Source: Derek Stingley is #1 cornerback in the draft

April 6th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

LSU’s Derek Stingley had his long-awaited pro-day today after recovering from a Lisfranc joint injury. It’s a troublesome injury that some have described as ‘scary’ for players who rely on speed, quickness and change of direction. Truth be told, Stingley’s medical checks will be as important as anything he did at pro-day.

That said — if anyone was worried about the health of his foot, today’s performance should allay some fears.

He ran an ‘official’ 4.44 but other times — 4.33 and 4.37 — have been reported. He also jumped a 38.5 inch vertical and a 10-2 broad.

This is a deceptive time of year. The constant flow of information is full of red herrings. In the social media age, with more people than ever reporting on the draft, there’s more misinformation out there than ever.

One individual in the league told me that it’s common for a GM to tell the top information gatherers in journalism a few tall tales to aid their cause. For example, all this talk of the 2022 quarterbacks suddenly being drafted in the top-10 has a certain whiff of manure about it.

Meanwhile, some owners will peruse the mock drafts and listen to the TV analysts, then ask their key talent evaluators questions based on what Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are saying on ESPN.

With Stingley we hear all sorts about him dropping into the teens and falling down boards. I am not an insider, nor a reporter. I’m not going to make a habit of doing this and I have enough on my plate with the day job. That said, I have built some contacts and I reached out to an active NFL source at the executive level to find out what the truth is about the LSU cornerback. This source has spent two years studying and scouting Stingley and firmly believes he is the #1 corner in the draft.

“The last two years — throw them out. He had the virus, he had the Lisfranc. If you get 90-95% of what he was (in 2019) he’s a really good corner.”

“I love Stingley. He has better movement skills than (Sauce) Gardner. He’s instinctive. He has god-given skills. Explosive. He’s been around it his whole life. If he came out as a freshman he would’ve been the top cornerback in the draft.”

The highly touted Jeff Okudah was taken #3 overall in 2020 — so that’s how highly Stingley was rated after his freshman season.

“He’s wired perfectly” the source added, noting there were no character concerns and citing his football background (his grandfather is Darryl Stingley and his father also played).

I asked what was a likely draft range and was told Sauce Gardner will be the first corner taken but the source said if he was in charge of a top-10 pick and his first two options among the O-liners & D-liners were gone, he’d rush to draft Stingley.

Not everyone in the league will necessarily share this opinion, of course. Positional need always plays a part and even teams with a high grade on Stingley might go in a different direction to fill a particular hole.

With all of this talk of him dropping deep into the teens, however, this is a perspective worth hearing. Even if he doesn’t go quite as early as his 2019 season promised — the chances are he won’t fall as far as some think. Just as the quarterbacks likely won’t go as people are suggesting now.

For what it’s worth, the source I spoke to felt Clemson’s Andrew Booth was the third best cornerback.

I wrote more about Stingley here. If the Seahawks want to take a shot for greatness with their top pick, he could be on their radar. If the top pass rushers are off the board, I still think Stingley is a strong possibility if they stay put.

Earlier today I was on 710 Seattle Sports with Jake & Stacy. If you missed it, check it out here:

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197 Responses to “Source: Derek Stingley is #1 cornerback in the draft”

  1. alexp says:

    Stingley has the potential to be the best player in the entire class when it’s all said and done. I’d like for him to be a Seahawk.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Stingley has the potential to be the best player in the entire class


    • Jordan says:

      Bluest of blue chips. Not sure how many available at 9 and beyond in this class have 1st team all-pro upside; but he does.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      If one of the top DEs isn’t still on the board, I’d love for them to get Stingley. Hell, I wouldn’t be mad if they took Stingley instead of one of the top DEs. We’ve heard over and over how important CBs are in this system. If you can get one with the potential to be generational, run to the podium.

    • Kelly Smith says:

      So playing devils advocate here but say JJ AND STINGLEY are available at 9 are you calling the jets about dk for 10?

  2. Rob Staton says:

    Mike Garafolo on DK Metcalf:

    He essentially says DK doesn’t want out of Seattle. He says the Seahawks would like to sign an extension. He also says teams are calling about Metcalf and if someone offers something huge that he could be had.

    So as noted yesterday — I think what we’ve got here is simple. Either someone offers a huge deal pre-draft and he goes. Or after the draft, they will open contract talks.

    • cha says:

      That’s the most logical place to be.

      I’ll keep saying it – Metcalf is 24. The other guys getting these massive deals and trades are in their late 20’s.

      Someone wanting to trade for Metcalf needs to understand he’s already produced at a rate as good or better than the top WRs in their first 3 seasons, and he still has more than five prime years ahead of him. That’s a lifetime in the NFL.

      The Seahawks need to be made an offer they can’t say no to in order to move him.

      • Group Captain Mandrake says:

        Would you say equal to what they got for Russ? QB is the most important position, but DK is much younger and still has room for growth. Just trying to figure out what kind of haul would be appropriate for him. Not that I want him to go. IT’s hard to find dominant WRs so I say keep ’em if you have one.

        • cha says:

          Not necessarily.

          I do think there’s an unknown factor involved, and that is – how highly the Seahawks rate this draft class. If a trade comes along that offers them multiple picks this year (or a high enough pick to trade down and add picks), that would be something to consider.

