Tuesday draft notes: Penix, Ewers, Daniels

Notes on three players Seahawks fans should be monitoring…

— Michael Penix Jr had a typically eventful game against Utah. Once again he delivered some outstanding throws that only he is currently capable of in college football. Brock Huard mentioned on the broadcast he has 11-inch hands, which is incredible (and probably makes it difficult to find a pair of winter gloves).

He was also erratic at times, missing on a number of throws and again appearing to throw to areas rather than deliver passes with anticipation and precision.

I had a look at the stats today and this is interesting:

Games 1-5 — 33 pressures, 74.9% completions

Games 6-10 — 61 pressures, 62.2% completions

I think it shows how pressure is impacting him. This is my concern. A lot of his snaps are in the gun, playing pitch-and-catch to top-end receivers behind a good O-line. Washington only give up 0.7 sacks a game, now the third best record in college.

In the NFL he isn’t going to have this environment. He’s going to be pressured a lot more, he’s going to have a lot less time and he’s not going to be able to throw to areas. He’s going to need to make quick, precise reads then deliver layered throws with timing and anticipation.

Penix’s arm is intriguing. It’s impossible not to be impressed by it. Yet a vital part of projection is to determine how a player translates to the next level. C.J. Stroud had similar benefits to Penix at Ohio State but showed against Georgia in the playoffs that it didn’t matter. He could play a pro-game under duress and still look incredible. What we saw from Stroud against Georgia, we’re seeing in the NFL now. It feels like Penix needs that type of performance if he’s going to go as high as some think.

— Reports are emerging that Quinn Ewers will return to Texas next year. In terms of his personal development, I think it’s the best decision. As a Seahawks fan, I’ll be disappointed if this is true.

I’ve really gone back and forth on Ewers. Some of his erraticism is tough to take. He has improved this season but the occasional glaring error still pops up on tape. Yet the more you watch and the closer you study him — you start to really see the natural talent he has. Ewers has such easy arm strength. He generates velocity with almost no effort. Penix has to put a lot of his body into throws, even with those 11-inch hands. With Ewers, a flick of the wrist gets the ball high and downfield. It’s highly impressive and speaks to the unbelievable level of potential he possesses.

A few weeks ago I started to think he just needed time and games. He’s clearly progressed from 2022 to 2023. Another year starting for Texas could put him in contention to be the #1 pick in 18 months. The only concern would be injuries (he’s missed time in the last two years). Plus, it’s unclear how Texas will view things given Arch Manning is waiting in the wings.

I think he’d be a really good option for Seattle. His stock wouldn’t be as high in 2024 as it might be in 2025, putting him in range. You might need to live through some early growing pains but when things clicked for Ewers and the pro-game slows down, you could be left with an amazing talent. He’s also the type of player and person I think John Schneider will really rate.

Losing him as an option next April would be a big blow. There are other quarterbacks the Seahawks could consider but increasingly I’ve thought Ewers would be a likely key target. Nothing has been confirmed yet and if the Longhorns make a National Championship run in the coming weeks, things can change. Only a few weeks ago there was a report suggesting JJ McCarthy would return to Michigan and now the latest is he’s likely to turn pro. Things can change.

Staying at Texas might be best for Ewers. Selfishly, I want what might be best for the Seahawks instead.

— Without a shadow of a doubt, Jayden Daniels should be in the Heisman mix. What he’s doing week-to-week is incredible. The production, the combination of running and throwing. It’s highly impressive. Plus, he has been consistent throughout the season after struggling in the opener against Florida State.

It’s started to put him more on the draft radar for fans and media. I studied some of his tape on Monday and wanted to offer a few thoughts.

There’s certainly physical talent on display. He has a good arm and can throw the ball downfield for big, explosive plays. Per PFF, he has 27 ‘big time throws’ this season. Only Drake Maye (30) has more. His ‘big time throw percentage’ (the number of times a throw results in a big play) ranks first in the NCAA (9.4%).

As a runner, he’s quite unique. He snakes in-and-out of tacklers like a player in Madden. He can shift his body with suddenness then change direction with ease. He dodges tackles about as well as anyone. Then, he has the acceleration to turn a good play into a great play.

