The Seahawks need to draft a quarterback in 2024

Geno Smith is the man for today, not for the future

The Seahawks need to draft a quarterback. They need to find someone who can elevate the team to another level. Delaying and putting this off is pointless. They need to bite the bullet, identify a target (or several targets) and go and get a QB.

That doesn’t mean whoever they pick will guarantee success. That’s not how it works. Yet there are two types of teams in the NFL — teams with legit franchise quarterbacks and those without. If you don’t have one, you should be doing all you can to find one. That means using the draft.

Mahomes, Stafford, Brady, Mahomes, Brady, Foles, Brady, Manning, Brady, Wilson. These are the last 10 Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. It makes no sense to try and emulate the odd-one-out of that group (winning with Nick Foles) instead of acknowledging the rest were top-level quarterbacks. Peyton Manning might’ve been a husk by the time he rode off into the sunset but there must’ve been some advantage in having one of the all time greats behind center, guiding the offense while an elite defense did its thing.

And that’s the other key thing isn’t it? The Seahawks don’t have an elite defense. Based on the way they handled the fourth quarter yesterday, it’s a long way away from elite too. They have some young, talented players but there are also expensive weaker areas and not enough schematic brilliance to counter this.

No, they need a quarterback. The sooner they get that player into the system the better. Whether they start in year one or year two, they need to be on the books.

I saw Geno Smith’s performance yesterday described as ‘spectacular’ online, with articles saying the level of performance against the Commanders is what’s needed to get the Seahawks to where they want to go. Really?

To me it just felt like more of the same. The offense, led by Geno, runs hot and cold like a tap — as does the quarterback. As much as it was a relief at the end to see Smith get a win, the first half was positively tortuous to watch. At half-time, for the first time, I thought we might be edging closer to seeing Drew Lock. Smith staved that off with a convincing end to the game — but let’s have some perspective.

Last week the Commanders traded away their only two edge rushers. Defensively, Washington were ranked 29th per DVOA (and that’s with Chase Young and Montez Sweat). This is a franchise, under new ownership, waiting to fire the coaches and rebuild everything. Smith and the Seahawks had to win this game. Job done — but let’s not overstate the achievement. Especially when the penultimate drive was extended by a generous pass interference call on fourth down that would’ve led to a turnover on downs at a critical moment.

Smith has shown that while he might be the man for today, he isn’t the man for the future. The Seahawks are three wins away from the QB earning a $2m bonus to his 2024 salary. That would take his cap-hit beyond $33m. The Seahawks, with only $6-7m in effective cap space to spend next year as things stand, can’t afford that. I keep arguing that no team can. You either need to be paying an elite franchise QB big money, or you should be paying next to nothing on a bridge/rental paired with a rookie you are developing. Paying a mid-tier QB ‘market value’ often just prevents you from properly looking for a better alternative, staying stuck in a purgatory of ‘not really contending’. It’s the Kirk Cousins/Derek Carr model.

Designating Smith as a post-June 1st cut would create $22.5m in money which can be used to retain Leonard Williams and/or go towards retaining a long list of free agent starters. That feels like a better use of money based on what we’ve seen so far in 2023.

Even with Aaron Donald and Sean McVay’s hoodoo next week, I’d expect the Seahawks to play well against DVOA’s #27 ranked defense. The Rams rematch should be a reverse of week one, with the Seahawks heading into a gauntlet of games at 7-3. The fear has to be that the next four games — playing the 49ers twice, the Cowboys and the Eagles — could see the team regress to mean. Whatever happens in that stretch, it should really only determine one of two things:

1. Whether Geno returns next year as a competitive bridge on a reduced salary

2. Whether they just move on

Smith will not lead this team to a Super Bowl. Or switch those two things around. This team will not lead Smith to a Super Bowl either. People talk about the Ravens and Trent Dilfer but the Seahawks don’t have a 2000 Ravens defense.

Just as we saw in 2012, the path to the next step includes a good young quarterback. It also includes other things — like better game-planning and execution by the offensive coordinator and not having a defensive fourth quarter like we saw yesterday. Drafting a QB is part of the next phase though, or at least it should be.

I gave my thoughts on the 2024 quarterback class in this article. This is the time. No more delays or excuses. It’s time to draft a QB.

I do think Spencer Rattler has the creativity, arm strength and pure talent to be a difference maker. He’s also faced true adversity in college and a NFL environment playing behind the seventh worst offensive line in college football statistically. He still succeeds, plays with poise, makes good decisions, improvises, throws with anticipation and touch and he has easy arm strength. His situation is a complete contrast to the likes of JJ McCaffrey (only has to throw eight times in the toughest game of the season so far), Bo Nix (high-percentage passing offense and only sacked 0.4 times a game — best number in the NCAA) and Michael Penix Jr (only sacked 0.7 times a game, throwing to the second best receiver in college football in an ultra-productive system). It’s crazy how overlooked Rattler is just because he plays for a struggling team. This is a player who has been through a lot in his career already and he’s now mature, experienced and playing within structure. He is shining.

Quinn Ewers is a long way from reaching his full potential but that final destination could be top-tier. His natural talent takes some time to discover but when you see it, you can’t unsee it. He has easy arm strength, he throws layered passes, he throws with anticipation and he has the best win/performance by a QB in college football this season at Alabama. He’s playing for a coach who has been in the NFL and nothing has been easy for the Longhorns this year despite a successful season to date. Ewers is immensely talented and the way he flicks his wrist and generates so much torque is incredible. He can get the ball out quickly with a variety of arm-angles and he’s a modern NFL passer who, so far, has only scratched the surface of what he can achieve.

I think Penix Jr belongs in the conversation for Seattle too. For me, he’s better suited to the Washington offense we saw on Sunday. Eric Bienemy seems content to throw it 45-50 times a game, running game be damned. Sam Howell has had way more passing attempts and drop-backs than any other quarterback in the league. In that kind of system, Penix could excel. Throw it 50 times, appreciate that there will be 20-25 incompletions but within the 20-25 throws that hit the spot, you’re going to get 5-6 big plays (including a couple of absolute highlight-reel throws). I’d be very intrigued to see Penix in that type of environment. Even though that isn’t really Seattle’s thing, his arm talent on the throws he does make is intriguing — although Sunday’s game against Utah highlighted some of the question marks. There were a lot of ‘throws to areas’ because the scheme dictates everything. This leads to a lot of cheap incompletions where it’s basically, ‘look off this defender, aim to the other side’ and you hope Rome Odunze makes a play. This is a very user-friendly system and far from a NFL environment. You also worry about his mechanics when he faces pressure and when you throw in injury concerns, I currently think he will go somewhere between #20-60. That said, there were throws in the Utah game that no other college QB can make and that counts for something.

We can go deeper. I think Will Howard has talent at Kansas State. He might be a third round type but there’s something there, even if he’s not for the Seahawks. Jordan Travis’ deep-ball might not be good enough but when you watch him, you do wonder if he could turn into essentially what Jalen Hurts has become for the Eagles. Can he be a playmaking runner/passer type who moves around, keeps opponents guessing and then gets the ball to his key targets on time despite perhaps lacking early round physical tools? Jayden Daniels is getting a lot of internet love. I’d stress that he’s very much a ‘one-read-and-run’ QB at LSU and that’s an issue for next-level projection. Even so, athletically and physically he has talent — he just needs a fair bit of time and development. Both Travis and Daniels have completed a lot more ‘big time throws’ this year than most of their college counterparts (27 for Daniels, second most in college behind only Drake Maye, 19 for Travis — ranked 19th). Plus without Travis, there’s almost no chance Florida State would be unbeaten.

The point I’m making is the options are there — whether it’s round one, two or three. The Seahawks need to make an investment. They need to aim higher.

The Chiefs didn’t settle for Alex Smith, they traded up for Patrick Mahomes. The Eagles didn’t settle for Carson Wentz, they drafted Jalen Hurts in round two just 10 months after paying Wentz a mega-deal. The 49ers might’ve had an adventure at QB but in order to get to Brock Purdy, they traded the farm to try and upgrade Jimmy Garoppolo and at the very least were not settling for anything. The Rams didn’t settle for Jared Goff — they traded for Matt Stafford and won a Super Bowl. The 2012 Seahawks didn’t settle for Matt Flynn, they drafted and started Russell Wilson.

We need to add the 2024 Seahawks to this list, not the list that includes the Vikings and Kirk Cousins or the Raiders/Saints and Derek Carr.

It’s time to draft a quarterback in 2024, whatever happens over the next few weeks.

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  1. Ukhawk

    Great article Rob

    The good news is that the path forward seems very clear and not in doubt – take a chance to get your next franchise QB.

    From the blog, I’m very much in favour of Rattler so couple of burning questions:

    – How would u compare/contrast him with RW coming out? How about last years class?
    – What range will he go in? Do you think he rises out of our range like AR last year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Rattler the player and his situation are very different to Russ. But both had natural talent.

      I can’t tell on his range. For me it’s R1 but I thought that about, among others, Abe Lucas. Whatever it is, I hope he is one of the QB’s they consider

  2. KnoxHawk

    I agree with all points made here. In terms of this year, I think they really need to lean into the run game. That being said, the o-line as not been consistently getting push up front, which may be deterring Waldron from calling more runs. If we get the running game rolling everyone will benefit. Geno, defense, the turnover ratio… etc

    • Peter

      But then I hear in game from the radio voices that “the line sure blowing people back on this drive,” that’s almost verbatim from Wyman on the drive that ended with intentional grounding.

      We need to run that rock. Period. Living and dying with Geno is great as long as we always play worse teams.

      I will concede Detroit. Geno dueled and I think a lot of us thought then “hold on now, top five offense ….question mark…..”

      And that’s it. For wins against good teams I can give Geno. Not the Browns because we could have had, well PJ Walker out there for us and got the same results.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I read at least two recaps today in which the games were won by a strong running attack. Las Vegas fired their head coach and the interim guy is featuring their running back Jacobs. He is a shifty runner that will last all game. This could have been an easy win, but hey the new king of 4th quarter comebacks is now Geno Smith.

        Anyway, the Seahawks aren’t willing to do what the Commanders are doing, ie trading away their good players and obviously sucking for a better draft position. So they will be stuck in a poor draft position again. Even worse than last year since they don’t have a second pick. Yep, this will be a tough one to work out of.

        • Peter

          47 pass attempts to 26 rushing including a scramble by Geno.

          It’s great, truly, that they won a shootout against a team that is going to blow most of it up. When Geno was sitting at near 50% completion the entire first half why is this team just chucking it up over and over again?

          • EmperorMA

            This team keeps “chucking it up over and over again” because there are receivers wide open on just about every passing play they run. Four things happen on passing plays:

            1. Geno’s first read isn’t the one who is wide-open so he tucks the ball and runs or hangs onto to it too long and gets sacked.

