Thoughts on how the Seahawks build, after watching the Super Bowl

My immediate thought after the Super Bowl wasn’t amusement that the 49ers had lost (I’ve kind of got to the point where watching them be obviously better than the Seahawks and losing games we’d love to be anywhere near isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be). It was more about how the Seahawks get back to contention under the leadership of John Schneider and Mike Macdonald, based on what we’d just seen.

I’m sure in the coming days plenty of people will be making declarative statements on how the team needs to be built. I think the game showed yesterday there’s a perfect mix of ingredients that make football great.

The 49ers should’ve won by dominating the trenches, running the ball with a stud running back and an effective point guard QB. A legendary, genius quarterback for the other team dragged his side back into it, supported by a great defensive tackle who didn’t benefit from having a serious edge threat to garner attention.

It was a complete team against a star-reliant team and either could’ve won.

Both are immensely difficult to emulate. You either need to spend years building, as the 49ers have done, not to mention you need to pick in the top-two and land a superstar pass rusher and you need to hit on mega-value trades for elite players. On the other hand, you’ve got to be that team that finds the legendary quarterback without them just flopping into your lap with the #1 pick — and you need to find that insane defensive lineman who somehow lasts well beyond the top-20 picks.

Currently the Seahawks are blue-chip talent deficient and they don’t have a star at quarterback. There’s a lot of work to be done.

There are some pieces to work with and if Macdonald and his staff can take talented young player and others currently in their peak and elevate their performance, the Seahawks can close the gap. I still think they’ll need to find that X-factor pass rusher, an elite quarterback or they’ll need to find creative trade opportunities and top-tier players in the mid-to-late rounds to try and get close to what the Niners have become. And that’s without even acknowledging the schematic qualities of Kyle Shanahan, who remains brilliant even with a résumé that now includes three Super Bowl defeats.

I think there are some obvious things the Seahawks can do to aid their development. Half of San Francisco’s top-eight earners next year are linemen. The other four are Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Fred Warner and Charvarius Ward. Compare that to the Seahawks who, among their top-eight earners, are three safeties (Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs and Julian Love) a blocking tight end (Will Dissly) and Dre’Mont Jones, Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and Geno Smith. One lineman — and an underwhelming performer for his salary at that.

The Seahawks need to rip the band-aid off and transfer their safety spend into the trenches right now. This can’t just be a problem solved in the draft. Serious resource needs to be thrown at the offensive and defensive lines — starting with Leonard Williams and building from there. I’d go as far as to say they shouldn’t be looking to purely draft a great O-line. They need proven quality up front and that’s where they should be pushing the boat out — not on people like Diggs and Adams.

They do need to find difference makers in the draft. I continue to think John Schneider’s preference might be to trade down from #16 because the meat of this class is going to be rounds 2-3. There are some players who are ‘stick and pick’ types at #16 but I suspect they won’t last. Currently, some players who fit that bill could be Taliese Fuaga, JC Latham, Tyler Guyton, Jared Verse and Chop Robinson. I keep seeing mocks with Brock Bowers almost making it to #16 but I don’t see any chance of that. He would be on that list too.

Even then, how early do you want to draft a guard and/or a hedge tackle? Assuming Abe Lucas returns. Especially in a class where very good guards will be available on day two?

Verse and Robinson are different because I think both players have the potential to be genuine X-factor talents. Verse is a more traditional defensive end and has a fairly complete skill-set. I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes especially early if he tests well at the combine or pro-day.

Robinson is the one on the ‘stick and pick’ list that I’m intrigued by the most. His lack of production at Penn State seems to be raising some question marks and in many mocks he goes later in round one. I think he’s a lock to go in the top-15 and his floor will be New Orleans or Indianapolis at #14/15. If he did last to #16, it’d be very hard to pass.

Penn State are not known for getting the most out of their star defenders. For example, they played Micah Parsons as an orthodox middle linebacker. The Cowboys unlocked Parsons’ generational ability and I think a creative defensive minded coach could do the same with Robinson (and, incidentally, the Seahawks just hired Dallas’ old D-line coach to be their defensive coordinator).

Robinson might have the best first-step get-off I’ve ever seen. It’s freakishly good. His burst off the snap is elite level for the NFL, let alone college. He is incredibly dynamic as a speed rusher and his dip-and-bend balance is extraordinary. The sack numbers are a bit deceptive because he is so disruptive even when he doesn’t get home. I don’t see it as a problem and think, with creative scheming and further coaching on minor technique issues, he could be a nightmare in the NFL. We’re talking about ‘sky is the limit’ potential, legit blue-chip, game-wrecking talent.

He’s well sized at approximately 255lbs, he’d be an ideal scheme fit and while he definitely needs to work on discipline versus the run, he has enough jolting power in his hands and the ‘want to’ to be a plus in this area, too.

He will be a combine dynamo and that will further propel him higher into the minds of the teams picking ahead of the Seahawks. He is a player with the special qualities, though, to be the kind of X-factor the Seahawks are going to need rushing the passer.

In terms of quarterbacks, I’m constantly torn on this class. You can go through several of the names and pick out genuine physical traits that hint at top-level talent. Michael Penix Jr’s arm is on the same level as Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. However, I’m not sold that he can play the patient game Mahomes did yesterday, or be more than someone reliant on the big explosive passes. He’s a pocket passer, not a scrambler and creator. Maybe the Seahawks want to live in that world? They hired Ryan Grubb and interviewed Eric Bieniemy. That suggests they want a high-octane, pass-centric offense. But the NFL isn’t typically a league where big downfield passes can be relied on — even if Penix Jr is better placed than practically every other QB entering the league to deliver on them.

Bo Nix also has a fantastic arm, he’s very athletic and he can do a lot of good things. Does he scream top-tier quarterback though? It’s hard to feel that way. But what if they want to go the point guard route? He has the physical upside to do that very well.

Spencer Rattler is a poor-man’s, mini-Mahomes — he can do the crazy escapability, surprising shiftiness as a runner, he can throw from different arm angles and on the run. He even has some of Mahomes’ mannerisms. He lacks the size though, he doesn’t have quite the same arm and there are character questions from his Oklahoma days he’ll need to answer. Unlike Mahomes, Rattler also never had the big, consistent production in college. That could be a scheme/situational thing but it’s an area where Penix Jr and Nix both tick a box.

I could make a case for any of the trio going quite high in the draft, or lasting into day two. So what do you do?

It might be best to just sit on the grades and let the draft come to you. I have all three in round two. If you trade down from #16 and get back into the second frame — consider taking one if available. Start taking shots at the position. That’s what Green Bay used to do. Ditto if any of them last into round three.

Unfortunately the Seahawks are in this zone now where they are probably going to have to take a few chances and keep waiting until John Schneider finds that guy he loves as much as Russell Wilson, Mahomes and Allen. That QB may or may not be in this class. It could be Quinn Ewers next year. We’ll need to see.

What I would say though, is that trendy picks such as Jackson Powers-Johnson at #16 or Troy Fautanu to play guard feel a bit of a reach to me. After a trade down? That’d be fine. I don’t think either is vastly superior to Graham Barton or Sedrick Van Pran. I think you can find terrific interior O-line options in rounds 2-4 and I’d like to see a veteran focus there first and foremost, if possible.


  1. Jabroni-DC

    As unpopular as this might sound, I’m viewing the construction of this roster as a 3 year project to reach fruition (which guarantees nothing). It will most likely require being opportunistic, patient & some good fortune mixed in. As you mentioned Rob, if there is a ‘stick & pick’ player at #16, a foundational player, that’s great. Short of that it makes sense to add draft stock. Gut feeling is that ‘our QB’ is in the 2025 draft but that’s the billion dollar question as always. Who is it & will they be in range?

    • Peter

      On paper…..

      Next year’s class seems better. How you get them and if they are available is always the problem. Ewers looks awesome. If he vaults into top five realm, easily possible, who “gives” him to us?

      Somedays I swing from six qbs are taken in round one to the truth is only three go. In either scenario there will still be teams (always) that need a qb.

      Time to take shots is where I’m at.

      • LouCityHawk

        Which QBS are you looking at for next year?

        The one that I’m most torn on is the Mizzou QB.

        • Peter


          • LouCityHawk

            Yeah, I rewatched their battle from last year.

            Both have that special upside.

            What does Nix/Maye have that Lock/Smith do not?

            • Peter

              Most likely nothing. I like Nix’s accuracy but when Geno is dealing he’s very accurate.

              I like nix/maye to make something with their legs. But I’m fairly ambivalent about Maye.

            • Cysco

              “What does Nix/Maye have that Lock/Smith do not?”

              1. A cheap contract
              2. Potential upside

        • Ben Fort Worth

          The only legit QB’s I see next year are Drew Allar, Cade Klubnik, Shadeur Sanders, and Quinn Ewers, so far.

          • Peter

            Legit qbs? I’d say sanders and ewers. For me two of those names listed are in the cam ward, howard, will Roger’s, Riley leonard, tvd area.


          • BK26

            I’d pulling Allar and Klubnik out (Allar could be there, just haven’t seen it yet).

            Watch Howard and Leonard, along with Brady Cook. Cook and Howard have some alpha/ability to drag their teams down the field. With Leonard, he is impressively confident in the pocket.

            There are definitely some guys that went back that would be #2, 3, 4 in this year’s draft if they had declared

            • Peter

              That my big thing with some if those names. It’s a mind thing like stafford…in a good way…where they are on time the next pass, set of downs. Mistakes, which ideally would never happen but do,they just brush off.

              People talk about Purdy the smiling assassin or whatever. He does not gave what I’m talking about. If he makes mistakes they just keep piling.

              Plus Howard has very little coaching. Nearly every year he was the back up but outlasted everyone.

              • BK26

                There are still occasions where Purdy can look lost. Can he get through it? Absolutely. He has the coach for him to have a very good career. I don’t know what he would do at most other teams. It’s probably good for him to not know.

                Howard was frustrating. Even watching him play Texas (where he dragged the team along), he was pulled just to get the shifty, bigger recruit freshman in. Why? It was a 4-and-out.

                The coaching that he and Leonard can get could be huge for them. They would be #’s 2 and 3 for me this year.

            • Troy D

              Im keen to see what Deboer does with Milroe.

      • RomeoA57

        Isn’t that the main problem though that next year’s class always seems better. The QB options in the 2022 Draft were garbage, and a lot of people did not like the top QB prospects last year. If there are only two QB options this year and the Seahawks won’t get near them, then how many years does this team wait before drafting a QB? Next Year? 5 Years? 10 Years?

