Would the Seahawks draft back-to-back cornerbacks?

Just a quick thought for the weekend…

By signing two offensive linemen and three linebackers in free agency, the Seahawks have bought an opportunity to tap into the strength of the draft class.

The defensive backs.

It’s still entirely possible they could draft an O-liner or linebacker in the first two rounds. Yet with such a strong group of safety’s and cornerbacks available, they’ve set themselves up to tap into the talent pool.

Could they consider drafting a slot corner and an outside corner with their first two picks?

After all, Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright require help and competition not replacements. The O-line has a question mark at tackle but they do have competition.

There’s quite a void at outside corner across from Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll was lukewarm when discussing Jeremy Lane’s play in 2016.

Lane played 71% of the defensive snaps last year and was essentially a full time starter. He’s also a possible cap casualty in 2018 (they’d save nearly $5m by cutting him).

It’s entirely possible they draft a ‘big nickel’ to man that spot in the future but a dynamic slot corner could also be a consideration. Especially with the players available.

For example, we’ve talked a lot about Adoree’ Jackson recently. The more I watched him, the more he felt like a prospective Seahawk. Yesterday I suggested he was Percy Harvin on defense without the drama.

I’ll say it again…

He’s Percy Harvin on defense without the drama.

He has grit. On three occasions I watched him chase down lost causes to make a TD-saving tackle. He’s an incredible athlete and a former 5-star recruit. He didn’t destroy the combine but neither did Harvin. He has the type of natural athleticism that doesn’t necessarily translate to the combine but you watch the games and you see his ability to change direction quickly, to run away from people, to get to 0-60 effortlessly.

He’s sudden. The Seahawks like sudden.

He’s tremendously productive and a playmaker. Five interceptions, 16 passes defended, 11 PBU’s, four return touchdowns and a receiving score in 2016.

He was a team captain at USC.

Jackson might be too small for the Seahawks. Yet he’ll go in round one to somebody, likely as a dynamic slot corner and kick returner. Why not Seattle?

He’d be a 70-80% snap performer on defense and your day one starter as a return man. Don’t underestimate that aspect of his game with Tyler Lockett recovering from a broken leg.

The more you watch him, the clearer it is he’s one of the best players in a great defensive draft.

Upgrading Lane might be one of their priorities. And considering the depth of the class, they could also draft an outside corner in round two.

I wrote about Cordrea Tankersley a few days ago as a possible target. He has a lot of the tools the Seahawks like and a very similar playing style to Byron Maxwell.

Unlike Gareon Conley he’ll jam and use his hands to control the route and get a feel for what the receiver’s going to do. This is a big problem for Conley. He offers free release after free release. At the next level he’ll have to learn how to use his hands, anticipate and re-route. Tankersley’s already there.

He also does a good job baiting quarterbacks into mistakes, gaining position and being the kind of opportunist Seattle likes. He’s a reasonable tackler in run support. He was productive too with 16 PBU’s in 2016, the same number as Kevin King (who got a lot of targets as teams avoided Sidney Jones) and only one less than Adoree’ Jackson and Tre’Davious White. He had four interceptions — as many as Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley.

He’s also a 4.40 runner with ideal height and length (6-1, 32 inch arms).

Jackson and Tankersley would compete to start immediately and could give the LOB a significant boost, providing a solution to Seattle’s flagging turnover numbers.

Keep an eye on Shaq Griffin as an alternative too, especially if they decide to take a safety like Obi Melifonwu at #26.


  1. BobbyK

    If Watt or Jackson would have returned to school this fall – they would probably be top 15 picks next year. One way to combat continually picking in the twenties and thirties is to grab these guys who would be top 15 picks when they come out early. People complain about some guys only having one productive season, but when they are coming out early it’s pretty hard to have a bunch of productive seasons. I’ve watched some additional Jackson stuff and, as Rob said, he doesn’t quit on plays and you can see him going for strips, too (i.e. the turnovers Carroll wants more of), in addition to INTs. Being capable of playing WR, he’s not going to drop a lot of INTs like some CBs, too.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Especially perennial powerhouses. They have to wait there turn and sometimes there turn isn’t untIL they are juniors.

      • Volume12

        Its funny, this year is a defensive draft, but next year looks to be an offensive draft. Of course so much depends on what players declare, who stays healthy, and who continues to improve or gets worse.

        Extremely talented OT, QB, RB, and WR class.

    • Stevo

      True dat, Bobby.

      After watching Carroll and Schneider draft guys like Sherman – a converted WR – and Thurmond – who was injured during his senior year – I think we can see that Carroll picks his DBs based on skill attributes, not their college stats. I trust Pete 100% to pick all the CBs and Safeties he likes in this draft.

      And if I were to prioritize a positional need, I’d still say that FS would be my #1 priority. There is no LOB when Earl Thomas is not on the field, and the dude won’t play forever. Replacing Earl will be the hardest thing our FO has done yet.


      • Joshua e Thompson

        it just depends how long they think ET will play. It may be too soon to look for a replacement, but I agree that it is the most important position on the team given how PC likes to play. He is young so if he could play a number of years still but some time in the next few years they need to find a replacement.

  2. Smitty1547

    The only down side to this is if Jones does slide to our 3rd round pick and he may (it’s agent speak saying that he will be ready this year) or one of there latter round gems they are hoping for like a Shaq Griffin they will have to go another direction, as it would be to much draft capital for one need.

    • Dale Roberts

      Jones is not going to drop to round 3, especially now that it doesn’t look like he will lose the year to injury. If Jones were there in round 2 it would be a no-brainer. If he’s there in round one at #26 I’d still take him. He was pretty much a consensus as the 3rd best corner and a lock to go in the top twenty. His injury isn’t a long term problem but he would be a long term starter.

      • Bill

        In the world of Pac12 high-octane offense, teams just stopped throwing ball at Jones.
        Enough said.

      • Ishmael

        ‘especially now that it doesn’t look like he will lose the year to injury.’

        Players, agents, and doctors will always be positive about these things. They’ve all got their personal brand to push and to protect. Doesn’t do Jones any good to come out and say ‘Yeah look, who really knows? I might be okay, but I might never be the same again.’

        If he lasts to the third I’d be interested, probably not before then though.

        • cha

          Yeah. If you’re completely sold on Jones, you have to basically commit to the strong possibility that you get no meaningful contribution from him in 2017. If you can mentally block out 2017 and focus only on 2018 and ignore the noise from your fans and talking heads about using a high draft pick on a guy and getting no return, good on you.

      • Yessir

        Get it out of your heads, they won’t pick someone who’s injured with their first pick. They are picking a day one starter

    • cha

      If the Hawks take 2 CB’s they’ve made their decision on the risk/reward of Jones though. Let someone else take him and hope he contributes in a meaningful way in 2018. In the meantime, that pushes more talent down to the Hawks. Maybe a LB/Edge with pass rush potential who would make your DB’s jobs easier by pressuring the QB.

      For the record, I’m not anti-Jones. If anyone can overcome the obstacles and beat the odds, it’s him. Just commenting on the scenario of the Hawks taking CBs other than him.

  3. Ed

    Been my hope. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Hawks take 4 DB’s with their first 5 picks.

    Sherman is getting older/distraction/high contract
    Lane stinks
    Shead on 1 year deal and hurt
    Kam on final year and gets hurt a lot
    Thomas hurt

    Give me:

    1st Baker
    2nd Tankersley
    3rd Griffin
    3rd Biegel
    3rd Luani

    1 slot/free, 1 outside, 1 to replace Sherman next year and 1 to replace Kam next year

    • HawkTalker #1

      Great post

  4. Overtime

    I like Adoree Jackson. He is the same speed (4.42) as ET. He can probably put on a few pounds in the weight room. I see him as a FS. Let him play the smaller guys in the slot and backup Earl. He makes plays on the ball. Then we will be set at the FS position for another 10 years.

    • PDXBen

      Watching that cut up I was thinking exactly the same thing, Overtime. He has the speed, instincts and ability to break on the hall to play FS I think.

      • Sean-O

        The plays he made in the video above were impressive. I know the Hawks have standards they go by when drafting DB’s but he could be the exception.

        He’s a play maker. A difference maker. A football player. He’d be able to help the team in many phases that other 1st round players couldn’t.

    • Yessir

      Idiots, he’s not a FS. Never played it. Ya’all are dumb

      • Rob Staton

        This type of language isn’t acceptable here, Yessir. We don’t call people idiots, especially when simply discussing the potential versatility of a defensive back who has already shown an ability to turn his hand to multiple roles.

      • Reggie Regg

        I’m thinking Adoree is just as much a safety as Obi is a corner.

      • Joshua e Thompson

        PC takes guys with a mind on where they could play not where they did play. The jump between CB and FS is not a big change. A lot of players change positions after the draft. Yessir you are worse than what you called the people above.(Rob Staton, look how i didn’t call him an idiot.)

  5. Misfit74

    I’m all for it, especially they way we’ve handled free agency. Certainly we will add several corners before we get through the draft and UDFA signing process. Given the talent at DB in this class, the draft may well fall our way in terms of landing two starters at CB.

    If the rest of the league zigs we could zag, of course, so I would not be surprised if we land some special DBs in middle~late rounds after one at 26, and take a surprise relatively early too. WR in 2nd~3rd could happen. I could see someone like Godwin or Zay Jones. Perhaps a quality TE or EDGE falls.

  6. cha

    Adding Jackson might have a tilting effect on opposing offenses. He has a Honey Badger-esque quality of being versatile, but also making plays others might not. Offenses already have Bennett, Wagner, Sherman and Thomas they need to account for on every play. One more in various areas on the field could be overwhelming.

    Then after the offense has 3-and-outed, who’s going to return their punt? Oh man. Him again!

    • cha

      In that vein, a question for those who have scouted Jackson:

      Has he done much corner blitzing?

      I’m just curious. Maybe I’m asking too much but if he has that club in his bag too, holy smokes.

      • Del tre

        The hawks are sneaky with their corner Blitz game. They typically come in completely unblocked but since our CB doing corner blitzes has been Lane the QB typically has enough time get rid of the ball or hit the check down. Adoree’s speed alone should make him a good blitzer in this system.

