Thoughts on the Seahawks eyeing Antonio Brown

I was in the process of writing an article about Antonio Brown when the tweet above was posted. So here we go…

Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, Le’Veon Bell and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

The Kansas City Chiefs have taken every opportunity to surround Patrick Mahomes with weapons. High picks, massive salaries and bold moves.

As far as Any Reid and the Chiefs are concerned, their star cannot have enough weapons.

The Seahawks themselves have a decent arsenal for Russell Wilson but to their credit — they seem to share Kansas City’s mindset.

You can never do too much.

D.K. Metcalf has joined Tyler Lockett to create a really dynamic double-act at receiver. They’ve spent money and picks at the tight end position and are well stacked with Greg Olsen, Will Dissly, Jacob Hollister, Luke Willson, Colby Parkinson and Stephen Sullivan.

They used a first round pick on Rashaad Penny to join the ultra-dynamic and physical Chris Carson in the backfield. They spent money on Carlos Hyde and used picks on Travis Homer and Deejay Dallas.

They paid to retain David Moore, added Phillip Dorsett and Freddie Swain is showing early promise as a rookie.

Clearly, however, they feel they need more. They’ve been waiting on news on Josh Gordon for a long time. Strangely the NFL has allowed both David Irving and Randy Gregory to return but they are yet to clear Gordon. A decision is long overdue.

We’re nearly seven weeks into the season. How much longer can the Seahawks wait?

We all know the defense is a big problem in Seattle. However, there are not many obvious solutions. We can all sit here and discuss possible trades for anyone from Ryan Kerrigan to J.J. Watt to Whitney Mercilus or whoever else. If teams aren’t willing to do business, or are asking for too much in return, what can you do?

This doesn’t completely excuse the Seahawks of course. They should’ve done a better job fixing their defensive line in the off-season when they had money and picks to spend. They failed to sufficiently address their self-confessed priority and it’s their cross to bear.

Pumping your offense with even more weapons won’t necessarily solve your problems. However, if this a season where you need to be the aggressor and apply scoreboard pressure to win games — you can make a strong case for taking advantage of any opportunity to further bolster Russell Wilson’s playmaking options.

Antonio Brown has many issues and if you don’t want to see him anywhere near the Seahawks, I sympathise with that point of view. Certainly I wouldn’t want the team to be blasé about signing him. If this truly is on the cards, I’d like to assume significant work has gone into this prospective signing.

Private checks on his prior legal issues, information to counter serious accusations, a fact-finding mission to see if he is remorseful and/or a changed man.

Pete Carroll has never been afraid of a reclamation project. This would arguably be his most high-profile one to date. Maybe even his most controversial.

If the Seahawks have put in the hours — and as I noted earlier, I’m going to assume they have — they have to be really sure about this one.

Even then I think they need to handle this in a particular way.

Russell Wilson has seemingly gone to bat for Brown. They worked out together and Wilson was happy for that to be public knowledge. Various reports have said Seattle’s quarterback has pushed for the receiver to be signed.

They appear to be quite close:

If Wilson wants Brown — then here is what I think the Seahawks should do. They should put the responsibility of keeping him in check on Wilson. You want him? You want to campaign for him to be here? It’s up to you to make this work.

Any nonsense and he’s out the door immediately — and you’ll need to be the one to tell him so.

I would make that abundantly clear to both players. Does Brown want to let down the man who appears determined to salvage his career? Does Wilson truly believe this is going to work?

One thing is for sure — if Wilson’s agent is not so subtly going to tell Mike Florio that some form of ultimatum was made about the offensive approach this year, he can have very little comeback if the Seahawks make this move and it flops.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the Seahawks calling the bluff. You want superstars? You want this guy? You want us to listen to you, meet your needs and bring in the guys you want? Fine — but you need to make it work.

Strictly from a football perspective, you can make a compelling case for the signing. Brown, now aged 32, might not be the same player who was once considered the best receiver in football. However, as a third wheel to Metcalf and Lockett — the Seahawks would have an assortment of weapons few can match.

