The day before… let’s run through new ideas

Pete Carroll would be the ideal coach for Kayvon Thibodeaux

Yesterday I wrote about Tony Pauline’s report that the Seahawks intend to try and trade down from #9 (with the Eagles and Saints interested in moving up) before selecting Trevor Penning. Tony believes they could also move back into round one for Desmond Ridder.

I dislike the idea immensely so today I wanted to write about an alternative proposal.

Firstly a heads up. I will be posting my own final mock draft for Huddle Report scoring later today. On Thursday I will be live blogging throughout the draft. At the end of each day I will be doing a live stream with Robbie to offer instant reaction. On Friday, before the start of round two, I will also be doing a live stream with Jeff Simmons. A time for that will be confirmed shortly.

After the draft I intend to produce plenty of podcast/stream content (including interviews), articles and reaction before providing a look ahead to the 2023 class.

My aim is to try and provide the most extensive Seahawks draft coverage possible. I hope you’ll give SDB a go from Thursday onwards.

I am going to post my final Horizontal board early on Thursday morning too. I’ve been working flat out to finalise it.

Right, onto the thought for this morning…

The reporting over the last 48 hours has been unlike anything I’ve seen before in the lead up to a draft. There are so many different ideas, suggestions and sourced reports. This is going way beyond the usual scuttlebutt at this time of year.

I’m starting to think I might’ve underestimated how ‘out there’ the top-10 is going to be. It felt for a long, long time that things were pretty much set. The defensive and offensive linemen would come off the board quickly and we’ve had an idea that the Seahawks would pretty much be left with a choice of someone like Derek Stingley Jr at #9 or trading down. Plus, of course, Trevor Penning.

That could still be the truth. That’s what I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking about. Are all these new rumours, that I’ll come onto, valid?

A lot of prior assumptions still seem destined to be true. I have never mocked a quarterback in the top-10. I’ve never felt they were good enough. I interviewed Scot McCloughan who said he’d be surprised if any went in the top-10, adding three would go later in round one and all would carry third round draft grades.

Right now, I can’t find a mock draft with a QB in the top-10. Nobody is talking about that. Everyone is talking about Carolina taking an offensive lineman. This is what we’ve been saying for weeks and weeks — even during the hype season (aka the pro-day circuit).

Thus, are we likely just going through a particularly ridiculous couple of days of headline making and mystery creating to add intrigue to a draft class without those top quarterbacks to promote and talk about?

It’s possible. I might stick to my guns in the mock and retain a bunch of pass rushers going off the board quickly, followed by a bunch of O-liners.

That would be the scenario, in my opinion, where a trade down for Seattle becomes a distinct possibility. Especially with so many teams itching to get a crack at WR1 or WR2.

However, I’m going to consider a few other things here.

Aside from Tony Pauline’s report on Seattle, Penning and Ridder — he mentioned the three-way battle that’s going on in Jacksonville. The owner wants Aidan Hutchinson, the GM wants Travon Walker and the Head Coach wants Ikem Ekwonu.

Tony said in his mock, coming out today, he’s going to have Doug Pederson winning that battle. Chris Simms, as it happens, said exactly the same thing on Dan Patrick yesterday. Pederson wants Ekwonu and the word on the street is the owner is siding with him.

There’s constant buzz around Derek Stingley Jr to Houston at #3. Multiple people are mentioning it. Three weeks ago I reached out to a contact about Stingley Jr. I can’t share the name, obviously, but this person is in the NFL and I promise is an impeccable source.

This individual was convinced Stingley Jr was the best corner in the draft. He said he was a superior player to Patrick Surtain a year ago.

“I love Stingley. He has better movement skills than (Sauce) Gardner. He’s instinctive. He has god-given skills. Explosive. He’s been around it his whole life. If he came out as a freshman he would’ve been the top cornerback in the draft.”

“He’s wired perfectly.”

The source said if the preferred options on the D-line and O-line were taken, he’d essentially run to the podium to draft Stingley Jr.

Houston have been linked heavily to Ekwonu. If he goes #1 and Hutchinson goes #2 — it’s absolutely possible the Texans find themselves in that position. Their two preferred lineman are off the board and they decide Stingley Jr is next man up.

There’s more. I’ve been projecting Jermaine Johnson high in the first round, with good reason. He’s been steadily rising.

However, there’s just been a little bit of push-back recently. A few mocks either have him available to Seattle at #9 or lasting deeper into round one.

Tony Pauline on his New York Giants podcast this week said he’d been told #4 would be too high for Jermaine Johnson, having previously suggested it could happen.

Then we have the medical stuff on Evan Neal. Charlie Campbell reported that some teams medically failed Neal. There’s been some unconvincing pushback to this with well known national reporters tentatively saying some teams have a slight concern but there are enough other teams out there that would still take him.

This isn’t unusual for Alabama players. Remember Jonathan Allen who lasted to #17 in 2017? He’s had a great career but there’s a history of linemen for the Crimson Tide carrying a medical concern and falling.

Neal hasn’t done any pre-draft testing. Meanwhile, the likes of Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have recently had him lasting to #9.

So what’s the reality here? Is it simply that the likes of Charles Cross will be seen as a safer medical projection for O-line needy teams and go ahead of Neal? Could he potentially fall into the mid-first round like Allen? Or is it all nonsense?

And then there’s Kayvon Thibodeaux. A real mystery. Mike Garafolo tweeted this morning he’s an option at #2 to Detroit but appears to be a no-go for the Jets at #4.

There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s absolutely no ‘character flags’ to be wary of. This is simple. I took a new job in January. If I’d gone into that job interview and told the bosses how I thought this opportunity would set me up for other jobs, or other money-making opportunities, and if I spent far less time reflecting on the actual position I was applying for, it would be off-putting.

That is all this is. Thibodeaux refers to himself as a ‘true entrepreneur’. He has business aims and ambitions and he talks about them pretty much all the time. And while he acknowledges football will help him achieve his goals, it always sounds like it’s a means to an end — rather than what drives him internally. Supposedly, he’s been speaking this way when meeting with teams, not just during media interviews.

Personally I couldn’t be less bothered. He’s hardly the first player to have grand ideas for his portfolio of non-footballing business interests. But teams preparing to make a franchise-changing decision and invest millions are, not unfairly, going to weigh up their options when another player with a similar grade comes in and spends their entire interview talking about schemes, football ambitions and winning Super Bowls.

Working out how early he’ll go is tricky. I suspect Atlanta at #8 will be the floor. Eventually the attractive, football-obsessed alternatives will run out and Thibodeaux will be the clear BPA. And someone will take him and feel delighted about it.

Indeed the Falcons at #8 feel like the key to all of this for Seattle. How inclined are they to force a receiver pick? There’s going to be a run at the position that starts anywhere from #8-#11. Do they want to be the ones to kick things off? Or do they just go for BPA and seek to build?

They could shatter any dreams of a great pass rusher reaching #9. Or they could be the useful friend, ready and willing to get out of the way.

Let’s imagine these are the first three picks:

#1 Jacksonville — Ikem Ekwonu (G, NC State)
#2 Detroit — Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Michigan)
#3 Houston — Derek Stingley Jr (CB, LSU)

From here, you’d assume the Jets would go with either Travon Walker or Sauce Gardner. I’ll go with Walker because New York badly needs a pass rusher and they’ve invested in corner already this off-season. The Giants, according to virtually everyone, like Charles Cross.

#4 NY Jets — Travon Walker (DE, Georgia)
#5 NY Giants — Charles Cross (T, Miss. State)

It would get really interesting from here. If the Panthers are 100% invested in taking a tackle, what if the concerns over Evan Neal’s health are legit? I read yesterday they like Trevor Penning too. I recently mentioned with Jeff on a stream that my prediction for a top-10 shocker would be Penning to the Panthers. Scott Fitterer is from the Seattle braintrust and if the Seahawks like him, Carolina probably does too.

The note yesterday suggested the Panthers would prefer to trade down before taking Penning (sound familiar?) but what if they can’t move down? And what if they’ve flunked Neal’s medicals? Could they take him at #6? Is it that ridiculous in this draft?

For the purpose of this mock let’s say they take Evan Neal.

Now you’re in a position where Sauce Gardner, Kayvon Thibodeaux and Jermaine Johnson are still available and you’re on the clock in two picks’ time. At least one of the three makes it to you.

This is where it could get exciting. The Giants could go pass rush but they could take Gardner. Let’s say they do. Then you’re guaranteed a top pass rusher at #9.

#6 Carolina — Evan Neal (G, Alabama)
#7 NY Giants — Sauce Gardner (CB, Cincinnati)

In Peter King’s mock draft he had the Falcons selecting Drake London. Now there are two pass rushers available at #9.

King had Seattle dropping down to #13 and Thibodeaux and Johnson were still there. I kind of get it. Let’s say you deal your pick to a team like Houston wanting a receiver. The Jets, having taken Travon Walker at #4, aren’t going pass rusher at #10. The Commanders wouldn’t take yet another defensive lineman. The Vikings already have Za’Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter. So it’s not totally out of the question you could move down and still, comfortably, get a pass rusher.

And if the Seahawks get a sniff of a top defensive lineman, I really hope they grab it with both hands and don’t trade down to manufacture a way to take Penning instead. The idea of Darrell Taylor teaming up with Johnson or Thibodeaux is exciting.

I’ve felt for a while that Johnson’s attitude would be ideal across from Taylor, helping create a new identity for the team. With Thibodeaux, I think Pete Carroll would be the ideal coach for him. He’d let him be himself, he’d encourage him to be himself and he’d find the happy balance between football and business.

The ideal scenario for me would be a top pass rusher with the first pick, a really good offensive lineman with your second pick and then best player available with the third.

If the pass rushers are gone and they trade down, I’d even rather they pivot to Jordan Davis (linked to Seattle by Todd McShay this week) than force a need with Penning.

More than anything though, I just don’t want this team to spend resource moving from #40 to #28 — as Tony Pauline suggested — to draft Desmond Ridder. That would be a deflating move for me and I think a lot of other people who’ve studied Ridder’s tape (it’s not too late to go and watch the Navy, Notre Dame and Alabama games). I don’t know how anyone can watch Ridder and think yes — I want to draft this player in round one. For me he’s a mid-rounder you take a flier on.

Trading down from #9 and taking Penning to fill a hole and create extra stock to manufacture a move up for Ridder would be an extremely tough pill to swallow. Just start Drew Lock. Don’t force a pick in the worst QB class in years.

Being able to get a top-four pass rusher in round one, then bolstering your offensive line in round two (Tyler Linderbaum? Cam Jurgens? Cole Strange? Abraham Lucas?) and then adding the best talent available at #41 (or after a small move down) would be a true foundation-building plan. That, to me, would be exciting. That is what I am hoping for tomorrow and Friday.

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  1. Bankhawk

    Rob, you are hands-down, the James Brown of sports blogging: the hardest working draft evaluator in the game!
    Once again, thank you for all you do!

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully on Thursday Papa’s got a brand new, errr, pass rusher.