          If they’re over the moon about the depth this year, they could dip into the pool from say 28-100 several times and walk out with a whole new core.

        • Poli says:

          Should be equal to Adams at least. #10 and a 2023 1st would be perfect

    • Jordan says:

      Has to be more than just 10 IMO.

      He’s the same age as a handful of draft prospects, proven, clean off the field, historically amongst the best through 3 seasons, and if hypothetically available in this current draft is going before 10.

      • Peter says:

        “If hypothetically available.” Nailed. All of it. Dude was a near top of the draft pick prior to an injury concern. If he was hypothetically available yet you knew he would do what he has done top 10 lock for sure.

        Ergo. Pick ten, plus a second. Period. Great as this WR class is you never know until you know how they really will be.

    • MountainHawker says:

      I’m happy with both scenarios. If somebody wants to overpay I’m not opposed. I love DK, but I really want ammo for next years draft.

      • Kyle says:

        Is 10 and next years round one a possibility? According to discount that’s like this year’s round 2.

  3. Belfasthawk says:

    Great that you have built up these sources. A treat for us.

  4. Coach says:

    If the Jets do give us #10 and #38 for DK, who would be your best choices at the following picks?

    I really like the following not only for their talent, but also for their ability to establish the culture that we want.

    9 – Jermaine Johnson FSU
    17 – Zion Johnson (after trade back from 10) BC
    38 – Chanel LB Wisconsin
    40 – McCreary CB Auburn (I read an article from Arizona where they thought he was the next Aeneus Williams).
    41 – Lucas OT WSU – start at right tackle
    72- Pierce RB Florida
    80 – Tolbert WR South Alabama – Has been the big play outside receiver for his team the last 2 years.
    109 – Zach Tom C – gives us competition at C and interior line depth.

    Add this with resigning Duane Brown to start at LT and I like our potential.

    I think we also trade for Baker Mayfield for a 6th rounder. I’m hoping that we hit on one of Lock or Mayfield to be an above average “point guard” at qb.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Ben says:

      Love this! Could be an amazing set up.

    • MountainHawker says:

      Love this. I’d be happy with Sauce or Stingley if Johnson and Walker gone(assuming hutch and kt are gone too) I really really want Chenal to replace bobby.

    • Carl says:

      I would add another WR earlier if we traded DK

  5. Rob Staton says:

    My piece with Jake & Stacy will be on at noon PT

  6. Hawk Finn says:

    “For what it’s worth, the source I spoke to felt Clemson’s Andrew Booth was the third best quarterback.”

    Typo or massive indictment on the QB class?

  7. Trevor says:

    I think if the Hawks get Johnson , Thibodeaux, Stingley or Gardner at #9 it is a great pick and instant impact player in a premium position. Have to think of even one QB goes before the Hawks pick that one of those 4 are still on the board.

    If those 4 are gone I hope they look to trade back.

  8. Spectator says:

    I will maintain, I love DK.
    However, as you have said Rob, its a distribution of resources that could be franchise building.

    What would be the thought about the Eagles giving up a first this year and next year (saints), for DK?

    We could walk away potentially with

    #9 – Stingley (although idk after his Pro Day)
    #18 – Zion Johnson
    #40 – Linderbaum
    #41 – Chenal
    #72 – Logan Hall
    #109 – Pierce
    #152 -Myjia Sanders
    #153 – Percy Butler
    #229 – Kevin Austin (due to lack of production)

  9. Lenny says:

    PFF Mock

    #24 OT, T Penning Northern Iowa
    #32 G, Z Johnson Boston
    #40 QB, M Corral Ol Miss
    #52 ED, N Bonitto Oklahoma
    #72 G/C, D Parham Memphis
    #84 ED, J Paschal UK
    #88 RB, D Pierce FLA
    #109 CB, Z Mcullum Sam Houston St
    #129 LB, M McFadden Indiana
    153 OT, Z Tom Wake Forrest
    #229 RB M Borghi WSU

    Drop from 9 to 20 with Pit for 52 and 84
    Dropped from 20 to 24 with Dal for 88 and 129
    Moved up from 41 to 32 2ith Lions for 152
    Theses moves left us with
    24, 32,40, 52,72,84,88,109,129,153,229.

    • Ashish says:

      Mock draft done by “Spectator” is based on Rob’s research. The one from Lenny is something we should expect after the draft. Who is this guy ??? I hope this time we get some players especially the top picks from the guys Rob rated high.

  10. Big Mike says:

    Missed Rob’s segment. Looking forward to it being linked………

  11. MoBo says:

    I enyoed the interview but they need to give you more airtime. They are so much more topics to talk about. I hope you heard their kind words after your interview.

  12. Lenny says:

    I wish I could have addressed LB on the 3rd. I forgot and was left with scraps.

    • Seattle Person says:

      2nd or 3rd are prime spots for a LB. Is there a significant difference between Devin Lloyd and the other LBs? I’ve heard Lloyd being being compared to Micah Parsons. Huh?? In what universe?

      JJ, Stingley, Gardner, someone other than Lloyd at #9…

  13. Ty the Guy says:


    Just heard you on Jake n Stacy. Wanted to give you two big thumbs up. Best content on their show for awhile! Glad to see local Seattle radio recognizing the value you bring to the draft coverage and how dialed in you are to the Hawks tendencies. As soon as my budget allows, I will become a patron of The Rebuild.

