Some thoughts on Darnell Wright or Dawand Jones at #20

When I posted my latest mock draft on Sunday I gave the Seahawks Dawand Jones at #20 — suggesting the Seahawks could potentially draft him as a ‘best player available’ while kicking Abraham Lucas inside to right guard.

It wasn’t something I wrote glibly. As someone who graded Lucas as a first round tackle throughout the process last year, it was good to see him outperform many of his peers. His 68.4 PFF grade is a really good start to his NFL career — bettering top-10 picks Ikem Ekwonu (65.3), Charles Cross (63.1) and Evan Neal (41.7).

The Seahawks potentially have a right tackle for the long-term tied up on a third-round contract for the next three seasons.

Without a doubt, Lucas was one of the best picks in the 2022 draft in terms of value and talent. It was ridiculous he didn’t get more attention. He was excellent at the Senior Bowl. His combine was incredible — running a 4.92 forty at 6-6 and 315lbs. His 4.40 short shuttle was an elite time. He had 34-inch arms. During on-field drills, Lucas was easily the most impressive performer.

He had no business lasting to round three.

The likelihood is he will stay at right tackle and the Seahawks will simply bring in a new right guard. There are options in the draft. Nick Broeker is an ideal scheme fit for a zone blocking team and he was extremely impressive in the Senior Bowl game combining with Nick Saldiveri — who played center but was a college right guard who also fits the bill. McClendon Curtis has great length and also had an impressive week in Mobile and could be an option. The Rams’ scheme likes converted tackles at guard so Tyler Steen could be a candidate, or Asim Richards. If they wanted to draft someone in the first two days, Jaelyn Duncan has the athleticism and frame to kick inside. I even think Ryan Hayes, who struggled at tackle on day one, is worth a look to see if he can make it at guard.

While the twitter world focuses on players who are a bit overrated like O’Cyrus Torrence, there are plenty of names here. Most of these players will be available between rounds 3-7 too. You don’t have to shift your impressive starting right tackle to a new position.

The reason I thought it was worth considering though is two-fold. Firstly, the Seahawks have a tendency to move their offensive linemen around. There was no real need to switch Damien Lewis to left guard after a good rookie season on the right. They did it anyway to accommodate Gabe Jackson. Lewis’ Pff grade dropped from 70.2 in year one to 57.1 in year two. Thankfully, he now appears to have adjusted to the change — scoring a 71.8 grade in 2022.

Ethan Pocic was moved around the line and so was Justin Britt. Phil Haynes has been used as a flexible lineman. There are others I’ve probably forgotten about.

Kicking Lucas to right guard would also fit in with the idea that the Rams use converted tackles at guard. Lucas has the athleticism and agility to make it work in this scheme. There’d be no reason to think he couldn’t develop into a productive interior lineman.

The other reason is what’s available at #20. It could be a bit of a sweet-spot for the tackle position. There are two players — Darnell Wright and Dawand Jones — who are big, hulking, physical and incredibly impressive. If the Seahawks didn’t have Lucas, I’d be shouting almost daily on this blog to draft one of them.

They are not like other ‘big tackles’ we’ve seen in previous years. Remember Daniel Faalele? Remember all the hype he was getting a year ago? He struggled at the Senior Bowl and looked too big, clumsy, way too stiff and incapable of starting in the NFL at tackle. For some reason, the media (who I think were watching the same week of practise but who knows?) thought he did well.

Take this mock draft for example which had Faalele going 20th overall just after the Senior Bowl. He was the 110th pick in the end. Nothing about his performance in Mobile suggested ‘first round pick’. Nothing.

When you watch Jones, who is virtually the same size as Faalele, it’s totally different. He doesn’t look like he needs to shift 50lbs of bad weight. He actually looks natural at the size. He had his jersey lifted up for practise and was barely carrying any bad weight. He looked in good shape — just an absolute behemoth. He moved well on his feet. He was getting off the ball quicker than Isaiah Foskey to seal the edge. Jones knew how to make the most of his length and dominated, overpowering most of his opponents in 1v1 combat.

Wright similarly had a fantastic week. He had a bit of bother against Will McDonald (who will go a lot higher than some of the mocks are suggesting after his Senior Bowl, believe that) but otherwise looked great for his size and locked down most of his reps. In the game he was bullying people, just like he did in practise. Let’s not forget how he shut-down Will Anderson during the season.

I think they’ve been the top two tackles in the draft for some time. I doubt anything will change that. Paris Johnson Jr doesn’t excite me and the only real argument you can make that Wright and Jones aren’t OT1 and OT2 is whether you think Jaelyn Duncan deserves to stick at tackle, given he can play the left-hand side and will test very well.

If Wright and/or Jones test well at the combine, it shouldn’t be a surprise if they get into the top-15 range. Assuming men sized at 342lbs and 375lbs don’t win the underwear Olympics, there’s a chance that when Seattle’s on the clock at #20 — both players will be very tempting.

The Seahawks don’t beat anyone up in the trenches and haven’t done so for a long time, despite having a philosophy that calls for it. Being able to line-up with a front including Lewis, Lucas and one of Wright or Jones would give you an opportunity to frighten teams with your size, power and aggression. There’s winning getting off the bus and there’s throwing out a 6-8, 375lbs athlete with nearly 37-inch arms out there and saying, ‘good luck’.

It’s an exciting thought. Exciting enough to at least contemplate moving Lucas — who some people at least thought would find a home at guard:

“Too many disappointments are coming out of the program on the offensive line so I think that works against him. I think he can be a make-it guard, though.” — Director of scouting for AFC team

“Lucas is scheme-limited but has eventual starting potential at either right tackle or guard.” — Lance Zierlein

I think you could even put Darnell Wright at guard and keep Lucas at tackle (although Jones should stay on the outside with his incredible length).

The idea of lining up and kicking an opponents’ arse in the trenches is something I think most people can buy into.

Again — what I think is more likely is they’ll keep Lucas at right tackle and draft a guard in the middle rounds from the options listed earlier. I think at #20 there will be very appealing defensive line options — and I’d keep a very close eye on Will McDonald who just screams Seahawks with his length and physical profile.

If you want to bully opponents up front though — continuing to add talent and size to your offensive line would be a way to do it.

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  1. Palatypus

    Great stuff again!

    One question though. What would a medal look like in the underwear Olympics?

    • Peter

      A golden bust of Marc schlereth’s head but instead of the eyes going back and forth like some Japanese cat figurine they roll up to the sky sarcastically.

      • Palatypus

        I was thinking of oak leaves and olive branches, but that might be for the medal ceremony. Combined with the requisite white horses and doves.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably a pair of gold pants (we call underwear ‘pants’ over here)

      • Palatypus

        Like Flash Gordon? He played for the New York Jets.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        What do you call pants then?

        • Rob Staton


          The real word is trousers

          • Blitzy the Clown

            That word is indeed proper

          • Elmer

            Is it the same for women? Pants and trousers?

            • Rob Staton


              • Marc Edge


          • John

            We’re going to need to have a word about your biscuits and cookies nonsense.

    • Scot04

      The “Golden Jockstrap”

  2. Forrest


    I’m not a fan of moving Lucas to guard. Being a “make-it guard” or having “eventual starting potential” at guard is far from a ringing endorsement. In that same draft profile that you cited for Lucas, it also mentions “He’s too upright as a drive blocker and too lumbering to get to lateral and second-level blocks”. I’d like to see a mauling guard who can be pulled and get to second-level blocks.

    If the value at #20 is tackle, the Seahawks should trade down.

    • Peter

      I fourth after the combine the value at #20 will be just Tackle. I do agree of for some reason that’s the only value as fluid as that is then a trade down might work.

    • Danimal

      While I mostly agree, I think that “eventual” timeline can be sped up a bit. That was if he was to make the dual transition of college>pros and tackle>guard. He’s already proven he can play tackle at a starter in the NFL and I think it would be a risk to mess with that. However, He wouldn’t be adjusting to the scheme, NFL speed, and a new position. It would just be a new position that he’d have a whole offseason to work on. I think he could do it. And if it gives you the opportunity to have a young (4 out of 5 starters would be on rookie deals) nasty offensive line, it may be worth it. If the Seahawks are serious about being a run-first offense, this is the kind of stuff you at least give some serious thought.

      • Peter

        Additionally it’s keeping him on the right side.

