Six days to go… Seahawks predictions & thoughts

April 20th, 2018 | Written by Rob Staton

Are the Seahawks going to trade down?

Yes. They’re in the middle of a major re-tool. They’re not going to pick at #18 and then watch 101 prospects leave the board before they pick again. It’s not happening. Not this year, not with their needs. Furthermore, this is a draft with only a handful of players who warrant legit first round grades. It’s unlikely many, if any, fall to #18. The person you take at #18 might have a similar grade to the player taken at #45 this year. Trade down, fill out your board, add talent at multiple positions.

What’s the ideal trade down?

Hope that someone (e.g. Cleveland) wants to move up for an offensive tackle. There are likely only two first round tackles this year — Mike McGlinchey and Kolton Miller. If you want one of them, you might need a top-20 pick. If the Browns are willing to give Seattle #33, #64 and a fourth or fifth rounder to move up to #18 — that’s your deal.

Do you still think the Seahawks will take Christian Kirk with their first pick after trading down?

I think it’s very possible for three reasons. One, he’s the ideal fit for Air Coryell. Two, every single piece written about Kirk refers to his high character, attitude and work ethic. Three, to quote one of Bob McGinn’s scouting sources: “This is the worst wide-receiver draft I’ve seen in my life.” So if you want to add a receiver, you might need to do it early. The Seahawks lost Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson plus Tyler Lockett’s in a contract year. They need to add to the passing game.

What about their second pick?

A name to keep an eye on is Virginia’s Andrew Brown. I think he’s underrated and destined to be a top-75 selection. He’s a former five-star recruit with a relentless motor. He gives everything on the field. He ran a 4.48 short shuttle at 296lbs. The Seahawks have focused on the short shuttle with their defensive line additions (Quinton Jefferson — 4.37, Jordan Hill — 4.51, Jaye Howard — 4.47, Malik McDowell — 4.53). He has nearly 35 inch arms and can play inside/out. He’s your Michael Bennett replacement. USC’s Rasheem Green is another possibility — as is Ole Miss’ Breeland Speaks in the middle rounds.

What about the running game?

It’s strange that after spending so long talking about ‘fixing the run’ as a priority and the great options at running back — I’m now here suggesting they might wait on the position. I still maintain we were right to spend so long on that area of the team. I don’t regret spending a lot of time discussing running backs, interior offensive linemen and blocking tight ends. It’s still possible Seattle focuses on improving the run with their early picks. Yet as time has passed, I think it’s become less apparent they’ll do this with their first couple of picks. However, if they wait to address the running game and then struggle to run the ball for a third year in a row in 2018, they won’t have an excuse. Not with the first two rounds in this draft class. It’s tailor-made to help repair a running game. My thoughts on the top runners in this draft (Ronald Jones II, Nick Chubb etc) haven’t changed.

So what will they do with the running game?

It’s still possible they draft a running back early or a lineman like Austin Corbett. We shouldn’t rule it out. That said, Pete Carroll and John Schneider going to workout Christian Kirk and Kalen Ballage feels like an important piece of information. Ballage won’t be everyone’s top choice at the position. He had a very inconsistent college career. He’s flattered to deceive and there’s a very real possibility he’d end up being another Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise or Chris Carson — promising much but either being injured or inconsistent. However, he has the ideal physical profile for the position. We know they like running backs with size and explosive traits. We know they like unique players. Ballage has the potential to be positively freaky. He’s a superb pass catcher and could be the perfect modern day runner. Bob McGinn’s league sources say this about Ballage:

Scout #1: “Everybody will have question marks on his ability to play the physical game of football… But he’s got the size and the speed combination that will make him be a great asset to any organization.”

Scout #2: “He’s talented… Really good route runner. He has a chance to be dynamic. But he’s got to prove it over the long haul that he can do it day in and day out from the standpoint of being tough. I could see somebody jumping up in the third round because the talent is there.”

Like it or not, Pete Carroll looks for potential in a player and backs his staff to coach them up. Ballage can be dynamic. He is talented. He could also be a mirage. But the Seahawks might think taking him is only as much of a risk as rolling the dice on Derrius Guice’s reported character concerns, Ronald Jones II’s size or Sony Michel’s fumble problems.

What range would they have to target him?

It’s probably going to have to be round three. The potential is there and someone will take a chance on him. At the very least he’d be an excellent third down back, so he won’t hang around. I’m not totally convinced by Ballage myself. But it’s plausible they like him.

How are they going to add speed?

Pete Carroll felt the Rams were faster across the board during the 42-7 pasting at the end of last season. It was an honest and sadly correct assessment. On top of fixing the run, getting more speed on the team seems vital. It’s one of the reasons why Christian Kirk might be a fit. More speed, more competition, fix the run plus strong, tough, reliable players. If they want to add speed, tenacity, grit, special teams value and pass rushing talent — one name springs to mind. Shaquem Griffin.

What about other defensive positions?

It’s a nice class for fast, explosive linebackers. They might be able to convince several coveted UDFA’s to come in and compete. They need young depth at the position. Someone like Zaire Franklin at Syracuse could be someone they draft in the later rounds or bring in as an UDFA. If they can’t land a corner like Isaiah Oliver in round two, Texas’ Holton Hill could/should be a hedge in rounds 4/5. Adding another nickel corner is important with Justin Coleman an unrestricted free agent in 2019. Wisconsin’s Nick Nelson or Alabama’s Tony Brown could be options here. Brown in particular has the attitude, big personality, hitting ability and special teams value they like. Whatever happens with Earl Thomas, they could probably do with adding competition at safety. Natrell Jamerson warrants interest. They’ve been looking at interior pass rushers (Maurice Hurst, Poona Ford) and bigger nose tackles (Vita Vea, Derrick Nnadi). They also need another EDGE. If Josh Sweat isn’t an early pick, Dorance Armstrong could be a day three alternative. Kemoko Turay should be a name of interest too. This will be a good draft to fill out a defense.

Will they draft a tight end?

Probably. Ed Dickson is a short-term option and Nick Vannett hasn’t done much in two years. Tyrone Swoopes can only really be seen as camp competition for now. If they manage to acquire multiple day two picks, the likes of Dallas Goedert and Ian Thomas could come into play. Both could go in the top-50 though — so they might be forced to wait on the position. There are decent blocking tight ends available later (Durham Smythe, Dalton Schultz) but the Seahawks might just go for Will Dissly on day three. He’s a coaches dream and arguably the best blocker in the class. If a high-ceiling type like Goedert and Thomas isn’t available, Dissly could come into play.

Everyone says they’ll draft O-line early. Why aren’t you projecting that?

The Seahawks have already spend the following on their O-line:

Duane Brown — second + third rounder
Ethan Pocic — second rounder
Justin Britt — second rounder + big contract extension
Germain Ifedi — first rounder
Rees Odhiambo — third rounder

They’ve also signed D.J. Fluker in free agency, invested time and effort into George Fant and recently changed O-line coaches, bringing in Mike Solari.

Eventually you’ve got to try and develop someone, not just keep pumping high picks into a unit. If they draft a guard early, for example, it likely just means cutting Fluker or benching Pocic. It’s probably time to just let Solari work with these players.

They invited both Austin Corbett and Billy Price to the VMAC. Both are exceptional talents in this draft class. Both would be fine picks. There’s no reason to completely rule out an early O-line pick. It might just be unlikely this year.

So what’s the key to this draft?

Just. Add. Talent. The roster needs an infusion of young quality. Players with competitive spirit, high athleticism, size, speed and grit. Go for value. Whatever you think about the recent drafting history in Seattle, they always do a good job identifying positional talent cliffs and the range where they can get ‘their’ guys. Go find a new core group.

I intend to do a Google Hangout later today at about 7pm or 8pm PST. I’ll be providing more info based on Bob McGinn’s sources. There’s some interesting insight on the running back, receiver and tight end classes. I’ll post the video at the top of the page and you can watch live or on catch-up.

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245 Responses to “Six days to go… Seahawks predictions & thoughts”

  1. Misfit74 says:

    Do you have questions about Kirk’s ability to play outside, against press-man? I know he’s very good vs. zone but I’ve been readin a lot about how poorly he does outside. We have e the slot covered w Baldeim (and Lockett).

    • Rob Staton says:

      Doug hasn’t really been used as a pure slot though — and he can play anywhere for me. I think with Kirk you use him predominantly in the slot and that’s where he’ll win. And win well.

      • Lewis says:

        Be nice to have better outside guys where we COULD use Doug in the slot more. He’s so good over the middle and can fake linebackers out of their shoes all day long.

      • Elmer says:

        Rob, if we don’t go WR early can you see us drafting Dante Pettis? Do you think he will still be around in rounds 4 to 5?

    • matt says:

      From the outside he won’t dominate inside routes against tough coverage because of his size but he’ll beat one on one sideline coverage all day

  2. SoCal12 says:

    Man, just under a week left. I’m shivering with antici…

    I know it’s been said a lot lately, but thanks again for all the work you’ve been doing man. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the draft process or looked forward to a draft more than I have this year, and you are large contributor to that. Keep it up, and happy drafting!


  3. Nick says:

    @David_Seahawks: .@JasonLaCanfora on @SportsRadioKJR says that he thinks that the Seahawks trade Earl Thomas during draft weekend.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I’ve been speculating for a while that Jerry Jones has already agreed to trade for ET, but is the kind of showman who needs a R1 splash in a draft he’s hosting so he won’t announce it until draft day.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

        Precisely Eric, that’s what I sense. Why wouldn’t Jerry do it Live in Front of Home fans. I also think Jerry will announce the trade before the first pick is selected.

