So far, so good for the Seahawks

The Seahawks clearly went into this draft with a couple of key intentions.

1. To draft the next group of leaders and culture setters for the locker room

2. To stick to the board and draft best player available, increasing the talent level without focusing on needs

You can’t switch from the plan halfway through the draft.

I’ve noticed some Seahawks fans questioning the decision to draft Derick Hall and Zach Charbonnet with holes remaining at defensive tackle and center.

Here’s the thing though. If Hall is rated higher than say Keeanu Benton and Zacch Pickens, you’re breaking the BPA approach by not taking him. It also happens that Hall is a fantastic leader, captain and alpha presence. If you’re equally determined to add that to your locker room, you’re going against that aspect of the plan too.

I had Hall rated as a top-45 player. Going into round two, he was the highest rated edge rusher left on my board. He has immense athletic potential — running a 1.55 10-yard split (an elite time), a 4.20 short shuttle and he has 34.5 inch arms.

His upside is far higher than any of the remaining defensive tackles — and they needed another pass rusher. Uchenna Nwosu has only a year remaining on his contract and Darrell Taylor might not be re-signed for the long term.

Even if both players stay in Seattle, for the first time in years the Seahawks have an impressive, young stable of quality pass rushers.

Gone are the days of relying on Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin. They’ve finally done some work to fix the pass rush.

With Charbonnet, there’s a real sense of déjà vu.

Plenty of people on Twitter were complaining about the Ken Walker pick a year ago, mainly because Seattle already had Rashaad Penny and it was seen as a waste of resources. It proved to be an inspired selection when Penny got injured again.

Now the Seahawks, who want to run the ball as a feature, have two of the best young backs in the NFL and a legit 1-2 punch. They’ll be able to survive injuries at the position and keep their two guys fresh. The modern NFL is a two-back league.

Further to that, both Walker and Charbonnet will not be earning big salaries over the next few years. They both cost second round picks — a premium asset. Yet their impact on the salary cap is minimal and there’s a chance to get real value out of both players.

Charbonnet has been a blog favourite for two years, dating back to when we thought he might declare for the 2022 draft. I’ve had him graded in round two for a long time and had him marked as a top-50 talent, expected to go in the range that he did.

People mock the Seahawks for their interest in running backs but this isn’t just a Seattle thing. The Falcons and Lions both drafted running backs in the top-12 this year, despite neither team being desperate at the position. After the Charbonnet pick at #52, four more runners were taken in round three by the Saints, Titans, Dolphins and Jaguars. All but Miami already had feature runners.

The league values the position higher than Twitter does.

I would argue that John Michael Schmitz, a center a lot of people wanted, is a solid but unspectacular player. Charbonnet is solid with the potential to be spectacular. He is big, explosive and runs through contact. He’s a good pass-catcher and he’ll be able to impact games quickly.

I don’t think there’s a guarantee, for example, that Schmitz is a better starter than Evan Brown. I graded Luke Wypler in the same range and he’s still available.

A lot of people didn’t want the Seahawks to draft a quarterback and yet, when the team does what it can to make Geno Smith’s life as easy as possible so he can thrive, there are complaints.

I’d rather be excited about the arsenal Smith has to work with. Metcalf, Lockett, Smith-Njigba, the tight ends, Walker and Charbonnet. All with two, young book-end tackles entering year two and the chance to bolster the interior O-line tomorrow.

Let’s also remember that the blocking scheme Seattle is using has also succeeded without big investments on the offensive line.

So I think the Seahawks are continuing to execute their plan to perfection. Just add talent and get better. So far no pick has been a reach, at least according to the horizontal board I put together. There’s ample talent left to finish with a flourish — with four picks coming in rounds 4-5.

Plus, they absolutely fleeced the Broncos in a trade — getting a third rounder next year from a deal that really should’ve only produced a late round pick this year per the draft trade charts.

One final point. I know a lot of people want to create a loaded defensive front full of top picks. Let’s not forget it took the 49ers nine years to create their D-line/defense. The Seahawks made a big splash on day one of free agency to land Dre’Mont Jones. They brought in the dependable Jarran Reed too.

Add a nose tackle on day three and some depth, then work to create some money to bring back Shelby Harris or Al Woods or Poona Ford and there’s a chance for growth. It might not be an elite D-line but it can be better with some day-three moves and some re-signings. The Jones signing in particular was a big splash move we shouldn’t forget when evaluating the off-season as a whole.

This has been a successful two days for the Seahawks. They’re getting better. They’re not the finished article yet, far from it. But the two drafts they’ve had since the Russell Wilson trade have been executed very well and they’re on the right path.

Bob McGinn’s scouting sources on Derick Hall:

“Love the kid,” said one scout. “High-effort, motor guy that isn’t athletically gifted enough to play outside linebacker. He’s got to be a 4-3 defensive end, an undersized 4-3 defensive end.”

