Thursday notes: Tim Settle declares & a new mock draft

— Virginia Tech defensive tackle Tim Settle will turn pro in 2018. He was only a redshirt sophomore so this is significant news. He’s extremely underrated in the national media and here’s why:

Swim move to take down Deshaun Watson:

Mobility and quickness defending the run:

Quickly diagnoses the play and explodes into the backfield for a TFL:

A quick reminder — Settle is about 325lbs. Possibly bigger. Look how well he moves at that size. It’s unnatural.

He was double teamed frequently in the bowl game against Oklahoma State but was stout and controlled the POA. He’s quite a rare prospect, capable of being the big nose tackle but having the quickness and agility to act as a pass rusher.

It’s not often a player like this has 12.5 TFL’s (Settle’s 2017 total). In comparison, Vita Vea had just 5.5.

He looks like an early round pick and deserves more attention. He must’ve received a good report from the draft committee to make the decision to turn pro now. He’s a former four or five star recruit and was coveted by all of the big schools including Alabama, Auburn and Ohio State.

For a bigger breakdown on Settle, click here.

— Auburn running backs Kerryon Johnson and Kamryn Pettway both turned pro this week, while Tony Pauline reports Ronald Jones II will make a similar decision:

The speedy back comes off a career season in which he totaled 1,550 yards rushing on 261 carries with 19 TDs. Jones also added 14 receptions last season.

Known for his great burst and breakaway speed, Jones had three runs of 50 yards or longer last season and had a carry of at least 15 yards in all but three games.

This is all good news with the Seahawks expected to focus on the running back position in the draft. It may also encourage them to pick multiple backs (as they did in 2016). That said, given what Pete Carroll said in his end of season press conference, it won’t be a surprise if they focus on one or two key players with their first pick as a starting point.

— Sam Darnold announced, somewhat unexpectedly, that he was turning pro yesterday. It quickly followed a similar announcement from Josh Rosen. During the season there was a lot of talk about Darnold returning to USC. His performance in the bowl game against Ohio State suggested it wouldn’t have been a bad decision.

It’s good news for the Seahawks. The more quarterbacks go early, the better options they’ll have at #18.

Who goes first overall will be an interesting storyline to follow. Tony Pauline recently noted Cleveland’s new GM Jon Dorsey was advising people to ‘stay away’ from Rosen.

Meanwhile, Peter King quotes an anonymous scout suggesting there’s ‘no way’ Dorsey will pass on Wyoming’s Josh Allen with the #1 pick.

On that note, here’s a new mock draft:

#1 Cleveland — Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
#2 NY Giants — Sam Darnold (QB, USC)
#3 Indianapolis — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
#4 Cleveland (via Houston) — Bradley Chubb (EDGE, NC State)
#5 Denver — Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
#6 New York Jets — Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
#7 Tampa Bay — Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
#8 Chicago — Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
#9 San Francisco — Marcus Davenport (DE, UTSA)
#10 Oakland — Orlando Brown (T, Oklahoma)
#11 Miami — Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
#12 Cincinnati — Tremaine Edmunds (LB, Virginia Tech)
#13 Washington — Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
#14 Green Bay — Tim Settle (DT, Virginia Tech)
#15 Arizona — Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)
#16 Baltimore — Roquan Smith (LB, Georgia)
#17 LA Chargers — Minkah Fitzpatrick (S, Alabama)
#18 Seattle — Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
#19 Dallas — Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
#20 Detroit — Taven Bryan (DT, Florida)
#21 Tennessee — Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
#22 Buffalo — Damien Harris (RB, Alabama)
#23 Atlanta — Derwin James (S, Florida State)
#24 New Orleans — Arden Key (DE, LSU)
#25 Buffalo (via Kansas City) — Rashaan Evans (LB, Alabama)
#26 Jacksonville — Calvin Ridley (WR, Alabama)
#27 LA Rams — Austin Bryant (EDGE, Clemson)
#28 Carolina — Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
#29 Pittsburgh — Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)
#30 Minnesota — Joshua Jackson (CB, Iowa)
#31 New England — Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
#32 Philadelphia — Ronald Jones II (RB, USC)

Three mocks so far, three running backs paired with Seattle. I will project different positions and scenarios down the line. At the moment, however, there feels very little point fighting this. Carroll practically spelled it out the other day.

The bigger question is — how far can the Seahawks move down and still get the player they like? Chubb at #18 might be a little rich unless he repeats his 2013 SPARQ performance at the combine. I haven’t included trades here — but it’s possible the Seahawks could move down.

The late first and early second round could be a sweet spot for running backs. And that’ll be good news for the Seahawks if they wish to trade down.

The options are very appealing. Chubb, Harris, Jones II, Kerryon, Sony Michel, Royce Freeman, Bryce Love, Rashaad Penny, Derrius Guice.

Running back is the strength of the 2018 draft.

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  1. Totem_Hawk

    GREAT work Rob…Everyone is sleeping on him but I think Lamar Jackson is going to be really good.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Lamar. A lot of the talk has him in round two at the moment though. I’d be willing to put him in R1.

      • RWIII

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals take Lamar Jackson in the first round.

  2. cha

    No Lamar Jackson because he hasn’t declared?

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of talk that he’s seen as a R2 type. I like Lamar a lot but simply representing the current chatter.

      • cha

        Gotcha. Even so, QBs just keep rising up the board as you get closer to the draft. That being the case, the Hawks at 18 are in prime position for a team at the bottom of R1 or the top of R2 who passed on a QB the first time around to offer the Hawks a nice package to move up and get him at 18.

  3. peter

    Baltimore through Atlanta syncs nicely. James in Atlanta and of course smith in Baltimore excellent fits.

    do you have any reason to believe Chubb will test lower at the combine than his Sparq score? injury still or something else? you follow Sparq quite a bit do people tend to go up, go down, or in the intervening years do they remain about the same? I know the tests are a bit different, just curious if you’ve noticed any trends.

    • Rob Staton

      The tests are relatively consistent I’ve found. I only really use it as much as I do now because it’s all we’ve got until March.

      On Chubb — I think it’s just a case of seeing whether he made a complete recovery from the injury and noting if he’s lost any juice.

  4. Trevor

    Might be intetesting to look at what teams have a need at RB and could take one in rounds 1 or 2. That way you could figure out what sort of trade down JS could make and still get his guy.

    With the depth at RB I would still much sooner see them take an impact defender or with the first pick and RB next.

    • Rob Staton

      Problem is the top RB prospects, IMO, will be gone by round two. Or at least the ones you’d want and can really believe in.

      • Trevor

        I guess I just don’t see much difference in Harris, Chubb, Michel, Johnson. I prefer Michel but all look like starting RBs and I guess I just dont see all of them going in the top 50. It has not happened in years for that many RBs to go that early. That does not include Barkley, Guice, Penney etc.

        • Rob Staton

          Whenever anyone says ‘X amount of a certain position hasn’t gone this early in years’ — I’ll always fall back on all of the receivers that went early in 2014 or the cornerbacks a year ago.

          Every class has to be judged on its own merits. This is a great draft for RB’s. If that many haven’t gone this early in the past, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in 2018.

          • GerryG

            Plus it is a copycat league and teams did well with balance and running this year: PHI, LAR, NO, MIN

          • TJ

            That could be an indication that many teams are hungry for talent at the position…

        • D-OZ

          Walter Football has all the RB’ that have been discussed here (excluding Penney) gone by pick#46. I could see Sutton going 8or9 to Chicago or the 49er’s. Nice mock Rob….

    • Sea Mode

      I did take a stab at this a while back. Here is the re-post. Maybe at least as a starting point we can all build on this as an educated best guess. Made some changes since SF is likely out of range for Barkely now. And of course, things could change in FA as well.

      IND and NYG seem like strong candidates to look at Barkley as a piece to build around on offense. SF will at the very least look for a #2 to pair with Hyde, similar to the Freeman/Coleman pairing Shanahan had with the Falcons. They like Joe Williams, but will they bank on his health? Maybe CLE too but I think they might have finally learned their lesson and will choose a QB with their first pick. They do have pick #1 and #4 overall though, so maybe they go Barkley #1 and QB leftovers at #4. (that would be like them at least…) Or maybe NYJ moves up with IND for a QB and the Browns still get Barkley at #4. I’m pretty sure OAK will look to line up Lynch’s replacement in R1 or R2.

      Other teams that could look at a RB early are DET (how long since Stafford has had real rush support…?), although they always are needing defense, and maybe BAL if they want a true 3-down back upgrade over Collins. They might just stick to RBBC. TB could be a wildcard depending on how much faith they still have in Doug Martin after this down season.

      MIA might not need one any more with the emergence of Damien Williams and Kenyan Drake doing well. Perhaps they foresaw that and so were willing to part with Ajayi. Who knows if NE sees someone they like too. They have that early R2 pick from SF that would fall right in the sweet spot, and Dion Lewis is a FA.

      Everyone else is actually in pretty decent shape, though of course they could always look to upgrade/complement. So, IMO:

      Need: NYG, IND, CLE, OAK, SEA
      Want: DET, SF
      Maybe: BAL, TB, MIA, NE

      So there’s 11 legit possibilities that could easily see the top 8 RBs gone by the end of R2. And, of course, other teams could jump on board too just because there is so much talent in this class.

      • peter

        nice look at it.

        giants need for sure but then there’s a new qb to consider and a db field that’s having their own issues.

        • East Side Stevie

          Based off history theres no way in hell Bellicheck drafts a RB in the 1st or 2nd Round. If Indy hired Josh Mcdaniels my intuition tells me they wont pass on Saquon Barkley.

        • Sea Mode

          Right, but if they go QB in R1, they could very likely go RB in R2 to help their future young QB out. The value for them at CB probably just wont be there in R2. Top of R3 might be better for that.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Looks like the Seahawks have some competition for those running backs. I think they could move back once, but not sure if Chubb will be around after the move.

  5. Trevor

    Interesting mock for sure. If we pass on Wilkins, Bryan, James, Key and Sutton for an RB in Rd # I would be really disapponted. Not McDowell disappointed but I just think there is so much RB depth in this draft much like CB last year when we got a quality starting CB in Rd #3

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be more sympathetic to that if they didn’t pick again until round four.

      Carroll stated their desire to improve at RB. I can’t see them waiting until the mid-to-late fourth round to address that need, especially when the strength of the draft in rounds 1-2 is running back.