        At some point you need to pull the trigger. and draft a QB. You have to live with the fact that it might take multiple drafts before you hit on the correct one.

        • LouCityHawk

          NIL made this year weird and a lot of QBS stayed who ordinarily wouldn’t have.

          The list is crazy, really.

          • RomeoA57

            NIL has definately been a game changer. It is no longer financially prohibitive for Juniors oe Seniors to leave college earlier then they have to. Getting an exta year from Covid has also changed things temporarily.

            With college football inching closer to a professional model, with players possibly signing contracts very soon, will age limits go away? You can make a very good living being a starting QB at most major colleges right now, and some players may try to stay in college forever. Why risk injury or failure in the NFL if you are already making several million dollars in college?

            • Joe B

              NIL also means that the college game does the pro scouting for teams as QB’s who normally go pro stay an extra year or two and either ascend, plateau or fail. I think the game will trend to QB’s being even more highly valued as the available supply limits because we will have more data on nearly every QB who enters the draft.

              • BK26

                Guys staying longer in college systems that don’t translate to the NFL or help them become better? Sign me up!

                There will be too much turnover for guys to develop. There won’t be any more scouting in college. Player “A” that is a 4 star recruit is disgruntled. Let’s bring him in and have him start. It’s not good. It was already hard enough finding guys to come in and be remotely ready.

        • Peter

          That’s why I’m at the taking shots portion of team building.

          Ewers. Again would he be in range or dies he get his third shoulder injury in as many years?

          Can not wait like goldilocks

          • LouCityHawk

            This is why I’ve warmed to Travis.

            I haven’t seen enough from Rattler/Penix to make me comfortable with more than a R3 grade.

            Invest appropriately, strike if you can.

            Next year will be a QB bonanza. Ewers is 1 right now, but Sanders could change that quick. TVD will be deCristobaled…long way to go.

            • BK26

              Also, Leonard with another year to develop in a better place? Howard learning in a more pass-happy offense? Brady Cook with another year of progress and flashing some alpha/ability to drag the team through?

              Next year has a much, much higher floor. Ceiling, not sure. Personally, I still have Rattler behind everyone in both classes not named Caleb Williams. But next year has guys that I think could still easier than this class overall.

              Jordan Travis intrigues me. Not quite sure how he would hold up with some of the others in overall skill, and I am worried that John will just draft one guy every 3 years or so.

              • Peter

                Travis misses some obvious stuff but again I think the three of us are thinking 5th round or 4th tops. At that point you’re really looking at potential.

  2. DD

    This Superbowl was interesting. It showed how flawed Kyle Shanahan and his crazy tendencies to go away from the run at critical times. Loss is totally on his play calling. Mahomes is containable and the 49ers showed how to stop him. Hopefully Ryan Grubb has sensible tendencies with throwing and running, and the sense to know when to. I tend to believe the Chiefs and 49ers will continue to decline and the Seahawks have a bright future.

  3. PJ in Seattle

    Good insight – and dead on about us needing to transfer salary investment to the trenches. It is going to take multiple drafts to fully re-stock the pantry, but the the lines can benefit immediately from an influx of proven free agents, starting with Big Cat.

    So much is going to change after the combine. I suspect you are right that JS will ultimately let the draft come to us at #16 with a list of stick-and-pick prospects that he won’t get cute about not taking and hoping they fall to us again in a trade back. I don’t know how sizeable that list will be, and whether a QB not named Williams, Daniels or Maye will be on it but there will assuredly be a shortlist.

    Otherwise, a move back is almost assured because of the quality of players at QB, LB, and OL that will be available in the 2nd round. To sit there and watch them all disappear while we wait for the third round could be agony. If a must-have falls to us at #16, is it possible they trade future capital to get back into round 2 this year? I don’t like the idea and it smacks of desperation but we’ve certainly seem them move aggressively in the second round to take someone they are enamored with.

    • Peter

      Just me.

      1. Outside of Williams I’m not convinced there’s massive differences in the rest of tge qbs and much like every class it’s going to come down to where they go. I’ll take Daniels as an example because I’d love for Seattle to have a shot at him:

      -Hate his frame
      -Will need to learn to stop running. Go down,go out of bounds, or throw the ball away.
      -Is not very good at all in the short game or middle if the field.

      I could do a pro/con list for all the qbs and believe it.

      2. I’m not going to cry if they stick and pick or trade down. I do not at this time prior to testing see any player at 16 that is automatically better than a player at 26 or even maybe 36. I see a lot of mocks with Jenkins or Murphy around #16. I’d like them there or a few other dlinenen later.

      3. I lean to Rob that an x factor edge is super important. I also saw that the Ravens didn’t have that and did great. I’ve read Rob’s thoughts. I agree with and understand them. At this juncture I don’t see Chop Robinson as that guy. I’m going to keep watching more games to get a better feel. Me? I would not stick and pick with him at #16.

      • LouCityHawk

        Daniels Negatives give me the glimmer of hope he could be there at 16, what he does have is franchise level upside. And that is what i doubt in the other QBS in this draft.

        I’ve been on Verse all season, think he is real deal. Like Chop though, question his production last year.

        I think 3 QB, 3WR, 1TE, 3-4Tackle, 2Edge 1-2CB, 1S is what goes off the board in front of us. There could be a stick and pick that slips.

        I’m not sold that Hall can’t be an x-factor (probably not). But I do wonder about some of these DLine, looking for the field tilter. Robinson (Mizzou, again) had some moments like that – makes me wonder. In shape Sweat could be that guy. Healthy Payton Wilson

        • Peter

          I’m very high on Ruke for Dline. I think he has a lot of room to get better and a hope that his testing is good to great.

          I think Chop could very well be it. I’m just tempering my enthusiasm.

          I’ll check out mizzou Robinson. Have not yet.

          • LouCityHawk

            Check his senior bowl reps as well, I’m trying to figure him out.

            Ruke had moments.

            Looking for those special upside players.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Daniels or Verse falling to #16 would absolutely be run to the podium material. Wouldn’t that be something?

          • Peter

            Would be amazing

        • Ben fort

          Daniels won’t make it outside the Top 10. Bank on it! That’s not me being negative, it’s just I watched too many injuries at QB last year and saw this injury carousel where QB’s were dropping like flies. I have Daniels going 2 or 3. No way does he make it past Atlanta if he somehow falls. But he won’t.

      • Ben Fort Worth

        S tier – C. Williams
        A tier – Maye, Daniels
        B tier – Nix, Penix, McCarthy
        C tier – Ratller, Pratt

    • LouCityHawk

      My short list of stick and picks that I sometimes see mocked bear 16 or lower:

      Payton Wilson (medicals)
      DeJean (not backing down on this)

      • Seattle Person

        DeJean fits a MacDonald type of player to a tee.

      • MagicMT

        Any mock with Daniels / Nabers / Odunze / Bowers / Fuaga / Verse not picked in the top 15 is not a mock draft worth reading. Those 6 could/should all be gone by pick 10

        • Ben Fort Worth


          I agree 100%!!!

        • Troy D

          I actually find Bowers and interesting watch on draft night. He shouldnt fall that far but speculation has it he was playing really light for the TE position and is not tall for the position.

          • Peter

            His listed size is DK without the build. I’m not going to say anything about the production which was definitely there. But an interesting player for sure.

  4. Denver Hawker

    If the draft falls as it should with the top defensive players off the board, I’d imagine Seahawks sitting in the middle of the top tier Tackle bunch and a desirable trade partner.

    You’ve called out GB with ample capital, Arizona sits there as well. I can already see Schneider celebrating after the trade down.

    I’m starting to warm up to Bo Nix, something about a fiery competitor in Brady and Mahomes that seems to will their teams to wins. Not saying other QBs in Nix’s range do t have that, but I haven’t seen it as much.

    • Peter

      Watching the game and just seeing how big games often go…I’m a little more Nix than Penix.

      I sense Penix is taking care of himself for obvious reasons. One of the gripes people have with Geno is he can’t really or won’t really create with his legs if he needs to.

      Can Penix? 6 yrs in college says not thus far.

    • Ben Fort Worth

      I’ve watched a lot of Nix’s interviews. Reminds me of Jarred Kelenic, ugh! But he does have some swag. And older QB, I am intrigued by him as well. Does Sean Payton go after “his” QB at 12?

    • Brett

      I’ve warmed up to Nix as well. Of course everyone will point to the amount of <10 yard throws he had, but I think that was more indicative to scheme than his talent, similar to Justin Herbert's evaluation (although Herbert's arm talent is greater than Nix's). He can create with his legs when needed and can make the off-platform throws, two factors that I think are crucial to winning the big games as we've seen with Mahomes.

  5. Joseph

    Few things I learned when comparing Reid and Pete:
    Obviously Reid is the better coach
    Yes, he has a once in a generation QB but he developed him better than Pete did with Russ.
    Reid has the mind of a 35 year old. What he has that Pete doesn’t is creativity and innovation. Something that lacked with Pete as he was way too predictable and who relied too much on old school logic. Those are reasons we couldn’t go back to back. I mean we lost SB 49 because we were too predictable (especially in the 4th quarter) and we relied on a banged up defense.
    Reid and Veach have addressed the trenches better than Pete ever did.

    • Peter

      It’s not just what you wrote. Excuse you’re not wrong.

      Read cab keep a team together better. See the always good never great Eagles.

      Or that Reid has the brain, willpower, hutzpah, what not to get the literal best defensive coordinator ( per example) he can get. A big time always great defensive coach and former HC. Pete hired his friends and friends of friends.

      • Joseph

        Pete hired guys based on who he can control. We both know that. That’s why I think Waldron got a lot of unnecessary hate. Yea, he wasn’t good at times but he was basically running the same offense that Schotty Bevell and Bates ran. I remember Schotty once admitted that 70% of the his playbook was a carryover from Bevell and running the ball when the oppressing team knew we were gonna run it. Reid wasn’t trying to control everything with old school logic like Pete was. And that’s why Pete is gone and we were declining.

        • Brett

          Pete definitely influenced the offense and not for the better, but the carryover on the Bevell playbook to Schotty had more to do with Russ’s abilities and limitations IMO.

      • Big Mike

        Tater said to tell you he doesn’t like your post Peter. Oh, and he asked if you’d please pass the ketchup.

        • Peter


    • LouCityHawk

      For a hot minute when Reid was on his way out I believed he was coming to Seattle and I saw a new dynasty.