How does a team game plan to stop that trio? On top of the tight ends, the running game and the possibility of Chris Carson catching passes out of the backfield?

The Seahawks are already ranked #1 in the NFL on offense per DVOA. Yet it still feels like they have room to be even better.

Think of it this way. We talked a lot about receivers prior to the 2020 draft — Jalen Reagor, Brandon Aiyuk, Chase Claypool and others. There was room for another top target on this offense. That still remains the case — whether it’s Josh Gordon or Antonio Brown.

If the Seahawks have exhausted all options on defense and simply don’t see a viable trade to make to improve their flailing pass rush — the only thing they can do is keep adding in other ways.

Like Gordon, I can’t imagine Brown is going to be an expensive project. He needs a shot on the right team with the right quarterback. As with Snacks Harrison — he probably needs this culture and this coach and this franchise as much as the team needs the player. So the cost might not even rule out a defensive trade down the line.

I also wonder if the Seahawks were happy for this report to appear today. Gauging reaction is important for a move that has consequences and the best way to gauge a reaction is to have Adam Schefter break a story.

For more on this, Robbie and I recorded a podcast:

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  1. MyChestisBeastMode

    Good timing Rob!

    That would be wild to have DK, Locker, AB, and Gordon all on the field at the same time.

  2. Nick

    Rob, really appreciate your analysis here. Obviously, AB makes Seattle a better team the minute he walks through those doors. But I’d have to say I’d be disappointed personally if they did sign him. Of course, everyone deserves a second chance in life. I’m just speaking from my own perspective on this. I hope the conversation on here remains civil (as it usually does) and we can respect each other’s differences.

    • Hawkdawg

      My disappointment would stem primarily from my concern that the dude is a team chemistry disaster waiting to happen, no matter his skills–if his past is prologue. Running routes for Russell in the offseason does not present the same challenges as actually playing in real games on an NFL team.

  3. Sea Mode

    They appear to be stashing as many low-cost vets on the PS as possible just to have more depth/options down the line. Injuries will happen. Wondering how soon Marshawn gets added to the PS…

    • CaptainJack

      They seem really cautious in terms of bringing Hyde back, which makes me think they’re not very confident in having to rely on Dallas and Homer later on. I think Hyde has so far, been a bit of a disappointment.

  4. CaptainJack

    Eh why not. Also start to phase Colby into the tight end rotation. They seem overly cautious to work Dissly into the games and Olsen seems old and stiff, at least so far. Give Russ a chance, sign Brown (who’s an upgrade over Moore even at this point) and play Colby.

  5. Sean-O

    “If the Seahawks have exhausted all options on defense and simply don’t see a viable trade to make to improve their flailing pass rush — the only thing they can do is keep adding in other ways.”

    Bingo. I hope the Hawks are exploring help on D but may the prices are just too high? A lack of draft capital doesn’t help either. Not too often a chance like this comes around for a player of this caliber. Whether it’s because of the lack of an off season or due to the fact there aren’t fans in the stands (or many), offenses seem to have advantages over defenses this season. A win is a win.

  6. cha

    If Wilson wants Brown — then here is what I think the Seahawks should do. They should put the responsibility of keeping him in check on Wilson. You want him? You want to campaign for him to be here? It’s up to you to make this work.

    Exactly this.

    • Rusty

      Strong kid-with-puppy vibes lol

    • TomLPDX

      This is the same approach in Tampa Bay…Brady wants AB, he is then responsible for him, keep him in check and part of the team, right down to firing him if need be.

      • Ralphy

        RW has definitely earned the right to get what he wants. If he wants AB then I am all for it. How can any of us not be. Do you not think RW deserves his way on this? And I completely agree that he should also be in charge of keeping him in check.

        • Simo

          I agree that the team should make this move, and take on the risk that comes with AB, if Russ truly believes it will work! Scoring big points is the way the Hawks have to win games this year, and AB brings a very good skillset.

          I just don’t know if you can expect, or ask, Russ to be the one to keep him in line. At least not solely! He can serve as a mentor and hopefully help him walk the straight and narrow, but firing, and disciplinary matters need to be the responsibility of the coaching staff and GM IMO.

