Three questions: Will the Seahawks make a trade?

Would the Seahawks consider a move for Chicago’s Willie Young?

Do the Seahawks need to trade for a left tackle before the deadline?

If they can’t handle the Saints defense, then maybe it’s time to seriously consider it. For now the answer should be ‘no’.

Financially they can’t really afford it without moving money around. It’d also eat up some of their estimated $18m cap room for 2017 — which could be used to reward (rightly so) the likes of Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

Russell Wilson has been sacked 11 times this season despite being totally immobile. Only four teams have conceded fewer sacks. His two major injuries (ankle, knee) were freak accidents as Wilson scrambled, not as a direct consequence of a big hit in the pocket.

The sack numbers are a major improvement so far considering they gave up an average of 43.6 sacks a season over the last three years. It’s a coincidence that in a year where Wilson is being hit fewer times — he’s getting hurt.

Pass-protection was admittedly poor against Arizona — but the Cardinals are the #4 defense in the league per DVOA and have three fearsome pass rushers in Chandler Jones, Markus Golden and Calais Campbell.

If you’re worried about Wilson’s health, consider the following. Every top quarterback in the league has had a serious injury or missed time.

— Tom Brady missed the entire 2008 season after suffering a serious knee injury in week one

— Peyton Manning missed the entire 2011 season with a neck injury

— Aaron Rodgers missed seven games after fracturing his collarbone in 2013 and played with a leg injury during the 2014 playoffs

— Joe Flacco missed six games in 2015 after tearing his ACL

— Philip Rivers played through a torn ACL in the AFC Championship game in 2008

— Tony Romo has missed most of the last two seasons

— Drew Brees tore his planta fascia in 2015

— Ben Roethlisberger has missed 13 games since 2010 and is currently out for Pittsburgh

— Andrew Luck missed nine games last season with various problems including a lacerated kidney

— Matthew Stafford missed 13 games in 2010 with a shoulder injury, requiring an AC joint repair and a clavicle shaving

— Carson Palmer has had two major knee injuries, missing 12 games in 2008 and ten games in 2014

— Jay Cutler is currently out with a hand injury and also missed eleven total games in 2011 and 2013 combined

— Teddy Bridgewater is currently out with a dislocated knee and ligament damage

— Sam Bradford could barely stay on the field during his time with the Rams and suffered a shoulder injury in college

— Matt Ryan missed two games in 2009 when a defensive end rolled onto his leg

It is a minor miracle that Wilson has not missed any time on the field in his five year career. It’s especially miraculous when you consider his playing style.

Now he is fighting through injuries. That’s just the way the NFL works.

You can limit the damage with good pass protection of course — but even the top offensive lines don’t guarantee anything. How has Dallas’ expensive and vaunted O-line helped Tony Romo the past two years? Joe Thomas, the subject of a lot of trade talk recently, plays for the Browns who last week featured their FIFTH quarterback of the season. The other four are injured.

So while Seattle’s O-line must do a better job based on their performance in Arizona — injuries at quarterback are simply part of the game.

Will they make a trade anyway?

This Tweet from Jason Cole will interest those hoping for a deal:

That said, this front office are always ‘players’ when it comes to trades. They’re self-confessed window shoppers.

Whether it was considering a trade for Randy Moss a few years ago, looking at the possibility of acquiring Jared Allen or making a move for Brandon Marshall in 2010. The Seahawks will always be assessing their options.

Sometimes the deal feels right and they pull the trigger. Big moves for Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham are examples of that.

But there are probably countless other times where an opportunity was out there and they ended up walking away.

Is there another position, other than left tackle, that they might consider?

If they do make a deal I wonder if it could be for a inside/out pass rusher and not an offensive lineman.

According to Pete Carroll today, Michael Bennett could be set for knee surgery. That would be a huge blow.

They’ve already cut Jordan Hill and Quinton Jefferson is now on I.R. so they’re weakened on the D-line.

Malliciah Goodman was signed to replace Jefferson — but they might make a deal for a more impactful player. That could be especially important if they want to carefully manage Bennett, not just replace Hill/Jefferson.

Who might be available?

