Some perspective on the idea of Mike Macdonald to the Seahawks


  1. Walter Smythe

    I’m curious as to why LaFleur, from the Rams, isn’t being considered. Do you have some insight, Rob?

    • Mel

      Bet it has something to do with how Waldron’s worked out

    • Whit21

      He was an up and coming name while still being fairly young.. 36 i believe..

      He was passing game coordinator then went to the Jets as offensive coordinator and the jets were abysmal.. not really his fault IMO.. went to Rams this last year..

  2. ShowMeYourHawk

    A well thought out and versed commentary, Rob.

    Perhaps its the doldrums of watching the playoffs roll on with minimal stakes for a Hawks fan but I’m seriously starting to come to the acceptance that JS is going to make the retread hire of DQ or a “safe” hire in Vrabel. I’d like to believe that John is going to be bold and bring in brand new blood as his chosen young leader to usher in a new generation of Seahawks football. The more I dwell on it, however, there’s likely too much for him personally riding on the decision to get it wrong.

    Should he go with a first-time HC that crashes and burns, John is likely on the outs either by Vulcan, who’ll see the public’s vocal perception that they backed the wrong horse (JS vs Pete) or by new ownership who’ll want their own guy, should the club sell in the next three/four years. By choosing a HC with previous experience, JS has more plausible deniability when/if his hire flames out that said HC didn’t live up expectations, based on their history. “DQ previously led his team to a Super Bowl” or “Vrabel had been to the AFC Championship.”

    As I see it, a first time HC would have to see some level of immediate success (a WC spot for sure, potentially challenging for the division promptly) in order to be seen as the right choice. We have the framework on the roster to hit those modest goals, provided we dump the existing expensive chaff and work the draft and FA shrewdly. That said, in the social media era of increasingly impatient fanbases, picking a first-timer is almost certainly a gamble that a newly-freed GM may not want to take, weighed against their own occupational safety.

    I hope I’m wrong. The team desperately needs an infusion of new ideas.

    • UkAlex6674

      I don’t think Vulcan will take that approach if a first time HC fails.

      And if they appoint an established HC who ends up being succesful then would that would make them less appealing to a new ownership who wants their guy, but can’t seemingly push out someone succesful?

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        A successful HC, whether established or first-time, would be welcome by new ownership, regardless. The post was about John’s security based on his HC hiring. John’s NEVER had to make this call before, in his football career. Even here in Seattle, there’s been a shroud of mystery as to how of much the roster construction has been his responsibility vs Pete, his former boss.

        Now, under the microscope, with NO Pete Carroll to oversee/override his preferences, this is all on John. It could be that Jody and Vulcan are willing to let him fail in choosing the next HC. If they gave Pete 14 years, maybe they’ll commit to John flying solo for at least five, should they maintain ownership of the franchise that long. Perhaps part of firing Pete was an admission that the roster needs more than a couple years of reconstruction to pursue a title and that John has enough goodwill accrued to last longer than a HC that doesn’t meet expectations.

        Regardless, unless JS finds a first-time candidate he’s certain is the next Shanny/McVay in leadership and schematic ability, it just makes more sense from a self-preservation aspect to roll with what’s been tested and had a modicum of success, rather than potentially hire the next Nathaniel Hackett.

        I’d like to see him reach for the stars and take that risk, but am readying myself to be underwhelmed if he doesn’t.

    • Elmer

      What about the possibility that no HC hire will be successful right away because there are too many holes in the roster.

      • RomeoA57

        I am also of the opinion that the Seahawks roster has too many holes for any kind of playoff run. Their defense is a complete and utter shambles. Spoon, overpriced veterans, and a bunch of replacement level players.

        Seattle is a year away from being 2 years away.

        • Peter

          Agree. I’ve long thought and commented that yes there is talent and no, it’s not as great as people think it is.

          Also…outside of the trolls who comment that they and Pete will be rooting for failure next year, Pete himself looked almost like a bad hire in the beginning. If the new coach has bad vibes and we go 3-14 sure give them the hook. Like Mora. If we go 7-10, 8-9 and say win against the niners and or the rams I seriously doubt a new coach gets the axe in year one.

          • RomeoA57

            I would like to see an actual rebuild. Cut all the unproductive veterans and hope to build the defense in the draft.

            I am not going to be very worried if the Seahawks go 4-13 next year. I see this team as a long-term rebuild.

            • Peter

              I’m torn on defense or oline in the draft. Right now I see a ton of oline players I think are near upgrades. On dline….names I really, really like but not sure how John drafts going forward.

              Everyone else like the LB’s and the two safeties….replace. even brooks. Even wagner.

