Are the Seahawks already thinking ahead?

Is John Schneider already looking ahead to 2024 at a certain key position?

In his day-two press conference, John Schneider delivered the following line when asked about the trade-down with Denver:

“We had a goal going into this thing to try and get into next year a little bit, next year’s draft. Throughout the process we had a couple of upsets in there, meaning we had some guys go that we were interested in. It happens. Especially early in the draft. So yeah, we felt real blessed to get into a deal with Denver and acquire that third round pick.”

I’m fascinated by this comment.

Firstly, the reference to having ‘upsets’. If he meant players came off the board in round three that they liked, making it easier to justify moving out of the round, that would make obvious sense. Yet he qualifies the comment by referencing upsets early in the draft — and connects it to trading down for 2024 stock.

A follow up question was asked about next year’s class:

“Yep, next year’s class is supposed to be really good. Not slating this year’s class, there’s just a common theme, I think everyone knows it.”

My initial thought when I heard him talking about upsets was to imagine he might be talking about the big Houston trade taking Will Anderson off the board. Or the fact Lukas Van Ness and Will McDonald went in the top-half of round one, perhaps influencing the picks at #20 and #37 in a way they weren’t necessarily anticipating.

I also wondered if Alabama’s Byron Young being taken at #70 was a setback. He not only would’ve filled a need, he’s a really good player and he fits their focus on locker-room alpha’s.

Yet why would missing out on any of these players be relevant to getting stock in 2024?

Is it possible he’s actually talking about the quarterbacks? There was all sorts of media buzz about C.J. Stroud falling (he didn’t) and there was a broad expectation Indianapolis would take Will Levis over Anthony Richardson (they didn’t). Could the ‘upsets’ actually be these two players going in the top-four?

After all, several late media reports connected the Seahawks to serious interest in Richardson. Wanting to get stock next year ahead of a ‘better class’ would make sense at the quarterback position.

Let’s not forget, Geno Smith is very much on a prove-it deal. The out in his contract gives the team a lot of security. His cap hit in 2024 will be no lower than $31.2m and there are achievable escalators to push it closer to $40m. It’s stating the obvious to suggest they’ll need to think carefully about that kind of financial outlay, even if he plays fairly well.

They are going to have to make a call at the end of the year. This isn’t a firm, long-term commitment. It’s plausible they were very prepared to spend a rare top-five pick on the position to plan ahead. Yet the players came off the board they were interested in, meaning there was nothing they could do.

Having extra stock for 2024 can help prepare the team for the possibility of needing to get a QB next year, possibly with some aggression. Trading up this year simply wasn’t realistic. They couldn’t pay the fortune Carolina paid for #1, the Texans clearly weren’t going to cough-up #2 and the Cardinals were always going to be more inclined to discuss with a non-division rival. Houston gave them a great deal.

The other thing to mention here is the reference to next year being a better class. A lot of people think next years’ quarterback class is superior. I think people mistake the reasons why.

The focus is always on the projected top two QB’s — Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. I don’t think that’s the point. Virtually the entire middle class of the 2023 quarterback class returned to college football. Jim Nagy mentioned in our interview how this had impacted the Senior Bowl. I then spoke to a top personnel man a few weeks later who said that basically there were the top-four 2023 quarterbacks, Hendon Hooker, “then a bunch of six and seven rounders”.

Here’s a list of players who realistically would’ve intrigued teams in this draft, who returned to school:

Michael Penix Jr
Bo Nix
Tyler Van Dyke
Jayden Daniels
Spencer Rattler
KJ Jefferson
Devin Leary
Cam Ward
Grayson McCall
Sam Hartman
Will Rogers

None of these players would’ve been high picks and some would’ve been day three or UDFA types. Others could’ve padded out the middle rounds. I suspect Penix Jr could’ve worked his way into day two because of his arm strength and character. Nix has his admirers and Rattler finished the season on fire for South Carolina.

