The Seahawks’ draft plans might be pretty obvious

Trevor Penning remains a very strong option for Seattle

The fact Seattle’s two tackle spots remain unaddressed with Duane Brown and Brandon Shell both free agents feels like an enormous tell. The Seahawks are going to address tackle in the first three rounds. It’s just a question of who they take.

I’ve bored everyone to death about this not being a draft to target a left tackle which makes me think they will set about re-signing Brown after the draft. However, that still leaves the right tackle spot open (and I don’t expect in any way they are assuming Jake Curhan has it nailed).

Trevor Penning might be their guy, assuming the top pass rushers are gone. They love size and explosive traits and Penning has them. He’s a 3.03 TEF tester with a 6-7, 330lbs frame. Running a 4.89 forty at that size was incredible really.

Penning will be a very high pick as a consequence of this. People like to predict ‘surprise’ picks at this time of year. My suggestion would be Penning going #6 overall to the Panthers if Evan Neal and Ikem Ekwonu are off the board. Scott Fitterer worked for the Seahawks. The chances are he retains some of their ideas and preferences.

I could never imagine the Seahawks taking a non-explosive, moderately athletic tackle in the top-10. After all, Russell Okung was a 3.37 TEF tester with rare 36 inch arms and ideal size.

I’m very sceptical of Carolina taking Charles Cross. I think if there’s a player who could hear his name called earlier than people think it’ll be Penning at #6 overall.

The league remains desperate for tackle prospects. Here’s one with insane athleticism, explosive traits and massive size.

And all of those reasons are why he could be a prime option for Seattle.

I maintain that he needs major technical work. It was really hard to watch how he handled the 1v1’s at the Senior Bowl. He was susceptible to the inside-move and lost some reps. He started to over-compensate. The defenders noticed it so ran to the inside then countered with speed-to-power. He’d end up off-balance and the results were not good.

It was tough watching Kyron Johnson run through him (but he also did the same to Abraham Lucas to be fair).

My long-term worry is that Penning will prove to be at his best when he doesn’t have to defend the edge and can just line up head-on and demolish. That’s what he’s good at. He worked out at the Senior Bowl at right guard and when I saw that it felt like a bit of a reveal on what the league thinks might be his fit.

No doubt he could be a really good right guard. I’d prefer not to launch a new era of Seahawks football with a tackle who might have to kick inside to guard.

Yet it’d be foolish to ignore how much he ‘fits’ Seattle. It’s very easy to imagine them drafting Penning and putting him at right tackle, then re-signing Brown. That would give Penning some development time and he could be the heir apparent at left tackle.

Would he fit the new blocking scheme in Seattle? A quick reminder that Andrew Whitworth is the exact same size as Penning (6-7, 330lbs) and right tackle Rob Havenstein is even bigger (6-8, 330lbs).

It’s a plan — one that makes sense even if it’s not what a lot of fans (including me) would prefer. It’s definitely one to file in the ‘this could plausibly happen’ cabinet.

I guess it just feels like a rich man’s James Carpenter situation. A college left tackle with a lot of intriguing traits and some good tape. Yet it feels like the end result could be very similar. A decent career at guard but perhaps no second contract in Seattle at a time everyone is hoping this pick is more of an Earl Thomas-level success story.

It’d also be wrong to completely write-off Penning. I like him as a player. He was one of the first 2022 prospects I wrote about back in September. If you read the piece you’ll see it’s a glowing review.

There are plenty of tackles with far fewer traits, less upside and much more hype who have been taken very early and flamed out.

If there’s a rush on pass rushers and offensive lineman as expected in the top-10 then the Seahawks might prefer to simply jump aboard that train.

And are we as Seahawks fans really going to complain about drafting an offensive tackle, of all positions?

They might even be able to make a pick like this after moving down (although I think the Jets at #10 could easily pull Penning off the board). If Garrett Wilson is taken in the top-eight (and increasingly people think he will be) then it increases the chances of no cornerbacks being taken by #9.

That could create a scenario where teams like Minnesota at #12 and Houston at #13 are fighting to move up to select Sauce Gardner.

Seahawks fans would flip-out if they passed on Gardner to move down because the media’s fed you a steady diet of relentless praise for Gardner. He’s a good player and I like him. I’m not convinced, though, that he’s as good as some would have you believe. He’s not done any testing other than running a forty (why?) and a reminder that there are people in the league (I’ve spoken to one of them) who firmly believe Derek Stingley Jr is still the best cornerback in this draft (even though the same source expected Gardner to be the first corner taken).

If it means acquiring an extra high pick to drop to #12 or #13, that wouldn’t be terrible. They might be prepared to take their chances on Penning getting beyond the Jets and Commanders. Stingley Jr could last. I do think there’s a chance that some teams (maybe the Seahawks) view Zion Johnson as being worthy of a similar grade to Zack Martin. Plus my source in the league (and again, you’ll have to trust me on his legitimacy but I assure you it’s a great source) mentioned last week that George Karlaftis is seen by some as basically Aidan Hutchinson just available later.

