What will the Seahawks do in the second wave of free agency?

Randy Starks’ “call me NOW” face

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Graham trade the Seahawks were still being linked to key free agents. The Jabaal Sheard talk quickly went quiet as he signed with the Patriots. Terrance Knighton and Andre Johnson were both suggested targets, while Stefen Wisniewski is visiting with the team today along with Shelley Smith.

We’ll come back to specific players in a moment but first lets get into the harsh reality of the situation. Seattle barely has any free cap room. They can probably do a minor deal or two for a cheap veteran but there’s unlikely to be another splash without an existing player being sacrificed.

As Chris Cluff points out, they have about $15m in cap space. Approximately $5 million is needed for the rookie class, practice squad players and IR cover. More importantly, they need to save around $8-10m for the year-one pay increases of Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and J.R. Sweezy when they agree new contracts.

There are ways to create extra room. Cutting Jermaine Kearse saves a couple of million. Releasing Tony McDaniel frees up $3m and Brandon Mebane provides $5m in relief. There’s every chance Mebane will be asked to take a pay cut. You can also convert Jimmy Graham’s roster bonus into a signing bonus — spreading the cost and saving $3.3m.

None of these situations are ideal. Kearse isn’t a dominating receiver but is it really worth losing him? If you release McDaniel and Mebane you’re only going to need to replace them. Moving Graham’s bonus creates 2015 cap space but takes away money in 2016 and beyond.

You could back-load a contract of course, limiting the initial damage. This, ultimately, is how other teams get into trouble.

Talk of Andre Johnson joining Graham in Seattle appeared fanciful and simply unrealistic. Sheard’s contract in New England is very much ‘prove-it’ in terms of salary but it’s not the type of move the Seahawks are really in a position to make.

If they’re going to do anything, it’s probably going to be cheap and short term. I suspect it’ll come on the defensive line, although John Schneider says they’ll scour the cut-market for a possible Max Unger replacement at center.

A year ago they were hunting for value and didn’t stray from that mentality. They spoke to Henry Melton and Jared Allen and came close to signing both. They were prepared, ultimately, to miss out in order to avoid spending above their means. It’s no different in 2015.

It’s not a deep class for D-liners. You’ve got a really top-heavy situation where a lot of edge rushers and interior tackles are going to go off the board early. It’ll be rich pickings in the top 15-20. After that you’re going to see a real decrease in quality.

There will be some gems to be had — Henry Anderson is a stout, surprisingly athletic and long interior presence. Anthony Chickillo played out of position at Miami and could develop into a nice edge rush project. What Markus Golden lacks in length and raw speed he makes up for with a relentless approach. Zach Hodges has the length and burst to play the LEO. Grady Jarrett at Clemson is a good player rushing inside, which Derick Lott and Rakeem Nunez-Roches have some upside. Owa Odighizuwa will make somebody happy in round two if you believe he can stay healthy. I don’t believe he will last until #63.

You wouldn’t necessarily want to thrust any of these players into a starting role — or at least give them a lot of snaps. They’re all raw in their own different ways. There are significantly more plug-in-and-play offensive linemen in this class. If you want to add a proven commodity to fill a need, you’re probably looking at the D-line.

Terrance Knighton is heading to DC and will be signing for Washington. The Seahawks were linked with him briefly. If they were serious about bringing him in I think it almost had to be a straight swap — you cut Mebane and give his salary to Knighton. It’s a move I think they’d only consider if there were genuine concerns about the health of Mebane’s hamstring injury. That’s perhaps something we have to monitor.

Randy Starks still remains a great fit. He’s been released by Miami so won’t cost Seattle a compensatory pick. He’s an ideal interior rusher for the scheme and would provide much needed depth and competition for Jordan Hill. He does everything well with the pass rush skills to boot. His 2014 cap hit was $4m so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility you could work out a nice contract here. Knighton getting $4m suggests the market has gone a bit flat at defensive tackle.

Remember, Pete Carroll spoke glowingly about Starks before the 2012 game between Seattle and Miami. There’s no indication yet on where he might end up, but don’t be surprised if he emerges as a target for the Seahawks. If you want him badly enough — convert Graham’s bonus and add the $3.3m in cap space.

Vince Wilfork remains a free agent but he isn’t the same player these days. If he’s taking a really cheap deal to continue, you’d expect him to re-emerge in New England.

Would they re-sign Red Bryant again? I think it’s unlikely. They’ve moved on.

Karl Klug could be one to monitor in terms of depth. He’s received very little interest so far and remains without a club. He could be had on a cheap one-year contract.

In terms of possible edge rushers — they don’t have the cash to go after Brian Orakpo (visiting the Titans) or Greg Hardy (linked with multiple teams). Michael Johnson is likely to sign with either the Vikings or the Bengals. Akeem Ayers is joining the Rams. Dwight Freeney remains intriguing. He’s likely to be cheap, he still has a bit left in the tank and would probably welcome a rotational support role.

There’s no reason to be overly concerned with the edge rush depth. The Seahawks still sport one of the best pass rush duo’s in the league (Bennett & Avril) and will find additional help somewhere — even if it comes in the draft. Cassius Marsh will also return from injury. They need to replace O’Brien Schofield, who signed for the Falcons today. Whether it’s Freeney or a rookie, they’ll find someone.

Can they sign Stefen Wisniewski? I’m not overly convinced. This could be a feeling out move — we’d like to have you but only at a certain cost. ‘Go and see what your market is and if you want to play here give us a call’. I’m a little suspicious about his departure from Oakland. He was essentially drafted by the Raiders because his family name is well regarded within the organisation (his uncle famously played for the Raiders). Despite a bucket load of free cap space they’re letting him walk to go and get an $8m replacement in Rodney Hudson. I’ve not studied his play but you can’t help but wonder why Oakland are letting him go.

This is a draft loaded with offensive linemen. You can work to develop a center like Ali Marpet or B.J. Finney while letting them compete with Patrick Lewis and possibly another veteran. Ty Sambrailo would be a plug-in-and-play left guard. There’s a host of athletic tackles that will be available in the later rounds worthy of being converted to interior linemen. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the likes of Rob Crisp for example.

It’s also worth a mention that Seattle still has to add a backup quarterback (Tarvaris Jackson?) to the roster, unless they plan to roll with B.J. Daniels. If they keep Jackson, that’s going to further eat into the available cap space.

It’s going to be hard for the Seahawks to make any further moves of any substance or interest. They brought in Shelley Smith today — Rotoworld’s #22 ranked available guard. That’s kind of the market they’re working in now.

There are big holes to fill — all of which can be answered with eight picks in rounds 2-5. Guard, center, defensive line, cornerback and receiver should all get some attention. This is a good enough draft class in that range to find real value and genuine role players.


  1. bobbyk

    There could still be some hard feelings in Oakland with the Wisniewski family. His uncle was with the team when Stephen was a rookie but then got canned. I heard there was a little bad blood.

    • sdcoug

      Let’s also not give Oak too much credit on their roster planning or evaluation. This is the same FO that let a young, talented Jared Veldheer walk last year just to throw stupid money at Rodger Saffold, who couldn’t even pass his phsical

      • arias

        To be fair, Veldheer made it clear he was done with Oakland and wasn’t coming back. Oakland didn’t have much choice but to let him walk because, after all, he was a free agent.

        Whether it was the perpetual losing or something else that drove him away is a good question.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting Bobby — I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Elijah

      Read up on him a bit on the Raiders SB Nation blog. From everything it sounded like, he wasn’t demanding an outrageous sum of money from the team; just something that would put him in the top 20 for centers. I think it was ~$3M if I remember correctly.

      The analysis of him was that he was purely an average player, not terrible but not spectacular. He has positional versatility, playing G and C, but at the expense of not being outstanding at either.

      I think if he came in and stuck at one position, at a reasonable price, he would be a great addition to this team.

      • arias

        He’s a decent run blocking center. Not Max Unger good, but definitely better than average. As a pass blocker he had some problems last year, but to be fair those games came against Denver (twice) matched up against Knighton, Buffalo’s Kyle Williams, and the Jets criminally underrated but outstanding nose tackle Damon Harrison. All centers except the elite of the elite tend to have problems with those guys.

        • Jake

          I couldn’t begin to understand Center play, so I’m just going to trust Schneider on this guy. Here’s everything I know about Wisniewski: His uncle is a Raider legend (not his dad as I had previously thought), he’s only 25, and his rating on Madden is 87 – so clearly he’s good. 🙂

          • arias

            Wow. The Madden rating definitely does certify him. I wasn’t aware of that.

  2. Greg haugsven

    I agree that the draft is going to be key. Its OK to sometimes have holes to infuse youth. You just don’t want to many. Arizona just released there center so he could be an option. They also have the ability to negotiate Kearses salary down as they did with Jeron Johnson last year. He got a second rounder tender and they took it down to about $1.3 from $2.3.

  3. Alaska Norm

    Of all mentioned I’m hoping they can bring in Stark. He fits the bill for what we need. Interior push and versatility. They can most likely find a run stuffer in the draft mid rounds easier than a pass rushing big man. I’m not sure Hill and Mebane will be 100% at seasons start. Center is a concern for sure. Ill be looking for potential 2-3 round OL that can start day one. They found Sweezy late so there’s a track record in that department.

  4. Volume 12

    I’d love to add DT Randy Starks, but not if it means creating more holes to fill. That’s just me though.

    Adding a Karl Klug, Mitch Unrein, or someone like that seems like the best way to go.

  5. MoondustV

    Seems PC really loves the depth of DL in this year’s draft. I wonder what he can do with mid round picks. But in fact he never drafted a good guy in D-Line these years… maybe except Jordan Hill, but I don’t buy his 5.5 sacks last year too much.

    • MoondustV

      BTW, can we restructure Okung’s contract? $7.28M cap hit this year… I don’t think he should earn that much.

      • Rob Staton

        For me that’s a good price for a starting LT. They could extend his contract and lower the hit, but that would take a multi-year extension.

        • MoondustV

          His problems are a little bit similar to Unger. Injury history. And quality. Among the offensive linemen in SEA he has the best passing protect, but in the whole league? This year he only ranked #14 in LT position by PFF, pass block #23, rush block#55 in all tackle players.

          Maybe I’m kind of stingy.

          • Jon

            I would rather have a b plus player at LT and pay him b plus money than not have him. Look at other LT contracts and 7 m/y is probably middle of the pack for the position.

            • AlaskaHawk

              There is a part of me that wants to see them blow up the offensive line and have a real competition at every position. Seems like it will happen two positions at a time.

