Seahawks still playing the game with Clowney

This situation remains confounding.

The implication in this tweet is that the Seahawks are saying to Clowney — you’ve waited too long and we’ve had to sign another player. So now we don’t have as much money to offer you.

At the combine Pete Carroll told John Clayton that re-signing Clowney was a ‘huge priority’. Both he and John Schneider acknowledged the striking need to upgrade the pass rush.

Yet here we are. Nearly three weeks into free agency. They’ve still not sealed a deal with Clowney. And now they’re dropping notes to the media saying their budget to get a deal done is smaller, while they continue to add journeymen types to pad out their roster.

Here’s a reminder of the 2019 stats:

— The Seahawks finished with 28 sacks, second fewest in the league behind only Miami (23)

— Their sack percentage was 4.5% — third worst overall

— The Seahawks produced a sack or quarterback hit on just 14.4% of opponents’ pass plays — worst in the NFL

— They had only 126 pressures, sixth fewest in the league behind Detroit (125), Oakland (117), Houston (117), Atlanta (115) and Miami (96)

— Seattle’s pressure percentage was the fourth worst in the league (19.3%) behind Detroit (18.9%), Houston (18.1%) and Miami (16.7%)

— Seattle hit the quarterback 68 times — fourth fewest

— They had 52 TFL’s — fourth fewest

— They gave up 55 explosive running plays on defense, seventh most in the NFL

— Their explosive run play percentage (14%) was the third worst overall behind only Carolina (16%) and Cleveland (15%)

— They gave up 4.9 YPC — fourth most overall

— They had 131 during the regular season — fourth most.

Players like Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin are decent depth signings if they compliment starting talent. They themselves are not starters. They themselves are not going to fix any of Seattle’s issues above.

This off-season required an injection of talent into the defense. Offensively, they were a top-five unit per DVOA. The draft was loaded with receivers and offensive linemen. They could’ve added even more support for Russell Wilson in three weeks time.

It’s not a strong draft for twitchy pass rushers. And yet the Seahawks now face the prospect of having to potentially fight the board to fix their greatest weakness.

Despite calls from the quarterback to add ‘superstars’ — they haven’t signed a premier pass rusher. They’ve not got a deal done with Clowney. They’re continuing to try and win a negotiation tussle with their one star player on the D-line. If he departs elsewhere, they’ll have weakened their greatest need, not strengthened it.

Bringing in Everson Griffen as a replacement isn’t enough. You can’t have two 33-year-old book end pass rushers complimented by 29-year-old Benson Mayowa, while hoping any rookie additions have more impact than Rasheem Green, L.J. Collier and Frank Clark had early in their careers.

Worst of all, at this rate we’ll be talking about the same issues in 12 months time. They’ll be in the exact same situation.

Sometimes you have to pay the going rate. The Seahawks shirked at the idea of paying to keep Frank Clark and moved their one reliable pass rusher for a haul from Kansas City. A year later they’re now shirking the opportunity to pay Clowney.

Eventually, you have to keep your D-line talent. Even if it means spending a bit more money.

It’s especially peculiar seeing as Seattle’s scheme is predicated on being able to rush with four. They’re not an aggressive, blitzing team like Tampa Bay or Baltimore. You’d think, if anything, they’d place an extremely high priority on the position financially.

It doesn’t matter if Clowney’s market was cold elsewhere. Is it worth risking wasting a season for the sake of sticking to your guns? If the Seahawks never return to true contention, in five years will we bemoan their willingness to pay for talent? Or will we complain about their lack of activity to fix a glaring need?

Is this saga with Clowney really worth it? All for the sake of Luke Willson, Jacob Hollister, Chance Warmack, B.J. Finney, Cedric Ogbuehi, Phillip Dorsett, Brandon Shell and keeping Justin Britt and K.J. Wright’s full salaries on the books?

Whether it was signing Clowney or moving on to other options — Dante Fowler, Yannick Ngakoue, Robert Quinn, Matt Judon or anyone else — the need had to be addressed.

When things start being played out through the media, it’s often a sign that things are moving. We saw that with Wilson a year ago.

Time is running out though — and so is the cap space.

Returning to pressure percentages

A month ago I wrote about pressure percentage and pass rush win percentage. Pete Carroll has referenced these in the past when discussing why they drafted certain players.

L.J. Collier had a healthy pass rush win percentage of 18%. That was in the same range as Brian Burns (18.5%) and Chase Winovich (18%). They eventually brought in Jachai Polite for an extended trial on the practise squad. His win percentage was 20.4%.

It’s not the be-all and end-all of course. They chose not to draft Jaylon Ferguson despite his win percentage (26.6%) ranking second only to the #7 overall pick Josh Allen (30.3%).

Even so — I feel like it was a topic worth returning to now that we’re on the road to the draft.

I didn’t really anticipate having to look at this class as much as we are doing. Instead of Reagor, Hamler, Aiyuk, Wilson, Ruiz and others we’re looking a lot closer at a weaker than usual D-line group.

It’s such a priority now that they probably can’t wait until pick #59 to address this. Trading down, acquiring a pick to fill the gap between #64 and #101 and taking the guy you want in the 30’s feels realistic. I’ll represent this approach in a two-round video mock draft tomorrow.

So who could be ‘their’ guy? That’s where it gets tricky. There are so many players who don’t fit what they ideally look for — whether it’s shorter arms, slower speed or weaker agility. There are also several players who didn’t work out fully or at all at the combine.

That’s why I highlighted Jabari Zuniga a few days ago. He has an appealing physical profile, he’s played inside/out, his pass rush win percentage is a healthy 20% and he flashes on tape (even if he’s inconsistent). His arms are 32 7/8 inches long. I’m going to guess, this year, they might be able to look beyond that 1/8 of an inch.

His pressure percentage is only 15.8% though and that speaks to the inconsistencies in his game.

There are two other players I want to focus on today.

Joshua Uche is more of a SAM linebacker who can move around and rush from different areas. He does have some impressive burst and bend off the edge though (although he had a rough outing against Tristan Wirfs and Iowa).

Uche’s pressure percentage was 23.3% in 2019. Quite frankly that’s fantastic. He also showed up at the Senior Bowl including a dominant performance in the game:

Considering he has +33 inch arms and is reasonably sized at 245lbs — there’s every chance the Seahawks seriously consider taking him after a trade down from #27 with their first pick. The production and the length is there. We don’t have testing numbers but we see the burst on film. He won’t be a full time EDGE but they need to add players who have shown they can create pressure and he has done that.

They also like Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan guys and I think they’ll like his character too:

On top of his excellent pressure percentage rate, Uche was second only to Chase Young in terms of pass rush win percentage. Here’s the top three:

Chase Young — 27.2%
Joshua Uche — 27%
Julian Okwara — 23%

I suspect the Seahawks are well aware of these numbers. They’ve no shot at Young but they have every chance of getting the next two on the list. Maybe even both?

Okwara, like Uche, is long and lean with +33 inch arms and has the burst, bend, get-off and dynamism they badly lacked last season. His pressure percentage for 2018 and 2019 combined was 19.1%.

Again — he didn’t test. Yet the tape shows he has the necessary quickness. It’s going to be give and take with all of these guys. You’re going to have to take a chance on health, body type or physical profile. Ideally there’d be a clearly obvious target for #27 that you could take, feel great about and all would be good in the world. That’s not the case this year. There’s no T.J. Watt sat at the end of round one like 2017.

So it could be Uche or Okwara after a trade down. Then it could be another pass rusher at #59 or #64. That could be Zuniga if he lasts or it could be Curtis Weaver (who I wrote about here). He was fourth on the list above for pass rush win percentage at 22.9%. He could be in the conversation too — especially given he actually did the short shuttle and tested very well (although he has short arms and a unique frame for the position).

I could keep going. Terrell Lewis had a great pressure percentage rate of 19.8% but Alabama uses a ton of stunts, he has injury flags and I wrote about some of his issues on tape here. Zach Baun combines a 20.1% win percentage with a 16.5% pressure percentage and he ran a 1.54 10-yard split. Yet he’s 238lbs, has short arms and will have to play linebacker. Bradlee Anae had a 20.2% win percentage and plays with fire and brimstone. Yet he’s a modest athlete and he doesn’t possess a high ceiling.

Anae and Baun are both terrific with their hands. That’s a big deal. So again, you’re balancing out certain physical ideals, production, scheme fit and technique.

Alternatively — a lot of people think K’Lavon Chaisson will be a high pick. I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere near as early as some are projecting. One of the reasons why is his pass rush win percentage. It was 13.1% in 2019. That’s the lowest mark by any of the draft eligible pass rushers in this class.

If he lasts to #27 and they pass on him many will wonder why but that could be a reason. They could also buy into his potential and high character. LSU is a talent pool worth tapping into this year.

They could also target the defensive tackles. Jordan Elliott had a very healthy 18.7% pass rush win percentage but he lacks ideal length. Javon Kinlaw ranked second among defensive tackles at 18.1% but he’ll be a high pick. Third on the list was Justin Madubuike with 14.9%. He’s a name to keep an eye on as an ideal one-gapper with some athleticism.

Seattle using their first pick on a long term option at right tackle or one of the great receivers in this class just felt right a month ago. Now — they might have to go D-line early and often. They might be able to squeeze an offensive lineman in at #59 or #64 (by now you know I think Robert Hunt will be a target and don’t count out one of the center’s if they cut Justin Britt) but the other two picks could be about trying to find a rotation of players who can create pressure.

That’s why I think they’re going to focus on these pass rush and pressure rates. Who are the guys who were doing it in college? Bring them in and let them get after it.

They just haven’t done enough in free agency so far to warrant any other plan. And I’m not sure much changes even if they sign Clowney. They lack difference markers. They need much more.

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  1. Georgia Hawk

    It almost feels like this off season got away from them. Other teams focused on the second tier rushers early and took them off the board so quickly they didnt have a chance to feel back when talks with Clowney stalled. Now with Clowney treading water, its like they are just trying to make sure they have SOMETHING to put on the field. I really hope they hit on a draft pick big time.

    • Jamho3

      For 2% of the cap seems high risk low reward.

    • Aaron

      I agree that it seems like the offseason got away from them. It’s like they had no backup plan. They knew the pass rush was a huge problem last season, and they said that they needed to address it. Up to this point their FA moves have been to add to the middle class of the roster. Depth is great, and quality depth can go a long way to making it further. However, star talent is what wins championships. It’s great QBs or great units on a team that win championships. If this was next offseason with PC and JS entering the final year of their contracts I’d say they were coasting to the end of their tenure in Seattle, content with a good but not great team. That’s not the case, so what’s the excuse?

  2. millhouse-serbia

    I am told move cb adjust budget for possible Clowney return.

    What does this mean?😬

    • Georgia Hawk

      Pretty sure it means signing Mayowa could change what they can offer Clowney to come back.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Yes Rob allready said it…i just wanted to know what this “CB” means?

    • Comfect

      It’s “cd,” not “cb.” Abbreviation for “could.”

    • cha

      It means “we spent some of our prime rib money on lima beans, so the prime rib needs to be on sale.”

      • mitchell

        he is hardly prime rib more like flank steak, we won a Superbowl with no huge names just above average guys who played well together. would rather they bring Griffin in and draft more edge/ interior.

        would point out that by the numbers what we have now is better than last year.

        Clowney is not worth the money

        • Rob Staton

          The numbers are better if you only focus on the spurious statistic of ‘sacks’.

          If you focus on the more representative statistics such as pressures and the amount of attention you receive in double teams, then it paints a very, very different picture.

          And they won a Super Bowl with two of the best defensive ends in the NFL, well supported by Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin and others. It’s simply not true that they had ‘above average’ guys.

  3. Tallyhawk

    Why is pass rush such a problem area for PC? Is it because he’s a DB? I always think back to the 2012 loss in Atlanta. With Clem hurt there was no pass rush and it proved costly. Afterwards PC said he would never put his team in a position where they lacked options to get after the QB, yet for not the first time since we find ourselves in that position. Why? For all the love the LOB got most seem to forget or not even know how good that DL was. They got pressure with 4 which allowed the DB’s to be as aggressive as they were. So confusing!

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the thing. They want/need to rush with four in this scheme.

      And yet it’s the one area they seem to penny pinch the most.

  4. millhouse-serbia

    Oh its CD so probably “could” right?

    • Jeff108

      Omg. Yes duh. Haha

  5. Trevor

    For the first time in the Pete Carrol era I thought the defense looked slow and really lacked physicality. Teams took it to them both physically and with speed on offense. They need a mass infusion of bigger, faster, stronger which has been the hallmark of PC teams even back to his USC days.

    I really hope JS can trade back then up and add 3-4 picks in the 40-80 range. By doing so he could do something like this. Adding Davis, Uche and Zuniga with the first 3 picks would go a long way in helping increase the physical profile of this defense. Then add the most physically dominant WR in the draft to give the Hawks two beasts in Metcalf and Claypool to go with Locket and Dorset.

    42. Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama

    49. Joshua Uche
    OLB Michigan

    64. Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida

    73. Chase Claypool
    WR Notre Dame

    144. Zack Moss
    RB Utah

    165. Nick Harris
    C Washington

    214. Josh Metellus
    S Michigan

    • Spencer

      I love it. I’ve sold myself on Uche in the last few days.