  7. Hughz

    Not interested at all. I don’t want him influencing any of our young WRs. Trouble follows this guy. I’m all for second chances, but it’s not worth it for the Seahawks imo.

    • dcd2

      I’m with you on this one, and realize that we’ll probably be in the minority. It’s not a second, third or even 6th chance with Brown. It’s more like his 10th.

      I will say, that there are three things make me feel more at ease than I would have been at the start of the season.

      1. Contract is no longer guaranteed – ie. we can cut bait and walk away at any time
      2. He hasn’t been stirring up drama of late on social media, etc.
      3. His suspension is apparently almost over (didn’t realize that the clock was ticking while he sat unemployed)

      • Hawkdawg

        I’d agree with Brown, although it’s also the 10th chance with Gordon, and I feel considerably better on that one. Flash does not seem to have a “bad teammate” problem. He has a substance abuse problem. It’s easier for me at least to give that kind of thing more of a break.

      • TomLPDX

        I actually have a lot of faith in Tyler, DK and DMo (and the rest of the WR crew) along with the influence of Russ to do what they think is right and not follow AB down a hole. He gets out of line then a lot of people are going to call him on it.

        • dcd2

          It’s not necessarily turning DK into a turd that I’m worried about. He’s been a constant distraction and media magnet (for the wrong reasons). There is a lot to be said about chemistry in a locker room.

          I’m more worried about a scenario where it’s week 15 and AB gets 3 targets for one catch, we lose and he goes to the media, twitter, instagram etc. and throws his teammates or coaches under the bus with a ‘if they would have thrown it to me’ type of statement.

          Or he becomes a vital piece of the offense and then gets suspended for some off-field BS right before a playoff game.

          I’m not saying it can’t work, but these are the things that – if they came to pass – are of the ‘what did you expect when you sign a guy with this much baggage’ variety.

          I quite like Rob’s solution, as it gives everyone another layer of accountability and I think that’s what thiss situation demands.

          • TomLPDX

            I’m not worried about that either. I hear what your saying and agree with you.

            My point is that the WRs we have know what our offense is about and none of them are divas…at all! If AB comes in here doing that diva kind of stuff the guys will call him on it. It is about winning as a team, not an individual. Everyone supports everyone and that is probably one of the things I love the most about this team. Even when Russ goes on ad nauseum about being the best he can be and the greatest he can be, he puts it in the context that in order to win and succeed, you have to believe you can win and succeed. I’ve really come to believe in him and believe he is coming from the right place in his heart. We are lucky he is on our team and the leader here.

  8. James Cr.

    AB doesn’t strike me as a guy who will happily accept being the #3 receiver.

    • Jordan E

      AB as the number 3 with Wilson will still eat… This offense can only be better with AB. What we are missing is the quick game shifty receiver with RAC ability. He can also return punts.

  9. Hawks_Gui

    Stephen sullivan is training as a DE hahaahah
    That’s why we haven`t sign any edge rusher

    • cha

      This totally exemplifies the Seahawks’ stance towards pass rush in 2020.

    • Rob Staton


      Oh FFS.

      • CaptainJack

        If they didn’t see him ever cutting it as a tight end… why not give him a go somewhere else? It’s not like he was ever some great tight end on tape in college. All the interest about him was over his freakishly long arms and athleticism. He barely produced at LSU and the guy starting in front of him went undrafted.

        • Rob Staton

          Fine, try him.

          I’m sure after all this time he just needed to go from receiver to defensive end.

          • cha

            Jameson Konz

            • Big Mike


          • CaptainJack

            Not sure why anyone would have high expectations for him as a tight end is all.

            He was always a flier/project and hadn’t even filled out his frame yet. Drafting him you were essentially hoping to get a late bloomer anyways.

      • Rushless pass

        It’s a reverse Will Dissley! Maybe it will work out. Can’t hurt.