        • Greg Haugsven

          A guy I could see the Seahawks drafting is Cedric Ogbuehi…he could redshirt/ play some guard then in 2016 get fully healthy and play left tackle for Okung. He’s a top talent if not for the ACL.

          • Drew

            From what I’ve seen he looks like a plodder with his feet stuck in mud

    • bobbyk

      Hill really turned a corner in the second half of the year. He was impressive. I buy it. I just don’t buy that he can stay healthy. He was hurt as a rookie and then got hurt early in the year last year. When he came back, that’s when he was darn good, but then he got hurt AGAIN.

      • arias

        You’re talking about who, Jordan Hill?

        • bobbyk

          Yes. It was supposed to be under the comment some above about Hill.

      • Alaska Norm

        I agree. He earned his sacks and caused pressure. Not sure what’s not to buy.

        • Volume 12

          Maybe his health? But I think Hill will end a very good 3-tech for us. I’m of the mindset that you don’t write guys off until after their 3rd year at the earliest.

          Does PC like the depth on the D-line this year, or is he confident in what we have? I actually this k the DT and DE-LEO positions are weak if this year, if Seattle ‘sticks to their guns’ and targets DTs with 33′ inch arms.

          One guy I like ALOT is Vandy DT Vince Taylor. He’s a freak. 33′ inch vertical, back squats 520 some odd pounds, had 43 tackles from the 1-tech spot this year, makes routine one handed/arm tackles, but his arms look real short.

          • MoondustV

            Usually 5.5 sacks are very good for a 3rd&down DT, but obviously Hill was not that good last year. Several sacks were mostly contributed to Bennett’s great work inside. I also think Hill will have a great future, but I don’t like overrating him.

            • Volume 12

              Aren’t most pass rushers and 3RD & Down DTs sacks contributed by others doing their work or getting their job done as well?

              Not every player can be pro bowl caliber. You have to have guys that aren’t concerned with numbers, don’t mind doing the dirty work, and just enjoy playing the game.

              • MoondustV

                I mean that we’d better not expect him to contribute 8-9 sacks next year.

                • Alaska Norm

                  I don’t think anyone’s saying he will be the next Sapp. He does a outstanding job of cleaning up when the edge rushers make a QB step up in the pocket and creating push from the inside and forcing the qb off his spot. Something they missed after he went down.

            • DC

              Once Hill went down our defense suffered. How many times did Brady step up in the pocket and just kill us? Hill brings that interior pressure that we need. Of all position groups on the team I am most leery about the D line, specifically the depth. I would rather have the money we gave to Cary Williams back to re-enforce the line. Oh well, we should still get it done.

              Health is the concern with Mebane, Hill, Avril(concussed), Marsh, Scruggs & the departed Monstar. It’s actually amazing that we got as far as we did playing so many cuts, castoffs & off the street free agents.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              ” Several sacks were mostly contributed to Bennett’s great work inside. I also think Hill will have a great future, but I don’t like overrating him.”

              This is fair.

              Hill is not a player who if offenses commit extra attention, that he can win that match up. Bennett is one of those players.

              Hill is however, a player who has shown the ability to win a one on one matchup. That is a valuable commodity. Hill is a complementary player — who can make teams pay for doubling up on Bennett. It’s not overrating him — he is a good player. Not a great player.

              You need guys who can be good to complement the great. Obviously if you can add great players next to great players — they magnify each other’s quality greatly. But Hill is getting into his third year. Which is about where a developing rookie should start to play at or near his peak. I would expect that Hill will be better this year than the end of last. Just from natural development and experience.

              He’s on track. He’s a good player. Probably worth resigning even at this point.

              • dave crockett


  6. Grant G

    Is that $5m figure for draft picks updated to reflect that we don’t have a #1? and is it based on drafting a full 11 players? I’d be curious to see if that # actually goes down.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a projection on the whole class. Theoretically it could go down, but not by much I expect.

      • arias

        Last year you said 7 mil is typically reserved for an incoming draft class, so I assumed when you said 5 mil that you had factored out the money to be paid to the first round pick.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Only about one million will be added to our cap from the draft class…the other money he is referring to is for practice squad and injured reserve

          • arias

            Damn. That’s a lot more dough for PS and IR than I would have initially imagined. I guess there are the salaries of what, 6 PS guys? So it makes sense.

            • Greg haugsven

              I think its 6-8…and they make at the minimum 6k a game…some more, but its not huge money. IR is much harder to predict.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Is what we have to remember about the offseason salary cap is that only the top 51 contracts count against the cap…for every player you draft and sign that enters that top 51 there has to be a player who gets removed. Only the draft picks who are drafted in rounds four or higher will actually make it to the top 51. That’s only 5 players, second round, third round, and three fourth rounds if Tate’s compensatory makes it to the fourth. The total projected first year salary cap hits for those 5 picks minus the 5 they will replace in the top 51 equals about $1 million.

  7. Bollie

    Rob you make me realize we are tighter against the cap that we would like to think. You are probably right about limited activity in Free Agency. One place we could free up some space is with Kearse being cut. I am not sure what the F.O sees in this guy. He is a good special teams player and good team mate but has below average speed, route running and hands. He has made a couple of big plays but he is a below average WR who would make very few rosters in this league. I don’t like to bash him because he seems like a good guy and real team player but he is not worth 2.3 ml against the cap.

    The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a Wide Receiver /Kick Returner with the first pick and letting Kearse walk. Save the cap money and significantly upgrade both spots on the roster. Then go Guard and Center in the 3rd and with one of the 4th round picks.

    With pick 63 Agholor is the dream scenario but if not Mcbride, or Dorsett and of these 3 would be a huge upgrade over Kearse and have a instant impact on Special Teams. Agholor and Dorsett will likely be gone so Mcbride would likely have to be the choice and an option I would be ok with at 63.

    • SunPathPaul

      I agree completely Bollie, especially know that we have Jimmy Graham. His production will well overcome any ‘playmaking ability’ kearse has… Saving $2.4 million is a big deal! Replacing him on our roster with any of these would be ideal from my point of view:

      Phillip Dorsett, Tyler Lockett, Tre McBride, Chris Conley, or Kenny Bell… over kearse? yes please!

      That $2million saved hopefully brings in Starks or Wisnewski…bonus

      • Bollie

        Yes please that would be a very nice bonus.

    • sdcoug

      I’m in agreement, and it does hurt to say. I’m just over the whole Kearse show. The occasional monster grab doesn’t make up for the more-numerous drops on what should be routine plays. I know it’s not fair to be selective in my judgment, but man that sideline drop (right through the arms) in the SB and the several clanks in the NFC championship (that could not have been thrown any better) are burned into my memory.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Totally. But he doesn’t make it easy. He teases with these circus catches that not only amaze, they win games and extend seasons.

        In the end, it’s $2mm cap space I’d prefer go towards WR prospects in this draft.

        • arias

          The money for the draftees is already accounted for and set aside beforehand. Freeing up Kearse’s cap space would be done in order to make enough room to sign another free agent.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I was being metaphorical. Just saying if he’s back, I hope it’s for less than the R2 tender amount.

            • Greg Haugsven

              The Seahawks can negotiate his tender down later if he doesn’t get ant offers…which he won’t

              • Jake

                I don’t know why some people don’t gets this Greg… Jeron Johnson signed a 2nd round tender just last year and then renegotiated down the contract. Kearse will do the same thing.

                In a nutshell: If they didn’t use a 2nd round tender on Kearse, another team would offer him a contract and we would either have to match that offer or let him walk for no compensation (because he’s an UDFA). Using a 2nd round tender all but assures no one will offer him a contract (if they do we get their 2nd round pick). So basically, the team has all the leverage and Kearse has none. He will not play on that tender, but he will remain a Seahawk at a reduced agreed upon contract.

                • Greg haugsven

                  Jake, were on the same page…JJ got negotiated down to 1.3 million…I would expect the same for Kearse…maybe around $1.5 or so

                  • Jake

                    I know, I wasn’t intending to correct you or anything – I was just replying to “all of the above” you to further expound on the point you were making. 🙂

        • Matt

          Kearse is not a true 2nd WR, wheye he’s been playing. He does help the team doing whatever is asked of him. Id like the remind you of the big plays he has made; 2 game winning catches in divisional championship games, last year SB td where he broke like 3 tackles, game winning TD against the Panthers last season. For Kearse’s shortcomings he’s made plays past my fairly big expectations of him, when we signed him as an udfa out of udub. I want him around next year and so does our front office. It’d be nice to sign him for less than the tender, and I expect that to happen.

          To me giving Lockette the tender was questionable. His WR skills are weak at best, while his special teams contribution seemed to wane this past season. Kearse and Matthews have shown enough special teams value to make Lockette expendable. IMO Plus Bevell threw him under the bus after he didn’t fight for ummm…that one goal line catch.

          • lil'stink

            Te tender was made before we got Graham, so it seemed like a logical move. He’ll never be a star but he knows the system. Lockette will be dirt cheap, too.

            • JW

              kearse doesn’t have ‘monster grabs’. Russell has monster throws.

              Russell is the story here. Kearse is the extra.

              Top flight QBs give guys like him entire careers. And Russell is a top flight QB. He provides those guys with a paycheck.

              • Steele1324

                They need WRs who can consistently move the chains. Not just the occasional spectacular grab.

          • Drew

            Lockette still has to make the team in camp. I’m pretty sure that I saw his salary is only going to be about $660k next year. So its a perfectly acceeptable salary for a special teams ace.

            • Matt

              You guys are right about Lockette,as he still has to make the team. It’s a can’t lose situation giving him the tender. My mistake.

      • DC

        What pissed me off about that sideline drop was that the pass was even thrown. It was 3rd & 3 with a 3 man rush and it looked like there was room to easily run for those yards and get a much needed first down.

        I would rather dump Lockette and work Kearse down a little if we are that tight against the cap.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Dumping locket the only would save you about $200k against the cap

          • Greg Haugsven

            Solid spelling once again…lol

        • arias

          It wouldn’t have been a “3 man rush” if it looked at all like they were going to run pre-snap. We had our Z package 3 wide set in there because we wanted to throw, and the defense responds by putting their personnel on the field to defend the pass. I have a hard time faulting the call to pass on 3rd and 3 when three yards is a lot of ground to cover.

