components weighted equally. A couple quotes from his post:

            ‘The vast majority of multiple All-Pro quarterbacks since the 1958 NFL draft class scored a 91.40 or higher score in Total QB Stat.’

            ‘The vast majority of multiple Pro Bowl quarterbacks scored in the 80 percentile or higher of Total QB Stat.’

            Based on his QB stat, this draft class is perhaps a bit better than being given credit for. Mahomes, Webb, Kaaya and even Chad Kelly are all above 80. Webb has a solid number himself, not a guarantee he will be a good pro but also I think shortsighted to bash him for being the kind of toolsy guy that scouts seem to like.

            Watson and Trubisky are both above 90, not too shabby. Oh and you might recognize the name of a certain Seahawks qb, He scored in the 99th percentile for the two performance metrics – td/int ratio and completion pct his last yr at Wisc. Was only the strength of schedule component which dragged him down.

  29. J

    LSU WR shows possible interest in Ross? Similar profile could be a hedge type player although there are issues with that.

    • Rob Staton

      I would expect Ross to be long gone at #26

      More likely an admission they need kick return competition with Lockett’s injury

  30. Sea Mode

    And we have yet another visit:


    #OleMiss WR Damore’ea Stringfellow is visiting the #Raiders today, source said. #Jets, #Rams & #Titans, #Chargers, #Seahawks, coming up.

    8:00 AM – 12 Apr 2017

    • C-Dog

      It was definitely be somewhat ironic if Seattle drafted Stringfellow considering the post Super Bowl incident in the U District.

      • DLep

        Yeah, sounds like quite the guy

        • Ishmael

          FFS. At what point do we accept that the Seahawks are every bit as bad as other teams regarding violence against women?

          • HI Hawk

            Spot on Ishmael. If they think he’ll help them win, they’ll draft/sign him. Perrish Cox is currently on the Seahawks roster, I think that sums it up.

            • Misfit74

              Speaking of Ishmael, I hope the same goes for Ishmael Zamora. Mike Williams without even close to the the price tag.

  31. Mark Souza

    Hi Rob, I listened to the podcast and feel much the way you do about all the mock drafts. The biggest eye roller for me is all the mocks that have us picking Cam Robinson at #26. It’s a sure sign of laziness when I see this. Sure, Seattle has a horrible line and Robinson should be available when we pick. So what? Has anyone watched film on Robinson? He’s James Carpenter all over again. Yes, he’s huge and powerful and long. But he’s also slow with horrible footwork and balance. At Alabama he played passing downs from an upright pre-snap position and only played from a three point stance on run plays or if he had a tight end next to him. Why? Because he’s not quick enough to get out of a 3-point stance and close off the defensive end. And if you’re a turnstile from a three point stance in college, wait till you get to the pros. Much like Carpenter, some team is going to be grossly disappointed when he doesn’t work out at tackle and forced to move him inside to guard. And I’m praying that team isn’t Seattle.

  32. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting and entertaining article on B/R about Day 3/UDFA prospects (

    Some names we’ve discussed like Chad Williams (really like his game), Josh Carraway and James Conner, and some new names (new for me at least):

    DT Tanzel Smart, Tulane
    6’1″ 296lbs,
    67 tackles, 18.5 TFL, 5.5 sacks in 2016

    TE Robert Tonyan, Jr, Indiana State
    6’5″ 236lbs
    40/10yd – 4.58s/1.53s
    BJ – 125″ (10-5)
    VJ – 35″ (reported as 38″ by B/R)
    SS – 4.34s
    3C – 7.12s
    BP – 16

    LB Blair Brown, OH
    5’11” 238lbs
    128 tackles, 15 TFL, and 4.5 sacks in 2016
    40yd – 4.65s
    BJ – 123″ (10-3)
    VJ – 38″
    SS – 4.18s
    3C – 6.92s
    BP – 22

    • Rik

      Brown is interesting to me. Very productive on the field and athletic. He reminds me of Jatavis Brown (5’11”, 222 lb) out of Akron last year. Same conference (MAC) and similar production, athleticism. He ended up being a solid starter for the Chargers in his rookie year. There were quite a few of us, myself included, on this blog a year ago who were hoping he’d end up in a Seahawks uniform.