For this reason there has to be a degree of intrigue. The raw tools are there to work with. Plus, not every player needs to be a classic prototype to succeed in the NFL. Some journeys are a little bit different. Take Russell Wilson, who’s height was a big talking point and he was essentially shuffled out at NC State so they could start Mike Glennon. Jalen Hurts was benched by Alabama, transferred, never really looked like an obvious pro-prospect until the Senior Bowl and combine and now he’s months removed from a Super Bowl appearance and he leads one of the most potent offense’s in the NFL.

When I was watching the tape though, it simply validated the opinion I already had on Daniels. Whether it’s the system or the player — everything is one-read-and-run. There are plenty of designed QB draws. There’s very little evidence of progressing through targets and staying patient in the pocket. Either by design or instinct, he’s setting off and running if the initial target isn’t open. It works for LSU — but you can’t do this in the NFL.

It means you’re left to try and project. Teams will need to determine whether he can become a player who can operate in a pro-system with running ability as a fantastic bonus — rather than relying on it when the first read isn’t there. That isn’t easy to do.

I can’t imagine I’ll change my view until the all-star games. Daniels is going to be a really tricky projection. If a team took him on day two, I’d be intrigued to see how he gets on and wouldn’t criticise the pick. Could he end up being another Hurts? Maybe. Equally, I can totally understand why he might last beyond day two and wouldn’t criticise the NFL collective for passing in that range.

I noticed Brock Huard made a passing reference to Lamar Jackson on 710 Seattle Sports recently. I understand that comparison given the running production/ability. I’d also say, though, that Jackson was evidently special in college. It was a few years ago now but Jackson was an old-time blog favourite. The way he played for Louisville was legitimately special. He did things other players cannot — as a passer, not just as a runner. I can still remember banging on about one play action throw he did on the half-way line, a slight flick of the wrist and bang — a 50-odd yard touchdown into the tightest window downfield. Making it look easy. Then there was the legit 4.3 speed.

Daniels is a great runner and he has a good arm. Jackson was other-wordly though. He lasted as long as he did in the draft mostly thanks to a chaotic draft process. He wouldn’t run for teams, it was difficult to arrange meetings with him as he insisted on using his mother as an agent. He could’ve easily been a top-10 pick and basically did everything he could to put teams off. The talent, however, was obvious. We’ve seen that in the NFL and nothing about his career is a surprise.

Daniels isn’t a phenomena like Lamar Jackson. He is extremely athletic though, with an arm, and I wouldn’t rule out him succeeding with the right team at the next level.

I think the same about Jordan Travis. He hasn’t got a great downfield arm but is it beyond the realms of possibility he has a great draft process like Hurts and then joins a team where he can be a point-guard plus? He is, after all, making Florida State relevant again with a surprising unbeaten season.

Personally I think there’s a fairly significant separation between Spencer Rattler and these two players — but if we’re trying to identify depth at the position and options, there’s every reason to monitor their progress.

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  1. Starhawk29

    Rob, don’t mean to be this guy, but is there a reason you keep calling Michigan QB JJ McCarthy “JJ McCaffrey?”

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an error that is stuck in my brain

  2. Mike Bara

    I watched quite a bit of rattler this past weekend. There’s a lot to like. But it just didn’t feel like the ball came out with that much velocity. On the other hand, he had at least four really excellent passes dropped. Does it strike me a super athletic running the ball either but neither does Penix.

    • Rob Staton

      I would suggest watching more games back. He’s had some incredibly nifty runs. If you expect a dynamic, prolific runner — that isn’t him. But he’s Mahomes shifty and he’s quicker than Mahomes. His arm talent is easy and excellent, especially on the run and off platform.

  3. RMK-LouCityHawk

    I’m right there with you, Ewers to the Seahawks was making too much sense.

    Not for nothing, the Big 12 championship is played a couple of days after the Seahawks are in Dallas.

    I really feel like Rattler doesn’t make it past 15…. These round 3 projections of him seem way far off. He basically looks like a NFL QB behind a shitty OLine.

    For me it is Travis over Daniels, but I feel like Daniels is a bit more dynamic. Travis seems like a great fit for a team like Minnesota. It is easy to visualize him playing point guard in that offense.