      • manthony

        Yeah i think all of Wilsons ints against GB were targets to kearse, a couple were deflected off of his hads, a couple more he was out positioned. I dont really along with the do-nothing Walters, i grew frusterated with our in-state talent last year, and didnt see what PC seen in them. I dont buy keeping him because he’s made some big plays for us or we’ll end up like Pittsburgh. If ourfront office thought like that, a whole lot more guys would still be here. Zach Miller, Malcom Smith, Red, Browner, Clems, Golden…i can go on and on, i just hope hes gone. Before his gw against gb, he almost cost us it numerous times

    • lil'stink

      I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep Kearse around for one more year. He knows the system and has 3 years of NFL experience. I’m not sure there are many WR’s who will be there at #63 that will be able to beat out Kearse right away. PC obviously seems to bring receivers along slowly, I think it would take a massively talented guy to take snaps over Kearse in week 1. We also have no idea of what to expect from Norwood or Matthews next year.

      Getting Graham changes a lot in terms of strategy from here on out, IMHO. There’s only so many targets to go around, too. I like the idea of waiting and taking a prospect sort of receiver later.

      • Drew

        I don’t think its that Pete brings receivers along slowly, I just think that its a massive learning curve. Right now I have more hope for Matthews taht Norwood. I honestly think that since he doesn’t play special teams, he could easily be an odd man out, even though I’d like him to or Matthews to make Kearse expendable.

      • arias

        The problem with having Kearse is that he blocks the development of a receiving with a higher ceiling that’s riding pine behind him. Sure that receiver is not going to be as good as Kearse initially, but he’s also going to require in game experience to develop rapport with Wilson. It takes a while to develop that chemistry and we need guys that are going to be more reliable than what Kearse provides. His circus catches don’t make up for the consistent drops on routine passes that had he made, would not have required lucky last game heroics. Continuing to rely on him to get lucky and for the team to overcome his mistakes is a bad strategy because the luck will run out at some point and it almost cost us against Green Bay.

        We know what Kearse is, his game really didn’t improve from the ’13 season to last season even though he played a more prominent role with Tate leaving. His ceiling is limited.

        • Steele1324

          I agree. Kearse occupies a spot that should go to someone with more consistency and potential. And frankly, I feel that way about Baldwin and the others. No spot should be assured, all must be earned in camp. Let the competition open. Now, if only they would get some guys…

    • Chris

      I’m not sure how dire it is. They were apparently offering a good chunk of change to J.Thomas before getting Graham, and capwise the Graham move actually didn’t do a ton to the cap when you factor in Unger’s contract and the 1st rounder that won’t get paid. Therefore I suspect there’s still a few bucks left over for a medium type deal if necessary.

      • arias

        For one season only. After 2015 it definitely does affect the cap quite a bit.

    • dave crockett

      You realize though that letting Kearse walk means that you are effectively replacing him with Norwood, not a draft pick. The odds of drafting a receiver to replace Kearse’s meager production are low. All things equal you would be banking on Norwood to emerge, with the draft pick seeing limited snaps.

      Not saying it’s a good or bad idea. Rather, that this is not a WR-friendly offense. (I think that’s a reason PC/JS often like very different receivers than we think they will.) So you’re best off assuming minimal contributions from rookies. A Golden Tate growth curve is far more likely than a Baldwin curve.

  8. SunPathPaul

    Starks and Wisnewski would be great additions. It would free up the draft picks to go for pure quality over position…

    Draft Tyler Lockett!!!

    • bobbyk

      I’m on board the Tyler Lockett Express with you.

      • Bollie

        Really like him but when would you take him? I am not sure that I would take him with #63 or that he will last to #95

        • Matt

          I feel comfortable taking Lockett at 63. He changes gears very quickly and simply knows how to get open. ADB could teach a thing or 2 and Lockett could be looking like Randall Cobb.

          I’d be all for cutting McDaniel, restructuring Mebane 2years/$7 mil, signing Starks and the Wiz.

          • lil'stink

            I still think going OL/DL early is our best bet. I strongly doubt we get both Starks and Wis.
            Maybe wait until the 3rd or 4th for a WR – target a guy like Waller, Conley, or Kenny Bell. Lockett certainly is nice, though. A poor mans Percy Harvin, only he can run routes and acts like a decent person.

            • Drew

              In that case I wouldn’t consider him a poor mans Percy Harvink, especially if he can run routes and isn’t a cancer in the locker room.

          • SunPathPaul

            We know that PC JS will take their guy early if they want him.
            Is WR value best at 62?

            I’d be fine with Lockett at 62… With return ability, that one pick fixes 3 holes

            • Steele1324

              I am not as hot on Lockett as many of you. I think 63 is high for someone like him, who is more of a complementary WR than a #1. They need a #1.

              • OZ

                I agree #63 is too high when he can most likely be had in the 3rd.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’m all in for Tyler Lockett…very quick slot receiver who can most importantly return kicks

      • Jake

        I prefer Ty Montgomery because I think he offers more as a receiver. Lockett is awfully small to be counted on to stay healthy. Tavon Austin has done nothing in the league and he was a better college player.

        • Matt

          “I prefer Ty Montgomery because I think he offers more as a receiver. Lockett is awfully small to be counted on to stay healthy. Tavon Austin has done nothing in the league and he was a better college player.”

          I have to disagree on all fronts. Mongomery, while athletic for his size, has spent more time on the sideline than Lockett. I liked Ty a lot just watching Stanford play, but his tape shows a lot of drops. His return skills are enticing though and close to as good as Lockett in that phase of the game. I’d target Ty as early as the 5th if we miss out on a WR earlier.

          Lockett is pretty slight, has shorter arms and hands working against him. He is great at beating one on one coverage and finding soft spots in zones. I think Lockett is the superior WR and a more explosive KR/PR prospect to Montgomery. IMO

          Tavon Austin came from a completely different college offense than St. Louis runs, and fell into their terrible QB situation. He was over drafted because of his ridiculous combine. The Rams offense is not designed for Austin, and Jeff Fisher hasn’t featured many plays for him. St Louis should be elated that the Bradford era, or lack there of, is over. I can see the comparison between Austin and Lockett, and understand your concern with Lockett’s similar build. There are plenty of smaller WR who have panned out over the years too. Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton and Randall Cobb, among others, come to mind. The personnel situation, coaches system, and most importantly plain hard work are the biggest factors in a players success. Austin looks to have struck out on the first 2 for sure…hard to know about the 3rd.

        • Volume 12

          I don’t know about that. Austin might have been more dynamic and a better athlete, but Lockett’s production is great. T,Y. Hilton, Desean Jackson, Kendall Wright, Emmanuel Sanders, Randall Cobb, Santana Moss, the list goes on, have all stayed relatively healthy. Why don’t some people realize that size doesn’t matter to Seattle?

          Montgomery’s somewhat intriguing, But he’s way more along the lines of Tavon Austin that Tyler Lockett is. They’re both athletes playing football, ra5her than a ‘football player’ like Lockett. Just because their not the same size doesn’t mean they aren’t similar. Montgomery offers more as a returner IMO.

          • Steele1324

            Should any slot receiver, no matter how good, be the number one WR? (I do not consider Jimmy Graham to be that #1 WR, he’s something else, and should be placed aside.)

            A fluid number one who operates from the outside. Deep threat. Enough physicality. Not a smurf.

            I therefore see a Tre McBride or Conley in that role, not a Lockett, and more appropriate for a higher pick.

            My favorite near-smurf if Kenny Bell, who brings other skills like blocking.

            • Volume 12

              A ‘smurf’ is someone who’s 5’10 or under. Bell isn’t near-Smurf like. 6’1 is the average height for WRs.

              Why can’t Jim,y Graham be the no 1 WR? It shouldn’t really matter if the no 1 receiver is a TE or not. I think the days of designating what a guy is or isn’t are getting close to be being over.

              • drewjov11

                People keep hyping Bell’s blocking as a reason to draft him. He’s a really willing blicker, but some people make him sound like Walter Jones. He had a couple of highlight blocks and people lazily turned him into a cult hero. I’ve watched a lot of game tape of him. He doesn’t alwYs use proper technique and he (gasp!) whiffs occasionally. He also shows a lot of bad hand placement on tougher catches. He has a lot of work to do to be anything more than a 3rd receiver on a super bowl team. He needs a lot of work in the weight room and definitely needs to show better consistency.

  9. Bollie

    This Front Office rarely goes into the draft with a glaring need. I would be surprised if they did not make some moves to sure up the OL with some lower priced vets after cuts. Wiesnewski would be great but not sure how we would get him under the cap.

  10. DakotaHawk

    Is there a chance Russell Wilson does not get an extension this year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s pretty certain he’ll get a deal, probably just before or after the draft.

      • DakotaHawk

        Thanks Rob, just been hearing some “rumblings” about his ext.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think the timing will be after mini camps, but prior to training camp

  11. Bollie

    Falcons got Claiborne too. Quinn has learned well!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I like the overall moves of the Falcons. They will be a solid team, borderline playoff team if the draft breaks for them just right.

      • Volume 12

        Besides Claiborne and Obi, who else did they get? I haven’t really paid attention to Atlanta as of yet.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Just hours after adding former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn, the team announced it has agreed to terms with O’Brien Schofield. ~ NFL.com

          They have piled up 3 pass rushers, for not a lot of coin. They were #32 in NFL with QB pressure…. I’m confident they can get to #20 or so…. and pair that with an offense that can be very explosive….. 8-8 at the worst

          • Volume 12

            They have piled up 3 pass rushers. Whos the 3rd other than Obi or Claiborne? Brian Orakpo?

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              The Atlanta Falcons agreed to terms with linebackers Brooks Reed and Justin Durant

            • Grant G

              Brooks Reed, from the Texans

              • Volume 12

                Wow! Those are actually 2 very good signings. This team gets another S, CB, slot WR, and an efficient HB, they’ll challenge Carolina for the division, if not overtake it,

                I agree with Charlie. I’ll be shocked if the finish any worse than 8-8.

                Besides us, they seem to have improved the most in the NFC. And let’s see that Philly does. They need a S, a couple O-lineman, another pass-rusher, and a receiver.

                Bonus question. Has CB Tramon Williams gone anywhere yet?

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  Rumor is he might be landing in GB

                  • Volume 12

                    Landing in GB? Do you mean staying in GB?

                • Dave

                  Their HB is Davonta Freeman. He was the backup to Steven Jackson last year. He’s going to be huge this year. Draft him in you FFLs. You heard it here first.

                  • Volume 12

                    Freeman isn’t bad. I wonder if he’s an every down back though.

      • Drew

        They were already borderline last year. If they get a good draft they could take their division.

  12. Steele1324

    I am looking into the pass rushers in the draft, that might be there realistically for the Hawks.