        • JimQ says:

          So…..maybe the Seahawks already have a deal in place? Just awaiting announcement on draft day, IF SO, that might be why they have met with Via and other projected 1-st rd. guys? Having picks #18 & #19 would be great for the Seahawks re-whatever-it-is. Hope floats, big time.

          • JimQ says:

            Forgot to add: Maybe — ET’s no show, is so he won’t be subject to injury because he knows it’s a done deal, maybe?

  4. j says:

    My predictions:

    We keep the Earl of Thomas.

    We trade down at least two times.

    We will only draft one RB and it won’t be until day 3. And we won’t draft an OL at all.

    We will trade one of our picks for another teams player.

    Our first pick will be an edge rusher.

    We draft a safety with the idea to convert him to CB. The safety class is much much deeper than the CB class.

    The prototype demands for draftable OL and RB (weight, arm length, etc.) go out the window.

    • Rob Staton says:

      How are the OL prototypes going to go out the window if you don’t have them drafting an offensive linemen?

      • j says:

        That prediction included RB as well and I could be wrong. If they do grab an OL it will be a guy with 32 inch arms.

      • j says:

        They aren’t all going to happen, if I hit on four of them I’ll be happy.

    • madmark says:

      I have to disagree. 1 stat that has stuck in my head since I heard it is Seattle’s offense has not scored a TD in the 1st quarter since the 3rd game of 2016. We are talking to as close to 2 years as you can get. Now add losing a a WR and a TE to a mix with no running game. I can see them stocking the offense with early round talent and grabbing defensive players later in the draft to coach up like they did before. We still have good players on defense and yes it won’t be tops but it sure won’t fall to the bottom of the pack either.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I think they trade ET (I think they already have) to DAL.

      I also think they trade down twice. But I think they trade back up into R2 or R3 as well.

      I think their first 2 picks will be RB & WR (Chubb/Rojo and Kirk).

      I think they’re more likely to draft a CB and convert to Safety (I’m thinking Nick Nelson).

  5. Pedestrian says:

    Rob, what do you think about a scenario where Dallas trades back still in the first round and trades that pick to us? Say pick #28 for Earl. Allows cowboys to accumulate additional picks and get ET. If I’m a cowboys fan I’m happy with that.

    Looking at teams picking after us I see a lot of potential trade partners seeing there will be some very enticing options at linebacker, offensive line, and potentially QB depending on who falls and how badly teams want to address the need. Those are:

    Lions – RB, Center, DE, CB

    Bengals – OG, Center

    Buffalo – Unknown as they will trade up for QB

    Patriots – LT, CB, QB, DE

    Panthers – LG, CB, WR, DE

    Titans – OG, DE, ILB, CB

    Falcons – DE, OG, WR, CB

    Saints – TE, WR, DE, OG/C

    Steelers – FS, QB, LB, OG

    Jaguars – QB, OL, WR, LB

    Vikings – OL, CB, WR, LB

    Both the Seahawks and Cowboys could comfortably trade back in this scenario and still make ET trade favorable on both sides.

    • Pedestrian says:

      There would, of course, have to be a contingency or floor pre-negotiated of what Earl’s trade value is. i.e we won’t accept anything less than #28 or equivalent

    • j says:

      What about – we trade back, pick up a third, and trade Earl and a third for the boys first and fifth.

      Multiple different scenarios you can dream up.

      Don’t think it will happen, but…

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think Dallas are going to pick in R1. This is Jerry’s big show in dallas. Can’t see them not having a guy walk out there and hold up a Cowboys jersey.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      I still think the Steelers are a good potential trade partner. They really need a LB. As does Dallas, sitting right behind us at #19. There are 4 1st-round type LBs in the draft, IMO. Edmunds, Roquan, Vander Esch, and Rashaan Evans. If three of those guys are gone by 18, I think this could happen. Or Steelers could sit around and be fine with drafting a safety.

  6. Jason says:

    Rob, regarding wr one thing that was discussed was this draft had a lot wr’s with height. Any guys catch your eye for later in draft?

    • madmark says:

      I think Christian Kirk will be gone before we pick and I actually like the josh Brown signing from Arizona but I did find the tall WR I like Dylan
      Cantrell WR Texas Tech. They have him moving up write now probably a round 4, had great pro day.

    • Manservant Hecubus says:

      I wouldn’t be upset with a late-round flier on Justin Watson, Penn. Tall, fast, soft hands.

  7. Volume12 says:

    After trading back, something like..

    1st pick- Josh Sweat, DE, Florida St.
    2nd pick- Justin Reid, DB, Stanford (might be pushing this one)
    3rd pick- Kallen Ballage, HB, Arizona St.

    • Trevor says:

      I could definitely see that Vol.

      I thought I was the only one who really thought they would take Sweat with the first pick.
      He screams Pete Carrol draft pick to me. Pete will think about him pre injury and now that he is healthy and see all that length, speed and uniqueness.

      Twitter will go crazy saying the Hawks over drafted him. Then Clark, Jordan and Sweat will develop into the best young Edge rush rotation becoming the backbone of this retooling on Defense.

      • Nick says:

        Did you see my mock in the last thread? I had them taking Sweat. I’m with you two!

      • Volume12 says:

        Nah. Nick also had him mocked with their 1st overall pick IIRC. I agree with everything you say about him.

        IMO Reid is their ideal DB. Can play single high, in the box, and played 247 snaps as a nickel. Allowed 29 catches on 50 attempts. 38 of those 50 throws were when he was lined up as a slot. Whether they can get him or not is the big question.

        Twitter is gonna go crazy no matter what. They’ll somehow come away disappointed. Strap on your seat belt.

        • RealRhino2 says:

          Are there any team’s fans anywhere that hit Twitter to tell everybody how pleased they are with every single one of their team’s draft picks and declare that they did it just right? Wouldn’t change a thing? Longer odds than that billion dollar NCAA tournament bracket challenge….

      • Volume12 says:

        Sweat also played out of position as a 4 and 5-tech.. Get him firing off the ball, attacking up field and he has a chance to be a star.

    • Trevor says:

      I was thinking Hawks first 5 picks after Earl Trade and Trade Back

      A Brown

      • Volume12 says:

        I could see that. Could also see Pettis or DJ Moore at WE as well. My next pick would be Holton Hill or Griffin. But I’m not done with my mock just yet.

        • Trevor says:

          I agree Pettis could definitely be a hedge for Kirk and I really think Hill is the CB they pick if his off feild stuff checks out. He just looks and plays like a Hawk CB IMO and is really solid in run support which is a must for a Hawks CB.

        • vrtkolman says:

          DJ Moore, yes!!!

    • j says:

      Not sure if those guys fit the “all football” type we are looking for. Particularly Sweat and Ballage.

      • Trevor says:

        How can you say Sweat is not all football? Do you know his back story and the injury he came back from?

    • sdcoug says:

      There’s been talk lately that Reid might go in Round 1. Will be interesting to see

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      That would be a nightmare draft for me. Love number two, but I hate one and three.

    • D-OZ says:

      Ballage is not going in the 3rd. SMOKE SCREEN!!!!

      • Rob Staton says:

        Ballage might go in the third. It’s very possible.

        • Mark Souza says:

          I pray Ballage doesn’t become a Seahawk. Yes, he’s a physical specimen with eye popping physical traits and workout numbers. You mentioned Pete is a believer in potential, upside, and coaching them up, but the knock on Ballage is he isn’t physical. You can’t coach that. You can coach a player to hold the ball differently to keep it more secure. You can coach him to make one cut and go to fit your scheme. But you can’t coach someone not to fear contact, to welcome moving the pile when that’s all there is. Either you’re that type of guy or you’re not. He’s not.

    • Misfit74 says:


  8. NewbornAndSalted says:

    Rob, first of all thanks for all the content you’re pumping out. I love how thorough you are in your exploration of the various options and approaches on the board.

    Second, how do you think the Hawks’ return on a trade-down will be impacted by the widespread assumption that they are intent on trading down? If other GMs believe that JS is intent on trading down, it seems to me that he’s likely to get lowball offers – something of a buyer’s market as opposed to a seller’s market. Do you see this being a potential problem?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think teams generally play by the rules on draft trades. The chart helps here. If you want to move up you have the framework for a trade laid out.

  9. AndrewP says:

    The # is 32.5… Is the Seahawks first pick before or after that..?

  10. vrtkolman says:

    Mike Hughes has told multiple teams that the reason he left North Carolina was because of a sexual assault allegation against him. It didn’t lead to criminal charges. Any chance he falls because of this?

  11. Trevor says:

    The 5 players I think most likely to be drafted by Seattle

    #1 Kirk
    #2 Shaq Griffin
    #3 Holton Hill
    #4 Josh Sweat
    #5 Andrew Brown

    • vrtkolman says:

      I would be happy with all 5 for sure. Sweat is mildly concerning, only because Seattle’s injury luck has been at an all time low lately. I don’t think we need OL at all to be honest, we have a lot of 1st and 2nd round picks, Solari deserves a year or two to coach them up. Cable is/was that bad.

      • Trevor says:

        Wynn is one of my favorite OL prospects since I have been following the draft but I tend to agree I think Pete will give Solari a shot working with group to see what they have and how they play in his system. The talent is there they just need to play smarter, more unified and with some confidence.

        I truly believe replacing Cable was a huge off season move towards fixing the OL.

    • peter says:

      Trevor for all our arguing I agree with your list completely.☺

    • RealRhino2 says:

      Why Kirk, other than their visit with him, as opposed to, say, DJ Moore? Or a bigger outside receiver? Other than his punt return ability, I just don’t see that much special about him. I like the “most likely for Seattle” game, though. I don’t have five yet, but right now I’d go:

      1. Nick Chubb
      2. Austin Corbett
      3. Rasheem Green

      • Rob Staton says:

        I’ve liked Moore for a long time. Was one of the first to put him in round one unless I’m mistaken. But it’s hard to shift how Nick Nelson completely shut him down.

