Why I think Jabari Zuniga could be a top-45 pick

Jabari Zuniga had a superb performance at the combine

By now you’ll be well aware of the impact Covid-19 is having on the NFL draft.

Pro-days are cancelled. Medical checks are on hold. More players than ever chose not to compete at the combine so teams are missing vital physical information.

The players who did test — and performed well at the combine — are likely to receive a boost. Especially if their medicals checked out too.

One such player who could benefit is Jabari Zuniga.

It wasn’t a good combine for the defensive linemen. Very few players enhanced their stock. Zuniga, however, did have a strong performance.

He ran a 1.61 10-yard split. Anything in the 1.5’s is considered excellent for a 250lbs speed rusher. To get close to that range at 264lbs is impressive. He’s one of the few edge rushers in the class with genuine burst.

His 4.64 forty was very good too and he had a highly explosive workout in the bench, vertical and broad. Based on our TEF formula, he’s the third most explosive defensive lineman in recent history behind only Myles Garrett, Ben Banogu and Solomon Thomas. In terms of weighted TEF (which accounts for weight + testing) he’s in the same range as Michigan center Cesar Ruiz and Boise State left tackle Ezra Cleveland.

Unfortunately he didn’t do the agility tests. Moving the combine to prime time was essentially the death knell for the three cone and the short shuttle. With players running much later in the day, they were being asked to do these two vital tests at about ten o’clock at night. Next year they can’t make this mistake again and they need to ask the players to perform these tests earlier in the day before the forty runs, on a different day altogether or they need to give the players a financial incentive to do a complete set of tests.

Fortunately, we do have some information on Zuniga.

He was included in Bruce Feldman’s freaks list for 2019. In the report he’s said to have run a 7.03 three cone at Florida.

A repeat performance at the combine would’ve given him the second fastest time among defensive lineman behind only Derrek Tuszka.

Unfortunately we don’t have information about the more important short shuttle. There’s some correlation between a good short shuttle and the Seahawks drafting defensive linemen. The same isn’t the case for the three cone. Even so, it’s all we have. So how does it compare to recent first and second round picks, Seahawks draft picks and other relevant players?

Derek Barnett — 6.96
Montez Sweat — 7.00
Brian Burns — 7.00
Ben Banogu — 7.02
Jabari Zuniga — 7.03
Preston Smith — 7.07
Cassius Marsh — 7.08
Frank Clark — 7.08
Ziggy Ansah — 7.11
Josh Allen — 7.15
Shaq Lawson — 7.16
Taco Charlton — 7.17
Marcus Davenport — 7.20
Rasheem Green — 7.24
Clelin Ferrell — 7.26
Jadeveon Clowney — 7.27
Yannick Ngakoue — 7.35
Bradley Chubb — 7.37
Demarcus Lawrence — 7.46

As we can see — a bad three cone doesn’t necessarily mean a bad NFL career. Demarcus Lawrence and Yannick Ngakoue have done well despite testing at the bottom of this list. Equally, Derek Barnett at the top has not had much impact for the Eagles despite being taken with the #14 pick in 2017.

The list does prove how athletic a 7.03 three cone is, however. If teams are willing to take it on face value then it’s another string to his bow to go with the 10-yard burst and the explosive testing results.

Zuniga has been inconsistent at times. This was on show at the Senior Bowl. He had some nice wins in the 1v1 drills where his quickness off the edge and ability to dip and straighten were on show. He was also stoned several times and on a couple of occasions ended up on the turf.

The coaches seemed to like matching him up inside against LSU’s Damien Lewis and had them run three reps back-to-back a couple of times. That was unusual given these are one-rep scenarios. It’s perhaps indicative of how both players are being underrated in the media (I think Lewis is a second round pick).

I thought Zuniga faired well in this matchup. On one rep he drove Lewis into the pocket. He was handled quite easily on the second rep and the final rep he won with initial quickness but it’s a nice recovery from Lewis:

He would often kick inside to rush the interior at Florida. He has some success doing it too. He might be better served as a pure EDGE at the next level who moves inside only on very obvious passing downs. He can still do it, however.

In a class full of flawed pass rushers though, his highlight reel has more exciting flashes than most:

His pass rush win percentage is also strong at 20%. That’s comparable to Zach Baun (20.1%), Bradlee Anae (20.2%) and Curtis Weaver (22.9%). It’s superior to Yetur Gross-Matos (18.9%), A.J. Epenesa (17.5%), Marlon Davidson (16.2%) and K’Lavon Chaisson (13.1%).

That’s why I think he’ll go earlier than most expect. Yes there are inconsistencies and he’s not going to come into the league and be Bradley Chubb. Yet he ticks a lot of boxes — quickness, size, explosive traits, pass rush production.

A lot of people are very happy to mock Gross-Matos, Epenesa and Chaisson in round one. Yet how many boxes have they ticked? Chaisson chose not to do anything at the combine and his pass rush win percentage is the worst among any pass rusher in the class. Gross-Matos chose not to do any running at the combine despite doing all the on-field drills. Epenesa ran in the 5.0’s.

In this weird draft full of missing information — Zuniga benefits from the knowledge we actually have. For that reason, I think he’ll go earlier than a lot of people are currently projecting.

Thoughts on two other defensive linemen

I spent time watching Marlon Davidson and Terrell Lewis again yesterday. I can’t say my opinion changed much on either.

Davidson looks like a three technique playing end. It’s to his credit that he had as much success as he did rushing the edge despite his big frame. He’s uniquely bendy for a man who looks like a prototype defensive tackle.

It’s well known though that he was spelled on rushing downs. Initially it’s not obvious why. You’d think with his size he’d be an ideal run defender at defensive end. Not so. Re-watching the tape revealed part of the problem.

He’s so aggressive. Too aggressive. He can’t set an edge. He’ll often drive his man off the spot with his head down but that’s not what he’s supposed to do. It leaves the edge wide open. You never see him extend his arms, keep his frame clean and read the situation. You need to be able to connect, jolt, disengage, tackle. He doesn’t. He’s a head down attacking force.

The other thing he does is he’ll rush the edge and leave inside contain open. Watching Auburn vs LSU — it felt like they always had a run option to his side.

It also made me question his fit as an interior defender. If he’s this aggressive as a defensive tackle it won’t work. You’ve got to box clever inside — contain your gaps first and foremost and use your skill and physicality to win as a rusher. You can’t just put your helmet down and charge.

There’s no doubt his frame is better suited inside. I wonder if teams will question his ability to play within a scheme and stick to assignments?

That said, he has tremendous physical potential and quickness as mentioned earlier. He has excellent upside. The questions will be — what’s his full time position and how long will it take him to settle into a role, play within the scheme and maximise those physical skills? If a team buys into his potential he could be a top-50 pick. Otherwise he could last into round three.

On Terrell Lewis, I really came away underwhelmed. In fact during the Alabama vs Auburn game I actually started to drift off he was having so little impact.

He certainly looks the part. He’s long and lean. He had a 37 inch vertical at the combine so he has explosive traits. He also does a good job against the run. You’ll see him extend, read and stay clean enough to make a tackle. He also has a good variety of ways to win at the POA. You see a push-pull, you see a straight arm, you see a bull rush. There’s absolutely no doubt that Lewis will see the field quickly in his career. He won’t be a liability in the running game and he’ll be able to play early downs.