      • Sea Mode


      • seaspunj

        Hi Rob
        if there are more than 1 pass rusher at 9 i truly hope Seattle drafts one… BUT i am very afraid that they trade down and gamble if there are 2 available…

        Usually PC/JS tend to go so off board it is very difficult to gauge who they pick. So my simple question for 9 or the trade down do they draft Offense or Defense?

        My hope is they draft dee and rebuild their identity but there are too many variables

      • David

        Right now, I am so glad the Seahawks never listen to you Rob…

        Because Thibodeaux is going to be an all time bust for someone hopefully not Seattle.

        • Rob Staton

          People say that about a lot of players who become great

  2. Rob Staton

    In the Athletic today, the beat writers did a mock draft.

    Michael-Shawn Dugar had the Seahawks trade down from #9 to #13. The haul they received in return? Zero new picks. They simply swapped a fifth for a fourth. And then he had them select Desmond Ridder at #13.

    I will post this, without comment, and let you all react…

    • Vin

      SMH! I don’t mind listening to him on occasion on KJR, but that has to be the laziest mock attempt ever. I’d expect that from a ‘less than average Joe’ who knew the hawks had traded RW, but only watched the CF playoffs.

    • schuemansky

      Your Penning/Ridder scenario was already frightening enough, because you could not put it past PCJS to actually do it. But this one? … Not even them.

    • Peter

      Flat out too many mocks. A fourth and a fifth….back won’t cover the value. Let alone a swap.

      We all have access to the internet. Even when I goof around on scenarios if I don’t spell out in detail every point value I still reference draft trade charts to not be blowing smoke out my backside.

      • seaspunj

        i would rather just pick at 9 vs just get a swap makes zero sense

    • cha

      1-this is where the season reaches peak ridiculousness. Beat writers’ jobs are to get interviews, ask questions and be an effective conduit of information between the team and fans. In no way are they supposed to be draft experts. They’re just forced by their editors to provide this kind of content because it is fun.

      2-that said it’s traditionally become part of the job. So how do you not at least make an attempt to be competent at it? There’s plenty of information available to get educated. How does someone who can lasso good guests regularly not gave a better feel for the pulse of things? I shouldn’t be surprised – this is a guy who suggested that broken-leg Quandre Diggs would get $18m a year on the market. Still, it boggles the mind how someone so connected is so detached from reality.

    • Sea Mode

      Lol. At least Brady Henderson took Johnson at #9 in the ESPN writers’ mock!

    • TomLPDX

      No comment required, it speaks for itself. MSD just keeps getting worse when it comes to player evaluation.

      Question for you Rob: Will you get a chance to talk to Joe Fann again, maybe right after the draft?

      • Rob Staton

        I haven’t asked him but I’m always happy to chat with Joe

    • Derek

      According to the Jimmy Johnson trade chart that’s moving from 1,350 points at #9 to 1,150 at #13, a difference of 200 points. This is equivalent to the 78th overall pick in the 3rd round OR 4 and 1/2 5th round picks LOL

    • Tommyo

      STFU. This would be worse than the Tony Dorsett trade! NOOOOO

      • Big Mike

        But still not as bad as the Jamal Adams trade.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Any ‘beat writers’ outside Seattle are just trolls.

      They love to imagine the worst case scenarios for us more than any other franchise for some odd reason.

    • God of Thunder

      Thanks Michael-Shawn, name noted, now I don’t have to read your mocks.

    • WEScoast

      Lol wow, my manager is Michael Shawn’s dad I’m gonna let him know about how horrible his son’s mock was tomorrow.

  3. JD

    Rob I know you will not give up your source, and obviously I would rather continue to get top tier information than lose that, but I have to say I’m dying to know who that is. Would there ever be a time in the future where you might divulge?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m afraid not!

  4. SpennyDunks

    Stop getting me so excited, I can’t take being hurt again.

    Go easy on me Seahawks.

    • Hawk Finn

      I feel this

  5. UkAlex6674

    Best Internet comment today:

    The draft is too long and boring. If I wanted to see 32 picks in 3 hours I’d watch Jamies Winston play.

    • Rob Staton

      I like that one

      On a serious note, it does always feel like the TV broadcast at the end of round loses all energy for the last 2-3 picks. Like everyone on set is ready to call it a night. Always bothered me that — given Seattle were often picking in that range.

      And let’s not go into the day three shambles of doing absolutely anything other than talking about the players drafted

      • Sean

        ESPN’s coverage & analysis on day 3 of the players actually still being drafted is laughable. NFL Network does a better job…not perfect, but better.

  6. JD

    After thinking the trade down options were not looking likely this year, it seems like 3 teams have recently been linked – HOU, PHI and NO.

    Looking at the trade value chart – #9 is 1350 points

    HOU – 13 is 1150, 37 is 530, 68 is 250, 80 is 190 —- Probably 13 + 80 + 170 = 1361

    PHI – 15 is 1050, 18 is 900, 51 is 390, 83 is 175, 101 is 96 —– Probably 15 + 83 + 101 + 124 = 1369

    NO – 16 is 1000, 19 is 875, 49 is 410, 98 is 108, 120 is 54 —- Probably 16 + 49 = 1410 (SEA sends back 152 – 29 points)

    If you can’t snag 15 + 51 or 16 + 49, It might be worth taking PHI or NO’s second first round picks to ensure the high seconds. So it would be 18 + 51 or 19 +49.

    I’d also be fine taking 15 or 16 and a first next year in addition to a third – fifth this year. Does anyone know how many points a 2023 R1 pick would be about?

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect you might struggle to get ideal value this year

      (But it won’t be moving down four spots and gaining zero new picks, per MSD in the Athletic)

    • Ty the Guy

      I have been thinking that there would be no suitors for the #9 pick. I’ve thought that #10-12 made more sense for teams trading up. But it does feel like the Jets will look for WR1 or 2 at #10 now. So NO or PHI moving up for a WR makes sense.

      I’d take any additional 50-100 picks we can get, but don’t want to trade down any further than to 18. I’d still prefer to pick in top 15 though.

      If one of Rob’s top guys is there at #9, don’t get cute. Pick ’em. You can get cute with 40/41 and still add picks.

    • Palatypus

      JD said, “I’d also be fine taking 15 or 16 and a first next year in addition to a third – fifth this year. Does anyone know how many points a 2023 R1 pick would be about?”

      Half of projected value. For example, let’s say you trade with Philadelphia who has pick 15. According to Walter Football that pick is worth 1,050 points. So, next year’s pick (assuming it’s 15) is worth 525, which is 5 points more than the number 38 pick this year.

  7. Tim

    First time poster, excellent analysis, thanks for all you do. What are the chances that Tony’s information on Seahawks entering the first round to grab Ridder is just a smokescreen to put the squeeze on Cleveland to repeat the Osweiler saga (this time to their disadvantage) and give the Hawks draft capital and/or salary relief to get rid of Baker Mayfield?

    • dj 1/2 way

      Welcome to the party!

      I too am a lurker, but it seemed like somebody should respond.

      Interesting thought. Rob has said that some of the info leaked is to manipulate the draft and thus the other teams. It could be as you speculate. What are the chances? Maybe ten percent for that exact scenario. What are the chances it was leaked for general manipulation? Got to be 80-100%.

      I do not want Baker or any other retreads out there. I prefer the retread we already have. But, I suppose, everybody has a price. If they offer the Seahawks enough maybe they do it.

  8. Denver Hawker

    If a pass rusher is there and they trade back, I’m going to eat my shirt. Even if Jets, Commanders, Vikings don’t take one, there isn’t stopping another team from trading up to take one. I’m not sure getting an extra R3 or R4 is worth that risk at that point. Big dice roll.

    • Bmseattle

      I totally agree.
      That is the definition of “being cute” and then getting burned.

    • Ghost Mutt

      Agreed. I’d be terrified that the jets would trade #10 to the niners, and we’d have to watch JJ or Kayvon wreck Penning for the next decade.

      • Big Mike

        Penning won’t see a second contract imo. A new regime will FINALLY be hired when their contracts run out and Ms. Buffoon sells the team.

    • Peter

      I’ve checked my sources which is just me and determined there is 100% zero benefit of rolling the dice from 9 to 13 for an extra fourth and fifth round pick if Kayvon or Johnson are there.

      You see after careful examination of the roster, the subtractions, and the additions this off season whether it’s a 3-4 or 4-3 is decidedly one of the most uninspiring groups ever assembled.

  9. Roy Batty

    I’ve tried to be optimistic that the boys got their groove back, but I can see Pete and John trading back for more draft picks, even with JJ staring them right in the face at 9.

    It would really suck, but I would not be shocked. The last few years has been one badly mismanaged draft/FA period after another.

    The lead-up to pick 9, watching all the picks, trades and commentary is going to be an ulcer-inducing butterfly frenzy in my stomach.

  10. Bruce Smith

    Meant to post this as a question and not a reply.
    Two questions:
    1. Can you post the link to your live blog. I’d like to watch yours versus ESPN.

    2. Can you post the draft value chart for us

    Thanks in advance.


    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but in case it helps:

      1. I suspect you may be confusing “live blog” with “live stream”. Usually, by “live blog” it means you can come here and refresh the page to read Rob’s thoughts as the picks are happening, as well as chat about them in the comments.


    • Rob Staton

      1. Can you post the link to your live blog. I’d like to watch yours versus ESPN.

      2. Can you post the draft value chart for us

      Do you mean the trade chart? Google ‘Rich Hill draft trade chart’

  11. MontanaMike

    Hi Rob, lifetime lurker and occasional commentator. I’ve really depended on this site these last few years as I seldom watch college games unless it’s local, last year my enthusiasm pretty much died. Over the years I’ve watched us take the cute surprise pick while the guy I wanted always seems to go to division rivals, case in point; I couldn’t believe Buddah Baker fell to us, only to pick Mcdouche and watch the Cardinals pick him, it happens every damn year, please God not this year. I really don’t want a QB atall in the draft until next year soonest. I know Geno is very limited but he knows our system and i want to tank for next year, we need to accumulate strength in the trenches. The last few years passing on Creed Humphries and trading a ton of mid round picks when decent center prospects are in the mid rounds. A 5th rounder could have gotten us something, move Damien back to Right Guard and stop screwing with the line.
    This year is actually improving my attitude, I loved Russ but a few things are apparent to me. I did backflips when we drafted him, but he made me nervous about wanting to be a billionaire football player and his desire to be a celebrity more than a football player was also worrisome. I could deal with his love of Michael Jackson, hanging out with Justin Bieber, and Ciara, but if Tom Brady kept that mentality than he wouldn’t have a handful of rings. Just a little concession could have made a difference, his demands were outrageous too. He was more than just salary to keep satisfied, you can’t get all the resources of the team and expect them to keep doing more with less. This was both sides though. Either way we weren’t getting anywhere patching holes and throwing away draft capital, it was long overdue for a change. We need blue chip talent and solid roster picks, not swing for the fences.
    Pete had to give assurances to Clint Hurt and his staff that he wouldn’t pull the rug out, I also think switching to a 3-4 is a good thing, we need a dominant LB to not only replace Bobby but someone who fits the scheme. We’re in a hole in our division and I don’t want to be mediocre for the next decade. Please don’t take Penning, we don’t need another guard, we don’t need another project, we don’t need a handful of Safeties. For the first time in years I’m anticipating and embracing change. PS hi to all my friends from years gone by, I hope we’re rejoicing the picks this year.