  12. I beginning to believe in Josh sweat did anybody see Bruce Irvin drafted that night and besides Rob who saw the seahawks drafting frank clark. That high. My question for you is the depth at linebacker because we need some . is this a third day situation or undrafted guys because is there anybody backing up Wagner or wright.I think we could use some more speed at lb.

    • Lewis says:

      Shaquem Griffin is an LB

    • Rob Staton says:

      In fairness, we talked a lot about Frank Clark and Bruce Irvin was the first prospect I wrote about at the start of the 2011 season, specifically calling him the ‘ideal LEO’.

      Ditto, we’ve talked a fair bit about Josh Sweat (and mocked him to seattle). It won’t be a big shock if they fake him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        “fake him”? Freudian slip?

        Seriously though, I don’t see them rolling the dice on Sweat. Too inconsistent, often too slow off the snap despite an elite 10-yd split. Major medical red flag.

        If the goal is all football guys, Sweat doesn’t play like that. At least not to my eye.

        • Rob Staton says:

          It’s true he’s slow off the snap and at times a frustrating watch, but he’s an incredibly mature, focused and driven individual. No problem there. And while the knee is a concern, we don’t know what teams found out during medical checks at the combine.

          • CHawk Talker Eric says:

            I wasn’t questioning his character.

          • madmark says:

            After last years pick can you take another chance? Don’t ask me why but taking him I just get a bad feeling . I really think he should have stayed at college another year.

    • madmark says:

      I had Bruce Irving as a 3rd round pick. thought we could have got more with that 15th round pick. I

      • drewdawg11 says:

        I told my friend the day before the draft that I thought Irvin was a guy to target in round two, and I said we need to get Russell no later than round 4. I really wanted Luke Keuchly by when he went before we picked, I wanted fletcher Cox. We traded down and took Bruce. They took Russell a round earlier than I predicted but I was ecstatic. Ah, those were the days.

        • madmark says:

          Luke Keuchly was a guy I wanted but going in pick 7 I was forced to concede that that wasn’t happening, but we did get Bobby Wagner.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            Bobby made it all okay. He’s actually better than we could have ever hoped for.

            • Of note, Keuchly now suffers from multiple concussions. Great player, but you don’t know if he will make it through a full season, from year to year. Definitely happy we ended up with Bobby Wagner.

              • Dave says:

                When Keuchly had the concussion where he could’t stop crying on the field, I was really scared for his well being. I actually don’t know if he should keep playing. He’s a great player, but even in their play, I think Wagner is the better player.

    • j says:

      Leon Jacobs as LB option.

    • Misfit74 says:

      I mocked Bruce Irvin to Seattle that year (on Field Gulls) but it was in the 2nd round. I liked him a lot more than Courtney Upshaw.

      Clark was talked about Pre-draft by Rob.

      This year for me that guy is Josh Sweat.

  13. madmark says:

    I’m going to use the draft pick Rob mocked last time because I just can’t figure out that whole trade program even thou I looked at the chart. the difference that I will make it we trade ET for #50 and #137.
    33 Billy Price LG/C OHIO St.
    50 Dallas Goedert TE S Dakota St.
    64 Josh Sweat DE Florida St.
    95 Kalen Ballage RB Arizona St.
    114 Andrew Brown DT Virginia
    120 Dylan Cantrall WR Texas Tech
    137 Quentin Meeks CB Stanford
    141 Leon Jacobs LB Wisconsin
    156 Natrell Jamerson DB Wisconsin
    226 Zaire Franklin DE Syracuse
    248 Kyle Allen QB Houston
    2 UDFAs
    Kamryn Pettyway FB Auburn
    Max Brown QB Pittsburg
    A ruff draft I absolutely don’t like the Josh Sweat pick but that’s a guy I can Seattle taking. I sure wouldn’t take him before 64 at all because there’s just to many question marks for me. If Price isn’t at 33 I would take nick Chubbs he’s my favorite running back since Barkley is out of my reach

    • Trevor says:

      Not sure they will all be available but that would be a ridiculously good draft.

      • Lewis says:

        Not a Goedert fan. I’d prefer RB in that spot (e.g. Chubb) and a TE on day 3 like Dissly or Izzo. You could take Griffin at 95 and another RB like Smith (or my guy Martez Carter) at 141 or later. Personally, I think that would be a better haul.

        • madmark says:

          I need to make up 10TDs from the TE position and Goedert the best one to do that.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            Some of those scores could go to an effective running back. They couldn’t pound it in last year worth a darn.

          • Lewis says:

            No, no we don’t have to make up 10 TDs to TEs. Instead, they could stop forcing the ball there when there is no play and use the other players on the field. And like drewdawg said, a decent running game will get those back. I love a dynamic, playmaking TE, I just don’t think that’s Goedert at all. Trying to force a player to fit a need is not a wise course of action, imo.

            • madmark says:

              Like I said this is a ruff draft. I played 2 positions in high school and have been doing mocks here since 2010. I don’t like Ballage but I do like Goedert I think in a year he can be that complete TE that a team covets. He has the size and still can grow, he has the football IQ and work ethics and he has great eye hand coordination plus he has the gift of a 35″ vert, 80 1/8″ wingspan, 34″ arms and 10″ hands the guys a monster. the last TE I picked was Travis Kelce and I think this guys in the same mold. As far as running backs I like Nick Chubbs but in this draft I chose Price over him but I’m working still. I will find a way to get those 3 players.
              Billy Price LG
              Nick Chubbs RB
              Dallas Godert TE
              with those 3 I think I will have addressed my running game.

              • Kenny Sloth says:

                Why we obsessing with Goedert?

                Lots of TEs in that same range. Might be able to get Gesicki there or Ian Thomas later!

              • cover-2 says:

                I’m on the Goedert bandwagon! I agree that he is the best complete TE in the draft. He isn’t an elite athlete, but he has elite balls skills and is a competent blocker. I don’t think he will last to pick #50.

                Gesicki is a amazing athlete with great balls skills, but he is not a blocker.

                Ian Thomas is another great athlete, but ball skills are not as good as Geodert or Gesicki. Thomas has the most potential and in a few years could be the best complete TE in the draft, but will he live up to his potential?

                I guess the question is what are the Seahawks looking for in a TE?
                – A day 1 complete TE.
                – or a playmaking TE that can’t will not contribute as a blocker.
                – or a TE with a high ceiling, but may take a couple years to develop.

                • madmark says:

                  I don’t think he last pass 42 when the dolphins pick just because they have no TE on there roster right now.

      • madmark says:

        Which one don’t ya think will be here?

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      I have to say, I’ll probably go into a cycle of endless dry heaves if Seattle selects Ballage as their RB solution to fix the run game.

      • madmark says:

        I’m not a Ballage fan myself and I really don’t think Price will fall to 33 cause of his talent. This is not my final draft I was just experimenting. Would Nick Chubbs at 33 be better?

        • Lewis says:

          I think at least one of Chubb/Jones/Johnson/Penny is going to be there at 50. If they are already coming off the board in the 40s, you could take one there. If not, you could slide a bit.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        I know, right?

      • peter says:

        Tough to get behind that pick. Pete’s a great coach for what he can coach. the best probably in the game. But the “just coach them up,”. Running backs hasn’t really worked. I don’t see how an underperforming running back is suddenly going to ” turn it on. “. Edit: not I don’t see how. Rather it should read: an underperforming running back is NOT going to turn it on after FOUR years of being stuck in neutral.

        Heck Michael at least broke 5 yards a carry 3 seasons. Ballage only did it once. Brutal.

        Plus the value…God I hate talk of value……But him in the third….woof….that is terrible value.

        • D-OZ says:

          Sorry not on the Sweat train….

          • Rad_man says:

            If they draft Ballage in round 3 or beyond, it’s not to “fix” their run game.

            The fix is on the coaching staff, the O line, and a returning Carson, who – that pick and strategy would suggest- they are every bit as excited about Carson as they’ve said they are.

            ANd they should be excited about Carson. He is a talented player who was excelling before he broke his leg. Way to early to be writing him off for another even more unproven prospect.

            • Mark Souza says:

              Then why waste a third round pick on Ballage? We need players who are PHYSICAL to help us with this retool and cant miss on many, especially in the top half of the draft.

    • Stephen Pitell says:

      Replace Sweat with Griffin and I’m with you.

  14. Lenny J says:

    Chad Reuter did a seven round mock in which we traded 18 for Carolinas 1st and 3rd. For a slight drop in the 1st to aquire a 3rd isnt bad. Although I dont agree with Reuter’s pick for Seattle at 24(CB), he has us taking Andrew Brown with our new 3rd round pick.

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      Great, another guy giving us a CB in the first round and not giving us a starting upgrade at running back. Classic, no thanks.

  15. DCD2 says:

    Where do we think Mo Hurst will go? I know Rob has him at #49 in his latest and Pauline has him at #33.

    His gap discipline is not great, and he can get stoned at times, but he gets off the ball as quickly as any DL I’ve seen. The tape of the Wisconsin game is (I think) a pretty good depiction. They have a good OL, and he faces a lot of double teams and beats a lot of them. He does gets turned at times on runs and taken out of the play. He’s hellbent on getting in the backfield every down, so he runs past some things and can create a lane in that way. Overall I think he’s solid enough as a run defender to be a 3 down 3 tech. On passing downs, he’s a beast though. Explodes off the ball like Mike B, without going offside. If Speaks got off the ball like Hurst, he’d be a top 10 pick.

    If Carroll and Schneider were enamored with Malik because he could create an interior rush and wasn’t a liability on run downs, I think he’s going to be on their short list for the 1st pick. He’s McDowell with a good attitude and motor, or Bennett with snap discipline.