    • Gaux Hawks

      …oh my

    • Hawks_Gui
      He was a “killer in high school”

  10. Jeffers89

    This was an excellent take on this situation Rob, thanks for that. Actually got me the closest to being okay with the Hawks signing him I have been. The idea that you would only be okay with the signing if they have very carefully vetted him and his past, and made sure he has a strong desire to change is, is interesting. Unfortunately I’m confident that any team that signs him is going to say they did all that fact checking and that they are confident he won’t be a problem regardless of how true that is. It’s just such a huge risk/reward scenario. Although I guess, really, from a purely football/locker room scenario he can’t really be worse than Percy Harvin, and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl while all of that was going on.

  11. TomLPDX

    I have no worries about bringing him in because I believe that our WRs are a close-knit group than can and will handle him appropriately and hold him accountable. My personal view of AB is not publishable but if this is the direction the Seahawks go, I know he will be held accountable for his actions by the team.

  12. Happy Hawk

    Adding Brown to the weapons Seattle has on offense will be a defensive coordinators worst nightmare. It would be like KC adding L Bell to the roster of impact players. Wow that Pittsburgh team with Bell and Brown must have been quite a locker room. I say sign him it is low risk and high ceiling IMO. Thanks again for the great content Rob!

    • Uncle Bob

      Awareness of that should give people a better understanding of just how skilled Mike Tomlin is as an HC.

      • Michigan 12th

        I really strongly dislike the Steelers and never say anything nice about them. However, you are on point with that comment and I can not argue. Still don’t like him because the Steelers but yeah he is a very good coach.

  13. Jace

    You have to wonder how he’s going to react if he’s the #3 option in the passing game. The dude threw a fit and caused a scene by publicly ripping his teammate when Juju was getting a lot of targets for the Steelers.

    • Rob Staton

      Well that’s why it’s on Russ to control it.

      But let’s also be fair — he was the main man in Pittsburgh and expected to get those targets. He’ll be well aware that he’s not the main man in Seattle.

      • Jace

        I agree Rob! I just don’t think putting out negative tweets about your teammates was the best way to handle that situation.

        • Rob Staton

          Absolutely, that was dumb. I can only hope he’s learnt a lesson in that regard. He will only get one strike with his next team.

          • Uncle Bob

            Bit of an assumption that he’s learnt his lesson, though as rational folks we would think so…………but his brain appears to function differently. You would think OBJ might have gained some maturity, but here he is again being the narcissistic tool he’s long been.

            • TomLPDX

              While claiming to have matured! HaHa…good luck OBJ.

            • Jordan E

              Its confirmed that he is receiving psychological therapy. And also, Russell is a much leader then Big Ben. Big Ben publicly blamed and claimed he was the reason of AB’s success. Russell would never do that.

  14. Gaux Hawks

    rob, thoughts on where he’d play (outside, slot, etc)? what would a 3 WR set look like?

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably he’d play everywhere. You wouldn’t limit him to the slot. He was always so dynamic downfield.

    • cha

      I’d love to see if he can give the team a jolt on punt returns.

      • Gaux Hawks

        ooooohh… nice thought!

      • charlietheunicorn

        Kick returns.

        Put hgim in the backfield in a traditional RB or FB position, then unleash him on the edges via rushes (sweeps) or out of backfield as a mismatch WR on LB/SS situation. Get him the ball 8-10 yards down field and let him YAC.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Could go 4 WR sets with him….. he can play inside or outside.. as could DK and Lockett.

          I guess this is saying, let Russ cook to the extreme to the league.

  15. Max

    McDowell getting a Miami tryout.what an awesome pick that was

    • Darnell

      I certainly hope this is the foot in the door start to turning his life around. He is still a young man. Fingers crossed.

  16. Jace

    I know it’s tough because we haven’t seen either play a lot these past few years. But from a pure football perspective do you think AB or Gordon would make a bigger impact for the offense?

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Great article Rob I am in favor of Hawks signing AB I mean hasn’t Pete mentioned playmakers in the past . One year deal see what happens perhaps the plan is to outscore opponents and have just enough stops. Also the Seahawks signed Kendricks I am guessing that the tape on Barton wasn’t to impressive and Brooks maybe out for awhile and will M Kendricks ever see trial?