      Although, if we re-sign Clowney, I’d hold off on a DE and maybe try and address that in the draft next year once we have a more clear idea of what Green and Collier will bring us going forward. I’d really like to see Robert Hunt or one of the OL options instead of Zuniga there.

      • Jeff108

        “maybe try and address that in the draft next year once we have a more clear idea of what Green and Collier will bring us going forward.”

        How does that follow the always compete philosophy? Players need to compete and earn starting roles. Bring in as much competition for those two in training camp. Why wait until next year to realize they might suck. Good teams don’t give lineman snaps to players because of youth. Not in the NFL. You earn your spots in the trenches.

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t believe anyone actually believes that they’re ‘waiting to see what Green and Collier can do’.


          Just no.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Uf that would be almost perfect.

    • Davido

      I think your mock in addition to the post of Rob shows what this draft class is.
      There are not many of those guys you would like to get like last year. But there are some potential dimes in the second round range.
      Gay Jr, Zuniga, Davis, Dugger, Uche, Wilson, Okwara just to name some. Is it realistic that they will get all of them? Probably not but grabing some of them could provide huge value.
      Last season was a fantastic DLine draft class. In the end we still ended up with Lj Collier who didn’t do anything for us. Who knows if we get our hands on a good WR / OLiner that would provide value year one.
      Same with Penny. Remember, that was a huge RB group and we ended up with Penny who didn’t do much neither.

      • Trevor

        Gay Jr, Zuniga, Davis, Dugger, Uche, Wilson, Okwara. Love that grouping of players. I would add Chinn, Claypool, Mimms, Taylor, Akers as well.

        2-3 guys from that list would make up the core of a really solid draft class.

        • Rob Staton

          The likes of Gay Jr, Chinn, Uche also have the speed they badly lack on defense.

          • Connor Jackson

            And those are the 3! I want two of Chinn, Gay Jr. and Uche!
            Give me a trade back at 1 and clean up in the 2/3 rds
            We’re at a point where I want to go BPA and not force the pass rush in draft. Yep, we’ll probably be talking about pass rush again next offseason but what would make us all even more upset is if we reach for edge rushers early in draft, see no growth, and are still talking about it next offseason anyways. I just don’t see us being able to upgrade that position enough without giving away valuable draft capital at this point. Let’s improve the rest of the roster (and no I’m not saying give up on Clowney – you still need to sign him!)
            All 3 of those guys present speed and flash in every game tape you watch of theirs. Gimme gimme!

  6. EranUngar

    I fully agree with every word here. The Seahawks painted themselves into a corner. They have the complimentary pieces around Clowney to make it work but they miss the center piece.

    The only positive in this situation is that Clowney has not signed with anybody else yet and clearing whatever cap space is needed for 1 player is never impossible. The signing of Irvin and Mayowa will not have an effect on signing Clowney.

    With every day the Seahawks run the risk that Clowney will sign elsewhere and leave them empty handed and in need of drastic steps in the draft/trade that will hamper their overall roster.

    On the other hand, in my insignificant opinion only, if they do sign Clowney eventually, add 1 of the draft choices above (Zuniga/Uche) and have Green, Irvin, Mayowa to play their secondary roll, it will be a great off season to built upon.

  7. mishima

    Waking with answers to my quesions. Thank you.

    Do you think they will depend more on familiar programs (Michigan, Utah, etc.) because of situation affecting visits, etc.?

    Have been mocking 4 picks in the 35 – 80 range with 3 of 4 on DL and 1 on developmental OT. Is Matt Peart (OT, UConn) a possibility at 64?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. I prefer Hunt though.

      • Trevor

        I tried to find as much as I could on Hunt after your interview and came away really impressed. Rob is he strictly a Guard at the next level or do you think he could play OT with a year of development. He has the length I am just not sure about the foot speed.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he can play tackle

  8. Brett

    Lots of negotiating in the media going on right now. That means things are heating up. From the Seahawks perspective they seem to be sticking to their guns, which is how they operate. Like it or not, they are mostly consistent with it.

    From Clooney’s perspective it seems like his agents are making another big push to get another team to step in and top whatever offer(s) Seattle has on the table but that doesn’t appear to be happening just yet. No way you leak to press the asking price is coming down w/o some desperation setting in.

    Now we’ll see if they are really willing to drag this thing out and risk his market completely drying up or if the come back to the table with Seattle and hammer out a deal. To me the idea he would go unsigned to the summer wasn’t realistic. Moves will happen before the draft that takes up a lot of teams available cap space.

    Probably a short term in the 2-3 year range if I had to guess to be able to spread the cap hit out. I don’t think PC/JS are willing to commit to a 1 year deal with a high cap hit.

    • mishima

      I bet the Seahawks sign a DT, soon, then Clowney signs elsewhere (Titans, maybe Giants).

      • Brett

        I really think the reports of teams not getting to bring Clowney in and do their own medical checks hurting his offers is a very real thing.

        Now his agents are basically saying he’ll take a tag offer again, after negotiating for him to not be tagged. They aren’t in a strong position, IMO.

  9. Brett

    One question Rob, and maybe you’ve answered this a few times before so apologies in advance if that is the case, but given the vet signings for Edge/Leo what options are there r in the draft for interior pass rush outside of Madubuike?

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Jordan Elliott
      Ross Blacklock
      Neville Gallimore
      Raekwon Davis
      (Kinlaw and Brown will be long gone…)

      I don’t think we go DT on the first selection though so its likely Blacklock and Gallimore are gone too. I think Raekwon Davis is the best value for the position where we’d take a DT. He’s the biggest of the group at 6’7″ 312, and we value size/skill to force double teams. I hope they can keep it simple and get Davis with the second selection.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s non existent Brett, unfortunately.

      Kinlaw’s about the best bet and he’ll be gone.

      • Brett

        Come on Naz Jones then. Need a resurgence back to rookie year form for him. JReed needs to step back up too.

        Maybe take a flier on Mike Daniels. Regardless of Clowney coming back it would be nice to get one more guy in to potentially fill that role.

        • jujus

          no one knows for sure. but My guess the reason for the Naz Jones Vanishing act is probably a flair up of the Autoimmune disorder he had previously.

          What else could be the reason for his ghosting us last year.

  10. Justin Mullikin

    I am a patient person, but even I am starting to become frustrated and confused.

    If Clowney is now asking for 18M why the hell have we not signed him. I get not wanting to sign him for 20M+ but for 18M come on.

    Jim Nagy talked about him being a freak. You will not get the chance to sign some one like him in the draft. They go top 5 or 10 every year.

    Signing Clowney before draft day is important IMO, it always the Seahawks to let the draft fall to them.

    • millhouse-serbia

      To sign him for 18min cap hit for 2020 they would need to make serious cap adjustments. Starting with cutting Britt. And then few more.

      • EmperorMA

        I am totally OK with cutting Britt. Injury history and only a mediocre lineman, at best. Finney is a more than adequate replacement and he’d have Hunt as a backup.

    • dcd2

      We don’t have $18M. If we make a bunch of cuts, sure. The only way to get a $18M/APY deal and still get it under the cap is to spread it out over 4-5 years. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable with that, or maybe Clowney doesn’t want a long-term deal that he thinks is below market.

      • Justin Mullikin

        There are many different ways to make the salary cap work. You just have to make it happen. I believe Rob has talked about the salary cap, I know many Seahawks sites have.

        It involves moving some money around (changing some salary cap numbers from 2020 to 2021 or whatever) It is very possible, they just have to do it.

        • dcd2

          All of these moves have consequences though. You need to extend someone to lower their cap hit. The biggest cap hits on our books are: RW, Wagner, Brown, Lockett, Britt & KJ

          Russ and Bobby literally got their deals last year. Britt makes sense, but that gets you to maybe $11M. You could make up another $6.5M from cutting KJ and that maybe gets you there. You’ve just lost your starting center and WILL though.

          I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it isn’t just “move some money to next year”. It means extending older guys or cutting them outright. Extending any of the young guys doesn’t free up cap because they’re already on cheap deals.

    • cha

      Jim Nagy talked about him being a freak


      • cha

        The sacks are fun, but what I enjoy the most are the turnovers. Watching Clowney accelerate AWAY from RB’s and WR’s half his size.

    • Jeff108

      Do you really thing the Collier pick was letting the draft fall to them. Malik Mcdowell? Ethan Pocic?

      • Jeff108

        Rashad Penny? I don’t know if Seattle really let’s the draft fall to them.

  11. drewdawg11

    The Seahawks had a value on Clowney. They knew he wasn’t a record-breaking contract type player. They anticipated that his market would be cool, and they were correct. They played the long game, thinking he would come back eventually but in doing so, they let the rest of the market pass them by. Were the spot-on with their analysis in his market? Absolutely they were. Could it cost them the offseason? Possibly. Personally, I see all of these options that Rob has written about, and almost to a man, they all have some fatal flaw that makes them either an odd fit for the hawks, or just an incomplete player. People here love Uche. Whenever I took the time to watch him he was solid, but he got engulfed by tackles, especially in the run game. He and Baun are definitely OLB’s, not Leo’s. Okwara is extremely talented and agile, but again, the run game is pretty up and down and he also gets engulfed at times by tackles. He’s much better going around people and running with people. He’s not strong enough to set the edge for us at this point in time. Zuniga is a guy you have to groom. He’s not ready for prime time yet, but he’s got the physical traits to be good in all phases. Madubuike is just not a good fit for us unless you’re grooming a situational interior rusher. Dude is a non-factor for long stretches and I hope that our front office doesn’t make another mistake with a high pick at DL. He’s a mistake.

    • Rob Staton

      People love Uche? I think a few people have suggested him as a target. I’d hardly assert people are infatuated.

      Madubuike is an ideal scheme fit. He’s a true one-gapper who does everything they want in terms of gap discipline and run defense. If anything its pass rushing where he needs work. He’s not a situational rusher. He’s a player who actually needs to make more of his quickness and athleticism.

      • drewdawg11

        Rob, he stinks. This is a kid you hope becomes a dominant player or even a good one, but his full game tapes are a ton of meh. One gap? He’s easily handled regularly and he won’t help Bobby out at all when linemen are getting to the second level with ease. Raekwon makes more sense, but this kid stinks.

        • Rob Staton

          No, he doesn’t stink. This is silly.

          Vs Georgia of all teams —-

          Behave yourself

        • Jeff108

          “his full game tapes are a ton of meh”

          He stinks? First off, You dont watch full game tapes. Get off YouTube. Quit talking loud. Its funny you think you been watching full game tapes of this kid. Quit fronting you aint. it’s ok not a big deal. Ok moving on.

        • Hawk Meat

          Bad poster on Dawgman, bad poster here.

      • DC

        I do love what I’ve seen from Uche at the Senior Bowl. Props to V12 for the early shout. Problem is, this FO is holding on to their LBs like the clock is going to turn back. We have the starters from our championship re-assembled 7 years later. Just waiting for the news that we re-signed Smith…

  12. Ralphy

    First of all thank you Rob for putting out so much info for us. Its making the isolation a little more bearable.

    IMO the Hawks will be of the belief that if they sign Clowney they will have done enough. Add TE and OL signings and I would bet they are of the belief that they have fixed a lot of problems. Maybe not sure fixes but enough to where they aren’t pigeon holed in to having to reach for a position in the draft instead of picking the best available. There is a decent chance they sign Clowney and then as they often do make a surprising move before the start of the season and we are left once again being impressed with JS.

    If I’m wrong and they do have to reach then we are all going to be sick about it two years later when we look back at the draft and see the sure thing that they passed over just like they did in 2017.

    • Rob Staton

      Well they need to do something. The defense wasn’t good enough a year ago. It wasn’t physical enough, fast enough or talented enough. It’s going to take a lot more than Irvin, Mayowa and Dunbar to change that.

      • Ralphy

        I don’t disagree with you at all. I’m just saying that if I was a betting man (and I am), the Hawks will sign Clowney and then have one surprise move prior to the start of the season that will surprise all of us. Right now the moves feel terrible but we have a lot of time before week 1.

        Rob which move that a team pulled off would you have wanted to see the Hawks make? We all see the bitching on Seahawks Twitter about the moves the Hawks could have made but those people never mention the contract cost, only the draft capital.

        • Ralphy

          I’m also wondering which of the young players on defense do you think are the most likely to step up this year based on what you’ve seen so far.

        • Rob Staton

          I wanted to see them commit to fixing the pass rush. Whichever form that took. Some bold, assertive moves to get it sorted. The options were out there.

          Get Clowney done and sign Griffen would’ve been enough for me.

          • Brett

            What if it turns into Clowney, Irvin and Mayowa + a draft pick then adding Dunbar to strengthen the secondary? For me that is progress and I think the Dunbar addition is gonna help the overall counting stats for pass rush simply because coverage is better and guys will have more time to get home.

            Also expecting another year of improvement from Greene.

            Curious what you think – i value your opinion.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think that’s good enough Brett.

              I think after the Green Bay playoff game had I written an article saying the way to fix the defense is to sign Mayowa, Irvin, Dunbar and a draft pick, you’d all think I’d been on the ale.