What I didn’t see, however, was any semblance of rushing ability. I watched three games and didn’t see a single win off the edge. There were no examples where he wins with get-off, quickness, great bend and dip or hand use. Too often he will engage with the offensive tackle and look to dip back inside. It became predictable and made me question why he didn’t trust the edge rush more often. Why was he so keen to go inside? Why can’t he just win with speed?

That’s not to say he doesn’t flash athleticism. When he lined up in space and had to read/react to a ball carrier he does it very well. He can chase down runners and quarterbacks with great fluidity. He can shift around the field, he can drop in coverage. The only thing that’s missing are some easy wins off the edge.

That shows up on the stat sheet too. He had only six sacks in 2019.

His injury history will also be a concern. He’s exactly the type of player teams would want their medical staff to check over before the draft. Plus he didn’t do any of the runs or agility testing at the combine. I could see a team like the Steelers or Ravens taking a chance on him as an outside backer. I’m not sure he’s dynamic enough as a rusher for Seattle as a possible LEO.

D-line value is late in the second

One thing I’ve noticed spending as much time as I have on the superb Pro Football Network simulator is the value area for defensive linemen appears to be between picks 35-75.

There’s a real dearth of first round options. Yet a cluster of players are projected in the 35-75 range. Then you get a huge drop off that never really recovers.

If the Seahawks need to go into this draft building up their D-line (and that’s very much the case at the moment) — then there appears to be some clarity in how they can do it.

For starters, having picks #59 and #64 gets them into that range. Those two picks could be saved for a pair of D-liners. The first pick at #27 could be used to trade down aggressively to also get into the 35-75 range. It’d also be beneficial to fill the gap between #64 and #101 by adding another third round pick via trade down.

However — having the two late second rounders does buy some flexibility. So if they wanted to draft an offensive lineman first, tap into the strong receiver class or select a perfect prototype fit at running back (Jonathan Taylor) they have the ability to do that.

Of course, you could equally make the case that they need to spend all three of their early picks on the D-line given how bare the cupboard is currently.

We’ve often talked about it being a weak D-line class. That’s very much the case. We’ve also talked about the flawed nature of the prospects available. Yet the one glimmer of hope is that there are some players who might be available in a range that works for Seattle.

Whether it’s Jabari Zuniga who we talked about earlier or players such as Julian Okwara, Joshua Uche, Curtis Weaver, Yetur Gross-Matos, Bradlee Anae, Marlon Davidson, Terrell Lewis, Raekwon Davis, Justin Madubuike, Zack Baun or Rashard Lawrence — there are options. It’s possible the likes of K’Lavon Chaisson and A.J. Epenesa last longer than people expect. It’s also possible they’ll have more interest in Jordan Elliott, Ross Blacklock and Alton Robinson than I’m currently suggesting.

They’re not all ideal physical fits for the Seahawks. We’re not talking prototypes in terms of speed, length, power. Some of the names on the list didn’t work out at the combine too.

They’re options though and are likely to go in the kind of range the Seahawks will be picking. Whether a bunch of rookies will be able to upgrade Seattle’s bad pass rush is another question altogether.

So a possible plan will be to trade back from #27 to get into the #35-40 range and acquire another third round pick. They’d then have four picks between #35-75. That would give them an opportunity to draft at least two defensive linemen. They’d be able to draft an offensive player — either a lineman (Robert Hunt is the player I’m focusing on at the moment), a receiver from this great class, a running back or someone like Hunter Bryant.

Tony Pauline has been reporting the Seahawks will focus on the lines early and often. That’s worth paying attention to — even though there are many enticing skill players in this class.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    As I allready said, if I need to place a bet, let it be: “John will trade back to 35-45 range and take Zuniga with that pick”. (Of course it wont happen if they trade for YN).

    • Hawktalker#1

      You might be correct, but that’s like betting on the favorite to a race, right?

      Expecting the Hawks to do what they normally do is not really a hot take or anything. 😉

  2. Lewis

    The Zuniga tape looks good. Maybe our best shot at an EDGE that could be productive early? Seems like the options at DT are a bit deeper, perhaps.

  3. Murphy

    Great article Rob! As a thought experiment, if JS came to you today and said “We know we need to fix the D-Line. We thought we had a plan but it hasn’t happened as we thought. We want Clowney but he is holding out longer than anticipated. Our goal was to sign him and someone else but that other person would be determined by the remaining cap space. Now we feel stuck. Help us, Rob. What should we do?”

    After you finished admonishing them for being so inactive and wasting cap space on unknown quantities. What would your recommendation be?

    • Dingbatman

      Exactly the question I wanted to ask but couldn’t articulate as well. I would love to see Rob mock a draft where the only FA additions are Everson Griffen and Bruce Irvin. Would you “reach” for a sub par player or go with the strength of the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Get a deal done with Clowney.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Nice post.

      Great question and answer.

  4. Dingbatman

    Assuming Clowney and YN deals don’t work out. Do you think that any combination of 2 of your listed options for defensive line would be more productive than Everson Griffin/Bruce Irvin?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably not. But neither scenario is that appealing.

  5. Ukhawk

    I’m all in on Zuniga!

    My totally unrealistic sim draft after 3 trade downs was:

    39. Grant Delpit S LSU
    59. Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    64. Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    77. Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia
    83. Cam Akers RB Florida State
    95. Willie Gay Jr. OLB Mississippi State

    Nevertheless, while aspirational, it does show that JS should defo look to trade back and stockpile 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I know this might seem like an obvious question, but why use the very first pick on a position that is not a need position for us, or a means to get us a better shot at someone we really need?

      • Ukhawk

        I like Delpit and do consider SS an area of need.

        Delpit played out of position at FS and hurt for most of last year. This was after a season before at SS where he had 85 tackles, five interceptions, five sacks, 9.5 tackles for loss and 14 passes defended to become an AP All-American.

        He has a shot at being an elite talent in the NFL and McDougall ain’t getting any younger.

        In this draft I wanted to add talent at every level of the D and to get faster and more aggressive.

        • Clayton B. Russell

          Rob, thanks again for the posts!.. I have not been posting myself for sometime, but have continued to read.

          Ukhawk, I would say the same-thing about RB. Over the last few seasons our RB’s and even TE’s cannot stay healthy. Knowing this and that the draft is not very strong or deep within DE Class, I would prefer us to play off the strengths: Johnathan Taylor 27 and possibly a Tee Higgens with the next. We know WR is deep and any formula of a Higgens / Aiyuk / Pittmann or Reagor would be spectacular. Knowing we just signed a bunch of quick or possible long term fixes on the OL, we then address OL or DE with the following picks.

          I think many of us have used the PFN simulator by now and although it is not perfect and does not account for more than 3 to 4 trades in the first round on many of my attempts, I do believe it is doing a decent job selecting what round a player may be selected.

          I say play to the strengths and let the ball roll where they may on DE. We did finish 11 -5 with a suspect defense and limited RB help late in the season and into the playoffs. Adding Taylor and Higgens (another great prospect) gives Russ more options and opposing defenses more to think about.

