Pete Carroll: Running back “a big focal point”

Pete Carroll wants to add to the running back position.

That was my big takeaway from his two media appearances today — firstly with Brock and Salk on 710 ESPN and then with reporters in his usual press conference.

We have a real formula (for) how we win” stated Carroll. “We’ve been unable the last two years to incorporate a major aspect of that… (it) is to run the football the way we want to run.”

He went on to highlight the resurgence of teams like the Rams, the Saints, the Eagles and the Vikings. Many of the teams in the playoffs are those capable of providing balance on offense.

The Seahawks haven’t had that balance for two seasons. They haven’t been able to run the ball effectively.

In November I wrote a piece titled, ‘Marshawn Lynch shaped hole still gaping in Seattle’. It was clear, I think, even in 2014 when Lynch was still helping the team, that replacing him was going to be the greatest challenge John Schneider and Pete Carroll faced. They either had to find gold somehow as they did drafting Russell Wilson in round three — or it was going to take an early round pick like the ones spent on Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott and Leonard Fournette.

They’re still looking for a guy they crave to feature. A player they can rely on — to provide the tough yards, durability and consistency. It appeared Chris Carson could be that guy. He still could be. You can’t rely on that, however. He only managed a handful of games as a rookie.

So the search has to continue.

Like the Saints and Rams, Carroll believes Seattle can change their fortunes by running effectively:

The critical guys I think are the runners. The runners need to come back to life to us. And that’s Chris Carson and C.J. (Prosise) and Mike (Davis) coming back and whoever else can be part of that thing. J.D. McKissic was a really good positive aspect of our team this year and we need to make that position more competitive. That’s going to be one that we’re focused on because of the durability issues that we’ve faced the last two seasons.”

Carroll later said they would add to the runners, asking, “Who can we add to make it more competitive?” and stating, again, it would be “a big focal point“.

It was particularly interesting when Brock Huard pushed Carroll on the situation. Huard pulled no punches, laying out his concerns about the running game:

“Can you understand from me in this seat or a fan listening when saying, ‘Chris Carson?’ and C.J. — C.J.’s not been able to stay healthy so I can’t count on C.J. and a fan would say, ‘Chris looked really dynamic in the pre-season but I don’t know…’

We’ve gone from Christine Michael to Chris and Rawls and Eddie Lacy and there’s just been so much turnover at that position that a fan, I think, has a hard time saying, ‘man if Chris Carson were running behind that line in the season and with some of the blocking we watched Sunday, that he would be dynamic and be able to close that loop’.”

Carroll’s response?

I think it’s more impacting than you know

Carroll went on to admit the O-line could’ve been better up front. Yet it’s the sentence above I found most telling. He’s essentially spelling out the importance of a quality running back. When Carson was healthy, he ran effectively. He averaged 4.2 YPC and that’s when Rees Odhiambo was at left tackle, not Duane Brown.

They need more at the position. It’s not a cure-all to the problem. The offensive line does need to continue to make progress. They might add a veteran O-liner or two again, as they did a year ago.

But ultimately they need to find their answer to what LA has with Todd Gurley or New Orleans with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

Carroll’s end of season press conferences have provided a good insight into what the team is planning for the draft and free agency.

A year ago Carroll listed the secondary, young depth at linebacker and the O-line as priorities. The Seahawks spent multiple picks on defensive backs and spent a second rounder on Ethan Pocic while adding Luke Joeckel and Oday Aboushi in free agency.

They brought in several linebackers to provide depth.

Before the 2011 season the focus was on improving the running game (they drafted James Carpenter and John Moffitt and signed Robert Gallery). In 2012 the target was speed in the front seven (they drafted Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner). In 2013 it was touchdown makers (enter Percy Harvin and Christine Michael with their first two picks).

The comments about the running back position today are enlightening. They’re also not that surprising. There’s a reason why we’ve been talking about college running backs for weeks. It’s also a position of strength and depth in the 2018 draft. This is one of those times where need matches availability perfectly.

The Seahawks don’t have to spend the #18 pick on a running back. They might acquire picks in rounds 2-3, they might trade down in round one. Whatever they do, they’re going to be able to find a running back (or two) that they like.

When I put together an early top-50 for 2018 list on Sunday, ten running backs were listed. That’s ten prospects potentially going before the end of round two. It’s not unrealistic. Some might drop into round three. Alvin Kamara did after all. It speaks to the depth at the position though — and the options available to the Seahawks.

They won’t have a shot at Saquon Barkley but the rest could all be in range. They might wish to consider Nick Chubb, Damien Harris or Ronald Jones II with their first pick. They could find a way to get into round two and look at Sony Michel, Royce Freeman or Kerryon Johnson.

There will be options later in the draft too. It feels like a class where adding two running backs would be a wise move. Take advantage of the depth.

If they had their second and third round picks, they might be more inclined to wait. With only one pick currently — even if they trade down — it feels likely running back will be an early-ish target in the draft.

That’s perhaps backed up by Carroll’s comments later on in his two media appearances. He not only spoke about the positive impact of consistency on the offensive line — he also discussed the “new nucleus” emerging with the likes of Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, Bradley McDougald and others. He said he’d “love to have” Byron Maxwell back and said he was “really excited” about Dion Jordan — a player who could be a “legitimate factor” in 2018.

Change is imminent on the defense. Too many well sourced reporters are talking about it. Michael Bennett admits he doesn’t think he’ll be back. Carroll suitably dodged a question about Earl Thomas returning, opting to answer by saying he’d had a great season.

Most of the change might come from within. They do have some pieces. Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright will return for sure. Frank Clark and Jarran Reed have become important players while Naz Jones had a great rookie season. Sheldon Richardson could still return while Shaq Griffin, Maxwell, McDougald and Justin Coleman impressed at various points.

A younger, cheaper defense appears to be on the cards. A new era, so to speak.

And that could mean more investment and greater expense on the offense.

That’s not to say they won’t add to the new core on defense. There are some very appealing defensive players eligible for 2018. Carroll’s words today were revealing, however. He knows he needs to repair his running game. They can’t continue to struggle there for a third straight year.

Fixing the run has to be — and will be — a priority.

If you missed it earlier I posted a piece on the recent history of the #18 pick. Check it out by clicking here. Sometimes I will be posting multiple posts in a day, so if you want to follow along click the ‘HOME’ tab in the title bar and scroll down.

