The options at #31 and how they compare to Jimmy Graham

Jaelen Strong could’ve been on the board at #31, but wouldn’t have the same impact as Jimmy Graham

We’ve commented a few times that there’s probably only 15-18 genuine first round prospects in this years draft. John Schneider backed that up via Peter King today — suggesting Seattle had 16 players with first round grades. Of course there’s at least a chance one of the 16 makes it to pick #31. It’s still unlikely. The Seahawks traded their first round selection for Jimmy Graham yesterday — but really they dealt a second round prospect.

The Seahawks have already ‘built through the draft’. They’ve done the hard part by hitting on the Wilson’s, Sherman’s, Thomas’, Chancellor’s and Wagner’s. It’s actually pretty difficult to improve this roster. Yesterday’s trade was one of the few ways they could do it. They landed the one thing they’ve been trying to get for years — a dynamic big target and a touchdown maker at WR/TE.

Of course they’ve already gone down this road before. The post-mortem of the Percy Harvin trade uncovered a couple of major wounds. The Seahawks could’ve used Harvin’s massive new salary to keep Golden Tate. They also wasted the #25 pick in 2013. Yet within the #25-35 radius of players taken that year, the options weren’t all that great. The best player taken was probably DeAndre Hopkins at #27, although if you re-sign Tate you possibly don’t draft him. Datone Jones has flattered to deceive and Cordarrelle Patterson can’t be trusted to run a basic route tree. As we now know, Zach Ertz isn’t the type of tight end they were looking for.

Harvin was a disaster in Seattle — and still the decision to trade for him made total sense. The draft altenatives weren’t great. The one major blow was the loss of Tate. The Seahawks wouldn’t necessarily be any better for having DeAndre Hopkins or Datone Jones today. They’re probably still trading for Graham. And Harvin, in his only unique little way, did contribute to the Super Bowl victory.

Now we have the opportunity to look at who the Seahawks could be passing on at #31 with this latest move. It’s a subject we can properly assess after the first round on April 30th but I suspect we’ll end up looking at a very similar situation to 2013. After a couple of years there won’t be anyone you really pine for, even if Graham is a bust.

In both instances the biggest blow to fans was the feeling of being robbed of entertainment on day one of the draft. Harvin is/was better than the options available in 2013. Graham is in exactly the same situation. In fact the talent difference is even more substantial this year.

I put together an unpublished pre-free agency mock draft for my own entertainment. By pick #31 I had five cornerbacks off the board and only the big three receivers were taken (Cooper, White and Parker — in that order). It was a review of the great depth at wide out this year and the lack of numbers at corner. I think teams will prioritize the cornerback position and feel comfortable waiting on a second or third round receiver. When you see Kansas City giving Jeremy Maclin $11m APY it lends weight to that theory. They’ve eliminated the absolute need to go wide out at #18.

Jaelen Strong, I believe, will still be there in the late first. He made flashy plays in college — one handed grabs, contested catches galore, that hail mary. And yet the more and more you watched, the same thing stood out in every tape. He can’t separate. It’s all well and good running in the 4.4’s and jumping 37 inches in the vertical. He is not a sudden athlete who eats up a cushion to drive off a defender across the middle. He doesn’t win with the double move to create separation downfield. He’s not even a particularly efficient route runner with control — he’ll take himself to the sideline and let a defender guide him out of bounds to limit the throwing window.

It’s not all bad of course. He’s a terrific high-point catcher with superb leaping ability. He has a thick lower body and basketball bloodlines. In a good passing offense I think he will thrive (with some technical development). Yet I doubt he’s going to be the focal point of an attack. He won’t be a great solution for Alex Smith in Kansas City running a shorter passing game. So despite the productive combine I think he lasts a little longer as teams focus on cornerbacks and offensive linemen in the second half of the first round.

Jordan Matthews also ran in the 4.4’s and had a 35.5 inch vertical. He has similar size to Strong and had similar college production. He was pick #42 last year. So Strong is no lock to go in the first just because he had a better-than-expected combine.

Would you rather have Strong compared to Jimmy Graham? It’s a silly question really. The Seahawks badly need a size mismatch, a touchdown maker and a guy who draws coverage every snap. Strong’s ability to compete for the ball would’ve been appealing but that’s really about it. A Twitter timeline littered with retaliations to online criticism is also a little too close to the Doug Baldwin school of venting for comfort (I’m only half joking).

I think Breshad Perriman will be there at #31. He started to grow on me the more I watched. He’s a lot more explosive off the snap, he can eat up a cushion and he finds ways to get open. He has the deep speed to take the top off a defense and he’s adept at tracking the ball from awkward angles and making chunk plays. In many ways he has the makings of a very accomplished receiver — until you consider the exasperating, consistent drops.

Sadly, many players who drop the football regularly aren’t cured by endless work on the jugs machine (contrary to popular opinion). It’s an art form, a skill. Perriman is every bit as frustrating as Sammie Coates. At the next level Perriman will be a superior receiver to Coates and will make a lot of plays but he’ll also frustrate the heck out of you too.

Again, he doesn’t solve Seattle’s greatest need — a touchdown maker in the red zone, a size mismatch who draws special coverage and takes attention away from the O-line (prevents the stacked box).

I think we’ll see a cluster of offensive linemen leaving the board between picks #16-30, including the underrated Ereck Flowers, La’el Collins, T.J. Clemmings and Andrus Peat. The Seahawks could’ve had a shot at Jake Fisher or Cameron Erving. Some will rue that missed opportunity. Erving can play guard or center, Fisher guard or tackle. Here’s the thing though — I’m not sure either player fits Seattle’s offense as well as Ty Sambrailo. I sat down and watched the Nevada/Colorado State game today and it just reemphasized how confident I am Sambrailo could be Seattle’s choice at #63. His massive size, quick feet and willingness to get to the second level is perfect for a team combining power running with a zone blocking scheme.

Even if they’d kept the pick — I’m not sure they would’ve taken either Fisher or Erving at #31 because they could’ve been waiting on Sambrailo in rounds 2-3.

If you can still replace Carpenter at #63 with Sambrailo and add a veteran center (or take one in rounds 4-5, such as Kansas State’s B.J. Finney) you’re addressing the situation. The value difference between Fisher/Erving at #31 and Sambrailo in rounds 2-3 is pretty equal. And I think all three players have a chance to be productive starters at the next level.

What about defensive options? The top defensive tackles will all be gone by #31. A lot of the best edge rushers will be gone too — and there’s really very little need for a Preston Smith or Owa Odighizuwa with Michael Bennett and Cassius Marsh on the roster. Some extra depth is necessary and that will probably come in the second or third wave of free agency.

It’s a shame they didn’t have the cap room to do a deal like this:

That’s a bargain ‘prove-it’ deal for Sheard but the Pats have serious needs on defense after losing Wilfork, Revis and Browner. The Seahawks’ concerns were mainly on offense — and they’ve now addressed that and will need to continue to do so with the offensive line. They still have an opportunity to bring in a veteran pass rusher at a discount, possibly Dwight Freeney. If you’re not happy about that — remember there aren’t many teams with a quality D-end duo like Bennett and Avril signed for the long haul.

At defensive tackle — keep an eye on Randy Starks. Pete Carroll offered gushing praise for Starks before the 2012 meeting between Miami and Seattle. John Schneider talked about signing cut players because it won’t impact compensatory picks next year. The Dolphins released Starks today after finalizing a deal for Ndamukong Suh. He could fill the role of free agent Kevin Williams.

You might ask about missing out on Todd Gurley as a future replacement for Marshawn Lynch. Personally I think he’ll be off the board by #31 (I had him at #26 in my unpublished mock). Even if he lasts — the Seahawks have signed Lynch for three years. He might only play one more but what if he plays two or three? Suddenly the pick looks like a bit of a luxury. The impact of Graham preventing opponents from being able to stack too heavily against the run cannot be underestimated. Adding a running back of the future helps down the line but the Seahawks are trying to win it all in 2015. Graham’s addition will benefit Lynch, Russell Wilson and the offensive line.

I will do a new mock when free agency calms down in a few days. A few other quick notes though from the unpublished version:

— I had Melvin Gordon going to the Chargers at #17. Middling combine or not, he’s a playmaker and I think someone will take him early. The Chargers are in win-now mode too and lost Ryan Mathews to Philadelphia.

— I had Marcus Peters in the top-20. I suspect there will be a big rush on cornerbacks, starting with New Orleans at #13.

— Brandon Scherff went to the Rams at #10, a pick that looks more and more likely today.

If you’re going to compare Jimmy Graham to the possibility of drafting Strong/Perriman/Fisher/Erving — Graham wins out every time as a proven commodity, a genuine top player at his position and exactly the type of chess piece the Seahawks were desperate to acquire for Wilson and the offense.

They filled their biggest need this off-season with the #31 pick. They just did it in a way nobody expected.


  1. bobbyk

    The deal the Patriots got with Sheard kills me. He (and Bennett) can also kick inside too.

    Looking forward to the rest of FA…

    • Rob Staton

      The tough thing IMO is the size of the deal. We talked about a possible prove it deal the other day given his age. He has no momentum because last year he struggled in the 3-4. Now he can max out his upside on a contender and hit FA again in 2017 aged 27. Great move for him. But right now Seattle doesn’t have the money to even do a deal like this I think. Not without cutting McDaniel or Mebane. They need the cap for Wilson, Wagner and Sweezy. And that’s why I think Randy Starks is an option for the interior. Low cost, one year deal, cut player so doesn’t impact compensatory picks.

      • bobbyk

        Randy Starks would help alleviate the pain (and keep the comp. pick situation in our favor for ’16). I hope we can get him. We need a guy like him to help rush the passer inside. No doubt. And I agree that he’s better than people give him credit for.

        • Greg haugsven

          Can’t believe we didn’t get a chance for Sheard, I totally agree. There is still a chance at a one year prove it deal for Greg Hardy $5 million maybe.

          • redzone086

            Hardy I don’t think Seattle will touch just like Rice. Melton or not injured Starks are our best value.

            • Volume 12

              If they add DT Randy Starks, then this will let them focus on adding a big run-stuffing DT late on ay 3 of the draft to groom and eventually replace Bane.