So the options are there and frankly — that might be where the good odds are for Seattle right now. If the likes of Jermaine Johnson are gone — and he will be — then exploiting other teams in need of a corner or receiver could make sense. Especially if it lands you another welcome day two pick in this beautifully deep draft.

If they don’t take a tackle with the top pick then it becomes a target later on. I still think if you want to run the ball brilliantly the best option is to find a way to draft Zion Johnson and Tyler Linderbaum and stick them next to Damien Lewis. If they don’t do this and look at tackle in round two — Abraham Lucas would be a plug-and-play right tackle.

It’s shameful really that his exceptional combine performance received so little attention. His on-field work-outs were by far the best of any of his peers. Ikem Ekwonu’s performance was filled with mistakes, errors and not finishing properly yet we were treated to endless talk of him going #1 overall during the NFL Network’s coverage. Lucas did everything at a high level. His testing results make him a 2.97 TEF tester and he ran a blistering 4.40 short shuttle.

Not only that, he was great at the Senior Bowl too. Better than many of the other players who got more praise.

Lucas is an excellent talent who has been underrated for far too long.

Tyler Smith on the other hand has become quite overrated. I don’t like the way he defends the edge and to me looks like a right tackle at best but more likely a guard. However, his demeanour and run-blocking skill could make him an option if he drops into round two.

Rasheed Walker was an interesting name on Seattle’s ‘official 30’ visit list. He hasn’t done any pre-draft testing and comes across as a bit of an enigma. On tape he flashes moments where you think — this guy could be one of the best in the league. Then there are moments where his effort isn’t close to 100% or he gets sloppy in his technique.

I think they legitimately wanted to work out who he is in that meeting. Who knows what impression he made. If it was a positive one they might view him as a round three fall-back.

It’s not rocket science to work out a little bit of their thinking though. No tackles signed means one will be drafted quite early. No hedge linebackers signed after releasing Bobby Wagner suggests they will take one quite early.

While a lot of focus has been on positions like cornerback, pass rush and quarterback — the evidence suggests those aren’t the areas they will pursue. They’ve signed three cornerbacks and like Tre Brown. They’ve spent a fair amount of money on Uchenna Nwosu (in my opinion because they could see the way the top pass rushers were rising out of reach at #9). They will probably add another quarterback but by signing Geno Smith and adding Drew Lock — and with no rookies in this draft in a serious position to start early — the chances are they’ll just spend a later round pick on a Kaleb Eleby or Jack Coan.

If opportunities are there they will take them — such as Jermaine Johnson lasting to #9 or Tyler Linderbaum being in range. If not, that’s why you hedge.

My opinion might change in the next two weeks but right now I’d think one of their first three picks will be a tackle and one will be a linebacker. The other could be another pass rusher but it’s also possible at the top of round two a player remains available they just feel is too good — regardless of position — that they need to take. It could be a quarterback. It could be Linderbaum. I would expect them to draft a running back in round three.

That would be my best guess as of today.

One big decision I’ll need to make in my next mock is whether to pair Carolina with Penning at #6 with Neal and Ekwonu off the board — or whether I have him in range for Seattle.

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  1. Dregur

    If the miniscule chance that one of Neal or Ekwosu drops to 9, do you think the Seahawks should stay at 9 and pick one of them? Would it be worth it?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not even worth contemplating — it simply won’t happen

      • D-OZ

        Funny thing, I woke up @ 3 am. Got on the computer and watched film on Penning. I woke up thinking that’s who they are going to draft. I’m on the fence @9 though. I would rather a bit and pick up some capitol. IMO

        • D-OZ

          trade back a bit.

  2. Buf

    I’ll be on record that i would absolutely be stoked to have Penning at #9. You want a shot at greatness, I think he has something rare and unique. The attitude he brings is something that can pump up the sidelines and bring the BAMF circle of toughness back to the team. He’s no slouch as an athletic prospect either. The hawks have been looking for the next marshawn. It might not be a RB where you have that character that just beats up defenses.

    Obviously he’s bound to draw some flags. You can see he gets away with some stuff he cant do in the NFL. But you also see him laying pancakes like he works at IHOP. He has this way he baits people off balance, counterpunches which knocks them off balance. Then he just plops on top of them. Play over. That’s demoralizing. He’s always making sure to be in someones face till the last second. He’ll get a few unnecessary roughness calls. He’ll also get in a lot of guys heads.

    He has cons, and obviously other guys discussed like jermaine johnson would be great. But if Penning’s number gets called #9, i wont be upset.

    • FWBrodie

      Trevor Penning’s pass protection technique is a complete mess. He will be a turnstile on the outside, at least early.

  3. Peter

    If one of their first three picks is tackle please let it be Abe Lucas.

    If you were clever you coukd get:

    Zion, linderbaum, and lucas completely transforming your oline in a single draft.

    If penning is destined for RT then that’s a blown pick with Lucas a round later. If he’s worse a guard what was the point of drafting Lewis who is actually a pretty good RG?