      • drewdawg11

        We have been trying to replace a star running back with UDFA, 7th rounder, Overweight veteran FA, and Procise, who they went into this calling him a third down back. They’ve tried the bargain bin. They’ve tried to get lucky. Just get the most talented kid you can draft and stop worrying about it, I say. We have the worst running back room maybe in the entire league. Even bad teams beat us in this regard.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s time to try and get a stud RB.

          • BobbyK

            Yes. Anyone see the stat about our rushing game being, by far, the worst in the NFL (even though we ranked “23rd”) and it was because of the Wilson runs (i.e. “rushing” yards) where it was a passing situation and he was forced to scramble?

            That says it all, no?

            Between the “running [backwards?] game” and penalties, I think that sums up the season.

            Never mind the pathetic 3rd down and a billion yards to go on defense that the opposing “offenses” seemingly seemed to make at too much of an ease.

            Besides that… lets sign a proven choke artist for a kicker when most NFL games are decided by a TD or less. That makes “sense.” Or something.

            • GerryG

              0 yes on 23 carries inside the 10 yd line with 0 TDs

  6. Sea Mode

    Nice mock, Rob. Thanks for putting out so much content now that the off-season is on!

    Great point about Settle’s decision to come out early probably being encouraged by what he heard from the draft committee.

    If he or Vea falls to #18, is that just too much talent and scheme fit for the Hawks to pass up? Do they at that point put backup plan “V” into action? I guess this might be practically impossible anyway if they have already locked up Sheldon long term.

    • Trevor

      Vea or Settle would look so amazing in the middle of that DL!

      • DC

        Please no Settle to Green Bay!

        • Sea Mode

          Better than on the Rams next to Donald! (oh yeah, Fisher isn’t there anymore; we can sleep safe 😉 )

          • peter

            not really enjoying Austin Bryant to them!

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be very tempting — but ultimately I think the way Seattle uses its interior linemen makes it less of a need.

  7. Misfit74

    Guice > Chubb

    • Rob Staton

      Not for me.

      Guice one of the most overrated players.

      • Trevor

        +1 Guice would be #8 on my list of RB.

        • drewdawg11

          Guice over Chubb? Based on what? I was so disappointed after seeing him play a couple of times this season. He’s a solid player, but I don’t think he’s a guy I would want for us, not when you have these other backs out there. I’ve completely done a 180 on Chubb. Also, and this can’t be overstated, he’s not going to have the wear and tear that other top backs will have because of Sony Michel. I think I saw something today on Twitter that Chubb won the PFF award for RB efficiency. That kid does more with fewer carries than anyone in America. For me, it goes like this:

          Everyone else

          We have zero shot at Barkley. We can still get Nick Chubb, and honestly, I would take another back sometime before the draft is over with in round 4-5.

          • drewdawg11

            I skipped Michel right after Love. My bad.

          • Misfit74

            I think Guice is more elusive, a better finisher, more tenacious and profiles very well as a #1 bellcow. Less wear and injury history. Great burst.

            I like Chubb, too, but Guice is a tantalizing prospect.

            I doubt the Seahawks take a RB at 18. More likely with a 4th or via a trade up scenario. So many backs to like this year. Penny, Michel, Kelly and a host of potential targets. I know with certainty Barkley and Guice are my 1a, 1b.

            • Misfit74

              Guice – 34 missed tackles on 216 carries

              Barkley – 36 missed tackles on 200 carries

              Montgomery – 81 missed tackles on 234 carries


    • Sea Mode

      How so? Chubb might be one of the most athletic RB prospects in draft history, and he’s listed at 228lbs.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot about Guice too. Just asking you to expound a little bit as to why you think that so absolutely.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, and beyond the inferior athletic traits, take a look at Guice’s stats vs. top competition compared to easy opponents. His stats are padded quite a bit by the easy ones.

        vs. Florida: 2.9 ypc
        vs. Auburn: 3.6 ypc
        vs. Alabama: 3.7 ypc


      • Misfit74

        He was at one time (2014?). It’ll be interesting to see how much juice he still has.

  8. joel

    Really don’t want them to take a RB at 18 but if they do I really hope it’s a homerun pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we all hope that!

  9. DC

    My All-OL revamp/fantasy for this offseason includes an ET trade to Dallas for Zach Martin & a trade down/s from #18 and pick Georgia OL Isaiah Wynn.

    LT Brown
    LG Wynn
    C Britt
    RG Martin
    RT Ifedi (prove it)

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah…. Dallas aren’t trading Zach Martin.

  10. teejmo

    Pettway might be a good late-round option. He was ahead of Kerryon on the depth chart for a reason, before injuries derailed his season.

    • WALL UP

      That’s my thinking as well.

  11. 80SLargent

    I know Seattle has a definite need at RB, but I don’t see them using their first pick on one. Granted, it wouldn’t be unprecedented, but that turned out to be Christine Michael at the end of the 2nd round.
    I see them trading back a few times like they normally do and acquiring more picks. I can’t see them standing pat with their first round pick, and then not picking until the 4th round.
    If they trade back, they should be able to get a back or two they like starting in the 3rd round or so.
    With their first pick (which might end up being in the 2nd round after trades), I can see them drafting a Bruce Irvin type LB, and this is why:
    1. Seattle’s LBs under contract next season: Wagner, Wright, D.J. Alexander. Wright and Alexander are only under contract for next season. That’s it.
    2. Avril will likely retire. Bennett could be cut or traded (I don’t like that idea). While I’d expect them to tender Dion Jordan, the only “for sure” edge rusher on the team next year is Frank Clark – and he’s a free agent after next year. Surely he’ll get a long term deal, but after him and maybe Jordan, then what?
    A Bruce Irvin type player kind of kills two birds with one stone. He can play SAM on base downs, and DE on passing/3rd downs.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t disagree that they might move down. I did make that point in the piece — and trades were not included in this projection.

      I’ll say this though — if they do move down, I don’t see them taking a RB any later than round two. If they wait any longer than that they’ll miss the run on the top prospects.

      • Trevor

        That makes a ton of sense. Rd #2 seems like the sweet spot.

      • 80SLargent

        Mr. Staton, would you say this class of running backs is deeper than last year’s class?
        The two best backs in last year’s draft were both taken in the 3rd round (Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt).
        I think a lot of those guys who are so hyped might end up being pushed down the board farther than you think.
        Plus, I don’t really think lack of RB talent has necessarily been Seattle’s problem.
        Carson has talent, but had a freak injury on a play anyone on the planet would’ve been injured. Should Seattle give up on him already? (7th round pick)
        Prosise has talent, but seems to be on the Paul Richardson injury program. At some point, his injury luck has to get better. (3rd round pick)
        Rawls has talent, but seems to have contracted Christine Michael Syndrome. (UDFA) He shouldn’t be back.
        Lacy had talent (at one point), but just didn’t fit Seattle’s ZBS. Bye Felicia.
        Collins has talent, but they let him go because he had some ball security issues. At least he’s been healthy, and ended up putting nearly a 1000 yard season together behind a bunch of UDFA linemen for the Ravens. He didn’t fumble a lot there either. (5th round pick).
        I get that Seattle needs at least one good back who can stay healthy for an entire season, but does drafting one in the first two rounds ensure that said back won’t get injured? I don’t think so.
        I would like to see them have a “bell cow” type RB, that would be great, because I do really think having this “running back by committee” is counterintuitive to running in the ZBS. It takes time and carries to get a feel for when/where the holes and cutback lanes are going to be. That’s why it took Lynch into his 2nd season to start to really “get it”. If they had Lynch splitting carries from the get go, would he have ever had the success he ended up having here?
        Seattle doesn’t necessarily need an Ezekiel Elliott to have a good running game. They just need to have better luck with their guy(s) staying off the injured list. They just need to add to the guys they have, and they should be able to do that without burning a 1st or 2nd round pick.
        Whatever happens, I know we all just look forward to the day Seattle can do better than 20 carries for 0 yards inside the 10 yard line for a season.

        Like a lot of others here, I love this blog. I’ll probably be living here for at least the next 5 months or so. Keep up the great work.

        • Rob Staton

          I do think the 2018 class of RB’s is better than 2017’s. Quite a lot so, in fact. It’s deeper for sure.

          Kamara had no place lasting until round three and only really did so due to his injury history.

          And I also think a lack of talent at RB has been a big problem for Seattle and shows up when you compare how Carson performed and how the rest performed this season.

        • bankhawk

          Id be curious to know-which of the teams prominantly featuring RBBC are currently operating with primarily ZBS? And for those teams, do the backs in those tandems tend to be fresh young legs, or players with more êxperience?

        • Tecmo Bowl

          “I would like to see them have a “bell cow” type RB, that would be great, because I do really think having this “running back by committee” is counterintuitive to running in the ZBS. It takes time and carries to get a feel for when/where the holes and cutback lanes are going to be. That’s why it took Lynch into his 2nd season to start to really “get it”.”

          Great post Largent! Wholeheartedly agree with this paragraph. Having a true ‘bell cow’ helps the OL especially in a ZBS. It’s clear that RB’s like Lacy, Rawls and McKissic run the same play differently. This affects how the OL blocks-sticking on a double team, moving to the 2nd level-the timing is different.

    • peter

      some good points but thing to remember is seattle uses it’s early picks on weapons more than any other spot besides olinemen. tate, Michael, p-rich, graham trade, harvin trade.

      I’d love an edge or even a great classic lb like smith or Evans to play now and take over for perhaps wright down the road.

      personally I’m fine with an early RB. seattle has tried the “bits and pieces,” approach and this draft is stacked with tal ent but earlyish. for me when I look at RB’s thought to go late it’s not a very exciting crop. it seems like a big drop off. I know that’s true of most positions but seattle can’t really keep going with so-so play and a five man committee.

    • Sea Mode

      Wagner on contract through 2019, just to clarify.

      The big problem for me right now with OLB early is playing time for a R1 pick. Wilhoite only played around 27.87% of the snaps this year, and that’s having filled in a full game for Bobby. So it’s probably a bit less than 25% really.

      That basically says to me we are sticking in nickel 4-2-5 most of the time. Even at DE on 3rd downs, I’m just not sure that’s enough. The only way is if they want to move on from KJ soon, but there are some interesting LB prospects later on to look at for that.

      • peter

        I wonder if they stick to a 4-2-5? seems seattle was better with a 4-3 though an Irvin caliber player is tough to come by

        • drewdawg11

          If he were any good he would have been on the field more. Wilhoite was hot garbage.

