Reporter reveals underwhelming list of second interviews for Seahawks Head Coaching vacancy

Tom Pelissero is reporting that the Seahawks have arranged second interviews with Ejiro Evero, Patrick Graham, Mike Kafka, Raheem Morris and Dan Quinn. These will all be in person next week.

On the surface it’s an underwhelming group but there are a few things that need to be pointed out.

Firstly, Pelissero adds, “There likely will be others too. A thorough process.” Thus, this doesn’t appear to be the final short-list. Relax, breathe. Of the initial batch, only Frank Smith is absent of the names they originally spoke to.

They reportedly only initially interviewed Bobby Slowik today, so it’s plausible they simply haven’t had an opportunity yet to digest that conversation and arrange a second interview. Ben Johnson, who they spoke to yesterday, is still coaching in the playoffs. He wouldn’t even be available to fly to Seattle this week with the Lions preparing for the NFC Championship game. They’d have to wait until the week after next to meet with him in person, regardless of the result between San Francisco and Detroit.

The Seahawks don’t need to announce any planned interview with Mike Vrabel. As a free agent, he can come to Seattle at any point. They’re reportedly interested in a meeting, even though no date has been revealed.

It’s possible to potentially rule out one candidate. It’s never been reported that Mike Macdonald was sent an interview request. This is telling. Sunday was the deadline to interview candidates virtually, enabling teams to setup second interviews during Super Bowl bye week if the coach was still involved in the playoffs.

This means should the Ravens win next weekend, the Seahawks wouldn’t be able to talk to MacDonald until after the Super Bowl. Surely if he was in contention, they would’ve setup an initial virtual interview before today’s deadline, allowing them to meet with him in two weeks time?

Here’s my take on Macdonald. It’s gone very quiet with him and potential NFL vacancies. Has it become known to teams that he’s being lined up to replace Jim Harbaugh at Michigan? He was the defensive coordinator there in 2021. The Wolverines are going to need a coach if/when Harbaugh bolts for the NFL.

His name hasn’t been connected to any NFL teams for a while now. Do they know something? Or, perhaps he has removed his name from contention for another reason? Either he doesn’t feel ready, or maybe the Ravens are setting up a plan for him to replace John Harbaugh one day? After all, there was a succession plan for GM Eric DeCosta to replace Ozzie Newsome.

Either way, it doesn’t look like Macdonald is bound for Seattle, even for an interview let alone to replace Pete Carroll. Instead it seems like the next Head Coach will come from the list of Evero, Graham, Kafka, Morris, Quinn, Johnson, Slowik or Vrabel.

Personally, my vote would be to still go all-out to lure Johnson to Seattle — even with all the talk connecting him to the Washington Commanders. Always compete, right? They have to try and pull out all the stops. The only problem is, how long can you wait? Teams are starting to make hires now and they get the advantage in terms of being able to go and recruit staff. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to miss out on staff hires. A case in point, by making the Super Bowl last season, the Eagles lost both coordinators late in the process. Many of their favoured replacements, such as Vic Fangio, had gone elsewhere. They had to settle, with disastrous consequences. If they think Johnson is set for the Commanders, you can’t wait around just to miss out. None of the other candidates are still involved in the playoffs and can be hired at any point.

Johnson has a track record of driving major production out of Detroit’s skill players. The Seahawks, rightly or wrongly, have invested in receivers and running backs, plus a pass-blocking left tackle. The success Johnson is having in Detroit is transferable based on personnel. Plus, the Lions’ two starting guards are both free agents and could be signed to bolster the O-line.

Yesterday’s performance by Houston in Baltimore doesn’t change my thinking about Slowik as an alternative. Did people really expect anything else? Baltimore — a heavy home favourite, the best team in the NFL, with the MVP at quarterback, comfortably handling an upstart, young, overachieving team with a rookie QB and first-time Head Coach? This isn’t exactly Dan Quinn and the Cowboys laying an egg against the Packers.

Despite the great pitch from Les Snead for Raheem Morris (perhaps partly inspired by the fact the Rams will get draft compensation if he departs) I’m not sold on what he’d bring to Seattle. He’s clearly charismatic and well liked but he led the 22nd ranked defense this year (per DVOA) despite having Aaron Donald. Rams fans are hardly singing his praises as a coordinator.