    If penning isn’t the LT i don’t see his value.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think Lucas lasts til 40 Peter. Even Kuiper has mentioned that he’s likely to go late first/early 2nd. Now a trade down and Zion and a trade up and Lucas could work………..

      • Peter

        I’ll take that.

        Ninth overall for a guy who may be a guard? Not for me.

        Kiper. But what about everyone’s 1000 trade pfn mocks that have lucas in the third round?

        • Big Mike

          They’re wrong and you already know that. People in the league see what his testing numbers are and how good he is in pass pro (owned Thibs as you likely already also know). Frankly as I’ve said b4, I’m not sure he’ll appeal to Carrol because his pass pro is better than his run blocking.

          • Peter

            That’s probably the sticking point. But man it feels like forever since the line has veen solid.

            • Big Mike


      • FWBrodie

        Lucas went on a PFF podcast this week and said he’s never been taught how to run block. Word for word. Does that sound like a Pete Carroll tackle? I doubt it.

        • Peter

          Sure. That’s probably why he’s a non starter. But I’ll take olinemen that’s better than what we have. And you do still need to pass block in the current game.

        • Nano

          It’s a lot better than him having had lots of training and still being bad at it.

        • Palatypus

          That’s what happens when you play in an Air Raid offense. But he has the tools. He is a little slight in person but he’s not carrying any bad weight.

  4. Hoggs41

    I wouldnt hate the though of drafting Penning with our first pick, just not sure about 9. It would have to include a trade back. Off topic here but I feel like Sam Howell is another guys who is flying under the radar if they don want to select a QB early in the second. Guy just seems to fit the mold of what we wants as a QB.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see Howell as particularly fitting of Seattle’s mould

      • FWBrodie

        Why is that?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s a stubby, short QB with a not great arm. He isn’t a point guard who can move around to extend plays. He’s just a poor man’s Baker.

    • cha

      Jim Nagy
      Based on convos with NFL scouts during pro-day season, Sam Howell sneaking into late first round is one of likely surprises of Day 1.

      • Nano

        Ya, someone likes him. For sure. But I think Rob’s sense about this is right. I doubt it is Seattle. Nothing about him tilts the field.

  5. DougM

    Is Bernard Raimann not being considered because of arm length?


    • Rob Staton

      That and his technique is basically starting at ground zero

  6. Russ

    Ryen Russilo had on Daniel Jeremiah and Todd McShay on a recent pod to talk draft. They brought up an interesting point about the possibility of teams targeting WRs early (also a brief DK Metcalf mention about him as a prospect). With the cost of WRs skyrocketing, is it possible we see WRs go earlier than expected, maybe even in the top 10?

    • Ben

      I’m expecting it.

      Enough teams want to trade down, and there’s gonna enough jockeying for WR’s that even without a true top 10 talent, getting to the front of the line might be worth it.

      • Russ

        That’s what I’m thinking about too Ben. Maybe we see WR become QB-lite where they go higher than they should because of what front offices convince themselves of.

    • Peter

      Saw simms say wr was always going to be different than running back. But 20 years ago rb’s were top picks until teams realized tge value wasn’t there.

      You may beed weapons but do you really need wr’s taking up that much cap? Not sure if yhe wr play stays decent in college it doesn’t make more sense to keep drafting rather than retaining.

      • Russ

        Drafting could definitely make more sense. But if everyone is thinking that, it may be harder to draft WRs if people are trying to save money by drafting instead of paying WRs. The argument against that could be how devalued RBs are. The big difference though is how many more receivers a team has on the field at any one time.

        • Peter

          The amount of recievers on the field is why I think more young recievers with some on short spendy contracts might make sense than one taking 22,25, soon 28 million a year.

    • Sean

      I think Garrett Wilson goes top 10 and Carolina or Atlanta go QB at 6 or 8. I’ll continue to bang the drum for Nakobe Dean as a great fit for what he can do sideline to sideline despite being undersized. Hope Seattle takes a chance on him if he lasts into round 2.

      • Russ

        I hope so Sean. You could see some really great talent fall to the Seahawks. As for Nakobe Dean – bang away if you’re feeling it!

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not just undersize though. He has NO testing.

    • Rob Staton

      Can just as easily counter by saying it’s a deep WR draft and DK, AJ, Deebo etc were all R2 picks

      • Russ

        Easy, fair counter. My counter to that is that we could see front offices change their styles based on past drafts.

        Think about Russell Wilson/Kyler Murray. Russ was a 3rd rounder who had it all but height. After he succeeded, Kyler went #1 overall. Not trying to say QB = WR, but just that drafts change based on history.

        If a FO thinks to itself “Garrett Wilson could be the next AJ Brown”, then you look at the cost of WRs, you could have teams convincing themselves to grab their guy.

  7. cha

    I’d love to see the Seahawks preparing their War Room for this draft.

    What would that look like? Do they have drills where they conduct a live draft? Do they have drafts where everything goes their way? Where nothing goes their way? Everything in between?