        • cha

          Not necessarily. Effective QBs are frequently ready for a free rusher, and a quick sidestep makes the defender completely whiff. Guys like Roethlisberger, Brees, Rodgers and RW have elevated it to an art form. Corner rushers have to have the burst to get around the lineman but also the awareness to dial it back just a hair and line up the to get the QB tackled.

          I’m guessing a playmaker like Jackson would have that awareness but not sure.

  7. Trevor

    Love that you have come around on Adoree Jackson after taking a closer look Rob.

    He screams Seahawk to me with his attitude and play. He is really raw still but imagine what the best DB coaches in the NFL could do with this kid. I really believe he could be a long term replacement for Earl as well as he has such natural range.

    I had the big 5 previously on my wish list

    But Jackson has to make if the Big 6 going forward.

    All I know for sure is that in this draft there is going to be a good option at 26.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I’ve always liked Jackson. Always had him in R1 in my mocks. Just contemplating him as an option for Seattle now. After truly focusing on just him for +10 games of video he has a lot of the things Seattle and PC in particular LOVES. The knock is the size.

  8. EranUngar

    The FA moves clearly set the field for 2-3 DB picks in the first two days and the quality of this DB draft class supports the top 2 high picks.

    If we go that way we can certainly bring in 2 key contributors. The talent is there for the picking.

    On the other hand, this uniquely deep draft class also could support two more possibilities:
    1. A “special” player at another position may slide much later than his value.
    2. The DB class is so deep that some valuable talent will be there at the end of the 3rd. The type of talent that is usually not available beyond the top two rounds.

    If those happen, it would not surprise me if a team that never drafted a CB higher than the 4th round will be happy enough with 2 DB picks at the end of the 3rd and use one of it’s top picks on a “special” player they did not accept to be there when they pick.

    • Hawksince77

      I was thinking the same thing. With the depth at CB, they can wait until the 2nd or third.

      With that possibility in mind, the wild card in round 1 (assuming Bolles, Reddick are gone) might be TE.

      Getting an elite TE might be the one move they could do on offense to make an immediate difference. Pick a guy – there are 3 or 4 that might be available at 26 that could be a game changer.

      • Rob Staton

        They might take a TE at some point but I think R1 is doubtful. It’d be the first time ever they’ve pulled a first round surprise like that under PCJS.

        • Hawksince77

          Interesting comment about “first round surprise.” It seems that many of their first rounds have been surprising (Bruce Irvin comes immediately to mind) and trading firsts for Harvin and Graham qualify. Did anyone see Carpenter as the pick? As I recall, we anticipated a RT, just didn’t have him pegged. Last year with Ifedi was the only time since Okung/Thomas first round that was generally predicted.

          I think you are right, though, that the first round is likely to be a stud defensive player. And they can get a good TE in round 3, if they want. When do you think Hodges will go? He looks like he could be a stud at the position.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think Irvin or Carpenter was a surprise. For starters, I had Carpenter at #23 to Philly in my final 2011 mock and we spent a great deal of time talking about him that year. Irvin was the first player we discussed at the start of the 2012 college season and the Seahawks, apparently, were always intent on drafting a pass rusher in R1 that year. We have the knowledge and ‘preference/scheme’ data now to understand why they loved Bruce so much because of his physical profile.

            Furthermore, both picks addressed the stated key needs. Carpenter was the best run blocking LT in college football in 2010, helping Mark Ingram win the Heisman. Seattle’s stated key need? Improve the run game. Irvin was a 4.50 runner, 1.5 10-yd split, 4.04 short shuttle athlete. Seattle’s stated key need? More speed in the front seven.

            A couple of links to note:

            Notes on Carpenter we posted on SDB during the 2011 season: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/james-carpenter-on-seahawks-draft-blog

            The first player we looked at after the 2011 draft, Bruce Irvin: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/bruce-irvin-is-ready-to-crash-the-2012-nfl-draft

            Seattle’s stated needs this year are CB, LB, OL. It’d be the first time in the Carroll era they went left field positionally.

          • EranUngar

            For years I have not been fully on board with the concept of the predictable first round pick that Rob always believed in. I argued about it here and every year Rob was right.

            Irvin may not have been the name we predicted but pass rusher in the 1st was the most likely pick at the time. The same for Carp (OL was the most likely pick).

            The Seahawks can surprise us with the specific player they pick but there are rarely first round surprises regarding the position.

            When Pete outlines the needs after the season you can bet that if they draft in the first it will be one of those positions. The FA moves this year has pretty much narrowed that range to DB. I can still see them pick LB/OL if an unbelievable talent drops into their hands (Reddick, Bolles…) but other than that, the smart money is on DB in the 1st and at least 1-2 more on day 2.

            • David

              I think any of the big three TE’s could fall into that spot. We have no idea how in love Teams are with either David or Engram and if the Seahawks could be one of them. I think if Howard were there that would be more likely cause he is a freak but unlikely to fall there. I think Athleticism mixed with potential is a more important factor for the Seahawks. It would not shock me if any of these players were chosen but would be disappointing cause I don’t really want them to go that route.

  9. Trevor

    I guess Kizer had a good pro day and Webb is getting 1st round talk now.

    I hope these QBs keeping getting lots of buzz the more the better.

    If Watson, Trubisky, Kizer, Mahomes, Webb all go in the 1st / early 2nd it pushes more players and trade back options to us.

    • cha

      Amen. Hawks always happy to fleece some chumps.

    • rowlandice

      Last year the Broncos gave us #94 to move down 5 spots in the first. A pick in the 90’s this year go be golden!

      • rowlandice

        “go” equals “would” – smart phones are fun…

    • Hawksince77

      Brock was raving about Mahomes, saying he had elite arm talent and would soon be much talked about and deserving of going in the first.

      • RWIII

        77: I was thinking that yesterday. Someone might want to move and snag Mahomes.

  10. Ishmael

    Of all the guys we’ve talked about, I think Jackson’s the one I want the most. Well, Bolles, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

    The more I watch of him, the more I think the Hawks will love him. But I just don’t know if they’ll budge on the arm length.

    • RWIII

      Ismael. Who would you take?

      1) T.J. Watt

      2) Obi Melifonwu

      3) Adoree ‘ Jackson

      • Ishmael

        Of those three?

        Jackson, Melifonwu, Watt, in that order.

        I want spectacular from a first round pick, especially in this draft. The workmanlike charms of Watt don’t do much for me and (it’s a lazy comp) I think Melifonwu ends up as a Byron Jones type in the NFL. A good player, an important player, who I’d be very happy to sign. But I’m an absolute sucker for ‘X Factor.’ I think Jackson becomes a player opposition coaches and fans are afraid of.

        He might have been absolutely toxic, but I LOVED having Percy on the Hawks. The more of those game-breaking, field-flipping, players the better.

        • wrestle59chevy

          I 100% agree. TJ Watt could be a solid pick but nothing mind blowing. Melifonwu could be special, and could be a graat pick but Jackson has off the chart ability. With good coaching he may end up being a game changer.

  11. Volume12

    Sea Mode, here you go my man-

    VMAC visitors:

    Obi Melifonwu, S/DB, UCONN (combine & SR bowl)
    DeAngelo Yancey, WR, Purdue
    Josh Tupuo, DT, Colorado
    Xavier Coleman, CB, Portland St.
    David Jones, S, Richmond
    Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan St.
    Michael Coe, OL/C, North Dakota
    Shaq Griffin, CB, UCF


    Chad Williams, WR, Grambling St.
    Caleb Kidder, EDGE, Montana
    Dylan Donahue, EDGE, W.Georgia
    Alex Armah, FB/LB, W. Georgia
    Rod Henderson, DT, Alabama St.
    Collin Bevins, DL, NW Missouri St.
    D’Andre Banks, OL, Kansas
    Shalom Luani, S, Wazzu
    Budda Baker, S, UW
    Rodeshawn Joseph, CB, Virginia Union
    Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, DT, USC *meeting or just scouting*
    Shrine Game:

    Anthony Auclair, TE, Laval
    Javancy Jones, LB, Jackson St.

    SR bowl:

    Carroll Phillips, EDGE, Illinois
    Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson
    Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy
    Isaac Asiata , OL/G,C, Utah


    Zach Banner, OL, USC
    Sefo Liufau, QB, Colorado
    D’Onta Foreman, HB, Texas
    Cordrea Tankersley, CB Clemson
    Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, ‘Bama
    Joe Mathis, EDGE, UW

    There’s many more from the combine, but these are just the ones I know of.

    • Cameron

      Theme: Edge, Safety, Defensive Line, DB… a smattering of everything else.

      • Volume12

        Yup. Again from Tony Pauline, he said Seattle is focusing a lot or their early draft work on safeties and defensive tackles.

        • Rob Staton

          Have you got a link to that Pauline report?

          • Volume12

            I can try and find it. It was mentioned by some draft guy. I wanna say Josh Norris at Rotoworld?

            • Volume12

              Maybe it was Davis?

        • Cameron

          A lot of late round and udfa names too, interestingly. Love how Seahawks focus their scouting on the back half of the draft.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          V12 that’s an interesting report from Pauline because I’ve been thinking that the guy PC was really checking out at ‘Bama pro day wasn’t Robinson, but rather Tomlinson.

          Could Tomlinson be the next Mebane?

          B Mebane: 6’1″ 309lbs, 5.19 40yd, 24″ VJ, 106″ BJ, 4.65 SS, 7.94 3C
          Tomlinson: 6’3″ 310lbs, 5.19 40yd, 27″ VJ, 110″ BJ, 4.59 SS, 7.68 3C

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Meant to add arm length.

            B Mebane: 33″ arms
            Tomlinson: 33½” arms

            SEA picked Bane @85 (R3).
            Gotta think Tomlinson is on their list @90

          • Rob Staton

            Tomlinson is a cool player. Might go a bit too early for SEA but nice player nonetheless.

            PC might’ve been watching Marlon Humphrey. Or he might just be picking Saban’s brain on Eddie Lacy. Or even, he clearly just respects what they do at Alabama and wanted to be there.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I wonder if they would package 102 + 106 to move up to the low 80’s for Tomlinson. He seems like a clear upgrade over Rubin and could be a stalwart of the DL for the next 7-8 years.

              Agree that there are any number of reasons why PC was there. And Robinson is probably the least likely.

            • Misfit74

              Eddie Jackson?

              • Rob Staton

                Not sold on Jackson as a possible Seahawk personally.