        The mistakes Seattle made with their shuffling was two things. Either players moved between and sometimes in season to different spots with vastly different duties…all the center shuffling. Or moved guys to the wrong, opposite hand, side. Lewis who does seem to be picking it up after looking kind of crappy at LG and Marc Glowinski who turns out was actually a pretty good guard at his natural side. Just not under goof around and find out Tom Cable.

        • Danimal

          Absolutely. I still feel like a scorned lover with Seattle and it’s oline coaching, but they have gotten dramatically better since moving on from Cable. And drafting actual offensive lineman and not converted basketball players or TE.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I don’t agree with much of that draft profile (which is why I had him in R1)

      I see a lot of hope to trade down. My question is — for what? The well runs dry in this class fairly quickly

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      But Forrest, those were projections of Lucas. He proved already that he is neither lumbering or unable to get to the 2nd level. When he was at his best Lucas was punishing defenders and driving many back several yards in the process. He’d likely excel even further with not having to worry about the edge and focusing on busting chops as an interior lineman IMHO.

      Build the trenches!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t know if you were watching Lucas this last season Forrest, but it turns out he can do those thing — move laterally to make a reach block and get to the second level to make a downfield block — and do them pretty well.

      In other words, the draft profile was wrong.

      If you already know Lucas is a legit R1 OL talent, and Dawand Jones is your highest rated OL in the entire draft class, you’re much better off making the move as Rob outlines than trading down.

  3. MarkinSeattle

    Any chance either Wright or Jones could have enough of an athletic profile to play LT? I was less impressed with Cross at LT this year and I think that Lucas has a better chance at being a Pro Bowler at RT than across does at LT. Just thinking 6’8” with 37” arms might be big enough that it would take a while for any pass rusher to get around him if his feet are relatively quick enough.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not just about the athleticism though — playing on the right vs the left can be a comfort thing

      Lucas has a left tackle profile but has played exclusively right tackle

      • Steve Nelsen

        Rob, I know there were some Charles Cross scouting profiles that suggested he might end up as a guard in the pros. Is there anything to suggest that either Jones or Wright could play LT?

        I also want to give you a shout out. Posts like this, where you argue both the pros and cons for your position are rare in the world of blogs. I absolutely love intelligent discussion on topics where there are more than one correct answer. Thank you!

        • Rob Staton

          Is there anything to suggest that either Jones or Wright could play LT?

          I haven’t seen anything to suggest it, or oppose it

  4. Peter

    Will Macdonald….

    Very interesting player. Some here said they thought he looked like the best defensive player at the Senior bowl. Seattle loves the senior bowl.

    Not going to break down my concerns with him.

    Instead I’ll just say that drafting him or even Will Anderson,whom I like much much more than Carter, will be a massive waste of a pick until or even if Seattle ever has a plan to stop rolling out old, uninspiring, unimtimidating, can’t win at contact DT’s, DE’s, 3 tech, five tech, whatever tech.

    I legitimately feel that Nwossu, taylor ( whose end of year production actually looks decent if not great because most of the year he seemed MIA,) and Mafe could present real problems for teams.

    If we built a 3-4 like a 3-4. Meaning serious NT. Not wrong size poona playing end I guess?

    I wouldn’t mind and would probably love the pick if they got some force in FA ( not necessarily Payne or Buckner maybe some team has a NT they aren’t using correctly) and spent 2-3 of the rest of the picks on the front three.

    • Rob Staton

      Go and get some proper 3-4 linemen in free agency would be my suggestion

      Proven players

      • Peter

        I’m all about it.

        This draft I’m trying to be as open minded as possible.

        For all the talk of tyree wilson or Carter I still maintain that if Anderson fell you’d have to almost consider sprinting to that podium to get a once seen as a first overall pick.

        Will Macdonald I realize my primary caution is not him but rather what they’ve done for too many years up front.

    • GrittyHawk

      I don’t see it being a wasted pick. Nwosu will be a UFA next year at age 27, and if he has another season like this one, he’ll be in line for a big payday. Taylor will also be a RFA next year, and has struggled with consistency (and scheme fit imo). ILB and IDL will be pretty strong in free agency, too. I wouldn’t mind swinging on a big signing like Payne or Hargrave if we walk away from Geno but there is also a ton of really great IDL depth in this draft on day 2-3.

      It will depend how free agency goes to some extent, but right now it looks like at #20 we will be in line to truly go BPA. We have lots of current holes to fill, but plenty more will open up next year too — thinking about S (assuming only 1 or neither of Diggs/Adams will be here in 2024), WR (Lockett getting older and has a $24M cap hit in 2024-25), TE (Fant and Parkinson are UFAs in 2024 and Dissly looks like a potential cap casualty), and you know Carroll will always consider RB. Aside from CB I fully expect every position to be in play for them at #20.

      • Peter

        It’s not a waste as in a bad pick. A waste as in I think he legit has the traits to be awesome and I doubt he will be unless they do something serious about the line.

        Also going out on a limb early. I think Nwossu may play somewhere else but my early vote is pay Taylor. 9.5 sacks. 4 forced fumbles and gell be in a great age range. I know he was lost for a lot of the season but he’s still trending up.

        Also you can’t build a roster by letting good young talent go every time it’s contract season……I’m looking at you JS as Frank Clark is playing in the superbowl.

        • BK26

          And close to breaking the all-time postseason sack record.

        • GrittyHawk

          Meh. We got the better of the Clark trade. He only has 23.5 sacks over the past 4 years and has missed 8 games for injuries. Nwosu and Taylor had the same sack totals last year that Clark has over the last 2 years.

          • Rob Staton

            Are you kidding? We’ve spent the last four years trying to replace Clark! And we gave his money to Jamal Adams!

            • Big Mike


          • Peter

            I think I’d take expensive Frank Clark over LJ Collier and Barton.

            Like I said I’m way into keeping Taylor. It’s great Nwosu played so well. I think he’s probably priced himself out of Seattle which is why I have a hard time getting that excited by him.

          • seanmatt

            We drafted LJ Collier with the pick that we got for Clark. We lost that trade hard. Bigly.

  5. Zxvo3

    Yeah sign me up for some Dawand Jones. Even Darnell Wright for that matter. If JS really believes in taking BPA at each pick, Jones and Wright will be in consideration. One of the biggest issues during the Wilson era after the Super Bowl was the offensive line. If we can come out of trading Wilson to having an amazing and young offensive line then I’m all for it.


    My only question would be if they draft a QB at 5 and they still take a RT at 20, that would mean two offensive picks in the first round when our largest need is everything defense. How would people react?

    • Grossmandg144

      The best way to help the defense is by keeping them off the field with an offense that can actually win the time of possession battle. A dominant offensive line can help to achieve that.

    • Rob Staton

      My only question would be if they draft a QB at 5 and they still take a RT at 20, that would mean two offensive picks in the first round when our largest need is everything defense. How would people react?

      I’d be very happy if it free’d up money to spend on veteran, proven D-liners

    • Mick

      I’m totally down with Rob that getting one of the two would be a good idea and an improvement, but there’s no chance we have an amazing Oline with Blythe at C.

  6. cha

    I really have to wonder if either Jones or Wright will be there at 20.

    Teams are really going to have to fall in love with Skoronski or Paris to push those two down the board to 20.

    I wonder if this is a case of your ahead-of-the-curve-ness striking again Rob, and teams will eventually wise up by April.

    Particularly teams that are smarting that they decided to pass on Lucas.

  7. no frickin clue

    Here’s my preference for the off-season, in order:

    1. Let Geno walk and collect his $30M per year elsewhere.
    2. Sign Lock to a prove-it extension.
    3. Use that $30M on a marquee front-four defender, like Daron Payne or Marcus Davenport
    4. With whatever’s left of that $30M, look for another front-seven defender in free agency
    5. Draft a QBOTF at #5, or, if all four primary options are gone, Bijan Robinson
    6. Draft one of those two hulking RTs at #20
    7. If Robinson at #5, take a flyer later in the draft on either the Tennessee QB or the UCLA QB.
    8. If a QB at #5, take a flyer on a RB later in the draft to complement K9.

    You’ll have a ball-control offense that can punish defenders, and a defense supported by the new free agent talent. There will be questions at QB – even with someone drafted at #5 – but less pressure on that QB given the other talent brought in.

    Or, give Geno $30M, which limits your ability to help the defense, and probably forces you to argue that you can coax full effort out of Carter when he couldn’t be bothered to give full effort at Georgia.

    • Ashish

      Geno has earned it but I’m sure John will let me test free agency market if someone ready to pay good luck maybe we can get comp pick. If not Geno can be bridge QB.