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  1. Turp

    Pretty sure you meant Melvin Gordon, not Ingram! 🙂

    • Turp

      Haha make that Mark Ingram! Melvin Ingram being on the same team as Gordon…my brain got me there.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think you’re thinking of Mark Gordon??

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. Rawls

    I’m not saying rb isn’t a problem. But a lot of times they’re running into a brick wall. There was a snap Sunday where the Cardinals d line got to the rb before Russell even handed him the ball. I don’t think spending significant resources on a back would change the run game enough to be worth the cost without a change to the o line coaching.

    • Rob Staton

      Even the best teams have runs like that. They even have full games where the run is clogged up. Marshawn had his fair share of tough days too.

      Chris Carson had Seattle’s OL at it’s weakest and ran well. That can’t be ignored.

      • GerryG

        Mike Davis also came in and was able to generate some nice explosive runs when Rawls/Lacy couldn’t do squat. And Davis isn’t special.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        I agree that Chris Carson seems a legitimate part of the solution at running back. And yes we really need to find at least one more tough yardage guy who can stay healthy and be a work horse.

        All of that being said, the last two games of the season were the closest thing I’ve ever seen to playground football. The competely disorganized mess with just sending receivers downfield and Russell Wilson running around behind the line of scrimmage was something of a disgrace. As was sending the running back into constant brick walls from play formations that have not worked all season.

        It’s hard for me to believe that the running game will improve without a new offensive coordinator. And a changed approach in how the line is asked to do their jobs. The zone scheme has proven extremely easy for the defense to anticipate. The d linemen often know precisely where and how to shoot through gaps untouched. And there is miles and years worth of tape on the Bevell / Cable offense for D coordintors to know what’s coming.

        If anything, simply having a scheme that cannot be so easily predicted down in and down out would help. And my worry is that even if they draft another promising young talent, he can be ruined or set back immensely with a system that is broken and figured out by every good DC in the league.

        Also we are playing with fire in having our franchise quarterback so relentlessly under pressure play in and play out. And he’s asked to run far too often. RW is great at protecting himself. But the chances of injury have to be regarded as just sky high with how that offense is currently arranged and asked to play.

        A good, tough, durable and promising RB is certainly a huge priority for the team. But I think it’s only one piece of a much larger puzzzle. And I’d hate to see us draft that kind of talent but then run him through an impossible system that has no chance in today’s NFL.

        If Bevell and Cable stay, there still needs to be radical changes to their systems. Defensive coordinators have those two figured out. And that needs to be squarely recognized within the organization.

        And I’m not sure they’re willing to acknowledge that yet. And I just doesn’t seem likely that Bevell and Cable are willing to adapt and innovate to keep from being so predictable and easily anticipated.

        • Rob Staton

          How do we know Bevell and Cable are unwilling to adapt?

          How do we know it’s not Pete Carroll that isn’t willing to change?

          How do we know a lot of the backyard football stuff is because Seattle has a scrambling QB? Or because of bad execution? Or something else?

          This is why I find the endless Bevell/Cable stuff repetitive and missing the mark. And why I sympathise with Doug Baldwin’s take on Bevell.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He doesnt want to be an ahole but he needs the f***ing ball?

            • Nate

              Exactly. The real question is, why doesn’t Doug Baldwin get the ball more often?

          • SeventiesHawksFan

            Well I do strongly suspect that the ‘playground football’ has become part of the plan. Which is precisely my objection. Yes we have one of the best scrambling QBs to ever play the game. And he was also injured nearly all of the prior season. It seems incredibly reckless and playing with fire to run an offense this way. And it strains credulity to believe such a disorganized and haphazard mess that the offense has become can ever be effective. It’s going to get our best player hurt. And that’s just a matter of time.

            How can we ask players to be disciplined, not commit penalties, have confidence that the plays they run will even work when it’s so very apparent that defensive coordinators across the league have their offense completely figured out and especially the run game. The only thing they don’t have an answer for is the broken play where Russell pulls off another magic trick. Which no one can anticipate. But if that’s now our primary form of having success, it still means all the actual planned parts of the system are broken.

            I don’t like the reflexive fire the coaches either. But the myriad problems are now so easily identifiable. And they so clearly point to coaching.

            The blocking scheme is completely predictable for defensive coordintors at this point. D linemen shooting through gaps and is just routine. D linemen play in and play out know exactly where the runner is going and are there to meet him. Because the defense knows EXACTLY what’s coming. If you see those things once in awhile that’s just normal football. And sometimes the other team gets the best of you on a few plays. But that’s not the case here. The defense knows what’s coming. And they know how to stop it.

            Which then compounds the problem of sub par talent. You’re putting them in a no-win situation, no chance of gaining confidence that their designed plays will even work, and so you see by the end of the season an offense that looks like they’re just winging it. And there’s no signs of any disciplined identity to be found. Unless you consider RW running for his life behind the LOS because yet again the pass protection broke down and chucking it on the run downfield an identity. How is ANY offensive unit at the NFL ever going to sustainably win that way?

            At which identifying the coaching and system as a core part of the overall problem isn’t just fan reaction and complaining. The reasons are easily identifiable and explainable.

            And yes, I don’t know if Cable and Bevell are either willing or able to adjust and innovate. All I can go by is what we see on the field. It seems Cable is stubbornly committed to a zone blocking scheme that is so easily anticipated and beaten. And that his players cannot execute anyway. And I think that assumption is a reasonable one based on the body of evidence.

            I’d love for Bevell and Cable to figure things out and adjust. But as of now, I’m just very skeptical that it’s at all likely. And that’s based on how the actual games are being called. Especially the last games of the season.

            Which I thought were a true disgrace to the offense and the game. The utter lack of discipline and coherence plus setting up your QB to constantly scramble for his life while you constantly send three or more receivers downfield and he’s rarely even given intermediate routes and options is placing tremendous stress on an O line that’s playing a scheme that D coordinators know how to beat. It’s completely unfair to the players, inviting a catastrophic QB injury, constant penalties, and gives the offense zero chance of finding confidence, identity, rhythm or consistent execution.