    For what the Seahawks try to do I feel like Leonard (if he goes) and Howard are the other two potential fits this year. It feels like JS always pays a little extra special attention to K State, so Howard it might be.

    Running it back another year without a QBotF in house, would feel very depressing. Even if 2025 brings in a new coach, and another QB is chosen, I’m ok with that.

    • BK26

      I think certain college coaches and schools matter. K-State does a very good job prepping their guys. They come in knowing the basics and being better prepared. Like Iowa with tight ends and linemen. They get NFL style coaching.

      Seems like those schools have guys that just stick that shouldn’t. Or they take off right away.

    • TatupuTime

      Here is hoping, but Rattler just seems like the classic guy that’ll rise up and out of reach by the time the draft comes around. The group think will start to happen and the ESPN types will start ratcheting up his projections. Sure be nice to have a 2nd round pick to be able to manouevre around the 1st and take their guy. Especially if they have someone they like in the 10-20 range.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        I think we all, collectively, need to take a step back from worrying about which QB will be available and focus on what the different QBs might be and how they would match with Seattle.

        I’ve been focused on what I perceive as type, a couple of other commenters have noted the aversions to turnovers.

        Are we right to ignore more dual threat QBs? Is Penix as easily dismissed as I make him because Seattle passed on Hooker 4 times? Is there something to JJMac that we are all lot seeing collectively?

        • BK26

          I need to think of it this way more: would I rather we have, say Penix, or nothing? I need to realize that odds are, we aren’t getting who I want. Is it better to completely miss out, or at least have a young guy? Team still knows more than me no matter what.

          There is just WAAAAAAAAAAY too much time until the draft to be worried about my #1 player being there. That is setting me up for a huge amount of stress and worry, and dumb debates with other fans because I am having tunnel vision.

          That is why I am trying to watch the guys that are…not as exciting? Better coaching and better overall play, but not flashy because there is no system. Howard, Leonard, Cook. Guys that aren’t getting prim time attention.

          (And I just can’t get behind McCarthy and Nix. McCarthy has the best team in the nation and honestly doesn’t need to be out there for them to win. Hasn’t impressed me since he’s been there. I wanted to see what Cade McNamera did at Iowa to be able to compare them. And I don’t think Nix’s game can translate with that offense. He could still pan out, just haven’t seen anything on his tape this season.)

          • RMK-LouCityHawk

            I don’t really limit myself, even Caleb Williams is worth monitoring because you never know.

            I also don’t get locked in on ‘a guy’, especially not with this much depth.

            I’ve focused on players who have that sort of magic man factor that the Hawks seem to go for. Howard has two knocks from me so far – sometimes bad decision making, and his deep ball accuracy isn’t all that. Rattler, I’ve started watching interviews, is his personality unHawky?

            JJMac has a type, there are franchises who can’t help themselves with this type of QB. Nix is a winner, Leinart or Bradford style.

            Cook might warrant more consideration.

      • BK26

        There are just too many guys who know what they are doing to have him go unnoticed. The people now (honestly other than Rob), don’t know what they are doing, making lazy picks, can’t or won’t watch that much tape

        He’s just going to rise. He is exactly what almost everyone is looking for.

        I am all for moving up, almost whatever it takes. This year’s first and third, later round pick, next year’s first. It’s almost necessary to get our guy.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          I’m not opposed to moving Cross, I’ve wondered what return he might get. He doesn’t appear to be a pro-bowl type LT, but would he pedigree and body of work so far maybe net you a high R1 pick?

  4. Rob Staton

    Not that these are the be-all and end-all but Geno is now 16th among QB’s per PFF

    Ken Walker only 14th among RB’s (that’s a real black mark on Waldron and this staff IMO, he should be higher than this and they need to do a better job maxing out his talent)

    Witherspoon now 8th ranked corner, Jamal Adams 28th safety, Love 37th and Diggs 65th (FFS). Wagner fourth ranked LB. Leonard Williams 33rd ranked DT. Mafe 16th ranked edge rusher.

    • 805Hawk

      These actually all match the eye test. Unfortunately, so does Walker only because they don’t give him the ball enough to think he’d be ranked higher.