      Reid is just better. Carroll was very Good, and not enough is made abiut how the NFL rule changes affected his ability to do things his way. But he is gone now.

      Reid versus Macdonald is what interests me

    • BK26

      I’ll add one in:

      Coordinators. Andy Reid has brought in guys with the potential to be head coaches. He wants them to go on and succeed. Not that Pete doesn’t want that, but his hires…haven’t gotten coaching chances or have failed. Jury is out on Canales.

    • Seattle Person

      I think the Chiefs and Reid saw the Seahawks as a precautionary tale. You have to stay true to who you are/were.

      The Chiefs extended their contention windows by continuing to draft well and willing to replace pretty much anyone except Mahomes and Kelce. This was something the Hawks never did and it minimized the window once the LOB players were gone.

  6. bmseattle

    Could we, theoretically, sign Leonard Williams at any time?
    Is it just a matter of finding the cap space before free agency starts?
    (putting aside whether he wants to sign here)

    • cha

      Absolutely. I’ve been railing at them all offseason to sign LW right now and find the cap later.

      • bmseattle

        Even if Williams would like to come back, the smart move for him is to wait until free agency to gauge his options.
        He knows that he has us in his back pocket…but it is probable that he will have several good offers to choose from.
        He also knows that we are probably pretty desperate to sign him, so will match or beat any other offers he gets.

        why do we put ourselves in these positions?

    • STTBM

      They can sign him soon. Not sure exactly when. He apparently does want to come back.

      Seattle better sign him, or he likely gets offers that price is out. KC could go after him if they decide not to pay Chris Jones huge money. Jones is now playing better than Donald, but he wants paid like it and he’s getting old

      Personally, I think Chiefs should keep Jones: he’s incredible. He just flat wrecked the Niners Oline, play in, play out, all game long…

      Best DT since Cortez Kennedy and Donald….

      • BK26

        I think he’s gone. He wants more money and they seem to not want to pay him that much.

        He’s got his rings. Don’t blame him for wanting to capitalize (his name was almost a bad word down here when he held out; doubt that is the case today).

      • Big Mike

        100% agree about Jones. I drool thinking about a DT like that on the Seahawks again (Tez).

        • Peter

          If you were a big fan of all the Carter talk wait til you find out there’s quite a few very intriguing dline prospects this year.

  7. cha

    Sorry everyone, I am still in Pete Carroll Detox.

    Two field goal records were set yesterday. A 55-yard and a 57-yard.

    Pete Carroll would have elected to punt. Both times. And then lectured the press after a loss about game management.

    • Peter

      If you’re not punting in the fourth quarter in your opponents territory in a meaningless game during a season that has all the thrills of an oil change …..are you really even playing football?

    • STTBM

      He wouldn’t hire a stud DC for years, then couldn’t get anyone with experience to even interview when he tried. That was the moment I lost all hope for his career, when Steichen refused to interview for OC and Fangio told him to pound sand…

      • Big Mike

        For me it was the playoff loss at home vs. the Rams with a broken thumbed Goff after going 12-4.

  8. Group Captain Mandrake

    I have to disagree, Rob. Watching the Niners blow it doesn’t really get old. Everything else you wrote? Gold.

    • Peter

      I’m with you and Rob. The pain of losing is brutal. But listening to what is basically trending to lies at this point about how if only we got a ticket to the dance and that we can win with Geno…checks notes…we are one game above .500 in two years with him starting has worn very thin.

      I don’t want to be losing three superbowls but I also don’t want the NFC north carrying our water on whether or not we get in.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I would much rather be in the position to lose those super bowls, because that means you are also in position to WIN them. It’s for sure heartbreaking to lose those game, but I am not sure that is worse than being mired in the soul-sucking mediocrity that has been Seahawk football for a good while now. I don’t think we are realistically close to competing in a super bowl and a reset was desperately needed. I mean, I’ve read people say that with Geno instead of Brock, SF would have won that game last night, which is possible because that team is STACKED. Seattle winning with Geno? I don’t see it.

  9. Brian Chase

    Seahawks currently have 7 picks. Under Schneider they have only ended a draft with less than 8 picks one time. It sort of feels inevitable that they will trade down. If they traded up or stayed at 16 and picked a QB it would say a lot about how JS feels about that player.

    2023 10
    2022 9
    2021 3
    2020 8
    2019 11
    2018 9
    2017 11
    2016 10
    2015 8
    2014 9
    2013 11
    2012 10
    2011 9
    2010 9

    • Peter

      It’s an interesting note. It doesn’t really speak to the idea that more has been better though.

      Hope springs eternal and my hope that John has been stymied is at an all time high.

  10. Julian

    Really interesting what you have to say about Chop Robinson. You mention that his floor might be #14/15, which raises the question what if he’s still on the board at #12 or #13, is he worth trading up for with one of our 3rd round picks?

    According to Trade Value Charts a 3rd rounder should get us into this sort of range and we’ve had a good trading relationship with Denver at #12 in the last few years. #12 incidentally was the pick where Micah Parsons was selected. An omen perhaps?

    • Peter

      I wouldn’t.

      I can’t recall a trade up for a non qb that even if the player ended up great on their own markedly changed their franchise.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    What a weird game in that it was all too predictable. I told Rob on twitter right before the half that despite SanFran dominating the game early, they were only up 10 and that I fully expected the Chiefs to rebound in the second half and it would come down to a football style photo finish. In that sense it was a yawner for me. But it was still exciting to watch because ya just never know exactly how it’s gonna go down.

    Loved the ending though. And not because I like the Chiefs.

    Is the curse of the Kæp for real?

    • Simon McInnes

      Putting rivalries aside, I do prefer the 49ers way of doing things. Can run when it is needed, pass when it is needed but play a balanced offensive game when possible. Defence is good against run and pass, and because they are a team (as opposed to a couple of elite individuals and a bunch of good enough sidekicks), they can weather all but the worst rashes of injuries.

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    There’s only one QB worth trading up for, but you gotta trade to #1 for him.

    There’s only one QB imo worth sticking and picking at 16, but he’ll be the second pick of the draft.

    All the others are Day 2 picks for me. In this order:


    • Peter

      I pretty much agree with Blitzy here.

  13. Chris H

    I like that you make the point that there is more than one way to win a Super Bowl. Too many people look at the SB winner and go ‘we need to build a team like that!’. The way to build the team to be a Super Bowl winner are many and varied, but the one constant is blue-chip players. Your stars can be at different positions, but you need them on both sides of the ball.

    Then, try not to get in their way with predictable schemes that have long since been figured out.

    Seahawk fans think we’re close, and we do have some pieces to work with…..but I think we’re a few years away, and only then if JS and MM go in a fairly straight line. It will take some time to put this together, and certainly getting the cap percentages on the right positions (as you say, NOT safety) will be key.

    • Troy D

      Yeah I dont think we are close at all. We have no spine whatsoever on defense. Like one guy. Julian Love. We have no linebackers and realiistically no DT’s. I believe it will take 2 years to re-do the spine. On offense we have possibly long term questions at every OL spot if Lucas is damaged long term. Cross maybe is a guy but he should be proving himself big time next season and Im not at all convinced that when its time to pay up that we should. I like our running backs and receivers so that is a positive.

      TLDR we have holes everywhere out of CB, RB, and WR

      We may be okay but need more at DE

      The rest is hole after hole.

  14. LouCityHawk

    I just don’t think the 9ers are the gold standard some.are inclined to hold them up to be. They tanked, we’re miserable, got good, and backed their way into a super bowl after two home game they should have rightly lost.

    It is fair to say the Cheifs are an unfair standard. Generational Coach and QB pushing to change who gets called the GOAT in their respective lanes.

    The only thing that was clear is the old way wasn’t working.

    Here is my question….

    Cut/Trade: Prez/Diggs/Geno/Dissly/Mone/Bellore – how much worse are the Seahawks? Really, with no hyperbole.

    What about Lockett added to that? Jones?

    My wager would be not much or better even.

    Now resign L/W, sign guard (Dotson, Jackson, Hunt), look at Dorrance Armstrong, perhaps Wilkins is available, FA LB is deep this year – Macdonald has to have is eye on a player or two. Are we worse? Is this team more or less competitive?

    The question n I’m going to be asking myself in looking at the rest of this draft is whether the player selected has field tilting potential. Average just isn’t going to be good enough.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I would be inclined to keep Jones. He was considered a good get in free agency but had a bad year. Was it coaching? Scheme? The surrounding cast? I’d be interested to see what Macdonald can get out of him before dumping him. Other than Lockett, I’d be happy to drive the rest of them to the airport.

      • Big Mike

        I’m in too. I do wish Tyler would retire. I’ll try Jones for another year, otherwise I’m all in on cutting everyone Lou mentioned.

        • Peter

          If tyler retures is third reciever back on the list?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think it even matters whether the team is better or worse off after cutting them. They just need to reset the cap space and change course on where they are spending money. It’s got to be done.

      Hopefully the new coaches will be able to identify players they want and train the whole team up. But that may take 2-3 more years to see the results.

      I like the idea of field tilting potential, usually only available in first or second round. I would also like to see them start hitting on lower round players. Also like the focus on the trenches and linebacker/safeties.

  15. Julian

    A question on Unrestricted Free Agents, for those that have been with the Seahawks this last season, can the team announce from now any re-signings, Leonard Williams, Noah Fant for example, or do they have to wait until another date, to declare new contracts for these players?

    I can see from Cha’s excellent piece on key dates the team has a window to negotiate new contracts with these players exclusively, but can they also announce these signings during this period?

    • cha

      Announcing it does not impact anything.

      Usually it gets leaked to Schefter or Rapaport and then gets formally announced by the team around the time the contract gets filed to the league (March 13).

  16. Happy Hawk

    After watching the playoffs and Super Bowl, I strongly feel that a QBOF in today’s NFL has to be able to get some critical yards on the ground. Mahomes had 60+ yards , but they were key yards and plays. Steve Young on an interview today said the same thing. Looking at this year’s QB class who fits that mold? In order: 1) Williams 2) Daniels 3) Nix 4) Rattler.

    • LouCityHawk

      Daniels is special runner.

      Watch him, hard to describe. Somewhere between Jackson, Allen, Vick….

      • Peter

        Yeah he is.

    • Phil

      Happy Hawk — agree completely. Mahomes ability to scramble on the last drive was the key to victory. I even agree with your QB ranking.