    • D-OZ says:

      He might just be getting stoned a lot in Seattle IMO>>>>

      • DCD2 says:

        Ya ya. When I re-read that, I realized that comment was coming. Now that it’s out of the way. Any opinion on Hurst? Like him, hate him, neither, think he’ll go 5, 30 or 50?

        Rob, I remember you saying you thought teams would be able to run at him and have success. From what I’ve seen on tape, he can hold his own as long as he stays in his lane (there’s another softball for you Oz). Is it just a matter of prioritizing needs and the fact that there are other position groups that need more help? He seems like a difference maker at a position/style the Hawks have been searching for (McDowell, Sheldon).

        • Rob Staton says:

          He’s 6-1 and 292lbs. If you’re a one-gap penetrator that’s great. If you’re trying to feature as an early down defender handling the inside run in the NFL at that size, you’re going to struggle.

          • DCD2 says:

            I feel like I’ve heard this argument before. Oh ya, this guy was 6-1 and 285 and did ok.


            In this one, Herbstreet actually says “he’s like a LB playing in the middle of this defense at the 3 technique” at the end of the video.


            Not saying he’s going to be the next HOFer, but there are enough similarities that I wouldn’t exclude him based on his size.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I haven’t excluded him. I’ve frequently highlighted the positives with Hurst.

              You asked me specifically about run defense and why he might have some issues. So I addressed that point.

              • DCD2 says:

                Perhaps it was a poorly worded and meandering question then.

                Do you think the Hawks will consider him with their first pick considering their focus on interior pass rush?

                If not is it because of his talent/skill set or because he doesn’t fill a big enough need?

  16. Fairlawn says:

    A good FieldGulls piece a few months ago noted that the jumping drills appear to be a strong indicator for Seattle RB interest [ ]

    Filtering the non-Saquon backs for guys of feature size (215+) with a vert of 35″ and broad of 120″ produces this target list (* = minor fudge factor on one of the measurements).

    Chubb (227 – 38.5 – 128)
    *Freeman (229 – 34 – 118)
    *Johnson (213 – 40 – 126)
    Ballage (228 – 37 – 122)
    *Adams (213 – 34 – 122)
    Kelly (216 – 35 – 100)
    Wilkins (216 – 37 – 123)
    Scarbrough (228 – 40 – 129)
    *Nall (232 – 34 – 122)
    *Coleman (215 – 33 – 120)
    *Warren (247 – 33 – 121)
    *Thompson (232 – 35 – 119)

    Scarbrough might be an interesting watch from the big backs since he’s right there with anyone where the leaping is concerned and he’s cheaper than the name guys. He doesn’t catch the ball, but Seattle doesn’t throw to its backs so NBD. And Pete Carroll went to the Alabama pro day personally.

    FWIW, smaller backs who hit or hit* the jumping thresholds include Ito Smith, Chase Edmonds, Nyheim Hines, and Justin Jackson.

    • Rob Staton says:

      With respect to the Field Gulls piece — we’ve been talking on here about Seattle’s preference for explosive testing traits at RB for about four years

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        I know, right?

      • Fairlawn says:

        Obviously so, but it is still a different matter to say (as you’ve done with e.g. TEF) “their operational definition of ‘explosive’ for this position is _________”

        • Rob Staton says:

          Not really Fairlawn. All they’ve done is collect the information and come up with a mean collection of numbers. Every year for the last three years we’ve highlighted specific details for all the prospects they’ve taken and been able to identify a handful of prospective running backs they might consider based on how they tested explosively and their size/height. And using that system, we were able to come up with a small group of 4-5 names. And among those names were C.J. Prosise and Chris Carson.

          So I think it’s wrong to suggest all we’ve been doing is say ‘they like explosive traits’. We’ve been a lot more specific than that.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      I think Scarborough is a more likely selection for SEA than Ballage. Same ideal physical characteristics and athleticism, same lack of consistency, but likely to be available on Day 3. For me, he’s a better value in R5 than Ballage in R3 (or R4).

      • D-OZ says:

        +12…. There ya go…

      • Rob Staton says:

        I disagree strongly and I’m not a huge Ballage fan.

        Bo Scarborough is a one-dimensional, massive underachiever who needs a running start to get anything going. Ballage is a multi-dimensional player who is really inconsistent.

        Like I said, I’m not the biggest Ballage fan. But I’d definitely take him well ahead of Scarborough. And I’m pretty sure the Seahawks would too.

        • CHawk Talker Eric says:

          Fair enough. But for me, Ballage in R3 would be a poor selection. Would you be happy if their big addition to fix the running game is Ballage?

          • Rob Staton says:

            It wouldn’t be my choice.

            But I wouldn’t have taken Malik McDowell either.

            • DCD2 says:

              Have to agree. Scarborough wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar if he had played for a crummy team.

              Ballage is probably Christine Michael 2.0

              • Kenny Sloth says:

                Much less of a knucklehead in my limited estimation.

                Makes you wonder why he never made the solid production consistently.

                • LLLOGOSSS says:

                  Yeah I get the Michael comparisons because he “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane,” but that’s really where the comparison ends for me. Totally different players who just happened to be physical specimens and underachieved in college. Michael always ran much more urgently — but that was part of his downfall; he was frantic, without a clear plan; cornered animal, almost. The criticisms of Ballage are his intensity doesn’t always match his talent, and some question his vision. He’s 10x the pass-catcher that Michael ever was, likely 10x as responsible — high character. The Michael pick was just a bad call, they fell in love with certain measurables and their eyes got way too big. Ballage would be more of a measured risk, he’s a known quantity across the board except for one thing: can you get the very best out of him?

                  Not in love with the idea, but not opposed if that’s where they want to go with it. I suspect it would be more about other needs and positions, or perhaps traditional thinking that you don’t want to overdraft RB’s (perhaps more corrective philosophy for past mistakes).

  17. C-Dog says:

    I’m thinking the trade back with Cleveland is going to happen.

    I think a Earl Thomas trade is still likely to happen.

    If Christian Kirk is there at Seattle’s first pick, I think that they take him. If that happens, I think that the next pick probably ends up being a pass rusher.

    I can see two day two picks being selected for the DL, and the likely three or more picks out of the whole draft. I suspect they highly want Michael Bennett type (Brown, Green, Hand, Speaks), probably another Avril type (Sweat, Turay, Armstrong), and then I think they might really want a Mebane nose type (Nandi, Ford)

    I think they are going to target Ballage as the back they are looking to come out with.

    I think Griffin is someone they might take higher than some people think.

    If they get some decent picks for Earl Thomas, I think that strongly puts TE in play early. If not, they might look to go later at that position.

    I think that they are going to maneuver to try to get as many day two picks as possible, maybe as many as 4 or 5 depending on what they get for Earl and how they trade back and then maybe back up not the third.

    Without mocking just yet, I think they likeliest near future Seahawks are;

    1. Christian Kirk
    2. Shaquem Griffin
    3. Kalem Ballage
    4. Poona Ford
    5. Tony Brown

    These guys, for various reasons, either by prototype or personality, feel like players they would want to add, and see high value in at different stages of the draft.

    • drewdawg11 says:

      If they are going to simply go for an underachieving back later on, I would much rather take a chance on Scarborough than Ballage.

      • peter says:

        Agreed just to kelly, scarborough.

        Or kelly , ito smith/edmunds. Players that did something with their chances.

      • C-Dog says:

        I haven’t been high on Ballage, but a bit intrigued. Chubb has been kinda my guy for the Hawks. I just got that feeling Ballage is going to be the guy they think they can coach up and get the most out of.

        • madmark says:

          I did my ruff draft actually my 2nd which is above. The 1st was long before the combine. Like I said i’m not a Ballage or Sweat fan at all. Nick Chubbs is the guy. I not only like his running style which would wear down a defense I like his mental makeup. Some way I’m going to find a way to get him in the draft.

          • C-Dog says:

            I would be absolutely stoked if they took Nick Chubb. He very well good be the guy that they are not tipping their hand towards.

    • GoHawksDaniel says:

      Hmmm ET trade and no early safety pick? Who’ll play at the two safety position? I know we got McDougald, Alexander, Thompson, Hill, and maybe some other guys. But I wouldn’t willing to bet any of these guys as a real quality starter. I’m high on McDougald, but only from value/money perspective. He’s a really good FS/SS for that money. I won’t mind if he starts at one of the positions, but then I would like a baller next to him.
      Tedric was my draft crush last year, but I don’t think he’ll become anything more as a good ST guy and backup at this point. Hill might be a decent SS, but still needs 1-2 years maturity I think. I don’t know how good is Alexander.
      If we trade Earl and doesn’t get Bates, Reid or Harrison, I’ll be disappointed :-/

      • C-Dog says:

        I think it is way too early to make a judgment on Tedric or Delano, at this point. A few weeks ago Schneider singled out Tedric in a way that made it sound like they see him as a potential starter. I think McDougald can start at either safety spot. I feel like they could go safety early, but also like RB, they might see a cliff later on in the draft for the position and may want to see how the players drafted last year emerge.

        In terms of replacing Earl, I’m not sure 100% that they need to. Perhaps it’s a matter of adding impact another defensive position group. Maybe they add another inside pass rusher or edge rusher with blue chip potential.

        We shall soon see

  18. RWIII says:


    One player that is rising of the boards is Tavon Bryan. THere is talk that Bryan could be the next J.J. Watt. Check out this footage.

    If Seattle had not traded away their 2nd and 3rd round picks I would be interested in taking either Tavon Bryan or Will Hernandez. The other day Brock said that he would not take Hernandez at 18. But if they traded down to like say 22. Then he would take Hernandez.