Kafka, Evero and Graham would be head-scratchers for Schneider’s career-defining move. Quinn still feels dangerously plausible given how often it’s been touted that he was lined up to one day replace Carroll. To me that would be such an underwhelming hire. It’d remind me of this article posted on in 2017 ranking the coaching hires. Anthony Lynn was ranked first, ahead of Sean McVay (#2) and Kyle Shanahan (#4) because of his prior experience, staff building and leadership. Meanwhile, McVay and Shanahan were labelled risky. This is all sounds very familiar.

I can’t shake Quinn’s spell in Atlanta, where he was 24-29 without Shanahan, was fired after an 0-5 start to the 2020 season and was regularly criticised for blowing big leads and not holding players accountable for consistently poor play. His success as a coach feels tied to three things — the LOB, Shanahan and Micah Parsons. I don’t see him usurping Shanahan or McVay and, as we’ve seen in the last week, Shanahan seems to thrive on seeing his old boss beaten.

Vrabel wouldn’t feel as underwhelming as Quinn. His time in Tennessee arguably ended due to mitigating circumstances. When your GM trades away A.J. Brown, gets fired for it, then the interim GM looks after the next draft, but doesn’t get the job full-time, then another guy takes over, plus Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry just get old — none of this is conducive with success. I think Vrabel could be interesting — and it’d be different, which is a good thing — but so much would depend on who’s calling plays offensively. He seems to have a good reputation among those in the league.

I wonder if there’s an ulterior motive to some of the announced list of second interviews. We’ve talked about this before. Evero, Graham, Kafka. Is it possible that, while taking those candidacies seriously, the Seahawks are conscious that all three could be available as potential coordinators and/or assistant Head Coaches? You bring them in, create a connection, sell the franchise. The Panthers and Raiders may allow their defensive coordinators to depart as they transition to new regimes, while the Giants have become so toxic, it might be difficult for them to reject a request from Kafka to move on.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting thought. Pairing either of Evero or Graham with a younger offensive mind at Head Coach would be a coup, if it’s at all possible. Asking Kafka to bring an Andy Reid-style offense to Seattle to go with a Vrabel type would also have some appeal. I get the sense Schneider is itching to draft a quarterback, either this year or next, and having someone on staff with experience of developing a QB will be vital.

Nevertheless, many Seahawks fans will be hoping the team expands the reported list quickly. It’s not exactly a group that screams ‘brave new exciting era’.


  1. GF

    Excellent article Rob, we all know that whoever they hire the fans will be divided (except with Johnson), I am surprised that Frank Smith is out of this second round of interviews, I also do not understand why many don’t want Vrabel, it’s not that it is my favorite candidate but let’s be realistic, of all the candidates he is without a doubt the best HC (Belichik we all know will go to Atlanta)

    • Rob Staton

      I tend to agree. I can see why people aren’t dancing for joy at the thought of Vrabel but I don’t think there’s any reason to be massively down about it either.

      • GF

        There are people who believe that we will not compete with Vrabel and I wonder: Did you really think that we would compete with Pete? I repeat: Vrabel is not my favorite candidate, it is undoubtedly Johnson, Slowik and even Frank Smith had him as a possible 3rd or 4th candidate, but any franchise would be happy to have an excellent HC like Vrabel, Carroll couldn’t motivate the Seahawks (team with a positive record) to be competitive and beat the Steelers, however Vrabel, with a thousand injuries and with nothing to fight for in the season, knew how to motivate the Titans to compete with Seattle

        • Rob Staton

          Exactly. Titans played their arses off with nothing to play for and a ton of key injuries. The Seahawks, with the season on the line, played like they did at home against Pittsburgh

        • BK26

          Or maybe some believe that he just isn’t going to compare to Shanahan and McVay. Just because your team is tougher doesn’t mean that they can’t out coach you. Can he out scheme? Is there anything for him to lean on in tough times? Not really anything to think so right now.

          He’s a good head coach. Excellent coaches don’t get fired. You think more of him which is fine. Just like it’s fine for others to see it as pretty ho hum.

          • Parallax

            I know I’d be disappointed with Vrabel. I’d do my best to give him a chance. But it would feel a lot like the last few years where I had to hold my nose and support disappointing choices.