      • Matt

        Has he earned it? Most players have to produce for much longer.

        • 805Hawk

          I don’t think one season of good, not great, play means he earned $30m per year. We are paying for what he will do in the future, which I think is going to be QB mediocrity. I don’t want to hamstring the team with that big a contract for mediocrity when we might be able to find excellence at a cheap price in the draft.

          • Peter

            Plus if they do sign that big contract Seattle is loathe to move on just always hoping for a turnaround if it gets bad.

          • TomLPDX

            I agree, Geno regressed to his mean and that is what I expect we will get in the future. Sure hope John is on top of this and his ceiling is no more than $20M/yr on a short contract.

            • Ashish

              I don’t want to sign Geno for even 15 million.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      If we let Geno walk and roll with Lock, bring in Darnold to compete. Imo, Darnold > Lock. I don’t think the hawks should pay Geno a dime over $22 apy with ideally a get out of contact in year 2 or 3. This is unlikely unless the market permits it. Geno is with more than this but the hawks shouldn’t pay more than this imo.

      I love Bijan, but I’m a hard pass at #5. That pick has to be QBs Levis or Richardson, Anderson EDGE, or Taylor DT (or some D lineman the hawks evaluate higher than the 2 listed…).

      #20 I also want a lineman, O or D BPA. But would not be surprised if we went WR or one of the stud TEs if they fall.

      • Matt

        The other QB I’m intrigued by is Jacoby Brissett. I sincerely think he can do 85% of what Geno did last year.

        • MyChestisBeastMode

          I don’t disagree. However my gut (which usually stinks… Especially after pizza) tells me there’s some untapped potential with Darnold while Jacoby has likely shown us all he’s capable of; which is likely right around 85% of Geno. So, certainly could be worse.

      • UkAlex6674

        All Darnold has shown is he isn’t a good or even serviceable QB. I’d rather not use him as competition .

    • God of Thunder

      No Fricking Clue — you no good, slimy, slinking gaslighting snake! You lied to us! You implied you have “no fricking clue” when in fact you do!

      With the exception of drafting Robinson at #5, this is excellent reasoning.

  8. sgtPeppy

    Rob I love this idea, especially because one of the constants of the NFL 17 game season is that someone important is going to get hurt. I still remember very clearly the games when Duane Brown got hurt and we ended up putting Jamarco Jones or Stone Forsyth out at left tackle, and the offense just completely ceased to function. Having a versatile O-line is a must to survive the NFL season. We can’t be planning for our ideal lineups on paper – plan for the fact that injuries always happen, and give ourselves the luxury of having Lucas or Wright ready to step up and fill in wherever needed.

  9. Duck07

    I think this question about drafting a possible OT due to BPA also brings up the idea of how does the team view the Draft for their current needs.

    Going OL (or TE, WR) at 20 seems like it would be a shift towards completing the Offense first and then building the defense up either through FA or other picks and I do think there is some value to going that route.

    • Quirt

      The main thing this defense has to improve is stopping the run. If they’re a top ten run D they’re a top ten defense. Stopping the run is a rather inexpensive thing to do in FA. The ground game (producing and preventing) is way cheaper on the market than the pass game (producing and preventing). Get the pass game through the draft, where you can control the costs for a period of time, get run game through FA, where the market is rather inefficient.

      • Rob Staton

        The main thing this defense has to improve is stopping the run. If they’re a top ten run D they’re a top ten defense.

        Improving the run defense is a must but I am very, very dubious they can do it and/or that’ll suddenly produce a top-10 defense — something we haven’t seen in Seattle for years

        • Matt

          The other thing is that we aren’t facing the same dog shit schedule with horrendous opposing QBs.

          People really don’t understand how easy our schedule was this year. The defense is atrocious and has a lot of holes.

          • Rob Staton

            The strength of schedule has barely been mentioned in the media

            • DC1234

              Thats true. Its the same as 2020. Local media praise the seahawk’s improved defense in the second half of the season. But we all know they played mostly backup qbs

              My guess is the local media (710 sports) gets higher ratings when talking positively about the seahawks. So they are not as critical.

          • HawkfaninMT

            While it is true that our strength of schedule was less than average difficulty, if you zoom back one year our schedule looked like murderers row! The NFC West was supposed to be string yet again (Rams fell apart, Cards were injury riddled), AFC West was talking about sending all 4 teams to the playoffs, Brady and the Bucs were set to continue their dominance…. A lot of that did not happen.

            Long winded way of saying…. Teams that look good/great in February can look much different in October.

            • Matt

              Oh absolutely. I tend to look at the opposing team QBs more than the team itself.

  10. Old but Slow

    The team may decide to add a tight end from this draft. The position is currently being emphasized for a lot of teams as more ways to use them seem in fashion. This tight end class seems strong, with Mayer being mentioned early and often, and now Musgrave is rated nearly as high by some.

    The question for me is whether to target one of the top guys or wait to middle rounds to take advantage of what looks like a deep class?

  11. geoff u

    While I’d be hesitant to shift Lucas inside, it’s hard to argue against drafting Dawand Jones. He’s a unique kind of beast. Or Darnell Wright, if that means Lucas stays outside.

    I think the only question is, who else will be available? If either of these two are there and it’s a clear drop in talent to the next player, then yes. However, if there are similarly graded players that can help the team elsewhere, that might be a better option.

    Having said that, it’d be nice to go back to being the bully’s and imposing our will. I love a dominating run game and adding either of these two, and a second running back later on to spell Walker, would be pretty awesome. It would also relieve a lot of pressure on the QB situation, whether it’s Geno regressing next year or a rookie QB learning the ropes.

    • Chris

      I love me some big, mauling RTs, but moving Lucas to guard is something that should be avoided. If there are other useful players at that spot, pick ’em or trade down. Get a guard later.

  12. EmperorMA

    If one of either Stroud, Levis or Richardson isn’t available at #5, my dream draft then becomes Bijan Robinson at #5 and either of the tackles mentioned above at #20.

    Let Geno walk and get some solid free agent help on the DL and we should be able to compete within the division. Robinson and K9 behind a dominant and somewhat nasty OL would be very fun to watch!

  13. Big Mike

    Fun read Rob. I appreciate that you consider many scenarios and put them out here as possibilities. Doubt many other, if any other draft focused writers present as many “angles”.
    One possibility you suggested a while back was Houston signing Garappolo and drafting defense with their first rounder. Any thoughts about this maybe happening? Other folks here? I’d love it of course cuz it would help get a QB to the Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that could definitely happen at #2

      I could see them building around a defense

      • Big Mike

        I feel the same since their new coach is a defensive guy plus he has the familiarity with Jimmy.

        • Peter

          Imagine if any of the big four are there and we pass?

          I’m gonna die a little inside if Stroud is sitting there when we are his favorite team and we trade out to Carolina.

          • Glor

            depends on what we trade out for. If we are getting future firsts out of the deal then my assumption is that all this would tell us is that JS doesn’t see the options available as his future mahomes and maybe he does see that next year.

            • Peter

              The future first dilemma. Say he goes to Carolina and that weak division does just a bit better than last year which is a pretty easy feat. Then our future first aren’t a gift from tge broncos but picks in the late teens and twenties. And we need to burn multiples to get a qb.

              • Glor

                I’m not saying I advocate to pass and trade, I just think that if that does happen it’s because anyone JS was targeting is gone

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I don’t think I’ve ever 180’ed on a prospect as much as I have on Stroud. From absolutely no way to absolutely way

            And even though it all happened in a single game, I still have no reservations about him for Seattle.

            My god, if we could turn Wilson into Stroud plus all the others…

            • Peter


              Ohio St qb = do not bother.

              But that Georgia game and reading up on how he basically taught himself instead of passing academies when he was very young.

              Plus that age. People talk 12-15 year starter but at his age it’s doable.

              • TomLPDX

                You know, Stetson Bennett had a pretty darned good game in that matchup as well. I was totally impressed by Stroud though. It was a QB duel to the end. Excellent game!

                Would Bennett be available mid round?

                • Peter

                  I like him quite a bit. And I doubt qb is in range for Seattle. So I’d like them to start drafting one every year until they strike on one.

  14. DC1234

    Steve Smith’s podcast he breakdown Zay Flowers game. Said he is the #1 wr in the draft. Can be a #1 wr. He thinks he will be picked 8-14 range.