    Thank you.

  14. Ben says:

    Great spot!! Way better than getting the national draft folks on board. Need a weekly spot for you in the draft season, and more often throughout the season for just regular ole hawks talk!

  15. GoHawksDani says:

    I’m on the Stingley-train.
    If KT or JJ is on the board, sure get them, EDGE might be a more premium position and Hawks do well with later round CBs too. But I think Stingley is at least as good as those guys if not better.
    He could be the next Sherm or Ramsey.
    Floor is decent and ceiling is super high imo. He’s well bulit, athletic but most importantly has great instincts and good football IQ.
    And a good secondary can help the passrush too.
    If they draft KT or JJ, I’ll be happy, but if those guys already been picked, Stingley is on the board and they select Gardner or some offensive player I’ll be sad

  16. Sean says:

    I was stunned by how advanced Stingley’s ball skills were during freshman season. He displayed an ability to turn his body and track the ball in the air better than most NFL corners do. The COVID season was a throwaway year and then he got injured last year, With that being said, we have no track record of P&J taking corners early, so I am fading the chances of that happening this year and thinking they likely take someone in the trenches.

  17. Peter says:

    Really like Stingley.

    Interesting to see how pete would view him with his typical length requirements. I get there’s some sense that is changing but by how much?

    Still think oline is the first pick. But would really like to get stingley.

    Really hope seattle starts bending more with the size profiles. Not like he’s in range but hard to pass on a Boye Mafa cause his arms are 3/8″ too short. Who I think will be a better edge rusher than Thibodeaux in short order.

  18. SoZ says:

    Thanks for all of the content and interviews provided here. If only the Seahawks started listening…too much hubris and too many draft weekend head-scratchers. The excitement for the extra draft picks and a new direction are tempered by the recent draft history. If only they could get Scott back…I hope someone can hold them accountable. No 1st round LJ Colliers or 2nd round McDowells this year.

  19. The Sinator says:

    Rob, what would you give up for Saquon Barkley?

    A quick google search says that he could be had for a 4th rounder (since he’s on the 5th year of his rookie deal). Would you do it?

  20. porter says:

    Rob, I’m just curious… If the Seahawks front office offered you a job, would you take it?

    They need you, desperately. I’m all for Rob Staten as the next Seahawks GM.

    • Cortez Kennedy says:

      He doesn’t even need to be the GM, just give him a position where he’s in the war room during the draft. The VP of common sense for Pete Carroll (props to Bill Simmons for that joke)

      • Hawk Scott says:

        That’d be AWESOME… especially if Rob locks PC in the can, so he and JS can run the draft without Carroll’s meddling.

    • Rob Staton says:

      1. Yes 😂

      2. There’s more chance of me winning Olympic Gold in the women’s High Jump than that happening

      • Erik says:

        Normally I would just laugh at your sarcasm implied by you (a man) winning a woman’s Olympic event. However, times sure have changed, to the point that this no longer seems impossible. Just ask Lia Thomas.

      • porter says:

        Ok, but seriously how can we make this happen? I’m convinced that if you had been in the Seahawks front office these last 10 years, we would have 3-4 Super Bowls.

        Can we start a petition and send it to Jody? lol

    • Poli says:

      Rob and cha for co GM duties

  21. samprassultanofswat says:

    Both Noah Fant and Shelby Harris have come out and endorsed Drew Lock. Here is Noah Fant’s endorsement of Drew Lockt.

    Yesteday in Rob’s Fantastic interview from Shelby Harris one of the first things Harris said was. DONT SLEEP ON DREW LOCK.

    I am not saying Lock is the savior. But I just want him to have a chance. My gut feeling is that Drew Lock could be another Ryan Tannehill. I don’t think Drew Lock will be a Josh Allen. But with Drew Lock you could very well be looking like a Ryan Tannehill type of player. Tannehill did lead the Titans to the number seed in the AFC. Without their star running back Derek Henry.

    Rob I LOVED the Shelby Harris interview. He is a very deep person. A thinker. As far as I know puts family first. He is a also a team player. Harris understands defense. But what I LOVE most about Shelby Harris is the fact that he seems like a very humble man. You have to love his humility.

    “Don’t sleep on Drew Lock”
    Shelby Harris.

    • Seattle Person says:

      You got nothing to lose. He’s young and has talent. If he embraces being a game manager then we’ll do some things. If he can be clutch and keep the chains moving then we’ll really do some things.

      • Derek says:

        Don’t forget, DK has defended him both on Twitter and in the Kevin Garnett interview.

        This doesn’t mean he will be a great QB, but he’s endeared himself well enough for his teammates to want to root for him. If he was a tool, they wouldn’t be saying anything IMHO.

  22. Cortez Kennedy says:

    Excellent update. This is why I visit this site.

    Stingley is a no brainer at 10, but I just don’t see him lasting that long. He, Gardner, Thib and JJ will be long gone by 9.

    • TatupuTime says:

      I think it’s unlikely that all 4 edge rushers and 2 corners are all gone by 9. Worse case that the top 8 picks are the 2 OL, 4 Edge, 2 CB. But someone in that top 8 is going to go off script with an upset pick. I’m more confident of one of those 6 defensive players being there at 9 then I am of seeing a JJ, Sauce or Stingley at 9 and having the Seahawks pass for someone like Zion or Penning too early. I’d like to believe in the Seahawks just stepping up to the podium and doing what feels like a slam dunk, but I’ve been hurt before by these guys on draft day.