    • Big Mike

      Please come back at the end of the year and give us your thoughts about trading Russ then.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Lets see how he does at Denver before passing judgement.

    • God of Thunder

      Build the trenches, yes!

      Trading RW, unpleasant… but a necessary evil.

  12. GoHawksDani

    Why are you torturing us Rob?
    I can’t have hope, not with this FO. After articles like this, I’m like “Yeah! It’s possible they trade down from 9 to 13 and pick JJ and still have a bunch of picks”, but we all know, that
    a, unfortunately pretty unlikely
    b, even if they would be in a situation like that, they’d likely mess that up

    Imagine #9 KT and JJ still on the board. They announce a trade back (blog fans are mad and crying). We’re at 13 and KT and JJ still on board, they announce another trade back to like 17 (SDBers are banging their head to the wall). But hey, miracle, JJ is still available at 17!!! But they take that pick and select Desmond Ridder instead of JJ.

    I have my doubts if they’d do THAT bad of a job, but I can see them doing that sooner than make a good, sound decision.
    I don’t wanna get depressed even before they mess up this draft, but I cannot let myself hope, because with this team, hopes get shattered more than they not

  13. MontanaMike

    Hi Rob, lifetime lurker and occasional commentator. I’ve really depended on this site these last few years as I seldom watch college games unless it’s local, last year my enthusiasm pretty much died. Over the years I’ve watched us take the cute surprise pick while the guy I wanted always seems to go to division rivals, case in point; I couldn’t believe Buddah Baker fell to us, only to pick Mcdouche and watch the Cardinals pick him, it happens every damn year, please God not this year. I really don’t want a QB atall in the draft until next year soonest. I know Geno is very limited but he knows our system and i want to tank for next year, we need to accumulate strength in the trenches. The last few years passing on Creed Humphries and trading a ton of mid round picks when decent center prospects are in the mid rounds. A 5th rounder could have gotten us something, move Damien back to Right Guard and stop screwing with the line.
    This year is actually improving my attitude, I loved Russ but a few things are apparent to me. I did backflips when we drafted him, but he made me nervous about wanting to be a billionaire football player and his desire to be a celebrity more than a football player was also worrisome. I could deal with his love of Michael Jackson, hanging out with Justin Bieber, and Ciara, but if Tom Brady kept that mentality than he wouldn’t have a handful of rings. Just a little concession could have made a difference, his demands were outrageous too. He was more than just salary to keep satisfied, you can’t get all the resources of the team and expect them to keep doing more with less. This was both sides though. Either way we weren’t getting anywhere patching holes and throwing away draft capital, it was long overdue for a change. We need blue chip talent and solid roster picks, not swing for the fences.
    Pete had to give assurances to Clint Hurt and his staff that he wouldn’t pull the rug out, I also think switching to a 3-4 is a good thing, we need a dominant LB to not only replace Bobby but someone who fits the scheme. We’re in a hole in our division and I don’t want to be mediocre for the next decade. Please don’t take Penning, we don’t need another guard, we don’t need another project, we don’t need a handful of Safeties. For the first time in years I’m anticipating and embracing change. PS hi to all my friends from years gone by, I hope we’re rejoicing the picks this year. It keeps saying duplicate message and won’t let me post

    • STTBM

      Great post Mike! I blame JS and OC far more than Russ: he wasn’t taking up so much cap room they couldn’t field a great roster, it’s more the fact they’ve blown 7 of 8 drafts since 2012 and really made chicken sh*t out of chicken salad with their top picks, to say nothing of blowing free agency and overpaying middling players. It takes real screwups to turn the best roster in the NFL (or second best) in 2014 to the mess it’s in now, and to lose 10 games with RW at QB in all but three.

      As for his gross rock-star-itis, I don’t think it hurt his play one bit. I think his play was limited by PC and Carl Tater Smiths crap philosophies. Now we’ll get to see RW take the next step–too bad it’s not for us!

      I got very little hope Seattle doesn’t blow this draft. But I’m trying…

  14. Burner

    Could Seattle move up to Carolina at #6 if a player they really liked dropped to there? Surely it wouldn’t cost much?

    • Sea Mode

      It would likely cost us either our R3 pick or our R4+R5 picks. That’s a lot in a deep draft like this.

  15. Hawk Finn

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I agree with everything but the QB sitch. I want no part of Geno nor tanking. I’m fine with taking a flyer (flier?) on a QB anytime round three or later, or even possibly near the end of round 2. The whole “Geno knows the system” thing is confusing because so does Eason, at a fraction of the cost for similar production.

    • Hawk Finn

      This was in response to MontanaMike

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I don’t think that any QB drafted this year is going to have an effect on how the team performs next season . They are certainly not going to be ready to start and would most likely not be any better than Drew or Geno. I wouldn’t grab a QB at all this year unless they are sure that he might be the future, and like you said, it should not be any sooner than the 4th or 5th rounds.

  16. Big Mike

    First of all, Rob: Thank you so very much for the time, effort and knowledge you put into the draft from the Seahawks perspective. I’m no draftnik by any stretch so while you miss on occasion with your evaluations like everyone else including NFL executives, you are correct way more often than not and it gives me a great idea of what teams are getting when they draft a certain player.

    As for the Seahawks, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that they’re going to draft Germaine Ifedi 2.0 who goes by the name Trevor Penning. And then for them to frost the shit cake with Ridder, oh my. How incredibly sad to start what should be a rebuild with those 2. But Pete Carroll did claim the team “was close” so this should come as no surprise to anyone. To make matters worse, I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the top 4 pass rushers will be available and they’ll still trade down and draft Ifedi…, Penning.


    • Peter

      Here’s a stat line for you:

      17/32, 144 yards, 0tds, 0ints


      That was Ridder against Alabama in the playoffs. How on earth is he going to overcome that when the whole league is filled with the top end of the top end.

      I’m not an idiot. Surely Alabama was going to win. But a near 50% completion rate for 4.5 yards a completion? Give me a F—ing break. How’s that gonna work when the rams trot out a DT better than anyone AL has ever produced and Jalen Ramsey doing his thing? When you get to face both Bosas in a season. Patrick Surtain is out there locking it down. Maybe the chargers do your thing and get Jordan Davis. If ‘bama was hard wait til you find out who is in the nfl.

      I just get the scene from “Friday night lights,” on repeat:

      “They’re bigger than us. They’re faster than us, coach.”

      • Ukhawk

        Great post Rob, couple of reactions for u…
        – Penning better not be their first choice and even moreso Ridder as their second. I’d consider a fan embargo if they were both taken. But here is why I don’t think it’ll happen:
        – King on a podcast along with Shraeger said this is the absolute toughest year to predict things – and these are insiders. Hence there is an immense amount of uncertainty.
        – I believe the Hawks are doing the right thing by exploring trades up and down. This will allow them to discover the market, understand where they can move and infer who wants whom.
        – Given the uncertainty, the hope is that they must be exploring alternatives and planning for contingency rather than targeting specific players.
        – I also think, in agreement per your podcast with jake & Stacy, that when the smoke clears it’ll be the premium positions which go first. The question is the order…
        – Hawks need talent and difference makers. Penning nor Ridder are those Guys. Penning looks like a reincarnation of Breno Giacomni. Get guys who win or even dominate at their positions, worst case guys who are great at something (yes like Jordan Davis controlling the run game)!
        -Don’t just fill holes, think longer term. Hopefully logic prevails, JSPS should take a leaf out of Tampa and LAs books to build a team first, and find a proven or high caliber QB once ready.

        • Bankhawk

          Yeah! I had that same image of Penning as the second coming of Big Brenno the Ornery: though, sadly-not in any of the relatively few ‘good ways’.

  17. Peter

    One thing that makes me very curious regardless of who falls in the draft is the idea that new coaches often get a shot at “their guy,” in the draft.

    With a new defense on one side and a new oline and presumably (?) a new-ish offensive scheme who is the winner in that tie?

    Hurtt says he wants to get after it rushing the passer.

    Desai is speaking Pete’s lingo and does good work with DB’s and maybe three safety sets.

    Waldron how loud is his voice? What does he need to make his offense go? Can they get linemen from wherever? Is he a three reciever guy?

  18. MontanaMike

    Hawk Finn, it’s all good, I meant that having Geno is just like tanking.

  19. Dennis Simonson

    I always appreciate the articles!

    I really hope you are right, Penning + Ridder sounds like a real possibility when we could go so many other places!! It would have been nice to have a hedge at RT & LT.

    I bet that Carroll believes he can coach his picks up so just go for raw physical talent, which is sad when we finally have an early pick!

  20. Hawk Scott

    Just brilliant commentary and analysis, Rob! Is it too late to hope that PC or JS are reading this blog in secret, and it’s enough to give them second thoughts on Ridder? That move might even be worse that LJ Collier… especially when you consider how selecting the wrong QB can set a franchise back for many years.

    Like you, I’m hoping for Zion in a trade-back scenario (unless Thibs or Johnson are there at #9). If there’s a legit pass rusher there for the taking, you’ve gotta grab him. That’s not the time to get cute and try to trade back. Maybe Hurtt can gang-tackle PC/JS before the pick, and Desai will jump on the phone to make the pick.

    In any case, tomorrow’s gonna be interesting. Thanks again for all the incredible content! Every year you somehow seem to top yourself, and this year’s been no different. THANK YOU!!!

    P.S. I’m heading to the West End next month for 10 days. Any can’t-miss pubs/restaurants you’d care to recommend?

    • David Ashton

      Depends what kind of stuff you like HawkScott! Got loads of places

      • Hawk Scott

        Thanks Dave!!! I’m not picky. I’ll be staying in Covent Garden, so ideally places that are within walking distance (or a quick Tube ride away). I tend to stay away from the chain/franchise places. But I’ll be looking to experience pubs and restaurants that really showcase the UK.

        The main purpose of the trip is to see shows in the West End, but I’m definitely hoping to take advantage of some other things while I’m there (sightseeing, Cotswolds tour, etc).

        Thanks again!!!!

        • David Ashton

          Roti King in Euston. Good for malaysian, nice and cheap!

          Old fogg groggs tavern – quirky style pub/bar near covent.

          Rules near covent garden is an old english place been open since forever. Very quintessentially english. Bit pricey but an experience!

          Elystan st is my fave restaurant in town but that is defo worth it for a treat. Its a bit south from covent. Truly special place

          Moro at farringdon for a really nice authentic mediterranean/moroccan

          Francamanca is a popular pizza chain in london and also Pizza Pilgrims is good!

          • David Ashton

            Any questions shout

            • Hawk Scott

              Thanks SO much, David!!!! Definitely appreciate the recommendations! I’ll try to hit as many of those as possible.

              Thanks again!!!

              • Arthur

                I’d have to second Francamanca – that’s a go-to for me when I used to work around the area!