            2. Geno throws to that receiver but misses badly.

            3. Geno throws the ball to the other team, who either intercepts or drops the INT.

            4. Geno makes a nice throw and we get a nice completion.

            We need a QB who can hit the open guys more consistently. We also need a guy who can quickly go to second or even third reads and hit them if they are open. JSN was wide open at least three times yesterday (at least one for an easy touchdown) but Geno never saw him because he wasn’t the first read.

            This is unacceptable.

  3. GF

    Yes, we need to draft a QB, myy goshhh Geno is awful …. and btw ……… can we cut Quandre Diggs next season ?

  4. Spectator

    So looks like Arch Manning is transferring from Texas next year, does this mean Ewers may be staying at UT another year? Wants to be a the top dog in 2025. If many of the “coulds” choose to stay, this draft may end up being weaker at QB I worry.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I read articles from his dad and grand dad debunking those reports.

      Sort of like the DeBoer to A&M rumors.

      • Spectator

        My point really isn’t about Manning, but about the smoke around Ewers staying, the transfer rumors being more smoke. I don’t give 2 s***s about manning. But I like Ewers. Him and Rattler are the two I hope we end up with. So if Ewers is deciding to stay, that would put a wrench in the wish list unfortunately. And further point is that draft eligible QBs may decide to return this year because of the abundance of QBs that are seniors (with no remaining eligibility), turning this from a deep QB draft, to a shallow one.

        If Ewers returns along with Sheduer, Duke QB, Howard, Cook, TVD (should). This could be limited Draft with really only Caleb and Maye and McCarthy (lot of smoke on McCarthy, even though I don’t see a high draft pick or future NFL star) as the underclass men.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          After what happened with Levis, I’d be very surprised if QBs being told they might be first round picks stay.

          He cost himself a ton by gonna back to school

          Another way to think about it, is that a lot of these QBs feel similarly to Caleb, they don’t necessarily want to play for the Cards or Bears. Getting picked at pick 20 by a franchise like the Hawks or the Vikings is worth the small cash loss.

        • BK26

          If Ewers goes back to school, it will be somewhere else. Texas isn’t going to waste a year of a Manning.

          • Spectator

            This has me confused. Where is there any indication that Manning is close to be ready? I said it his Senior year, I didn’t see a top Qb talent on the field ever when watching him. When Ewers was hurt, they went to Murphy, who also didn’t look great, but clearly ahead of Manning.

            • BK26

              Manning is currently red-shirted. They won’t pull it unless they have to. They were both top prospects. Ewers was arguably the best quarterback prospect ever, but hasn’t come close to living up to that.

              Texas is different. Coaches get fired because of boosters. Manning will be the popular guy to go to. And he was still the top recruit in his class but every recruiting outlet. Marketing matters. They move on from guys much quicker than in past years.

              Ewers has had injury problems, and has he sold anyone there? He’s already had to transfer.

              • Spectator

                Why would he redshirt if he was planning to be 3 and done at UT?
                Ewers transferred for the same reason and that makes my point. He wasn’t going to see the field immediately. Stroud was over him. If Ewers stays, Manning isn’t playing over him, and I don’t see any indication Manning being there would influence Ewers to leave or not.
                I am just confused with the anointing of Manning. That’s all. I watched him play live.

  5. RMK-LouCityHawk

    Good thoughts on the QBs and I enjoyed the post-game.

    The discourse following the Commies game is confusing. To me this came was a summation of everything we’ve seen for the past 8 games. The shut-yer-pie-hole-a-wins-a-win crowd are hitting a toxic level I’ve only seen in election discourse (coupled with their weird 9er worship). On the other side you have people who seem to be promoting cutting the entire roster, staff, and org personnel down to groundskeepers.

    The right perspective is – this team is what it is – and that is not good enough to really contend for a Super Bowl championship, they are not in the same group as the Giants/Cards/Panthers, which really presents two nice choices:

    Both start with the same premise, enjoy the wins and successes this team has, hope they surprise you pleasantly, and don’t let you down unnecessarily. Then either

    1) look ahead to the offseason and start thinking about what moves can be made to make this team take the next step


    2) just enjoy the ride – which at this point may mean staying out of the comments sections, and off Twitter, because the malignant nature of the discourse is really unpleasant.

    I am not ready to say this is just Seahawks fans, on Twitter I only follow Hoosier basketball. The Hoosiers graduated 4 members of their starting lineup (2 to the pros) last season, they are starting freshman this year, only two of the starting lineup played together at all last year, they look like a young team with a ton of talent figuring things out. Most fans I know in person understand this, are excited for a year where there will be struggles – this is largely due to enormous confidence in the Coach (Mike Woodson).

    *That last sentence was the important one, most. Fans are fine because they have confidence in the leadership at the top. What a lot of Seahawks fans are having trouble articulating or realizing is their issues are with Pete Carroll – I’m saving those thoughts for another day, as that has turned into a pen and paper project.

    Even though, amongst Hoosier fans there is a consensus opinion, there is this steady toxic minority who seem to be ready to call every player lazy, or worse…. They largely get ridiculed and ignored. I realized last night what they really lack are their counterparts – the toxic positivity pro team group. I hope they never find their match.

    All I can say for the current Seahawks discourse is that some people enjoy showing up to fights they weren’t even invited to just to throw a punch.

    • Big Mike

      What a lot of Seahawks fans are having trouble articulating or realizing is their issues are with Pete Carroll

      Not all of us, or more precisely, not me.
      P.S. Go Zags!

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Coach Fitzgerald was a really nice guy back in the day. You probably go back that far.

        • Big Mike

          I do and a high school teammate of mine played for him for 4 years.

      • Elmer

        I don’t disagree with you and don’t disagree with the premise of Rob’s article. However, there is an alternative school of thought held by some, probably not popular on Twitter, but that probably makes sense. It goes something like this:

        Pete Carroll believes that (1) the outcome of games is influenced more by the players than by anyone else (2) the players are people and (3) the best way to motivate people is through positive reinforcement. Therefore he creates a positive culture in the belief that motivating the players gives them the best chance to win.

        Is it right? Far from me to say. I do think that drafting a QB is a good thing as long as they are convinced that the draftee can be better than who they have.

    • Peter

      It’s not hard for me.

      Modern hawks fans which I suppose now counts as the majority meaning 2013 and forward can’t conceive if a world without Pete and would Joe Paterno him if they could.

      For me every coach has a shelf life. McCarthy in Green Bay was nearly as good as Pete has been here and they said farewell. Until John Harbaugh and the Ravens get Jackson ( and even then it’s looked shaky at times) I thought he was running out if steam. Tomlin “just wins,” except when he doesn’t and now has the albatross of a made for TV movie where local boy goes to local college and starts for local team around him.

      I’m looking year again at a team that is middling in every aspect. 14 teams (!!) Get to the playoffs turning it into a near participation trophy.

      Seattle is going to the playoffs. Regardless of fun graphics from PFF.

      But are they better in any area than the teams seeded higher than them? The question answers itself.

      Good for Geno for having a career day against the bottom three (2?, 1?) Pass defense. Where was any of that against the Browns, Ravens, Giants, and Rams….not a throwaway game as some talking heads will tell you btw.

      • Big Mike

        Seattle is going to the playoffs

        I’m not as convinced as you. I can easily see 4 of the next 5 being losses. Likely? I suppose. A given? Nope

        • Peter

          Playoff check in:

          Nfc east: eagles
          Nfc west: niners
          Nfc north: Detroit
          Nfc south: ? Bucs or Falcons or saints

          Wildcard teams: cowboys. Seahawks. I’m actually struggling to see who the 7th seed is. Vikings….they face detroit two times in three weeks to end the year. The south us so mediocre an 8-9 team could be their winner.

          I think Seattle gets to 7-3 next week and I would not be surprised that the end of the gauntlet they are 7-7. The final three games are going to be harder than fans think right now.

        • geoff u

          We just have to finish ahead of the Bucs (4-5), Commanders (4-6), and Falcons (4-6)…

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          Sticking with my preseason prediction of 11 wins.

          9ers will finish with about 11-12 wins (stop slobbering over them Seahawks fans).

          I’m assuming the 5 seed and a road game agains the Bucs/Falcons/Saints – all winnable.

          I don’t see any NFC team as being unbeatable – I think they all get trounced in the Super Bowl. Which is my greater point. The Seahawks should be targeting 2025 as the opening of their window.

          • Peter

            I still like your optimism against the niners. That would really turn my head.

            The problem I see is they have a +50 point offensive output vs. Us and a nearly -60 points allowed vs. Us.

            Are they world beaters? Not sure anymore. I just don’t know where we have a bigger advantage over them? Witherspoon and Brown but the safeties are actual liabilities. Btw…..less Jamal Whiffing and more Spoon who at this point is way faster and a better hitter/tackler.

            • RMK-LouCityHawk

              Consider, I’m not sold that the BAL and WAS games were not a group of professionals looking ahead at the calendar while reading their own press clipppings. LAR and 9ers will give me a good idea about the mettle of this team.

              It feels like some of the Hawks media and fan base really long to be the 9ers, I have no envy, I hate the way they built their team, I don’t like the way their roster is constructed, and I’m pretty sure over half of the offense is predicated on Shanahan voodoo. They are beatable.

              You said it the other day though, a squeaker of a loss in the NFC Championship game would feel a lot better than getting boat raced out of Las Vegas.

              • Peter

                I feel you on roster construction.

                It’s felt for years as one of the most precarious builds ever.

                Also thanks to Rob it’s a pass for me on taking a decade drafting dline players early to get something that works.

      • Romeo A57

        I still can’t believe that Pittsburgh threw a first round pick at Kenny Pickett. He was probably drafted two rounds to high because Pittsburgh was desperate for a QB and the feel good story around Pickett l.

        For those who think that Geno Smith is a bad QB( Geno is an average starting level QB however much we complain about him), go watch some Pittsburgh games this season. Pickett will have very long stretches of brutal QB play. His stat line sits at 6 TDs and 4 Ints, over halfway through the season.

        • Peter

          A horrible pick.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          No one serious is calling Geno a bad QB, it has become a false talking point by the toxicity positive Seahawks Pundits and fans who gobble that up.

          Geno is good to average, not great. Geno is not going to blow you away. Geno can be adequate.

          For all the “who would be better than Geno!!!???” Talk, consider an alternative history where JS was able to pull the trade trigger in 2019, send RW to the Bears for 3 firsts and collect Josh Allen. Assume also for that alternate universe that the drafts for 2019 forward were more in line with 2022, 2023.

          • Peter

            Genohate is a fail at listening, reading comprehension.

            The debate is should he get 33 million for “this?” And could that money go to making the team as a whole better.

            But fans don’t want that. They want polarizing tribalization like in all areas. It’s as if you are attacking the fans when you question next off season.