              • RomeoA57

                Our 2 favorite Safties, Wagner and Brooks need to be gone. Brooks is ok but not at the Salary bump he is going to want. They may have to replace Leonard Williams. That is before we even talk about the messy o-line and that the tight ends are going into free agency. I will be impressed if this team is near .500 next season.

  3. Joe

    Should be interesting to see if Schneider has a new definition of what a Seahawk is now that Pete is gone.

  4. CL

    The #Seahawks are setting up second interviews with head coaching candidates, including #Panthers DC Ejiro Evero, #Raiders DC Patrick Graham, #Giants OC Mike Kafka, #Rams DC Raheem Morris and #Cowboys DC Dan Quinn, per sources. There likely will be others too. A thorough process.

    • Seattle Person


      Get those out the way first.

      • Forrest


    • nfendall

      I wonder what the process is in interviewing all of them a second time. I appreciate the thoroughness, but at the same time I find it hard to believe every single one of them interviewed well enough to warrant another one.

      • Ian

        This may sound cynical, but at the very least, it will satisfy the Rooney rule.

        • nfendall

          They have 2 candidates that satisfy the Rooney rule, and isn’t it only one interview that is needed? That isn’t the reason.

          • Ian

            Two are needed. And they’re doing second interviews with 3 minority candidates, Evero, Graham, and Morris

            • Ian

              And I wasn’t arguing that that was the reason, simply pointing out that it would satisfy the Rooney rule.

            • nfendall

              My understanding of the Rooney rule was clearly lacking, my apologies.

          • PatrickH

            At least one in-person interview with a minority candidate in order to satisfy the Rooney Rule. The first-round interviews had all been virtual so far.

            • Ian

              At least two external minority candidates for head coaching vacancies and one external minority candidate for coordinator positions

      • icb12

        first round of interviews is zoom only right?

        I know when I interview applicants, and first one is on zoom, the next step is always in person. Regardless of how they performed on zoom, if they are a good applicant they warrant an in person interview.

    • Big Mike

      I’m discouraged that they’re giving Quinn a second interview. I was hoping that John had already moved on. I know I need to let the process play out but if he’s the choice I’m not gonna have much enthusiasm for the Seattle Seahawks anymore unless he proves that most of us are wrong.

      • Peter

        Same my friend. Feels like hiring a painter when you’re foundation is crumbling and the roof needs replaced.

    • Orcas Viking

      Perhaps JS is also looking to hire one of these guys as the new DC.

      • Seattle Person

        It depends on whether their teams will let them out of their contracts. In the case for Evero — the Panthers block any lateral moves. So he can’t interview for DC positions. He can interview for head coaching jobs though.

  5. dand393

    Just out of curiosity what is the difference in what your saying about macdonald vs say Ben Johnson or Slowik? The only difference I can see is 1 is defensive and the other 2 are offensive.
    Do you see the offensive coaches doing a better job because our offensive personnel is better?

    • Seattle Person

      I think the biggest thing is how transferable things are with the different coaches. The point Rob is trying to make is although MacDonald is a great mind — there isn’t that much evidence he can replicate it to the Hawks. It would be a huge risk. Do the Hawks have the same type of players? Do the players have the same mindset?

      For Ben Johnson — it’s a risk as well but at least the Lions are very comparable to the Seahawks. They have a power back/speed back combo. They have a rhythm passer. It’s easier to see how it will work for Ben Johnson.

      • dand393

        Makes sense thanks

  6. cha

    Jared Goof is in the building today I see.

    • Big Mike

      Baker gets credit for an interception that shouldn’t have happened and Goff doesn’t get an interception that should have happened. Like someone said last night, every play matters.

      • Whit21

        Its on baker a little.. you dont want to throw shoulder level or higher over the middle..

    • Peter

      Take goff’s contract + Mayfield’s contract Ă· in half and that is the real number for goff, mayfield, and geno going forward.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    Lions offense finally rolling

    3 in a row to Laporta shows Johnson isn’t afraid to keep ringing a bell that works.

    • Peter

      I like the flow of hitting the hot hand but also already mixing in seven different recieving targets.

  8. Whit21

    I have NO IDEA how side judges can spot balls so short when the maker is right there..

    A full yard marked short.. how??!!?

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Mike Evans is one of my favorite non-Seahawks players of all time

    • Whit21

      Definitely the most forgot WRs the last 5 years. Never in the discussion for top 10 WR it seems..

  10. STTBM

    PFT reporting Izzo interviewing for same ST job with Giants. His first game, our STs were brilliant. I’d like to keep him. I guess JS doesn’t feel the same.