  17. cha

    Mike Macdonald just said he’s talked to the quarterbacks.

    He said “Drew and Geno”

    Trying not to read too much into that. But Drew is a Free Agent.

    Obviously he’s in the plans, and saying “Drew” before “Geno”….hmmm…

    • cha

      “There’s some decisions we’ve got to make pretty soon”

      • Big Mike

        Gonna outright cut him in 4 days?

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I think a trade in a few weeks

    • Alex Potts

      I caught that too… Coaches always tend to talk about guys in order of depth chart. Naming starter first, then backups. Super interesting that he names Drew first, even being a FA

  18. JJ


    What kind of linemen work in Grubb and Huffs scheme from what you can tell? Going back to cable and others through the years they all looked for different traits.

    • Seattle Person

      You’re going to need linemen that can move. UW the last few years recruited guys that were 3-4 stars that were around 270-280 lbs. They bulked them up and kept the athleticism. I don’t think Grubb/Huff are going to go extreme like Cable did. The latter wanted supreme athleticism.

      I think Grubb/Huff would want shifty and smart dudes.

  19. MJ

    It’s crazy how the Texans Hail Mary last year and the Cardinals missing their FG this year impacts the trajectory of the franchise. The Hawks could already have their QB with Richardson. For it to happen 2 years in a row is frustrating. Hopefully none of the stick and pick players go right before the Hawks selection. They could always trade up a few picks if necessary. Of all the options, taking an elite edge player has me the most excited for what Macdonald and his staff can get out of them.

    • Cysco

      I honestly think there was no chance Seattle was taking a QB last year. Even if Richardson was there. It was going to be Anderson or Witherspoon. that’s it.

      • Big Mike

        You’re probably right re: Pete Carroll, but I still refuse to not hate the Colts for tanking…er, giving up that Hail Mary.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    Today Brock Huard made an interesting point. Huard said the 2025 QB class is not that good. In fact Huard said that 5 or 6 teams could trade up to take a QB.
    So what is the answer?

    Does John Schneider get his guy now? In this draft. The 2025 draft is not promising. The only concern I have with Penix is can he stay on the field. He has had four season ending injuries. In the College football championship towards the end of the game he was holding his ribs. The perfect place for Penix is Seattle. But is Penix the perfect guy for Seattle? That is the question. Yes the best situation for Michael Penix is to be drafted by the Seahawks. From what little I know about Ray Grubbs he is the perfect OC for Penix. I was listening to Brock Huard today. Huard said that Grubbs is a line of scrimmage guy. Grubs wants to control the line scrimmage. Grubbs knows how call plays to get guys open. Grubbs knows how to call plays period. But Grubbs is also adaptable. He saw what he had in Penix. So he design his play calling to fit Penix skill set. Just watching those Husky games Penix had guys wide-open all the time. If the deep target was covered someone underneath was open. They way to beat Penix is what Michigan did in the Championship game. You constantly put pressure on him. And you pound him at every opportunity you can. And as I recall at the end of the game he his holding his ribs.

    After listening to the guys on Lock-on-Seahawks. And listening to Brock Huard I am liking Ray Grubbs more and more. Huard said that Grubbs believes in running the football. Grubbs is a line of scrimmage guy. Just heard Mike MacDonald. He said the same thing. That is music to my ears. Why San Francisco quit running the football in the Super Bowl is beyond me. I think Mike Shanahan just plain out smarted himself. The 49ers talent in the trenches was greater than the Chiefs talent in the trenches. The 49ers had the best running back in the game. And maybe the best running back in the NFL. So why didn’t Shanahan ride the horse that got him to the Super bowl?. This is an unsolved mystery. Coaches do that all the time. They out smart themselves.

    But anyway back to the Seahawk QB question. What is Schneider going to do? Who is Schneider’s guy. After watching the Super Bowl you have to have your guy. Before the playoffs there was no way I wanted Schneider to trade up to select a QB. But after watching the playoffs and especially the Super Bowl. You HAVE TO HAVE your guy. It’s that simple. So if is means trading up to get your guy. You have to do it. What is more important. Getting your guy(QB) or selecting a guy to help you with your defensive tackle rotation? That has to be the center of this draft. Who is John Schneider’s “GUY”. You can always find someone to help you with your DT rotation. But can you find the right QB? If the Hawks do take Penix I will have an open mind. What did Reagan say about Russia. “Trust but verify!” If the Hawks take Penix for me it will be trust JS but let’s wait and see the results. This might surprised some people but I am starting to warm up on J. J. McCarthy. As a rookie he WILL NOT be ready to be thrown into the fire. But give him time.

    Maybe it is J.J. McCarthy. Maybe not. I don’t know. But so far John Schneider gets an A or A+ on all his decisions. Schneider is bring it the right people. But if he wants to win a Super Bowl. He needs the right guy at QB.

    • BK26

      I’d argue that Seattle is the worst spot for Penix. The fans will destroy him as a local hero. And I think that he needs to get out of that offense. Too much was done for him and it showed. He’s got to prove himself as far as I’m concerned, and that offense isn’t helping. I also hope that the Washington offense isn’t what Grubbs is going to run. I want an adaptation of it. I don’t want something that is set up for a quarterback to just go through the motions doing. You have to have a quarterback that can adapt with the play, after the snap.

      I think McCarthy doesn’t have the arm that Schneider looks for. Or the ability to take over a game. I don’t think he’ll be on their radar at all.

      I also don’t trust anything that Brock Huard says about quarterbacks.

      • Peter

        You think fans will destroy him?

        I think fans will be more inclined to find niche stats to justify him. If we have four starters on oline for 90% of tge snaps fans will say it was the fifth guy as the reason. If walker gets hurt….on and in. I think you can see what I’m getting at here.

        Add Grubb to the mix and it could get real weird in Seattle.

        • BK26

          That is more or less what I mean: he will get every excuse in the book from one side, the other side will look for anything to tear him apart. There is just a very weird (and unfair) dynamic with a local college hero. Then add in the weird loyalty that comes from Seattle….

          • Peter

            I feel for Britain’s best nfl mind, Matty brown, and grif “hostage video/buy a ring light” Sturgis trying to make content where it’s both penix and grubbs play, play design and also not either if those things.

            Brian “not a diehard huskies fan” nemhauser with burner accounts calling out any games that aren’t great.

            Hey maybe it’ll be more fun than I think now that I’m typing it out.

            • BK26

              I’m just way too tired of it all. Everything with Russ, then Pete for years, now Geno, Jalen Carter, the coaching search, quarterbacks year after year after year. And now Penix and everything Washington in terms of the draft.

              Stuff that are perfectly nice and interesting discussions, rather than topics to take personally if someone doesn’t agree with you.

              All the while, it’s tax season.

              • Peter

                Big same.

                I follow sports to get away from the tribalization of every facet of our lives.

                Forgot it’s tax season for you.

      • cha

        The upside is I can see fewer of those “Big Penix Energy” shirts around town.

        • Peter

          I enjoy those about 1 million x more than “bark for sark.”

      • Seattle Person

        Honestly, the best place for him is Detroit. They have most things needed for Penix to succeed. Most notably a really good Oline.

        • Peter


          • Big Mike

            Again my friend, you spelled that incorrectly.

            • Peter

              Everytime I do that I chuckle that I’ve misspelled it in accordance to sdb code 1.1

          • Alex Potts

            LV, Steelers, Atlanta, Seattle are the teams I think fit Penix best. Somewhere he can start basically right away.

            Bo Nix is another “start right away” type of guys.

    • Dustin

      I’d say the LA rams are a better spot for penix. It’s easy to envision him becoming a left handed Stafford.

      • Peter

        Weird move since they’ll take Ratller in the third round and terrorize us with him at the helm.

        • Dustin

          The thought of that makes me sick

          • Peter


  21. Dregur

    I will have to point out that Mahomes was not patient coming out of college. It was one of his bigger knocks coming into the draft, this included not taking snaps under center, which is one of the things I don’t care about when drafting QB’s. His escapability and arm were his two big positives.

  22. Trevor

    Listening to Mike McDonald being interviewed by Brock and Saulk. Mentioned Drew Lock again as a guy he has been in contact with along with Geno. Odd he has mentioned him several times now by name considering Lock is a FA.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Yeah – he is mentioning Lock as much as or more than Geno. Definitely seems the writing is on the wall. Perhaps they are trying to get Geno to rework his deal to something they can live with, but it appears they have little question about plan B.

      Rob has stated it well here before – it’s hard to argue that Geno is worth more than the discount Lock will represent against the cap and what you could do to improve the team in other areas of need by doing so. I’d rather roll with Lock and Leonard Williams and some IOL help than Geno and none of the latter.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Lock + Williams sounds a lot better than Geno.

      • Peter

        That’s a great way to frame it.

        Geno at ‘×’

        Or a few other pieces.

    • 805Hawk

      A few times he mentioned “the QB.” If Geno was the guy for sure, MM would have used his name when discussing building the team. There has been zero indications during interviews that Geno is the guy.

  23. Palatypus

    What concerns me is that there was a streaker arrested yesterday at the Super Bowl and we haven’t heard from Robert Las Vegas.

  24. BK26

    Just saw and interview that Kiper had with some Chicago ESPN guys (I think maybe a week ago). He said that the Chiefs tried trading up for Paxton Lynch, but failed. Instead they traded back and too Chris Jones.

    They almost lost out of Jones and Mahomes, then a dynasty never happens. This is a very fickle sport. Plan “A” fell apart and plan “B” ended up massively better.

    • Peter

      Thankfully we comfortably got Ifedi in that draft….

  25. Pran

    It strongly feels like they are going to draft a QB with Grubb as OC. John probably wants OC and QB to grow together which is why Grubb as a newcomer to NFL

  26. ShowMeYourHawk

    Peacock is starting to chirp again on the interwebs.

    “210 days.” Next sale on Louis Vuitton monogrammed Splenda packets?

    • Big Mike

      210 days until he’s right where he belongs, on his couch watching the first weekend of the 2024 NFL season.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish we could just cut him now and move on

  27. BrandoK

    The more I hear Mike McDonald speak about the QB’s it seems more and more likely that Geno is not going to be here next year. He was also asked on Brock & Salk if there was going to be a big turnover of the roster and just couldn’t answer but said there is a key date coming up. I think there will be al lot of changes from the overpaid veterans moving on and just getting cheaper and moving the money towards the DL and OL.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Noteworthy also that he said he is not establishing a new culture but building on one. I take that as the culture that cleaned house will clean house again!