            I was a huge Wilson honk. But I didn’t know people had so emotionally invested themselves in that rift. I mean in the end Wilson, Geno,Pete, John they don’t know you, don’t care about you, so why are (royal) you so attached to them one way or the other?

            • Rob Staton

              100% spot on Peter

            • RMK-LouCityHawk

              Print this and put it on a card to hand out at meetings!

            • Kyle R

              Yes exactly this! I honestly don’t want Lock over Geno on just talent or anything. Deep down I bet they are realistically a push in that area. I just want which ever one is cheaper next year to help the team with building in other areas and be the bridge for the rookie QB we draft. I just have gut feeling Lock would be much cheaper next year so that is why I would lean to him.

            • Elmer


              Never love a corporation because it won’t love you back.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        These are all really good points.

        At this point I think the NFL should consider adopting a 32 team tournament and turn the draft into a lottery. You get a trophy, and you get a trophy!

        It is remarkable that PC has lasted for as long as he has and that he has turned around his career. That doesn’t mean he should get to coach for life, nor should he.

        Look at Gonzaga Basketball, mentioned above. Fitzgerald gave way to Monson(?) who gave way to Few, who have been there 24 years. Moving on is fine, and necessary, and doing it is the only way you find the coaching gems.

        2 teams, at least, are entering the coaching market this offseason, Seattle is positioned to be the most attractive landing spot. Why not now?

        • EmperorMA

          “Moving on” is also a way to end up with Josh McDaniels.

          I am not saying it is or isn’t the right thing to do, but moving on from the winningest coach in Seahawks history SHOULD be difficult.

          • RMK-LouCityHawk

            Jim Mora

            Tom Flores

            Dennis Erickson

            If things aren’t working, you move on, and the sooner the better.

            Scott Servais isn’t the answer, but he is second in wins to Sweet Lou.

            The Huskies stayed with Jimmy Lake a bit longer than they should, but they moved on.

            A good organization recognizes a mistake and can quickly move onto greater success.

            The Seahawks are lucky in that the GM and scouts appear to be doing a great to elite job. The cap management needs work (suspect this is to placate coach) and much of the Org is well run. The presence of JS should give a lot of fans calm that a new HC would need to be able to work with him – thet level of continuity pretty much guaranteees there won’t be some 3-14 fall off.

            • Jay Raq

              Not a good comparison on Head Coaches. The 3 Seahawks coaches you mentioned moving on from, were all losers.
              Pete Carroll is the winningest Seahawks Coach ever and the team culture he has created works to get the best out of players, it’s unique, and won’t be able to be carried on by a new coach, which is only pot luck.

              The need is for a good OC and DC. Waldron may become that. Clint Hurt isn’t the Coach needed for defense, but is probably a good D line coach. Pete in his roll is efficient, the other two are the questions. He did screw up on not calling a timeout on 4th and 1, but he’s going for it now. Penalties are mostly on the O line and some bad calls. Would love to get somebody like Dan Quinn back.

              We needed more creative plays last week against Baltimore. There was no motion in the backfield, no TE backfield formations, it was all vanilla, predictable. That’s on Waldron. He did much better against WA and we scored. Obviously the defense doesn’t compare, but we scored. 29 points should win a lot of games, could have been better.

              The defense has lots of talent, but the two runs by Robinson down the sidelines were pretty much the same mistake twice in the same game, plus there was another on the other side of the field. That’s a DC problem, unacceptable twice in the same game and in different halves.

              • Rob Staton

                the team culture he has created works to get the best out of players, it’s unique, and won’t be able to be carried on by a new coach, which is only pot luck.

                Is this true though?

                I’m not suggesting that the opposite is true. But it seems to me that while he 100% got the best out of the original group drafted between 2010-12, I’m not sure we can say with any conviction that for some time now, we’ve seen the absolute best from the players Seattle has. If anything, this season I’d say several expensive and/or highly drafted players have not reached their potential.

                The need is for a good OC and DC.

                That is Carroll’s responsibility though and he has failed to deliver a good OC and DC for a long time. The last really good coordinator he had was Dan Quinn. He left nearly 10 years ago.

              • BK26

                There is a culture. Former players have said it and Pete just coaches differently.

                But what has it done? We are still spinning our wheels. Already getting caught drafting vs. going all in, players aren’t developing, He’s already starting to treat Geno like Russ. How did that work from a culture standpoint?

                Certain guys were treated differently and it eroded the team. Also, until lately, young guys just weren’t playing. Veterans were brought in that took time.

                There isn’t enough there for that to be a difference. Not anymore. Carroll also hasn’t brought in talented coordinators by design and he seems like he is still meddling in their game plans.

                Seeing Tampa, I am curious what Canales would have done/will be now.

                • Jay Raq

                  We may not have gone to the Super Bowl again, but I wouldn’t equate that with spinning our wheels. We’ve consistently been in the playoffs even in rebuilding years.

                  I think we should have moved on from Wilson earlier and there was a problem with Russell in later years. He doesn’t compare with Geno at all though relating to culture. Russell isolated himself and set himself apart, had his own QB coach. It wasn’t because of Pete, he was a different guy. Geno isn’t like that at all and all the players like him and are behind him, there’s no schism like with Wilson, different deal. I agree about not bringing in the right OC and DC, like I said earlier, sometimes hard to know. Waldron still might be good, we’ll see.

                  Pete supports his QB as the team leader in order to get the most out of them and build confidence. Geno is what we have for now. Why is Geno playing so much better here than he did in NY and elsewhere? Guys often play better here and then when they get drafted to play elsewhere don’t do as well also. Isn’t that a sign of developing players.

                  Ryan Neal developed into a good Safety with 3 Int’s, 16 PD’s, 1 FF, 2 SK’s, 12 TFL’s, 4 QBhits, 1 Safety, over 3 years. Justin Coleman developed into a good DB after not doing much in NE, 2 Int’s for 2 TD’s, 19 PD’s, 1 FF, 1 TFL, 2 FR’s 1 for a TD in 2 years, not near as good elsewhere. Frank Clark developed into a very good Edge Rusher, 35 sacks in 4 years with SEA vs 23.5 in 4 with KC, 35 and 32 TFL’s, and 72 and 59 QBhits. Shaquill Griffin developed into a good DB, 6 Int’s in 4 years (1 in the last 2.5 years), 48 PD’s (15 in the last 2.5), 1 SK (0), 9 TFL’s (3 in last 2.5) Diggs did really well before he got injured, multiple interceptions in multiple years. Geo Fant developed from a basketball player into a decent RT. Pocic developed to a good C, ranked 3rd last year overall by PFF. These are just a few. Can’t say players aren’t developing under Pete, not true.

                  • Rob Staton

                    We may not have gone to the Super Bowl again, but I wouldn’t equate that with spinning our wheels. We’ve consistently been in the playoffs even in rebuilding years.

                    One playoff win in the last six seasons — against a team who lost its QB in the first quarter and had to start a 40 year old backup.

                    That is the definition of spinning your wheels. We just make up the numbers.

                    I think we should have moved on from Wilson earlier and there was a problem with Russell in later years.

                    People forget that the only reason we were making the playoffs was because of Russell. The defense was crap. The running game was crap. The roster was meh because they weren’t drafting well. If they’d have got rid of Wilson we would’ve been awful.

                    I also can’t believe George Fant was listed as a player ‘Carroll’ developed. And Ryan Neal, a player they let walk so they could sign Julian Love.

                    There are arguments to make for Carroll but these are not them.

                  • Jay Raq

                    Difference of opinion.

                    Do you think Jim Mora, Tom Flores, and Dennis Erickson are good comparisons to Pete Carroll?
                    The main point is that there are a lot of players developed UNDER Carroll after the initial group, in that culture. Not all to the star category of that whole initial group obviously, but to be the best they could be. That was a unique couple of draft classes and one of the best defenses ever, not a common occurrence for any team.

                    I admit that the draft classes in the middle years were not good, no argument whoever owns that. If it was Pete, then so be it, but players do develop under him, even if they move on from Seattle. I liked Neal. Chris Carson was good, 7th rounder.

                    As far as Wilson was concerned, not saying he wasn’t good for years. I just got tired later of 3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out, and on 3rd and 5 trying for a home run ball in a tight window, incomplete. Few passes over the middle because he couldn’t see over the O line. And 20 and 30 yard sacks running backwards. Not saying Geno hasn’t had some sacks, holding the ball too long occasionally, but he’s making progress away from it and he’s tall enough to see the middle of the field. 9-8 (2022) is better than 7-10 (2021) and 6-3 is better than 4-5 or 5-12 (2022 Broncos) I’m glad Russ is having a better year this year than last.

    • Dawgma

      At this point, I don’t think it is Pete. Or, maybe more specifically, Pete is a symptom.

      All of this assumes that, at the highest levels of the org structure, the goal is to win a Super Bowl or at least maximize the odds. I just don’t think that’s the case right now The org chart is topped by a trust, and they can say what they will but I think it’s pretty clear their ultimate goal has nothing to do with the Super Bowl – it’s to sell off the franchise cleanly for the maximum value.

      I don’t even think it’s a *problem* that the plan seems to be to stay on the fringes of the playoffs and put out a competitive but mediocre team, sell tickets, and kind of intentionally sell the franchise to head into a coaching and management change and likely rebuild… long as you aren’t EXPECTING that organizational focus on the big prize.

      • Chris

        I think you’re spot on about the motivations of the franchise. Some owners really want to win and others, well it’s a very very very lucrative business. Even “bad” franchises are worth a fortune. Paul Allen, he wanted to win and was willing to be involved enough to make it happen. Jerry Jones (who I don’t particularly like) wants to win. But other franchises are more interested in making money than making the SB.

      • cha

        I don’t know if I agree with that.

        Both Pete and John have signed healthy extensions since PA passed. Ownership has authorized some very big expenditures on the roster.

  6. RMK-LouCityHawk

    On the QB comments…

    I think Penix will be available in range, he could be picked, but for me he is not an appetizing solution.

    Rattler is really starting to feel like a lock for the top 15 to me, I think commenters are right to covet him, but I suspect a price will have to be paid to get that price.

    Ewers is feeling more and more likely in my head, raw enough to drop to the lower round, tons of intangibles, and he fits the sort of profile we’ve seen JS (opposed to PC) pursue.

    Howard is the pivot to me, I can almost lock in that if the team opts to not go QB in Rd1 (for whatever reason) it is because they believe Howard will be there in round 3. This is not my preferred choice, mainly because I don’t think Geno is as good as Alex Smith was.

    I would not rule out Riley Leonard, should he decide to turn pro.

    One more thought on QBs. I’ve noticed some commenters advocating for drafting 2QBs, this would be an error. Ideally the Seahawks should enter 2024 with a bridge QB and a drafted QBotF. I think this is a year that you also may take on a UDDA project, but really all resources should be going to the QBotF.

    • Peter

      Picking two…..