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      If nothing else he is entertaining.

      • D-OZ says:

        I have already mentioned how much I like Bryan. I don’t think we will be able to acquire him though, with the Hawks moving down, and I expect them to, hopefully twice in the 1st. round.

  19. Hawktalker#1 says:

    How do you access the Google hang out?

    • DCD2 says:

      Click the video link at the top of the article/page. It looks like a youtube, but it’s just audio.

  20. Coleslaw says:

    Not to be a pain but I’m still not buying the no o line early thing. We’ve spent a bunch of 2nds, a 1st and 3rd on them yeah, but we’ve also spent a 1st on Percy Harvin, a 2nd on Malik McDowell, a 3rd on CJ Prosise.
    RB was a need a year after drafting 3 RBs. But we waited until the 7th, got Carson and now a year later are looking at 0 reliable starter caliber backs on the team.
    Who’s to say Pocic doesn’t flop, Ifedi doesn’t tank yet again, Fluker gets hurt again or some other injury. All of these things are 50/50. Pocic is unknown, Ifedi is a scrub, Fluker is 330 and has an injury history, and we always have injuries on our line. What happens when those start happening and we all of a sudden need 2 or 3 OL and didn’t pick any till day 3… Goodbye run game, good luck to that early round back.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Percy Harvin and Malik McDowell aren’t on the team any more (McDowell won’t be soon). C.J. Prosise has been injured for two straight years.

      Duane Brown, Ethan Pocic, Germain Ifedi, Justin Britt and Rees Odhiambo are on the team and all but Odhiambo are slated to start.

      With respect Coleslaw, that’s a terrible basis for your argument.

      • Coleslaw says:

        My point is that although we spent draft capital on all those players, they didn’t pan out and with respect, Pocic is the starter for now, but the argument that him being a 2nd round pick means that hes not going to be bad and wreck our chances of having a real running game is a terrible argument imo.. it just doesn’t work like that, picks don’t pan out all the time, you don’t bet on a guy who was not good in limited action to fix your running game. That’s just not a safe bet at all in a year where it’s our self proclaimed biggest need.
        Draft Capital =/= talent. It just doesn’t. This is a philosophy of Pete Carroll’s.

        • Rob Staton says:

          This reads like you’ve decided you want to go O-line first and are allowing that to influence your thinking.

          Nobody is saying Pocic isn’t going to be bad because he’s a second round pick. The point is — they only spent that second rounder on him a YEAR ago. They clearly liked him enough 12 months ago to spend such a high pick on him. They’re not going to write him off after his rookie season (where, incidentally, he made the all-rookie team).

          Your stance on Pocic is so premature you’ve not even taken your belt off. And your solution to the situation is merely to spend yet another high pick on yet another rookie. What happens if that rookie has growing pains too? Write him off after a season too? Spend the 2019 first rounder on another O-liner?

          Just keep drafting O-liners until one has a fantastic rookie season and we can say — ‘we’ve got our man!’?

          Not every rookie hits the ground running. Some need time.

          The point is Seattle has already invested heavily in a starting offensive line which is currently together and set to start in 2018. Percy Harvin and Malik McDowell have nothing to do with this. It’s time to let Mike Solari get to work. They might well take an O-liner early (thus the meetings with Billy Price and Austin Corbett). But they could easily avoid the position altogether too.

          • drewdawg11 says:

            I’m not going to advocate one way or the other in regards to how much draft capital they’ve used on OL and if they should or should not invest even more picks. However, the one example I can recall which might be similar and that was Detroit taking Calvin Johnson, despite having already taken Charles Rogers and Mike Williams previously. The first two busted out big time. It would have been completely understandable to pass on Megateon. However, he was the BPA by far and he became a super star. If a lineman is there who can greatly upgrade the line, you have a finite amount of time to build around your veteran, franchise QB. If the current OL on the roster can’t cut it, (the jury may still be out), go for someone who you believe can help.

            • Rob Staton says:

              Well, if the O-line version of Calvin Johnson was available I would agree.

              But that human doesn’t exist.

              • drewdawg11 says:

                Of course not, (unless Walter Jones is cloned), but if a guy like Wynn helps make the offense substantially better, that shouldn’t prevent them from drafting him. For me, I wouldn’t draft an OL high unless we secured another first round pick.

                • Rob Staton says:

                  I really like Isaiah Wynn. I think he is fantastic and one of the top-15 players in the draft.

                  But there’s still a significant difference between what Detroit did with the #2 pick after being gifted Megatron by Oakland and the Seahawks potentially taking an O-liner this year.

                  • Kenny Sloth says:

                    Can’t wait for your big board, Rob.

                    The sooner the better, I could use it in a multitude of ways

                    Would love to help with some later round prospects to really fill that sucker out.

                  • drewdawg11 says:

                    And I realize that. Just saying that sometimes taking a player doesn’t have to be influenced by past draft mistakes, so long as you get it right. Obviously, there is no Calvin this time around, and certainly not at 18.

                  • Rob Staton says:

                    I don’t think we can refer to the O-line investment as ‘past mistakes’ though. Pocic is a one year player, Ifedi a one year player at tackle. Duane Brown has spent less than half a season in Seattle. Britt has ended up being a decent pick.

          • Lewis says:

            And the thing is, we don’t need them to be the best line in football, right? Solid in the run game and able to keep up Wilson upright long enough that he doesn’t have to immediately take off running on every pass play would be an improvement. Really hoping the change in coaching can bring out the best in these guys.

          • Nolan thomas says:

            “Your stance on pocic is so premature you haven’t even taken your belt off” hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahha Love it

          • McZ says:

            There are more OLiners than Pocic. He has the advantage, that his future is still to be known. But as a whole, the unit hasn’t cut it last season.

            Britt performed below average in 2017, according to PFF. Ifedi and Pocic were both poor, with Joeckel in between. Brown was above average, but not good. They traded him obviously, when his trajectory was on the way down.

            I’m not sure, that this unit will work without further talent. Not a top pick, but someone mid-round,

            • Rob Staton says:

              They might add to it. The point is they’ve invested a lot in this line. And considering everyone who wanted Cable gone has now got their way, it’s time to let Solari see what he can do. They can’t keep pumping all their resources into one unit and then not give those players an opportunity to develop. That would be barmy.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      I can see us going OL early, just because I think it’s a solid group early on.

      From Price and Wynn on down to Quessenberry and Crosby.

      It’s all about what they feel they must prioritize and what they can wait on.

      Philosophically, we’re not really BPA, but more BPA according to our board at a position of need with respect to depth of the position in the draft.

      • Lewis says:

        Certainly a possibility if the value fits. After all, we all talk about moving down like that’s a trivial thing. What if they have difficulty getting value out of a move for whatever reason and have to take someone?

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Sorry you never hAVe to take someone.

          There’s always a deal to be done and you can always leverage it into a win if you’re smart and prepared.

          Our team seems historically excellent at identifying cliffs and dropoffs in the draft, they’ll take the best value that they need that won’t be there later.

          Rob has identified several more or less like-for-like players on opposite ends of the draft with which the Hawks have met and in which they are, therefore, almost undoubtedly interested, such as Christian Kirk and Keith Kirkwood.

          I think the next part in our process has to be identifying where the true shelves are and pinpointing them as likely areas before which we are likely and after which we are unlikely to draft players at certain positions.

          Perhaps some targets are fallbacks, so to speak. If they miscalculate the way the draft falls and miss out on a cliff/ shelf, they have a late option that they aren’t afraid to roll into camp with instead of a shiny new toy at that spot.

          But no, that early? There’s always something to be done, some maneuver to be made, and an advantage to be dealt.

        • madmark says:

          The draft isn’t much different than the next man up concept I remember the 2012 draft when we was in the 2nd round and our pick was coming up. Nigel Branham LB was taken by Tampa Bay. You could see the disappointment in the Seattle War room by the heads hanging low. Then the just traded down got another late pick and when they got to there next pick they chose Bobby Wagner. We actually got the better player in that deal.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling says:

            Good story Madmark! You just never know how it’s all going to go, in the End?

    • madmark says:

      I asked Rob if he thought Billy Price would drop into the 2nd round and he said he believed it could happen. I would definitely take him cause about the time Rees Odhiiambo got hurt Billy would be ready to go. As for any other OL that early I would have to pass and look deeper in the draft for maybe Bradley Bozeman.

    • Dale says:

      I don’t remember where I read the article but it statistically substantiated that Ifedi is right on track to become a productive starter. Coleslaw, I think you’re following a popular but unproven narrative. Who’s to say Pocic will flop? Why can’t Fant be productive? Do we have a line full of pro-bowlers? No, just two but that’s better than a bunch of teams. If you’re going to make the sky-is-falling argument I think the burden of proof in on you.

      • McZ says:

        Guess, FieldGulls had such a piece. Bottom line was, it just cannot get worse, if I remember correctly.

        The thing is, that this line hasn’t proved anything. Ifedi will never ever have a breakout season at RT, especally if the G play on his side fails to improve vastly. Or, if they don’t finally push him back inside, where he can play to his strengths.

        Fant is everybodys pet project darling, but how many really good games did he have?

        Above all, they need a whole new way managing the OL. They don’t need can-play-everwheee types, they need position experts, that can grow into NFL format. If they don’t…. Madness is defined as trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

  21. Seahawks Fan says:

    If the Seahawks have shown interest in Ronald Jones, I don’t know how they wouldn’t have any for Austin Jackson running back Northwestern. He’s even more undersized than Jones at 5″11 193 lbs but is very durable, one of 2 players in last 20 years to have have more than 1100 career rushing attempts and 9th player in NCAA history to have 4 years with 1000 yards. Great character and was a William Campbell trophy finalist.