    Do you think the seahawks should draft him at #20 if he is available? He could be Lockett eventual replacement.

    • Trevor

      Flowers and Downs are my two favourite WR in this draft. Either guy would give the Hawks an elite WR options and should be impactful from Day #1.

    • Palatypus

      Did the PFN simulator the other day and Chicago took Jordan Addison with the #1 pick.

      I immediately turned it off.

      • BobbyK

        At least they don’t have Ringo going in the top 5 consistently anymore.

  15. Trevor

    One thing that amazes me about the Hawks local media and most of the fan base is that they think they can fix the defense next year via the draft. The almost unanimous plan/ idea is sign Geno to a big deal and fix the defense in the draft.

    My question is what rookie defensive players, particularly on the DL have come in a turned around a piss poor defense. In recent years some guys like Micah Parsons, Aaron Donald and Joey Bosa have come in and been really impactful from Day #1 but those guys are few and far between. Most take a year or two to develop and there are no sure things. Even if they went DL at 5 and 20 they would have to be generationally talented rookies to turn around the fortunes of this defense next year.

    For example the Nick Bosa was the best edge rusher for Nick Bosa and the best interior pass rusher was Chris Jones.

    Chris Jones Yr #1 3.5 Sacks / Yr #2 6.5 Sacks Yr #3 15.5 Sacks

    Nick Bosa Yr #1 9 Sacks / Yr #2 Hurt Yr #3 15.5 Sacks

    So even if the Hawks drafted a Nick Bosa and Chris Jones this draft it would not be till the 3rd season that they saw the dominant defensive players they are now.

    If you want to fix the defense via the draft it is a 2-3yr process minimum there are no quick fixes in the draft even if you hit home runs with your top picks.

  16. 509 Chris

    I’m really starting to come around to the idea that teams need to be always drafting qbs. Never resign one to a second contract unless they’re absolutely special, top tier talent. Mahomes, burrow, and Allen are probably the only I would include in this group right now. Maybe Herbert, it’s hard to diagnose what the hell has been going on with the chargers. As an example, I think the ravens will be smart to get a haul for Lamar. He’s really good, but if he couldn’t win playoff games on a rookie deal, what makes you think he will without the advantage of extra cap space. Teams can constantly build a squad and when the right qb comes along you have a chance at a special few years. Winning championships is the goal. Not being a perennial playoff team imo. These qb contracts are just getting nuts and I think teams have to start doing something different. I do see gms and coaches in the hot seat struggling to have the stones to trade a better than average qb though.

    • Peter

      Thats way harder than it sounds.

      Coaches and gms get fired fairly quickly. If you find a guy who is good not great and you let them go and get worse how many times can you do that in a franchise before getting the are?

      I looked at GB’s qb history starting with Ron Wolf at GM. It’s fun to talk about how often he went after qbs. Heck the whole team has been doing it.

      The picks aren’t good. Mark Brunell. Matt Hasselbeck. Wins. Rodgers. Huge win.

      Everyone else was forgotten in the dustbin of history.

      So alternate history. They move on from Favre much earlier. Brunell plays pretty well but they move on. Mike holmgren goes to Seattle and takes Matt with. Then they drag ass for a few years (5?6?) Until Rodgers. He plays very well but still has his injury years and the crappy year so they move on…afterwards say about 2015 to now it’s Brett Hundley, other guys, and Jordan Love. So they wait ad wait to strike gold again. Seems like a hard pill for fans to swallow.

  17. Julian L

    The Seahawks have started, they need to finish the job on the O line this year. Surely they’ll cut Gabe Jackson and that they should then invest in one free agent on the line and my preference would be for Center Garrett Bradbury.

    It’s difficult to see from the scheme Tennessee were running how Darnell Wright would transfer to guard, as most of what he did was in pass pro, but his measurements and agility, certainly imply he could translate to being one of the best in time. I think an Offensive Line of Cross, Lewis, Bradbury, Wright, Lucas would be a very exciting proposition for next season.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    Just listening to fox sports radio and they were saying the super bowl will compare the two methods of building a team. Jalen Hurts as the cheap QB on a rookie contract with team built around him, versus high pay Mahomes with team built around him.

    Then they made a comment about how if the Eagles win that teams would start drafting quarterbacks every year to duplicate.

    Well that started me thinking about how often the Seahawks drafted quarterbacks. Wilson lasted for so long that we are really not used to the Seahawks drafting a QB. The backups we have had usually last for many years and never see the field. This is a new environment for us, and there is a media push to resign Geno Smith instead of drafting a decent QB. Anyway my vote is to go after a top rookie QB.

    • Julian L

      As Rob has pointed out using the 49ers as an example, the building a team of many talents takes much longer, is probably harder,and more short term, than taking that chance on a QB, when you’re sold on one early in the draft, to elevate the franchise to be in Superbowl contention year after year. It’s something that’s lost on much of the Seattle media, betting on the fact that a couple of rookie defensive lineman is going to transform the clubs fortunes from next year, when a great QB health permitting, will put the the team in a position to compete for years to come.

      The other argument I don’t get is picking a QB at #5 could potentially set the franchise back years. The QB is just one pick, and if he’s bad they’ll get another high pick the year after he’s bad.

      Where was the protest about setting the franchise back years when giving up two 1st’s and a 3rd for a Safety, who plays in the same position you’d relatively recently seen cause Kam Chancellor retirement due to injury!

      • Peter

        Or. Sign Geno for a chunk of cash and build the team but he regressed? Then in two-three years when these rookies have to get paid big bucks, hopefully, or just move on the foundation your building has to be rebuilt plus get a new qb.

      • Glor

        Not to mention we have successfully set the team back 5 years in at least the last 9 or 10 years.
        2010 – Okung / Thomas – Great draft
        2011 – Carpenter, – bust
        2012 – Irvin – a reach for what he was
        2013 – gave up first, 7th, 3rd for Harvin
        2014 – traded down out of the first
        2015 – got rid of our first and our probowl center for Graham
        2016 – Ifedi
        2017 – traded down
        2018 – Penny, regardless of some recent decent play, I would as much of a wasted pick as taking a flyer on a QB would have been
        2019 – Collier – total bust
        2020 – Brooks
        2021 – traded the future for Jamal adams
        2022 – Jamal adams (our native pick), Cross with our RW pick

        So… I mean, lets be real, in the past twelve years we have had 2 or 3 good first rounds? Please just take the Best player available because getting cute has not been a winner for us.

        • AlaskaHawk

          With that record it’s no wonder the team has to be rebuilt. Lots to think about! I have a minor quibble about putting Carpenter on the bust list, he made it through his first contract.

          • Glor

            I just mean a bust from a standpoint of it being a reach and not playing up to what you would expect to get from a first rounder

        • PJ in Seattle

          Hindsight is always 20/20 but when I look back at the 2018 draft, we could’ve taken Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb, or Fred Warner instead of Penny. He’s still only 27 years old (ok, maybe 32 in RB years) but has limited mileage and still flashes. Not a huge miss, but with Russell and Bobby at the peak of their prowess at that time, it’s hard to fault the Seahawks for spending a late first on Rashaad and fading QB and LB depth.

          Chubb will probably always look like a missed get, but Penny, when he’s healthy, has the ability to take any carry to the house. And in a way Chubb doesn’t. How do you project for injury? It can’t be based on priors, because Penny was an ironman in college. Shit just happens. I haven’t given up on Penny and hope we can resign him from reasonable money becuase he still has a gear that most don’t. Hope other GMs are sleeping on him so we can get him cheap. A whole season of a Walker/Penny rotation with a solidified OL could be some serious shit for opposing to deal with in 2023.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I have talked myself into looking pick number 5 as a freebie, so it isn’t like they are wasting a first round pick and setting the franchise back when they still have their native pick at 20. I know it’s not actually true, but it has helped be less nervous about drafting the next Blake Bortles. They could get a bad QB and it wouldn’t be too bad if they manage to keep Geno, which seems to be the case at this point. Or they could use this mulligan to get the next great QB.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Exactly – this is why I think we have to go QB at 5 unless we’re just not sold on the guys left. It’s not like we’re passing up a Bosa or Garrett on DL. That’s the ceiling for Anderson or Carter or Tyree Wilson and their floors are likely way lower.

          If you’re gonna bust with a mulligan, there’s some value to it being at the position that is most impactful to your franchise. That’s QB, LT, EDGE, then a fair gap to the interior of either line.