“Makes out-of-position plays,” a second scout said. “Does all kinds of things to make plays. Has a hump move, the Reggie White move. That’s pretty good for a guy that’s 252. Very athletic with great acceleration. Is effective with his long arms. Can outrun the drop-back of the tackle and backdoor the quarterback.”

“He was the leader, the bright light in the dark room with (coach Bryan) Harsin and all that controversy,” said a third scout. “It’s a disaster of a year, and he held it together. He’s a hard-charging guy. He’s not going to be a premier 12 sacks-a-year guy, but he’s going to get six to eight. You’re going to know exactly what you’re getting. He’ll raise the level of the guys around him. Very, very hard worker. Vocal leader. One of the few legit leaders that you find. There just aren’t that many of them. Everybody’s on their phone or scared to speak up.”

“Try hard,” said a fourth scout. “Gets swallowed up at the point of attack. More of a straight-line, effort (rusher). Tweener.”

Bob McGinn’s scouting sources on Zach Charbonnet:

“He’s so subtle and smooth and effective and athletic,” said one scout. “Just got great feet. Knows how to run the football. Smart. Catches the ball. He’s going to be undervalued. This guy’s way more athletic than AJ Dillon.”

“He’s been kind of the heartbeat of that team for the last two years,” said a second scout. “He had a really good game two years ago when they beat LSU (38-27). He’s done really, really well for himself. He fits any scheme. Not the fastest guy but a good, patient runner. He’s powerful. What will hurt him a little bit is he’s not a huge threat in the passing game, but I think he’s good enough. He probably gets drafted lower than he should. His production was obvious. He’s got a lot to offer.”

“Straight-line speed, vision, tough, gritty. Stiff in change of direction. Upright runner. Does run hard but with less power because he’s too stiff and upright. Non-elusive. He’s not as good as Hassan Haskins was in a similar kind of role. Haskins was a better athlete.”

Remaining picks

Round 4, #108
Round 4, #123
Round 5, #151
Round 5, #154
Round 6, #198
Round 7, #237

Updated horizontal board

Click the image to enlarge:

If you missed our end-of-day-two live stream watch it here:

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  1. Sea Mode

    NFL Draft Day 2 Recap With Pete Carroll & John Schneider notes

    [They come in smiling and upbeat.]

    In general:
    JS: Great day. Drafted two grown men today: huge competitors, excellent human beings, alpha dog leaders. This draft has been the most random of any draft so far. Some guys off their medical and UDFA board already in R3.
    PC: Four guys that are going to play for us, be a factor for us. Feels like we’re making progress, moving forward (since the RW trade in particular).

    On Derrick Hall:
    PC: stout, penetrator, fast get-off, speed to power is really his strength, pursues the ball really well. Motor he brings, Not a tweener for us: OLB, similar to Mafe. Darrell has come back so strong and solid. We expect big things from this group, just scratching the surface. Uchenna with his best season so far last year. We want them to play fresh and fast.
    JS: pass rush, motor, hustle. Really impressive pro day, showed well to compensate for some of his deficiencies in the fall. Overcoming obstacles, alpha dog of that team. Leadership, toughness. Had some really great inside rushes as well.

    On Zach Charbonnet:
    JS: toughness, effort. Serious contact balance, burst downfield. Tough, rugged dude that wears people out.
    PC: “Legit” back, will be right in there with Walker. Versatile, can block, screen game, big plays, work horse.

    On trading down:
    JS: We had a goal going into the draft to add something for next year. Next year’s class supposed to be really good (common theme, everybody knows it). A few upsets (guys they were interested in went off the board) happened today so they went for it.

    These are not just good character guys, but extraordinary, rare character. On learning from past years (specifically McDowell and passing on “a certain talented DT this year”):
    JS: Always learning. It’s no secret: finishing the season last year, we said we wanted to add some toughness and juice to this football team.
    PC: We ask guys to play so hard, that it really means something to them. Willing to make the extra sacrifice for the guy next to them is a big deal. Connectedness, bond, chip on their shoulder: you’re going to get everything they’ve got. And they’re going to help a guy who might not be of that make-up.

    On not acquiring a QB after acquiring all the capital in RW trade:
    JS: our goal every year is to draft a QB, it really has been, and it hasn’t happened. Most unique position in the game. With Geno and Drew we feel we have two good ones. Still have six picks tomorrow. If somebody lines that works, great, but we’re not going to panic and push just to do it. That’s how you make huge mistakes.

    Same logic with lack of iDL today?
    JS: there were some upsets today.
    PC: we know, we’re still at it. Already made effort in FA too to get some guys into the rotation, and not done yet.

    Did they know to take RBs early these past two years or did it just happen that way?
    JS: No, just importance of running the ball and the way the board falls. They started this morning looking to get Derrick and kind of blew Zach off a little bit because they figured he’d be gone because of how quickly the two RBs went yesterday.

    • Sea Mode

      They posted a new link with better audio:

      • Steve Nelsen

        When I originally heard this on the radio I thought JS referenced Ade Ade but I misheard. Thanks for posting the link Sea Mode

    • SpennyDunks

      Any late round QBs you guys like, or think the Seahawks will like? Personally I like Clayton Tune or Dorian Thompson-Robinson in round 6 or 7.