            And that all comes down to coaching decisions and a scheme that has been figured out in every way, other than the RW magic trick that wasn’t even the play design. And when you see clear evidence that the coaching staff is now relying on that as a game plan and strategy, it’s just logical and fair to conclude that the system is broken.

            • Rik

              I agree with this analysis. Russell trying to make magic on virtually every passing play also results in sacks that effectively produce three-and-outs. It’s incredibly frustrating to watch, especially in comparison to offenses that function effectively against defensive units that destroy us. So many defenses appear to know exactly what we are trying to do and how to stop it.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Dude. Russell scrambles out of quick drop backs all the time.

              Sometimes you just have to admit ypur favorite player has faults and a style that we need to build around.

              • SeventiesHawksFan

                Yes and that’s again a scheme and coaching matter as well. A blocking scheme that is so thoroughly understand and anticipated by defensive coordinators and which the O line cannot execute anyway that it’s become reasonable for Russell to assume he’s got less than 2 seconds after the snap and he needs to pull the ball down and evade the rush. That assumption is in Russell’s head for understandable reasons.

                Yes Russell himself is partially to blame as well, but again it’s up to the coaches to address and solve the issue. The big splash play that occasionally happens is coming at the price of staying on schedule and drive killing sacks and busted plays.

                And again that also comes down to clear scheme deficiencies. And asking your personnel to do something they’re not capable of.

                It’s the coaches’ job to implement a system that the personnel you have can actually perform. And which is not utterly predictable how to defend it play in and play out.

                The Cable / Bevell system and gameplan of this season fails spectacularly at those two critical tests. And the body of evidence makes it painfully obvious.

                This post was ostensibly about how to fix the run game and need for a new RB. I don’t think that discussion can be had in any kind of honest or thorough way without discussing the system itself.

                Yeah we all want to run the ball better. And improved personnel in general. And have that be a foundational part of the team’s identity again.

                But this season makes it painfully clear that even with better players, the likelihood of success within a completely figure and predictable system that relies on broken plays and the QB performing great escapes is just very, very low.

                The system is part of the problem. The other team knows how to beat it play in and play out. It’s not just needing improved personnel. Though that needs to be part of the plan as well.

                You still need a scheme once you get those players that will actually function. That isn’t easily understood by the oppposing team and so easily victimized and exploited by defenders knowing precisely where they need to be on the field. We lost a Super Bowl precisely because of that very issue.

                And there is little reason to believe that our current system, with miles of tape on it and defenders on almost every running play knowing exactly where they need to be before the runner has a chance to even get upfield will have success even with new personnel.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  You keep mentioning the evidence. Expounding profusely on how much evidence there is.

                  But where is your evidence. Let’s talk about real ways that Tom Cable failed his running back

                  When did Darrell Bevell drop a pass? When did Tyler Lockett design a poor play?

                  I’ve seen some silly calls and shitty game installs from this staff, but Bevell can draw up a helluva play. Like. He’s very creative and thoughtful as a play designer. He uses space, creates mismatches, uses levels and leverage, beautiful misdirection. He adapts. His play calling has changed a lot year to year, but this team has some terrible tactical tendencies like smashing out three 2 yard runs in a row to kill a drive. But don’t pretend that Darrell Bevell isn’t the type to put players in a position to succeed.

                  It may be time to move on from Bevell, but let’s not pretend he’s just dead weight.

                  And if you have something to say, you better back it up, on this site. Can’t just hammer on about imaginary evidence about how this guy cant do his job.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    (And those terrible tactical tendencies likely come straight from the top with Pete demanding we run the ball)

                  • SeventiesHawksFan

                    Kenny, I have been referring more to the run game, as well as the blocking and protection schemes.

                    The run game and the system around it is a dysfunctional mess on just about every level.

                    The players cannot actually execute it. We’re asking young, raw players to execute a difficult to learn zone blocking system that chronically breaks Dow. AND defensive coordinators know how to easily beat it.

                    All those opposing d linemen shooting through gaps untouched the past two seasons is no accident. They know the gap will be there. They know how RSI confuse our offensive line so that no one will pick up the rusher who comes shooting through untouched or at least gets to the spot he needs to be to make the stop or get to the QB.

                    That is a true scheme deficiency. The body of evidence is it happens so routinely, game in and game out. It’s not just the occasional one off where hey they beat us this time.

                    Add to this that on running plays in particular this season, the defense constantly knows exactly where the play is going. They aren’t having to read and then react. They know where the runner is going to be. And they know how to get the right defender to that spot.

                    So even in the off chance the players execute their assignments, it doesn’t really matter. The play had zero chance from the snap. Again that is a scheme and predictability problem.

                    Add to this Rawls chronically not running to the right spot and being chronic liability in pass protection, which got him repeatedly benched and not even suiting up some games.

                    Rawls not knowing where to run and not knowing how to block or pick up the incoming rusher. The constant penalties of the entire team. All clear evidence and signs of lack of discipline and improper instruction.

                    I didn’t say that Bevell is completely incompetent and can’t draw up a pass play. My primary complaint there is that he has morphed into sending his receivers constantly far downfield and often not even giving Russell any intermediate options on play after play while RW scrambles around behind the LOS behind an already stressed line. How can anyone possibly believe that can be effective in any sustained way. And it’s going to get his QB injured again.

                    And quite able to give Bevell proper credit and praise where it’s due. His first win against the Rams was a fine example of smart, disciplined, patient football. They had a constantly moving pocket for Russell that kept their D line off balance, tons of intermediate and quick throws that made their defense run sideline to sideline the entire game. And it wore the Rams defense down.

                    All of which was completely abandoned the second time we played them. And the last two games as well.

                  • GerryG

                    I dont have a huge problem with Bevell, and many seasons have defended him.

                    But the run game is beyond repair…Maybe it is time to abandon this shared offensive philosophy and get rid of a run game coordinator? Let Bevel have ownership of the offense. Hire a traditional OL coach.

          • Rugby Lock

            I think the main problem is the blocking scheme. If you listen to Doug’s comments he is essentially calling out someone on the coaching staff in a non-direct way. I am by no means an expert on blocking but I just don’t get some of the schemes. Why do they constantly have the TE’s blocking a D-end? Why isn’t the tackle doing it? I mean that’s what they’re paid for. Zach Miller was special in that regard as he could reliably block the DE but Jimmy and Luke sure can’t. IMO the TE’s being asked to do something that the current group is not able to do. Luke is willing but doesn’t have the frame and Jimmy should be able to but he’s too soft for it. Everything I see says the problem is Cable and his scheme. Lynch papered over WAAAY more flaws with it than I ever realized when he was there and now the Piper has come for what’s his.