    -Preston Smith (okay, “somewhat realistic”, if he falls a bit-2)
    -Trey Flowers -rd 2-3?
    -Lynden Trail -4-5
    -Zach Hodges-5
    -Ryan Delaire-6-7
    Check out this long interview and highlight reel. Delaire is a beast. 6 7″ too.

    If the Hawks land one of these guys, I can stop worrying about losing Schofield.

    I really wanted Akeem Ayers in FA, but now he’s going to be a terror for the Rams. Too bad. Besides Michael Johnson and maybe Derrick Morgan and George Selvie, the pass rushers are gone. The ancient guys—Freeney, Kiwanuka—don’t excite me. Freeney can’t get to the QB anymore. Perhaps there will be roster cuts coming, but looks like shopping is over for these guys in FA.

    • peter

      I agree with your list as per possible available players for the Hawks but would add a few thoughts to this.

      1. Preston Smith in our draft circle has gone quietly through the process but I think he may get extremely over drafted like Tyson alualu a few years back or almost forgotten and slide all the way to Seattle’s third round pick. Will seattle consider I don’t know?

      2. Trey Flowers is a sneaky good player to me that will get better ala Elvis Dumervil, squatty, long arms, played for a crappy team so he goes unnoticed a bit, third round is where I would think he goes.

      3. Lynden trail, I’m curious about but he has no solid position yet and mu thought with developmental prospects and the Hawks is that they usually wait until much later, Sweezy…Jameson “The Konz,” konz.

      4. Zach hodges is going through some sort of really odd death spiral right now where he won’t/ can’t work out for teams at full capacity and has no real answers as to why it is for him.

      Finally Ryan Delaire do’t know but on your recommendation I wil definitely check out.

      • Volume 12

        ‘Delaire is a beast. 6 7” too.’ He’s not 6’7 if that’s what you mean.

        I was a fan of Lynden Trail before the combine, but him, Flowers, and Delaire don’t seem to have the 10 yard split numbers they like.

        Maybe if they see Trail as a 5-tech, but I’m not convinced he can play that role.

        Personally I don’t see more than 3-4 LEO prospects in this draft. And that’s pushing it.

        • peter

          Leo positions agreed. If you take the size speed measurements they look for its slim pickings this year

        • Steele1324

          Whoops. Delaire is indeed not 6-7.

    • JaviOsullivan

      A little slow but I love Ryan Delaire in round 6.

      In VMAC facility we trust to improve the speed.

      • Matt

        “Freeney, 35, actually had a fairly-productive 2014, finishing with 53 combined pressures on 372 snaps.” Rotoworld

        Getting Freeney in camp for the minimum could prove valuable. He’s been playing 3-4 lb the last 3 years. Freeney is better with his hand in the ground, pinning his ears back and finding the QB. If we think he’s out of juice cutting him would be no big deal. No risk some reward. Personally I think he would be great teaching Irvin his wicked spin move. That’s worth a mil to me. Any production from DF would be gravy.

        • Steele1324

          He got pressures but not many sacks, which I think was sign of a clear decline. Agree, he would be good as a mentor. Kiwanuka would have been exciting a few years ago. I don’t if he’s got anything left. Bad knee, too.

          • Steele1324

            It does appear that Zack Hodges has been written off bigtime by many scouts. Complained of injuries at both the combine and pro day, and turned people off in interviews because of offputting “quirky personality”. And looked bad in the few drills he participated in. Some also think that dominating Ivy League is deceptive in assessing him.

            So what do you think, Rob? Remove him as your rd. 5 pick?

            • Rob Staton

              I spoke to him two days ago, we are planning to do an interview to clear some of this up.

              • peter

                Awesome! Nice work Rob

                • Steele1324

                  Rob, you are a beast! Getting direct information on Hodges is going to be a scoop, and the kind of detail that national sports mediots don’t offer.

                • Steele1324

                  In terms of the Hawks WRs, I am concerned that there is no veteran “alpha dog” number one leader of the corps who not only mentors young talent but sets an example. Jimmy Graham is, to me, a positionless weapon. I do not think Doug Baldwin should be that leader, nor should he be the #1.

                  Andre Johnson would have been that kind of leader. I don’t see anyone else in this year’s free agency with that profile.

                  Would a rookie become an immediate leader? (With Doug around?)

                  • Rob Staton

                    I’m not sure it’s necessarily a big deal. Russell will be tasked with leading the offense and that group. Doug just needs to take it down a notch.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    ADB is passionate, youthful, inexperienced, brash, etc.

                    He’s also highly intelligent. He went from shitter to shat on in about an hour, and now he gets to spend an entire offseason reflecting on that. I’m sure his coaches and perhaps a teammate or two have discussed this with him, as well as the desperate need of a leader for the WR corps.

                    I would be surprised if he hasn’t matured by next season.

              • Matt

                “I spoke to him two days ago, we are planning to do an interview to clear some of this up.”Rob

                Looking forward to it! Thanks for all of your great work!

                About Freeney-“He got pressures but not many sacks, which I think was sign of a clear decline.” Steele1324

                You could say the same thing about Avril not getting many sacks. Pressures give a great sense of productiveness. Not getting sacks can be as simple as having no pressure up the middle. I’m not hell bent on getting Freeney, but was surprised to see he was still that productive last year. He’s still got some juice getting around the edge getting pressure on 1 in 7 plays. He’d be as good or better than Obi, who needs to be replaced.

      • OZ

        Look’s fast enough to me…

  13. Stuart

    We all seem to feel the same way about Kearse!

    Why didn’t they give him a 3rd or 4th round tender? I am not sure I even know what that means.

    Does it mean that if another team signed him then they would owe us the tendered round draft pick?

    Would the draft pick have come this draft or next draft?

    Thanks in advance for your answers. 🙂

    • Beanhawk

      No such thing as a straight third- or fourth-round tender anymore. You have first round tender, 2nd round tender, or original round tender. Considering that Kearse was undrafted, if you put an original round tender on Kearse and someone signed him, you would receive no compensation should you choose not to match the contract offer.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m no expert, but there are 3 tender tiers – R1, R2, and whatever the RFA’s original draft round was. Because Kearse was an UDFA, SEA had no choice but to offer him at least a R2 tender because anything less wouldn’t return a draft pick. Anything more wouldn’t be realistic in terms of any other team wanting to make an offer.

      Also, the draft pick would be for the same year. In other words, if another team makes Kearse an offer that SEA declines to match, SEA would receive that team’s R2 pick in this year’s draft.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Wow- so it comes down to this. Cut Kearse for a measly 2 million. Makes me wonder how they will afford Wilson. hard to believe the Seahawks were just in the Super Bowl. Hard choices ….

      • Matt

        Chawk is correct on the tender. Someone else(sorry don’t remember who) pointed out we put a 2nd round tender on Johnson last year then signed him for $1.3 mil. The tender basically gives us exclusive rights to signing Kearse, as he clearly isn’t worth a 2nd round pick. Another shrewd move by JS, doing what’s best for the club.

        • Dawgma

          Yeah. Basically Kearse isn’t leaving, and he isn’t likely to be playing for $2 million in the end, either. He’ll get a contract offer from us with a three year term or so and nobody willing to pay a second to sign him, and we’ll get a smaller deal done.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I believe, there are 3 tenders. 1st round, 2nd round and priority (which yields no draft pick, but first right to match any deal). 2nd round was approriate. I seriously doubt any team will give up a 2nd round pick for him.. in a big time WR draft class.

  14. arias

    “Kearse isn’t a dominating receiver but is it really worth losing him?”


    • Volume 12

      If Seattle felt it was worth losing him, then I have to wonder why they pit a 2nd round tender on him.

      • Cameron

        Because it costs them nothing. It’s not a guaranteed contract.

        If they hit on a few WR’s in the draft I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded or released. Don’t think we’d do that before training camp though.

        • arias

          Bingo. They have absolutely no financial commitment to Kearse whatsoever by offering him the tender since nothing is guaranteed. If they draft someone more talented, they can cut him. It’s purely a leverage move that lets them hold all the cards by the front office. In that way the “team offering a tender” is sort of misleading and leads to all sorts of misconceptions of what that means.

  15. Matt

    I’d like to throw out there that Harvin’s $7.2 mil in dead money comes off the books after this season. That money should go directly to Wilson and Wagner. JS is creative with contract structuring, and will make sure the heart of this team remains in tact.

    • Ross

      As will the contracts of Tony McDaniel , Banger and Kearse, if they aren’t off the books in the next couple of weeks, that is. We have enough to keep the band together just not enough for another shiny new guitar.

      I actually think JS is completely conventional with contract structuring. He either front loads the guarantees so he can cut players after a few years, or he back loads some the money to limit the contract’s first year cap hit. He signs players to extensions as soon as possible to limit their value. He rarely overpays, but frequently underpays. It’s creative because there are teams like the Saints and Lions who fiddle with deals and cap hits so much it eventually backfires.

      • arias

        Which makes me curious whether he plans to get Irvin done this off season as well. It would be the smart thing to do, I’m just not sure how financially feasible it is. He could wait another year at the risk of his price going up if he continues to sustain his high level of play we saw this past season. He’s also got the fifth year option he can use next year if he’s not re-signed now in order not to lose him.

  16. Geoffu

    Jordan Cameron deal is supposedly two-years $15 million. Have to see the guarantees, but I definitely feel better about getting Graham now.

    • Matt

      Graham for 3 years/$27 mil is a great deal for us! No dead money after 2015 if he turns out to be a head case like Harvin. I don’t see that happening, but our asses are covered if he is.

    • Cysco

      No doubt. Seattle won the award for best TE acquisition of the offseaon this year, no doubt.

      • Volume 12

        Where’d Cameron go?

        • sdcoug


          • Volume 12

            Interesting. So did Buffalo match the tender/offer on TE Charles Clay then?

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              No, not yet known. Miami has 7 days to decide to match any offer. Pairing up Clay and Jordan would not be the worst thing in the world.

              • Volume 12

                No, absolutely not. Just was curious is all.

                • Steele1324

                  Wow. Miami is going to be hell for the Patriots. Even more so than usual.

                  • Matt

                    Miami, Buffalo and the Jets have all made big splashes already. All while the Pats have lost both their great starting CB’s. Looks like the AFC East won’t be a cake walk for Belichek and Brady next year. Finally!

                    I’m skeptical with Miami. They collect some talent then cut some talent. Getting Suh is obviously a game changer, but they cut Starks, traded Ellerbe and are shopping Wallace. Maybe it’ll work this time around…maybe they’ll be 8-8 again.