  12. C-Dog

    If Chubb performs anything close to his 2013 SPARQ score, I’d be more than happy to see Seattle grab him with their first pick. Barring some trade of Insert Significant Player Here that land’s them another high round pick, and all these other talented backs coming out, I would almost expect Seattle to trade back though,, maybe into late R1 to try and grab a late R2 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      A trade down, if they do want to go RB first, feels somewhat inevitable. I didn’t include trades in this projection, however.

      • C-Dog

        Even if they don’t do a drastic trade down, if they reach a contract extension with Sheldon Richardson and he is essentially the R2 pick, a SPARQy Nick Chubb and Sheldon Richardson are pretty good picks in this draft, I would think.

        It’s funny, the need I would feel for a trade down does feel considerably diminished if Sheldon becomes more of a fixture. If they don’t deal away ET, bonus

        Just my own OCD, but RB really does feel like the missing piece of 2017. Maybe just fix the missing piece.

  13. Cysco

    If the draft fell that way, I’d take Damien Harris over Chubb. Harris has some of the best vision I’ve seen in recent years. The guy is a professional running back. He clearly has an advanced understanding of the position. He understands how run blocking works. He’s patient, disciplined and has a super human ability to see holes form before they actually do.

    I like to watch RB tape and pause the video at the moment the RB takes the handoff and look at the running lanes and try to predict where the RB will go. So often with college backs you see them take the ball, see traffic in front of them and just give up and try to run outside. This often works in college but not so much in the pros. You watch Harris and he’s always taking the ball through the line and doesn’t bounce outside nearly as much. He understands how the play is supposed to work and executes his role in the play. There are so many plays of his where you go “how the hell did he see that hole/lane?” It’s uncanny.

    I think Harris is perhaps the back in the draft that is most suited for what the Hawks need. They need a professional RB.

    • Cysco

      For the uninitiated. Here are some highlights

      The dude is crazy good, has great size and is silly athletic. I think he’s going to be a stud in the league.

      • Sea Mode

        Not to mention he can block and is a great, mature interview.

      • peter

        I still think his cut against Texas a&m for a big break that Rob highlighted is one of the best cuts I’ve ever seen.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a huge fan of Harris. He was the first player I mocked in round one to the Seahawks this year.

      1st mock — Damien Harris
      2nd mock — Ronald Jones II
      3rd mock — Nick Chubb

      There is a trend…

      • Patrick Toler

        I like Chubb a bit and Harris a lot, but Jones is in a whole different category for me. He runs tough, and has great, speed, balance, and athleticism. I know he’s small for their prototype, but I think he will be a special runner in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          Jones II is a Jamaal Charles clone. Got to be interested in a player like that.

    • Sea Mode

      Good shout. I’m gonna try that.

      I’ve certainly done it with some of Seattle’s RBs to show how they are sometimes not seeing huge running lanes open up and instead are running right into defenders’ arms. Vision is sooo important. BTW, do you feel Chubb doesn’t have good vision or are you just highlighting that Harris’ is great?

      Here’s an example from the Dallas game. Yellow was probably where the play was supposed to go, Red was where he did try to go, and Green… I’ll let you decide… 🙁

      • Sea Mode

        Here’s another one from an earlier game with Rawls.

        So it’s not all on the OL…

        • Ty the Guy

          Great Shares

          • drewdawg11

            Chubb has great vision as well. Can’t really go wrong with either.

      • Cysco

        I don’t get excited about Nick Chubb. Granted I haven’t spent a ton of time watching full games, only highlights from the last couple seasons. What I see are tons of plays where he dances at the line and bounces off tackle. Those plays where he slows at the line and bounces outside just don’t translate well to the NFL.He’s at least aware that a lane opened up to the outside whereas some back do it as a first instinct and sprint to the sideline trying to take the corner. Chubb tries to get moving up field rather than laterally.

        When you watch Harris, you don’t often see him mover laterally. Most of his runs are between the tackles. North and South. He trusts the blocks and goes where he’s supposed to and cuts incredibly well. He just looks like an NFL runner.

        FWIW, I also like Bryce Love, but his size is a concern and Derrius Guice is intriguing as well. Great attitude and story with him. Incredibly driven.

        • peter

          I’m intrigued to see Monday’s matchup. OU’s defense….enough said…..but Chubb in that game ran right at them for some big gains.

          I think harris and Chubb are my two favorite as they “look,” like they are built from Seattle’s desired RB lab. both to me are great for not terribly dissimilar reasons. harris is newer to me and I think his vision is incredible. I have been a fan of Chubb’ s since Gurley was injured. ridiculously at the time of that draft season I thought maybe Gurley was overvalued and it was the line doing the work since this freshmen….nick chubb….was quite the force.

          • Cysco

            Good take. I’m just getting my draft shoes on for this season and fully expect to spend a lot of time watching Chubb and many other backs. Given the general consensus on Chubb there’s probably a lot there I’m missing.

      • peter

        I’m not even going to look as that I can guess how the plays pan out…..

      • Mark Souza

        When you review the Hawk’s RBs, note how often D-linemen have already blown through our line as the RB is getting the hand-off. That would be an interesting stat.

  14. D-OZ

    I could see team’s at the end of rd.1 wanting to trade up with Seattle to target a QB. Saints, Steelers and maybe Jacksonville. And what about the Vikings? I think Seattle will at least recoup a 3rd with a small move back. All is not lost…..

  15. D-OZ

    Buffalo could be in play too.

  16. Sea Mode

    Manish Mehta‏

    #Jets TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins has found his new agent heading into free agency: Doug Hendrickson (@DHendrickson41), Co-President of Independent Sports & Entertainment (@ISEFootball).

    5:44 AM – 3 Jan 2018

    A familiar face…

    • C-Dog

      That’s an interesting development.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Graham is as good as gone. ASJ would be a great fit, for the right price of course. What do you see his market as? $5-6m/year?

        • 80SLargent

          ASJ made about $1.3M with the Jets this season, so I don’t think it would take nearly that much if Seattle wanted him. We know this FO is all about reclamation projects.

  17. SoCal12

    Anyone know how much a #18 is worth roughly? I’m just wondering how far of a move back we can expect if we (most likely) trade back. I understand it depends on which teams are involved and such, but I was just wanting an estimate. Like if we moved 5 spots down what would we get vs. dropping into the second?

    • Sea Mode

      Just approx going by the classic trade chart: (this link is still last year’s draft order)

      5 spots down to R1P23 would get you R3P90.

      15 spots down to R2P33 would get you R2P58.

      (curious coincidence: those are exactly the picks Seattle held last year!)

      • SoCal12

        Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

        Seems like we could get some nice value there by trading down. I think splitting it into two second rounders might be ideal then if we’re going for RB with our first pick. I feel like we can land a good RB with R2P33 while still having another second to spend on another position like LB, DE, or OL.

        • Sea Mode

          Yup, that’s definitely what most of us are thinking. Especially if we don’t acquire another early pick by trading away a player (ETIII).

          That said, if they set their hearts on one RB above the rest, it might just be time to go get him. Maybe risk the small trade back but not the big one into R2.

          I do feel like the top of R2 will be a sweet spot for RB, and the end of R2 will be the sweet spot for a OG. Every day more good options at guard popping up. (Rob detailed on Wynn yesterday, Ragnow was brought up in the comments. Another name not to forget: Miss St. OL Martinas Rankin)

      • Drew

        The classic trade chart is no longer accurate. JS and other teams put together a new one since comp picks can be traded.

        • Sea Mode

          I would be interested in a link if you have this.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is for 2017, but gives you the general idea for picks and values

      So for example, Seattle and Buffalo swap 1st rounders (#18 and #25) Seattle would look for a 3rd round pick in return from Buffalo (maybe a 5th as well).. which would be roughly worth 180 points…. which is about how much difference between #18 to #25 (900 vs 720 = 180).

      If you think Buffalo would give up a 4th in 2019, then that would be equal to a 5th round pick in 2018.. roughly. At least, this is my understanding of picks from future years (2019 or 2020)

  18. Sea Mode

    Wisconsin LB TJ Edwards back to school. Keep an eye on him for next year. Dang good in coverage and best LB hands I’ve seen. No slouch at tackling and blitzing either. Possible KJ Wright replacement…?

  19. Sea Mode

    I missed this from the other day and was still wondering about it. Gonna post it anyway cause good news never comes too late…

    Bob Condotta‏

    Pocic said today it’s not overly serious. Said he will not need surgery. Won’t impact next season.

    1:07 PM – 1 Jan 2018

    Get to that weight room ASAP, son!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is good news.

      Much better to hear than the couple of Cardinals players who went down with apparent major injuries during the second half of the game. That is always tough to see…. because they might lose another year rehabbing from these injuries.

  20. JimQ

    Here is an example I worked up for my own edification, just to get an idea of the new trade chart.

    SEAHAWKS DRAFT –TRADE DOWN OF PICK #18, Using the “New” trade chart:
    All #’s are rounded to the nearest whole number. All trades depicted would require a willing and motivated trade partner that has all of their native picks available to trade & all pick #’s shown are actual native picks each team would normally have, not including comp picks and picks they traded.

    Seahawks -trade down- using pick #18 in Round-1, = 287-points. Using the “new” trade chart.

    #19 = 278 points, ( -9) – (278+13 =291), (SEA +4)———NET: = #19, #174
    #20 = 269 points, (-18) – (269+25 =294), (SEA +7)———NET: = #20, #116
    #21 = 261 points, (-26) – (261+25+6 =292) (SEA +5)——-NET: = #21. #117, #181
    #22 = 253 points, (-34) – (253+24+12+3 =295) (SEA +5)–NET: = #22, #118, #150, #214
    #23 = 245 points, (-42) – (245+48 =293) (SEA +6)———-NET: = #23, #87
    #24 = 237 points, (-50) – (237+47+6 =290 (SEA +3)——–NET: = #24. #88, #184
    #25 = 230 points, (-57) – (230+46+11+5 =292) (SEA +5)–NET: = #25, #89,#153, #185
    #26 = 223 points, (-64) – (223+45+22+3 =293) (SEA +6)–NET: = #26, #90, #122, #218
    #27 = 216 points, (-71) – (216+44+22+11 =293) (SEA +6)-NET: = #27, #91, #155
    #28 = 209 points, (-78) – (209+88 =297) (SEA +10)———NET: = #28, #60
    #29 = 203 points, (-84) – (203+86+5 =294) (SEA +7)——-NET: = #29, #61, #189
    #30 = 196 points, (-91) – (196+84+10 =300) (SEA +3)——NET: = #30, #62, #158
    #31 = 190 points, (-97) – (190+82+20 =292) (SEA +5)——NET: = #31 + #63 + #127
    #32 = 184 points, (-103) – (184+80+20+9 =293) (SEA +6)–NET: = #32, #64. #128, #160
    Of course there are many variables that come into play, this is an attempt to show SOME possibilities.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, great breakdown. Could you please link me to the new chart? I wasn’t aware it had been published.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    My gut says there will not be 5 QBs taken in the top 15, but I could see 5 go in the 1st round.