      • Big Mike

        Great point Julian about the hand wringing over a bust QB supposedly setting the franchise back when it’s utterly clear to any critical thinker that the pompous peacock trade did just that. But that would require, you know, not being all sunshine and lollipops about Pete Carroll.

        And Glor, appreciate the list. Absolutely why this team has all the holes it has now.

  19. Travis

    Moving Lucas inside to guard after being a solid RT would be such a stupid idea. Seems like something Seattle would do

    • Hojo

      Agreed on both accounts

    • Glor

      Ah yes, the classic response to any idea that you don’t agree with (with zero context actually why) is “Stupid” and thus a back handed insult at someone who would suggest such a thing.

      So please explain, why would having a dominate right side of our offense line be a “Stupid” idea.

      Is this a likely scenario considering our needs at QB and defense, possibly not, but a stupid idea?

      • Big Mike


      • Travis

        Why is it stupid? Well for starters he was an average to above average right tackle as a rookie, odds are that any drafted right tackle will not be an upgrade at tackle over Lucas. As we have seen with Damien Lewis moving to a new position often leads to players struggling. It took Lewis several seasons to become an average left guard after Seattle moved him, why do the same thing with Abe? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Don’t get too cute, if you want a guard then draft an actual guard

        • BobbyK

          If someone is good somewhere, leave him alone. No way Damien Lewis ever should have moved from RG (where he played at LSU and publicly stated he likes better than LG). That just blew my mind. All because they wanted to give up a draft pick for a well paid and pretty much washed up Gabe Jackson. It’s never made any sense.

          They draft Pocic, a college center, so they can put him all over except at center early in his career. Center was clearly his most natural position, too. That never made any sense.

          They threw Justin Britt around all over as well. Starts at RT year one, goes to LG year two, then finally center (then draft Pocic, who was clearly a center only after they sign Britt to an extension).

          Some of the madness on the OL has been unbelievable. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cross is the LG next year, Lucas is the LT, some college DT becomes the starting Center, they resign Damien Lewis to play RT and draft a fullback to compete with BJ Finney’s twin brother at RG in ’23.

        • Ben

          Except as Rob points out, this system uses tackles as guards. And Dawand Jones may be a generational talent at RT with his size. Drafting one of the guards likely won’t have the same impact. A Lucas/Jones right side will be able to move mountains, enabling Walker and our QB to make a much larger impact.

          You can disagree, but it’s not stupid. This type of thing happens often enough and it’s successful. Lucas was assumed by a lot of people to be a guard in the NFL…

  20. BoiseSeahawk

    What is your absolute best case scenario Rob?

    I’m a big fan of using both 5 and 20 on d-line and cannot think of a better scenario than Seattle drafting Jalen Carter and Calijah Kancey in round 1.

    The only way this could happen is if there are multiple trades in the top 4 by QB-needy teams including Chicago and the Cardinals take Anderson to replace Watt/Jones. That mixed with continued focus on ‘character concerns’ to lower his stock. Then for Kancey to last to 20 it would have to be a height issue or something but I see him mocked at the end of round 1 often.

    C in round 2 (Avila or Schmidtz)
    G in round 3-6 (Broeker, Saldiveri)

  21. Julian L

    If Seattle are lining up the idea of drafting a QB later in the draft, as suggested in the previous thread, there is a top 5 scenario that I think could be realistic and quite an exciting one for the Seahawks.

    #1 Colts – QB
    #2 Houston – QB
    #3 Panthers – QB
    #4 Chicago – Jaylen Carter
    #5 Seattle –

    Thanks to the being in the number one position, The Bears will be aware of all the permutations around what teams are prepared to give up to move into a position to draft a QB. They may decide that the Panthers are so desparate to get up there they can afford for Arizona to to move back to #9 and thus ensure they’d still get the pick of the defensive players. I think the Cardinals would take a hawl to move back because they can address more needs with extra picks and the Edge class is quite deep. I think they might target a CB at #9.

    Chicago would still get a good selection of picks from the Colts and at this point if the Colts would look to trade DeForest Bucknor (though they might not need to with a rookie QB in any case), the Bears would then be the favourite to get him. At this point, they might think an Interior of Carter and Bucknor or someone else might be too tempting to pass up? They could Trade for an Edge or take one later.

    This would leave Seattle with a pick I’d be excited to see, Will Anderson at #5. They might then think to trade one of there current OLB, perhaps to the Bears?

    • Hoggs41

      If it fell like that its Will Anderson all day.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Depends on what QB. I like Anderson and wouldn’t hate the pick, but if he and Rishardson are there, give us AR15.

        • Peter

          I’ll get wilder. If it’s Carter and Anderson Sitting there I’ll go Anderson all day. I know I’ve written about my concerns about pass rushers w/o improved dline but that’s a gift if he’s there.

  22. Alex Potts

    Dawand Jones is so unique… He is a Ravens/Steelers type of lineman and I can’t imagine him falling past Baltimore at 23 who have a need at RT

  23. Cameron Brian Ferris

    My guess is that the choice at 5 will be Anderson Carter. But no one talks about potential stars at 20. What about Drew Sanders? He’d sure help the LB group.I like the big OL choices but see JS still picking defence. Brian Breese?This is a place to take a chance on somebody special. A freak. any other ideas?

    • Rob Staton

      But no one talks about potential stars at 20

      This is literally an article talking about… options at #20

      And we’ve talked a lot about Drew Sanders and mocked him to Seattle at #20

      • PJ in Seattle

        I would love Drew Sanders at 20. And Brian Branch even more should he be there at #20 although its seen as a position of less need for us than LB. That dude has perennial Pro Bowler wrtten all over him.

  24. Trevor

    A plan to make Seahawks Twitter implode.

    Let Geno walk, cut Diggs and Adams post June. Then use the 40+ mil in cap space on young elite defensive difference makers at all 3 levels of the defense. For example (Payne and Oneymata at DT, Pratt or Edmunds at LB , then Gardner Johnson and Ryan Neal at Safety)

    5 Anthony Richardson
    #20 Darnell Wright or Dewand Jones.

    Sign a veteran like Garett Bradbury to play Center. Resign Penny on the cheap and add another RB in the draft.

    Then run the ball 40 x a game with Richardson, Walker, Rookie and Penny with lots of play action deep shots while Richardson learns how to be an NFL QB.

    • Ashish

      Always agree when Adams and Diggs is cut :). If they even cut Adams and restructure Diggs contract i will be happy. Need to draft QB at 5 no Geno.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I get all glassy eyed when I see “cut Adams”.

        • BobbyK

          I’d love for Smiff and Adams to go to… somewhere else.

        • EmperorMA


          Jamal Adams is one of the very best football players on the planet. If you cut him, you get nothing in return. if you keep him, you might get the Pro Bowl performer he has been every year he has played.

          • Cysco

            This is sarcasm yes? (Please say yes)

          • Peter

            I can’t believe we are still talking about Jamal Adams.

            What are people hanging on to?

            He’s played in 25 games out of 49 games possible.

            If the seahawks take anyone at any position with either of their first two picks and they play in 50% of their games for the first three years we are going to be screaming bust and look at literally any other player they could have taken.

            It’ll be creed Humphries + nick chubb × every team that passed over Wilson.

            If the likes of Dave Wyman are reluctantly moving on from him isn’t it time that we all as well?

          • Mr drucker in hooterville

            Jamal, is that you posting?

    • MountainHawker

      I’ve played with mock drafts and a scenario I found appealing was letting Geno walk. Taking Richardson at 5. And focusing on offense in the draft and defense in free agency. Robinson or Mayer are always there at 20(not that that will happen in the actual draft). The tackles are usually there. Josh Downs can be had early 2nd. Your choice of centers/guards from there. If we miss out on Bijan his backup Roschon Johnson is available in the 3rd typically. Along with a number of other great rb’s.

      The key will be adjusting the offense to Richardson strengths. Our running game could be seriously potent. We have great targets for Richardson to grow with. And a good line in front of him.

      • Trevor

        I agree did the same thing and it is definitely something I hope JS considers. If they can add a QB, TE1 , IOL, RB2, WR 3 in the draft and focus on Defense in free agency they could be in great shape in 2024 when the young QB is in year 2.

    • Glor

      Someone mentioned that Jamal has a vesting that happens before June, so we cut him but would have to eat the dead money this year. I still say cut him

  25. Trevor

    Looks like Khalil Mack will be a cap casualty.

    Does he have anything left in the tank and would he be a fit for the Hawks?

