Small Schooler to monitor…

April 22nd, 2013 | Written by Rob Staton

I’m always happy to draw attention to smaller school prospects looking to get their name out there. Keep an eye on Robert Fletcher (LB/S, Wingate University) during the process of this week.

He’s 6-4 and 230lbs with four years of starting experience — three of which he acted as a team captain. In 44 games he recorded 14 TFL’s, six interceptions, 14 PBUs, 20 passes defended and four forced fumbles.

All the best to Robert as he goes about trying to make his NFL dream a reality.

17 Responses to “Small Schooler to monitor…”

  1. Madmark says:

    56 Christine Michaels
    87-Travis Kelce (This is the guy I really want.
    127-Quinton Dial
    138-Luke Marquardt
    158 Aaron Mellette
    194 Stephan Charles
    220 Armonty Bryant
    231 Cooper Taylor
    241-Craig Wilkins
    242-Brendan Melnophy
    UDFA-B.J. Daniels and everyone not draft that was feature mentioned on this website

  2. HawkTease says:

    I think Craig Wilkins is a better late round prospect

    Also, have you guys done an analysis on Mike Catapano? I think he is the pass rusher we target in the middle rounds.

    • Rob Staton says:

      No on both accounts… but then neither has reached out to us like Robert.

    • Madmark says:

      Wilkins is a late round pick, I took him because he’s 6’1″ and plays with a vicious streak and those are the guys I like. I’m not sure he’s a Scruggs or Sweezy but if he makes practice squad , I call it a win. This team has depth and I like Mike Morgan.

    • Robert says:

      Catapano looks like a great prospect! I like having a few bigger guys like Bennet to complement the smaller, speed guys. It always comes down to matchups and some teams will have more trouble with the 250 pound fast guy. Other teams will struggle with guys that are bigger and stronger, even if they are a step or two slower. Also, the bigger guys have the versatility to line up inside or outside…

      • HawkTease says:

        I was thinking he could be the eventual replacement for Bennett.

      • HawkTease says:

        Whats your take on Craig Wilkins?

        • Madmark says:

          Honestlly, I think he has a 50% chance of making the team as a special team player. AT round 7 it will be hard for anyone to make this team.

          • HawkTease says:

            That might be true at any position other than linebacker.

            I didn’t say that Craig Wilkins was a shoe-in, my opinion is that he is a better late round prospect than Robert Fletcher at Linebacker.

            I think DiManche is clearly one of the most intriguing speed rushers in the late rounds but think that Craig Wilkins might be the most NFL ready of the “sleepers”.

            • Madmark says:

              I just have to say this, Khaseem Green is going to be gone, I guarantee. When Rob did his arcticle about him. We was looking at pick 25. The guys stats and tape are off the wall. There is no way he falls to 56. I’m even going to step out on a limb here by saying Quinton Patton will be gone to the Steelers in the 2nd. If this is so then where does Seattle go to next?

              • HawkTease says:

                it would make sense to trade down. We could trade our 56 for Vikings 3rd and one of their 4th rounders. Otherwise, I wouldnt mind taking a DT like Brandon Williams, OLB like Corey Lemonier or maybe even a TE.

  3. HawkTease says:

    I think we go

    2. WR – Ryan Swope or Quinton Patton
    3. RT – David Quessenberry
    4. TE – Kyle Jusczyzk or Ryan Otten
    5a. DE – Mike Catapano or David Bass
    5b. CB/SS – Duke Williams or Cooper Taylor
    6. OLB – Cooper Taylor or Jayson DiManche or Craig Wilkins
    7a. DT – Stefan Charles
    7b. RB – Latavius Murray or Jeremy Wright
    7c. OLB – Jayson DiManche or Rufus Johnson
    7d. QB – BJ Daniels

    As you can see by my mock, I don’t see DT as a pressing need given the current depth…though Stefan Charles makes for an interesting long term project given his size, athleticism and versatility. I think the FO will focus on players that can step and contribute right away in the early rounds… players that can push/compete with the richly paid players (i.e. Sidney Rice, Zach Miller) on our roster.

    Also, do you guys think that Michael Williams can bulk up and play RT?

  4. Madmark says:

    I was watching Real Rob report of all the guys practice at Hermosa Beach. I Learned quite a bit and that I like the feel of the Receiver we have right now. Russel Wilson organized it and everyone came.
    My god Josh Portis was there throwing. I learn that Jermaine Kearse nickname CHOP/CHOP and that Doug Baldwin is D.B.Fresh. Most of guys there was Wearing the Seahawks with logo all in underneath it. What really fascinated me was Darren Fells, that pro basket ball player A.K.A. Diesel 6’7″ 280lbs. the boy showed he has bigger hands than RW close to 11″. Diesel isn’t going to be sitting on the bench. Whoever had Jordan Reed, this guy going to be Seattle’s new joker TE. If your JS/PC you have to see the reward for this move and it looks great to me.

    • Robert says:

      Our new Red Zone play can be called, “Field Goal!” RW throws it above crossbar and Diesel is the only guy that can reach it!!!

    • Train says:

      It looks like Josh Portis gained 15-20 pounds? Rob, what was the knock on him? I read maturity was an issue somewhere, but he appears to be a worker w/ a lot of upside. It seemed like he was truly a victim of a numbers crunch on the roster. I wonder how many guys will be available in the draft that are 6-4, 225 and can move like him.

      • Madmark says:

        I,m thinking he’s just like B.J.Daniels, who I have as a UDFA, difference is this guy been in the system for a couple years. Don’t think he doesn’t already understand all about competition.

    • A. Simmons says:

      If Fells works out, he is going to be a freak of nature TE. How do you defend a guy like that with a QB that can drop it to a place only Fells can get to. I really hope Fells has the work ethic and ability to make it. Would be huge for us to have a player like Fells that was viable.