    • Seahawks Fan says:

      He could be someone they could possibly like later on in the draft maybe even have a higher grade than some of the others on their board. I really like him personally and I think he’s going to be a steal wherever he goes.

    • Dale says:

      Wouldn’t having that many carries on his legs be a negative?

  22. madmark says:

    I got to ask ya Rob, Do you think Billy Price would fall to 33 for a incomplete pectoral tear? I myself don’t think so but I was really hoping cause I had none before the combine.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think he will. He could last into the 40’s. He chose not to attend the Senior Bowl and he hasn’t done any testing during the off-season. Other players — James Daniels, Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez, Austin Corbett — have elevated their stock. While Frank Ragnow, who’s always been a top-50 talent on our posted lists, is also set to go early.

      • madmark says:

        Thank ya for your input

      • LLLOGOSSS says:

        I’m guessing they met with Price for the contingency that he’s available at the end of the second round. Perhaps not likely, but due diligence. I would be ecstatic to get him there.

  23. Kenny Sloth says:

    Rob, are the seahawks the type of organization to make concessions and take a player they like perhaps slightly less than another because of the lack of availability of the position later in the draft?

    Logan Lynch was predicting we take no less than 2 DL, getting a pass rusher early, as one typically must and waiting on a space eater.

    If they felt they could get that pass rusher later, would they avoid the position early and go with OL with a plan for how to sort playing time and development? I have a hard time not getting excited about a Billy Price on the team. If it’s at the expense of DJ Fluker or Rees Odhiambo, so be it.

    • madmark says:

      We pickup 2 space eaters from the Vikings in FA. Take Billy Price and by the time Rees gets injured he should be ready to plug in at left guard hehe.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Funny joke for sure, but your point is well taken.

        Can never have enough pass rusher or OL competition.

        I do wonder what they plan on doing with those free agent DTs. And Reed and Naz Jones for that matter?

        Seems our greatest need is truly 5tech with Mike B gone. The bookworm.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think they would definitely take a player with a slightly lesser grade based on positional cliffs.

  24. Rob Staton says:

    Going live with the Google Hangout now (8pm PST)

  25. peter says:

    Math. It’s a hell of a drug.

    I just “beautiful mind(ed)” a way for Seattle to get a cartoony amount of picks. If you are going full ham on a rebuild and you believe in your process and your coaches why not?

    FIrst Seattle trades number 18 to Cleveland for: 35, 64, 114. This is a nice trade and leaves Cleveland the winner by 14 points.

    Seattle trades Earl Thomas to Dallas for 50 and 116.

    Seattle Trades 50 to Cincinatti for 77, 100, 151, 170. 2 3rds, 2 5ths. We get a big haul and leave Cleveland in the positive by 42 points.

    Seattle Draft picks

    2x Second round picks: 35, 64
    2x Third round picks 77, 100
    2x Fourth round picks: 114, 116,
    6x fifth round picks,
    2x 7th round picks.

    14 total picks. Bring on the Churn.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      I know this wasn’t your goal, but below I point out the importance of finding the shelves of player talent and making sure we’re as prepared for those cliffs as our FO is and anticipate our trades to maintain some focus in those areas

      • peter says:

        Oddly I did that little project to find a way to get as many of my favorite players. It’s without finesse but it serves as a lesson as to how you could turn a down draft year on surface into a big sea change.

    • madmark says:

      I’m not sure you can get a draft like that from Cleveland , who currently has only 9 picks and really is in a full blow rebuild mode.

      • peter says:

        I was just looking at what team could give us two second rounders for our first. Points wise they would still be fine with two seconds and their fourth.

        Which now that i re count means the team would have 3 (!) fourth rounders. Ours, cleveland’s, and Dallas.

        Also Cleveland is in full rebuild mode….sort of. They actually have a boatload of talent. They need a QB and a coach. Seattle could use more picks. Cleveland needs something entirely different to be relevant.

        • peter says:

          Perhaps I’ll keep it cleaner and they give us their seconds, keep their fourth and give us a third the following year.

  26. Kenny Sloth says:

    I’m now incredibly interested in where the shelves in the draft lie.

    Seahawks work on 1.0-9.0 scale I think, but Bo Jackson was Wolf’s only 9.0, so it’s practically up to 8.

    8.0 is a dominant player who will impact the game. These are your blue chips

    7.0+ is expected to be a starter basically day one and eventually a pro bowler. That’s what you’re looking at in the first two rounds. And that is your red chip

    6.0 is a limited backup who could start (Quem? 6.5~)
    5.5 is a specialist
    Below 5.0 is undraftable.

    And we know that in Seattle “we grade for our team we don’t grade for the league” based on how he’ll compete against this roster.

    So, you’re saying you’re taking the best available player, but if you’re loaded at, say quarterback — you have two great quarterbacks and your board is sitting there tied with Lamar Jackson and, say, Isaiah Oliver. They’re both the exact same [score], but at corner you have two legit starters but then your nickel guy is coming up for a contract after next year and in two years, your other corner is up, then that’s really all you have. Then, in that case, you’re probably going to end up taking the corner.”

    This is where moving up and down the board becomes a strategy. And this is where things can get really complicated and stressful.

    In those kinds of situations, it’s a moving target. You want value, You ask: ‘do we think there are any teams behind us that really want Jackson? Can we trade out and get Oliver two spots lower? Or maybe four spots lower?’

    Let’s say that you have Oliver as a 7.2 and let’s say you have Carlton Davis as a 7.1. You say, if we trade back four spots, Jackson goes, the team after that takes Oliver, and then we know the third team probably doesn’t need a corner. Would we then be okay with taking Davis with that next pick? Or, do we feel that Oliver is worth that 0.1 in score differential? Does it make that much of a difference? Those kinds of conversations are going throughout the whole draft, and you’re doing that with every position.

    (The above four paragraphs are paraphrased and manipulated to be relevant to this draft. The original is certainly worth a read
    Probably a reread for most here)

    So that’s basically a horizontal draft board. I’m sure we use both in many ways.

    Schneider (and all of the Wolf tree of GMs) believes in building in some insurance for players that they miss on by drafting in volume.

    So we have to know where the positions will start to drop off.

    When do the corners stop being starters for us? When do those starters become promising depth? In what round does that corner become a specialist? Who is the latest player at the position that we can be happy drafting?

    I’d certainly give Simeon Thomas a 5.2 and take him in the late seventh.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Patriots once had only 75 draftable grades total (“none of these guys could make our team”)

      Panthers once had 250 names on their front board.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      This is a reason why you ought have Kalen Ballage over Bo Scarborough

      Ballage is a limited backup. Bo is a specialist. Compared to our roster.

      • Misfit74 says:

        Ballage can receive and has great size and athleticism. Would give us needed redundancy for Prosise. Only want him if late enough.

        Scarborough has massive injury history but could be fun if had very late.

        Still prefer Guice, Michel, Chubb far and away above the other backs for us.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        Kenny this is some good stuff. We normally look through 1 prism, what would be the best player at that position in the draft….. but the Seaahwks may think that position is covered and another player is a much better addition.

        The one I never get is…. we have QB X graded as a 6.7 and RB graded at 7.3…. we take the QB….. such a massive reach and is why teams get into trouble in the draft imo. I know teams need a QB, but jesus…. you could have a borderline “surefire” probowler…. or a bench warmer named Charlie Whitehurst.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Well that sounds like a case of grading against their team not the league.

          Context is important here as well.

          Maybe you’re desperate for a QB and you’re stacked at tailback. Also how long are the running backs gonna stay on the board. Maybe you have Johnny Glassbones at QB and need to start thinking about a developmental guy. Maybe it’s just a shitty year at the position and you missed out on the QB you actually wanted and are getting the best of the rest before there is no-one competitive left!

          No team is making these picks lightly anymore. Rest in peace Al ✌

  27. Misfit74 says:

    Keep an eye on WR Justin Watson. He can play every receiver spot and well. Could be a mid/late round diamond for #Seattle.

  28. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    There is way too much Ballage love on here. I just don’t see consistency. I also think he would not be the best use a potential 3rd round pick value wise. Now, let’s say he was in the 4th round…. then maybe take a swing.

    If it came down to Ballage or Griffin, I’m taking Griffin. He appears to be exactly what they need…. coming in with energy and ready to work. He could easily be in the ST and work his way into a regular contributing LB on the team.

    In other news, Vita Vea is one of the very few players I would actually take at #18, if available. He actually is one of the few who I would consider moving up to get a few spots. I honestly think he is that big of difference maker for a team.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      He’ll be in the coffin for some teams.

      Just too damn big for some schemes

    • Rob Staton says:

      There isn’t any ‘Ballage love’.

      I don’t understand why people are struggling to grasp the difference between a personal opinion on a prospect and a feeling about what the Seahawks are going to do.

      The point of the blog isn’t just to talk about the players we want to be drafted over and over again. It’s to talk about what the Seahawks might do.

  29. peter says:

    ANd now late on a Saturday, I present “peter’s absurd draft.” based on my wonky trades a few posts above.

    This is not my final draft. This is a project based on my personal draftable players. The ranges for the picks are what I believe for me is accurate. Between Rob, Pauline, NFL draft scout, Walter football, and a hunch.

    These are the players that I am both highest on and feel like would help Seattle the most. I’m almost positive that most of these players are on Seattle’s radar. Without further ado:

    35. Christian Kirk.WR, a deadly WR that is all football. A smart, strong, and surprisingly quick route runner who plays with guts. He and Doug are different but could be filthy together. Good luck Sherman, you’ll need it.

    64. Frank Ragnow, C/RG: I totally understand Rob’s take and respect the hell out of it about drafting o line men. I mostly agree. However, Fluker is a one year deal and Ragnow is a TEF beast. Credited for not giving up a sack in 41 starts. The kind of guy you can build a run game around.