                Old Fogg is good as well. I also really enjoyed going to The Chandos after work for drinks. Another spot I frequented was The Porterhouse.

                If you enjoy cheese and wine, I tend to bring folks to Gordon’s Wine Bar.

                A fast-food chain that I miss is Nandos – Peri-peri chicken and their halloumi wraps are great!

  21. Sean-O

    Apparently the Panthers & Ravens like Penning too (visited with Tennessee also).

  22. Ben

    I have to say unless Ridder happens in a trade up I’m just not gonna worry about it. The smokescreen season is upon us, and it’s a little too much guesswork for me to sort out. Pauline is definitely the most clued in around when it comes to Seahawks drafts. Alarm bells, but just gonna wait it out…

    Much bigger fan of where things are headed elsewhere per the rumor mill. If we traded down and still got one the top DL, OL, or CB, whewwwww. Hoping the WR run starts early and hot. As much as I’d like to the beneficiary of a big cowboys trade up for Thibs or Stingley, it’d be hard not to just pick them. Perhaps teams later in the round will come in hot enough that folks picking 11-14 need to pay a little more. I still expect the trades up market to be quieter, but one can hope!

    Final thought: I swear JS doesn’t mind inaccurate QBs so that’s what scares me more than Pauline’s report.

    • Ben

      Oh and forgot Cam Robinson just signed a long term deal. Had been hoping he came to Seattle prior to the tag, or next year, but Lt’s are hard to come by. I don’t think it changes there Ekwonu pick, he’d slot in great at LG for them, and really solidify the line for Lawrence and the wealthy mediocrity WRs.

  23. Starhawk29

    Ridder in the 1st? Ugh, that would be a nightmare. I really like the kid, but I have no idea how anyone can see him as a 1st round pick. He’s talented, successful, and competitive, but needs serious development as a passer. I’ve watched every game of his, some twice, and he is a mid round prospect. I have no issue taking him in round 3-4 if they really must have him, but in the 1st? That would be a Christian Ponder style reach.

    I do dispute, somewhat, his complete lack if success in the CFP. Iirc, he had them in position to score early in the 4th, but Pierce dropped a TD that hut him in the hands. Wouldn’t have won them the game, but would’ve put them in position to maybe launch a comeback.

    I obviously like the kid. In the past I compared him to Dak Prescott. If he goes to the right team, with the right coach and weapons, maybe he makes if. But Prescott went in the 4th for a reason, and so should Ridder.

    • Hoggs41

      Its not about the first round pick as its about the 5th year option which is so valuable for a QB.

      • Starhawk29

        The 5th year option is certainly important, look where the Ravens would be without it, but that is not an excuse to overdraft someone. With the franchise tag you have 5 years of club control anyway, and QBs that are worth their salt will get extended by this leadership group.

        Acquiring Ridder in the 1st, likely via trade up, is a franchise crushing move. Expending extra draft capital on a player that doesn’t deserve it just to say you picked a QB is the kind of thing that gets you fired. It would make the LJ Collier pick look like a home run.

        • Peter

          Agree. The fifth year option is immaterial for a qb. In this market whether you’re a first round or UDFA if you show out you get a new deal at the end of the third year.

        • CL

          I’m not a fan of trading back up in round 1 to pick Ridder, just want to make this clear.

          But maybe the league is viewing him differently, though.

          “The one thing I’ve learned from talking with teams is that just about everybody has got a first-round grade on Desmond Ridder,” Pauline said on the latest episode of Draft Insiders. “People have been projecting him in the first round and the latest information I’ve been given backs that up.”

          This was roughly two weeks ago.

          • mtpgod

            Didn’t Pauline also recently say that the top 3-4 qbs have 3rd round grades but will go in the first round?

            • J.D.

              That was Scot McCloughan’s position.

            • CL

              That was Scot McCloughan in the interview with Rob

  24. Spectator

    Here is my wishful scenario… Atlanta chooses to kick off the wr run, saints get desperate not to miss their guy, give up good value to trade up from 16. Jets then miss their guy and get really desperate and give up an Adams like deal for DK, which includes 10 and 38. Hawks then take KT or JJ at 10. They then take Jordan Davis or Devil Lloyd or even Olave. At 38 and 40, they go linderbaum and Lucas. 41 they grab Christian Watson (or LB depending on if they go we at 16).. In third they get Jaylen Armour-Davis and then BPA. 4th pierce.

  25. cha

    Rob before things get crazy tomorrow wanted to say how much I appreciate the effort this draft season. You’ve cranked it up and lapped the field a second time and once again demonstrated the value of longform writing.

    This site is a Seahawks Safe Haven.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

    • Derek


      I wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation for all that you do, your content is better than any subscription service out there.

      I give what I can to your Patreon and hope everyone will consider doing so!

      • Big Mike

        I don’t like Patreon because they do auto withdrawals which I’m death on. I prefer to do Superchats but to each his own. The point is to keep donating to keep this content coming.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I have the same dislike for Patreon. What I would be more interested in is if Rob had a goal to purchase something, and a one time donation link toward that goal.

    • crazykind

      I second this emotion! Best football site on the web

  26. Hoggs41

    Here is a question to Rob and the community. Do we think the Seahawks will want go trade down no matter who is available to them at 9?

    • Big Mike

      Sadly, I do even if Thibs or JJ are there.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Sadly, I think they probably will so they can gather more picks to miss more real impact players with. Hopefully they prove me wrong. I’d love nothing more than for them to grab a game changing defensive player with #9.

  27. Big Mike

    BobbyK, do come back and join us. Don’t let the bastards get you down just cuz they want to tell you how to be a fan.

    • Peter


      And to Seattle Lifer.

      And quite a few others.

      • Big Mike


  28. Hawk Finn

    Merry Draft Eve to everyone! Hope we don’t come away with a bunch of coal. Or worse, tube socks.

    • Peter

      I’d prefer tube socks to the new reports.

  29. Jeff Strand

    I’ve felt all along there’s no way the Hawks stay at nine. I fully expect them to trade back once, if not twice in the first, draft someplace between 12 and 21 and pick up three to five additional picks.

    Rob, appreciate the tons of work you put into your craft and your list of the top 125(?) players from a few days ago has been printed and will be used while I watch the draft.

  30. cha

    You really want to trumpet this guy as a successful pick Seahawks?


    • Peter

      Do you think it’s easier to cut cardboard with a box knife, heavy shears, or should I get a local print shop to do it? I’m running a bit short on time.

      • Big Mike

        Print shop. It’s cheaper than what they’ve spent on this guy to produce 5 good games in 4 years.

  31. GoHawksDani

    Tried a couple of mock simulators, but only PFF seems decent where I could also trade.
    Wanted to try what happens if we trade back a bigger and select Penning, then trade up to late first to select Ridder. What could be our options later.
    Traded #9 to #19 and #49 with Saints. Not sure how valid that trade is, but didn’t seem too over the top.
    Selected Penning at #19
    Traded #41, #152, #153 with Bengals for #31
    Selected Ridder at #31
    Picks left: #40, #49 (from Saints), #72, #109, #229

    After 2 O picks, wanted a player for the D. LB is OK, but I think at 49 there’ll be plenty of options available. The best edge/DE guys are gone, but there are still some OK prospects there, so selected Bonitto. Rob wrote an article about him, he can rush the passer, didn’t have major concerns apart from how he rush the passer previously. Some risks, but a pretty decent pickup imo

    I hated pick no 49. So hard to decide. There are still some good LBs on the board, some decent CBs, some interesting DTs…But the best value here would probably be an iOL. Hawks rarely draft CB early, and I think there’ll be LB options remaining for #72 too.
    Picked up Jurgens, which would be a great addition

    Fortunately Tindall was still on board for 72. Not sure how likely it is, but I think it’s a possibility, so picked him there.

    109 was also hard. Really want a good RB (Zamir White was still on the board), but also think we need good, young CBs. I don’t think we have a CB1. Coleman is better suited to play nickel, Brown while was good, but only played a couple of snaps. Jones had his ups and downs and Burns is a new guy. I think we need to take shots to find a potential Sherm (not exactly, just in caliber). So picked Damarri Mathis. Rob wrote this about him: “I’m a huge fan. His testing is through the roof and he just loves to stick a helmet in there and rough people up.” – I wouldn’t mind roughing people up in the secondary a bit more (wink, wink Jamal Adams)

    For 229 I picked Tyrin Davis-Price. Not Daemon, not Zamir, but Rob wrote this about him: “Big, athletic and explosive. He has great feet to shimmy away from tackles and the power to burst through opponents.” – which sounds pretty good considering a 7th round pick.

    So at the end, finished with this draft:
    #19 – Penning (OT)
    #31 – Ridder (QB)
    #40 – Bonitto (edge)
    #49 – Jurgens (OC)
    #72 – Tindall (LB)
    #109 – Mathis (CB)
    #229 – Davis-Price (RB)

    Some nastiness and hopefully power and being the bully (Penning, Jurgens, Mathis)
    Some speed and elusiveness (Bonitto, Tindall, TDP)
    Not loving the first 2 picks, especially the trade-up for Ridder (especially since Percy Butler, Obinna Eze, Smoke Monday, Kaleb Eleby, Jack Coan were still on the board for #152 and #153), and not trading up/moving around to pick up other players (Clemons went for 146, Dominique Robinson 137, Kevin Austin 131, Zamir White 121, Cade Otton 115, so plenty of value between 110 and 150)…but, I wouldn’t hate all of this draft. Wouldn’t sell me on the future nor for the next season, but maybe something could be there to work with

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      Interesting. Thing is, I have more confidence in you than in PC/JS. I think JS believes a successful draft is having 15 picks in R 5-7.

    • Roy Batty

      The PFF simulator can be ridiculous, at times.

      DC gave me almost every pick they had just to move up to 9.

    • Big Mike

      This draft would be very “Seahawky” in that the 3rd, 4thy and 5th guys you picked would quite likely end up better players than the first two.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      How about this for some nastiness though, instead of over-drafting for need in the first with Penning you could trade DK for 10th overall and get 2 difference makers on the D-line in round 1.

      R1:9 Jermaine Johnson
      R1:10 Jordan Davis
      R2:38 Desmond Ridder
      R2:40 Abraham Lucas
      R2:41 Christian Watson
      R3:72 Cam Jurgens
      R4:109 Michael Clemons
      R5:152 Jalen Wydermyer
      R5:153 Josh Jobe
      R7:229 Tyrion Davis-Price

      Imagine having a D-line rotation with Johnson, Clemons, Davis, Ford, Harris, Taylor, Nkemdiche, Robinson. You can still pick up Ridder in the early 2nd and add a starting L Tackle in Lucas, a Center in the 3rd with Jurgens. Even if the Jets get stingy and don’t offer a 2nd round pick in the package for Metcalf, you could take a hit to the WR position without Christian Watson and be better overall.

      • Ben

        That’d be an interesting draft for sure, though I’d just avoid Ridder in there and go after Muma, Troy Anderson, Chenal etc.