      • Sea Mode

        With better tools than Lock to develop? Not really. But they’ve met with E. Carolina QB Holton Ahlers, and Fresno St. QB Jake Haener, and Pauline reported their interest in BYU QB Jaren Hall.

        And in the (since discredited) S2 test results at least, Haener was right behind Bryce Young in 96% and Hall at 93%, if you want to put any stock at all into that.

        Dov Kleiman
        ·Apr 21

        Update: The S2 Cognition test results for the 2023 QB Draft class, per @BobMcGinn:

        Bryce Young – 98%
        Jake Haener – 96%
        Will Levis – 93%
        Jaren Hall – 93%
        Clayton Tune – 84%
        Anthony Richardson – 79%
        Hendon Hooker – 46%
        CJ Stroud – 18%

  2. Sea Mode

    Seahawks RB Zach Charbonnet Gets The Draft Call At No. 52 Overall

  3. Sea Mode

    Seahawks LB Derick Hall Gets The Draft Call At No. 37 Overall

  4. Sea Mode

    Super chill guys to talk to. Witherspoon with the #21 jersey and Smith-Njigba with #11.

    Devon Witherspoon & Jaxon Smith-Njigba Introductory Press Conference

  5. Steve Nelsen

    John Schneider mentioned “being prepared for post-draft salary cap cuts” in his final radio show. I wonder if they have their eye on some veteran defensive linemen?

  6. Patrick Toler

    “It might not be an elite D-line but it can be better with some day-three moves and some re-signings.”

    And playing in front of a loaded cornerback group won’t hurt. Give Witherspoon and Woolen some development time and we could be looking at an impressive duo, with plenty of young depth.

  7. Sea Mode

    What a fighter, what a dude.

    NFL 360: Derick Hall | MIRACLE

    • Denver Hawker

      Common- how not love this pick

      • Denver Hawker

        Not sure how “common” replaced “so good”

    • Pugs1

      What a great young man and family! Derick makes me proud to call Mississippi my home for the last 25 years. So glad he’s a Seahawk!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Wow! I knew nothing about him but that is such an amazing story. What a guy.

    • TomLPDX

      Amazing story. Thanks for posting this Sea Mode!

  8. Peter

    I finally see the plan.

    This is actually quietly a rebuild. Has been but now I see it.

    Reed, wagner, many more are on one and done contracts. Goodbye overpaid safeties next year.

    Meanwhile though some of the picks weren’t mine in my mind I can see how the core of the roster is being built and everyone will soon be young with even DK being on the right side of 30 if/when he gets his next contract.

    Even the qb contracts. A back up on back up pay. And geno…I’ll get to him in a second.

    This to me is 2010 plus 2011.

    One key difference. While everything might be (is?) Bpa they’ve managed to give Geno every opportunity to be successful. Instead of a little defense here a little offense there, over the last two years John has assembled THE best offense since we one a superbowl.

    I’m back to being cautiously stoked. Perfect. No. Qbotf….no. but would that even be the right move? Sure I’d have loved Richardson but this team is still a big work in progress. They don’t dominate on any side of the ball. Now they are heading towards that at least on offense.

    • BK26

      I think they are waiting out the bad contracts and players that aren’t part of the next wave. Bobby, Reed, the safeties. Best player available gets the hungry youth in and then you can fill the holes afterwards.

      They are better. It is only year 2 though. Part of the waiting out is Geno to me. The contract that they gave him proves that. He won’t be here with these kids. . Keep a winning mentality with him in the meantime. That is still the big hole to fill. I don’t know what they are going to do there and they don’t either. It all hinges on that point. What they have done in the meantime is try to raise the overall floor of the entire team. Solve as many problems as they can and then find the top-end difference makers: the ones that you aren’t going to win it all without. The elite.

      For me personally, as of right now, my optimism is about the same as how I felt with them going into last year. A lot of work left and to me, the hardest part still needs to be done. Hopefully they can do it again.

      • Peter

        Completely all of this.

        This is 2010- 2013 so if my math is right this is 2011. There’s a long way to go.

        Reed and wagner…just churn bodies.

        Stoked….maybe I should adjust. Stoked that if I’m right in one or two years this team might be a scary force.

        I’m glad they are trying to solve problems and take it on the chin in other areas rather than their normal half ass shtick.

        Optimism for next year….way meh. Any team that can stack and stand us up on front with their oline will be a slog. Need geno to not regress. See: tanehill and quite a few others.

        There’s a chance as geno is stat chasing we might look ridiculous. While I like love, woolen, witherspoon…the ancient broken down safeties don’t really give me “best secondary in the league vibes.”

        But….if jsn becomes the man…hope…Witherspoon becomes earl…hope…the tackles keep balling….mafe doesn’t get usurped by Pete’s favorite player….there’s some cool pieces forming.