    Mayfield is the guy I can’t quite get a read on where he would fall to.. who would grab him…. and is a good fit for what he brings to the table.

    Another gut feeling is that the Jets will trade with the Browns for the #4 pick (with their #6 and some sweetener picks later in draft.. such as a high 3rd and some more change like a 2nd in 2019) The Browns then grab Vita Vea at #6… solidifying their DL for years to come. I do agree with the #1 pick however…. I’m going to call it the Wentz effect. Small school guy lands on team…. leads them to respectability. My only concern, do they have enough in place to help a young QB succeed… coaching as much as players on the field.

    Way out in left field move, Gruden becomes coach of the Raiders…. doesn’t like Carr at QB (for whatever reason) and Raiders go QB at #10…. and also trade Carr for a 2nd and 3rd or w/e…..

    • C-Dog

      I keep thinking Elway would be into Mayfield and would be willing to take him with the Broncos first pick.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Elway has drafted prototype QB in size.. etc. (Hell he was a prototype QB back in the day as well)

        He went and got P. Manning…… which reminds me, maybe he makes a deal for Eli… because, the Giants aren’t going anywhere for 2-3 years… and the Broncos are much closer to the playoffs with Eli than almost any other player they could draft or acquire. Ship them a 2nd and call it DONE Elway!

        This doesn’t preclude them from drafting a QB, but I’m not seeing a guy who is a sure-fire starter in the NFL…. maybe Josh Allen if he fell into his lap, but I find it very unlikely.

        • C-Dog

          All these QBs have plenty of blemishes, IMO. Conventionally, it’s pretty safe to expect Elway to go with a taller QB, if we look at Paxton, Payton and Brock. Elway wasn’t total drop back prototype, IMO. He was a 6-3 feisty scrambler for many years. Just my opinion, but with Mayfield, I wonder if Elway would be allured to his moxie and playmaker edge.

  22. Michigan 12th

    If I remember right last year JS said he was not overly thrilled with the draft and the way it was shaping up, then he made lots of moves and grabbed the two best players we got in the third and fourth. This really makes me think there is no way we are picking at number 18. I know you think this as well Rob at least you think it is a very real possibility. I look forward to you making a mock with a Seattle trade or two in it.

    I think we will trade down with Buffalo. It just makes a lot of sense. They need a QB and have their native first and the Chiefs first this year. I don’t know what we can get, but even if we can get a extra third for moving down with them, we hopefully will be able to draft two impact players.

    Plus the more I think about it, if we resign Richardson then he would be our 2nd round pick, and Brown would be our 3rd round pick. Those are a couple of very solid players to get in that range, so even if we picked at 18 and grab a blue chip we will have had a very good draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Anything’s on the table right now IMO. Trade down, stay put, acquire extra stock by making trades. Lot of water to go under the bridge before we get a true feel for it.

  23. Michigan 12th

    I also wonder though with most of our vets only being worth 3rd to 4th round picks, with our draft already being back loaded, is it really worth trading these guys? I for one think MB adds more value to us than a fourth round pick. Wright the same. I guess you could make an argument about Sherman because we have some pieces already in place to replace him and we would save some cap. I guess I just don’t see a lot we can do with these guys, other than salary dump, but then who do we replace them with.

  24. drewdawg11

    I would say that Earl is the one guy you could trade for anything of value and the others you’d trade for a combination of cap savings and some draft capital. For MB is wouldn’t really kick in untimtnej next season, so you have to ask what you can get for him if you’re making that move. Now, if you trade him and toss in a 4th to get a third, maybe that’s motivation enough. Earl is the guy, though. He’s still a great player and people know that. He’s the guy you keep until someone blows your away.

  25. vrtkolman

    Justin Britt had a pretty bad year according to PFF. He was rated 68, which is dead average for centers. With how much he is being paid, that is a pretty big disappointment. I look for him to bounce back next year, and I hope we didn’t overpay based on one good season.

    • drewdawg11

      Yeah, I thought we really paid for the fact that the rest of the line was in such disarray that they didn’t want to start completely over and lose him. He’s honestly had one good year since being drafted. He’s failed at two other positions. If he doesn’t step it up next year he should probably be released and a new center will then have to be found. Maybe Billy Price is the guy in the first round for his versatility, but losing Britt just creates another hole. I think Coleman Shelton is a later round kid who really changed my mind about him this year. If you’re going to get a guy to develop, maybe that’s an option.

      • SoCal12

        Well Pocic did play Center in college so maybe he can be groomed as a backup plan in case things with Britt go south.

        • drewdawg11

          Yes, which still leaves a hole at guard if he moved over. It’s so tough to build a good line these days.

    • peter

      Frank Ragnow Arkansas. 4th or 5th round pick. 20

      • peter

        sorry about that…2017 watchlist for every oline award. gave up zero sacks in 41 starts. Started as a RG but played multiple years at center. 6’5″ 315.

        He’s my hope for Seattle Oline this year.

        Pocic needs to get quite a bit stronger and fast. Totally possible over the next 8 months at his age to sack on some serious strength gains but he couldn’t hold any better than anyone else at the line of attack.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      His grade was around 74 after week 14. He had really bad last 3 games. ifedi’s grade for pass block is 71,5. Britt is 73,5. That is not bad at all.

    • Del tre

      I thought he had a bad year too, hopefully its an outlier and he is a probowl center. A good running back is going to change a lot. Harris would completely change this offense

    • LantermanC

      It’s not all on him, but can’t help but think perhaps his move to center is what has been partially responsible for our failure to generate a running game. Per PFF, our Run blocking went from ~5th in the league for 4 years to bottom 5 the last two (

      • peter

        Unfortunately the whole interior is not getting it done. I’m not sure Hunt or Pocic would be any kind of improvement. Not saying I was happy with Britt this season, but I do think he had a lot of work to do with multiple guards playing beside him this season.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      PFF has value, but I don’t think it’s very accurate in a lot of areas. They don’t know the blocking assignments for every player on every play. It’s especially difficult to grade OL when Russell routinely runs around for 6+ seconds.

    • Adog

      I thought he played very poor this year. He could not read a defense very well. It’s that same old narrative…looks great in a contract year…back to his old tricks ever since. Maybe they move him to tight end.

  26. Whatever

    Hey Rob. You seem to be well informed with what the other teams might need when you make your mock drafts. Where do you get your information from? Do you have any draft podcasts you recommend?

    • Whatever

      Realizing this came off sounding rude, I’m a big fan of your blog, and you seem to be really well informed on other teams besides the Hawks. What I meant was do you follow a lot of football sites? I listen to the around the NFL podcast, and Move the Sticks Podcast, but I’m wondering if there are any other sites or podcasts you recommend as far as football or draft info goes. Thanks for your hard work!

      • Matt B.

        One of the better draft centric podcasts that I’ve found is the “Locked On NFL Draft” podcast, they put out a lot of content specific to draft/combined/Sr. bowl, etc… The ATN podcast is one of my favorites as they are fun to listen to but I don’t think they are pretty surface level with their content, more entertainment than teaching anything. I used to listen to MTS, however, I really don’t think they’re very good in terms of content and they spend so much time talking about their process rather than talking about prospects. Lastly, the Tuesday edition of the Nickel Package podcast has Cian Fahey on it, who is a controversial analyst but I’ve learned a lot from listening to him and it definitely challenges some of the general “easy” analysis of football by focusing more on scheme and coaching as well as execution. I’ve cycled through a lot of NFL podcasts and those are the ones I go back to. In terms of getting a better idea of needs from other teams I find analysts for different teams on twitter and follow them, For example, Arif Hansen for the Vikings and Joe Goodberry for Cincinnati are great follows.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t listen to too many podcasts, mostly Seahawks stuff. I know a few other NFL fans and generally ask them about needs etc.

  27. Ralphy

    Rob what would the typical return be for one of the first seven teams to move up to #18 from their spot in the second round. I’m thinking if one of CLE, NYG, DEN or NYJ were to pass on a QB with their first picks and then wanted to trade back in to the first, what would it take?

    • SoCal12

      If it were up to me I’d be trying my best to sell #18 to Cleveland for their #33 pick and late second they got from Philly. Cleveland would be getting 3 blue chip first rounders in their quest for relevancy and still be able to pick in the second round with the pick they got from Houston. Seattle meanwhile gets to pick at the top of the second, which usually still has leftover first round talent, while also recouping a pick for day two.

    • Rob Staton

      A team picking in the early second would need to give up at least a third rounder.

      The best example of recent history was San Francisco trading from #31 to #18 to take Eric Reid in 2013. That deal cost the Niners their third round pick.

      • Ralphy

        Thanks Rob
        SoCal I completely agree with you. I also think the first pick of round two is incredibly valuable because you have a day to take offers from teams who are wanting to move up for someone that has fallen.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    Posted this at the end of last thread, but give it a read to get a little insight into my life and journey as an aspiring soccer coach in the PNW

    • peter

      Good luck with your journey. It’s cool that even in that short piece the coach(es) seemed decently willing to get you started on your path.

      • Kenny Sloth

        There’s a lot of opportunity in the sport because a lot of people have no idea what they’re doing.

        • peter

          not to be a wiseass but it shows going all the way to the top with this year’s qualifying debacle….woof….

    • Sea Mode

      Kenny, was thinking about this again last night and thought it might be cool for you to eventually pair your passion and ability for scouting into your plans down the line. With the experience you gain now working with the youth, try to start learning how to identify traits that the successful ones show early on and you could eventually become a scout for the US Soccer youth squads!