  13. Gohawks5151

    Is the cap room is running out? The way things are currently aren’t these all hand shake deals until the medicals happen? Can they not back out on a Cedric Ohegbu?

    • Rob Staton

      Many of the deals have now been confirmed

      • Gohawks5151

        Got ya. Well cuts and begging stars to restructure it is

  14. Sea Mode


    • EmperorMA

      I could have made that TFL. Blocking assignment error left him untouched.

      • Sea Mode

        No, that’s an incredible burst off the snap while staying low to duck under Isaiah Wilson’s reach.

        It won’t work every time, but it’s a great play that shows the upside of what you’d be getting if you draft Zuniga, you just wish you could see it more consistently.

  15. cha

    Rob, just a quick thought. Thanks for the balanced moderation. I didn’t get to say that in the last thread as it was getting a bit hot and bothered in there last night and I just bailed. Woke up to your thoughts at the bottom of the thread.

    Many thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      No probs, and thanks 👍🏻

    • mishima

      LOL. ‘Hot and bothered?’ It was just plain weird.

      Echo your sentiments: Grateful for Rob’s work to keep this place safe and civil. Never realized how much moderation goes on behind the scenes. Thanks.

  16. Sea Mode

    mmmm, not sure I buy it.

    Jim Nagy

    Smart teams will ignore @Utah_Football EDGE Bradlee Anae’s 4.93 40 time at Combine. At this year’s @seniorbowl, @ZebraTechnology GPS tracking had @BradleeAnae top speed at 18.88 mph. Last year, Montez Sweat’s was 19.19 mph and he ran 4.41 at Combine. 🤔

    • Justin Mullikin

      Top Speed and 40 times are not equal.

      It is better to have a sudden burst (get to top speed faster, ex quickness), than to have a high top speed.

      • Ralphy

        Yep these two are very different. Jacob Eason’s second 20 yard dash in the 40 was the same as Devin Duvarney’s. The first 20 was very different. A lot of guys are close to the same speed once they are running all out, they just get to that speed in dramatically different times.

        • Lewis

          I will take a football player over a track start every time. Not saying Anae is the guy, but the 40yd isn’t everything. And Nagy knows football better than we do.


        Maybe it’s me, but I don’t often see pass rushers running 40 yards in a straight line, uncontested to the QB.

    • Rob4q

      I really think Bradlee Anae will be the Seahawks first pick in the draft after a trade down or even a second trade! They’ll pick him somewhere in the 40’s and really their decision will come down to him and Curtis Weaver. They are the two most pro-ready EDGE players in the draft. Maybe they don’t have the crazy athletic profiles or traits of some of the others, but I think they offer a lot right away.

      How does Anae compare with Ngouke profile wise?

      • Rob Staton

        But that would go against everything we know about this team. And taking another no twitch pass rusher a year after Collier??

        I don’t mind a flier on Anae but not that early.

        • Rob4q

          Are Anae and Collier that much alike? And if that’s where Anae is going to be drafted, they may have to take him there. If they were rumored to by interested in trading for Ngouke, I have to think they’d be looking at someone like Anae as well. The Senior Bowl tape of him is pretty good…

          I get that it may go against the way they usually take a special athlete with their first pick, but this year might be different. Taking a guy that shows up on tape “that just knows how to get to the QB” as Nagy said might be what they need.

          Anae and Weaver just seem to make plays when you watch them. And I get that doesn’t always translate to the NFL, but I think both of them will.

          • Rob Staton

            I didn’t say Collier and Anae were alike.

            I said they were both below average athletes with limited upside and no twitch.

            • Rob4q

              That’s why I asked if they were alike, really wasn’t sure.

              Does Ngouke fall into the same category? I do agree they need some speed & twitch on the d-line somewhere…

              • Rob Staton

                In terms of testing yes he does. But he’s had four years of producing at the next level on his resume.

  17. Producehawk

    Waste way to much time on the simulator ha

    Ezra Cleveland
    OT Boise State
    trade icon

    SEA 59.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida

    SEA 64.
    Rashard Lawrence
    DT LSU

    SEA 101.
    Robert Hunt
    G Louisiana

    SEA 107.
    Chase Claypool
    WR Notre Dame
    trade icon

    SEA 133.
    Thaddeus Moss
    TE LSU

    SEA 144.
    Nick Harris
    C Washington

    SEA 147.

    Zack Moss
    RB Utah
    trade icon

    SEA 180.
    Kevin Dotson
    G Louisiana
    trade icon

    SEA 214.
    Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

    SEA 215.
    Harrison Hand
    CB Temple
    trade icon

    • Bliptai

      Wouldn’t call it a WASTE of time, unless you don’t have any extra to spare at the moment. I certainly do!

  18. Justaguy

    At this moment it is an easy assessment to view the nearly complete roster rebuild as incomplete and also increasingly close to be being forced into another reset. The OL is another huge question mark and the argument could easily be made that the OL will see a drop off in production. The moves made on offense do not seem to move the needle very much but last season was still sufficient. If I were to give an off-season grade to the Seahawks at this moment it would be close to failing for not taking advantage of the opportunity and leaving gaping holes unaddressed and insufficiently filled. The Russ led offense can carry them to another shot at the division and surely in the mix for a wild card.

    • mishima

      Out of contract, 2021: McDougald, Griffin, Dunbar, Wright, Mayowa, Irvin, Fluker, Carson, Olsen, etc.

      They’re not drafting or signing cornerstones, just short term fixes, kicking the can down the road.

      • cha

        Half those guys you listed there, the Hawks have already acquired their potential replacements.

        As for the rest, every team fills out their roster gaps with the occasional one year veteran stopgap.

        • mishima

          Tell me more.

          Who replaces Griffin/Dunbar? Comfortable with Barton replacing KJ? Griffin replacing Irvin at LEO? Penny carrying Carson’s load.

          If anything, they have marginal depth behind mediocre starters.

          I know that teams sign veteran depth.

          No need to reply.

    • Rob Staton

      No doubt with Russ they can make a wildcard. But they’ve been stuck in that mode since 2015.

      • Justaguy

        Not too dissimilar from the Aaron Rodgers led GBP since 2010.

        • Rob Staton


  19. DriveByPoster

    The simulator is very addictive. Curse you Rob Staton! 🙂

    However, if you use it to concentrate on the process rather than on the particular names, it does seem like the value for the Seahawks is in trading down once & maybe twice.

    My view, which turns out to be somoewhat similar to yours, is that the first two picks will likely be DLiners of some kind (whether Clowney signs or not) followed by a mix of Oline, RB & CB with the next four. If Jonathan Taylor or Jeremy Chinn drop into range then they might adjust their plans slightly.

    TLDR; Expect to see the ‘hawks trade back, not get any ‘star’ names but collect a set of solid ‘ballers with athletic upside & room for development.

    • Producehawk

      Unless someone unexpectedly drops in our laps I think we have to trade out of the first

  20. Group Captain Mandrake

    I like the Mayowa signing, but like you said Rob, he’s a situational player and it seems like Seattle is building a team of situational players. I’ll admit it, I just don’t get what they are doing. They had the cap room to really improve their defense, but instead spent it on a bunch of middling offensive linemen. I’m starting to think that the F/O got too cute with their planning. I think they assumed they could resign Clowney relatively quickly and cheaper than he wanted to sign for, and they had no backup plan. Now they don’t have much cap room left so it gets more difficult to get him back or properly replace him. And there isn’t really much out there to replace him with. Griffen is not a player for the future and Ngakoue would cost high draft picks which they really can’t afford to give up.

  21. WALL UP

    There is still cap room available, if they choose to use it. Britt, KJ & Russ affords the opportunity sign Clowney & maybe others. I would not be surprised to see them putting it to use in the coming days.

    • Rob Staton

      They need to

      • WALL UP

        Right. I believe it may have been their plan all along. They could easily get enough from those (3), by restructure to take care of Clowney, with the existing remaining cap to sign others.

  22. Rob4q

    Really enjoy these last few topics this week, especially the interviews! And whether the Seahawks let the offseason get away from them or are just sticking to their plan(s) well, it’s just hard to know. Anyway, the article above is right on the money with how they may be loking at things now. Still wanting Clowney back but at their price and then looking to the draft for another piece or two to go with their value additions!

    I really think they are going to be looking very closely at Anae and Weaver somewhere in the middle of the 2nd. I feel like Okwara and maybe even Zuniga are going to get over drafted earlier than projected because of the lack of similar players. So if the Seahawks don’t take one of them at 27, I don’t think they’ll be there.

    A couple of DT later in the draft they may like are McTelvin Agim and Robert Windsor…will be interesting to see where they go. I’m guessing rounds 3-4 for those guys.

    Thanks again for all the great content Rob!

  23. Happy Hawk

    At the beginning of free agency both Clowney and E Griffen were our primary targets to fix the dl before the draft….they still are there to be had. Sign these guys and go into the draft fully armed to take advantage of the strength of the draft. Rob thanks for all the content during these sequestered times. I really appreciate the dialogue and distraction.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be happy with those two deals.

      I just don’t know why they haven’t done them. I’m also tired of being told they now can’t do both because they signed a bunch of journeymen instead.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think it could be a struggle to do both, not by money but by how many lineman you keep. They normally keep 9 but lets say they keep 10. How many are already locks for the team?

        Clowney (if signed)

        Naz Jones (most likely not)
        Branden Jackson

        You know they want to sign that cheap DT. If we signed Griffen and a cheap DT that is 9 right there. Then if they draft two players (maybe a DE and a DT) thats 11.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Not saying we can sign both Clowney and Griffen but who/what do you take away?

  24. J

    This whole “can’t offer Clowney as much because Mayowa” is just posturing. Clowney is not going to believe it and I urge you not to as well.

    This was a one year/3 million dollar deal. Cut Branden Jackson and we are almost even.

    We still have a lot of room available for Clowney. Especially if we shift the cap hit forward. It starts with cutting Britt which will happen, we didn’t give a center four million dollars on a two year deal to be a backup.

    All in all we got a guy with 20 sacks over the past four years while playing 25-50% of snaps. This was a great get for the cost and it doesnt stop us from getting Clowney.

    If they don’t sign Clowney it won’t be because Mayowa.

    • Rob Staton

      Of course it’s posturing.

      That’s not the point.

      The point is why the hell are they still posturing while also continuing to use up cap space on journeymen? Just get a deal done already. Stop trying to win a game and sign a player you HAVE to have, per your own admittance as a staff.

      • Aaron’s Bostrom

        I wholeheartedly agree, Rob. The only logical explanation I can think of is maybe they’re so confident he’ll end up taking their deal due to a cold market, or if another team puts an offer forward, they can just match it, knowing he loves Seattle, PC, RW, and playing for a competitor. Perhaps there’s a mutual understanding of their respective positions, maybe they’re just both hoping for the best deal possible without jeopardizing that a deal won’t get done. I could be way off, but that’s my hope anyway.

      • Brett

        I’m gonna disagree, respectfully. It’s a risk for sure if Clowney signs elsewhere but his asking price has dropped from $20+ to $17-18. If the Hawks were in a rush to get his deal done at the start of FA it would have been a bad deal as no one else was willing to offer that. I understand the thought of just getting a deal done but if you know his market is less you wait it out. Now there are reports that its down to $15MM. $5-6MM/yr is a huge difference.

        As frustrating as it is to wait – and it is risky – so far I think PC/JS have shown they nailed his market.

        If they lose him they will deserve criticism for being too cute, but if they do get him signed they deserve a ton of kudos for recognizing what the market turned out to be.

        Either way I think it concludes soon – way too much smoke right now.

        • Seahawk65

          Totally agree. They are probably staying in contact, massaging his ego while waiting for him to come to terms with the actual market. It must be hard on a player to realize he isn’t worth all the money he thought. It might just take some time. I think we are getting close.

        • mishima

          IMO, they’ve also affected his market.

  25. Greg Haugsven

    Uche for sure is a polarizing guy. He has everything you want but is his frame big enough for the NFL to rush off the edge consistantly? Personally I would love him as a SAM and would be happy if they selected him first.

    • TCHawk

      SAM, yes, but we are trying to improve our pass rush from the front 4. PC doesn’t typically want to have to blitz. And Uche will likely take a high pick. I’d rather trade back into the 2nd and pick Zuniga and Greenard. Throw in a top RB to round out the top 3 picks in Rd 2.

  26. EmperorMA

    I think the addition of Bruce and Mayowa helps. Having them in rotation will keep them fresh and getting burst all game. Add in Shaquem for a few snaps in that rotation and that is quite a bit of speed for tackles to chase around all game.

    Add in Clowney and I believe we have improved. Green should at least equal last year, and the Seahawks may have to admit that always staying in base and rushing four may not work when all of your opponents know you are going to do it and design plays to beat your base defense.

    They may need to add some stunt and blitz packages and run them at least often enough that opposing OCs can just run successful plays with impunity against our base.

    Kendricks had some success in the few blitzes he was asked to run last season. Adding a speedy OLB-type through the draft and maybe even giving Griffin some snaps as a blitzing OLB could be helpful.