  23. samprassultanofswat says:

    To me it seems like Russell Wilson is starting to get full of it. Today I was watching him. He was talking about his alter ego. He said you have to have an altar ego.

  24. All I see is 12s says:

    I hate to say it, but he’s been full of it for a really long time. Never mind his crappy businesses and cringe presents on Twitter. But who in the world makes a height video of recovering from an injury? Selena’s considering the way he played…

  25. SeattleLifer says:

    “Truth be told, Stingley’s medical checks will be as important as anything done at his pro-day”. This.

    Lis franc injuries can be very tricky. They seem to be difficult to pin down in severity and to what exact parts of the foot were compromised.

    It’s entirely possible that doctors were fully on top of his injury early and it just needed a good amount of time to fully heal up. But what are the odds/risks for him re-aggravating the same injury and it becoming a long term issue?

    I’m all for getting a stud CB with pick 9, just hope they get a full medical clearance if it’s Stingley.

  26. Seahawkwalt says:

    Any Troy Andersen fans? 6’4 240s played qb, rb, lb. Incredible athlete. Highlights look like he was playing against pop warner players. As a rb he has some juice in the open field running away from others. I would love to get him and Chenel.

    • Seattle Person says:

      He’s got plenty of tools. I would be happy with any of the high toolsy LBs in the 2nd or 3rd.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Terrific player, great fun to watch

    • Qoolio says:

      As a Bobcat alum, it has been a lot of fun to watch him play and develop. Our best pro so far has been a kicker, so I hope he continues to make his mark at the next level.

  27. MountainHawker says:

    If we go qb, or trade back or reach for a Rd 2 oline/dline prospect at 9 and pass on Stingley or Gardner I’m really gonna be miffed. I didn’t think Pete would draft a cb that high but after seeing the talent available it’s hard to pass them up. Especially if we double down and go edge and lb with our rd2 picks. Young talent infusion on defense would be my dream scenario.

  28. Bertelli says:

    I’d like to see the Hawks trade Metcalf and also trade up and acquire pick #7 for our next year’s first rounder. Imagine if we had #7, #9 and got #10 and #35 for Metcalf? In that scenario, I could see us netting J Johnson AND Stingley. I know most think they won’t be there at those spots, but it seems every draft I watch there’s always a guy that goes a lot higher than expected. I know losing next year’s first and Metcalf is also not popular, but IMO, the picks this year at those spots would be an instant impact if we can pick the right players. Any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Don’t trade any 2023 picks.


      • Bertelli says:

        I actually thought you would say the Giants would never make that deal. I know our native pick next year could potentially put us in position to grab one of the top QB’s, but I don’t see Pete going that route. I’d rather have more picks this year. Just my $.02. Thanks for responding.

    • Ashish says:

      If JS/PC is trying to get DK from other team yes we could give that much draft pick.

  29. Hoggs41 says:

    I have a feeling it will come down to one of Johnson, Gardner, Stingley or Penning. Stingley or Penning more likely.

  30. no frickin clue says:


    Let’s suppose Stingley is available at 9 and we take him. And let’s further suppose that Corral is still on the board at around pick 30. Would you trade #40 as well as draft capital from 2023 in order to move up into the bottom of the 1st round to nab Corral? Or would you rather stay put at 40, run the risk of losing out on Corral, but protect everything you’ve got in 2023?

  31. You Know Rob what I have been thinking is .the Seahawks need
    on defense guys that can force turnovers. Either forcing fumbles or picks. Big hitters usually wind up with 15 yard penalties. It seems that way.

    • CHaquesFan says:

      Turnovers are very fluky. Some guys are true ballhawks but there’s also the Trevon Diggs’ of the world, etc.

  32. Seaj253 says:

    I didn’t see in the write up or even in the comments anyone mention Stingley’s shorter arm length. I know we can point to Tre Brown’s arm length, or shoot, even the fact that we’re talking about taking a CB in the 1st round but does anyone think that factors in to the decision here? I feel like that’s still relevant w/ PCJS.
    Sauce checks that box.

  33. TomLPDX says:

    Just listened and had to comment before even reading any comments.


    Rob, those two love you and for good reason! It is going to pay off for you my friend! Just keep being you.

  34. V says:

    Justin Melo: Tennessee-Chattanooga G/C Cole Strange completed a Top 30 Visit with the #Vikings, per source. He will soon visit #Broncos, #Buccaneers, #Dolphins & #Seahawks.

    Strange has aced the process with excellent showings at @seniorbowl & Combine. He’s worked himself into 2nd Rd Convo.

    • Big Mike says:

      Absolutely 1000% pathetic that the team would pimp him like this after the season he had last year.
      Doubling down on the worst btrade in the history of the Seahawks franchise.
      Pete obviously has his hands in the official media.
      Yo Pete, I for one am not fo9oled by your bullshit on this guy.

      • bmseattle says:

        I wish I hadn’t watched that.
        I don’t need more reasons to be annoyed by him.

        What is it your parents said when you were were giving attention to a Peacock?

        “Don’t encourage him!”

      • Its cringe but some people enjoy that stuff – let them have their fun.

        I was watching JA highlights the other day from the Jets and was flabbergasted by the difference. Lots hope Hurtt and Desai can bring something good out of him.