All of this group will now be part of the 2024 class, which will also have Williams, Maye and Quinn Ewers. I also think Tulane’s Michael Pratt has shown enough to warrant serious intrigue for next season and some people like Florida State’s Jordan Travis.

So the difference between next year and this year will be the existence of a middle class. I am not a subscriber to the idea that Williams and Maye are streets ahead of Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. But this year simply didn’t have any depth at quarterback beyond the top five.

Having extra 2024 stock will give Seattle a chance to be flexible and develop a QB plan, if required, as the 2023 season unfolds. Even if you’re the biggest Geno Smith fan on the planet, you have to concede the Seahawks need to be mindful of the future.

Alternatively, Schneider’s comments might not be in relation to the 2023 quarterbacks at all. He could be talking about the Texans’ trade for Will Anderson or the likes of Van Ness and McDonald departing. That could simply be something on the top of his mind that just came out during a press conference. Yet I do think the objective of getting extra 2024 stock is tied to the fact the team doesn’t have a long term solution at quarterback. They are going year-to-year and find themselves in the exact same position they did 12 months ago, albeit with more money going to Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

Make no mistake, they’ll be wary of that — but I think they’re also right not to panic. Schneider, in a later answer, referenced you can make ‘huge mistakes’ when you do that. He’s obviously right. I compared the Geno situation favourably to Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes as a basis for selecting a QB this year. It’s worth noting that Alex Smith enabled the Chiefs to pick their moment. They ran with him for multiple seasons until the time was right to make their move for Mahomes.

You also need to avoid becoming the Colts, too. You can build a very good roster and feel like every year you’ll be in with a shot. But if you’re relying on year-to-year solutions, it can undermine everything when things don’t work out or suddenly change.

It’ll be interesting to see if they take a flier on anyone today. Dorian Thompson-Robinson has been one of my favourite players to watch in college football for two years. He’s a dynamic athlete, he’s incredibly creative and he has the fabled 10-inch hands despite being undersized. He has an outstanding arm. DTR can also be erratic, hot-headed and he suffers from the same issue as Bryce Young in terms of how will he withstand a NFL beating.

Jaren Hall had a tremendous start to last season before tailing off. He looked like Russell Wilson at his best for BYU but we didn’t see his best consistently enough. Jake Haener has his admirers, as does Tanner McKee. Stetson Bennett is very talented but would work against their focus on character. Mac Duggan would fit the competitive nature they’re looking for but he’s just so physically limited.

I think it’s a challenging group to justify adding at the expense of some of the other players available at different positions.

Here’s a reminder of my updated draft board (click the image to enlarge):

Schneider is a Ron Wolf disciple and they’re brought up with a passion for quarterbacks and scouting the position. I sense they’re already thinking ahead to the future and trying to plot a long-term vision. For that reason, once this 2023 draft ends, I’ll begin the next challenge of scouting the 2024 class of QB’s.

If you missed my thoughts on the first two days for the Seahawks, click here.

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  1. Roy Batty

    In all the pressers since this began on Thursday I can see a real joy in Schneider. It’s a repeat of last year. Pete’s been seemingly more reflective. Happy, but a bit more restrained.

    They both look like men wearing themselves out and absolutely loving it.

  2. Happy Hawk

    Thanks for all the great coverage – been in Italy and you have been a lifeline. JS said in his comments “our goal was to draft a QB every year”. Rob why do you think he had never done that? I think they have only drafted 2 qb’s in the last decade. Do they devalue the position v other organizations? Or do they just get surprised on draft day? I wouldn’t draft any of the garbage left in this draft. I would also be terrified I of giving Geno $40m per year to get to a wildcard. Tough spot.

    • Rob Staton

      A hunch — but I think JS really prides himself on QB evaluation and doesn’t want to take players he’s not 100% on to avoid blotting his copybook unnecessarily

      • Steve Nelsen

        Yes. He said yesterday, “We go into every draft looking to draft a QB. We really do! But you don’t pick one just to say you picked one.”