    77. Nick Chubb. All football. He has no momentum due in part to a blah national championship game. Probably a future Frank Gore with near matching knee injuries to start. Runs textbook plays and never takes plays off.

    100. Nathan Shepherd. DT. Hair on fire. After Vea might be my favorite DT in this draft. Just short arms for Seattle but I think the dude has a relentless motor, paired with Jones and Reed they could just feed off each other.

    114. Shaquem Griffin: Third down specialist. excellent with outside pressure. Very good in coverage. An extremely fiery competitor who gives everything, oh an all the other reasons why Seattle should draft him.

    116. Ian Thomas, TE. Rob’s a bit higher on him than I am. But I think the fourth round is perfect for a guy with almost only one year to evaluate. Seattle needs a TE and I think he may be the best of the class when everything is on balance.

    5th- I’m not tracking the actual numbers at this point…

    1a. Ogbonia Okoronkwo. LB My absolute favorite get off in the whole draft. Limited weapons but a devastating first step coupled with a tireless motor will win you plenty of battles.

    1b. Duke Eijiofor: DE Injury history. Excellent production. Excellent. A little slow? But makes up for it with nearly flawless technique. A ton of skills, rip, swim, etc. Speeds up when tackle or sack is in his sights.

    1c. Holton Hill. CB Brandon Browner ? Heavy hitter. Excellent run support. needs to turn head more but man can he drive into a receiver.

    1d. Tony Brown. CB. Slot corner with a big personality. Special teams presence. Jeremy Lane, we hardly knew you.

    1e. Leon Jacobs. LB At some point you need to have backups for Wagner and Wright who are young, explosive and can provide special teams value.

    1f. Poona Ford. DT Admittedly I was very slow on the uptake. Poona Ford plays with a passion that I think is infectious. Loved his grind with the college postseason.

    7th round:

    1a Trequan Smith. WR. a deep threat to fulfill the athletic role left by Kearse. Not the most advanced route tree but very strong at the catch and gets his arms out which I love.

    1b. Ito Smith. RB. Explosive canon ball. You could really go Chase Edmunds here but I think Ito Smith played against just slightly better competition so I give him the nod here.

    • Trevor says:

      If we got that group of players it would be an incredible draft. It would be so awesome if the Hawks drafted Sheppard. I think he is going to be a beast

      • peter says:

        Every year there’s one or two players I would love to see in Seattle who don’t meet the physical threshholds. He’s my guy for this year.

    • C-Dog says:

      Terrific looking draft, Peter. Love it.

      • peter says:

        Thanks C-dog. Trying to piece together a real draft is tricky since this community covers a huuuuge range of players and yet last per example, who had pocic? Amara darboh? Pocic didn’t hit the parameters and I had never heard or read darbohs name until one minute after he was drafted.

        If anything this exercise showed me just how many players I like if Seattle trades down a bunch.

        I’m going to scratch out a draft that I think happens in a day or two but what if I did above actually would be my preferred draft!

          • peter says:

            !!!! what’s that two sentences in several thousand! Hey to be fair I ‘literally ‘ may have not read those two lines😀. Making my point still valid.

        • C-Dog says:

          Awesome work. It mimics very closely my preferences, as well.

          This year I feel compelled to mock as closely as to what I think the team will do, as possible. As I’m putting together a full league wide seven rounder, I’m seeing lots of movement possibilities in the first few rounds. I’m anticipating Seattle might be gearing for that, which is why we are seeing so many day two types getting looked at. Going to be fancinating to see how it all unfolds, and how close we all are to predicting it. I’m going to swing for the fences in the trades.

          Go Hawks

          • peter says:

            Same. I’m going to lean away from my preferences and really reevaluate the pre draft visits. However I am still going to predict a “swing for the fences,” trade policy. I’m a little down on the roster as a whole and think pc/ js need to get back to running a spring game style training camp.

            And I think they are gearing for that with the subtraction of both richardsons, willson , bennett, sherman, etc.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Really nice looking group of players there, Peter.

      I really like Okoronkwo (not sure if Seattle will though tbh, still thinking about that).

      Agree 100% on the Ian Thomas evaluation.

      If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be Nick Chubb still being available at 77. Not impossible, but I think he goes in the top half of R2 at the latest. Just my take on him and I’m glad to hear in the Hangout that some of McGinn’s sources think so too.

      Look forward to your final mock!

      • peter says:

        The thinking for me about chubb is more loose than anything else. I still see a decent amount of projections that safely guard themselves with a notation that reads “projected round 2/3”. I think realistically he goes top 45. And my final draft may reflect that.

        Here’s the other thing. there is a lot of talking heads that still think a running back is a dime a dozen position and I wonder if we as seahawks fans, fearing not getting a good running back are future casting all the good ones into the first two rounds?

        I don’t think if I’m honest Seattle likes okoronkwo however for me I’m high on him late as opposed to Sweat/Landry early. Right now I almost can’t see PC not taking sweat.

        However for value and for me….okoronkwo is the much better value.

  30. Coach says:

    If you could only choose one player that you want the Hawks to make sure they get in the draft, who would that player be (your must have player)?

    For me, I think it’s Shaq Griffin! I just think he would be a real playmaker and bring an intensity to our defense that we don’t have right now and I think it’d be infectious and get others like Mingo and Frank Clark going to an even higher level!

    I look forward to what others say!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Trevor says:

      My favorite prospect for the Hawks is Isiah Wynn. I think he is a pro bowl level LG for the next 10 yrs.

      But the player I think the Hawks have to get is Rojo. I think he and Carson would he a dynamic 1-2 punch and that he would have 8-10 TD as a rookie which would be huge impact on not only the run game but entire offense.

      • peter says:

        Love Wynn and griffin. didn’t include Wynn above because I think smart teams take him in the first. If he lasts until pick 33-35 thereabouts I think Seattle should run to the podium.

    • SheHawk says:

      Agree for what he brings on & off the field. Griffin brothers/ “twin turbos” are the next wave leaders of Hawks defensive – especially in locker room. Queim will be LB and thus work with Bobby and KJ – who are the real leaders today as they both lead by example.
      PS – Griffin’s parents seem amazing – bring mama Griffin around to help keep some of the riskier folks on straight and narrow, while Pete drives the bus and we have Ken Norton’s foot on the gas pedal! LOB 18 will be BETTER than last year’s version and with the $s we save we can invest in offense to better balance out the team.

  31. Ashish says:

    @Rob any trade market for Justin Britt? Hawks can trade say for second and get Brice. Cap savings is plus also we have Pocic and Hunt as a center.

  32. Ulsterman says:

    I really don’t understand why they would pick a wr with their first pick, there are just too many other bigger needs.
    The running game was a complete disaster last year, is picking ballage really going to address that? When they’ve picked guys with good physical stats but little production before it’s never really worked out. Go and get your number 1 back, if they trade back, which they almost certainly will, that would be about the right range to draft the likes of Chubb or Jones. I’d also be on board with freeman a bit later.
    They’ve lost Richardson, Bennett and very likely avril from the dline, so I think that’s a much bigger need too. Are you ready to rely on Dion Jordan yet? They could do with at least one cornerback, a tight end and linebacker depth. To me those are all bigger needs than receiver.
    They’ve got baldwin lockett, jarron brown, darboh who’s a third round pick entering his second year, Moore who they waived freeney to keep around last year, Johnson from Philadelphia and McEvoy who had a terrible year last year but still has potential.
    Kirk seems like a good player but a luxury with so many other needs.

    • BobbyK says:

      Their first pick needs to be a good football player. The position doesn’t matter (aside from a few obvious like QB, MLB and specialties like LS, K, P).

      When we say this and that need to be the next pick, we’re off base because picks late in the third round and on hardly ever make an impact as a rookie. If our second pick is in the 4th round, we don’t need a certain position because that player isn’t making an impact as a rookie anyways.

      We all assume, and I think correctly so, that they are dropping down from 18 a few times to add some day two picks, but once they start getting to the later third round – the odds of drafting an impact player are minimal. I’d rather have a higher rated player than being forced to draft a position of need and watching that late third round rookie (and all later round picks) have no real impact in 2018. Some of our 4th round picks and later who became good/great didn’t even start out of the gate. KJ and Sherman had to bide their time to start as a rookie, Kam did nothing as a rookie, and a guy like Sweezy started as a rookie but was pretty bad his first year.

      I’d rather a WR get picked first and turn out to be good than feel forced to draft something else that wasn’t good. Seems they’ve been doing that for too long and their drafts have suffered.

      • 503Hawk says:

        Well stated BobbyK. If a WR is the best rated player on their board when they FIANLLY pick, they might do it.
        Ulsterman, you mentioned all of the losses on the D-line. They also,lost a lot from the WR / TE corps. This team has a lot of holes to fill. I think they realize that this is going to be a multi year “restock”.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          They did a good job of filling holes in free agency, so BPA might be the best choice. Other than picking a RB, there first round pick might not be a huge contributor this year, so some of these picks might be more for future years.

          • Ulsterman says:

            They lost one wr and added two, plus have a high pick from last year entering his second year. The running game absolutely has to be addressed and they’ve usually been aggressive when that’s the case. They’ll be good football players available with their first pick at areas of greater need.

            • BobbyK says:

              Just because Jimmy Graham wasn’t a WR doesn’t mean he wasn’t the second most important receiver. Now he’s gone and replaced by some guy (Dickson) most football fans had never heard of before and a player on the wrong side of 30.

              Losing the productivity of P-Rich and Graham isn’t going to come from two WRs most football fans have never heard of. And two guys (Johnson & Moore) who were acquired for next to nothing. If they were any good, there would have been a demand for them (would have cost more in terms of trade or free agency).