      • UkAlex6674

        I’m hoping that during the next 4/5 games they will ride K9 and Charbonnet a lot more. It’s perplexing why they don’t.

        Keep that TOP in our favour, set up manageable down and yard situations.

    • CHaquesFan

      Nice to see Adams doing (relatively) well

      • Rob Staton

        Nice to see Adams doing (relatively) well

        Being the 28th best safety is far from doing relatively well

        • Big Mike

          It isn’t by any stretch especially considering what he’s being paid.

    • Troy

      LOL. Quandre Is spouting off on Twitter about PFF grades.

      • cha

        And it’s in response to the same guy who’s been preaching at us for 3 years now that these safeties are awesome despite being members of one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

        Forget that the Seahawks are 20th in points conceded this year. Ignore that they are 20th in rush yards per game conceded. Psshaw at the fact they are 22nd in passing yards per game conceded. Or 25th in total yards conceded.

        And certainly don’t look at the fact that the defense got mowed last week against the Ravens. Or struggled to contain such titans of the game as PJ Walker, Josh Dobbs and Andy Dalton.

        Or that Sunday they dropped 4 in coverage and Sam Howell found Dyami Brown at the 17 yard line, and with 2 seahawk defenders behind him and 2 in front of him, Diggs was caught flat-footed and jogged after Brown as he sped into the end zone.

        Scrap all that. Let’s just talk about that super-undefinable quality that only X’s and O’s guys can truly understand.

        Just give up. You’ll never know that genius is staring you in the face every sunday.

        I weep for you.

        • Ground_Hawk

          Folks who see a winning environment here in Seattle are delusional.

        • Ground_Hawk

          Oh my bad! I forgot about the vibes…

        • Rob Staton

          And it’s in response to the same guy who’s been preaching at us for 3 years now that these safeties are awesome despite being members of one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

          Ken Norton isn’t shit, he’s just misunderstood

          Etc etc

        • Big Mike

          And all of this goes to Pete Carroll(‘s ego). HE is the one that refused to move on from his ridiculously overpriced and underperforming Safeties.

  5. Peter

    Feels like there’s going to be a lot of projecting and hope that someone really shines at the all star games.

    We’ve discussed and disagreed a bit but last year with pick five ot seemed easier to view the qbs.

    You had classic profiles in Stroud. Project gladiator in Richardson. Big armed gun slinger with a crap team and great size with Levis.

    Picking at #20(?) Plus the spent second will make this decision trickier.

    I’m not as of yet feeling Daniels and will look into Travis some more. Since Vick and RG3 there’s been a big uptick in runners. I know guys did it before but the line of demarcation really began in the ’10’s for me.

    Three different sites all had Williams, Mayer, and Penix by spot #15.

    After that. Who knows.

    I lean Rob’s way that QB has to be the highest priority. But I can seriously see themselves punting til round 4-5.

    • Rob Staton

      The time is now

      There’s not going to be any ‘punting’

      If all the QB’s are gone, they’re gone, with only a first rounder now

      But they aren’t punting

      • Peter

        Right. But if *all* the qbs are Williams, Maye, Penix and they don’t rate Rattler, like Levis. Then it’s a bit of a punt. We are already in purgatory.

        Witherspoon rules. No revisionist history. At pick #20 they either:

        1. Make a move up

        2. Hope with all fingers crossed someone falls because another team overdrafts.

        3. Take Rattler at #20 and let the Matt Miller’s cry themselves to sleep.

        4. Are taking whomever is left late.

        Which option #4 worked once but let’s be real. The whole world with so much access is much savvier than at that time. I’ve yet to see any sneaky talent no one has heard of. A mean Grayson whatever his name is…people on this blog have talking about him for what feels like 10 draft cycles now.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe one day we can have an article discussing QB’s where we don’t spend any time pontificating about and questioning the likelihood of Seattle drafting one

          Maybe it’s an ambitious dream — but it’s a dream nonetheless

          • Peter

            With respect, that’s not what I’m saying at all.

            I wasn’t clear enough.