  17. j

    Thinking about the WR situation, I’m concerned. We don’t have a second or third WR. We only have one reliable guy – Baldwin.

    Kearse, Norwood, Matthews are all backups. Personally I’m uncomfortable going into the season counting on giving them major snaps. To count on them to produce next year is less than ideal.

    With the lack of activity in FA WR, and the addition of Graham, we are probably going to more 2TE sets – i.e. 12 personnel, or even 13 at times.

    Receivers would be Willson, Graham, Baldwin, Addition. If Matthews, Norwood, Kearse earn time, then you give it to them. But really I’d be more comfortable adding one more consistent backup, and one starter.

    I’d love to pick up a cheapish vet (Bowe?) to give us flexibility in the draft. Especially considering the other needs we have. (Rotational DL, OL).

    I’ve advocated for drafting instant contributors at WR before and without further moves I think we need to do that. Looking at the WR we seem to be good in the slot – Graham can play there, Baldwin is good there, and Norwood is more of a slot WR IMO. A deep threat speed player would be nice. Keep on going back to Devin Smith – maybe a short trade-up if he lasts to the mid 2nd.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Yes! Devin Smith is flying under the radar… I will jump for joy if he lands in Seattle!

      • SunPathPaul

        We need 2 new WR’s in my opinion!

        Take Tyler Lockett at 63, and use a 4-5th in Conley, Bell, Waller, or Diggs

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Draft 1 Speed WR and 1 Big WR….. close laptop, call it a day at the 2015 NFL draft.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I’m expecting the relative quality at 63 to really dwarf Lockett’s value. As a WR, he’s probably not seeing the field in year 1. Certainly he doesn’t have the chops at WR skills that Richardson possessed. And it took him half a year to really start to accrue snap counts and catches.

          In a vacuum, Lockett sounds like a typical Seahawks reach for a player that should go lower. And I can’t disagree with that assessment. They really do a crappy job of making their first selections. Not only do they take them earlier, but then spend the better part of the entire offseason trying to justify that other teams were going to take them so they had to. Ultimately, whether it’s Irvin or it’s Michael or it’s Richardson. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the results in all of those picks shows that we missed on better players across the board — even players at positions of need. Not one of those selections were better than players we could have/should have taken.

          Taking a player worth the pick is like telling a good joke. If you have to explain it, it’s a crappy one.

          • Volume 12

            Why do they have justify their selections to us? If that’s who’s the best fit. There’s a whole lot more than if he fits on the field.

            It’s way too early to tell what P-Rich is going to be. I know the his injury history is dubious, but still.

            I think that Lockett is every bit the receiver that P-Rich is. He’ not as explosive or quick, but that’s alright. Round 2 may be a bit high for him, but personally I think he’ a tremendous fit.

            Maybe there was better players, but would they fit in the locker room, going against this defense and the LOB every day?

      • Steele1324

        I was looking closely at Devin Smith last night. He concerns me because he is undersized, yet not a good route runner, not an underneath guy. And what routes he runs are limited.

        Dorsett has problems, too. Small, no physicality, needs to be in open space to be effective.

        For this type, I prefer Agholor or Kenny Bell. And there are others, too.

        • peter

          To be fair Simth and agholor are incredibly different players. Smith himself has commented on the limited routes because the have had the nest deep threat passing game in college and by his accounts they could beat nearly anyone with those deep outs. His statements not mine but he has gone on to describe his passion for working routes its just that they didn’t need them at Ohio.

          Agholor is a solid possession receiver and would be stoked of the Hawks drafted him but his tape due to USC’s scheme doesn’t have him flipping the field as much but instead moving the chains. Both excellent skill sets. And of course he can do return duties, but Smith is a proud st gunner…so to me its,what fits the hawks scheme better.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Jimmy Graham is a really reliable guy. The impact of the Jimmy Graham acquisition was discussed on the radio today. The conclusion was that Graham will attract so much attention from DB’s and LB’s that our other WR’s will see single coverage and will be deployed doing what they do best. Baldwin can work the middle of he field rather than the red line. Kearse and Lockette can track deep balls rather than 1 yard slant patterns. Matthews, McNeil and Luke Willson will not be seeing any coverage from big DB’s like Browner. We will run a lot of two TE sets and Graham will have two and sometimes three defenders chasing him as he did in New Orleans. He will catch 60+ balls. Our pedestrian WR’s are just what we need. A diva WR would not fit into this group. As the LB’s vacate the middle to chase Graham it will create running room for Marshawn and RW3.

      • JeffC

        This is how I’ve been thinking about it. It’s not that he’s coming to an offense that doesn’t like to throw. He’s coming to an offense where his mere presence opens up the whole field to everyone else.

      • Dave

        And vis versa, play action to Beast will demand attention from safeties and LBs, opening up Graham. It’ll be a thing of beauty. I heard Carroll on 710 today. Graham is the leading rebounder in U of Miami history. He ain’t soft, Mr. Bennett! In 2013, Graham played with plantar fasciitis. In 2014, he played with a bad shoulder that he couldn’t lift over his head and still scored 10 TDs. It sounds like he’s pretty tough.

        • Chris

          … and injury prone?

      • Joblot

        Our pedestrian WRs saw single coverage most of the time last year and didn’t do a great job getting open. They’re just not that quick and not that tight route runners.

    • williambryan

      The problem is that there are rarely instant contributions from rookie receivers, no matter where they were drafted. If their are 15 WRs drafted in the first few rounds, it is likely only 2 or 3 will have quality starter numbers. Bowe interests me as well but with Graham in the picture idk if it makes sense still. I gotta think Pete Carroll and JS regret letting Tate go. I know I do.

      • Old but Slow

        I guess that is why I don’t understand why some posters seem to downplay Norwood. He now has a season under his belt, caught basically everything thrown close to him and has good measurables. At 6′ 2 he ran a 4.44 40, and seems willing to work hard. He is probably better, at least for this season, than almost all of the receivers that will be available to us. The wisdom seems to be that WR’s need a season or two to develop, and that is happening. I am anticipating what he brings.

        • Grant G

          Good point, and he also isn’t likely to miss so much of training camp and the start of the season. I guess that is also why I don’t see the “cut everyone, draft 2” philosophy as a solution. The team did spend 2 picks on wideouts last year (round 2 and round 4 picks are significant investments), and that was at a time when they thought it was a relative position of strength that just needed depth.

          I think if anything you go into the draft hoping that Norwood is showing signs of developing into a god 2, and with Baldwin as your slot and Kearse as your 2a. At that point, you draft looking for special talents to round out the group. We’re unlikely to find someone who is going to perform as a true #1 as a rookie (not saying we can’t find a gem who develops, ala Jordy, T.Y., etc)

          • SunPathPaul

            Kevin Norwood is going to show up this year. His early injury simply stalled RW’s trust and growth with him. So I do have to count that we have untaped potentials on the roster…McNeil, Gilreath also…

            With that in mind, like you say, which talent will really complete the circle of the WR group. We have Jimmy Graham now, so mismatch target – DONE!

            I feel we need a speedy, shifty guy w return skills. Tyler Lockett fits best so far…

            • Volume 12

              I agree about Lockett and that type of receiver. Also another Golden Tate type. A guy who’s a fantastic run blocker, can get deep, competes/highpoint’s throws, good route runner and is a little versatile. But he doesn’t HAVE to be the same body type as Tate either.

              It’s why I’m so high on Nebraska WR Kenny Bell. He could all those things, plus match Tate’s personality, and could become a nasty gunner if/when they move on from ‘The Rocket.’

              • Ho Lee Chit

                In Matthews, Graham, McNeil and Kearse we have guys that can get deep and high point the ball. I expect RW will learn to trust them more this year.

                In Kevin Norwood, we have a taller, faster version of Nelson Agholor. He has bigger, more reliable hands and runs all of the routes. His targets were limited in college because he played at Alabama with Amari Cooper rather than roster depleted USC.

          • Volume 12

            The thing is, now with Jimmy Graham we don’t necessarily need an instant impact receiver. Just as long as they contribute, flash potential, and add something.

            • SunPathPaul

              Good points V12- and I hear Kenny Bell likes to talk trash and is very confident. Imagine him and Graham VS. the LoB all preseason…fun stuff!

              • Volume 12

                He is. Has an alter ego that he calls ‘Afro Thunder.’ One time during his career at Nebraska he came onto the field in a ‘gilly’ suit. That’s what snipers wear when laying down in the weeds, grass, or dirt for those that don’t know.

                There’s also a photo of him floating around the web with the American flag printed on boxing shorts, with boxing gloves on, and an Uncle Sam/ Abe Lincoln hat on. This kid is a flat-out character.

                He’s got great bloodlines too. Like Tyler Lockett, his dad played in the pros as well.

            • lil'stink

              I think that’s why they should look at a project guy like Waller; bringing in Graham reduces the need for a polished WR who can contribute right away.

        • Drew

          His biggest knock is that he’s not quick or explosive and doesn’t play special teams. He’s got great hands and I love the guy but I think he is just going to get lost in the mix especially if Matthews can run with his SB success.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no reason to panic on the receivers — it’s a loaded draft. You can easily get two if not three. A veteran on the decline like Bowe would just take snaps away from the younger guys.

  18. Misfit74

    So we are thinking, more or less:

    1. Fortify the D-line
    2. Fortify the interior OL
    3. Add a OLB/Pass rusher to replace Schofield and add depth behind our main guys.
    4. Add add a rookie WR and possibly a veteran WR, if not two rookie WRs
    5. Extend contracts of Wilson and Wagner.

    Side note, how/when do we retain Okung long term?

    • Old but Slow

      Good question. This is his contract year, and he really is a decent LT. We were spoiled with Big Walt in that spot for so long, but Okung is probably our best pass blocker, and would be tough to replace. My only concern is injuries, as it seems his lower legs, ankles seem vulnerable.

    • DC

      Regarding Okung and the search for money
      Mebane & McDaniel both come off the books after this season
      Marshawn might hang it up
      Harvin’s dead money clears
      K.J. could be traded
      Carl Williams could be traded or cut

      Irvin, Wagner, Wilson, Turbin, Lane & Sweezy are also entering the last year of their respective deals though the team can exercise the 5th year option on Irvin.

      Tough decisions are coming. Bottom line is we need to draft real well.

      • Steele1324

        I would hope they exercise that option on Irvin. I think they should also find a good pass rusher and join him or replace him if they don’t sign the option.

        • lil'stink

          They have until May 3rd to pick up Irvin’s 5th year option. I can’t imagine they don’t pick it up; he seems to be figuring out the game to go along with his tremendous athleticism. I think he’s more valuable than KJ.