  28. Trevor

    I hate SF but watching that game I would been so pissed if I was a Niners fan . Bosa was held on almost every snap and they never called one.

    Holding is the penalty I hate most. It happens on every snap and is never called then all of a sudden it gets called and changes the outcome of games when a long run or pass is wiped out.

    • bmseattle

      Yep…if someone was inclined to influence the outcome of any particular football game, holding penalties (offense or defense…calling or not calling) would be the obvious way to do it.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Plus the 10 yard penalty for offensive holding seems excessive considering that most are holding to some degree. It affects the game as having to go 20 yards for a first down will usually require pass plays.

        I would rather it was a 5 yard penalty.

        Also can we do something about only calling defensive holding when it’s relevant to the play? It the quarterback throws to the other side of the field – the holding isn’t relevant. Likewise if the ball is thrown high and out of bounds. No one can catch it so don’t call a foul.

        • Dregur

          You can’t do that, any defense holding might affect where the play ends up going.

          Say if the player was held, the QB will look that player off since he’s so off his route.

        • geoff u

          I agree with the 5 yard penalty change. Good idea.

          I understand the defensive holding thing, because often the player isn’t open BECAUSE of the hold, and that is why the QB didn’t throw it there. Not always, but you have to be consistent and it’s not like the ref can be following the QB’s read/eyes on every down as well, that would be impossible.

          • Hawkster

            Defensive holding needs be a tough penalty, otherwise deliberate penalty becomes routine. It becomes basketball. Double move? Just grab him. Etc.

            • Ben

              They just need to allow more contact while guarding routes. Sure you can’t grab jersey or hook a guy, but they should let like 50% more contact (hand fighting, jostling, etc) be allowed. I swear there’s more contact playing soccer or basketball than there is guarding a route in football.

              But then as soon as the ball gets there you can kill the guy. Let them fight for the ball, and maybe the only option to defend isn’t trying to time a 20 mph hit.

              Really, I know defensive holding needs to be called in some way, but it’s my least favorite penalty to watch in all of sports. I don’t know why it’s different, but I boo even when it’s in the hawks favor.

        • Hawkster

          There would be no sacks. 5 yds is too little. Losing leverage? Just tackle em. Saxh is too much woese than 5, but 10 is adequare incentive.

  29. Forrest

    I’m confused why people keep saying that we have to resign Leonard Williams to justify the 2nd round pick. Whether we resign Williams or sign a Chris Jones, Christian Wilkins, DJ Reader or Grover Stewart, I’d rather have whoever is the better fit for the better price. We shouldn’t feel locked in to having to get Williams, in particular, just because we gave up a pick to get him.

    • Rob Staton

      Well good look winning the Chris Jones sweepstakes. Of the others, Williams is the better player

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Yet if they don’t resign him, wasting a really valuable draft pick for a 10 game rental (and no playoffs) is borderline incompetence. But that said, they should resign him because he’s worth it, and they won’t have the money to go get Chris Jones.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        It was the last bad/desperate move of Pete Carroll. Let’s make it bigger-not smaller. Let him walk and let’s move on without Pete and his last desperate grasp for relevance. The Seahawks should of sold-not bought- and everybody here either knew it at the time or can see it now. Those in charge do not change everything, but some small moves have big ramnifications-like winning a couple more games taking them out of the top of the draft.

        I love Pete. He is like a Grandpa to this family- But Fuck you Grandpa and get the hell out of here. We want to win!

      • Ben

        They should spend on a blue chip player. It doesn’t have to be Williams if that isn’t what they want to do. Don’t need Carroll’s last decision to dictate or justify.

        That said, if they pick Leonard I’m cheering for sure. I just don’t care as much who if it’s a great player.

    • cha

      Because they have competition for the other guys, and at the moment no competition for LW.

      And he played great despite the rest of the defense playing horribly since he showed up.

    • bmseattle

      The pick is already “wasted”, at this point…whether we sign Williams or not.
      It was a “compete now” move that utterly failed.

      At this point, sign the best guy you can… which just happens to be Williams.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not wasted if you re-sign him though

        And he’s good enough to be re-signed

        So just do it and stop this maddening false dichotomy that anything is ‘wasted’ at this point

        • bmseattle

          Whether we sign him or not is unrelated to what we traded for him, tho.

          As you’ve astutely pointed out… Williams was destined to be available as a free agent this off season. Us trading for him changed nothing.
          So the pick is gone (if you prefer that to “wasted”).

          The only reason to trade the pick for him during the season…was to have him during the season.
          Season is now over, so the pick was “wasted” in that sense.

          Notice, I’m not arguing against signing him *now*.
          I’m just saying that it has nothing to do with the pick at this point.

          • bmseattle

            Ultimately…just sign the best guy you can.
            If that is Williams…then great… get him.
            If it’s someone else…that works too.

            Don’t sign Williams over someone better, just because you traded a 2nd rounder for him, tho.
            The pick is gone, and is unrelated to our personnel decisions going forward…or should be.

          • Rob Staton

            I just think it’s a frustrating and slightly pedantic point. It’s completely valid to not want the team to have wasted a pick by keeping him and believe he is worth it. Taking this angle of ‘oh well the pick is already wasted’ is just petty semantics. It doesn’t actually add anything to any debate about the necessity of retaining Williams or team building

            • Gaux Hawks

              possession is 9/10 of the law, not wasted (yet)

            • AlaskaHawk

              It’s hardly semantics. We had this same discussion on a larger scale with Adams. They traded for him and could have spent a year watching him. They didn’t have to sign a long term contract right away. Even though they had already given up multiple draft picks – they didn’t have to sign a long term contract for even more money. That’s a choice and it should be completely separate from whatever the Seahawks already paid.

              It’s like a poker game, you got to know when to hold them and know when to fold. In Williams case I would go ahead and try to keep him under a contract.

              • Rob Staton

                It is definitely semantics as I explained

  30. cha

    Rooney wasn’t kidding about looking at other QBs.

    Steelers cut Mitch Trubisky and agree to “mutually part ways” with Mason Rudolph.

    • cha

      Never mind. Just Trubisky. I was misinformed and shoulda checked.

      Let that be a lesson, kids.

      • Alex Potts

        Rooney mentioned recently they want to bring back Rudolph. He also mentioned he would not rule out trading for a veteran QB. They aren’t flush with cap space, so I think Russell Wilson would be out.

        With them drafting deep into round 1 and already being a playoff team, they are a prime spot for a Geno trade if Seattle decides to move on.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I have been saying Geno would be a good fit there…

      Maybe they agree terms on a trade quicker than I thought

      • Blitzy the Clown

        He can’t be worth more than one of their R4 picks in a straight trade. Either 119 or 120.

        Maybe Geno plus one of our R3 picks for their R2 at 51?

        • 805Hawk

          I’d do that deal in a millisecond. I also think it’s a reasonable deal for Pittsburgh.

        • Rob Staton

          R4 seems right to me

    • Bmseattle

      I never framed the situation as “oh well, the pick is already wasted”, tho, did I?

      Im not trying to use “petty semantics” (come now 😑) to argue against signing him.
      But its just clear logic that we need to sign the best player we can, going forward, and shouldnt *not* do that becasue of the 2nd round pick.

      Im surprised you would argue against that.

      As you pointed out, Williams is likely the best player available to us, so lets go get him. I have zero reason to argue otherwise.

      • Rob Staton

        It is petty semantics though because there’s nothing wrong with not wanting the team to look ridiculous for spending a R2 on 10 games. If they sign him back at least it wasn’t that and heck maybe those weeks in Seattle made him want to settle down in the PNW.

        But every time anyone mentions this someone rushes in complaining that ‘the R2 is already wasted or spent’ and shouldn’t dictate anything. It adds nothing to the validity of wanting Williams to stay, the likelihood he stays or any actual debate on team building. You’re just complaining at people for framing why they want him to stay

        • Bmseattle

          Twice you used the word “complaining” to describe my perspective.
          Perhaps you are using “semantics” to frame me in certain way?

          From my point of view, im not complaining about anyone.
          And i totally get the point of not wanting the team to look stupid.

          Personally, i think they already do…but thats besode the point.

          You can have your reasons for wanting to sign williams (not wanting the seahawks to look stupid)…
          And I can have my reason to want to sign him (he’s the best DL available in free agency that we can realistically sign…which would still be true even if we’d never traded for him).

          Your hypothetical about him wanting to sign here because he liked his time here would be great.
          It could have had the opposite effect on him as well, of course.

          • Palatypus

            There are a lot of definitions of semantics.

          • Ben

            I definitely understand and agree with your perspective a lot better on this one.

            But perhaps if we all think it’s pedantic, it probably is all round…

            “We traded for Adams, we have to resign him! We have to justify the pick!” Is all I hear. You sign him cause he’s good, you don’t sign him if there’s someone better.

            Ahh- there I go not listening to myself about it being pedantic and still prattling on. Need more hawks moves.

          • Rob Staton

            Bm it isn’t that though

            It’s this thing that every time anyone says ‘I want to keep Williams so the R2 pick isn’t wasted’ there’s someone running over to point out a sunk cost fallacy argument

            It isn’t even a good argument because the Seahawks can literally negotiate today with Williams in a way they can’t with, say, Chris Jones. They have an advantage in talks as a consequence of having acquired him. They have the benefit of building relationships with him over the last few months

            It is not ‘sunk cost’ to want the Seahawks to turn that into a long term deal and avoid embarrassment

            But every time someone brings it up there’s someone else who jumps on the idea ‘the R2 is already wasted’

            It’s so unnecessary

            • Bmseattle

              Rob, with all do respect, i haven’t criticized anyone’s reasons for wanting to sign Williams.

              You seem defensive, consistently using terms like “rushing in”, “running over” “jumping in”, to imply a bad motive or immature behavior.
              The phrase “petty semantics” is also an attempt to imply that I am…well…being “petty” in “rushing over” and simply stating a logical truth.

              Ironically, we *both* want the team to sign Williams!

              For some reason, you want me to want to do it for the same reason you do…or, its important to you that i acknowledge that its ok to want to get value for the trade of the pick. (I *have* acknowledged that, btw)

              I simply saying we should sign the best guy.l, regardless of past decisions.

              To use a simplistic example…if Williams had had a “jamal adams type” season, i wouldnt think we should sogn him, even though we traded a 2nd rounder for him.
              Or, if Bosa was a FA, and we could only sign one of him or Williams…I’d suggest we sign Bosa, even though we had traded a 2nd rounder for Williams.