                • HI Hawk

                  Can I ask why? What about Eddie Jackson wouldn’t they love? He was the captain, a playmaker at FS, converted CB, elite returner and received coaching from the best DB coaches in college football. He was not only the team captain, but still the team leader, on a team full of alphas, even while on crutches. The entire crowd chanted EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE on senior day and he wasn’t even playing in the game. He has something special in him to warrant a scene like that. His conversion to FS went great, he was on pace to being 1st Team All-America before the injury. He returns his picks for Touchdowns. Further, it isn’t even a complicated injury, he will play in 2017. In my humble opinion, he’s the closest thing to Earl Thomas since Tyrann Mathieu came out.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Don’t think he’s twitchy or special enough.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Just read he put up 22 BP at ‘Bama’s pro day, compared to 24 for Bane.

          • peter

            I like Tomlinson quite a bit. But PC/JS didn’t draft Mebane so though their numbers are comparable and I thought ‘Bane was great there’s no real correlation between their numbers and what the PC likes.

            Again personally I would really lie to get some interior presence. I think it’s a bigger need then what’s going on right now. And I think Seattle based on Pro days, etc…looks to bring in two bodied dudes this year.

    • Volume12

      * And the interest in W.Kentucky’s OL Forrest Lamp from Tony Pauline

      22 more official VMAC visits.

    • Smitty1547

      Amazing how quiet things are about Mathis a real wild card as to when he goes.

    • Trevor

      Awesome post Vol! Great info thanks.

  12. Mike

    I would argue no to using our #26 on a corner…only because the historical “hit rate” for that position is so low. I went back and looked at the last seven drafts (2010-2016)…skipped over the first three cb’s taken in the draft (because the Seahawks will have no shot at them at #26)..and focused on the #4 thru #10 cb’s that were picked. So 42 corners in total going back to 2010..only 4 have made it to a Pro Bowl (9%).

    btw..the “hit rate” for the first three corners taken in the draft is 28% (6 pro-bowlers from the 21).

    I would trade that #26 and move back into the 2nd…take bpa (regardless of position..well..except qb)

    • STTBM

      You cant go on past drafts per position though. This draft is LOADED with fantastic DB (Corner and Safety) prospects, its a good bet at least 10 of them become at least solid NFL players. This is going to go down as a great Draft overall, and especially at DB–like the WR Draft where McGee, Jerry Rice, Al Toon, etc all came out at the same time. This draft has good DT and DE and LB’s too, and some really interesting big fast strong WR’s who wont be going in the first two rounds.

      Whats not to like except a weak O-line group?

      • Mike

        maybe..maybe not. They certainly have put up some sparkling training stats…sometimes that translates into on field play..but many times it does not.

        Speaking of training stats (agility drills, etc)..I wonder how much those can be improved just by practicing at them.

        i.e. are the players really getting more athletic..or are they just training better towards those events..probably a little of both going on

      • Misfit74

        Also, Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. I don’t view it as a valid measure for ‘starter-quality Corner or Safety’.

        • Mike

          Voting is 1/3 coaches, 1/3 players, 1/3 fans..not perfect but they get most of it right.

          You can be a “solid starter” and not ever make it to the Pro Bowl I guess…but I’d like to think a first round draft pick should show up there at some point in his career..

          • Misfit74

            There is a chance, but it’s largely subjective. Also, there are 5 DBs in Nickle sets (most common formation). That’s 160 DBs. How many are on a Pro Bowl roster?

    • Rob Staton

      This is the best and deepest CB draft in years. Previous unrelated drafts won’t determine the success or failure of this potentially historically good group.

      I mean, what’s the hit rate for free safety’s like? If it isn’t good, should the Seahawks have drafted Earl Thomas?

      • Misfit74


        Or Keanu Neal…

      • Mike

        actually that year (2010) was a great year for safety’s..Earl, Eric Berry, TJ ward, Kam, Reshad Jones, D Stuckey (all made Pro Bowls)…

        so I guess it could happen again this year with corners..

        I’d still trade down…;<)

  13. Hawkfaninmt

    If they take 3 DBs in the top 5 picks I really hope one is Jones. I feel like any more could be redundant and could be missing out on filling some other positions.

    If they were to go that route I hope to see:
    Watt, Jones, Witherspoon, Asiata, Luani

    • STTBM

      But Jones isn’t even close to fitting their mold at corner–and he just had a fairly major injury. I cant see them taking him high (first two rounds), not when they very may well have a shot at guys like Adoree Jackson and others that are at least the same size as Jones, plus a bunch of pretty fine prospects with incredible size and speed–like his partner King.

      I’m still holding out hope for Melifonwu/King and Luani and Asiata, wouldn’t mind Jackson or Tankersly. Wouldn’t mind one of the top 4 TE’s too if they last till the third.

      • Bill

        Kevin King is rising on all the boards and will probably not be around at #26.

        • STTBM

          Yes, Bill, I know he’s rising. I’m in denial, damnitt!

      • Hawkfaninmt

        I agree… that’s why I think 3/5 DB is a stretch. Give me King in the 1st, Luani in the 3rd along with an impact DT, LB and WR


        Baker, Witherspoon and the same

        • STTBM

          You like Witherspoon more than Tankserley? I’m not sure, haven’t watched enough film of those two. I like Baker but his size is a concern, unless Seattle wants him to be a nickel corner or FS or both. He’s just not big enough to take the pounding playing SS in the NFL, and he’s too short to play outside corner. But I like your thinking…

  14. Volume12

    This was a guy on Rob’s summer watchlist going back to last year.

    Keep an eye on Florida’s OL David Sharpe. Massive dude, legally blind in his right eye, former Ball player. I could see Seattle really liking him on day 3.

    • Ishmael

      That’s pretty incredible – the eye doesn’t hinder him at all?

      • Volume12

        It does, but not as much as we’d think. Because he’s obviously not without flaws, but the eye explains some of it.

        • Ishmael

          Gutsy dude, have to think the Hawks will like that

        • peter

          I’ll take a legally blind David Sharpe over a full season of Sokoli any day…ie, someone who can play at a pretty good standard.

          • RealRhino2

            Being blind in one eye certainly hasn’t stopped him from finding the dinner table…

  15. JC

    The corner-corner strategy is something I’ve thought a good possibility, as well the thought that all 7 or 6 of 7 of the Seahawks picks will be used on the defense, with perhaps 3 DBs, a hybrid LB/DB, a LB, a d-end, and an interior D-lineman.

  16. Allen K.

    My take on how the Seahawks use their draft picks goes something like:

    1st Rounder – They want a starter (or at least someone who can play alot of snaps) their first year.

    2nd Rounder – Someone they can increase the number of snaps throughout year so by years end they are productive/playing.

    3rd Rounder – May take some additional work with the player, limited snaps but they expect them to provide quality depth or starting snaps in second year.

    That being said, I do not think they are looking for anyone that cannot contribute their rookie season. If they cannot find that player, increases chances they trade down.

    • Allen K.

      * I do not think they are looking for anyone in the 1st Round that cannot contribute their rookie season

      • Misfit74

        Agreed. Every 1st round grade should be an early-career contributor, though some positions take time. WR, TE, other positions often don’t become full time starters in their first season

        • Allen K.

          Looking at round versus open opportunities versus snaps:

          Rnd Position Snaps
          1 CB/Nickel 70%
          2 SAM 30%
          3 Safety 15%
          3 CB/Nickel Special Teams
          3 DT Passing Downs

      • Old but Slow

        Remember that the team values special teamers also. After the first and maybe 2d rounds, anyone they pick (other than a QB) will need to be good on teams.

  17. Hawksince77


    In terms of scheme fit, how do you compare Budda Baker and Adoree Jackson? Wouldn’t the same argument hold for Baker as Jackson? Undersized, slot corner, back-up FS, athletic, sudden, good to great football instincts?

    Granted, Jackson has the returning and offensive snaps on his resume, but if prioritizing the defensive backfield, do you see much difference?

    Asking because Jackson seems more likely to get drafted in the top 25, and Baker more likely to be available.

    • Cameron

      Hard to argue with either player imo. Both are of similar stature and offer scheme flexibility. Adoree is a slot who can play outside corner and Budda can play slot or free safety.

      The big difference is what Adoree offers with the ball in his hands on special teams and on defense.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. Baker could be an option too. I think Jackson is possibly more likely because he’s more dynamic, has special teams value and better production. Baker is still a really tough, athletic player though.

      • Misfit74

        I do like Baker and Melifonwu for the toughness, physical intimidation factor and extra strength vs the run, too.

  18. D-OZ

    There is a lot of interest being shown by the Tampa Bay, Detroit, and the Saint’s that makes me believe we will have no shot at Obi. I think he will be long gone by #22. If I was a GM I would easily take him @ #12 or even #8. A week ago I compared him to Kenny Easley and I am not backing down on that comp. I think he will have more longevity in today’s NFL because the NFL is becoming a pati-cake league. Obi is a sound tackler though. He would defiantly be my first choice. If he is gone I would take Jackson. If Jackson wasn’t available, trade down. There are some lone corner’s in this draft that can be had later. See BYU. :}

    • D-OZ

      Long corner’s. Have another OZ….

    • Misfit74

      Depending on how many Corners and Safeties are off the board by pick 20 or so, and where the run is, I wouldn’t be opposed to a small trade up for Obi.

      • D-OZ

        Neither would I….

  19. Misfit74

    Obi / King / A. Jackson / B. Baker / Reddick / Bolles: all legit Seahawk style first rounders, along with other top Corners that ‘could’ make it. Exciting list!

    LB, Edge, DT, DE surely are also in play, but how much I don’t know. How do they view Arthur Brown? Later round LBs can often be found with excellent athletic profiles. A raw LB wouldn’t need to be counted on for immediate starting quality play – could be developed.

    J. Davis / TJ Watt / Bowser surely make the LB that list for 2nd/3rd day or trade down options.

    Derek Rivers / Jordan Willis / Raekwon McMillan could also be options.

    That said, I still agree corner is the prime draft plan. Perhaps we take one early and one+ mid/late to develop and churn volume with later picks and UDFA Corner, Safety? The Portland State corner, S. Griffin, Witherspoon, Tankersley, even Sid Jones make sense.

    Josh Jones looks good. Justin Evans, Eddie Jackson…

    • D-OZ

      Well done….