    • Rob Staton

      Improved? Maybe. By much? No, no, no.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, add Clowney and we have improved but not by much. The addition then with some draft picks should even push it up a tick higher. We will have Diggs for a whole season and the addition of Dunbar is very good as well. If we can have another top 5 offense and a defense ranked between 10-15 we could make a decent run.

        • Brett

          Adding Clowney will improve the pass rush for the simple reason that I think Clowney himself will be improved (assuming he signs back). There is alot of talk about improvement from within on young guys but that applies to JD as well. Another year in our system and he won’t repeat another 3 sack year.

          • Greg Haugsven

            That and the fact its good for you to have a player that teams have to game plan for. Every snap you need to find out where Clowney is. It just makes the guys around him better.

  27. Bigten

    This is awesome Rob! Thank you so much for the content. Love looking at options that aren’t exactly perfect. I know Anae is a limited athlete, but I just love the “fire and brimstone” description that you highlight. Could we go athlete and fire? PC/JS do also like Utah guys. Had my absolute favorite draft simulation (and I didn’t take players that wouldn’t be available such as Okwara at 60):

    Traded 27 for 46, 77, 95
    Traded 46 for 60 and 106

    Joshua Uche
    OLB Michigan
    Bradlee Anae
    DE Utah
    Robert Hunt
    G Louisiana
    Cam Akers
    RB Florida State
    Willie Gay Jr.
    OLB Mississippi State
    Rashard Lawrence
    DT LSU
    Tyler Johnson
    WR Minnesota
    Bryce Hall
    CB UVA
    Nick Harris
    C Washington
    John Reid
    CB Penn State

    Priority UDFA of:
    Charlie Tamoupaue (sp?) TE PSU
    Brandon Bowden OT OSU
    Steven Montez QB CU

    • Hawktalker#1

      That mock is super close to what utopia would be IMO.
      Trading down farther like you did may be the solution since they likely won’t use draft capital from 2021
      (Love that you have Willie Gay in there, great speed talent pick)

      I would:

      1. Swap Anae (low twitch may not be Seahawky enough for JS/PC)
      with Okwara or Zuniga (max out pash rush at all costs)
      2. Add Dotson, possibly instead of Reid

      Very nice work!!

      • dcd2

        Don’t listen to this maniac Big10! Reid is right where he belongs, as a late round addition for the Hawks 🙂

      • Bigten

        I don’t think Okwara makes it that far. And I was thinking that we get an assignment sound posed off for greatness type in Anae. We also seem to like Utah guys. I think Anae, tho he is limited, is going to be one of those special outliers. And I think we need a slot, and Reid is that guy.

  28. Donny Henson

    According to Tony Pauline on the NFL draft insider podcast, the asking price is dropped to 15m APY for Clowney

    • Donny Henson

      And looks like Yannick Ngaoke’s market is starting to get cold, because teams want physicals.

    • aredub

      If this is true I don’t know what is taking so long. Lock it down, make it happen and move forward.

    • Rob Staton

      Then it’s even more baffling why it’s not done.

      You don’t wait a guy out if you don’t want him. Go and get it done FFS.

      • Donny Henson

        But it make senses of why Seattle signed Mayowa.

    • EmperorMA

      By the sound of things, it may be that Clowney does not want to play in Seattle.

      • Rob Staton

        No it is not that.

        Feel like these points keep reappearing that obviously aren’t true.

  29. Mark Souza

    This free agency period feels like a total cluster fu@#. It started with letting both Fant and Ifedi go, which seemed to spark a torrent of mediocre OL signings to plug holes. If we signed Fant, then our O line is set, and we can draft OL depth in an O line draft class thats loaded and only have to pay rookie scale. Then we fix our biggest weakness, get Clowney signed and find him a running mate. The only signing I’ve liked this year was Dunbar. These low cost pickups are the kind of thing you do to shore up after your big signings are done. Instead, we bargain shopped for depth until we were broke.

  30. HawkfaninMT

    This site does several things bette than any other Seahawks site out there. Among those many things is recognize trends the Hawks have and assert tht they, more often than not, follow those trends. Whether that be the 1.50 split, high TEF score, 32+ inch arms for CBs, etc

    As I look back on this offseason, like many of you/us, I am confounded. I am confused because two trends the Hawks have followed are conflicting. Those being a stated need at the end of the season gets attacked vigorously (this year it was pass rush and improved secondary). Another trend is not paying top dollar to elite pass rushers. At their best Clemons, Bennett, and Avril played on top 15 contracts to be sure, but they were not paid elite money. I feel like my frustrations stem from the expectation that they may buck the “we don’t spend top dollar on DEs” trend to follow the “we stated our need and will attack it” trend. My expectation, and the Blogs for the most part, was they would attack the pass rush need vigorously, but instead they have addressed with extreme caution.

    Thinking out loud here to try and find an explanation why this deal just isn’t done already!

  31. Henry Taylor

    If they are able to retain Clowney (I still, blindly, believe they will) we are looking at Clowney, Irvin, Mayowa, Green and Collier as pretty-much locks to make the roster. Add in 3 DTs and thats about how many Dlineman they normally keep.

    I’m not saying this is the improvement to that position they needed (it’s not) but it does make me think they wouldn’t draft an edge rusher early. An interior guy like Davis or a SAM who can contribute in passing situations, like Uche, would still make a ton of sense though.

  32. Jordan

    Will Mayowa or Irvin play Leo? Really like these signings actually when you look at price relative to other players.

    Regarding Clowney.. at this point I’m just hoping we sign Everson Griffen. Clowney was thinking of a 1 year deal anyway… not sure if he would do 18 million for a longer term deal. Would still have this problem repeat next year. He has legit injury concerns. I am concerned if we pay him too much that we would be unable to resign Shaq Griffin & Dunbar later on… How would the cap look for next year if Clowney was signed?

    I am still a fan of cutting/restructuring Britt… trading McDougald possibly (Like McD but we gotta play Blair). Not sure if that would clear enough space. Dont think Carson should be signed for big bucks either.

    • Jordan

      If we can fit Clowney in and get those guys resigned- by all means lets do it. Just can see some reason why the hesitancy with resigning him for Khalil Mack type money.

  33. Gaeleck

    39.Julian Okwara
    46.Joshua Uche
    59.Raekwon Davis
    64.Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    70.Robert Hunt
    77.Hunter Bryant
    83.Rashard Lawrence
    95.Devin Duvernay
    214.Steven Montez
    246.Kevin Dotson

    If we only ink Clowney to a new deal, we are still in desperate need of new blood on the D line. So I went crazy and traded the 2021 1st to expand this year’s draft capital.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Very nice. I would sub Willie Gay for Bryant.

      • Gaeleck

        39.Julian Okwara
        46.Joshua Uche
        59.Raekwon Davis
        64.Jeremy Chinn
        70.Willie Gay Jr.
        77.Robert Hunt
        83.Rashard Lawrence
        95.Hunter Bryant
        214.Steven Montez
        227.Josh Mettelus
        251.Kevin Dotson

        If we cut or trade KJ and McDougald.

        • Trevor

          Not sure how that it would happen but I absolutely love the list of players.

          • Gaeleck

            trade #1. 2021 1st for #32 KC
            trade #2. #27, #101, #133, #144 for #46, #77, #83, #95 & #118 Denver
            trade #3. #32 & #118 for #39, #70, #227 & #251 Miami

    • EmperorMA

      If CEH is available at 64, I will shite my drawers.

  34. tony

    just sign clowney and ill be satisfied with the DL changes. Not thrilled, but underwhelmingly OK with it.

    I have faith that green, poona continue growth. Reed not suspended. No more ansah. Add in a nearly guaranteed top 3 rd DL pick and I can see the reasoning. Yet its still minor improvement over what was the worst pass rush I’ve seen from a seahawk team in a long time. But if clowney is back to 100% plus all the other changes, I see some hope. But its predicated on full health, good draft picks and continued growth.

  35. Rob Staton

    Another player interview lined up for tonight. I’m looking forward to this one.

    Stay tuned.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Come on. It’s ok to be a name dropper here. This is a safe place!!! Lol

    • Jordan

      Excellent thanks Rob. The content you’ve been adding to this blog has been great especially with the virus going on.

      Stay healthy.

    • Sea Mode


    • BruceN

      You can’t just drop that and leave us hanging??

      At this point I am resigned to the fact that we won’t sign JC and am rationalizing having Griffen, Irvin and Mayowa (while none are close to JC) collectively for less than JC can make a difference. And for sure will play 40+ games between the three, where Clowney may be able to play 12-14 games next season.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t like to confirm a name until the interview is done… but all being well I will confirm in 3 hours.

        One of my favourite players in the draft, great backstory. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Zxvo3

          Imagine it’s CEH… that would be crazy!!!!

          • Rob Staton

            It isn’t. Close though…

  36. John

    So, I would’ve preferred signing Clowney and another pass rusher, but reading the tea leaves, I think there are a few things at play.

    1) Seattle genuinely likes this DL class. Two things that stick out from John Schneider’s combine press conference and interviews, is him downplaying this WR class and downplaying the cap space they had. Jim Nagy said 1/3 of teams had incomplete data. I’m going to assume Seattle is one of the teams that isn’t in the 1/3. Reasoning? Because Seattle has a scouting department that’s been together for 10 years, their board is usually pretty set by the time the combine comes around, and they hit on a lot of late round guys (which, per Nagy, is the work of great area scouting). And there is ALOT of missing data on this years class. So I think Seattle can view that as an advantage, and guys may fall that, in a normal year, wouldn’t. I can see them liking, Uche, Okwara, YGM, Lewis. Baun has a very similar profile to Jacob Martin. I also see Anae being high on their board. He seems like an analytics type pick based on production. So yes, there’s no Frank Clark in this class, but we also aren’t seeing complete testing. So there’s a chance Seattle is genuinely high on this class. It goes against history a bit, but we are in the 3rd draft of their rebuild and neither Green or Collier fit that LEO rusher.

    2) Having a deep DL on rookie deals is as advantages as having a QB on their rookie deal. I don’t think the SF lesson is lost on Seattle. Armstead, Buckner, Bosa were all on their rookie deals and that was a massive reason why they got to a SB. I think Seattle may try and recreate this and shotgun draft DL to try and get a hit or two. Schneider talked at length about “the next three years” in his combine media events. He may just ride the bumpy road that is young pass rushers and capitalize in year 2-3, when the cap is projected to go up significantly.

    3) They are genuinely high on Green. I know Green is viewed as a decent, not great depth guy ala QJeff, but it really felt like Green was turning a corner as the year went on. He was 21 when he came into the league, and still had to fill out his frame. He got close last year, he’ll be closer next year. He also plays Clowney’s position. So the need for a true LEO out ways the need for a 5-Tech. This could be reducing Clowney’s value to Seattle. I am NOT saying Green is Clowney. I’m just saying the delta between Green and Clowney may not be as big as say, Bruce Irvin/Mayowa and Yannick.

    4) They are holding out to trade for Judon/Yannick until after the draft so they use 2021 draft capital instead of this seasons draft capital, the way they did with Clowney. High risk, no doubt, but worth it if it happens.

    5) Things genuinely didn’t go as planned. Seattle was the first place to get hit hard by COVID in the States and it threw a wrench into all of Seattle’s plans. I know we like to think Teams run like well oiled machines, but Seattle was hit first and hard by COVID and that could’ve thrown a wrench into what Plan A really was. Seattle may just be adjusting to a situation they didn’t plan on being in.

    Love the work Rob. Just thought I’d throw some theories out there.

    • Rob Staton

      I really cannot see at all the points about liking the DL class more than others or Rasheem Green.

      There just aren’t ‘Seahawks’ style rushers in this draft. It’s absolutely barren with a couple of possible exceptions. But only a couple.

      And Green hasn’t shown anything but the odd play in a couple of games.

  37. Rob Staton

    Tweet from Lance Z…

    * Cesar Ruiz is clearly top center out there

    * Isaiah Wilson is very polarizing, but will go earlier than expected


    We knew.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Not we, you..and that’s what i always say…big aplause and shotout to you for findig pkayers you like and speak about them as first or second round players when everyone else on internet are much much lower on them. I read a lot and this blog is place where you can read firstly about prospect in december and january as high picks while on other places they are mid rounders…

      There are really a lot of examples in last 4 year sonce I read this blog…

  38. Michael Hasslinger

    My opinion only.

    Seahawks management went against their own principles in not paying Clark. They basically said, “ we do not believe in a Frank Clark” with money. Or they said, “Frank is not the leader of the defense and thus, cannot be the highest paid.”

    This is a failure in process. They abandoned their “let the kids lead, and competition determine pay”

    Their trade of Clark is creating unbelievable downward pressure. Now they continue to address a mistake with bandaids. It is a strategy of hope.

    The Clark trade is the failure here… not resisting bidding against themselves for the fragile Clowney.

    Move on. Suck this year. Hope for better next. Draft WR, RB, OT.

    Move on from the failure.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t move on from a failure by having more failure.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        I agree.

        Perhaps buying high for a fragile Clowney, or selling the future to buy Yannick is the larger failure.

        Maybe you eat a season and build like it is 2011 again.

        Failure at this point is guaranteed. The question is, how do you end failure for 2021.

