The Seahawks should be challenged on Antonio Brown

If you missed the earlier article on trade deadline targets, you can check it out here.

There’s some breaking news I wanted to reflect on though:

The Seahawks arguably crossed an ethical line when they decided they wanted to sign Antonio Brown.

Many fans didn’t want it to happen. Russell Wilson, for the first time in his Seahawks career, faced an awkward line of questioning during yesterday’s press conference.

Usually Wilson’s press briefings are fairly bland. A positive review of the next opponents, some praise for team mates, a few cliche’s and then a ‘Go Hawks’ to finish.

Instead he had to explain his support for arguably the NFL’s most controversial current individual.

He clumsily resorted to ‘nobody’s perfect’ as a defense for his public backing of a player cut by the Patriots after it emerged the NFL was investigating Brown for multiple accusations of sexual assault and rape.

Earlier in the week Carroll admitted Seattle’s interest:

“We’re there, we’re in it and we know what’s happening.”

Nobody was playing anything down.

The way everyone was talking — a deal felt inevitable.

They invited criticism — although let’s be fair, many fans also supported the possibility of signing Brown based on his football talent. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest they staked some of their reputation on this. Both Carroll and Wilson portray very positive public images. Attaching themselves to Brown at a time when the offense is rocking was a risky move — whether you supported his signing or not.

To go through that and then have Tampa Bay swoop him and snatch him away?

Adam Schefter reported less than an hour before it was announced that the Buccs had agreed terms with Brown, that the Seahawks were still ‘in talks’ to try and sign him:

This is the worst possible scenario. The Seahawks took on all of the negatives of being seen to be actively pursuing Brown — and then didn’t even seal the deal for their troubles.

Anyone who criticised the Seahawks for showing interest in Brown shouldn’t suddenly forget all about it now. They have to hold Carroll and Wilson to account in the same way they would’ve done had they signed him. Per Schefter’s report — they didn’t back out. They retained interest right until the end. They’re simply losing him to Tampa Bay.

For those that did want him — the Seahawks failed to land their target.

And what about Wilson? What does he think about all of this? The man who called for superstars? The man who reportedly offered an ultimatum about ‘letting him cook’? The man who worked out with AB? The man who went to bat for him this week?

Will he understand the Seahawks letting him join a NFC rival? Or will this create an issue now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady have got the man he wanted?

If you’re going to cross the ethical line to try and sign Brown — you better get it done and you better have a convincing explanation for those unhappy about it. If you’re not going to get it done — stay well away.

Compare the two teams most heavily involved in this. Seattle spent a week answering questions about Brown, had the fans split discussing this topic, had the media all over it — and for what exactly? Tampa Bay avoided all of that and simply signed him.

The Seahawks have snatched all the negatives from this story and been left with none of the positives. Nobody should be willing to just look beyond that because they ‘dodged a bullet’ they were more than willing to take. Some accountability is required.

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  1. cha

    Wondering if their mis-reading of available star players (ala Clowney) is continuing.

    • Uncle Bob

      A whiff on this would be in character with not getting the D line talent they claimed a priority. While we discussed the potential gets remaining on the market in the earlier post today, personally, I have little excitement invested in hopes of the team bringing in anyone we’ve discussed or similar prospects. We’ve been let down too much the past 6ish months to have any faith at this juncture. If something good does happen, great, but I’m not getting my hopes up. As for losing Brown, meh. Unless they want to skew the run/pass ratio significantly there likely wouldn’t be more than 4 or 5 throws his way per game anyway, without taking them from Lockett or DK. I doubt that would sit with him for long. That’s not even taking any of the ethical questions into consideration.

    • NolaHawk

      Cause Clowney is playing like he’s worth that $15 mil that Tennessee shelled out for him? The only guy playing anywhere near expectation of the “top tier” edge rushers is Robert Quinn and he plays on a loaded Chicago front 7 opposite Khalil Mack. Everyone else is well below value when comparing salary to actual production factors like win % and pressure rate.

      • Alex H

        This. The return on the free agent pass rushers have been lackluster. The best choice (with hindsight) is still to have resigned Clark 2 years ago.

    • Elmer

      May still be gun-shy from Malik McDowell although the situation is not the same. Combine that with playing moneyball.

  2. DC

    Quite honestly, without Wilson keeping this team 5-0, with this terrible off season and now this, everyone would be calling for Pete and John’s heads.

    • CaptainJack

      Russell has made plays, but some of our success comes from insane luck. The last play of the patriots game, the vikings failing to convert that fourth and inches when they ran over us all game, the cowboys missing field goals and Dak’s late interception… this team has just gotten insanely lucky time and time again. Luck runs out.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to know what Wilson thinks about this.

      • TomLPDX

        My feeling is that he’s breathing a sigh of relief.

        • Rob Staton

          Are you kidding???

          Wilson literally spent the summer working out with him and just went to bat for him in the most uncomfortable press conference of his career.

          • TomLPDX

            No, I’m not kidding. Russel and his brand are what is important to him. I watched that interview and I also watched him NOT answer the direct questions that were asked of him.

            • Rob Staton

              Then you’re kidding yourself.

              He went to bat for Antonio Brown, in public, not just in that press conference but in a private workout that HE allowed to become public knowledge.

              If Wilson’s ‘brand’ is the thing that is important to him, he doesn’t go near Brown. He did the complete opposite.

              • TomLPDX

                You know Rob, I’m not kidding myself and I have a pretty good idea of who Russ ultimately is. We’ll leave it at that.

                • Rob Staton

                  You can’t say his brand is the most important thing, suggest he’ll be ‘relieved’ with this news and get to ignore everything he has done to help AB get back into the league, including petitioning for the Seahawks to sign him.

            • BruceN

              I would bet Russell wanted AB. He wants to win and he feels AB will give him a better shot.

            • Lil’stink

              Perhaps that uncomfortable press conference was a wake up call for Wilson? That the local media wouldn’t treat him with kid gloves regarding his push for AB? With all his vouching for AB perhaps the press conference was a reminder to him that maybe he didn’t want to be seen as being the guy that helped bring him to town.

              We really have no idea what happened behind closed doors. AB lives in Florida, doesn’t feel like he owes Wilson anything, so perhaps staying close to home won him over. Perhaps TB offered him more.

              It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall, for sure.

      • Chris Alexander

        On a different site, I posited that Seattle NOT signing AB might be worse than if the DID sign him. In part because Russ could eventually tire of the team “not listening” to him and decide to take his services elsewhere. RW3 put his reputation on the line yesterday when he vouched for / stumped for Seattle signing AB and less than 24 hours later, Tampa Bay landed the “prize” that Wilson wanted.

        On a related note, the two teams I most wanted AB to NOT go to were Tampa Bay and Green Bay. Personally, I think Seattle fans better start hoping that Tampa gets the 2-seed and Seattle gets the 1-seed and that someone else knocks off Tampa Bay before the NFCCG. Cuz Tampa’s #1 defense is now paired with an offense that features TB12, Gronk, AB, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Scotty Miller. If Seattle faces them in the playoffs – especially if Seattle’s defense is still #26 in DVOA – it will be a bloodbath, and NOT one that ends in our favor.

      • Dan Riggs

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell got cold feet after seeing how the press turned on him yesterday. Perhaps he realized he made a mistake.

      • Elmer

        Maybe Gordon is back from suspension sooner than we knpw.

        • Rob Staton

          Irrelevant really in the context of this article and discussion.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. Winning keeps everybody at bay.

      People praise PC for managing big personalities on the defense, and this praise is deserved. Same has been mentioned recently with Tomlin regarding Brown and Bell. But the fact is that winning has just as much to do with keeping these personalities in check as the coach/culture. A couple losses in a row and the ugly starts to surface.

  3. CaptainJack

    The entire offseason was a mess, and the season itself is a mess. I think the Cardinals are about to deliver this team a much deserved reality check sunday night.

  4. Rohan Raman

    I believe AB not signing is unlikely to “create an issue” between the Seahawks and Russ.

    It sounds like Russ was upfront with them about what he wanted in the offense. They recognized that and changed their offensive approach. They also attempted to respond to his request “to get superstars” by trading for Jamal. Should have kept Clowney too, but at least they didn’t lose Clowney and not add any superstar talent to satisfy Russ’s request.

    Now Russ obviously wanted to add AB. They looked into the situation and determined that they were interested, but ultimately, if they can’t come to a deal, the NFL is a business and if AB isn’t avaliable at the right price, both in terms of financials and locker room culture, I think Russ has shown he’s more than mature enough to understand that.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s an overly positive review of the situation.

  5. TomLPDX

    There is no accountability in Seattle.

  6. Sea Mode

    Give us Josh Gordon back and that will at least soften the blow.

    Sounds like the offer from Tampa has “significant upside” (Rapoport) in comparison with ours. We always want players to come crawling to our “amazing culture” for cheap. (I think it’s the right decision in this case not to commit much money to Brown, but still).

    Well, at least Wilson got a brief taste of what it’s like to be challenged on something.

    • CaptainJack

      JS is the one who needs to be seriously challenged but he hides from the media.

      • BC_Hawk

        For the FU off season on DL…yes. This; no way! AB is a cancer….I think we dodge a bullet TBH.

        • Rob Staton

          Dodged a bullet they were more than happy to take.

          • BC_Hawk

            Unless you were privy to their conversation, no one will know. Whom knows what was asked or offered for AB. My guess; he wanted more ($, security??) than we offered. He wasn’t with that risk; vet min no guarantees with his baggage

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t have to be privy to anything.

              Adam Schefter confirmed they were in talks with AB less than an hour before he agreed terms.

              The #1 NFL insider.

              They wanted him. FACT.

              • BC_Hawk

                The FACT will become the terms; you cannot deny that. I HOPE they are saving cap to improve tHe DL vs. Acquire a player in a position of strength for us. I am sure we were in talks an hour before, but as ur #1 NFL insider said…BUCs offer significant upside.

                Let’s judge this situation Nov 4th. If we haven’t done anything Significant to improve our DL and left cap on the table …then we’ll call this failure on JS.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s got nothing to do with terms.

    • BC_Hawk

      Let’s wait and see what the upside is. If it is a decent cap hit, we made the right call. We need to save cap for a potential DL trade. AB was interesting at vet min with no guarantees; needed to be able to cut his ass if things went south.

      I am by no means upset with this..was on the fence anyways. I like the Josh Gordon fit better anyways. Hopefully leave reinstates him.

      • Chris Alexander

        It didn’t have to be an either Josh or AB scenario. Pete said as much when asked about it. Seattle could have afforded both. Plus, Josh Gordon hasn’t been reinstated yet . . . and he’s deleted his Twitter account. Connecting the dots could lead one to assume that maybe he hasn’t met the terms for reinstatement and the league is simply choosing to not throw him under the bus. The one thing we DO know is that AB will be eligible to play for Tampa Bay in their Week 9 rematch against the Saints. As things stand now, Josh Gordon will NOT be on the field for Seattle’s 9th game (against the Bills).

  7. CaptainJack

    Rob, would you say Joe Fann and other media members played any role in deterring the seahawks from signing Brown? I asked a similar question yesterday, but seeing him likely heading to Tampa Bay the day after the disastrous Wilson press conference makes me wonder if those questions and the subsequent social media reaction are what ruined any chance of a the seahawks and AB coming to a deal.

    • Rob Staton

      No, I don’t.

      I think the Seahawks wanted him and missed out. Pure and simple. Because that’s basically what Schefter has reported.

      • CaptainJack

        I have no idea what Tampa’s cap situation is… but is the perception to a guy like Brown really that they have a better shot at the Superbowl than we do? That would surprise me, but it’s also possible.

        Or is aging Brady more appealing to play with than Russell in his prime? Something about this situation feels off.

        • charlietheunicorn

          A fun side note, Bruce Arians really didn’t want the guy this offseason, more or less said he wasn’t a fit in the locker-room… but the read between the lines take is that he got hoisted upon Arians. TB is turning into a powder keg situation….. if they win, everything is fine, but if something goes haywire…. could totally blow up in their faces.

          Come on, you know how Arians loves to bite his tongue about various topics….

          TB became 1000% more interesting to watch the drama to unfold.

        • Chris Alexander

          It wouldn’t necessarily be the wrong impression if AB thought that. Tampa Bay has the #1 defense (by DVOA) and the #7 offense . . . before they added AB. Seattle has the #1 offense and the #26 defense.

          Plus, if everyone on Tampa’s offense is healthy, who’s gonna compete with them when Tampa’s defense is playing well? Tampa now has TB12, Gronk, AB, Evans, Godwin, and Miller.

          If I were a betting man, I’d be dropping serious coin on them after they “stole” AB from Seattle.

  8. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Update: Antonio Brown and the Buccaneers have reached agreement on a one-year deal, per sources.

    Language still has to be finalized, COVID protocols passed, but Brown is likely to make his Bucs’ debut in Week 9 against the Saints.

    I must admit, I’m here for the all-but-inevitable Arians vs. Brown clash.

    • BC_Hawk

      Me too….it’s gonna be epic!

  9. TomLPDX

    Big sigh of relief from me. I’m not going to go on about AB but he is not who I want on the Seahawk roster. Is your team winning more important than believing in your own compass?

    • CaptainJack

      Fair enough.

      However, regardless on how you feel about Brown as an individual, I think everyone should find it concerning that the Seahawks front office constantly whiffs on high draft picks, gets routinely swindled in trades, and can’t seem to land the free agent talent they really want, despite being a contender.

      • Rohan Raman

        They get routinely swindled in trades.

        Yes, they really got swindled in the Quandre Diggs, Clowney and Duane Brown trades.

        Sure, they didn’t come out of the Harvin or Graham trades great. But, at the time, the Graham trade looked like something that would improve their offense and from a statistical standpoint, he produced. True, there was some struggle after Unger was gone, but Britt slid in nicely so there wasn’t a gaping hole at center for seasons on end.

        Sheldon Richardson was an excellent player for the Seahawks. Just didn’t have the money to resign. And without that trade, that season would have been extremely problematic as that was the Malik McDowell year.

        • CaptainJack

          They definitely got swindled in the Clowney trade. Three sacks, bowed out in the divisional round and then they couldn’t resign him, and now are without Jacob Martin as well. Diggs has been a non-factor this year, but I’ll admit we got him at a decent price. The Duane Brown trade was the one good trade.

          Richardson was not excellent for us. We missed the playoffs that year and he was a non-factor the entire season. We didn’t even try to resign him.

          • Alex H

            Part of the rationale for the Richardson and Clowney trade was that the Hawks could get a comp pick which would soften the trade. The problem? Richardson played poorly and signed for a low contract elsewhere (no comp pick). Clowney on the other hand dragged his free agency so long that the comp pick no longer applied (only for him not to resign with us).

    • Rob Staton

      You’ve missed the point in the article Tom.

      The Seahawks made it very clear that winning was more important than believing in their own compass.

      They haven’t backed out. They wanted him. They simply failed.

      So they crossed an ethical line and yet did so for no reason because they then failed and lost out to a rival NFC team.

      There is no positive from this. Only questions and a need for someone to be held accountable.

      • TomLPDX

        I don’t think I did, Rob. I got it and get it.

        This whole AB episode has made me stop and ask MYSELF if this is a team I believe in. My question above was about that, not about Pete or John’s motivations. Josh Gordon is one thing, he fights his own demons…AB is another…

        • Rob Staton

          Then I don’t know how you can ask this question:

          “Is your team winning more important than believing in your own compass?”

          After reading the article. Because the Seahawks emphatically answered that question this week. They simply invited all this criticism, then failed to sign him.

          • TomLPDX

            This question was for me and one I’ve been asking all week.

            • BC_Hawk

              Me too Tom; I was seriously torn. Josh Gordon is a no brainer…but AB’s actions and such are well beyond what I consider as morally “OK”. My only comfort was MAYBE it was CTE, yet everything I have read seems to state that it is a long term thing; not 1-3 years degeneration.