      • Bill

        Past the second round, I think Rasul Douglas, CB from West Virginia is a real sleeper, eight interceptions along with 70 tackles, 3.5 for loss, and eight pass breakups in 2016.

        A playmaker at CB with similar measurables to Sherman.

        • Misfit74

          I like Rasual a lot. I wonder if/how much he will be nicked by the 4.59 40-time

          • Bill

            Sherman ran a 4.56 at the Combine

    • Misfit74

      I should note that I think J Davis will be gone by 15-40 range. We likely miss on him regardless. Cunningham could make it though.

  20. bankhawk

    Just gotta say it again-Rob, you are truly indefatigable! At a time of year when mainstream sources are regurgitating the usual group-think or pumping out click-bait like the Sherman trade non-story or Marshawns latest *To-be, or not-to-be* rumors, you manage to pump out fresh, well informed, exquisitly reasoned and geuininely intriguing content every 2-3 days! Real substance!

    For my money, I just hope for a King or a Melifonwu at 26. Hope that they do go all in on D on day 1 and 2.Its just the way Im wired.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

  21. Volume12

    Zags in the Final 4 baybee! Spokane is going to be lit tonight.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It’s about time. They also have an easier than normal path to the final games as well as its either Florida or South Carolina in the semis

      • Volume12

        Yeah, that S. Carolina 2-3 zone is nasty though. It’s as good as Syracuse’s. They gotta knock down some outside shots to open it up inside for their big men.

        It they get past Florida that is who is familiar with them both being from the SEC.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Seems like every year Zaga gets a 1 or 2 seed and every year they choke. Not this year! Glad for you my man. Gives me something to care about now that the Bruins are out.

      • D-OZ

        Bruins?????????? Com’on Man!!!!

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          It’s an LA thing. Don’t worry, I still have enough hometown in me that I root for the Huskies when UW play UCLA in football.

          • Volume12

            Don’t like his dad, but PG Lonzo Ball is the real deal. He’s a top 3 pick in the lottery no doubt.

            • Derron James

              I like USC, im from LA, but i hope Lonzo stays in Cali and goes to the lakers.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                You, me and all of Laker nation Derron hope so!

                Yeah V12, Ball is the real deal. Potential #1 pick. Wish he would stay one more year but I get it.

    • STTBM

      I lived in Spokanistan when the Zags first hit the national scene in 99, that was really fun. Some of the players came in the little place I worked–a couple were nice guys, but most were either condescending or just outright buttheads lol! I bet its totally crazy there when they play these days!

  22. nichansen01

    Go Zags! Also I’ll be rooting for Oregon in a bit.

    • Volume12

      Me too.

  23. HawkTalker #1

    I’ve heard nearly everyone say how great Rob’s work is that is freely provided on this site . . . and rightly so. It is outstanding top-notch stuff. I have mentioned in previous posts how much I enjoy this large and growing volume of quality draft related work and the fact that I am also much richer for it (as I would surely have coughed up some bank to keep all the great info jacked into my brain). A sentiment I and others share is . . . I feel a little guilty getting all this quality draft information for free. Feels like I pirating movies or something . . .will join the group sentiment and make yet another request for you add a contribution link for those, like me, that would like to support you and the site for all you do for the Seahawk and SDB community.

    One of the other things that I also find valuable is that the articles challenge my current thinking/position on what is likely to happen with the draft. Occasionally I find it annoying, as I really want to be right, but in the end I find myself in a much better place as my updated opinions are supported by much higher quality information than I had before. Ok sure it can be frustrating to have my mind twisted as often as it is here, especially as I come to the realization that many of my favorite Slam dunk Seahawk draft picks continue to rise up the big boards and become out of reach of the crappy draft picks the Seahawks get for being as consistently high performing team. WellI suppose getting those low picks should really be more of a badge of honor and are definitely better than the alternative for sure. Cleveland can keep their regularly great picks. The upside is there often end up being so many rising stars that Rob and the group identify that the odds eventually go up that one will fall as teams reach to fill their desperate needs in an effort to pull themselves up from the bottom of the standings.

    Go Hawks, go mocks . . .

    • Rob Staton

      Really appreciate those nice words HawkTalker #1. Thank you 🙂

  24. Coleslaw

    Adoree/Baker and Tankersley/Witherspoon is a pretty solid ‘plan.’ You’re not taking a big hit for settling on either Baker or Witherspoon and there’s a real possibility they’re all available

    • Misfit74


    • HawkTalker #1

      I’m much bigger on plan A as I’m having a hard time on Witherspoon, even with his great coverage skills and results against guys like Ross, will the Seahawks tool the dice on a player that is a little challenged with run support? Just doesn’t seem like the Seahawk preference to me.

      • peter

        I’ve come around on Witherspoon a bit but Seattle would have to have knowledge not from him but his coaches about why he was used so little in run support. Scheme? It’s not his thing? Because those two things are very different. If CO was just not building run defense around him and felt comfortable with their front 7 that’s one thing that could be worked on but if it’s not his thing that’s a problem.

        If Seattle does go multiple DB’s as well most of the guys will be playing on Special teams so if he’s not a willing tackler (I’m just saying, I don’t really know) then that could be a problem as well.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    Some interesting trade scenarios (since I obviously nothing better to do)

    Trade down ~10 spots from 26 to the mid 30’s nets a mid R4 + mid R5
    Trade up ~10 spots from 58 to mid R2 costs one of the R3 comps

    Doing both, SEA could end up with 8 picks like these:
    1st pick around 35
    2nd pick around 50
    3rd pick @90
    4th pick @102 or 106
    5th pick around 110
    6th pick around 150
    7th pick @210
    8th pick @226

    They could also spend (or pick up) one of those late round picks moving up or down a bit more.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Trade up ~15-20 spots from 90 costs one of the R3 comps – 90 + 102 = ~20 spots; 90 + 106 = ~15 spots

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Trade up ~20 spots from 106 costs the mid R4 pick netted from the trade down from 26.

        Make all 4 trades and end up with 4 picks in the top 100:


        4 picks in the top 100 of this draft class would be amazing

        • HawkTalker #1

          Nice work. Now mock me some names!!!

          • :)D-OZ


          • CHawk Talker Eric

            ~35 TJ Watt/Justin Evans/Budda Baker
            ~50 Cordrea Tankersley/Evan Engram/Fabian Moreau
            ~70 Dalvin Tomlinson/Marcus Williams/Rasul Douglas
            ~90 Bucky Hodges/Chris Wormsley/Ahkello Witherspoon
            ~150 Shaq Griffin/George Kittle/Vince Biegel
            210 Javancy Jones/Steve Tu’ikolovatu/Aviante Collins
            226 Zane Gonzales/Jehu Chesson/Chad Williams

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Switch up Witherspoon and Douglas.

    • Dawgma

      I’d actually be really curious to hear thoughts on how the comp picks being tradeable is going to change the market for picks. That’s a LOT more picks in the market, roughly an entire ROUND worth of picks, and there’s no way that doesn’t have some effect.

  26. RWIII

    Guys. You know what is interesting about Adoree’Jackson. On all his touchdowns he is pulling away from the field.. Not only is Jackson fast. He is football fast. There is NO-ONE even close to Jackson when he scores a touchdown. Jackson is a Freak of an athlete. As Dickey Vitale would say. “Awesome baby!.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Nice observation and way relevant given the difference between combine fast and football/tape fast.

    • Volume12

      Dickie V’s voice: ‘He’s a PTPer (Prime Time Player) baby!’

  27. RWIII

    Rob in your opinion which position group is stronger/deeper in the third round? Secondary or edge rushers? I am hoping JS/PC take an edge rusher in either the second or third round. Last year the Hawks took Quinton Jefferson who they have hope of being an inside pass rusher.

    • HawkTalker #1

      With this opinion, I would add to the question, what are the odd we’ll take an edge player in this draft given our current options, the depth of the DB class and our other needs?

    • :)D-OZ

      Edge Rush/ OT/LB, /S/TE/G/3tech….from Main .:)

    • Rob Staton

      Secondary depth lasts into round three. I think EDGE is a bit top heavy. Linebacker, receiver might be deepest in R3.

      • RWIII

        Rob : I was thinking the same thing . It seems like there is a drop off after the 2nd round at the cornerback position. It does seems like there are some good defensive backs after round two however they are mostly under 6 feet. I really like Jordan Willis from Kansas State. But with the lack of depth after round two I think the Hawks might have to go defensive back with their first two picks.

        Rob: Appreciate your responding to my questions. Thank you!

        • peter

          Willis is strange for me to figure out. Great production. Great testing. But when I watch him at Draft Breakdown it seems like there are a lot of plays he doesn’t effect. And I’m not trying to be cynical because when I watch him I want to see something to get stoked on.

          I don’t now Kansas State’s positional names (SAM/LEO/OTTO/ etc…) but I do wonder how he would do rushing the passer from another position or with more weight? Like a Bennet

          • RealRhino2

            Agree with Rob on the depth. Edge/DE looks like a cliff at the end of R2, while the secondary depth continues beyond that, IMO.

            Edge you’ve got Garrett and Thomas, and then a bunch of guys that are probably going to go between 15 and the end of R2, including the second-best player in the entire draft and future Seahawk, Tarell Basham ;-). After that, crickets.

  28. nichansen01

    Imagine a Gonzaga vs. Oregon basketball championship..

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oregon is on fire!!!!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        PAC 12 represent!

    • Hughz

      Go Zags!

  29. RWIII

    Rob: One other question. Just want to know why you are not impressed with Tanoh Kpassagnon?

    • Rob Staton

      Doesn’t play with his hair on fire, looks the part but didn’t test well at the combine, suspicious of reports questioning whether football will define him given his alternative career potential.

    • DavidM2

      I think it’s been said on here that TK is like a Shawn Oakman type of prospect. Great athletic, as Rob would say, “Greek God” profile, but lacks in regards to instincts, flexibility, plays tall and stiff. He’s be a development project and also may not have his heart set totally on football. He has already had an internship at Price Waterhouse Cooper so other high paying less health risky opportunities exist for him.