      What’s the saying? If you have two QBs you don’t have one.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Roger that

        The only reason I’d dip into UDFA is that there is likely to be some intriguing names there given the relative depth of this class.

        I feel this is an offshoot of people who want to hit on a late round QB, so maybe buy one or two scratchers instead of investing in a smart stock?

    • BK26

      Yeah, Rattler is going to be gone by the time we pick, especially if we keep beating horrible teams in the NFC (everyone but the 9er’s, Eagles, and Cowboys). It sucks and it is REALLY going to hurt, because we could make a trade to get him. It’s going to be like watching Stroud and Richardson all over again, but with the sting that there was a chance. Teams are just too smart to not notice him.

      I’ve been trying to watch more tape, finally got through Howard and Texas from last weekend. Rob nailed it, he layers his throws very well. But he just is a step below Rattler.

      I have Cook against Tennessee taped, hoping to get some positives from that game.

      I would be ok with Leonard, he was just a joy to watch in the pocket. That’s rare in college, let alone with some of the NFL. Sadly, I think he’ll go back (maybe even transfer) to school.

      I…can see Ewers being the pick. That worries me (but that is more my problem). I don’t trust our coaches to develop ANYONE, let alone the most important position on the team. I need to watch more tape on him to get rid of the feeling in my gut. I just don’t know if he will be ready in a year, if not longer. And two shoulder injuries already? Ooof.

      That’s about it. Ayone else is a pretty easy “no.”

      • Peter

        No stone unturned and all that….

        I’ve been watching Nix at Auburn.

        Nix at Oregon is brutally boring.

        I’m surprised to see the touch on much deeper passes.

        I know Rob’s views and rightfully so on Nix. Him getting benched and taking his show somewhere else doesn’t bother me. Rattler was benched. NC state wanted to prove a point with Wilson. Auburn was a joke during Nix’s time and after Nix.

        He’s not on “my board,” but I think he has the most to gain if Oregon gets to the playoffs and/or Senior bowl.

        • BK26

          I hope some teams talk themselves into players like Nix, and others like Penix just being really high on some radars.

          Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Pickett. Shoot, even guys like Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel were taken because of either stats, the otherall success of the team, or thinking that “I can be the one to unlock it all.”

          It’s possible, but there are a lot of teams much worse than us that are in the market. Hopefully a few decide to work on the lines first (bears last year or the Texans waiting before finally pulling the trigger last draft) rather than getting the guy loooooong before the team is ready (Panthers).

          • Peter

            It’s hard being in on one player. Rattler. Every scout in the league can not be missing his games in their empty stadium.

            Leonard is up soon on the watch list.

            Going to revisit howard. Just have to find their hardest opponent.

            It’s how I do it. I try to find best overall game
            Worst game. And hardest opponent.

            I’m going to ruffle feathers but I just don’t see it penix. I’ve watched nearly every snap this year. I see one awesome reciever and one WR2. I see a guy with a great arm. But im watching a bigger armed Nix. About 0.5 seconds and the ball arrives. Not sure how that translates. Will be intriguing for him in the playoffs if they get in.

            Ewers needs another season. He’s played okay with a great win against Alabama. I just like to see improvement year over year. Or in the case of Allen and Richardson be elite in physical form. I see a guy who could be devastating in some teams or destroyed when he gets sacked too many times and he’s out on the sidelines healing.

            • BK26

              I agree. I’m watching more tape of guys just so I can hopefully find more that I am ok with. Turn it into “would you rather have player x or no one?”

              Penix looks like he did in Indiana to me. Guys in those certain systems just are too far behind; didn’t learn how to read defenses, go through progressions, face adversity, don’t know what to do on their own when they have always been told what to do. It is VERY easy to do that in college, but it doesn’t help them at the next level. Not that Penix has all of those issues, but he’s behind the 8-ball.

              I just don’t trust our coaching staff to develop anyone. Almost have to look at who is the most ready.

  7. Peter


    Awesome new studio. And thanks for the post game while on the mend. Since you are feeling better I’m here to argue😀.

    Boye Mafe may never be Khalil Mack. He wasn’t picked #5 overall. But he’s already gearing up to surpass Avril. I know tome, injuries, and circumstance change the view point. They were the best defense in the league. Seattle is a mess.

    Just looking at the counting stats though in his second year in the league he going to be much more productive this year all over than Avril was most of his time in Seattle.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Mafe is turning out to be the really, really good Edge, the type it feels like the Ravens and Patriots rolled off the assembly line for years.

      Not a game-wrecker, no, but not a player that can be ignored.

      The biggest variable for this defense going forward is if Hall can step up to revitalize the Edge situation.

      • Big Mike

        Tell us how you really feel about Darrell Taylor. 😀

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          Swammi hat on Carson style…

          Say a name that makes me think that Frank Clark isn’t so bad after all

  8. Forrest

    When I watch Seattle’s game film, week after week, I see wide open receivers waiting for the TD pass that’s never thrown.

    I think the offensive play calling is better than we think. I also think what our coaches are getting out of Geno is WAY better than his production would be somewhere else.

    That’s why I completely agree with Rob’s article.

    • Spectator

      This. I know we harp on JSN for not being more productive and should have went in another direction, but I swear he is always open (I’m sure not ALWAYS but seems like he is when I focus on him) and so is DK. We have a Geno problem.

  9. Joseph

    He’s basically another Russell except taller and less mobile haha. I agree with Rob as well. Determining what QBs are with drafting in the higher rounds is going to be interesting come senior bowl and combine. I would like Spencer Rattler with our first pick. He’s better than most think. He gets a bad rep because of his experience at Oklahoma. I would say Penix but his injury history scares me. I also like Ewers but I feel he needs more experience.

    • Peter

      Minus the wins and the production. With a much better level of skill position players at one time.

    • BK26

      Geno isn’t close to what Russ was. No matter what people think, Russ was elite, won a Super Bowl, and is/was on a HOF path.

      • Elmer

        Russ looked good on MNF.

  10. Michael

    Do we think the hope is to build up a great defense and hold on to Geno a la the bucs and dilfer and all or are they really thinking of starting over with a new qb in the last few years Carroll and snider have in Seattle? I feel like getting excited about a young qb but I don’t think Carroll is going to go that way. We have a few years and plenty of draft picks to trade away trying to fast track his reboot without starting over. I agree with Rob completely except I do not believe Carroll sees it that way and we are just getting our hopes up. I expect to be drafting line men and linebackers this next draft…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t why people feel this way about Carroll, who won his Super Bowl with a second-year QB.

      He could’ve just rolled with Matt Flynn. He didn’t.

      • Peter

        Pete has always valued talent at QB.

        Probably they didn’t rate the qbs last year that highly or could not get them and yes might have thought Geno with more weapons could balance a rebuilding defense.

        ’23,’22,’21,’20,’19…that’s getting to be a long time for a defensive head coach to have a mid tier or worse defense and think they can build a better one.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s more of a case of Levis was the only one available of the big group and they simply determined he wasn’t a fit, probably based on the personality fit (which I think was overstated but the Seahawks went BIG on locker room/tone fit in the last two drafts)

          • Peter

            Wish we knew about Levis.

            Too much of a smart ass? Who knows. I know fans project too cocky but…Wilson was one kind of cocky and Geno is another kind.

      • Michael

        I honestly just think that was then this is now. I don’t believe he dislikes young qbs… i believe he just isn’t seeing the time table to built for the long haul if he isn’t going to be there. I really apearse this approach is short term thinking. The way they are drafting trading picks and keep recycling the old hats through the system.

        • Rob Staton

          Another day, another person trying to claim Pete won’t draft a QB based on no evidence to support the argument

          Give me strength

          • Michael

            I’m not arguing and haven’t made any such declaration. I stated my opinion that based on actions and timing I have the feeling that you disagree with. You have provided zero points to “support” your “evidence” that they will draft an early round qb to take over for Geno Any more than I have by pointing out trends and beliefs. I didn’t say that the Seahawks brass dislike young qbs or that they wouldn’t take one in the draft eventually but that they wont be trading up to get one and that i believe that an early round selection is cery unlikely. I am not a Geno fan and I am a draft blog supporter for the past 15 years. My belief is that based on the history and the use of draft picks including the recent one for a dt on a 10 game rental that they are going to push forward with Geno. I’m not a fan of this idea but it is a talking point wether you agree or not is OK. Hope this gives you strength.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve provided plenty of evidence, over and over again.

              It’s not a talking point that should be given any airtime. They drafted a QB in 2012 who became a franchise QB. They had no reason to draft one until 2022. They’ve essentially only seriously passed on Will Levis since.

              Carroll literally won a SB with a sophomore QB.

              The only counter to this is ‘Carroll is old’. Well if he needs to win a SB asap, he isn’t doing that with Geno anyway.

              So we don’t need to keep going over this. It is based on nothing other than the age of the coach. That’s it. If the coach was so allergic to drafting and starting a young QB, Matt Flynn would’ve started in 2012.

              And we’ve seen multiple good young QB’s emerge in recent years validating their teams. There’s one doing it right now in the AFC South and another in our own division.

              We have so many things to talk about, we don’t need to keep dragging this up.

              • Thomas Wells

                It’s not that I’m worried Pete and John won’t draft a quarterback. I’m worried that they don’t think they need to. I’m worried they seriously believe they can win a Super Bowl with Geno, all evidence to the contrary. They have a history of stubbornly sticking with players despite mountains of evidence that their performance doesn’t match their production. As much as I’d love to believe that practice is in the past, rolling over cap hits to 2024 for Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs says the exact opposite. They also have a history of thinking the team is close to contention when they aren’t, sacrificing long term greatness for short term mediocrity. As much as I’d like to believe that kind of thinking is in the past, the Leonard Williams trade says different.

                I know this isn’t the argument you are pushing back against necessarily Rob, but I think this may be where a lot of people’s pessimism re drafting a quarterback comes from.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      It’s Schneider…

      This really is one of the quirkier talking points.

      There is a major rebuild/reset underway

      2022 had no QBs of note.

      2023 had two QBs I suspect the Seahawks had a first round grade on and one with a Round 2 grade (I suspect).

      The change since 2021 has been to not reach for players, stay in slot, and prioritize positional value. If the grade and QB match they are taking them end of story, and they will get every chance to start.

      Oh, and Geno may very well have signed in Tampa this off-season, who do you think the Seahawks like have turned to then? (Hint: he may have unLocked your heart)

  11. Romeo A57

    I do see that many Seahawks fans are against attempting to draft a QBOTF. Their reasoning is that the chances to hit an elite QB is too low. Since 2021 draft, there have been only 2 hits on first round picks. That is 3 drafts with, maybe. not a lot of QB help for teams. Obviously it is way too early to judge the 2023 QBs Levis and Richardson only have played a few games each.

    2021- Trevor Lawrence
    2022- No Body
    2023- CJ Stroud

    Of the 15 QBs that Rob is tracking for the 2024 draft, how many of them could be legitimate starting level Quarterbacks?