        My last sim I traded way down to load up on potential. If you can pull off some miracles at the end of the 1st and all through the 2nd, this team would also be interesting (without giving up DK), just not as sure a thing:
        30. Logan Hall
        31.Kyler Gordon
        40.Abraham Lucas
        47.Travis Jones
        62.Troy Andersen
        72.Nik Bonitto
        99.Cameron Jurgens
        109.Dameon Pierce
        130.Jelani Woods
        145.Smoke Monday
        168.Josh Jobe
        202.Logan Bruss
        229.Jack Coan
        231.Cade York
        2023 WAS 4th

  32. cha

    Breer some Seahawks thoughts but shares a Ridder nugget I wasn’t aware of.

    Why not work with a coach? Seems very odd to me.

    With Ridder, really, the central question is clear, and that’s whether you think his accuracy can be corrected. Some coaches think, because he never really worked with a personal coach until after his junior year, that intensive mechanical work could do for him what it once did for Josh Allen. Others are harder to convince.

    • Big Mike

      That list of QBs picked in the back half of round 1 that’s in this article isn’t exactly making dream of Seahawk Super Bowls. Pu wait, Pete and John gonna find the next Lamar/Erin. Never mind, we good.

  33. Sea Mode

    Just appeared in Breer’s mailbag. Reassuring:

    Seahawks have any interest in drafting Desmond Ridder 1st round (either trade in late first round or at 9)?

    Evan, see the above—my guess, and this is a guess, is that Seattle would take Corral if it takes a quarterback at all. But you do hear a little buzz that Ridder could sneak in the bottom of the first round, and teams certainly have the radar up for Tennessee taking him.

    With Ridder, really, the central question is clear, and that’s whether or not you think his accuracy can be corrected. Some coaches think, because he never really worked with a personal coach until after his junior year, that intensive mechanical work could do for him what it once did for Josh Allen. Others are harder to convince.

    Regardless, it’s going to take work.

    “What NFL quarterbacking has become, as a position coach, you have a certain amount of time with a guy, and then the rest is outsourced, and then you get them back,” one NFC offensive coordinator said the other day, as we talked about Ridder. “Can guys work on mechanics? No doubt. But at the end of day, what the NFL is, you have to throw from dirty pockets and still be accurate. So you get the guys coaching, and they can do it in OTAs and in camp. But the true test, is when things are sped up, and guys are at their feet.

    “It’s hard to rewire a guy in that way.”

    This much is for sure—if anyone’s gonna do the work to get there, based on his reputation, it’s Ridder. We’ll see if he can make it happen.

    • Sea Mode

      And the above question he is referring to was this:

      Re Corral attending the draft yet not being mocked in anyone’s R1 – is this a function of teams being quiet? Do you expect him to go Day 1?

      I don’t think so, B’way, although Corral—a polarizing prospect for a few reasons—has been connected to teams through the rumor mill. I’ve heard his name for both the Seahawks and Falcons, and with the Saints, too (though it might be more the coaches, with the scouts in New Orleans liking Kenny Pickett). The question then would be whether or not Seattle or Atlanta would take him in the top 10, and I think the answer is no.

      But both can provide a bit of an example of how things might go down on Thursday night, since each could take a position player (I had the Falcons taking Drake London at No. 8 and the Seahawks tabbing Derek Stingley at No. 9 in my mock) first, then double back with their second pick and get a QB. And with each team carrying two second-rounders (Seattle has 40 and 41, the Falcons have 43 and 58), both have the firepower to get to the bottom of Round 1.

      To me, something like that happening for Corral would be more likely than him going in the top 10. This, though, is as unpredictable a year at the top as I can remember. So we’ll see.

    • cha

      Personally I’m the opposite, I’d take Ridder over Corral.

      • Derek

        I’m with you Cha.

        The toughness, competitiveness, and football IQ are slightly higher for me with Ridder which gives him a higher chance to succeed, IMHO. Plus, he ran a more pro-style offense and his O-line was hot garbage.

        • Peter

          Not sure how you judge:

          Football IQ

          Corral has been considered pretty tough. Bot qb’s the team loves. And Corral is just slightly more accurate.

          Feels a bit of a push between the two.

          • Peter

            Both wbs their team loves.

            • TomLPDX

              You really need to get a new keyboard Peter!

              • Big Mike

                Or smaller thumbs

                • Peter

                  The issue is I’m learning Spanish and Italian and my phone has had absolutely enough of it and then the terms that populate this place:


                  Etc, etc.

                  Plus as a contractor half my notes to myself are a jumble of fever dreams.

                  I’m lucky my phone even works!

                  This site has me reconsidering a laptop. Heck as I’m typing this I can’t even see half the stuff I’m typing.

                  • Bankhawk

                    I identify, bruh!

                • Peter

                  Sadly the thumbs are what they are. We can’t all have kenny pickett’s double jointed thumb that also conspires to make his hands somehow smaller than mine.

                  • Big Mike

                    OK that’s some funny shit right there my friend.

          • cha

            Ridder has mechanical issues but is more versed in a pro style offense.

            Corral has zero versing in a pro style offense and has some mechanical issues.

            I know that’s a super-simplified way of looking at it. But my preference runs to a guy who can work on mechanics and you don’t have to completely start from scratch teaching him how to run an NFL offense.

            My overriding thought though is, if you’re taking a QB that flawed, you’re going to have to curb and adjust your offense to him. It can be done, and done very well if you’re smart about it and know your limitations, and have a competent roster around him.

            Does any of what I described make you think of Pete Carroll and this team?

            Didn’t think so.

            • Big Mike

              Me neither, but Lamar liked your post.

            • Peter

              All good stuff Cha. I just think Corral might fit an RPO based offense a bit better.

              All of this stinks because everyone is going a round or even two higher than probably any would have last year and most likely next year.

              • Hawkdawg

                Corral for me. That release is really top notch. Tough, competitive guy. Would be worth a whirl.

                But, for me, not at 9, 41 OR 42. Classic case of perceived need leading to overdrafting.

                • Derek

                  I may prefer Ridder but I TOTALLY agree I would not take him higher than round 3.

                  We have two developmental QBs on the current roster I’m fine seeing what they can do and with so many other massive needs, just take the best guys on your board and get as many picks as you can to stockpile from this deep draft at LB, DE, CB, G/C, OT, and RB.

            • Starhawk29

              I dont think Ridders offense was any more pro style than Kiffin’s. Whole lot of the same bubble screen, RPOs, and designed plays. I think there is a great deal of similarity, at least from a surface level.

          • Derek

            Good questions Peter and appreciate the different perspective, for me on the mental stuff:

            – Ridder led Cincinnati into the College Football playoff without much talent on the offensive side

            – I’m no scout but he seems to have good awareness of pre-snap defenses, post-snap adjustments, and goes through his natural progressions -down to the checkdowns. All in a pro style offense.

            – Rob has shared this example, he’s telling teams he will win the starting job as a rookie out of training camp and is apparently presenting his “plan” for how he intends to do that. That’s about as “always comPETE” as a person can get (assuming there is some nuance to his “plan” and it’s not just “I’m gonna win it” LOL)

            Also, I take nothing away from Matt Corral, I like his mental game a lot too, only slightly higher on Ridder.

            • Peter

              If they go Ridder……I hope like heck it’s not Penning. The math may be tricky but they could get Zion and Lucas. Or linderbaum and Lucas.

              Please try to get a RB to keep the clocks on time.

              And it’s not Chase/Burrows but maybe Alec Pierce or Watson someone that can high point the ball.

              • Derek


                Stay away from QB in the first three rounds and go double/triple dip from each of these groups

                OT/OL: -Zion, Linderbaum, Lucas, Jurgens, Strange, Waletzko, Zach Tom, Obinna Eze, Logan Bruss, Max Mitchell

                LB: -Chenal, Tindall, Devin Lloyd, Troy Anderson, Quay Walker, Christian Harris, Chad Muma, Damone Clark

                -DE/EDGE: JJ, KT, Mafe, Enagbare, Paschal, Ebiketie, Bonitto, Myjai Sanders, Dom Robinson, Michael Clemons, Amare Barno

                -RB: Breece Hall, Pierce, Zamir White, Brian Robinson, Max Borghi, Hassan Haskins, ZaQuandre White

                Obviously there are DTs, CBs, S, WRs, and TEs I like too but I think the depth above is ridiculous.. please do not reach for a QB in this draft.

  34. Rob Staton

    The trolls are out in force today

    Some absolute nobbers on the go

    • Mick

      The way I see things Rob, as many trolls as are out there, you have at least as many people really appreciating your work.

      • Hawk Finn

        Speaking as someone that loves Rob’s work yet trolls the board anyway, I concur.

  35. JimN

    Rob, just a big thank you for being such a professional and providing so much content for us. You are courageous for providing scenarios and mocks that you personally don’t agree with, but which are a potential option.

    Much earlier on, you mentioned how agents and teams get very involved in the speculation business we are seeing here with all the reports and opinions flying about. I think we need to acknowledge them, but then get back to basics that formed our opinions in the first place. I think that is what you will be doing with your award winning Huddle draft entry.

    Here are my conclusions, seeded of course by much of the information you have brought us all.
    1. I am thinking that the PC/JS team will be sane this draft and won’t reach. They will be listening to their new senior coaches.
    2. I think Lock is their guy for 2022. Total superflage in these high round QB picks. I do like them adding a later choice like Jack Coen for competition and perhaps a backup guy. If he excels with new coaching and opportunity that is a win. If not, the 2023 class is waiting. I think it is the influence of the sports draft media that makes us think that a High round QB pick will occur. Back to common sense.
    3. It seems like the major question will be if they see this year to go Defensive, Offensive, or blended draft bias for 2022. I think that 2023 is being considered as well. Back to the concept that the Wilson trade was done with a “plan”.
    4. Rob has mocked both an offensive and defensive strategy. I think the FO has both in place, and (hopefully) will wait to see how the board comes to them. Yes, i am choosing to be an optimist. I think that any trade back/up scenarios has been gamed already, including a blow it out of the water DK offer from someone.

    Rob, you make our little corner of the universe a lot of fun, keeping out politics, and allowing honest discussion where we can even disagree (imagine that) with someone. A big thank you for that. Will be rooting that you ACE the Huddle draft. Happy Draft eve from me to all of you!

    • Big Mike

      Admire your optimism. Sincerely hope you’re right. I don’t have the faith in them you do based on recent draft history, FA approach, etc. Sincerely hope I’m wrong.

      • TomLPDX

        Well, we’ll know Saturday afternoon, that’s for sure.

  36. SebA

    Thanks so much for the coverage thus far, Rob. I desperately hope we do something sensible/along your lines of thought rather than a horrendous late 1st rd QB pick. I would love to have a fearsome defence again, and something like a Thibodeaux/Taylor pairing would go a decent way to making that happen.

  37. Chavac

    Words cannot express how much I hope this Ridder in the first (or second) talk is a smokescreen. If there is a single player in this whole draft who I hope the Seahawks DON’T take it is him and it’s not even close.

