The ultimate Seahawks combine preview 2022


The 2022 NFL draft lacks blue-chip talent, meaning teams selecting in the top-10 will be less enthused about their picks than you’d typically expect. However, what it lacks in elite big name stars, this class makes up in depth.

This is a loaded draft for the middle rounds. Players taken in round four might have second-round grades on some boards. The depth is also spread across numerous positions. Defensive ends, linebackers, receivers, running backs, tight ends, tackles.

The one area it is weak, however, is the most important position. Quarterback. How this impacts the off-season will be fascinating. It could lead to drama in the veteran trade market and it could mean players are taken far higher in the draft than their talent and potential warrants.

This could be the most important combine in years. The lack of top-10 talent means a good testing performance could elevate players up boards. With so many prospects graded closely, your physical profile could be especially significant in 2022.

Changes to the combine

With no event in 2021, it’s easy to forget what changes were made the previous year. It’s now a Thursday-to-Sunday schedule rather than Friday-to-Monday. The workouts take place later in the day to cater for a primetime audience.

The full schedule is listed below.

Adjustments were made to the drills — again to try and increase viewing figures. The ‘gauntlet’ drill for receivers and ‘W’ drill for defensive backs were timed so fans can compare how the players perform.

A ‘smoke route’ for quarterbacks and receivers involving a one-step hitch (which has become popular in RPO’s) was introduced and also timed. There was a ‘screen pass’ drill for offensive linemen to see how quickly and comfortably they can reach the second level. The mirror drill was different with the removal of a ‘rabbit’ running in front of the participating offensive lineman.

For defensive linemen there was a ‘figure eight’ drill (players also did this at the Senior Bowl). This is timed by teams. Sleds were used rather than coaches holding a bag for certain drills in 2020 but they didn’t operate properly and were replaced. We’ll see if the sledges return this year.

One big change is players will do the bench press on the same day as testing and on-field drills. I am not a big fan of the bench press anyway and would prefer a powerball toss — a better test of explosive upper-body power and not ‘cardio’ for the big linemen. There’s a chance many will skip the bench press this year due to the change.

Measurements also now take place on the day of testing.

One thing to remember

The short shuttle is important at every position. A lot of the focus is placed on forty times, explosive testing, drill performance — and rightly so. Yet the ability to change direction quickly with agility is vital across the board. You’ll notice how often it’s discussed in this review and how much value the Seahawks seem to place in it.

Unfortunately, with the NFL shifting the workouts to the evening for TV viewing figures, many players two years ago opted not to run the short shuttle. It was so late in the day by the time they’d run a 40 and participated in on-field drills, they skipped further testing through tiredness.

I fear this will be the case again. It’s why I think there should be financial ‘bonuses’ offered to players for a full workout.

Horizontal board

Here is how I have graded well over 150 players going into the combine.

Click the image to enlarge:

Workout schedule

» Thursday 3rd March (4-11pm ET): tight ends, quarterbacks, wide receivers
» Friday 4th March (4-11pm ET): offensive linemen, running backs
» Saturday 5th March (4-11pm ET): defensive linemen and linebackers
» Sunday 6th March (2-7pm ET): defensive backs, special teams

Groups 1-3 (TE, QB, WR)

Arrival: Monday 28th February
General medical exam: Tuesday 1st March
Media & NFLPA meeting: Wednesday 2nd March
Measurements, bench, drills: Thursday 3rd March

Jeremy Ruckert should excel in the short shuttle & vertical

Tight ends
Seattle has drafted five tight ends under Pete Carroll — Nick Vannett, Luke Willson, Anthony McCoy, Will Dissly and Colby Parkinson. They also traded for Jimmy Graham in 2015 and signed Zach Miller to a big contract in 2011. In the last two years they have signed Greg Olsen and Gerald Everett to one-year deals.

One thing links all nine players.

It appears the Seahawks view agility testing (short shuttle, three cone) as vital:

Luke Willson — 4.29 (ss), 7.08 (3c)
Will Dissly — 4.40 (ss), 7.07 (3c)
Nick Vannett — 4.20 (ss), 7.05 (3c)
Anthony McCoy — 4.57 (ss), 6.99 (3c)
Zach Miller — 4.42 (ss), 7.01 (3c)
Jimmy Graham — 4.45 (ss), 6.90 (3c)
Greg Olsen — 4.48 (ss), 7.04 (3c)
Colby Parkinson — 4.46 (ss), 7.15 (3c)
Gerald Everett — 4.33 (ss), 6.99 (3c)

Tony Pauline also linked the Seahawks with interest in Atlanta’s free agent Austin Hooper before he signed with Cleveland. He ran a 4.32 short shuttle and a 7.00 three cone. It was also speculated that they really liked O.J. Howard in the 2017 draft. He had the top short shuttle in his class (4.16) and a fantastic three cone (6.85).

Short-area quickness and agility appears to be important for any prospective Seattle tight end so pay close attention to the short shuttle and the three cone.

Key tests
Short shuttle, three cone, vertical

Ideal size
6-5, 250-265lbs, +33-inch arms, +10-inch hands

Positional assessment
This is the deepest and best tight end class in years. We could see 10 players drafted before the end of day two. There isn’t a Kyle Pitts type, destined to go early in round one. Yet there’s rich depth at the position with plenty of rounded prospects, capable of contributing early in their careers.

Interesting note
The last time we had a strong tight end draft was five years ago in 2017. The Seahawks, unexpectedly, passed on the position. They drafted seven players before George Kittle was selected in round five by the 49ers — despite his good combine and dynamism as a blocker. Seattle even spent five picks in rounds 3-4 without taking Kittle. Given how much attention they place on agility, it’s possible Kittle’s 4.55 short shuttle played a part in that decision.

Best drill to watch
Catching technique is always important so look for how a player uses his hands. Is he cupping them to the ball? I always like to see TE’s who can move naturally on seam routes and change direction during drills.

Five names to watch
Jeremy Ruckert, Greg Dulcich, Trey McBride, Jake Ferguson, Jalen Wydermyer

Potential standout
Jeremy Ruckert scored a 114.27 at SPARQ, including a 35 inch vertical and a 4.40 short shuttle. However — keep an eye out for Jake Ferguson performing better than expected. He once ran a 4.15 short shuttle.

Importance to the Seahawks?
Will Dissly and Gerald Everett are free agents. The only tight end on the roster is Colby Parkinson. Unless the Seahawks retain or replace both Dissly and Everett, there’s every chance they’ll draft a player from this class — perhaps in round four.

Desmond Ridder is expected to run in the 4.4’s or 4.5’s

This likely won’t be a positional group that intrigues Seahawks fans this year. It’s a mediocre class and short of a dramatic Russell Wilson trade, there’s unlikely to be any picks spent on the position.

Key tests
Deep throws

Ideal size
+6-1, 220lbs, +9.5 inch hands

Positional assessment
It’s well known by now that this is a weak quarterback class. I’m torn between Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder being the best of a bad group. Willis has the physical tools but can’t read the field. Ridder is a born leader with great athleticism but he shows erratic accuracy and decision making. Any player drafted in round one will be a reach. There will be a lot of attention placed on Kenny Pickett’s hand measurement. He’s said to have 8 1/4 inch hands.

Interesting note
The Seahawks have only drafted two quarterbacks in the Pete Carroll era — Russell Wilson (third round, 2012) and Alex McGough (seventh round, 2018).

The best drill to watch
Everyone wants to see the top QB’s throw the deep ball. They’re not facing a defense. They’re just standing in shorts and throwing the football. You learn very little from the QB’s at the combine outside of meetings and interviews. The only real reason to watch the drills is to see which players stand out throwing downfield with power and precision with reasonable mechanics.

Five names to watch
Desmond Ridder, Malik Willis, Matt Corral, Kenny Pickett, Kaleb Eleby

Potential standout
Malik Willis is a terrific athlete but Desmond Ridder is expected to run in the 4.5’s, potentially nail a 4.00 short shuttle and jump well in the broad/vertical. Due to the Senior Bowl measurements, we already know Ridder has +10 inch hands.

Importance to the Seahawks
At the moment, not at all. It’s possible they spend a last day pick on a QB to develop as a backup but aren’t they better off just rolling with Jacob Eason? It is peculiar that they’ve only drafted two quarterbacks since 2010. Yet with needs at various positions this off-season and the Seahawks seemingly in a hurry to return to contention, it seems unlikely they’ll spend a significant pick on a quarterback.

Treylon Burks has been compared to A.J. Brown

Wide receivers
Pete Carroll has only drafted three receivers who haven’t run a 4.4 forty or faster:

Kenny Lawler — 4.64
Chris Harper — 4.50
John Ursua — 4.56

The rest all cracked the 4.4’s:

Paul Richardson — 4.40
Golden Tate — 4.42
Tyler Lockett — 4.40
Kris Durham — 4.46
Kevin Norwood — 4.48
Amara Darboh — 4.45
David Moore — 4.42
D.K. Metcalf — 4.33
Freddie Swain — 4.46
Dee Eskridge — 4.38

We have enough data now to say definitively — unless a player runs a 4.4 or faster, the Seahawks are unlikely to consider them until the later rounds. Clearly they value speed and suddenness at the position even if you’re a ‘bigger’ receiver.

The entire NFL acknowledges the need for speed. The days of the classic ‘possession’ receiver are over. Teams are utilising tight ends in a variety of creative ways to get a sizeable mismatch target on the field. For receivers playing outside or in the slot, quickness is the desired trait.

The ability to separate is vital whatever your size. Watch the forty, the 10-yard split, the three-cone and short shuttle. It’ll provide a clear indication on which players have the quickness and agility to create openings.

Positional assessment
The way the game has evolved means college football regularly churns out talented receivers. There might not be a Ja’Marr Chase in this class but we’ll likely see multiple first and second round receivers — with depth stretching deep into rounds three, four and five. It’s another chunky receiver class.

Interesting note
Carroll’s Seahawks don’t really have a ‘range’ where they take receivers. They’ve drafted four players in round two (Tate, Richardson, Metcalf, Eskridge), two in round three (Darboh, Lockett), three in round four (Norwood, Harper, Durham), one in round six (Swain) and three in round seven (Moore, Lawler, Ursua). They traded a first round pick for Percy Harvin. They’ve also had a degree of success with UDFA’s. The best non-FA athlete Seattle has acquired in the Carroll era was an UDFA — Ricardo Lockette. He ran a 4.41, had a 39-inch vertical and a 6.76 three-cone. He was also well-sized at 211lbs with 33.5-inch arms.

Key tests
Forty, vertical, catching drills (proper technique)

Ideal size
Just run a 4.4 forty or faster

The best drill to watch
Any drill that clearly shows catching technique. It’s extremely important. You want to see a receiver cupping his hands while presenting to the ball. No alligator arms, no fighting the ball or snatching at it. Watch the downfield throws too and see who is good at high pointing the football, showing body control and tracking over the shoulder. Who is a natural hands catcher?

Five names to watch
Treylon Burks, Jalen Tolbert, Alec Pierce, Kyle Phillips, Wan’Dale Robinson

Potential standout
Treylon Burks has 10 3/4 inch hands which is incredible. There are mixed noises on how he’s performing in training for the combine but he has the potential to run a fast time for a bigger receiver.

Importance to the Seahawks
After spending another high pick on Dee Eskridge a year ago, it’s likely not a position they’ll target early again this year. If the right player is available on day three, it’s a possibility. If the Seahawks want another receiver, they should seek value in the veteran market and save the picks for other positions unless they’re presented with a can’t-miss opportunity.

Groups 4-5 (OL, RB)

Arrival: Tuesday 1st March
General medical exam: Wednesday 2nd March
Media & NFLPA meeting: Thursday 3rd March
Measurements, bench, drills: Friday 4th March

Cameron Jurgens should be among the explosive O-line testers

Offensive linemen
For the last few years we’ve used a formula called TEF to measure explosive physical traits. It proved to be an accurate way of predicting which offensive linemen the Seahawks might be targeting. When Tom Cable departed after the 2017 season we wondered if TEF would be as useful moving forward (due to his influence on the system). Yet the Seahawks drafted Phil Haynes in 2019 — the second best TEF scorer in the 2019 draft — and Damien Lewis — another explosive lineman — in 2020.

It’s unclear if this will change after the Seahawks replaced Mike Solari with Andy Dickerson. The Rams did not place as much emphasis on explosive traits. For example, here’s a run down of several of their linemen and how they scored in TEF:

Brian Allen — 2.63
Austin Corbett — 2.55
Rob Havenstein — 2.36
David Edwards — 2.19
Joseph Noteboom — 2.62

Andrew Whitworth, their ageing left tackle, scored a 3.14 at the 2006 combine.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the way the Rams selected their players. Noteboom and Corbett are both very athletic — testing particularly well in the short shuttle. Yet Allen, Edwards and Havenstein ran times you’d expect from a random member of the public.

We may well discover this year that the preference for explosive linemen is a Pete Carroll thing, rather than anything specific to the coaches he’s hired.

After all, Pat Kirwan — a confidant of Pete Carroll — tells us why in this piece:

Every time a ball is snapped to start a play there is a critical element of explosiveness that takes place. When two players collide in an attempt to physically dominate each other, the athlete with the edge in explosiveness has the best chance to win the confrontation. It could be a blocker vs. a tackler, a tackler vs. a ball carrier, or many other examples of winning at the point of contact.

Explosiveness is defined in the dictionary as a violent release of energy, a sudden outburst. Football is a series of explosions. How do you measure it in athletes trying to play NFL football?