    I really want to see the Seahawks draft a QB. I am bringing in the contrarion pointbif view for discussion.

    • Peter

      Why draft anyone really. There’s misses every round at every position.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Trade all picks and let the other teams take on the risk and development, FA only!

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I have a good hit record on starting NFL QBs. Most of my misses have been on QBs that made it when I didn’t see it (see Jackson, Lamar). I also have flops (see Claussen, Jimmy).

      No one in 2024 is a can’t miss Andrew Luck/Trevor Lawrence QB; Caleb Williams is close, but I could see the wheels coming off with the wrong staff.

      There are three Boom/Bust prospects that I like:

      Rattler, Ewers, Howard. Each of those QB has the potential to be 10 year starters and All-Pro talent.

      That is 4.

      The next level down is Riley Leonard, Brady Cook, and Pratt. All of whom have lower ceilings going in, but could surprise people.

      That is another 3 I see as potential starters.

      The remaining 7 look to me like QBs without a future, or ones that need very specific offensive systems to be starters at the pro level.

      • Romeo A57

        If the Seahawks want to get out of mediocrity soon, then they need to get one of those Quarterbacks. I am just surprised how many fans are content with these low ceiling Seahawks and 9 to 10 wins is just fine with them.

        • RMK-LouCityHawks

          I’ve got a lot of quotes around my building – the man in the arena, etc…

          I’ve never faulted anyone for trying to do something great and failing, but stewing in mediocrity? Afraid to do anything for fear of droppping below some line of success?

          Revelation 3:15-16 is worth considering, even if it is an imperfect allegory.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          I’ve got a lot of quotes around my building – the man in the arena, etc…

          I’ve never faulted anyone for trying to do something great and failing, but stewing in mediocrity? Afraid to do anything for fear of droppping below some line of success?

          Revelation 3:15-16 is worth considering, even if it is an imperfect allegory.

  12. geoff u

    Is this a good time to remind everyone how bad Washington’s defense is? Second only to Denver in terms of points given up, and that was before losing both their edge rushers. For the rest of the season it won’t be as easy as it was yesterday for this offense, and it didn’t look easy to me…

    I knew this was going to happen, Geno would come back against an awful team, and everyone would praise the lord. I think at the end of the next five weeks we find out what this team actually is, and it may look more like the one in Baltimore (#1 defense in the NFL…that just got demolished at home in the 4th quarter by the Browns.)

    I do find these NFL win cycles funny though. The Seahawks beat the Browns, who beat the Ravens, who beat the Seahawks.

    Anyway, since we traded Russ, my position has always been to whatever it takes to find a franchise QB. As Metallica would say, nothing else matters.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I do find these NFL win cycles funny though

      That’s why I have a hard time seeing us come out 0-4 from the 49ers, Cowboys and Eagles in that tough stretch.

      I think we beat SF once and maybe the Cows.

      • GrittyHawk

        I think we will win on Thanksgiving. Thursday games strongly favor home teams.

  13. Palatypus

    I’m liking Sham Bollock out of Latrine State and Veri Avruj out of Middleton College.

  14. Ashish

    Let’s assume it’s a miracle and we win the Super Bowl, I will still go with your option 2.

    2. Whether they just move on

    If anyone understands football, can see Geno is seeing ghosts now which is a very bad sign. Yes earlier I was excited to see a four-game stretch, thinking our offense would improve, but I will not surprised 7-7 .

    As we signed a different QB in the practice squad, Drew Lock should be ready to roll at a moment’s notice. PC and JS should talk to Geno, you look like a head less chicken we are going to pull you out.

  15. EmperorMA

    I am absolutely with you, Rob, on the need for a new QB in the draft. I agree on Rattler and Ewers, as well.

    What I don’t agree with you on is the constant comparison between Geno and Kirk Cousins & Derek Carr. Both of these QBs are clearly better than Geno and have been for a decade. Perhaps not a Super Bowl favorite, but we would be a better team with either of them.

  16. Gross MaToast

    Rob, good stuff. This seems like inarguable, common sense, but there’s a Bermuda Triangle where common sense goes to die around the Renton area. What’s the difference between Geno, Drew Lock, Baker Mayfield, and the rest of the retreads? Geno will make more next season than the rest combined. I’m not sure why there’s a group of fans who give a rat’s ass about who leads the Seahawks to somewhere between a 7-9 to 9-7 finish. There are plenty of guys available to do that. Geno beat RW, though, and for Pete that may be worth $35m next year.

    There’s word around Ewers that he’s leaning somewhat heavily towards returning to school next year. As a Longhorn, I’d love to see him back, but his entire life for the past ten years has been geared to getting him in the NFL, so I’d imagine seeing first-round projections in a couple of months may change that.Obviously he wasn’t quite right on Saturday, but he nutted up on a couple of throws and made it look easy.

    Finally, T’Vondre Sweat is an absolute beast for about 35 snaps per game. He was carrying the left tackle in his left arm and the running back in his right against BYU a couple of weeks ago, like he was playing with children. He seems like the kind of guy the Ravens take in the 2nd round who then proceeds to wreck shop for the next decade.

    • Rob Staton

      Sweat has had an outstanding season

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    I don’t know how to read this other than as a tacit acknowledgment of Geno’s limits.

    I don’t read it as Pete trying to take the heat off Geno by putting some on himself

    Question: where does some of Geno Smith’s inconsistencies come from?

    Pete “Well, there’s reasons. There really are some specific reasons, which I ain’t going into with you guys because I don’t want to point people out. We don’t need to. We need to executive collectively better. Sometimes it looks like the throw is messed up or he can’t accurately throw. Geno is an accurate thrower, so something usually screws up. Could be his footwork, could be his read, the timing of, could be the route, could be the concept. We could bump into somebody, and it throws us off a little bit, throws us out of whack. All of those things to place in the game.

    “Also, I put him in a situation. I have total responsibility for there late in the half. We could have executed and just got the field goal closer, but I wanted to look for an opportunity to score a touchdown while we had a chance there, and trusting he would make the right choice and throw the ball out of the end zone if we had the opportunity. I made it harder on him than it needed to (be). Really, that was totally me. Shane (Woldron), he was going to throw the next completion, next completion and work our way down. You could agree either way whether we should take a shot and go for it, but that puts you in the position where you could get sacked because he’s gotta take a look. You could make a mistake and throw a turnover at them, you know. I was feeling good and went for it, and if I go back to it, I might not have done it that way in hindsight.

    “You have to keep the quarterback in the right mentality and take care of his choices and stuff. Because it’s so freaking hard to do what they do. You have to look after them. In that case I went for it a little bit and I think it made it – that’s where we got vulnerable, and they made the play and they got to him.“

    • BK26

      Really worries me. Sounds like excuses like when Russ was still here. Sounds little like favoritism too. Any criticism towards Geno and we can’t have that…

      Pete took on the criticism just like he did with Russ. Is Geno that emotionally fragile too? Like I said, this worries me.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Did Pete just confess to not getting plays in on time when the team is at 4th and 1?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think Pete confessed to a lot here. Anyone else want to help parse it?

        Don’t want to point out people has to mean others not named Geno since he’s the one being pointed out;
        Execute collectively (I assume he meant execute and not ‘executive’) might mean WRs, OL, OC;
        But then he goes on to list things that could go wrong that are only under Geno’s control. How does that square with having to point out others?

        Also, not sure I’ve ever heard a 30-something vet talked about like he needs the supervision.

        • Rob Staton

          I listened to it and just thought he basically saying other people are making mistakes and it’s making Geno look bad

          That was my interpretation

        • Ben

          He talked about Russell the same way. He views being QB to be extremely difficult and it’s his job to “manage” them. He’s playing defense for Geno because he thinks it’s helpful for Geno and thus the team.

          Pete treats QBs different than the rest of the team. I get it. I can see why some folks would prefer a more transparent critical approach but that’s not Pete’s MO when it comes to qb.

          Geno is the QB this year. Future stuff can be addressed later, and a QB controversy won’t help the team since Lock is in all likelihood, just a guy.

          Theres a weird thought process starting last year that went: Geno is bad, wait Geno is good?!, Geno is good should we pay him?, but if Geno is good then Lock could be good cause coaching etc, Geno is bad, but Lock could still be good.

          If Geno isn’t good due to coaching, I don’t think Lock will be better…

          Lock probably isn’t gonna exceed what Geno is doing. If Lock gets to Geno’s level he’s greatly exceeding his expectation’s. To go past that would be cool, but do we want to take a 6 game sample to not take another qb? Could he be a bridge? Sure. He’d be cheaper, but that’s about it.

    • EmperorMA

      My take on this is that Geno isn’t smart enough for a coach to lay it all on his shoulders, and he also isn’t able to go off script if a play goes south.

      Pete is subtly calling that out without saying it.

  18. Happy Hawk

    Geno is 100% not the future. If you want to get out of the middling/overpaid QB scenario Rob laid out, then you need to draft a QB in the 1st round (and maybe have to move up in round #1). The Hawks have not drafted a 1st round QB in 30 years. Imagine where we would be if we would have taken our 2 1st round picks last year + something to move to #1 and get Stroud? Rob is right – the Hawks need to draft a QB in 2024…but will they?

    • Joseph

      Considering their history, Pete and John usually don’t draft the most obvious needs. They also don’t draft the players fans wanted all along who are succeeding elsewhere while we drafted busts. Ex. Escridge over Creed Humphries and McDowell over TJ watt or Budda Baker! They be foolish to believe Geno is the future. Week in and Week out he proves drafting a QB is more than necessary. Who knows if they’ll draft a QB with their 1st pick. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded back to acquire more pick especially since we don’t have a 2nd rounder.

  19. Denver Hawker

    Is it the player or the coaching?
    Is it the QB or the playcalling/scheme?

    Sometimes really difficult to separate these things and I think this is where some fans talk circles. It can be simplified though.

    Is Geno capable of being the guy in this offense? Yes, he was 1H’22, but has been average since.
    Is Lock capable of being the guy in this offense? We have no idea, but he has never been the guy in Denver and beat out by our average QB so probably not.

    Is an average QB (on any team) worth $33MM per year? Don’t hurt yourself, answer is no, unless you climax at WC losses.

    Like it or not, we’re stuck with Pete until he decides he’s done. We need a QB who can execute Pete’s offense and elevate the team. It’s not Geno, it’s not Lock, go get the best option you can in the draft. I don’t see how this is actually divisive to say.

    • Spectator

      To be fair, Lock got beat out by Geno when Geno was playing at a pro bowl level. And they were reportedly neck n neck. Lock was never going to the nod after that. Not saying Lock is going to be the answer or even better, but I would sure like to see him play. We truly don’t know how he’d look

      • BK26

        I want to see Lock because I am just that over Geno. For me, it isn’t exciting watching him. When he got hurt and Lock came it, that excitement got into me a bit.