      Not sure if that’s something you would like, but it would definitely be a way to realize your vision of changing the status quo of US Soccer. Imagine if a player you scouted and recruited to the youth program ended up being selected to USMNT! Maybe a few more top youth athletes choose soccer over other sports because of what you saw in them and encouraged them to shoot for!

      Just an idea. 🙂

      • Kenny Sloth

        Thats the idea. Start from the ground up.

        Show them love and respect for the game and let them be creative individuals within the system.

  29. New Guy

    A casual perusing of the Dallas Cowboys SB Nation site shows no public ground swell for the trading of their first round pick for Earl.

    I can understand why the Cowboys HQ wouldn’t be stoking a feeding frenzy of interest for Earl, but no posters or even comment strings bring this up.

    It could be that trading Earl for the Cowboys’ first pick is a pipe dream of Seahawk fans.

    Perhaps this hope on the minds of some of those here needs a little adjustment – or at least some refinement.


    • C-Dog

      They have the 19th pick. I can totally understand the lack of excitement trading away a bit in the teens for a 28 year old FS. I think the chances are that, if Seattle is set to deal ET, it would probably more likely for a late first, or maybe a second and third.

      I could see DQ in Atlanta maybe making a push for him.

    • peter

      I think Dallas is the easy thought per Earl and his post-game outburst….that’s all. I’m not convinced they trade Earl but rather get a high second for a future first then turn that second into a mid second/late third. Something like that.

      The argument can be made that Seattle already drafted in the 2nd and 3rd round this year with Richardson and Brown.

      Another more honest thought was yes they did do that but the fell a lot further than they thought they were at the time and now with the dual (possible) retirements of Avrila and Kam, plus Sherman perhaps being an unknown, still no running game, no slot corner, and a dline that had a hard time getting pressure and LB’s that had a few injuries, plus a terrible special teams squad Seattle needs a pretty serious influx of talent.

      I know Seattle was a few kicks away from the playoffs but did they honestly ever feel in control this season? Maybe against the Eagles but that might be it for the year.

  30. drewdawg11

    They have no cap room to trade for him. Why would they be talking about it?

    • Hawk Eye

      exactly. They need to sign Martin and Lawrence and are always tight to the cap. They have no room to sign Earl.
      If Earl gets traded, they probably have to do it by resigning McDougal first. I thinkt he draft is about 6 weeks after FA starts, so that can complicate their plans

  31. Ishmael

    Any interest in Derwin James? At the start of the season we were all pretty confidently saying he was one of the five best players in college football, then along with FSU he didn’t have as good a season as everyone thought.

    He’s a genuine freak athlete, and still coming back from that knee. The concern this year was his stiffness, but I’d back Seattle’s performance guys to loosen him up a bit. He can bang in a big way, he’s a great size, and he carries himself like a big dog – he’d be able to hang in the Seattle locker room. No replacing Kam, but I’d be pretty keen to have a look at James.

    • C-Dog

      I think he’s an interesting idea if he’s sitting there at 18, but I think the chances are higher that Seattle would looking at one of the more talented RBs.

    • H

      He’s another example of a player Id be really interested in taking and would be really excited about…. if we had a second round pick.
      I don’t want to wait till the 4th round for a RB, too big a need too much talent

    • Rob Staton

      James could easily go in the top-15 if a team really likes him. A great combine and sound medical checks would help.

      But I know there’s also a feeling that he will fall further than many expect. If the teams who like him don’t take him early, he could last into the second half of round one.

      I just think he’s a box safety, stiff in space and not the greatest coverage guy. Doesn’t make a lot of plays. He’s physical and athletic, great tackler. But not someone I would necessarily covet.

      • Trevor

        Rob have you watched his Freshman tape? He was coming off a knee injury this year and got better as the year went on. Sure he has limitations but he is much more athletic than Kam and has the size, tackling ability and toughness to play that role. He is also an under rated blitzer/ pass rusher.

        I think we have bigger needs but would love him at 18.

        The FSU prospects all had down years but I think all 5 would look great in a Hawks Uni.

        James SS
        Mcfadden CB
        Nadi DT
        Tate WR
        Sweat Edge

        • Rob Staton

          I have seen his freshman tape. Still saw more hits and sound tackling than big plays. To me he’s a box safety.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            If James put on 10-15 pounds he could look a lot like Shazier at LB. We could use more team speed on D. James replacing KJ would be a huge upgrade athletically at least. Just a thought.

            Hope Shazier is able to recover and live a normal healthy life. Was and am a huge fan of his!

            • Rob Staton

              Shazier had elite, elite speed. Put 10-15lbs on Derwin James and he isn’t going to get close to Shazier’s forty.

              • Tecmo Bowl

                Yeah you’re probably right. Really wanted the hawks to draft Shazier, but we never had the chance.

    • Trevor

      IMO James could absolutely replace Kam. If they trade Earl and move Mcdougald to FS he would make a ton of sense at 18.

      People loved the idea of Obi Melinowfu last year and James a much better player than him IMO. I think he will be an impact defender as a rookie.

      • Rob Staton

        The idea with Melifonwu though was someone who could potentially play corner and despite his size he had better short range speed than even the best nickel CB’s. He was seen as a big nickel. Carroll resisted the temptation to use McDougald that way and stuck to his scheme. James is a pure box safety IMO.

        • Trevor

          I agree he is definitely a box Safety but think he could also be ideal to play that deathbacker position.

          • Trevor

            I think Kam was very integral to the success of Seattle’s run defense. While Mcdougald played well and was an upgrade in pass defense the team clearly missed Kam’s Physical presence. I think James would provide that.

            • Rob Staton

              McDougald graded very highly in run defense actually. He’s not Kam but he played the run well.

          • Rob Staton

            Maybe — but Carroll literally scoffed at the possibility of using a deathbacker or big nickel multiple times when speaking to Brock & Salk during the season — and backed that up by barely using McDougald until Earl and Kam got hurt.

            • Trevor

              Good point.

            • Hawk Eye

              if you want to know where the Hawks will draft, you have to look at their last 2 drafts. I doubt they draft James after taking 2 safeties last year. Guys like Vannett, Darboh, Hill are expected to play next year. But fans have no patience.
              Everyone wants the new draft pick to solve a problem, but teams always have young players that have been with them for a year or two and they plan to use them to solve some of these problems. For that reason, I also doubt the Hawks will take an O lineman high. They have enough draft capital invested in the O line and it takes a few years for them to be competent anyways.

              • LLLOGOSSS


  32. Ed

    So quiet on the coaching front. Looks like status quo for next year. My bet would be if all coaches stay the same and the team struggles and misses the playoffs again, PC will retire and 2019 will be a major overhaul. My guess would be only RW/DB/BW will be the only remaining SB players.

    JS just don’t get too cute and miss out. You need a RB in the worst of ways. Get Chubb/Michel/Harris

    • DC

      Just read that Kris Richard is interviewing for the Colts HC position tomorrow. Good luck Kris. It would be a good change for all parties imho.

  33. C-Dog

    Not going full boar on the predictions, but I think this might be a reasonable offseason scenario.

    Kam and Cliff retire.

    Seattle cuts the contracts of Jeramy Lane, and Jon Ryan

    Seattle works out an extension with Sheldon Richardson in the Timmy Jernigan realm of 4 years $48 Mill.

    Seattle extends Bradley McDougald to 3 years $18 mill.

    Seattle trades Earl Thomas to the Dallas Cowboys for the Cowboy’s 2018 2nd and 4th round picks, and OG La’el Collins.

    Seattle allows PRich, JG, and Luke Joekel leave in FA.

    Seattle extends Luke Willson, and RFA’s Dion Jordan, Justin Coleman, and Mike Davis.

    Seattle keeps Bennett and Sherman around another year. Not a full maker over on defense, but more of a transition. The cost savings of cutting Bennett isn’t much, and Pete isn’t ready to part ways with Sherman.

    Seattle reaches a FA deal with TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    2018 NFL DRAFT

    Seattle deal pick 18 to the Jacksonville for picks 26, 89, and 126 so the Jags can move up to select a QB.

    26: R1P26

    Seattle takes the RB they covet

    50: R2P18

    Seattle adds a productive explosive play maker to the front seven to be a SAM/LEO

    89: R3P25

    Seattle adds depth at WR and a hedge for Lockett

    122: R4P20

    Seattle adds another tall corner to groom behind Sherman

    128: R4P26

    Seattle add a 5 tech to groom behind Mike Bennett

    148: R5P9

    Seattle adds depth at RE

    171: R5P32

    Seattle add speed at LB

    227: R7P8

    Seattle adds depth at OL

    249: R7P30

    Seattle adds a kicker

    250: R7P31

    Seattle adds another developmental QB in the RW mold.

    • Sea Mode

      *Full bore (sorry, had to on that one…)

      Why would they give us Collins? I know it’s just a mock scenario and all, but they just gave him a 2 year extension relatively very cheap ($7.7m apy) and he’s playing at RT for them this year, not Guard. Their offense is Zeke and the running game, so I see no way they let him go. (unless there is some narrative on him I missed…?)

      I do like your thought of keeping Bennett and Sherman around. Sherm sounds motivated to bounce back stronger than ever. The time off rehabbing should allow the rest of his body to heal properly as well, something it seems he hasn’t been able to do in a while.

      I still have in the back of my mind as well the thought of Sherm moving to SS. McDougald at FS, Sherm at SS, Maxwell at CB as you find more young guys to groom for that spot. Might be the backup plan if Earl does go and they don’t think Hill is ready to start yet.

      Mike B is still a leader, a very intelligent player, and could contribute in a big way in more limited snaps. Plus, as you say, the cap savings are minimum moving on from him. Leadership is another big factor here. Since Kam is almost surely moving on, Mike becomes the veteran vocal leader of the defense. Not good to lose all that leadership in one fell swoop if possible.

      I could get on board with a draft like that as well, hedging Lockett a year ahead of time. Maybe my only wish would be to add some more OG competition a bit earlier to push Pocic and Odhiambo. For one, because I feel there are some really good Guard prospects that will be available in the late R2-early R3 range. Also, from a roster-management standpoint, with Ifedi and Odhiambo going into their 3rd year, I think you need to add another rookie option this year so that 2 years down the road you have plenty of options and don’t back yourself into a corner needing to pay those guys.

      I always enjoy reading your scenarios. Thanks and keep ’em coming!

      • Michigan 12th

        I would like what you suggested, but I think there is no way we get that much for Earl, and no way Jacksonville gives up that much draft capitol to move up 8-10 spots.