Take the vertical jump, standing broad jump and the bench press test results and add them together. If the combined score is over 70 there is a reason to consider the candidate at some point in the draft process for his explosiveness.

Kirwan’s formula is flawed because it diminishes the impact of the broad jump. A superb 9-7 only achieves a 1.2 point advantage over a below par 8-5. That’s why TEF was created — to do what Kirwan intended and measure explosive traits equally and emphasise their combined importance.

I sense, based on what Kirwan wrote about, that Carroll believes in the importance of explosive traits up front. The NFL tends to agree. Increasingly we are seeing explosive testers drafted early.

Four years ago, only seven offensive linemen scored an optimal 3.00 or higher in TEF. Of the seven, Quenton Nelson and Kolton Miller were both high first round picks. Braden Smith, Connor Williams and Will Hernandez were second round picks.

In 2019, only eight players scored an optimal 3.00 or higher. This included Chris Lindstrom, Garrett Bradbury, Andre Dillard and Kaleb McGary (all drafted in round one). Erik McCoy and Elgton Jenkins were also top-50 picks.

In 2020 there were only eight ‘explosive’ testers scoring a 3.00 or higher. Tristan Wirfs, Cesar Ruiz and Austin Jackson were all first round picks. Ezra Cleveland was a second round pick and Matt Peart was taken in round three.

Last year, although there was no combine, we collected TEF data from pro-day events. Penei Sewell, Rashawn Slater, Alijah Vera-Tucker and Alex Leatherwood were all deemed to be top-level explosive testers and all went in the top-20. Teven Jenkins, Liam Eichenburg, Sam Cosmi, Dillon Radunz and Creed Humphrey were second round picks. Brady Christensen, Kendrick Green, Spencer Brown and Quinn Meinerz went in round three.

It’s not a coincidence that the most explosive offensive linemen are being drafted early. Expect that to continue.

Jumping a vertical at 320lbs is considerably more challenging than jumping a vertical at 275lbs. Thus, we created a second formula (weighted TEF or wTEF) to account for weight:

Weight x TEF x 0.1

We can give each player a score that sufficiently emphasises their unique size. For example:

Germain Ifedi — 324 x 2.97 x 0.1 = 96.1

Phil Haynes scored a 103.7 for example. For more information on weighted TEF, click here.

TEF is not an attempt to determine who is a good or bad offensive linemen. It’s merely a calculation to judge explosive traits. While that’s only one part of any evaluation — it’s clear the league pays attention to it.

For a full breakdown of the TEF calculation, click here.

Key tests
Vertical, Broad, Bench

Ideal size
6-3/6-5, 305-320lbs, +33 inch arms, +31 inch vertical, +9’ broad, +30 bench reps

Positional assessment
There are a collection of intriguing offensive tackles in this class but the depth in the interior is lacking. It will be far harder to find an immediate starter at center although the likes of Cole Strange and Cameron Jurgens offer hope. Most of the guard prospects are converted tackles. The premium nature of the tackle position plus the continuing desperate need across the NFL could mean several players really promote their stock with a good combine. If Seattle needs a tackle at #41, there’s a reasonable chance a good one will be available.

Interesting note
For a long time we’ve been discussing the league-wide problem of the athletic discrepancy between college O-lines and D-lines. At the last five combines there were a total of 116 ‘explosive’ defensive linemen (explosive = a TEF score of 3.00 or higher). In comparison, there were only 32 explosive offensive linemen. This remains a big problem for NFL teams.

The best drill to watch
The mirror drill and kick-slide. In the mirror, two linemen used to stand opposite each other, with one acting as ‘the rabbit’. He’d move around and change direction and it’s up to the participant to stick. Now they don’t use the ‘rabbit’. It’s an important test of footwork, agility, mobility, balance, control and stamina. It’s also a good gauge of pass protection skills. In the kick-slide, it speaks for itself. How well do the offensive tackles get into position, how athletic do they do it, what’s the footwork like?

Five names to watch
Guard — Evan Neal, Ikem Ekonwu, Zion Johnson, Kenyon Green, Bernhard Raimann

Center — Cameron Jurgens, Tyler Linderbaum, Cole Strange, Zach Tom, Luke Fortner

Tackle — Abraham Lucas, Rasheed Walker, Obinna Eze, Tyler Smith, Nicholas Petit-Frere

Potential standout
Evan Neal ranked #1 in Bruce Feldman’s freak list for 2021. Cameron Jurgens ran a 4.98 at SPARQ and jumped a 32 inch vertical. Abraham Lucas ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ.

Importance to the Seahawks
Duane Brown and Brandon Shell are both free agents, so tackle could be their #1 priority by draft day depending on what happens over the next few weeks. Ethan Pocic is also set to test the market. It’s clear the Seahawks need to add and/or retain players on the O-line. With a number of potentially attractive pass rushing options in free agency — they could address their defensive front with a big veteran addition (or two) and wait on the draft to bring in a new tackle. There’s a lot of work to be done up front and the trenches are key to the future success of this team.

Dameon Pierce will have a workout to remember

Running backs
The Seahawks have a type at running back. They’ve consistently drafted players with a similar physical profile. It’s made it fairly straight forward to figure out who they might like. Here are the players we identified from the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020 combines as probable targets:


C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-1 broad
Kenneth Dixon — 5-10, 215lbs, 37.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad


Christopher Carson — 6-0, 218lbs, 37 inch vert, 10-10 broad
Brian Hill — 6-0, 219lbs, 34 inch vert, 10-5 broad
Alvin Kamara — 5-10, 214lbs, 39.5 inch vert, 10-11 broad
Joe Williams — 5-11, 210lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-5 broad


Saquon Barkley — 6-0, 233lbs, 41 inch vert DNP broad
Kerryon Johnson — 511, 213lbs 40 inch vert, 10-6 broad
Bo Scarborough — 6-0, 228lbs, 40 inch vert, 10-9 broad
Nick Chubb — 5-11, 227lbs, 38.5 inch vert, 10-8 broad
John Kelly — 5-10, 216lbs, 35 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Lavon Coleman — 5-10, 223lbs, 33 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Rashaad Penny — 5-11, 220lbs, 32.5 inch vert, 10-0 broad
Royce Freeman — 5-11, 229lbs, 34 inch vert, 9-10 broad


Jonathan Taylor — 5-10, 226lbs, 36 inch vert, 10-3 broad
Cam Akers — 5-10, 217lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-2 broad
Deejay Dallas — 5-10, 217lbs, 33.5 inch vert, 9-11 broad
AJ Dillon — 6-0, 247lbs, 41 inch vert, 10-11 broad
Zack Moss — 5-9, 223lbs, 33 inch vert, DNP broad
James Robinson — 5-9, 219lbs, 40 inch vert, 10-5 broad
Patrick Taylor — 6-0, 217lbs, 34 inch vert, 10-3 broad

They drafted a player from each of the groups — Prosise, Carson, Penny and Dallas. They eventually added Bo Scarborough too and admitted significant interest in James Robinson as an UDFA (John Schenider recently said he was on the brink of signing with the Seahawks, before opting for Jacksonville).

In 2019 we identified Alex Barnes, Damien Harris, Alexander Mattison, LJ Scott, Miles Sanders, Dexter Williams and Tony Pollard as possible options. Running back was an unlikely target though with the depth they had at the position. With a strong emphasis on special teams improvement they selected Travis Homer in round six mainly because he was considered to be one of the top special teamer’s in the draft.

Simply put — Seattle has a type and it’s not particularly difficult to work out who could be on their radar.

Key tests
Vertical, Broad

Ideal size
5-11, 220lbs, +35 inch vertical, +10 broad

Positional assessment
There are no first round prospects this year but there’s a ton of depth. Florida’s Dameon Pierce screams ‘Seahawks’ and should have the size and explosive testing they love, not to mention the running style and physicality. There will be tremendous value between rounds 3-6 at running back and the Seahawks should look to tap into the options available.

Interesting note
The Seahawks prefer explosive traits over straight line speed. Christine Michael (4.54), C.J. Prosise (4.48), Robert Turbin (4.50) and Chris Carson (4.58) were explosive rather than fast. Rashaad Penny wasn’t quite as explosive but ran a 4.46. It’s probably not a major shift in terms of the type of player they like — rather it was an attempt to find a fast, versatile runner with size who can provide a similar option to the Seahawks that LA was getting with Todd Gurley.

The best drill to watch
The footage will be limited but absolutely it’s the coverage of the vertical and broad jump. Explosive traits are key. It’s nice to see the running backs cutting against pads while showing body control and quickness in the open field. However, explosive power and the ability to run through contact is vital at the next level.

Five names to watch
Dameon Pierce, Tyrion Davis-Price, Brian Robinson, Kenneth Walker, Breece Hall

Potential standout
It has to be Dameon Pierce. He can bench 390lbs. He runs a 4.50. He jumps a 37 inch vertical and he has just 6% body fat.

Importance to the Seahawks
Great importance. Some teams can get by with the running back (and running game) being an afterthought. It’s become increasingly clear that with the way the Seahawks operate, they need a dynamic star runner. For too long they’ve relied on the horribly injury prone Chris Carson. Rashaad Penny — if he returns — has to prove he can stay healthy too. Travis Homer and DJ Dallas are not capable starters. With Penny’s future uncertain, Carson’s injury concerns lingering and the need for an X-factor in the backfield — the Seahawks need to address this position properly. There have been too many seasons over the years where the running game has been at best inconsistent and at worst absolutely dreadful. That cannot happen again.

Groups 6-7 (DL, LB)

Arrival: Wednesday 2nd March
General medical exam: Thursday 3rd March
Media & NFLPA meeting: Friday 4th March
Measurements, bench, drills: Saturday 5th March

Boye Mafe will be a star performer at the 2022 combine

Defensive line
The Seahawks went against their established preferences when they selected L.J. Collier in the first round in 2019 and you could argue that is what cost them. A year later they drafted Darrell Taylor — a far more dynamic athlete — and they have been rewarded after a lost rookie season due to injury rehab.

For defensive ends or LEO’s they’ve sought twitchy athletes with great burst. Bruce Irvin and Cliff Avril ran 1.55 and 1.50 10-yard splits respectively. Anything in the 1.5’s is considered ‘elite’. In terms of defensive tackles or inside/out rushers, Rasheem Green, Quinton Jefferson, Jordan Hill, Jaye Howard and Malik McDowell all tested superbly in the short shuttle (4.39, 4.37, 4.51, 4.47 and 4.53 respectively). Alton Robinson also ran an excellent short shuttle (4.32).

Collier ran a 4.91 forty with a 1.75 10-yard split. He followed it up with a 4.78 short shuttle. His selection was a major outlier and his lack of success possibly means they’ll never make that mistake again.

Let’s call it the reverse Malik McDowell. He was 295lbs with great height (6-6) and length (35 inch arms) and ran a 4.85 with a 1.69 split. His three cone (4.53) was the same as Dalvin Cook’s. If they were swayed by the incredible traits on display with McDowell in 2017 — they might’ve adjusted their approach to account for character and grit a little too much. Collier’s struggles likely mean a return to coveting outstanding upside and traits.

So what should we look for? If we’re talking about a possible LEO or EDGE then you need to be keeping an eye out for the 1.50-1.59 10-yard splits. The splits are also important for inside/out rushers or interior pass rushers. Malik McDowell ran a 1.69 split at 295lbs. Rasheem Green ran a 1.65 at 275lbs.

Bruce Irvin (4.03) and Frank Clark (4.05) both ran incredible short shuttles. Cassius Marsh’s 4.25 and Obum Gwacham’s 4.28 were also really good. As noted earlier, many of their defensive tackle or inside/out rusher picks have also excelled in the short shuttle. Arm length is also important and they’ve consistently sought defensive linemen with +33 inch arms with Alton Robinson, a fourth round pick, the only notable outlier (32 3/8 inch arms).

Key tests
Vertical, Broad, Bench, Short Shuttle, Three-cone, 10-yard split (forty)

Ideal size
DL — +6-2, 300-310lbs, +33 inch arms, +31 inch vertical, +9’ broad, 4.50 ss
LEO — 6-4, 250lbs, +33 inch arms, 1.50-1.59 10-yard split

Positional assessment
This draft is overflowing with pass rushers. It’s an excellent looking class with several players destined to excel at the combine. On my horizontal board, I have 27 defensive linemen graded between rounds 1-3. If you want one, you can get one in the first two days. The Seahawks need to bolster their pass rush and it won’t be a surprise if one of their top two picks are spent on a defensive end or defensive tackle. Expect fireworks from this group in Indianapolis.

Interesting note
The Seahawks have selected a defensive lineman with one of their first two picks in six of the last seven drafts (Darrell Taylor, L.J. Collier, Rasheem Green, Malik McDowell, Jarran Reed, Frank Clark). With a strong D-line need this year, the chances are they’ll do it again in 2022.

Best drill to watch
Just absorb everything. The D-line drills are the most entertaining, most fan-friendly of all the combine events. The bag drills, the swim/rip drills, the club, the working in space. Football on a stick. It’s a real show of the most explosive athletes in college football competing in one venue.

Five names to watch
DT — Jordan Davis, Devante Wyatt, Travis Jones, Perrion Winfrey, Matthew Butler

EDGE — Boye Mafe, Myjai Sanders, Sam Williams, Dominique Robinson, Arnold Ebiketie

Inside/out — Josh Paschal, Logan Hall, DeMarvin Leal, Zach Carter, Dante Stills

Potential standout
Jordan Davis is going to shock everyone with the way he performs at 340lbs. His agility, quickness and mobility at that size has to be seen to be believed. His team mate Devante Wyatt is also expected to run in the 4.8’s. Boye Mafe has jumped 40.5 inches in the vertical and 10-6 in the broad, plus he can run in the 4.5’s. Josh Paschal jumped a 39 inch vertical at SPARQ and ran a 4.30 short shuttle at 253lbs.