          Not sure if you would agree Rob, but I think Taylor in the 1st is better than a Moss in the 5th.

          Thanks guys.


          • Rob Staton

            If they let the ball roll on DE — they’ll be what they’ve been the last two years. A team that can make the playoffs but then is swiftly dumped out and another year is wasted.

  6. kevin mullen

    Raekwon + combination of Zuniga or Davidson draft, Reed, Green, Irvin, Collier. Sign Everson, if no Clowney resign or YN trade. Would we entertain a Michael Bennett reunion?

    • Gohawks5151

      I honestly don’t think you can rule Bennet out especially if Clowney and Griffen are gone. They will hodge podge MB, Bruce, LJ and Greene with another vet and whoever they draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we can rule out Bennett.

        They paid for him to go away last time.

        • Gohawks5151

          He’s part of my Doomsday scenario

          • Hawktalker#1

            However, as every day goes by, it seems he is closer and closer to becoming that extra roll of toilet paper you wish you had.

            • Kevin Mullen

              I don’t think you could have put this any better in regards to Bennett. 😂

          • Simo

            I’ve had enough of MB, and suspect Pete and John have as well. He was a key piece on the super bowl teams, but probably wore out his welcome. May have done so in Dallas and NE also!!

    • TatupuTime

      I’m not going to lie – part of me is really hoping for Raekwon just to see him lined up next to Poona sometimes. Would be quite the odd couple.

  7. Nick

    Great read, Rob. I really think OT with the first pick makes a lot of sense. It’s a position they need to be filled (at RT) and Duane Brown is getting older. It would be a forward-thinking pick where they’d probably be able to grab a really solid talent and not have to force him into a starting role.

    In my head, I see their draft strategy in the first three rounds as:

    Trade back then take best OT available
    Best DE/LEO available
    Best WR available
    Best DT available

    • Rob Staton

      It depends what happens between now and then though.

      If they haven’t added to the DL I’m not sure they can afford to chance the DL’s being there at the end of round two. They’ll probably have to trade back and take their preferred pass rusher to make sure they don’t miss out.

      Personally I think they’ll target Robert Hunt, possibly at the end of R2.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Ive seen Hunt starting to go earlier in mock drafts. Ive also seen Bryce Hall going consistently in the second round. I know you liked him in the 4th. I know these mocks arent accurate but its just been what Ive been seeing.

  8. Coach

    If we do sign Clowney and Griffen and then have Irvin as well, that means we wouldn’t have a need for Zuniga because Irvin will be playing our speed rusher role and we’d have him and Griffen coming off the edge?

    What if we just sign Clowney, does that mean that Clowney would move inside on passing downs and you would have Irvin and Zuniga coming off each end?

    Do we need another DT that can rush that we sub in for Poona like how we used Jefferson last year?

    It seems like we’d be better off making sure we sign Clowney and Griffen and then use the draft to get some difference makers on offense with our first few picks like this blog has been saying.

    I’d love signing Clowney and Griffen and then with our first two picks drafting Reagor WR TCU and either Taylor RB Wisc or the LSU Rb. Do you think we go WR though after just signing Dorsett at our WR3?

    Just seeing what our best options are so I know what to root for. Any other options that I’m missing?

    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Griffen and Irvin are 33 this year.

      They’ll still need a young pass rusher.

      And Clowney and Griffen are not signed yet and there’s nothing to say they will be either.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree we still need more. If we do sign Clowney and Griffen then a Zuniga like selection would be more for 2021 and beyond. They like to get these guys feet wet early on the DLine then let them go from there.

  9. millhouse-serbia

    My best friend @BradyHenderson tells @710ESPNSeattle the number he’s heard Jadeveon Clowney is looking for is $21M, but Henderson has never gotten the impression Seattle is willing to break the bank. “I don’t know if you can continue to wait on him forever.”

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why the Seahawks see $21m as breaking the bank.

      That’s what it costs to sign a top defensive end in 2020.

      And if that’s what he wants and if they’re not willing to pay it… move on.

      • Denver Hawker

        Wouldn’t he be best off to take the better deal on the table before the Draft? If not, his suitors will draft players to fill his role and he’ll be left out to dry. I’m sure there’ll be at least one or two bad teams with cap room he could go to, but that’s quite counter to his desire to play for a contender.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Does he have a better deal. Many say no. That’s why we are where we are.

        • Brett

          I kinda think the “deadline” to get Clowney done is the draft. Similar to franchise tagged players, teams get less value in trade if they hold onto them past the draft as resources dry up. Sort of a similar situation in reverse with Clowney who seems to be holding out for top dollar and years and those offers aren’t coming. Teams aren’t going to all of a sudden offer him that type of deal around camp if they weren’t willing to offer it in March, regardless of whether or not they can check his medicals, IMO. I think the Seahawks are betting on this, which is why they aren’t going past the 18.5 or so that was reported on a multi-year deal. They don’t believe anyone is going to offer more and they are waiting for Clowney to finally come around to that belief.

          Could be the Seahawks have given him to just before the draft then offer comes off the table and they pursue trade options, move that money they are “holding” for him towards someone like Griffin then draft a DE with a high pick.

          At some point they will give him a deadline. That usually spurs action.

      • AndrewP

        But, is he a top DE in 2020? The market has said he’s not.

        His market has spoken… it’s not 21. Heck, if it was 18.5, he likely would have signed by now.

        His market is likely 15. The Seahawks appear to be willing to go 20% over that at 18.5…

        I don’t blame them for not wanting to go 40% over.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s fine then.

          And if he moves on and they waste next season we can all warm ourselves on the knowledge they saved enough money to sign Cedric Ogbuehi.

  10. dcd2

    I think Zuniga is one of the best hopes for drafting a ‘difference maker’ on the DL. Weaver is intriguing to me as well. I’m as high on these two as Epensa, YGM or Okwara who are all seemingly ranked a round above.

    In the event that you plan to do a piece on possible late round targets, I hope you’ll check out John Reid from PSU as a nickel option. Here’s my case for him (yet again):

    One of only seven CB’s to run a sub 7.00 3-cone
    Fastest short shuttle in the class and the only sub 4.00 (3.97)
    Top 5 for bench – 20 reps
    Top 10 for vert – 36.5
    Top 5 for Broad – 129.0
    4.49 forty

    Here is the combine of the DB’s doing drills (You can really see who’s stiff/awkward): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Zpywi7Ii8

    He looks like one of the smoothest in the hips, going into and out of breaks and making catches. I think he’s exactly what we would be looking for as a Nickel. He’ll be there on day 3 too.

    We need someone who can match up VS the slot, and he fits the bill. We can move Flowers to big nickel for the Kittle/Higbee/Ertz ‘move’ TE matchups. For someone to cover Kupp, Fitz, Keenan Allen, Theilen types, we need a different type of CB.

    I’ve seen AJ Terrell referred to as a ball-hawk a few times. Reid had more pass breakups and INT’s (24/7). He’s a well-spoken guy and he matched up with KJ Hamler every day in practice.