            Johnson or Slowik would provide real hope and, with it, excitement. Of course neither would guarantee success. No coaching hire can. But it would feel like we’re really going for it.

            • BK26

              Agreed. Not writing him off and he could easily win me over. Just wouldn’t be seeing a path to getting to the level that we need to. We are in the hardest division in the sport and arguably the two best coaches. I’ve seen Slowik and Johnson do things coaching, during games that I can see as difference makers.

              It’s just too close to the past as of now: we’ll build something, a culture. We will be tougher and want it more. Feels like trying not to lose instead of trying to win.

          • TatupuTime

            NFL history says that excellent coaches get fired all the time. Andy Reid is an excellent coach, it didn’t stop Philly from firing him. It’s rare that a coach that stays with the same franchise his whole career. And there are lots of reasons why coaches do better on their 2nd or 3rd head coaching gig. Sometimes it’s just about alignment between front office and coach. There are valid arguments against Vrabel, I just don’t think “there is no way that the Titans could have made a mistake” is one of them. That franchise makes plenty of mistakes.

      • Duceyq

        I just don’t understand the “underwhelment” for Quinn versus the contentment for Vrabel when both hires would still present OC dependent hires.

        Quinn actually reached a SB while Vrabel only reached a championship game that he lost. A possible Arthur Smith as an OC hire doesn’t sound exciting as well. To me, both possible hires are equivalent for what it’s worth with Quinn having a slight edge in accomplishments. He’s also produced dominant defenses in multiple locations and put together a better offensive staff in Atlanta prior to Shannhan being hired away than what Vrabel did in Tennessee.

        Is there something else you see that gives Vrabel the edge over Quinn or are you just bored with the idea Pete disciple and that feeling of more of the same?

        I think your point in going OC as a hire is the correct POV. Cycling through OC’s, due to the hopeful success I hope the Seahawks offense has, would present the same problems both these coaches had before when their respective teams fell off a cliff.

        Are there any college coaches you think Seattle might consider? A Lane Kiffin or a Lincoln Riley type?

        • Rob Staton

          Quinn reached the SB because of Shanahan delivering a MVP performance out of… Matt Ryan

          He then went 24-29 and got fired amid all sorts of complaints

          Vrabel took a mediocre team to within a game of the SB without a wondrous coordinator guiding the path. Plus Quinn feels like a continuation of what we’ve been watching for years already.

          I know I’m ready to try something new

          • Duceyq

            I get your boredom. I wouldn’t necessarily call Derrick Henry and AJ Brown mediocre but if I’m forced to pick between the two I’d probably go Quinn. But I think both coaches precipitous downfall reiterates hiring a play calling OC next.

            For that, I’m firmly in the Ben Johnson camp and believe his offense would translate to the Seahawks weaponry seamlessly. Imagine JSN being used properly like Amon-Ra St. Brown or even Fant like LaPorta and that’s not even giving him a DK type or Ken Walker. Waldron had no feel for highlighting his weaponry.

            Also, Geno and Goff are very similar in PA production from under center. Because of that, I think Geno can still serve as a cheap and productive bridge running Johnson’s PA heavy offense. I actually think Geno has top 10 QB production ahead him with the right OC. He navigated through a suspect OL all season with Shotty playcalling and still managed better than most under the same conditions. Not to mention a porous defense that limited his possessions. I thought Geno showed elite level play even in a loss against the Steelers.

            I think Johnson immediately makes this underachieving roster legit contenders.

            • Rob Staton

              I never said Henry and Brown were mediocre. The rest of the roster absolutely was.

  2. Rob Staton

    Short of any big news on the coaching search, on Monday or Tuesday I’ll be posting the updated horizontal board.

    • GF

      Great news

    • Elmer

      If the second interview list is accurate and complete, it sucks. One can only hope that an excellent OC is hired. If there has to be a bigger title and more money paid, fine.’

    • Elmer

      Yeah! Let’s focus on our team and the players that can make them better. Bring on the Combine, free agency, and the draft. Seeing what JS does with personnel selection will be instructive. I got one hope that he prioritizes the trenches and a QB for the future.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    Personally, my vote would be to still go all-out to lure Johnson to Seattle — even with all the talk connecting him to the Washington Commanders. Always compete, right? They have to try and pull out all the stops. The only problem is, how long can you wait?