        He’s not the guy, but at the same time, we aren’t winning the Super Bowl. Geno gets us into the playoffs, but what is another first round exit?

        Lock won’t play and shouldn’t play, but I would be more interested watching him out there.

      • Denver Hawker

        I’m afraid we’ll only see Lock if 1) Geno is hurt, 2) we’re out of the playoff hunt

        I watched Lock here in Denver, he makes some exciting plays, but so many bonehead things too. He’s like an amplified Geno for me. The highs can be higher (scramble, playmaking, arm) but lows are lower (horrific throws into coverage, breaking down zone D, processing speed). I’m not saying these issues can’t be fixed and maybe he should make the roster next year, but nothing has been demonstrated thus far that says he can be guy to win a SB.

  20. Brodie

    Do we have intel on what the interviews entailed with the 4 QB’s this year? What questions they asked? Trying to figure out if we can take away anything about what they are focusing on apart from X’s & O’s.

    I feel like we might be missing the boat a bit with too much focus on arm talent or college scheme.

    Allen was wildly inaccurate, Mahomes played in a scheme that didn’t translate to a pro style at all. Then Levis has all of the arm talent you would need as a rookie, played in a pro style system and we passed on him twice and chose not to move up a few spots on Day 2 after thinking on it for a night.

    I also wonder if Pete and John are looking for the same thing in a prospect. Pete with fit and limiting mistakes, John with upside and raw talent. If so, the guy they take may be a compromise of those ideals unless someone has it all of course. Makes sense as it’s coach versus scout POV.

    There have been dozens of QB’s that they have indeed passed on, despite John saying they ‘want to’ draft a QB every year.

  21. DJ 1/2 way

    Another excellent read and comments section. Here are a few unrelated thoughts.

    Robs comments on the winning QBs of the last ten Superbowls is correct in hindsight. Foles is the one that does not match. It is worth noting that 6/10 were drafted 3rd round or later. That said, I think the Seahawks should pick Rattler or Ewers with their first pick.

    The NIL deals have changed everything. The speculation that Ewers plays another year of College could also apply to Caleb Williams. That may seem unlikely, but is there a limit to the NIL money? If either one transfers it could be a multi-million dollar deal. Also note that one of the best landing spots for a transfer QB is UW.

    That brings me to the coaching. Could an NFL team draft a system dependent QB and then hire the coaches? Could Ewers bring along Sark as an OC with a promise to be head coach later? Would a team want Penix and half the UW staff?

    Here is a reminder that the NFL is a copycat league, so there will be a lot of teams looking for the next CJ Stroud and whoever quarterbacks the next Superbowl winner.

    • BK26

      I don’t think that you can do that with a system in the NFL. There is a reason that those systems aren’t in the league.

      I don’t want a system quarterback, they really don’t know what they are doing. It is too dependent on the coach. And NFL defensive coaches are MUCH better. The players are just too fast and strong.

      And if Ewers goes back for another year, it won’t be because of NIL money. That shouldn’t stop any of these guys.

    • Peter

      I see what you did there😀

      By my count three qbs who won were picked 3rd round or later,one was a top ten pick and two were picked first overall.

  22. jeffd

    apropos of nothing: the Charbonnet pick did not look great at the time, and it’s been a disaster.

    Obviously it’s hard to justify using a second round pick on *any* running back. But when you already have a starter in KW3 and you’re drafting someone to be a change of pace guy? It’s a lot harder. And then when you are giving that guy fewer than four carries per game? Yikes.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hardly a disaster is it

      Come on

    • Mark

      Apropos of this sorta, at the height of the Let Russ Cook fuss, RW was throwing the ball just over 30 times a game becuase PC was apparently holding him back.

      For some reason, even though we have two RB’s, Geno Smith threw the ball 47 times yetserday. The most frustrating thing for me these days is opening up the gameday app in the first quarter and seeing the pass/run ratio. I usually don’t make it to the TV knowing the offense will be an unwatchable tangle.

      • Peter

        Pass: 300 attempts

        Run: 214 attempts.

        So almost 60%/40%

        A little more cold water on the it’s not Geno its everything else front. He’s on track for 567 attempts just five less than last year. 4100 yards near enough to last year.

        It’s the redzone decisions, his completion rate is down, and somethings not quite clicking between the scores and turnovers.

        • geoff u

          Geno’s probably checking out of runs as much as possible to try and hit those money escalators.

          • Peter

            Of he throws 2.5 tds a game and only two more ints…I would think we were basically unstoppable going forward.

            Jokes aside I have been wondering how/if that effects his decisions.

          • EmperorMA

            DIng, ding ding! We have a winner!

            Therein lies the problem with incentive-laden deals for starting QBs. they don’t do shit to help the team win, they do shit to help them reach their own incentives.

    • GoHawksDani

      If you scratch the rare big runs or catches Charbonnet is a much better runner than K9.
      Where K9 lose 1-4 yards Char gets 1-2. Where K9 gets 2-3 Char gets 5-6. Sure, he won’t rip a 60-70-80 yard TD run, but a more dependable RB than K9.
      And I love K9 too but tbh Charbonnet should be the key runner and K9 is the change of pace and 3rd down or long distance guy

  23. Starhawk29

    Just a quick FYI Rob, it’s JJ McCarthy, not McCaffrey. But the fact he went full Jimmy Garropolo and threw all of 8 passes in a critical game says all you need to know about his team.

  24. Brian Chase

    Assuming the team is going to sell in a couple of years, it seems like ownership would benefit from having a young up and coming QB. Not sure how much that matters to the value of the team but couldn’t hurt.

  25. Jesse G. Williams

    Rob, at this point, who do you prefer between Rattler and Ewers?

    • Palatypus

      I think we all know it’s Rattler.

  26. Zorn Is King

    Geno is a tradable asset. Why do we not discuss him as such? I don’t know the market for him, but he’s shown the ability to do well behind a good line. That should appeal to a few teams with that asset.

    • Palatypus

      He’s not a tradable asset. He’s too old and not good enough.

      • BK26

        And anyone could have just signed him this last year.

    • geoff u

      There are much easier ways to get a ham sandwich.

    • EmperorMA

      If someone gave you a 7th rounder it would be astonishing.

      Every team had a chance to sign him for next to nothing last year and nobody did.

  27. Blitzy the Clown

    Gotta admit Jason Peters looked really good yesterday. Even with Lucas supposedly coming back this week, Peters is a welcome addition and I didn’t think so last week.

    • Big Mike

      Yes! Much better game yesterday to my eyes too.

  28. TatupuTime

    I think there are only realistic two ways to win a Superbowl:

    1. Have an elite quarterback
    2. Have a cheap quarterback with warts (this is often a rookie contract QB but could be a Geno type if his contract was less than $10M) and be perfect with the rest of your roster construction.

    The easiest way to be mid to good:

    1. Have an expensive and good QB. This gets you between 6-11 wins most years. It doesn’t get you a Superbowl though.

    In some leagues being midrange to good is a real goal! The NFL isn’t set up that way though. Bad teams print money. Being a wild-card contending team keeps the local fans happy but doesn’t net you a lot of extra money. There are also some leagues where getting to the playoffs buys you a real chance to win (baseball cough cough). But it’s almost always a really good NFL team that wins the Superbowl and not a plucky pretender.

    In the NFL’s model I think that Pete’s Compete Forever holds the team back. You shouldn’t try to be good every year. The NFL doesn’t allow it. You should either be one of the top teams, or sacrificing short term to become one of the top teams.

    If you have an elite QB – take every shot you can to win with him during his window. If you don’t have an elite QB, you should do your best to build a perfect team while repeatedly drafting cheap QBs until you find an elite one.

    • EmperorMA

      Amen, brother.

  29. Peter


    Usually I’m much later than you on qbs. Well, always.

    I just reread your thoughts on 15 qbs piece and maybe it’s just the wording but I think you might be underselling him a bit.

    Layered throws and someone might get a bargain….

    Just me but if I’m putting on my ‘what could they be hat’ I see a guy with a big arm who hasn’t realized this athletic potential as a qb.

    I also didn’t know there are folks online that call him “the butcher. ” so that’s an obvious plus. And I didn’t realize he fits the seahawks grind it out in the face of adversity vibes check.

    Also. Ben Sinnot. Don’t know if he’ll declare but if we’re looking at a plus blocking TE with good stats in the fifth to replace our expensive blocking TE with ho hum stats…he’s my guy.

    Not a fan of the TE class. Lots of dudes same size or smaller than DK. Or with better hype and not better results.

    • Peter

      Howard as qb that is… a guy who might surprise as we March towards the draft.

    • Palatypus

      Ben Sinnott accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl.

      • Peter


        Thanks for that.

  30. Palatypus

    Jim Nagy with a shout-out to Senior Bowl Alum Boye Mafe.

    I’m so lucky to have seen him there in person.

    Also, I think he’s dropping clues as to who is accepting invitations with some re-tweets.

    Jayden Daniels?

  31. Romeo A57

    I agree that priority #1 needs to be upgrading the QB Position. Is anyone else concerned that the Seahawks Defense are once again below average in about every measureable statistic? Their defensive ratings are sure to be even worse after the 49ers, Eagles and Cowpokes games.

    Taking into account that Brooks, Wagner, Williams are Free Agents in 2024, what is the plan to improve the overall defense?

    • Peter

      A new DC with the new coach in 2026. Or nwossu is healthy in 2025.

      Honestly though who knows. It’s not good. The run defense has surely “risen,” from last week but I’m sure that’s about to get blown out of the water in the second half of the season. The pass defense and scoring is not good.

      • Peter

        Strike that. After an *impressive* stand in the run game against WAS Seattle moves up a spot 20th.

        In the twenties still for:


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Speaking from personal preference, I think you release Geno, Diggs/Adams and Dissly. Resign Williams and Brooks to responsible contracts and publicly celebrate Bobby’s career in Seattle, wishing him the best. You trade down from your first rounder to acquire a two seconds, draft your QBOTF and the best player on your board from either ILB, DT or OT. Prioritize (but don’t force) S and TE in the mid rounds, as you’ll have holes at those positions based on your cuts. PBA for all other draft slots.

      • Rob Staton

        Not sure you can turn a R1 in the early 20’s into two second rounders

        • Peter

          Old draft chart:

          20 to 37 nets you only a third and a fifth.

          Unless the team has a very late second rounder.

          I don’t see the advantage of giving your first for what amounts to picking fifteen spots later and ONE extra pick at around 60 to 69….perhaps a little change with a mid fifth.

      • Romeo A57

        Not sure about the trade value for that draft pick, but I agree with the vast majority of your comment.

      • BK26

        Why would you trade down?

        That’s the thinking that got them in trouble for years.

        • Big Mike

          SJo then that’s what they’ll do?

        • Palatypus

          If the player you want/value is not there in R1, then think about trading down. Especially if there is a third-day quarterback you want to develop. And a day 3 QB might be pretty good this year.