The Bears might be willing to move Wille Young as they begin a long rebuild. He already has six sacks this season. Chicago is 1-6 and Young is 31.

There’s been some media talk about the Jets potentially moving Sheldon Richardson. The move might be too pricey unless they just want rid.

Connor Barwin is 30 and doesn’t really fit Philly’s defense. He has two sacks this season. He would be a nice fit at the LEO for Seattle, adding to their rotation.

There are likely some lesser names too that could come in and contribute. The Bennett situation — and the seriousness of his knee problem — could force the Seahawks to be active.


  1. Ed

    If Thomas is available for a 2nd, I would say do it. Still playing at a high level, has two more years locked at a good rate.

    Would love Richardson, but that might be too much. What does Young/Barwin have left on their deals? 5th or 6th would work?

    If they make a trade, need to rework Bennett/Avril for some more upfront guarantee next year.

  2. vrtkolman

    It depends on the knee surgery (a few weeks vs. out for the season), but obviously that has to change your priorities. Willie Young becomes a much bigger necessity than LT IMO, our defense is what is going to win in the playoffs. The injury bug has hit this team HARD this year, it’s a great thing that they are 4-1-1 right now because it’s going to be a bumpy ride while the team tries to get healthy for a run.

    Lockett was injured again in practice, he should have been sitting for weeks now healing that knee. If they have to put him on IR, do it. He is not a factor with a bum knee.

    • Volume12

      Said he got hit in the thigh this week, but is past his knee injury. Sounds like maybe a thigh bruise? Get that gigantic knee brace off and his explosion, COD, and quickness should return.

  3. JC

    Realism should be a component in trade talk, when your QB has 3 different significant ailments, of which at least 1 needs no activity to recover, then should an “all in” move be made? Seahawks are still chasing the elite draft groups they had in the early Schneider years, so cutting bait with more ammo to replenish the young stars doesn’t seem wise. If our running game was more solid, if our QB was healthy, then that one solid tackle could better be justified. With arguably our best offensive and defensive players injured, I don’t think now is the time to put all the chips in via trade.

  4. Volume12

    Damn. That sucks about Bennett. Big time. Hoping he’s not out for an extended period of time.

    Let’s see Frank Clark playing more than 40% of snaps. It’s his opportunity to ‘let it rip.’

    Who isn’t injured in the NFL right now? The injuries will get worse and worse across the league as the NFL keeps limiting the amount of contact you can have in practice. There’s no way to get yourself in shape other than to get hit. When you don’t go 100% is when you get hurt. And how are these guys supposed to give it their all when you lose draft picks for being to rough? Can’t touch the QB. Can’t hardly play pass defense anymore.

    • cha

      Good point Vol. Shortening/limiting practices was one of the worst “practical” changes in the last CBA I thought. And it appears to be having the opposite of its intended effect. It’s like a M*A*S*H unit out there this year.

  5. Volume12

    I say add a D-lineman. It’s the one position group that PC/JS have hit on. If Bennett is out awhile (fingers crossed he isn’t), I could see this team make a splash move on the defensive side of the ball. That’s who they pay anyways, and is the strength of this team. Our D will keep us in every game, and even win us a couple, so it makes more sense to me to add there.

    Defenses travel anywhere and everywhere. Offenses do not.

    • C-Dog

      I’m with you entirely on this idea. Unlikely to happen, but I love to see a splash move get Richardson.

      • Volume12

        That would be like Christmas morning for me man. Wow!

        Another guy I’m curious about is Detroit DL Devin Taylor.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, he’d fit nicely. Has that long body type. This is a really crazy pipe dream, but I wonder if Carolina is going to be a seller with Short since they are pretty much toast and drafted Vernon Butler.

  6. coachmattson

    I’ve seen Cameron Wake’s name in trade rumors lately. What do you think of him as a possible addition to the Seahawks? He could help improve our pass rush!

    Is there a lesser LT that we could bring in for a 5th round pick or so that might be able to help us? Possibly a back up now who used to be a starter – like the Pittsburgh situation last year where they had multiple tackles who could play?

    Thanks for your responses in advance! Go Hawks!!

    • Rob Staton

      Wake could be possible — but the price might be a bit rich for a guy his age.