  38. Gaux Hawks

    “Being able to get a top-four pass rusher in round one, then bolstering your offensive line in round two (Tyler Linderbaum? Cam Jurgens? Cole Strange? Abraham Lucas?) and then adding the best talent available at #41 (or after a small move down) would be a true foundation-building plan.”

    ^ YES PLEASE!!

  39. unHappy Hawk

    Rob – Thanks Best Draft coverage anywhere in my opinion. Also, best analysis of what the Seahawks look for and their drafting trends. Nobody and I mean nobody has as thorough draft reporting and willingness to move off media favorites to find possible “fits” to the Hawks. This years first round and more specifically top 15 selection options are wide open. Nothing set in stone and widely differing opinions. That could be ideal for the Hawks at #9.

    My big fear is that taking into account that a Goal without a Plan is a Wish = Seahawks in the 2022 draft. I do not clearly hear or see the Plan? and the Ridder/Penning/Corral talk seems wishful than foundational in the construction of the post Wilson/Wagner Seahawks.

    Thanks Rob – daily treats/posts every day the last few weeks has spoiled us!

  40. Simo

    Just happened to have a quick trip to Vegas planned this weekend, and I was able to talk my wife into attending the first round of the draft! I’m sure there will be other Hawks fans in attendance as well. It should be fun, lots to do during the draft experience sounds like. Here’s to hoping they go with the best player strategy and don’t just try to fill holes!

    • Sea Mode

      Cool, hope you have a great time! First year in a while Seahawks fans can be somewhat sure we’ll actually pick in the first round!

    • Peter

      Sounds fun!

      Sure you wouldn’t be better off taking in a penn and teller show? At least the surprises would probably make you happy.

      • Simo

        We’ll definitely catch a couple shows, but I’ll probably never attend the NFL draft again, so a once in a lifetime thing, I think! Oh, and it will be around 90 degrees all weekend, so some sun and pool time are also on the agenda!

        • Peter

          The draft would be cool as hell once for sure.

          I’m dying here in the middle of oregon. April showers and all that I think it’s high time for me to get a uv light or something in my shop.

          Enjoy the heat and the pool.

        • DarrellDownUnder

          Sweet, I was all set for the Vegas draft before Covid struck.
          I’d be there this year but now in Australia.
          Absinthe at Caesars is highly recommended and of course some day drinking at the pool.
          Sounds like a beautiful weekend mate.


    Reading your blog makes me feel like the Pres receiving the Intelligence Report
    Its made for the thinking Person and I appreciate it.
    I agree Thibodeaux is made for this Hybrid D and Carrol
    I have to Believe Desie and Hurt will get some Love in this draft early

  42. cha

    A completely unscientific, subjective opinion coming…

    Given Pauline has now twice talked about a ‘Penning & trade up for a QB’ scenario, I took the PFN simulator and Rob’s horizontal board and tried my hardest to run that scenario and come away with some good stuff in the middle rounds to settle my stomach.

    I ran 15 simulations, and ignored crazy trade offers and players available at ridiculously low positions.

    Of the 15, I got 4 simulations where I was able to trade down from 9 to take Penning and trade up from 40, AND:

    -the trade comp was reasonable and I didn’t need to turn around and give it away to move up from 40
    -there were players within reason in the 2nd round that could really impact the roster positively (your Jurgens, Tindall, Pierce, Sam Williams types etc) and in the 3rd/4th rounds (your Eze, Clemons, Bruss, Zamir White, Skyy Moore types)

    So about a 25% hit rate.


    • Derek

      A silver lining, thank you Cha.

      I’ve said I like Ridder over Corral but I’d still rather they wait and see if he’s available later, even RD 2 seems high. We have two young QBs on the roster in Lock and Eason that I’m perfectly happy giving them a chance to develop.

      Like everyone, hoping we use this year’s picks for the trenches and building foundational talent again.

  43. Gaux Hawks

    Would you rather take Jermaine Johnson at 9 or trade down for Boye Mafe and pick up Dameon Pierce with the extra pick (hypothetically)? I think I’d trade down in this scenario…

  44. Jordan

    Excellent piece.

    With such an unpredictable top 10, guys like Thibs, Stingley, Davis, Sauce, JJ, and Zion become even more appealing as they are the handful of guys that you’d be satisfied with drafting between 10-20 in any draft. All would be towards the top of their position group in any draft.

    The Okung/Thomas approach is the better way to go rather than forcing a need.

  45. Jordan

    If you were really serious about taking your QB of the future this draft I’d imagine that you’d have Brown back at a raise already, understanding the importance of not ruining said QB’s chances.

    • CD

      Maybe they do have a gentleman’s deal in place with Brown and will reveal after the draft, keeping it unofficial to not tip their hand????

      • Bankhawk

        That possibility occurred to me as well; at least some sort of “if you get an offer in the meantime, come back and talk to us before you sign. A chance to match, or top it?
        Has anyone heard rumors to indicate whether relations relations with the big guy have gone frosty or remain congenial?

  46. JimQ

    Another “tool” regarding draftable players –rankings– that I like. I can’t 100% say that analytics are always totally accurate, but from what I’ve seen here, a fair idea of approximate draft position is possible. Check it out. LINK:

  47. CWagner

    If they can’t nab a top Edge or Stingley I really hope they trade back and someone else gets Penning before them lol. Watching his tape trying to show off is really off-putting and says a lot about him. I think you’re exactly right about him being a fake tough guy. Also off-putting are some of the offensive linemen the Seahawks have chosen in the first round this past decade.

  48. HawkFan907


    Thank you so much for all that you do. The time and effort you put into this blog is amazing.

    Question for you: Say the Jets end up taking Ekwonu at 4 if he is there(which Pauline has suggested as a possibility for months). Could you see the Seahawks flipping a mid round pick this year/next year for Becton? He is a hulking OT that seems to fit the Rams style of offense. There are risks involved with him (weight, personality) but it could be a low risk, high reward type of move that the Seahawks have attempted in the past. I wouldn’t think it prevents us from taking Lucas in the 2nd either, as he would slot over at RT. A line of Becton, Lewis, Blythe, Jackson, Lucas looks pretty dang solid.

    • cha

      I’d offer the Jets LJ Collier and some used jockstraps for Becton.

      • Big Mike

        Not even the proverbial bag of footballs? Man you drive a hard bargain.

    • Ben

      Not Rob- but usually we wait til the highly touted top ten player has fully busted to bring in…

      If he could be had for a mid rounder I’d bite though…

      • HawkFan907

        It just seems like a JS/PC type of move tbh. Pauline mentioned that the asking price wouldn’t be very high. It’d be more likely that Indy and Chicago would be in on him.

  49. Madmark

    Here’s my draft the 1st pick hasn’t changed since February. I’m trading down at least to low 20’s. I’m going to use Pittsburg trading pick 20, 52, 84 for Seattle’s 9th.
    20 Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa
    40 Arnold Ebiketie Edge Penn St. if he gone Boyle Mafe Edge Minnesota
    41 Abraham Lucas OT Washington St.
    52 Troy Andersen LB Montana St. if he gone Channing Tindall LB Georgia
    72 Dameon Pierce RB Florida
    84 Logan Bruss OL Wisconsin
    109 Damarri Mathis CB Pittsburg
    145 Haskell Garrett DT Ohio St.
    153 Smoke Monday S Auburn
    229 Bo Menton WR Rutgers
    I really wanted to address the OL. It never seemed to be the same after Max Ungar was traded to the Saints. I hope Bruss step in at right tackle but he probably be better at the guard position. Its always fun to dream.

    • Madmark

      This was my draft I never did another. I got 40,41,229 right. I’m okay with that.


    correct me if I’m wrong
    You dont have to re enter the 1st to get Ridder he will be there till the middle if not late 2nd

    • Bmseattle

      Teams would want the 5th year option that comes with a 1st round pick.
      Saves big money, with a QB, especially.

  51. Magmatizer

    Interesting info from Scott Fitterer at his pre-draft conference:

    “Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer met with Sam Darnold on Monday and told the No. 3 pick of the 2018 NFL draft ‘there’s a pretty good chance’ the team will add a quarterback during the upcoming draft weekend.”

    “Fitterer, in Tuesday’s pre-draft news conference, said there are two quarterbacks the team feels comfortable selecting with the sixth overall pick.”

    After pick 6, the Panthers don’t select again until No. 137, which wouldn’t give them a realistic shot to get one of the top QBs. Given that Fitterer also said “we’re not going to move out of a pick just to acquire picks,” maybe there’s a chance one of the pass rushers falls to the Hawks? Just trying to stay optimistic about the draft at the moment.

    • Dregur

      On one hand, draft smoke screen and all that. But on the other hand…why? To tell people they’re willing to trade down by saying they’re not going to trade down because we’re drafting a QB?

      • Magmatizer

        I’m led to believe that this is some sort of smoke screen as well, but I found it odd that he would volunteer that information about the team’s QB outlook.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      All signs point to Carolina trading down from 6, they almost have to. Fitterer is just trying to drum up interest. This morning their owner, Tepper said unprompted, that they like Sam Darnold. Sure you do bud. Carolina is not any closer to the playoffs with any one player in this draft. They need picks bad.

      Its interesting that Fetterer is a JS protege. Will that connection come into play? If we move into 6, JS can let Fitt know what to expect from trading down 9,.

  52. Denver Hawker

    I can’t help but wonder if the recent media blitz of info is a coordinated effort to add more intrigue to the draft and boost TV audience. This year is already bereft of state players at the top. Creating Top-10 mystery would certainly help boost ratings.

    • Space Chief

      You might be on to something if Will Smith is in attendance.

  53. Sea Mode

    Lots of stuff per Fowler:

    Scouts and execs I talked to believe the Giants (No. 7) and Seahawks (No. 9) are among teams to watch for LSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr., who seems to have worked his way back into the top-10 conversation. There’s even some buzz about the Texans at No. 3, though Houston general manager Nick Caserio has kept his team’s plans very tight, as you wrote, Dan.


    Want to trade back? Join the club: Several teams want to trade out of the top 10, but many evaluators believe that will be tough, given the lack of can’t-miss, elite talents atop the draft.

    In fact, those same evaluators predict more movement in the 11-14 range because some teams believe the variance between Nos. 1 and 14 isn’t steep. If a player teams thought wouldn’t be available in the early teens somehow drops, calls will be made.

    We’re hearing Seattle (No. 9) has received calls from teams, though, so perhaps that’s a pivot point to watch closely.


    Samuel is the only big-name receiver who seems like a threat to be dealt. I’m getting strong indications Seattle is not dealing DK Metcalf. The Seahawks know he has generational ability that would be hard to give away.

  54. cha

    I feel like I need to add “FWIW” to Fowler quotes with some of the stuff he’s put out recently.

    Jeremy Fowler
    · 6m
    On trade front…Giants (No. 7) have received calls from teams about potentially trading into that spot, and Seahawks (No. 9) has some preliminary interest in that pick. But many teams largely expect movement to occur after the top 10. The 11-14 range could be sweet spot

    • Derek

      He just added a qualifier to that tweet:

      Jeremy Fowler

      To be clear: Giants and Seahawks are getting calls on their respective picks. This isn’t Seattle trying to move to 7 (as far as I know). Teams call each other to check parameters on any potential movement. Carry on.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Thats the 3rd report I’ve seen saying NYG may move down from 7, but only a small move. Garafolo and Judy Battista being the others.
      Carolina almost has to trade down.