              Honestly, I don’t care who we draft first. If it’s a RB, OG, WR, Leo, whatever… I don’t care as long as they are good. I don’t want to pass over TJ Watt again because we are supposedly stacked at EDGE and force a square peg into a round hole by taking ATV boy because he fills a role inside. Get good players and the rest takes care of itself.

              • SheHawk says:

                100% agree am still bitter about no TJ and no Budda last year in preference for Malik. Hawks believe their own PR too much. Good players + Good Coaches = Win Forever. My only must have player this year is Griffin for tons of reasons. If/when we pick him I think I gonna loose it If we dont …. I cant even think about that 🙂

              • STTBM says:

                I think Seattle’s obvious interest in Vander Esch (sp?) shows they realize how badly they fouled up passing on Watt. Too bad they wont get him.

                I agree, I just want the players they pick with their first two choices to be really good players and not bit-players or JAGS.

                My personal preference would be to make sure the first three guys are BPA period, and then worry about filling positional holes. Take the long view, and stop trying to build a SB contender in one draft. Look a year or two ahead at least, and realize you can build a better core of players in three years or so if you go BPA high rather than drafting for positional need and trying to fill all your holes in one go.

                • Rob Staton says:

                  I think they met with LVE to check on his neck just in case he falls

                  • STTBM says:

                    Of course. If he falls, I would think as long as his medical check goes ok and he doesnt suddenly sprout horns, they will grab him.

                    They fouled up passing on Watt and taking McDowell, and surely have adjusted accordingly. They arent amateurs, they will learn from their mistakes.

  33. Kenny Sloth says:

    Man, Christian Kirk having 10 true freshmen starting on offense around him is something else. Is always teaching them schemes and working with them on the technical side.

    He’s absolutely got an amazing football mind. Watch him on scramble drills. Russell would love him

  34. mishima says:


    ET to Jacksonville for #29 and #18 to Cleveland for #32 and #64. After trading down, again, Seahawks pick 4X in 40 – 100 range.

    Picks: Kirk, Green, Price, Meeks

  35. Largent80 says:

    I just want to give so many thanks from one Rob to another for making this what I feel is the best Hawk related board on the internet. After frequenting all of them including a LONG stint at .NET and several others, this is the place for information without all the name calling and general bad vibe at the other places.

    And to do it all selflessly needs to be acknowledged IMO. So. THANK YOU once again Rob.

  36. FuzzyLogic says:

    I think JSPC will have a bunch of players on their board worthy of say a top 45 pick and end up picking the last one that falls so as to trade back as many times as they can.

  37. Greg in Alaska says:

    Rob, I want to second what Largent80 said above. I am a daily reader of your blog, but only post here about one time a year, to just say thanks. You have without doubt the best Seahawks blog available. You have open and honest conversations and present cogent and well thought out arguments. Other individuals that post on this web are welcomed with respect, even if they have a different opinion. Thanks to you for making this site what it is.

    Also, thanks to all of the other readers that take the time to research and post such detailed and well thought out ideas. I learn much from each and every one of you. Although I don’t post here, this is a site that has provided so much information, that provides me a better understanding of the draft process and how the management behind my favorite football team works. I very much appreciate everything posted here. Thanks again to Rob and everyone that posts!

    • HawkMock says:


    • Rob Staton says:

      Thanks Greg, thank you for taking the time to post those kind words. Honestly guys, I am eternally grateful for the community you’ve all created here 👍🏻

      • sdcoug says:

        I know my differing opinions can sometimes rankle feathers, but I echo the sentiments. I really appreciate having this site as a daily read, and thank you for the incredible work, effort, and devotion.

        • STTBM says:

          I second that. I dont always see things the way Rob does–at least when it comes to the Seahawks front office and coaches–but his passion and analytical mind are a great thing.

          And there really isnt another Seahawks blog worth bothering with outside this one (sadly). I still am amazed–as are many others–that Rob can juggle family and a career to dig so deeply and accurately into the Draft and Seattle’s methods and techniques for player evaluation.

          And he’s not a bad writer either.

          Im frustrated with Seattle’s poor Drafting since 2012, but really glad Rob has given us a resource for information and analysis and the chance to build a community of fans.

          Thanks for that, Rob.

  38. D-OZ says:

    Nice to see a fellow Alaskan chime in Greg. K-Town here… Southern most.

  39. JimQ says:

    86 of the top prospects with cut-ups & scouting reports, All in one place. Why not look at what the Steelers have put together on these prospects? The scouting reports have a Steeler’s perspective on these prospects and may be subjective in nature, (As just one example: Kalen Ballage: “a good combination of speed & power”, Rashaad Penney: “Lacks top end speed” – Ballage & Penney tied at the combine, both with 4.46/40’s.). However, the more prospect information available the better. There are a large number of Seahawk possibilities here. Read on…………

    See bottom of page for index of the 86 prospects.
    –Many Seahawks draft blog favorites to read about …….But, it is…..from the Pittsburg perspective.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Will take a look. But honestly I try to be careful about reading evaluations on players. Try to watch them for myself at least a bit before reading about them and comparing my notes with others. Maybe then I’ll see something I missed and go back for another look.

      You hear the same knock repeated too many times and one can become blinded to what the player actually “can do”. (e.g. in this draft: Ronald Jones is too small to run between the tackles)

  40. RWIII says:

    I would love to see someone trade 2 second rounders for our 1st round pick. However, I don’t think a team is going to give the Hawks two 2nd rounders for our #18 overall pick. It’s probably more likely a 1st and a third for our 1st round pick. It would be a shame if the Hawks could only pick once in the first two rounds. It’s a strong possibility. John Schneider is probably going to trade down multiple times.

    Could Cleveland(or someone else) move up and trade two 2nd round picks for our 18? Yes. Cleveland could move up to take a tackle. But I don’t think they will. Cleveland needs a lot help. However if the Browns moved down with their 4th pick and acquired more pics. Then they might move up to take an OT. I see a lot people on this forum just assuming that someone is going to trade two 2nd round picks for our first round pick.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Pick 64, which is what Rob and many of us have projected the possibility of receiving, is the very last pick of R2, so practically a R3 if you want to look at it that way. And trade value chart wise CLE would still need to throw in another pick later to even it out. So I see it as a definite possibility.

      • Rad_man says:

        definite possibility but one has to wonder why they’d do that given the strength of the draft in the range of the picks they’d surrender, and the relative equality of the pick they’d gain.

        I certainly hope it’s the case that the Seahawks can gain 2 seconds for a first, but I wonder if the market will force the price down given the talent of this draft.

        I stil maintain that trading the 2018 #1 for a 2019 #1 plus other picks might be their best move.

  41. STTBM says:

    Im not sure that Seattle’s later round picks will matter at all. Since 2012, how many late round picks have turned into valuable players for Seattle?!

    2013. Two players who played bit parts for a few years; Jordan Hill and Luke Wilson. Spencer Ware became a star of sorts for KC only after leaving Seattle, and showed nothing in his brief time as a Seahawk. Bowie played ok for a year, then got dumped after an injury and did nothing.

    2014. Only Paul Richardson and Justin Britt turned out at all, and they were high picks and both gave nearly zero value over an UDFA for a couple years. No late or even mid-round picks did squat, unless you count Cassius Marsh’s Special Teams value and occasionally almost-big-play. Ok, to be fair, Marsh contributed and was not a horrible pick, and we got value for him in trade. I’ll give Seattle that one.

    2015. Two decent players, Clark and Lockett in the first three rounds. Then only Glowinsky gave us anything, and he’s off the team and never developed.

    2016. Admittedly too early to grade the class, but Ifedi as flat sucked at RG and RT, just as Britt sucked at RT and LG for two years, only Ifedi has been even worse. Jarran Reed was a decent pick.The rest have provided next to nothing or nothing.

    So I dont see much hope Seattle’s picks after the second or third round this year will mean anything at all.

    Seattle’s drafts are looking a lot more like Chuck Knox’s; 1 or 2 good players at the top, then a bunch of JAG’s, many of whom never make the team or are gone in one year. Seattle’s drafts post-2012 look just as bad or worse than Holmgrens drafts. And dang, I cant believe Im typing those words! After 2012 I never would have thought this would be the case in 2018.

    • STTBM says:

      I know the above comes across as bitter, and to be sure, Im hardly happy with the past few drafts, and what I see as the bungling of the greatest roster assembled in the Salary Cap Era. BUT, I still have faith in JS, and to a lesser degree, Carroll as coach.

      The worst moves Seattle has made have involved trades for offensive players that were spearheaded by Carroll (Harvin, Graham), and awful personnel eval and drafting on the O-line. In my mind, Cable gets the majority of blame there. And the trades for Richardson and Brown are also results of the above, though McDowell is a very big blot on JS’s resume. But in those, he was working under Carrolls direction to slap a band-aid on a gaping would caused mostly by others poor decisions, and he did what he had to do.

      Im still confused as to why they lowballed Richardson so badly. To me, it looks like they once again tried to fit a unique player (a square peg, if you will) into a round hole, and failed. Just like Graham, they wanted Richardson to be what he isnt, then undervalued him for what he’s best at. It seems they wanted him to be a Mebane or a Bennett, and he is neither. It appears they wanted to make him do a job he’s overqualified for, and not use some of his talents/skills that he wanted them to a) pay for and b) use. But again, thats a coaching thing; if Carroll wasnt going to use Richardson as a pass-rusher who was decent vs the run, and instead make him a run-stuffer/gap plugger first, then JS had no choice but to honor that and he isnt dumb enough to overpay for a run-stuffing DT. Of Which Richardson isnt the greatest at anyhow,…

      But we went and made Minny stronger, and that is unfortunate.