              Im not even saying its bad or wrong if you disagree with that.
              Im simply stating my reasoning, which doesnt seem controversial to me.

              Ultimately, it makes sense for many reasons to sign Williams, as he is the best player available to us…*and*, it helps the optics of the trade.

              But, i get that this line of reasoning irritates you, so I’ll catch myself in the future.
              No rushing, running or jumping from me.🙂

              • Bmseattle

                I’ll just add, that I’ve been at SDB for many, many years, and I always try to be respectful of others opinions.

                I respect you, Rob, immensely and absolutely love the commentary here, both in the articles and the comments.

                Its by far the best place online for Seahawks coverage and draft coverage, overall.

                My intention is *never* to comment hastily or without thought, or to appear critical of other’s opinions.
                So, apologies if i have done that in this instance…to you, Rob, or anyone else.

                (Also, sorry for the typos on my phone)

        • Devin

          I’d suggest the Hawks should not have paid more then a 3rd on Williams as it didn’t sound like other teams were going to offer more. The Hawks tho like to bid against themselves too often. It can be embarrassing at times (i.e. who was going to offer what we did for Adams???).

          • Rob Staton

            I didn’t like the trade even though I like Williams

            But I do think they should re-sign him and yes — avoiding that R2 ending up being a mere rental is a reason why

            And having the chance to negotiate with him now, to me, is a counter to all this ‘sunk cost’ talk

      • MJ

        FWIW, I understand and agree with your logic on this. Thankfully, Schneider will be making these decisions and I trust that he will turn over every rock to fill the roster with the best possible fits.

        • bmseattle

          I agree about Schneider.
          It’s too bad that he has to try to overcome so many of the poor decisions that were made under Pete’s orders.
          But I trust that he will have more of a long-term perspective now that he is running things.

  31. Film12Hawk

    Mike interviewed with Brock and Salk. Some very interesting and telling tidbits.

  32. Brian Sanders

    I would love to know your thoughts on Joe Milton III. If we have one more bridge year of Geno/Drew, build the O/D lines and defensive positional “schemers” while catching Milton perhaps in the 4th round?

    • BK26

      Not Rob, but he might go undrafted. He has a very hard time being accurate and has lost his starting job twice in college. Had troubles running an offense. Tennessee has already forgotten about him.

      I’d rather stick with Lock.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t draft Milton

      Not a NFL QB in my opinion

  33. hawkguy68

    First time posting; enjoy reading the blog; lots of smart people on here; I suspect that what we are going to see is much deeper churn then what many here think; JS has basically gone completely off the “safe” route on constructing the coaching staff. The reality is it will take a couple of years for these coaches to get their feet wet and mesh is my prediction, so in the very immediate future, less focus will be on fielding a team that can be 9-8 or 10-7 to one that gets rid of the cap problems and starts to get clean moving forward. I see them ridding themselves of Geno, either through a trade or outright cut. Adams, Diggs, Dissly, Locket, Mone will all be cut. Not much effort put forth to re-sign Leonard Williams. Why would you?? He’s older, and the Seahawks will not be competitive in time for him to make a difference anyway. They will draft a QB; maybe resign Lock cheap to act as a bridge. If JS wanted continuity and a chance to compete sooner rather then later, he would have signed Quinn and went with a staff that has more NFL experience. But, he didn’t. He tore it completely down on the coaching side. Just that fact itself almost guarantees a learning curve that will result in fewer wins in the short run. So, given the aggressiveness on going young, and new, on the coaching staff, I suspect that same level of aggressiveness will go forward into team construction. This is more of a 2026 to 2027 project to get competitive at least into the later rounds of the playoffs. It has nothing to do with “is Geno the guy” or “we have to sign Leonard Williams”, Geno is a top 15 QB, he is; Leonard Williams was fantastic last year. its just a timing issue; we won’t be competitive in the short run, so why have them, and their salaries, on the roster.

    The aggressiveness of JS on the coaching staff is a big tell.

  34. Palatypus

    Two things.

    1.) I don’t think we can trade Geno. But if we do, I would be okay with a 5th-round pick. The cap relief is worth more than the draft pick. Give him to the Shittsburgh Stealers.

    In a recent PFN mock, I got Al Blades Jr. in the 5th round. Al. Brian, Bennie, Al Jr. – there’s a pedigree. He is listed as a cornerback, but I think he’s a safety. He can tackle, he can hit and is a leader. Al Blades Jr. is not currently on Rob’s board.

    2.) I’m not sure I can track Rob’s package since it left Heathrow. It was 168 miles away. Sorry, that’s 270 kilometers in British (my apologies.) It left at 8:30 PM on Saturday, but what does the Royal Mail do on Sundays? In customs? On a train?

    • GoHawks5151

      Al Blades is a dawg. I think he was playing nickel last year at Miami. Didn’t get a look at him this year. Very instinctive. Good speed. I think he was getting lost in some zone coverage stuff at Miami so maybe moving to safety where he can see the field would be good for him.

      • Palatypus

        Al Blades Jr. was with Duke last year.

      • Palatypus

        2023: Graduate transfer from the University of Miami .

        • GoHawks5151

          Yep. By this year I mean, this past year at Duke. Last year I guess was actually 2 years ago at Miami haha

    • James P

      Loving the hat updates Palatypus! But we Brits use miles not kilometers, so no translation required 👍

      • Big Mike

        we Brits use miles not kilometers

        That makes it even more annoying that Canada uses KMs since they were more of a “colony” than us down here.

    • UkAlex6674

      The question is – what does our Royal Mail do on any given day?!

      Last year I went 3 weeks without any post being delivered at all.

      Not even making it up.

      Then boom – massive bundle left on the porch.

  35. Z$

    Interesting podcast featuring Durde as a guest. One tid-bit; sounds like he was involved in a program scouting/bringing international athletes in for NFL opportunities, and Jordan Mailata was one of his guys.

  36. Ben

    “Currently the Seahawks are blue-chip talent deficient and they don’t have a star at quarterback. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

    I think this is the key quote. We have a bunch of good talent. But how do we get the final pieces?! And inarguably the hardest to get.

    Excited for the the rest of the draft coverage, been awesome so far.

    • Palatypus

      Or leadership deficient.

  37. RobCee

    I think so far two things that make a lot sense:

    1. Green Bay trades up with Seahawks
    2. Bears and Waldron trade for Lockett to help Caleb Williams rookie season

    • BK26

      I would bet that Lockett would retire instead. Don’t think he’s going to play for anyone else.

      • Big Mike

        Agree, and because of the success of his real estate business in Seattle.

      • Mick

        I could very well imagine him wanting to hang around and take a big pay cut to still get some game action.

  38. UkAlex6674

    I think when FA shakes out we will know more of the draft plan.

    I am totally down with the idea of building the trenches – especially the O line – and actually using our two good backs to run for 25/30 a game.

    Can I claim credit for Macball?

    Anyway great stuff as always Rob, and also a big shout to everyone who posts and keeps the threads going with a lot of good stuff.

  39. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… We’ve seen plenty of sideline temper tantrums. Yes, this one crossed a line, IMO. Maybe the team should fine him, but ejected by the refs…? They couldn’t even do that if they wanted to, right? Am I crazy or is the author of this piece?

    • UkAlex6674

      It was much ado about nothing. On the previous play the TE who was on the field screwed up and I think it resulted in negative yards.

      Kelce was just saying he wants to be in on every play.

      I really think peope are blowing this up over nothing.

      Also, that article is awful.

      • BK26

        Still can’t run into your 65 year old head coach, screaming, almost knocking him down. Horrible look no matter what.

        He’s been throwing fits again lately. Never did finish maturing from his early years.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the Guardian

      Where journalism goes to die

      • UkAlex6674

        100% spot on

      • Julian

        It’s not just the Guardian Rob, where can you get unprejudiced, objective print journalism these days?

        • Peter

          You are already here at that spot.

          You get a ton of opinions buy there’s no one in hawks land diving in harder on the root reasons why things will or will not happen.

          • Julian

            Yes fair enough, but I’m refer to matters other than just football. Mine is a rhetorical question really.

            I’ve said it before, but I think one of the best things about this sight is that almost all the arguments expressed by all contributors are thoughtful and nuanced, a relief from what we see and read in so many other places, on other matters in life.

            • Peter

              Julian I get you. I used to be a massive news junkie and then one day it just sort of fell away as here in the states ( I believe you are in england? Apologies if I’m wrong) it was explained to me how ny times, Washington post, fox, Sinclair media, etc all have fairly explicit biases and it was increasingly hard for me to pay attention or care.

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                They not only have specific biases, but the rich are buying up newspapers because they don’t WANT you to get good news. They just want you to read or see what they want. I wish this was the tinfoil hat speaking, but alas.

      • Dustin

        I think the last bit of journalism they’ve done was breaking the Edward Snowden story. That was a long time ago now.

  40. Big Mike

    I just read that the Chiefs faced opponents on extra rest in 6 straight games this year, something that has never happened before in NFL history. But yeah, it was rigged for them to win the Super Bowl. SMDH

    • UkAlex6674

      KC came back from their mid-season slump and played hard nose football in the most challenging of scenarios – like you point out Big Mike for example – and they pulled through because they are one tough football team mentally and physically.

      I know each SB winning team generally deserves it, but this year for me KC absolutely deserved it and they were made to fight for it every step of the way.

      So deserved.

    • Peter

      The problem is the betting plus there are countless game stills and plays on online where in hane action looks dubious to say the least. Plus people love a conspiracy now.

  41. Erick

    Now that pete is gone, one thing that nobody is talk is if Russ come back now that pete is no more there?… I would like…

    • Rob Staton

      There is no chance

      John Schneider and Mark Rodgers detest each other

  42. Peter

    Rob when is that daily updated horizontal board coming out? I kid. It’s just so handy. I haven’t gone through this many prospects since 2012.

  43. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Watched Dan Viens interview Corbin Smith (locked on Seahawks). Smith won’t stop pushing Geno as the answer at QB. He actually said that Seattle has the franchise QB they need and should focus elsewhere in the draft. He couldn’t countenance the idea that Seattle would replace Geno in any way.
    I turned it off and now have to question everything he says.

    • Peter

      That was one of the most brain bending combo podcasts I’ve watched.