      Here’s what nfl.com has to say on his draft profile:

      “He’s raw but he’s got a chance. He’s quiet and I don’t think football is going to define him, Do you know what I mean? I just want to make sure that he loves football.” — NFC regional scout

  30. Volume12

    I wonder if Seattle could possibly see Utah’s Brian Allen as a safety? That’s a huge corner at 6’3, 215 lbs.! 34″ arms and ran a 4.48!? Former WR too. We know how much they love versatility. Speaking of…

    What are the odds newly acquired Bradley McDougald ends up playing both?

    • HawkTalker #1

      Drool thought . . . Checking to see where he’s currently mocked to go.

    • Misfit74

      I like Allen a lot, and not just because his last name is spelled the same as my first! 10th in SPARQ amongst this year’s CB class. 34″ arms, 6’3, 4.48 speed… 🙂

    • Coleslaw

      Nice. Sounds like the perfect guy to go for if we don’t go corner with our first 2 picks somehow

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I can easily see Seattle drafting him, possibly at the back end of the second round.

    • peter

      I could see it but that’s a process for sure. The thing for Allen to me is that he can absolutely make his bones on special teams so he could give Seattle time to work on his correct position be that SS or CB

  31. RWIII

    Rob: One last question. Which tight would you prefer in the mid rounds. George Kittle, Jordan Leggett or Jake Butt?

    • nichansen01

      Legget has motivation and work ethic issues. Though he may be the most talented.

    • Rob Staton

      Kittle or Butt.

    • EranUngar

      Kittle…the best blocking TE in years….

      • lil'stink

        I love watching his highlights even though a lot of it is just him blocking.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Any of you statsheet scouts know when the only collegiate interception of Jabrill Peppers career came?

    The third quarter against Ohio State while leading by 3

    Watch the tape, guys.

    • STTBM

      Whats funny is that’s the only college football game I watched this year on TV live, outside UM/MSU Griz/Cats…that was a badass play! He made a few plays that day and I wondered to myself if he would be there when Seattle’s pick came around..

      • Kenny Sloth

        It’s definitely possible

        It was an ugly catch, but he picked up some yards.

        If we’re considering Baker and Jackson we should consider Peppers as well.

        • Peanut

          I personally always considered Peppers. Can play LB and S.

        • LeoSharp

          I really think Jabrill Peppers plays a completely different position right now. He has the movement skills of a corner but he definitely plays like a linebacker or a ‘Space-backer’ as this article would suggest.


          I wouldn’t trust him in deep coverage as I would with Baker and Jackson but his ability around the LOS is unique. The further Peppers gets from the line of scrimmage the worse he looks. If he’s able to develop his coverage skills you end up with probably the best all-round player in the draft. If not then he’s just the undersized athletic tackling machine he’s been in college and I’m not sure that’s what the Seahawks need when they already have K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s say the draft breaks down like this for Seattle….

    Obi Melifonwu at #26 / Then in the second round grab someone like Cordea Tankersley (for example)
    Then with one of the 3 picks in the third (likely last pick of the 3) take a swing on Sidney Jones.

    So, in the end, you end up with SS/CB, CB and potential big-time CB out of one draft. This would certainly restock the shelves in the secondary. The other 2 picks in the 3rd would be DL/OL types possibly. This would be a solid – very solid draft for Seattle. The other cracks that need filling on the team can be had by UDRFA or min vet salary FA (M Reece at FB for example)

    • House

      I like your thought process, but I have a feeling Jones will go Top-50. What do you think about Witherspoon? I got a good feeling at the kid.

      • DavidM2

        True, looks at the range Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith went last year. Jones injury red flags are less severe and hes a similarly valued prospect.

        • Smitty1547

          How has that worked out for those 2 guys last year? Not so well if your looking for immediate impact from the second round. If I was Cleveland rebuilding with multiple picks I would take him. Teams looking to compete now might not be in there best interest to draft so soon.

          • Ground_Hawk

            I could see one of the teams with multiple 2nd round picks going after Jones, with their earliest 2nd rounder, which means either Carolina or, as you mentioned, Cleveland. With Cam Newton’s shoulder requiring surgery, Carolina’s FO might feel like they are going to have a down year, so taking a player like Sidney Jones in the 2nd might be a good investment for the following year, and considering that they have another 2nd round pick they might feel confident about taking a shot on a player with great potential, but who is recovering from injury.

  34. Coleslaw

    1. Adoree Jackson
    2. Malik McDowell
    3. Brian Allen
    3. Vince Biegel
    3. Nico Siragusa
    5. Jehu Chesson (they see Chesson still around and trade future 5th and our 6th to get him)
    7. Zane Gonzalez

    The later we pick our future starting corner the better. I saw people saying they think we like a lot of small school guys, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t pick an outside corner until the 3rd. This mock we get McDowell to pair up with Jefferson as our inside rushers

    • RWIII

      I am hoping one of our 3rd round picks is Adam Bisnowaty. I really like this player. Bisnowaty plays with a mean streak. Bisnowaty also was a wrestler in college. Bisnowaty has impressive initial quickness. Has sticky hands. Typically controls opponents once he latches onto them. His aggression and physicality speaks loudly. Supplies a powerful initial punch to jolt his opponents. Don’t know how you can ignore this player.

    • peter

      I’m a big Brian Allen guy bit I think he can be had later. He still has spotty/inconsistent tape with his limited experience.

  35. House


    As usual, another great write up! I am a bit curious what your thoughts are in regards to the current DB depth and who we have competing at the CB spot opposite Sherman.

    Here are the players listed on the “current roster” Sherm, Jeremy Lane (slot), DeAndre Elliott, Neiko Thorpe, Perrish Cox, Demetrius McCray, DeShawn Shead (Injured). I don’t personally see a strong emergence from the rest of the pack and a rookie will start opposite Sherm. I believe 2-3 DBs will be taken early in this draft and hopefully they make an immediate impact!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible for sure

    • HI Hawk

      I think J. Lane could easily start outside, as opposed to being solely relegated to the slot. He may move inside (when they go nickel) if it’s better for the 3rd CB to play outside, but Lane is probably the most likely to start in 2017. He is a better outside CB than he’s being given credit for, he struggled in the slot, but he kept the job because he’s better than any of the other guys on the roster and that job is tough. But let’s not forget, he is a better outside CB than slot CB himself. I think he can rise to the challenge, he plays angry and he loves to compete.

  36. Robertlas vegas

    I find it interesting that the seahawks signed three linebackers after the combine my belief is that Pete and John realize that Reddick and Davis probably won’t be there at 26 and Zach CUNNINGHAM who I really like was decent at the combine but nothing really exceptional.I like Adoree Jackson because he is a playmaker he can cover the slot he can do special teams I know Tyler is ahead of schedule but do we want him on special teams right away I am not sure.and Rob the more I see Justin Evans the more I like do you feel like might have to move up in round two to draft him .what are your thoughts on Jackson and Evans as are first two picks

    • RWIII

      Vegas: I could be wrong. But the signing of three linebackers puts Seattle into position to take defensive backs with their first two picks. There are some really good linebackers in this draft. I mean really good linebackers. It looks to me that after the first two rounds their is a BIG drop off in the secondary. With that said if Jordan Willis is still sitting on the board at 58 (which I doubt ) how do you ignore him? This is why you meetings to figure this out ahead of time. It looks to me that it was a good thing the Hawks did not sign Lang.

      • peter

        I feel like Seattle travels both directions with their off season acquisitions.

        1. More than likely all the LB signings signal DB early and often with Some small school late round UDFA types to have a real roster battle. None of the signings, to me, would be able to spell Wagner/Wright for a multi game stretch without a serious drop off in talent.

        2. Or less likely but Seattle has done this move before with different approaches: They are targeting one LB and these guys are a hedge or a bit of a smokescreen to not tip their hand. Most notably this move cost several million dollars before and netted us Russell Wilsons in the third a player JS absolutely loved.

        • Misfit74

          I can see it either way. Good point re flexibility, depth, smokescreen(s).

  37. Donald

    Unfortunately with so many good players that have been mentioned, I would like to see the Hawks pick at #26, and trade R2 +R3 to move up to R2-#40. I agree with others above, the R1 needs to make an impact day 1, and that would be Action Jackson. With Lockett and Earl recovering from injury, he would make a difference. Then trade up to take Cunningham or Bowser.

    Heck, add to it next years R2 and move up into the late R1 and take R1 King, R1 Jackson.

  38. nichansen01

    I kind of wish the Seahawks would sign Colin Keapernick. I think he’d be a solid backup, and I also think the Seahawks organization needs to acknowledge all the great work he’s doing by bringing him in.

    • Frans Geraedts

      Agreed. Give hime a contract for three years.
      Let him be back up for a year. Build him up beyond his former best. Trade him next year.
      Good for him, good for Hawks.
      He would be a great fit in the locker room as well.
      And Pete would do wonders for him.

      • Mr. Offseason

        In order to be tradeable he’d have to agree to a multi year deal, which would be hard if we want to pay him near-minimum. He needs to hit the market again next year.

        • Old but Slow

          Explain to me why he would need a multi year deal? For him, he needs to establish his stability and focus. The Seahawks could use him, but would that be his best? Not if he wants a short term, make it or break it contract that could lead to a better situation. For that, he needs a starting job which is likely not there.

          What makes the ‘Hawks backup plan viable is the scheme, which would seem to fit his skills. He would be gambling a bit, that Russell would get hurt, but if so Kap might find himself in a productive situation which could be an endorsement. I know, too many ifs.

          You are probably right in the long run. He’s been a starter, had some success, so now is only a starter in his mind. Too bad, really, as he has great talent, but QB requires some special qualities that only a few possess. Maybe he is a test of whether it can be learned.

        • Smitty1547

          He walked away from 15 million! He’s not going anywhere to be a cheap back up. Everybody thinks he hasn’t signed because of politics and yes that does play a part. However the real reason he hasn’t signed is he thinks he’s Bret Farve and want 20 million.

      • Rob Staton

        Kaepernick will be 31 in 2018. Not sure what trade value he’d have at that age. Plus you’d have to sign him multi-year to have that opportunity.

        I suspect his contract will be too much. He likely wouldn’t sign multi-year for the minimum. And Seattle hasn’t got a lot of cap room to play with.

    • Volume12

      It was interesting. I was ESPN’s 1st Take the other day, because Sherm was on it, and he thinks the NFL is blackballing Kap.