    • TomLPDX says:

      Pretty peacock.

    • KD says:

      Enough with the cringe

    • Gross MaToast says:

      That was a great interview, Rob.

      I just wanted to point out that THE (actual) Coffee Cup is highlighted in no less than two of the glamour shots. It’s like a giant FU to my very soul.

      Also, I’m settling nicely into a Stingley/Tindall/ top 2. Can Sam Williams slide to 41? If so, that’s my top 3. If you trade DK, then we can add Zion and a C. That would be a fantastic start on rebuilding the reset.

      • Cover2 says:

        “I just wanted to point out that THE (actual) Coffee Cup is highlighted in no less than two of the glamour shots”

        The (actual) Coffee Cup is pretty ridiculous, but in a good way. The big coffee cup should be Adams go to move when doing press conferences, holding it when he shows up to the stadium on game day, and also have it on the sidelines during games. He could get a nice endorsement deal with Starbucks.

        Also, his new nickname could be “The Actual Coffee Cup”

        Anyway, I look forward to seeing him ball out this year.

    • BobbyK says:

      Here I thought POSWT was reserved for only Tarvaris Jackson. I was wrong.


    • cha says:

      Winner winner chicken dinner

      Replying to
      If he leaves the house without his pants does he point at his wife like it’s her fault?

  35. KD says:


    Given that Woods is 35 years old, have your thoughts changed, positively or negatively, on the possibility of selecting Jordan Davis at #9? Granted i haven’t put much thought into it, but it looks like the starting five up front as of right now is:

    OLB: Taylor
    DE: Collier
    NT: Woods
    DE: Harris
    OLB: Nuwosu

    We all know how unpredictable Pete and John can be sometimes, but if Johnson and Stingley are off the board, where does Davis rank among the BPAs?

    • Rob Staton says:

      I really like Jordan Davis. I just can’t imagine them drafting a two-down nose tackle for the future with a top-10 pick. With Woods and Mone on the roster, that position appears filled.

    • Osprey says:

      Not sure Collier is beating out Jefferson, could even be a spot for a rookie to earn a spot.

      • SpennyDunks says:

        Poona has shown some pass rushing chops recently. Think he could be a 3-4 end. Think Red Bryant playing 5 tech years ago. I imagine QJeff and Harris will rotate on one side, and Poona and Collier on the other.

        Mone would be the backup NT.

  36. Hoggs41 says:

    For those who have really studied Stingley, how is his tackling?

    • Sean says:

      Tackling is okay when he is willing to mix it up. I don’t see it being a big problem with some good coaching, which Pete seems to be good at with the DB’s.

  37. SoZ says:

    I haven’t studied in depth but I see red flags.

    Only 10 games played in the last 2 seasons with drastically diminished ball production after his great 2019 season.
    Torched by Devonta Smith several times.
    A “reluctant” tackler with 12 missed tackles and a couple of big Adams-esque non tackles (LSU connection?)

    • Rob Staton says:

      Well the person I spoke to, who knows a lot more than any of us, would call that bollocks

    • GoHawksDani says:

      You can clearly see even in the video in the article that it is not a business choice just bad angles

      • SoZ says:

        Of course an NFL insider knows more. Only time will tell where he goes or how good his career is (and medical issues).

        Is this just a matter of him being young and raw (18 at the time) or me underappreciating how difficult cornerback is to play?
        Why was he so generous when facing Devonta Smith, Van Jefferson, and Kyle Pitts?
        If he’s such a great athlete, which does show up, why can’t he get his head turned around to track the ball?

        Seems like the 49ers and Rams are well equipped to run the ball at him or challenge him with great route runners and big bodied targets. If you’re taking him at 9 (which I wouldn’t) are you okay having him one on one with Deebo Samuel, Cooper Kupp, George Kittle?

        • Seattle Person says:

          Tackling can be taught though. Sauce Gardner really really struggles with tackling. He takes horrible angles and makes plenty of business decisions. It’s a concern but it’s something CBs can overcome. It’s much easier to learn than learning to cover better or mirroring.

  38. SoZ says:

    He could have been a R1 pick and was a potential top 3 based on his 2019 season. Are we seeing a player who’s already peaked?

    • Seattle Person says:

      I don’t know man. We’ve seen what he can be. The last 2 season he seems have been hampered by injuries. In terms of skills I don’t think he has peaked. Has he peaked in terms of will he ever be injury free? That we can question.

  39. Justaguy says:

    I love the optimism Rob has generated here. Count me as the pessimist that foresees a huge bullocks of the draft. Yes, I know they have graded exceptionally in the past, but it over a decade since this group drafted deftly. My question is what changed to bring hope?

    • SoZ says:

      Possibly less drafting authority for Pete and more for John, new coaches who were promised a say in personnel…just speculation that the final decisions will be made differently. Some changes to move fully toward the Waldron system and 3-4 defensive personnel, more draft picks…Might as well hope they’re going to do better. We can’t exactly vote them out.

    • Peter says:

      For me it’s just fandom.

      The rational side looks at these two and thinks. Man, how do you find a 3rd round qb and build that roster only to crash it so hard. I look at the offseason moves and really like Harris and I think the signing of nwosu is very smart. But the dissly “others were coming for him,” talk makes me give them currently an offseason grade of : meet the new jacked and pumped FO, same as the old jacked and pumped FO.