            It’s agreed we need a difference making QBOTF. I shouldn’t have said “punt,” as in not do it rather “punt,” as in take a flyer. If the argument is Seattle will draft a qb at any round in the draft then yes. However the time for late round flyers such as DTR and Hall is well and truly passed. That time was year one or year two post Wilson.

            Williams is off the list. Teams that want him won’t trade out from him.

            Likewise that seems the case for Maye.

            What I am positing is that, especially if Ewers goes back, Seattle’s preferred choice(s) are gone at #20. Unless Seattle does indeed rate Rattler. In most mocks Penix is already gone. Again irrelevant because teams that need a qb and are picking high don’t trade out or far out.

            That leaves due to the Leonard Williams trade less maneuverability and thus my original position that once the top QB’s are gone will Seattle see a qb a necessary at the third round or at that point be content to wait until anything there or beyond to take a “flyer,” type and thus….punt on the position.

            Or will Seattle be prepared to do what they need to do to take their guy? On this I remain unclear. And unconvinced.

            So….yes to drafting a qb this year. After that how serious they take that task no one knows.

            • Peter

              Btw we are saying the same thing.

              If they’re gone, they’re gone.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ll just say it again — maybe one of these days I can write an article about QB’s and we can just talk about the QB’s instead of Seattle’s willingness, preparedness or ability to draft one of the f-ers.

              • Peter

                We do talk about QB’s through your writing.

                I personally don’t talk about Odunze, Leggett, etc because the only position I care about is QB.

                I’ve agreed with you ad infinitum that they didn’t draft a QB for a decade because what would have been the point.

                Barring disaster Seattle will be picking #20 or lower. Take another position group. If you said tomorrow “folks I’ve found the next Aaron Donald.” While it would amazing to dream, for me it’s hard to spend much bandwidth talking about a player we can’t draft.

                Right now the leader on this blog that fits the x/y graph of talent meets area where we can draft is Rattler.

                If Ewers goes back there goes another name.

    • Peter

      Reply to Lou city.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      This draft is going be nastier than last year’s I fear.

      You’ve got the group of die-hard don’t waste picks on QBs, you have Geno! Fans.

      You’ve got people who are obsessed with doing things the 9ers way.

      And none of the prospects beyond Caleb are without their warts.

      A lot can happen between now and the draft, and until there has been a full run up (and all of us trying to discern personalities), it is hard to project and guess.

      • BK26

        It’s going to be bad. You and I have been in a few today on other places. “Geno is good enough, he’s average, it’s too big a risk. Worse guys have won the Super Bowl.”

        Blah blah blah. So many are finally ready for a new qb coming in, but now we get to hear the war of qb vs qb vs qb.

        Had someone say that Geno is better than Elway his last year. One of the greatest who ran a very dominant offense….

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          It’s all very emotional thinking, which I don’t fault, just because it is emotional doesn’t make it wrong.

          I’m also trying to operate with a lot of grace towards people of a different mindset.

          I really do think there are some interesting QBs in this draft, much better than last year, the arguments to the contrary are all kind of a hodgepodge of convenient narratives that ignore important distinctions.

          There are also fascinating contradictions. Some of the same commenters saying there won’t be a QB drafted, and it is stupid to draft one anyways because they bust at such a high rate are the same ones that commonly trot out ‘in PCJS we trust’.

          I’m eager to get to some QB discussions that actually discuss the QBs, and where we can get to some of the personality issues that are much harder for all of us to grasp.

          • Peter

            I have to see the playoffs and the draft season. Right now I feel like it’s about where it was with last year. Three consensus top names and a bunch of maybe.

            I’ve really got into Howard. But is that just preference? Is he really going to do more than Hall? Is Daniels actually good or one of quite a growing list of great college QBs who are just that?

            I actually like a lot more of Nix’s game than Rob but he has a better track record with QB’s than I do.

      • Lord Snow

        Unfortunately one of those Gino fans is Pete. Prepare to be disappointed. Prepare for that first pick to be a defensive lineman or something like that and then the third round pick to be a linebacker or something like that. I have to see it to believe it in regards to picking a quarterback. Pete seems to defend Geno every week he loves him I just can’t see him going away from him

        • pdway

          Kinda – seems like they were pretty careful in how they crafted his extension.