      • Old but Slow

        He is still young enough and has the talent, strong arm, good runner, strong runner, athletic, and has some success, but he will need to be with a coach who can whisper.

        I am becoming sympathetic to the guy, who eschewed the role of conservative QB to become more the rebel, despite the performance backup to soften the image. Being unconventional is not a bad thing, is just unconventional. Personally, I find him irritating, but that does not mean he would not be a good teammate.

        It is very early to give up on a player with so much potential to play a very difficult position.

        • RWIII

          As far as I am concerned Seattle has way too many other areas of concern. Plus what is wrong with Boykin?

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Pray you never have to find out… not a fan though. I don’t think Boykin can get you .500 if RW goes down for a stretch. I think Kaep can, with this defense.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Agree with this even if I don’t really want him….

      • Ishmael

        Totally believable. There are WAY worse QBs out there with contracts, backups and starters.

        The NFL is deeply, deeply, conservative and has enormous issues with structural racism. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is the last we’ve seen of him.

        • Ed

          I don’t buy that a bit. Kap is terrible. He was OK with Harbaugh and a fantastic defense, but that’s all gone and he took his team to a 2-14 record. And Sherman saying he is blackballed just validates my stance, Sherman is crazy and we have all witnessed before our own eyes. Talent trumps all and if Kap was good last year and the years since Harbaugh, he would be on a roster. Cutler isn’t on a roster and as bad as a leader he is, he has all the arm talent in the world that leaves Kaps abilities in the dust.

          Please people, stop with the nonsense. It’s a non story for clicks and just ridiculous. Like Lavar Ball and his nonsense, let it drift away.

          • Smitty1547

            Spot on Ed, he can’t carry Cutler’s jock and Cutler isn’t all that.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Idk about any of that.

            Kaepernick was one of the most dangerous QBs in the league for a while.

            Cutler is a jerk. I just remember him screaming at Jmarcus Webb in his first year playing LT.

            Completely different situations.

            I don’t agree Kaep is worse than Cutler. They are simply both at the end of their ropes. Kaeps rope was just shorter because he was a runner

            • Ed

              Not really. You brought up Kap being dangerous (really on as a runner) and Cutler being a jerk. That’s different argument.

              Apples to apples is Kaps on-field talent vs Cutler on-field talent and Kaps off-field issues vs Cutler attitude.

              Juice isn’t worth the squeeze on either. Kap isn’t that good and has baggage, Cutler is decent (has moments) and has baggage.

              • Mr. Offseason

                The Seahawks probably can’t get trade value for Kaep because he’s not going to sign a multi year deal at a really low number. The only scenario where he comes here would be a 1 year deal for minimum if no other teams wants him to come compete for a starting job, or is willing to pay him significant dollars to be a backup.

                Now the pros are, you get a backup QB who fits what you do in Seattle, and if his market goes up next year in FA, you get a high COMP pick (maybe a 3rd).

                I also think people need to stop saying he can’t start in this league. Firstly, he played pretty damn well the latter half of last season. Go look at the numbers. Also, he played at an absurdly high level in 2012 & 13 under Harbaugh. We were all afraid of him during those years. This isn’t to say Kaep will succeed under any coach, but that’s not the question. The question is can he start in the NFL? And the answer is a clear yes.

                • Kenny Sloth


                  Like they’re pretty comparable in terms of onfield talent.

                  Off field ‘issues’ are overblown for each

                  They’re both options to compete for starting minutes on teams without an answer at QB

                  Are either the answer at backup QB for the Seahawks?

                  Fuuuuudge no.

                  But don’t say they’re bad just because you don’t want them.

                  Fulfilling your own narrative and shit

                  • Scraps


                  • Ed

                    They are bad. Could they be backups, sure. But Kap is not a starter and neither having a job supports of that fact. Has nothing to do with narrative or what I think of him as a person. He was ok with a defense, Jim Harbaugh and his legs. Many reasons the 49ers got terrible real fast and he is one of them.

                • HI Hawk

                  I think the league has figured out Kaepernick. He’s one read and run, Sherman himself called this out years ago when Harbaugh was still running the team.

                  I like him as a person, I have no ill will towards him for his political stance. He’s right, there is racism in America and it isn’t getting enough attention.

                  Regardless, he’s not a QB that a team can build a champion around at this point. I would rather start a “maybe” like Boykin or even Bryce Petty than invest any time or finances into Kaepernick. At least you can’t say definitively that they won’t succeed, because they’ve never been given the chance. Kaepernick had his shots, he had a great run, but his game has never evolved and this league knows how to shut him down. He’s a backup at best in Carolina, Seattle, or another place that wants to use QB runs as part of its offense.

        • Joshua Smith

          Yeah I’m sure nobody has signed Kap because of racism. It probably has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he kneeled during the national anthem or that he wore socks depicting all cops as being pigs. Yep, systematic racism seems like the most parsimonious conclusion to me. Notice that Doug Baldwin has said the same things Kap has said except without the kneeling and the socks. He isnt despised around the league despite speaking out while black. Tell me, what are the differentiating factors?

  39. DavidM2

    This guy is an interesting late round LB prospect:

    Topping the list of MSU Pro Day performers was All-America linebacker Dylan Cole (Rogersville, Mo.) who recorded 32 reps on the 225-pound bench press and posted a 39-inch vertical during the indoor skills testing. Both of those metrics would have been tops among linebackers at the 2017 NFL Combine, which recently took place in Indianapolis.

    • DavidM2

      A consensus FCS All-American in 2016, Cole also turned in a 10-foot, 5-inch broad jump and was clocked at 4.52 in the 40-yard dash. He was also tested in the shuttle drill, the 60-yard shuttle and the L drill, in addition to rigorous defensive drills

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah Sea Mode was talking about him the other day, I haven’t seen th3 tape yet tho

  40. CharlieTheUnicorn

    CK7 would be a distraction from what Seattle is trying to build in 2017.
    They already have a suitable and cheap back-up who performed decently in limited playtime.
    As Rob mentioned, Seattle is out of cap space a back-up QB and as for trading him, there is no market. He has not gotten to the point where he can make more than 2 reads and throw short to immediate passes with touch consistently. I have to give Jim Harbaugh credit, he took CK7 and made him a SB caliber QB. He used a simple game plan and designed around what CK7 did well…… unless you get JH back together with him, forget about it.

    • DC

      Kaep’s best years were played behind the best offensive line in the NFL. Coincidence?
      Not in the least.

  41. Ukhawk

    Liking the idea of consecutive DB picks and thinking it is more likely given that it is increasingly likely the big 4 prospects will be unavailable and hence a trade back may also be in order as well. I think the 26 spot could be a place where others may look to move up to snag a QB

  42. RWIII

    I really like Adoree Jackson (who doesn’t ) with that said if Obi Melifonwu is still available (which I doubt ) you have to take him. IMelifonwu can play Strong Safety. It seems like Melifonwu can play any position in the secondary. However long-term Melifonwu would be a safety for Seattle Probably a strong safety.

    • Mr. Offseason

      My only worry with Melifonwu: He seems like kind of a tweeter. Too big to be a corner, not quite the tackler to be a safety. Does he have bust potential?

    • HawkTalker #1

      I would have to buck the current census and go with Jackson over OBI. Something just tells me he is overrated and although he has made some great plays for sure, in general he seems a little more disengaged than I would like and I just have some concerns about him turning into the Seahawk weapon we all want him to be. I would rather put my money down on someone, even though perhaps a little undersized, that has shown me more of what I want to see you and somebody that has that on field football speed, suddenness and versatility that gives me the value I’m looking for. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about Obi , and look forward to eating some crow, but I would prefer to go with someone that seems a little more certain.

  43. bankhawk

    I havent had the opportunities to see games and film to the extent that many have had, but my time on the blog has really fired my imagination for something like Melifonwu, best CB available, best LB available, Luani. I grant that given current depth, the back to back CB plan is a better way to go, though. Gawd, I loves me some butt-kicken D. The mind boggles at the possibilities!

    • Mike

      So..if the Seahawks draft Melifonwu and don’t resign Kam..I wonder what that does to the locker room dynamics this year. I’m guessing the LOB (or what’s left of it) isn’t going to make it easy on the kid.

      • STTBM

        Seattle simply cant give Chancellor the kind of extension he wants. He has missed several games each of the past few seasons, and played at a reduced level while hurt several more. He held out. He is getting long in the tooth and his body is breaking down. Its simply not fiscally responsible to commit even another year guaranteed to the guy.

        Having said that, his value to this team is incalculable. His leadership, toughness, and willingness to not only play hurt but literally destroy himself to win is something unseen in Seattle since Kenny Easley. I believe Seattle is working to find a way to extend him, but my guess is he wants more than 1 year guaranteed and wants even more money than he averaged with his last contract. He’s a very proud person and believes he’s the best safety in football. Its a problem that may be hard to solve. Seattle wants to pay him fairly but cant afford to hamstring the team for even one season by guaranteeing Kam a year where he may either miss too much time to injury or see his play decline drastically with age.

        The good thing is he’s under contract for this year, and I believe he will play hard and well for us. If Seattle and him cannot agree to a further deal (likey 1-3 years with only one year guaranteed), then he will test FA and its highly likely another team will pay him the kind of money he seems to want, on a contract longer than Seattle can offer.

        Of course this is simply conjecture, I have no info anyone else doesn’t have. And of course, I want him to finish his career in Seattle and play several more years. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see him play and get paid even if he’s a part time player his final season or two. He’s that valuable for his intangibles.

        The locker room supports him but his holdout had to strain things. He’s well paid, and Seattle has made it clear they love and respect him. While there will be some grumbling, the players know this is a business and JS and PC cant hamstring the team to take care of one guy, not even Chancellor. I think it will be ok and work out alright.

      • bankhawk

        Could depend on how they use him-eg, Obi in the slot and Lane on the outside. But I suppose it might be seen as a threat to Kams tenure. Still and yet, we have to be grooming potential replacements for any and all core players eventually, and this year sure looks like the one to lay in those *Future-Boomers*.

        • Mike

          It’s certainly going to make for some awkward situations replacing these vets going forward. I think Belichik does it right and trades them while they still have some value and before they can start negatively impacting the locker room.