  3. TomLPDX

    I’d like to see them take a flyer on one of the QB today. DTR or even Max in the 6th or 7th.

    • UkAlex6674

      Get Heaner. Pete loves intelligent players. This guy is up there

      Limited physically but don’t ask him to do to much and could be a savvy back up.

      And one to possibly trade in the future.

      • Happy Hawk

        We already have 2 savy backups: Smith & Lock!

  4. Peter

    This is one player eval that I differ from Rob but at this point I would draft Oluwatimi, C,.

    Outland winner. Which is a pretty strong list of successful interior line players on either side of the ball. Not everyone has hit. But it has enough of a hit rate that I think merits consideration.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m OK with it but he has tiny hands — 8.5 inches on a +300lbs linemen is virtually unheard of

      And this matters when the bulk of your job is getting those hands locked inside off the snap

      • Peter

        I don’t think he’s ideal per se. But we’re getting into lottery ticket range for today.

        I’d probably lean Wypler. Like I said that Outland award isn’t nothing.

        • Rob Staton

          I think CFB awards generally mean nothing

          Most are given to ‘big names’

          • Peter

            See you can disagree with Rob and not get kicked off the blog!!

            • Madmark

              Shame on you for actually discussing football. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  5. Mark

    Did we just get a Community reference on Seahawks Draft Blog? My life is complete now.

  6. SebA

    Rob, I know it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again – the imperious standard of your work beggars belief when compared to that of the official media types. I’ve been in and out of Patreon support but to misquote the Wolf of Wall Street, I’m not leaving again. I’ve had a really shit year, to be honest, but SDB has been an absolute haven for me and a wonderful place to see cutting-edge and expertly-balanced analysis every single time. I can’t thank you enough, and I hope when we’re all in Valhalla (other alternatives may be available) the SDB community can properly pay their dues to you and your work. Until then, long may it continue!

  7. StevenD

    QB comments were fascinating – especially Schneider’s later comments about how they try to get a qb every year but it’s the most difficult position to select. And, how about the tone in answering the question on Malik? That was fascinating too. Not one once of dismissive response there.

    2 thoughts -2 questions please.

    This draft and last year are restoring my faith in the front office;
    BPA + character > position need + blind faith in culture

    – why is Ade dropping?
    – could Devon be our future safety?

    Thanks Rob! Feels like Christmas!!

    • Rob Staton

      Can only imagine there might be an injury thing with Ade. I don’t know, is the answer. Maybe the league is just f-ing this up like they did with Abe Lucas.

      Devon at safety? Maybe but I think he will succeed at corner

      • Peter

        Could be injury, or the woolen effect. Freak athlete but hard to see on tape.

        Or….he came across super thoughtful in your interview. And he’s clearly smart. So maybe he f—ed up and told front offices his dream is to do something big brained with his life and the league hates that.

      • One Bad Mata’afa

        I have no clue how accurate this is, but I read that he’s considered a tweener. Could be he’s just getting passed by players that more ‘safely’ fit a teams vision or scheme?

  8. BK26

    For me quarterback has to be addressed. Look at the offensive weapons and the team as a whole. What doesn’t fit? Geno isn’t a long term solution and he puts a cap on what the offense can do. And they can’t run with him for too long. He will get overpaid fast and then you are cutting into the youth running up on their contracts. Has to be fixed and has to be next year. I just don’t know who.

    Rob’s list above looks….underwhelming to me. Or at least for who I know. Williams looks like a personality that they won’t want and he plays in the system of systems. Maye has shown flashes but will probably be out of range. Rattler and Nix haven’t been able to put it together and are too turnover prone for Pete. Penix is a system and injury prone. I Will always remember Iowa obliterating him 2 years ago and getting benched before the first quarter was over. Hartman and McCall are those college guys that are remembered fondly but…are they even upgrades from Geno?