          • Ben2

            Sheard got 5.5mil. You’re not signing hardy for 5 when you couldn’t pony up 5.5 for Sheard

            • Greg Haugsven

              They might have ponied it up but they never got the chance. he went to visit New England and never left. Would rather have Wisnewski anyway OL is more important now

      • Jarhead

        As soon as I saw Starks get cut, that was the first thing I thought of. I remember how he and the othe rDT from Miami- the big Samoan beast- just made us look ridiculous. It’s two years later but quite frankly we could benefit from another stout interior presence. I am all for Starks

        • Volume 12

          Your right. And Tony McD helped set the edge for them that game too. Depending on what Miami does at the HB and WR positions, they could surprise some people this year. Although, HC Joe Philbin might be better off as a positional coach or something. There’s like no fire with him.

          The AFC East is quickly closing in on New England. About damn time!

  2. Turp

    Really bummed about missing Sheard. I do expect them to find a FA DT to add – especially one that is free of the cost of a compensation pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Starks would be ideal. Very underrated player IMO.

      • williambryan

        Isn’t starks the guy that most of us wanted over Henry Melton last off season?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s been a hopeful target for a couple of years, ever since the Dolphins franchised him in 2013.

  3. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I feel very confident in saying, there would be NO player available at #31 that would have the immediate impact of Jimmy Graham. Maybe in 5 years, with a lucky pick, you might have a guy that is a ProBowl/AllPro type of player.

    One of the top 3 TE in the NFL. You make the trade everyday and also twice on Sunday.

    If you are going to weaken the OL temporarily, why not do it in a good to very good draft for OL.
    JS/PC made a bold move, we should appreciate the “win forever”, always compete and always look to improve mentality. Glad I’m not a 49er fan. 🙂

    • bobbyk

      I love this trade all by itself. We totally fleeced the Saints. If ever a team got ripped off, it’s them here.

      With that being said, to play the opposite end of the spectrum — it is dangerous to keep trading #1 picks for guys who make over $10 million per year. You lose the cap space (which is fine because you’re getting superstars) but you lose young and reasonably priced talent. I know 1st round picks aren’t sure things, but when you trade three picks for a Percy… you’re really eliminating the chances of you striking it rich in the draft (which inexpensive players). One of my favorite things about this trade is that we didn’t lose a pick. Even though we gave up a 1st rounder, we still got a 4th rounder in return (with a good value pick this year).

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Seattle makes up for it by finding players in the later rounds and UDRFA who are way cheaper. Not worried about the potential cap issues.

      • rowdy

        The way the draft is looking we would trade down anyway. We have 11 picks still and more would almost be a waste almost. JS talked yesterday about not having to pay the 1.2 mil salary and looked at it like a savings. I loved this trade too, the only thing we truly need know is oline/depth. I definitely think they sign an o linemen to reduce the need on draft day. I also think it was a good deal for the saints. A first rd pick is worth a lot and they need the cap space and a center. The pick will help with defensive talent they really need.

      • Alaska Norm

        And we did get a bonus 4th. A spot seattle has a knack for finding gems. Good trade even without the 4, great with it.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The pick at #31 does have lots of value, even if only to trade down. I was against trading it at first, but then thought if I were the saints and shopped Graham around for another player and a first round pick, because of the scarcity of tight ends some team would have taken that deal. I’m glad it was Seattle.

  4. J2 MED

    I agree that Starks would be a pretty great value pick-up, especially without losing on comp picks. I’ve heard some rumors about possible being interested in Knighton, but he seems like he’ll command a much heftier price tag…

    • Steele1324

      Potroast costs $8 million. Hefty dude, hefty tab.

  5. JeffC

    Never in my life have I seen so many fans, sportswriters, etc in despair over losing an often injured center who is good, not great, unlikely to be great again, and was probably not going to be on the team after one more season.

    Danny Oneill implying Graham is “soft” because he showed up Sean Payton after the NO front office testified against him, costing him millions per season. I might show him up as well if I lost that much coin. C’mon. If you don’t like a guy, I can live with that, but stop making shit up.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take a soft ten touchdowns from Graham in 2015.

      • Volume 12

        A guy that was locked in the car with his sister, dropped off at a state run juvenile facility with her, beaten so bad his eyes were swollen shut, calling his mom and having her hang up on him repeatedly, and then becoming the man he is today, is not soft in my book. If he was soft he would have given in and probably ended up running the streets.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree. But even if he is soft — I’ll take his type of soft every day of the week if it produces 10-16 touchdowns a year.

        • John_s

          He played 2013 with a plantar fascia injury and 2014 with a shoulder injury and he didn’t miss any games. If that’s soft then I don’t know what to tell people.

          • sdcoug

            fwiw – Anyone who has tried to run, plant, jog, skip, jump, sprint, moonwalk, etc with plantar fascia knows it is no joke. first hand experience.

          • Steele1324

            He came in for his physical today. Interrupted his beach vacation to fly in.

            Any news on whether he passed it? Shoulder and plantar fascia are issues.

            • Turp

              He passed, via Paul Allen’s twitter

  6. Ed

    While I liked Sheard, I like the idea of not messing with our compensatory picks next year. Besides Starks, what about Michael Johnson? Big, versatile, young and was cut so wouldn’t hurt compensatories.

    • DC

      You beat me to it Ed. Michael Johnson looked like a good fit 2 years ago for Seattle. He played hurt last year yet made $16 million in Tampa Bay. He can afford to take a 1 or 2 season prove it deal from us. What can we afford to pay him?

      Starks has been on our radar too. As well as Melton. Does Melton count as a cut?

      • DC

        I shouldn’t even call it a prove it deal. Just a chance to play for a winner and resurrect his fading career. He’s 28.

      • Rob Staton

        Yep Melton was cut. Starks a much better player IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      Johnson has some appeal but he’s likely to be courted aggressively by Minnesota and Cincy.

  7. Hawkfaninmt

    With all these WRs getting publicity is there a chance Devin Smith makes it down to the Hawks?

    • Hawkfaninmt

      If 3 go in the 1st, how many do you see in the 2nd?

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t expect it — but not impossible. Tate fell.

      • Nathan

        Should we reach for him? a home run hitter on the deep ball, would be the perfect complement to Graham.

        • Beanhawk

          Don’t think he would be a reach at #63 anyway, or were you implying that we should trade up and get him?

          • Nathan

            Yeah. Is he that good? I don’t see much college football.

    • rowdy

      I doubt it the depth would just make teams wait to the second, drafting so late I don’t think smith will be passed over. But like rob said tate lasted, to 60 I believe.

  8. TJ

    If there is a “got to have” OL available in the middle of round 2, Seattle has the draft capital to move up and get him. They have 11 picks (I think) and I can’t imagine a slight move up in round 2 would cost that much.

    • Rob Staton

      If anything I could see them moving down from #63 and taking Ty Sambrailo in the early third round.

      • TJ

        If they came away with Earving and sambrailo in rounds 2 and 3, I would not be too upset

        • Rob Staton

          It’ll be tough to get at Erving. Should be top-45. Sambrailo interests me — do you have to take him R2? Is he there in R3? And if he’s there in R3, what chance at targeting someone like Henry Anderson or one of the edge guys in R2? There are the questions I keep mulling over. I also think thye might be willing to take Tyler Lockett in round two.

      • Madmark

        I could see a trade back for Sambrailo and a trade up with the 3rd round for a Ali Marpet for depth on the OL especially in that center position. How many guys got injured playing that position last year?

    • Ho Lee Chit

      IMO, they have plenty of candidates for the OG position. Hroniss Grasu, from Oregon would be my choice at #63. We need a little depth at the center position.

      Sambrailo has the athleticism to mirror speed rushers as a LT but lacks the power in this lower half to hold up against the bull rusher or be much of a power blocker. He needs a year in an NFL weight room. While advertised as a ‘nasty’ blocker, this nastiness extends to off the field issues. He beat up four freshmen in college at a party and had 14 stitches in his shoulder from a knife fight. Since he isn’t likely to pay any immediate dividends I will pass on putting Sambrailo in our locker room. Thanks.

      • Volume 12

        And Bruce Irvin used to do home invasions, P-Rich wa labeled a thief, etc.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          and Richie Incognito was just misunderstood.

          • Volume 12

            Huh? What does Richie Incognito have to do with anything? He’s a grown ass man, not a 17 or 18 year old kid.

      • steve

        “He beat up four freshman and has 14 stitches in his shoulder from a knife fight.” Sounds like Tom Cable will love him!

      • Steele1324

        Grasu has an injured shouder and ankle. A team might have to red shirt him. If he falls to the later rounds or even UDFA, and if the Hawks can stash him….

    • manthony

      I like this idea, no way wil 11 rookies make this team, so id like to see a trade up to nab a couple guys we are confident can come in and compete. I hope we draft 2 olineman and 2wr before the 6th. I would not be upset if we got Henry Andersen either

  9. JC

    the “there’s only ## first round talents” in nearly every case it being significantly below 32 is becoming a bit cliche and may be more reflective of unrealistic expectations of what first round talents are. It may be more about the expectations attached to calling someone a first round talent and looking bad if they are pedestrian, or worse.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d disagree there JC. Last year I think the general consensus was there were about 35 first round grades. I certainly felt that way.

  10. bobbyk

    Rob, Do you have an opinion on Jeremiah Poutasi? I really like him as a potential left guard in the early/mid rounds. He’s a monster and I’d like a monster to block for Lynch and next to Okung.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched one game and guard is definitely his best position. Major project but with a lot of upside. Not sure it’d be fair to expect him to play at a high level as a rookie and for that reason I prefer Sambrailo (who I think can deliver quickly). Doesn’t always play with the power you’d expect but has the mobility for the scheme.

      • John_s

        Sambrailo and Shaq Mason are my picks for the oline. I love Shaq as a center prospect.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll check him out.

    • Trevor

      Post Graham Trade Seattle mock
      2-63 Sambrailo -guard
      3-95 Mcbride – WR and Kick Returner
      4-113 Hodges – DE
      4-132 Grasu – Center
      4-135 Waller – WR
      5-168 Chickillo – DE
      5-170 L Trail DE / LB
      5-173 Crisp – OT
      6-182 N Marshall DB
      6-217 Josh Shaw Safety
      7-251 Derrick Lott DT


      • Volume 12

        I don’t think they’ll take guys who were all at the combine with every pick.

        • Trevor

          I am sure you are probably right.