      Does 9+109 get us to 6-7? Id feel comfortable with that.
      9+72+109 for 7+81 is within 5 points on the rich hill chart. Not too bad to get JJ, Thibs or Neal. Secure a difference maker at DE or LT.

      Doubt JS would trade up early, but man is it tempting!

  55. Rob Staton

    Spoken to my source in the last hour.

    Got a bunch of notes. Will post tomorrow as a little draft day teaser.

    • cha

      Buy that source a beer.

      Actually, scratch that, a Red Bull or a double shot espresso.

      He’s probably taken to mainlining adrenaline at this point.

      • JJ

        Hopefully the source says that the Penning and Ridder reports are a smoke screen.

        • Big Mike


    • Bmseattle

      Im pretty sure that Rob’s source is Tater.

      • STTBM


      • Robbie

        I’m petite sure he just got off the phone with Josina 😂😂

  56. VanHawk

    Can anyone give some recommendations for following the draft live online tomorrow.

    Thanks mil!!!!!

    • Sea Mode

      Watch NFL network insiders tip the picks on air just to flaunt that they indeed have sources inside the NFL…

  57. shoutouttojsquad

    Can I ask what appeals to you so much about Jermaine Johnson, Rob? To my (decidedly amateur) eyes I really don’t see what makes him a better prospect than, say, Arnold Ebiketie or George Karlaftis.

    • Rob Staton

      Complete pass rusher on tape. Wins with hands, wins with speed. Defends the run well. Ran a 1.55 10-yard split which is elite timing. Best player at the Senior Bowl. Alpha male type.

      In comparison Ebiketie ran a dreadful 1.69 10-yard split. Karlaftis also ran in the 1.6’s, had about five sacks last season and his run defense is crap.

  58. Comfect

    First of all, thank you as ever Rob for a blog that makes this all clearer, more comprehensible, and more interesting. You do amazing work and I’m so glad you blog about the Seahawks.

    Second, I wish that the combination of this post and the prior post didn’t make me think that they’ll have those guys on the board and then still trade for Penning/Ridder just to make us all curse at our TVs.

  59. Olyhawksfan

    Pete’s “we need to fix the pass rush” has become a hollow, ‘new years resolution’ promise.

    This year I’m going to workout more, more veggies less cheeseburgers, and fix the pass rush.

    Fast forward several months and I’m eating a double bacon cheeseburger and drafting Penning and Ridder.

    • DC

      You’re good as long as you add lettuce, tomato and onions!

      • Olyhawksfan

        Is that like adding Mayowa, Irvin, and Hyder?

        • DC

          HA! With Poona and Shelby Harris being the “meat in the middle” lol. And then Collier and peacock as the soggy bun.

          • Big Mike

            You guys are good, very good. So then, another nickname for Adams: “soggy bun”.

        • Bankhawk

          Hold the Mayo(wa), please!

  60. Chris

    Certainly not saying I’d want the Seahawks to take Ridder in the 1st round, but basing so much of an opinion about him based on his worst game and worst play is about as valid as basing an opinion based solely on someone’s highlight reel.

    I like Ridder. Does he have accuracy issues? Sure, a bit. All these guys have flaws though, and it’s certainly possible NONE of them will ever be decent NFL starters.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      But first round?
      We need to leave the draft with at least one Georgia defender.

      • Jordan

        I don’t think school matters that much; it is more about the individual prospect.

        if you end up with Travis Jones instead of Wyatt/ Davis; with Thibs instead of Walker; Chenal instead of Tindall or Q Walker; I’m not sure you end up lamenting not getting someone from Georgia.

        Sherm, Kam and Bobby are amongst the greatest defensive players in franchise history. Stanford, Va Tech and Utah State.

        Don’t scout the helmet, scout the player.

  61. CaptainJack

    samuel r gold released a pretty bad mock earlier. Ikey goes at 10 and seattle pass on him to take… Charles Cross. Jermaine Johnson falls out of round 1. Just silly.

  62. McZ

    My 0.02$…
    If the Seahawks were to trade up into late 1st to take Ridder, I would consider this a bombed draft, regarless the other picks. IMO, Ridder is a R3 prospect, possibly R4.

    Which doesn’t mean, I don’t expect them to bomb. In fact, I do. They might do something along the following lines:

    They trade #9 and a late rounder to GB for #22 and #28, with GB adding a playmaker to keep Rodgers happy. They will then draft Devin Lloyd and Matt Corral. With #40, they will pick Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa. They use #41 to trade into late 2nd, and pick Sam Williams, DE. (I’m not a fan of any of those.)

    I also think, there is zero chance Channing Tindall lasting into R3.

  63. Morty

    Does anyone know if PC is going to give out draft clues again?

    • DC

      No idea if he will, but honestly don’t care anymore. That used to be fun, but not so much the last few years.

  64. Scot04

    Just amazing content this entire offseason all the way up through the draft. Thanks so much Rob. Greatly appreciated for all the effort.
    A special thanks to Curtis & Robbie as well.
    Here’s hoping our Hawks surprise us with positive picks this year.
    JS did say your basically getting the same player from 20-45 as their reasoning for trading down in the past. So why trade up from 40 or 41.
    I definitely don’t want to see them waste the capital to move up. Too many holes. Here’s hoping BPA & no WTF picks.

    • Rob4q

      Agree 100% – really appreciate Rob’s constant content on the blog. I love coming on and reading what the latest is.

      And I hope they stick & pick with those two 2nd round picks and get some foundational players!

      • Bankhawk

        No trusty fireman on a locomotive ever kept the boiler up and a full head of steam going the way Rob has stoked the bolg community this off-season!

  65. Steve R

    A superb write up as usual. I would be over the moon of one of the top pass rushers fall to us at #9. I think my dream draft would actually be the Seahawks staying put and drafting BPA from there. While I can see them targeting a tackle in the 2nd round if they land a top pass rusher.

  66. Rob4q

    Tried to do things a little different with this PFN draft. I kind of like how it turned out!

    9. Derek Stingley Jr., CB LSU
    44. Troy Andersen, LB Montana State
    49. Cole Strange, OG/OC Chattanooga
    72. Dominique Robinson, EDGE Miami-Oh
    98. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
    109. Logan Bruss, OT Wisconsin
    145. Kalia Davis, DT UCF
    157. Thayer Munford, OG Ohio State
    190. Andre Miller, WR Maine
    222. Brevin Allen, EDGE Campbell

    DEN 1st
    SEA 1st
    DEN 2nd
    SEA 2nd
    SEA 3rd
    SEA 4th
    TEN 4th
    PIT 5th
    SEA 5th
    CLE 6th

  67. AlaskaHawk

    Rob you got named in the Walter Football Mock – though they missed the point that we would rather have Johnson over Penning:

    Seattle Seahawks: Jermaine Johnson, DE, Florida State
    Prior to free agency, Pete Carroll discussed that finding edge-rushing help would be essential for the team this offseason. Yet, all the Seahawks have done in that regard is obtain Uchenna Nwosu. That’s not nearly enough to combat Matthew Stafford, Kyler Murray and Trey Lance. I believe the Seahawks will target a dynamic edge rusher with this pick unless someone unexpected drops to them.

    Jermaine Johnson, who left Georgia for Florida State, has good speed off the edge.


    1. Derek Stingley, CB – Stingley seems like the perfect prospect for the Seahawks, but he may not be available.

    2. Trevor Penning, OT – Rob Staton of did a great breakdown of why Seattle could be interested in Penning at No. 9 overall.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Walter Football site had the Seahawks picking:
      9- Jermaine Johnson, DE, Florida State
      40- Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina
      41. Sam Williams, DE , Ole Miss
      72. Dameon Pierce, RB, Florida
      109. Troy Andersen, LB, Montana State
      152. Logan Bruss, G, Wisconsin
      153. Percy Butler, Safety, Louisiana
      229. Dareke Young, WR

      Not a bad haul if the draft goes that way. A few like Johnson and Pierce have been highlighted on this site.
      I’m not sure about doubling up on defensive ends, might be better to go for a linebacker or tackle at 41.

      And Sam Howell as a QB? I’m going to have to look at the back articles for information.

    • Bankhawk

      The irony of that Walter Football inversion of Rob’s/many of our stance on the #9 pick is so thick I could gag on it!
      I so, so want the Hawks to stand pat and select one legit blue chipper for the D, (unless a trade-down that can’t be refused comes to them-highly unlikely) that I can just about taste it!
      Edge rusher, elite CB, or bust! (Maybe literally, if the pick were Penning, with a side of Ridder)! 🤞

      • Bankhawk

        Oopsy! I think I have the Walter Football think wrong. Could swear I read something like it above. 🤷‍♂️

  68. lil’stink

    My ideal draft would be something like this:

    Trade back and pick up one (hopefully two) picks on day three. Not easy to do, but possible.

    Target Travis Jones, Abraham Lucas, Jalen Pitre, Cam Jurgens, and Josh Paschal with those picks. Build the trenches, and get someone like Pitre who I am convinced could become a dynamic playmaker on defense. Perhaps target en edge rusher or LB round 2 in lieu of Jurgens/Pitre.

    The obvious downside is that you’re missing out on a top edge rusher and relying on Taylor and Nwosu to continue to develop. Clowney and Dunlap are still available in free agency, but I think the team would be better off spending the money elsewhere as the odds are incredibly slim to contend in 2022.

    I really don’t want to come out of this draft with a Penning/Ridder combo. Watching Ridder’s tape is incredibly frustrating. He tends to miss receivers too high, and yet seems to have a lot of throws batted down at the LOS. Those high throws are going to be turnovers in the NFL, I can’t imagine PC hasn’t noticed this.

  69. Tecmo Bowl

    Traded up for 6=9,109. Down from 41=45,128

    6. Jermaine Johnson DE
    40. Abraham Lucas RT
    45. Quay Walker LB- Chenal, Tindall were there
    72. Zack Tom C
    128. Zion McCollum CB
    145. Matt Waletzko OT
    153. Brian Robinson RB
    229. Dicker the kicker

  70. Rob Staton

    Don’t trust anyone who says Desmond Ridder is worth a R1 pick

    • AW

      I have a really hard time believing that the Seahawks would take him in the first round based on all the information we have seen on this blog. The Seahawks were extremely patient with acquiring a quarterback before they had Wilson and seem to be fine waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Not sure why that would all of a sudden change and they would scramble and overpay to acquire subpar talent.

      I feel like a lot of this chatter just comes from the talking heads seeing that we just traded Wilson so we have to get a new QB in the building. We have been conditioned with their questionable picks in the first round to really think its possible they are going to waste a high pick on QB this year.

    • Robbie

      At this point I don’t even trust my own thoughts, this is the most confused I’ve been for a draft in a very long time.

  71. Sea Mode

    The more I think about the draft, the more I keep coming back to Devin Lloyd after a small trade down. I don’t think Stingley will be there for us.