Importance to the Seahawks?
Massively so. It’s their biggest off-season need, depending on what happens at offensive tackle. Pete Carroll has already publicly identified improving the pass rush as the key priority. This draft class aligns with that need.

Channing Tindall once referred to himself as a ‘freak of nature’

The Seahawks tend to look for two types of player at linebacker — freakish athletes and players with great short-area quickness and agility.

Kevin Pierre-Louis, Korey Toomer, Malcolm Smith and Eric Pinkins all ran between a 4.44 and a 4.51 in the forty. Shaquem Griffin topped the lot with a 4.38. Pierre-Louis, Smith and Pinkins all jumped +39 inches in the vertical. Bobby Wagner was a 4.4 runner at his pro-day with a 39.5-inch vertical. Of the five players they’ve drafted with a +140 SPARQ score, Wagner, Pierre-Louis and Bruce Irvin are included. Jordyn Brooks was described as being a great tester in terms of speed and agility — although he was unable to do much testing at his combine due to injury.

They’ve also targeted players who performed especially strongly in the short shuttle. Here are the top-15 short shuttle times run by a linebacker since 2010:

Jordan Tripp — 3.96
Nick Bellore — 4.00

Ben Heeney — 4.00
Mike Mohamed — 4.00
Nick Vigil — 4.00
Kevin Pierre-Louis — 4.02
Stephone Anthony — 4.03
Cody Barton — 4.03
Dakota Allen — 4.03
Von Miller — 4.06
Josh Hull — 4.07
Dorian O’Daniel — 4.07
Avery Williamson — 4.07
Shaq Thompson — 4.08
Ben Burr-Kirven — 4.09

The players in bold have been either drafted or signed by the Seahawks during the Pete Carroll era. A third of the players.

Admittedly, Nick Bellore was signed as a full back. Even so, this isn’t a coincidence. It’s something I wrote about originally five years ago.

If there’s a linebacker who runs a great short shuttle, there’s a decent chance he will be on Seattle’s radar.

Key tests
Forty yard dash, short shuttle, vertical, broad, three cone

Ideal size
+6-0, 230-240lbs, 4.4-4.5 forty, 6.70 three-cone, +10’ broad, 4.00-4.35 short shuttle

Positional assessment
This is an incredibly deep draft at linebacker. As with other positions, there’s no Devin White-type who goes in the top-10. However, I have nine linebackers graded in rounds 2-3 with another seven listed in round four. Several of the players are expected to test superbly, such as Channing Tindall at Georgia and Leo Chenal of Wisconsin. As with the defensive linemen, this could be quite a show. If the Seahawks want a more aggressive front-seven in 2022, this is the draft to make it happen.

Interesting note
For years the Seahawks had Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright take virtually all of the defensive snaps. Wagner tallied 99.35% of the snaps in 2016, 93.08% in 2017, 93.34% in 2018, 98.32% in 2019 and 99.13% in 2020. Last season, he played 89.1%. Jordyn Brooks played 87.4%. I’m not sure this is indicative of anything but neither linebacker had the same workload in 2021 as the peak Wagner/Wright years.

Best drill to watch
Due to the importance of the short shuttle — look how the players work in space, backpedal and read/react. Quickness and change of direction is vital at linebacker.

Five names to watch
Channing Tindall, Leo Chenal, Quay Walker, Brian Asamoah, Damone Clark

Potential standout
Channing Tindall once told a press conference he’s a ‘freak of nature’. He ran a 4.19 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 40 inch vertical. Keep an eye on Leo Chenal too — he’s said to have managed a 4.00 short shuttle.

Importance to the Seahawks?
They have a decision to make on Bobby Wagner. They can’t justify his $20.35m cap hit this year. They save $16.6m by cutting him. The right thing to do is to release him, let him test the market and have a conversation before he makes a final decision on his next move. If you move on — so be it. He played with hesitancy in 2021, didn’t make anywhere near enough impact plays and increasingly appears to be avoiding contact. I would prefer to save $16.6m, spend that money in the trenches and then draft a young, aggressive linebacker from this impressive draft crop and let them compete with Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven.

Groups 8-10 (DB)

Arrival: Thursday 3rd March
General medical exam: Friday 4th March
Media & NFLPA meeting: Saturday 5th March
Measurements, bench, drills: Sunday 6th March

Tariq Woolen will run and jump better than anyone else in Indianapolis

For years everyone knew what the Seahawks liked in a corner. You had to have 32 inch arms. That changed a year ago, when Seattle drafted Tre Brown in round four. He was small (5-10, 186lbs) and had 30 3/8 inch arms. Carroll and Schneider talked about changing their approach following the success of D.J. Reed (another shorter corner lacking the typical arm length).

Reed continued to prosper in 2021 and Brown, before his injury, was viewed as a potential long-term starter.

The Seahawks still likely prefer tall, long cornerbacks. However, it’s clearly not a deal breaker any more. With Clint Hurtt also talking about the introduction of more man-coverage this year — that might be the key regarding any potential draft pick. How are your skills in man-coverage might be the bigger question rather than ‘how long are your arms?’.

Thus, speed could be vital here. Slower cornerbacks are better suited to zone, quicker cornerbacks are typically targeted to play man. You’re often facing 1v1 challenges where you have to sprint great distances, matching the receiver. You need good recovery speed. Size isn’t as important and physicality is just a bonus. I suspect, however, the Seahawks will still seek a physical edge at the position (as they did with Brown).

Keep a closer eye on the forty yard dash this year and which cornerbacks have fluidity, suddenness, smooth hips and an ability to change direction easily during drills.

It is worth stressing that the Brown pick was another day three selection at cornerback. Carroll still hasn’t taken a corner any higher than the very end of round three (Shaquill Griffin). So his/their approach in terms of physical profile might be adapting but there’s no evidence they’re more likely to draft a cornerback any earlier.

The short shuttle is again important at cornerback. In a now deleted visual demonstration of the drill, Mike Mayock explains why it’s so vital:

“It’s important for literally every position. Why? For the little guys it’s obvious. Quickness, acceleration, change of direction. How about the big guys? Can they bend? Are you a natural bender or are you a heavy-legged waist bender? A great time for a defensive back is a 4.2.”

If a great time for a cornerback is a 4.2, it’s fair to assume anything quicker than a 4.00 is exceptional.

Since 2010, only five CB’s have run a sub-4.00 short shuttle and measured with 32 inch arms:

2021 – No combine
2020 – No qualifiers
2019 – No qualifiers
2018 — Jordan Thomas (3.94)
2017 — Kevin King (3.89)
2016 — DeAndre Elliott (3.94)
2015 — Byron Jones (3.94), Tye Smith (3.96)
2010-2014 — No qualifiers

The Seahawks drafted Smith and signed Elliott. Short-area quickness and great length is a rare combination so any possible day three prospects with these physical traits will likely be on the radar.

Here are the known short shuttle times for drafted/UDFA cornerbacks in Seattle:

DeAndre Elliott — 3.94
Tye Smith — 3.96
Jeremy Lane — 4.14
Shaquill Griffin — 4.14
Deshawn Shead — 4.23
Brandon Browner — 4.24
Richard Sherman — 4.29
Tharold Simon — 4.31
Byron Maxwell — 4.49
Tre Flowers — 4.34
Tre Brown — 4.27

What about the nickel corner position? Justin Coleman was their last truly successful nickel. He was only 5-11 and 185lbs at his combine with 31 1/4 inch arms. He did, however, run a blistering short shuttle (3.98) and jumped a 37.5 inch vertical. It’s worth considering highly athletic nickel corner candidates, especially with Marquise Blair’s injury history and Ugo Amadi’s poor 2021 season.

Key tests
Short shuttle, vertical, forty

Ideal size
+5-10, 195lbs, +32-inch arms, 4.40 forty, +35-inch vertical

Positional assessment
There are some excellent cornerbacks in this draft and with the growing desperate need at the position, several could go in the top-20. Derek Stingley, Sauce Gardner, Kyler Gordon, Trent McDuffie and Tariq Woolen could all be early picks — with a handful of others close behind. Stingley, Gordon, McDuffie and Woolen could blow the roof off in Indianapolis with their testing numbers. This could be a superstar workout day. I have 13 cornerbacks graded between rounds 1-3. There are plenty of very attractive options here and the Seahawks — with two early fourth round picks — should be able to find a corner they like.

Interesting note
Despite being lauded for their ability to draft and develop cornerbacks in the early Carroll era — the Seahawks have surprisingly only drafted one in the last four drafts. They converted Tre Flowers from safety and have used Amadi as a nickel. They’ve also struggled at the position. So none of this makes sense. In fairness — they showed something of a return to form in 2021. Reed and Sidney Jones performed well and a collection of no-name backups filled in admirably. It’s encouraging.

Best drill to watch
The backpedal drill. Watch to see how the cornerback transitions and whether it’s effortless. Do they have loose hips and do they explode out of their break? Is their footwork smooth or clunky? Are they laboured in any way or does it just look natural?

Five names to watch
Tariq Woolen, Kyler Gordon, Montaric Brown, Josh Williams, Akayleb Evans

Potential standout
Tariq Woolen could run in the 4.2’s. He’ll also excel in the jumps. Derek Stingley could’ve beaten him though as a former 142.74 SPARQ leader but it was revealed today he won’t compete at the combine as he continues to recover from a Lisfranc injury. Kyler Gordon could also make waves — he’s capable of a 42.5 vertical and has clocked a stunning 3.87 short shuttle at Washington.

Importance to the Seahawks?
It depends what happens in free agency. At the moment, Tre Brown is the only contracted cornerback on the roster and he’s recovering from a serious injury. If they re-sign Reed and Jones and retain ERFA’s John Reid and Gavin Heslop they boost their numbers. Richard Sherman also linked them to man-coverage dynamo Stephon Gilmore last week. They need to do something here, that’s for sure.

Daxton Hill is a former SPARQ star and top HS recruit

After hitting on Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor in 2010, Seattle hasn’t had much success at the safety position. Ryan Murphy, Winston Guy, Mark LeGree, Tedric Thompson and Delano Hill have come and gone. Marquise Blair has had injury issues throughout his NFL career. The less said about the Jamal Adams trade the better.

Thankfully, the Quandre Diggs trade worked out.

There’s a real mix of physical profiles in the players they’ve taken, making it a difficult position to project. Murphy ran a 4.48 at his pro-day with an impressive 39-inch vertical and Blair ran a 4.48 with a 35-inch vertical but Legree (4.59) and Guy (4.70) didn’t run fast times (Legree only had a 31-inch vertical too). Hill ran a 4.47 but Thompson managed only a 4.60.

Diggs has 29 5/8 inch arms and ran a 4.56. Adams also ran a 4.56 but excelled in the short shuttle (4.13) and had +33 inch arms.

Overall it’s hard to describe a Seahawks ‘type’. The only safety they’ve drafted in the first round (Earl Thomas) was a tremendous athlete. He ran a 4.37 at his pro-day after pulling a hamstring running the forty at the combine (while still managing an official 4.49). Blair, their next highest pick at the position, was also athletic and hit like a sledgehammer.

Of all the positions, this might be the one without a clear established physical ideal. It could be the position where scouting or attitude influences things the most.

Key drills
Forty yard dash, Three-cone, Vertical, Broad

Ideal size
+6-0, 200-220lbs, 4.4 forty, +39-inch vertical, +10-5 broad jump

Positional assessment
It’s top-heavy. Kyle Hamilton will be a top-10 pick as a rangy, tall field-general. Daxton Hill is expected to be a top-tester and could end up with first round grades. I think Jaquan Brisker is a bit overrated but he too is expected to test well. There are a cluster of players I really like — the rangy Kerby Joseph, the physical Lewis Cine, the all-round qualities of Bryan Cook and Nick Cross. Others prefer Jalen Pitre. After those names — the position falls off a cliff.

Interesting note
Both Earl Thomas and Tedric Thompson had a lot of interceptions in their final college seasons and both were drafted to play free safety. Thomas had eight picks for Texas in 2009, Thompson had seven for Colorado in 2016. Looking at this draft class, Verone McKinley III had six interceptions in 2021 and Kerby Joseph had five. Montaric Brown, who I really like at cornerback, also had five. Some have suggested he transition to safety (I’d keep him outside).

Best drill to watch
Any of the drills requiring the safety’s to close in space and show off their open-field quickness and range.

Five names to watch
Daxton Hill, Kerby Joseph, Lewis Cine, Bryan Cook, Nick Cross

Potential standout
Don’t be surprised if Daxton Hill tests so well that people discuss a switch to cornerback. At SPARQ he ran a 4.30 forty, a 4.13 short shuttle, jumped a 44-inch vertical and finished with an overall score of 143.76. He could be the star of the whole event this year.

Importance to the Seahawks?
The Seahawks have pumped resource into this position and it hasn’t worked. It’s time to shift money and investment from safety and linebacker into the trenches. They need to be prepared to move on from Quandre Diggs if he’s too expensive, having already spent (wasted?) $17.5m a year and a kings ransom of picks on Jamal Adams. Draft a cheaper replacement or sign a cheaper veteran unless the market comes to you. Diggs is good but he’s not ‘great’.

Assessing 2020’s ‘names to watch’

Typically I like to look back on the previous year and check back on the names we highlighted. However, with no combine a year ago, we’re left to reflect on the 2020 draft.