        • Jabroni-DC

          If we really want to add picks in 2024 then we have the DK card to play. It would make more sense cap wise to wait until 2025. But if they love a QB enough to consider a move up in round 1 it would make sense to explore what Metcalf’s return could be.

          • Palatypus

            To whom do you trade DK Metcalf?

            • Peter

              Obviously DK sucks. But clearly other teams are stoked in giving us multiple picks and eating his contract.

            • Jabroni-DC

              Someone that is willing to give us at least a 1st & 3rd or 2 2nds where one of them is high next draft. If no one is offering that then play on.

              • EmperorMA

                No one will offer that for DK.

  32. Palatypus

    Well, I don’t know what Russ is cooking tonight against Star Lord and the Bills, but I know what Geno’s been cooking is in slow-cooked in a crock pot.

    • Romeo A57

      I am in Atlanta today and can still smell what Geno is cooking.

      • Palatypus

        You should hit Fat Matt’s BBQ in the historical district near Emory University.

        Best I have ever had.

        • Romeo A57

          Haven’t been in Georgia in over 30 years since I went to radio school near Augusta. I don’t know this area at all.

          • Palatypus

            The Mount Rushmore of Blues mural on the music stage depicts B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Robert Johnson, and…Little Richard, I think.


  33. Romeo A57

    I do not want to point out on SDB that Russ looks a lot better than Geno right now. Especially with the way he is running around tonight. What would the 2024 Seahawks Offense look like with Russ…

    Thankfully he is not worth the contract extension that he signed

    • Ben

      I mean Russ should be playing better! We didn’t trade for all those picks with the expectation that Russ would be worse than our backup. Zero heartache on that one.

  34. Denver Hawker

    I cannot fathom the Seahawks executing to the level of precision the Broncos just did those last 2 plays of the half. FG unit coming on with clock running down was smooth AF.

    • Palatypus

      This is clearly not last year’s field goal unit.

    • Hawkster

      And then did it again, deliberately against a running clock, to end the game.

      • Denver Hawker

        Incredible execution

  35. VanHawk

    Game differentials for all teams with 3 losses:

    Ravens: +113
    Niners: +109
    Cowboys: +106
    Miami: +60
    Browns: +44
    Jags: +6
    Seahawks: -1
    Steelers: -26

    • Palatypus

      Nope, Bill Levy just added 27 to the Stealers.

      • Big Mike

        Screw the NFL and screw the stealers.
        STILL too soon Palatypus.

    • Romeo A57

      Ouch, wait until the Seahawks play the Cowboys and the Niners twice. That differential could get a lot worse.

    • Parallax

      We did it with one of the easiest schedules in the league so far. Three losses is an illusion. This team is not good.

      • Peter

        Exactly. Bad teams. Or bad teams with their backups. Could be rough going forward.

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    They keep it real on the Pat McAfee Show

    Geno didn’t have his best game and who cares cause he led them down the field to win it in the end, but boy there are sometimes where he looks like NY Jets/NY Giants Geno Smith

    • Palatypus

      And spare no expense on wardrobe.

      • Marcus

        Look good, feel good, play good.

    • EmperorMA

      Geno Smith STILL IS the NY Jets/NY Giants Geno Smith.

  37. pdway

    I wanted that high pick, so I did it – but it never felt that great rooting for Russell’s demise last year – he’s one odd duck – but he sure balled out for us for many a year…. I found myself rooting pretty hard for him to win this one tonight under the bright lights and all. Happy for him.

    • Denver Hawker

      Same. I enjoy cheering for his success…in the AFC

    • Peter

      I was stoked to see him get the win tonight. He’s a goofus but I will pretty much always remember how stoked I was when we drafted him and then in that preseason him going wild to win the job.

  38. Parallax

    So hope the Hawks are listening to you. One would think the plan was to draft a QB this year. Team seemed right on track. But the trade for Williams has to make one wonder. Incredibly stupid use of precious draft capital.

  39. Denver Hawker

    Josh Allen gets comp’d quite a bit – like the guy everyone compares an athletic, big arm college QB. Non-power 5 pedigree, turnover prone, but limitless potential.

    Seemed like a smashed grand slam pick for a few years and a model of what’s possible for similar profiled college QBs.

    I do think some discussion needs to be had about his play of recent. I’m still of a persuasion that he’d be SB bound several times were he not in the same conference as Mahomes and Burrow, but I also wonder how much Daboll deserves more credit. Like is this the real Josh Allen and buyer beware on these types of QBs- you need a damn good QB whisperer. Or is he just really going through it for a couple seasons now.

    • Romeo A57

      I do wonder what Josh Allen would look like playing under coaches like Belichick or Carroll. Neither of them would tolerate all those turnovers and would probably run the ball into the ground. Could Allen flourish if he was not asked to do as much?

      • Peter

        They’ve done him no favors. It almost mirrors a team near and dear to us where they put the whole thing on Allen.

        It’s why the “what if,” on Wilson for Allen never appeals to me. Not sure that would have been a net positive had it happened.

        • Big Mike

          They’ve done him no favors

          Agree. They can’t or won’t run the ball for shit and have one legit WR. However……………….some of it’s on him too. His 2nd int last night was a horrible decision. The first was on Gabe Davis tho.

          • Peter

            Totally. But it’s six years on. He is what he is. He’s going to press. The only way to stop that is build around which they can’t or wont do.

            Cowherd makes me smile. I was listening to his post game reaction and he just says stuff to be saying it.

            Kept talking about fixing russ. I don’t know who needs to hear this but almost every qb on a long enough timelines has bad years.

            Kept calling Allen a superstar.

            Just made me chuckle…..their first six years are pretty similar. Only one guy didn’t turn it over at a near 2:1 clip and had a bit more post season success.

    • Peter

      He’s been dynamic. But I wonder what team he would have been a fit for in the nfc?

      It doesn’t feel right but his career as a 2:1 td/int passer on that team is trending to big Ben minus the rings.

      He needs a change either team or coach. They are well beyond the line of how long a coach and qb can work together without getting the superbowl.

  40. Palatypus

    We are the worst 6-3 team. Buffalo is probably the best 5-5 team.

    How do we match up with Buffalo?

    • Mick

      I think we could take them down. But should we care? They are AFC, not competing with us for the playoffs.

  41. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    No idea where this prospect goes in draft. Assuming top 2 rounds, but Texas DT T’Vondre Sweat would be very intriguing as a true NT on the Seahawks defense.

    Something that stood out to me is he has pretty good feet, but his usage of his hands was quite good from my untrained eye. He could shed blockers and go where he wants to… even against double teams. Of course, when you are ~6’4″ and 350ish, not many can slow you down.

    • Peter

      So….not Seattle since we don’t have that second round pick.

  42. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Tried the mock draft simulator at PFN.

    SEA Jer’Zhan Newton
    DT Illinois

    SEA Spencer Rattler
    QB South Carolina

    SEA T’Vondre Sweat
    DT Texas

    SEA Jonah Elliss
    EDGE Utah

    SEA Theo Johnson
    TE Penn State
    trade icon

    SEA Payton Wilson
    LB NC State

    SEA Tanor Bortolini
    OC Wisconsin

    SEA Lathan Ransom
    S Ohio State
    trade icon

    • Rob Staton

      PFN are seriously underrating some of those players

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I had a little too much fun last off-season gaming the simulators to demonstrate how unreliable they can be.

      Example: I leveraged pick #5 to the point where I had 20 picks in the first two rounds of 2023 and 15 in 2024….

      I also found there were certain players that PFN or whomever would so utterly underrate that they would be perennially available in rounds 5 or later, meaning you could draft a super team of first rounders in all rounds.

      Example here:

      Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
      LB Clemson

      McKinnley Jackson
      DT Texas A&M

      Zak Zinter
      OG Michigan

      Luke Lachey
      TE Iowa

      Jack Nelson
      OT Wisconsin

      Howard Cross III
      DT Notre Dame

      Will Howard
      QB Kansas State

      Look out John, your seat is mine!

      I tried a draft a couple of weeks ago after a friend send me his, I sent him back one where I got Brock Bowers at pick #25.

      Footnote on the above, picks 1-7

      Drake Maye
      QB North Carolina
      Marvin Harrison Jr.
      WR Ohio State
      Kool-Aid McKinstry
      CB Alabama
      Dallas Turner
      EDGE Alabama
      Olumuyiwa Fashanu
      OT Penn State
      Caleb Williams
      QB USC
      Joe Alt

      • Romeo A57

        I did a mock draft on PFN about a year ago. The #1 overall pick on that mock was CB Kaylee Ringo. That was the last online mock draft that I will ever do.

  43. UkAlex6674

    Enjoyed Broncos @ Bills last night and not just because of the result.

    Lots of hard hitting D, and Javonte Williams is one heck of a hard runner.

    I said at the start of the year in my predictions Buffalo won’t make the playoffs. If they do from 5-5 given what’s left in front of them then they bloody deserve it.

    But they won’t.

  44. Joseph

    Giants, bengals, browns, cardinals, and commanders are all games we should’ve won by a lot more. The fact we won we these games by close scores AGAIN shows this team is a pretender. I fear that the lost to the ravens (a real contender) is something we’ll expect within these next 4 game especially the way the 49ers beat the Jaguars. The most annoying thing is Petehawk fans think this team is a serious contender even when we win close games when we should’ve won by a lot more. Every year it gives us false hope. Either that or these annoying petehawk fans are content with a wild card appearance let alone a divisional round appearance. That gives more excuses to keep Pete.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the two Niner games will be similar to the three last year. I think the Cowboys game could get out of hand (they have it in them). I think we will give the Eagles a game and possibly win that one. I also think we will beat the Rams.

      8-6 is my thought after those games.

      • Peter

        I feel the same way about the eagles. I also feel that they will get found out if they go to the superbowl.

        For the investments made on that all Georgia defense and talk of baby rhinos their run defense is amazing but the scoring and pass defense is not good. A little better than us in scoring defense, worse than us in the air.

      • Big Mike

        I feel like 0-5 is possible, I really do. Stafford is expected back and we’ve all seen what McVay does vs. Carroll. Dallas, Philly an SF are all simply better teams so praying for an off day from one of them is my hope for a W. I think Seattle gets the ball run down their throat, especially by SF and Philly.

        But them I’m Eeyore so………

        • Peter

          I hope we get the win against the Rams. Mostly to show growth.

          I think looking forward the booby trap game is AZ who might be looking to ruin our season and decided that with Gannon playing hard and finishing the season on a good note is the right move.

          Glad the steelers are playing in Seattle or that would have been a guaranteed lock for them at their house for playoff seeding.

          • Big Mike

            A win vs. the Rams with Stafford would be refreshing
            Definitely share your concern with AZ.