          • BC_Hawk

            I think the media asked, and both Pete and Russ answered. We’re the Hawks interested…sure; they are always interested in improving the team. Pete gave his usual response “ John is in on everything”…and I am sure they wanted a visit. Russ was asked; said Seattle would be a good place for AB to grow as a man…. another true point.

            In the end, it didn’t happen. All the rest is just media hearsay. Did they FU the Clowney situation..u bet. Did they whiff at improving the DL..absolutely. Did they fail on going all in on AB..I don’t think so.

            • Rob Staton

              Pete Carroll: “We’re there, we’re in it and we know what’s happening”

              He confirmed the interest. He did not merely say ‘John is in on everything’.

              Not just media hearsay.

              Confirmed interest.

              • BC_Hawk

                Interest…absolutely. At a significant cost or risk is the question. Id personally like to see the BUCs offer Before I hang JS/PC on the cross

                • Rob Staton

                  It doesn’t make ANY difference.

                  The price is neither here nor there. A total irrelevance to the article I wrote and topics raised. Please stay on topic.

                  • NolaHawk

                    Let’s use some good old fashioned common sense when breaking down the logistics of Brown choosing TB over Seattle. TB offers the creature comfort of being closer to his place of residence. He has actual practice and game time reps with the starting quarterback. He’s well versed in the offensive scheme and verbiage Arians runs in TB. Seattle could’ve plopped $10 mil on the table and he’d of still taken the offer from TB 10/10 times. These are all factors out of the control of Seattle. So what exactly was Seattle to offer him to choose them over TB?
                    And before anyone wants to anoint TB Super Bowl champions, they lost their best player on the DL for the year, they lost their most dynamic playmaker in OJ, Godwin can’t finish more than two games in a row, Evans seems to have been playing on the same bad ankle for going on three years, blitzing (no matter how creative) will always come back to bit you in the butt when your backside defenders are merely average, they’re starting a rookie at RT, their 42 yr old QB has severely underestimated his declining arm talent and their head coach has a knack for not being able to get out of the way of his own ego.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I don’t think it matters what Tampa Bay could or couldn’t offer.

                      That’s not relevant to this piece.

                      The Seahawks dared to tread the AB path, then couldn’t even get it done. Thus, took on a load of bad juju for absolutely no reason.

                      That, to me, is the crux of the matter.

        • CaptainJack

          How did you feel when they drafted Frank Clark? Or stuck with Quinton Dunbar after the accusations surrounding him? Serious questions.

          • TomLPDX

            Didn’t like it but it wasn’t the last straw that broke the camel’s back, I gave Frank the innocent until proven guilty benefit. When the Dunbar “thing” happened I just shook my head knowing that the Seahawks mgmt didn’t know this could or would happen…chocked it up to stupid is as stupid does.

            • BruceN

              I think you are overreacting to this. Dunbar doesn’t deserve to be in the same discussion. As far as I know (I could be wrong) he doesn’t have a lot of negative history and he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no proof that he was the primary person in that situation. I have to admit I was surprised by the AB courting. But not stunned. In today’s dog eat dog NFL, every team will give a chance to players who can still play at a high level.

              • CaptainJack

                The info around the Dunbar situation is incredibly cloudy. As Rob said, he could still be suspended any day by the league. If you are giving Dunbar a pass, that is really giving a generous benefit of the doubt.

                • TomLPDX

                  I’m not giving Dunbar a pass. It was stupid of him and he put himself in that position. The truth will hopefully come out.

      • Lewis

        To quote Jerry Jones, sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make.

    • Henry Taylor

      I agree, not saying this wasnt another example of the FO failing to bring in a player they wanted to bring in.

      But in case, I’m glad they did.

      • Rob Staton

        So you’re glad they tried to sign the most controversial player in the NFL and simply whiffed?

        • Comfect

          Compared to the option of actually signing him, yes. At least now he’s not on the team to be/continue to be a problem and distraction.

          • Rob Staton

            I guess it’s all A-OK then.

            • Bayahawk

              Rob – get over yourself. You’re acting like only one opinion matters – yours.

              This used to be a community where respectful discussion could take place. Now, anyone who challenges your position or doesn’t answer exactly as you wish gets disrespected, insulted and harassed.

              You don’t have any inside sources of information yet assume to know what’s going on. It’s boring and turning this site into trash.

              • Rob Staton

                Oh look another one.

                A person with absolutely nothing to say in response to the legitimate points raised and thus has to resort to undermining, insulting and accusing the site of being ‘trash’ to make up for any kind of coherent argument.

                We see right through it.


                Jog on.

              • TimK

                That’s basically it in a nutshell.

                Any decent perspective Rob provides (which does happen) often gets buried by his inability to accommodate perspectives different than his own.

                • Rob Staton

                  Yes, I’m so unwilling to accommodate perspective different than my own.

                  Just look at this comments section. It’s full of people calling me out, slagging me off, accusing me of an agenda.

                  I’m guessing I have to ignore those comments and can’t argue back otherwise I’ll be accused of not allowing people to disagree.

                  Another post that doesn’t tackle any of the raised arguments and only seeks to undermine, criticise the blog and adds absolutely zilch to the discussion.

                  Again — pathetic.

            • Comfect

              Of course not. But given their expressed interest, which already happened, I’d much rather he not end up on the team. I agree that they should be criticized for the interest, but I’d still rather he not end up on the team.

        • Henry Taylor

          Well I wasnt glad they tried, but now I’m at least relieved they aren’t going through with it (regardless of the reason).

          • Rob Staton

            So the reason doesn’t matter? Given the reason has nothing to do with them losing interest in signing him?

            • Henry Taylor

              It’s just hard for me to that upset about them failing to achieve something I didnt want them to achieve.

              My issue with the team is that they ever wanted to sign him.

              • Rob Staton

                That’s the point.

                If you cross the ethical line for Brown, for no reason, you just look foolish and risk your reputation.

          • Henry Taylor

            To add to my own point, I don’t think this makes the Seahawks exempt from accountability. But I think the criticism should be focused on the fact they ever considered bringing him in.

            • Rob Staton

              That’s one of the points I am making in the piece.

              • Henry Taylor

                Yeah I dont disagree with that part, and I dont think I was clear enough in my original post.

                All I was, and am, trying to say is the lesser of two evils for me is this scenario than having that guy actually on my football team. So I”m therefore relieved.

        • lil’stink

          Unless we know what happened behind closed doors I think it’s a bit presumptuous to say the team ‘whiffed’. Especially with someone as mercurial as AB. But I agree that trying to bring a guy with his baggage here and missing out isn’t a great look.

  10. JLemere

    SEA needs new ownership soon…

  11. DancingBuddha

    what a strange reading of the situation. They tested the waters of public opinion, decided the backlash wasn’t worth it and let him go to TB. Good for them for understanding the fanbase mostly wouldn’t have stood for it. The rest of this conjecture is just that, and much of it seems predicated on a previously jaundiced view of the FO. Confirmation bias 101

    • Rohan Raman

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • CaptainJack

        I think your reading is plausible. Especially with how the timing is working out.
        Can’t say there’s enough evidence to confirm or deny either reading, at this point.

        Either way, the entire situation has generated some bad vibes around the team this week.

      • dtrain

        Hear, hear. The Seahawks claim of “being in on everything” takes them to some strange places. But, if it drives up the price for the competition…

        • Rob Staton

          I see — this was all a cunning plan to drive up the price for Tampa Bay.

          F**k me, as Gordon would say.

          • dtrain

            No, driving up the price is a consequence of them being in on everything. NFL 101

            • Rob Staton


    • Rob Staton

      No, I’m afraid you are incorrect.

      Less than an hour before it was announced Brown had agreed terms with Tampa Bay, Adam Schefter tweeted this:

      and this:

      Let me write out the quotes for you:

      “Brown is flying to Tampa tonight. He also is in discussions with the Seattle Seahawks.”

      “There are steps to be taken on this visit, and Seattle still is in the mix, but the Buccaneers have emerged as the favorites.”

      You personally have decided to create a scenario where they tested the waters and then moved on. There is zero evidence of this. None. Zilch. The only conjecture comes in the form of your reply.

      The evidence, per Schefter, is that they did the opposite. They were trying to sign him right up until the point he agreed terms with Tampa Bay.

      So please — if you’re going to go to the trouble of saying my reading of the situation is strange, get your facts right.

      • CaptainJack

        I’ll throw another idea out there.

        Antonio Brown is a pretty active social media user. A large amount of fans had some choice words in regards to him yesterday. Joe Fann went on a tirade about how much he didn’t want Brown to sign. There exists a possibility he was set to sign here, but then saw some tweets about him that turned him off from the team, and decided to head down to the sunny weather of tampa bay, which generally has a smaller and less vocal fan base.

      • DancingBuddha

        Nothing you’ve said disproves any of what I said? So Schefter saying theyre still in it 24 hrs after the argument is he’s working with Seattle to feed stories out the way they want them to is some expose on them losing out? Nah, this isn’t a valid counter-argument in the slightest, I’m afraid.

        • Rob Staton

          Everything I said disproved your original post.

          Let me repeat myself (only doing it once though so be warned):

          1. You suggested the Seahawks had potentially backed out due to a backlash (there is zero evidence of this)

          2. I showed you a tweet from Adam Schefter where he literally says the Seahawks are ‘in talks’ with Brown. This tweet was posted less than an hour before it was revealed he had officially agreed terms with Brown. This in turn completely contradicts your assertion and backs up my own, original point in the piece.

      • Denver Hawker

        Isn’t it more fair to speculate they were just outbid? They probably had a ceiling on price and decided to not bid any higher. No doubt they wanted him.

        • Rob Staton

          They probably were but that’s irrelevant.

          The point is quite clear. If you cross this ethical line and go out to try and sign Antonio Brown, create a lot of negativity, then get outbid — that’s the worst possible scenario.

          Either stay WELL AWAY or get it done. They end up with the worst of both worlds.

          • Chris Alexander

            I get your point, Rob. And, I actually agree with it. Between Pete and RW3, it was VERY clear that Seattle was “in it to win it” with the AB Sweepstakes – they put their reputations on the line and basically said, ” we think we can bring AB in and still ‘protect the team’ by doing so.” They absolutely SHOULD HAVE “won” the bidding and landed AB.

            But . . . we don’t know that they didn’t “win” the bidding; we only know that AB chose to sign with Tampa Bay. And, at the end of the day, it was NEVER Seattle’s decision where he signed; it was HIS.

            I am as disappointed by this as anyone else who hoped we’d land him. The LAST thing that I wanted was for him to land with the Bucs (or the Pack). But it was HIS choice and I don’t necessarily think Seattle was wrong to pursue him – or that it’s “their fault” that HE picked Tampa Bay.

    • GerryG

      Put me in this camp.

      They definitely wanted to test the waters. Maybe they decided it wasn’t worth it.

      Also, maybe, just maybe, all things being equal, TB is a better place to sign, they can play defense. If I’m betting on an NFC it’s TB over Seattle

      • Rob Staton

        Is that the camp that’s been proven to be wrong? Because Schefter reported they were still talking right before he agreed a deal with TB.

  12. charlietheunicorn

    Brown to TB is a great day.

    Dodged a bullet. Keep plugging away trying to remake the DL and defense with the resources still available….

    • Rob Staton

      Sometimes, Seahawks fans make me despair.

      They will be allowed to move on from this without anyone taking accountability — because of responses like this.

      • Lewis

        You want us to hold them accountable for having interest in a player they didn’t sign? Not being facetious here… what would be the point of that, exactly?

        • Rob Staton

          For crying out loud.

          Lewis, read the article.

          • Lewis

            I have. I don’t see the point. Nor do I buy the reputation argument. Is anyone going to care even a week from now that they expressed interest in Brown?

            I do agree with you it was a pointless distraction. And I would rather they had spent their time and energy on helping the D-line, but I’m not getting out the pitchforks over it.

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe they should care?

              • Lewis

                Maybe? I find it incredible the guy is allowed to play at all with his history of issues.

              • JustaGuy

                Rob 100% agree with your take. Sad on many levels to see the ‘we dodged a bullet!’ posts. The process matters…!!

                • Justaguy

                  LOL! You are using my username. Go ahead and keep on it. I don’t comment on here much anyway

  13. Burner

    I respectfully disagree Rob. I’m glad we didn’t sign him, he’s Tampa Bay’s problem now, we can just concentrate on what we have at WR now, don’t need the circus AB brings with him.

    And all we were doing was due diligence, it’s history now.

    • Rob Staton

      If you cared enough to oppose Brown’s signing, why do you not care enough to challenge why they ever got involved in the first place and only didn’t sign him because somebody else beat them to the punch?

      • Chris Alexander

        Those that opposed the signing are clearly just pleased as punch that Seattle didn’t sign AB. How or why that happened, they don’t really care. They got what they wished for. Too bad it just made Tampa Bay the odds-on-favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. And after Seattle “stands pat” at the trade deadline, they’ll have something else to be upset about and won’t give the AB Sweepstakes another thought.

  14. Denver Hawker

    I don’t really see much harm here. They still have good weapons and #1 offense. I’m indifferent to the PR side of it all, mostly media spectacle to me.

    It’ll be more interesting to see if people’s assumptions about his off-field and locker room behavior negatively impact an NFC contender.

    • Rob Staton

      And another.

      It. Is. Not. About. Them. Missing. Out. On. A. Player.

      • Denver Hawker

        I reread your article and just not feeling the same way about the whole thing. I agree they should be held accountable for the offseason debacle given their stated priorities.

        But in this case, they talked about being interested in him which indicated they would be trying to work on a deal, and didn’t get it done.

        IF they leaked to the media for sole purpose of getting a reaction (which is purely speculative), confirmed their interest to the media, and ultimately passed, I see it as a non-issue.

        Again, I just don’t see any harm here that requires accountability. I preferred they didn’t sign him to save the cap for a pass rusher and avoid the downside risk of being a distraction. I also would have watched how it played out if they did sign him and save my judgement until after the season as to whether it was worth it.

        • cha

          Where in anything reported is there that the Seahawks “passed” on AB ?

          • Denver Hawker

            It’s how I characterize losing a bidding war.

            • Denver Hawker

              A “pass” on bidding higher is a pass on the player. It’s saying the price isn’t worth it. Didn’t mean to suggest they never offered him as I certainly think they did.

            • Rob Staton

              Adam Schefter reported they were in talks with AB less than an hour before he agreed terms with TB.

              They didn’t pass in the slightest.

              They were turned down.

              • Denver Hawker

                You don’t know that. Everyone has a price. If they wanted AB, they could have offered more. Do you honestly think the Hawks had the clear and away better offer and he chose TB anyway? That’s incredibly rare in the NFL when guys know they have a brief window to make as much as they can and reserved for big contracts or vets trying to get a ring. Only other rationale for that scenario is AB wants to get his targets and didn’t want to share with DK and Lockett.

                • Rob Staton

                  Yes, I do know that.

                  They wanted him and he went somewhere else. Regardless of the reasons, that’s being turned down.

                  • Justaguy

                    AB may have not liked some of the questions that PC or JS wanted answered. AB thinks he is bigger than football. For the record I wanted AB on this team and losing out on him is an embarrassment

  15. Nate

    Honestly seems weird to me that Russ/Carroll (but particularly Russ) were so vocal about AB when it is very clear now that him signing with the Seahawks was never a sure thing. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t think you should be chattering that much about him publicly unless a deal was 100% done and signed, now you just have egg on your face.

    I kind of wonder what happened to this franchise over the past offseason or so; historically in my view the Seahawks under the PC/JS regime have been the type of team to quietly maneuver around and then come out with bold moves that no one saw coming (ex. trades for Harvin, Graham, Clowney).

    This year….publicly vocal about keeping Clowney which they completely whiffed on, and now being vocal about getting AB which they also whiffed on. Maybe they should focus more on securing the actual players first before chatting about their interests to the media because right now they seem to be getting repeatedly played.

    That Tampa Bay team is looking scary, their defense just ripped apart Green Bay and now they have a complete embarrassment of riches in the receiving department. Going to have nightmares of our defense going up against Godwin/Evans/Brown in the playoffs with a Brady that has all day to throw.