  44. Mike

    I should have said “extend” Kam…

    • Ed

      Sentimentality is not a good trait in sports organizations. It could make your team old and expensive. I like Kam as a player, but I support the Hawks, not Kam. Kam/Sherman/Thomas (unless team friendly) won’t get another contract from the Hawks (at least I hope not). All three are already in the top tier moneywise at their positions. You can’t give them raises on a 3rd contract. Time start grooming the new Legion.

      • Mike

        I agree..see comment above

        • Ed

          Yep, second that emotion.

      • RWIII

        Ed: Not sure about that. Eric Berry just signed a six year deal with the Chiefs. Chancellor is the same age as Berry. With that said there is NO WAY Chancellor comes close to getting a similar deal. I think Chancellor is going to play out the season and then is going to test the market. I don’t think Chancellor is going to like the offers he is going to receive. So we will see what happens. Earl Thomas is going to be year to year. Richard Sherman still has at least 3 to 4 good years left.

        • Ed

          Sherman/Thomas are FA in 2019. No way Hawks dish out $13 million each to them. I also think Lane will be gone after next year if he doesn’t have a good year.

          4 DB in this draft for me (Baker/Tankersly/Griffin/Luani) or something like that.

          • RWIII


      • sdcoug

        Exactly. I am one of the few here who is perfectly content letting Kam play out this season without an extension. Season-long evaluation period. If he is hurt, pouts, or doesn’t still bring what you hoped, let someone else pay him, or adjust your comfort level on a new deal. He is exactly the type of player you don’t automatically extend at this point

        • Mike

          I think Kam could have a decent “back third” to his career somewhere else…but the hold-out permanently tarnished him to our F.O.

        • John_s

          I agree. There’s a reason why he held out and that’s because he’s acutely aware that his shelf life is short and he needed to strike while he could. Unfortunately for him it backfired but it also caused a level of distrust with the LOB.

          I don’t think we will ever see him play a full 16 game schedule the rest of his career.

          He is truly a unique player but I am comfortable with letting him go a year early instead of extending.

          With that though it’s probably time to draft a new LOB. As Sherm and ET said before it takes years to get to a point where a group is on the same page just by knowing down distance score and alignment.

          We’ve seen breakdowns as players in the secondary get hurt and people fill in.

          I am all in on 3 of Obi/King/Evans/Wilson with the top picks of possible. It would take them being creative and would need to trade up or use ’18 picks but this draft is truly unique in the depth of the DB’s that it could be a boon if it works.

          • Mike

            yeah..if they use #26 on Obi..I hope they follow up with a couple other early draft picks at db..at least they’ll all be able to hang together when the vets are making life difficult for them..

      • lil'stink

        We definitely need to be grooming more young guys but to say that ET3 shouldn’t get a 3rd contract is over the top. Wait and see, but if he stays healthy why wouldn’t we extend him? He’s arguably the most talented player on the team. He will be 29 when his current deal is done, why not try to extend him for another 2-3 years (health permitting)?

        Do people think ET3 is somehow declining? He had a slow start but was playing amazing football after that. Writing off the possibility of giving him a 3rd deal when he still has 2 years left on his current one makes no sense to me.

        • Ed

          Because paying $15 million for an 30+ year old safety is not a good idea. Look at Revis, yes he is a little older, but the legs go fast (like a running back)

        • John_s

          For me it’s not a matter that he doesn’t warrant a 3rd contract but I think he may hang it up after the end of the 2nd contract. His talk of retiring after his broken leg I think was real. He’s a different cat and I could see him saying he’s got more important things to do in regards to his life that he would devote his time to those other interests

  45. Sea Mode

    V12, thanks for the lists above. Hopefully between all of us we can keep updating it.

    I’m interested to see after the draft what the guys they met with/schools they scouted/VMAC visitors could have told us about their picks.

    • Volume12

      Can add Pitt. RB James Conner to the list as well. Under the combine part.

  46. RWIII

    I think it was a good thing that Lang did not sign with Seattle. John Schneider made a number of signings recently. If they had signed Lang no doubt they would not have been able to make all these signings. They are deeper at Linebacker and other positions.

    • vrtkolman

      Yet at the moment the offensive line is still bottom three in the NFL.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And it will be until the offense is clicking again.


  47. 6x2 Stackmonster

    I love Budda’s and A. Jackson’s game. I think they would follow the Lofa Tatupu and Bob Sanders career paths, however. Lofa and B.S were great, but ultimately their lack of size shortened their careers. Malcolm Butler plays with his hair on fire, but I think Belichick is willing to let his best DB walk because he can see the pounding and his style of play leading the training room.

  48. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    “Receiver Jehu Chesson improved his 40 time from the combine (4.47s), getting into the low-4.4s (4.42) and then looking terrific catching the ball afterwards.”

    I looked at Chesson (Michigan) and Chris Godwin (Penn State) today. Both great blockers, a must for SEA WRs. Both excel at contested catches. Crazy how close they comp athletically. Identical 130.1 SPARQ scores at combine:

    Chris Godwin: 6010, 209, 9 1/8 hand, 4.42 40yd, 4.00 SS, 7.01 TC, 19 BP, 36.0 vert, 10’6″ broad
    Jehu Chesson: 6030, 204, 9 1/8 hand, 4.47 40yd, 4.09 SS, 6.70 TC, 10 BP, 35.5 vert, 11’0″ broad

    I must say, though, that I give a clear advantage to Godwin for his hands and his strength after the catch. Chesson is a body catcher just about every time, and that turns me off. It also means he doesn’t really even make good use of his added height and 33 2/8″ arms (Godwin has 31 5/8 arms).

    Chesson also goes down way too easily in making the catch (because he is usually lunging to pin it against his body), whereas Godwin keeps his balance much better through the catch and thus creates many more YAC opportunities. Godwin needs to work on his route running, but everything else I want to see is there. Also knows how to lower the shoulder, which shows an attitude I like as well.

    My bottom line on Godwin: the intriguing combination of size, strength, and balance make him dangerous in the short/medium passing game, and the legit long speed and elite (yes, elite IMO) ball-tracking skills make him always a threat in the deep passing game. I think he would fit perfectly what Seattle likes to do (possession + taking deep shots off play action) and could be a perfect upgrade over Jermaine Kearse and hedge for Richardson in future negotiations. If he’s there in R3, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

    I watched a bunch of games (and highlights) of Godwin, and would recommend vs. Michigan State 2016 to get a good overall idea of his play (except for physical YAC, look at highlights for that):


    (As a bonus, you also get to watch VMAC visitor S Montae Nicholson get burned a couple times… oops)

    • Nick

      Sea Mode – great analysis. My only problem? I think they’d need to use their second round pick to get Godwin or Chesson.

      Whereas Seattle could get another Michigan pro-ready, block-living, quick, tall receiver in the third round: Amara Darboh. His tape is really fun to watch – he’s super physical and he plays like a Seahawk WR.

      Pauline noted at the Michigan pro day that: “receiver Amara Darboh caught fire with a terrific performance at the combine and kept the momentum going at pro day. He ran great routes and caught the ball well yesterday.”

      To be honest, I’d like to see them focus on DB, LB, or TE in that second round area. That’s where the pick will be best used. What do you think of Darboh?

      • Nick

        For reference

        Amara Darboh: 6’2, 215, 9 7/8 hand, 4.45 forty, 36 inch vert, 124 inch broad, 6.81 three-cone drill, 4.3 twenty-yard shuttle, 11.25 sixty-yard shuttle, 17 reps on bench.

        • Sea Mode

          Thanks, I’ll check him out.

          I’m pretty sure Chesson will be there in R3 if we wanted him (I don’t any more), and who knows if the deep TE class might push down a guy like Godwin to 90+ as well. I could easily see that happening. We have been talking about the possibility of Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Zay Jones all going in R2 even. Then in R3 there is Cooper Kupp, the pass-catching TEs, and a few other WRs that could easily go before Godwin. Count in the run on CBs early, and I would almost say it is likely he will be available there. Anyway, we’ll see.

          • Misfit74

            I think Chesson will be a 3rd to 5th round player. Zero chance he goes round 2.

    • Misfit74

      Godwin is one of my favorite receivers in this draft.

  49. vrtkolman

    Another big advantage of having a young franchise quarterback on your roster is that you don’t have to spend a first round pick gambling on one. The Cardinals need a major influx of talent everywhere, but are probably going to use their first round pick on a QB.

    • Mike

      Next years draft is supposed to be much better for qb’s..if i were them..i’d roll the dice and try to get thru the year with Carson again..

      • Kenny Sloth

        Agree, take another developmental guy late or even go open competition with Davis Webb…

        Be glad I’m not running those Cards acquisitions. Hawks fans would hate me

      • RealRhino2

        Same here, though I might spend a mid- to late pick on a developmental guy. Davis Webb if he’s still around in R3, maybe Evans from Va Tech later on in the draft.

  50. vrtkolman

    I’ve been beating the drum for Hodges, but Jon Hankins is still a free agent. He would bolster the DT rotation by a lot.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • Sea Mode

      You mean the guy asking for $10m per year?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Probably has only been offered 1 or 2 year deals which is why he’s unsigned

  51. Stephen H. Pitell

    I’m Soggyblogger for those who know me on other sites.

    I’ve become a lurker more than poster on most sites, but have something to say. Rob is polishing this Blog into a diamond. But it is the comments section I like best. That’s true for most sites that still have comments sections. The author of a story, whether it be a sports story or political, is just the match that lights the fire. Science has shown the superiority of the masses. Groups almost always perform better than an individual. In fact, the idea of creative genius is almost a myth in the sense that it is over stated and diminishes the truth that nearly all progress is made incrementally, and usually through cooperation.

    I must applaud the comments section here on SDB for almost all categories one might devise. The one which most comes to mind is dedication, hard work, and getting along without too many sidetracks. Due in large part the participation and guidance from Rob Staton himself. Though great comments sections generally require an iron fist and lone tyrant running things, guys like Rob know how to disguise their authoritarianism into something much more palatable. Great job by all. I will now go back to lurking.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog Stephen

  52. MontanaMike

    STTBM knows that Kam has been my favorite player on the team. I saw him lay some big hits in his rookie pre season and I told everyone that he was going to be good, and then he layed hit after hit and they seemed like legal WWE moves. His hits on so many players, I think that first hit on Vernon Davis and all the hits afterwards, the faces of the guys who had the ball thrown to them. Glorious!
    That said, i think if we get another hitter we could still win. Replacing Earl is another story. Sherman should probably be traded in the next year or two and replaced with a younger stud too while he still has prime value.