    • dtrain

      I have watched a lot of film of Reid. He is a fantastic option rounds 4 or 5. You nailed it—prototypical nickel and a good tackler. He and Kindle Vildor are my favorite day 3 corner options. Other day 3 guys I can see fitting are McTelvin Agim (DT, Arkansas), Jonathan Garvin (DE, Miami), Jacob Breeland (TE, Oregon), Freddie Swain (WR, Florida), and Tavien Feaster (RB, South Carolina). All Seahawky. All of them were rock solid players playing against tough competition. Charlie Heck (OT, NC) has to be on their radar as well, if he falls to day 3.

  11. CaptainJack

    I would be on board to take Zuniga with our first pick.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Possibly after trading down into the late 30’s? Not sure about 27. He could even be a trade up guy from 59 into the 40’s?

    • CaptainJack

      Starting to prefer Madubuike to Davis, after watching tape. Seahawks need quickness in there more than they need a lumbering giant. Madubuike, Zuniga, get a guy like Gipson or Strowbridge later on. At this point we’re not going to build a great pass rush through signing the existing free agents. Bring in some young blood and just let it loose. The worst that can happen is that we’re in a much better situation at this time next year.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I like Madubuike as well. A guy more in that 290-295 lb range.

  12. cha

    Rob where is the best value in the mid to late rounds in this draft?

    OT, RB and WR?

    With the value cliff on DL at the low second/top third round, it makes me wonder if the Hawks would trade down into the high 2nd and stock up on DLs. Take 2 or 3 even. Then let the value in other positions come to them later.

    Doesn’t necessarily solve the 2020 season issues, but maybe they’re OK running with pups and geezers.

  13. Trevor

    I am all for a guy like Zuniga or Okwara early.

    Sadly though neither is the solution to the Hawks DL and pass rush problem. If JS does not sign Clowney and another vet like Griffen or come up with some other creative solution to fix this glaring problem the Hawks will be playoff but certainly not Super Bowl contenders once again this year.

    • CaptainJack

      After reviewing some game film from last season, I don’t see Clowney as much of a solution either, especially at 21 million a year. This is where I disagree with Rob, I think the seahawks would be foolish to pay that much for a rush end coming off a three sack season. Griffen is a no brainer, then get young juice in here and see what happens.

      • Trevor

        I never said they should pay him 21 mil.

        He is by far the best pass rusher available and they need to address this area or the defense has no chance to improve over last years dismal performance.

  14. mr peapants

    with a few minor trade ups heres my draft(in order)

    delpit 27
    okwara 50
    w gay 64

    • Hawktalker#1

      Why are so many selecting a safety or wide receiver with our first pet? How is that helping our biggest area of weakness get better? I don’t get it.

      • mr peapants

        because he could be a star. the d needs more talent.

  15. Greg Haugsven

    Would we think that Zuniga be an ideal LEO candidate or is he a bit to big? They usually like that 250-260 lb range.

  16. Rob Staton

    25 minutes with Jim Nagy recorded and ready to roll tomorrow. Stay tuned. Got another interview lined up for this week too…

    • Pickering

      Sincere thank you for all of the well-written, informative content you’ve long provided.

      • Rob Staton

        My pleasure, thanks for reading.

    • Rob Staton

      Can now also confirm I’ve just interviewed Robert Hunt too. You are going to LOVE him.

      Both interviews will be posted in the next two days.

      • Rob4q

        Awesome Rob, looking forward to these for sure!

      • Conner Jackson

        Nice, Rob!

      • Ashish

        What the heck, you interviewed player Robert Hunt??? Going in right direction kudos
        No wonder you are high on him, probably studied him more in details like a scouting team

        • Rob Staton

          Yep — just got off the phone with him. You’ll all be interested in what he has to say.

          • Sea Mode

            ngl, I scrolled down quickly and read this comment without context and thought you were poking fun at Josina again… 😂

            • Rob Staton


          • Hawkster

            Your not spoofing that, “xyz just texted me” thing , right?

            • Rob Staton


      • Aaron Bostrom

        Excellent work, Rob. I’ve really enjoyed the articles lately! Can’t wait for the interviews either. Do you view Hunt as a tackle or a guard?

        • Rob Staton


      • Robert

        Love it – your audio content helps me get through these “work at home” days.

        • Rob Staton

          Happy to help 👍🏻

    • Trevor

      Awesome stuff Rob!

  17. Cortez Kennedy

    Zuniga looks like a 2nd round pick. One who won’t do a whole lot for your defense his rookie season. Nice prospect but he’s not going to help us get to the Super Bowl in 2020. Sorry for the negativity, I just can’t stomach another season where the likes of Dalton, Winston and Schaub pass all over us.

  18. Matt

    I really like Zuniga. I think he’s a damn good player.

    All that said, if the Seahawks are forcing themselves into “drafting the trenches early and often,” then they have already failed. If we pass on Taylor, Aiyuk, Reagor, etc because we are forced to get an inferior talent at DL or OL – then I think there needs to be a serious discussion about this being the last offseason for JS. Extreme? Maybe…but we now will have several offseasons in a row where this team has not improved it’s talent level. That is unacceptable when you have a QB like RW.

    Last year, they did the same thing and drafted a putrid talent at 27 who we are hoping is actually active this year. I hammer on Collier, which probably isn’t fair – but it was the process that was such a failure, not just the player. They put themselves in a position where things had to play out perfectly.

    What happens if Okwara and Zuniga go earlier than projected? Same damn situation. JS needs to get his act together. This team is flirting with taking a massive step back next year and quite possibly be the worst team in the division. The Cardinals are getting massively better and have a cheap talented QB.

    • J

      I suspect they will target the strengths of the draft – OL and skill position players, and pass on DL.

      • Rob Staton

        They’re not passing on the DL.

      • Hawktalker#1

        That is a poor and uneducated assumption. JS is an idiot and will screw his team over by ignoring their primary needs in the draft. LOL.

        • Matt

          Nobody is calling JS an idiot. He’s clearly a very sharp guy who has had a lot of success. That doesn’t change the fact the the FO’s hubris which has lead to a poor process over recent years hasn’t been detrimental to the team.

          There is no way that a team picking towards the end of R1 should be in a position where they have to draft a certain position, multiple times with their premium draft capital in order to fill a big need. This team has/had ample Cap Space to address dire needs, like pass rush. Instead, they chose to nickel and dime a bunch of replacement level players on the OL whilst not finalizing a deal with one of the premiere edge players in the NFL. That’s either hubris or a crappy process.

          As I said previously – putting yourself in a position to draft an inferior talent over what’s available because you handcuffed yourself is a terrible process. I will lose my mind when we pass on Jalen Reagor or Jonathan Taylor because “well we were desperate for pass rush and had to settle for this guy.” They did it last year with Collier – and despite how awful the pass rush was – the 24 year old rookie couldn’t even be active on gamedays.

          Re-evaluate the process.

          • Rob Staton

            You make some very valid and fair points Matt.

            And if Clowney is the guy they want they should’ve just gone and landed him.

            It’s all well and good looking smart down the line if you get him cheaper. Won’t be much use if they’re handcuffed during the draft and/or he goes somewhere else, leading to another wasted season.