        • Rob Staton

          Don’t go over the top, Michael.

          • Michael Hasslinger

            Yup. I’ll stop there.

            Apologies. I am setting myself up to accept mediocrity. Not my desire.

            Thank you for the space to express my thoughts.

  39. Donny Henson

    So if Seattle retains Clowney and acquires Griffen (after making the salary cap moves needed), and going off by what Pauline said earlier that Seattle will go trench heavy early and oftern (OL and DL), i think the first four picks will be 2 DTs, a OT (Left or Right), and a OG. If Seattle trades back from pick 27 to get a 2nd and 3rd, then i can see this playing out

    2nd- DT/OT/OG
    2nd- BPA
    2nd- DT/OT/OG
    3rd- BPA
    3rd- DT/OT/OG
    4th- BPA
    4th- DT/OT/OG
    6th- BPA

    • dcd2

      I can see that too. If Reed or Poona goes down, our current solution is to rotate Mone (~90 snaps last year) & Christmas (0 snaps career).

      A vet DT is probably a sure bet, and a very likely candidate for one of our top 3 picks.

      • dcd2

        Without condoning or condemning what we’ve done, it seems like our actions reflect the draft class strength’s in regards to DL. We’ve signed Bruce and Mayowa and are still talking with Clowney and Griffen.

        Meanwhile, the cheap vet DT’s of FA were never even rumored to be on our radar. We replaced Ansah with Bruce and Mayowa. We replaced Woods/Jefferson with nada.

        Makes me think that if John can get Clowney or Griffen done, that will let them focus on DT over DE in the draft where they think the better fit/value is.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a terrible DT class.

          • dcd2

            But is it a worse DE class?

            • Rob Staton


          • Donny Henson

            Well they have to have someone in mind. Not a lot of options left in free agency.

            • Rob Staton

              They plug in veteran DT’s on the cheap every year

              • Donny Henson

                So i guess Brandon Mebane is coming back then.

              • dcd2

                They’ve also gone DT early: Malik (2nd), Reed (2nd), Naz (3rd)… as well as QJeff (5) & Christmas (6)

                In the last 4 drafts, RB is the only position we’ve drafted more than DT, and that’s in large part due to taking Procise, Collins & Brooks in 2016.

                In any case, adding one cheap vet DT only replaces the snaps of Woods OR QJeff, not both. If we do sign Clowney/Griffen, we’ll have twice as many DE’s as DT’s.

                They may go DE first, but it seems they’ll need to go DT early too.

                • Rob Staton

                  I’ll keep saying it.

                  It’s not a good DT class. They might take one. But the options are really limited.

  40. Hawk Meat

    Lol, there was a report that Seahawks had offered him 13 M APY. That sounded crazy at the time and a stupid rumor. But it actually might be accurate if Tony Pauline is genuinely saying his price has dropped to 15 M APY.

    • Donny Henson

      And according to Pauline, the reason why the price is dropping is because teams are afraid that once he gets money, that he won’t have motivation to play.

      • Hawk Meat

        Did he say why teams had this concern specifically for him?

        I feel like that is a risk for any player getting a big contract.

        • Donny Henson

          No, he just compared it to the New York Jets situation when they had Muhammad Wilkerson. Once he got a big contract, Wilkerson didn’t show up to practices, missed team meetings, and violated team rule. Teams fear that Clowney might do the same.

          • Bmseattle

            At what salary is that type of behavior palatable?
            I certainly wouldnt want it at 13million/per, either.
            In fact, a player who is disgruntled about his contract might be *more* likely to act in those ways.

      • Aaron

        If Clowney is going to take the money but not put forth the effort, if that’s actually accurate, then that is likely the stalemate is about. If he is like that then we need to move on from him….as painful as that would be. Only problem is without Clowney, what we have is going to be terrible. We need two bookends badly. Hawks painted themselves into a corner.

        • Rob Staton

          If that’s how Clowney is — they wouldn’t be trying to re-sign him.

        • Donny Henson

          But its too late to move on, all other options are gone and i think Seattle likes Clowney’s physical profile too much to let him walk.

          • Jack

            Clowney playing healthy is a force to be reckoned with. If he gets just good help off the other end or even interior, it will be a tall order to control that guy! I think Irvin and Mayowa could help as they are both fast, even at their age. So you can’t just leave them unaccounted for, Clowney was the most double teamed, triple teamed DE in the league last season! We need to keep this guy somehow! Get him help and he will be a terror for opposing QBs and he is an outstanding run stopper as well!

    • Seahawk65

      This is exactly what I’ve thought for a while. If $13 mil was accurate, and now it seems it is, then paying $20 mil plus would have been foolish. I think the Hawks truly like him, but at the right number. I hope now they are in the range to compromise.

      • Rob Staton

        Why would it have been foolish?

        Just because the Seahawks have an amount in their heads? It’s more foolish to lose your only good DE and be left bargain bin shopping.

        • Seahawk65

          To be honest, I don’t get why he’s not more highly valued. He looked like a pretty special player to me. But it’s clear that it’s not just the Seahawks, but the whole league. There’s a big difference between what the player believes he’s worth and what the league believes he’s worth. What if he is simply not considered a good pass rusher, or a great one anyway, and you pay him to be a great pass rusher, but you get three sacks. You haven’t solved your problem. But if you pay him, let’s say, $14-15 mil, and you’ve added some help, then your pass rush is actually better, and he will probably be better because he got some help.

  41. swedenhawk

    For what it’s worth, Tony Pauline seems pretty high on Uche.

    • swedenhawk

      Just finished listening to Pauline’s 2019 interview with Uche on The Draft Analysts pod. Interestingly, he claimed that Frank Clark is his mentor.

  42. Trevor

    What scares me most is that whenever PC/JS have determined that a guy is a core piece going forward they have had no problem paying the market rate to get that player locked up and avoid prolonged public negotiation which never ends well. Russ, Bobby, D Brown etc.

    When they have had concerns Kam (injuries), Earl (attitude and injuries) they have struggled to get a deal done and things did not end well for the team or player.

    Something is clearly amiss with Clowney. If PC/JS truly deemed him a core piece going forward as a dominant game wrecking DE this deal would be done long ago. Either they are worried about injury issues or attitude issues and this has resulted in them trying to wait him out and get a team friendly deal.

    I hope I wake tomorrow and a deal is done with Clowney so the team can look to continue rebuilding the defense simply because I don’t see any other options out there. Unfortunately I think the chances of Clowney being a Seahawk next year have never been lower.

  43. Jace

    Does anyone here actually feel like this is a legit super bowl caliber roster right now? I was really hoping to come away from FA feeling that way but I don’t at all. Maybe signing Clowney and a strong draft class will change that though.

    • Rob Staton

      No, I don’t.

    • dcd2

      I didn’t think that about GB or TEN last year either and they were both a game away.

      For all of our flaws last year, an inch or two in the SF game or better health might have had that team in the SB. We weren’t that far off and our biggest rival just lost their best DT and defacto WR1.

      Give it until after the draft. You’ll be hyped up again in no time!

      • Sea Mode

        And now SF is gonna draft Henry Ruggs at 13 and Raekwon Davis at 31 and keep on rolling…

        Or Kinlaw if he falls to 13 and Raegor at 31…

        Either way, they’re perfectly positioned in R1 to fill those two holes right away with cheap talent. And it stinks.

        • Jace

          Yeah I think I would feel a lot better if the NFC West wasn’t so strong. It’s going going to be tough enough to win our division let alone the Super Bowl.

        • DC

          FSF. They still have Jimmy G so they will remain vulnerable. Dark horse for a QB?

          If R. Davis is available at #27 I hope the Hawks pull the trigger. Especially if Clowney walks, as he has the ability to play 5 tech & kick inside when needed. He’s become my #1 target at this point, which usually means that he will be gone by our pick. I’m not buying these mock sims where he’s available deep into the second round. He might be the #2 (healthy) DL available. We can trade down later & recoup a 5th rounder.

        • dcd2

          True, but I guess my point is you never know. Maybe they start whiffing on picks like the rest of the NFL. Maybe they get hit with a dozen injuries like we did last year. Maybe Sherman starts spouting off and causing a divide in the locker room.

          Who knows? Nobody had TEN in the AFCCG going into last year. No one thought the Giants were any good when they knocked off an undefeated Patriots team in the Super Bowl.

          The NFC West is going to be a gauntlet, no doubt about that though.

        • Hawk Meat

          To be fair you don’t just fill a hole left my Deforest Buckner. Its still unlikely that Raekwon Davis or Kinlaw can become as good as Buckner. Buckner was a higher pick and has lived up to the hype. No guarantee Kinlaw and Davis can get even close to what Buckner became in the league. Not to mention usually it takes a couple years for development, the 49ers window is now.

          • Sea Mode

            I think lining up next to Bosa, Armstead, Ford gives either of those two DTs a really good chance to succeed early. Are they going to be as good as All Pro Deforest Buckner right off the bat? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean they, especially Kinlaw, couldn’t fill that hole and more just fine from day 1 IMO.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            I see them tapping into the great WR class early. They are set on the DL anyway.

  44. GoHawksDani

    I’m not sure they have the luxury to add a pure LB with the potential needs on OL, DL…but I think Willie Gay could be a really-really good addition. KJ is slow…he has the exp and some talent, but he’s getting pretty slow (I know he had some great TFLs, but I think that wasn’t a read and react play but a schemed one). And while I love Bobby, he seemed a bit slow too. Maybe he had to clean up too many messes because of other players, but the LBs were not good last year.
    I liked Barton. A really smart dude, a scholar with amazing attitude. But he had some serious issues too. BBK is cool and fun but he’s a non-factor.
    To be honest, I’d cut/trade KJ to create some money. Cut/trade Britt for the same reason.
    Grab Willie Gay R2 let him, Barton and BBK fight for starting WILL spot (the non-winners can compete for starting SAM too)
    Grab Cushenberry in R3, or Harris in R4. Let the rookie and Hunt and the random FA dude who can play OC battle it out for starting OC.
    With the plus money sign Clowney.
    After a trade back from R1 to R2 grab Okwara or Uche.
    Also grab Davis or Madubuike (maybe after a smaller trade-up) in R2
    With the trade-back we potentially acquire an R3. With that pick grab a WR (Duvernay)
    Trade up with one of the R4 into early R4 (use R6, next year’s R3/R4 maybe) and grab Bryce Hall
    With the other R4 grab Moss
    With the R5 grab Dotson

    So something like:
    early R2 – Okwara
    R2 – Willie Gay
    R2 – Madubuike
    R3 – Cushenberry
    R3 – Duvernay
    early R4 – Bryce Hall
    R4 – Moss
    R5 – Dotson

    This would be an amazing haul in my opinion. It seems realistic too to me
    We changed our getting slow WILL to a guy who flies all over the field
    We changed our injured C to a solid starter
    We re-signed Clowney, and got Okwara who can battle out with Mayowa and Irvin and Green and Collier
    We got a great playing buddy for Reed
    I like Duvernay a lot. He brings a really new aspect to the passing game which is currently missing.
    We couldn’t get a game changer RB like CEH or Taylor but Moss could be a good backup/rotational guy
    Bryce Hall would make a pretty good slot CB
    And Dotson is a mauler.

    So starting lineups could look like:

    DL: Clowney – Reed – Madubuike (Ford and maybe Green, Collier rotating in some) – Okwara (Irvin and Mayowe rotating in some)
    LB: BWagz – Willie Gay Jr (BBK or Barton could play SAM or as backups)
    CB: Griffin – Dunbar – Hall as slot (Flowers can play backup)
    S: Diggs – McDougald or Blair (who doesn’t win the starting position could play big nickel too)

    OL: Brown – Dotson/Finney/Warmack/Jamarco – Cushenberry/Hunt – Fluker/Finney/Warmack/Jamarco – Ogbuehi/Shell
    QB: RW3
    WR: Lockett, DK, Duvernay (Dorsett and Moore can play some too)
    RB: Carson, Penny, Moss, Homer (Carson as RB1, when Penny ready it’s RB by committee, Penny and Homer could do most 3rd down with Moss also seeing some limited action)
    TE: Dissly, Olson, Hollister

    I think this could be a pretty good lineup

  45. millhouse-serbia

    From me and @RapSheet: Today, #Bama QB Tua Tagovailoa participated voluntarily in a medical re-check facilitated by the NFL Combine with an independent doctor that was selected by NFL team physicians, per Tua’s reps. Results were “were overwhelmingly positive.”

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t bother posting this stuff millhouse.

      Rapoport has been chief PR man for Tua’s camp throughout this process.

      Schefter is the one saying it as it is.

    • cha

      Some of the stuff posted about Tua lately is reeking of ‘thou doth protest too much’. The harsh reality is teams can’t have him in for their own checks, and it’s very possible he drops into a more cost effective draft range where the risk can be better mitigated.

  46. RWIII

    Guys. I don’t know if someone has brought this up. But this is something at Clowney needs to think about. If Clowney signs with another team without a physical. Clowney could be rejected when the team doctors get a chance to look at him. That happened in the case of Michael Brookers. Seattle already had an exit examination before Clowney left. So the Hawks know Clowney’s health situation. Any other team that signs Clowney w/o a physical is taking a risk. Actually Clowney is the one taking the risk. I hope Clowney’s agent is making him aware of this fact.