    I think the scouts and other guys would relish ‘playing’ the other teams. Try to rattle JS. Call him with 90 seconds to go on his pick. Have a trade deal set and then back out on it. Trade up to #7 or 8 and steal his guy.

    • Big Mike

      After the LJ Collier fiasco, I’m guessing they could really use this kind of “training”..

      • Nano


        It’s been my experience that the person who thinks they’re the smartest person in the room rarely is. Pete and John have probably been guilty of this before.

    • Peter


      I woukd like to believe the team that got caught with collier would run scenarios.

      But it takes a long time to make cardboard cut outs.

      • Peter

        And those tweets that don’t mean anything. My wife runs social media for a big non profit and setting up tweets takes a ton of time.

      • Big Mike

        “But it takes a long time to make cardboard cut outs.”

        I literally LOL’d Peter. Brilliant.

        • Peter


    • DougM

      I have it on authority that they use the pfn simulator.

    • Gross MaToast

      Pete always wants to be the Jets in role play.

      “We really screwed you guys on that Adams deal. Ha! Idiots. We’re taking Smoke Monday with #4. Boom. Next! Let’s go! Let’s Go! I’ve got things to do!”


      • Peter

        I think it goes:

        Listen, stop taking guys on our board. Okay. Seriously. This exercise doesn’t work when the two names we have on it are picked.


        These are the simulations where someone else was definitely going to take player x so that’s why we drafted them.

    • James

      Yes, the Seahawks war room would be so interesting to see. For the first time in a decade, John and Pete can select from a group of elite prospects. Thibodeaux and Stingley appear to have the most pure talent, and if Rob is correct, Penning makes three LT prospects ready to start and dominate very shortly. Add the pass rushers plus Sauce, and at least one prospect in the top 5 on John’s board will be there at #9, and at a position of need to boot. Rob’s observation that the signs point to LT is sound reasoning. That is probably the most difficult position to fill with elite talent outside the QB. None of our previous OTs were as good as hoped, Okung, Ifedi, Carpenter… Duane Brown finally could perform as needed but he is tailing off fast and it would be foolish to project him staying healthy for even half the season. Other than nailing the QB this year or next, LT is the position of greatest need for a winning rebuild. But QB should be the focus of our hopes and prayers, for without an elite QB, an elite roster is basically a waste of talent.

  8. Steve R

    It will be interesting how the top 8 shakes out. George Karloftis is an intriguing one since his strengths are things that so many young edge rushers lack. I don’t see him making it past the ravens tbh. His lack of product scares me a bit, but you can argue that he was the focus of every offense that Perdue played. His pass rush win rate is up there with the top guys as well.

  9. derek allen

    So glad to here another voice saying not to take a QB early. For me in this draft, I’d trade D.K. to get a late 1st and a 2nd round pick(Packers are you interested?) and or trade out of the 9th with Green Bay, the Saints, the Jets or KC for later 1st round selections and 2nd and 3rd round picks. Lets redo Oline with 3 picks for G, T, and C, and address CB and LB positions. And if possible, add DI as well. Finally an edge but it looks like Seattle has addressed that a bit already in signings.

  10. Canadian Hawk

    I think much of this draft could go back to the meeting Pete/John had with Jody.

    Is she giving them time to rebuild?
    Are they on a one year “prove it” deal?

    If it’s one year – then my guess is Baker becomes a Seahawk and they stay away from developmental players that have a high ceiling. Instead go for the more sure thing – or “don’t get cute” as has been said on this Blog before.

    • Jordan

      Very good questions my fellow canuck.

      I don’t think you sign off on a Russ trade if you’re only giving the HC and GM one year. I think she’s likely given them the equivalent of what they did when they first arrived: you better appear to be on the come up by 2024 (3rd season). This possibly lines up nicely with Rodgers, Brady and the Rams fading/gone.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Jody said get rid of the prima donna QB, draft some studs, run the damn ball, and play some f’ing defense.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t trade away Wilson and then give the guys half the stock to spend for one year

  11. Sam

    Lucas played in air-raid offense where they rarely ran the ball. It’s unknown how he run-blocks. He is a good pass-pro. If he had good run-blocking tape, we would be talking him in top 5.

    • Peter

      Not last year.

      Even so how are sites talking about Cross who did play on an air raid ( 73% passing attempts to 27% rush attempts) as a top ten?

      At least lucas is being talked in the second or late first.

    • cha

      The cougars ran the ball 46% of the time last year.

      They ran the ball 42% of the time the year before.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s funny how many assumptions people make, then declare opinions as fact after making a wrong assumption

    • Dong

      Teams like Wisconsin (think Havenstein, Ramczyk) run and pass out of a pro-style offensive set. Three-point stance, QB under center. Increasingly uncommon in college. Spread teams run out of shotgun or pistol with their lineman in a two-point set (with some exceptions, ex goal line). That is the current college trend. Technique is different. I believe this is the issue and why pro OL coaches complain about the limitations of college OL.