            • GerryG

              ^^ Pretty sure there was at least one play every game where a drive was completely blown up because of TE-DE mismatch. Completely unacceptable. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

          • austin

            Sean Salisbury in a tweet to me other day questioned Bevell and said he needs to be evaluated for what hes doing. I don’t know if he’s connected to the team at all but he is a guy who played in the league and questions what he sees out of Bevell. Like you said its hard to know the recipe for what is being put out there and who’s role is causing what. I do think watching most of the game tape shows that its not all execution. The line looks completely lost and not even sure who to block let alone getting beat. Is this all execution? I can’t imagine it is. I’m guessing the system in place is either too much for them or there is a disconnect from coach to player. Nathan Ernst posted a screen shot of a 4 on 8 and we still let 3 guys blow the play up before Russ get drop back or the receivers could break their routes. I’m rambling loo.

            I agree on Bevell/Cable even though I’m guilty of it at times. I do think a fresh set of eyes would inject some life into this offense but I could be wrong.

  3. Adog

    I think it’s mark ingram…not melvin…but i think it bears some self searching for Carroll if he thinks that one running back will fix that running game. Like doug baldwin said…it is mainly an execution issue…they just cannot get everyone on the same page at the same time. Running backs are the culprit for lack of execution in the running game…yet i believe that russel Wilson’s inability to throw short and intermediate routes over the middle are allowing opposing lbs and linemen to suffocate and flood the line scrimmage…essentially rendering the zone scheme useless.

    • peter

      I’m not saying one running back will fix anything but in seattle one running back did fix everything. lynch.

      seattle had a hodge podge oline during his tenure and having a running back that could create and set a tone allowed Wilson to use read option and a vertical strike passing game.

      take away the run, seattle continues with the downfield strikes but now defenses are rushing 4 with it with out a blitz and extending their coverage time as they don’t have to stack the box.

  4. Totem_Hawk

    Maybe don’t lead the league in penalties every year and keep playing almost every week like a disorganized, undisciplined mess, hoping #3 can bail you out every week…

    • FuzzyLOgic


      • 503Hawk

        Double yep.

    • BobbyK

      Seven teams had more than 1,000 penalty yards against them. None made the play-offs. The Seahawks led the league with 1,342 yards. The next worst had almost 200 yards less.

      Carolina had less than half of that total. Unbelievable what discipline can do for a team (good and bad).

      Seahawks had a net loss of 464 yards in penalties. 49ers were next in line with 196. Not even close to half of that.

      This is historically terrible… yet this team is among the league leaders in penalties every year. It’s always been a problem. I guess getting rid of Bennett and him always being among the most penalized players in the NFL is a start, but they still have Ifedi (the guy who led everyone in the NFL in penalties).

      I’m still baffled how one team can be so penalized every year.

      I used to buy the narrative that they get penalized more because of their physical style of play on defense, but having a physical defense shouldn’t have anything to do with the Seahawks offense finishing second in the NFL in most false start penalties (only 1 false start behind the “leader).

      • C-Dog

        Honestly, I was a wee bit surprised Carroll signaled that Ifedi would be at RT in 2018. It just felt to me that the way things had gone, a move back to RG might end up being something in the works.

        • Drew

          Aside from the penalties, he showed much improvement. He needs to work on cutting off the outside rush better since RW’s drops are so deep.

          • Rugby Lock

            I think his feet are a bit too heavy to reliably do that and that’s why he gets all those false starts as he’s trying to get a jump. I’d rather try Pocic or Fant at RT and let Ifedi compete at guard.

            • C-Dog

              This is kind of where I’ve been leaning. I wouldn’t right him off at RT and he can certainly become a better player, I just wonder if he would become at his very best as a player inside at guard.

              • Mark Souza

                Keeping Ifedi at RT makes me want to scream BS to the “Always compete” mantra. If there is an open competition for that job, and he wins it, it means we’re in serious trouble again. I think if Ifedi has any hope of staying in the league, it’s at guard whaere he not on an island. Now if only he could remember the snap count and what play’s been called.

        • KungFuMaster

          Maybe Pete is just trying to fake other teams out and he will move Ifedi over to RG right before Game 1, without give them a chance to prepare.

  5. KingRajesh

    I don’t think that Pete investing money/draft picks in his defense and the running game is the answer. The defense needs to get worse for the team to get better. There was a gap of $31 million dollars between the offense and the defense this year. That cannot happen again. Running backs, outside of top tier talent, are still pretty fungible. Dion Lewis and Alex Collins were 5th rounders. CJ Anderson and Isaiah Crowell were UDFAs. Devonta Freeman was a 4th. All produced more than the Seahawks RBs combined.

    To me, the answer is to build around Russell. That’s fortifying the O-line and building up his weapons on the outside. Too many times, nobody is open down field when the defense plays zone against RW. Baldwin and Lockett cannot be Wilson’s top weapons next year, they need someone else to step up. As long as we have somebody back there that isn’t a replacement-level RB, we should be fine.

    If a defensive player gets hurt, the scheme fails. If an offensive player (that isn’t the QB) gets hurt, its next man up. We saw that this year to our detriment. Build around the QB.

    • peter

      but Pete wants a dominate run game. not league average. running backs are not fungible. league leaders year over year since lynch was drafted were overwhelmingly picked in the first two rounds.

      the running backs you mentioned had good years and every year many running backs taken later nearly lead the league in total production but only a very small amount can replicate that success in multiple seasons.

      going back to his pc views success it’s having a real running game that has to be accounted for. since lynch has been gone seattle has used how many backs only to watch production fall? 5? 6?

    • SoCal12

      I think it’s telling that of the teams for the players you listed only two (Devonta and Dion) are making the playoffs. What do the rest of the playoff teams have? Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara, Leonard Fournette, LeSean McCoy, Kareem Hunt, Christian McCaffrey, DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry…

      That’s what we should be aiming for, not the carousels they have going on in Denver or Cleveland.