      Which brings me to the draft and basically two scenarios out of my control:

      1. Bad version. They completely botch this. All of it. They collier/adams themselves over the next two drafts. Pc/js will be remembered as not the creators of the LOB but the team that ruined a legacy. Then we get a new FO hopefully inline with new ownership and well from harbaugh to early pc/js it doesn’t take long to turn a team around if you know what you are doing.

      2. Good version. Pete sucks at motivating most veterans. Unless you’re a secure man like Harris seems or Red Bryant. But pete loves to death working with young guys. With 16 draft picks and a ton of cash this team will be looking at a big clean slate of players in short order. I think pete’s messaging will resonate with a basically new team next year. Nothing is impossible and definitely leave it to these two to mess it up but there’s less wiggle room to make bad picks at least with the first three. John is all over the shop with qb’s. But two picks in the first round next year? Great opportunity if they lay the foundation right to bring this team right back to contention in one down year.

      • SoZ says:

        Some guys like Richard Sherman commented that Pete’s message and program are.more college style so what he says can get old. What if he were to help build and coach up another loaded team over the next couple of drafts and then hand the keys to Desai or Hurtt…he could ride off into the sunset with everyone all smiles…which coaches rarely do.

  40. Denver Hawker says:

    Fantastic segment Rob- maybe your best yet. Not just your breadth and depth of content, but your presentation was pitch perfect. Perfect tone.

    Have you brought yourself to watch Ted Lasso yet? I suspect that show is partly responsible for some American fun with the British pronunciations and nouns.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I haven’t but I have access to a free trial of Apple TV so I might watch it. Someone recommended it again last week and I thought I might dig in after the draft

      • Peter says:

        If you’re going to use a trial I highly recommend “severance,” on Apple TV.

      • Huggie Hawk says:

        There for sure is a bit of Pete in Ted Lasso. Rob you are slaying it with all this coverage.

  41. Ashish says:

    Draft profile: Leo Chenal
    One of the strengths:-
    Best value in pass coverage is sniffing out screens

  42. Henry Taylor says:

    I love Stingley, I also think Pete would relish the challenge of bringing him back to his freshman form. All pro potential at the position Pete most prides himself on developing.

    Fits the second chances motif.

  43. Peter says:

    Rob these segments are getting so sharp with the more reps you three get with each other. Such a high energy spot on the radio. I also enjoy you being you and dropping 10 yd splits,etc. Can’t wait for you to somehow explain weighted TEF in a ten second sound bite.

    Hopefully as the new season goes you can get on the air more often with those two. I know they bring you on for a draft focus but I could see a somewhat regular segment talking about young players or frankly if seattle has a rough year an “areas for improvement via the draft + players to watch,”

    I don’t know. Either way keep it up. The podcasts, the interviews, the short sort of thoughts if the day, it’s all been awesome during this transition off season.

  44. Big Mike says:

    “The Jimi Hendrix of taking sacks”

    Brilliant man, just fantastic. And a Seattle born icon to boot.

  45. Mr drucker in hooterville says:

    Is JA The Jimmy Hendrix of peacocks?

  46. jdruaint says:


    DK Trade w/ Jets for 10/38.

    10.Derek Stingley Jr.
    CB LSU

    17.George Karlaftis
    EDGE Purdue

    38.Devonte Wyatt
    DT Georgia

    56.Alec Pierce
    WR Cincinnati

    64.Bernhard Raimann
    OT Central Michigan

    72.Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State

    75.Alec Lindstrom
    OC Boston College

    79.Leo Chenal
    LB Wisconsin

    82.Kaleb Eleby
    QB Western Michigan

    84.Cole Strange
    OG Chattanooga

    109.Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    117.Jake Ferguson
    TE Wisconsin

    129.JT Woods
    S Baylor

  47. Sea Mode says:

    fwiw, Pauline says as it stands now, the Falcons may be looking to go WR with their first pick. (though of course subject to change as draft meetings continue)

    53:45 mark

    That would be a gift for us if it happens!

  48. Sea Mode says:

    If anyone is looking for a good laugh, check out the first few “offers” for DK. lol

    I agree with Brady that the Jets’ offer is the only one that is somewhat tempting, and only if things go south with DK in negotiations.

  49. Erik says:

    We need to have closure on the DK issue. Something like what happened yesterday in MLB would be nice. Young star player, Jose Ramirez, subject of trade rumors for months, signed a five year extension, putting all discussion to rest.

    • Seattle Person says:

      Cleveland is a joke. Jose is a great and they keep low balling him. Obviously a lot of money but no where near his value.

  50. JJ says:

    Are other teams with top receivers having the same urgency to either sign or trade the top receiver? Are Washington and Tennessee having articles written about potential deals for McLaurin or Brown? Feels like this is a seahawks thing and just seems to blow up in our face.

    If we don’t get a deal done we can always franchise him in a year and at that point trade or sign him long term. Not sure why we need this figured out by the draft.

    • Derek says:

      I think every team is dealing with this due to the crazy WR trades and signings around the league. Although, what I believe makes the ‘Hawks unique is the fact that we are going through a “rebuild” (whether Pete says so or not) and a team like the Titans is clearly not. Washington might be another story but the writing is on the wall… #1 WRs gonna get paid ~$25 mil per year so you better be prepared to pay or trade them.