          • Volume 12

            It’s pretty good though. I could see them having interest in Waller, Shaw, Lott, and Trail, but those would be the picks I’d change? Its so hard to mock for this team.

            I’m going to try and do one myself. I’m sure I’ll be burned at the stake for it, but it’s fun to do nonetheless.

            • Trevor

              Keeps the offseason interesting that is why I love Robs blog so much. It is thoughtful and detailed instead of the same canned info from main stream media and the other posters have great knowledge to share and debate as well which makes the long wait till September easier.

              • Volume 12

                Could not agree more. This, FieldGulls, and a couple of other sites are daily addictions.

                • Mike

                  For the offseason, nothing beats this site. Appreciate all you do Rob–and the recent days with multiple posts have been awesome.

                  FG is not what it was a few years ago. Used to be a daily stop. I like it for news of signings/injuries/etc that are hard to find elsewhere though.

                  • Volume 12

                    True. ‘Cigar thoughts’ by Jacson Bevens is a good read though. Mostly the day after games during the season and pre-season.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              Lynden Trail looks great on paper. His footage is god awful. Really terrible.

      • lil'stink

        Getting Graham makes me hope they fill needs other than WR with their first 3-4 picks. That means no Agholor, McBride, Lockette, or Dorsett, all guys I like. With a target like Graham I think they can afford to take a project guy like Conley or Waller.

        Of course, I seem to change my mind every other day 🙂

        • Trevor

          As long as they get a guy who can rerun punt and kicks because that was a disaster last year.

          • Ben2

            Agreed- def a need

          • Carl

            Will Blackmon has been a pretty decent PR/KR throughout his career, I am sure he will be in the mix there.

      • icb

        I don’t see Sambrailo making past the colts. With them picking up Gore and AJ, I see them looking to protect Luck now, in a big way. That leaves me thinking that Perhaps Agoholor or Rowe might be there late 2nd? Marpet maybe?

        I like McBride. Unless of course you snatch Agoholor in the 2nd then logic dictates you go another way with that pick.
        4- I agree Grasu. I’d prefer Gallik.- Again moot point if you’ve picked Marpet in the second.

        Not sold on Waller. It’s believable, I just haven’t drank that koolaid yet.
        Chickillo- yes. I like it.
        Trail-No thanks.

        Marshall- I don’t know. It’s interesting. I’ll buy that pick.
        Shaw- Again I don’t know, but I’d believe it possible.

        Throw in the Unknowns and Add PCJS 25% seemingly randomness/unique/strange/out of the box factor and I’d say you have a good start.

      • peter

        I’m concerned if Hodges doesn’t do a full work out he may fall further.

        Lynden trail for me I two rounds too high fir a player without a position. But other then that I think you made good picks at the right rounds.

        • Volume 12

          Hodges is turning teams off in a big way. He’s constantly complaining, making excuses. IDK about him at this moment.

          • Steele1324

            That’s good for the Hawks, isn’t it? Keep turning teams off, lower your price. I like his film a lot.

            • Volume 12

              I’m not sure. I’d almost think it wouldn’t be good. I could see if it w’s because he was cocky or out-spoken, which he is, but maybe his injury is more severe than he’s letting on.

  11. Cysco

    I actually think the decision to go with NE for Sheard may have come down to playing time. NE is in a spot where Sheard is going to get a ton of play. In SEA, he probably would have been in a rotation. If you’re tying to prove it, you’d want to go to the place where you can showcase yourself. That deal is a serious bargain and I’m sure seattle could have found the money to compete for him. I just don’t think they could have given the same amount of playing time.

    • Steele1324

      This is true. However, he never bothered to talk to the Hawks. Who knows. I think Richard would find ways to use Sheard that would have kept him happy.

  12. Volume 12

    Keep an eye on this guy, because Seattle has theirs on him. Gardner & Webb WR Kenny Cook. Here’s his measurements:

    6’3, 208 pounds, 10 3/8 hands, 34 1/4 Arms, 81′ inch Wing Span, 32.5 Vertical, 10 Ft. Broad Jump, 12 reps of 225, and a 4.54 forty yard dash.

    This kid had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the 10th grade and overcame it, Talk about grit!

    • Trevor

      Where do you even get tape on a guy like this? The measurable a look great but as a casual fan I have no idea where to get Gardner Webb tape in order to have anything to really base an opinion on. Is there a site you go to in order to find this stuff.

      • Volume 12

        I’ll never reveal my sources. Just kidding! I go to work my man! I do a ton of research on small school, under-rated, over-looked guys. I’m a care taker so I have free time. Actually, that’s an under-statement.

        • Trevor

          well keep the info coming! Nice to get some different ideas.

          • Volume 12

            I always try. Just trying to familiarize some of you guys that are interested in sleeper/potential steals through the mid and late rounds, because that’s the best part of the draft IMO.

            Rob does a fantastic job of NOT highlighting the ‘usual suspects.’ Who wants to talk about the same ol’ thing that the mass media tries to shove down our throat? So, I attempt to do the same, albeit nowhere near as good as him or eloquent, with the day 3 guys.

  13. drewjov11

    Umm… I just became a fan of cook. Obviously, he’s playing against lesser competition, but he’s got some definitely talent. He’s someone to keep in mind.

    • Volume 12

      Right? This kid can play some ball! OC Darrell Bevel said they look for ‘survivor types’ at the WR position. Is this kid the definition of that or what?

      • Volume 12

        Doesn’t mean they’ll take him, but he’s one to keep in mind.

    • rowdy

      At first glance he reminds me of strong, great at going up for it but never getting separation. Can he get away with that with nfl dbs? He looks well worth it on day 3 though.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Kenny Cook has been out there a while.

      My notes on his pro day indicate intriguing measurables:

      6″ 3/8″
      208 lbs
      34.5″ arms
      10 3/8″ hands
      4.54 40
      32″ V
      10′ B

      • Drew

        Good measurables but a disappointing vertical

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I just threw together my 2.0 mock….. I’m not entirely sure of the comp picks.. but this is roughly what I’m thinking will happen……..

    1st – Traded
    2nd – Byron Jones, S/CB, Connecticut (Combine Star)
    3rd – Ali Marpet, C/G, Hobart (Combine Standout)
    4th (1) Jesse James, TE, Penn St (Combine Standout)
    4th (2) Darren Waller, WR, Georgia Tech (TE)
    4th (3) Rob Havenstein, OT, Wisconsin (Possible – 5th round) (Standout at All star Game)
    4th (4) Lynden Trail, 3-4OLB, Norfolk State (Character issues) (TE/DE)
    5th Davis Tull, OLB, Tennessee-Chattanooga
    6th (1) Kasen Williams, WR, Washington
    6th (2) Andy Gallik, C, Boston College
    7th (1) Nick Marshall, QB/CB, Auburn
    7th (2) Brian Mihalik, DE/DT, Boston College

    We will see…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      James, Waller and Graham would make a nice compliment to Willson. Instead of TE being a weakness on the 2015 NFL roster, it would be a strength.

      • drewjov11

        Why in the world would you spend a pick on kasen? He’s not going to be drafted. Also would like to see a return man there. Marpet could be a good one.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Marshall might be able to return, he is pretty fast and is a good athlete. I see K. Williams as doing big things…. they will definitely take a flier on a WR late in the draft.

          • drewjov11

            The qb has never returned a kick in college. That’s a stretch. Kasen was going to struggle to be drafted before the third round when he was healthy. His questionable speed and lack of ability to separate were glaring issues. I’m a UW alumnus and a Kasen fan, but after that injury, he was never the same. He may eventually get back to close to what he was, but what he was wasn’t going to be an NFL gimme. He’s an UDFA as it stands now unless he comes out and blows people away at his workout, AND he can pass his medicals.

        • rowdy

          I really like williams as a late round pick and he have an incredible proday and raise his stock.

          • rowdy

            Could have*

      • rowdy

        James seems to much like willson and seems to high for a player that could get beat out to easily. I like everything else.

    • icb

      Why take James when you just got Jimmy Graham? No need now.
      Byron Jones won’t last that long. Someone will take a chance, especially if he flashes speed at pro day.
      Andy Gallik I think will be gone by the 6th, also, marpet AND Gallik?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I prefer Dillon Day to Gallik, who may be stout but isn’t very athletic. Havenstein is a RT prospect so I’m not sure SEA would be interested with Britt already at the position. Ditto JJ because of Graham.

      Lynden Trail is a very interesting LEO prospect.

    • peter

      All of us love a project player more then any thing but why does everyone think Trail is a fourth rounder? The konz was a sparq machine and he went in the 7th. Trail doesn’t have real position so I could see a 7th dmfor him but a fourth? He’s not even the mist athletic de and just maybe a decently athletic Te compared to this crop

  15. rowdy

    Malcolm smith got 2 years 7 mil, does that get a comp with the rising salary cap?

    • rowdy

      I pretty sure we won’t get one for wt3 and he got 3.5 for a year didn’t he?

      • Jon

        We will not get one for WT3 because we got 4 more valuable picks then his would have been.

        • rowdy


    • Jeff M.

      Here are OTC’s projections of the comp pick ranges for this year. Right now assuming they stay somewhat similar and we don’t sign anyone that changes the calculation, we’d get a 3rd for Maxwell [$10.5m, range is $8.2m+], a 5th for Carpenter [$4.75m, range is $4.3m-$5.7m], and a 6th for Smith [$3.5m, range is $2.3m-$4.3m]. Inflation might make that a 3rd and two 6ths instead but shouldn’t change much more than that.

    • Drew

      Projected to be a 6th rounder

  16. Old but Slow

    Here’s a question mark. What if Unger fails his physical?

    • DC

      That would qualify as major league Lame news.

    • hawkdawg

      What if Graham does?

      • Carl

        Graham passed his already Paul Allen announced on twitter!

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect he comes back to Seattle and they keep the 4th. I can’t see Graham going back now.

      • JeffC

        I suspect Seattle would probably give them an additional pick like in 2016 to alleviate some of the pain if Unger came back and we kept Graham.

  17. Attyla the Hawk

    Few things I found interesting:

    I did a composite of combine measurables from 2011-14 last year. It helped highlight Joel Bitonio’s abnormally special agility and athleticism.

    This year I combined this year’s participants for comparison 2011-2015.