    Only knock on Izzo is he seems to be limiting Dickson from booming kicks or doing tricks….I feel Dickson is the best punter in the NFL, but he’s not performed at that level for two years…

    • KitsapHawk

      Remember his first season when he had those kicks that hit the ground and went sideways out of bounds? I keep wondering where that went.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Fantastic play call by Johnson. I wanna see some of that in Seattle next year

    • Big Mike

      Yeah took all the defenders out of the area

    • Whit21

      Yeah.. its crazy they went away from 11 personnel and slipping blocking routes with an overpayed dissly, former first rounder fant, and pass catching parkinson..

      Its nearly criminal.. i feel like thats more on PC.. it always seemed over the years they were conservative on parts of the offense and wanted to be basic until late in the year or playoffs..

      Just like SB 48.. just let it lose.. only problem was they couldnt match up player to player with any playoff teams after 2016..

      Its head scratching how they have tried to evolve a certain style and then abandon it when they have better personnel to do it like big TE packages..

      It would be fun to break down the last 3 seasons on offense and see why they did some of the same old stuff while trying to rip off the rams and 49ers.. without rewatching a lot of games.. i think you can sum up petes offense like that..

      Basic offense mixed with ripped off plays from McShanahan..

  12. nfendall

    Goff has missed several throws high today.

    • Whit21

      His passes seemed to be half wobblers..

      If they pull this off.. i dont see how the 49ers dont wreck both sides of the ball..

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    What a nasty by Gibbs

    • Blitzy the Clown


      But works without it too

      • Big Mike

        Oh it was obvious what you meant.
        It was bad ass

    • nfendall

      He made Winfield look like Diggs trying to tackle in the open field.

  14. Tom

    Agree that hiring Macdonald isn’t going to instantly transform the Seahawks defense. But I don’t think the success of the Ravens defense is only due to the quality of their players or the support they receive from their offense. Macdonald knows how to scheme against the best offenses and create confusion for the QB. This is why some fans want him in Seattle.

    I’m open to it but would prefer we bring in a coach like Slowik.

  15. jed

    The variance in quality between QBs in the AFC vs. NFC is wild.

    Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Burrow, Stroud, and Herbert are all better than anyone in the NFC.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Gotta wonder if Johnson told Campbell Gibbs was the man to take at 9

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Meant 12

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I meant at 12

      • Big Mike

        They got shit for that pick too. The old “too soon for a RB” routine.

  17. Whit21

    Theres no way Washington isnt gonna make Ben Johnson a top 10 paid HC

    • Palatypus

      I think the highest-paid head coaches make between $15-20 Million a year.

    • Orcas Viking

      Top individual income tax bracket in DC is 10.75%…no such tax in Washington State.

      • Whit21

        Nobody seems to understand that in Wa state..

        Iv heard it a few times in Basketball.. going to Texas teams.. but if i was a pro.. id go to a no income tax state for less money.. get taxed less..

        One thing im not sure of is, do they get taxed on away games that are played in states with an income tax?

        • Big Mike


        • Orcas Viking

          Most states, like California, tax based on your duty days in the state. So as a resident of Washington State, a pro athlete or coach will pay tax for away games, but most of the annual duty days (the number the goes into the denominator) will be in Washington…so the overall allocation (likely 70-80%) will be to Washington State.

  18. Palatypus

    Baker Mayfield will be spending a lot of time in the cold tub this week.

  19. Big Mike

    Love the play call on first down by Johnson
    Don’t just hand it of

  20. Seattle Person

    Say ain’t so Baker. Say ain’t so…

  21. Josh Bishop

    Ravens assistant coaches who became head coaches:

    Marvin Lewis
    Mike Nolan
    Rex Ryan
    Chuck Pagano

    Of those names, only Mike Nolan could be considered a failure, but it is worth noting the players he and Scot McCloughan brought to SF from 2005 to mid-2008 were the core of what Jim Harbaugh used to take the 49ers to three consecutive NFC Championships games and one trip to the Super Bowl. Every other DC-to-HC from Baltimore led teams to multiple playoff trips, with Ryan’s (2) and Pagano’s (1) teams making it to the conference championship round. Then Marvin Lewis was the most stabilizing head coach Cincinnati has had since Sam Wyche, also leading the team to multiple playoff trips, but was ultimately undone, by franchise QB Carson Palmer forcing his way out of the organization. So, the track record of defensive coordinators coming out of Baltimore to become head coaches is relatively good. What’s more notable is how each coach was able to change the culture and the profile of players coming into their new organization and were able to establish tough, physical football teams that did not beat themselves (with the minor exception of Lewis’s Bengals later in his tenure [Burfit / Pac Man]). So, taking that into account for the Seahawks, much of what a Ravens DC becoming their head coach is exactly what they need (tough, physical, mistake-free) and will help them close the gap with division rivals in SF and LA.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s quite a reach to say those other coaches were “successful”

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