      To Erik’s point above, the Seahawks will continue to perpetuate rumors and talk until they ultimately decide which they want to do with DK… so that blame can totally be placed at the feet of PC/JS.

    • cha says:

      1.His trade value will never be higher.

      2.If they don’t sign him soon, he could do a Jamal Adams style hold-out and miss out on valuable offseason prep time with the new QB. PC has already said DK’s development was stunted by not getting practice work during the season due to the foot injury.

      3.If they don’t resolve this by the draft and then decide they have to trade him, they’ll go a whole season without any draft pick proceeds from the trade. The season would be uglier than it already is.

  51. JD says:

    Would anyone consider taking #38 this year and next year’s first for DK?

    My thinking revolves around being enamored with Will Anderson and one of the top QB’s next year.

    With the Jets probably being as bad as we will be, we can possibly have two top 5 picks next year along with the Broncos 1st and 2nd and our native QB.

    Coming away from the 2022 draft with building blocks at multiple positions and then coming away from 2023 with a QB and Will Anderson would accelerate our rebuild timeline.

    • Derek says:

      Not enough for me, I would need at least a low RD 1 pick this year in addition to next.

    • Spectator says:

      I would. But even better would be getting that 10 pick and 38, and trading down to late teens or early 20s for 1st next year. You still end up with a 1st next year, plus 38, and then a 1st next year to use to move up for Anderson.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I see a few posters here hoping for 10 and 38 and, personally, I think that’s pretty much dreamland. If anything, at max. you get 10 and 69.

        But hey, I guess you never know.

  52. Julian L says:

    I think we need to be thinking more seriously about which Wide Receiver the Seahawks could draft in the top 100 picks this years?

    Trading DK post draft is a serious possibility if negotiations on a new deal falter? At which point they’ll need another WR.

    • Sea Mode says:

      But that’s the whole point: you only take a WR (in the first two days) this year if you know you are moving on from DK. In which case, it really only makes sense to trade him before the draft. If negotiations after the draft falter, I think you have to let him play out his rookie deal, then tag and trade him next year or try again to reopen negotiations. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

      As for WRs this year, I think Jahan Dotson is really good. Although we already have two other small WRs, so they would probably be looking for size if they do get an offer they can’t refuse for DK.

      • Justaguy says:

        Drake London

      • Julian L says:

        Having the extra WR helps with leverage in negotiations. If it comes to a trade (because the terms are too good to refuse), the team, has a fall back option.

        I like John Metchie iii, though having an ACL injury rather goes against what i’ve just been saying regards having a fall back option against DK leaving.

    • JimQ says:

      -IF- They should end up drafting QB-Ridder, why not WR-Alec Pierce, giving the new QB his favorite, go to WR? I think he could be a Round 3 option at WR. I think Ridder may be available in Round-2 & may be the one QB they have an eye on, just my gut feeling after careful consideration of the options. A Draft of an EDGE in Round-1, QB in Round-2, MLB (I like Leo Chenal), WR-Pierce in Rd-3, CB & OL for the rest of the picks could be a “possibility”.

  53. Bankhawk says:

    D.K. is an awesome dude, and it has been said a number of times he had no itch to move on. He seems happy in Seattle.
    That is all well and good, and I love watching him play, whether it be in Hawk blue, or even the icky action green! Still and yet, knowing that the team has a talented and hungry rookie waiting in the wings would provide prudent leverage for the negotiations, and we really could use an upgrade at WR #3. anyway.
    Love to see who folks like as far as a day 3 selection.
    And while were at it, a few UDFA’s are always fun to be the usual Camp Crushes, as well!

  54. Dregur says:

    Disregarding Stingley’s lengh of his arms and such, shouldn’t there be concerns that outside of his 40, his other Pro Day testing wasn’t very good?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Five weeks after recovering from a foot injury, we’re honestly going to say his testing wasn’t very good?

      Wish I could jump a not very good 38.5 inch vertical.

      • Dregur says:

        I think it’s due to the Lisfranc injury, and that even after surgery, it can become an issue afterwards due to the weakened state of the joints in the foot, up to, and including ongoing arthritis.

        As you stated, the medicals are incredibly important, but I am concerned that his healing was relatively slower than usual after the surgery, and he stated it was still bothering him 6 months after his surgery which is the usual timeline for full recovery.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Slower than usual?

          He’s only just recovered and back.

          I think you’re going a bit OTT here. It’s a bit rich to say his testing was no good other than the 40 when he jumped a bloody 38.5 inch vert.

          • SoZ says:

            I agree.that his testing went a long way to allay any concerns about his injury. As I continue to look into Stingley, the plot thickens. There’s a lot a team will fall in love with and probably draft really high especially PCJS. Like Lock, they’ll say he’s still the guy from his first season. But I think NFL’.coms rating is right. He’s boom or bust. Elite in important areas (movement and ball skills) but concerns of health, inconsistent competitiveness (kind of phoning it in vs a UCLA or Vanderbilt or just injured), and up and down play vs future NFL competition.
            I guess NFL teams have to draft for potential, which he has in spades.
            Which of his areas based on other cases are likely to improve in the NFL? Technique? Tackling?

          • Dregur says:

            I’m not entirely sure why I’m getting such a strong response? I was just asking questions. If I’m wrong, I’m fine with that, but I’m not sure how I am being OTT when everything is analyzed to such nth degree.