    Personally, I like TVD. Needs to have a good season, but he’s proven what he can do and his coach is trying to poison his draft stock. Not going to lie, I am much more excited and invested in Rob’s analysis of next year’s crop than Day 3. Or much of the draft. This will be what it all hinges on. They have kicked the can down the road for so long and this might be their make or break.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree it’s a long list but nobody jumps out

      • BK26

        Thats my one knock on being excited for the team and their future. I can’t see the solution. And I don’t see anything next year to look at for hope. Why I’m deferring to you like this last year with Richardson.

        Scared to death of being the Colts. Have everything but a quarterback. Look where they are. Roster deteriorated and now that they have their guy, they are probably going to ruin him.

        • Rob Staton

          When I look at the 2024 QB class, I just think it’s kind of ‘meh’

          I will start studying them. But I think the media hype is greater than the reality. It’s a deeper class but the talent at the top is arguably weaker I would say

          I think John will like Penix Jr’s arm, though

          And he name dropped Quinn Ewers when discussing JSN

  9. StevenD


    Not one ounce of dissimiveness in John’s response to the Malik question.

    Maybe John and Pete have been wrestling over the ability of culture to overcome character??

  10. Charles


    Do any of the QB’s you mentioned fit into the UDFA range that could get an invite/flyer option?

    I know Stetson had that public intoxication issue, but I don’t know much else about his leadership or anything else other than he was supposed to be pretty good before he messed up and got on peoples shit list.

    Does DTR have to be a 5-6th? or could he fall later? Watching the tape on our new RB, I often saw DTR running ahead of him and throwing a block with his tiny stick-like body, but was sort of amazed that he was able to get there faster than the RB after the hand off and usually was in the way enough to work as a block/obstacle.

    What are your thoughts on Center Olu if we miss out on Wypler? Also thoughts on differences/fits for us between Zavala (I know you like him), Vorhees (who tested well athletically but has injury issues), and Bradford? Also do you think Dawand Jones falls out to UDFA like La’el Collins did? When does he fall into great value based on position instead of need, always nice to have another quality tackle… if something happens to either of our tackles, he could slot in with either Lucas moving to LT (if cross got hurt) or staying if Lucas did…

    Sorry for the flurry of questions. Thanks for the awesome content and work that you put in. Appreciate ya.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Stetson Bennett comes across as an absolute douche, personally

      His interviews are a major turn off

      DTR round 4-5 for me

      Oluwatimi has very small hands and that worries me

      Dawand Jones isn’t a comp to Collins, teams are just turned off by his attitude. He will go quickly IMO

      • TatupuTime

        Doesn’t get more candid than that. Spot on though. Forget starting QB, you don’t even want a guy like that as your back up QB or as a camp body.

    • GoHawksDani

      I noticed that too about DTR. He blocked on some runs like Witherspoon tackles.
      Def not QBOTF but would love to have a QB on the roster who’ll just shove his body to LBs to block for his RB. That is character and a true competitor and team player for me

  11. Frank

    I think you’re right about them being a little deflated they missed out on the QB class, my guess is they thought Tennessee would go Hooker and they’d snag Levis but who knows. I’m still feeling relaxed as hell, and to fan boy for a moment one of my favorite things about Rob and the rest of the SDB community is that going into day 3 I still have a substantial list of players I like and aren’t just sitting here deflated that I didn’t guess who the Hawks would get in round one. To have that measured response, and looking at things thru a multiple year plan of attack is so much more satisfying than “Carter Good, life over, fire everyone” mentality. Running through a mock or two feel like we have the picks to find some contributors and depth in places PBA and need converge. Still want to throw a dart at QB, I’d be all for giving Tune a shot in a couple rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      If they wanted Levis I don’t think they would’ve passed on him twice

  12. Dubb

    Can we finally put to bed how much JS loves traits in a QB. How he loved Mahomes and Allen, but didn’t have the opportunity. He had many opportunities for Levi’s and passed. Levi’s has traits. He’s drafted 2 QBs in since he’s been here, he doesn’t adhere to the Wolf philosophy. I understand we don’t know if Levi’s will be a good starter; if hes good in Tennessee JS can’t come back after the fact.