    • Big Mike

      Really like what you had to say about the Hawks operating on the quiet in the past but no longer. Makes me wonder if egos are running amok a bit or if it’s simply a matter of no system if checks and balances since Paul’s death.

      Good writeup Rob. Think you’re spot on in your points.

      • Nate

        The Ravens are acting how I thought the Seahawks would so far this season to be honest – snagging Calais Campbell for a stunningly cheap amount, and then opportunistically landing Yannick Ngakoue out of nowhere, and no leaks on any of their moves before they went out and did them.

        Just strange to watch what is playing out on the Seahawks side, it is not like they’ve slowly slid from quietly doing their work to publicly recruiting over the course of a couple years, that switch was seemingly flipped in one offseason.

    • Chris Alexander

      Pete and Russ weren’t “vocal” about AB until the news broke that they were interested in him and they were asked DIRECT questions about it. Maybe they were a bit more “positive” in their answers than they should have been given the situation but Pete, especially, was still pretty darn vague in his replies and Russ was non-committal, focusing instead on AB as a person that had been “humbled” and wanted a fresh start.

  16. Jordan E

    What a fricken joke!!!? These damn hawks letting their opportunities slide away. All the backlash aganist AB signing. No one is saying now TB made a bad move.. now their strong and scary team!!

  17. cha

    I’d really like to know what’s going through Russ’ head right now. Is he ticked that he “invested” time and energy this offseason working with AB? Did he think he had AB in the bag and AB gave him the slip? Does he feel AB played him for some image rebuilding and then skipped town?

    Or is he happy for AB getting back into the NFL?

    • Rob Staton

      I would love to know what he thinks.

    • CaptainJack

      He needs to have a big game this sunday and leave Phoenix with a win to wash the taste of this situation out of his mouth. Winning sunday should be the only thing he’s thinking about right now.

  18. Scot04

    Great write up on the Antonio Brown signing. It’s very similar to Clowney.
    Russ wanted him just like he wanted us to re-sign Clowney. Team says there in on it.
    Ultimately they misread things and end up without a player they want. It’s not a good look. Questions need to be answered.
    Why can’t they close the deal on players they want?
    If they feel it’s a player they needed (priority) or wanted what prevented them from getting those deals done?

  19. Supra22ssv

    This is just the icing on the cake for me of how this team has had such a poor off season. I never thought I could be this unhappy with this team being 5-0. The F/O is truly a disaster and makes me almost hope they absolutely bomb the rest of the season just so they get fired for mishandling this offseason and season so poorly.

    • CaptainJack

      I’m pissed as well about how the front office has been conducting business, but I wouldn’t go that far.

      • Steve Nelsen

        What utter nonsense.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Sorry Captain that was intended to be a reply to Supra.

  20. Gohawks5151

    I don’t agree with this article. This has been an exhausting season with many disappointments. But not everything has to be a stand against the team. I can get on board with the bad process and the trend that they keep missing out on free agents. That definitely needs to be recalibrated. But to say that they are driving away fans and need to apologize is in my opinion an overaction. Is it not just as possible they validated all the fans and media that said they shouldn’t do it? How far does talking to people with a bad past go? Tyreek Hill had a DV, was supported by Reid and Mahomes and extended. There was no criticism. People have discussed trading for Aldon Smith. He has DV case in his past. Should he be blackballed despite a need? Pete and Russ may have out themselves out there for criticism, but again how much of the fan base just chalked it up Russ being a forgiving guy or Pete being good at reclamation projects? This is a complicated issue that hits people in many different ways. It’s definitely unique to people’s experiences but I hardly think they should be forced into an apology.

    • CaptainJack

      The seahawks fan base is especially sensitive.

      • AlphaDK

        That’s a funny statement.

        I think it’d be better to say that the Seahawks fanbase is very diverse, but in King County, they fans live in an especially sensitive environment.

        I was listening to KJR last week just as the possibility of the Seahawks signing AB was taking off, and one of the hosts was having a call-in show “‘aye’ or ‘nay’, sign AB for the veteran minimum” in 10 calls, it was split 6/4, and 4 out of 5 female callers all voted ‘aye’ citing his skills and the past is the past, and 4 of 5 male callers voted ‘nay’, citing character concerns.

    • Rob Staton

      “But to say that they are driving away fans and need to apologize is in my opinion an overaction.”

      I literally never used those words.

      You don’t get to accuse me of saying something I didn’t.

      I think they should be challenged on their pursuit of a controversial player, that dragged up a lot of unnecessary negativity, only to fail to sign him.

      Calling for accountability is not demanding an apology and I never said ANYTHING about driving fans away.

      • Gohawks5151

        You are correct. You never said that. I read it that way and that’s on me.

        I struggle to see what calling for accountability on the pursuit of a guy with baggage ends up accomplishing. What results are you looking for? Not being sarcastic. I’m interested in what your thinking. If you are talking about structural changes then I’m not optimistic. Without an involved owner I see no changes

  21. BruceN

    I am wondering how the blank TB can squeeze in all these top players in their CAP with only $600K left. They’re assembling an all star team with Brady, Gronk, Evans, Godwin, AB, Founette, Jones, Brate on the offense and they have a solid defense with Barrett, JPP, Suh, etc.

    • Chris Alexander

      If Brown signed a contract that is for the veteran minimum, the prorated value of that (for 8 games) would come in a hair below $600k. And Tampa could include incentives that wouldn’t actually hit their cap until next season to make the value of the deal more to AB’s liking.

      Plus, teams don’t have to be under the cap “at all times”; just at the end of the season. As has been mentioned, the Ravens are actually OVER the cap after trading for Yannick Ngakoue.

      • BruceN

        I’m sure AB signed an incentive laden contract and will not end up making $600K. May be I’m wrong.

        But my bigger point was how are they able to collect that whole group and be under the CAP. Of course, it helps when players like Fournette and AB fall in your lap.

  22. jopa726

    This entire Antonio Brown story was a distraction. Antonio Brown is a Distraction. That what he was at end of his time as a Steeler. The then Oakland Raiders couldn’t wait to get rid of him. I am glad that the Seattle Seahawks didn’t sign him.

    • Rob Staton

      So it doesn’t bother you that they created a self-inflicted distraction for no reason?

      • Lewis

        Absolutely it does. Time wasted that could have been used to pursue actual needs and players that aren’t disasters waiting to happen.

    • Hughz

      I agree. So happy they failed on this occasion.

  23. Gaux Hawks

    rob, didn’t they play this perfectly (according to your last article)? i heard there was serious backlash after yesterday’s press conference…

    • Rob Staton


      And please don’t make me keep repeating this.

      Adam Schefter reported they were in talks with AB less than an hour before he agreed terms with TB.

      They did NOT ‘pass’ because of a backlash.

      They simply didn’t get it done.

      • BruceN

        Let’s hope the burn of missing on AB motivates them to go get an edge rusher and beef up the defense.

      • Gaux Hawks

        so, no room for buying AB on the cheap given the backlash? it’s black or white (no gray)?

    • Chris Alexander

      Even if there was “backlash”, it didn’t stop John Schneider from chasing AB through the airport, begging him to stay. (obviously that’s not what ACTUALLY happened but, per Schefter’s tweets, the “backlash” didn’t discourage Seattle from still trying to get him to sign even while he was en route to Tampa Bay)

  24. Robert Las Vegas

    Interesting Tampa situation with AB and Mike Evans and Gronk and if Godwin gets healthy and more Tampa could be really stacked . Defense coaches may have there hands full. I can see Tampa winning this division . basically it’s the saints and Tampa winning this division anybody disagree.

    • Chris Alexander

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that AB’s first game will be the rematch against the Saints. In Tampa Bay. With fans in the stands.

  25. Patrick in Orlando

    Thank you, Rob. This article was 100% on point and exactly where my mind went when I saw the news. We whiffed. Plain and simple. I just don’t get it. It feels like Seattle either whiffs on players they want or sells the farm. I know I’m generalizing, but this is the same team that let their “#1 priority” in Clowney leave. The team that sent a jet to visit with Peyton Manning when he was released from Indy and from all reports this just ticked him off. But also the team that (arguably) overpaid for Olsen, Ansah, Lacy, Joeckel, Sidney Rice, etc. Let’s not forget about trading for Charlie Whitehurst causing us to whiff on the Brandon Marshall trade that year as well by losing that valuable draft capital. Character of Brown aside, it’s pretty clear what happened here and Seattle is left, yet again, with egg on their face.

  26. cha

    Is there any chance – ANY chance – that missing out on AB mobilizes the Hawks any more to go get a pass rusher?

    • Rob Staton

      Two words:



      • CaptainJack

        The master plan is all coming together!

      • Big Mike

        We’re golden

      • Chris Alexander

        That is both hilarious and deeply, deeply cynical (with a pinch of “unfair” thrown in for good measure).

    • Jordan E

      If anything- I think it pressures the Hawks even more to make a trade and/or greatly reduces their leverage. If we do not go all the way this year – fans and pundits will point it to not signing AB.

      This whole situation is a failure. No other way to put it.

  27. Rob Staton

    Let me try this in a shorter form comment:

    — If you didn’t want them to sign AB because of the off-field stuff, you should be pissed off that they ever entertained the idea and only failed to sign him because TB snatched him away.

    — If you did want them to sign AB you should be pissed off because they lost out to a NFC rival.

    Either way — it’s not good.

    • Submanjoe

      I’m annoyed that they don’t just behave decisively. I thought the breaking news over brown the other day with Seahawks and other teams…was dumb. Just sign him and tell me you did, don’t tell me you might just to see how I react.

    • Nick

      I’m in boat #1. And as a fan, what I will do is continue to voice my displeasure to my friends, family, and very limited social media following about them even considering such a signing.

    • Hughz

      Pretty drastic take to say we should be pissed off. Just because my perception of AB is poor doesn’t mean I should chastise the FO for doing their homework and trying to sign him. The FO has a lot more access to who AB is than we do as fans. I learned a long time ago not to idolize any player as we truly don’t know their character. We just have a perception based on what’s available through media.

      • Rob Staton

        Seems a bit contradictory to argue you didn’t like/want him but then give the team the benefit of the doubt due to their ‘access’.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m actually kind of option #2b. Wouldn’t have minded the experiment, but only for low cost and nothing guaranteed given his history of antics (locker room, social media, etc. not even talking about other more serious stuff). So I’m not mad they lost out.

      Obviously, I am still awaiting the details of Tampa’s offer to see if my theory holds, but I think they simply tried to lure him in on the cheap and got outbid. They prepared the PR terrain in case he did bite and used RW as leverage, but he simply followed the higher offer to an equally-talented team (plus, Brady has already vouched for him in the past just like Russ).

      If that’s the case, no shame in that for the Hawks, unless the price difference was so negligible you feel they shouldn’t have skimped out (see: Clowney). The difference though between Clowney and Brown is that we desperately need a pass rusher, whereas we don’t really need a WR.

      • DougK

        Great post Sea Mode, this is exactly how I see it as well. I’m not upset in the least that we missed out or that Seattle tried and lost out. I am hoping their main focus to improve the team is on the DL.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      I didnt want AB because he would have been a huge distraction on all fronts. Theres no way AB would have been quiet about getting 5 or less targets a game. Major headache averted…or so I thought.

    • GerryG

      You’re kinda over the top on this Rob.

      I didn’t want them to sign AB. Don’t think he’s worth it.

      I’m not upset they were in on it. It’s worth evaluating every situation.

      I’m not upset they failed, if they failed. We don’t know if AB just chose TB squared over Seattle.


      • Rob Staton

        Fine — no issue with you feeling that way.

        Doesn’t mean you have to resort to calling others ‘over the top’ for having a different feeling.

        • GerryG

          My apologies for that.

    • Chris Alexander

      I’m the second one. Not because I think AB is a good guy, but because I knew SOMEONE was going to sign him and preferred that it be us rather than ANY of the teams that stand between Seattle and the Lombardi trophy. Him signing with Tampa Bay was basically the worst possible outcome with Kansas City being second and Green Bay being third. Unless someone knocks off the Bucs before the NFCCG, I think they’re the NFC representative . . . at home . . . in the Super Bowl.

      Would be really, really shitty (but cool for them) if Tampa Bay hoisted the Stanley Cup, the World Series title, and the Lombardi trophy all in the same sports “cycle”.

    • Jordan E

      Clearly stated Rob! I am dumbfounded with all of the backlash you are receiving for this view. I think its so ironic that most of the backlash of this is from SEAHAWKS Fans. The rest of the NFL are breathing a sigh of relief that we didn’t sign AB. TB is making the most of their limited SB window!!

    • AlphaDK

      I get it; you’re presenting the two ends of the spectrum and sayin’ either way, you’re buggered.

      I prefer to live more on the spectrum between the extremes, rather than at the edge. I have strong doubts, founded from many life experiences, that my perception of the world is almost always imperfect and almost always missing most of the data. On top of that, I have strong doubts, founded from many life experiences, that even when I have the right and necessary data, I won’t occasionally bungle it anyway.

      Because of that, when I heard about the potential of AB joining the Hawks, I was quite saddened by the thought of his immoralities, and I was 50-50 on writing a letter to my season ticket sales manager voicing my displeasure. But that displeasure was balanced by a enough excitement about his talent and the ways he might improve the offense, and the fact that if he went to another team it might affect our chances in a negative way. So, I was immediately mixed on my feelings about the whole thing, and that’s the way I was until today. Am I a jerk for letting excitement about the on field product somewhat mollify my angst at his transgressions? Am I immoral or evil because of that? Have I just failed? I am a human, and that means all sorts of failures.

      So the FO failed signing AB. The cost of failing in this case is so low it’s negligible. They didn’t lose cap space. They didn’t cut any talented players to make room for him. Any “good will” they lost by stating they performed due diligence will be gone with the next win (if this defense doesn’t preclude more wins). To some extent, they satisfied RW3 by looking into it. And even if Wilson wanted him here, he can at least be happy that Brown is employed again and the Seahawks stated interest might’ve accelerate that process, or worked in Brown’s favor for more money. And shoot, AB is from Liberty City in Miami, and that’s only 4 hours from TB (or 95 minutes if Brown is driving). The major cost to not signing him is that he’s now playing for the competition, and he could be really good. But even my emotional reaction to that falls just south of meh, close to blechy.

      It was a potentially high reward, relatively low risk dalliance. It’s exactly the kind of dalliance I want the FO looking at.

  28. Submanjoe

    I’m glad they missed on Brown. I don’t think they run the kind of passing game that makes the most of Browns talents. Let him be Arians problem. I wonder if Seattle naively tested the waters through the media (As Rob has stated) only to be used shrewdly by Brown to get a little more money out of Tampa. Wouldn’t be the first time this FO has behaved naively and a bit full of themselves. At some point maybe they’ll make some offers to some players that can’t be refused… they can’t expect everyone to gawk over their wonderful culture and think that will win every player over.

  29. Rohan Raman

    I disagree. We were really about to go into the season with Barkevious Mingo as our main dude. Clowney undoubtedly made life easier – and we got him for a bag of potato chips. The fact that he didn’t resign means jack in terms of the trade itself.

    Claiming Sheldon Richardson was a non-factor is ridiculous. He was a valuable contributor, filled a HUGE need and was a major factor in Bobby Wagner’s DPOY year (should have been DPOY). He also improved the play of those around him and was a valuable presence. We did not have the money to resign him, which is regrettable, but ultimately we had no choice.

    Swindled implies that you’re giving up assets for damn near nothing from a player. We did not get nothing from Clowney or Richardson.

    • CaptainJack

      I would contend that a third round pick and two decent rotational players, one who looks like he could have starter potential down the line, is more than a bag of potato chips.

      I just disagree in regards to Richardson. The team that year was the worst since 2010.

  30. STTBM

    I agree, Seattles FO and coach need to be held accountable for going after a turd like AB. Their failure to land him, while a relief to me, is another in a long stream of failures. No play for Marcus Golden…That really pissed me off.