    I mentioned that in a comment to a previous article. If Detroit make the SB, and Johnson doesn’t make a decision until after, can Schneider risk waiting or does he make a decision to go with Slowik and get his show on the road?

    As much as I would prefer Johnson to any of the rest, I’d be perfectly happy and enthused about Slowik. And I’d really hate to miss out on both.

  4. Adam

    It is beginning to feel that maybe a combination is likely with noted pair of Evero and Kafka DC/OC with maybe Vrabel as HC.
    John’s press conference clearly stating he is responsible for coaching hires (plural) would also be an indicator.

    • Seattle Person

      Vrabel as the head. Evero as the DC & Arthur Smith as the OC.

      I think I can get down with that. I wouldn’t be mad.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Fine, give me HC Slowik and AHC/DC Vrabel

  5. KennyBadger

    As much as I like Johnson, if/when slowik gets his second interview, you don’t let him leave Seattle. I think Rob hits it on the head that these interviews are more about constructing a staff. Thanks for all the material recently Rob. And Cha!

  6. Nick

    Question: If you’re someone interviewing for Seattle’s HC, surely one of the first questions you ask is: who is our Quarterback next year? Are we trading Geno? Which QBs, if any, do we like in this draft?

    While it seems like a very fair question, would JS offer that up to the head coach?

    Interested to hear what people think.

    • Rob Staton

      Schneider couldn’t reveal that, because they’d be revealing their plans to the rest of the league

      And candidates shouldn’t expect that level of information really

      • Nick

        Yeah, that makes the most sense. You’re right.

        But damn, I’d sure want to know that information on the QB I was going to be saddled with before signing on the dotted line!

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s pretty obvious though that the Seahawks will be planning long term at QB. Smith turns 34 this year.

  7. cha

    Vrabel has demonstrated his credentials to the Seahawks in the last two games against the Titans.

    This year he was missing most of his defense and was bringing Tannehill off the bench, and still managed to give the far more talented Seahawks a serious game.

    And Week Two 2021. My goodness, outside of Shanahan/McShay that might have been the best opposition coaching performance the Seahawks have faced in a long time.

    Down 24-9 at halftime with a leaky defense, he did not panic, instilled his guys with confidence, and kept plugging with Henry.

    He coached around defensive breakdowns that RW exploited for huge scores.

    He beat Carroll on substitutions and on-field personnel. He stuck to his vision and cashed in with back to back touchdown drives in the fourth quarter against a tired defense.

    After the game, the Seahawks had no answers. Pete Carroll went from taking a victory lap at halftime to shaking his head and using language indicating he knew he’d been outcoached.

    It was truly impressive.

    • Nick

      That game was demoralising, thanks for the trip down memory lane, cha.

      • cha

        Then my work is done here.

        Bonus: That was the Jamal Adams Coffee Cup game. He walked in, plunked that dumb thing down on the podium and when asked “what happened on that long Henry touchdown run?” answered snottily “He scored.”

    • Rob Staton

  8. Sten

    Raheem Morris is an intriguing guy. Head coaching experience, had two bad seasons and a good one with an awful Tampa Bay roster whose highlights were young Michael Bennett, Al Woods and Lagarret Blount. I remember the game when he smashed the Seahawks in 2010 with lowly Josh Johnson at QB, that was at the point where we worried Pete might not make it.

    He was an offensive assistant and pass game coordinator under Shanahan after that (!). Also has experience as a defensive coach in That 2012 Washington staff alongside Slowik on the defense. It’s not like he had the Rams playing amazingly on defense this year but you can imagine a scenario where that same roster gets worst defense in all categories, that’s how many young no-name guys they have, and he did decent with them.

    You probably get a nice balance of knowledge on both sides of the ball with Morris, and he’s probably the only coach out there with connections to the Shanahan and Monte Kiffin trees.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think he’s that exciting. 22nd ranked defense with Aaron Donald is still pretty meh. Rams fans have been fairly frustrated with him by the looks of things. Only had the 18th best defense per DVOA last year with some of the other bigger name players still on the roster.