  12. ElroyNumbers

    I read a stat today that at least 2 quarterbacks have been taken in the top ten in the past 10 years. Maybe it was 9 years. Curious if in any of those years the qb that were taken was rated as low as the top qb in this years draft. My hunch is that at least one team will reach and take one way before Seahawks pick. The nfl does have many impatient owners.

    • Rob Staton

      But the owners in Carolina, Atlanta and Seattle are not going to be demanding anything

  13. Forrest

    Trade back
    Zion Johnson
    Tyler Lindebaum (after trade up)
    Daniel Faalele
    Trade for Saquon Barkley

    That’d be interesting!

    • Old but Slow

      Faalele? Really? Both of him?

      • Sean

        Hard pass on Faalele until at least the 5th round. Too heavy and tested horribly. Not convinced he has the agility necessary to contribute in the NFL.

        • Mick

          I wouldn’t take him at all. And I’d stay away from Raimann too, I’m getting Garry Gilliam vibes there.

  14. Justin

    What do you think of Bernhard Raimann? Screams more of a guard due to T. rex arms but is getting a lot of pundit love at tackle. Seems to fit the TEF and honestly for the lack of experience he has as a linemen the results are pretty dang impressive.

    • Rob Staton

      Needs a total ground zero technique build

      • Blitzy the Clown

        So did JR Sweezy, and he turned out to be a pretty good OG.

        He’s never been taught properly how to block, and yet he was one of the better offensive lineman in CFB last year, all on instinct and athleticism.

        I think Raimann has a future in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say he didn’t have a future in the NFL.

          But you’re talking about a 7th round project, not a high pick.

          So not sure why you made that comparison

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I wouldn’t spend a high pick on Raimann. Certainly not in the top 75. Bottom of the 3rd is where I’d start my interest.

            But I still think he could end up being one of the better OGs of this draft class.

            • Rob Staton

              Possibly. But I was asked about him and the fact is he has short arms (Sweezy didnt) and he’s so incredibly raw. And for every Sweezy there’s a Sokoli

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Ah Kristjan. I had such hopes for that crazy Albanian SPARK god-thlete

                How naive I was 😒

  15. Morgan

    My dream is we somehow get Penning and Luke Goedeke and just plug them in at tackles. Sure they don’t have the best technique, but they are both conscienceless, murder-minded gorillas that will brutalize the opposition into submission. Let them learn how to pass block as we go, since we’ll be running most of the time anyway…we don’t have any QB’s that can pass.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Goedeke has to kick inside

      • Sean

        I wasn’t totally sure what Rob meant by Penning’s technique needing work…then I saw this video:

        • Rob Staton

          Thus, why I don’t want him in R1

          Been saying ever since the Senior Bowl that he is a sheep in wolves clothing and not a real tough guy. He judo tosses guys on tape and I took notice in college. The Senior Bowl was a massive turn off. Felt like he was trying too hard to appear ‘tough’ and put a lot into perspective. Jason Kelce doesn’t need to try. Kam doesn’t need to try.

          However — his size and testing is what it is. The potential is there

          • Pavlos

            If they take him, fine, but why on earth move him to the right side? Doesn’t he have 3 years experience playing on the left? The Seahawks always do this nonsense with their players and it makes no sense. Let them play where they excel. Moving players to opposite sides (DJ Reed, D Lew, etc) has not worked out too well in the past!

            • Rob Staton

              It’s hardly nonsense to draft him, let him learn the league at right tackle with proper support on that side and re-sign Duane Brown for LT.

              • Pavlos

                I’ve heard offensive tackles describe how challenging it is to play the opposite side. It’s like learning to do things with your left hand if you are right handed.

                We’ve seen what happens when the Seahawks move players like DJ and D Lew to positions they’ve had little to no experience in. No thanks. If we’re using a high pick on a player, i want them to play the position they excelled in not learn a new one.

                • Rob Staton

                  You’re making too much of this

                  Penning will be a turnstile at LT

                  He needs the protection of RT and time to learn and develop

                • Purpleneer

                  The left/right issue for OL is completely developed from only working one side for years, not a natural difference. Not an issue at all if a players works both sides through his development. Honestly, spending some time on the other side could help unlearn bad technique.
                  Try an injury that forces you to switch your wiping hand; crazy weird at first but you’ll come around.

  16. Adog

    Is there a Stockholm syndrome going on for shell and brown? They’re not exactly hot tickets on the market. They’re not exactly cornerstones to my eye. While the front office could target o-line, I don’t think it’s a reaction to not signing brown or shell.

    • Rob Staton

      Well they only have Forsythe and Curhan. So it’s not about Brown and Shell.