Here’s the first name I listed for every position group:

Hunter Bryant (TE) — He ran a 7.08 three cone and a 4.46 short shuttle so performed well. Injuries impacted his stock, though, and he ultimately went undrafted.

Justin Herbert (QB) — He showed off his extreme physical talent at the combine and has since proven to be one of the NFL’s blossoming stars.

Brandon Aiyuk (WR) — He only ran a 4.50 forty but added a 40 inch vertical. The 49ers traded up to select Aiyuk with the #25 overall pick.

Damien Lewis (G) — A blog favourite who had a reasonably explosive testing performance and was drafted by Seattle in round three.

Cesar Ruiz (C) — A brilliant testing performance secured a first round placing. It was a surprise New Orleans took him at #24 having already drafted Erik McCoy the year before and Ruiz has struggled after switching to guard. He needs a fresh start (nudge nudge Seattle).

Isaiah Wilson (T) — Character issues ruined his career before it even began. What a waste. He was taken in round one after a strong combine.

Jonathan Taylor (RB) — He ran a 4.39 forty, jumped a 36 inch vertical and had the perfect running back frame. He was taken with the 41st pick by Indianapolis and has become a star.

Raekwon Davis (DT) — He had a Calais Campbell frame but he had middling testing results including a 28 inch vertical. He was the #56 pick, taken by Miami, and had a 36.5 PFF grade in 2021.

Julian Okwara (DE) — He didn’t do any testing during the pre-draft process and fell to round three. He’s suffered injuries with Detroit but had five sacks in 13 games in 2021.

Willie Gay Jr (LB) — He ran a brilliant 4.46 at 243lbs, jumped a 39.5 inch vertical and an 11-4 broad. He also ran a 4.30 short shuttle. Terrific performance, helping to secure a spot in round two. Jordyn Brooks was third on my list.

Trevon Diggs (CB) — He always had the talent but fell to round two after an indifferent final season in Alabama. Diggs also didn’t test pre-combine. He was taken with the 51st pick and has 14 interceptions in two years for Dallas.

Grant Delpit (S) — Early in his career, Delpit looked like the next superstar safety at LSU. For some reason it has never happened. He dropped to round two and hasn’t really impacted the NFL.

The week ahead

Throughout the combine I’ll be producing a live blog as events unfold, followed by a reflective piece at the end of each day. I’ll also be delivering regular live streams to offer thoughts and observations. My podcast partner Robbie Williams is attending the combine and will also provide his own reaction from Lucas Oil Field.

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    I found a write up on this Here:

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    “Various 3-cone and Jingle-Jangle drills are now the benchmark for measuring hip flexibility of a player. In the Jingle-Jangle you use 3 coaches and at least 1 player, but usually 2. Its also called a pro agility drill in the Combine. The 3 coaches are separated 5 yards apart from each other, so one is at 5 10 and 15 yards. The player straddles the 10yd line in the middle, and on the whistle he takes off to one side, touches the line that a coach watches, then turns and runs 10 yards back to another coach, then back where he started. If he’s within 0.5 second of his 40 time he’s usually doing really good. Another variation is to sprint to the first coach, shuffle to the 2nd, and then backpedal to the 3rd. It all depends on what the coach prefers to work on.”

    So, it is worth noting that a guy like Mike Remmington, who went to multiple Pro Bowls for the Cleveland Browns could only run a 4.8 forty. His SS was slow too, but it was almost full speed! He was a tall lanky guy who was a long strider and good vision. Guys like Ted “The Mad Stork” Hendricks are rare in today’s NFL but they still can have some value.

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      I wouldn’t consider the Chicago offer a “strong” offer.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it was strong, just not ‘right’.

        Three firsts, other picks and players

        That is strong TBF — but I also would’ve wanted a better offer than that.

    • cha

      For as sick as we all are of RW’s robotic smiles and endless say-nothings, that is exactly what the Commanders need. A superstar player who takes the stand every single day, smiles and is squeaky-clean.

      Seriously. Woman accused Daniel Snyder of inappropriate touching and sexual harassments. Daniel Snyder issues press release stating he’s hiring a top firm to investigate Daniel Snyder’s behavior. Get outta here with that nonsense. The NFL rightly shut it down. But his first instinct was to put out a nonsensical press statement.

      They need much, much more than changing their name to clean up their image.

      I’d maintain it is just as much about rebranding as it is about acquiring a top player for Washington.

      • Rob Staton


    • Palatypus

      Oh, and while you’re at it, Commanders, don’t forget using blackmail with a Russian hooker.

      There are LOTS of Russian hookers in our nation’s capital.

    • Rob Staton

      Albert Breer:

      Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has worked with his coaches in recent weeks as if he’s going to play in Seattle in 2022. We know the owner wants him there, but we still have yet to hear from Wilson specifically. What coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider say about their quarterback in Indy should be interesting.

      • cha

        The Seahawks don’t traditionally stream that interview. There may be conflicts with NFLN. If anyone finds out somewhere they are going to stream it live online, please send word.

        • TomLPDX

          I’ve always watched their combine interviews from the Seahawks website. Hope that doesn’t change.

          • cha

            I think they post them after the fact, not necessarily stream them live. I’d be ok with posting after the fact, but I’d like to watch it live if I can.

            If for no other reason to get the answer to the one question on my mind: Just how good is Bobby Wagner? It’s been about 6 weeks since I got my last fix.

        • Rob Staton

          Two years ago the NFL published every press conference on YouTube I think

  29. Mick

    Rob, this is once again amazing. Don’t have anything else to say than looking forward for the combine and the draft, and thank you for the work you put in making this awesome blog what it is.

  30. Old but Slow

    This post is the cat’s pajamas. Neato, rad, and bitchin”. It has me on edge, looking harder, watching more film, and looking forward to the post-combine big board.

    Whooee, Rob, you’ve done it again!

  31. KennyBadger

    I love these off season analyses Rob, even more so with a need for a talent injection into this team. Thanks as always for the work you put in!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  32. JimQ

    A great lead up to the combine!
    I’m amazed at your typing ability, if I had to type that many words, I’d have to soak my fingers afterward, not to mention it would take me hours to type that much. I would guess that is probably just one of a great journalist’s strong suits. I’m looking forward to more good stuff in the coming days. Thanks a bunch Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jim

  33. Rob4q

    Wow, that was an awesome read – so much detail put into this! Really look forward to seeing this along with watching the updates to the big board every year. Excellent work and I am much more tuned in to the draft and the players because of your blog! Thanks for the excellent content Rob!

    I was just reading about Kuony Deng, LB California, and it seems he has kind of faded from memory after getting hurt early last year. Apparently some were saying he was going to be an early day 2 pick back in 2020 but then COVID happened and he hurt his ankle. Looks like he is healthy and could be a great value pick…

    Anyone remember him and know anymore about him?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Rob

  34. All I see is 12s

    What a lucky fan base we are! Thank you for all the work you do

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  35. Palatypus

    These grades are ALL WRONG.

    Is there seriously a scout out there that thinks that Abraham Lucas is a poorer prospect than Max Mitchell? Or that Daniel Failele is better than, well, anybody on this list?

    Failele stock is going to drop like the Russian ruble.

    • Peter

      I like fortner as a 6th round pick. But better than lucas?

      Fallale might not even stick on an active roster.

      • Seattle Person

        It’s so incredible how the media continues to hype Faalele. So much that a lot of the Seahawks’ fanbase wants him in the 2nd round. Did they not watch the Senior Bowl clips?

        Palatypus, you were there. Tell us how he looked? In the clips, it looked like Faalele got his ass kicked multiple times by smaller dudes. He looks like he is a possible guard but the hype train on him…I am not buying.

        Meanwhile, players like Abe Lucas keeps getting nothing. He got his ass kicked at times too but he didn’t look as bad as Big Daniel. Anchors well and once he locks on, it’s over. Other players like Sam Williams continue to get no love. Mafe for awhile no one bought in.

        • Peter

          At least in these rankings DE and DL feel reasonable. But the oline rankings are way off. Seahawks fans that are into Faalale? Why? He’s a lumbering unathletic guy. That’s it.

          • Seattle Person

            Not just our fan base but other teams as well. Faalele is consistently mentioned in the 2nd round. So many are intrigue by his size and mobility? So team is going to over-draft him and then is going to have to turn into a guard down the road.

        • Palatypus

          How did he look? Daniel Failele has the size and agility of a manatee.

          • TomLPDX

            Great visual!

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Bloody brilliant Rob! Thank you very much for this 2022 NFL Combine magnum opus.

    Can’t wait to use it and your horizontal board as viewing companions to the action.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  37. cha

    Florio thinks RW stays in Seattle.

    • Denver Hawker

      Not much noise lately to position otherwise. Will be interesting to see how Hawks fare in FA.

      Florio brings up interesting points about RW durability, mobility, decline, etc. Not necessarily to debate, but in reference to perceived trade value. I wonder if this is his opinion or informed by people he’s spoken with.

      • Peter

        Mike has good instincts about this stuff.

        Enjoyed that he sang the song about Indy like i have been saying. I get their capital is limited but i think they might find a way to be a player in the sweepstakes.

    • Rob Staton

      All of the people connected to the Wilson camp are saying this

      Which is indicative of what we’ve been saying

      Wilson is open to a move but the options just aren’t there. Only thing that changes things now is a bad free agency. So don’t have a bad free agency

      • Ben

        Absolutely stellar review, and the look back to 2020 to boot! We are too lucky as draft fans, let alone Seahawks fans.

        OT- I just looked over the Panthers off season capital and whew! They’ve got #6 and then no 2nd or third picks, and only 12 million in cap space somehow. The obvious cuts only garner them 22 in cap space, leaving only restructures and few options at that with most of their big contracts aside from Moton and McCaffry expiring after 2023, so without void years they can’t spread too much.

        They’ve got a lot of talent, but I could see Darnold and a 2023 pick getting traded away for lower pick 2023 pick to clear the 18m right off the books. The Brock Lobster special.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Ben

          The Panthers are a chaotic mess

          • Ben

            Every year I think I’ll try to pay a little less attention to the draft, hawks keep messing up, don’t have picks, etc and the blog pulls me back in! You have a way with making it compelling, being ahead of the curve, and the video content has been stellar!

  38. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hey Rob,

    You’re simply doing the Lord’s work, here. Thanks so much for the time you put in.

    Curious, what leads you to rank Cole Turner lower on your TE rankings? He’s not a fantastic, mauling run blocker but dude is the red-zone target with soft hands that our squad has been sorely missing.

    If he somehow falls to us at #115, I think you snatch him up and avoid having to pay and depend on Everett.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Turner. Good movement. Not sure he’s got the upside to be graded higher. If he tests better than expected I will move him up. But not everyone can be a day two type. Early day three is still a good grade

  39. Sea Mode

    Interesting. Apparently quite a few Eagles fans either don’t think Russ is that good anyways and/or don’t think their team is good enough to make it worth spending a couple extra R1 picks they have to get him.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve noticed this

      And my response is always… “Enjoy your mediocre seasons”

      That one improbable run with Foles will influence their thinking as a fan base for years

      • Peter

        Sadly our fan base is living off the fumes of a near decade old run. Media still grasping at a near perfect two draft cycle ten years on getting lost in PC’s foggy politician rhetoric about how 7-10 is actually better than we think if we just apply the right vantage point to it.

        Hope the new coach changes inspire anything that sparks change. Even with your recent podcast with the lads has me thinking a swing on Gilmore at least shows the desire to be legitimately better than they are.

        • cha

          getting lost in PC’s foggy politician rhetoric

          That’s why to me, talk is cheap. Like Robbie said in the stream, they can talk until they’re blue in the face, but they’ve got to back it up.

          Last year, the offense was ‘going to play with more tempo’ for the third or fourth year in a row. That disintegrated into vapor pretty quickly.

          The defense is ‘going to get more aggressive’ is another rubber stamp comment. Great. Let’s see it.

          PC was interviewed on the field just before kickoff vs Houston and asked what they’re going to do to stop rookie Davis Mills. He said they were going to attack him, get him out of his comfort zone, etc. Houston took the kickoff and marched right down the field easy as pie. Mills had a pillowy-soft pocket. Even Steve Raible said ‘this defense just allowed an opening-drive touchdown to the worst offense in the league.’

          PC and Russ are best buddies.

          Carlos Dunlap’s snaps are reduced to preserve his health.

          Tre Flowers is having his best camp ever.

          Russ’ finger is fine and there are no problems.

          We’ve been so close to winning all season.

          We need to improve the pass rush.

          SHUT UP.

          DO SOMETHING.

          • Rob Staton


            • Peter


            • cha

              The legal tampering period begins two weeks from yesterday.

              Bobby Wagner should have been lauded, celebrated, adorned with a sash and a crown on his way out of town already.

              • Gross MaToast

                Bobby signed an extension this morning – 3 years, $61m with $45m guaranteed.

                He didn’t, but would you be surprised?

                • cha

                  Cut to 2025:

                  “Pete, Bobby is 35 and has a $31million cap hit this season. He’s playing on crutches and you can time him with a sun dial. My question is…do you think he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer?”

                  • Gross MaToast

                    “I don’t know if there’s a no-ballot Hall of Famer – is there a no-ballot Hall of Famer? – Bobby should be the first no-ballot Hall of Famer – just carve the statue and put him in there with the rest of the amorals – immortals – I mean, Bobby has meant so much to this team – we want him to play forever and with the crutch technology that’s, you know, being developed now, that’s a real possibility. He’s just a special, special player.”