  47. millhouse-serbia

    Brady Henderson on rumors that Jags asking 1st round pick for YN:

    Someone I spoke with recently was under the impression Ngakoue wants over $20M APY on a new deal, same as Jadeveon Clowney’s initial asking price. If the Seahawks were unwilling to pay Clowney that much, forget about them giving up a first for the right to pay Ngakoue that much.

    • DC

      Mill, how do you make the quote green?
      I have the technological savvy of a 112-year-old human.

    • Sea Mode

      Though it seems unlikely (and I’m not even sure if it’s possible), a thought did cross my mind this morning:

      What if they finally sign Clowney (2yrs/$30m) and then offer their R1 for Yannick, as long as JAX covers half of his salary for 2020, like HOU did with Clowney this year? So they pay a bit more in draft capital (compared to the pick swap that Pauline had floated a while back), but then are able to fit Yannick in with Clowney this year. Maybe that’s their plan…?

      • cha

        So they pay a first round kick for one year of YN at $8-9m? No thanks

        • cha

          I suppose if they could condition the deal on an extension from 2021 for 3 years so they have him for a commitment of 4 years it could work.

          • Jack

            That would be interesting? Yannick with Clowney? One could only wish! 🤣

          • Sea Mode

            Exactly, then you extend him for 3 after that.

  48. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I was wondering your thoughts I was listening to NFL radio serious and Carlos Ruiz was interviewed and he said the toughest guys he faced was Raekwon Davis and Davon Hamilton. My other question how do rate the bottom half of the draft rounds 5 throu 7 for some reason is it pretty limited ? finding days 3gems

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a huge drop off at about pick 100-110. The hope has to be some bigger names fall due to the impact of no pro-days and medical checks etc and that will provide some value later.

      I love Cesar Ruiz as a player. And I totally understand why those two would be his toughest opponents.

      • Bigten

        If this Clowney situation has taught us anything, its the importance of medicals. You have already identified Tua as a likely drop candidate, and I think you are going to be on the money with that one, what are some others that have medical red flags? Shenault comes to mind first. He was already experiencing a big drop, but im thinking 3rd round now.

  49. millhouse-serbia

    This and i dont know where he found this but I know he follows everyone possible…I hope its not problem I am posting this…Rib delete it if you.think you should

    According to his representative; Julian Okwara ran a 4.60s forty today.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll let it stand as long as it is acknowledged that Stanger is a major weirdo.

      Seems to be from here:

      • john_s


      • dcd2

        Acknowledged and added to the official record.

      • Volume12

        ‘Jared knows’

      • CaptainJack

        His stalker tendencies sometimes pay off with good info

  50. Troy

    It is very worrisome if we are hoping that the draft will give us anything to close to what we need. I think there will be very few players who make an impact for teams this year. Cause they will all have a situation Collier (maybe they get more preseason reps). Where we are drafting, the guys that could make an impact are even thinner. I dont like this one bit.

    I think there are a couple guys who can make an impact in 2022-23 with the pass rush, but that doesnt do much for us now.

    • cha

      Agree wholeheartedly.

      There was something either Schefter or Rapaport posted a few days ago…something about FA’s need to be worried about passing their physicals before the draft because the team could back out of the deal and just draft their replacement.

      Pure PR bunk passed along by some agent the reporter owed a favor to.

      Counting on rookies to have a major impact (unless you are drafting in the top 3, even then!) can be a fool’s errand.

  51. all i see

    Going to get this off my chest. I think maybe the most frustrating thing about this for me is that in previous player acquisitions, the Seahawks have never been cautious when it comes to getting their guy, but when it comes to the 4 man pass rush- the straw that sirs this defense-, they cant bring themselves to do it….

    ’13- HARVIN (a literal and figurative headache) cost a 1st and 3rd plus the big contract ( they could have used that money for TATE and a couple of pass rushers- not to mention the potential picks (BTW- PH was used as returner + RB WR swiss army knife- why not just grab Patterson -sigh- not to mention bringing in a prick of an outsider and letting proven Dogs leave in favor of him….

    ’15- GRAHAM (a finished product whose playing style they absurdly thought could change) cost a 1st and All-Pro center. Again eroded team identity

    ’17- RICHARDSON-cost a 2nd and clutch receiver. Walked after a year. Lost a comp pick so we could have Dickson Brown and Mingo- none of whom are on the team now.
    ’17 BROWN- 2nd and a 3rd. This one worked out.

    But still, The Seahawks isolated what they wanted and pulled out all stops to get what they wanted. One could even argue that several of those moves cost the dynasty… We have to ask ourselves if they even really want CLOWNEY? Why play games? We didn’t need HARVIN. We didn’t need GRAHAM. Yet we paid Kings ransoms in CAP and draft capital… Why not the pass rush? (I watched the ’13 NFCCG they other day and it was amazing how much in the face of CK they were…)At a certain point I suppose I’m happy they’re being more cautious, however, EVERYONE saw the missing piece was the pass rush.
    When we got to Rodgers in the playoffs, he folded- but it just didn’t happen enough. So why not be aggressive to fix this? The packers saw their need and answered it and they made the NFCCG. They learned and put their resources to best use. I did not think it was too much to ask.

  52. Jack

    Without Clowney, the way they are going at it, Wilson will be retiring before we get a decent SB caliber defensive line! Clowney with Irvin, Mayowa might do something. No Clowney means more mediocrity and no return to the SB anytime soon. Be lucky to be in 3rd place in the NFC West! These guys are blowing it big time if they let Clowney go. Might as well start a complete rebuild. Lose most games to increase draft chances…🤣

  53. Happy Hawk

    The PFN draft sim is addicting! It appears that everyone time I run it Jonathon Taylor is available at #27 and even after trading down several small steps he is still available most of the time around pick #37-40. I would be hard pressed to ignore Taylor but where is his true ceiling and floor? #18-20 ceiling? #35-#39 floor? If we don’t have a pass rush maybe adding another dynamic player to our run game and control the clock with physicality on offense might be considered.

    • Edgar

      With a 70% healthy Clowney they were a disasterous double whammy injury to their capable backfield from division champs and a 1 seed.

      If the Seahawks became more unpredictable, coached week to week, they would have atleast another Bowl appearance or 2 the past 5 years.

    • Edgar

      My mistake, this was suppose to be in response to the comment above-Jack-

  54. Volume12

    This isn’t a dig at anyone and Seattle needed 1 at the time, but remember when they had to take a RB who was ‘durable’ because Carson can’t stay healthy?

    How’s this for a bit of irony? The 1 back from that class who hasn’t missed any time? Nick Chubb. The guy who came off one of the more gruesome collegiate injuries.

    • Sea Mode

      I think we’ve all thought that before. But freak injuries happen (Penny).

      And they should have taken Chubb anyway just because he was a picture perfect fit and had already proven he could come back and produce for 2 years after the injury. And I say that as a guy who once pounded the table for Penny early on in the draft process.

    • Trevor

      I will be the first to admit I was in the anyone but Chubb camp and have been dead wrong after year #2. That being said I hated the Penny pick too. Liked Penney enough but only if he was there in Rd #3 not with their first pick.

      • Volume12

        There’s just no way to tell when it comes to RBs and durability. Only position on the field where all 11 guys are trying to tackle you and with the new rules implemented over the past few years, ya gotta tackle lower.

        • rad man

          I heard a sports physical therapist laugh at the idea that a RB is durable. He said “no. The best policy is assume all of them are fragile no matter the track record. Be surprised if one is durable but never assume it.” Seems smart to me. They’re all in the “prone” box. Always.

          • Volume12

            100% agreed. And a big reason why I’m not a fan of taking RBs early in the 1st unless it’s a Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson

            • cha

              Just out of curiosity V12, would you take Gurley at 10 again, knowing what you know now?

              3 decent years
              2 insanely good All-Pro First Team type years


              • Volume12

                Good question. Knowing what I know now? No.

  55. Rad Man

    Golden, Griffen, Mathews, Wake, Bennett, Sheard, Curry. And Clowney still. I can see why the Seahawks are bargain shopping. I don’t hate any two or so of those guys added to the roster. Experience, short term commit, lower cost, production. A pass rush by committee doesn’t seem terrible. Sprinkle in some youth from the draft. Not terrible. Panic button still behind glass.

  56. Donovan

    If – and it’s a big if – they sign Clowney & Griffen, I think we’ll have fixed our DL very nicely. It’ll have both depth and quality.

    • Rob Staton

      But they haven’t got either.

      So they haven’t fixed anything.

  57. Volume12

    Holy sh**! TCU’s Ross Blacklock at 3-tech is something else. Whew. When he’s lined up at nose or asked to 2 gap? Meh.

    Is he another one who runs hot and cold? Turns it on and off? Those questions aren’t really gonna be answered if you can’t sit a man down and look him in the eye when he responds

    • Rob Staton

      The big issue with him for me is he has to freelance to find gaps. He needs the freedom to find a route to the QB. In 1v1 situations he doesn’t win enough. So for Seattle, I don’t see a fit (short arms anyway) but on other teams who want to go all out attack (eg Tampa Bay) he’s better suited.

      • Volume12

        His UOH isn’t great. Almost nonexistent. There is some raw power there when he does. Loves using his explosion and leverage. He’s got potential though. Just gonna need the right positional coach. Like a Minnesota’s Andre Patterson for example.

  58. John_s

    Please please please

    Do not fall for the fake Bob Condotta twitter tweets. Someone created a fake twitter account to announce Seahawks news / trades

    • Rob Staton

      I just read the timeline and I laughed a few times to be honest.

      • Sea Mode


  59. Rob Staton

    Ok — I can confirm today’s interview was with…. Damien Lewis of LSU.

    Again — you are going to LOVE this guy.

    What a backstory.

    You’ll like the message at the end too I had for him…

    • Sea Mode

      Oh no, another player to fall in love with! 😉

      Rob, you’re killing it.

    • CaptainJack

      This is a deep and high quality oline class.

    • Henry Taylor

      Rob that’s seriously dope. Lewis is a beast, how cool would it be if him and Hunt manned the right side of our Oline for the next 4 years after you interviewed them both?

  60. Volume12

    Seems like Auburn CB Noah Igbinoghene is expected to be a high draft pick. One of 50 prospects invited virtually to the draft.

  61. Sea Mode

    Alright, folks, here’s my “JS is still a genius” and “PC is still ‘big balls Pete'” scenario that they could still, in theory, pull off.

    – Sign Clowney (I’ll stick with my original prediction from a couple weeks ago: 2yrs/$32m)

    – Trade for Jannick: instead of the pick swap + R2 that Pauline reported a while back, we agree to send them our R1 pick. In return, they sign Yannick on the tag before trading him and pay for $10m of his $17.8m 2020 cap hit. We extend him for 3yrs/$60m starting in 2021, so his cap hit this year will fit. (restructure Wilson, Britt, KJ as needed). They also have two R5 picks, so I’m gonna be optimistic and say we convince them to send us the later one as well. That helps fill a gap in our draft board.

    Perhaps it’s unlikely, but it would be one way for JAX to secure the R1 pick they are asking while getting rid of a disgruntled player (ask Seattle and Houston if, in hindsight, they should have jumped at the offers they might have had on the table for ETIII and Clowney…), and they have plenty of cap space to “buy” that pick from us in exchange for covering a portion of Jannick’s salary in a year where they are clearly in no position to contend.

    This would also explain the Seahawks’ insistence in waiting out Clowney: if they extend Jannick first at $20m/per, there’s no way Clowney is settling for less, as he is apparently about to do.

    Having rebuilt the pass rush and rotational depth in FA, the Hawks are able to focus on adding talent in the draft:

    *Trade: we send R2P59 and the earlier of our R4 picks (R4P133) to CHI to move up 9 spots into the middle of R2. This is similar to the trade for Jarran Reed in 2016 and Chicago is willing to do this in order to spread out their two R2 picks a bit more and gain more stock in the process.

    R2P50- RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU
    He’s a special talent in a small package, and PC/JS recognize it. A much needed hedge with Penny returning from injury and Carson’s upcoming negotiation. He could be a superstar, especially with what he does in the passing game.

    R2P64- OL Robert Hunt, Louisiana-Lafayette
    Can compete at RT or RG. Has the physicality and the BAMF attitude they love.

    R3P101- CB Bryce Hall, Virginia
    I’m not messing around and hoping he lasts to our pick at the end of R4. One of the few guys with the length they crave that actually has production too. A year of development and gives us a lot of depth and flexibility behind Griffin and Dunbar after next year.

    R4P144- DT Rashard Lawrence, LSU
    Rob has already said enough about this guy. Has the length and gives you 110% on every down. Good add to the rotation.

    R5P165- G Kevin Dotson, Louisiana-Lafayette
    More BAMF and already has chemistry with Hunt. Ideal development project.

    R6P214- TE Jacob Breeland, Oregon
    Another developmental guy, value pick coming off an injury.

    Thoughts and backup scenario:

    – No WR? Yeah, I hated missing out on my guy Duvernay, but we just brought in Dorsett, have Ursua developing for the slot, and who knows, might even get back Josh Gordon at some point.