      • Trevor

        I kind of like the idea od Mcdougald FS, Sherm SS. Sherm is solid in the run game and a great tackler. He could obviously cover TE and RB is passing game. I just don’t know if he is big enough to hold up in run game or to make it through 16 games.

        • C-Dog


      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Sea Mode!

        In terms of Collins, I think it’s two fold:

        1. I think Dallas might be unlikely to part with pick 19, and I think Seattle might be unlikely to part with ET for a Day 2, and Day 3 pick. This brings the whole JG trade into fold when Seattle also dealt Unger. Dallas gets the best FS in the game for their R2, R4 picks and deal Collins. Is Collins a better RT than what Unger was at C?

        2. It’s my overly wishful thinking Seattle adds a veteran to the OL that’s primary fueling it. I guess with that is the desire to use this draft to address RB while continually getting younger on defense.

        In terms of Sherman at SS, you and I have had that same thought in the back of our minds. Sherm is really solid at run support for a corner, is highly intelligent at reading offenses and down and distance stuff, and maybe a move to safety helps preserve that achilles some.

    • ZHawk

      Love the Nwosu pick, but we may be able to get him later than the early second. Converted defensive back who has already shown solid pass rush technique.

      • C-Dog

        If he is a really good tester though, Seattle might not wait too long for him if they really like him. Bobby and Frank Clark were terrific testers and pundits felt Seattle reached on both in R2.

    • VancouverHawk

      Rasheem Green is not making it to the 4th round. Will almost surely be a day 1 or 2 pick

  34. Millhouse-serbia

    I hope that JS will trade KJ for 3rd round pick, ET for late.1st and Britt for 2nd. Britt is 2,5 mil against.SC in dead money but with trading ET and cuting Sherm we wont have problems with SC. And we will have clean SC for 2019.

    Next year OL: Brown, Odhiambo, Pocic, Ifedi, Fant

  35. Awsi Dooger

    Who are you trying to kid? I like Settle’s athletic ability but he wasn’t worth a flip in that bowl game. Laughably fat and sloppy, especially in the thighs and midsection. It was like a retreat to his 2016 body type.

    Against Oklahoma State’s offense the need wasn’t to stand up and be stalemated. That’s all Settle could manage at that weight. The Hokies needed a slashing disruptive tackle and Settle wasn’t capable of anything of the sort. At one point he was sitting on his ass in the middle of the field and had to be taken out of the game.

    I don’t doubt that he received a good grade based on talent level and what he did during the regular season.

    • Rob Staton

      What’s with the attitude dude? Chill.

      Settle didn’t have the splash plays vs Oklahoma State but if you re-watch the game, you’ll notice how much attention OKST gave him. Frequent double teams. He absorbed those blocks, held the POA and you might notice how much success Housun Gaines enjoyed as a consequence.

      We’re talking about a 4-5 star recruit, who moves with unnatural athleticism for 330lbs, who had seven more TFL’s than Vita Vea in 2017 and clearly shows in the clips posted what he’s capable of. He’s good.

      • C-Dog


    • Sea Mode

      Oh, goodness, now Wickersham is doing it to the Patriots as well? Skimmed through it. Not worth it IMO.

      Cliff notes: basically, Belichick gifted away Garappolo because Brady felt his place was insecure and Brady’s personal trainer and his methods have caused a huge rift in the locker room, instigating players to disregard Belichick and other trainers’ indications.

      I guess it turns out locker room turmoil makes for good drama clickbait and he’s gonna stick with it.

      • Rob Staton

        I can live without Wickersham’s articles.

        Stuff happens behind the scenes. As a sports journalist over here, even the successful teams have something going on. A player and coach who don’t see eye to eye, team mates not getting on, drama, arguments, fighting. Etc. It’s part of life. Teams aren’t just happily skipping along being BFF’s together on a lovable journey to the playoffs.

        All Wickersham does is turn the game into a soap opera, turning minor privates matters into big public issues.

        • Trevor

          +1 there are 60-70 personalities around an NFL locker room. There is going to be conflict.

          There are enough soap operas and reality TV we don’t need more. Wickersham is an attention grabber who spins things to make them seem sensational when it is often then norm.

  36. StuSwainson

    The name that jumps out at me there is Fitzpatrick. Do you really see him dropping into that range and why?

    He seems to have stood out every time i watch Alabama tape the last couple of years. Seems to compare to Ramsey pretty well. Secondary isn’t a big need but he would seem too good to pass up at 18 if he were to get there. Makes tough decisions about ET/RS/KC going forward easier.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he will go between 10-25. He’s a bit overrated. Think he’s more one-dimensional as a free safety, best working in short spaces in coverage, athletic but not Earl (who lasted to #14) and not as good as Clinton-Dix who lasted to #21.

      • Trevor

        +1 seems like the Alabama guys get underrated or overrated because of the talent around them. I always find their prospects a tough evaluation

        • peter

          Agreed. I’m always a little leery getting too stoked for players from Alabama just because they have such strong positional units across every phase of the game.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            +1 Bama is LOADED every year. Makes it difficult to evaluate individual players.

    • LeoSharp

      He’s probably best at nickel corner. That’s where he makes most of his plays

      • peter

        I’m leaning hard on a RB/ EDGE/ LB ut Seattle does have a need at Nickel Corner.

        Just thinking about the nickel package I’d like to see some healthy competition going into the season if they are going to continue with that package as opposed to a traditional 4-3. I understand that there were a ton of injuries but it didn’t seem like even at health the team was very productive on certain down and distances….

        • Rob Staton

          I think Justin Coleman proved to be a near revelation at nickel corner.

          It’s a really difficult position to play.

          • peter

            Coleman, I’d agree with you about him. Hope Seattle retains him with a solid contract and does not have to go into the season looking for another player to fill his shoes.

          • H

            +1 Seattle’s best off season moves were all the unheralded ones: Coleman, Dion, Mcdougald.

            • Trevor


  37. Michigan 12th

    With our defense currently configured how it is, winning shootouts will have to be a part of our plan going forward. I am not saying that every game will be a shootout, but there will be plenty of them. Sherman played against the Texans, so even getting him back still leaves us with games where the other team scores a lot of points. The Rams should be able to light up the scoreboard again next season as well. So we really need to build an offense that is capable of scoring points. So we either have to build our offense or our build our defense. It is really hard to build both when you are paying a franchise QB and several defensive studs. However if you release, trade, or cut your defensive stars then you are left with hole to fill, and it wont be as easy to replace them as a lot on here think it will be. So what do you do? I think we need to role with what we got on defense, maybe try to bring in a speedy linebacker, possibly trade Sherm but that sucks, and go offense hoping that we get a OG that can play big boy football, a RB that stays healthy and has game changing ability, and hopefully our WR from last year take major steps forward in 2018.

    • Sea Mode

      I think the Rams will only be lighting up the scoreboard again if Bobby and KJ are both out again. That game was the perfect storm with our injuries and our whole defense coming off a slugfest the week before at JAX.

    • peter

      I think Seattle is closer to getting back to a strong defense/powerful run game than they are to building a shootout offense.

      I honestly believe there is a really good core of defensive players to build on. This list is both not complete and purposefully devoid of players with futures that may be in question. Also this list is going to be my take on players that are impactful of note and again for me are both not readily replaced nor is there even a reason to replace said player.

      Reed, Jones, Jefferson, Clark, Bennett…Wagner, Wright….Griffin, McDougald, ETIII…sherman is omitted because you really can’t tell with an Achilles tear, and every team says “x player is coming along great.” I’ll believe it when I see it.

      On offense: Wilson…Baldwin…Brown, Britt…..Not included: Lockett has simply not yet come back or regained his previous explosiveness, Nothing from Darboh yet, Prich I think signs a nice contract form someone else, Between Vannett and WIllson I think it’s possible to get a TD that provides you with 30 receptions and maybe even all 5 of their total TD’s for the year. Graham….wildcard. Great TD’s but not really any other production for the cost.

      For the Oline: the guards have been pretty terrible. Ifedi will probably start again but it’s not like he’s doing more good than bad.

      The running backs: Procise, too many injuries, Mckissic, nice but not remarkable, Davis might not even be playing if there was anyone else. Rawls doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to come back. Carson, we really don’t know what stuff he’s made of as per coming back. Lacy…we hardly knew you.

      I know that’s a cynical take but I seriously think seattle has a pretty bad offense. And on the whole it would be easier to retool the defense and get a run game, then start trying to find game breaking WR’s at the same time as trying to find multiple Guards and an explosive TE all at once.

  38. Trevor

    Rob I have always thought your best scouting evaluations have been of OL prospects. Are there any day #3 guys you have identified as solid development prospects?

    If the team decides to move on from ZBS what are your thoughts on Fluker as a cheaper Vet option at LG. Flamed out at OT with the Chargers but the Giants rum game really improved when he was inserted at LG this year. Just curious of your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      Not yet — will get there eventually though. Senior Bowl will help identify some options there.

      I’m not against Fluker but not super keen on him either. In all honesty, I’d love to find a way to land Isaiah Wynn.

      • Trevor

        Wynn does look solid I have to admit. Sounds strange to say about a prospect but I love how consistent he is! Play in play out you know what you are getting. He must be intelligent because he never seems to miss an assignment. Likely a guy who plays 10-12 yrs at LG with little fan fare similar to a TJ Lang who was also an OT in college with similar athletic profile.

      • peter

        I think it’s possible to get Wynn and a good running back. But it may come at the cost of trading Earl. With just the one pick and even trading that down for a late first mid third you could still maybe get Wynn and Jones II or Kerryon Johnson. Right now I feel like those two are just a bit closer to falling to the third than being selected in the 2nd.

        • H

          Scenario… Seattle trades earl for an early second and third rounder, some trades, up and down, gives them pick three times between 25 and 65.
          We take Chubb, Wynn, and Michel and just assume Georgia’s rushing attack?
          Impossible? no. likely? eh probably not, fun thought though

          • Sea Mode

            Haha, fun thought! Might as well hire their RB coach while we’re at it? 😉

          • Rob Staton

            I’m down with that! Can we get Lorenzo Carter to play SAM/LEO too?

            • Trevor

              I like Carter a lot too!

          • peter

            jokes aside I’m secretly hoping they get two of those three to really change the run game. all three even better.