        • BK26

          No matter what I think the simple goal is a roster similar to the 9er’s (best example that I can think of). A team that is good across the board. Sound, mistake free, no giving any free plays or free yards to the opposition. A team with a very solid, even-keeled floor across the offense and defense. The pieces are starting to be there for more than that. At least the hope of more than that I’m some areas.

  9. Hand of God

    I think some of the upsets JS mentioned that happened during the draft today was the Steelers taking Keanu Benton 3 picks before us in the second round (switching then to Charbonnet) and Alabama’s Young in the third

    • Sea Mode

      Quite possible. He brought up the topic of upsets specifically when asked about the lack of adding to the DT position.

    • Rob Staton

      Given their focus on alpha’s and character so far, I definitely think they were hoping Alabama’s Byron Young would be there in R3

  10. SpennyDunks

    After thinking a bit about this class, I think a third aspect that they’re looking for, in addition to the two you pointed out, is ability to contribute immediately. Witherspoon immediately slots in across from Woolen, JSN can immediately be our WR3 and contribute there, Charbonnet will get snaps and pass catching opportunities, Hall joins the rest of the young talented pass rushers in a rotation as someone tries to stake claim to the spot across from Nwosu. Maybe thats why they’ve faded DT, the starters there are sorted, Myles Adams has earned more and more PT, and Mone has been dependable for PC since he arrived. Traditionally, they’ve relied on older/cheaper DTs like Mebane, Williams, McDonald, and there are lots of vets are out there to bring back if the need arises. But I don’t think they’ve ever carried more than 4 regardless.

    So which positions with a path to immediate PT remain? To me it seems like C and G. Wypler and Zavala are great fits if they can bring them in. Round 5 and beyond they can look for depth, and I believe thats where they start looking at RB, DT, LB, S or TE.

  11. BobbyK

    “…but we’re not going to panic and push just to do it. That’s how you make huge mistakes.”

    JS to Pete Carroll… I hate you for making me your scapegoat in trading for Alan’s hairdresser… or whoever he is…

    Another reason to know JS actually has a brain in his head, whereas Carroll went full idiot mode after all the college players he knew/recruited were done…

    Pretty damn obvious Carroll is now a clown coach and JS is the master… unfortunately, we’d have more Super Bowls had JS not been made to be the idiot clown patrol puppet the past 8-ish years. Go get me Percy… Jimmy Dumpster… Alan’s friend… JS is too smart for that crap…

    • BobbyK

      He’s proving it now…

      • BobbyK

        Dear John Schneider (Dear Jody…),

        Thank you.

        A Fan

        comPete… you’re a fine coach, but you suck as a GM after you don’t know the recruited players anymore…

        -John: I’m totally onboard with you moving forward as long as I know this Jamal Adams crap won’t happen anymore and I know you care about future draft picks over worthlessness in the “present”.

        • downtownjewelrybryan

          why didn’t he go to detroit when he had the chance?

    • JimmyG

      Is this a serious comment?

      • Big Mike

        Oh he’s serious and though it’ a bit hyperbolic, it isn’t far from the truth either. I mean Jamal Adams. Nuf said.

        As for why JS didn’t go to Detroit, we’ll never know but y guess is the ownership situation put him off. It’s been bad literally for decades.

  12. Palatypus

    John Schneider said in his presser tonight that Derek Hall is just like Boye Mafe and this makes my heart swell and beat like a hummingbird.

    Also Rob, I have got to say, posting analysis this good and this quickly is why you are my third favorite Brittish person right behind Emma Bunton and Benny Hill.

    • Palatypus

      Actually, I think it might have been Pete.

  13. Erik_in_Oregon

    Did we get Denver’s native pick or the Saints 3rd round pick?

    • Charles

      The lower of the two… whichever that may be…

      • Erik_in_Oregon

        By “lower” do you mean worse or better?

  14. Karlos


    • Volume12

      I’m keeping an eye on Shedeur Sanders. Reminds me of a skinnier Steve McNair.

      • Peter

        Love your finds…..but how?

        Dude is not a runner in the slightest. An actual liability.

    • Peter


      The coach is the system.

      I’ll change my tune if USC beats anyone of note. Till then Reilly qbs are a pass for me.

      • BK26

        Van Dyke is my hope. Too many of them next year look like system qb’s (Williams and Penix) or will be out of range (Maye). Van Dyke I think will be under radar. I just don’t know if Pete and John will pull the trigger. I’m worried they will go the Colts route and bring in veteran TBD as the solution.

        • Peter

          It’s going to be weird yet again to follow the qbs. Short of Carter not sure there’s any position that has worse takes, more people imprinting their biases onto, and frankly very hard to actually find those tiny details that make you great.

          TVD for sure.