    7 sacks, 22 TFL, 4 INT, 111 tackles. This dude is a playmaking machine.

    And if we are serious about disguising our pass rush looks on defense, this guy paired with a correctly-used Jamal Adams might be a weapon. And he has better pass rush moves than some of the pass rushers in this draft.

    And talk about a culture setter:

    The Inspiring Story of Devin Lloyd & Utah Winning The Pac-12 in Honor of Fallen Teammates | NFL 360

    • Sea Mode

      On the other hand: he’s nowhere near the freak athlete Tindall is and… another R1 LB…?

    • Rob4q

      The article that Rob wrote on him was very eye opening for me – I had already dismissed him as a possibility because they wouldn’t draft another LB in the 1st right?!? But then reading Rob’s write up you start to see the connections of how he could be used and fit in with this defense. So I think he is most definitely a target for them if they do trade back…

      I’d love to see them somehow come away with Lloyd and Wyatt early in this draft, then get one of the Centers – Jurgens, Strange or Tom. I think they have options for both OT spots with Brown, Fischer & Shell still unsigned. Plus JS mentioned Forsythe by name when talking about players that haven’t played much yet. They could still draft an OT later like Logan Bruss, Braxton Jones or Spencer Burford and ease them in.

      And there some interesting EDGE rushers that will be available after the 1st round as well. Sam Williams, Bonitto, Dominique Robinson and even some later round guys that could surprise.

  72. no frickin clue

    Tomorrow night, I will be flanked by a bottle of Bulleit bourbon, a glass with ice cubes, and a small charcuterie plate featuring a selection of salamis and hard cheeses.

    This is the most important draft for this franchise in 10 years so I am pulling out all the stops. 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds good to me 👍🏻

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. I think I’ll go with Clynelish 14. Maybe spice it up with some Talisker 10 if things start getting rough…

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I have a bottle of Bulleit rye. I think a few Manhattans are in order.

    • Peter

      Might want a back up bottle of old crow and back of the fridge lunchables on hand in case it gets weird.

  73. Julian L

    OK, we’re now at the Day before, so I’m sorry for my self indulgence, but i’m going to put on the record my personal favourite draft for the Seahawks.

    It’s not at all how I expect the Seahawks to draft, and arguably I may be being optimistic with several of the picks, but I did work to a rule to try and restrain my picks to an extent. The rule I had was that each player had to be selected higher than their relevant position on the PFN draft Big Board. I do think that most players are within the range of when they’re expected to go.

    I came up with this;

    #9 : Derek Stingley Jr (CB)
    #40 : Abraham Lucas (OT)
    #41 : traded to Kansas City for #50, #103 and #233
    #50 : Nik Bonitto (OLB)
    #72 : Channing Tindall (LB)
    # 103 : Zach Tom (OL)
    # 109 : traded to Indianapolis for #122 and #159
    # 122 : Michael Clemons (DE)
    Seattle trade #145 and #229 to Baltimore for #139
    # 139 : Zamir White (RB)
    # 153 : Jack Coan (QB)
    # 159 : Danny Gray (WR)
    # 233 : Cade York (K)

  74. Sea Mode

    I have no clue about this guy’s track record or his sources, but he’s saying Walker, Thibodeaux, Stingley go 1, 2, 3.

    And he thinks Ekwonu and Hutchinson 4 and 5.

    Honestly, I could see it.

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s the timestamp for the full video:

    • Sea Mode

      Indeed, Thibs to Lions gaining more traction:

      Billy M

      One more thing to keep in mind is that Brad Holmes attended multiple Oregon games in person last year including the UCLA game where Thibodeaux had his best performance. The Lions are taking him

      • Hawk Mock

        I was starting to get pumped and jacked at the idea of Thibodeaux being there at 9. Still excited if JJ is there somehow.

  75. Sea Mode

    Rapoport now also aboard the “Seattle down from #9 and up into the end of R1” train:

    • LetLockCook

      It’s a good thing when everyone knows exactly what you’ll do prior to draft day right?

      • bmseattle

        The fact that this is being so widely reported, makes me less inclined to believe it happens.
        It would be ridiculous for them to be so transparent about their intentions.
        All it does is give other teams a chance to react if they want a guy you want.

        Plus, John and Pete like being the smartest guys in the room.
        I could see them doing something different and changing their plans if their strategy was so widely reported in the media. they hate being seen as predictable.

        • Sten

          Watch them sit tight and draft Devin Lloyd at 9

          • SoCal12

            Won’t be popular but wouldn’t hate it honestly. Lloyd at least has the potential to be an all-star.

  76. rowlandice

    Echoing many others – Rob, the content this year has been FANTASTIC. And I would be extremely disappointed if the Hawks take a QB sooner than RD 4. I could see a small trade back from 9 to get another 4th so they COULD take a QB flier. But I hope they have a shot at JJ or Stingley and just take it.

  77. SeaTown

    Just started watching the PC/JS pre draft presser. How many times are they going to use the word excited? Jesus Wept. I’m turning this off.

    • Big Mike

      How many “pumped and jacked” you get so far?

  78. Forrest

    Carolina would be my hero if they took Penning. But, I think the news about the Hawks is misinformation. I think they want teams ahead of them to take Penning and teams behind them to trade up to get Davis. Those might be the two easiest players to manipulate for other teams (other than Ridder). I bet they like Malik Willis as well.

  79. Ryan

    If this happens… I might actually start believing that John and Pete are doing nothing but trolling Rob specifically.

  80. no frickin clue

    The most Seahawk thing ever in this draft would be to trade down 3 times in round 1, from 9 to 12 to 17 to 22, acquire a bunch of Day 2 and Day 3 picks, and then use #22 overall on Darian Kinnard. 🙂

  81. Roy Batty

    I just watched Penning’s Senior Bowl practice 1v1’s.

    The guy was owned, over and over, with simple bull rushes. I kept thinking, is he ever going to redirect the rusher?

    Nope. He keeps trying to outmuscle them and gets pushed back 10 yards.

    Not good.

    • Big Mike


      • LetLockCook

        There was more heat in Pete at USC in 2009 than seattle in 2022

    • Denver Hawker

      How can anyone watch that and think, this is a top 10 pick.

      • Palatypus

        Because of his testing. You ask yourself, “Is his technique correctable?” If the answer is yes, you take a chance.

        • Roy Batty

          A first rounder, let alone a top 10, should not be a developmental player. He should be a starter.

          Penning will take a year of refinement, and anger management, to get to starting caliber.

          If any team drafts him in the first round, they will start him. He will get owned and defensive players will talk trash. He will get flagged, over and over and over for holding and playing past the whistle.

          If the Senior Bowl tape shows us anything, it shows a player who holds a grudge, but cannot channel the anger behind that grudge into skillful determination. Instead, he grabs the defending after getting schooled and tries to throw him into the ground or the goal post. You could see defensive player after defensive player yelling at him with a “WTF, man? This is practice, not a cage match.”

          Too many red flags and not enough football IQ.

          • Dregur

            Josh Allen says hi?

          • Palatypus

            Nate Newton used to get his ass completely kicked by Reggie White.

            Then he hit the weights big time and corrected his technique.

            Then Reggie White was getting his ass kicked by Nate Newton.

            Not a perfect analogy. Penning is a leap of faith.

            • Palatypus

              Also, as was regularly pointed out by John Madden, White was regularly getting away with an illegal head slap, which the rules committee corrected the next year.

              But Nate Newton bench pressed 700 pounds the next year.

    • Derek

      I will say I feel the same way looking at his 1×1 reps BUT when I actually watched the senior bowl game, they moved him around the line and I saw more positive reps that gave me some hope should the ‘Hawks take him.

      I’m not advocating for him in any way and agree he’s a project tackle, though.

      • Denver Hawker

        I don’t dislike Penning and I’m totally good with drafting him, just not at 9 or 13 or whatever. If you dropped him in the 2020 draft, I think he goes late R1. I just can’t grade him a Top 15 talent. I’d rather just take Zion, Davis, etc.

  82. uptop

    Part of me thinks that a lot of this stuff thats been coming up today is smoke. I am extremely confident with Rob’s (and 1% of ours) work this draft period. Ill believe it when I see it if the pass rushers fall, and if they do Ill celebrate. But im sticking to my gut and I think its pre draft smoke.

  83. AKHawkFan

    Now I’m kind of wishing they had taken a one year rental on Baker. If for no other reason, to spare ourselves the anxiety that comes with these reports about Ridder. (only half joking). I hope it’s all misdirection.

    Great work on the blog Rob, just started reading your stuff regularly this year and has quickly become one of my favorites. I appreciate all the effort you put into it and looking forward to all the coverage to come.

    Like many others, I’m nervous they are going to Coug It. Here’s hoping we aren’t left shaking our heads when the dust settles.

  84. Palatypus

    Not at all related to anything on this board, but I just have to brag about my cousin’s daughter Sierra Sacco.

    Sierra, a true freshman starting center fielder for Louisiana Tech, is currently ranked 16th in the nation in batting average hitting .437 and 2nd in the nation in total hits with 69. She trails only Sidney McKinney of Wichita State with 71.

    That and she has a cannon for an arm that reminds me of Jay Buhner.

    She will probably be SEC player of the year. She will very likely be an All-American and MAYBE an Olympian.

    I call her White Griffey.

    • Palatypus

      I meant Conference USA player of the year. My bad.

    • Big Mike

      Fast pitch softball is my favorite woman’s sport, even over basketball.

    • no frickin clue

      Wow, that’s awesome. Kudos to her and congrats to the extended family.

  85. JJ

    Hugh Millen does not like Penning.

    • LetLockCook

      “Not a first round pick”

  86. Hughz

    I hope JS views Jermain Johnson as a player they can’t leave the draft without. If he’s there at 6, we need to move up and grab him.

  87. Tecmo Bowl

    DJ’s mock illustrates how an early run on WRs could push JJ or Thibs down the board. It would be surprising if NYJ and NYG make 4 picks in the top 9 with none of them being an edge rusher.

  88. ElPasoHawk

    Rob, are you going to have a SDB mock draft contest this year?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s something other people have done in the past — personally I don’t have time with everything going on

      • Palatypus

        The Seahawks official website has something like this.

  89. Brik

    I don’t care who we draft, I just hope everyone has a good time 😀

    All seriousness, there are many ways this draft can go and I will be happy. I watched Penning at the senior bowl and I wasn’t blown away. I might be willing to say that the situation isn’t ideal for o-lineman. The DEs get to pin their ears back and go. Penning seems better at attacking compared to trying to defend. If he learns what Duane Brown does and change up his approach instead of doing the same exact pass block every time, it might help. Also learning how to handle a freakin bullrush. I’m guess the defensive guys saw something in his footwork. Could be fixable as well. Ravens being interested gives me some more confidence in him though, they always do great in the draft. Worst pick ever? No. BPA? No. Adds more talent? Yes.

    • Palatypus

      Brik said, “I don’t care who we draft, I just hope everyone has a good time ”

      If this were true you would not be here.

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