      The knowing, chuckling, “genos great and if you don’t think so you didn’t watch the last eight games….” I’m not sure if Smith understands that part of what he describes as “geno hate,” is a reflection to his and some of his fellow Podcasters desire to bend any statistical measurement they can and self knowing toxic positivity meets borderline arrogance that only ‘fools’ would not, could not see how amazing Geno is.

      He’s top 12!!!!. If it was out of 50 or 100 that would be amazing. Out of 32? Not that great. The problem is the difference between 1 and 12 is such an easy amount to count that fans think he’s right there in the mix of upper echelon.

      But Smith thinks Grubb came to Seattle because Geno is a selling point and not that 1. Grubb wanted to stay in the area and 2. He wants to be a HC and the shortest path is nfl OC.

      Oh….and up to week 5 of the season Seattle had and ELITE run defense against teams that weren’t running at all.

      • BK26

        Ugh…started listening to it because Youtube just started playing it on my phone….

        I really like Dan. Appreciate his input and it is hard for me to find someone to listen that might have different opinions. Some are just too hardcore into their takes. But I’ve turned off an episode or two already, just from his guests. One was the “expert” from the Raiders. Embarrassed himself talking about Pete and just didn’t want to hear anything else.

        Sadly expecting to do the same here….

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          There really is a dearth of quality when it comes to Seahawks podcasts/videos, though the quantity is certainly there. Without putting any specifically on blast, some are unnecessarily argumentative, some are agonizingly dry, some put an emphasis on the talking heads (rather than the content) and some are simply clickbait.

          Fortunately, Rob’s content (while not visually extraordinary) provides breakdowns of topics based on data, while fostering conversation that’s rarely about the host/guests themselves and generally sticks to the subject at hand, without diving into “bro-speak.”

          Cheers, Rob.

        • Peter

          Wait til you get to the part where the reason why Seattle wasn’t better was because the did not get as many drives…..which could be true…

          Then square that with Geno having a near identical number of pass attempts as last year ( adjusted for 17 games) and the running backs ( walker + charbonnet) had more atrempts than the year before.

          On the one hand the oline let down the run game. On the other hand the offense let themselves down as a whole. Lower completion rate. Terrible third down rate. Two things can be true. The defense did suck which hurt the offense. And the offense sucked which kept the defense in the field.

      • cha

        I’m always surprised how much the Athletic’s beat reporter tweets like a fanboy.

        He’s forged a career out of blurring the lines.

        • Dregur

          Corbin Smith isn’t The Athletic’s beat writer, that’s Michael-Shawn Dugar.

          • cha


    • Julian

      I disagree, this is not what I heard Corbin say. Yes Corbin rates Geno Smith as a starting calibre QB, more highly than many others, but he brings out many facts to substantiate his arguments. I’ve also heard him say on many occasions, he doesn’t object to the idea of drafting a QB for the future, if the right one falls at right spot in the draft.

      We don’t need to cancel others from having differing opinions.

      Incidentally, I think Dan Viens does an excellent job of letting others express their views.

      • BK26

        To prove that he is a middle of the road starting quarterback. That is what he proved. He thought it wasn’t a bad idea for him to be the starter for the next 4 years.

        There is no cancelling. He was just flat out wrong. It was a bad sales pitch. He’s still trying to be “pro team” like he was when Pete was still here.

        Yes he was open to drafting someone. But he CLEARLY believes that Geno should be the starting option. He swept MacDonald talking about Lock under the rug.

        He’s got an opinion and he’s set on it. It was a sales pitch. He’s not a good talent evaluator. He’s a reporter.

        And no matter what, saying that Geno Smith has a better arm than Michael Penix is just flat out wrong and shows a bias.

        • Matt

          Not to mention, they rely on “analytics” to make their case. The hilarious part is the analytics they pointed to showed Brissett as a top 5 QB and Burrow and Herbert as close to 32.

          Football analytics, mostly, are garbage. They are garbage because the data inputs require so much subjectivity, which makes them useless from the jump. This isn’t like baseball where it’s a 1 on 1 match up where the inputs require no interpretation. 95 MPH fastball on the outside of the plate. Hitter hit the ball 97 MPH.

          Sorry to rant here; these Geno people are menaces; out of control with their cultish devotion. If the team was so bad around Geno; then why the he’ll does it make sense to do a rebuild around a 34 year old? But at the same time; the team is super talented and close to a SB but was only held back by bad coaching. But, they shouldn’t have fired Pete Carroll because the team talent wasn’t that good. These people have no logic.

    • Matt

      Corbin is truly terrible. He is nothing more than a PR person who can’t fight his own battles.

  44. Peter

    He says “if the right one falls”…..which I take from multiple listens of Corbin, Dan, and others as a couched way of guarding yourself by having an out. What if John sticks and picks at #16? What if he trades up? To hear him it only counts if someone’s there in a throw away range.

    He has lots of stats. He also misses on simple stats like completion percent, td to int. He brings up the final 8 games but neglects the totality of all 15 games geno played.

    • BK26

      Mentions the game winning drives. Leaves out the quality of the teams and the fact that the offense was bad enough against these bad to mediocre teams that they were ineffective until the end.

      Be careful of salesmen this time of year, it’s cherry season (because they are trying to sell their cherry pickers; they are cherry picking. It was better in my head).

      • Peter

        I want to thank Jody for not getting rid of Pete on the same day as Russel.

        By having Pete far too long has really warped the minds. That 9-8 and game winning drives matter more than being great.

        I was really put off by the two of them talking about the 90’s qbs. Do we trust John to find qbs? If not then John should go. I do actually hope is acumen is high.

        This perpetual fear that it could always be worse…both have actually said repeatedly careful what you wish for with HC and QB….has paralyzed fans dreaming we could be great.

        • BK26

          I’m tired of hearing about how hard it was in the past, how we’ve missed on so many qb’s “back in the day,” how hard it is to find someone that is a top-tier.

          I don’t care. Just say you want to keep settling then.

    • Elmer

      Because of the Michigan connection I am concerned that the Hawks will draft McCarthy if they take a QB. That probably means retaining Geno. I also am concerned that they won’t make the tough decisions needed to liberate space under the cap. If so could it be that the questionable financial decisions we have seen were not all PC’s fault?

      • Dregur

        I mean, that’s about a loose connection than the Seahawks are going to draft Penix due to Grubb.

        Heart of hearts, I’m really starting to think the Seahawks are going to either draft Rattler or Travis for no reason other than the obvious connection to Penix or McCarthy is a smoke screen.

        I know I know, completely illogical, but I’d be happy with Rattler in 2nd or higher or Travis in the 3rd or 4th.

      • BK26

        People mention the connection, but MacDonald ran the defense that year. And McCarthy wasn’t the starter. Hardly played at all.

        It’s not a good look to just draft from one school or focus on one school (or to assume that will happen).

        • Peter

          Pete barely touched USC and Jim I’m not sure he drafted anyone from Stanford.

  45. cha


    Indeed, Penix is an Arians quarterback. In fact, I had scouts compare him to a three-point shooter, stylistically. But what Michigan did to Penix in the title game—forcing him to accurately throw underneath—really brought to life where scouts see his flaws. So to take the analogy to another level, he’ll have to find a way to show his mid-range game over the next couple months.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Great observation. Penix may be able to impress some in this regard at the combine by showing good touch and making all the throws, but I think this is where he really did a disservice to himself by not playing in the Senior Bowl. The knock on him will continue to be that he wilts in the face of pressure and can’t work the middle of a defense when they bring heat. Combine drills aren’t going to overcome that.

      He’s going to need a very deep scout from a team that believes his flaws can be addressed and overcome with coaching and game experience, not necessarily with schematic changes to mask them.

    • Alex Potts

      Oh he is the ultimate Arians QB. “No risk it, no biscuit!”

    • Palatypus


      • Peter

        Wonder if he throws? I’m thinking no and just wait for a beautiful day in montlake.

  46. Palatypus

    Your item was processed through a facility in COVENTRY TRANSIT PARCELFORCE, UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND on February 13, 2024 at 12:11 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    Coventry? That’s near Birmingham. That’s Black Sabbath territory.

    • Peter

      Rob Staton watched their passes/
      While CBS just made guesses/

      ( now read/sing it to war pigs)

      • Palatypus

        And IIRC Friday, February 13th was the USA debut of the first Black Sabbath Album. Marketed, “Friday the 13th is Black Sabbath day…”

        • STTBM

          That’s awesome! Didn’t know that!

          I keep hoping Seahawks will play the opening of The Wizard leading up to Opening Day kickoff…

          • Palatypus

            Just under 90 miles to Sheffield. Hope it survived the trip. The lady at the UPs store had it boxed while I was filing out the paper work. So, no bubble wrap.

        • Palatypus

          I got it backward. Their first album was released in the UK on Friday, February 13th 1970. Then on June 1st in the United States.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Have you heard the T-Pain version (particularly the live version)? The prince of darkness himself has said it is the best ever cover of War Pigs. I never much cared for T-Pain because he uses a lot of auto tune which I can’t stand, but the dude can belt it.

        • Peter

          That version is great.

        • 509 Chris

          I was really impressed with his cover.

    • Big Mike

      Yes it is.

  47. samprassultanofswat

    Corbin Smith is really a strong advocate for Geno Smith. Statistically, (his 2nd half of the season), Smith does have the figures to back it up. Also, Geno Smith’s contract is reasonable by NFL QB standards. But the NFL QB standards are completely out of wack. There are ridiculous.

    Geno had a good start in 2022, And a good finish in 2023. But his numbers in the 2nd half of 2022 and the 1st half 2023 were less than stellar. Corbin Smith makes the argument that Geno Smith’s number in the first half of 2023 were less than stellar because of poor offensive line play. There is some merit to that argument. But there was also a number years when Russell Wilson performed below NFL standards along the offensive line. There were plenty of years when Russell Wilson was running for his life. Personally, I think Corbin Smith supports Geno Smith because Geno Smith has the same last name as Corbin Smith.

    The question is: Is Geno Smith worth 20-25 million cap dollars more than Drew Lock. Is Geno Smith better than Drew Lock. Maybe. Maybe not. But I think they are very similar. And I prefer to spend the 20-25 million cap dollars on the trenches.

    Pete Carroll is a very good coach. However, I am so happy that Pete Carroll is no longer making decisions. Such as choosing coaches and players. And some of his trades were disasters. Percy Harvin, Jamal Adams.

    • Denver Hawker

      I think some fans have just bought the feel good story on Geno and cherry-picked some stats or stretches of games to be “team Geno”.