            I’m with Rob add in Carter and wrap up the draft…

            • Trevor

              Seriously if we got Michel, Wynn and Carter that alone would be a great draft for me.

              Add Griffin, Auburn kicker and Texas punter on Day#3 then call it a day.

              • peter

                now you’re just jinxing me! Griffin and two new kickers, heck yeah.

  39. Sea Mode

    Woo hoo, found a discount Ronald Jones II ! Hoping this allows us to get the 5-10, 220 guy early (Harris, Chubb) and then come back and grab this guy on day 3. Feast your eyes:

    Larry Rose III – New Mexico State – 2017 Season Highlights

    5-11, 195. 900+yds rushing and 500+ yds passing his senior year. 12 TDs. Zero career fumbles!

    Notice how he finds and hits the holes in the zone scheme with ease. This blurb from PFF is what put me onto him in the first place:

    Rose is a shifty runner who excels in zone schemes where he posted the eighth-best grade in the nation last season [2016]. He forced a missed tackle on 27.3 percent of his touches, sixth-best among draft-eligible running backs.

    Watch how he approaches the line with patient acceleration, applies his vision, then bursts through the hole. Go ahead, treat yourself to his sophomore highlights as well 🙂 (he was slowed down by injury a bit his junior year, so sophomore and senior years are him at full strength):

    Larry Rose lll Highlights 2015-16

    He is a polite, suit and tie, yes sir, smiling, articulate young man in interviews, but also has the chip on his shoulder. The big schools in the area all came to scout him in HS, but nobody offered him except NM St.

    Seemingly every coach, those from Power 5 level schools to lower-level conference schools, visited practices and games to see Larry Rose III. He still has stacks of handwritten letters from some of those coaches, but no one offered him a scholarship.

    “You have people coming to you saying you’re good and they really want you, but they don’t offer you a scholarship, so you don’t know who to believe,” said Larry of the recruiting process. “If there was a book you could write to kids saying this is what you need to do at the running back position to get recruited, everything I did my senior year – all the numbers and stats – would be in that book.”

    “Each week there’s a different chip on my shoulder,” Rose said. “For example, Texas State offered me at corner, so every time we play Texas State it’s like, ‘I could be there but it’s your loss.’

    “That’s what I appreciate about playing in the Sun Belt because every team in the conference except maybe Idaho knew who I was, coming out. They didn’t take a chance on me, so that’s what I like about it. It’s good to get revenge, I guess you could say.”

    Here’s an interview just to get an idea of how he speaks. The last 2 min. are funny, he’s laughing along with the reporters:

    2017 Sun Belt Media Day: New Mexico State RB Larry Rose III

    Hard worker. Dropped from 180 to 170lbs. over the course his freshman season (normal for RBs during a season), then came back in the offseason and put on 20 to get up to 190. Now listed at 195, he says 200 is the ideal for him to shoot for.

    Right attitude, team-first, and humility:

    “I’m not making the highlight reel runs but when plays need to be made, Coach Martin and the team know they can count on me and that’s my role this year,” Rose said. “I’ve already had the spotlight on me. I want everybody else to have that. Now it’s my time to do the dirty work.”

    “Everybody knows who Larry Rose III is so as far as this season and individual success, I’m not concerned about it,” Rose said. “Individually I have done everything I have come to accomplish. Now it’s time to finish it out with this team success.”

    Larry is out to do more than just prove his worth on the football field. He’s out to leave a legacy. He’s out to change the world. Because that’s who he has always been.

    “I want everybody’s response to be the same when they see me,” said Larry. “When I hear that people say ‘class’ [to describe me], that puts a smile on my face because that means I’m doing something right and I’m accomplishing what I set out to do.”

    • Trevor

      Nice find and post!

    • Michigan 12th

      Nice find Sea Mode, I love this guy as a Procise replacement. I was questioning his top speed until that touch down up the middle against Idaho, man what burst was that. I like him, plus he will probably be available late fourth fifth round. He would be a good addition to our team for sure. The last guy I read about on here that had zero fumbles in his college career was Kareem Hunt, so hopefully this guy will produce like him, and be a Seahawk of course.

      • Sea Mode

        He certainly doesn’t have Ronald Jones II’s elite sprinter speed, that’s why he won’t be going in R1-R2 like Jones, but the vision and burst get it done and he is tailor made for ZBS.

    • H

      Looks good!
      No career fumbles, you know what coach would love that? all of them.

  40. Hawk Eye

    for those who wake up every day hoping to see if the Hawks fired “any coaches”, go back to bed–113231846

    read em and weep folks

    since they don’t give me a vote, not going to complain either way. I would not be disappointed to see one of them go because the whole dynamic of Cable controlling the run game and being a assistant head coach ahead of Bevel seems dysfunctional. Kinda like the Hawks offence this year….

    lets hope a good, healthy RB makes for a better 2018!

    • Rob Staton

      I think we’ll need to wait and see there. There has been some talk of moves, with Alex Van Pelt a possible option to come to Seattle. It’s certainly possible Cable and Bevell go — but we’ll see. Should find out either way soon.

      • Hawk Eye

        i agree, if a change comes, it will have to come in the next week or so.
        The one move I can see coming is to change QB coaches sine Carl Smith is almost 70, and I think it would be good for Russell to get a fresh voice

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Get Hasselbeck

      • JJ

        Of all the coaches, I think Cable needs to go, but really am afraid he’ll be coming back. Too bad as it seems like anytime the line uses man/power schemes (like the Lions playoff game last year) good things happen.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          JJ- Agreed. Why can’t Cable use a mix of ZBS and power schemes? Mixing it up keeps the DL on their toes a lot more. Reach blocks are difficult, especially when the DL you’re reaching for is more athletic and stronger than you. The combine clearly illustrates DLineman are more athletic than OLineman on average. As a DL if you have a good idea how you’re going to be blocked it makes your job exponentially easier-creating penetration etc.

    • Trevor

      I have made a conscious decision to not even think about coaches till after the draft. If nothing has changed by Training Camp then Rob may have to block me for complaining so much.

      • Ed

        Funny but true. To me, it almost looks like it might be PC final season. Get rid of some veterans this year (CA/KC), keep (MB/ET/RS/KW) and all the coaches and see what happens. Another season like this year (bad oline/bad running game/bad penalites/etc…) and PC will leave and then massive changes for 2019 (no ET/RS/MB/KW) because JS will probably really blow it up.

    • Logan Lynch

      SEA isn’t going to fire a coach without having a replacement already hired. Maybe there’s someone they want who is either interviewing for HC positions right now or is currently coaching in the playoffs. Usually, SEA is on the other side of the coin with this by virtue of making the playoffs, so this is a bit of a different scenario for them.

  41. Trevor

    I watched a bunch of FSU games to check out Derwin James and Derrick Nnadi.

    Two other guys jumped out as having Blue Chip upside to me and I would love get other peoples thoughts.

    Tavarus Mcfadden- I think he has the ideal size, skill set and ball skills to be an impact FS in the mode of Clinton Dix in GB. He played mostly CB at FSU but some Safety. He is 6-1/205 and a very willing tackler. It will be interesting to see how he runs but looks like a 4.5 type guy. Surprised he is not getting more hype and think he will be a steal for someone on Day #2

    Auden Tate- FSU has such awful QB play that judging WR play is tough. That being said Tate looks like the prototype big WR to me at 6-4/225. Always seemed to be open and looked great winning jump ball situations. Combine will be huge for him but he looks like the perfect big WR compliment to Baldwin and Locket. If Graham moves on he could be that big red zone target.

  42. drewdawg11

    Ok people, I woke up today and went down a rabbit hole, so to speak. I watched about an hour and a half of film on all of the top backs, highlight videos, actual film, etc. I came across something truly telling. If you’ve not watched “Sam’s Film Room”, it’s agtually pretty darn good stuff. In week one last season he highlighted the issues in the Seahawks’ rushing attack. The combination of poor line play and poor running back play totally killed us. It’s basically what I have been seeing all season when I rewind the games and watch. It’s also the main reason I hate Joeckel as a hawk. He’s bad. Anyway, here is the link to that.

    Now, one of the issues was how Lacey, Provise, etc. missed extra yardage with poor decisions and missing holes. My biggest grip with Rawls during his rookie year was how many plays he left on the field. When coaching, we watch film and I kept a stat called “PLOTF”, (plays left on the field). If the guys saw me wrote “PLOTF”, they knew the bad news was coming.

    He also just did one on the recent Rose Bowl performance of Chubb and Michel, and what I was saying last night about Chubb’s vision also came into play during this breakdown.

    While Sony has that breakaway element, and his passing game skills seem pretty good, Chubb excels in picking the right hole and getting more yards than the play is initially blocked for. In other words, he gets the most out of his opportunities and seeks out those YAC. His one weakness may be open field cuts,but he’s more than adequate in making his line look good. Does that sound like someone we need? Carson has that. If he’s healthy then he and Chubb can help this offense in a huge way. Thy will both stay fresher, and we still have the opportunity to add someone else to be the pop the top guy or get loose in the passing game as well. Also, I didn’t see Chubb get caught from behind very often. One of the things I notice about Harris is that he finds those creases and makes lightning fast decisions and cuts beautifully, but he gets caught from behind more than I thought he should. Some of that is circumstance, but even against the weaker teams, he was caught. I’m sure it’s not a huge deal. I think Chubb needs to pass his medicals with flying colors, but is he does, that’s our ideal back

    • Sea Mode

      Glad you got a chance to dig into it, and thanks for sharing your notes.

      I think Chubb is going to blow up the combine. Deciding between him and Harris is a tough call and requires more in-depth scouting I think. It will surely continue to be a discussion point for us here. Of course, Harris hasn’t even declared yet, so that could all be null.

  43. Trevor

    If Sea re-signs Richardson, Mcdowell comes back and they draft Edmunds our front 7 would be scary 2013 level good.

    DE Jordan, Clark, Bennett, Mcdowell
    DT Richardson, Reed, Jones, Vet run stuffer
    LB Wags, Kj Edmunds

    • Hawk Eye

      the only caveat to that is we all thought the Bennett, Avril, Clark and Richardson Line was going to destroy teams also.

      • H

        Injuries ruined that dream, at least these guys are young enough to instil some confidence that won’t happen again

      • C-Dog

        I think a healthy full season of Cliff Avril and that would have been likely.