      They could have had Shell easily by now. I sense they have moved on. Brown might not be a long term cornerstone but he’s still a very good left tackle

  17. Bankhawk

    Rob, in a week that was not particularly heartening (on a personal, non-football way) reading such a nice recap of where we’ve been and how things stand was a perfect tonic and has me feeling that at least something in the world shows promise and possibilities.
    Thank you for that! You’ve been a real Tasmanian Devil of draft info this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — and I hope things are good with you and it’s nothing too serious

  18. SoZ

    Seattle has traded away over 30 draft picks including 4 first, 2 seconds, and 4 thirds under PCJS (according to my quick eyeball math and not counting picks received). They’ve traded away or traded out of the first round half of the years they’ve drafted! Lets hope this RW trade and possibly DK represents the reversal of that trend. They have to at least find decent starters with 1st 2nd 3rd rounders and this along with the headscratching contracts awarded has led to a seasons-long talent drought. Who are the 4 solid starters (1st to 3rd rounders) you expect this year?

  19. MattyB

    Reading many websites and journalist on this draft order and who goes #1, not many of them are lined up on a general consensus who goes #1,#2,#3 etc which makes me believe there is a very good chance an un-missable player drops into Seattle’s lap. I’m guessing KavyonT drops ……

    • Dan Nicksic

      I think you are on to something… whether it’s teams trading up or reaching for a qb, I think one of the stud DE’s falls to 9

      • Rob Staton

        The only way one of the stud DE’s lasts to nine is if a serious injury or character issue emerges. And then the fall would likely continue past 9.

        Sorry guys, there’s no point getting your hopes up

        • Pavlos

          I was surprised to see Thibodeaux didn’t make Chris Simms’ top 5 edge rusher list. He claims other teams won’t have him in top 5 either once they study the tape:

          He starts talking about him around 1:10:00

          If he’s still there at 9, i hope we grab him.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t understand that opinion.

            If he’s there at #9 it’s because of character flags and Seattle will probably pass too.

            I’ll just keep saying it until draft day. If you’re hoping for one of the top four pass rushers to last to #9 you’ll just end up disappointed.

  20. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick thought the Geno Smith contact if for some odd reason hit all of his incentives and made that 7 million he would make just as much as Justin Herbert.i guess the thought of Geno making even half of what Justin makes is pretty mind boggling.i really like your thoughts recently about trading back a little bit and then trading back in I can definitely see that happening.

    • Mick

      You can’t compare though, Herbert is on a rookie contract.

      • hawkfanforetenity

        A better comparable might be Andy Dalton. Who is a substantially better QB, and someone you could trust to keep your offense running if your starter were out for a few games. Dalton signed for less money with New Orleans then Geno did in Seattle.

        • Big Mike

          But Geno “knows the system” so………….
          Horrible contract.

  21. Steve R

    I want to see Curhan/ Forsythe compete for the right tackle job. We drafted Forjob. It would be nice to see us actually play guys we drafted in the past .

  22. Denver Hawker

    I’m really starting to get on board the multiple trade back train.

    Unless a true high ceiling prospect is there at 9, I’d much prefer to stack more lottery tickets in the middle of the draft.

    Heard a clip of Broncos GM say he was just fine giving up early picks this year for Wilson- he felt this was the deepest draft in many years and there are plenty of great players to be had at 64 and later.

    • Peter

      After sorting through tons of mocks and Rob’s thoughts for me unless Jermaine Johnson inexplicably falls to nine I am at the trade back idea.

      I see Stingley a good deal at 12-14. At the former that’s an extra 4th + 5th. The latter an extra 3rd. It’s hard with stingley because none of us have enough info to say if the CB ideals in length have changed. 10 years of info vs. A few dufferent players hasn’t moved me yet to believe it’s changed. Plus it’s not just that they haven’t “had,” a high pick to spend on CB it’s that they never have. Not any of their firsts nor seconds. Not that they wouldn’t obviously.

      I know people want defense early and often but as much as the defense sucked, and Wilson/geno was just average there were two, three games where the running game was just as much to blame for losses last year.

      I think the options to improve the oline are far more limited than the options to add value if not some truly interesting players to the defense through out the draft.

      • Ashish

        I feel the same. As Rob mentioned chance of getting DE and DT is remote at #9 and packers or Saints may trade up for WR.

  23. Seahawkwalt

    Peter, I agree 1000%. If Johnson is there at nine then you pull the trigger. I don’t see that happening though. I think he is long gone. I’m glad they are apparently willing to look at secondary prospects with shorter than ideal arm length. Case in point with Stingley, and Tre Brown.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Sorry, this was a reply to the above

    • Peter

      I like stingley quite a bit. And it is a positive to me to see some changes potentially in the preferences. Stingley has as good a chance as anyone to be that exciting, dynamic player at nine for Seattle and I would not hate it in the slightest.

      Saw Seattle apparently was or did bring in DE Boye Mafe with the just slightly shorter arm length than normally desired. Another good sign to me that there’s some new approaches to the team building.

  24. Palatypus

    In order to continue the tradition of having their top pick not play in their first year, I think they have to go with Stingley at #9.

    Then they can trade down at #41 and pick up some DB with an inspirational story of recovering from a childhood disease by having his tongue amputated. The press conference will go like this:

    “How great is it to play in front of the 12th man?”


    “Was Shaquem Griffin an inspiration to you growing up?”


    “How great is DK Metcalf?”


    “What do you like about the city of Seattle?”