          I’d be very surprised if we didn’t take a QB somewhere in Rd 1 or 2 (i.e. via a trade down or trade up) next year.

  6. Romeo A57

    That is definitely not great. I anticipate all of the rankings being lower after this 5 game gauntlet.

    I can’t figure out why they like Wagner so much? Adding in his play from 5 years ago.

    • Peter

      Witherspoon at 8? Feels pretty good to me.

      Mafe a second rounder at 16? Not to shabby.

      Everyone else. Their scores align pretty well with how mediocre we are.

      Two exciting corners and a guy who is having a slump backed up by a bad to very bad safety room. Williams….maybe that number goes up when he gels more.

      • pdway

        Personally, I think that PFF is directionally ok, but full of flaws and headscratchers…..

        Where is Brooks on the list? He’s been more impactful than Bobby.

        • Peter

          I think PFF is directionally okay…perfect.

          I like it as a rough guide as well. Rarely take it as gospel. Check the numbers when Cha posts. Regularly guys will have 1/4 or less snaps than another player at the same position and rank at the same level….or higher.

          When you do that you fail your own data.

          I’m fairly surprised by Wagners score. I feel like I’m watching a guy play a ton of snaps at around 80% of what he once was. It’s not bad really just not seeing a player that’s really making a mark on the flow of the game.

  7. Palatypus

    Two small school players accepted invites to the Senior Bowl.

    DE Jalyx Hunt, Houston Christian

    CB Willie Drew, Virginia State

    • Palatypus

      My family in New Orleans are dancing in the streets over this.

      And probably drunk.

    • geoff u

      Texans are totally making the playoffs…and winning a playoff game. Hell they might even win their division.

  8. Jabroni-DC

    All of the linemen probably go higher than the program believes but I wouldn’t cry in my beer over this mock.

    49. Sedrick Van Pran OC Georgia

    72. McKinnley Jackson DT Texas A&M

    75. T’Vondre Sweat DT Texas

    91. James Williams S Miami (FL)

    123. Brady Cook QB Missouri

    I’ll trademark the T-shirt now,

    Let COOK cook!

    2025 IND 3rd
    2025 IND 5th

    • BK26

      I need to finish the Mizzou vs Tennessee game. First play I watched, Cook threw a terrific 20ish/30 yard pass in stride while rolling out. I was happy I picked this game. Then he threw an int a few throws later.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I’m gonna have to kick back and take it easy this year after getting my “franchise QB” hopes so high last year watching our draft position fluctuate week to week through the end of the season. Fingers crossed we pick the right guy when it comes down to it.

    • Palatypus

      Well, if Brady Cook is cooking, what is he cooking?

      Well, since he is the quarterback of Missouri, and was born in St. Louis, it’s BBQ. But it’s not Kansas City BBQ, it’s St. Louis BBQ. He’s cooking something like the Sonny’s Barbecue chain that Joe Scarborough raves about because there are three of them here in his native Pensacola. He used to buy it for his staffers.

      He’s probably serving the “Redneck Egg Rolls.”

      • Jabroni-DC

        Well, if Brady Cook is cooking, what is he cooking?

        It’s what’s for dinner.

        • Palatypus

          Actually, it’s probably pork. All of the beef is in nearby Oklahoma. Kansas is all corn and wheat. Missouri and Arkansas have lots of pig farms.

          My Dad’s family is in that area..

  9. Parallax

    Until now, I thought it was too soon for Seattle to pick a QB in the draft. Build the rest of the team first, I thought. But now we’re going into year three of the rebuild and it feels like the time is right.

    I was feeling pretty confident about the Hawks’ brain trust given how solid the last two draft classes were but now, after the Williams trade, I’m back to where I used to live. No trust whatsoever in our front office. I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t pick a QB and picked up Geno’s contract. It’s disheartening to feel that way about one’s team but I can’t think of any excuse for the idiotic Williams trade. A 2nd and a 5th for a ten game rental? Seriously?

    I know people will say it’s alright if we re-sign him. I don’t see it that way. He was going to be a free agent. Could have signed him in the off season for free. Second, signing him means letting someone else go. The guy’s alright but it’s not like we got Aaron Donald. I’m not at all confident that he’s worth signing.