    Short Shuttle:

    #1 Fisher, Jake
    #2 Nate Solder
    #3 Anthony Castanzo
    #4 Charles Leno
    #5 Joel Bitonio
    #6 Eric Fisher
    #7 David Quessenberry
    #8 Marpet, Ali
    #9 Jake Matthews
    #10 Taylor Lewan

    3 cone:

    #1 Fisher, Jake
    #2 Anthony Castanzo
    #3 Lane Johnson
    #4 Marpet, Ali
    #5 Matt Kalil
    #6 Jake Matthews
    #7 Joel Bitonio
    #8 Taylor Lewan
    #9 Wesley Johnson
    #10 Luke Joeckel

    40 time

    #1 Terron Armstead
    #2 Lane Johnson
    #3 Taylor Lewan
    #4 Vince Painter
    #5 Greg Robinson
    #6 Donald Stephenson
    #7 Kyle Long
    #8 Joel Bitonio
    #9 Matthew Patchan
    #10 Marpet, Ali

    There are very few players in the top ten of all of these movement measurement lists:

    Joel Bitonio
    Ali Marpet

    Marpet has definitely risen on draft boards as a result of the combine. But, not unlike Bitonio, he shined at the Senior Bowl as a prospect whose competition wasn’t the highest.

    Marpet probably isn’t lasting until our 3rd round pick. But there’s every indication that he could be in the 2nd. If you’re looking for this year’s Bitonio — Marpet looks like he’s that guy. Ridiculous movement skills that rival Bitonio’s at every turn.

    Seattle has been linked to Sambrailo. But quite honestly, I’m kind of suspicious about that. Seattle isn’t a team that typically shows it’s hand these last couple of years. Of the two prospects (Sambrailo/Marpet), I would consider the prospect with the least amount of chatter.

    • peter

      But I’m more convinced the method for picking olinemen is to write all the names on slips of paper and draw them out of a hat.

      Marpet looks good and the sambraillo as smokescreen could be real. But Seattle plain as day could have taken bitonio last year and let prich fall or pick martavius Bryant and instead they fooled around with a bear pointless tradedown….so its anyone’s guess as to how they view o min talent.

      • Chris

        Good point. If he looks like a good player and a good fit, there’s 0% chance the Hawks will take him.

        • Ben2

          Yeah their online picks baffle me to….usually after a Seahawks pick I’m like “WTF” and then after a bit am like “yeah, yeah I like it!” EXCEPT for oline. Is it Cable?

    • Volume 12

      I have to disagree.

      Seattle worked out DE Cassius Marsh last year, attended KPL’s pro day, Norwood’s, and brought Pinkins into the VMAC along with Brock Coyle, Jackson Jeffcoat, and Chase Dixon. There was rumored interest in P-Rich as well.

      They brought WR Branding Cooks into the VMAC as well, and we all remember the speculation about how high they were on OL Ju’Wuan James, thanks to Rob.

      • peter

        When they start bringing guys in ill keep the feelers up. And I would like for them to pick sambraillo. But they have had a rough time with two positions oline and wr and a trait they both have for the hawks…theres no parameters when looking at a player.

        If you look at cables guys : Gallery, Moffitt, carp, Britt, Gilliam, etc there is no size/shape/speed/strength ven diagram you can look to, to start your search.

        Possible wrestling background?

        Possible mean streak?

        How is that quantifiable?

        I like marpet’s measurables but I liked terron armstead and bitonio. I like Sambraillo’s tape and think he could start at LG day one….I know they’ve talked to him so far and there were 19 teams at csu pro day but for all I know they like someone like Sean hickey out of syracuse. Its just an odd approach they take to finding o line men

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “Seattle worked out DE Cassius Marsh last year, attended KPL’s pro day, Norwood’s, and brought Pinkins into the VMAC along with Brock Coyle, Jackson Jeffcoat, and Chase Dixon. There was rumored interest in P-Rich as well.”

        Oh I don’t disagree on this at all. Clearly there is a connection between players we fly in to work out and who we take. Although usually that’s drafting 3-4 of the 20+ we fly out here. I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of the guys we bring in are actually on our board. But most don’t get picked because others take them first or we have several at one pick and have to take just one.

        Certainly there wasn’t a ton of chatter leading to the Michael pick. Yeah there was some. Certainly more after he was brought in. But before the combine, was there ever any mention of him? Not really even immediately after.

        Same with Richardson. He was lighly linked to us almost in passing. Certainly amongst WRs, there were probably half a dozen names more directly linked to Seattle.

        I kind of expect the same thing here. Sambrailo got linked thanks in large part to Tony Pauline. Now Tony knows his stuff no doubt. But I fully expect that we on the outside have taken that indicated.interest and really have overplayed it. Particularly since the team hasn’t really indicated what they’re doing on the OL either way. The absence of other considerations kind of magnifies the publicized interest in Sambrailo.

        I am finding the link dubious, because of two things; that doesn’t sound like Seattle. Not recently. And given that Seattle typically values Senior Bowl turn outs — I think that interest may have been cooled. Because Sambrailo really struggled mightily in that week. It was not a good showing on his part.

        • Volume 12

          ‘Clearly there is a connection between players we fly in to work out who we take. Although that’s usually that’s 3-4 of the 20+ we fly out here. I think it’s safe to sat that the vast majority of the guys we bring in are actually on our board But most don’t get just picked because others take them first or we have several at one pick and have to take just one.;

          I see what your saying. Thanks for that clearing that up my man.

          So basically what me and you are saying is when they do work guys out, bring them into the VMAC, attend pro days, we need to think about ‘which of these players fits what that they do? Not only schematically, but do they fit in the locker room, are they gritty, did they have a good senior bowl week, good combine, what kind of background did they come from/overcame, is there a PC connection, etc, etc.’

  18. rowdy

    I keep hearing talk about the graham 1st rd pick could be 2016. Every trustworthy person indicated it’s this year’s draft and that’s what I believe. Was that just unknown speculation?

    • JeffC

      Didn’t schneider say that part of the cap savings this year was for now not having to pay the money for a 1st round pick?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “Didn’t schneider say that part of the cap savings this year was for now not having to pay the money for a 1st round pick?”


        At 31, you’re talking 3.3 m signing bonus with a 1.2m base salary.
        At 110 (expected), it’s 464k bonus and 551k base.

        The guaranteed money for a first round pick is about 50% more than the total 2nd through 7th round picks. Total payout at #31 is about equal to the total of the 2nd and 3rd round picks combined.

      • rowdy

        Yes he did, I just heard multiple people say it could be a 2016 pick and wondered why sense everyone close to the situation said it was this years. Just trying to weed out the bullshit

  19. kevin mullen

    Here’s my wishlist:

    63: Quinten Rollins, CB Mia(OH)
    95: Michael Bennett, DT Ohio St.
    109: Andy Gallik, C Boston College
    127: Ty Sambrailo, OT Colorado St.
    159: Tre McBride, WR William/Mary

    • Michael (CLT)

      So interesting seeing other peoples views.

    • Steele1324

      QRollins falling that far? Possible but I don’t think so. I do love the idea of another Michael Bennett.

    • KingRajesh

      McBride doesn’t make it out of the 3rd, I think.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I am thinking along these lines too. McBride seems like the 3rd round value pick on every fan forum across the league.

  20. Attyla the Hawk

    One prospect that might be a candidate for the “Luke Willson award” for guy who you never expected:

    Matthew Wells OLB Mississippi State.

    He’s the only LB I’ve see to crack 4.55 and did so at a blistering 4.43 official at his pro day at 223 lbs. That would best every Seahawk LB on the roster. He reminds me very much of KPL last year. Like KPL, his speed and athleticism is a real outlier. Seattle has drafted a LB in every Carroll draft. If there is one prospect who fits our standard for speed, it’s Wells.

    • Volume 12

      He’s super intriguing. From what I remember when watching them this year, it seemed like he had great length as well.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Yeah he’s rangy on tape. He was used frequently as a cover specialist and excelled in that role. He was still able to rank second on the team in TFL despite that role.

        Seems he was a relatively unheralded player dominated by McKinney and Smith.

    • Drew

      223 is pretty light, normally you’d like to see OLBs in a 4-3 at least in the 230s. If he can put on 10 lbs and maintain it well then that’d be intriquing

      • Jim Q

        6′ – 2″, 240 looks like combine average size for an OLB.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Well, that thinking certainly attributed to Telvin Smith drop to the 5th round. He was in the mix for DPOY at a rotund 218.

        Seattle is a team that covets unique qualities. Wells obviously has that in speed and length. Seattle has never really appeared to covet size at LB. Speed is the currency of our defense.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          DROY not DPOY

      • Volume 12

        And 222 pounds may be light, but he has the frame to add another 6-8 pounds without losing any of his speed.

        KPL is only 230-231 and Malcolm was 228.

        Seattle will sacrifice size for speed and length and very position. Try to keep this in mind when evaluating guys. Seattle is the smallest team in the league on average when they step off the bus. And that’s by design not accident, It’s one of the main reasons they like guys with ‘chips on their shoulders.’

        • Volume 12

          Should say at every position. Not and very position.

  21. DC

    I’ll be completely honest here. The contracts for both K.J. & Cary Williams surprise me a little bit. Did we panic on the CB position a little? And is K.J. really worth that much? Not saying that Sheard would have come here but given the money I would have taken him over either of the other two. The pass rush is what made the defense complete in 2013 vs 2012 & 2014 and we’ve still got to add to it imo. We need more quality depth there.

    After the free agent dust settles a bit I still hope we can pick up a couple of “ring hunters” on short term deals.

    Having said that, there is also this:

    Report: Stefen Wisniewski to visit Seahawks
    by R.J. White |
    (11:47 pm ET) Free-agent center Stefen Wisniewski is set to visit the Seahawks, reports.
    The Seahawks opened a hole in the offensive line Tuesday when they shipped Max Unger and a first-round pick to the Saints in exchange for Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round pick. Wisniewski is one of the top remaining interior lineman left on the market.

    • redzone086

      Have you heard more on Claybourne from the Buccaneers?

    • hawkdawg

      I’ve been waiting for this. Seems like a natural fit, especially now.

    • JeffC

      The Cary Williams deal is probably a one year deal. No dead money to deal with after year one so he can be cut without pain. If he comes in and gives you Maxwell level production, they keep him around. He has to play well because he has to assume it’s a one year deal and will want to hit the market again with a lot of suitors.