          • Ben2

            I agree and, although I like KJ, was disappointed we extended him….I wanted that money to go to Irvin and BWags (who in my opinion are bigger difference makers and would be harder to replace via the draft)

    • Ross

      You either give him an extension worth roughly what he’s earning now (already in the top ten for tackles or at least comparable other players of similar quality), or you draft someone. We’d save a lot of money by letting him walk in free agency, which could be really useful in the future considering how cash strapped we are, but a starting caliber left tackle, especially one as good as him, may take a while to find and/or develop unless we stumble upon a high first round pick. I think we wait and see how Okung and the salary cap fair in 2015/16 and decide from there.

      • Misfit74

        I think Okung is extremely talented and very hard to replace. We have to keep him, somehow.

        • AlaskaHawk

          He is talented but also injury prone. He really shouldn’t have played in early season last year. Glad he hung in there. I think we just got to see how he holds up this year.

  19. Ho Lee Chit

    Pete Carroll said on 710, “very, very good draft’’ for offensive linemen. It seems they will take their time. They are very happy with the backup players they have coming back. I expect them to use the draft to replenish the offensive line.

  20. Cysco

    If you haven’t done so, you owe it to yourself to listen to the Jimmy Graham press conference on seahawks.com. He sounds genuinely excited to be on the Hawks. Something tells me he’s going to fit right in.

    • Volume 12

      I’ll check that out for sure. Thanks.

      • HOUSE

        Its a great press conference. I have a GREAT feeling about him. He talks a lot about being a team player and WINNING being the most important thing. I personally think with NO’s losing season, he was frustrated and this is the best situation for him.

        I think the people that will be disappointed will be the Fantasy Football playing community.

        • Steele1324

          For anyone who is not familiar with Graham or his personality, the interview is very revealing. He is not an immature a-hole. In fact, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and I think he will be an extremely good teammate and a refreshing addition.

        • Volume 12

          Fantasy football has hurt the game overall IMO.

          • Dave

            I completely disagree. Fantasy football makes everyone watch football, not just your home games but your fantasy players games, your opponents fantasy players, and other games just because watching football is what you do. Why the hell else would you watch Jacksonville vs. Oakland? The NFL owes a major portion of its fandom to fantasy football. How has it hurt the game of football? It is the most watched programming on television.

            On a side note, Jimmy Graham was on my 2013 fantasy championship team in 2013. And the Hawks one 5 weeks after that. The Hawks winning was more important to me but man was it awesome to beat my old frat buddies.

    • JeffC

      He had Wyman, Moore, and Oneill apologizing for yesterday’s ridiculous rants about him being soft, etc. Especially Wyman was regretting what he said about him without getting to know him a little better.

      • Volume 12

        Yeah, I had reservations about that too, but then I thought, this guy never gets hurt. Well, he does, but he ALWAYS plays regardless. And then I read the back-ground on him and how he came up. Definitely looking forward to seeing him in a Hawks uni!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        But as long as he produces, I have no problem with that. Put up 8-16 TDs….
        On a side note, I’ll still call him Charmin Soft.

        • Volume 12

          LOL! There’s nothing soft about this guy. That interview, thru listen and read, were very exciting for me. IMO RW now has his ‘dude.’

          Your right though Charlie, we need to give this guy a nickname and fast. So we can all take credit for it when the media starts calling him by it, LOL.

          • Old but Slow

            Graham Cracker is not a good idea.

            • Volume 12

              LOL No, probably not, but it is funny.

    • Ross

      I was way more worried about his enthusiasm and attitude than his cap hit or scheme fit. I don’t imagine anyone would be particularly happy being traded by the team that drafted them so soon after signing a big contract, especially when they’re a star like Graham. From the conference call though, I really got the feeling that he’s completely okay being out of New Orleans. Is he happy leaving his home, his friends, his teammates? Of course not, but the writing is on the wall for the Saints and he can probably see it. Loomis and Payton have mismanaged the roster and the cap for too long, and now the players are about to pay. It’s a sinking ship. When the young and productive and the franchise stalwarts alike are on the trading block, it’s time to jump overboard. Couple that with the bad blood the whole position fiasco fostered, and it’s not hard to imagine him being relieved he’s landing with a contender. Having a coach and a quarterback make him feel immediately wanted must have helped as well. It’s way too early to call this a successful trade, but I have a great feeling about it. I’m ready for the season to start right now, and the draft is still another 6 weeks away.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He went from a paper tiger SB contender (Saints), to a b to b SB participant and SB48 winner.
        The prospect of a legit shot at winning a ring must be enticing.

        • Matt

          My favorite quote from Graham in yesterdays presser. It was the only question he didn’t um…stumble through. “Man, I love him,” Graham said when asked for his initial impression of the Seahawks’ fiery coach. “He puts a smile on my face. He really was a players’ coach. Walking in the building (Wednesday), it just seems like there’s a buzz around there. There’s a sense of urgency. Just the way the whole coaching staff is.”

          Graham is going to fit right in and continue getting tabbed as a Pro Bowler. Too bad he won’t be able to play in that meaningful game. haha I can’t overstate how excited I am that we now have an elite pass catcher in Jimmy Graham. Go Hawks!

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    Sounds like Graham is a competitor. I wonder what a training camp/preseason going against the LOB day after day will do for his “toughness” factor.

    • Volume 12

      PC made a great point about that.

      This guy got 140 or so targets a season in NO and teams were lining up to toke shots at him. He kept playing.

      He led his conference in rebounding as a basketball player, like 3 years ins a row. As a former basketball player myself, rebounding is the most physical/tough thing to do in basketball. If you haven’t played the game at a competitive level, I don’t think people realized how tough and competitive it is down on the blocks and in the post.

  22. Steele1324

    Cards starting center Lyle Sendlein was let go today, saving them about $3 mill in cap. Tough, solid, nasty. Better than Wiesniewski?

    • Ross

      Sendlein’s not a name I’ve heard when talking about the league’s best centers, but he’s played a long time so he’s obviously not bad. He’s five years older than Wisniewski, two years older than Unger. If it’s August and all the competitors are struggling, sure, bring him in, like Eric Winston was brought in late last year as a hedge against Justin Britt, but he’s not a long term starter at this stage in his career so I would rather we commit the money to the younger guy or just leave it to the draft and practice competition to sort it out.

      • Volume 12

        I agree. I’d expect Seattle to shop from the bargain bin or as Ross said, pick up a vet on the cheap like K-Will last year after June 1t.

  23. red

    Anybody else surprised Knighton only got 1YR 4mil? Seahawks have some leverage over Mebane now. Watch they will ask to rescuture to 1YR 4mil same as Knighton, Mebane and his agent know he could not do better in open market especially coming off injury. Would save 1.7 mil of cap space cut Tony Mc free up 3 mil, then go sign big red for 1YR 2MIL this seems to be his market. We would free up 2.7 mil I dont know if this helps us sign Wis since he is most likely 5.5 APY, but if we do Wis something like 3.5 against the cap first year I think we could be ok going foward, but we need to start hitting on some Dline picks to help us on the cap, might go 2nd or 3RD this year and first next year. If Mebane refuses to restructure bring in Starks.

    Knighton 1year 4Mil
    Melton 1YR 3.75

    Starks Market 1YR 3.5?

    Plan B

    cut Mebane -5.5
    cur Tony -3


    Starks + 3.5
    Red +2

    Could free up 3mil of cap space.

    • Volume 12

      3 mil of cap space for what? Mebane’s better than every DT listed. I don’t get cutting 2 DTs and then turning around and signing 2 more.

      Ask Mebane to re-structure and sign Red Bryant. IDK that they will sign Red, but I’d be willing to bet he’d come back here cheap, especially to continue plying with his best friend in Mebane. Not expecting it though.

      • red

        Just trying to find ways to get creative, If you could get Mebane down by 2 mil it could gives us some flexability. I think we can get OLine FA starter on 3 year deal by taking a little from DL and be ok going foward for 2016. Not sure going into 2016 we can snag FA DL starters. Also anybody seen tape on Bobby Richarson NFL. com has him #64 on big board and NFL Draft Scout #505 ranging opionins.

        • Volume 12

          I’ve heard of him, but not seen him at all.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I’ve seen Bobby Richardson.

          Doesn’t flash special qualities. He’s a JAG type prospect at the college level. Tends to wear down in games. If he wins on the snap, he has some penetration ability. Not explosive off the line. Reminds me of the Buddy Ryan line about Chad Eaton — dubbing him “Mr. Velcro”. Once he’s locked up with a lineman, he sticks to him.

          He’s probably a guy that Seattle would find interesting in late R5 if they haven’t already taken a DT.

          I’d guess he’s in a pocket of talent in that range.

          • Matt

            “Anybody else surprised Knighton only got 1YR 4mil? Seahawks have some leverage over Mebane now.” Ross

            Yes and yes. The DT FA class has driven Mebane’s value down. A restructure is going to happen. I don’t see cutting him as an option without a better FA option on the present market. Stepping side ways, especially when talking about the longest tenured Seahawk, doesn’t make sense to me.

  24. Volume 12

    Seattle scouts attended Buffalo university’s pro day. Buffalo has had one of the better defense over the last 3 years.

    OL Andre Davis who played LT, but is a better fit at LG being 6’4, 315, he ran a 4.89 40 yard dash, had a 32′ inch vertical and put up 23 reps on the bench press. But he’s going to be 25 this year.

    There was also DT Kristjan Sokoli who’s 6’5, 292-298 lbs. And had a 38′ inch vertical along with 31 reps on the bench press. Comes from Armenia is described as a ‘weight room warrior.’ Benches over 400 pounds, and squats over 600. Has exceptionally long arms too. This might be who they were there to see. We should our eye on him.

    By the way, Oregon C Hroniss Grasu was very impressive today at Oregon’s pro day. Jake Fisher was too, and there’s no way Fisher makes it out of the top 40 with his performance.

    • Bollie

      Grasu with our 3rd round pick just makes too much sense if we don’t fill the center spot with a Vet. Lewis is a nice backup at guard and center but Grasu could be a fixture for the next 10 years in front of Russell

      • peter

        I’m mostly playing devils advocate but Lewis didn’t struggle and there wasn’t a noticeable drop off she he was under center compared to two years of ungers nagging injuries and increased penchant for penalties. I just wonder if grasu really is an upgrade in a position in not sure even needs an upgrade.

        • Bollie

          The run game definitely suffered when Unger was out last year to the tune of almost 50 yds per game. Lewis is a fine backup but this is a run focussed team. He was on the Browns practice squad for a reason. I am comfortable with him to back up both guard and center but why not draft someone who can anchor the middle of the line and grow with Wilson.