            • SoZ says:

              I’m not sure he is 100 percent back physically yet. Very solid testing but he even said he can do better. He’s a gamble with the potential to be elite and demonstrated skills but also some troubling tape and health issues. Do you “rush to the podium” at 9? Hope you can trade down and still get him?

  55. Spencer says:

    Rob you have a ton on your plate, not a lot of time, and you crank out quality work FOR FREE. Thank you for all of that!

    That being said, when things calm down/slow down, I’d be really interested in you doing a reflection piece on previous drafts, where you feel you got it right, and where you missed. And by that I don’t mean guessing correctly what the Hawks would do, I mean player evaluations and your pre-draft takes.

    Like I said, I know you’re busy, but maybe next time there is a lull in article-worthy news. Thanks again for sharing so much of your time and thoughts!

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ll just run through a few now.


      Hits — didn’t rate Jared Goff at all. Loved Keanu Neal and projected his rise. Correctly paired Seattle with Ifedi. Loved Derrick Henry and Michael Thomas. Thought Corey Coleman would go as high as he did.

      Misses — Wasn’t a big fan of Kenny Clark. Got swayed too much by Chris Jones’ perceived lack of effort (but to be fair, the league let him last to R2). Didn’t expect much from Yannick Ngakoue.


      Hits — Called TJ Watt the second coming of Khalil Mack. Thought Deshaun Watson was way better than the media who had familiarity contempt. Liked Mahomes a ton. Loved Tre’Davious White. Thought Cam Robinson was overrated and would drop into R2. Loved Alvin Kamara. Spent a long old time talking up George Kittle (and mocking him to Seattle). Thought Corey Davis & Taco Charlton were overrated. Loved Haason Reddick. Didn’t want Seattle to draft Malik McDowell (but understood why they did).

      Misses — Thought Solomon Thomas & Leonard Fournette would be great. Wasn’t a big Ryan Ramczyk guy. Didn’t rate Kareem Hunt. Loved Malik Hooker and Adoree Jackson.


      Hits — Spent a draft season saying Seattle would take a RB first after trading down. Loved Vita Vea. Really liked Lamar Jackson. Big Nick Chubb fan. Was really high on Fred Warner for Seattle. Expected Kolton Miller to go as high as he did. Didn’t rate Sony Michel. Hated Derrius Guice. Loved Jessie Bates.

      Misses — Didn’t love Minkah Fitzpatrick or Derwin James. Was really high on Ronald Jones and Kerryon Johnson. Really liked Kemoko Turay. Didn’t rate Mark Andrews.


      Hits — Was way earlier than everyone else on Kyler Murray at #1. Was earlier than most on TJ Hockenson going top-10. Didn’t rate N’Keal Harry at all. Loved Terry McLaurin like a son and really liked Deebo. Big Elgton Jenkins fan and Erik McCoy. Didn’t rate Greedy Williams. Liked DK Metcalf. Thought Jerry Tillery was meh. Spent ages talking up Damien Harris. Thought Dwayne Haskins was crap. Projected Collier & Blair would go where they did but not to Seattle.

      Misses — Didn’t talk enough about AJ Brown. Liked Parris Campbell too much. Was a bit too up and down on Brian Burns and should’ve trusted the tape more.


      Hits — was way early on Joe Burrow. Thought K’Lavon Chaisson would be crap and he is. Loved Jonathan Taylor. Didn’t rate Laviska Shenault. Liked Antoine Winfield Jr and Trevon Diggs a ton. Didn’t rate AJ Epenesa. Loved Logan Wilson. Loved Damien Lewis and projected him to Seattle often. Liked Brandon Aiyuk. Thought Tua would be average (and he is).

      Misses — didn’t anticipate what Justin Herbert would become. Liked but didn’t love Ceedee Lamb. Loved Cesar Ruiz. Loved Isaiah Wilson (but who outside of the league could predict that!). Loved Clyde Edwards-Helaire (so did Andy Reid though). Thought Raekwon Davis would be better than he is. Didn’t anticipate Seattle going LB first. Really liked Jalon Reagor and Damon Arnette.

      There’s no doubt more — that’s just off a quick look at the draft lists.

  56. Dong says:

    Rob, couple of players who I wonder about your thoughts on…

    David Ojabo. Will he fall to 40-41 with the injury? Thoughts? With the Hawks in a longer term (2-yr min) rebuild, I wonder if they might see a Darrell Taylor type situation there…? Achilles injury is a tough recovery.

    DL Eric Johnson, Missouri State (6-4, 299, 34”+ arms). Seems have the length that would be attractive in a 3-4 end, tested well. I thought his Senior Bowl tape looked solid and I’d expect him to get stronger in a pro training program. That would be my “sleeper” pick, although Nagy has mentioned him and he seems to be getting a fair bit of attention now as a potential early Day 3 pick.

    I bet the Patriots rate Devin Lloyd. Looks like the classic Belichick linebacker.

    Podcast will gain momentum. There is a lot going on in the world right now.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Ojabo might fall that far. I think they will look for impact though with their high picks

      I’ve had Eric Johnson as a high R4 for a while on my horizontal board

  57. […] thing I forgot to mention in my piece on Stingley Jr on Wednesday — the source I spoke to within the league said he thought he was better than Patrick […]