  22. Lou

    Rob, I agree that Jimmy Graham is better than any player the Seahawks could’ve gotten at 31 (minus Todd Gurley). But I always cringe when I hear that there are less than 32 players with a first round grade. Every year, we see “re-drafts” on NFL network showing what second or third round players would have gone in the first round if teams had a re-do. Washington would’ve picked Russell Wilson in the first in hindsight. Every team in the NFL would’ve picked Antonio Brown before the sixth round. Simply put, teams are often wrong with their grades. Regardless, Jimmy Graham is a hall of fame type player, not just a first rounder. He is special. That’s what separates him from any player the Seahawks could’ve gotten.

    I really don’t see a guard being the priority in the second round. I feel like the Seahawks think they can make a decent Olinemen good because they have Tom Cable. I still think the Seahawks need two receivers in this draft. And one of those two needs to be able to take the reins from Jermaine Kearse over the next 1-2 years. You did a great job pointing out Tre McBride. Volume 12 is right to note that Kenny Bell screams Seahawks, too. Can you do an eval of the best wide receivers you think will be available at the end of the second and in the third? I think Tre would be the best, but I’m growing more and more concerned that the secret is out on him, and he won’t be available.

    Last point: now that the Seahawks have their big receiver, if Phillip Dorsett is available in the middle of the second round, the Seahawks should go get him. Imagine a safety having to decide whether he should cheat in the box to stop Lynch, provide help over the top for Dorsett, or shade Jimmy Graham on a post route. That combination of players would give defenses fits.

    • j

      Yes, teams whiff on picks a lot. So don’t we quit – just fire the scouting staff and pick by drawing names out of a hat? Or maybe draft based on who has the coolest name. The best hair.

      You have to make decisions based on your evaluations. You have to trust your guys.

      If your guys think a player is a third round talent, are you supposed to draft him in the first – just because the scouts might be wrong? “He’s not a first round QB, he has flaws, – but Tom Brady was taken in the sixth, so make the pick”. That’s absurd.

      In the end, it is about pockets of talent. If you think only fifteen players “stand out” as being substantially better – i.e. in tier one, then a pick 30th overall is little different than one 60th.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      ” Simply put, teams are often wrong with their grades.”

      I think that’s too simply put.

      There is just way more that goes into it. Wilson, had he played for a different team — may not even be starting. He could easily have been the uber backup he was destined to be. Not all coaches are willing to put their reputation on the line with a move like that. Not many coaches are willing to play rookies as freely as Carroll.

      It also completely ignores the reality that development plays an enormous part in turning players into pros. Development isn’t linear. There are so many variables that go into it. Defensive scheme. Player fit. Coaching ability. Player’s ability to learn. Player’s confidence level. Desire. Intelligence. Dedication. These variables are all different from one team to the next and one player to the next.

      Players are not near as good on draft day as they will be on opening day. The amount of instruction and work they put in that first offseason is probably equivalent to 3 years worth in college. Without the participation restrictions on the number of hours they can devote to sport — they eat/breathe/live it 24/7. Rookies have to drink from the fire hose and pick up skill fast.

      • Volume 12

        Couldn’t of said it any better myself. You do an amazing job of putting what I’m feeling and maybe what we’re all feeling into words Attyla. I don’t always agree with you, but I do look forward to your responses, comments, or generalized thoughts.

        Great point about the development aspect. That’s just it. Some coaches like developing and ‘molding’ guys into what they want. And we all know PC does an amazing job of utilizing his players strengths and putting them in the best position to succeed. There’s only one PC, and man am I glad he’s on our side.

  23. Hawkfaninmt

    Wisniewski visiting seattle? It’s about time!

    • HOUSE

      could be a great pickup. He can play both C/G and has remained healthy through 4 yrs of play

  24. Ho Lee Chit

    OK, here is my best guess based on the Fanspeak board and Over the Caps best guess on the Comp picks. Take your best shot.

    2.63 DJ Humphries LT
    3.95 Ali Marpet OC/OG
    4.112 Phillip Dorset WR/KR
    4.130 Josh Shaw CB
    4.133 Damarius Randall FS
    5.165 Davis Tull DE/OLB
    5.170 Cedric Ogbuehi LT (PUP)
    5.173 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB (PUP)
    6.182 Marcus Hardison DT
    6.217 Tyrus Thompson OT
    7.251 Jordan Taylor WR

    • icb

      First things that come to mind, simply knee-jerk reaction.

      Seems like a reach on josh shaw.
      Ifo ekpre doesn’t fit the Seahawks measurables standard.

    • OZ

      That would be my dream draft!

      • peter

        Pretty good. I think ifo is a no go due to size. Concerned that humphries either lasts long to our pick or that Seattle looks at a LT that early. Are you seeing him in a guard spot?

        • Ho Lee Chit

          Ifo, is about the same size as Burley. I see him strickly playing the inside role. We need the quickness against the smaller WR’s.

          • peter

            I have no real problem with IFO. Its the existing draft parameters. IFO doesn’t match them. They did not draft Gurley per se. And there must be some doubts since he didn’t even suit up for the superbowl.

            If they change the draft parameters for Cb size and length then they could look at IFO and add in literally a half dozen possible candidates that look good but dont match type as it is now

            • Ho Lee Chit

              I am sure the draft parameters say you don’t draft a 5-10″ QB from Wisconsin. Ifo, can play. He was one of the top CB’s in the country before he got hurt. We were hurt in the SB because we could not match up with the smaller WR’s. Sherm has this problem, too. We went out last year and traded for Burley because the coaches recognized the problem. There is a place for the small, quick, CB. We just don’t need to overdue it. That is why Shaw is included, also.

              • Volume 12

                Ifo doesn’t even have 30′ inch arms. How’s he going to meet the wingspan requirement. Until they take a guy that doesn’t have 32′ inch arms in the draft, then I’ll put that behind me and never bring it up again.

              • peter

                HLC I’m not saying prototypical draft parameters I’m talking the Seahawks draft parameters. These are different things.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      There is literally zero chance we’re picking 4 OL in any draft.

      Seattle keeps 9 on the roster. We have 6 that are pretty much on lock. Find the two OL you like and stick with them. The other spots will be spread around.

      From a open competition standpoint, it’s at WR/CB and DT. With J Williams and K Williams off the roster, we’re in the market for a big fattie.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        I expect Tyrus Thompson to be on the practice squad and Obguehi will be on the PUP list for the year. That leaves just two for the 53 man roster.

        • Volume 12

          No way Seattle takes Tyrus Thompson. He is lazy with no work ethic, sounds like me, lol, and isn’t coachable. I’m assuming you saw the combine when the coach kept telling him how to fix want he was doing wrong? And he either couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, leading to the coach yelling at him ‘do you ever f**n listen!?’

          Ogbuehi could be a PUP candidate. I for one am not as down no him as others are. Is he entitled though? That has to be addressed. HC Kevin Sumlin has not been sending good pros the league lately, excluding WR Mike Evans, but he’s a guy that relies on size and athleticism, not technique.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Some nice prospects for sure.

      However, I just don’t see SEA taking 2 OLers with their 2 top picks, nor do I see them taking 2 LT prospects.
      Also, I really like Josh Shaw, but he’s at least a Day 3 pick – even late Day 3.

      Finally, I don’t mind the concept of a smaller CB, but I vastly prefer the smaller CB from the other Oregon school – Steve Nelson.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        By loading up at the LT position we enable a trade of Okung. His contract is up in 2015. I would trade him immediately and plan on starting Bailey in his spot with Humphries challenging for the job in camp. I see Nate Isles winning the LG job. The trade would yield a good pick and solve our cap problems. Then we sign Wagner and Wilson.

        • Volume 12

          Do you think DJ Humphries makes it past Carolina, New Orleans, or Denver at the end of the 1st round?

          JS seemed pretty excited about Nate Isles and this Keavon Milton guy yesterday on Brock & Salk.

          • Ho Lee Chit

            For what it is worth, according to the Fanspeak board Humphries will be there. I find these projections are all about the order of the board. To avoid wishful thinking it is necessary to use a board someone else prepared.

            Nate Isles is a monster. He is svelte at 350 lbs with incredibly long arms. Cable has been working with him for a year.

            • Volume 12

              Isles is a guy I’m excited to watch this pre-season. Even if he doesn’t win the starting job, he’d give us great depth.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            It’s always possible. He’s generally a 30th to 90th kind of projection now.

            One can never really tell how runs on positions will play out. Because of the importance of DB, and the scarcity of supply — it’s very likely that teams looking that direction reach for DB talent early and bank on depth at OL/WR in R2/R3.

            RB depth is also good. And teams haven’t had much of an opportunity to add those talents in the last 2 drafts. We could see 5 RBs go in R1 and R2.

            There aren’t really many OL prospects that are slated to go top 15. If the board starts off with a DB run with a WR run on top of it … you could see plenty of 20-35 overall type OL prospects sliding 20 spots. OL is a position group that has been deep the last two years running. It’s possible, even probable that teams still in need of OL will have invested highly in it recently. And try to spread the love around the roster more.

            This year’s day 2 is going to be really wild. I expect there to be a lot of “Allen Robinson” types who were deemed first round locks to drop to near the bottom of R2. And I’d see a lot of teams trying to move up into late R2/R3 as a result.

            Our first pick may not be until R3. I would bet it’ll be a seller’s market for pick 63.

  25. Chris

    “If you’re going to compare Jimmy Graham to the possibility of drafting Strong/Perriman/Fisher/Erving — Graham wins out every time as a proven commodity, a genuine top player at his position and exactly the type of chess piece the Seahawks were desperate to acquire for Wilson and the offense. ”

    The tradeoff is one of those guys PLUS Unger and a little $ leftover or Graham and a 4th. We can’t just compare Graham to a 1st rounder. Of course it will look like a good deal if we ignore a huge part of what the Hawks gave up.

    That being said, although I always disliked the Harvin deal, this one I didn’t mind. Taken as a whole we didn’t give up as much, and this is a player that makes a lot more sense schematically and isn’t quite as psycho.

  26. Ed

    I have been saying Wis since last year, but now I’m not that sure. I really like the idea of a 3rd next year as a comp, but at the same time he is a solid C with experience and durability. It would lend itself to really only needing a returner and depth in the draft.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I doubt we sign Wisniewski. He is going to want too much money. We are just kicking the tires to see if he will come on board for $2m and a ring.