          Alit Marpet is another interesting option with perhaps a slightly higher ceiling but has to learn the position.

          • peter

            That stat is b.s. There us no way to compare the run game with Unger for six games vs. With out. It there is no way to measure how Unger would have produced unless you could measure him for the course of the whole season. To say the number one rush team rushed fifty yards less with him out is an absurd statistic. How would he have graded against az twice Carolina? Also did Wildon himself rush less or more when unger was in or out? I mean Russel was the 16th best Rb in the league last year in not sure that’s a trend that is sustainable.

            So Patrick Lewis sucks because he was on a practice squad? I dont get that. What’s the point of practice squads then?

            Hroniss grasu is good. But an already injured Center in the third round seems like a neutral draft pick to me. Marpet if he’s going to “learn the position,” how is that a better bet then a guy on the team who already has a rapport. My main point us that for me when I see weak spots on the line I see a glaring hole at left guard and a lack of consistency. I dont have a horse in the race so to speak I just dont think Patrick Lewis is the problem.

  25. tzahn


    Maybe I missed it in another article, but what are your thoughts on Antwan Goodley from Baylor? We don’t really have a YAC/RAC WR anymore since Tate left and Goodley seems like a good fit for those underneath catch-and-run routes Tate excelled at. Goodley isn’t tall, but he’s built like an RB and has good quickness. Also has experience as a kick returner. I’ve heard he’s slated somewhere in the 4th-5th rd, which happens to be where we have the bulk of our picks.

    • Rob Staton

      My first viewing wasn’t all that great. He’s not a bad player by any means, but there are others I have some way ahead of him. I intend to go back and look through his tape in a revision session over the next fortnight, now that we have a better idea on what they might do in the draft post-free agency.

      • Volume 12

        Looking forward to that one. I’m a fan of Antwan Goodley, so I’m hoping there’s something in the film you missed or overlooked, probably unlikely, that way we can discuss the guy, because if he lasts until say the 5th round, that’s some pretty good value. IMO he’s one of the most unique prospects in this class.

      • tzahn

        Gotcha, I look forward to reading that. I’d see Goodley as the “double-dip” WR that we would take, not the main target. Also, great job working “fortnight” into that reply!

    • Attyla the Hawk

      From a source I know who lives in Texas and follows Baylor football closely:

      He’s a guy who from a competitiveness and background standpoint — Seattle would love.

      He was expected to take the next step up in 2014, but that never happened. His development appears to have stalled from 2013. Athletic and strong. But skillset as a receiver seems to not be improving.

      Intriguing late round guy. But if we’re hoping for Tate 2.0, we’re likely to be sorely disappointed.

      • peter

        But if the team goes Oline in the first two picks then in the fifth I think goodley would be a steal or even with one if the 4th round picks. Maybe steal is overselling it, but he did have good results early on as a kick returned which Seattle will still be need. I loved Tate but he was kind of a goofball as a WR early on and even had some nerve wrecking punt returns that didn’t go anywhere.

      • tzahn

        That’s an interesting insight. We also have to remember that Goodley missed 2 games with injury and was most likely hampered in others because of that. Baylor also has 2 other very good WRs in Coleman and the freshman KD Cannon so there were a lot of weapons to spread the ball to in that offense.

        I think he has an interesting body type. 5′ 10 1/2″, 209 lbs with a 77.5″ wingspan. (For reference, Jaelen Strong had 76.75″ and Tre McBride has 77″). I don’t think he’s as good high-pointing the ball as Tate was, but he’s good running after the catch. He could stress the defense laterally in a similar way Percy was supposed to and can also take handoffs out of the backfield. Richardson is our vertical threat on the outside, but we can’t count on him playing this season. Neither Doug nor Kearse are RAC guys, so I think that’s an area that we could use a player. Just throwing my thoughts out there.

        • SunPathPaul

          Good points on Antwan guys… At 210#’s, he is like a bowling ball RB WR… We do like ‘unique’, and he is definitely that…

          I’d prefer Tyler Lockett as our shorter WR draft this year, but if he is taken before we can get him, then Goodley is a ‘good’ backup plan…ha ha hah…

        • Volume 12

          That’s just it. He was hurt over half of the 2014 season and was still relatively productive. Has one of, if not the most unique body type and skill set.

          Your exactly right tzahn, he’s a poor man’s version of Percy Harvin with raw, but exciting/explosive traits.

          Seattle was at 3 or 4 of Baylor’s games this year. They could have been looking at Oakman, Durango, Billings, Linwood, or anyone else, but I’m sure they got a good look and all the info they needed on Goodley.

  26. UKhawk

    Anyone listen to Brock/Salk podcast last 2 days? They along with JS discussed the human side of trades/cuts/FA on the players; moving families etc which is interested as I think Schneider is big on loyalty so the roster moves do weigh on him. Nevertheless he said there are more to come.

    Brock was also discussing the 2nd wave and saying its intriguing re: Mebane as he has recently switched agents and he felt the team may be proposing a restructure (ala Z Miller last year). Clayton on the show said that the DT market is quite depressed post day 1 of free agency. Knighton probably in line for only 4/yr, Starks at 3/yr after Paea got 5. I think Rob’s first shout out about Starks is on the money; he is a cap cut, reasonably priced & they could sign him & avoid any comp pick implications similar to Williams, Blackmon & Graham.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would really like the Seahawks to get Starks, he would really stiffen the defensive line. Restructuring Mebane is bull pucky. The Seahawks made a deal and he has held up his end of it with his play.

  27. Bollie

    Rob any chance we think we draft an LB to take Irvins spot like a Lydon Trail and move Irvin back into the DL rotation? Or has he just become to much of a playmaker at LB?

    I only ask because it seems like to would be much easier to find a quality linebacker than LEO / Edge Rusher.

    • Rob Staton

      For me Irvin developed into one of the best playmaking linebackers in the league in 2014 — I think he provides so much from that LB spot and still rushes from the line at times too. Just an incredible player. But his presence as a playmaking rush linebacker takes away some of the need to bring in a big name third DE, even if it’s likely they add some depth there.

      • Bollie

        He did really shine in the role last year. I thought he was their most improved player. I hope he continues the growth as he seemed to really look up to Ken Norton.

        • Steele1324

          I think they need additional depth, another Irvin.

  28. Volume 12

    Right now I’m trying to identify some off the radar guys that Seattle might be interested in. I doubt we can nail it down, impossible right? But if we can familiarize ourselves with some, and if they do select one of them, at leas we’ll all know who they are, what should we expect, and what they cab bring or add. Stay tuned!

    Rob, your site has provided a great distraction for me this past week. I can’t put into words how therapeutic this place has been. I’ve been dealing with some stressing/saddening aspects in life. I’d rather not explain. But thank you buddy.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sorry to hear that V12 — but thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to contribute to the community to the extent you do. Your views are very welcome and interesting.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Hang in there V12. We all go thru some tough times.

      As Pete Carroll mentioned the other day, a lot of the off the radar guys are already on the Seahawks roster. The fan base just does not follow them. I am excited about the guys they have on their practice squad. I think they are opening roster spots for guys like:

      TE RaShaun Allen
      OT Keavon Milton
      OG Nate Isles
      S Dion Bailey
      WR Doug McNeal
      DT Jimmy Staten

      Often times a guy just needs a year to heal or work on his technique for the next level. That is why it is so difficult to find the impact guys straight out of the draft. Jimmy Graham was considered ‘very raw’ coming out of college and only played 5 games his first year. He played behind Jeremy Shockey. Sometimes guys just need a chance and a little better coaching.

      • Matt

        V12- Great to have your valued input on here! Keep your head up brother. The 2015 season will be here before we know it, and we’ll have all have fun discussing our opinions on this fantastic site!

        • Volume 12

          Thank you guys. Your words mean a lot. They really do. It’s nice to know that my input is valued. But, more than anything that I have this outlet and you guys. I look forward to our debates, discussions, agreements/disagreements, mock drafts, etc. every day.

          Again, thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

          • John_s

            Hope all is well V12. Love your insight. Hope all is well. I kind of consider this site as a family. I love the input of all of the regular posters. Anything you need man. We got you

            • Volume 12

              Thank you John. That’s a great way of looking at this site ‘as a family.’ We may argue and disagree and get annoyed, but we’re brothers right? As our boys say ‘We all we need, We all we got.’

              By the way, I love your picture of Jordan and Payton. Man do I miss my Sonics. Shawn Kemp is my favorite all-time player. I named my damn dog after him!

              • John_s

                Brothers absolutely. We all have the same interest which is what will make the team maintain their place as SB contenders.

                Thanks for the compliment on the picture! I promises myself that it will stay as my pic until the Sonics come back 🙂

      • Volume 12

        Your right. I’m looking forward to seeing OL Nate Isles and DT Jimmy Staten this pre-season.

        But what I meant was some guys who weren’t at the combine, or come from small schools, division 2, things like that. We know once the late 5th round gets here that Seattle will start to target project or depth guys that are fantastic athletes, but relative ‘unknowns’ from the rest of the media, fans, and even some other teams.

      • vrtkolman

        Totally agree, and Staten is very intriguing. They spent a 5th round pick on him last year so I suspect they love his upside.

      • redzone086

        I’m a fan of McNeil and Isles

  29. Cysco

    Good lord, the Rams get Nick Fairley?

    That defense is going to be one serious challenge this season.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness though, the D-line was already fantastic. It’s hard to imagine how much more effective it can be.

      • Matt

        Fairley could be dynamite in the Rams front 4 rotation. If they can get an impact CB and some LB help that defense will be down right scary. Getting a QB like Foles is big. Britt and Quick were productive last season, and I really like Mason at RB. St Louis is legit.

        • Volume 12

          Don’t they have James Lauranaitiis, just signed Akeem Ayres, and Alec Ogletree? That’s quite a trio IMO.

          I tried telling some other guys on here that Seattle will be our main rival again, but they didn’t want to believe me. Sure HC Jeff Fisher is probably overrated, but they always play us hard, match up well, and we have all that history with them.

          • peter

            That defense is going to awesome but what is,with Fischer. That guy has been around forever and has made the longest career out of being average ever. I’m oddly stoked if they rise I want Seattle to great but I also want the NFC west as a whole to be a division that matters.

            I’ve waxed philosophical about this before but in talking about greatness in terms of Willson I think outsiders should consider the division as well.