  15. geoff u

    This is how difficult it is to draft BPA. Everybody says they want to, you’re on air saying you want it, all in, and yet you’re sill, “but seriously though, we really need to take a center tomorrow.” No. We don’t. We need to look at our board and draft the best damn player there who best fits the team. If it’s close between a few players and bunched up? Then yes, you can shift to need for that group. This is how you build a complete, quality team. And if you “make an exception, you end up with a team of exceptions”, ie, a roster of low quality players you reached on. I know I butchered the quote and it was meant for a different point, but it applies to many things. Drafting BPA maximizes the overall team talent until you eventually end up with a team full of exceptionals.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Excellent point

  16. Madmark

    We got our skilled players early and it time to man the trenches.
    108 Luke Wyler C
    123 Jacqueline Roy DT
    151 Anthony Bradford OG
    154 Karl Brooks DT/DE
    198 Roger Cooper NT
    237 Christian Young S
    UDFA Nikki Remigio WR/ST
    This is the part of the draft that I played around with and now that RB, CB, WR, and Edge have been taken I was able to fill those spots.

    • Volume12

      Roy’s a lot of fun. Dont see many guys his size w/ his stamina. Has a TON of potential.

      That Illinois D was scary good last year. Wonder if Calvin Avery is a legit target.

    • Madmark

      At 108 if Antonio Johnson S bps or Luke Wyler C.

  17. Sea Mode

    Our team got tougher and better today, plus we added an extra R3 pick in next year’s better draft. Love the clear direction by the front office. Just need to finish strong tomorrow. I’ll take a quick stab at it before I get some sleep.

    First, there is huge value to bolster the trenches and complete the OL rebuild started last year with two guys with day 2 grades.

    R4P108 – C Luke Wypler (The best scheme and athletic profile fit all along. Some Jersey spice to his personality too!)

    R4P123 – G Anthony Bradford (another guy in the Damien Lewis/Phil Hanes mold. Private workout at his pro day and later VMAC visit.)

    Time to double dip in this deep, deep safety class. Adds depth, ST, and sets us up to move on from our expensive safeties in the near future.

    R5P151 – S Jammie Robinson (VMAC visitor, right up their alley.)

    R5P154 – S Ty Okada (ST demon, Pauline reported interest and they had a virtual meeting)

    Need to add a LB to the room and more ST.

    R6P198 – LB Drake Thomas (undersized, but

    Finish off with a blog favorite.

    R7P237 – RB Chris Rodriguez (Mini Beast Mode? Yes, please!)

    • Chris

      Nope. You’re drafting for need.

      Not that I’d have a big problem with it at this point, but it ain’t how this draft is going down.

      • Peter

        I don’t know.

        As of now the only thing we need is dline. Sea mode’s draft doesn’t even include one.

  18. Denver Hawker

    Zona is low-key having a nice draft. Got top Tackle plus Ojalari and a 2024 R1 and two R3s with trading back.

  19. QAgrizzly

    I’ll give it a shot; round 4; Wypler, JLSkinner. Round 5; Karl Brooks, Jake Haener. round 6; Israel Abanikanda round 7; Braeden Daniels

  20. Scot04

    Rob was wondering if Emil Ekiyor could possibly be a Center option.
    He played in highschool, but no opening at Center in Alabama.
    Can also play both guard spots. Seems like he has the position the versatility the Seahawks like.

  21. Happy Hawk

    Has any franchise ever did the following after trading a HOF QB away:
    1. Go 3 years in a row without drafting a QB?
    2. Does not trade for a QB?
    3. Does not sign a Free Agent QB from another team?
    4 Dies not sign an UDFA QB?
    JS doing it his way. Big balls!

    • BK26

      I don’t think that’s something to be proud of…pretty sure that isn’t Schneider’s ideal situation.

    • UkAlex6674

      5. Traded a 1st ballot HoF and replaced him with with a journeyman QB who hasn’t lived up to expectations but managed to have a career year, over 4k yards, over 70% completion ratio and make the Pro Bowl ?

  22. Shibu

    My dream scenarios for the remainder of the draft:

    108. Luke Wypler, OC or Adetomiwa Adebawore, DL
    123. JL Skinner/Jammie Robinson, S
    151. Jaqueline Roy/Moro Ojomo, DL
    154. Chandler Zavala/Anthony Bradford, OG
    198. Jarren Hall/Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB
    237. Calvin Avery, DL

  23. AlexHawk

    If the murmurs that they are moving back to a 4-3 are right, or at least some hybrid of 3-4 / 4-3, then maybe the D Line depth isn’t as dire as it looks? In that case you’d have the 4 edges, Jones, Reed, Adams and Mone at DT. Definitely need to add a few more pieces in either case, but might ease some concerns!

    • Roy Batty

      I think the only reason Mone is still on the team is because of injury. They can’t cut him without eating an injury settlement. He played poorly most of the season before injured, so I doubt they do much with him other than see what he does after coming back, then cut him.

      • Seahawkwalt

        He was extended wasn’t he

  24. QAgrizzly

    one more tail on the donkey would be Josh Whyle

  25. Denver Hawker

    Missing on Benton, Pickens and Young in late R2, early R3 kind of stings.

    I love Charbonet, but I wonder if the quality dropoff at DT was more pronounced than RB. Maybe one of the downsides of BPA when you get in to mid-round picks and premium positions start to thin out.