      • Turp

        2m is vastly underselling Wis. He’s a very good center, also plays guard, and is only 25. Davis Hsu predicts 6m apy. I really hope we sign him. Jimmy + Wis > #31 + Unger by a mile. Even if it costs at extra 6m.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          Right! But I don’t think we have the $6M to pay him.

    • DC

      He won’t cost us a that 3rd Ed. We’ve got Maxwell out the door at over $10 mill, Carp around $5 and Smith around $3.5.

      If we sign Wisniewski I imagine it’s closer to the $3.5 million # and may only negate the lowest comp pick that we would receive. If it’s the right price yes, he plays multiple interior positions and we enter the draft without that gaping hole.

      • DC

        Scratch the “a”

        Does anyone know the max number of 3rd round comp picks that are given out in a year?
        Suh, Revis & Maxwell qualify their teams so far. Hopefully no one tops Maxwell’s contract numbers from here on out.

        • DC

          There were 4 given out last year.

        • Ho Lee Chit


        • rowdy

          Revis was cut.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            No, his option was declined. From a comp pick consideration, that is not being released.

            Although I can’t find a reference to it, I do believe that to qualify as a compensatory UFA you have to have been with your team for 2 years. When we lost Schofield to the Giants, I recall he did not qualify because he was only with us on a one year deal.

            Was Revis traded to NE? I don’t believe he was. If not, he should not qualify for compensatory pick regardless of his option being voided.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              Looked it up. Revis did sign a one year deal with NE with option. If that service clause holds, then NE should not receive a comp pick.

              However if they do get one, then Seattle (and every team in the league), should similarly craft their 1 year deals to include club options. That way all of their 1 year show me deals qualify as a future comp pick.

      • Ed

        If that’s the case, lock it up. He is young, experienced and talented.

        1st round



        Add in a 3rd and 5th comp pick next year

        And a CB with potential to be as good/better than Maxwell. Another CB to play the slot and with return experience.

        If we can somehow come away with Wis and M. Johnson, I would say A+ start to the offseason

      • Attyla the Hawk

        “Does anyone know the max number of 3rd round comp picks that are given out in a year?”

        It’s a sliding scale based on outliers from the signing class. There is no known maximum, but usually it’s around 1 to three. There have been 4 once. Also have been zero.

        The 2016 comp pick awards will merit watching. Because this UFA period is very unique. With so many high value contracts, the formula is going to shake up what we conventionally think of as qualifiers. My guess is a 6m contract like the one Tate got last year may well be an end of 5th/top of 6th comp instead of a first in the 4th comp.

  27. williambryan

    I’m just getting back into the flow here after a super bowl hangover… Just watched most of the receiver tape and my word… Why is Nelson Agholor not being talked about more?! He looks like Paul Richardson but angry as hell and I like it! Is he a possibility to last in to the Hawks range of the second round?

    • Steele1324

      We have been discussing Agholor extensively. Rob has done a lot of work on him in his scouting and combine pieces. Go check those out.

      I think Agholor is one of the most polished, NFL ready WRs, excellent route runner. He is smallish, so best fit for slot. I see him going early rd. 2. If the Hawks have a shot at him, it brings me back to the question about what variety of WRs do the Hawks want to enter camp with. They already have Baldwin as a slot, Norwood a possession type, Kearse is, well, Kearse, Matthews the bigger type, PRich N/A for the season.

      So I like Agholor (and Dorsett, Dev Smith, Kenny Bell) but what is missing is a deep threat type.

      • Steele1324

        There seem to be two categories of WRs. The smaller would-be DeSean Jackson/Harvin types, and the would-be Megatrons. What happened to the in-betweens, with some height with blazing speed? That is what I’m interested in.

        Looking at more film, (going from bigger to smaller) I like Tre McBride even more than I did (he reminds me of Andre Johnson), I like Conley, Kenny Bell, Agholor. These are the ones I would target for the Hawks in the middle of the draft.

        I am less excited with Dorsett and Devin Smith. Dorsett is thin, not physical, and is only a threat if he gets free in space (then he’s gone). Devin Smith is also small and fast, but doesn’t seem to run good routes, isn’t an underneath type.

      • Trevor

        I agree completely Agholor is the perfect fit as he is a Day 1 Starter at WR and a huge upgrade in the Kick / Punt return game. For me Mcbride is a close second but because of lack of competition with probably take a little time to get up to speed.

        • SunPathPaul

          I think this is the most important question to answer when we draft a WR this year.
          Not only what kind of talent do they possess, but how quickly can they make an impact?

          Now that we have ‘mismatch king’ Jimmy Graham, the rest of the WR corp will have an easier time getting open. (hopefully) We know that PC/JS love speed, and a lot of these WR’s have speed, so which one can play immediately?

          Agholar would be great, but unless we trade up in round 2, I feel he will be long gone.

          Between Brock Huard and Rob’s mentioning, I’m starting to wonder if they stay at #62 and take Tyler Lockett. He is very talented and fast, and is a very good kick / punt returner…

          He plays slot and out wide…I’d be happy to get him…

          Then we could grab Conley, McBride(maybe), Waller, or Bell later to flush out the WR corp…

          • Steele1324

            Lockett is attracting a lot of attention from Hawks fans. At 5-10 182, he is one of many similar small WRs—the DeSean Jackson/Harvin/(even Doug Baldwin) type again. I would much prefer Kenny Bell, who is just as much if not more of a playmaker, with similar measurables and much better blocking. He and Agholor also seem to be a better route runners.

            But again, does this team need these small WRs? If so, how many? Are we going to the Patriots smurf formula of success?

            We have a big target in Graham, Matthews. We have the small/fast in Baldwin. (Kearse and Norwood, not even sure what they are.)

            I really think the missing component is a slightly taller type. Thus, I prefer McBride, Conley.

            • Volume 12

              This team doesn’t care about size. IMO they’ll leave this draft with 2 receivers. I love Kenny Bell as well, but Tyler Lockett is the better prospect. If they could come out of the draft with those 2 guys, wow!

              They have the taller type of receiver in Jimmy Graham now. Their missing a speed, slot reliever component with retune skills. Baldwin is the only slot receiver on this team right now,

          • Attyla the Hawk

            I think Lockett at 63 would be unlikely.

            Lockett is kind of in the midst of a clump of WRs of similar quality and ST versatility. Unless we simply felt he was so much better that we had to have him — I’d expect us to bank on picking what’s left in R3 or early R4.

            Lockett has good speed. Doesn’t have good length, and he doesn’t appear to have comparable ball skills to others in the late 2nd round range. Very good flexibility and able to cut/stop crisply at speed. Good quickness.

            A player I would compare him to would be Justin Hardy. Although Hardy to me is a better receiver prospect. His ability to get open is ridiculous. Lockett does tend to wait on the ball at times where Hardy does an exceptional job at working back to the ball. Both possess great quickness and flexibility. Lockett has better inline speed and would be a better PR candidate.

            Lockett’s hands are just tiny though. His arms are super short at 30″. And I think that shows on tape, as it doesn’t appear he has full confidence in his hands — leading to more body catches than necessary. Hardy’s hands are massive with good arm length. On tape, he looks like he leverages sure hands and sublime quickness into catches with astounding regularity. It’s crazy to see how many catches he makes where he looks like he’s cooked at the stem of his route. He bursts free of coverage like he’s shot from a cannon.

            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t sleep on Lockett in R2 to be fair… huge character guy, good kick returner, plays above his size at times, extremely competitive. Had an amazing Senior Bowl. The type of pick SEA makes and everyone goes “huh?” but I could definitely see it.

              • Volume 12

                I agree. Justin Hardy is good, but has Seattle ever drafted a WR that didn’t run less than a 4.56 40? That’s not great speed for a slot receiver.

                Lockett is the kind of guy RW could grow with and become attached to the hip. Great bloodlines, film rat, gritty, high football IQ, versatile, quick twitch with plus speed, and as you said Rob, great character.

              • Attyla the Hawk

                Not sleeping on him. I would agree on the assumption he’s on our board. Particularly considering John’s specific comments on competitiveness and desire.

                If we took him that high, considering the alternatives, then it would seem that he’d have to just obliterate the physical size limitations that he has. Obviously we’ve seen that before with Richardson. Is Seattle going to double dip on the same kind of receiver with their first pick in successive drafts?

                I think Seattle would have to outright love him to ignore the alternatives that should be available at 63. That’s not out of the realm of reason. It’s not normal for Pete/John to emerge from their pocket of talent shells except for players with unique traits. Richardson had that with speed. I don’t see Lockett having that. Watching his tape next to Richardson’s — I don’t see a player that plays as fast.

                Will Lockett’s lack of unique physical quality be enough to pass on players who may have that — even at other positions? Whether it’s Marpet at OL, or Xavier Cooper at DT. Or a player who for whatever reason drops from the 25-40 range. I can’t answer that. So can’t rule it out. He would be a ‘huh?’ pick. And we’d expect at least a couple in this draft if the past drafts are any indication.

                • Volume 12

                  So they might not consider taking Tyler Locket due to his length? But Xavier Cooper, a guy who doesn’t meet the arm length requirement at DT they would?

                  He’s not the same kind of player that P-Rich is in the slightest.

                  I’m not sure about round 2 either, but round 3 definitely if he’s still on the board. Although there’s not that much of a difference, and if it is round 2, still a great selection.

  28. Volume 12

    Until UCLA DE ‘Diggy’ Odighizuwa is off the board, a FA DE is signed, or there’s more buzz on him, I’ve convinced myself he’ll be Seattle’s 1st selection this year. I’ll be the first to eat crow if I’m wrong, but I love this dude.

    I agree with Rob that he definitely has the potential to be a top 50 pick, but as some of you have pointed out, he’s not the best at bending/bursting off the edge, and IMO those 2 hip injuries will scare teams off, unlike Seattle who almost seems attracted to the types.

    Love his passion, character, physique, football IQ, upside, and yes, I really like that he’s raw. He’s the perfect type of D-lineman to develop and bring along slowly behind Avril and Bennett. He’s got a Ziggy Ansah ceiling and a Chris Clemons floor with the freakish build of a WWE wrestler.