    • Lil'stink

      3 of the last 4 Super Bowls have seen a dominant defense beat the league’s #1 ranked offense. And I believe the QB for each of those #1 offense, Super Bowl losing teams was the MVP that year.

    • Mark Souza

      I’m with you, King. Build a dominant O-line and keep them together for a decade. The better that line, the better your running game no matter who’s back there. The same for the passing game. If you want to see a nightmare season, let RW sit out a season on IR. A dominant O-line can protect our franchise QB even when he gets older and his wheels start to go. And given time to face downfield rather than running for his life, it will be amazing how much better the receivers look.

  6. Ishmael

    Couple of reports around that Avril, unsurprisingly, and Kam, quite surprisingly, are both going to retire due to those neck injuries. Things could change very, very, fast.

    • Greg Haugsven

      You have any links?

      • Drew

        Pete mentioned that it’s unlikely they’ll play again but it’s up to them. Kam probably won’t retire, it doesn’t make sense as he has an injury guarantee for next year. He can just not pass his physical and sit on the injured reserve next year, which is most likely.

  7. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks do trade Earl as is becoming increasingly more likely what could they realistically expect to get in return?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Aging safety with a high salary. A second or third round pick. If Seahawks were picking some other teams safety they would give up a first rounder.

      • Sea Mode

        Always so negative, sheesh.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m sorry = the Seahawks are great and all their draft picks have been great!!!! Every trade they have made has worked out well and they have never regretted the players lost or draft picks given away.

          • Kenny Sloth

            No other team does!

            • drewdawg11

              We tend to overpay in trades. That’s not really being negative.

              • Mark Souza

                I don’t see anyone giving us a 2nd or 3rd for Earl. Maybe a 4th.

    • DC

      I’ll play the role of an aging, impatient Jerry Jones.

      You can either have our #19 pick in the 1st round OR OG Zach Martin for Earl Thomas.

      • Lil'stink

        +1. How much time do the Cowboys have before they have to pay Zeke and Dak big bucks and are in cap hell again? I could see an impatient Jerry pulling the trigger for ET3. Maybe not this years 1st, but definitely something better than we would get if in terms of a comp pick if Earl leaves. And next year isn’t shaping up to be a SB year for us with or without Earl. Something to consider.

    • C-Dog

      I think that they can expect a R1 pick, and a Day 2 pick.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      1st and 4th or possibly a first and low 3rd

      • GerryG

        I’d love to be wrong, but nobody is giving up aRd1 pick for an against Safety with one year of control who will command a league high salary the next year…and he’s talked about retiring before

        • GerryG


        • Trevor

          I tend to agree with you Gerry but hope that a team like the Jags would view him as the final piece to the puzzle.

          • GerryG

            You never know… we never should have had him in the first place but some dumb GM in Denver gave us a rd1 pick to draft some guy that never lasted in the league, wasn’t a rd2 pick in09 we gave up for that extra 1?

      • Mark Souza

        No way. How many 29 year-old defensive backs have been trade for a #1 draft choice?

    • Patrick Toler

      Despite all the talk, I fail to see Pete trading his 28 year old HOF stud who continues his to be at he linchpin of this defense.

  8. cha

    Did PC mention Rawls by name at all?

    Wouldn’t shock me if he was done in Seattle. What with long stretches of no touches or just a couple touches this season, and that bonehead penalty that not only killed the drive but pushed the Hawks out of FG range Sunday.

    So unfortunate after a great rookie season, he had some great moments in 2015 with a sparkling 5.6 YPC average.

    • Sea Mode

      Only mentioned Rawls by name when asked specifically about the difficulty of finding someone to replace Marshawn. Said how Rawls took over well but simply never made it fully back from injury.

      He’s gone, no doubt. Wonder how he might look if the Cowboys pick him up to back up Elliott…

  9. DC

    Thanks Rob & especially your wife for all of your work. I have one young daughter and between 2 parents we are always tired. I know it takes time to keep up SDB as a hobby of passion. Happy New Year to all.

    Looking at Georgia’s combo of runners being so successful it begs the question of who is blocking for them? You have LT Isaiah Wynn in your top 50 players. He is undersized for a typical OT but the Hawks seem to covet players with T experience. Most project him to OG and some even to C. With that kind of versatility do you see the Hawks having interest in him if we are able to pick up a mid 2nd – late 3rd round pick? Anyone who has seen much game tape of him care to chime in?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks DC really appreciate that 🙂

      I think it’s possible with Wynn. Really good player. A guard IMO but really good. R2 type but could sneak into the late first.

  10. Sea Mode

    Quick offseason plan based on Greg Bell’s insider info and the end of season press conferences.

    Re-sign: McDougald, Sheldon, Maxwell, Garvin
    Extend: Earl, Sherm, Brown, Clark/Jordan asap when possible
    Walk: Jimmy, Lacy, Rawls, PRich, Joeckel
    Cut/trade: Lane, Mike B
    Retire: Avril, Kam

    FA targets: Kickers

    *Trade down from 18 to 33 with Cleveland, who decide they want another impact player in R1 instead of picking twice at the top of R2. They send us in exchange their late R2 pick they got from Philly (say it ends up being 58 overall so trade chart value evens out perfectly).

    *The top pick of R2 is always an attractive trade chip, and Seattle receives a call overnight after day 1 and, seeing several RB options they like still on the board, trades down again about 10 spots to recoup a R3 pick, with Seattle throwing in its pick at the top of R5 to even out the deal. (don’t know with what team exactly)

    R2P43ish- RB Ronald Jones II (fallbacks Damien Harris, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Bryce Love)
    R2P58- OG (Will Hernandez?) or LB (Lorenzo Carter?)
    R3P92ish- CB Derrick Baity, Kentucky (has not declared yet)
    R4- FB/TE Jaylen Samuels, NC St.
    R5- DE Kentavius Street, NC St.
    R5- WR Marcell Ateman, OK St. (fallbacks Javon Wims, DJ Moore)
    R7- RB Lavon Coleman, Washington
    R7- Kicker (+UDFA competition)
    R7- Punter (+UDFA competition)

    Thought about taking Rashaan Evans at #33 and the RB at #58. But then you might be getting the leftovers at RB instead of the ones you most want and I’m not sure how many snaps another LB would play anyway in our system right now unless they want to put KJ on a timeshare. Wilhoite played 28.52%, which includes filling in one full game for Bobby, and Garvin 17.76%.