    The other day, Rob said in his podcast that, having traded for him, we need to sign him. I disagree. That’s what economists call a sunk cost fallacy. We already gave up way too much draft capital. Signing him does nothing to change that. Either he’s worth signing now as if he were a free agent or he’s not. Which depends of course on how much we would have to pay him and how good his performance, going forward, is likely to be.

    Unfortunately, I’m in a really bad space as a Seattle fan. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I remember the team under Chuck Knox. There were some terrible teams back in the day. However, I don’t remember ever feeling more hopeless because at least those teams knew they sucked and the front office was trying to do better. It feels now like maybe the Hawks are high on their own supply, thinking the team is just fine, even good — when anyone with eyes can see that the team, overall, is mediocre, with a few players who are good (i.e. Dickson) and a few who show real strong promise (Witherspoon, Mafe, Walker, etc.). Or maybe we’re stuck in a rut because Jody Allen plans to sell the team soon and doesn’t want to rock the apple cart before then. Whatever the cause, this is my least favorite time to be a Hawk.

    • Peter

      I’m there with you.

      I’ve been a hawks fan since I was around 8 years old during the Largent era.

      I watched as the team that wasted a good maybe great qb with some of the worst team building league wide, like raiders level bad, squander their opportunity go so far around the bend they get “praised” for building a great roster and great drafts…..where, where is any of that? If I wanted a 20th ranked defense I could turn back to almost year starting in 2019 or thereabouts.

      Witherspoon rules. Mafe looks maybe great. The two runningbacks can’t run fast enough to compensate for scheme. Cross might be JAG. Hope lucas is firing when he gets back. Am I missing any young up and coming players? Half the fans want to move on from DK and Lewis. Maybe Brown sometimes. Brooks I guess if a first round LB should take four odd years to be impactful.
      I like parkinson but does he matter? Could any other TE do what he does? JSN shows promise but I count 2-4 rookie WR’s that are out performing him.

      I don’t know. Celebrating Geno’s game against a bottom three offense like he’s Ken Griffey Jr doing a walk off homerun has made my brain melt. Good for HIM on HIS best game. Who cares. He’s played 1.5 years and done nothing.

      Its like the fanbase has totally forgot or never known that Seattle has actually had great players you could believe in. And/or were the actual best in whatever league they played in.

  10. cha

    With Ewers, a flick of the wrist gets the ball high and downfield. It’s highly impressive and speaks to the unbelievable level of potential he possesses.

    I’ve watched probably 3 or 4 Texas games on CBS, and I noticed something in the play-by-play man when calling Ewers: He doesn’t say “throws”, as in “Ewers throws it across the middle.” He says “flips”, as in “Ewers flips it across the middle.”

    It doesn’t matter if it is a screen pass, a 3-yard dump off, or a 12 yard slant. The broadcaster still says “flips.”

    Ewers arm is so good, the broadcaster has developed a verbal tic about it.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Why would you even share this?

      Time for me to get my SeaHulk costume on and hide in the bushes down in Austin.

      • Peter

        Re: Ewers

        For my sanity I find it’s best to not consider him at all until he declares.

  11. Joseph

    Sucks that Ewers is retuning but also not surprised. I think it would be good for him to return in hopes of having an even better season. The Alabama game really stood out and in other games he seemed off but I do love his game.

    Really Rattler is the best option for Seattle and I hope Schneider is interested in him. I think he has the physical tools and maturity over other QBs. I think he gets a bad rep because of his experience in Oklahoma and the lack of talent around him in South Carolina. Hopefully Seattle views him as a 1st rd pick while other teams don’t lol.

    Williams seems like only a legit top 5 or 10 pick. Maye is overrated. I like his athleticism but his decision making especially in crucial moments is in question, same with Caleb. I do like Penix but his injury history scares me and the system at Washington makes it easy for him just like Nix with Oregon. I do love Nix’s ability to scramble and he’s actually shown at times he can stand tall facing pressure.

    I like Daniels athleticism and what he’s done so far for LSU but the one read is concerning. We’ve already seen too much of that with Russell and we’re currently seeing that with Geno. So the last thing we need is another 1 read QB.

    McCarthy is confusing because he’s in a run heavy offense.