    JS and PC have apparently lost their minds. What a mess. Crap offseasons, too many TE’s, no DE help. Now AB and we watch other teams get Ngakoue and Golden cheap…

    I want to puke.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “JS and PC have apparently lost their minds. What a mess. Crap offseasons, too many TE’s, no DE help.”

      They just moved TE Sullivan to DE. Boom. Problem solved.

    • CaptainJack

      Seeing Golden go for a sixth rounder to a division rival was a gut punch. A SIXTH ROUNDER.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Agreed. Golden would have helped. To be fair though we dont have a 6th rounder. Traded it for TE/DE Sullivan.

      • BruceN

        Golden wasn’t a scheme fit for us. But still a division rival getting him for a 6th rounder stings. Let’s hope PC/JS are working the phones and getting someone to help this defense. Seems like teams are making their moves to improve and we are ….

        • Lewis

          Ideal scheme fit or not, he could have given us speed off the edge. Even if it was just on passing downs, it would be an improvement.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Lewis beat me to it. Haha

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Golden doesnt fit the physical ideals of a Leo or 5t. He can rush the passer from the edge though. Its too late to be picky. Sure hope JS has something up his sleeve!

          • STTBM

            He fits the profile better than Jamal Adams! Seriously, if Seattle thinks he isn’t better than Mayowa, Adams, the rookie or the other pass rush stiffs on the team, they need to retire. If he doesn’t fit, adjust your damned scheme! That’s what REAL coaches do!

  31. Trevor

    PC/JS hung Russ out to dry and left him holding a piling steam of crap. He must be pissed.

    • cha

      How did they do that exactly?

      • BobbyK

        Didn’t give him what he wanted (a stud WR). They traded a 1,1,3 for Jamal but they wouldn’t get an equally talented player (if not more so) for their QB at the expense of no draft pick compensation and minimal monetary value.

        • cha

          That’s your definition of ‘hung out to dry’ ? Wow.

          Russ has Lockett, DK, Olsen, Moore, Dissly, Hollister and Gordon coming and the probably the best OL he’s had as a Seahawk.

          • Jordan E

            They made him put his neck out there and hurt his reputation for this move- without actually supporting the move from the beginning and adding an AB to this team.

            And forget about Gordon, he is likely not coming back. Many reports are suggesting that perhaps he failed conditions for reinstatement… Are you really surprised with the guys track record with drug abuse? Gordon has been living off his 1 All-Pro season for years.

            • AlphaDK

              They didn’t “make’ him put his neck out there. I know every one thinks Wilson is a robot, but he’s a sentient cyberkinetic simulacrum with at least 2 degrees of free will.

              On a sorta serious note, Wilson has proven to have the ability to sidestep any deep inquisition with cliches and idioms that he throws around about as deftly as he heaves the pigskin. When he chose to go into detail about his relationship with AB, that was his personal choice- much like him spending 20 minutes opining on the George Floyd death, systemic racism, the BLM movement, and his experiences as darker skinned individual in America.

              Pretty sure Wilson has some thick skin at this point.

              As for Gordon, it’s unclear what the terms of his suspension are, because he was cited under both drugs of abuse and performance enhancing, and pot doesn’t fall in the latter, so it’s not like he “only” abused something that’s no longer tested for (or banned). Given where he was on the entire banned substances spectrum, it’s possible he got hit with that lifetime ban with minimum of 12 months before reinstatement, if permitted. I’d guess he’ll be notified he can play only as soon as Dec 19 (12 months), and he will be permitted to practice with his team 3-4 weeks before that. But that’s a just a wild guess.

        • Kingdome1976

          Don’t we get the Jets 4th rounder for our 3rd? If so isn’t that like a 5 pick difference?

          • Rob Staton


            Fourth rounder isn’t until 2022.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Thought that for a minute too, but:

      The reporters asked Russell what 4 questions about AB?

      How many did they ask PC? Dont remember hearing any.

      • Rob Staton

        Zero questions today.

        • BobbyK

          They asked about Pete’s knee and Covid though. Don’t have to worry about that anymore. Sigh.

          • Rob Staton


            • SeaTown

              I think we need more questions about voting.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Didnt think so. Its weird how different the local media covered this story as pertaining to Russ and PC. Its certainly not equal.

            Those questions about PCs knee were too legit! Seriously though its good that he’ll be on the sideline.

  32. 12th chuck

    anyone else think there is a sh*t storm coming with a meltdown within the seahawks organization?

    • Rob Staton

      Well look at it this way…

      — Wilson wanted AB
      — Seattle tried to sign him, with Carroll confirming their interest yet receiving now blow-back
      — Seattle then had Wilson do a press conference where he, not Carroll, was challenged by the media
      — Seattle then loses out to TB

      I would be very interested to know how Wilson feels about that.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        It kind of played out like the article you wrote the other day. If Russell is willing to stick his neck out for AB, then Russ is the one responsible for all that comes with it.

        • Kingdome1976

          I thought the gist of it was IF we actually sign AB then Russ has to be responsible. I think this whole thing is overblown. Nobody will care about Russ talking about AB in a press conference 2 weeks from now.

    • 12th chuck

      lets just hope it isn’t a “see, we tried to get him but it was too rich for us right now” and find out that it was affordable. either way, pc/js are looking like scmucks

  33. Mike

    I love the NFL. I love the hawks. But let’s not pretend that either even has a moral compass. The line is there only for appearances and they may be willing to go over that line if a player is good enough.

    This is the team that had Tom Cable on the coaching staff, drafted Frank Clark, and extended Jarran Reed, just off the top of my head. I do my best not to pass judgment and just enjoy the games. That may make me part of the problem, but the real problem is that NFL gives lip service to caring about the issue. Teams care about winning above all else. And let’s be real—who among us is upset to have a fantasy team that has Joe Mixon, Kareem Hunt, and Tyreek Hill on it?

    Sure, this might be a reflection point for the Hawks to think about their values, but the same is true for the league and it’s fans.

    • BobbyK

      They also traded for Percy Harvin who threatened to kill his college position coach (physically choked him), his head football coach in Minnesota (Brad Childress) and then had problems with one of the nicest head coaches in NFL history his final year in Minnesota (Leslie Frazier). When you could get suspended for marijuana in the NFL – the Seahawks knowingly traded for a player who admitted to getting high before every single NFL game of his career. I don’t care anyone’s stance on the issue – they simply traded a 1, 3, 7 and gave a lot of money to a psycho who didn’t follow any league rules.

      If you’re going to flirt with A. Brown – you better seal the deal and get him because now they really look like clowns. Kind of like what they did with the DL the past year and a half.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Was with you 100% until the end. The ongoing DL blunder is way worse. Its involved a series of stumbled moves. Either way not great.

  34. Hughz

    Maybe so. I just think it’s harsh to criticize the FO when we as fans only have a glimpse of what’s going on.

    • Rob Staton

      Hughz, we don’t need to know any more other than these two facts:

      1. They wanted to sign him, and were still hoping to sign him right until the last minute (per Schefter) despite his track record off the field

      2. They only didn’t sign him because they lost out to someone else

  35. BobbyK

    If the Seahawks want people to forget about this mess… they should give fans something to talk about or focus on… perhaps like trading for an EDGE rusher…

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t worry Bob — 99% of the fan base have already forgotten they wanted AB.

      And 65% still think the LOB II will make up for the lack of pass rush.

      • TomLPDX

        You know what, Rob, I haven’t forgotten that I DIDN’T want AB but also knew I had absolutely NO say in that decision. I had to either accept it our ask myself if this is a team I want to support. I’ve been asking myself that question all week…and longer.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s fine. I’m sure many have asked that question this week.

  36. LargentFan

    What about we, as Hawks fan, support the team, the head coach and the GM while we’re in the middle of our first (in like EVER) 5-0 start? What about we reserve the criticism to when (if) they lose?

    In other words, what this relentless criticism and negativity is trying to accomplish?

    • Rob Staton

      I guess some of us believe when the team tries to sign, and their players vouch for, people who have been accused multiple times of sexual assault and rape, it’s a necessary topic to discuss, even if it involves criticism.

      And others, such as yourself, just want to be a ‘true fan’ who spends their time trawling the internet, trying to tell other fans how they should act.

      • LargentFan

        You’re being incredibly self righteous, Rob.

        What would make you happy? Seriously. Assuming we can’t hop in a time machine and force Schneider at gun point to make the personel moves you wished he made, what is the end game of your continuous criticism of the FO? An appology? Carrol and Schneider resigning? They losing just so you can say “I told you so” to the Hawks fan base?

        • Rob Staton

          Just own what you are.

          A ‘true fan’ who doesn’t want to concern himself with a discussion over the teams’ decision to pursue someone with multiple sexual assault and rape allegations.

          Someone who is completely blind to anything ever being worthy of a critique because in your mind, the Seahawks can do no wrong as long as they’re winning against the 2-4 Cowboys and the 1-5 Falcons.

          Someone who, in your mind, only wants to ever read positive things. And if anyone dares challenge that, such as myself, then I am the enemy.

          And someone whose only counter to the legitimate points people like I raise is to undermine, imply that I have an agenda and challenge my own credentials as a fan. Because you can’t answer any of the serious points raised. Your only choice is to ridicule and insult in the hope that it’ll make up for the lack of a coherent argument.

          • LargentFan

            Keep offending your readers, Rob. That’s a good look.

            Did not answer my question. What would make you happy? Being named general manager of the Seattle Seahawks?

            • Rob Staton

              Oh, you’re offended?

              Why? Because I called you out? Truth hurts?

              Get out of here. You’re not welcome.

              • Rob Staton

                ‘LargentFan’ followed this up with another pathetic reply that I have removed.

                Let me make this clear. People who to try and deflect fair criticism of the team by undermining because they have no actual counter arguments are not welcome here.

            • STTBM

              Sorry Rob, I have to say something. LargentFan, it’s Rob’s blog, he can offend someone. I have had issues with his behavior, but not this time. You, LargentFan, offend me. I am also a true fan, and so is Rob, though he and I sometimes disagree. You certainly are not the arbiter of who or what a true fan is, so get a grip.

  37. Cortez Kennedy

    It is what it is. From a purely selfish, fantasy football perspective, I wish he would have signed with Seattle (picked him up Wednesday). As a Seahawks fan I was conflicted. Hopefully, the league figures something out with Gordon soon.

    Now figure something out with this mess on defense.

  38. Mac

    Winning matters, Russ wants to avoid being a qb with only one Super Bowl but unless they let him cook, he would not only not have a chance this year but his very legacy was/is on the line. Other qbs like Brees and Rodgers have only one Super Bowl but they have stat lines Russ is unlikely to end up with.
    Pete Carroll oversaw a LOB dynasty that never was, his soul must be gutted to go out on Sunday and see his defense get gashed. The jets could probably get multiple touchdowns on us in full tank mode.

    I think Russ and the organization is willing to morally compromise to win, you can’t count on NFL teams, players etc to be arbiters of morality. On that note, the organization completely botched this. They made themselves vulnerable to the criticisms of willingness to sign Antonio Brown while not ending up with the player.

    Personally, if I was John Schneider I would of signed Antonio Brown. The ownership of my organization is invisible, criticism would be unlikely to go to Jodi Allen. It’s not like I’m reporting to the Mara family or the Ford family.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think anything was holding them back from signing him. He simply chose TB.

      • Mac

        I didn’t expect it based on Bruce Arians comments earlier in the year. I guess things change in the pursuit of the SuperBowl, didn’t think they needed another wide receiver.

        • Chris Alexander

          Never underestimate the pursuit of a Super Bowl + injuries to the receiving group. Mike Evans has a bad ankle, Chris Godwin missed time with a hamstring injury, and Scotty Miller is nursing an injury as well. AB could very well be their healthiest WR come Week 9.

          That said, once all of them are healthy … HOLY SHIT!

    • Mac

      *one quick aside, I’m not telling anyone in this comment about how you should feel about the possible signing. To shame you if you believe we should have signed him or to highlight the benefits of doing so for the people who say we shouldn’t have.
      Just what’s going on in my head. Hope you all are having a Good Friday,

  39. Washington Will

    I feel like the bigger question is why did we miss? Again, A player we are in on, and seemingly have been in on for months and yet at the 12th hour they pivot elsewhere and we are left holding the bag. Once again the front office has questions that I want answered, but are hidden behind an all too cozy media and a glossy overall record hiding some very ugly roster concerns lurking in the shadows. Keep preaching Rob.

  40. TomLPDX

    Yet another talking point:

    This whole thing has really left me cold.

    • Sea Mode

      Did Florio seriously just post that with a straight face?

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a preposterous article from Florio.

      • Chris Alexander

        To be fair, if the AB signing DOES blow up in Tampa Bay’s face then all JS needs to do is post that article on the Seahawks blog with a handwritten note that says, “Yep, that’s what we did,” next to a picture of RW3 hoisting the Super Bowl trophy and he’s a shoo-in for GM of the Century.

        Note: You could use a SARCASM font on this site 🙂

    • cha

      Every time I creep back towards “Florio has some valid things to say” he posts something like this.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Hum. That is a doozy article. LOL

  41. Tien


    The point that Rob tried to make in this article is that the Seahawks were clearly willing to cast away any pretense of concern about a player’s character and willing to face disapproval from fans for signing such a shitty person like AB. AB is still probably a wonderfully talented player on the field but man, not anyone I want to cheer on or be proud of as a Seahawks.

    And Rob’s point is that if the front office was willing to do this, they better do whatever is needed to get it done; otherwise, this shows that the front office is not only morally bankrupt but also incredibly incompetent. Basically, the front office took the negative hits to their image for wanting to sign such a terrible person and couldn’t even get it done.

    • Rob Staton

      They took on all the bad that comes with connecting yourself to Antonio Brown — for absolutely no return.

    • Lewis

      I do find it surprising, Tien. Certainly they have been willing to give guys second chances, but they have also always talked about character. Antonio Brown is not, by any definition I am familiar with, a high-character guy. It certainly feels like a departure for them. I have no problem with people criticizing the move. If that meets the definition of holding them accountable, then sure.

  42. Rob Staton

    I’m off to bed.

    Can’t wait to read the comments in a few hours… 👀

  43. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    I simply do not understand why basic English comprehension is so difficult for (apparently) most of the readers on this blog. Rob’s point should be obvious – it IS NOT a question of the outcome, it is a question of INTENT and MOTIVES.

    The Seahawks WANTED to sign a very disreputable individual. One who has been accused by (multiple women, not just one) of sexual misconduct. They were simply outbid by an organization that wallows in the same moral gutter as the Seattle Seahawks. This coming from an organization who’s GM (after drafting Frank Clark) said “we would never sign a player who engaged in violence against women”. And then disclosed that their “investigation” into FC consisted of talking to FC’s friends and family (literally). And after Jarran Reed was suspended for 6 games after assaulting his girlfriend (yes it did happen read the police report – I did) they happily signed him after the season, with coach Wonka enthusing ” hes’s one of our guys!”

    And yet coach Wonka continues to pontificate freely at press conferences about the importance of social justice. And then freely engages in revisionist history by saying “gee we REALLY REALLY wanted to sign Colin Kaepernick, but gosh golly we knew he was starting quarterback, so we didn’t. And NO ONE IN THE SEATTLE PRESS HAS THE COJONES to call him on ANYTHING. Most people that are morally bankrupt have enough self awareness to KNOW THAT THEY ARE and keep quiet in shame. Not PC and JS – they freely say whatever they want, knowing that no one will hold them accountable. These two ass-clowns are the second coming of Elmer Gantry – and most of the Seahawks fans slobber adoringly at their sight. Their d quirky, idiosyncratic draft history the past few years demonstrates the arrogance of an organization that is always trying to prove how smart they are. And when they (always too late) realized they aren’t, they overcompensate, panic – and we end up with the Jamaal Adams trade. They are abjectly incompetent and morally bankrupt – why do they STILL HAVE JOBS?