              • Big Mike

                He’s not going anywhere cha. I want to be wrong but………….

          • Peter

            100% Cha.

            Shut up. And do something.

            Just show something resembling a pulse when the opportunity is there. They don’t have to do everything at once but sign OBJ when he’s available. Jumping cripe that Yannick, Calais combo platter….

            And quit the bs about how we are right there in games, trades,free agents. Don’t be right there til the end. Just be there.

            And for the love of pete stop saying someone is having a great camp. That feels like a curse when uttered outloud.

          • Gross MaToast

            I like this post very much.

            It made me question, once again, how the franchise became what it is today and It’s Pete. This is all PeteSpeak dismissing issues big and small and, outside of Tater, there’s not a soul to call him on this bs. Legitimate, fundamental questions are given the Jedi hand wave treatment – “No one would want to face this team in the playoffs.”

            For all the “change” this offseason, I think it’s best viewed through the Pete lens – Pete ain’t changing. It should be evident by week 2 that whatever the preseason spin was, it’s just more

        • Ben

          “Sadly our fan base is living off the fumes of a near decade old run. Media still grasping at a near perfect two draft cycle ten years on…”

          Damn. Can’t put that any better. It doesn’t take anything away from the amazing run we had, but puts it in perfect perspective.

          • Peter

            It’s kind of a staggeringly long time ago when you try to conceptualize it.

  40. bv eburg

    Epic Rob, thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  41. Peter


    Have you had a chance to look at zach tom or luke fortner much?

    I’m big on defense this year but I think center is almost a higher priority for Russel and the offense to end (if ever) the nightmare of Aaron Donald. Really like Strange and Jurgens. Like Fortner quite a bit. Just had the “beastquake,” run come up in youtube and really miss seeing a center explode out to the second level.

    • Rob Staton

      Go back and look at my post on the first horizontal board because there are notes on Tom

      Fortner was less impressive to me. Fine at getting to the second level and not doing a great deal when he gets there. Didn’t see anything particularly exciting on tape.

      • Peter

        Thanks re read it.

        I’m still pulling for Fortner in the fifth round. Less impressive tape then others but not so that it’s terrible.

        Intrigued by a guy who played Center for one year. 22 pressure and 5 sacks allowed in 2300 snaps in college. I could work with that. He’s one of my intangibles picks. Team captain. Crazy smart. Actually has the fire to play football since he literally does not need it. All around great guy and team captain who also gets thrown out of a game for throwing a punch. Seattle is a team severely lacking in fire right now.

        Obviously Strange and definitely Jurgens. But I’d take fortner over pocic, fuller, and project haynes unless they go out and spend for Allen/jensen.

        • Rob Staton

          Fifth round is fair

          • Peter

            Trying to get stoked on later round guys since your horizontal board has so many intriguing names that it’s hard to settle on who I like the most. That Seattle could actually draft.

            There’s names a lot of us would run to the podium if they were there at 41. Wyatt, Davis, Mafe, jermaine Johnson….

            But every time you highlight a new dude (leo chenal, montaric Brown,etc) it gets harder cause the wishlist grows.

        • Rob4q

          I was reading the latest from MSD over at the Athletic and he has a mock draft up where he picks Dohnovan West, G Arizona State as a OC conversion candidate. Not really looked at him much, but I guess he played all of the interior OL positions this past season.

          If the Seahawks don’t sign a OC in free agency, then they surely need to draft one! Haven’t heard much about re-signing Pocic either…

  42. Hawk Finn

    I echo all the sentiments here regarding your work. Bar none, the best on the web. Are you planning to do more video mocks using the simulator as you had in years past? Those are always a treat!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you, and yes

  43. cha

    RW and Ciara on Today this morning.

    I watched it so you don’t have to (trust me. most of the talk was about keeping their marriage spicy and what Russ has planned for their anniversary…)

    At the end he was asked about his Twitter avatar change and of course laughed it off.

    Was asked directly by one of the reporters (who is a Washington fan) if he’d consider coming to the team.

    “I love the East Coast, but I think the West Coast is better for me right now…I got people hittin me up every day. I got friends on the East Coast. Seattle’s the place that I’m at right now, and I love it.”

    The reporter digs at the end ‘spoken like a true diplomat!’

    • Gross MaToast

      (I don’t want to do this, but lack the maturity and common decency to resist. Apologies.)

      Presented Letterman-Style:

      Russell Wilson’s Top 10 Ways to Keep A Marriage Spicy:

      10. Clean the tub AND shower.
      9. White wine spritzers mixed with a little 7-Up.
      8. That signed poster of the SeaGals.
      7. Armor All the tires on Ciara’s cars.
      6. Wearing a little ‘The Fragrance Duo’ – Harmony is a representation of a couple as their most natural and vulnerable selves: the connection of souls underneath all the lights.
      5. Wearing my helmet around the house trying not to get sacked.
      4. A sexy rom-com, like ‘The Waterboy.’
      3. Deep clean the kitchen.
      2. Taking a trip on Alaska Airlines – ‘For the same price, you just get more.’.
      1. Golden Tate.

      • Palatypus

        You forgot Marvin Gaye.

      • Denver Hawker

        Or sign a contract extension and announce it from your bed- (cringy voice)- see y’all in the morning (wink).

      • Bmseattle

        How about a nano-bubble bath?

    • Ben

      Russell also notes that his families in Richmond. I have to think he’d be okay going to Washington. Their training is in Richmond too.

      Not to mention the Commanders are on the fast track for a new ownership group, which Russ might someday want to be a part of… though I guess perhaps so are the hawks!

      • Bmseattle

        I imagine that Washington is very appealing to Russ.
        Their roster is younger and better than ours.
        Plus, they dont have an iconic QB in their history that he would have to live up to.
        He probably feels he could build a better legacy there, than, say, Denver.

        • TomLPDX

          They don’t have an iconic QB in their history!? Have you seen the list?

          Several iconic QBs in that list.

          • JJ

            One of their qb’s did go on to become a host of American Gladiators.

          • Bmseattle

            I guess if you have to refer to a “list”, they aren’t very iconic. 😏

            • TomLPDX


              I resorted to the list because there were several QBs on that list that defined the Redskins. I grew up a Cowboys fan in the 60s and 70s (I grew up in TX for cryin’ out loud!) and HATED the redskins…and the Eagles! Don’t get me started on Buddy Ryan! …but I digress…

              • bmseattle

                Of course there have been some good QBs in Washington over the course of the decades… even a couple of HOFers.

                But let’s face it, ask any fan of the team who the greatest QB in team history is, and you’ll likely get a variety of answers naming several guys in that list.
                Most fans right now never saw the best guys on that list ever play.

                Let’s put it this way. Russ has a better chance of ending up at the top of that list, than if he goes to the team that John Elway played for.

                • TomLPDX

                  Well, Sammy Baugh was before my time but I did get to see Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer, Joe Theismann and Doug Williams play. I respected all of those guys even though I “hated” them.

                  • Peter

                    All greats. Loved Williams’ game. Bmseattle has a good point though it has been forever since they had someone to hang their hat on.

  44. cha

    Another reason why PFF’s offseason stuff is garbage.

    We flushed more than that for our strong safety, son.

    • Peter

      Maybe we should * give * them two firsts?

      This is just ridiculous. I’ll bite. Two firsts AND anyone who is a probowler on their roster and they pay their contracts.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t want to see ONE MORE shit proposal for a Russell Wilson trade.

      Do these people engage their brains???

      I mean, on what planet would that be enough???

    • Ben

      While I strongly disagree that what we traded for Jamal Adams has any effect on a trade aside from the FO’s pride, it’s truly a joke of an offer. If those picks were so much they wouldn’t have gotten them for CARSON WENTZ and trading back 6 picks.

      Can you imagine if the Eagles offered to swap back from 6 to 12 and said hey you can have Wentz, can we have Russell. Lord almighty.

  45. Palatypus

    I heard someone earlier today on the NFL network say that the Stealers general manager, before he retires this year would like to acquire QB Malick Willis as a parting gift for the future.

    May I please help you wrap that parting gift? Please, please, please let me help you usher in the new Kordell Stewart era. I’m sure you can find many others around here who will help.

    Who’s with me?

    • Big Mike

      I haven’t seen him play but considering what I’ve read here from people smarter than I am, count me in. Anything that makes the stealers a worse team, I’m all in favor of.

      • Palatypus

        Check out Rob’s real time analysis of his play during the Senior Bowl game. He doesn’t go through his reads.

        Basically, he thinks he’s Michael Vick.

      • TomLPDX

        I think he is just a raw QB that needs time to develop before passing final judgement. Dude has a strong arm and just needs time. Who knows, 3 years down the road he might be one of the top QBs…or not. Ted Nyugen at the Athletic did a breakdown on him recently which was pretty good.

        • Palatypus

          He is certainly a better athlete than Tom Brady.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s more than just being raw though.

          He struggles, badly, to read the field. He is the definitive one-read QB. If the initial read isn’t there he takes off. There are numerous plays on film where he has receivers running wide open downfield but he has no pocket patience. He just doesn’t see things developing and there are never progressions.

          On top of that his technique is problematic and will lead to turnovers. Having to fix a QB who can’t go through reads and has bad technique is a major issue.

          Put him in Greg Roman’s offense where they specifically design a running offense based around the QB’s skill set as a runner and I think he can succeed. But he isn’t going to Roman’s offense.

          • Peter

            For me it’s the level of play. He didn’t play lights out at a sub-sub conference. It’s great to be athletic and rack up 800 yards. But that’s against players who will never make practice squads. Unlike Josh Allen who was a big strong kid, Willis is a trim almost sleight guy with no base.

            It’s the same for his accuracy.

            If he was a 75% passer who was buried at a SEC school depth chart and just wanted to shine, okay. But he outran liberty’s foes and fairly obviously didn’t bother working on mechanics because he didn’t need to. Throwing like a stork? Not going to work in the NFL.

            • TomLPDX

              Both you and Rob are ere exactly right, which is why I said “3 years down the road he might be one of the top QBs…or not.”

              He is definitely NOT a year 1 starter and needs major work but the tools are there…can he master them?

              • Rob Staton

                It’s very difficult to change technique like his. And it’s also very difficult to learn to the read the game, considering the growing pains you have to go through and how it impacts players. If he’s not in the Roman system from day one, I fear for him.

                • TomLPDX

                  I definitely hear you, Rob. Fortunately we don’t have to live through his growing pains.

                  • Peter

                    I just worry that the keague is mostly over the waiting period for Qb’s. A beedy team needs them to compete pronto. Jordan love was a bad pick and the niners are lucky they are so stacked that birning picks for lance with jimmy g is a luxury.

                    The steelers per example where i see him mocked often need him to start day one.

  46. JJ


    What did you think of Mel’s mock? Ekwonu first overall

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t get it

      But if Jacksonville wants to take a guard first overall, good for them

      Because I’ll be stunned if he sticks at LT

      • cha

        I want all these guards going in the top 10. And the quarterbacks to get pushed up the board.

        More impactful talent pushed down.

  47. Scot04

    Amazing job on the Combine preview. Was an excellent informative read & greatly appreciated. Love this time of year, hopefully we get pleasantly surprised in Free-agency so we have a lot of freedom in the draft.
    Another 4.4 WR we drafted in the 4th was Gary Jennings.
    Thanks again…

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Scot

  48. Bankhawk

    Wow! That’s a powerful lot to digest, but incredibly impressive top to bottom.
    Thank you so much for all you do, Rob. And while I’m at it-to the community at large, as well.
    I can only but wish the world as a whole could take a few lessons in civility and rationality in these troubled times.

    • TomLPDX

      Amen brother.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — that means a lot

  49. All I see is 12s

    You are all free to slap me around if you like, but Jacksonville needs a playmaker to go along with there young quarterback. And it’s not like Hutchinson is Myles Garrett. If Jacksonville were to offer the number one pick for DK Metcalf, would that be something you guys would want to do? Is that crazy? If so, who is the crazy for?
    Jacksonville would get the playmaker, and Seattle would get a pass rusher and avoid paying Metcalf’s massive salary which is sure to come.
    Like I said, you guys are free to beat me up if I’m totally out of line…

    • Palatypus

      Jacksonville would need more. A lot more.

      • All I see is 12s

        I hear you. And I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. But how highly is Hutchinson thought of? It seems to me that while he’s an incredible prospect, he’s probably not at the same level as Garrett or young. I guess my point is, the number one pick might not be worth as much this year. The team that has it might not get as much in a trade or to try to move it as they normally would if there was a premium quarterback prospect or even a more elite level prospect pass rusher.

        • Peter

          Love DK but if anyone wants to give us anywhere from 1-10 for him or two firsts this year I’d probably say yes.

          Jermaine Johnson with maybe Wyatt? Hell yeah

          • All I see is 12s

            I got to thinking about this when I saw someone online suggest the Jets trade number 10 to the Seahawks for DK. A lot of people thought It was crazy. I didn’t, but some did. I was curious what people thought a reasonable trade for DK would be. Because he has a unique talent and a true star, but we are already paying Tyler Lockett big money and do we really want to pay another wide receiver that type of money or should we move him and get the Savings and hopefully draft some nice players.?

        • Palatypus

          Then you trade for future picks in anticipation of a better draft class.

        • Cover2

          If we more of a pass heavy team, then I wouldn’t trade DK Metcalf. But since we are not, I’m okay with trading him for a top-10 pick in the 1st round. Then trade down a couple times in the 1st round to acquire more picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

          So flipping DK and trading down in the 1st round twice, would give us 4 extra picks in the first three rounds. We could end up with the following player (with the help of Rob’s latest mock).