  17. ABCinco

    Apparently the Seahawks are getting very desperate for DL help. Per Bob Condotta they are now listing Stephen Sullivan as a TE/DL

    • ABCinco

      Whoops didn’t see the comments above about it

  18. Rob Staton

    Robbie and I have recorded a podcast.

    I’ve added it to the bottom of the article and it’s also available via my YouTube channel.

    • cha

      Nice cast until the end. Rob, if you can’t even tell time how can we trust your game pick? Boooo

      On the other hand, you didn’t drag out that Bill Parcells quote about cooking and groceries when talking about Russ and Antonio so we’ll call it even.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Two ways to win football games…. outscore your opponents… or….. nvm

    Shoot it out with them (2020 Offense) or hold them down (example 2013 defense)

  20. charlietheunicorn

    AB talk is killing me on local radio in Seattle. Every channel almost 100% talking about should they or shouldn’t they since 10AM or so…..

    But almost completely ignoring other moves….

    “Seahawks Promote Damarious Randall From Practice Squad; Sign Mychal Kendricks To Practice Squad”
    I also heard from Clayton (cross talk at 1600) they are bringing in Rey Rey Armstrong as well on the PS.

    They are certainty bringing in some quality depth… as for AB…… quality tilt the field player… the off the field stuff really gives me pause.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Hill also went on the IR. Not sure if short term or season ending.

  21. Rob Staton

    Some people challenged me on why I focused on the impact of blitzing in terms of manufacturing results. This is why:

    ‘Winning’ a numbers game at the LOS, and unblocked extra guys getting into the backfield to generate ‘wins’ is a red herring statistic if you don’t get home.

    The key stat to focus on is sack percentage which is only 3.6% and the fifth worst in the NFL despite how often they’ve blitzed this year.

  22. pdway

    Haven’t found the pass rush help we desperately need – but in Harrison, Kendricks, Randall – at least we are adding some veteran reinforcements who should be pretty plug and play ready.

    Just need one more move . ..

    • Rob Staton

      They just need that speed rush off the edge. Somehow, someway.

  23. BobbyK

    I want a Diggs. Someone who can be gotten for mid-level cost and provide help mid-season.

    I really hope/think it can be Kyler Fackrell from a terrible 1-5 Giants team. He’s only signed through the end of the year so it’s not like he’s a cornerstone in New Jersey who they “can’t” let go. Heck, if they like him (he’s been good), they could even resign him at the end of the year for their 2021 season and get a free pick or something for their troubles. Win-win.

    But, man, someone on the edge… I don’t care who because we know it’s not Green, Collier, Mayowa, etc.

  24. Ukhawk

    Will Brown be Percy Harvin II? Good in theory but I fear bad in practice.

    Do wonder what a healthy John Ross or Julio Jones would do as an alternative?

    • Robbie

      They also cost draft capital that we don’t have. We aren’t getting Julio for a 4th

      • Chris Alexander

        Or even a 2nd.

        • Jordan E

          Nor do we have the cap space to add a 20 million cap hit Julio Jones.

          • Ukhawk


  25. charlietheunicorn

    Interesting take today on how to play the Cardinals on the radio earlier today
    (take was form a national guy, not a local yokal)

    Disciplined pass rush and play zone behind. Keep eyes on Murray…. make him dink and dunk.
    Keep him hemmed up in the pocket and do not over rush the outside, to minimize rushing lanes/opportunities for Murray, since he is elite at making you pay with his legs.

    Well, this sounds exactly like something Seattle could pull off.
    Almost, dare I say, a perfect defensive scheme fit for Seahawks vs the Cardinals offense….


    • cha

      You still need a capable and skilled DL to pull that off. Or any game plan for that matter.

      They played safe vs Miami and Rip Van Fitzpatrick still burned them for 47 yards on 6 runs and got 3 first downs.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Comes down to controlling the rushing attack (Drake) and keep Murrey boxed in… not necessarily hurries or sacks, just keep him bottled up as best you can. I believe the Seattle DL can do that…. hold em down long enough to give the offense some time to hang some points on the chumps in the 1st half. 😉

  26. Chris Alexander

    My random thoughts . . .