    • Tecmo Bowl

      JS/PC have jobs because they are the best this organization has ever had, when we are talking wins and losses. Thats ultimately what they’re responsible for doing. Playoff expectations for 10 years running is pretty cool. We are 5-0 with Super Bowl or bust this year. Again pretty cool. Other than Tez the 90s were pretty rough for a Seahawk fan.

      One of the biggest reasons for Petes resume of success is because hes a great leader who genuinely cares about his players. He has to walk a line too fine for perfection. So yeah there is some hypocrisy, but feel like PC deserves more respect.

      Personally I do not view giving players, like Clark and Reed, a second chance as a bad thing. AB is a different story and is getting chance #4?+? Police reports and what actually happened often differ greatly. People deserve second chances, if they prove unworthy or screw up-cut ties. Harvin wasnt in Seattle long.

      Tom Brady isnt receiving any backlash. It’s on brand for him and Belichek.

      • Jordan E

        And Tom Brady and Belichick are considered largely the best at what they do at their respective positions.

        I am certain that Russell wants to be considered the best- and he has the ability to do so. The guy named his son- WIN Wilson for crying out loud. Wilson wants to soar and be memorialized as one of- if not- the best at his position.

        Extremely disappointing the Hawks created this mess and then blew this by letting AB slip through their fingers to TB. This move literally had no risk to it- besides what fans would have thought – BEFORE we started winning. We could have just cut this guy if he acted up. The locker room is strong- and DK and Lockett are not helpless players who are unable to stand up for themselves if AB acted up. Pete handled Percy + Golden Tate (RW beef) + Earl Thomas + Michael Bennett + Richard Sherman + Marshawn (who used to have a bad reputation) all during the season we won the SB. The leadership of this team is solid. Thinking that they could not handle AB is a disrespect to the leadership ability of our players.

        If TB wins the SB this year- they will be remembered as SB Winners, not as the guys who signed AB. The Hawks Season will be forgotten (perhaps only Wilson will be remembered for winning an MVP).

  44. Steve Nelsen

    Even if you feel the Seahawks whiffed; they whiffed on adding a #3 receiver mid season. All this talk about “accountability” or PCJS being “abjectly incompetent” is ridiculous!

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Well put. A toxic #3 WR. D Mo has stepped his game up this year too.

      • Jordan E

        Except the fact the #3 WR can rise to the #1 WR. This guy is not even comparable to David Moore.

        • Steve Nelsen

          He hasn’t played in over a year so you really don’t know what he is but he for sure isn’t replacing DK or Tyler so yeah, on Seattle he would have been a #3.

          • Jordan E

            I’d bet money on that. Just watch him in TB. No one questions his talent. A bad AB is still a top 20 WR.

    • Jordan E

      If the Hawks don’t win this year- there is no other explanation than Pete & JS’s failure to address the pass rush and to even add an AB to this team. Yes, we are undefeated so far. But if you really think that we are that much better than the Ravens, Chiefs & now Buccaneers then you are kidding yourself.

      The only way we could stay with these teams was to score a lot. Putting your organization out there and defending signing AB- and then LOSING out on him- that really shows some a failure in understanding the market and what was going on the league. If we don’t make a trade for a DL then this Hawks team is really risking their SB Window. Yes, with Russ there is always a chance- but again – no one ever questioned AB’s talent and work ethic. He is a beast on the field. If we weren’t even going to sign him- we shouldn’t have put Pete and Russ on the line and then just have him get signed to another team- which are now likely favorites for the NFC Championship.

  45. James Z

    I am pretty sure that Paul Allen would never have allowed things to get so out of control. Even as competent as PC/JS have seem to be, they almost appear to be out of there element now that Allen has died. In any hierarchical arrangement like this it matters who sits on the throne. Poorly played by the 3 most significant people in the organization thus far this season.

    • JC3

      Probably another BS sign the minimum and win a championship sales pitch turns people off.

  46. Hughz

    Looking back now, do you think it was ABs agent (rather than the Seahawks) leaking the Seahawks interest to get TB to up there offer?

    • Chris Alexander

      That probably makes more sense. But, honestly, we’ll (probably) never know … nor does it really matter. Story leaked and Tampa Bay landed the “prize”. C’est la vie.

    • Scot04

      Wilson has been expressing his desire to have Brown on the team before the season even started. So everyone knew about their interest long ago.

  47. Steve Nelsen

    Seattle began the offseason with no starting LG (Iupati), no starting RT (Ifedi), no starting C (Britt injury), their starting TE coming off serious injury (Dissly), both their RBs coming off injury (Carson, Penny), no backup swing tackle (Fant), an injury prone starting RG (Fluker), a terrible backup C (Hunt) and no #3 WR.

    They signed a starting RT (Shell), a C (Finney) and a backup swing tackle (Ogbuehi) combined for less than the Jets paid for Fant. They signed a starting TE (Olsen), a solid #2 RB Hyde, resigned Iupati cheap, and drafted a RG in the 3rd round (Lewis) who is already starting and playing well. The offensive line which was below average for years is now one of the best pass blocking lines in the game. The WR they traded up to draft in the 2nd round last year (Metcalf) is one of the most exciting young players in the league. The Seattle offense is #1 in the league and the improved O-line play and WR quality has allowed Russ to put together what may be a historic MVP season. The team is undefeated so far in the season.

    But you want to “challenge” PCJS because of the way they handled AB? Good grief!

    • charlietheunicorn

      I understand where Rob is coming from however. I may not agree with all of it, but the overall “plan” doesn’t seem to make much sense from the outside looking in…… for example, it is pretty apparent what the Ravens have and are doing…. going for it while Lamar is cheap.

      • Chase

        You could have left the last part of that last sentence out. “The Ravens are going for it.” Period. It does not seem like there is a shred of urgency in Seattle’s front office. I refuse to believe they think our defense is good enough as is. Makes this all the more frustrating.

      • CaptainJack

        Watch as the steelers win the north and the ravens are one and done in the playoffs, for the third year in a row. That would be glorious.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I do.

      And if you don’t get it after reading the article, then I’m not going to waste my time repeating myself.

  48. Denver Hawker

    Too many unknowns to go and pass complete judgment on this issue.
    – I think it’s more likely AB agent leaked the news early in the week and put the Hawks in an awkward defensive posture. This is more common and would be out of pattern for the Hawks to leak it out as speculated.
    – I believe Schefter- they were in it til the end. I don’t believe he took less money to go to TB. Hawks had a price and couldn’t make an attractive enough offer. All things equal, AB probably prefers Arians/Brady given familiarity and more targets. But Money Talks, they could have bid more.
    – If the core issue here is to unmask the “good guy” image and media persona of Russ/Pete for going after AB, then have at it. I find their schtick obnoxious and lacking authenticity. But I personally just don’t see the fuss you’re making it to be. The bigger issue is they have yet to improve this team approaching the trade deadline. Clocks ticking.

    • Rob Staton

      We have all the info we need to pass judgement

      • STTBM


  49. Jordan E

    Again, the biggest objections to this move is Seahawks fans, while the rest of the league fears the hawks signing AB. This whole moralistic crap is ridiculous. The point is to win a Superbowl.

    Do you all really think AB would have blown the locker room- with the culture and leadership already established in the Seahawks organization? Let’s not forget Frank Clark domestic abuse, Marshawn Lynch’s terrible reputation before redemption in Seattle; and Pete managing- Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas personalities simultaneously.

    The whole point of the game is to win a SB. If you aren’t going to make any moves for DL help. At least make some move to improve the offense. Now were left with a pissed of Russell (I imagine for teasing this) and the narrative that if the Seahawks don’t win the SB this year- it was because they were too moralistic and afraid of signing AB.

    Again, Russ and Pete’s job is to win- thats their job. There job isn’t to be just “good” guys. New England is remembered in history as a dynasty for winning. Not for how moral they went about it.

    • McZ

      Take pride over prejudice, Rob.
      Those morons don’t ever dream to accomplish what you did.

      This is the year we finally found out, that this society is not built upon careful consideration, it’s built on blind followership. Monty Python nailed it. It’s frightening.

      On the topic itself, I think we have to add PCs pro bowl appearance. I guess some guys came away not too impressed?

  50. swedenhawk

    whether or not you wanted AB, this is incredibly embarrassing for the franchise.

    • DougK

      It was the NFL league office that reinstated him. They decided, whether anyone else agrees or not, that AB was suitable for any team in the league that wanted him. If anyone feels AB is not suitable (and I do have concerns myself), it is the NFL that should be held “accountable” or be embarrassed. The Seahawks saw some value in AB just like the Raiders, New England, and now TB. Seattle lost out on the negotiations. Happens all the time in professional sports. Simple as that. The deal is done. Move on and address the bigger need, the DL.

      • swedenhawk

        It has little to do with the league office. It has everything to do with the Seahawks publicly courting a highly controversial player and then failing to seal the deal. It’s embarrassing not only for the team, but also for Wilson personally. AB made him his bitch.

  51. Daniel

    My hope is that with all the news attention on Brown returning (checkered past and all), maybe the NFL will move to let Gordon come back. His issues would seem to pale in comparison, don’t you think?

  52. Matty

    Lots of moaning about the off season and yet with no if’s, buts, might be, could have …we are 5-0. If we had a great off season we could only be 5-0 at this stage. To loose Brown and Clowney to me might just show an organisation that’s not prepared to offer big names with health or off field issues any type of money.

    • Rob Staton

      Then don’t call Clowney a priority.

      And don’t try and sign Brown.


  53. Rob Staton

    Woke up and read the comments.

    It was worse than even I expected.

    This year has been a real eye-opener for me. I always figured this was mostly a mature, sensible fanbase that could handle big conversations on topics, even if it was negative. I always thought this community had something special. That it avoided the typically awful discourse that was found on other forums and was willing to have a robust, serious discussion without kid-gloves.

    Increasingly I think I was mistaken. There’s a bunch of people that only want to read what they want to read. And now that I’ve dared to challenge the Seahawks on a couple of BIG issues (how they dealt with their self-confessed priority for the year and the controversial attachment to Antonio Brown for absolutely no reason in the end) — people are questioning my motives, my mental health, my support of this team.

    For the first time in 12 years I’m starting to think I can’t be arsed any more.

    • Matty

      Keep posting on issues no one else posts
      I like this about your website
      Gives me the hump at times, maybe we all need to suit-up and take a few hits without bitching

      • David Ashton

        You definitely have the biggest willy on this board Rob!

    • SoCal12

      Well to be quite frank Rob, I’m not quite sure you’re ever going to find what you’re looking from the general public. The internet and its fanbases are too nebulous and fluid to pin down to a set group with predictable or expected discourse. The only way I’ve seen regular deep discussion happen in my years of crawling the internet is when there’s a core group of users who all know each other fairly well and really enforce strict guidelines to their discussions (which comes with it’s own risk of being an echo chamber but I digress).

      Otherwise, when you post publicly to the internet it’s basically like giving a speech in the middle of a massive town square. You’ll get some people who genuinely listen, but there’s lots of people just passing judgement and moving on, or shouting back and arguing with you or each other. Basically lots and lots of rabble and noise. The only way I’ve found to actually have a discussion at that point, is to tune out the noise and engage with the people who you actually want to engage with.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        Well said

    • DriveByPoster

      Hi Rob,

      First up, good article!

      There is an argument to say that issues like DV, drugs or whatever are for the proper legal authorities & process to resolve & isn’t any business of employers or empler’s organisations like the NFL to get involved in pre-judging them. The purpose of the Seahawks organisation is to entertain people & win football games & they should do what they can, within the rules, to achieve that. I have some sympathy with that view.

      However, the ‘hawks organisation (& many sporting businesses across the globe) have put themselves forward as community leaders & ‘good’ guys. They can’t have it both ways and going after Antonio Brown & other morally ‘dubious’ characters puts the two faces of the organisation in fundamental conflict.

      I am so glad that they put RW up in front of the press to answer some difficult questions for once. By way of speculation, part of me wonders if this wasn’t actually part of the organisations response to Russ’ pre-season campaigning. Something along the lines of “You wanted him, now get out there & face the music. Not so easy running a franchise, is it!?”. But, of course, this is pure speculation based on my own, somewhat malicious joy in seeing the ‘holier-than-thou’ RW uncomfortable in a press conference for once.

      In any event, you wrote a good & right article. If people don’t like your conclusions & can put up a reasonable argument against it then that’s one thing but if they are just offended by your failure to be a member of the happy cuddles club then they can sod off & read someone else’s blog can’t they! Don’t let them chase you off the board mate. Keep up the good work!

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Might be time to get some type of moderation help or move platforms from wordpress. Seems to be taxing you too much over these last couple seasons.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not taxing and I had much more grief in my old job. It’s par for the course.

        I just thought this place was above that.

    • BruceN

      Rob, after reading the comments it seems to me most are agreeing with you. A few have a different perspective. Such is life. The best part about this blog is that it provides an opportunity for people to read fantastic material and then have a conversation about it. Did I miss the part that they questioned your mental health and motives? To me you are a fantastic fan (in a land where soccer rules) that loves the Hawks and has created and nurtures this community. Keep up the great work.

      • Rob Staton

        You’ve not seen the ones I had to remove.

        • BruceN

          Fair enough. If someone did really commented on you mental state of mind that was over the top.

          On a different note, are there any credible rumors about players we are targeting? I haven’t seen anything besides possible targets articles. Really hope JS is looking into every possibility. Bucs, after adding AB, just leap frogged the Hawks as the favorite in NFC.

          • Rob Staton

            It was two people.

            • Jim N

              Rob, i too am one who enjoys your thoughtful articles. This blog is certainly a go to. I don’t post very often but read it all.

              Somewhere in the comments you said, or at least i thought you did, that compensation wasn’t the issue. I think conversation about AB signing was one more on a vet minimum basis. I am thinking that the kicker WAS compensation. That there are more than 2 suitors. Of course, the Seahawks if they wanted to could best the TB offer and get him. They might not have been willing to ultimately come off the compensation they were willing to pay. I think we will see if the contract with TB is much more than the vet minimum. Maybe the process just got to spendy? Like a poker game?

              • Rob Staton

                No — I said the salary doesn’t matter relating to the arguments presented in the article.

                I didn’t mean it didn’t play into Brown’s decision. I just believe it’s an irrelevant point to the issues I raised in this piece.

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Rob, 2020 is real c#@t. But you’re on fire man! Keep on keeping on my guy.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Rob, since the start of the offseason you have been the most sane, rational Seahawks related journalist. This blog has kept me sane in a world of unicorn fluff.

      Other contenders keep adding pieces while we convert players to new positions, and watch our only offseason acquisition of note cheerlead from the sidelines (or home). The Seattle Seahawks literally lost their bye week!

      There are plenty of fans who seek out your (sometimes brutally) honest analysis. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments daily. Please keep it up, you’re saying what needs to be said.

    • Mike

      Victim of your own success. This has become the go to place for Seahawks discussion and debate. I’m guessing that as Field Gulls has gone downhill there has been a huge increase in readers here in the last 5 years.

      I’ve been reading since before the Carson Palmer prediction days. I haven’t agreed with every one of your takes but I’ve always found them well-reasoned and thoughtful. Keep the content coming!

      I think another factor is that at 5-0 a lot people have rose colored glasses on and to hear criticism it doesn’t match up with the enjoyment they are getting from watching the team. There are some fans who can’t simultaneously enjoy watching and be critical (which they take as negative).

  54. Martin

    Please don’t give up on it Rob – I love your stuff. You have an uncanny knack when it comes to predicting and analysing player personnel decisions and offer great insight. I understand the game and the Seahawks in a way I never would have without this blog.

  55. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Good Morning Rob. I am sorry to have read your last comment in regards to the forum and its questioning of your motives, mental health, and support of this team. As a singular self professed Seahawks fan, I apologize for the attack on your motives and mental health, that should never be a counter argument to a disagreement in this blog. As for your support of this team, I can say we have all seen you with your good luck mini-football charm you hold while watching games. God knows I have a well traveled faded path in my living room due to the constant pacing while watching the Seahawks. Most Importantly the sacrifice of what is most valuable and that is our time. Time you take to provide this forum for us as Seahawks fans. Again the sincerest of apologies.