  44. Logan Lynch

    I admit to not watching much tape at all and rely on others to provide info. I felt like looking up stats and trying to find intriguing guys that way. With that being said, is the DB Greg Stroman from Virginia Tech legit? He’s kind of in between Lane and Thurmond at 5116, but a little thin at 181 lbs. Just judging by the numbers, he seems like a very good punt returner with 4 career TDs (2 this season with an 11.0 yd avg on 36 returns). Also has 9 career interceptions with 7 in the past 2 years. He’s listed as the #10 CB and #168 overall on nfldraftscout. Maybe mid round depth and ST help to let Lockett focus on WR?

  45. Sea Mode

    Oooh, a day 3 SS with Kam’s size, KJ’s arm length (ok, probably not, but you get the point… 😉 ) and Malik Hooker’s ball skills! Leader in the locker room and smart on the field to recognize and cut off routes.

    Kyle Queiro NU Highlights

    Gonna have to look into the rest of his game, but that’s a dang good start.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He almost looks like he could play corner with the way he breaks on the ball.

  46. cha

    Rotoworld says Lamar Jackson declares.

    • Logan Lynch

      Perfect, now we can trade Russell Wilson for multiple first round picks and draft Jackson. That way we have a QB that will step up into the pocket and not try to escape and make plays with his legs!

      • Ed

        Won’t happen, but if possible, which would you take:

        Cleveland #4/#33


        Buffalo #22/#25

        • Trevor


          Maybe for Browns 1,4,33 and Browns #1 next year

          • Trevor

            -Sign Cousins with Russ Cap Space
            -#1 Barkley
            #4 Trade to Jets to get in front of Den for QB and pick up a 2nd rounder #38
            #6 Nelson
            #18 James
            #33 Davenport
            #37 Settle

            + Browns #1 next year

            Would be tempting I have to admit. Still think I keep Russ

      • Trevor

        What pocket?

        • Logan Lynch

          Zing! You know that pair of pants you have where your keys keep falling down the pants leg? Yeah, it’s like that.

        • Sea Mode

          The ones from which RW launched perfectly placed passes to Jimmy up the seam followed by ADB on the corner route last week, for example…

          • Trevor

            I just meant Russ has had a terrible pass pro Oline his entire career. He has been forced to scramble alot.

            • Sea Mode

              I know, just messin with ya… 🙂

  47. Trevor

    So much for Cable to Raiders with Gruden as OC.

    Gruden already had Rams quarterback coach Greg Olson in place to be offensive coordinator,

  48. cha

    Schefter says Gruden is getting a 10yr deal valued up to $100m to coach the Raiders.

    • Trevor

      Crazy but there is no salary cap why not. Imagine what Saban would get or Bill B should get.

      When Pete retires I would love to see David Shaw as Hawks next HC.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Thats crazy, I wonder how much is guaranteed or if coaches salaries are all guaranteed.

        • Hawk Eye

          look at his record the last 4 years in Tampa. How much would he get if he won there for more than 1 season with someone else’s team?

    • Volume12

      And a ‘splashy’ news conference. The hell does that mean? They gonna roll out a fountain? Introduce him in front of the Bellagio in Vegas?

      • Logan Lynch

        Pool party conference I think.

      • Trevor

        That would be too funny!

  49. Trevor

    Off topic but who are the WC winners this weekend? I think

    Atl, KC, NO, Jags

    • Ed

      LA/NO/JAX and going out on a limb and say TEN upsets KC because of their run game (Mariota and Henry) and defense 14-13 or 13-10

      • Greg Haugsven

        Rams, Saints (NFC Super Bowl Rep), Bills, and Chiefs

        • Hawk Eye

          well, all we have now is schadenfreude season. I used to love watching the 49’rs lose and implode until they became pathetic.

          Want the Pats and Steelers to lose in AFC, Ram and Falcons to lose in NFC. Hope Rams lose first, then Falcons lose next week. Don’t want our “little brothers” to do well.

          I don’t really care who wins from the rest. I can see Vikings or Saints from NFC. And really hard to see who can beat both the Steelers and Pats in AFC, but I can still dream…..

      • vrtkolman

        I have KC as my lock of the week. At home and Tennessee is a dumpster fire right now. The players hate the coaches.

      • Volume12

        Remember when the over whelming opinion about Derrick Henry was that he would be a bust? Ran too high or some BS like that was the knock on him?

  50. Millhouse-serbia

    Davis hsu is on fire on twiter. 😀

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Malik again, bennet 70% out, mcdougald 70% back, kam is.done with football…

      • Trevor

        Does anyone really believe Davis Hsu has the actual inside track on the Hawks off season plans. Come on

    • Volume12

      With all due respect to him, his takes have become piping hot. Bordering on dumpster fire like aka trash.

      • Dylanlep

        To be fair, this is more like him reporting what he has heard from his guy rather than his editorial on rw.

    • Volume12

      I apologize to you good sir.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Nonsense, zero credibility

      • Millhouse-serbia

        Don’t kill the messenger. 😀

        • Ed

          Whether true or not, I like all those things

          • Hawk Eye

            i read though his twitter just now.
            Interesting. I don’t see a lot of “hot takes”
            seems to be what he has been told by someone in FO.

            Malik has made a lot of progress, after earlier setbacks
            They want to keep Earl. Term is the issue, not money. Sounds like they would franchise him next year if they have to. Earl just wants top $$.
            FO likes Bevel, split on Cable. They want Cable to adapt scheme to fit players.
            If they keep Earl and Sherm, probably cannot keep Sheldon.
            Avril may play next year.

            some things to hope for, at the very least

            • C-Dog

              Makes a lot of sense on the Cable front.

              Seems like the offseason could hinge on whether they can reach a deal with Earl in terms of contract length, and if not whether they would be willing to actively pursue or entertain offers.

              Also, interesting, they want Maxwell back as well as McDougald. Don’t know how they make all that happen, if they hang onto Sherman and Earl, and as well as extend Sheldon.

              Probably signals why Bennett is 70% gone if they are going to pursue a Sheldon extension. Not much cab saving on Bennett if they cut him now, but I think in after June 1st, they can save $5.5 million if they release him.

              Personally, I like the idea of NOT trading Earl, unless Jerry Jones makes some ridiculous offer, having him play out 2018 if they don’t reach a deal, and using the franchise tag on him for a year. This buys two years of him on the team, and allows the team further flexibility find a longer term replacement.

              If they can get any 2018 production out of Malik McDowell, that’s a big time bonus. I’m still really skeptical there. But if things are looking good, could be another reason why Bennett could be gone.

              Really don’t like the idea of moving on from Bennett in 2018.

  51. Volume12

    230 comments and not one about the Patriots story? Ya’ll are missing out on some fascinating stuff.

    ‘Hoody’ aka Belicheck knew Brady was regressing and can’t win w/o Group, wanted to keep Jimmy G who has the 9ers looking like the next great offense and NE would’ve won 7 more SBs with him, but Kraft trumped that decision. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    All this coming out a week before they play.

    • Volume12

      * w/o Gronk

    • Volume12

      Kraft has basically chosen 40 year old Brady over the greatest HC this game has probably ever seen. At least this decade.

      Not a huge fan of BB, but his ability to read the room and know who has greatness is something else. He always knows.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      We are starting to see flame tips breaking through the rolling smoke.

      • Volume12

        Shhh. We’re not supposed to buy this.

        • Volume12

          TBF, I didn’t at 1st either. Was kind of ‘meh’ on it, but like you said, there’s stuff coming out that turned this from laughable into believable.

          • Hawk Eye

            oh, there is more

            I think this goes to something I have said for a while. I don’t believe Brady is not breaking down at 40 because he does not eat strawberries or mushrooms. The Balco story should make us aware that a designer steroid is not detectable until you know what the formula is. And Alex Guerrero is a guy who sold millions of $$ of fake cancer medicine to dying people. Helping Brady with an undetectable steroid is not beyond his moral compass. And his claimed treatment methods have many experts highly skeptical. But if you want to throw people off the scent, you have to give them a reason. Bellichick knows Guerrero well enough to ban him from the rest of the team now. If/when he eventually gets caught, and he has treated a lot of Pat players, how big is the asterisk beside their titles? I think Bellichick wants to remove the “future stink” of Guerrero.
            I have studied PEDs for 35 years. Pretty easy to tell who is using if you have some basic information. And if one guy defies logic, there is usually a PED as the answer. And every trainer in the NFL knows 99% of who is using (and that is probably 50% or more of every team).
            TB was going to he HOF no matter what. But I think he has had some extra help the last 4 or 5 years to deny Father Time the normal breakdown of his body. Or it could be the avocado ice cream….

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hoody should Paul Brown it

  52. tony Dif

    Love this mock draft…looks as though Seattle could drop down a few times from 18, stay in the 1st round and not have to worry about RBs coming off the board.

    Only Buffalo might pick a RB after #20, i doubt Patriots do…the rest all have young, stable RBs already.

    am i wrong?

  53. LeoSharp

    I think all this trade talk of Earl will end up the same as last year Sherman talk. He’s a HoF at FS. This draft doesn’t even have a true FS. Next years draft is not looking a lot better and free agency over the next two years looks to have very limited options.
    He’d likely be replaced by Mcdougald who is above average at the position. Tedric Thompson is very
    uninspiring and with his level of athleticism he is most likely a career backup to average starter at best.

  54. Adog

    Seems like i say this every year…but i expect seattle to trade out of the first round. They will pick up a 2,3 and a 5. And i expect them to take the highest rated rb in the 2. Hopefully it will be r jones…but in this deep draft for backs…they will get what they want. I believe that they will have an focus on linebackers after rbs. They need speed at the will.

  55. KHawk


    Agree with last poster. I’m surprised Rob refers to a trade down as just a possibility. I pretty much assume given John/s proclivity to trade down and our lack of a 2 and 3 to make it almost a guaranteed situation assuming a viable trade partner.

    Pete is also pretty honest about his needs so it makes draft speculation fun although the names we kick around here are rarely the ones Pete and John seem to have targeted.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, nothing is a guarantee. I don’t think it’d be accurate to start referring to a trade down as ‘guaranteed’ in the posts I write. Trading down is an option, a possibility. But they had the option to trade down in 2010 and didn’t because of Earl Thomas. If the right player is there at #18, they will seriously consider taking that player.

      Plus, they might acquire picks in other ways.

  56. Coach

    The way Bortles is playing, Jacksonville would probably be a possible trade partner!

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