    OL would be
    with backup and competition from

    • Chris

      Kam won’t retire; why would he walk away from $9m? He’ll either be on the PUP/IR or on the team. Either way we’re eating his salary whether he plays or not.

      • Rob Staton

        Kam is not going to screw the team when he has zero intention of playing because his health dictates he has to retire.

        • Greg Haugsven

          This will be interesting to watch for sure. We are talking about $12 million.

        • Chris

          So you think he’ll take a pass on the injury guarantee? $9m? I just can’t see someone doing that, especially after sacrificing their body for so long.

          • Rob Staton

            I have no idea how this will play out. I’m not an expert on contracts and cap space. What I know is this though. Kam Chancellor is not going to unofficially retire from the NFL and then make Seattle put him on IR or PUP so he can collect a pile of money to do absolutely nothing. That is not Kam. The Seahawks and Kam will work this out together. But if he knows he has to retire and move on with his life — he is not going to rinse the team. That is not Kam.

          • Rob Staton

            And here’s the other factor. If he doesn’t want to retire, Seattle can trade him for a bag of balls. Take the hit. Another team then has no dead money if they want to cut him or he retires. They can work a way around this.

        • Alex Higgins

          Injury settlements happen frequently. Kam will negotiate something with the team if he retires. He won’t walk away with zero. I guarantee you that.

          • Rob Staton

            I wouldn’t expect him to. A settlement would make absolute sense. Seattle did right by Kam and Kam did right by Seattle. This won’t be a messy divorce if he has to retire.

            • KingRajesh

              I don’t think Kam did right by Seattle. We definitely did right by him (first member of the LOB to get a second contract), but he held out and cost us two games.

              I don’t think for one second that Kam won’t screw the Seahawks if it meant he could get another million, let alone the $9-12 million we’d have to pay him if he just does nothing. Hell, he already screwed us for NOTHING in 2015.

              Now he can get paid for doing it?

              • Rob Staton

                He held out for two games but I don’t think we have to hold that against him forever. He still did right by Seattle, he has done for seven years. Given us everything.

                • Dave

                  We should ask Vernon Davis if Kam gave everything to Seattle

                  • Rugby Lock

                    I don’t think Vernon remembers that…

              • GerryG

                I’m giving Kam he benefit of the doubt. One of my all time favorites. I’ve long since moved past the ’15 holdout.

                Kam played the SB on torn MCL, risked his career. Show the man some respect.

        • Mark Souza

          He sat out a considerable part of a season to get more money, which he didn’t get. What makes you think he’s going to walk away from a mountain of money now?

          • Rob Staton

            Because he has to retire. It’s quite simple.

            There’s a difference between trying to get money you feel you deserve in the brief window of your NFL career and literally not being able to go out on the field again because you might be risking permanent injury or worse.

            There’s really no need to use Kam’s hold out as a stick to beat him with now. The team and the player can work on this together to come to a conclusion. And they will.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah, I really want to go Defense with our first pick to really replace some production from whoever leaves.

      I like your moves, but this plan seems to make the team simply weaker overall.

      I like your OL but not so much your DL.

      If we’re losing Bennett and Avril, both, then we need either someone really promising or someone with proven production.

      Let’s go get Ziggy Ansah!~

      • Trevor

        I am with you on Anzah if he is healthy. We got Avril from the Lions and that worked out really well. Let’s double up.

        • GerryG

          I really don’t see them going after any pricey FAs like Anshan or Eric Reid. I’d guess it’s resign trade and draft only

          • Kenny Sloth

            Losing Avril and Bennett and Kam isn’t going to be smooth. You need Some kind of proven production outside of Clark to continue the standard of attack weve established.

            What is Clark and Jordan are hurt? You’re bottom of the barrel then. Rookies and replacement level

            • red

              Anzah will get the tag or get 15 mil a year deal. Detroit will tag him then negotiate with him. Anzah has a little bit of injury history of late as well. I think we keep Bennett for 2018 and let him go in 2019. I think some team is going to over pay Adrian Clayborn in FA because of the 6 sack game.

              • Rob Staton

                I think Bennett will be gone personally. The good news is — they’ve done a good job finding defensive linemen at great value in the past. Clemons, Bennett, Avril. Now Dion Jordan and Frank Clark. So they’ll hopefully find some more gems.

                • GerryG

                  Yeah the way Bennett spoke after the game leads me to agree with you Rob.

                  I think they should keep him, and as Ive mentioned before change his role, 3rd down/rush specialist only. Limit his snaps.

                  The decision to me seems like it could hinge on McDwowell actually playing again. If he can return, makes moving on a lot easier. If his career is done that is much more problematic.

                  • drewdawg11

                    Even at 100%, his value was never really the third down rush end type. He was the versatile DL who would move inside and rush from the DT spot. Limiting snaps is one thing, but changing his role to something he was never great at isn’t the answer.

                  • GerryG

                    Well then let him be the inside rush guy

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree 100% with the top section of your plan. I think Sherman and Thomas could very well be extended. And if we end up with Ronald Jones II I will be doing backflips.

  11. Matt

    2 scenarios – 1 crazy, 1 not…

    Here’s my crazy offseason:

    RW traded to CLE for 1, 4, 3rd rounder
    Earl Thomas traded to DAL for 19, 3rd rounder
    Seahawks Trade CLE-1 and KJ Wright to WAS for QB Cousins, 13th Pick

    Pick 4 – DE Bradley Chubb
    Pick 13 – LG Quenton Nelson
    Pick 18 – FS Minkah Fitzpatrick
    Pick 19 TRADED to BUF for 25th Pick (Bills select QB), 3rd Rounder, 5th rounder
    Pick 25 – LB Rashaan Evans
    Trade both newly acquired 3rd Rounders and move up to get Damien Harris in R2
    Round 3 WR DJ Moore

    This is outlandish. It’s drastic. It’s also a way to completely change the direction of a franchise (if this is what they want to do). Your 2018 Seattle Seahawks would look like the following:

    QB Kirk Cousins
    RB Damien Harris
    WR Doug Baldwin
    WR DJ Moore
    WR Tyler Lockett
    TE Nick Vannett
    LT Duane Brown
    LG Quenton Nelson
    C Justin Britt
    RG Ethan Pocic
    RT Germain Ifedi

    DE Bradley Chubb
    DT Naz Jones
    DT Jarran Reed
    DE Frank Clark
    LB Rashaan Evans
    LB Bobby Wagner
    LB Insert FA or Late Round SAM
    CB Shaq Griffin
    CB Richard Sherman
    FS Minkah Fitzpatrick
    SS Delano Hill

    This won’t happen, obviously. BUT, you’d arguably be reloading the Defense with 3 blue chip players at each level with Chubb, Evans, and Fitzpatrick. Likewise, you are getting one of the most talented LGs I’ve ever seen who smashes people, a dynamic RB, and a great #2 WR with some awesome flexibility/upside. Again, this won’t happen, BUT for the “trade RW crew,” this is the only scenario that would make me say, “ok…I don’t agree with dealing RW, but I get it for this type of haul.”

    Option 2 aka realistic scenario

    Earl Thomas trade to DAL for 19 and 3rd rounder

    Sit tight at 18 and take whatever blue chip falls. Trade down from 19 to acquire picks and get the RB you want, whether it’s Harris, Chubb, etc. I think option 2 is very plausible. I’d hate to see Earl go, but trading Earl might net you a premiere runner and a trade down pick to acquire the picks we lost via trades this year.

    This was a “for fun exercise.” Don’t kill me on the crazy option. Just throwing out a drastic scenario.

    Great work Rob. This will be a fun offseason with some movement.

    • Sea Mode

      I like the exercise. Not going to kill you, don’t worry. 🙂

      Even for a king’s ransom for Wilson, how many postseason wins and Super Bowls has Kirk Cousins led his team to…? That’s where the first option ends for me personally.

      If they think McDougald showed he can legitimately replace Earl, and they see him falling off a cliff soon, and he wants to leave, then I guess I could swallow Earl for a top 20 pick.

      • Matt

        I specifically targeted Kirk Cousins because for the “ditch RW” crowd, Cousins is the boring, by the book guy with a good track record. Again, I wouldn’t do the trade. But this is the type of scenario that would show me a method to the madness.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Seahawks can supplement with Barkley! Our gain is the 49ers loss.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Talk of trading Russell Wilson is a non-starter. It may be a curious exercise to imagine the possibilities, but you don’t trade away a legitimate franchise quarterback. Who in our case is 90 percent of the offenses output and all but one of its touchdowns.

      Also the fan reaction would be aghast. It would be the biggest PR disaster in team history. And the QB replacing him would be hated and constantly compared negatively to Russell. It would be just an impossible and extremely unfair situation for the new QB. Think Blair Walsh times one thousand. Especially if the offense is terrible again.

      And Kirk Cousins would get killed behind our line. He does not fit our system at all.

      • Nate

        That’s the perfect reply to any suggestion of trading Wilson:

        “Think Blair Walsh times one thousand.”

        Discussion over.

  12. Sea Mode

    Just reposting some talking points I noted at the end of last thread from PC presser:

    PC end of year presser was a good listen, esp the first 10 min when he just talks before taking questions. I know he can sometimes come across as the eternal optimist, but I really like the way he talked about the state of the team and his excitement for the challenge that lies ahead. Good points for us to talk about and take into consideration as we play offseason armchair GM and scout the draft.

    1. Philosophy will not be changing one bit. We will run the ball and play defense. He rightfully says to look around the league and see what that same formula has done for teams this year (Jags, Rams, Philly). Impossible to deny, really.

    2. Front office was aggressive this year and will continue to be. They will not be taking a “year off”, as some have at time speculated. He believes the group in that locker room right now is a championship group. (Pete and John not going anywhere)

    3. Finding Dion Jordan really softens the blow (although at a slightly different position) of losing Malik. (his future is in the hands of the doctors at this point). Sheldon Richardson was brought in to fill that Malik loss too, as was obvious to us.

    4. I do put some stock into which guys he mentions because they come to his mind first. I mean, he can’t come out and say who they plan to bring back and who they plan to move on from, so this is about as close as you will get to a clue.
    – Defense “built around Bobby, KJ, and Earl.” (Earl is good at football, not social media… yeah, he said basically that)
    – “If we can be fortunate enough to get Sheldon back, that would be huge for us.”
    – Not a single mention of Joeckel. All other OL, even Roos, mentioned. He’s gone.
    – Outside guys that came in: McDougald, Jordan, Brown, Garvin.
    – RBs: Carson, Davis, Prosise, then tossed in McKissic after a couple moments. Bye bye, Rawls.
    – He sees the young DBs besides Griffin (Hill, Thompson, Tyson) as a new group that has bonded together and will play a big role in the future and start to compete for playing time.
    – I think they basically just lowballed Jimmy from the way he talked about it. Take it or leave it kind of offer for him to consider. This might sound wierd, but it’s like they maybe want to force themselves to move on from depending on him so they can get back to who they want to be pounding the ball. That’s all just my personal take on it.
    (RW was also very non-committal on it in his locker room interview. Basically, around 2:30 mark: He’s one of my best friends in the world, and he’s a great guy and played really well, hopefully he can continue to be a Seahawk I would love to…continue his career with him and… do that with him… and there’s a lot of other guys. Hopefully we can match up again and line up again together.)
    – WRs mentioned were Darboh and Moore. No PRich.

    5. Fixing run game is priority #1. It’s going to be the RB spot more than the OL. I will be surprised if they use their top pick on anything but an RB. Carson will be a big part of it though.

    6. Priority #2 will be fixing the penalty issue. He says he has a clear idea of how to go about it and it will begin already in April.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • RealRhino2

      I think the RB spot probably should be a priority over the OL. With good coaching, no reason we shouldn’t be able to fashion a good line out of Brown, Fant, and Ifedi at the tackle spots with competition between Odhiambo, Pocic, Britt and Roos to fill three interior spots. It’s too bad we are in this spot at RB, just can’t get guys to stay healthy enough to even evaluate them properly. Forcing our hand a bit.

      I’d much rather spend our second early pick (assuming we use one fairly early at RB) on a defensive player than another OL.