    • Hawkster

      the crux of the biscuit

      Shopping list vs BPA. The board is presumably assembled with a wants/needs filter at some level, but then the board is the board. With a shopping list one can cover all bases and maybe end up above average everywhere. Stick to the board and have a few areas were you are exceptional, and a few where you are weak.

      To me the draft MUST be BPA, filing needs is best through trade/FA (with more proven players).

      Get young cheap talent ever year BPA, fill the gaps that that yars draft left with trade/FA.

      Cap management has been in the crapper for a while so it will take a bit to fix that it’s just not a 1 or 2 year rebuild. It looks like the chips fell on “weak at DT, strong at RB”

  26. Prozach

    The analytics community’s referendum that running backs don’t matter is looking weaker and weaker by the year. Maybe in the first round, but not as a whole.

    Hoping tomorrow starts with Wypler or Ade Ade and then loading up on big dudes for the rest of the draft

  27. Simon McInnes

    Rob – any thoughts on why Ade Ade has fallen to day 3 (carrying an injury?) as your borderline round 1 grade was not an outlier amongst pundits.

  28. UkAlex6674

    Great picks so far. How many were team captains Rob? I know Hall and Witherspoon were.

  29. MarkinSeattle

    I really want Ade Ade. Not sure why he has fallen so far. It just seems with his quickness and 40, that he could play outside in a pinch or rush from the inside on 3rd downs. The 40 is rarely a good indicator of success, but it can be an indicator of athleticism and Ade Ade by running a low 4.5 at 281 lbs is truly freaky.

    I doubt we select him, but I have a feeling he will be the steal of the draft for someone, kind of like how Woolen was for us last year.

  30. UkAlex6674

    All these OTT anti-Charbonnet picks need to stop and think at least this:

    A better run game with a certified 1-2 punch should mean Geno doesn’t need to throw as much which is good imo.

    Also by playing Peteball it keeps our newly minted D fresh and and off the field for longer.

    And finally Charbonnet is a good football player. A very good football player.

    • Big Mike

      This X1000. Running the ball effectively keeps the D off the field AND keeps you from relying too heavily on Geno. I would like to see us add another RB late or UDFA that can also play ST.

  31. Scot04

    Day 3 PFF draft.
    I traded #123 & #154 for #103 & took Adetomiwa Adebawore (Wasn’t going to risk missing him.)
    Grabbed Wypler at #108, then Zavala at #151.
    DTR at #198 (couldn’t believe he was there.)
    Finally at #237 DJ Dale to finish the draft.

    Got Ade Ade at #108
    Traded #123 & #154 for #109 to get Wypler
    At #151 got Zavala
    Jerrod Clark at #198
    Then finished with Josh Whyle at #237.

    I think I’d be happy with either.

  32. TwilightError

    My take is that they really focused on third down conversion rate in this draft. A slot receiver, who gets open on short routes and catches everything, and a running back who can forcefully push a couple of yards from scrimmage.

    • Big Mike

      And can catch the ball. Is there a chance we’ll actually see a screen game out of Seattle? ………..Naw, now I’m just talking craziness aren’t I?

  33. AlexHawk

    Not sure if this has already been posted – apologies if so – but watching the below on Derrick Hall and the adversity he’s been through and the work he’s put in to get where he is, is so impressive. Night and day with some other draftees!

    • Zeke

      He looks like he could be Kam Chancellor’s brother

  34. icb12

    My 6 pick wish list to round out the draft:
    C-Luke Wypler, G-Andrew Vorhees, QB-Tanner McKee, DT-Keondre Coburn, LB/ST-cam Jones and De-Colby wooden.

  35. GoHawksDani

    Bold prediction: Charbonnet will be RB1 in year 2 or 3 with K9 as a change of pace back
    Something about Charbonnet reminds me of Chubb

  36. Hailey

    Strongly suspect they’ll be looking at Jerrod Clark.

    High motor/effort.
    Team captain.
    Physical freak with raw technique
    Big bodied nose tackle that can take up space

    Have a feeling Seattle likes their chances of developing hand placement with their new pass rush expert they hired.

    • D-OZ

      I attended the Coastal Carolina_Appellation State game. Clark looked like a man amonst boys. that QB for Coastal, I swear I was watching the 2nd coming of Garoppolo. That WR for Coastal who wore #14 was explosive as well. the center for Coastal looked like a prospect also.

  37. Peanut

    After catching up on both sleep and twitter, i see so many people that are only doing the following:
    They check the needs on some draft site, then they want to force a player that fit that position no matter if its a reach. I’m sure that if Seattle had drafted a player for position x, even if it was a “bad” player, people would only read that it fit the need.

    “We already have a running back!!” “We drafted good players in late rounds!!” Yes but how often was Carson injured? What if K9 breaks his leg opening day?
    As has been stated here on the blog before: You fill needs in FA, you find talent in the draft. Trust the process.

    Also the “draft the needs and win now” crowd makes me wonder if they actually believe that drafting a center and some DT would make this team go from lucky wildcard to beating Kansas in a superbowl.