      It’s cool that he’s worked on both sides of the ball but is there any evidence that he’s actually delivered great results in any role he’s had? Maybe he has, I’ve not studied every aspect of a 20-year career.

      He’s 21-38 as a Head Coach. Any way you slice it, that’s not good.

      Just would feel fairly underwhelming.

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Eagles working to fix that problem they had last year being late to the coordinator crush

    Disagree that Desai will land a DC spot though

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    Sources: #Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has let go defensive coordinator Sean Desai, who lost play-calling duties late in the season.

    Desai is likely to be in the mix for other DC opportunities.
    3:47 PM · Jan 21, 2024

    • cha

      Maybe I missed it, but this seems to indicate Sirianni got through the meeting with Jeffrey Lurie with his job intact.

      • Big Mike

        Seems that way for sure. I’m a bit surprised

  10. nfendall

    Bills are imposing their will on the Chiefs D right now and running it down their throat.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Shouldn’t it be Mahomes and Maautos plural?

  12. Big Mike

    Please John, for the love of all that is holy as a Seahawks fan PLEASE don’t hire Petey 2.0.

    On a sort of unrelated note, I’ve seen a mock draft and an article that have Seattle taking JJ McCarthy with the #16 pick. 🙄
    I’m worried John might go with Quinn, but I’m quite confident he won’t do this.

    • nfendall

      There is a 0% chance John is taking McCarthy with a first round pick.

    • Wilson502

      IMO if John messes this up and goes with Quinn or some other uninsipiring hire, I think it reflects quite negatively on his perception as a GM. Screw this up and he’ll be out the door in a couple of yrs.

    • 12th chuck

      It would be, one step forward (firing Pete) and 2 steps back (DQ hire)

  13. Seattle Person

    Damn…the Kelces are fun as hell!

  14. Matt

    Repeating to myself: “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out…”

  15. Rob Staton

    I hadn’t watched this until now

    I kind of like a coach who inspires this from a player he moved on from

    • Sea Mode


      He might be the bigger fish in JS’s eyes, especially if they are already friends, as reported.

    • ErickV

      Absolutely, just got done watching Bussin with the Boys and I’m absolutely on the Vrabel train. He’s not my first choice but I can definitely get behind him as a leader. He’s a guy that won’t hesitate to discipline his players when times call for it. And the one thing that is a constant on Vrabel-coached teams : Toughness, which has been lacking in recent years.

    • Nick

      I’d like to play for Mike Vrabel.

    • Denver Hawker

      I quite enjoyed this video of Compton doing a Vrabel impression getting laughs from the team.

      It’s a little window into the tone he sets and respect he has with players. Obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously.

      • Rob Staton


    • Dingbatman

      Love this.

      I’m curious what the reaction to Vrabel would have been had Pete moved on a year ago?

  16. OC Hawk

    I would think that John probably was able to get a sense from Johnson’s virtual interview if he’s a realistic possibility or not. If he is, I’d prefer he wait to go for him and keep Vrabel or one of these other guys in his back pocket just in case.

  17. BrandoK

    The only thing I’m hoping for in the next coaching hire is no Dan Quinn please. Hiring him you are just striving for being mediocre no excitement in this franchise with that appointment.

    I hope there will be a 2nd interview maybe in person with Slowik in the coming days he could be labeled as a risky hire cause of the unknown of a 1st time HC but his upside is far greater then anyone other than Johnson.

    Also wonder how long John is gonna take to make a decision on the HC position. Hoping sooner rather and later.

    • Wilson502

      Totally agree, hiring Quinn or another uninsipiring name from this list would be a very disappointing move and to me would cast JS in a negative light.

  18. Joseph

    Ejiro Evero, Patrick Graham, Mike Kafka, Raheem Morris and Dan Quinn: all these names concern me. I really hope JS isn’t looking to hire from this group. And hope Slowik is added for a 2nd interview. Same with Ben but having to wait on him is also. concerning . If JS picks among the 5 who made it to the 2nd interview I might start to lose faith in him.

  19. nfendall

    The AFC is so much stronger than the NFC. Absolutely stacked.

  20. BoiseSeahawk

    Maybe these are interviews for a coordinator position?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s literally brought up in the article

  21. BoiseSeahawk

    Only kidding, but there’s always the chance that it’s fake news.