    Then they make another groundbreaking move with a late pick by drafting a woman,

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Jeez, man…. You okay? I’ve eaten lemons less bitter….

      • Palatypus

        I’m not wrong about the press conference.

      • Big Mike

        Years of bad drafting will make you shell shocked & bitter

  25. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I like the trade back scenario if one of the Edge guys is not there, but I do believe there is going to be a surprise pick or two in the top 8 that will shuffle the deck at 9. If there is a welcome surprise, grab him. If not trade down to the teens.

  26. AL

    Rob I have to say I’m really looking forward to the draft this year, not just because the Seahawks actually have some interesting picks, but more importantly because of the information you have provided on this blog.

    Your thoughts on player evaluations and which players are best suited for the Seahawks both in the free agency and the draft. Your mock drafts showing where you expect players to go and which players may be available with their picks, and the many possible scenarios of what the they may do and who they may targeting. I could go on and on, you have really covered the bases for us fans.

    After looking at many mock drafts by so called experts (mostly garbage), poor player profiles and uninformed predictions of what players teams will be picking, it becomes quite obvious that you have invested a lot of time and effort to provide accurate information on this blog.

    As a casual fan, I just want to say thanks prior to the draft for what you have done here, it is going to make the NFL draft so much more interesting for me. Not just from a Seahawks perspective, but from an overall draft perspective. It’s going to be real interesting seeing the draft unfold and where players end up going.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how well you do with your pre-draft mock draft!

    • Mike McD

      Well said! Very excited for the draft/future which is due in large part to Rob’s efforts.

      Also, it is amazing when you dig into Rob’s work how poor the national “experts” are. It is also that most people don’t understand the Seahawks and only analyze them through the lens of a typical team/mindset. The Hawks under PC/JS are far from typical.

  27. Palatypus

    Rob said, ” Stingley Jr could last. I do think there’s a chance that some teams (maybe the Seahawks) view Zion Johnson as being worthy of a similar grade to Zack Martin.”

    I was also at the Senior Bowl the year Zack Martin played and met him in person along with Gabe Jackson and Derek Carr at the Meet and Greet. I didn’t see Martin at practice like I did Zion, but I remember he had a really good game. While I don’t think I would grade Zion as high as Zack, I can understand it from the testing. I remember thinking that Gabe Jackson was quite a bit bigger.

    And one thing about Penning, other than Fallele (sp?) he was clearly the biggest guy at the Senior Bowl.


  28. Graeme Hanson

    I woke up this morning with David Ojabo on my mind and a fear that reaching for him at 9 would be the most Seahawks’y thing they could do in this draft. Especially if Johnson and Stingley are still on the board. Could the Nwosu addition be a hedge for Ojabo red-shirting this year?

    • Rob Staton

      That won’t happen

  29. Tim M.

    Rob, in your post with your latest mock draft scenario, you informed us that Tony Pauline believes the 4 top edges, 3 top OL, and Sauce Gardner are the likely top 8 picks. In your mock you had the Hawks taking Stingley. You’ve also discussed them taking Penning and the Utah linebacker I believe. If Tony Paulines scenario comes true, Hawks don’t trade down for whatever reason, pass on Stingley to select either Karlaftis or Zion Johnson—- would you see that as a big reach and mistake by the Seahawks?

    • Rob Staton

      Apologies but I’d rather judge what happens rather than judge a scenario like this before the event.

  30. MountainHawker

    Thoughts on a RB with the other day 2 pick? I would love to see a Walker+Penny combo but it wouldn’t do any good of the oline isn’t settled so I’m torn on spending a high pick on a RB even if it makes sense contractually.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Alletier of BYU isimpressive. And get Zander Horvath as a FB in the 6th.

  31. Trevor

    Why did JS say his waiting till after the draft to do a deal with DK. Should they not be trying to work something out before the draft to see where they stand and what he wants $ wise?

    Seems to me they really have zero intent on trading him which is fine but for gods sakes get an extension done if that is the case before camp starts.

    • 12th chuck

      because thats how you back yourself into a corner. anyway you look at it, hawks will overpay

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s more a case of leaving all options open pre-draft

    • cha

      It’s probably a combination of things.

      Managing their roster and cap – they wanted to secure Geno Smith, and have wanted to explore some OT options. Trent Brown for instance. A DK extension would have some effect on their cap and it’s logical to think they wanted to secure some empty roster spots before settling down to talk extension with a player already committed.

      Their relationship – Pete and DK have both expressed some very positive things about his future in Seattle. Bob Condotta recently reported DK will participate in the OTA’s coming up. That might be a clue that DK doesn’t intend to “Jamal Adams it” this offseason, a show of good faith that a deal will get done, and the Seahawks can back burner it for the moment.

      The trade market – couldn’t hurt to see if someone pushes through their ‘not listening to offers’ stance with an absolutely incredible offer.

  32. Zane

    Say what you want about Penning, but he at least has the potential to be a pro-bowl OT based on his physical profile- and his floor also seems fairly high since he seems to love football.