    This is just my opinion; I don’t think Rob will agree.

    • Tatupu51

      The league clearly believes Levis lacks something (intangibles), no matter the traits.

    • Steve Nelsen

      JS is clearly interested in traits. That is a poor takeaway from Levis.

      What Levis tells us is takes more than traits to get drafted at 5. Of course we already knew that too. ButLevis also seemed to have the leadership and play processing abilities that a starting QB needs. Maybe they didn’t think so. And Pete talked multiple times about the importance of a player being a fit in their locker room. Levis is a gym rat which we know they love but he also has a quirky personality. If Thibodeaux was off their board last year because of obsessing over his brand in their interview, maybe Levis also said something that put them off.

      We don’t know yet what it was about Levis that led JS to pass over him. But it wasn’t because JS doesn’t care about traits.

    • Rob Staton

      Why would we put this to bed?

      That makes no sense

      If they’d drafted a player with the opposite of traits early, we could put it to bed

      Just because they passed on Will Levis doesn’t mean anything. Nobody said they’ll take ANYONE with traits. If they didn’t want him that doesn’t mean anything broadly

    • TatupuTime

      What JS hit on with Mahomes and Josh Allen wasn’t the traits. Everyone with a rudimentary knowledge of football knew that they came into the league using traits. What JS got right was that they had both traits and all the other things that a QB needs to go with those traits.

  13. Qoolio

    Tried one last PFN mock for Day 3, with a slight trade up to start:

    104- Ade Ade DE
    123- Luke Wypler C
    151- Moro Ojomo DT
    163- Nick Broeker OG
    217- Chris Rodriguez RB
    237- Nesta Jade Silvera DT
    259- Michael Jefferson WR
    UDFA- Jack Colletto, Ty Okada (hey, so I want two great competitors from my alma maters to have a shot)

    • Trevor

      Would love round 4-5 of that draft.

  14. Denver Hawker

    Definitely caught me attention re: comments on 2024 draft

    Wonder who they could trade to get early picks next year.

  15. Hawkhomer1

    I honestly think they were put off by some of the Levi’s interviews and his Instagram where he showed how rocked up he had gotten. A bit of a peacock me mentality. They just had years of that with Russ and I think they would rather have a dog like Geno who will work his limited butt off than deal with a me me guy. I don’t know Levi’s and am not saying he won’t be great, but that was my impression on him. Obviously, character matters.

    As far as next year, I think that is exactly what we did. Once Richardson was off the board I think plan B went into action. Disappointed, but that is what happened so you roll with it.

    Thank you Rob for your tireless effort and content. Truly appreciated.

    • Sean

      I was wondering the same thing about Levis hyping himself and maybe a sour aftertaste in the FO from some of Russel’s cringy self promotion. But we will probably never know.

      • God of Thunder

        We WILL know! If or when Levis reveals his inner Blake Bortles, we will why he was passed over: Not. Good. Enough.

  16. Steve Nelsen

    The other thing John specifically mentioned when talking about surprises is “We have already had people that we didn’t clear medicals get drafted and we have people that we graded as UDFA get drafted and we are only at the end of Round 3.” He used this statement to explain his comment that this draft seemed more random.

    • Seattle Person

      I think there are coaches there that are glad he’s no longer on the team…

      • Rob Staton

        That’s a fact

        • Paul G

          Watching that first round unfold, I couldn’t help but notice how close Drew Rosenhaus was to JC. The whole time. I’m the green room and even escorting him to meet Goodell after getting picked. That was a red flag for me. I didn’t notice that with any other player, just the typical hugs with family. Smart agent though.