    Now on to the issues. The self-confessed priority of adding to their pass rush. Admittedly was annoyed at your posts on the lack of success so far on their ability to fix the pass rush. Never because you were wrong or had an agenda but that you were right and that it undoubtedly showed that our hallowed front office had failed. Where they failed IMO is that the front office continues to want to get their guy on their terms (PRICE) yet turn around throw 1st round 2nd round and 3rd round picks when they missed out on another negotiation. (I’m still in favor of Adams trade even though we gave up a lot). The surplus of cap spaced twiddled away on JAG free agents when the likes of Clowney, and others were available. Totally Confusing. I feel we are in agreement on this.

    Where I cant follow you is on the issue of AB and how the Seahawks have sacrificed their moral compass and still not achieved the prize. My argument is that in the NFL, talent has always superseded moral compass despite what GM’s, Coaches, Players profess. Examples include Jerran Reid domestic dispute, Frank Clark domestic dispute, on and on. At one time Ray Lewis involved in a murder case. I don’t like it on a personal level that NFL operates this way but its been the baby with the bathwater so to speak. At end of day if the person was not prosecuted or jailed the NFL will always pursue talent. We can certainly agree that Seattle has been professing action towards certain goals and falling short. But I feel not getting AB is gonna be grounds for calling to account the moral compass of the Seahawks. Is AB on another level when it comes the amount and potency of his transgressions. Absolutely but, that doesn’t change the fact that teams will still pursue including our hallowed Seahawks.

  56. timon

    First of all: Thank you Rob for all the great content!

    This question doesn’t have anything to do with the article (hope nobody has asked this question before).

    With the cap situation being quite scary for multiple teams (due to the lowered cap next year) and the Hawks draft-stock situation for next year (only 1 pick in the first three rounds) do you think it’s possible the Hawks will “trade” cap space for draft picks? Usually not what you do when you’re window is wide open but still something to consider (maybe?)

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      In NFL cap space is not something you can trade for to gain draft picks.

      • timon


        Thank you for answering the question. It’s true that you cannot straight up trade picks for cap space but there are ways of doing it. You usually take on a bad contract and get a good pick in return. The Browns did that when they got Brock Osweiler (his contract was quite pricy) and as far as I know the Saints tried doing it this year when they didn’t have enough cap space for Clowney.

        So what do you think – should the Seahawks trade cap spce for a good pick?

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          No I wouldn’t. Never good idea to ever take on a bad contract. Unless you generally feel player will perform for your team which would then not make it a bad contract. But I think that’s pretty rare.

  57. Quinn

    This is a terrible look. I was in the camp that didn’t want him under any circumstances and FWIW I am also unconvinced that it would have been a good football move. I agree with Rob almost entirely here. This is genuinely something that we as Seahawks fans should be agitated about and there is real reputational damage, that has nothing to do with the success of the pursuit. PC/JS/RW do not get a pass on this because their pursuit failed. It is the pursuit itself that is the problem, and thus no bullet has been dodged.

    An earlier poster made a good point about the leadership vacuum we have at ownership. I find it had to believe that the same public courtship of Brown would have happened if Paul Allen was still with us. I sincerely hope that this is an aberration and not the beginning of a trend and a few more press conferences where the protagonists are challenged on this might dissuade them from similar moves.

    [Perhaps this week would have been better spent orchestrating a trade for Ngakoue]

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Am I missing something? Did AB get indicted/proven guilty on anything? In this country is it not innocent until proven guilty? If indeed he was than yes, I agree this a bad look. We in todays society want to convict a man in the court of public opinion.

      Is he accused of gross sexual assaults’ YES. But he has not been prosecuted and it looks as though the NFL signed off on his Re-instatement. Which we can all agree loaded with the best legal and investigative minds in the world. Just saying

  58. GlastoHawkUK

    Rob, please ignore the ridiculous comments. You do a fantastic job on this blog. Having discovered the blog a couple of years ago it has become my go to site for Seahawks information, I now rarely visit other sites as the discussions usually centre more on what uniform combo will be worn in the upcoming matches, than our DL, unless I am missing something most are tired and dire. Watched a few minutes of another Seahawk related podcast recently, a few minutes was more than enough.
    This site has a good, informed and often insightful discussion forum. Maybe those who want it to be a cheerleading site for Pete and Russel should look elsewhere, all organisations should be held accountable for their actions, sadly the Seattle media seems mostly incapable of this.
    To a much lesser extent than you Rob, over the past few years I have spent far more money and time than I should have watching the Seahawks (even flying out of Heathrow on game day and arriving with an hour to spare, with the associated stress that brings), suffering the nail biting last seconds at 3.30 am and getting up 3 hours later for the journey to work. Then enjoying your great podcast with Robbie later that evening. Rest assured your stories of how you saw the game in the early hours are much appreciated.
    This Sunday is going to be very interesting, if Russ performs below his normal standard, speculation will no doubt reach high levels.
    I look forward to your after game thoughts and your podcast with Robbie, it’s going to be a good one for sure.
    Please keep up the great work you do on this site, and enjoy whichever game you are covering today be it Barnsley or Hull, I have no game today as my teams match at Accrington is of due to Covid.

  59. moritz

    The problem I am having with this turn of events is that there are several layers to be considered and in all of them the Seahawks came up on the side i did not want them to be at.

    First and foremost ethical: Should the Seahawks even think about signing someone with the off court resumé of AB? imo: no – yet they did. Question to be raised: Where do you put the line which off court actions are still tolerable to be a part of your sports team?

    Second, potential sports upside vs. locker room downside: I can somehow understand why they would be willing to take a gamble here, especially with Russ wanting him. Though it was at least weird seeing them value the sports upside over the locker room downside in this particular situation (I don t follow the conversation here long enough, but i think you guys discussed that they tried to reset the culture by getting rid of specific players some time ago / value interviews in the draft process often more highly than pure sports upside etc.)

    Third, (in)ability to sign someone. If they decide to go the route that did take, then at least get the guy.
    Whatever the reason was they didn t get to sign him, it again puts the Seahawks in a not favorable light. If it was for guaranteed money (this case considered in a vacuum i could perfectly understand, why they could have been reluctant), what does RW reads out of this in regards of putting him in the best position to win? If they can use their remaining resources to sign/ trade an impact rusher – fine. but what if they stay put until after the trade deadline?

    I suspect the FO is somehow desperate at the moment, and probably rightly so, after an so-so offseason and draft. If they weren t,
    – would they have answered the ethical question in the way they did? – I guess no.
    – would they have answered the potential sports upside vs. locker room downside question the way they did? – I guess no.
    – would they even have to had bother RW wanting a certain guy? – I guess at least less than they have to right now.

    And thus I am concerned. The FO has had a bad stretch, is starting to abandon key principles (1 & 2), and Russ’ quest for superstars/ friends: Clowney, AB did not happen while with Adams the jury is still out.

    5:0 might conceal some issues on the surface but this is not going in the right direction.
    Rob and community: Do you see a short term scenario (e.g. offseason) for RW saying: I am the only reason we are winning, i could be way better off on a better team?!

  60. Henry Taylor

    On a different note, I just watched the Wisconsin highlights, how good did Graham Mertz look in his first start?

    20/21 248yds and 5TDs (including 3 for Jake Ferguson who could be a riser a TE after failing to progress much last year).

  61. Danzell

    This is without a doubt one of the most disappointing stories I have ever seen about the Pete Carroll lead Seattle Seahawks. What was the purpose of this? They are 5-0 with an efficient offence and a talented group of receivers. Why would they in this situation be willing to sell their soul to obtain a maniac like Brown? Why would you want to create the perception that you are willing to embrace his character despite his antics and the accusations brought against him?

    To me, it really highlights Russell’s biggest weakness in that he remains so much in a bubble that he can at times be completely tone-deaf and unable to see the complete picture on the things he is commenting on. He should be held accountable here – especially under consideration of the influence he has on younger people and the example we want to set for ourselves.

    I personally don’t care about the fact that the Bucs and Brady were willing to take this chance. It highlights for me that Brady is willing go a long way to ensure he is winning – classic example of the end justifies the means.

    I hold this team to a higher standard and I generally have a lot of respect for Pete Carroll. But he is better than this.

    • Danzell

      I made this post before seeing your comment about your disappointment in the feedback you have received from the community as a result of your critical view of the team’s decisions regarding this case. This is frankly sad to me as the fact that you are critically assessing the decisions of the Seattle Seahawks is one of the reasons I enjoy your articles quite a lot.

      Do I always agree with your opinions – not always – but you always reason your opinions in a detailed manner which I respect quite a lot. You make yourself available for praise and criticism when voicing your opinion and when it concerns an issue such as this, it will draw the ire of the heard who will side with the team as long as they are winning.

      You have however showed that you voiced your opinion, when it decidedly appeared as if questions regarding moral, character and integrity was not a focal point of our organization (FO / Carroll, Wilson), which in hindsight and in my opinion may be the most important point to draw from this.

      I hope you do not become discourage because of this.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

  62. TheOtherJordan

    So basically the Seahawks were bailed out of a PR disaster and locker room cancer by their own ineptitude? What a joke.

    And what’s so disappointing is Antonio Brown would have been such an unbelievable pass rusher. What are Pete Carrol and John doing?

    • Jordan E

      Haha. Reports are in that S. Sullivan is gonna get some playing time as well.

    • Wade

      LOL. Spot on, my man. How funny is the “they leaked their interest only so someone else would sign him take”? The logical hoops some people will jump through…

  63. Kingdome1976

    What if it’s just this simple… Russ/FO wanted AB and thought they were going to land him so they went public. Then TB comes into the picture at the last minute and AB still wanted to play with Brady more than Russ. This whole thing could just be that AB wanted to play with Brady. Speculation, yes. But we don’t know all the facts and now it doesn’t matter.

    • TheOtherJordan

      Then they didn’t care about the off field situations with Brown and were outmaneuvered by another front office. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

      • GerryG

        We don’t know that they were out maneuvered. They can be in on the deal up to the last second and lose because AB decided TB is better.

        Regardless of if they were or not, I seem think this a massive non issue and I just don’t really care at all. I’m surprised it’s gotten, not this much, but any traction actually. Perhaps I’m significantly in the minority there.

    • Rob Staton

      It does matter.

      As laid out in the article, which I’m not repeating.

  64. hawkfanforetenity

    Rob, very sad to me that you have to deal with so much crap for posting your logical, well laid out thoughts. It makes me even sadder to hear that it is finally starting to weigh you down. The rest of us can skip the comments that we don’t fell like reading, but as this is your blog, I guess you don’t have that luxury.

    Anyway, I hope you keep on posting, and stick to what you believe is a fair view. I’ll still keep coming to read!

    • timon

      Very well said!
      I’m very grateful for all the good content.
      Quite disappointing how negative some of the people are.
      Please keep up the great work!

  65. GerryG

    On a much lighter note, anyone else feel that any slight chance of a more normal, less frantic game went out the window with the shift to Primetime? No way this game is settled with more than :30 seconds left on the clock. So much for a good nights rest before Monday morning work wake-up

  66. Jordan E

    Rob, keep posting your opinions of the Hawks. One great thing about this blog is that you post views that aren’t always glowing about the team and that are logical and not just regurgitation of what Pete / Hawks say in interviews.

    Definitely one of the best blogs out there on the Hawks.

    P.S. on a side note to all the AB doubters. AB hasnt even posted anything on social media about signing with TB. Hes been receiving therapy for past few months and may actually be humbled and rehabilitated. The Hawks dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully the move they are forced to make from this failure does not reek of desperation…

  67. Trevor

    What I have learned from this off season and the AB fiasco is that listening any of the press conference PC or JS do is a complete and utter waste of time as it is nothing but a pile of fluff and bullshit to appease a fanbase.

    They state a bunch of priorities and then don’t followup on any of it. Things were not always like this. When Paul Allen was running the show I always thought he was the perfect hands off owner but clearly he was very involved in one aspect. Paul Allen made PC / JS accountable to him, the organization and the fan base. Since his unfortunate death this organization seems like a boat floating down the river without a steering wheel or rudder to steer it out of harm on in the right direction.

    The 5-0 record is misleading and hides the truth. The Hawks are winning because of Russ and some other special players despite the management and coaching incompetence.

    I have always been a fan of PC / JS but this past year has been beyond frustrating not so much because of the on feild product but because of what could have been with just the slightest amount of competence.

    Truly hope they find a new owner soon who will come in and demand accountability or take the team in another direction. I feel if not Russ will be gone when his contract is up having wasted one of the all time great QBs in his prime.

    • Gohawks5151

      Over the years they have been pretty good about taking care of their stated needs. This year just hurts because it was so obvious and they finally made offensive changes. I couldn’t agree more on the owner comment.

    • Lewis

      This makes a ton of sense to me. I can think of many cases where the best is brought out of creative minds when they are forced to walk a line or short a boundary, but their work really drops off if given complete freedom.

      Maybe the FO has a bit too much freedom

    • AlaskaHawk

      If they keep trading away future draft picks they will also be a team without a future.

  68. Easy Answers Hard Choices

    JS and Coach Wonka ARE abjectly incompetent and arrogant to boot – it has simply been masked by Russell Wilson’s brilliance. Without him this is an 0-5 football team. So RW’s brilliance will guarantee middling results for the next several years. So welcome to football hell, a place where PC and JS’ foolishness (the past five or so years) has resulted in an inferior roster and very little means for improving it. And not enough cap space to instantly rebuild a roster to Russell Wilson’s liking. The (not) dynamic duo have always been so anxious and proud to demonstrate how much smarter they are than the mainstream – which has produced quirky, inexplicable drafts including the likes of Christine Michael, Germaine Ifedi, Bruce Irvin (instead of Fletcher Cox) Paul Richardson (Devante Adams), Malik McDowell (TJ Watt), Ethan Pocic (“we had to have him”) and the final coup-de-grace – Rashaad Penny (Nick Chubb). Not to mention Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor. JB’s best (only) position is MLB (I think they have that one covered already) and Darrell Taylor may never play a down in the NFL. They then traded Frank Clark, and with their subsequent draft capital in 2019 were planning on drafting (if reports are to believed) Brian Burns (or Montez Sweat?) and Jonathan Abrams – only to be outsmarted on draft day and ending up with….LJ Collier, Marquise Blair and speed bump Cody Barton. To compound the problem, their never-ending mistakes in the draft have resulted in spending more draft capital in trades that yielded Sheldon Richardson and Jadeveon Clowney – based on the misconception that that SR and JC would likely re-sign – why wouldn’t anyone want to play for the smartest guys on the planet? Two characteristics of arrogant people – they believe they’re popular – everyone likes them and wants to be with them, and they also believe they’re smarter than everyone else. Arrogance leads to laziness, unpreparedness and hence no backup plan. Only when it’s too late do arrogant people realize they’ve been outsmarted which leads to acts of desperation – hence I give you the Jamaal Adams trade. BTW they could have had Eric Reid for free.

    • Rusty

      lol chill

      • Big Mike

        Why should he? I don’t see it quite as negatively as he does but there are huge helpings of truth in this post. The most interesting thing about Seattle’s recent drafts is that most of their “hits” have been on offense and the whiffs have been mostly defense outside of Frank.

        Look no team hits on all their choices and teams rarely do what PCJS did in their early days but the whiffs have far outweighed the hits and that brings about the desperation moves mentioned.

  69. Volume12

    Collegiate & professional football have finally got what they’ve wanted. Sad, but true.