      Other fans have taken a biz view of what’s the right number to pay Geno and related cap hit and determined that a combination of roster construction and performance over 2 whole seasons doesn’t support his current deal.

      These both fail for me, preferring an eye test of can Geno elevate this team to win a SB? And my answer is no, so move on to the next. Right now, Niners run the NFC and Mahomes runs the NFL, need a QB who can beat both. Every other argument on Geno for me rings of people who love losing in the first round of the playoffs.

  48. samprassultanofswat

    “There were plenty of years when Russell Wilson was running for his life. Personally, I think Corbin Smith supports Geno Smith because Geno Smith has the same last name as Corbin Smith.”

    There were times Russell Wilson’s offensive line was not very good. In fact time and time again Russell Wilson was running for his life because of poor pass blocking.

    • Troy

      Wilson was also notorious for holding the ball too long, not throwing the ball away, and hurting his oline by not being reliable in the pocket. He had a bad oline but also he made things worse by not regularly getting the ball out on time.

  49. samprassultanofswat

    Denver Hawker:”I think some fans have just bought the feel good story on Geno and cherry-picked some stats or stretches of games to be “team Geno”.

    Other fans have taken a biz view of what’s the right number to pay Geno and related cap hit and determined that a combination of roster construction and performance over 2 whole seasons doesn’t support his current deal.”

    You nailed it.

    These both fail for me, preferring an eye test of can Geno elevate this team to win a SB? And my answer is no, so move on to the next. Right now, Niners run the NFC and Mahomes runs the NFL, need a QB who can beat both. Every other argument on Geno for me rings of people who love losing in the first round of the playoffs.

    • samprassultanofswat

      The margin for victory in the NFL is extremely narrow. Sunday the Chiefs won in overtime. Last year against Philadelphia the Chiefs won on a last second field goal.

  50. Alex Potts

    I loved this Chad Reuter 3 round mock for Seattle:

    22. Jerzhan Newton (after trade back with PHI)

    50. Michal Penix Jr (acquired pick from PHI)

    81. Junior Colson

  51. Brodie

    Stats are as arbitrary as analytics or the salary cap. Without PROPER context they don’t mean much.

    If I told you I had an investment that averaged 25% return over the last two years, you might say – ‘sign me up’. Then you peak under the hood and see that it made 100% return in one year and negative 50% in the other… soooo your investment is right back where it started.

    Yep it, averaged 25% over two years and yep, you didn’t make a dime.

  52. Paul di Furia

    I have heard almost no talk about the possibility of a complete reset. People seem to think we are going to try to build team that can compete with a productive offseason.

    We are emptying out our tight end, safety, and linebacker rooms. We have no interior offensive line. Without any cap room, we can’t even field a squad as good as this stagnant team that missed the expanded playoffs. Pete pushed all his chips in a failed attempt to prolong his illustrious coaching career. Fair enough, but now I bet Jodi is on board with tearing it down, almost to the studs .

    McDonald signed a 6 year contract and Schneider is signed through ’27. They have at least 3 years together – why burn year 1? You can’t pay Lockett $27M. Sign a few veterans on cheap contracts and feature the young guys. Trade down for more picks, focusing on potential. Let Williams walk and play the comp pick game. Let Brooks / Lewis / Fant sign elsewhere, and take a huge dead cap hit in ’24.

    Why pay Gino over $30M so that we might eek out a playoff spot? Why pay top of the market contracts to Pro Bowl alternate level players when we will not be competitive with the 49ers anyway? San Francisco is going to return a team stocked with All Pros and have Drew Brees lite on a Mr. Irrelevant contract. Forget it. Resistance is futile this year, man.

    I’d love to see it, anyway. At least it would be interesting.

    • Brett

      Seattle can clear $40M in cap space by cutting Adams, Diggs, Dissly, and Mone. That alone would give them roughly $25M of effective cap space so I don’t think a whole reset is needed and Macdonald pretty much confirmed they aren’t doing a whole overhaul. There’s some talented youth on the team that needs to be unlocked by the coaching staff, something Pete failed at. This team could take the next step by building in the trenches and taking shots in the draft at QB for the next year or two.

      • Peter

        Yeah I think it’s more a matter of careful decisions.

        I don’t have amazing hopes for next year but I’m not down so far that I think they’ll suck.

        Even better coaching decisions this year with a kind of wonky roster could have had us in a better place. Love over adams sooner. Not forcing the ball to JSN at a depth of three yards.

        As for draft and FA I really don’t know. Rob did a great mock with a trade down but I’ve been thinking about an “ugly” draft where less of the names we covet are picked. Junior Colson, satao laumea, similar.

        As long as there is a process and plan. I love WR’s but probably none are going to be the bpa relative to an o or d linemen near enough to that spot. Things like that might help this team out greatly.

    • RomeoA57

      I am supportive of anyone calling for a reset, rebuild or getting a lot of the overpaid veterans the hell off this team to go younger and cheaper.

      I agree that there are way too many holes in this roster that could be filled in one offseason.

      • Peter

        I’ve been pretty of the “re” words for awhile. Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and try something else.

  53. Film12Hawk


    Ryan Grubb, Aden Durde, and Jay Harbaugh have been announced!

  54. Palatypus

    Here is an NFL mock draft from the Pro Football Focus guys at the Senior Bowl. I want to call your attention to the 7:55 mark where Sam Monson says,

    “I feel like this setup was designed to make me look like a hobbit.”

    Indeed, after meeting him standing next to my MINI Cooper, it looked like a MINI Van. I can confirm he is Ian Rappaport sized and now I want to see them fight. The winner gets the right to fight John Schneider to be Sherrif of the Shire.

    BTW, I noticed that Coventry is in what was once known as Warwickshire. This immediately made me think of Warwick Davis from Williow.

    • Palatypus

      Oh, here’s the link.

    • Big Mike

      I’m 6’6″ so I find this quite amusing much like the song “Short People” by Randy Newman 😄

      • Palatypus

        I find it interesting that after SaMonson when I talked to him told me he guessed T’Vondre Sweat’s weight to be “280” and one of his cohorts said “Pushing 380” at the 48: 50 mark.

        • Palatypus

          Sam Monson. Blah!!!

          • Palatypus

            And 378. I’m fighting with my $100 mouse after a few drinks right now.

        • Rob Staton

          Sweat is a fantastic talent with rare athleticism — but the weight scares me

          As does the fact it took until his final year to shine

  55. Peter

    Mike Salk today reading Rob’s words ( notvreally but sort of) but not getting the point.

    Talking about how the team us built from the outside and we should trade DK. Okay I’ll bite.

    Could easily get what AJ brown got maybe even a maybe a high first like #12 ( denver?).

    But my favorite part cause I don’t hate the thought process….then we can easily get a good reciever because there’s tons in the draft.

    OK. So a team is going to give us a first and a third in a loaded draft where they could spend their own first, second, or third for a great reciever. I don’t know seems like a basic economics failure in Salks part.

    • Palatypus

      Well, there really isn’t anyone like him. But, yeah, you’re right.

      • Peter

        If they do it fine. I think it’d be more likely next year in season.

    • Rob Staton

      There are a ton of things to discuss right now with the Seahawks

      Potentially trading DK Metcalf should be about 79th on the list

      • Palatypus

        “You guys are underutilizing Jaxon Smith-Njigba” – Everyone in Alabama.

    • RomeoA57

      There is little top-end talent on this roster, and I don’t understand wanting to trade one of the Seahawks best players. Even when DK is not targeted on a play, the defense has to account for him being on the field.

      I agree that the proposed trade economics are out of whack. I did listen to Salk trying to sell this trade. He was correct in saying that their roster is incorrectly balanced and more resources need to go to the trenches. To me it makes a lot more sense to do something about Lockett”s salary. DK should still be in his prime in a few years while I expect Tyler to be a declining player over the next few years.

  56. Anthony

    Looks like we get more JS this offseason. Last year he really wanted to separate himself from Pete and now he’s becoming more of the figurehead this team needs.

    • Film12Hawk

      This was a thing last year. It’s great to see it’s continuing. It’s must listen. He tells so many great stories.

  57. Sea Mode

    Looks like a pretty soft away schedule except for the Lions.

    • Peter

      I’m sad to see the niners and the rams on the schedule so many times.

      • PJ in Seattle

        They’re saying that once again in SF and LA about the Mike McDonald Seahawks, I think.

  58. geoff u

    Seahawks interviewing Fred Walker for QB coach.

    “Walker as with the Raiders the past two seasons as an offensive assistant. He spent 11 seasons coaching at the college level before entering the NFL coaching ranks.”

    Coached Daniel Jones and Dak Prescott in college.

    • Palatypus

      Wasn’t he a Peyton Manning’s guy?

  59. PJ in Seattle

    Apropos of nothing , seeing Chip Kelly run like a wet rat off the ship of UCLA is disgusting. So glad it was not to the VMAC. SO GLAD. I can only hope Ohio State sucks balls next year because that guy deserves to not even sniff a national championship.

    • Big Mike

      Not a Chip fan and also glad he isn’t coming to Seattle, but….some of this is on the state of college football i.e. NIL, recruiting your own players, etc. Frankly, I don’t blame him.
      Not saying kids don’t deserve to be paid but there’s no guardrails right now. As Rob has mentioned, there’s talks underway to rectify some of the issues and it’s badly needed.

      • RomeoA57

        I was in LA this morning. The station I was listening to was extremely underwhelmed by the UCLA hire for HC. Foster was the RB Coach for them last year. Apparently the RB coach is way down the coaching pecking order below Assistant Coaches, DC, OC, ST, line coaches, QB coaches etc.

        Maybe Foster will do ok, but UCLA does not seem committed to beefing up NIL so that they could actually compete for a championship.

  60. Tacmoe

    There’s been lots great discussions on this blog about different players that could be let go to get under the salary cap and shed wasteful contracts. One player mentioned was Dremont Jones who definitely had an underwhelming season last year. With the Hawks DL being so devoid of talent is it wise to let him go? HC MacDonald seemed to take Odibueke to an elite level. Any reason why MacDonald couldn’t help Jones reach a higher level? Or is Jones unsalvageable? If Jones is cut, is there a lot of cap savings to lose out on a potential resurgence? It seems to me that we should keep him another year and get cap savings from other players like the Miami Vice rejects combo of Peacock & Diggs.

  61. Palatypus

    Rob, check your mail tomorrow.

    Your item has arrived at the delivering post office in UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND at 12:22 am on February 14, 20

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