          • Kerren

            Noticed that to. If he has a great career I’m happy for him but literally the opposite of the character players we have targeted this year. I wish him and the Eagles luck.

  17. ShowMeYourHawk

    Not sure if it’s been linked in any of the threads so far but here’s a really cool look at Derick Hall’s life:

    Kid seems like a walking advertisement for strength through adversity.

  18. Patrick Toler

    Great article Rob. “They ran with him for multiple seasons until the time was right to make their move for Mahomes.“

    The brilliance of Geno’s contract was always the flexibility it provides. That goes both ways. I am pretty convinced that they would have taken Richardson, but when he was gone they were able to pivot and not panic because they have a veteran quarterback they really like. It seems very likely from John’s comments that they have it in mind that adding a QB at some point remains important.

  19. Parallax

    Since Seattle has Drew Lock, it’s not clear to me how they’d develop a backup right now unless they can get him to the practice squad. There are only so many snaps to go around and only so many opportunities to run the scout team. So I’d expect them to be interested in UDFAs with diamond-in-the-rough skills. Maybe they’d consider taking a flier on someone on day three, with an understanding that he could be lost if the team isn’t willing to carry three QBs.

    As much as Pete and John clearly like Lock, I have to imagine they think there’s a real chance to develop him into the starter.

    • Steve Nelsen

      This is the route they went when they drafted Alex McGough. The only downside is that if they are a longer term project, you end up eventually having to put them on your active roster and burning a roster spot to protect them.

    • BK26

      Any qb that they take today is nothing more than to make sure that they have a body next year. As long as he isn’t taken off of the practice squad. Geno SHOULD be gone and Lock will be gone. So next year they are starting over from nothing. A body is better than nothing.

      Lock needs to quit being talked about as an option. He was given his contract so they could make sure that they have a backup. Will be 27 next season and was a throw in in a trade. He’s done nothing for anyone to look at him as any future plan. They only have him a one year deal so the team thinks that way too.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I don’t know about that. Lock has had the opportunity to learn the system. We will know more about him when he actually gets a chance to play. Too soon to write him off Eby.

        And writing off Geno?! No, he obviously has some things to work on. But, he is a hard worker and has great coaches. They have set up a fantastic supporting cast to increase his chance of success. So, I see this as a bit of a prove it year for Geno. And there is definitely a chance he could prove it.

        • BK26

          Learning the system doesn’t make Lock a capable quarterback. It makes him a possible backup. He’s done nothing and the team gave him that contract as proof. No one else Reid to sign him. He hasn’t gotten himself playing time, including with a horrible Denver team.

          Geno is 32 year old journeyman who has beaten out who in his career? Drew Lock? Hard working doesn’t mean he’ll make it. Hasn’t done it yet. And he is set up. Then we have to pay him and then we have an old quarterback with an obviously limited ceiling and a young roster. That is where you fail. Then we are the Colts.

          The team gave them the contracts that they gave them. That is what they think of them. That’s a fact. This is the hole of the team that what will hold them back until it is fixed. Much more than anything else.

  20. Seattle Person

    I do wonder about the upsets that JS was referring to yesterday. But at the end of the day, they rolled with the board and it netted them really talented players on both days.

    Now it’s interesting that they waited until day 3 to address the trenches. Whether on purpose or not, there are options in the interior of both lines. A lot of beefy dudes and this is the range to take them.

    In reality, you don’t take lane clogging, run-stopping, giants that aren’t that dynamic that early. We’ll see what happens.

  21. Madmark

    I was doing bpa but wasn’t going to pick the same position we had already drafted. So no CB, WR, Edge, or RB and this is what I got.
    108 Antonio Johnson S
    123 Jacqueline Roy DT
    151 Olusegun Oluwatimi OC
    158 Jordan McFadden OG
    198 Jake Haener QB
    222 Karl Brooks DT/DE
    237 Robert Cooper NT
    Getting Johnson here is a steal unless there’s a medical problem I haven’t heard about. I was completely caught off guard as Darnell Washington drop because his knees swelled up after the combine. I can see JS wheeling and dealing today.