  22. king

    I know that there will be opposition to this because of the sanctity of the end zone but the fumble into the end zone and out of bounds rule is the absolute worst rule in the league.

    • Big Mike

      You’ll get no argument from me. Have never liked the rule.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a peculiar rule. I’ve never really determined how I feel about it though. The fact it exists adds a layer of danger and intrigue. But it’s also weird that going out of bounds through the end zone is so punishable. I’ve never established a passionate view either way about it

      • Big Mike

        I think it’s too punitive. Re-spot at like the 15 or 10 or….

        • Big Mike

          I mean if you fumble out of bounds at the half yard line you keep the ball that’s my complaint

          • Gary

            Totally agree with Mike. The punishment for fumbling out of the end zone is out of all proportion to the “crime”. The total arbitrariness of the rule just doesn’t make sense – the pointy ball bounces out in front of the pylon and you retain possession (and likely score 7 on the following play). But the ball grazes the pylon and your team loses possession? I’m good with the fact that it happened to the Chiefs and the result saved the Bills (for the moment) but I would be lobbying the rules committee to make it make sense.

        • Rob Staton

          Good call

      • Orcas Viking

        I don’t know…I have fond memories of the Cam Chancellor-Megatron punch to seal the win.

    • cha

      I’m not absolutely in favor of it, but I do like.

      Hardman should never have reached for the goal line. He opened up the opportunity for it to be stripped away.

      The rules and rules changes that have been made are so ridiculously pro-offense, I don’t think it is unfair that this rule is so punitive.

      • nfendall

        This is how I feel. There needs to be a risk/reward of trying to reach the ball over the goal line.

  23. Big Mike

    And I definitely see that side of it too

  24. Big Mike

    At the risk of being a Jinx, man there has been some high level quarterback play in this game.

    • nfendall

      Good thing you didn’t say a high level of kicking in this game.

  25. Whit21

    I hate when im right.. i knew Bass needed to get that way left.. and he hooked it right… pretty bad..

    • Whit21

      Josh Allen saying “fk it .. let it rip”

      Lost them that game.. id be pissed at him if i was a Buffalo fan

    • cha

      It’s sad, the great swat at the goal line and the missed field goal will erase what a terrible, terrible decision the fake punt was.

  26. Big Mike

    The Buffalo Bills are cursed

    • BK26

      I hate the Chiefs. Man, they lose and 9ers lose and I get to enjoy the last 3 games for the first time in, a decade?

      So close….

  27. ShowMeYourHawk

    WOW. Josh Allen ISN’T him, kids. What a choke job when legends are made.

    • Whit21

      I wouldnt say that.. but he didnt show a high IQ there.. as romo said.. he had back to back crossing routes open and he went for the endzone..

      He needs to play smarter football to win games.. he didnt have it at the end..

      • Big Mike

        Well said

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        He’s six years in. His team had 2+ minutes to move the ball. He goes hero ball instead of taking what was there. I stand by my commentary. Hell of a runner and fantasy football QB but he’s continually showing to live up to his reputation as a playoff dud.

        • Whit21

          The 2nd down throw was there.. he just missed it.. i have no idea why coaches let their QBs go for the endzone so fast and not chew clock..

          Just like Geno going for the endzone against Cardinals.. they got that TD, but then give them a ton of time to come back..

          He didnt need to win the game on that throw.. it just comes down to coaching and reminding him what the assignment is..

          Chew the clock.. get first downs so a manageable FG can be made if they dont get the TD.. its bad coaching and bad decision making by Josh allen

    • BK26

      He’s gone toe to toe against a guy who might be the best qb when he retires. Who also has one of the best offensive minds in the sport. For years. He’ll be perfectly fine.

      I don’t think you find 5 teams that would pass on him. Some guys just don’t win Super Bowls. Not a choke job when he’s carried the team for years.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        “Some guys just don’t win Super Bowls.”

        Yes, that’s true. They’re called “also-rans.”

        • Peter

          Nick foles is better than Allen……?

          Forgot who I was listening to but basically they said it clearly: burrows, herbert, allen, Lamar,….it’s the superbowl. It’s not “you all get one.” Some of the best qbs and players ever are never going to get a ring.