          1st round #18 OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa
          2nd round #42 DE/DT Perrion Winfrey, Oklahoma
          2nd round #44 ILB Brian Asamoah, Oklahoma
          2nd round #50 DT/DE Travis Jones, UConn
          3rd round #70 OLB/DE DeAngelo Malone, Western Kentucky
          3rd round #74 RB Brian Robinson, Alabama
          4th round #106 WR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati
          4th round #112 OG/OT Luke Goedeke

  50. Palatypus

    Great Blue North Report is saying that the Denver Broncos interviewed Kenny Pickett, Matt Corral, and Malik Willis all on the first day of the combine.

    That’s like interviewing Larry, Curly, and Moe for one spot at the Stooge position.

    • TomLPDX

      HaHa! Thanks for the chuckle!

    • Peter

      Sample question: in the advent you fall to the second round what do you think best describes your ability to back up Aaron Rodgers for one to four years?

  51. cha

    USA Today reports that PC is speaking at 10am PST tomorrow and JS is at 1pm PST.

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks Curtis. If you find a live stream link, let us know.

    • cha

      Here’s my shopping list of questions

      -Has your place in the Seahawks organization changed at all? Do you still have final say over all personnel matters?

      -Russell Wilson has been the subject of trade rumors again this offseason. Do these rumors have any merit?

      -Has Jody Allen expressed herself on Russell Wilson? What did she say?

      -Can you categorically say today that Russell Wilson will be a Seahawk in Week One? And if not, why not?

      -Has an extension been discussed with Russ?

      -Last year, the Seahawk offense logged the least amount of snaps in the NFL, and the defense logged the most. How do you plan to rectify this in 2022?

      -The Seahawks have beaten the SB champ Rams only once in the last six times you’ve played them. What do you attribute this to? Can you keep up with the rest of the NFC West?

      -What kind of input will your coordinators have in the draft and free agent evaluations?

      -Bobby Wagner has a $20m cap hit this year. Do you anticipate a move to reduce his cap hit, through trade, extension or cut?

      -If you could pick one area of the team most in need of an upgrade, what would it be? And if it is not pass rush, why not?

      -What are your plans for the Center position?

      -Can you update us on Chris Carson’s health? Will he play again? The team posted some unorthodox training videos on the official Twitter account last year. Could they have contributed to his injury?

      -The team has been hit by several key injuries in recent years. Can you say with confidence that your medical and training staff are doing everything they can to keep players healthy and on the field?

      -Is the team working on an extension for DK Metcalf? Has a deadline been set to get it done?

      -Your style of coaching has emphasized physical, intense practices. With the recent agreements about having less intensive practices and experiencing the challenges of practicing around the COVID lockdown, do you feel you have lost an edge of competitiveness there? You remarked this season could have used more practices in the offseason to prepare.

      • Rob Staton

        I wish I had any confidence that half of these (or questions similar) will be asked.

      • Palatypus

        -What is the airspeed of an un-laden swallow?

        • Denver Hawker

          What is your favorite color?

          • Palatypus

            The Color from Outer Space, by H.P. Lovecraft.

            And starring Nicholas Cage as Nicolas Cage.

      • BobbyK

        I would like to know:

        1. How will they protect themselves from Covid in ’22. Will their be any changes to keep the players safe?

        2. How good is Bobby Wagner?

        3. What does it mean to have coached a player like Bobby Wagner?

        4. How proud of Bobby Wagner are you for speaking up on social causes each week in his interviews?

        5. If you played Bobby Wagner in a game of H-O-R-S-E, who would win?

        All that other stuff doesn’t matter. Put your head in the sand and be happy.

        • Rob Staton


        • Palatypus

          I am in the process of handicapping the staring contest.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          And the most important question of the 2022 season, courtesy of The Simpsons:

          Could Bobby Wagner microwave a burrito so hot that He himself could not eat it.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Cribbed from George Carlin: If God is all powerful, could he make a rock so heavy even he can’t lift it?

  52. BoiseSeahawk

    Alright, here it is. My final mock draft of the year.

    Using the PFN mock draft simulator (most trade friendly) I was able to make a deal with the NYG sending Russell Wilson to the Big Apple for picks 5, 7, 36, 67 and 81.

    I traded pick 5 because we always trade our top selection and was rewarded by the Vikings with picks 12, 46, and 77.

    7: Evan Neal, OT Alabama
    12: Sam Howell, QB North Carolina
    36: Davonte Wyatt, DT Georgia
    41: Trent McDuffie, CB Washington
    46: Chad Muma, LB Wyoming
    67: Myjai Sanders, DE Cincinnati

    TRADE: Pick 72 to the Colts for picks 82 and 159

    77: Logan Hall, DT Houston
    81: Greg Dulcich, TE UCLA

    TRADE: Pick 82 and 227 to the Raiders for picks 86 and 164
    TRADE: Pick 86 to the Packers for picks 92 and 140

    92: Tariq Woolen, CB UTSA
    108: Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
    115: Cade Mays, OG Tennessee
    140: Calvin Austin III, WR Memphis
    153: Leo Chenal, LB Wisconsin
    159: Josh Paschal, DE Kentucky
    164: Bubba Bolden, S Miami

    • Palatypus

      Sam Howell at 12? I would take him at 140 where you took Calvin Austin, who out of a very quick group of WR at Senior Bowl practice was the quickest. If he runs fast as the combine, he could be a first rounder. But I think he’s a 4.6 guy who will do great in the agility drills.

      Basically, he’s a slot guy.

      • Thomas Wells

        If the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson for picks and then draft Sam Howell at 12 I’ll light myself on fire in the VMAC parking lot

        • Palatypus

          It’s worth noting that none of these sites have updated their draft board. Because of COVID everything is slooooooowwwwwww.

          • Rob Staton

            That’s no excuse

            The reason most boards aren’t updated is because most people don’t watch half the players they’re talking about

            • Palatypus

              Then why has Walter Football not updated it’s visit tracker after the Senior Bowl? Zoom?

              • Rob Staton

                See my previous reply

                • Palatypus

                  How hard is it to ask an agent who his clients have met with? I met Jim Denton just standing around in the rain.

    • JD

      How were you able to trade Russell using that simulator? I’ve only seem ability to trade picks.

      • Hawk Finn

        I don’t think he meant literally. I “traded” DK simply by selecting LV and Seattle, then swapping a LV 1st and 3rd for a SEA 5th.

  53. GoHawksDani

    Great article!

    So, it is not a bad draft for RB, TE, DL, CB and not that bad at OL too.
    How is the Hawks at those positions?
    RB? Pretty bad – CC cannot run whole year, Penny neither and he’s also FA
    TE? Parkinson is the only on the roster…we could re-sign Everett and Dissly, but neither of them is over the top good options
    DL? – We have a couple interesting piece, but only Taylor is the one with a potential future right now as we see it
    CB? – Yeah, I’m not convinced about either of those guys. Some of them are flashed a bit, but no stars on this team
    OL? – We don’t have a decent C, FA OTs, not really convinced about our OGs

    So we could potentially get like 7 starters with the right ammunition…but, yeah, we don’t have that because of the peacock.
    This draft seems like no matter what they do, we’ll have a bitter taste in our mouth because of the missed opportunities.
    For example if we draft OT and Pierce with our first 2 picks. We would feel bad about missed DL and LB opportunities
    If we draft DT and DE with first 2 picks, we might miss on the next Chubb or Kittle
    It sucks…and if we mortgage our future by trading for example next year’s first for this year’s mid R2 and mid R3, we won’t have R1 next year either.

    I doubt this team can get out of the hole they dug themselves in this year. They could’ve with less catastrophes in recent years, but now I see a ton of holes.

    I’d likely go DL in the FA as we have some young guys there. I might go OL in FA too, but not sure about the options there. The guys Rob mentioned for C and OG, I’m not too pumped about. I might would try to trade for a good C if possible, but not sure if there are any pretty good ones who are on the trading block.
    I’d probably go CB, RB, TE with first 3 picks, or if we cut BWagz then fix CB in FA too with that money and pick LB, RB, TE

    • Palatypus

      Getting seven starters out of ANY draft would be a grand slam home run. If you have the quarterback and have a draft that good, you are probably going to the Super Bowl. This was our draft in 2012:

      Bruce Irvin
      Bobby Wagner
      Russell Wilson
      Robert Turbin
      Jaye Howard
      Korey Toomer
      Jeremy Lane
      Winston Guy Jr.
      J.R. Sweezy
      Greg Scruggs

      Including the nickel, we got FIVE starters out of that draft. That is frickin’ outstanding! Now consider the 2020 Cincinnati Bengals drat.

      Joe Burrow
      Tee Higgins
      Logan Wilson
      Akeem Davis
      Khalid Kareem
      Hakeem Adeniji
      Markus Bailey

      That’s four starters with a rotational LB and Edge. Two years later they go to the Super Bowl.

  54. V

    “Former UW tight end Cade Otton said at Combine today he has met with Seahawks. Course, he also said he’d met with a bunch of other teams. But he says obvious – he’d be more than happy to stay in Seattle.”

    • Rob Staton

      One thing I hate about the combine

      Local reporters asking everyone if they’ve met with the team they cover


  55. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Sources: #AZCardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim have both agreed to terms on new contract extensions following a return to the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, through 2027. I feel that’s great news for the rest of the NFCW.

  56. Hawk finn

    Now extend Kyler 😈

  57. cha

    Silver on Cowherd. Silver says no team has called the Cardinals since the block-text manifesto from his agent was released.


    (throws a comment in about RW – he thinks he comes back to Seattle for another year)

    Pro Bowl pass rusher told Cowherd that Kyler doesn’t like to get hit (meaning has more of a problem with getting hit than your standard NFL QB). Thinks he’ll bail for baseball in the future.

    Gauging trade market and Niner strategy for Jimmy G.

    • Palatypus

      I didn’t know you could give up a quarterback for lent.

      • Peter

        Ha! Good one.

    • Peter

      More reason to be hesitant in giving Murray a new big contract. In the new age of super teams I think, from eisen, that some QB is hoing to be the test for drafting one and retainig them for 4-5 years to build a championship team while they are relatively cheap and if it doesn’t work move on.

      Murray should go play baseball. Oh wait in an even better showing of being out of touch he can’t go do that perhaps this whole year. What else is the game plan? Force a trade? Who bites on a trade and a huge contract?

  58. cha

    Any twitter sleuths know what this refers to?

    Tears of joy
    1:03 PM · Mar 1, 2022

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe he got todays ‘Wordle’?

      • Rob4q


  59. cha

    Pete Carroll livestream Combine Press Conf

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks Curtis

    • Denver Hawker

      What’s the point anymore.

    • cha

      Combine Press Conf with Pete Carroll

      “Enormously busy time of year. Fun time, so many challenges, moving parts. FA, roster, draft, combine. When we get to this time of year, reminded how challenging it is. Decisions impact tremendously. Players, money, team, cap all those things. Maintaining mentality of competing. Every opp, every thought we can come up with. Curious and inventive as we can be.

      Coming off season hard and difficult and hated it. Take out of it, a resurgence. I’m fired up about it. Jacked. Make great decisions and get going in the right decisions. Difficult decisions. You’re going to ask Q’s I can’t give you all the info you’d like. Keep info to ourselves, great value to us. Take your shots, more than welcome, I’ll take what you have.”

      [q] D staff, Norton? “Friends with Norton. Classic illustration of decisions difficult. Itching to make adjustments. How many can determine your effectiveness. Sometimes have to make difficult. What we did do, significant move giving Hurtt opp to be DC. Big factor on our staff. Leaned on him. Great thinker, tough, deep background. People worked with gave him diverse approach to game.”

      (technical issues, sound muted missed some)

      “Connection with scheme and his background with Sean’s is important. Meetings so far great. Thrilled so far. On that side of the ball.”

      [q] Defense different? “Won’t look as different as you think, 3-4 and 4-3 we’ve done both. Outside LB play DE. That’s how we go. Significant group inside, Al, Poona, Mone, good stopping inside. Developing Edge talent. Taylor couldn’t be more in line with what we’re looking for. YOung guys really bring something. Brooks just going to get better. Tools, run, diagnosis, physicality. Alton Rob, impressed with Tre Brown too. In practice a lot, got knee fixed. Look forward to that. Mixture good with scheme. Look like a 3-4 at times, be a 4-3 at times.

      [q] Tre health? “Ready to go, pushing himself hard, optimistic. Looking to be big part next year.”

      [q] Dee Eskridge? “Counting on Dee to be big part of what we’re doing. Showed enough in minicamp. Banged up. Never did get caught up. Really talented, explosive, involved in return game in time. Didn’t get to that. He’ll be prepared to do it.”

      [q] Run game down stretch elevate Dickerson to OL coach? “Always seemed to after young guys. Transition helped with all of that. Impact w players too significant to keep him out. Another difficult decision with Solari, just part of move to keep moving forward in developing and accenting best that Shane brings. Good relationships with players, demanding, technically centered.”

      [q] Impact scheme run game? “(pause) it will some. Doesn’t affect much what we were doing with Mike. Tighter focused more on best part of our run game. Excited why we hired them, showed up. Build on that.”

      [q] Wagner? “Expect to play with Bobby. Gotta figure out where everyone fits. Would love to be able to play with him, look forward to working that out.”