    • Palatypus


  26. QAgrizzly

    Option to drafting tackle at 20 might be to focus on Avila with Denvers 2nd round pick, still like the Michigan center if he drops to 4th.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s too early for Avila IMO

  27. QAgrizzly

    Point taken where do you see him and also what do you think of Ivan Pace Jr? I thought he played above his grade on Sat. thanks again

    • Rob Staton

      I think Pace is a day three linebacker whose lack of size will be an issue — he made his way in college in a favourable system that just let him attack all the time. Not convinced he can play traditionally at LB

      • MountainHawker

        Curiously, I believe he was the lb that knocked Torrence on his ass in that Twitter clip you posted the other day.

        • Rob Staton

          He was — but to me that it’s indicative of the 330lbs pudding who let it happen

          • Big Mike

            (in my best Homer Simpson voice)…mmmm, pudding!

      • PJ in Seattle

        Yeah, that example is more about how overrated O’Cyrus Torrence is because he weighs as much as a semi-truck than how impactful Pace is. Ivan’s a good player and would be nice addition at the right price, but I wouldn’t be stoked to see us take him before Day 3.

        • Peter

          It’s a cool highlight but yeah I think a lot of in shape people at a decent size could have knocked his lumbering self over.

          • Peter

            Not in shape…maybe more athletic.

    • GrittyHawk

      I can’t see us taking him based on his measurements alone. Hard to imagine this FO deviating that much from their usual physical profile to take a 5’10, 230 lb linebacker with sub-31″ arms from a non-elite program, particularly when they typically go for athleticism and measurables in later rounds.

  28. Hawk Mock

    Saw a recent mock on CBS sports that had Kancey at #10 and DJones at #11…hmm, seen this somewhere before. Ahead of the curve again.

  29. DC1234

    I know Russ is no longer a seahawks. But this sounds shady. Btw, i know some charities only give a small portion to the actually cause. So have to research before donating your hard earn money.

    • JJ

      Bronco’s Country, let’s hide!

    • Matt

      Not gonna defend this stuff, but a) unfortunately not uncommon and b) it’s not like RW is working this in Excel. It’s more than likely someone else taking advantage of his name.

      Does this absolve him? No. Is he the main culprit? Obviously not.

    • Peter

      Meh it’s more hokey than anything.

      My wife and I run a non profit. Where 100% of the budget goes to operations and there is zero paid staff.

      She however works for a non profit that spent our yearly budget on a three day team building grown up summer camp thing.

      I think most non profits work like this:

      We raise money. To pay staff. Who then works to raise money. To then pay staff.

      • DC1234

        Its sad that non profits do this.

        Problem is, many ppl dont know that most of their money doesnt go to the cause they are donating to.

        Also, the staff on his charity is getting paid more than the standard wage for a $1-$5 mill nonprofit.

        Also another staff works 40 hours a week for the charity. Plus works for Russ and Ciara personally for multiple projects.

        • Peter

          That stuff is whack.

          If he was more involved he should shut it down or clean house on the grifters.

          • DC1234

            IMO, i dont think Russ is aware of all this. But its a bad look for his reputation.

            Its a bad look for Mark Rodgers. So glad the seahawks dont have to deal with him anymore.

            • BobbyK

              No doubt! Still, I won’t be happy until Geno Smiff is gone, too.

    • Ishmael

      As someone who works in the sector, broadly speaking, people get way too obsessed with efficiency stats when they should be looking at outcomes. Good staff cost money, and if you want to do good work you need them. The idea that all charities should be operating with a skelaton crew taking minimum wage is cooked.

      It could be that it’s a tax dodge like heaps of other charities, especially for athletes, but as long as they’re genuinely delivering on their mission (doubt, in this case, since there’s nothing on their website about how their programs, how they evaluate etc.) then I don’t have a huge issue.

      • Peter

        I completely agree charities and non profits shouldn’t be doing the skeleton crew broke woe is me shuffle. A good staff if not compensated will go to tge private sector or some other better employer.

        I also think outcomes are hard to measure.

        This just feels like a hodgepodge of ideas that can easily just be a cash grab.

  30. Trevor

    If Brian Branch or Michael Mayer are on the board at 20 they would be hard to pass up even if TE and Safety are not really postions of need. They are the two safest prospects in the draft to be quality 10 yr starters IMO.

    • KennyBadger

      Agree totally and I think you can add bijan to that list. Well 7-8 years anyway.

      IMO Mayer is the most likely to be there at 20 although that chance is probably 2%. If they got a qb at 5 and Mayer at 20, I would be very excited for the future of the offense. Defense on the other hand…

    • GrittyHawk

      TE is definitely a position of need, just not one of immediate need in 2023. Next year Fant and Parkinson will both be UFAs, and Dissly’s contract is structured in such a way that makes it easy to cut him ($7M savings, $3.1M dead money). Safety is similar but not as dire, potentially also depending what happens with Neal next year. I can’t fathom keeping Adams at a $24M cap hit in ’24, and they’d save $14M if they cut him post-6/1 next year. Diggs’ will also be in the last year of his contract in ’24, and though his $15M cap hit isn’t as debilitating, they could still free up $11M by cutting him. I wouldn’t be super enthused about taking Branch there, but as a bonus he can also play nickel corner, which would be an upgrade over Bryant. It would be like the Marquise Blair pick but hopefully a lot better.

    • Matt

      Two of my favorite players in the draft. I think I have more confidence in Branch being a huge difference maker. Don’t get me wrong – Mayer is a stud and will be a stud in the right system.

  31. Gaux Hawks

    1R23 Anthony Richardson
    1R23 Drew Sanders
    2R23 Keeanu Benton
    2R23 Tank Dell
    3R23 Steve Avila
    4R23 Owen Pappoe

    Da’Ron Payne
    Isaiah Wynn
    Germaine Pratt

    • Trevor

      That looks pretty awesome to me.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I felt it move. Seems a bit high for Dell, but dude would be a sick returner from day one (like my sleeper crush Marcus Jones last year). I’d take my pants off of if this how it fell.

  32. Steve Nelsen

    I am still believing that Seattle drafts a QB at 5 and uses Geno as a bridge. Something Rob proposed quite a while back. Signing Geno (even for $30 million/year) doesn’t change that as long as there is an affordable out in his contract after 2 years. Right now it looks like Anthony Richardson is the most likely QB to be available at #5 and that works for me.

    I hope they add some other “value” draft picks this year: a WR as a #3 and future Tyler replacement. I think the draft sets up for Seattle to find a WR in Round 2 an Edge and another CB.

    If Seattle ends up with a QB, two OT, two Edge, a WR, and two CBs all on rookie contracts in a year or two…Wow! The team will have all the cap space they need to sign some veterans to fill remaining roster holes.

    • Trevor

      I agree but why pay a bridge QB $30 mil? They are not going to be a Super Bowl caliber team next year. Sign Lock or someone like that on the cheap as a bridge then use your cap spade to add young talent and build the roster to be elite in 2024 / 2025.

      • Steve Nelsen

        There are several reasons. The main one is that I think you lose the locker room and the fan base if you don’t make Geno a fair market offer.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you lose the locker room and the fan base if you don’t make Geno a fair market offer.

          So what we’re saying here is the front office can’t make any decisions without consulting how the locker room feels about it first?

          They are well paid to do their jobs. Not John Schneider’s.

          As for the fans — anyone getting upset about not paying Geno Smith a fortune needs to grow up

          • DC1234

            Locker room wont care as much as you think. I dont think they are as tight knit as the LOB were. They got upset about Percy being paid, over homegrown talent like Tate.

            Fanbase will turn on Geno quick if he is paid a fortune and not living up to his contract next year. And will be clamoring foe the backup qb to start.

            • Peter

              In two years nearly the whole team could be turned over. 3.5 years or so is tge average nfl career.

              And the fan base. If genos getting paid 30 million and throwing 2:1 td/int ratio I think the same fan base that turned on Mr. Children’s hospital because it wasn’t working for EITHER side would gladly turn on Geno. A one season feel good story.

              • PJ in Seattle

                This. Really it’s a 1/2 a good season story. Play our games in reverse from week 1 and I think you have an entirely different feeling about Geno amongst the masses.

                I do beleive a great D elevates the perceived value of the QB on the squad. A great Def makes an average QB look better than they really are.

                This is where JS makes his money. Be clear eyed about what you’re dealing with. I lve Geno and his story and grit and all that, but DO NOT love it at 30+M a year. The opportunity cost is so goddamn high. It’s early, but the notion he is our version of Kikrk Cousins gives me nightmares.