    Let’s add some ballers on day three and start looking forward to the season!

    Last note: Seattle has found gems at positions in later rounds before, whats to say they don’t draft a hidden gem at DL this year? Or even better, nail a sweet non-top-10-pick-QB next year? Seem to remember the last Seahawk Star QB was a 3rd rounder, Hurts was a 2nd, and lets not forget Purdy and even Tom Brady himself.

  38. Karlos

    Does anyone know of any sites that allow betting on day 3 of the draft?

  39. Trevor

    Chris Ballard and the Colts must be big SDB followers.

    Richardson, Brents, Downs is an A+++ draft.

    • Big Mike

      Fuck the colts

      (I will be responding as such anytime and everytime someone mentions that pos franchise)

  40. Trevor

    Watching the Hawks defense last year was rough even as a fan. Can you imagine how it felt for a coach like Pete who prides himself on defense?

    They were like a rudderless ship. No passion or leadership, missed tackles, blown assignments and a complete lack of aggression / toughness. Of course you need talent in defense but a lot of it is about toughness and want. All the great defenses play with passion and have a couple of true leaders of men.

    Packers – Reggie
    Bears – Singletary
    Ravens – Ray Lewis
    Seahawks – Kam

    All those defenses had a bunch of other “dogs”.

    The Hawks defense last year was the antithesis of this. So I am not surprised at all that the guys they are brining in are all high character and aggressive alpha type guys.

    – Bobby comes back to lead, call plays and get people lined up
    – Julian Love can provide the grit Adams was supposed to.
    -Jarran Reed is an absolute dog to lead the DL
    – Devon Witherspoon the most aggressive player in the draft
    -Derrick Hall one of the true leaders and alphas in the draft

    This defense has to add talent to the DL clearly but I feel very comfortable saying the attitude and passion they play with will be night and day vs last year.

    • Simo

      Nice post, spot on! They added some real quality and leadership to the defense so far, shouldn’t be the train wreck we all witnessed last year!

  41. Trevor

    Loving the draft so far but think day 3 has to be all about the trenches and finding some potential starters / depth.

    Round 4, #108 Ade Ade – No idea how he lasted this long but take this kid please. Has the athletic profile to the dominant 3Tech Pete and John have been looking for.

    Round 4, #123 Luke Wypler – Went back and watched him against Carter and Georgia. Looks like a starting C to me.

    Round 5, #151 Cammeron Young- not flashy just a big, long, rough run stuffer and we need a couple of those guys

    Round 5, #154 Andrew Vorhees – redshirt him this year and you have a quality starter at either Guard spot in 2024

    Round 6, #198 Jerrod Clark – Hawks get thier NT

    Round 7, #237 Jaden Howden- tough and athletic safety who will star on special teams.

    • God of Thunder

      It should be possible to see what other teams need a center. Then draft Wypler accordingly. I like his size and youth (=potential).

    • Roy Batty

      Nah, you’re being too sensible. You have to take the Twitter-verse into account.

      Pick 6 DTs in a row.

      • Roy Batty

        Actually, when I stop to think about it, that might be pretty damned cool to see.

        They would pan to the Seahawks fans in the crowd, showing their unhinged enthusiasm for the first two picks. Then, as they kept picking DTs, the crowd slowly starts to realize what’s going on. The smiles turn to astonishment, which then morphs into concern, finally ending with horror.

        The horror of realizing they were punk’d.

  42. GrittyHawk

    They’ve had a great approach. Missed on the QBs, so surround Geno with even more weapons to fend off a regression. I’m sure this wasn’t their direct intention, but now I can hope for a more run-heavy attack to prevent Geno from hitting those incentives to save us money lol. Also just super excited to see a lot less Deejay Dallas on the field. I don’t know why I despise him so much.

    • God of Thunder

      Deejay? Because he’s underachieving!

  43. NCHawk

    In the comments on Rob’s post that had his last big board before day 1, my guess was Will Anderson at 5 and they wait on QB until late rounds and then draft QB Holton Ahlers from ECU in late rounds. Didn’t get that first part right but I still feel Ahlers is an actual option (specifically on the post I said “…then we draft QB Holton Ahlers from ECU in the 7th and he leads us to a Super Bowl in 2025.”).

    Not polished but tough, gritty, and fits the Seahawks character to a T.

    Not sure what this means, but seems to have met ‘extensively’ with three teams, one of which is the Hawks, along with a few others:

    Improved his arm strength in the offseason and had a great pro day. 6’3, 237 lbs, 4 year starter and captain. A bit older (23).

    And descended from Vikings royalty:

    • NCHawk

      No idea why that posted with such odd formatting! Sorry Rob!

  44. LouCityHawk

    Only would have been more pleased with Day 2 if the Hawks had walked away with Pickens or Young.

    Hall was one of my favorite players in the draft and I preferred him over McDonald *ducks* And I only started to look at him in detail a couple months ago thanks to SDB. Setting the Edge. Liked him so much I had talked myself into the Seahawks not taking him.