            You spelled “stealers” wrong

            • Big Mike

              Also as it concerns pittsburgh, they are the type of team that plays very conservatively waiting for then opponent to make mistakes and walk away with a 17-13 win. Bad Geno will be a recipe for a loss vs. them.

              • Peter

                I’m actually having a tough time looking through the schedule.

                Detroit was a great win.

                After that there’s been a lot of goofiness, and good fortune along the way.

                I’ve not yet seen anything that makes me think the team is dominating or even close to it in any area of the game.

  45. Joseph

    Agreed Rob, If I had to choose a game we could win would be the Eagles. But it’s a huge possibility we go 7-7. However, considering Seattles history vs McVay I could see us losing that game especially if Staffords playing. The defense concerns me with the poor tackling, confusions and being bullied vs the run, and teams having success with quick passes vs that dreaded soft zone coverage. The offense is more concerning than the defense. Once again this team struggled to put up points against a poor defense. Eagles Cowboys and 49ers Defenses are gauntlets and what we’ve seen from Geno vs top 5-10 defenses is very concerning. We need more Charbonnett, TEs utilization, choice & option routes, quick passing concepts, and for Geno to learn to take what the defense gives him again.

  46. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    The #Packers claimed DB Kyu Blu Kelly off waivers from the #Seahawks.

  47. RMK-LouCityHawk

    A note about mock draft simulators, I recommend everyone takes a couple of runs at them on normal speed to see just how valuable that 2nd round pick would have been.

    Looking at where I think the bulk of this draft will end up and where the talent is…woof.

    That is before you factor in that there are some Really Nice DLine players

    • Joseph

      That’s the problem I’ve noticed with Pete and John. They give up more than necessary for veteran players. Ex Harvin, Graham, Adams, and now Willams. They do well when they trade for a player for a low draft pick like diggs. However, they lose in trades where they trade a high round pick for a player. The 49ers trade for young shows Seattle gave me than necessary and they should’ve given up a 3rd rounder. They need to look at trades from other teams in the past to realize that they don’t need to look desperate and give up more than necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete is more of the decision maker than John in these trades.

  48. RMK-LouCityHawk

    I disagree with the fleecing narrative.

    Young has some serious personality issues that, I think, made him a non option for many teams. The 9ers are not geniuses, and wait for the results on Young. He also isn’t very good, Sweat was the real asset.

    I think L/W ends up elsewhere for a 2nd or low 3rd, or not traded at all.

    L/W has been an impact player through 2 games, he is a nice piece. He is another high character leader. But the argument could be made that the Seahawks had no business trading any draft capital. And unless L/W inks a sweetheart deal to stay in town this trade makes little sense – other than a win now! Mentality, which as I’ve outlined before is a win a couple playoff games at best before getting boat races because bad Geno showed up that day reality.

    • Bmseattle

      Im not sure I’d say Williams has been an “impact player” so far.
      What, exactly, did he impact in the Ravens game?
      He had a couple of nice plays vs the Commanders, but nothing amazing.
      I certainly hope he makes it obvious that we need to re-sign him (by playing well, not juat as a justification for the trade)…but, of course, the better he plays, the more difficult it will be to re-sign him, both in terms of money and competition. He may like his options elsewhere, when it comes down to it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Williams regularly drew and handled double teams from the Commanders. I lost count how many times they doubled him.

        Anyway, doubling him frees up someone else.

        Just because his stats don’t show it, he had an impact vs WSH

        • pdway

          He flashed a number of times w push into the backfield on run plays. The draft value we gave up for him is a legit debate – but he’s definitely a plus player.

          • RMK-LouCityHawk

            I’ll keep it brief, although you could write a novel on this..

            If we weren’t paying $50mil for safeties and getting equivalent play out of other players, and if we had paiid the price to get Stroud, I’d probably be ok with the mortgage of the 2nd because 1) the roster would be thinner and 2) we could have already had the reasonable extension in place.

            I really do like the player so far. There is a reason why Jones has looked better the last two weeks.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I won’t try to justify the expenditure. But I saw what I saw and what I saw was a player whose presence was starting to positively impact his teammates.

              Can’t change the deal. But we can measure his contribution going forward. So far, s’okay

    • Joseph

      Sadly, the 49ers pass rush was relentless vs the jaguars. Bosa looked like his old self with the addition of Young. Who knows if Pete and John will let Leonard walk or decide to sign him. Either way, I feel this wasn’t a good trade. I think the narrative is Pete believes he can win with Geno which is far from true. But little does Pete know we have a lot more issues than just Geno.

  49. John

    Looks like Ewers is off the table until 2025.

    • Peter

      Weird. I had been told fairly often in hawks world that this year’s draft class was essentially the ’83 class squared. ( Elway, Marino, kelly)

      Now as the season winds down its Williams…and others?

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      I can get annoying with stuff like this…

      Until the player themselves says they are not going to declare, after the season, I tend to be very cool on fan sites posting rumors and whispers.

      Even a players Coach/Dad saying they aren’t going out gets taken with a grain of salt until the season is over.

      How much money did Will Levis lose by not going out in 2022? A year he would have been in play for picks 3, 4, 6, 8, & 9? Answer…about $25 million dollars. How much do you lose if you blow out your knee and you are Shedeur Sanders?

      Hey! Look at this though….

      In the pre-draft process underclassmen are given an idea of where they might land should they go pro, number of teams considering them, etc…. Sanders is likely walking away from being a top 15 pick…. Ewers is a potential top 15 with a day 2 floor…

      Also, I’ve noticed on another site that the commenters who are hot on finding the ‘next Purdy’ and constantly are suggesting names like McCall or Dart are the ones posting constant reports that Ewers is staying, Leonard is staying, Caleb is staying…. I find it a bit disingenuous…

      • BK26

        Yeah, the websites that I have seen mentioning him going back are sites that I have never heard of before. Or sites that tend to make stuff up or put out articles to get clicks.

        Need to hear it from an actual source.

        He is probably a first round pick now. He’s had two injuries and he has the biggest high school qb recruit since…himself to contend with next year. He could hurt his draft stock coming back. Need to hear it from someone that matters.

        • Peter

          Ewers a first round pick….


          Most sites have Penix around #15

          With three qbs as the average does Ewers Crack the first round?

          I keep hearing about all these qb needy teams every year. That’s true. Most of the league would live an upgrade at QB. I’m just not sold that he will do enough from bow til draft time to vault himself into the the first round.

          Plus if Rattler picks up steam….feels about 50/50 right now….Leonard and yes Nix there’s a ton of names like a lot of years minus the willis/ridder disaster year.

    • Thomas

      Good decision for him. He gets a little more time to develop and A LOT more NIL money.

  50. UkAlex6674

    Se we know that no teams plays all its cards at once in a season, and keeps stuff back for the business end of the season.

    Is it possible that they have been keeping the 1-2 of K9 and Charbonnet powder dry until this brutal stretch is on the horizon, with a view to moving back to a bit more old fashioned Peteball?

    Here’s another one – the D have been awful in tackling on purpose so that the upcoming teams will think they will have a field day then BAM.

    Wait – that was a dream of mine………..

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll playing 4D chess! You figured it out.

  51. Hawkcrazy

    All this talk of Geno playing lights out against Washington and that he is the qb of the future I just don’t see it. I was at the game and he was stuck on his first read starring down the receivers and would throw into tight or multiple coverage not even seeing completely open receivers. On one play Jaxon Smith Njgba was open for what would have been a long TD. That said the play calling is poor – long developing plays, not a lot of rollouts, and Smith just doesn’t seem to take off and run even when there is an opening.

  52. Jabroni-DC

    What does “Win Forever” mean to Pete?

    Does it mean a having winning record every year? Making the playoffs?

    I hope it means building a team that wins the Super Bowl.

  53. ANDREW

    Could not agree more with you on this article Rob. I really like when College qbs have adversity to overcome, it was something I thought the NFL would have noticed with Levis last yr, you have me more excited on Rattler, he will be better adjusted to come in and thrive in the NFL with his road to this point. I would not be mad if they went and got him with there first rd pick, i do like the extra yr a 1st rounder gets you, now they traded there second that takes away there ability to move around the board with the extra 3rd to move into late first or early 2nd for him. If they pass on Rattler, one of the 2 3rd rounders on Ward would be ok with me. Cheers

  54. cha

    Curtis Allen
    Notable that of Geno’s 369 yards, 250+ came as YAC, a career-high by a country mile. Avg YAC in 2022-23 before Sunday? 102 yards per game. #seahawks
    10:42 AM · Nov 14, 2023

    I think Shane Waldron deserves some kudos for his adjustment in this game. Geno was 16 of 26 in the first half (61.5%) and 15 of 21 in the second (71.4%). He dialed back the pass depth and gave Geno some very rudimentary looks and plays to get in rhythm.

    Of course the question is, why did he need to do that?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Or, why did he wait so long to make the adjustments? It was pretty clear early on and throughout the first half that their original game plan wasn’t working

      • pdway

        maybe if we’d done that against the Bengals, we’d have walked out with a win.

        I think it’s fair to give Geno credit for some of the YAC too, not so much on the long Walker run, but one reason DK got those extra yards on those last drive slants was that the passes were right on the money, and in stride.

        It’s OK, I think, to both note that Geno isn’t good enough to be the long-term answer, while also noting that he played a very solid 2nd half this past week.

    • Ashish

      You are spot on Cha, “why did he need to do that?”

      They go for a 30-yard throw and miss 9 out of 10 and end up 3rd and long. I’m not against going for big throw but not all the time.

      Hope this is the game plan going forward.

  55. Palatypus

    Christian Haynes of UConn has accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl.

    Also, on GMFB this morning Jim Nagy said that 110 invites were sent out and 30 were held back for potential draft-eligible juniors, since there were about 70 last year.

  56. HOUSE

    Is a post June 1 cutting of Geno Smith, the only avenue of getting rid of him. I don’t know all the details contractually, but what happens if we were to just cut him in February? Obviously, that shows our hand in our movement for a new quarterback, but without even shock anybody?

    • cha

      They save $13.8m and are clean in 2025.

      Will it happen? They have signed a ton of players to contracts where the salary guaranteed 5 days after the Super Bowl. The latest was Quandre Diggs, where they would have saved $8.9m. They obviously chose not to cut him. I can’t think of one time they exercised the nuclear option in that very specific case.

      • HOUSE

        I guess that was part of the question I had was if we were to cut them within five days after the Super Bowl ends, what would we owe him?

        • cha


          Just need to dead cap his bonus money.

  57. ShowMeYourHawk

    Rob, what do you think about moving Lucas to right Guard after the season? Haynes will likely be gone and with Lewis playing mediocre, we’ll need to improve the interior. With Abe’s knee issues, would getting him off the edge potentially extend his career? Any chance Bradford could handle the left inside?

    • Rob Staton

      Given how well he plays at right tackle (and has a perfect tackle frame) I’d rather keep him outside

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