            In five years time I wouldn’t have a go at the Seahawks for signing Clowney to a long deal if it didn’t work out. I will do if they spend the next five years struggling on the pass rush and never get close to another Super Bowl — wasting Wilson’s prime years.

            I’d love to know Wilson’s thoughts after his superstars comment.

            • Matt

              Admittedly, I’ve been harsh but I think fair in my rants.

              And I totally agree; I will never fault a FO for taking bold action in order to win. To your point, if this turns into another few years of “trying to address Pass Rush in a cute, passive way;” it will be a massive failure especially considering you have RW.

              There are so many analogies to make here, but as a baseball guy who coaches a youth select team: it’s no different than going up to the plate and taking the first 2 strikes, forcing yourself to become defensive on the 3rd strike.

              I will never get upset with my kids if they make mistakes going hard – after all, I can coach up mistakes like that. It’s so corny, but we always tell our kids “go big or go home.” That doesn’t mean be reckless, but I’ll tell you what – I can handle reckless if the alternative is “playing scared.”

              I will never to pretend that I know more than JS – that would be ludicrous; but I do feel confident in analyzing a process. And that’s where my problem resides – I’ve lost confidence in their process.

              • Rob Staton


  19. Greg Haugsven

    Just saw some cap numbers that made me chuckle. The Chiefs have $177 in cap space currently. Not thousand but hundred.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not sure if they can squeeze a Mahomes extension in there or not.

      • Sea Mode

        4 years/$44.00 with a $1 signing bonus…? 😁

    • dcd2

      OTC has them at negative $250k. They got their rings though.

      The Browns on the other hand (recently linked to Griffen) have $12.5M in dead money, Olivier Vernon (who could be cut to save $15M) and still have $45M in space. Oh ya, and they just signed Conklin and Hooper.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They cant be negative as the league doesnt allow it past March 18th.

    • Rob Staton


    • Brett

      Another year and front loading Clark’s contract will really start to bite too. His cap hits get into the $25-26MM per year range towards the end of the deal with almost $38MM in dead money in ‘21 and $13MM in ‘22.

      But like dcd2 said, they got that ring. They are gonna he tight for a long time now. How do they fit extensions for both Mahones and Jones in there? Could be they trade Jones before the draft. On Mahomes they gotta get his deal done this year to extend on top of his rookie contract or they will be in a huge bind …

  20. Kingdome1976

    After all of these sims who would be your personal favorite with the first 3 picks? Let’s say we trade #59 for #45 as well.


    #27 Okwara
    #45 Madubuike
    #64 I. Wilson

    Some think Wilson will go earlier but I’m not convinced yet.

    • CaptainJack

      My problem with Okwara is he doesn’t play the run. Zuniga is more well rounded.

      • GerryG

        Draft them both, and R Davis.

        This DL is awful, and needs an infusion of talent. Clowney ain’t breaking his stance, he’ll sign a 1 year deal somewhere.

        So better load up on kids, and hope to snag Griffen. It’s a s!#tty plan, but it’s the bed they have made for themselves.

  21. Gohawks5151

    Was there a past post like this for Madubuike? I’m not very familiar with him but see him high on many boards.

    • Rob Staton

      No — but the breakdown with him is he’s very athletic and quick. Ideal one-gapper. Plays well for his size against the run, gains leverage, adept at playing off the shoulder and tough to move. But I wanted to see more as a pass rusher. He was disappointing in that regard.

      • DC

        I might have watched the wrong game from him but several months ago the one I saw was uninspiring.

  22. Rob4q

    So just in thinking about some of the late round EDGE prospects in this draft, I wonder how many of the current pass rushers in the NFL were top draft picks? Obviously having the right physical profile and traits is huge, bus as has been discussed here, guys like Ngouke and Judon are having success while not having elite profiles. Markus Golden also comes to mind.

    I wonder if there are any hidden gems in this draft? Most of these guys are projected as mid-late round picks or even UDFA:

    D.J. Wonnum – DE South Carolina
    Derrek Tuszka – DE North Dakota State
    Jonathan Garvin – OLB Miami
    Bryce Huff – OLB Memphis
    Tipa Galea’i – OLB Utah State
    Darrell Taylor – OLB Tennessee

    • Kingdome1976

      I wouldn’t call him a hidden gem exactly because many have him highly ranked but I think Baun should be on our radar. He is a good pass rusher and very instinctive LB.

      • Rob4q

        Yeah Baun is an interesting player and I’ve read some mixed reviews of his play.

        I think Bradlee Anae is another one who will go in the early rounds who has a lot of potential to be what the Seahawks need. Dude just gets it done!

    • J

      Add James Smith Williams out of NC State to that list. 4.6 40, 1.61 10 yard split.

      Compares very well to Zuniga athletically. 7.35 3 cone is slower than you’d like but 4.52 short shuttle was top 13.

      • Sea Mode

        Spoiler: you’re gonna be disappointed when you actually look into him. Literally always hurt and not a lot of consistent production.

        I looked into him way back at the beginning of the CFB season when he appeared on Feldman’s Freak list. I guess you could say he’s a workout warrior, but a wounded warrior.

        • J

          Throw a sixth rounder at him and it might pay off.

      • Rob4q

        Haven’t heard of him…will have to take a look, thanks!

    • Phil Killham

      I am very curious to see where Tipa Galea’i gets drafted and how he pans out. He has the tools…

    • Michael Hasslinger

      I prefer Trevis Gipson

  23. J

    Has anyone seen tape on Kenny Robinson Jr.?

    PFF mocked him to us in the first in their draft. Kicked out of West Virginia last year for academic fraud so he went to the XFL.

    Reading what reports I’ve seen I like it. Rangy, ball hawk safety, big hitter. Have to evaluate the personal concerns though.

    • J

      Meant to say I like it but not in the first obviously.

      • RWIII

        J: If Robinson is in the X .F.L. doesn’t that mean he is a free agent? Why do they have to draft the guy.

        • J

          He’s never been part of a draft before.

  24. RWIII

    Hey guys. I wonder if there will be less trades this year during the N.F.L draft. John Schneider may not have the opportunity to trade down like he normally does. In my opinion I don’t think it will be an issue. What do you guys think?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’ll always be trades.

    • Sea Mode

      I think the phones will be working just like they usually do. Perhaps even better actually, since teams will likely pay special attention to it when setting up their make-shift war rooms.

  25. wsguy

    Rob – given the desperate need for an edge and what looks like a truncated offseason and less padded practices with the new CBA – will there be more emphasis on picking guys with high floors who can contribute in 2020 vs guys who may produce in 2022/2023?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so. Ultimately if a player has only a high floor he might never have an impact. He might not be good enough. A player with outstanding physical skills might need time but you might also end up with someone of real value. I think we might see less chances taken on injury risks and for that reason quite a few ‘names’ might last longer than any of us expect. But aside from that I think it’ll be fairly typical.

  26. Sea Mode

    Per Breer:

    And I have some more names of guys that’ll be hurt by the lack of pro days and 30 visits too that crossed my desk past deadline. Highly-regarded defensive linemen Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina), Yatur Gross-Matos (Penn State) and Justin Madubuike (Texas A&M) all have issues teams want to reconcile, and haven’t been able to.