    – If the whole thing with Yannick is out of the question, then you fall back on Everson Griffen and draft Jabari Zuniga after a trade back into R2. With the extra R3 pick gained you maybe grab Duvernay.

    – I really thought about projecting DT Raekwon Davis to R2P50 because he’s got that tall DT profile they’ve been after so long, but I don’t think he will be there at that pick. So we roll with Reed, Poona, Lawrence, and some Clowney and Rasheem Green mixed in on the inside on passing downs.

    – Alternate draft (if CEH is off the board, and maybe even if he is not):

    R2P59- RB Cam Akers, Florida State
    R2P64- OL Robert Hunt, Louisiana-Lafayette
    R3P101- LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming
    R4P133- CB Bryce Hall, Virginia
    R4P144- DT Rashard Lawrence, LSU
    R5P165- G Kevin Dotson, Louisiana-Lafayette
    R6P214- TE Jacob Breeland, Oregon

    As you can tell, I’m a big fan of many of the players Rob has highlighted. 😁

    • Rob Staton

      Works for me.

    • mishima

      Can they negotiate an extension if he signs and plays on the tag?

      • Rob Staton

        Yes — there’s a deadline later in the year where negotiations have to cease.

        • mishima

          Thought it was mid-summer, but not sure if it changed under new CBA. Thanks.

        • cha

          That’d be a big chance to take. I’d prefer they condition the deal on signing him to an extension. I would hate to see him walk the same time you’re trying to extend Clowney again.

          • mishima


            (And sorry for being a dick earlier. Rough morning, but no excuses.)

            • cha

              No worries, as long as you’re OK now. Hang tough.

          • Sea Mode

            After agreeing on the plan with JAX, you would obviously have gotten permission to negotiate and come to an agreement with Yannick already. No way you pull the trigger on the trade any other way.

    • cha

      This is good work Sea Mode. I can buy into this.

      Also, they’d definitely pull their trademark ‘bring a run plugging DT in over the summer’ move, and probably would look at any CBs on the waiver market.

      • cha

        Oh and bonus: Seahawks twitter would once again chew their arms off at the Hawks taking a RB with their first pick.

      • Lewis

        All day and twice on Sunday

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ll take it

    • TomLPDX

      – If the whole thing with Yannick is out of the question, then you fall back on Everson Griffen and draft Jabari Zuniga after a trade back into R2. With the extra R3 pick gained you maybe grab Duvernay.

      I don’t think they want to pay the price for Yannick so this is more reasonable for me. Something that I’ve been thinking about since the combine was JS looking at not just this year, but the next few years. If they can get a player this year (along with Clowney and Griffen plus the others that we’ve already signed) that is able to keep us from regressing and then targeting someone in next year’s draft (assuming we have a college season this year, but I digress)…then maybe JS is having the longer view here…just thinking out loud…

      • TomLPDX

        Cool, that quote thingy worked! And that other player is Zuniga or someone of that caliber.

      • Sea Mode

        I see what you mean and have thought about the same. But at some point you have to pay up and solve the problem if you want to make it back to another SB.

        I’ve definitely been thinking about the big picture vs. small picture thing too. “Winning” the draft, getting great value out of each pick, a couple “steals”… It’s easy to get caught up in that game. But I’m just leaning towards taking a step back and saying, “forget about winning each and every small battle, what is gonna give us the best chance to win the war, so to speak?

        • TomLPDX

          I definitely hear you and why I think we need Clowney and at least Griffen this year. There comes a point where you just have to go for it. I totally get that and I hope that means stepping up and just getting the deal done with Clowney and signing Griffen to shore up what we have and still add depth and strength.

  62. A, Chris

    I’ve been scratching my head since last years draft process trying to understand why I don’t feel the same sense of impending hopelessness as my fellows here (and elsewhere). Much ink was spilled waxing lyrical about the holes in last years roster and draft class. Wringing hands about the upcoming 2019 season with hope that 2020 would be the year that the Hawks are back.
    —-2019 went exactly as I had hoped (minus the injuries) : 2 playoff games and new ridiculous highlights to remember. I am super proud of this team.

    There’s got to be something I’m missing, even as an avid reader here, because I don’t understand the frustration. I mean, I do, to a point. *The stage was set for 2020. Resurgence. Dominance. Super bowl (I presume?).*
    Now its April (halfway through the offseason) and things aren’t going how we planned hoped?

    Forgiveness if that reads as condescension because that’s not the intent. I respect the community here immensely. I also don’t want to channel the “be grateful you weren’t here for the dark years” people (because I wasn’t on the west coast during those years and have no such perspective).

    I don’t know what I’m trying to convey here other than I appreciate but disagree.

    Flame away, I guess.

    • Rob Staton

      I predicted a 10-win season for the Seahawks in 2019. It might seem that we spent a lot of time ‘talking about the holes’. That’s not strictly true. What actually happened was a lot of perspective amid a wave of people getting a bit carried away on twitter and other websites. This was a team in year two of a reset. It felt like they needed another off-season to reach their peak potential. That was the message. It wasn’t a negative outlook. It was a very realistic and measured — ‘they’re good… but they need another off-season to be great’.

      So it played out more or less as expected. They won 11 games instead of 10. They went a round further in the playoffs. They also never truly felt like a serious contender on the level of San Francisco, Baltimore, New Orleans and, eventually, Kansas City.

      So having acknowledged all of that, for many of us this felt like the time to take a major step forward. They had cap space. They had picks. They hadn’t had either for years. They also had a massive weakness that was holding them back in the pass rush. And when it came to use their resources, to take the next step that they’ve been building up to — they haven’t acted. They’ve spent most of the cap space on journeymen types who might not even improve the depth much let alone improve the starting roster. That’s certainly a question mark. They’ve retained a bunch of mediocre RFA’s and a bunch of tight ends. And they haven’t addressed the biggest need aside from two cheap additions, one nearly three weeks into free agency.

      I, and others, want to see this team in a Super Bowl. They have the capability of doing it with Russell Wilson at quarterback. But for five years they’ve been treading water as a ‘good enough for the playoffs but not much more’ type of team. They lose more games at home than they should. The defense isn’t good enough. And with their actions in free agency so far, rather than take the next step it looks like they might actually get WORSE on the D-line by losing their best player.

      So you might not understand the frustration but frankly, I’m stunned why anyone would struggle to understand it. By all means disagree if you wish. But not understanding why some of us are not enthused by what they’ve done? That’s very surprising.

      • TomLPDX

        That pretty much sums it up.

      • DC

        I want to see this team ‘WIN’ a Super Bowl.

        Right now we’re following the Saints & Packers path of one & done with a HOF QB at the helm.

      • A, Chris

        It’s more the level of frustration that seems to elude me, Rob. (And thanks for noticing the comment.) As someone who may actually die at the hands of Pete and Russ (heart can’t take it forever), I absolutely understand the connection and emotional attachment to the team. I want them to succeed.

        Since you run this site and its actually your livelihood, I don’t consider you to be a purveyor of the attitude I referenced. As I said, I’ve been a long time reader and I highly value your integrity as a journalist. As with any passionate individual though, its obvious how you feel. And that’s ok.

        I don’t write this as an accusation. And honestly, in hindsight it was probably a mistake to even get into this. I’m just genuinely out of touch with that perspective I guess. And as of recently I don’t exactly have the opportunity to discuss it in person with anyone. Thanks again for humoring me. Hopefully we have something more gratifying to discuss in the near future.

  63. Sea Mode

    Really cool story of determination if you are looking for a good read. Sign me up late on day 3 or in UDFA just for a guy like that. He’ll do whatever you need on ST and did also run a 4.47 and jump 35 vert at Kansas St. pro day, so not bad in that sense either.

  64. Sea Mode

    Bucky Brooks on MTS podcast [emphasis added]:

    “I would say in most instances, like Cam Akers would be THE guy. I think we’ve talked about him so much that everybody knows our feelings about him. He is a terrific player. Underrated because he didn’t play with much at Florida State. For whatever reason, Florida State was down. They’re not the same Florida State that we’ve grown to know and love. Particularly as a scout, that was always a destination spot to go and find talent.

    “He is a terrific player, he has tremendous upside. And when I think about the things that Dalvin Cook has been able to do for the Minnesota Vikings, I think Cam Akers has more talent than Dalvin Cook. I expect him to pop at the next level.”

    (🤫, Bucky, not so loud…!)

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — very talented. Could easily see him going in round two.

    • mishima

      My favorite back.

  65. Rob Staton

    So here’s Clowney’s camp’s response to Seattle speaking to Josina:

    He’ll wait and wait for months apparently.

    So… status quo remains. Still no breakthrough. Still stalemate. Still no pass rush.

    • Sea Mode

      Just posted same thing on the old thread I still had open on my phone.

      Wonder where the Pauline $15m number came from.

      • GerryG

        If I’m JC I’d be telling Seattle to go shove 15/year too. I think he’d be signed weeks ago at 17-18 if not for the shutdown.

        If Seattle wasn’t ever going to pay him 17/18 I’m not sure what they actually thought their plan was. That’s market rate.

    • dcd2

      So, is it time to move on, or do we twiddle our thumbs until after the draft?

      Step right up, place your bets!

      • Greg Haugsven

        He is only going to hurt himself waiting that long. It’s not like teams cap space is growing to grow.

    • cha

      This feels like what you said in the piece. The two sides are negotiating in the public now. This is a preamble to something.

  66. TCHawk

    I have some misgivings about drafting Uche high. He was in the Michigan program for 4 years, and only started 9 games in that whole time. I know he has good measurables, and pressure %, but I also know PC heavily weights actual production. My preference for 1st pick after trading back to around 50-56 would be Okwara or Zuniga, then RB (Taylor/CEH) at 59, then Aiyuk at 64, then BPA (Greenard or OL) at 70 or so.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I do t think they want to trade back that far.

  67. charlietheunicorn

    5) Julian Okwara, Notre Dame

    Pro comparison: Yannick Ngakoue (37.5 career sacks, 121 tackles, 42 tackles for loss in four seasons, 2017 to present).
    Okwara is coming off a broken fibula suffered in 2019, but if you check his tape from when he was healthy in 2018, you’ll see that he played extremely well, finishing that season with eight sacks and 21 QB hurries. And he showed off the first-step quickness and bend you want to see. Ngakoue burst onto the scene with eight sacks as a rookie, racked up 12 (along with a Pro Bowl nod) in his breakout second season and now is a sought-after asset, with the Jags attempting to find a trade partner for the franchise-tagged defender.

    In the Gil Brandt piece on right now about top 5 pass rushers.

    Funny how things work…. you could draft a guy (for a ton less money) or paid a proven talent (big bucks)… on guys who in one persons opinion are similar to each other when projecting into the NFL..

    • Lewis

      If you want to be depressed, pull up 2018 vs Vandy.

    • drewdawg11

      That’s been the comp for me for Okwara, but I actually think that Okwara is more athletic. He still needs to get stronger and hold the edge better, but that’s not Yannick’s strong suit either. Obviously you have to have a plan in place for his rookie season.

  68. Volume12

    One of the greatest games in CFB history, USC vs Texas Rose Bowl ’06, is on ESPN right now for those who care. Lol.

  69. Frank

    I swear I enjoy the comment section almost as much as the original article. I’m always overly optimistic around this time of year, and generally feel really good about the off season plan, but am definitely feeling some reservations about the lack of addressing pass rush. The Clowney situation has seemingly drug on forever, and I get both sides stances but just cut the differences in half and be done with it already. I like basically the same people everyone else likes, although might be higher on Kyle Duggar taking over the Lb/nickel hybrid role in round one, or with a small trade down, and targeting an Okwara or similar profile and a Tackle in the 2nd. I’m not saying that would Okwara help the pass rush much year one, but we really need some talent injection at Leo.

  70. Winston

    Rob, what are your thoughts on this draft sim I had ran? I know you believe that Isaiah Wilson is a first round pick, but do other teams? There’s a chance he could slip. After a couple of trade downs here’s what I got. Thought it was pretty well balanced and will help with competition on the roster.

    38–>Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame

    59–>Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia

    68–>Lynn Bowden WR Kentucky

    96–>Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State

    101–> Troy Dye ILB Oregon

    133 –>Bryce Hall CB Virginia

    144–> Zack Moss RB Utah

    148 –>Raequan Williams DT Michigan St

    149 –>Kamal Martin –>OLB Minnesota

    191 –> Jacob Breeland TE Oregon

    214 –> Kelly Bryant QB Mizzou

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the other way around Winston I think.

      The media and fans are not as high on Wilson as teams.

      Lance Zierlein tweeted exactly that yesterday.

      Wilson will be a high pick.

  71. Quijibo

    I know this is completely unrealistic, but man it would be fun if the Hawks could get a haul like this in a few weeks. I’m calling it my “Man the Trenches” draft – 4 o-linemen, 4 d-linemen!