  22. geoff u

    Not turning 5 into a potential franchise qb was a pretty big missed opportunity that sets the timeline back at least a year. It couldve been love, but it’s over now. Once it didn’t pan out, they should’ve done everything they could to turn it into a 2024 1st rounder.

    Having said that, while having a lock down corner is nice, it’s not all that game altering anymore since teams are geared for the pass anyway and will scheme around it, but having TWO? I can’t help but think, it’s kind of a big deal.

    This is why you go BPA. Yes we could’ve reached for an interior pass rusher or edge, but instead added strength to strength and made one area of our team truly special and potentially the best in the league. Same goes for pick 20 and our WR group. And pick 37. We actually do have plenty of edge rushers, and yet… And then to add a top RB? We are doubling down on special.

    • BK26

      Agreed. It’s only year 2 of maybe…4 years? I think the plan is to minimize mistakes on the field with better players across the board and purge the bad contracts; maximize the overall talent of the team. They are still missing the elite, difference making talent. Do what you can until you get those guys.

    • Charles

      If you can get a guy like Jalen Ramsey, I think you get him… From all accounts Spoon was the best CB in the draft by everyone and plays tough, sticky, and aggressive like Ramsey did/does. If he wasn’t a little undersized comparatively I think people would have talked about him like Sauce from last year. Dude had more ints over his career than TDs allowed… With him and Tariq we are pretty set at DB for a while which should help our pass rush and in turn put teams into 2nd/3rd and long more often preventing some of the bad run situations we were in last year.

      Think it will end up being a fan fav pick in a few years. Will be interesting to see how the QB’s of this draft turn out.

  23. Charles

    Saints just traded up… maybe for a G like Zavala?

    • Romeo A57

      I am disappointed about not picking up a QBOTF this draft but time to look forward to seeing the players they did pick up today develop in to quality players.

      I agree with many on SDB that Geno is a temporary solution and Lock is nothing more than a below average backup. If Geno regresses this year then Seattle is going to be scrambling for a solution.

      I suspect that the Seahawks will be desperate in the 2024 Draft for a QB. Maybe Geno can improve but I believe we have already seen hid peak performance.

      • Romeo A57

        Reply Fail.

        Bad Gateway 502

      • AlaskaHawk

        AT this point I think you can count on Geno Smith starting for two more years. I don’t think they will start a rookie quarterback next year, maybe put one in at mid-season but I don’t think they will start one.

  24. Brennan

    My top targets for the rest of the draft…..

    Ade Ade, DE/DT
    Wypler, C
    Cameron Young, DT
    Oromo, DT
    Roy, DT
    Clark, DT
    Coburn, DT
    Jones, OT
    Zavala, OG
    Bradford, OG
    McFadden, OG
    Ekiyor, OG
    Broeker, OG
    Daniel’s, OG
    Saldiveri, OG
    To’oto’o, LB
    Miller, LB
    Sewell, LB
    Morris, LDE

    Build those trenches! 🍻🍻🍻

    • Charles

      Not interested in OG Vorhees? If i remember correctly he tested really well and ended up being one of the higher TEF scores as well…

      • Brennan

        Blew his ACL at the combine. Maybe on an UDFA or in the 7th…..maybe

  25. Qoolio

    I wonder who the targets are at the top of the fourth.

    NO traded with CHI for 103
    LV traded with HOU for 104
    PHI traded with HOU for 105

    Nobody has picked yet. Interesting pre-round movement…

    • Glor


      Then not sure
      That’s my guess

  26. Glor

    I think it’s obvious the hawks had two QBs and Anderson on their board.
    When they went I think they were desperate for a deal that Arizona put together, and they weren’t able to.. Just the way it goes. Sucks we didn’t get the 3rd pick!