    • Trevor

      Would be a great pick but unless the injury concerns scare everyone off there is no way he will be there at 63. But I agree I am not sure anyone has looked more like a Hawks DE. If we got him I certainly not complain.

    • peter

      He’s one of my favorite prospects and could still leave in okay sambraillo who is mocked all over the place though I think the third is the dead last,stop for him.

      Owa’s got something. I hope for him the hip problems are related to training/ growth and not something degenerative like athritis.

      Good for jim Mora junior. I know some of those guys aren’t his recruits but he has his guys buying in big Tim and they seem to love him down there. The players that is, heck maybe even the fans too.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Diggy is a bit like Ziggy.

      Imagine lining him up slightly inside, like the 5 gap, with Irvin to his outside.

      If this is how the board comes to SEA at 62 I would applaud the choice. Mid- late-round prospects are deeper in OL and WR.

      • Volume 12

        Exactly. Groom as the LEO, slide him inside on occasion, he can play 5-tech and set the edge on running downs, and he can stand up at the 5-tech spot as well. I’m expecting Seattle to take D-lineman that come from a 3-4 defense.

        ‘3-4 personnel for a 4-3 defense.’

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          To my eye he looks quicker off the snap with his hand in the dirt. But that could be a matter of coaching.

          He’s versatile enough to play up or down, in or out.

          Interesting insight re 3-4 personnel. UCLA runs an unusual 3-4 hybrid that often looks more like a 4-3.

          • Volume 12

            He’s definitely better with his hand in the dirt. But Seattle worked him out extensively at the DE-LEO spot, and also had him go through the LB drills too.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              So does he bulk up and play down or does he trim down and play up?

              He’s athletic enough to move in space (assuming no loss of agility from hip surgery), but I just don’t see him as an LB. The more I think about it, and the more I watch his tape, the one thing he does really well from the outside is set the edge against the run. Send him after the QB from the outside and you might as well have him sprint to the end zone and back for all the impact he’ll have on the play. But have him stay home and set the edge, and you’ll never see the ball get outside of him. In that sense he’s an ideal LEO.

              • Volume 12

                Yup. He weighed in at 262 pounds at the pro day. Perfect size foe the LEO. I don’t see him as a LB either, but I think Seattle sees versatility in him, and in an emergency situation could use him at LB like KC uses Justin Houston.

                That’s why I said his floor is Chris Clemons like, because of the similar build and the fact their both great at playing the run.

  29. MitchRob

    Hi Rob,

    Great stuff! Just curious to get your opinion on the WR class for Seattle. Do you see them still trying to improve the receiving core with a high pick now that we have Jimmy Graham? Any possibility we trade up from 63 even to early 2nd round for one that falls?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see a move up considering the great value in rounds 3-4. I do think they will take a receiver in rounds 2-4 though, possibly two. The class is too good to pass up and they might be without Paul Richardson for the whole year.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I would think not.

      One: John has already cited that he feels the value lies in the 3rd and 4 rounds. He’s been pretty candid in the past when discussing where his ‘pockets of talent’ lies.

      Two: We traded for Graham. But we made sure we got an early 4th round pick in return. On the outside, that may seem like a throwaway pick. But I’m sure that particular pick was a deal breaker for this trade. Because obviously John could have turned that 1st round pick into a couple of picks in the early 3rd/early 4th range.

      It’s still possible we see Seattle make moves to get in that early 3rd/mid 4th range. Whether it’s a combination of trading our 2nd/5th for a 3rd/4th. Or moving up with later picks into the 4th. Seems like there are way more players than picks in that range for John’s liking.

      Wouldn’t preclude us trading future picks to get in that range either. Although that’s not our MO. Seattle seems very fluid in adapting their style to meet unique situations. So not ruling that out.

  30. Dan

    Two quotes I liked from the write-up:

    “In both instances the biggest blow to fans was the feeling of being robbed of entertainment on day one of the draft.”

    That pretty much sums it up for me. While I didn’t particularly like the options at 31, I was still excited to see what happened.

    “Sadly, many players who drop the football regularly aren’t cured by endless work on the jugs machine (contrary to popular opinion). It’s an art form, a skill.”

    THIS! Hands can be improved with technique and practice, sure, but at this point in their careers they’ve more or less maxed out their development of hand eye coordination. Which was the main reason I was completely against Luke Willson being the #1 TE next year.

    • drewjov11

      Sometimes it is a vision problem that needs to be corrected. You don’t know until you test them.

    • Dawgma

      And yet last year we saw Marsalis Bryant and Don’t Monroe go from butterfingers to solid as if by magic. I think we need to remember, sample size matters – especially for some of these guys with really low volume passing attacks (Conley) I think it’s more important to look at technique. For that reason someone like Sammy Coates scares the hell out of me, but Brenham Perryman seems like a good chance to take.

      • Volume 12

        They also went to a team with QBs in ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Neck-Beard’ who both throw some beautiful passes.

  31. Dan

    Wisniewski is making a visit to Seattle! That would essentially fill all the holes in the roster before the draft. What do you think he’s asking for?

    • bobbyk

      Would be huge.

    • MoondustV

      The new C in Oakland, Rodney Hudson got a 5-year, $44.5M deal. Wisniewski may ask at least $6M APY?

      • Cysco

        We’re entering the second wave of free agency. At this point, other than Demarco Murray, all the big names have settled into their new homes and the bargain season is about to start.

        Wisniewski may want $6m, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get it. C. is one of those positions that teams don’t spend big on. Even Unger’s salary was on the high side for the position. Given that Seattle was possibly going to cut Unger because of salary and injury, I have to assume that Wis is going to get at, or below what Unger was making.

        I just don’t see Sea dumping Unger only to go more expensive at the position. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least that if Wis lands here his salary is $5 average or less.

        • Cysco

          Oh, and perhaps this is why they didn’t make an offer for Sheard. Perhaps that money was dedicated to an Unger replacement.

          • Trevor

            He would be a huge get and a guy who could anchor the middle of the line and grow with Russ for the next 5-7 years. I just have no idea how they fit him under our Cap without cutting Mebane and Mcdonald and I just don’t see their replacements on the roster. With this Front Office though you never know as they always seem to have a plan and find a wayl

            • lil'stink

              I assume you meant McDaniel, not McDonald. But, speaking of Clinton McDonald, the Bucs just signed Henry Melton. Lets make a trade to TB to bring McDonald back!

        • MoondustV

          I agree that C is a less expensive position in O-Line. My estimation is $5M APY.

          • bobbyk

            Prior to Wisniewski becoming a free agent his camp was asking for at least $3 million per year. He won’t break the bank.

        • vrtkolman

          Yeah, I could actually see Seattle recruiting him as a guard. He used to play left guard I believe and his best season was at left guard. In this scenario you start Patrick Lewis at center and then you don’t have any glaring needs in the draft. Also, your only injury prone lineman is Okung rather than Okung/Carpenter/Unger.

          • Cysco

            yah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land in the 3.5 APY range. When you think about the moves it makes a ton of sense. You get rid of Unger’s salary and get a younger, cheaper and healthier replacement. Oh, and you get Jimmy F’n Graham.

          • Ho Lee Chit

            Wisniewski struggles against the bigger NT’s. He has trouble anchoring in pass pro. He graded out as 22nd out of 32 NFL starting centers. I see him as a backup for Lewis. There is a reason Oakland moved on to Hudson. He is hoping for $3M.

            • vrtkolman

              He declined a $6 million a year extension from Oakland though, it’s not like they weren’t trying.

  32. Trevor

    I just watch a bunch of tape on Stephen Anthony out of Clemson at inside linebacker. The is a stud and would be perfect in our system.

    We are paying KJ big money and in all likelihood are going to extend Bruce Irvin as he has turned into a tremendous playmaker. That is a lot of money tied up in linebackers. Wagner is one of my favourite players and the team struggled when he was out last year but he is going to want a big money extension. Anthony is almost a Wagner clone id not slightly more athletic. Any chance they take him and let Bobby play out the year and prep Anthony to replace him?

    I am not proposing this move but I just think our cap is going to be stretched and it is something to think about .Stephen Anthony is going to be a pro Bowler for someone why not us.

    • Trevor

      This suggestion is assuming they sign Wisniewski and the hole at Center / Guard is less of a priority.

    • john_s

      Wagner is just as valuable as Earl, Sherm and Kam. You pay him what he deserves.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Anthony should be a high 2nd round pick. He’s pretty much the consensus #1 lb prospect (outside of the edge rushers).

      May even go to GB at 30. They need ILB and DL help. Anthony next to Matthews would work nicely.

      • Volume 12

        Yeah, he might not get past Philly in the 2nd round. They love this guy.

  33. Trevor

    As I mentioned I love Wagner and think is a huge part of our defense. I only mention it as something to think about because he is going to want a huge $ extension and deserves it. Just trying to figure out how we keep all these guy being as tight as we are to the Cap and having to resign Wilson.

    We are going to have the most expensive linebacking core in the league once Irvin and Wagner get extended and when I watched Anthony play he just looks like a slightly more athletic Wagner clone.

    I am sure they figure out how to get Wagener done as they always seem to find a way to keep their key guys but I just wanted to throw the idea out as something think about. Probably a moot point as I would be shocked if he is still there at 63 anyways.

    • vrtkolman

      They could still draft a MLB with the intention of keeping Wagner. The run defense went to crap without him partly because he’s awesome and partly because there isn’t a very good backup to the MLB position. KJ can play it but not that well, and I don’t think Brock Coyle is anything more than a replacement level MLB if that.

      • Volume 12

        Check out N. Texas MLB David Mayo. This dude is a stud. Averaged 13 tackles a game. Will make an awesome ST player. He’d be an amazing 7th round or UDFA selection.

    • lil'stink

      I’m still not sure how we are going to avoid salary cap hell in a few years. Okung needs to be re-signed or replaced, either way will cost $. Irvin is looking like he should be re-signed as well. The cap going up should help, but I wonder if Avril and KJ will be gone after 2016.

      • vrtkolman

        I would say, don’t worry about a few years down the road! Just enjoy the run while it lasts. Superbowl favorites the past two seasons and looks like another favorite again this year.

        • lil'stink


      • JeffC

        I’m guessing they are focusing on a three year window until the LOB comes back up for contract extensions. Then we’ll start seeing a pretty serious exodus and new blood.