    • Brik

      I’m starting to think that Penning wouldn’t be a terrible choice. If we can move back and get him then it’s even better. Depends on how the board plays out, I’d rather get Stingley at 9 if he’s there, but Penning could be a last resort.

      Penning and Sam Howell are people I’m starting to like more. Howell has a strong arm. I’ve heard that the talent around him dropped off last year, so if you look at the year before when he had some playmakers you see what he’s really capable of.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        My step-daughter is a senior at UNC. avoid Howell.

        • CaptainJack

          Seems legit. lol

        • Brik

          No offense, this statement is meaningless to me. I hate it when people do this with no context. Me ex used to work at KFC, don’t eat there.

          Actually it’s the Cole slaw but that was 1 location in upstate NY. Do they all keep it in a bucket that they step over? Probably not. Women make choices just like guys do. Howell was the star QB on the football team. It’s not always the guys fault. Give a tiny bit of information and it might be meaningful.

  33. JJ


    How would you compare Penning to Kolton Miller who was drafted mid first a few years ago.

    • Zane

      That’s an interesting comparison.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re very different. Miller had the same exceptional testing results and like Penning, that’s why he went early. But he was a finesse pass-blocking type.

  34. Gaux Hawks

    What do you think is Drew Lock’s trade value next year if his play is mediocre, middle of the pack? Just curious what a starting point would be, not talking about scenarios of why we would trade him, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      Given he’s a free agent in 2023, non-existent

    • Mike McD

      Not only is he a FA, but there is almost no chance there will be a huge market for him after next season. Most teams wouldn’t even look to him. It would be very hard to envision him being “good” by NFL standards under PCs system. Therefore, if he plays well, and is a good fit for our team, then the Hawks can likely resign him for a longer-term contract fairly cheap. And if he is not good as everyone thinks, then you let him go which is fine. This is why the Hawks are in a great situation.

      The Hawks do not believe they need a superstar QB to win. They want an inexpensive QB and invest elsewhere. Lock could fit that role or be a backup to a QB on a rookie contract.

  35. WestSide72

    Maybe I have watched Draft Day a few too many times but I could see a scenario where Tepper and Blank force the issue at QB.

    • Sean-O

      I just hope John Schneider doesn’t have a note in his pocket that says, Trevor Penning No Matter What. I hope the draft board comes to them & a blue-chip player is there when they make their selection. I’m not sold Penning is that guy at #9. Later in the 1st? Possibly.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why you’d think that.

      Tepper has been on his staff to get a great QB for two years. He’s not going to push for Deshaun Watson like he did and then demand his team, with the coach in a lame-duck year, spend the #6 pick on a quarterback from THIS class.

      Blank just isn’t that type of owner. They went all-in on Watson too and when they missed did the right thing by Matt Ryan. I think they’ll draft a QB in round two.

      • WestSide72

        Wishful thinking

        • Rob Staton

          How is it in any way wishful thinking? Given I want to be 100% wrong.

          • WestSide72

            Not you…me! I was hoping some owners get antsy for a QB and they get pushed up the board. I don’t find it likely either.

            • Rob Staton


    • McZ

      Chad Reuter just mocked a second four round draft, and he has Atlanta, Seattle and New Orleans trading up plus Detroit jumping on Malik Willis.

      And, to be entirely honest, at least the Seahawks massively overpaying on Matt Corral feels like a real possibility, once the frenzy begins. Pete Carroll has no time to roll over for a season.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not a real possibility

        Drafting any QB this year is rolling over for a season because none of them are in a position to start early

        You would prevent yourself from adding talent to help you in 2022 over pushing everything into the future

        That would be the definition of a roll over season

        It’s a dumb projection from Reuter to be brutally honest

        • McZ

          We can agree on Chad Reuter, whose mocks have been a historically pointless enterprise.

          At the same time, I’m not optimistic about the ability of this franchise in its current state making the right choices, neither at draft day, nor in FA. Not a single player they added is a quality improvement. And this team already had a losing record with a franchise QB and a pro bowl LB they no longer have, and who both quit on this HC and this FO.

          So, the definition of “rolling over” is at PC, and I can easily see him panicking about the prospect of starting Geno Smith or Drew Lock.

          • Rob Staton

            But again, as I said before, drafting a QB in this draft doesn’t put you in ‘win now’ mode. It does the total opposite.

  36. CaptainJack

    Rob, do you think there’s any chance Seahawks double dip on oline with first two picks? For example Penning then Linderbaum, or Zion Johnson then Lucas, etc. or perhaps Penning then Lucas? (Assuming Penning can play left tackle in the pros)

    • Rob Staton

      I hope they’d be willing to do that

  37. LetLockCook

    Drake Jackson after a trade back to the late teens feels like the Seahawk thing to do

  38. Palatypus

    I am completely on board with using this draft to build the foundation for something new.

    Long gone are the days of the Legion of Boom, so say it with me…

    The Boye Mafia.

    That’s what I want this defense to be known as. Let’s loot this thing.

    Because Mafe is my Boooooyyyyyyyyyy !!!

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