    Charbonnet was my preferred RB, with all due respect to Bijan and Gibbs.

    Fleecing Denver was *Chef’s kiss*

    There is still so much talent available on the DL and IOL. Assume a Safety will go today as well.

    Safety – I’ve been laser focused on Jason Taylor II – he just seems like the right fit. Anyone else have favs?

    DL – Cameron Young and Coburn fit the super high character profile. CY is probably run stuffer 2 behind Benton – didn’t get sacks, but did get a lot of QB pressures, so he may have more upside. Ade and Ojomo both intrigue. I like Lacy, Dale, & Avery as well.

    IOL – Wypler feels like a priority, but a friend of mine who was a D1 Center swears Olu will be the best Center from this draft, so go figure. Zavala, Bradford, Voorhees, McFadden…would like to see at least one chosen.

    LB – I assumed they wouldn’t draft Off-ball LB, but certain guys To’oto’o and Ivan Pace might be BPA at some point.

    TE – at this point I think they are out, but Kuntz and Durham both intrigue.

    QB – they are passing, but I wonder if Stetson Bennett might not get a shot as UDFA.

    • Tatupu51

      If they address safery at the 4th, I’d like Skinner or Jamie Robbinson.

  45. Tatupu51

    The player I’m most surprised is still available into the 4th round is Dawand Jones. Can’t be all effort concerns, got be injured related. Dude is a monster and tackle is a premium position.

    • LouCityHawk

      Heard his pro day was an absolute disaster.

      Cost himself a possible 1st round grade, probably got dropped from some teams boards.

    • Tatupu51

      If Dawand is BPA in JS board, would you guys be ok with drafting him and kicking Abe Lucas inside to guard? Would be a monstrous right side for KWIII and Chabornet to run behind.

      I was very in favior of drafting Jones with #37, now with his fall I don’t know.

  46. Trevor

    Does any team have better offensive weapons than the Hawks now.

    WR : DK , Lockett, JSN
    TE : Fant, Parkinson
    RB: Walker, Charbonett.

    • Peter

      The chiefs? I mean….they have the ultimate weapon thus far.

      But. If these players work then probably no.

  47. Tatupu51

    Pfn mock 4th-7th, no trades:

    108. Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE Northwestern
    123. Luke Wypler, OC Ohio State
    151. Moro Ojomo, DT Texas
    154. Chandler Zavala, OG NC State
    198. Payne Durham, TE Purdue
    237. Keondre Coburn, DT

    Went BPA, could not find way to address safety. Maybe should’ve traded Fant for another 5th rounder?

    • Trevor

      Would love that.

    • LouCityHawk

      PFN strangely omits Cameron Young – impossible for me to think he is UDFA. Corbin Smith lists him as 4th rounder, so does Rob Rang.

      I think it also massively underrated Jason Taylor II. But if we bring him or Jerrick Reed in as UDFA, all the better.

    • Roy Batty

      So many fans are going nuclear after yesterday. They all think the Hawks can grab the top talent at positions of need at will. They look at what other teams have gotten and get jealous.

      Luckily there are people like you who realize there is still a lot of quality to be had with the 6 picks. Rob’s updated board is so nice to have. We are spoiled.

      • Tatupu51

        I was a little confused when they did not draft d-line in the second and traded out of the 3th. But we should realize that our difference maker at the d-line was signed before the draft, Dre’mont Jones. Now they can just draft a couple of big bodies to rotate and stop the run. Rather have a fearsome pass rush, spending a premium pick in Hall than a run stuffer. Hall is a lot more important that Mazi Smith, for example.

        • Peter

          Heard you tuber Brandon Nelson with so many takes its hard to keep track of say he thinks Seattle is just going to take it in the chin next year.

          I agree.

          Jones is awesome. But realistically you need more than one difference maker. Look at the niners, eagles. Even the rams have had players I’d like next to Donald.

          Just bodies on dline is what we have been doing. Which I think is fine for now.

          Added Hall. Awesome. But last year we had 3 of 4 of the pass rushers on this team and they still got man handled up the middle with the JAG front.

  48. Trevor

    Who is the player you think the Hawks are most likely to draft on Day #3 ?

    For me it’s Jordan McFadden

    • Tatupu51

      Can’t see they coming out of the 4th without Wypler.

  49. Dahveed

    Steady as she goes.
    its amazing how honest Pete and John are
    To Rob’s consistent point to idiots like me…character matters
    now add some dogs in the trenches and we will be better for it

  50. TatupuTime

    Nobody cares (except me), but I said on this blog a couple of weeks ago that I thought they’d take Derick at 37 or late first round after a trade back. Long arms, 1.59 split and just screamed Seahawks with his attitude. Wouldn’t have guessed any of the other picks they made, but it was nice to get one.

    One of the reasons they got run over was their edge rushers not setting a good edge (Irvin and Taylor in particular). That’s not going to be a problem with Derick. I absolutely love the pick. Really nice complement and a slightly different guy to Mafe, Taylor and Nwosu.

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