  70. Happy Hawk

    I love this blog
    Look forward to reading Rob’s point of view everyday
    Love the NFL and football
    Glad the Seahawks are relevant for the last decade ( 105-50-1 record since 2010 and JS came on board)
    Think the FO has slipped in recent years but they keep being in the mix
    Stoked the Hawks are 5-0 and are on national TV again tomorrow to hopefully make a statement
    Know the 2020 Hawks team is flawed ( proven statistical fact) and the wheels could fall off
    Nothing the Hawks do on the field and in the FO surprises me anymore
    Love the fact that PC’s teams fight until the end and are factually the most clutch team in the Nfl the last decade-they don’t give up and keep me on the edge of my seat every week.
    Enjoy the dialogue here even though I don’t agree with all of it…but i wouldn’t want it any other way. If everyone agreed 100% with everything all the time it would be boring
    Personal attacks on Rob are not acceptable
    Hope all of the above can coexist together

    • Volume12

      Feel the same exact way.

    • Gohawks5151

      Great post.

  71. evan

    I haven’t read every word of every comment but has anyone else pointed out that maybe Tampa was AB’s first choice? he’s a Florida guy and he’s friends with Brady. maybe it’s as simple as that. there’s a reason why they call Seattle ‘South Alaska’. lots of guys don’t want to be here. (they don’t know what they’re missing). personally I didn’t want him on the team anyway…

    • Lewis

      Not to rehash, but not getting AB isn’t the point. The point is that they wanted him in the first place. I didn’t want the guy and am thrilled they didn’t get him. The more I think about it, though, the more I see Rob’s point. I have far less fire and brimstone on my end, but I don’t see how I can ever take anything PCJS say about character seriously from this point on. And to the extent that’s a reflection of their reputation, I do agree with him. I suppose the question that naturally follows is, “if they are willing to compromise that principle, what about others?”.

      • AlphaDK

        AB is no angel.

        I hope for three things in his future, that he can make some amends for the hurt he has caused, that he will do less hurt in his future than he has in the past, and that he will live in a way that helps at least one other person in the world do less harm, too. I hope he can be a better citizen in this world, in fact I hope he can be a good citizen.

        If the team, and Wilson, believe that they could help be a catalyst towards those goals, and also that Brown could help them win more games, then I believe they should perform due diligence.

        I am not trying to promote religion, but: Wilson has a sincere belief in God’s love, love even for the lowest of us. His faith leads him to support a man he knows is troubled. John Schneider has that same deep degree of Christian faith. Though I don’t know if it’s inspired by religion, Carroll espouses a similar goal of helping a man realize excellence, of always competing to do better the next rep, the next hour, the next day (on the field and in life off the field). Carroll deeply believes in the nobility of helping someone rise from hopelessness and despair and violence and hate into success and happiness and love and peace.

        Those core philosophies are why the FO can look at a player with a checkered/sordid past and take the time to see him as more than a crime, as a person who can be a better person down the road, a person the team “might” be able to shepherd into a better life.

        I can’t find significant fault in the FO in either pursuing AB, or in failing to put an offer on the table that was lucrative enough to draw AB away from signing a contract for a really good team in his home state.

  72. BobbyK

    The Seahawks have a QB who is so great (first-ballot Hall of Fame great) there’s no chance they can ever finish far from .500 (even with a roster that otherwise may warrant a 4-12 finish). A franchise QB is worth every penny (unless fans would rather have a Teddy Bridgewater at $21 million so they could have an extra $14 million from what Russ make).

    When historically bad stats on defense through five games are staring at you in the face and your ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl – I think you need to be aware enough to self reflect and wonder how to get better, as opposed to simply being happy at a 5-0 start.

    My Grandma never said, “Although the doctor told me I have cancer and I have about 6 months to live, I don’t really care because I feel pretty good right now.” That’s certainly not what she said!

    This defense is terrible. The fact the Seahawks are 5-0 is awesome, but lets be realistic to the point of the close calls they’ve had against bad teams. The Seahawks have yet to play a team with a winning record right now. Do we really think this defense is “good enough” against the Bucs, Packers or Chiefs?

    Which brings us back to what Pete and John said after last season… the pass rush was priority #1. They had never failed to attack a self-confessed priority in their entire Seahawks tenure. Ever. But not only did they fail this priority… they actually created a WORSE version of their biggest weakness from last year. I have followed this team since 1983 and this is the worst DL ever through five games. Can this change? Yes. A Kerrigan or Dunlap would be a good start… but something needs to happen. Just because they are currently 5-0 it doesn’t mean it’s good enough for Jan/Feb.

    Throughout history, companies who have gotten complacent have fallen behind the innovators. Fans who are happy with 5-0 so they don’t think any criticism is warranted are probably not successful business owners.

    • Jordan E

      Well said! The best teams and companies in general always strive to keep innovating / expanding and getting better. Pete + JS success was earlier in their tenure too when they were the ones revolutionizing the NFL.

      The consistent pattern in missing out on these star players is just demoralizing. If we do not win a SB this year- then I guarantee you the narrative will be how this team failed to address the pass rush, sign AB and really maximize their SB window.

    • Big Mike

      Preach it brother. Absolutely spot on Bobby!

  73. Hawks_Gui

    Dunlap showing edge rotation on ig. Total frustration

    • Big Mike

      C’mon Mike Brown, just ship him out to Seattle and get him out of your hair. You’ll be much happier that he’s gone.

    • Sea Mode

      Go. Get. Him.

      • Lewis

        This. Dear lord, this. And while Rob is right they don’t trade much, one thing the Bengals do with even more certainty is be cheap. Trading him now saves them significant money this year and next.

      • charlietheunicorn

        How you going to fit him in under the 2020 and more importantly 2021 cap?
        I just don’t see it realistically happening…. he is owed 13.5M in 2021.

    • Hawks_Gui

      Apparently he`s on the trade block

      • Rob Staton

        On the block and Mike Brown probably wants a R2

        • Thomas Wells

          Serious question: would you do it? If in PCJS I consider it out of desperation

          • Rob Staton

            No not for a R2

  74. pdway

    adding one more voice of appreciation to you Rob for the work you do here – and the community you’ve created. it’s the most informed, interesting group of hawks fans I’ve found.

    I disagree w your POV’s plenty – but god knows, there’s never a good reason to make a personal attack out of it. healthy arguments keep things interesting.

    On the AB front, it would’ve been interesting – but to my mind, the only issue raised by losing him is some mild disappointment by RW. I don’t share the view that our contemplating signing him has some tarnishing and lasting impact on the Seahawks organization, I think the more likely scenario is that life goes on, and the Seahawk angle of this story is forgotten in a week.

    And as others have pointed out, it’s not a position of need – and while I wasn’t really worried about the locker room aspect, it is fair to wonder whether AB will have the same type of impact he once did, having been out of the game for this long. To me, it’s all just not that big of a story.

  75. Skirmish

    Personally, I didn’t want him. He seemed legit unstable. With that said, the whole courting process was lame and a bad look no matter how it did turn out. I just hope now Wilson adds another chip to his shoulder for feeling used by AB and Metcalf/Lockett/Moore add to their fire for thinking the Hawks needed AB so the whole offense kicks it up another gear. About the only positive I can see coming from this.

  76. pdway

    Do wish there was a way to bang the drum more loudly re Josh Gordon? What’s up w his reinstatement? Weird that there is no news/movement on that.

    Re the hawks offense – they’re not AB, but note that we will at some point get back Penny (good receiver out of the backfield) and Dorsett, Adds a couple more tools for RW – and as we’ve all noted, it’s not the offense that needs the help on this team.

  77. Gohawks5151

    Rob, after reading through some of the comments I guess what I want to say to you is don’t lose hope. You have done such a great job around here and with that success the blog has exploded! Its definitely more than when I started reading in 2011. Personally I have grown more from a reader to a more active commenter. That is a testament to you and the community’s unique embrace of opinion. But with more people I’m sure there are more problems. It’s too bad they would attack you for what amounts to your hobby. I do wood working and I can’t imagine providing free stuff to people only to have them say it’s crap. The personal attacks are not acceptable.

    On the article, it is hard. It’s one of the most opinion-centric articles I can remember. It’s not irrefutable data like past rush rate and measurables at the combine that accompany the usual articles. You supported your opinion well. But saying people should feel this and should feel that is a trigger word nowadays. Even suggesting what to do or how to feel often results in the worst of a person online. Even I made a mistake commenting yesterday by not comprehending everything your were saying and commenting on how I read it (at least I want disrespectful though). That was a mistake. We are getting the full scale of reactions to this issue and it is a lot.

    This has been a long year for everyone. Upheaval in public and privately. And for us crazy Seahawks fans the team has been unusually exhausting. I didn’t not think we are seeing the best of people currently. But for myself and most, thanks for all you do around here. Your work and opinions are appreciated by the real ones. Don’t give up on us just yet

  78. Josh emmett

    Fields from Ohio State is out there throwing hospital balls, hahaha

  79. cha

    Old thinking:  The Seahawks close the regular season like a freight train.
    2012-2015 regular season record in Dec/Jan:  16-3.  This team coalesced late in the season marvelously.  The defense was tuned, the running game was humming and RW provided some key shots.  It was a sight to behold.  Playing the Seahawks late in the season was a dreaded proposition for teams.

    New truth:  The Seahawks stagger to the finish line.
    2016-2019 regular season record in Dec/Jan:  11-9.  7 of those 9 losses were to division opponents, and an inconceivable 5 of those 7 losses were at home.  Injuries and lack of depth have battered the Hawks.  Particularly last year where an 11-5 season ended with an unceremonious 1-3 finish.  This may be one of the reasons the Hawks have so much unused offensive depth on the roster currently.


    Old thinking:  The OL is going to get RW killed eventually.
    Cable’s OL were built to bully people and blow them off the ball in the run game.  Technique and nuance weren’t their strong suit.  RW with his crazy legs and escapability and his WR’s excelling in the scramble drill made for some amazing plays to watch.  But it took them typically 3-4 games to get in gear and RW only stayed alive due to his creativity and athletic skills.

    New truth:  The OL is holding up in pass pro.
    Oddly enough the sack and pressure numbers haven’t dipped all that much.  But RW doesn’t have to scramble and run to get time to throw.  He has a pocket.  Travis Homer has shown himself to be an excellent pass blocker, picking up blitzers.  Shell has been an adequate upgrade over Ifedi and Pocic has been a pleasant surprise, and this offense with RW having time to throw is excelling in a way previously unseen.


    Old thinking:  The Seahawks boast one of the most competitive front offices in the NFL.
    This team was deep and balanced.  Their 3rd string players would wallop the other team’s in preseason games.  They slowly built depth and then struck like a coiled snake with bold moves to add key pieces needed.  Even moves that may not have worked out swimmingly showed a fierce determination to fill needs and remain competitive.

    New truth:  The front office appears rudderless and prone to desperate choices.
    The number of strange choices the last 2 seasons in particular have been staggering.  Trading away Frank Clark, and then missing out on their preferred choices of DL in the 2019 draft.  Then signing Ziggy Ansah for a whopping $9m.  Fielding an awful pass rush when Clowney wasn’t in the game to save them.  Stating pass rush is a priority and then delivering a seriously underwhelming 2020 offseason.  Missing out on top pass rushers in the FA and trade market. Swinging wildly on the Darrell Taylor trade, the Jamal Adams trade and whatever the pursuit of Antonio Brown was.  Is there an honest to goodness plan in place?  Or are they just reacting to things at this point?

    Old thinking:  RW is a point guard QB of a balanced offense.
    RW passed for about 59-64% of the offensive yardage as part of a run-heavy offensive attack.  He was called on to make a few key throws per game and avoid turnovers.

    New truth:  Russ is cooking like crazy.
    Passing currently accounts for a whopping 71% of the offense’s total yards.  Add in RW’s rushing yards and he’s accounting for 79% of their total offensive yardage.  That may likely drop slightly as the weather gets colder and wetter, and the Seahawks begin to exercise some of their RB depth more thoroughly.  But for now, RW IS the Seahawks’ offense.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      “Old thinking: RW is a point guard QB of a balanced offense.“

      I still remember Carson being ran into the Dallas defense over and over and over with little result.

    • Big Mike

      Completely agree with your reasoning for the “unused offensive depth”. They apparently were hell bent on making sure there was no repeat of late last season. Sadly it has meant a piss poor d-line. Maybe some sort of middle ground could’ve been reached?

      • Big Mike

        And of course you’re spot on as it concerns the front office. Nearly totally reactionary now.

        • Denver Hawker

          I’ve been bothered for some time by this. There’s a couple themes that have emerged IMO:
          1. Scouting- they seem to just draft guys without the conviction expressed in the past, especially in early rounds. It’s like they say, okay we need a Safety, how about this Blair kid? Slightly related, they continue to misread where “their guys” will get drafted.
          2. Free Agency- I believe there is a simple truth that for one reason or another guys just don’t want to play here. Could be they prefer different opportunities, weather, staff, etc. They’ve avoided big hairy contracts, but are Just not a choice destination for top free agents. I’d speculate it runs deeper in that some guys just can’t stand the culture of painted smiles. I think Sherman remains influential in the league and articulately voiced his exhaustion with the same bullshit tune every season.
          3. Player development- this is tougher to evaluate as there is no control/variable study. I’ll chalk Glowinski’s success to the Cable shit show, but we just aren’t seeing guys take that “next step”. They consistently get stuck at league average or good backup.

          I’ll also offer a provocative thought: at some point Russ will want what Brady has- more power in personnel decisions. Brady wanted Gronk and AB and the Bucs got them. I could see a parting of either Russ or Pete in a couple years if Russ doesn’t get a ring by then.

          • Rob Staton

            Brady wanted AB and got him despite all the weapons they already have.

            Wilson wanted AB and didn’t get him.

            People can downplay that all they want, Wilson will not be happy with it at all.

  80. cha

    Seahawks PR
    injury update: G Mike Iupati has been downgraded to Out (back) for tomorrow’s game.
    10:40 AM · Oct 24, 2020

    • cha

      Apologies. Clearly having an issue with markups today.

      • Lewis

        Simmons played ok last week, yeah?

        • Big Mike

          IIRC someone said his POOF grade was below average but not horrible. Don’t hold me to that tho

  81. Tecmo Bowl

    Watching Ohio St v Nebraska.

    The consistency of targeting calls is a joke. #5 for Neb got flagged ejected on a play both the announcer and rules expert said was a weak call. 2-3 plays later OSUs Olave got ear holed by a launching shoulder blow, knocked out and fumbled. No flag.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Update- next OSU possession. Same Nebraska defender who laid out Olave is flagged and ejected for targeting on a hard and clean hit. No helmet contact by either player. Joel Klatt is ripping the officiating and pushing for rule changes.

  82. Ryan Purcell

    It’s fair to criticize but can we get off the fire John and Pete nonsense. Sheesh. Seems silly.

    • Rob Staton

      Aside from one or two random messages I haven’t seen anyone suggest they should be fired on here.

    • AlaskaHawk

      For the sake of conversation I’ll just say that I think PC should stick to coaching. That’s his strength and there is plenty of stuff to keep a person busy coaching.

  83. Starhawk29

    Anyone have any info on Ole Miss Edge Sam Williams? Stood out with a clutch sack today. 6’4″ 264lbs according to the roster, and played with remarkable quickness.

    Apparently was suspended earlier for a sexual assault charge, haven’t much information about it though. Given the FO’s recent interest in Brown I assume that’s no longer a deal breaker for the team (gross as it is).

    • Starhawk29

      Also Paris Ford has not looked good so far today. Playing a lot like Quandre Diggs (bad angles, poor tackling, penalty, etc.)

  84. Sea Mode

    Guess RW and the Hawks should have taken note before sticking their necks out…:

    ·Jan 5

    2020 Only Want To Play With @TomBrady Or No Play

    It even has his signature grammar, so we know it’s authentic lol…

    • TomLPDX

      Amazing…Russ has to be fuming about this.

      • BobbyK


    • JC3

      Don’t read too much into this, you would say that if you are in his position.
      Go to your new job and bad mouth your new employer?

  85. Volume12

    That really sucks about ‘Bama WR Jaylen Waddle.

  86. BobbyK

    Football Team is 1-5 and plays the 2-4 Cowboys. If Football Team loses – their season is basically done. That may be the official-official incentive for them to move Kerrigan.