    I traded down from 27 to 35, then 40, then 45 to accumulate all the extra picks. No trades up or from future draft capital

    I should probably stop with these unrealistic simulations so I don’t get disappointed with the real draft…

    SEA 45. Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia

    SEA 59. Jabari Zuniga DE Florida

    SEA 64. Ross Blacklock DT TCU

    SEA 85. Cam Akers RB Florida State

    SEA 101. Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota

    SEA 133. Logan Stenberg G Kentucky

    SEA 139. Davion Taylor OLB Colorado

    SEA 144. Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State

    SEA 166. Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas

    SEA 171. Trevis Gipson DE Tulsa

    SEA 214. Trey Adams OT Washington

    SEA 235. Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska

    SEA 240. John Reid CB Penn State

    • Hawktalker#1

      What value are these if they are unrealistic?

      I have a list of players I like and I’m sure I can find a simulator somewhere that I can manipulate such that I can select them all.

      Almost did that too, but didn’t want to waste my time . . .

    • GoHawksDani

      Wilson: No way
      Zuniga: Maybe, not 100% but it can happen
      Blacklock: He might be available, but I’m not convinced with him
      Akers could be in R3
      Stenberg will probably go earlier
      Not sure about the rest but apart from Wilson I don’t think this is totally unrealistic.
      But I’m not familar with a couple guys and would do a couple of things differently 🙂

  72. Matt


    While of course of the Seahawks gave Clowney 18-20M/year he’d sign today, but I don’t think this is a case of the Seahawks being “cheap.” I think Clowney had his mind dead set on 20M/year (and probably his agents were in his ear about it), and now the sobering truth that he won’t get near that is hard for him to take and I don’t think he’s ready to “admit” he’s not a 20M player.

    I also think that with COVID totally messing up this offseason that it’s possible a (sleeper) team would’ve given Clowney maybe around 18M/year, but only if they could get their own doctors to take a look at him. So I do think Clowney is hoping the COVID restrictions get lifted and he can get a proper physical and a much better offer.

    End of day, I think it’s Clowney’s camp that is hesitating much more than the Seahawks are. Frankly I don’t think he’s ready to sign with any team right now because he’s (rightly or wrongly) hoping to get a better offer somewhere down the line. At the same time should the Seahawks just outbid themselves and give JC significantly more than any other team would right now just to “wrap things up”?

    Much like the COVID situation no decisions are easy ones, but you have to believe that JS/PC want Clowney back BAD so for him not to be signed yet tells me that, at least right now, he doesn’t want to be back as much as he wants his $$$. Because is there any doubt that the Seahawks have the best offer on the table for him? I’d be floored if that wasn’t the case.

    • Hawktalker#1

      If he wasn’t interested in signing with anyone right now, why would he lower his price only to say no if someone met it?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I think they should just get it done.

      Because the alternative is this — you risk losing him and it dictates what you do in the draft.

    • Pugs1

      Agree 100%. First rule of negotiating is that you never negotiate against yourself. I firmly believe if the Seahawks could tweak their deal a little to make a deal they would but I think it’s Clowney and his camp dragging their feet trying to create a market that doesn’t seem to be there.

      • Rob Staton

        Then they should make a final offer and move on.

        • Pugs1

          Safe to assume the Seahawks have a drop dead date they haven’t reached yet. Let me say I could be completely wrong but I think the Seahawks made a initial offer somewhere in the four year 72 million range and Clowney was holding on to his 20-22 million a year asking price. His camp recently dropped his price to the 18 million range but I’d be willing to bet that’s his one year price. I’d say good luck finding a team that’s gonna throw 18 million at him for one year without a physical. I like everyone else would love this to be over but IMO that’s up to Clowney at this point. The draft is three weeks away and I’d expect a resolution before that. Either with Clowney or the Seahawks moving on with Everson Griffen.

          • Ralphy

            Exactly Rob. Factor in what’s it worth to be able to choose the best player available vs having to draft DL. There is a lot of value in that.

  73. Rad Man


    Discord at the top? Is any of this inaction or lack of big contracts explainable by new leadership or ownership at the top being a bit tight fisted or not adjusting to new roles and leadership ?

    Any leaks or news about this that you’ve heard?

    Just looking for other explanations than what we’ve had so far. A thought exercise.

    • Rob Staton


  74. KD

    Just noticed that Pete Carroll was trending on twitter. Checked why he is trending because I thought he had Corona. Turns out everyone is rehashing the last play of the Super bowl for some reason… Twitter is trash.

  75. CaptainJack

    Rob, how similar do you think Uche is to Jacob Martin?

    To me they’re similar players and would play the same role in Seattle.

    I watched Uche tape today and I think he tries to win with power way too much for a 6’1 245 edge rusher, but he does play with a high motor and has great closing speed. And he can cover.

    I like him, but as more of a mid round guy. Not sold on drafting him early, but if we do, I think he can definitely have a modest impact on the pass rush year one, similar to how Jake Martin contributed.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Uche is much sharper as a rusher. Much more bend and straighten to his game.

  76. Coleslaw

    I feel like I’m a lot higher on the Irvin and Mayowa signings than most. I like what they both bring to the pass rush. Irvin still has enough speed and power to be the LEO most of the time. We wouldn’t want him out there all the time but we can get around that easily by playing big DEs (we have plenty) or pairing him with a quicker draft pick like Okwara. I think those 2 would make an adequate speed rushing duo.

    Mayowa just plays with so much intensity that I think hes going to be one of those guys who makes the whole team better. The D will feed off that when hes out there. He’s still getting better, too. He should be good for at least 5 sacks as a rotational piece.

    Between them, Green, Collier, Jackson and Shaq Griffin, I think we have pretty solid depth. Clowney/Ngakoue + Griffen/draft pick would really solidify this group. Clowney and Griffen with Green, Irvin and Mayowa behind them? Yes please.

    Even if we are forced to go pass rush by committee, there are still plenty of options. Griffen + 2 FAs like Curry, Correa or even Suggs would be welcome by me. Starters would probably be Griffen and Green with Curry and Correa subbing in on early downs and Irvin/Mayowa coming in on 3rd downs. Both coming in when Griffen slips inside.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’m not sure if you’re higher than most, but probably too high.

      However, I would agree with you that we have se nice depth.

      Unfortunately, too few with the starting talent we need.

    • Rob Staton

      Having ‘depth’ with no starters in front of them = you don’t really have anything.

  77. millhouse-serbia

    #Utah DT Leki Fotu was able to get in a top 30 visit w/ the #Eagles prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    He had other top 30s scheduled w/ the #Seahawks, #Rams, #Broncos, #Chargers & #Cardinals. All of those meetings will now take place via FaceTime. Some of them already have.

    I think this is first top30 info we have.

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised. Massive size and length. Will be available later on. Plus they love Utah.

  78. charlietheunicorn

    Just playing around, but there are a few guys that peaked my interest during this mock draft

    48. Julian Okwara – DE Notre Dame
    59. Jeremy Chinn – S Southern Illinois (Chancellor sized guy)
    64. Cam Akers – RB Florida State
    70. Malik Harrison – OLB Ohio State (KJ sized player / comparison)
    101. Robert Hunt – G Louisiana (Robs draft crush 😉 )
    120. Bryce Hall – CB UVA
    133. Quintez Cephus – WR Wisconsin (~4th WR, but can break open explosive plays)
    144. Ke’Shawn Vaughn – RB Vanderbilt (Double down on RBs, don’t want run out again in 2020)
    154. Khalil Davis – DT Nebraska (When head screwed on straight / explosive)
    185. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri (Massive guy, fits what the current regime likes in size)
    214. Bryce Huff – OLB Memphis (Edge rusher / explosive)

    I heard a nugget/rumor on the radio Seattle is looking to get to 10 picks in 2020 / Michael Bumpus I believe. He also said Seattle might have very strong interest in Chinn. I was driving, so couldn’t pay that close of attention while working.

    • Jace

      I like all the picks but the Cephus one. That 4.7 40 scares me.

      • Mike

        fwiw..J Okudah said Cephus was the best receiver he faced all year (OSU played UW twice)…

      • dcd2

        Cephus ran a 4.56 at his pro day. It might still be too slow for Seattle, but he’s a really good WR.

  79. Sea Mode


    PFF Draft
    · 13h

    Wyoming LB Logan Wilson grades since 2017:

    FirePFF grade: 93.3
    Run-defense: 91.1
    Pass-rush: 90.5
    Coverage: 91.1

    • Rob Staton

      Quality player.

  80. Brik

    I think the thing with signing Mayowa was useful for backup purposes but also getting a point across to Clowney. Not sure Clowney thought that the price would go down in any way, so he thought he could wait around and see if it went up after the draft if teams didn’t get their guy. I read that some teams wouldn’t even break 10 mil a year to sign him. He overplayed his hand. Wanted more and now will get less.

    He is the domino for other big moves. I have read that we have inquired about Judon from the Ravens and Yannick Nygouke (spelling whatever) from Jags if we don’t get Clowney back. Wish we could end up with a two fer but from all the moves I think we have around 12 million in cap space right now.

  81. Ukhawk


    I agree it’s confounding

    Listened to Phil Sims on a Brock and Salk podcast yesterday and his view is the JC agreement will be a 1 year deal. Makes sense in a number of ways…

    Perhaps JCs knee is a longer term concern. Teams can’t do a physical and thus can’t to offer. Hawks offer considered this and is somewhat low. JC wants more but can’t get a counter hence the impasse.

    Surely teams can’t discuss medical issues in public hence the lack of info and waiting game until JC can visit and get his physicals done.

    It’s frustrating but a logical guess at the big delay. Also puts Hawks in a bad spot as they will want to lick him up long term but not want to guarantee too much if there is genuine concern for JCs longevity.

    Not sure how this can be best dealt with contractually…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think a one-year deal works for Seattle. Aside from the cap issues — they’ll just be in the same position in 12 months time. They can’t spend a third off-season in a row trying to get the pass rush sorted. That will be an organisational failure.

  82. Ukhawk

    I’m on the same page.

    But herein lies the challenge.

    But I’m guessing the impasse is that they will want to pay/ guarantee less on a multi year deal given the potential longevity issues and this conflicts with potentially a higher 1 year deal JD is after as there is less risk year-to-year to the prospective team

  83. GoHawksDani

    Checked some highlights. I know a player consist a lot more than highlights, but I think you can tell some ceilings based on how the player pops on these.

    From the RBs I think CEH is the most unique and 100% best price/value ratio if you can get him mid R2. Taylor is great but he wasn’t looked that much good than Akers or Moss. Moss could be a steal in R5 if he’s there. He’s physical and looks fast on tape. Akers is good too but I’d like him in late R3 or R4. Taylor is the freakiest athlete but just based on highlights he shouldn’t been that much up ahead Akers/Moss (I know highlights aren’t everything)

    From the rushers, I think Okwara looks the best. I wasn’t too impressed with Uche. Zuniga seems OK too but Okwara seemed the fastest

    Willie Gay is a baller. Not sure how well he’ll handle the pros, but he seems instinctive and crazy fast. Plays well the pass, the run, the screens and can blitz pretty well too.

    Bryce Hall is a dog. Seems pretty fast and not afraid tackling close to the LoS (vs RBs or on screens). Seemed a bit handsy, but also seemed like has good anticipation and recovery speed. Wouldn’t give toooo much credit of INTs because college QBs tend to just throw up or completely misregard a guy, but saw a couple really nice PBUs

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob pretty interesting that Pat Kirwin Pete Carroll good friend mock draft choose Isiah Wilson for the Seahawks at 27.

      • Rob Staton

        Would be a great match.

  84. Primatehawk

    The going rate for players like Clowney isn’t established, otherwise he’d be signed already.

    • Rob Staton

      The going rate is clearly established for players like Clowney.

      That doesn’t mean teams have to offer him the going rate. It also doesn’t mean he has to accept less.

      Thus, stalemate.

  85. Alex Higgins

    Apparently, Hawks don’t value Clowney as much as we thought. Why? They worked closely with him for a year. What have they concluded about him? Maybe this:
    -Inconsistent motor from game-to-game.
    -Lack of his development as a pass rusher from his rookie season. He’s never developed moves, just uses his dominant athleticism to move the OL.
    Perhaps they feel that Everson Griffen for 11M is a better value. There’s no dispute that, statistically, Griffen is a better pass rusher than Clowney. Is there?
    I realize that Clowney is better as a run defender, but is Clowney really worth $7M more than Griffen?
    I’m trying make sense of this. JS/PC are not idiots. They must have reasons. Just trying to figure out what they are.

    • Rob Staton

      If they thought Everson Griffen was better value, Everson Griffen would be a Seattle Seahawk right now.

      It’s clear what’s going on. They want Clowney at their price. And they’re running the risk of him leaving trying to win a negotiating battle.

  86. Kevin buckland

    Couldnt post the picture did a Pff draft simulator

    *Traded 27 and 133 for 34 and 44
    *Traded 44 and 101 for 45 and 76

    Round 2 Pick 34 Ross Blacklock DI
    Round 2 Pick 44 Yetur Gross-Matos Edge
    Round 2 Pick 59 Jonathon Taylor RB
    Round 2 Pick 64 Isaiah Wilson T
    Round 3 Pick 76 Tyler Biadasz IOL
    Round 4 Pick 144 Reggie Robinson II CB
    Round 6 Pick 214 Carter Coughlin Edge

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