      I looked at lesser LT’s and couldn’t see one appealing option. However, I’m just watching Pitt vs Virginia Tech from last night and Adam Bisnowaty had his best game of the season. Looked tremendous. Could be a great second or third round option playing like this. He looks like a LT in this tape.

      • red

        Rob you watching v tech? Thoughts on Bucky Hodges?

        • Rob Staton

          My first real chance to watch him. Half way through the game. Boxed out the DB on one play to draw a flag and loved the way he virtually couldn’t be covered on the play. Had a contested grab too 1v1. Waiting to see separation because everything seems to be contested.

      • coachmattson

        Oops, I must not have been clear. I meant is there an nfl caliber tackle right now who isn’t Thomas or Staley that we might be able to bring in for a 5th round pick in a trade? I saw these names in an article on” fifth-round pick for Ja’Wuan James or Seantrel Henderson,” Would they be worth the move and make us substantially better at that position? I was thinking then when Sowell is healthy, he might be a better RT than Gilliam has been. Then we would have a o-line ready to compete heading into the playoffs. Thoughts?

        Go Hawks!!

        • Rob Staton

          I understood — just wanted to talk a little about Bisnowaty 🙂

          I think the Seahawks had interest in James during the 2014 draft so maybe he could be an option — but not convinced SEA would want to bring in a guy like that into a system he is totally foreign to. He’d need to learn everything from scratch.

          • Volume12

            Hodges is a handful.

            That TE from Pitt is a nice looking prospect too.

  7. Mike B'hamster

    Losing Michael Bennett is a serious blow…I hope it is a reasonably minor issue and that he will be back soon. However serious that is, it does not compare with the prospect of losing our franchise quarterback. If that happened, the prospects of getting to and through the playoffs and on to the SB are just about nil. RW is hobbled by three separate, significant injuries. He has been hammered all season, but there has been a lot of blaming the victim…’He needs to get rid of the ball faster!’. Enough already. He needs an immediate upgrade on his blind side at LT. If that doesn’t happen, chances are, he’ll take a beating that will put him on the sidelines. Yeah, we could use plenty more DT’s, DE’s, SAM’s and more. But what good would that do for a team without what the world knows is the vital and single most important factor in any Championship contending team, a Franchise Quarterback?

    • rowdy

      His injuries came from holding the ball to long though.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The one good thing that has come from Wilson injury is that he has finally learned to throw the ball away when receivers are covered.

  8. peter

    Rob, it seemed you were high on Sheldon Richardson at his draft time? Would he make sense in Seattle if Bennett is out?

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What would be the largest short term and long term upgrade, that is what Seattle should be pursuing.

    Barwin is intriguing, because he might be had for a song… and fits a need on defense. He could be utilized on passing down like Bennett and then Avril / Clark can be on the rushing downs….
    I’m think Young and the like might be a bit too pricey with draft picks or player trades.

    Maybe package a condition 6th and Webb…. for another player and MAKE IT SO.

    • Sea Mode

      Though one might not have to give up much to get Barwin, he still carries a $7.3m cap hit this year and $8.3 next year.

      Dead money is next to nothing though next year ($600k), so he could be cut at almost no loss and re-negotiated.

      Considering that, plus the fact that a good chunk of this year’s base salary has already been paid off by the Eagles, it might just work for a one-year rental at about $4m.

      Now, is what he adds worth it? Perhaps, if Bennett will be out for a while. That would allow Clark to take Bennett’s snaps and Marsh to take Clark’s instead of playing at OLB.

  10. East Side Stevie

    This is worth a look:

  11. DC

    To bring up a topic we just covered again, the question of what will the Seahawks do in regards to Bennett and Chancellor? Obviously we don’t know but it is going to be interesting. Two CORE players, beloved by the fans and entering the potential twilight of their NFL peak years for their respective positions when their current contracts are up.

    Both are signed through the 2017 season. Bennett will be 32 and Chancellor will be 30 entering the 2018 regular season. Will they really command a big raise going forward? We just saw what happened with Lynch getting paid and promptly getting a significant, career altering injury. It’s dead cap space today. It was a risk that could have but did not pay off.