    I normally wouldn’t think Mike Brown would trade Dunlap because he’s really stupid in terms of running the organization (I often wonder what some of these clowns would have survived in real life like many of us had they not been born with a silver spoon) but with Covid and projected monetary consequences moving forward – that gives me hope he may trade him.

    I’m still on the Kyler Fackrell train, too. I can’t imagine any of these guys will cost much in terms of draft pick compensation.

    One of those guys will improve the DL. It will still be a bad unit, but it will be an improved unit. Like the DL was with and without Clowney last year. It was terrible when he was out and was merely bad when he played (although he was good, occupied blockers, and generated pressure).

    If the Hawks could somehow land two edge rushers (any two of those three – which I don’t think is realistic financially), I think the DL could be average on 3rd and long situations. That would be the difference between being a contender vs being a favorite.

    • charlietheunicorn

      There is a reason why they call the Bengals the Bungles. They have had one successful HC (Marvin Lewis) in the last maybe 20 years…. and he got shown the door. It might have been time, but the talent we was given and the support from ownership was questionable. I’m not familiar with the the power set-up, but when the owner is also the “de facto” GM it never works out. Kind of like the when the HC and GM are the same guy (think Mike Holmgren in Seattle)… Would Mike Brown trade anything for any price, I’m not sure. He hasn’t in the recent past, so I would venture to guess players on that team are more pipedream “trade” scenarios than realistic targets.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Bobby, with Kyler Fackrell, do you see him coming in as a LB for Seattle or as a pass rushing specialist?
      I’m not seeing the fit in Seattle off the top of my head.

      • BobbyK

        I do not see Fackrell as a LB for the Seahawks. I don’t see him as a starting DE for the Seahawks either. However, I think/know he would make a difference when it’s 2nd and 10 or 3rd and 8 or longer. Those are unbelievably important downs where pressure is needed. If he’s used right, he could have a maximum impact (he did have 10.5 sacks two years ago) even though his snap count is minimal.

        Think back to 2013. Most people don’t remember that both Avril and Bennett each only played in about 50% of the snaps that year. I’m not saying Fackrell would do what those two (better) players did… but our pass rush would definitely improve if he was one of the EDGE rushers on money downs.

        • charlietheunicorn

          He is owed maybe 2.6M (out of 4.6M cap) right now for the balance of 2020.
          Doable salary cap wise, maybe get him for a conditional 7th?

          • BobbyK

            They’d save money and add a pick. If they really like him and want him back – they can sign him in the off-season. There’s no incentive for the Giants to keep him. Their GM will be given another year to get things right and they won’t fire their coach after one season. Nobody will lose their jobs so there’s no incentive for the Giants to try to get from 3-13 to 4-12 (or whatever).

        • BobbyK

          If the Hawks are up late like they have been against the Dolphins, Falcons, etc. and teams like that are forced to pass all the time… it’d be nice to have someone fresh to rush the passer. A guy like Mayowa playing 90% of the snaps is utterly ridiculous. You basically take a less than stellar pass rusher (Mayowa) and almost make him worthless because he’s so winded. Why do that when it’s late in the 4th quarter and the game is on the line.

          Go get Fackrell, Dunlap, Kerrigan… someone who doesn’t suck. When it’s the 4th quarter and your season is on the line in January… do you really want Collier “rushing” from one side and a tired/winded Mayowa coming from the other? If the Seahawks do that – they deserve to lose in Jan. just for being that truly dumb.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Seattle has until 11/03 to make a move via trade.
            I’m just going to have to trust the proess now, nothing I can do except cheer on the team each week from my couch. 🙂

            • BobbyK

              Agreed. We have no control.

  87. charlietheunicorn

    Rob, do you think the Seahawks should kick the tires on bringing Scot McCloughan back into the building? I know he runs his own scouting business now, but the guy has an eye for talent.

  88. Rob Staton

    Here are some snippets of the messages I’ve received today, that I originally deleted, to give you a flavour of what I receive.

    Here are three consecutive messages from one individual:

    “rob you can mod all of my comments. I can guarantee you still read them and it at the very least hits home in ways you can’t admit. Which is enough for me lol”

    “Mental midget rises again”

    “Actually I would like to take back my comments and just respectfully disagree. Sorry about that Rob”

    I didn’t see the twist coming at the end.

    Someone sent me a message arguing that Schefter tweeting that the Seahawks were still talking to Brown was indicative of nothing and that actually he believed the Seahawks had broken off talks with Brown, presumably because that made him feel warm and fuzzy inside and he didn’t need to consider that the team had done anything that could be criticised. He ended his entry with this:

    “Until then, while it’s certainly your blog and I appreciate some of the content, use your own advice and stfu”

    This was a favourite:

    “you know very well what you are doing, and you think it increases drama, and hence, readership. Not sure, but sometimes your behavior has been so over-the-top that I can’t help that it might be strategic.”

    Yes — me being prepared to defend my own arguments robustly, while not tolerating abuse or weak arguments, is clearly me driving drama so that my free blog can make me… no dollars?

    “To suggest the Seahawks “need to be held accountable” for their potential onterest in Brown is ridiculous.”

    Yep — absolutely no reason at all to challenge being interested in someone with a back-catalogue of major issues including allegations of rape or sexual assault. Definitely nothing to question the team about there. Nobody needs to answer to why they were interested and why having encouraged all the negative reaction, they then couldn’t even seal the deal with the player. Silly me.

    “This site has changed. Wish you would just mellow out a bit. I can’t believe how you come at people any more for simple stating their opinion.”

    I’ve dared to challenge the team so that means the site ‘has changed’ (even though for 12 years it’s just been my and my opinions and it’s still just me and my opinions). So clearly I need to ‘mellow out’ now, perhaps with a refreshing drink of Kool-Aid. And as we can see, it’s clearly me ‘going after’ people for stating an opinion. Nobody sends me anything negative at all…

    “You should admit you were wrong at the 5-0 start”

    Yes, the defense is far better than I projected and all of my concerns have been laid to rest. I’ve been proven so wrong by their sterling efforts so far. I’m so glad all of those people who sent me abusive messages for challenging their off-season plan were right that the second coming of the LOB would cover up all of the warts on the D-line.

    “The negativity on this site is getting a little wearying.”

    AKA — never write anything that I don’t like and can’t argue against otherwise I’m going to slam the website because that’s all I’ve got.

    “Rob, For you own mental health maybe you take a break from writing this blog.”

    My mental health is:

    A — none of your business
    B — absolutely peachy

    You see I’ve actually mastered the ability to write objectively about the Seahawks over the last 12 years. It’s not my problem that some people can’t handle that.

    And now I’m off to bed.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You just be you, Rob. We’ve had our disagreements over the years but I still respect you and your opinion about the hawks.

    • BobbyK

      Free blog. Nobody has to come here (not that I’m trying to discourage traffic – I am not). It’s almost become like politics and I’m sorry for that.

      If Donald Trump was close to Hunter Biden – Dems would be going nuts and calling for every/all investigations possible and would have a great case. If Dems had a candidate like Donald Trump, the Republicans would be going nuts how the left could have someone so immoral, unprofessional, etc… It’s sickening how they’ll ignore one thing and go nuts over another as long as it suits them. It’s kind of like some Seahawks fans wanting and not wanting AB. Or supporting the organization no matter what even if criticism is warranted.

      Just out of curiosity, is there a way you can track where certain comments come from and have those specific computers/devices banned from commenting?

      Sorry, man. The last year I coached competitive summer baseball, we went 27-10 and went to state for the first time in 30 years. I got $500 to coach that summer but I had to have spent almost $1,000 on the team (driving/gas, a couple hotels, misc. fees, etc.). I basically paid to work my ass off for absolutely no profit. However, it was a passion of mine and I was so happy and proud of the kids because we did what nobody thought we could do. BUT, once we made state there was an article written in which I had no control over. The author gave credit to a certain group of players and I said nothing of the sort. Parents called, emailed not such nice things (when they had been so supportive/thankful all year – and turned on a dime), etc. I quit after that season and people realized the errors of their ways and have apologized to me in the years since – but I’ve never forgotten that hurt. I assume that’s what you’re feeling a little bit now and it sucks (work your ass off for nothing monetarily and many people who do nothing sit in their comfy homes and blast you). Again, sorry, man.

      • Rob Staton

        “Just out of curiosity, is there a way you can track where certain comments come from and have those specific computers/devices banned from commenting?”


      • Lewis

        > Free blog

        And the only Seahawks content worth reading that I’ve found. That’s including media sites.

        What I like about this place, at least historically, is that we can have intelligent discussion. That seems a bit less true recently, but not like that’s available anywhere else

    • cha

      Not to stereotype you Rob but I always thought you are a good example of the stiff upper lip.

    • 12th chuck

      we can have educated (that might be a stretch) discussions here with most people without having try and offend someone to just do that because they dont agree with an opinion. everyone is held to a certain level of accountability. That’s why I enjoy this site the most. Thanks Rob, I am certain you do not hear that enough.

    • CaptainJack

      It was a really lame offseason by the front office. Online things have certainly gotten spirited. Also this year has seen major world events that have everyone on edge. The articles from Rob this year have been a little more fiery, perhaps more critical of the from office than years prior. I may be very well deserved. I don’t think it should be a huge surprise that there are people coming on here and leaving negative comments during such a strange time.

    • Rob Staton

      Here’s a snippet of the best one I woke up to:

      “Yeah I still like Rob’s articles. But something changed this year when the Seahawks failed to get D-line help and Rob changed to a irritable snob.”

      AKA — I can’t argue against any of the points about the D-line so I’ll just throw in an insult to make up a lack of any kind of argument.

      I am a bit of a snob though — I’m always very picky when it comes to hotels, for example.

      • Trevor

        Sounds like a child who can’t win an argument, knows he is wrong so resorts to insults. Sorry you have to deal with that crap.

      • Lewis

        I do agree that something changed this year. But that change was not of your making. You have beaten relentlessly on the D-line story, but as I have said before the team has made that the story through inactivity and peculiar spending.

        I believe you would LOVE to be able to move on to other topics (because the issue has been addressed properly). I don’t think this is fun for you as some seem to think. This is, and will continue to be the story of this season. I wish that were not the case, but don’t fault you for it.

        • Rob Staton

          I haven’t ‘beaten’ on anything relentlessly.

          33% of the off-season articles were about the DL or off-season. A third of off-season articles about the off-season.

  89. LadyGaiaAutamata

    I’m sorry if non football related comments derail the discussion, however, as a fan of this website since its inception I cannot help but notice that the community has become rather aggressive in their opinions recently and I thought I’d chime in.

    I love reading everyone’s thoughts and following the arguments and I hope that we can continue that with some humility while being on topic in the future, as some of the dialogue is starting to seem rude and honestly cancerous. We don’t have to agree on everything and I know the Hawks have made a lot of questionable decisions and some of you experience a lot of emotion over it, but lets not let our united passion that brought us all here become a source of vitriol and anger that turns us on one another.

    You all are the best and this is without a shadow of doubt one of my favorite communities. Thank you Rob for all the years of work you’ve done fostering an environment for passionate hawk fans and the rest if you for contributing and keeping it alive. Love you all and go hawks!

    • Justaguy

      Right on the money LadyGaiaAutamata. I believe a more amicable dialogue is much more pleasant but also the vitriol is warranted when regarding the squandering of a HOF talent at quarterback.

  90. Tecmo Bowl

    Watched way too much college FB today. Was cool having the big 10 back. Some standouts who caught my eye:
    UNC RB Javonte Williams, WR Dyami Brown
    Michigan DE Kwity Paye
    Minnesota RB Mohamed Ibrahim

    Its starting to click for Paye. Great athlete listed at 6’4″ 274 lb looks to have enough length. Ran an 11.00s 100m 21.5′ long jump and 50’2″ shot put in HS. Dont know how much he weighed at the time but even if Paye was only 230 those are impressive marks.

  91. BobbyK

    Special opportunities don’t arise all the time:

    The Good: The Seahawks are 5-0.

    The Bad: The Seahawks haven’t beaten anyone with a winning record and most of their wins are against teams 1-5. The defense is awful in terms of the history of the NFL.

    That being said:

    The Good: The Seahawks are in a prime position.

    The Bad: Nothing will matter in my birthday month (January) if the pass rush is addressed. This means a trade, miraculous recovery/performance by Darrell Taylor, or Robinson going crazy…

    Solution: EDGE pass rusher


    Rob, I wish you would have posted those comments saying only “guys, I am not going to reply. Would you do it for me?”. Kind of like that scene in Scarface: “No, Frank, I am not going to shoot you…..Manny, shoot that piece of #%*!

    I think you would have thoroughly enjoyed our defense. You have built up a lot of good will on this blog. Such consistently good writing!

    Seriously, don’t take any of this too seriously. Cheers, mate.

    • BobbyK


    • Lewis

      Personally, I’m glad he didn’t. Things have been a bit… rest around here lately. I could easily see that creating more of that.

      I just wish they would make some kind of reasonable move to address the edge position. Otherwise, it will continue to be the dominant story.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Nothing like a good gangster flick. 🙂

  93. Sea Mode

    I like Tylan Wallace a little more every clip of his I see…

  94. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Cardinals’ WR DeAndre Hopkins, listed as questionable for Sunday night due to an ankle injury, is expected to play vs. the Seahawks, per source. Hopkins being on the injury report due to his ankle, and playing, are become a weekly occurrence.

  95. Sea Mode

    This will be an interesting storyline to follow:

    Gregg Bell

    First time DK Metcalf went up against Patrick Peterson, in December, he admits Arizona’s All-Pro CB “took me out of the game.” 0 rec, 1 target

    Russell Wilson’s top big-play WR gets a rematch Sunday night in #Seahawks at Cardinals

    • charlietheunicorn

      Another year older and more mature football player. He will be fine.

      Seattle appears to be willing to use him inside and outside, so if Peterson is truly following him around, you can take advantage of that with other mismatches….. or simply pound them with Carson (which is sort of my prediction for the game). Establish the first rushing attack oriented game this season… hang 250 rushing on them… *fingers crossed* … and thread the needle to some TEs inside the numbers.

      • Sea Mode

        Honestly, I’m also kinda waiting for the next huge game from Tyler. Was on fire the first couple weeks and it has been all DK since. I think eventually we’ll get a matchup (maybe tonight even) where it’ll be Lockett time when teams finally start committing to doubling DK consistently.

        • Lewis

          I keep wishing they’d get him involved in games a bit earlier.

  96. charlietheunicorn

    Stat to know: Wilson’s 19 passing TDs are second most for a player through a team’s first five games in NFL history. He needs three to tie the record for the most through a team’s first six games (Peyton Manning, 22 in 2013). ~ ESPN Stats

    I didn’t know he was that dominant passing the ball…. I thought, dayum he is good… but not THAT GOOD.

    • Sea Mode

      It’s easy to grow accustomed to how good he is. Like some here were saying a couple days ago after TNF: if you need a reminder about how lucky we are to have him, just go watch a bit of other teams.

  97. Jake M

    I’m living in Europe at the moment (España) and I gotta say, I am so Happy for the time change! I think you’ll agree with me Rob Haha

    • Rob Staton


      Although I preferred an 8pm start instead of a 12:20 start!

  98. Sea Mode

    Rapoport with the scoop on which players are reportedly available for trade:

    And though more than a few teams have called inquiring about DT Quinnen Williams, source said it will take much more than the rumored second-round pick for Gang Green to part with him. GM Joe Douglas will consider anything, but for a player as highly regarded as Williams, it’s more of a question of, “How many second rounders?”


    The Bengals have had active trade talks surrounding DE Carlos Dunlap, sources say, who has publicly and privately been frustrated with his role. There is a chance he’s inactive today, in fact, with a potential trade looming. Both sides, it appears, would welcome a new beginning.


    For Washington, though other executives appear curious if Ryan Kerrigan is available, that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, it’s former second-rounder Ryan Anderson who has drawn calls and appears to be available or an edge-needy team.

    • Lewis

      Hard to see the Seahawks being interested in Anderson.

    • Lewis

      Dunlap is not on the inactive list.

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