    1. This is clearly RW3’s team this year. If he wants AB, get AB.

    2. You either trust your team’s chemistry, your team’s culture, and your team’s individual players . . . or you don’t. If you do, please see #1, above.

    3. Low risk, extremely high reward. Potentially. Yeah, maybe AB has lost a step – doesn’t look like it in the videos, but maybe. Maybe he’s only 70% of what he was 2 years ago – which would still be pretty solid. But maybe, just maybe he’s 100% – or close to it – and feels like he’s got something to prove. If so, look out!

    4. If dude did the things he’s alleged to have done in his personal life, the league and/or the courts will hold him accountable – that’s their job, not ours.

    5. If dude is a distraction in the locker room – or on the field – PC, JS, RW3, Schotty, and/or whoever else will address it. Of that, I have no doubt. Personally, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and think AB probably knows he’d be on a short leash even if no one ever said as much.i also think he’s probably “l learned his lesson” – so to speak.

    6. Seattle currently leads the league in scoring at 33.8 points a game, yet 4 of their 5 games have been decided by 1 score. As Rob pointed outout, if the team isn’t able to add defensive players at the prices they want to / are able to pay then trying to bump their points per game up to 50 ain’t necessarily a bad idea.

    7. Given that onlly the top 51 contracts count against the cap, signing AB may not affect Seattle much in that regard. Also, since AB will only qualify for 9/17ths of what ever his eventual salary is listed at (i.e. a $1M contract would actually only cost Seattle about $530k), and given that he likely has a limited number of suitors that he would likely consider signing with, I doubt he affects Seattle’s cap situation in any meaningful way – maybe $700k, at most.

    8. Possible suitors outside Seattle may include Kansas City and Baltimore in the AFC, plus both Bays and Philadelphia in the NFC. I don’t know why AB would want to play for Philly even though they’re only 1/2 a game out of 1st place – even if they win their division, they’ll lose their wildcard game to the NFC’s 5-seed..And of the other teams I’ve listed, I don’t want him to sign with ANY of them.

    9. Game recognizes game. I’m actually not a big fan of that ohrase but it seems appropriate here. Russ spent time with AB this offseason. He worked out with him. He spent time taking about then playing together. And he made a very publuc appeal for the team to sign him. I think Russ recognizes what AB brings the team.

    10. See #1, above.

  27. Denver Hawker

    Waxing here- such a strange time for the NFL
    1. Declining salary cap
    2. Defensive decline league wide
    3. Star players suddenly can demand trades
    4. Guys that can play lingering on practice squads

    I can’t rule anything out this year whether it be the trade deadline or the Hawks ability to make the SB on RW’s back.

    What we can say though is the lack of draft capital in a declining cap year is going to be painful.

    • CaptainJack

      This Covid thing is temporary IE the declining salary cap is temporary.

  28. charlietheunicorn

    If you need a little juice before your work-out in the gym… watch this and get pumped up.

  29. L80

    I could care less about Brown, but since I live near Houston the news is that JJ Watt has asked to be traded !!!!

  30. Logan Lynch

    DJ Reed is an intriguing one for me. Diggs has been fine, but is he worthy of an extension after the season? I’m not so sure. Reed plays S, CB, and Nickel along with being a good PR/KR. If Amadi keeps playing well, maybe you roll with Blair/Reed at FS next year and the loser gets time with Amadi at Nickel. Or Randall could show something too. I’m thinking Reed would potentially take Randall’s spot if he gets activated unless they trust Reed playing outside too and he takes Linden Stephens’ roster spot.

    Sullivan has been working at DE since the week they signed Harrison. He was already in #48 with the DL in some pics/clips. I just thought he was working scout team or something. He’s only on the PS, so why not see if he can contribute in some way?