    • Rob Staton


    • DC

      Depending on the severity of what he has, if Kinlaw dropped within striking range I’d sure be tempted to grab him.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Its a tough situation we have here. The NFL wants teams to invest millions of dollars with limited information. If you asked a stock broker to do the same he’d tell you to kiss off. I can see why teams want to push this off but the question then becomes when? Is a month delay really going to help you? Probably not.

  27. Will

    Great article Rob. I think our first pick after a trade back (with Denver) will be Raekwon Davis because Pete cannot resist but I could definitely see Zuniga or Curtis Weaver at 59 or a trade up.

    By the way thanks for introducing that mock draft generator from PFN. With this stay at home order I’ve probably done 50+ mock drafts

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a terrific piece of work. PFN deserve a medal.

    • DC

      FWIW Tony Pauline has Raekwon Davis as his #20 prospect overall & going to NE with the 23rd pick in his March 26 mock draft. I can easily see that as NE consistently takes the dudes I want here.

      • Michael P Matherne

        He’ll be a Raven. They always take at least one guy I really want. I swear they read SDB… Plus then he’ll get to learn from Campbell

  28. Producehawk

    Rob what do you think of Neville Gallimore? I have seen him in round one of some drafts and heard he is a riser. Pardon if you have already covered him.

    • Rob Staton

      Good straight line runner but his agility testing was extremely poor. Didn’t produce enough in Oklahoma’s attacking front and while I thought he had a good Senior Bowl week I don’t think he’s anything more than a rotational piece.

      • Producehawk

        Thanks Rob I would love to see you pick the draft I just did three trade downs a one trade up. I got lost in the 140 range.

        SEA 42.
        Julian Okwara
        DE Notre Dame
        trade icon
        SEA 54.
        Prince Tega Wanogho
        OT Auburn
        trade icon
        SEA 64.
        Raekwon Davis
        DT Alabama
        SEA 101.
        Robert Hunt
        G Louisiana
        SEA 107.
        Hunter Bryant
        TE Washington
        trade icon
        SEA 133.
        Terence Steele
        OT Texas Tech
        SEA 140.
        Ke’Shawn Vaughn
        RB Vanderbilt
        trade icon
        SEA 141.
        Michael Ojemudia
        CB Iowa
        trade icon
        SEA 144.
        Anthony Gordon
        QB Washington State

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Watch sr bowl game. Focus on Stenberg. Watch him destroy Gallimore.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Over and over and over and over and over… and over again.

  29. Rob Staton

    Off to bed. Used to go to sleep thinking I’d wake up to pass rush news. Not any more.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I passed that day about a week ago now…lol

      • GerryG


    • brendon light


  30. Rob4q

    Anyone look at Julian Blackmon CB/FS out of Utah yet? Might be a possible slot/big nickle guy…and they seem to love players from Utah!

  31. OregonHawk

    ?? will this work??

    SEA 44.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida
    trade icon
    SEA 59.
    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama
    SEA 64.
    Tyler Biadasz
    C Wisconsin
    SEA 75.
    Robert Hunt
    G Louisiana
    trade icon
    SEA 101.
    Devin Duvernay
    WR Texas
    SEA 133.
    Bryce Hall
    CB UVA
    SEA 144.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU
    SEA 197.
    Evan Weaver
    ILB Cal
    trade icon
    SEA 214.
    Steven Montez
    QB Colorado

    • Producehawk

      That’s a beauty.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Pretty good. I might trade Cam Akers or a WR for Biadasz

  32. Greg Haugsven

    Also if we are looking to trade back and possible get a third here is some point options for the newer Rich Hill trade chart.

    Pick # 27…216

    Trading back with the Chargers for 37 and 71
    37 (162) 71 (68) is 230

    Trading back with the Colts for 44 and 75
    44 (135) 75 (63) is 198

    Trading back with the Dolphins for 39 and 70
    39 (153) 70 (70) is 223

    Trading back with the Browns for 41 and 74
    41 (146) 74 (64) is 210

    Trading back with the Panthers for 38 and 69
    38 (157) 69 (71) is 228

    Just some point options.

  33. New Guy

    Hey Rob,

    Have you ever considered doing a podcast with Lofa Tatupu? He was a great Seahawk player and afterward a coach for them. I’m just listening to an interview with him on 710 ESPN he mentioned he’s planning on getting back into coaching and draft evaluation.
    It’d be great hearing two football minds discussing intelligent draft evaluation and team building.


    • Hawktalker#1

      That is an outstanding idea. He is one of my legend favorites. I love wearing his jersey to Seahawk functions.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Favorite player, favorite pod

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be happy to

  34. drewdawg11

    I’m in total agreement with you. I think that he’s going to go in round two and to get him, they’re going to need to trade back or trade up. He tested well and before the injuries, he was a lot to deal with for offensive linemen. He’s a good candidate to get some coaching and then blow up in year two, but he’s physical enough to be solid as a rookie, even if he’s a rotational guy. The thing he has that Okwara lacks is an ability to set the edge with authority. If you can find a way to get them both they’d compliment each other.

  35. MoBo

    I tried a complete 3-round-mock based on the biggest needs of each team.

    Cowboys, Rams, Bills, Ravens, Texans, Vikings could all draft a DE in round 2, maybe trade up to 50 to secure the guy you like (Zuniga)
    I think an interesting safety (Dugger), WR (Aiyuk) or RB (Akers/Dobbins) could last to the area around 75 and could be worth a trade up or a pick from trading down earlier.
    Pos. 85 could be worth a trade up to select one a LB (Gay, Wilson) you like or to not get the leftover of the WR.
    Round 4 seems like a good place to draft a G/C and/or RB

    I think a trade with GB like 2018 and 2019 is likley. GB get the WR they need (Mims, Jefferson, Reagor) we get a late 3rd pick (94). Maybe we have to give up a 4th rounder.
    I guess we trade out of round one to 36-42 to grab a two early 4th & 5th (like 110, 150) or a early-mid 3rd (72).
    The picks 36, 59, 64, 94, 101, 110, 133, 144, 150, 214 would allow us to trade up if needed or select Position with less need like LB, CB, G, S in the 3rd and 4rd round.

    Our picks:
    36 Wilson OT
    59 Zuniga DE (or trade up with 101)
    64 Akers RB (or take a WR like Van Jefferson/Aiyuk and a RB early in the 4th)
    94 Gay Jr LB
    101 Duvernay WR
    110 Harris C
    133 CB (Robertson) or OG (Stenberg)
    150 S (Metellus)
    214 NB or OT

  36. Coleslaw

    Very nice piece, Rob. Thank you.

    I agree with Tony that the lines will be the targets early. I agree with you that DL will be at least 1 of those 1st 4 picks. I think the same goes for OL and I think its more likely to be 2 OL because of the class.

    Something like Cleveland, Davis, Hunt, Akers/Moss

  37. cha

    Seahawk Maven breakdown on Finney


    • DC

      Thanks cha. Versatile dude. Definitely opens up some options with the ability to play all 3 interior spots.