      [q] Penny? “Sustain from one day to another, feel good about body. Finally recovered. Finely tuned like a Ferrari. Explosiveness so obvious, confidence soared. Wants to come back, we want him back. Break tackles, run downfield, turn good opps into great opps. Rewarding to draft him back them, see him explode. Gotta get him back, very challenging free agent”

      [q] DK surgery? “Fixed foot, adjusted some stuff. Practice one day a week, guarded. Not best for him. Needed work. He knew it, all knew it, nothing we could do. Admirably. STill a young player, will get better. Sanjay Lal role return. Impact on us, chance to get him back real positive for us. Knows us, went away, came back, big factor.”

      [q] Inquiries from other teams on RW? “This time of year talk to everybody. Never changed. NO intention of making any move there. John has to see what’s out there. Nothing specific.”

      [q] 3-4 mean different draft? “Everything we do designed to rush passer. Use 2 outside guys as ends. Not new for us. Not drastic change. REally accent edge rushers to what inside guys doing. Dunlap good finish to season. Significant rusher. Increasing role for him. Love Taylor. Alton Rob in draft, continue to develop. Draft and FA to improve it. Focus on developing inside rush. Played big stopped run. Not expected factors in pass rush. Big area of focus for us.”

      [q] C and OT? “Try to get guys back. Starts, I don’t know now. Like our guys, opp to grow and continue will help us. This time directed for John S.”

      [q] Brown said OK to one year deal, that option only? “No. All options. Matt Thomas cap magic with numbers. Strict with what we’ve done, spent all our money.

      [q] Diggs be ready for camp if back? “No doubt, if he’s back he’ll be ready.”

      [q] Carson? “Good spirits, looking forward to come back. Would love to get him back if we can get him back.”

      [q] Surprised about how much convo about Russ? “No not surprised. QB world right now. Talking about all of them. A lot of people taking shots.”

      [q] Desai background with safety play? “Done quite a bit of that. Feel like we need to do single high and two high. Sean and Carl bring looks and disguises. Been a little bit arrogant over the years we play defense. Play what we want to play. Not the time now. Keep moving and going. Running game well, 3.8 per carry, not the only thing we need to do well.”

      [q] Russ wants to play for Seahawks mean to you? “RW and I partnership, communicated on high level. Ever since first HORSE game I told him he’d be the starter. Hugely important we communicate well. Step aside from action and keep in perspective. Lot of talk, good page we know what’s going on.”

      [q] Energized? “Jacked up.”

      [q] Look back at 2021? “Stretch unlike anything we’ve seen. Games extremely close. Opps to win games, didn’t happen. Lost a ton of games. Transition when Russ went down. Russ came back, didn’t win games. There in all of them. 2pt conv to go to OT, all those things. I look back and see it clearly. At the time I was battling and competing to get it done. I wish I could have helped Russ more. 4 wins out of 6 at the end. Started too late. I’m not shaken by it, just pissed we had to live through it. I hate learning the hard way, but there are some lessons in there.”

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks so much for the lightning fast recap. *Tips hat*

        Seems like he “would like everyone back”, but reality setting in with Diggs and Bobby.

        The RB situation should be interesting. I think they’ll be desperate to bring back Penny and prove they were “right” about him all along.

      • Palatypus

        Also, he said Mike Solari is a “beautiful man.”

        • Gross MaToast

          Who are we to argue?

    • TomLPDX

      Any idea when JS is supposed to speak?

      • cha

        1pm PST

  60. Rob Staton

    Sims & Florio on Russell Wilson’s future:

  61. Scot04

    Wow can’t believe Pete actually said they might have been a little bit arrogant on defense. Probably other things too. Realizes things might need to change. Wasn’t expecting that.

    • Scot04

      Should have been as reply to cha

    • Sea Mode

      I was about to quote that same bit.

    • cha

      Take your pick:

      Thinking they could let KJ get away and have no dropoff there

      Thinking Benson Mayowa could cover running backs

      Thinking Kerry Hyder could replicate his 8 sack season

      Thinking they could do without Jarran Reed

      Thinking Flowers was a starting corner

      Thinking cutting Dunlap’s snaps was a good idea

      Again as I said yesterday, it’s nice PC acknowledged that. Now actually fixing it…

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Fair point about fixing.

        They have had an extensive D coach overhaul with a clear focus on some outside voices that sing the song of Fangio. Because of this, I am more optimistic the D will get turned around than I would be otherwise (keeping KNJ or only promoting Hurtt with no Desai). How much will Pete meddle? Certainly some. However, it seems the other D coaches explicitly wanted some autonomy and that’s a good thing. Checks and balances — The American dream!

  62. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… I’m confused by this.

    Brady Henderson

    On the big changes to Seattle’s defensive staff, Pete Carroll said he’d been “itching for some time” to make schematic adjustments. Said they’ll get to “some places I’ve been really hoping to get to. We’ve been making our moves subtly but now we can make it more significantly.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      This is why I can’t listen to him anymore. It’s become difficult even to read the summaries of his pressers by cha (though I very much appreciate cha’s efforts).

      Like he said with respect to Norton that it was a difficult decision but you have to make those. Ok, put the team’s money where your mouth is: move on from Bobby Wagner and his untenable salary. But no, in his next breath, Pete’s assuring us that Bobby’s back. And apparently at full salary.

      Pure gaslighting bollocks. If you carefully parse what he says, it’s largely self-contradictory and illogical.

      Watch what they do, not what they say.

    • bmseattle

      For being the guy with ultimate control over this team, Pete sure does have a lot of “I wish we had…” comments.
      Does he not realize how flaccid that sounds?
      If you want to do something, get it done!
      The fans don’t want to hear any more about how you’ve been wanting to do something but haven’t figured out a way to do it yet.
      Man is he frustrating to listen to.

    • cha

      The things we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about how stupid we were…

      “I’ve been itching to get that bald tire replaced.

      Every day I came out to go to work, I looked at it and went ‘man I really need to get a new tire'”

      Said the guy to tow truck operator pulling his car out of the ditch after the tire blew and the car swerved off the road.

      • Palatypus

        Richard Sherman?

    • Gross MaToast

      I find it helpful to translate Pete’s talk of “change “ as referring to other coaches changing their ways of thinking to better suit PeteBall – to acknowledge his genius.

      Wanting not only Bobby back, but being “jacked” at the possibility getting Carson back as well is somewhat demoralizing.

      A PeteSpeak trainwreck of a presser.

      • cha

        I got the opposite.

        He hedged hard on Bobby and Carson. ‘We’d love to have Bobby back but we have to see how everything fits’ is Pete for ‘we’re not keeping him at $20million.’

        And he said ‘if’ a couple times when talking about Carson.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Well that makes me feel a little better. I didn’t catch that subtlety earlier.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. I haven’t had a chance to see the presser recording yet, but would love to look at his nonverbal cues if only so I can speculate more that Pete will (very soon hopefully!) politely close the door after seeing BWagz out of a terrible contract from the Hawk’s cap perspective.

        • Gross MaToast

          I hope that’s right, but I would feel better about the situation if Pete would simply have ‘Bobby Wagner Day’ and then cut him loose to go find his best deal. It’s the right thing to do. Indecision, which is how this should be termed because he seems to be non-committal either way (“if everything fits” is PeteSpeak for “don’t know”) suggests that any plan for the defense going forward is, at best, in flex. At least, that’s my Pete-induced PTSD knee jerk reaction to it.

          It’s a disservice to Chris Carson that people around him, including his coach, are not encouraging him to retire…in my opinion.

          • Gross MaToast

            Re-reading this…it doesn’t make sense…Pete knows he’s not bringing Bobby back at $20m…right? Or is he? Is Bobby going to agree to fair value? Doubtful. It seems obviously unworkable, unless you ARE really considering having him back at $20m….which is where my unease with the seeming uncertainty. Rip the band-aid.

          • Peter

            Where’s the incentive to retire? Do you have any idea how much a stupid chain to wear around your neck while doing push ups on a bosu ball costs?

        • Peter

          Kyle Rudolph and Devontae Booker just released. I don’t want either but to you and your thoughts on Bobby it’s the right thing to do let a veteran go early so they can look for suitors.

    • GoHawks5151

      He brought up Desai and Karl Scott a fair bit. I kind of think he wanted to go to 2 high or 34 but lacked the knowledge himself or staff to do so. KNJ was grown in this system, why would you trust him to run anything else. Needed new blood.

  63. Sea Mode

    Ok, this guy officially weirds me out. I’m just a fan and totally judging a book by it’s cover, but he just seems like a smart guy better kept up in the box than leading a team as HC. It’s just an impression; more than happy for him if he turns things around in Miami.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      So I’m not the only one who feels like I’m being punk’d whenever I see him at the podium with a 49ers screen behind him?

  64. Sea Mode

    I’ll take all 3 please and thank you!

    “[…] Dameon showed up as a physical presence in pass protection. And Dameon just had a ton of juice during the week. The guy loves football. (Oklahoma defensive tackle) Perrion Winfrey, (Nebraska cornerback) Cam Taylor-Britt and Dameon are three guys that I’ll always remember during our practice week. Those three guys just love football. There’s no doubting that after being around them for a week. Dameon just had fun down here. He enjoyed the process. He had great energy. The teams loved him. He killed the interviews.”

    – Jim Nagy

    • Henry Taylor

      Do you think Cam Taylor-Britt could play free safety for us (in the event Diggs leaves)? I really like how aggressively he comes down on the ball after the catch.

      • Peter

        Better x’s and o’s people can correct me but I’d like him for nickel cb.

  65. Sea Mode

    Huh. Oh well.

    Bob Condotta

    Carroll says Jody Allen did not demand changes in post-season meetings.

    • Scot04

      Suggesting that your job depends on changes, isn’t demanding changes either.
      We’ll never know what was truly said, but sure would have been fun to be a fly on the wall.

  66. Sea Mode

    To keep in mind when watching his tape.

    Oklahoma DT Perrion Winfrey
    2021 stats: 23 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks

    Feedback: “I love that guy,” an NFL scout said. “He looked like a starting one gap penetrating interior defensive lineman down in Mobile. Was pretty dominant all week. His fall tape kind of speaks to an undersized pass rush potential sub-down player that can’t hold up in the run game. But he held up much better in the drills in Mobile, being able to stack and shed guys at the line of scrimmage. With all due respect to the Oklahoma coaching staff, he was probably playing out of position there because he played more like nose and 1 technique at Oklahoma. He’s a true 3 technique. He probably went from (round) two or three to one to two.” Winfrey weighed in at 6-3, 303 in Mobile.

    Additional feedback: “I don’t see how he isn’t (a first-round draft pick) with 35-inch arms, explosive, loves football, plays his ass off,” Nagy said. “He was being played out of position at Oklahoma. He kind of got to show what he can do during our week.”

    • Palatypus

      35″ arms make for a difficult day at the bench press. If everything else tests well, I would throw that out.

      • BobbyK

        I can’t remember a draft where I liked so many DTs in an area we’ll be drafting. Winfrey, Wyatt, Jones… please and thank you to any of them, and even a few others.

        • Peter

          There’s so many it feels like TE in round two. Safety in round three. And miss all the DT’s and some Ends.

      • Peter

        With powerlifting more popular than anytime i can remember I’d like to see someone come in full ranked powerlifter set up complete with ridiculous back atch and rock out 60 reps and put the bench press as a test completely to bed.

        Even with long arms 225lb, appx 75% his body weight, he should smoke this if he’s in moderate condition.

        The only time I rate the bench is guy’s at or lower than that weight putting up big numbers.

        Rob likes a powerball but going lower tech body weight plus even 10 pounds in a fully locked out (non cross fit style) pull up would show you someone’s strength/cardio better than the bench.

  67. cha

    Josh McDaniels is asked ‘Can you say definitively that Derek Carr is your QB week one?” and says yes.

    That’s how it’s done, Seattle media. Come on.

  68. Mike

    Pete carroll always says he wants every player back lol.
    Every player he was asked about “we want _____ back, he was great for us last year just have to continue developing him, get him in the program”

    • Mike

      Personally Id take 1 Malik Willis, 2 Sam howell, 3 Carson strong 4 Desmond ridder
      Maybe it’s just from watching to many highlights of them but i think a couple of them will end up being solid starters

  69. The Tez

    Sea should be aiming for in a LT:

    The athletic profile Sea would be looking for at LT is as follows:

    ▪︎Ideal range of 6’5-7″ & 315-328 lbs size, minimum height of 6’4″ & no less than 305 lbs with a solid frame to get stronger & bulk up to and evenly carry 315-320 lbs very well, while the max draft day/combine weight is 335 lbs

    ••• 1st Grouping •••

    Fall within/meet the ideal range of at least 4 out of the 5 testing measurables parameters & benchmarks, and meet/be better than the minimum or sub/max ranges in the 1 out of the 5 testing measurables parameters & benchmarks that they don’t/may not fall within the ideal ranges: 

    ▪︎ideally 34.25-36.33″ Arm Length, a minimum of 33.75″ Arm Length

    ▪︎ideally 7.35-7.55 second, sub/max of 7.70 ish in 3 Cone

    ▪︎ideally 4.45-4.55 second, sub/max of 4.65 in Short Shuttle

    ▪︎ideally 1.65-1.75 second, sub/max of 1.82 for 10 Yard Split

    ▪︎ideally 108-118+” (9’0″-9’10″+), min 103″ (8’7″) in Broad Jump

    ••• 2nd Grouping •••

    Meet or be better than the sub/max or minimum  in all 4 testing measurables parameters & benchmarks, the more of them that fall within the ideal ranges the better:

    ▪︎ideally 4.85-5.05 second, sub/max of 5.15 ish in 40 Yard Speed

    ▪︎ideally 2.80-3.0 second, sub/max of 3.10 for 20 Yard Split

    ▪︎ideally 29-34.5+”, min 27″ in Vertical Jump

    ▪︎ideally 24-38+ Reps, min 21 Reps in 225 lbs Bench Press

    Here’s what LT Duane Brown had:

    6’4 ⅛” and 315 lbs

    34.25″ Long Arms

    5.01-5.09 40 Yard Speed

    1.71/1.78 10 Yard Split

    2.91/2.97 20 Yard Split

    7.54/7.58 3 Cone

    105/108″ Broad Jump

    27.5/32.5″ Vertical Jump

    4.52 Short Shuttle

    24 Bench Reps

    ▪︎for all LT good feet, quickness, , agility, mobility, general short area athleticism, balance, decent  enough play strength & ability to anchor/hold up at LOS, arm length, hand/arm quickness & use, mirroring ability, being a knee bender, technique, mental acuity/awareness and mental makeup are fundamental to being a quality LT. For Wide Zone OL blocking scheme, more emphasis on good lateral mobility & quickness, agility, overall quickness, feet, balance, arm length, mobility, speed, hand/arm use, being a knee bender, mental acuity/awareness, chemistry & timing, probably still coupled some with what PC likes from previous Inside Zone run OL blocking scheme & player profile of having quality burst, explosion to power/strength off the snap and when it’s time to drive block, high competitiveness, toughness, nastiness/edge & physicality to style of play & attitude, pretty solid+ play strength along with stronger run blocking abilities.