          • Steve Nelsen

            No that is not what I’m saying and putting arguments in my mouth and the refuting them is not cool. So, let me be a bit more specific. You can sign Geno to a 3 year/$90M contract that has a first year cap hit of $15-16M depending on the guaranteed money. $15-16M for a starting quarterback is not a “fortune.”

            And a $30M salary in 2024 won’t even rank in the top half of starting QB salaries so if Geno plays well in 2023 that salary won’t keep him from being traded and Seattle moving on to Richardson if he is ready.

            Fans like to win. Fans like Geno. Geno gives Seattle the best chance to win in 2023. That’s business. If Geno plays poorly and Seattle doesn’t win in 2023, the fans won’t love him and the team moves on. It’s a business.

            • Jack Frost

              “the best chance to win in 2023”

              just exactly win what?

              • Steve Nelsen

                They have a better chance to win more games.
                They have a better chance to win the division.
                They have a better chance to make the playoffs.
                They have a better chance to win in the playoffs.
                They have a better chance to win a championship.

                • Jack Frost

                  I agree with maybe more games

                • Rob Staton

                  And saving money on Geno to improve your roster would arguably provide an even greater chance for any of this

                • Peter

                  I don’t know if any of this is true.

                  They have a much harder strength of schedule.

                  Geno and his great year and more weapons and pieces than the former qb had over the last five years couldn’t overcome the defense any better than the other guy and the team limped to a fairly unconvincing 9-8 finish.

                  I think there’s a real chance Lock could get you to near 2:1 but spend money and draft picks wisely and we’d still be at 7-9 wins. Which is about what I expect this team to do with a harder schedule unless Geno finds his first half magic again. If the league has a season of tape and he plays like that second half….yikes.

            • Rob Staton

              I did no such thing

              You literally suggested what I pointed out

            • MountainHawker

              Other teams paying too much for mediocre qb’s doesn’t make it a good deal for Seattle.

        • Osprey

          As much as I think Pete is overdue for retiring to The Villages, doubtful he loses the locker room over one player.

          If the front office can’t spin a limited cap space narrative to the public, they aren’t doing their job either. Hell, if you have to go hard, plant a few stories about a pending suspension for DUI and a slander suit from the LEO who can no longer get a date.

    • Peter

      What the point.

      Teams will still need to do medical. Still ask embarrassing questions. Who cares if they are trying to decrease your value. On a long enough time li e their would still be 7 rounds and first overall picks.

      What a jackass.

      • Osprey

        Decreasing value is an interesting framing given there are a set number of draft picks, predetermined dollars allocated, and an overall salary min/max for every team.

        The reality is they are determining who is worth the investment of limited resources. Would the NFLPA prefer poor investments that would in turn lead to diminished product on the field? Crappy product will lead to less revenue in which the players have a direct share.

        • Peter


    • Palatypus

      Do you remember those sugar cookies from Squid Games? They sell those at an Asian supermarket near me and it got me thinking about psychological testing.

    • KD

      I just read that article and he brings up a good point about medical rights, but when he said the NFL doesn’t need a combine to evaluate the physical traits of a prospect, that’s just dumb. Everything he said was just dumb.

    • WestSide72

      Smith wants the players to get paid to attend the combine…guaranteed

    • Roy Batty

      It makes money for the NFL, so it will go on.

      And regional pro days? How are the drills run in a consistent, properly timed manner? They’ll be on different fields.

      It will continue, no doubt about it.

  33. Palatypus

    Are we all in agreement here that the big losers at the Senior Bowl were Isaiah Foskey and Jarrett Patterson?

    You know, Notre Dame.

  34. Spectator

    I watched more of Stroud. Curious what you think he will run at combine and if you think a slow time matters. For instance, if he ran a slower time, then would that allow him to drop to 5? And in that case, would Seattle even want him?

    • PJ in Seattle

      I would. With what we know now. I feel like we have a relative neck and neck amongst the top QB prospects, with Stroud, Levis, Young, all bunched togther with Richardson a smidge behind due to risk. Then a major drop off after that.

    • Mick

      Don’t know what the Hawks would do but I would want him. Tom Brady was never fast. Give me a guy who can throw.

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t matter what he runs at the combine. Mahomes ran a slow time

  35. Twoteams04

    Hi Rob

    Would love to see a Mock that was purely best player available for Seahawks, everyone else can draft for need.

    Apologies if you’ve already done this.

    Love the blog.

    Thanks so much

  36. Hawk Finn

    They always talk about “special traits” and players who have faced adversity. Can anyone identify examples of players that fit these categories that we haven’t already discussed? Just thinking about under-the-radar types that might appeal to JS/PC, like a JuCo player with a 125” wingspan and was raised by elves.

    • cha

      125” wingspan and was raised by elves.

      Poona Ford

      • Hawk Finn


  37. Peter

    Morning my Seattle area friends. Who do you all listen to on the radio for hawks talk?

    I’ve been trying to find some interesting commentary but a recent soate of clips on YouTube from bump and Stacy, Wyandotte and the other guy, have left me very befuddled.

    Apparently blythe is really good. And we already have all tge pieces on defense and just need ONE dline and we’re good to go.

    Additionally we should really consider brooks at 12 million a year because how bad will this defense be without his tackle numbers?

    Help me out folks.

    • Big Mike

      Let me help you out my friend:
      Quit listening to these people. I was going to call them tools, but most of their listeners want positivity rather than reality and will scream “playoffs” at anyone who dares to say anything that isn’t happy, happy.
      You know where to get truth. You’re already there.

      • Big Mike

        Not to mention you already speak truth here yourself.

      • Peter

        I know you’re right. I was just hoping to catch some cool insights since this is the biggest year since maybe Carrol was brought in and we didn’t know how he would do.

        But it’s total lala land on the radio.

        I have bump telling me you can’t expect the DC to be great their first year because they are learning…..? Isn’t that what all the years and jobs before DC are for.

        At least KJ is on the air sometimes. He’s great.

        I never realized before but when I lived there I was probably one of those “better luck next year,” types because I was listening to these goofs.

        • Big Mike

          I’ve heard Hugh Millen on KJR isn’t afraid to speak his mind either. I don’t live in the Seattle area so don’t listen to any of the stations up there. I could online obviously, but you’ve outlined why that would be pretty much pointless.

          • Peter

            I might check out millen..

            I get online because I’m stuck in beavers/ducks territory and they all try hard but I could not care less about either school.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Millen is pretty good but I don’t listen to him too much because sports radio is kind of a wasteland. He’s pretty opinionated, and I don’t always agree with him, but he provides actual reasons for his line of thinking and is definitely not afraid to say what he feels.

          • DC1234

            Out of all the local sports media, i like Hugh Millen the best. He doesnt sugarcoat anything. And is knowledgeable about the game. He goes indepth on the game, and have good review after each seahawks game.

            IMO, I feel 710’s crew is a propaganda PR arm for the seahawks.

            You can listen to KJR with iheart radio.

            • Peter

              Thanks. I normally wouldn’t but it’s a very unique time.

    • Peter

      Who is Wyandotte? Obviously I meant Dave Wyman. 😀

      • Big Mike

        Mr. Pete Carroll Can Do No Wrong then?

        • Peter

          Bartons a helluva a lb.

          And noah “george,” fant looks great.

          • DC1234

            Wyman does the local seahawks broadcast with Steve Raible. Of course he cant be negative. Idk why 710 have him do a show.

            He still defends the Jamal Adams trade. The last person left that defends it.

    • PJ in Seattle

      KJ Wright’s really good. Really the only reason to listen to 710 anymore. Wish he was on more.

      I like Brock and Millen too. Don’t always agree with their takes, but they usually lay out their reasoning well. Most other Seattle sports gabbers are really bad, but I can see where their entertainment value pleases the casual fan. I disagree with Wyman on nearly everything but he’s a likeable enough guy.

      If you want insightful analysis tho, local radio is pretty much a wasteland.

  38. Peter

    And another thing.

    Another morning another CBS mock where somehow Richardson and Stroud are available but we trade out of Richardson…..which makes us miss Stroud (!?!) and we pick Tyree Wilson. Whom I get. Traits. Decent production. There’s not nothing there.

    If we take this gift pick and pass on two QB’s they both better bust as hard as locker, bortles, Manuel, ponder. I mean back breaking level busts.