            Before san Franclara blew up they were a feared team. Az last year under Bowles’ d were pretty damn good and they look to be at least ready to battle maybe a step down if Carson can’t get/stay healthy and now the rams just need a few pieces. Point is when people talk Luck as a first ballot hall of famer lets consider he as of yet has bested Wilson in Yards thrown and has more Tds in the air but a higher turnover rate oh and plays I perhaps the least meaningful division in football against three teams really not going anywhere. People here give respect to Bradley but this year he has to do something to at least be competitive. Pete Carrol inherited a Seahawks team that was almost literally as bad as jax when he got here.

            Long story short I hated hearing all that nfc worst talk and want the division to be difficult. So know one ever points to the Seahawks like they did back in the mid 00’s and says “yeah they won the division but they’re irrelevant and that division is garbage.”

            • Volume 12

              Good points.

              Love the San Franclara thing. How stupid is that? They basically lost any home field advantage they ever had. Would have better off putting their stadium in San Jose. At least that’s still the Bay area.

              I agree about the division as well, but at the same time , it might just gives HFA in the playoffs again, and we all know if that happens, we could be the Miami Heat of the NFL. But of course our superstar isn’t a flip-flopper.

  30. Ed

    Really like our offseason so far. Really like that they are focusing on cut players, leaving our compensatory picks. Our oline has had success with this lineup (Okung/Bailey/Lewis/Sweezy/Britt), but we need an influx of talent for competition.

    Blackmon can be a return guy, but think a WR with return skills is still a priority.

    2nd Agholor
    3rd OL
    4th OL
    4th WR

    • Roland jose

      I think Tre mcbride perfect seahawks reciever!, then agholor for sure, I like waller cause he doesn’t drip passes, and he is another tall miss match with down the field speed and red zone guy, can he high point the ball that’s my ?. Dorsett or taller Devin smith are seahawks 2.

      • OZ

        Love McBride!!!

    • Bollie

      If Agholor is there at #63 that would be a dream scenario as he would be a huge upgrade over Kearse and also in the Kick Return game.

      I like the idea of OL in the 3rd and 4th if we don’t get a vet and then Waller in the 4th as a developmental WR. After that the rest of the draft would be defense developmental players as we don’t really need anyone to step in right away.

  31. Roland jose

    need more interior d line help either from free agency of draft starks would b nice for a short deal, we didn’t get tones of pressure up the middle when hill went down (he isnt exactly MR. Reliable) depth there is gonna b needed cause I don’t see McDaniel or mebane being around within the next 2 years, and we also didn’t have any help after Avril went down in the SB, another future Leo Irvin is a better LB, and more versitale swing lineman like Bennet would b nice.

  32. Cysco

    I get great pleasure out of knowing that the best deal Percy Harvin could get is a one year deal with the Siberian errr I mean Buffalo Bills

  33. vrtkolman

    The more I hear and read about Wisniewski, the more he seems like just an average lineman. He’s probably not someone you want to spend money on, especially when the draft looks so good for linemen. I wonder how much Seattle would offer.

    • Steele1324

      Especially with near zero cash left, what little should be spent on other things, if there are many good centers in the draft.

  34. Bernardo De Biase

    What I loved most about Graham’s conference, was that, when asked about why Seattle traded for him, he answered without hesitation something among these lines: teams play a lot of Cover 0 against Seattle and that crowds Marshawn Lynch’s way, and I should open up for him.

    That’s such a nice mindset, and that’s exactly how Graham will work out for the Hawks. Tons of PA and read option. If teams bite for Lynch, punish with Graham. If they opt on covering the pass instead of stacking the box, punish with Lynch. If somehow they manage to keep both on check, Wilson can make plays with his legs, or look for open receivers.

    Our offense has a three headed monster with Lynch-Wilson-Graham. Three big time playmakers and receivers that will face single coverage. Baldwin should go back to being that yards per target monster he was in 2013.

    • Matt

      Agreed! In 12 personnel we’ll have tremendous speed at TE with Graham and Willson to work the seem. It’ll be hard for defenses to account for all of our speed. Can’t wait to see what other weapons we get at WR to stretch the field vertically, and subsequently horizontally. The Hawks will be dangerous on offense this year.

  35. Steele1324

    I just looked at Kevin Norwood’s college film catching AJ McCarron’s passes. Dude can ball. 6-2 197, capable of a 4.39 40. So why didn’t he better crack the starting lineup last season? Why was he inactive so often, including the Super Bowl, when we could have used him? Some of those were healthy scratches, not just injury-related.

    If he were in this year’s draft, he’d be a first rounder.

    If he is healthy, why shouldn’t be and Matthews both blow past Kearse in the pecking order. And if he does that, the WR position is still a priority, but not an emergency.

    • Rik

      We seem to be very cautious with rookie wide receivers, more so than many other teams in the league. Many teams put their rookies out there from game one and let them make mistakes early in the season and gain valuable experience. There’s something to be said for that, since you’re paying their salary. I would have liked to have seen a rotation with Norwood and Matthews (not a rookie in the traditional sense) getting lots of reps early last season. Maybe this year. And hopefully with some dynamic new talent at wide receiver as well.

    • Steele1324

      And let’s not forget Douglas McNeil III was recently signed. Some really good stuff he did at Bowie State and in arena football. 6-4 205, 4.5 40yd.

      So how would you feel if they start the year with a depth chart like Matthews-Norwood-Baldwin-McNeill-rookie-rookie, with Jimmy Graham in the mix? Pretty damned good, isn’t it?

    • peter

      I think it was a case of the devil you know. Norwood missed solo time with an injury and maybe just couldn’t get on the same page. Plus Seattle redshirts in essence a ton of their players. I’m with you though I he has a strong camp he should move up the roster.

      • OZ

        He will move up. He’s a hands catcher not a BASKET catcher like Kearse. I love him butt he seems to not trust his own hands. Too many years playing in the rain maybe? I’ll bet he drives the coaches crazy….

    • Ho Lee Chit

      It takes reps in practice to build the comfort level with the QB and the coordinator. Norwood will be much improved. He is a bigger, faster version of Nelson Agholor. I mentioned this before. He played with Amari Cooper, so even in college he did not get that many targets. He has now had a year in the system. Matthews, has as well. They will be better. That said, Bryan Walters signed with Jacksonville. Given PRich is injured we are down to five WR’s. I expect two in the draft. Both of those will need to return kicks as the only way they make this roster is thru special teams. Only the top 3 or 4 WR’s in the draft would step into this lineup and start immediately because they lack familiarity with the system.

      • Steele1324

        This draft doesn’t offer much in terms of what I think of as prototype #1 WR measurables, which are at least 6-3 with sub 4.5 40yd. Only Devante Parker and Kevin White (no surprise that they will be gone in rd.1), and the next is Conley. Beyond these three, they are either bigger and slower, or smaller and fast.

        Thus, I want the Hawks to get Conley.

        • Volume 12

          I don’t know man. Conley might be the 2015 version of C-Mike. And if we’re to believe JS’s statements regarding the draft this year ‘let’s not get fooled by athleticism.’

          Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think your looking at what qualifies as a no 1 receiver purely on size and that is a mistake my friend. These big no 1 WRs haven’t done anything for their teams except getting them bounced in the playoffs year after year.

          • Steele1324

            I think I’m looking at the same things as you and others. I just want diversity, and that type is simply missing on the roster. Receivers who are not smurfs would also be easier to throw to.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Really should be talking about Matthews more. He is tall and a good receiver. He was CFL rookie of the year! I think he will have a big year now that PC will finally let him play.

              I’ve been puzzled by the lack of playing time for certain players too. Hardly used Norwood or MAtthews all season, and I could add Michaels the running back into the mix. PC just likes to stash players, but I think it will bite him in the butt when the Seahawks have to pay Wilson and they run out of rookies.

  36. drewjov11

    Lol! That’s fun. I went and checked out Doug McNeil’s highlights. Big, fast, catch radius, and hands looked big. We need to start having a couple of these projects pop like he and isles, etc. Graham, Mathews, McNeil, etc. Time to start bullying people in he passing gane like we do on the ground.

    • SunPathPaul

      I wonder if the coaches end up underestimating our WR’s in practice due to the fact they play the LoB!

      Chris Matthews revealed he could be useful in the SB. And since he didn’t play much in the season it makes me believe that our coaches might need to let our WR corp play more in real games without the judgment from practice against the LoB!!!

      I mean Jimmy Graham sucks against the LoB statistically… but against all other 31 teams, he’s a Boss!

      I hope Brennan Carroll’s involvement make sour WR/TE/Offense a bit clearer…

      • Steele1324

        They need to open up the competition and let the guys play. I think Doug and Kearse will be pushed this camp.

  37. SunPathPaul

    This is a recreation of the original deleted post:

    Now that we have Jimmy Graham, a true #1 mismatch TE/WR, we need to focus on developing a young and explosive WR corp. With the guys we have, if we add 2 new rookies w a diverse skill set we will be set up and dangerous for years… They will ‘fit our system’ by being inexpensive and not expecting a lot of targets… But they will help us stress defenses and win games.

    Imagine our new “Catching corp” as these possibilities:

    1) Jimmy Graham 6-7, 265, 4.53 (TE and WR Mix)
    2) Kevin Norwood 6-2, 200, 4.48, or Chris Matthews 6-5, 218, 4.5
    3) Doug Baldwin 5-10, 189, 4.48
    4) (Rookie #1) Tyler Lockett 5-10, 183, 4.40/KR, or Phillip Dorsett 5-10, 185, 4.33/KR,
    or Antwan Goodley 5-10, 210, 4.44/KR
    5) (Rookie #2) Tre McBride 6-0, 210, 4.42/KR, or Chris Conley 6-2, 213, 4.35,
    or Kenny Bell 6-1, 200, 4.42/KR, or Darren Waller 6-6, 238, 4.46
    6) Douglas McNeil III 6-3, 200, 4.46, or Kearse 6-1, 209, 4.43

    We have 11 draft picks. Lets fortify the WR corp now. Not only is it a good WR class, but due to the fact that WR’s usually take a year or 2 to get on board, let’s take them now! That will give RW the talent and then they can spend the time to perfect their craft and timing…

    I’d love to see 2 WR draft picks, and to see KEarse beaten out in the preseason and released. It would mean our draft had strength at WR.

    Now we have Jimmy Graham for years, so let’s draft to fill in the WR corp with the right diverse talent to create a passing monster in Seattle!!!

    • Steele1324

      What I like about McBride is that he may only be 6-0, but he is heavier and strong, yet doesn’t give up any quickness or speed to most of the rest.

    • Misfit74

      I like it.

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