      • BK26

        I have no idea what that means.

        But I don’t think anyone is going to say that Marino choked because he never won. And like I said, almost no one would be complaining if he was their quarterback.

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Lions-Ravens is the only Super Bowl matchup I want to watch

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      *upvoted* 👍🏽

    • 805Hawk


    • Big Mike

      Am I the only one here who likes KC?

      It does go back to the old AFL days before there was a Seahawks. Always liked the Raiders and especially the Chargers too….and Buffalo.

      • Whit21

        I liked KC when they played against the Pats and fourty whiners..

        Rather would have like the Bills to finally win one.. but josh allen just didnt make the smart plays to be able to win the game..

        Both defenses will likely be shredded by the ravens.. so.. doesnt matter i guess

      • BK26

        I don’t like the players that they wanted to use to win with. Too many guys that…well, shouldn’t be in the league. It should have been embarrassing in how they treated them when the players got in trouble.

        That and Patrick Mahomes is getting pretty spoiled. It’s a shame. They draft and get guys that I like, even guys from Iowa. But it’s a structural issue that I don’t want to see succeed. Only over the 9ers and Cowboys.

      • UkAlex6674

        Love me some KC.

        Their 1986 team was one of my favourites for some bizarre reason! Hugely underrated that year and weren’t that far off.

  29. Palatypus

    Josh Allen (AKA Starlord) is at the Bernie Kosar/John Elway “mesh point” of his career.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Aka ‘lil Kev’ from Always Sunny.

    • Peter

      Eight more years and then he will finally get the ring? If he goes the Elway route.

    • McZ

      Diggs lost the game, not Allen.

      They always find ways to shoot themselves into the foot, and their cheapness on RB is a major headscratcher to me, having lost numerous playoff games because of not having a run game.

  30. Tomas

    Do we have any real reason, beyond speculation, to have major faith in JS? The lack of transparency regarding who was responsible for what makes me worry. What if it was actually JS who persuaded Pete to pull the trigger on the Adam’s trade? JS who argued that we needed Graham, and that Unger was dispensable? Should Jody have swept them both out the door? No conclusions here, but it will be fascinating to see how this plays out over time.

    • BK26

      Yeah I don’t think anyone is going to look at the Jamal Adam’s trade and think anything other than it being 100% Pete.

    • Wilson502

      Ive often wondered this myself. I think we will have the answer relatively quickly with who JS picks to be the next HC. If he chooses somebody like Quinn or some other uninsipiring candidate than I think the answer to your first question gets answered with a resounding No. Time will ultimately tell, but I think we will have some answers in the near future.

      • Peter

        I’m rooting for John and I’ve long had my doubts.

        But agree. We’ll know in a few weeks:

        New coach
        Contracts due post superbowl
        Free agency

        Before even the draft we can see what he thinks pretty soon…

  31. Gross MaToast

    Ways John Schneider can screw this up:

    –Play it safe. Take the retread, the guy with experience, the guy who was rumored to be The Guy from the time Pete was dismissed. This would be Dan Quinn. Quinn has shown nothing without having other-worldly talent supporting him. How many DCs could have been successful with the LOB? How many head coaches could’ve won more games with Kyle Shanahan running their offense? Does it require anything special to coordinate the talent assembled on the Cowboy defense? If so, how do they get rolled in the playoffs? Quinn’s odds of transforming a team like Seattle into a juggernaut are completely reliant on drafting great talent on that side of the ball and finding a great OC – who will then be poached. He brings little to the table that can’t be found elsewhere.

    –Try to please the NFL talking heads. These are the guys who “know” exactly what the right move is in every situation. These are the guys who know without a doubt that “this coach” fits “this situation” to a tee and any other move would be foolish. We’ve seen a glimpse of this already with the push for Vrabel. He’s a man’s man, a leader of men, a locker room guy. Maybe. While I think his prospects are better than those of Dan Quinn, I have concerns about his ability to stop, or even slow down, McShanahan four times a season. They will figure him out and then you’re counting on Arthur Smith to keep up with them. Yes, that Arthur Smith–without Derrick Henry. Fat chance. Vrabel’s not a catastrophe, but he ain’t gonna get you where you want to go.