    Imagine not taking a young electric Wilson because you intend to roll with the blue and green Kirk Cousins. Pass on your one chance to do something pretty cool and bold and get the future while having the now….and then wait the typical 3-4 years it takes for defensive line/defensive ends take to really produce.

    • Peter

      Also hat tip to Rob because this mock was a mess for Seattle the writer had
      RT Wright going very high.

    • GrittyHawk

      I can’t see any of these mocks getting it right until the Geno situation is finally sorted out. I would understand passing on QBs if they re-sign him to a 5 year deal or something ludicrous like that, but if they give him like 2 years @ $15M AAV or talks drag on into the 3rd week of free agency, there’s zero reason to believe they wouldn’t take a QB at 5.

      • Peter

        Yeah if they go completely nuts with a 4-5 year deal and no easy outs then obviously skip it.

        But if they go three with incentives like Kj Wright has mentioned its got to be on the table.

      • Ben

        I’m guessing when you get past the franchise tag date, that’ll change the stories. Right now everyone thinks we love Geno and we’re willing to tag him.

        Everyone loves Lock as well, but finally someone spoke up with a connection to Carroll that makes it sound like he’s not the plug and play QB everyone wants him to be.

        There are solid QBs that could have a good season if given the opportunity who could go for around $10 million. There aren’t a whole lot of Seahawk fans outside of this site that want to consider the possibility of striking gold 3 times, hence the cries to re-sign Geno at all costs.

    • BK26

      You know, I’ve thought about it. Maybe there are rules that we don’t know about. We can’t draft a qb in the first round, has to be the pick voted on by Bleacher Report, ESPN, CBS, and all of the others.

      Maybe Seattle isn’t following the rules: why we never draft that first round corner that we are told will usher in the new LOB.

      • Peter

        Makes sense. Until we get that first round corner and since we didn’t draft Willis we forfeit qb with our pick…

        • BK26

          The one pick shoved in our face by everyone that we were idiots for not making: Malik Willis. He who fears his own arm.

  39. CL

    For everyone interested: There is a Seahawks fan posting mock drafts based on the latest intel on the NFL_Draft reddit.

    I think it’s a nice, compact summary of what some of the experts say about different players sorted by position group.

    4 QBs go top 6. We pass on Richardson for Carter at 5.

    Our picks in this mock:
    Jalen Carter
    John Michael Schmitz
    Drew Sanders
    Tuli Tuipolotu

    • Jordan

      Thanks for sharing.

      I’d be pretty happy with that haul. I’d like to see a WR3 with WR2 upside drafted at some point as well.

      Fingers crossed that they can duplicate last years success. This 2022 redraft has 5 Seahawks in the top 64 and 2 in the top 10.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Behind the paywall so tell me where I’m wrong!

        Top 10: Woolen and Walker
        Other 3 in top 64: Cross, Lucas, and…. Mafe or Bryant?

        • Jordan

          Hmmm. Doesn’t appear to be paywalled on my end, or unbeknownst to myself I have subscribed to ESPN Insider or whatever it is.

          3. Woolen
          38. Mafe
          40. Walker
          61. Lucas

          Seahawks picks in the redraft:
          40. Walker
          41. Ebeketie (Mafe unavailable)

          • HawkfaninMT


            Lucas at 61 is silly… basically saying that if the draft occurred over he would still be a fringe 2nd/3rd

    • Rob Staton

      One of the better ones I’ve read although he has some players lower than they will go

  40. seahawksfan1201

    Sorry but taking one of these guys at #20 would be insane, somewhere between the Penny and Collier picks. They would have to be far and away, indisputably, the BPA to justify moving Lucas and given, for example, McDonald (who also plays a position of actual need) was still on the board I don’t see it at all.

  41. Rob4q

    I took Rob’s last post on Hendon Hooker and tried a few PFN drafts to see what it could look like. This is the best I could do after a few trade backs. Note that you almost have to take Hooker in the late 2nd on PFN due to where he is ranked. I managed to add a few 2024 picks, including a 1st. Probably too much offense though…

    7. Jalen Carter
    DT Georgia

    27. Mazi Smith
    DT Michigan

    37. Nolan Smith
    EDGE Georgia

    41. Darnell Washington
    TE Georgia

    59. Hendon Hooker
    QB Tennessee

    95. Nick Broeker
    OG Ole Miss

    123. Alex Forsyth
    OC Oregon

    153. Roschon Johnson
    RB Texas

    156. Puka Nacua
    WR BYU

    198. Cam’Ron Kelly
    S North Carolina

    2024 LV 1st
    2024 TEN 3rd
    2024 CLE 5th

  42. Ryan Purcell

    I read that the Steelers are thinking about Wright as a guard convert. What about that possibility instead of moving Lukas?

  43. Old but Slow

    Now that mock draft season is in full swing, I have been fiddling around with draft simulators. There are 3 sites I have found, all of which are using there own wack ratings or big boards.

    I have tried PFN, PFF, and fanspeak. So far, I am favoring fanspeak only because they give a choice of big boards, and the dates when the board has been updated.

    Anybody know of better sites to play around with? All 3 of the ones I visit are obviously not Staton followers, judging by the way they rate some players.

  44. Gaux Hawks

    Interesting comments from Ron Rivera…

    “Sometimes it’s about putting all those other pieces into place first and then getting the guy,” Rivera said. “I thought we showed we’re more than a serviceable team if we can get consistent play from that position. I don’t know if we need very, very, very dynamic play as much as we need dynamic play.”

    • 12th chuck

      I would say that it hasn’t worked out very well for the Commanders.

  45. Sea Mode

    This would kind of be a bummer not to have him around to guide a rookie QB. Seems like he’s pretty in-demand.

    Jeremy Fowler

    #Bucs interviewing Seahawks QBs coach Dave Canales for the OC job, per source. Canales had a second interview with the Ravens this week, now set to meet with Tampa

    • Rob Staton

      Also seems to be to be indicative of possible Tampa Bay interest in Geno Smith

  46. Matt

    Did a little more digging on Will Anderson…have never heard Saban talk about one of his players in this way. Reverence like I’ve never seen.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re right to point this out

      Basically all of the buzz in the league around Anderson is he’s basically a flawless character with fantastic worth ethic and passion for the game

      • Matt

        Was thinking he could fall to 5 – no chance. When the most respected college coach of all time waxes poetic about your intangibles and doesn’t mention the 30+ sacks…guys like that get swooped up immediately.

        Was genuinely blown away by what Saban says about him. Special kid.

        • Rob Staton

          He will be the first defender drafted

          It’s not even a question to me

          Carter is talented but there are too many question marks — Anderson is as clean as they come and will play his arse off

  47. Hawkhawk

    Daawan Jones will be gone by 20

    • HawkfaninMT

      Where will Richardson go? It help to have the future prediction skills to know how far (if at all) the Hawks can trade back and still land him

      • Hawkhawk

        Firstly, I love the idea of drafting Dawaan, I think he goes to Tennessee or Washington. If he lasts till 20 I’d be all over it! Anthony Richardson will go to #9 Raiders at the lowest.. he is my favorite QB in the draft

        • PJ in Seattle

          If we want Richardson, I don’t see JS taking the risk of trading back from #5 if he’s there. Tried a Fanspeak mock with no trades. Certainly much more realistic big boards than whatever wack rankings PFN keeps using.

          5: R1 P5 QB Anthony Richardson – Florida
          20: R1 P20 S Brian Branch – Alabama
          37: R2 P6 DL Mazi Smith – Michigan
          52: R2 P21 DL Calijah Kancey – Pittsburgh
          83: R3 P20 C Joe Tippmann – Wisconsin
          123: R4 P21 RB Zach Charbonnet – UCLA
          153: R5 P17 WR Jonathan Mingo – Ole Miss
          156: R5 P20 DL Zacch Pickens – South Carolina
          198: R6 P21 OT Nick Saldiveri – Old Dominion

  48. Volume12

    I wish Tank Dell was bigger. His stop-start suddenness is insane. Seperates @ a high level due to great route running. Gonna sound crazy, but he has Tyreek Hill like twitch. That’s not saying he’s gonna be him.

  49. Hawkster

    It is probably nonsense, but might CHI not trade down twice, say to IND then to another QB hungry like CAR or ATL i.e. that the QBs go 1,2,3,4.
    This would force SEA hand if they wanted QB and make them trade up one spot, CHI basically at #4 telling JS they got suitors for #4, does SEA want the pick?

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