    I think there’s only room for one guy between Gordon and AB. Personally, I’d rather have Gordon, but who the hell knows what’s going on with him. If you don’t find out when AB is available to come back I could see them bringing him in. It seems at this point, Goodell might just be making Gordon wait a full year for his suspension. One would think if he failed a test again in the meantime that would’ve been leaked.

  31. Big Mike

    Terribly disappointed that Adams appears still to not be ready. Two firsts and a 3rd for a half time player if that’s the case. I know, not his fault, etc. Still “the greatest ability is availability”.

    • Logan Lynch

      Can’t remember if it was here where I saw it, but someone said maybe the Jamal injury saga will be similar to the Percy 2013 one…if it ends with a SB win, I wouldn’t hate it.

      Can’t wait for the “hot takes” about SEA holding him out on purpose to try and lower his extension value. It would be very on-brand for a portion of this fan base.

    • CaptainJack

      It is disappointing. It’s also disappointing that the defense is an entire mess even when Adams is healthy.

    • Gohawks5151

      Injuries are a big part of the story of Seattle football the past 6 or so years. Whether its the strength and conditioning program, the turf, the weather or plain bad luck. Jamal had rarely missed a game before this. Clean medicals on Penny, Collier, Green, and Mcdowell. Procise, Brooks and Carson all had been hurt in college but not for the injuries that have cost them time in Seattle. Each member of the LOB was carted/escorted of the field in their final snap in Seattle. In the grand scope of things, its just 3 games and you would rather he rest up til he’s healthy. Groins are easy to pull again.

  32. Alex H

    Not a big fan of the potential team chemistry issues this would bring and the potential bad influence this would have on DK (not as worried about Lockett as he’s a veteran now), but like you said, it might work if RW truly holds him accountable.

  33. Sea Mode

    WHOA! Bombshell

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Vikings are trading DE Yannick Ngakoue to the #Ravens for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional fifth-round pick in 2022, per source.

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      Baltimore has attempted to acquire Yannick Ngakoue multiple times in recent months; Ngakoue hoped to land in Baltimore all along. He grew up in Bowie, Md., starred at Maryland, then was drafted by Jacksonville. Baltimore is his third team in three months, but what he wanted.

      Vikings initially sent 2021 second-round pick and 2022 conditional fifth-round pick to Jags. Now get most back.

    • Sea Mode


      Adam Schefter

      Baltimore now will pair together DEs Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell, who as @EpKap pointed out, both started the 2017 AFC Championship Game for the Jaguars.

      Does this mean the Vikings are going to be sellers for a mini-rebuild?

      • Sea Mode

        (Oops, that last question is mine, not part of the Tweet)

      • Rob Staton


        I was very wrong about Ngakoue being traded again.

        Thoughts on the blog shortly.

      • Gohawks5151

        That’s an interesting thought on Minnesota. They are over the cap slightly and still have to sign Anthony Harris. Not sure who else they could trade off that would benefit us.

        • Logan Lynch

          Ifeadi Odenigbo for a late conditional.

          • Gohawks5151

            Agree, but he is on a super cheap deal so that doesn’t help the $ wise

    • cha

      It’s official. JS is asleep at the wheel.

      • Sea Mode

        Schefter even said it: he wants to be in Baltimore. Not much could be done IMO.

        • cha

          Yeah I’m just frustrated.

          • Sea Mode

            Understandable. I’ve honestly become less invested in the actual games this year just because I know at some point it’s gonna fall apart with this defense.

            But on the positive side, I think this is a first sign that there will be teams looking to off-load heavily before this trade deadline. I think the trend continues from previous years, propelled even more by the coming salary cap drop, and we will see a couple more big trades.

            • cha

              That’s about where I’m at too. Maybe this even spurs things along.

              • CaptainJack

                Similarly, I am dreading that game where it all falls apart. I know the way we’re winning isn’t sustainable but it’s still going to hurt if those close wins start turning into close losses.

        • Gohawks5151

          I focused on that too. Things are changing. It is not like the old days where a player has no idea they have been traded. For the most part their reps are able to posture themselves a bit. Ngakoue did them a favor taking less. They did him one out the door.