  38. Aaron

    So while we all scratch our heads over why the Hawks have been so lackluster in FA at adding to the pass rush, there’s possibly a method to the madness. Let’s hope they plan to do something like what you’re suggesting Rob. I’d hate to be here in another month or so and having to lament with all y’all over our d line being basically the same or possibly worse if Clowney leaves.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Right, and in order to fix the line, even signing Clowney was never going to be enough.

      The big question that had been on the table, was who else were we going to get to help us in addition to Clowney. Without at least one more talented book and for him, its unlikely that the DL will be any better than last year, and in my book that’s completely unacceptable represent a significant fail from the front office.

  39. 6x2 stack monster

    Rewatch Super Bowl last night and could not help but notice Chris Jones impact on the game batting 3 Jimmy G passes down. Having that unique length probably has more impact on games than we realize. Wouldn’t be surprised if JS & PC have picked R Wilson’s brain about how those type of guys impact the game in a non statistical way. Rob saw Tony P had R. Davis in top 25. Most mocks have him a lot lower. What’s your thoughts on the discrepancy here? I think the hawks hope he makes it to 27 so they can pull the trigger.

    • Gohawks5151

      Kind of off topic but I was watching some film some guys that maybe could be late round D line guys. I’m a Canes fan so I was watching Jonathan Garvin who is OK, but man you can’t watch any Miami defensive line play last season without talking about Gregory Rousseau. They kid looks like Jevon Kearse and has a bit of Clowney to him too. 6’6″, 260, 19.5 TFL, 15.5 sacks as a freshman. I would start laying the ground work for this kid in next years draft. Trade away our first next year for an extra 1st in 2022. This is what I’ve been reduced to this off-season. Thanks Seahawks and Corona

      • Gohawks5151

        Oops. Should have been a new topic

    • Hawktalker#1

      It is a better assumption to bet on the Hawks trading down again this year.

      Hopefully Davis will last into R2 so we have a shot at him, but Wilson won’t. I see Wilson mocks even by ourselves down to 60. Rob even says that if he drops past 27 on the mock draft he won’t pick him because the availability is unrealistic. Choosing players when they will definately be gone just make the the mock a wasted effort. Better to create something more realistic.

      • Greg Haugsven

        To me the batted down pass is the most underrated thing in football. It for sure needs to be a more common stat.

        • Stephen Pitell

          A batted pass counts as a Pass Defensed just like a CB gets if he swats a pass away.

  40. Paul Cook

    “When I hear NFL news now, it’s like briefing from another planet.”

    Just read this from one of my favorite econ writers during these times.

  41. Chris

    That PFN simulator is addicting…with that said, after a few trades, here’s how the picks fell…

    #41- Johnathan Taylor
    #59- Raekwon Davis
    #64- Jabari Zuniga
    #85- Rashard Lawrence
    #97- Robert Hunt
    #101- Tyler Biadasz
    #214- Josh Metellus

    I know Rob has stated Hunt wouldn’t last that late, however, in the moment it’s hard to pass up. Stayed away from receiver for 2 reasons: 1. Value for Lawrence and Hunt was too tremendous. 2. Covid-19 shortening the offseason makes me nervous, but Dorsett gives me hope.

    This is the type of draft, in my opinion, would give hope with or without a Clowney signing.

  42. Denver Hawker

    I see Todd McShay plaster a 2 round mock tonight, but don’t have access. Always curious what the talking heads predict given their access to people, but hardly rely on them for scouting.

    • Denver Hawker

      Wow- meant to write ‘posted’ but I suppose ‘plaster’ might be appropriate.

      • Jeffe108

        Claisson, Biadasz, and Strowbridge.

        • Matt

          LOVE Chaisson – I know I’m somewhat alone on that on this board.

          Biadasz over Isaiah Wilson? Yikes…big yikes. It was not fun watching Biadasz get completely overwhelmed in his bowl game against Oregon’s DL. I’m actually fine with Biadasz at 101…but he’s not nearly a good enough player, especially when he can only play C to be drafted in the top 2 rounds (just my opinion).

          Strowbridge…another big yikes. He looks incredible until you watch him actually play football. I think there are much better options to be had at 64.

  43. Kingdome1976

    Been watching tape on CEH…He’s the best RB in this draft by far.

    • Matt

      As much as I love Taylor – CEH will be a better value and provide a little more edge to the Seattle run game. I’d love to have either guy, but CEH is such a bad ass with no weaknesses.

  44. Greg Haugsven

    Was doing some reading up on Zuniga. Looks like he bulked up between the end of the season and the combine. If he could get back down to between 255-260 he could be a perfect LEO fit for us.

  45. millhouse-serbia

    And if that’s what he wants(21mil) and if they’re not willing to pay it… move on.

    I was thinking about this yesterday…what if they did allready move on(i think thats the case)…we need proof for that right, to be sure they did…and proof would be to sign somebody else…but thats where problem starts…sign who?…the only free option on market is Griffen, and thats it…the end…and maybe he want 3y contract for big money…maybe he has some problems etc…maybe there is some reason he is still unsigned…

    And other options are via trade, and its never easy to.make.a trade eapecially for big name where high picks are involved…

    My point is that I agree with you they need to move one, I just think they allready did move on but without other realistic options right now(which is unacceptable and shows how bad they did this for now)…
    They could change this situation, but it will be much harder then 15days ago, and its not all in their hands…

    • Henry Taylor

      If they’d moved on, presumably they would have signed Griffen? Unless they’re working on a deal for Ngokoue but that seems unlikely if they arent wanting to pay Clowney.

  46. charlietheunicorn

    Ok. So we have heard some bread crumbs about Seattle loading up on the OL/DL. We have heard a rumbling about Seattle trading the 1st round pick….. so I combined the 2 with help of Rob’s scouting report to see what I could come up with.

    39. Julian Okwara – DE Notre Dame (You need some pass rush!)
    43. Jabari Zuniga – DE Florida (You need some pass rush!/ double down)
    59. Cam Akers – RB Florida State (when the glove fits…)
    64. Jaylon Johnson – CB Utah (outside CB type)
    69. Jordan Elliott – DT Missouri (plug the middle)
    101. Bryce Hall – CB UVA (outside CB)
    133. Kindle Vildor – CB Georgia Southern (slot CB type)
    144. Logan Stenberg – G Kentucky (OG mauler)
    151. Jack Driscoll – OT Auburn (OT or OG)
    184. Yasir Durant – OT Missouri (“Raw” ROT prospect with good size)
    214. Steven Montez – QB Colorado (back-up QB depth)
    215. Bryce Huff – OLB Memphis (situational pass rusher, think of Mingo or Griffin)

    Notable Trades:
    -2020 SEA 1st (27) = +2020 CAR 2nd (38) + 2020 CAR 3rd (69) + 2020 CAR 6th (184)
    -2021 SEA 1st (TBD) = +2020 MIA 2nd (39) +2021 MIA 3rd (TBD)
    -2020 SEA 2nd (38) = +2020 LAC (43) + 2020 LAC (151)
    -2021 SEA 6th = 2020 CIN 7th (215)

    If we keep our minds open, there will be ways to fill out the roster. This draft doesn’t depend on signing Clowney, but if he were resigned, then you would have excellent young depth at DE, so a short term deal would be more agreeable to both parties.