    • STTBM

      MontanaMike, and you know I love Chancellor and am sentimental about certain players, from Kearse and Tate to Coyle to Shead… Just trying to be realistic and look at things from a Front Office perspective. Nobody knows what Kam wants or what Seattle offered, but how can Seattle guarantee more than one years salary at Kams pay grade for him?

      By which I mean they have to try to find a legit replacement this year, whether that is Mcdougald, Melifonwu, Luani or another rookie, Seattles Front Office has to prep for this being Kams last year here. Anything less would be malfeasance.

      And with McCray flaming out, they are under the gun a bit.

    • RWIII

      Why is everyone in a hurry to get rid of Sherman. Yes sometimes he says things he shouldn’t. It can be a distraction. But Richard Sherman is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. He might even be our best player on defense. Yes Richard Sherman might be our best player on defense. The guy is a Hall-of-Famer. You are trying to find guys like Richard Sherman. Not get rid of them. I guarantee you if we got rid of Sherman our defense would NOT be as good.

      • All I see is 12s

        I agree totally. He is an absolute stud player. It should also be mentioned that most of the controversial things are due to his competitive spirit and his passion for winning and his team. Yes he had problems this year, but it’s not as if he’s phoning it in. He wants to win he wants the Seahawks to win . That is not the kind of guy we need to get rid of.

        • Misfit74


          • Hawk Eye

            53 players in the locker room
            don’t worry about the ones that perform and talk too much
            worry about the ones that don’t perform
            WIN and the noise is not a distraction
            You can never trade Sherman for what his value is, so why do it?

            • Hawk Eye

              BTW, I would not get rid of Kam either.
              If he wants more money than they will pay, let him walk and get a comp, because someone else will sign him. He is a difference maker, and a huge influence on the team.
              Not many safeties out there who can take out 300 pound guards and instill fear like he does.
              I think the holdout is over blown, they dealt with it, and I really think it is a matter of fear of injury (from both sides). Let him think of this as a business, just like the owners do and wish him well if he leaves (except against the Hawks)

  53. House

    I got a crazy question… I saw something that mentioned the Seahawks are potentially interested in how Josh Gordon’s reinstatement could go in May. I read today that the Browns are likely to trade/cut Gordon to get a fresh start. Any chance we take a shot on him?

    • Ishmael

      Probably not, but I wish we would.

      Bet he goes to the Pats, goes for 1300 yards, 12 TDs, and gets traded back to the Browns for a 1st.

    • All I see is 12s

      Personally, I would love to see Gordon come to Seattle. I think he could be very effective in this offense and I think that this Lockeroom would be very healthy for him. Especially if you put him in a situation where he could learn from locket Baldwin kearse and the other supreme character guys Seattle has. I also think Pete Carroll would be a great mentor for him. His talent is not in question.
      That said, I would really worry about a guy who was given weed by his parents as young child and has smoked consistently since- driving around Seattle with our legal weed shops everywhere. He has a history of substance abuse and that might be an unfair situation put him in. But it would be really nice to see if he could buck the odds and be a quality Seahawk.

    • Misfit74

      If he’s reinstated I’d lose my pantalones if we landed him. 1yr deal and potential co-#1 WR with Baldwin.

      • Frans Geraedts


    • cha

      One big plus in Gordon’s favor is, he’s shown he can come roaring back after missing a long stretch of football.

  54. DC

    If the Browns outright cut him, he’s at a bargain rate and the Hawks are satisfied with the vetting then it would be a very good year to throw him a one year deal.

    • DC

      That was for House.

      • House

        That’s what I’m hoping for

  55. JakeB

    Emory Hunt’s 7-round mock for the Seahawks. No idea if this mock will be close or not, but this guy was one of the few that gave our Irvin-Wagner-Wilson draft an A grade. Has us going Obi in the first.


    • Misfit74

      I like Hunt’s work, and wow smart drafting! Admittedly, I knew only 2 or 3 of the players he chose for us. Several small school players I was unfamiliar with. Those DBs were all huge! Gotta love it. I subscribe to FBGP YouTube channel already, but didn’t see this. Thanks for the link.

      • JakeB

        He definitely loves his small school guys, and I’ve heard some of his peers kinda poke fun at him for it before, but I admire how thorough his site is. I think I only recognized melifonwu, Davenport and Price but I agree with the position groups he focused on for sure.

        • RWIII

          Jake: Thanks for the link. Those are intriguing players. I will remember these players come draft time.

          • Volume12

            I like Obi and Keionta Davis. Pass on Davenport. That dude was so bad during the SR bowl. He continuously opened up his hips all the way, would turn them completely to the sideline. He’ll get eaten alive at the next level doing that. Theres no way to recover when a pass rusher hits him with an inside move.

            With Ifedi, you could see there was plenty to work with. Maybe it’s just me, but with Davenport, I don’t see that.

            • Volume12

              Tony Pauline had Ohio St CB Gareon Conley in the 1st and Mizzou DE Charles Harris in the 2nd for us. Seems way, way too low for Harris.

              • JakeB

                Agree on Harris. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if he wasn’t available at 26

  56. MontanaMike

    That was an excellent video, if the draft fell that way, i’d be happy. Perhaps another Safety and all the UDFA’s and it’s a win win. I was with the lads yesterday, (my Seahawks gang), and we talked at length about Lacy and all these one year prove it deals. I hope Lacy looks good, even better than expected, he could be the comeback player of the year. He knows that this is it and this teams identity is a perfect fit for him. I’m still crossing my fingers on Joekel, i hope he’s a pleasant surprise, not like Sowell and Webb. Time to rebuild the LOB with youngsters for down the line. We’re lucky to have only certain needs, imagine being a Whiner’s fan.

  57. Smitty1547

    Looks like we will be in the market for a back up QB as Boykins was arrested last night when his vehicle crashed into a bar, he was not driving. he was arrested on drug related charges and public intoxication. If I remember correctly these concerns were why he was not drafted.

    • Smitty1547

      To bad I was pulling for him as he’s fun to watch, lot’s or raw potential

    • Ed

      He wasn’t driving, so it’s really no strike to the league, just outside perception. They may bring in competition, but don’t think it will be a big deal.

      • RealRhino2

        Would he get banged for the marijuana possession charge? Certainly not a good look, but not that big a deal for me.

        The public intoxication charge reminds me of the Ron White bit about being thrown out of a bar and then getting hit with a “drunk in public” charge: “Hey, I was drunk in a BAR. They threw me into PUBLIC”!

        • Smitty1547

          He’s currently on probation, if he does not end up in jail (doubtful) he will at the least be subject to a suspension. At the very least he looks incapable of being smart enough to be very successful at life no less playing the most highly demanding position in sports, this coming from a fan of his.

  58. MontanaMike

    I don’t think it will amount to much except a few game suspension, after all he wasn’t driving. He was carrying pot. He’d still be a third string QB, I do think they’ll get someone else, probably an undrafted. Compared to all the major domestic violence it isn’t that bad. He still might not make the team come cut down time.

  59. Volume12

    IDK guys, I’m watching Adoree Jackson getting owned by every elite WR he goes up against.

    • Kenny Sloth


      Asked to do too much

    • Sea Mode

      +2 Yup

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen all of the 2016 USC games available on the internet and did not see that at all. What games are you watching?

      • Sea Mode

        I guess I’ll start since I’ve been watching WRs: Chris Godwin, John Ross.

        • Volume12

          Yup. Those 2 and Will Fuller from last year.

        • Rob Staton

          There was basically one big play in each game. One where Jackson tripped vs Ross. One which was an incredible play by Godwin (maybe shouldn’t have counted on replay). Apart from that, the only plays he gave up really were when he plays off Ross because he’s a 4.2 runner and USC decided to try and limit the big play. He also has three interceptions in those two games.

          • Rob Staton

            As for Fuller in 2015 — if you give him a free release and zero safety help over the top you might as well just let him walk from the LOS to the endzone untouched. No idea what USC were doing in that game or in the 2015 season in general. They were a mess.

            Jackson also had that incredible forced fumble for a touchback. Turned a Notre Dame TD into a turnover. And the big reception for a touchdown which was freaky good.

  60. Sea Mode

    Nick, thanks for the tip. I checked out Amara Darboh and he is the real deal. We had the wrong Michigan WR on our list I think!

    And more on Chris Godwin, talking about the slight decline in numbers from 2015 (69/1101/5) to 2016 (59/982/11):
    “My main thing is trying to do anything that I can to help the team,” Godwin said. “That’s why, if you watch the film, you’ll see me out blocking downfield for running backs, receivers, in the run game, and then just doing whatever I can in the pass game to get open. So yeah, statistically, my numbers dropped a bit, but I’ll trade that for our team success any day.”

    FWIW, he worked with Calvin Johnson leading up to the combine, and Calvin posted called him “a coaches dream”: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQWa9a8gU6Q/?taken-by=megatron

    Another guy to check out is Miami WR Stacy Coley. Doesn’t bring the size (6000, 195) that the other two do, but really nice burst. Give him a crease in space and he is gone. 4.45 40yd at the combine like Darboh. I found him cause I was looking specifically at hand size, and he has big 9 6/8 hands. (Darboh has 9 7/8, Godwin 9 1/8)

    I don’t think he will necessarily be a Hawks target, but remember that Keevan Lucas from Tulsa I was raving about a while back? 5090, 192… and 31.78 arm, 9 7/8 hand! He sticks out like a sore thumb among all those 6-2 to 6-4 guys with his length and hand size! Too bad he only ran 4.55 40yd, cause I really like his tape otherwise.

  61. OCDavid

    Hey Sea Mode, Jujus, and anyone else who is interested,

    NFL.com has updated their Predict the Pick game so we’re all set for 2017. It’s free and just a bit of fun but anyone who is interested just needs to predict how the first round will go – the closer you get to the right players in the right spots, the more you score.

    Group name – Seahawksdraftblog
    Password = Robisking

    You’ll need to create an account and join the group but it’s all covered in the ‘How to play’ section.

  62. HawkTalker #1


  63. Rob Staton

    It’s a re-direct link showing that this article was quoted in another piece.

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