      • DLep

        Likewise very excited about Blair Brown

    • Ground_Hawk

      Another prospect who seems to be under the radar is Connecticut’s Eric Wilson. From the limited tape I’ve seen of him, he looks like he fits the Buffalo role. A player with great athleticism (about 135 pSPARQ), size (6′ 1″ 220 lbs), ability to defend the run, drop back in coverage, and a willing tackler. I think one of those 3rd round picks would be worth his potential.

      • Ground_Hawk

        He played at Cincinnati, weighs 230, and has a pSPARQ of 136.

  33. Sea Mode

    Rob, it’s over a month old, but lots of good quotes here on prospects from Bob McGinn:

  34. Vista

    So Kevin King is going to visit with the Raiders.

    • Ground_Hawk

      As they should, he has a lot of potential.

  35. Nick

    I think if Obi is gone, we trade back. I can imagine something like this shaking out:

    Jourdan Lewis
    Tim Williams
    Chris Godwin
    Nico Siragusa

    That would be a realistic, great draft class.

    • Ishmael

      Lewis currently on trial for a domestic violence misdemeanour. Schneider in 2012 said “We would never, ever take a player that struck a female, or had a domestic dispute like that, or did anything like that.”

      But since then, the Hawks have signed multiple players who have done exactly that. So who really knows. Tim Williams is an interesting one, big time off-field red flags right? And can he be on the field for the first couple of downs, or will he be a pass-rush only guy?

      • Nick

        I think you raise some great points. Here’s my take: they have had a visit with Lewis. I’m going to guess this was in order to hear about the incident, see what type of a person he is. They did a similar thing with Frank Clark if I’m not mistaken. While it’s questionable whether they’d go there—I think he makes a lot of sense for SEA. Moreover, he offers some kick returning ability, which is something SEA will definitely be looking for in the draft methinks.

        As for Williams, I’m not sure if he has “big time” off field red flags…what do you mean? The pistol without permit thing was not ideal, but certainly not as bad as hitting a woman. As for his role, I see him being a pass rush specialist. He could take over Marsh’s role (or at least provide competition). He could also help Cliff Avril take fewer reps. We want to keep Cliff nice and fresh for the postseason, all while developing another pass rushing DE.

    • Misfit74

      Huge fan of that haul. Certainly there are some mid~late round DBs to add also.

  36. RWIII

    Del tre: Interesting 2nd round option. For the second round you proposed Chris Wormley. That could be a very interesting proposal in the 2nd round.

    • Nick

      I just don’t see SEA going interior DL so early. They explicitly moved up for Quinton Jefferson because they were so underwhelmed with this year’s options. If they go DT, I’m going to guess it’s Round 5 onwards.

      What do you think?

    • Misfit74

      93rd percentile athlete, so I wouldn’t put it past them. Especially if the corners with the requisite traits they’re targeting will be available later.

  37. Vista

    Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet

    #VCU hoopster/football player Mo Alie Cox is slated to visit the #Chiefs, #Bucs, #Jets, #Colts, #Seahawks, #Chargers. Others may be added.

    • Vista

      This guy is 6′ 7″ and 250 lbs

  38. Misfit74

    I’d like to hear more about Michael Davis, CB, BYU. 4.35 wheels, size, wingspan…

    • Dale Roberts

      Davis: 40=4.40 vertical=29″, 3-cone=7.03, 20yd shuttle=4.34 6’2″, 190 arm length 32 1/4
      King : 40=4.43 vertical=39.5″ 3-cone=6.56, 20yd shuttle=3.89 6’3″, 200 arm length 32 1/2

      I included Kevin King’s performance for comparison. The differences are in the vertical, 20yd shuttle, and production throughout their college careers. A converted wide receiver, Davis had only one interception during his four years at BYU. He’s likely a UDFA.

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