    • GoHawksDani

      1, I like the haul and most of the players
      2, but those trades seem a bit over the top…I don’t think most teams trade like that and that much
      3, love the two edge guys but would like to also get a DT early (Davis/Madubuike). Maybe #59 + #69 for like 47 or something to get one of those guys? We miss a potential starting RB but we could get a rotational depth guy later
      4, I don’t mind the CBs, I think that could be a priority soon but with this draft class, I’d take Robert Hunt or Cushenberry instead Johnson. Or maybe Duvernay if he’s still there for WR3

  47. Coach

    Sorry if this article link has already been posted here, but I just came across it and thought it would be interesting for the blog. The Ravens think the 2020 draft is a good place to find a pass rusher.



    Go Hawks!

    • JC3

      I like James Lynch as a 3T.

  48. GoHawksDani

    Did a completely unrealistic draft. Traded a ton (also 2021 3rd and 5th) and managed to get 6 picks in that range 😀 The crazy thing was that there were no solid options remained at 83, so selected Hall, because coverage can help the passrush too.
    42. Julian Okwara – DE Notre Dame
    59. Raekwon Davis – DT Alabama
    64. Marlon Davidson – DE Auburn
    73. Jonathan Greenard – OLB Florida
    81. Rashard Lawrence – DT LSU
    83. Bryce Hall – CB UVA

    Obviously this is just for fun…but to be honest, I wouldn’t be fine with this haul.
    I think yeah, 35-75 is sort of the range but more so 35-55. Based on the sim you can pick Okwara, Zuniga, Madubuike, Davis, Uche, Weaver, Anae there. First 4 usually goes between these range but sometimes the last 3 too. Then between 55-75 you mostly have options for Greenard, Davidson, Robinson, Willekes, Fotu, Lawrence.
    Unless we do something crazy trades, I think even if we prioritize drafting DL we can only grab Okwara OR Zuniga and maybe Davis or Madubuike. We can also grab some player later (Rashard Lawrence, Greenard, Willekes, etc)

  49. GoHawksDani

    Rob, who is better in your opinion?
    Okwara or Zuniga? And who could be a better fit for the Hawks’ needs?

    • Rob Staton

      They both have strengths, potential and inconsistencies.

  50. EranUngar

    An interesting piece of information:

    When Shell was recruited he reached to an ex teammate from South Carolina and received a glowing recommendation regrading playing for Carroll and the Seahawks.

    That teammate was Clowney….

    • Rob Staton

      It’s moderately interesting. It means Clowney enjoyed his time here.

      Still doesn’t change the fact that Seattle has three choices:

      1. Pay Clowney and get this finally sorted

      2. Move on and sign someone else

      3. Wait this out for months on the off chance he does sign with Seattle while risking having an even worse D-line next season and wasting another season

  51. Positrac

    Thanks Rob, this sim is soooo fun during Earth’s timeout.
    SEA 27.Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
    SEA 59.Jabari Zuniga DE Florida
    SEA 64.Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    SEA 101.Willie Gay Jr. OLB Mississippi State
    SEA 133.Devin Asiasi TE UCLA
    SEA 144.Joshua Kelley RB UCLA
    SEA 214.Yasir Durant OT Missouri
    Wishing they do not make any trades and just draft this year.
    This is 6 shots at a superstar.

  52. Rico

    Another mock attempt… I am a fan of trading the 3rd of next year to help boost stock this year and did it again… I might try one next with another trade out of next year using 5th or 6th as well, just to see how that does in terms of boosting the numbers in that sweet spot (35-75ish).

    45. Julian Okwara
    56. Raekwon Davis
    59. CEE
    71. Joshua Uche (yeah, loading up)
    76. Brandon Aiyuk
    141. Logan Stenberg
    185. Charlie Heck
    242. Calvin Throckmorton
    246. Lamar Jackson

    I meant to try to get one more before 90, but it is hard to work with those late picks, they just don’t buy you much, so really just padded out with depth and competition.

  53. Sebastian

    Source close to former #Vikings DE Everson Griffen says he definitely has interest in signing with Seattle Seahawks and they could be interested in him if they don’t re-sign DE Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney remains domino that likely needs to fall before Griffen signs with any team.
    From Chris Tomasson via Twitter

    • Sebastian

      Chris Tomasson via Twitter

  54. Brik

    Back after a year of not paying attention to the draft. Rob Stanton is one of the best I’ve seen always being able to find gems I otherwise don’t think I would hear much about in other places. Watched Zuniga and he does look like a beast. He looks like he is too much for the linemen he goes against which does include LSU and other good teams. Not one to think highlights tell it all but he is definitely capable and would be a good pick if we can get him. Seahawks just let Dickson and Thompson go. I didn’t expect Thompson. Curious as to if they are in the running for Yannick Ngakoue. I think they will try but won’t give up more than a first and a 3rd next year. Would be unbelievable if they end up with him and Clowney comes back. Do we have enough cap space now?

    • Brik

      Talking to myself here, but it just hit me. Clowney must be waiting until after the draft to see what happens. I’m guessing that he thinks a team might not get the player they want so they will go big to get Clowney. How many teams have the money, and will still have it after the draft?

  55. Bigten

    Just read seahawks had formal interviews with Texas safety Brandon Jones, Florida edge Greenard, and…….. LLU Robert Hunt! Can’t wait to here from him tomorrow. Thank you for the awesome content Rob.
    Side Note, seems like we are interviewing a lot of safeties. Weren’t there multiple at combine too?

  56. Albert Butler

    Okay, I finally tried the PFN Mock Simulator. In my session Javon Kinlaw was still on the board so I traded back one spot with Jacksonville to pick up a 5th rounder (165) then again down to 43 with Chicago to get 163 and 200. I then tried to pull a D.K. Metcalf and traded up to the 1st pick in the third round with picks I got from trading down with Chicago and Miami.

    It ended up looking like this:

    43.Julian Okwara DE Notre Dame

    59.Raekwon Davis DT Alabama

    64. Jabari Zuniga DE Florida

    65. Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois

    101. Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame

    144. Shane Lemieux G Oregon

    165. Alex Taylor OT SC State

    200. Jon Runyan Jr. G Michigan

    214. Kevin Dotson G Louisiana

    What do you think?

  57. Dan Viens


    Zuniga is an enigma to me for one of the reasons you mentioned, he doesn’t jump off the tape as a consistent threat to get to the QB. But you know who does? Greenard, who tested much worse than his teammate. I’ve watched three Florida games and Greenard affects the passer on nearly every play, while Zuniga is at time unnoticeable.

    Despite his testing so you see Greenard as a fit in Seattle at all?

    Go Hawks!


    • Rob Staton

      I’ve written about Greenard a lot. Great character, good length and agility testing. But he just doesn’t challenge opponents off the edge as a rusher. He has almost no twitch or burst. I think he can do a fair job as a hold-it-down EDGE who will chip in with some plays and act in a rotation. But he’s not going to be a difference maker.

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