        • SeaTown

          JS has been brutal for sometime now. But I’m not overly concerned about missing out on Yannick Ngakoue. Not a difference maker in my opinion. Not worth the money or draft capital. Screw the Defense at this point. Sign Antonio and let’s hope Russ can outscore everyone.

          • CaptainJack

            Was the Brooks pick his call or all Pete.? And then the Taylor pick? Pete or John?

          • DougM

            Agree with the first part.

          • icb12

            5 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 7 QB hits, and 5 TFL in 6 games would be a nice addition at the moment.

            I’d give up a 3rd round draft pick for that.

            • Sea Mode

              If we… had a R3 draft pick…

        • CaptainJack

          I’m also frustrated by the lack of action.

          But there are 29 other GMs who didn’t make this trade. Are they all sleeping at the wheel as well? Business can be done swiftly and in the night in the NFL.

          • cha

            I can tell you there sure as heck aren’t 29 GMs who have the imperative that JS has.

    • CaptainJack

      Well, we didn’t have a third round pick to trade. But my guess is we were never even trying to get in on this. Shame.

      • Hoggs41

        We could have traded our second rounder? Maybe that pick is off limits? Or the Vikings wanted to keep him in the AFC. Either way he could have been a perfect addition to our team.

    • Henry Taylor

      This is pretty annoying to keep seeing the frickin Ravens improve their dline whilst we bring guys off the couch and try out Sullivan at DE.

      But the Seahawks had all offseason to trade for Yannick and weren’t going to trade their only remaining pick in the first 3 rounds for another player they cant negotiate with until the end of the year.

  34. Sea Mode

    Here’s the condition, not at all impossible:

    Albert Breer

    The Ravens are sending a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional fifth-rounder in 2022 to Minnesota for Ngakoue. The condition: If Ngaukoe is a first-ballot Pro Bowler, the 2022 pick becomes a fourth-rounder.

    (The Vikings, in essence, flipped a 2 for a 3 to take a shot on YN.)

    • Jordan E

      WOW!!! That is such a shame. Wow… Huge disappointment right there.

      • Catharsis50

        So the trade was possible, just not to the Seahawks. Unfortunate.

        • JC3

          Ken Norton said Stephan Sullivan has the length and speed and look of great pass rushers. hahaha

    • Robert

      Where were the Seahawks on that one?

  35. Trevor

    So our biggest stated need by PC / JS as well as anyone who follows the team was the DL heading into the off season.

    So we did the following

    -Over pay an aging Bruce Irvin who is now hurt
    -Sign Benson as our primary pass rusher
    -Draft a LB in Rd #1
    -Trade up into rd #2 for a talented but injured DW in Taylor who will likely not play a snap
    -Then Trade (2) 1st round picks and a 3rd for a Safety.

    Wow is all I can say. Flat out brutal and not even some general fan could have had a worse off season IMO.

    In the mean time the Ravens have given up a 3rd, 5th and conditional pick for two pro-bowlers in Cailais Campbell and YN.

    If the Hawks had done nothing but trade a 2nd and 4th for Campbell and YN then this defense would have looked a whole lot better.

  36. Sea Mode

    Who knows if he’s even got anything left in the tank, but man the Ravens sure are bringing in every name they can find…

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Ravens plan to sign veteran WR Dez Bryant to the practice squad if his workout goes well and he passes a physical, source said. Baltimore previously worked out Bryant in August, so this is more of a check-in. He should land in Baltimore, finally.

    • Robbie

      They are going all in! I think this makes the AB to Seattle thing even more realistic now. The Ravens were one of the teams interested in AB. If they are bringing in Dez my thought would be they know they are out on the AB deal.

      • Rob Staton

        I suspect Brown to Seattle is pretty much a done deal — and yesterday was all about gauging reaction.

  37. Trevor

    We don’t need to trade for guy like YN. Haven’t you heard we have Steve Sullivan playing DE now and he was just a killer in high school. Pathetic

  38. Rob Staton

    New article on the homepage now discussing the Ngakoue trade & more on Antonio Brown.

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