    We’ve been lucky so far as Seahawks fans to grow up with this defensive core that still remains intact. There will come a day where we say goodbye to each and every one of our current favorites though. And it’s the FO’s job to keep the cupboard stocked.

    The best front offices know when to call it and let guys walk, keeping the comp picks coming and staying young. We’ve got Russell Wilson. Much like NE with Brady, GB with Rogers, NO with Brees, Pitt with Rburger etc. As long as he’s here our window is open. Tough choices await.

    And once again, add more pass rushers!!!

    • Rob Staton

      I certainly wouldn’t be even entertaining the idea of letting Bennett walk. He’s too good.

    • line_hawk

      I know crazy idea but if you get 5 years of Sheldon Richardson at $15M a year starting 2018, do you take the money you would have given to Chsncellor/Bennett & give it to Richardson? Remember Richardson’s 2016-17 cap hit is small. Of course, trading for him will cost a first.

    • cha

      That is really the rub isn’t it?

      Bennett and Chancellor can still contribute in the years after their current contracts, but it wouldn’t appear prudent to give them big raises. The next deal might not even exceed the annual value of their current contracts, even with inflation and Olivier Vernon-level crazy money being thrown around. Will be interesting to see where the middle ground is, and if B & C want to stay and keep annually competing for Super Bowls or take a bigger payday to be defensive a team mentor type for, say, a Tennessee or a Tampa Bay level team.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m not sure that Chancellor will ever be back to form. When you lose a step at safety or corner it is a big issue. By the time he is ready to play the Seahawks will have already trained his replacement. So I think you really need to evaluate him in 2017. If he doesn’t have the speed needed, then I wouldn’t extend.

  12. Adog

    I wonder if they make a trade for a dynamic running back. In the past we’ve saw them get harvin and graham…both dynamic offensive players at the time. Not sure who they would target? Running back is a a position That has been underwhelming this year. Maybe Carlos Hyde from the niners?

    • icb12

      There’s not a RB currently in the league worth trading for with the two upcoming draft classes.

      • icb12

        Even without the upcoming draft class. ..

        Elliot, Johnson, gurley.. and maybe ajayi.

        That’s it. And those guys aren’t going anywhere.
        Especially with 2 of them in the NFC w

        • icb12

          I could maybe see trading prich to Arizona straight up for cj2k. See what he’s got in the tank. But I’d call that unlikely.

          But Arizona does have receiver depth issues.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Melvin Gordon’s having a helluva year as well.

          Not sold on a single one of these backs though.

  13. cha

    I thought the Hawks waived/injured Jordan Hill but he’s listed on the Hawks roster on IR. Did they bring him back?

    • Volume12

      If your looking on, that site is notorious for being inaccurate.

      • cha

        Oh, OK. Thanks. That’s stupid.

  14. Volume12

    One of my favorite players in the entire draft this year is big Vincent Taylor, DT, OK St. What a disruptive monster. Has already blocked 3-4 FGs just this year.

    6’3, 310-315 lbs., amazing back story, huge personality. Hurricane Katrina ravaged his home in HS. Him and his dad drove around forever until they settled on a place in San Antonio. And that’s not including the things he saw.

    I don’t think DT is a big need this year. More like a late day 3 pick or even more likely, a priority UDFA. This guy might fit that bill. Keep an eye on him.

    • C-Dog

      Ryan Glasgow is really growing a lot on me as well. Brock Huard mentioned today on the ESPN broadcast that Carroll told him this week to tell Harbaugh that the Seahawks are watching the Wolverine defense very closely.

      • Volume12

        Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

        I count 9 NFL prospects on that defense.

        Jabril Peppers, DE Taco Charlton, DL Chris Wormley, DT’s Ryan Glasgow & Mo Hurst, CB’s Channing Stribling & Jourdan Lewis, S Delano Hill, and LB Mike McCray.

        Glasgow is for sure another good looking DT that could go in the range we’re talking about.

        • Aaron

          Did you see Jabril’s TD run as a RB today? Pushing for that Heisman!

  15. Aaron

    Louisville vs. Virginia

    Virginia LT Jack English (6’5″, 290-300) looks like he is creating some good push in the run game. Looks to be holding his own vs this Louisville pass rush.

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