  34. drewjov11

    They are going to resign bobby. They wouldn’t have given money to KJ if they thought they wouldn’t sign Wagner. He’s a guy you keep. I’m still surprised that they extended Wright.

  35. Jason

    When are comp picks announced?

    • lil'stink

      After the NFL owners meeting which is in a couple of weeks.

      • UKHawkDavid

        March 23rd I believe is the anticipated date.

  36. UKHawkDavid

    Big Red just got cut…

    • redzone086

      Not sure if much interest from Bryant will exist to be a Hawk.

  37. peter

    Check your Ducks prospects! Coolest thing of my week just happened..two minutes ago John Schneider asked me inside if a Starbucks here in Eugene the best way to get to Autzen from where we were!

    • Rob Staton

      Nice one!

    • Ho Lee Chit

      He must be checking out Hroniss Grasu and Fisher.

      • hawkfaninMT

        Or Ifo with a 5th!

        I know arm length, too short, injury…. Blah Blah Blah! Man causes turn overs and wreaks a little bit of craziness! get him!

        • Volume 12

          Peter, I’m not a jealous man, but what you just experienced does in fact make me that. It has to be Grasu right? I’m sure they have all the info on Jake Fisher who was at the combine, senior bowl, etc. But Grasu wasn’t able to compete in anything, I’m wondering if there checking with the medical staff?

          Grasu is an ideal fit for what Seattle runs IMO. He’s also a great leader.

          But there’s also S Erick Dargan, OW/KR,PR Byron Marshall, WR Keanon Lowe, and CB Troy Hill.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I’m sure it’s an Oregon swing tour – OSU pro day is tomorrow.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Jake Fisher is very intriguing, but he’s probably gone by 62 and they know it. More likely Grasu.

            I’m hoping JS gives Nelson a look tomorrow. I know he’s small, but I think he’s a perfect scheme fit. Along the lines of ET3 (not that I think he’s ET3).

            • Volume 12

              I completely forgot about Oregon St. Don’t ask me how.

              CB Steven Nelson, S Tyrequek Zimmerman, S Ryan Murphy, LB’s Michael Doctor and DJ Moore, DE-LEO/OLB Obum Gwachum, and there’s a versatile D-lineman who’s name is escaping me.

          • peter

            Honestly it was pretty awesome! And super weird. I used to work in different nightclubs in Seattle and got to see some cool crap like Eddie vedders bday where he drank too much and did basically live karaoke with notable Seattle musicians while I was bartending, but I honestly had a bit of fan boy nervousness as soon as I saw JS and yes. I tried to eavesdrop as much as possible but all I could make out were the words “that’s my coffee, right…” Got to be code for something.

            Jokes aside they have to at least consider Grady and both Byron Marshall and keanin Lowe could be real deep picks perhaps.

    • hawkfaninMT

      Wait a tic! If Schneider is down there, who is in Seattle signing Wiz?

      • Volume 12

        Did they sign Wiz?

        • hawkfaninMT

          No, I meant that if Schnieder is in Oregon he can’t be in Seattle to negotiate and sign him. I suppose it isn’t a requirement for the GM to be present for the visit. I was hopeful it would get done today though.

          • peter

            A lot if these guys players and management alike get going super early so they could take care of a contract early if its going to happen and fly to Eugene in a private carrier which would only take about 1:45 minutes.

            But I would imagine a lot of the contracts involve an accountant, a lawyer or two, more then anyone else. Heck he could go to a Kinko’s and receive a fax from Wiz if its meant to be….thats right I said it, a fax!

  38. vrtkolman

    I know that Seattle averaged 50+ more yards per game rushing with Unger than without, but there are way more variables influencing that than simply saying Unger is worth that much to the offense.

    Unger played in the first 4 games of the year where Harvin was still running fly sweeps for about 50 or so yards a game. He also played in the Giants game where we had that huge outlier of 350 rushing yards. The defenses he faced for the most part were just not good. Denver was probably the best one and they shut the run down pretty easily. He missed the 6 game gauntlet at the end where we faced top rushing defenses.

    I just don’t think his impact was all that much.

  39. Volume 12

    Marshall CB Darryl ‘Swag’ Roberts killed his pro day.

    Here’s his measurements: 4.36 40 yard dash, 39′ inch vertical jump, 11’4 foot broad jump, and 23 reps on the 225 bench press.

    But, I. can’t find his arm length or wingspan measurements.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      5’11” 180# is all I could find re Swagg’s size.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Speaking of Marshall’s pro day – DE James Rouse put up 38 reps on BP – which would’ve been tops in Indy.

      I can’t find his pro day 40, but he’s credited with running a 4.93. At 6’5″ 270 he’s a little light but I wonder if he could add some weight and convert to OL.

      • Volume 12

        I knew Roberts was 5’11, 180 and would make the perfect nickel/slot corner, but I can’t find his arm measurements either. James Rouse in interesting. However, he’s like 25 years old already.

        • Steele1324

          Does this move Swag up into the middle rounds? Too bad. (For us.)

          • Volume 12

            Not guaranteed. He was an UDFA type prior to his pro day and I wouldn’t expect him to go any higher than the mid 5th round at best.

            • Steele1324

              I want him on the roster just for the nickname!

  40. CHawk Talker Eric

    Keep an eye on Aundrey Walker as a possible Day 3 OG prospect. He played multiple positions at USC – LT, RT, RG. Broke an ankle in 2013, came back with a decent season in 2014. Ran a 5.15 at his pro day.

    • Volume 12

      Good eye CHAWK. This dude is a monster, His arms are ridiculously huge. He was also a former 5-star recruit coming out of Cleveland, Ohio.

    • hawkfaninMT

      Yes! I heard about this guy a while back, and just kinda forgot the name… Very intriguing!

  41. UKhawk

    No one has commented on Starks. I like either adding DL or OL in free agency. Bummed about Sheard but maybe it’s a good thing to push us toward upgrading the interior by replacing KW or TMc or both with a better player. Love the shout out for Starks by Rob. He can play the run/pass equally well. Maybe Knighton or Melton but would need to kick the tires…. Any other shouts??

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Melton signed with TB.

      • Volume 12

        ‘Big’ Red Bryant?

    • Rob Staton

      Starks would be ideal.

      • Steele1324

        How much $ is there left after Jimmy G, Williams and Blackmon?

        • Rob Staton

          $15m but $5m is for sundries and $8-10m for Wilson, Wagner & Sweezy extensions.

          • Steele1324

            So that’s all of it gone (unless the extensions are a few million less)? No more free agency?

            • Rob Staton

              I think they’ll make a low-level (cheap) move or two. But nothing major.

  42. Madmark

    This has nothing to do about players or the draft but I just compelled to say something about it. Washington St. is filing charges against a New York-based ticket seller for failing to deliver. There was no way they could deliver after selling 149,000 tickets. The stadium certainly couldn’t hold that many people to begin with. The company needs to be shutdown and the owners should be put in jail. The NFL needs to get on top of this situation also to help prevent it from happening again and keep the NFL image clean.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I believe the story says, $149,000 worth of tickets. Still, short selling and then a failure to deliver should be a crime. The short seller has no right to refuse to deliver just because the price went up. The buyer cannot back out when the price goes down. These criminals have shifted all of their risk to the consumer without full disclosure.

  43. CHawk Talker Eric

    One more USC guy I’ll keep an eye on as a Day 3/UDFA WR acquisition is George Farmer (son of former NFL WR of same name).

    6’1″ 220# ran a 4.35 at his pro day, also caught the ball well in drills. He’s a former 5-star recruit who never lived up to the hype because of injuries, but the tools are there.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      FWIW, Farmer returned 3 kicks for USC for 60 yds (20 yds/return).

      • Volume 12

        He also went to the same high school as Marquise Lee, Robert Woods, and P-Rich if I’m correct. I also think he was recruited by PC before he left USC. He’s a unique athlete. 6’1, 220 pound slot receiver? I like that. Priority UDFA?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Nice recall. Yes, all 3 went to Junipero Serra High, as did DC Kris Richard.

  44. drewjov11

    Farmer was such a beast coming out of high school. Heck, take a flyer on that guy.

  45. Volume 12

    An interesting prospect to keep an eye on as a late round addition for the back-up OT spot is Norte Dame (Ohio) OL Doniel ‘Tree’ Gambrell. He’s 6’5 1/2, 315 lbs., with big hands measuring in at 10 1/4, and an amazing 83′ inch wingspan. According to Dane Bugler, and various scouts, he was the best O-lineman at the NFL Gridiron showcase, and is a great run-blocker.

    His back-story is unbelievable: He was originally at E. Michigan, but left school to be with his wife and their new-born son and took a job working in a factory, then Ted Ginn, SR. helped him get back to football. He was headed to his Father’s 38th birthday party when he was 11, but found out that his dad had been gunned down and murdered. He now has 3 kids, is married, and worked a 3rd shift job while playing football to support them, caring for children and adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    The thing is, he’s already 24 and I wonder if Seattle would take a developmental back-up tackle at that age.

  46. J2 MED

    Also, Hawks are reportedly hosting Stephen Wisniewski…would be a cool pick-up

    • Steele1324

      Didn’t he already leave town?

  47. smitty1547

    Big red Bryant on the cheap, Rob has taken off so much now hard to keep up with all the comments.

  48. Old but Slow

    Rob, I don’t know how I missed out on your site until the last few days. A great site with amazing participation and knowledge. I will surely be checking this place out on a regular basis from now on. Good job, man.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man.

  49. Brodie2Washington

    I’m a Niner fan peeking in.

    Graham was the perfect signing for you guys. Not only do you gain an offensive weapon, but the trade creates an extreme mismatch issue that’s currently making a mess out of my 49ers draft plans.

    The 49ers were painstakingly using free agency to build depth, so they could free Baalke to perform his usual draft day trade kung-fu. But losing Willis (and Borland) means they have to draft a middle linebacker. That was going to happen anyway, but now they need one that (might) be able to shadow Graham. That hems the 49ers in even more.

    Everyone knows that, so teams can leap in front of the Niners to take an MLB… or spook Trent Baalke into drafting a one too early.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cards-Rams are now looking at drafting coverage MLBs higher too. In one fell swoop, you guys gained a weapon, and affected the draft strategies of one (and maybe all) NFC West opponents.

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