    It’s going to be tough to get stock for next year without trading a player. The 3rd helps, but we have thrown future picks away for much less than a QOTF so maybe next year if there is a guy, this draft will be a lesson to go get him. (For us to move up to 1 wouldn’t have cost more than we paid for Adams)

    • Romeo A57

      I wonder if they will dip into the Middle Class QB list in this article. Manner use a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Those list of QBs in the middle don’t impress me but they are going to have to start using draft picks on a young QB at some point

      • BK26

        That isn’t any long term solution. Just a guarantee to make sure you have someone next year. They probably will to solve that issue.

  27. Blitzy the Clown

    I know this is a football blog first and foremost. But it’s also a community, dare I say my community, and I need to lean on you all a bit.

    I lost my dog Luna last night after battling acute sepsis peritonitis since Tuesday. She had an ulcer I didn’t know about that ruptured and her stomach emptied into her abdomen, sending her into septic shock. I didn’t see her distress at first because she was recovering from TLPO surgery the week before and I thought she was just groggy from her meds.

    I also live rurally and so it was a 30 minute race against the devil to get her to the closest vet when I realized she was in some sort of trouble. Thankfully they are a level 2 surgical unit.

    She was in surgery for nearly 4 hours. They used 8 bags of canine plasma trying to keep her alive over the next 72 hours. Her surgeon said he’d used an entire bag on a dog only once in his career. She received 8.

    I watched the first night of the draft from her side at the vet. I was excited and hopeful commenting with you all Thursday night as I petting Luna and whispered encouragement in her ears. I was hopeful she might still pull through.

    I was with her all day yesterday until the late afternoon when I left to go home and eat. Her blood pressure, which never really recovered, crashed and she died.

    She was a special needs husky and a significant focus of my daily life was tending to her. It was a labor of love and my honor to be her pack and pack leader. She enriched my life beyond my ability to express. I feel broken and lost.

    I spent $23,000 on her health in the last 10 days between her knee surgery and surgery/hospitalization for sepsis. I’m not complaining, there is no price I wouldn’t have tried to pay to save her. But I will feel the devastation of losing her financially as well as emotionally. It’s a brutal combination.

    I just want everyone to know she was. She mattered to me. I miss her and I grieve.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Bro! I am so sorry for your loss. She was obviously blessed to have you as her human.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m very sorry to read that Blitzy. Thoughts with you today. Appreciate you being such a good owner and I’m sure Luna really appreciated your love and care.

    • Denver Hawker

      So sorry Blitzy- I lost my dog of 14 years just 2 weeks ago. The first few days were just devastating. I couldn’t keep myself together, randomly just burst in tears. They never truly leave us and I see reminders of him daily. It’s one of those rare ordeals that gets harder as we get older. I grieve with you and your special girl.

    • BK26

      I’m sorry man, I’ve been there. It’s heart breaking. Thoughts and prayers.

      You are a big part of this community and I appreciate you being a part of it and what you always bring. Thinking of you.

    • D

      sorry to hear that blitz! thoughts with you. It always hard when you lose your beloved companion.

  28. D

    eagles just taking the entire georgia def

  29. Romeo A57

    Blitzy, sorry to hear about the loss of your best friend.

  30. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, you may have to change the name of the blog to Seahawks/Colts draft blog 😆

    • Cambs

      All that’s left is for them to snipe Wypler. Ryan Kelly is probably moving on after 2023!

  31. Edgar

    So impressed by this site. Rob, you do great work.

  32. Hawksorhiking?

    I love the Cigar Thoughts podcast, but they had two running backs don’t matter guests on their day two live stream when they took Charbonneau. They’re both football guys that I respect in most ways, but to pine for a center or a run blocking D lineman in the second round over a bad ass running back means you don’t really understand positional value as much as you think you do.

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