    –Being too cute. Naming somebody that no one is even giving a chance right now–like one of the other guys listed on this group of second interviews. C’mon, man…there’s no way in hell John Schneider is going to tie his legacy-making hire to one of these guys–no offense intended. There should be no way some secret, unknown interviews are being conducted and Boom! “Welcome to Seattle, Lincoln Riley!” (‘Lincoln Riley’ is the placeholder for all such surprise hires.) We know who’s out there. Dragging the bottom of the lake of potential hires is not going to result in anything worthwhile. “Yeah, but Pete.” Pete was discussed as a potential hire for years before he jumped. He can’t do one of those draft day things where he gets too cute and screws everything.

    –Not having a plan. Even if you get the guy you target all along, continuing down the same road the franchise has traveled for the past 6-8 years where there are always promised fixes in the offing, but the new season comes along and there you are trotting out the same guys, it won’t matter. There has to be a plan in place to move from this point to the next and that plan can’t be that you’re going to work your tail off and get this thing figured out. The plan is the blueprint for success, so, you know…have one.

    Ben Johnson–Great!
    Bobby Slowik–Great!
    Mike Vrabel–Okay.
    Any of the guys listed in this report–Fail.

    • Peter

      Need a qb.

      Start there with a plan and maybe stop there until you solve that. Rob mentioned “itching to draft a qb this year or next.”

      Move up. Rattler, other….?

      The plan can’t be “guy with a good story.” Even if the plan is future qb then do everything you can this year for that guy next year. With respect to the runningbacks, jsn, and yes Witherspoon it’s 14 years of doing very little for the dline/oline.

      On the coaching….find the future. I like Vrabel more than most. But….evero, et al…that’s get real. A HC who will have their staff either Waldron level or worse (?) Poached year after year. It’s a pass for me.

      • Gross MaToast

        “Need a QB” falls under “Have a Plan.” That seems like an obvious need and has for a couple of seasons. Rattler is going to complete 69 of 70 passes in one of those indoor, controlled throwing sessions and people will start talking about him the way they did Malik Willis…except he’s better than Malik…by a lot. I think either they 1) have to move up, or 2) commit to building the lines and target The Guy next year. Either way…

        It’s clear Pete got too cute in the draft more often than not and ended up missing guys he had targeted because he got greedy (he’d trade it all for just a little more* because he’s foxy like a fox) and he lost everything, unless you valued LJ Collier more than others. In doing so, he really screwed so much, and, if you take into account the Peacock trade, and, let’s do, he gave away a ton for what turned out to be worse than nothing.

        *Monty Burns

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Well said.

  32. Julian L

    Bobby Slowik HC – OC Patrick Graham AC – DC , would be my prefered set up at this point, assuming Ben Johnson’s not available.

    I prefer Graham’s defensive scheming to Eviro’s, who’s scheme seems too close to the Fangio system, that concerns us when it’s not actually Fangio running it.

  33. LouCityHawk

    The sound you just heard was shoes dropping

    Waldron to Bears.

    • UkAlex6674

      This makes things even more interesting.

      What do you think the Bears to with Fields?

      I’d be happy with him in a Hawks uni.

      • Rob Staton

        Not again 🤦‍♂️

      • LouCityHawk


        I was thinking this meant the Bears might be sending us picks for Waldron and Geno while shopping Fields elsewhere

        I think we are getting Lock + a rookie and I am find with that.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow. The man they chose to develop Caleb Williams. Fun project for Waldron. Good luck, I guess.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      So we know Chicago doesn’t want anyone stealing their OC.

  34. UkAlex6674

    I saw a lot of hard, physical hits this weekend across all games. Some real intensity.

    Maybe it was only Pete that thought we weren’t supposed to do that in games anymore……

  35. UkAlex6674

    Just realised that a KC /Lions Superbowl would bookend the season perfectly seeing as they kicked the season off.

  36. Anonymous

    I feel we should hire johson as head coach slowik as offensive coordinator and Quinn as are defensive coordinator
    Or vrable as head coach johson as offense coordinator and Quinn as defensive coordinator

  37. Jw

    I feel we should hire either viable as hc johson as oc and Quinn as dc

    Or johson as hc slowik as oc and Quinn as dc

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