    For this year, apparently the QB class is deep but I’m not sure it’s as deep as we think. We have intriguing QBs but there are questions about them being high round picks besides Williams.

    I think with Ewers and Sanders returning, 2025 class looks better than 2024. But Seattles in a tough situation because realistically they need to draft a qb next year. But it would be tough if Schneider sees there are better options in 2025 than 2024. Then again, Seattle is so unpredictable, so who knows if Schneider is interested in drafting a QB next year or the following year.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not 100% confirmed Ewers is returning

    • Peter

      If they don’t draft a qb this year unless they get CJ stroud clone the following year at the point in which the future qb is ready to roll a good portion of whatever roster Seattle has been building will be getting into turnover territory.

      Being the 7th seed forever and hoping that the following group is going to be your time to get your qb is not a strategy.

      If Rattler is the guy then you take him at #20 if you can and don’t roll the dice that you can get him later.

      If they had taken Wilson instead of Irvin folks would have lost it even worse than they did. Draft value does not matter and is a figment of imaginations versus wherever you draft a great player.

      • BK26

        They need to be prepared to move up. I think that they will be ready, just because they have to take someone this year. Hopefully John is that picky and set to get their guy if needed.

    • geoff u

      Using ESPN playoff machine…we can very possibly go 8-9 and make the playoffs

      • geoff u

        Not meant as a reply, so I’ll reply as well…Ewers and Sanders in 2025 will be well out of range, barring a total team collapse. And do you really want to go through another 9-8 year with Geno/Lock and our middling defense? Anybody else excited about that?

  12. David W

    Hi Rob, love reading your blog and watching on youtube over the years. My first time commenting…what is your feeling as to how Levis rates compared to the possible qbs we might take in the next draft?

    Clearly there is no point dwelling on the past and noting you have highlighted how reluctant JS is to pick qbs who aren’t the real deal, but I can’t help wonder if we should have taken Levis at 20 even if we were also willing to take a qb in the coming draft too. Given how difficult it is to get your qbhof, is it not sensible to be prepared to have several gos at getting it right? 20th pick is of course very valuable but would Levis have been a better use of pick than Smith-Njigba perhaps? I can see its messy but red shirt Levis this year behind Smith and if we took another qb in this draft they would red shirt to Levis next season.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Levis in terms of physical potential is/was excellent, plus I think the scheme/environment he played in was helpful. On a physical level he’s superior to most of the 2024 QB’s, on a technical level some are better at throwing layered passes and anticipation passes. I think he’s shown flashes of what he can do but is also going to find it hard for the rest of the season because the Titans are rubbish.

      For me, there’s little point looking back. I thought Levis was QB2 behind Stroud and would’ve highly endorsed the pick. But he’s gone somewhere else now. Succeed or fail in Tennessee, we just need to focus on the 2024 class IMO.

  13. no frickin clue

    Any thoughts on Dequan Finn from Toledo? He throws a nice ball and he’s pretty fast. It’s hard to gauge what he could do at the next level because I don’t see too many times where he comes under major pressure. Aside from one terrible INT yesterday at Bowling Green, pretty good game. Toledo is 10-1, so presumably they get a tougher opponent in a bowl game.

  14. pdway

    sharing this good guy clip of DK, in case people haven’t seen it:


    • Rob Staton

      Great clip, well done DK

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. And I just came across this one, which shows he’s already got a reputation that has the refs keeping a close eye.


      Not a bad way to handle it though on his part.

  15. FrogsAlum

    Any reason for the lack of commentary on Carson Beck? I assume there’s uncertainty on if he will declare, but he has played well this year and has the size/arm to be a solid prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s a day three pick. Some good throws in there (had a nice TD on Saturday) but nothing really stands out to me.

  16. Peter J

    I don’t think you can knock Penix for his bad games against ASU and Stanford. He was sick those games (the team and Penix admitted he had been sick) and because of that he was inaccurate and unable to throw with his normal velocity. Penix isn’t perfect. He isn’t the best scrambler and he sometimes misses open receivers and throws it into traffic. But that is true of a lot of QB’s.

    • Rob Staton

      To be honest, that sounds like an excuse.

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