    Areas that IMO Sea OL have been lacking too much abilities wise are mental acuity (awareness, assignments, picking up, handing off & properly executing pressure pick up especially in pass pro but run blocking too), toughness, physicality, aggression & confidence along with chemistry & leadership (while might be more behind the scenes, its definitely consistently lacking in on field play), durability is a huge 1 (think about how many of our starting & backup OL have regularly missed 5+ games a year the past 3-4 years, it’s a ridiculous & totally unacceptable % of our OL players especially considering how poorly individually & as a whole the OL has played), lateral mobility & quickness, agility, balance, good & nimble enough feet, decent enough ability to anchor/reanchor & reposition, ability to mirror well enough nor really provide much of a pocket if at all for even somewhat modest amount of time remotely consistently enough (if they did it would also help consistently provide lanes for RW to be able to consistently maneuver in the pocket to see, throw & sometimes run through better, especially on short to intermediate depth passing routes in the middle of field. Should also allow RW to develop more trust in his protection, not feel as somewhat helter skelter back there and be able to more consistently put primary mental focus on reading D, going through progressions, see the whole field a lot better, playing & executing O within play call/audibles & O scheme design much better, take whatever D is giving, move the chains, manufacture O and get better quality opportunities for explosive deep passes when they’re actually there instead of feeling need to force them trying to do everything on O himself all the time), and similarly as they’ve done poorly at nearly every position, is getting & grooming a potential legit heir apparent starter for any of the 5 OL positions where age, FA, durability concerns and or sub par play are/could be impending issues (gaining 1-2 yrs time of extra development, experience, time to learn, learn protection calls, blocking scheme & playbook, adjust to NFL/pro ways & speed, refine techniques & physique more and have more time to develop & actually establish some chemistry & continuity on OL… instead of constantly throwing new rooks & essentially cast offs from elsewhere in at 2-3 starting & several of backup OL pos every year isn’t doing our OL group & pos coach, O Coordinator, RW & Co nor entire O any favors, actually quite a disservice which is reflected in play & development).

    We should’ve without question drafted a legit quality, potential long term very solid to franchise starting LT prospect between 2019-20 & def by/in 2021 draft to develop, groom & be mentored behind D Brown, pure stupidity & arrogance that they didn’t (Forsythe isn’t the answer, not even a temp place holder, his feet are WAY too slow & heavy especially for wide zone OL scheme) and with what 2022 FA LT class seems to look like, we’ll either have to gamble on finding a suitable enough FA somehow, pay & sign D Brown to min 2 year contract when he’s clearly declining & entering his late 30s and hope we can somehow find a legit rook LT talent to develop quickly in 2022 with litany of other likely needs in draft already, or somehow come up with enough trade asset value to acquire a very solid+, sub 30 years old starting LT (like Det LT E Decker, who’d also bring great leadership to OL. Hou LT L Tunsil salary & contract are too cost prohibitive to be feasible for Sea on top of likely outrageous asking price for trade returns. Not much outside those 2, but maybe NO backup LT J Hurst who has a like 3m salary, if trade cost low enough, could be decent enough 1-2 year place holder for us if rest of OL is properly addressed well enough and with players who are durable and physical traits, athleticism & abilities profiles fit the wide zone scheme OL profile well.

    We basically need to retool OL again to fit necessary profile of wide zone OL blocking scheme, to improve quality of play & consistency, and get better durability. We could prob get by with 1 or other of OG G Jackson or OG D Lewis at RG only (neither fit all that well, but could be decent enough at RG if rest of OL fits scheme & profile and are good enough quality players), RT Curhan showed some nice promise especially late in the year with run blocking (most of RB Penny good runs were to right side behind Curhan & G Jackson. If he continues to improve, especially at pass pro, he could potentially be a decent to pretty solid Morgan Moses caliber starting RT, but not quite ready to entirely count on that for 2022 season), but would prefer landing guy like RT M Moses if can get at right price to be starting RT (no thanks on Trent Brown, has serious motivation issues, only really played solidly at OT for NE). OC/RG Pocic has significant durability issues, inconsistent play quality that at it’s peak is mediocre, would be OK to retain as insurance & a backup if on cheap under 3m (like 2-2.33 mil) salary deal and get starting OC elsewhere (or could maybe opt for Karras or similar decent vet for same role). OC/OG Fuller would basically be wasted cap IMO, even if on a vet min deal. LT Forsythe has too slow & heavy of feet for NFL LT, probably not good enough for NFL RT either especially in wide zone scheme, but not keen on trying him inside with his height and poorly developed blocking ability, etc, OG Haynes finally manged to play more than a handful of snaps without getting injured, but durability still a major concern and is lacking in development & experience BC of it, but if we manage to add quality & durable starting & backup OGs, if Haynes can remain healthy throughout OTAs, camp & preseason play with significant amount of snaps and earn basically #4/4 OG depth job fine, but can’t count on him remaining healthy nor to play significant role, Int OL Lestage, Eiland & others are basically camp & possibly Practice Squad bodies unless they truly prove otherwise. So IMO, that means we have a lot of starting & depth OL spots we need to address with right types & quality players… most importantly starting & backup LT, ideally starting OC & RT, hopefully starting & backup LG, possibly backup OC. We cannot continue with same approach & players on OL, it’s clearly not working out very well for pass pro nor in the run game and is hamstringing the entire O & by extension putting too much additional pressure on D. Frankly Waldron & Andy Dickerson need to put similar pressure/conditions on PC/JS about getting their own “guys” on OL as Hurtt & Desai did about getting own guys on D, think we finally might to build a consistently solid, durable & cohesive OL unit, its not like they can do a lot worse than PC/JS have done. Have Wal & AD come up with list of FA, RFA & potential trade target NFL players, draft prospects & position priorities and work closely with PC/JS and the pro & rook scouting depts to try to make it happen best they reasonably can (as should Hurtt & Desai on D).

    • Rob Staton

      Can you not just post walls of text please?

  70. The Tez

    Sea should be aiming for in a 34 Rush OLB/Edge/LEO/43 DE (and some extent a 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT):

    So seems like if Edge player passes the eye test, has talent/skill sets, potential, etc of a quality player/starter, meet all 5 of the 1st athleticism measurables, physical traits, size & length benchmarks in 1st grouping, and also falls within/meets the “ideal” measurable range in at least 3 out of the 4 physical athleticism measurables ranges & benchmarks in 2nd grouping, AND are not worse than the sub/max athleticism measurable testing number in the 1 athleticism measurables test benchmark they may not be/aren’t in the ideal range… then there seems to be a pretty good chance & greater potential of becoming a decently good to elite success as a starting Edge & at pass rushing.

    ••• 1st Group •••

    Fall within physical size/height/weight/arm length ranges & at bare minimum reach the minimum but preferably be in ideal athleticism measurables ranges, for all 5 out of 5 ranges:

    ▪︎Ideal range of 6’3-5″ & 255-265 ish lbs size, minimum/max height of 6’2″/6’6″ ish & min/max weight of 240 lbs with a solid frame to get stronger/more powerful & bulk up to 250-265/270 ish lbs dep on height & build/frame while also retaining athleticism, speed, explosion & quickness, while the max draft day/combine weight is 275-280 ish lbs (and would prob want them to slim down to 260/265-270 ish lbs range depending on height & build/frame and athleticism if they’ll be playing 34 Rush/Elephant OLB. But if intent & better are fit as a 34 5T DE & DE/DT tweener role then prob want min/max height of 6’2″/6’8″, min of 275/280 lbs and ideally be/bulk up to the 290-320 lbs ish range, with play strength, power, physicality, run D/ability to control LOS & anchor, good, strong, powerful, quick & active punch & hand use becoming more significant importance traits/abilities than bend, flexible ankles, mobility & such of true Edge)

    ▪︎ideally 33.5-35.5″+ Arm Length,  minimum of 32.33″+ ish Arm Length (34″+ ideal, min 33″ Arm Length for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎minimum of 33″+ Vertical Jump, ideally 35.5-41″+ (29-38″+ ideal, min 24.5″ Vertical Jump for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎minimum of 108″+/9’0″+ Broad Jump, ideally 120-130″+/10’0″-10’10″+ (ideally 110-120″+/9’2″-10’0″+ Broad Jump, min 105″/8’9″ for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎20-28+ of 225 lbs Bench Reps (25+ Reps is very solid, 30 ish Reps or higher is very good, though whatever the amount of Reps are & how “good” the total Reps put up are considered to be depends a decent amount on & is relative to arm length & overall size of player). (min 15 Reps if have fairly long 35″+ arms, otherwise min of 20 Reps, ideally 25-35+ Reps for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ••• 2nd Group •••

    Fall within (or measure even better than) the ideal ranges in at least 3 out of 4 athleticism measurables, and for the 1 they may not fall within/meet the ideal range of athleticism measurables testing is they are not worse than the sub/max  testing parameter number listed for it. Ideally they would fall within ideal ranges in all 4 out of 4 athleticism measurables testing parameter ranges.

    Ideal range, sub/max threshold:

    ▪︎4.40-4.68 ideal, sub/max 4.80 40 Yard Speed (4.65-4.90 ideal, sub/max 5.15 40 Yard for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎1.50-1.63 ideal, sub/max 1.69 10 Yard Split (1.50-1.69 ideal, sub/max 1.78 10 Yard Split for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎6.55-7.18 ideal, sub/max 7.40 3 Cone (6.85-7.59 ideal, sub/max 7.75 3 Cone for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    ▪︎3.55-4.21 ideal, sub/max 4.40 Short Shuttle (4.15-4.69 ideal, sub/max 4.87 Short Shuttle for 34 5T DE/situational pass rush 3T DT)

    It will be interesting to see for overall DL and the 34 base D front starting 5 DL, if & how much they prioritize guys fitting in & filling the 34 base D personnel needs especially of switching to more of a 1.5/2 gap DL scheme from previous attacking 1 gap DL scheme, Vs prioritizing 4 DL fronts for Nickel & Dime sub packages. Some guys we have may actually better fit true 34 D front 1.5/2 gap scheme (like Collier as an early/running downs 34 5T DE) while others don’t seem to have a true fit nor a natural position in 34 D front (like Dunlap & Hyder, neither fit very well as 34 Rush OLBs or even as 34 Elephant role OLBs, but aren’t that well suited for 34 5T DE either though Dunlap could potentially be situationally used as 34 5T DE with somewhat OK results if absolutely needed. Otherwise both Dunlap & Hyder are kinda limited to being exclusively early running downs 34 OLBs but mainly as 4 man front Edges & maybe some situational inside pass rushing. Frankly IMO we’d be much better off & could get much better value for $ if invested their salaries in guys who fit the 34 D front & 1.5/2 gap scheme DL or elsewhere on roster, ideally cutting both post June 1st but if nothing else maybe cut 1 pre & 1 post June 1st, and maybe even Mayowa too if things work out well enough for us at Edge between vet FA, the draft & possibly trade). Similarly will also be interesting to see if they try to & how much they try to either blend PC preferred coverage scheme stuff with Fangio style, or if they fully switch to Fangio style coverage scheme. If they lean fair bit more towards or go to full Fangio style coverage scheme with mainly Cover 2 & Quarters Match Zone, we will have a light box far more often than not and our Interior DL 1st & 2nd priority will be 2 gapping, block eaters stopping the run very well & forcing O to try to run outside, if they don’t then we’ll be forced to stray from fundamental of scheme by bringing a S into the box more often which could be fairly bad for us (these are issues ex Fangio guy, ex 2020 LAR DC & current LAC HC B Staley struggled dealing with for LAC D in 2021, which was further made worse by not having a legit solid to elite #1 Outside CB nor the overall quality & type of CBs needed to run D scheme well enough especially when dropping 1 of S into box to help stop the run, getting torn apart in both pass & run D). In short, this will be a complex set of issues, philosophies, scheme & personnel decisions to try to figure out, u can’t really be tentative or hesitant about it, u either have to fully commit to Fangio style 34 D front & coverage scheme and personnel types & position value, or just slightly tweak PC stuff but not really try to fuse all that much of Fangio D stuff, a mix n match half arse transition will yield not  remotely good enough results.

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