      I’d offer Jimmy Graham negative money; that’s what he’s worth. Why would we even offer him anything if point #1 is true?

  13. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Right on Rob. Rb is going to be the focal point. I think the cap savings in unloading defensive salaries will go to offensive line(not sure who is up in free agency as far as offensive line{Guard(s)}). If #18 is only pick until 4th round its going to be defensive[SS, LB, DT]. This draft class is loaded with RB. Its going to be interesting.

  14. vrtkolman

    Well at least we aren’t Bengals fans. They just extended Marvin Lewis again.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I though that guy was retiring? Mediocrity for a while there. You could argue that we are the same if they keep the same staff.

      • peter

        I think Seattle’s staff has shown a little more than the cincinatti jeff fischers….marvin Lewis is brutally mediocre

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Fisher could at least get to 7-9 routinely.

      • RealRhino2

        Kinda feel the same way. Lewis has at least brought a level of respectability and consistency to Cincy that they lacked for 20 years or so. I don’t think he’s great, but he’s probably a solid B level coach. Unless they had somebody in mind they were really sold on, maybe not the worst thing in the world to just upgrade the OT spots rather than roll the dice on a new coach.

    • Alex Higgins

      It’s a very good reminder. Thank you for that.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      At this rate, they are going to be the Browns of the AFCN…… oh wait.

      • Rugby Lock

        Well, they are both in Ohio… 🙂

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I refuse to think ET is on the block. He is too valuable to the defense. He is one of the two most valuable guys on the defense… who is the other guy you might ask…. Wagner.

    The true problem with the team this season was…. kicker costing Seattle potentially 3 games and the lack of balance on offense. This lack of balance caused the defense to get worn out in a few games and put some guys over the ideal snap count numbers (I’m thinking Bennett here).

    I’ll also bring up a dead horse, when you are playing for the playoffs.. and your final series… you get within 45 or so yards of the endzone.. and then go conservative on play calling…. I understand, to burn the clock…. so as to play for the FG…. instead of going for the gibblets and throwing a down field big play strike…. left as big of a sour taste in my mouth as the missed FG. I’m not normally beating down the OC, but it might be time to look at the offensive coaching from top to bottom. Scheme, play calling…. “strategry”.

    • Trevor

      What would you sooner. Extend Earl for $13 mil + for another 4 years.


      Trade him for a 1st, Sign Mcdougald and Eric Reid to play Safety plus you likely have an additional 3-5 mil in cap space each year

      If Earl was 25 I would go with option #1 and resign him but Earl will be 29 next year so definitely option #2 for me.

      • John_s

        Yep. It’s trade trade trade for me. Trade him while his value is the highest.

      • Ty the Guy

        Keep Earl. He is still a unicorn.

        • Kenny Sloth


        • GerryG

          Keep ET

        • GoHawks5151

          Keep ET3!!

      • sdcoug

        You beat the table over and over and over for a Kam extension this past off-season, but now Earl is the one too old to re-sign? Interesting shift

        • Trevor

          That is part of the reason actually. I thought Kam should be extended to give the SB core one more shot. He was a box safety that relied on toughness and smarts not speed and I thought his leadership communication and toughness were important. Still do! In hindsight it was obviously a mistake given the injury.

          The situation is quite different this off season as the team is moving on from that aging core. Earl clearly stated he would like to play elsewhere the last thing they need is that distraction next year. Not to mention Earl is an under sized Safety whose whole game is predicated on speed. Plus Earl makes almost double the$.

          That is the reason for the shift since you asked.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Solid. Not my take but hard to poke holes in that

    • AlaskaHawk

      I hope I’m not the only one who would like to see Earl Thomas play out his contract. The team can evaluate him at the end of another year, and he can evaluate how his body feels and whether he mentally wants to continue to play.

      I want him for another year because he can mentor the new legion of boom. The one thing the Seahawks have consistently done is find great secondary. The LOB will be reborn and Earl can guide them in what may be his last year of football.

      • GerryG


    • FresnoBrad

      Earl is a stud but I feel like he will be vulnerable to injuries moving forward, I’d be afraid of the huge contract he deserves. I’m ok trading Earl for what we tried to get for Sherman last year

  16. Kenny Sloth

    My Offseason;

    Re-sign: Graham, Richardson, McDougald, Willson, Shead, PRich, Jordan, Garvin, Smith II, Maxwell, Coleman, Hunt, McKissick (in order of expense)
    Extend: Sherman, Thomas, Clark (KJ, Lockett?)
    Adios to: Joeckle, Lacy, Walsh, Rawls, Davis, Davis, Lane, Kam, Avril, Bennett (in order of expedience)

    Leaving voids at SS, RB, OG, K, DE

    I’d like to pursue a premier defender to add to the diminished arsenal on defense.
    Ziggy Ansah is a free agent I would love to kick the tires on. Perhaps he thinks he can win a ring a big payday if he comes in on a short term deal. I still don’t see JS committing tons of funds to the post 2020 CBA era, so we should see this as the most active year, financially until then (as it has undeniably been on a few seasons.

    With 18 I move down 5-10 picks to where we usually pick in the mid-20’s. I’d expect this to accompany at least a third or a day 3 pick with a swapping of 2nd rounds. From 24~ i would try to move down again. I need more picks in the late second/early third in this draft.

    With my first pick that will likely end up being in the 2nd after yet another trade down, would be used on probably Damien Harris. i believe he’ll go very early in the second and he looks like a bigger Thomas Rawls to me. Unfortunate injury has derailed his Seahawks career, but a similar player steps in with all the opportunity and expectation to take over a lost running game.

    I predict we’ll end up with two picks between ~40-80 and with my second I take a Safety that has grown on me immensely in recent weeks: Texas Safety DeShon Elliott. We pair this long, dangerous, heady player next to Earl and give him more freedom than most other rookie safeties are afforded and I think he ends up a DROTY candidate. (He’s about to shoot up boards guys. Don’t expect him to last. In fact. He’ll might go ahead of Harris by draft day)

    I would hope we were able to get a 3rd pick in the top 100 and this is one that could go several ways.

    As I’ve noted, my offseason has left holes in the roster that I have chosen to not address in free agency. Ziggy Ansah would be nice, but so would be Avril not retiring. We need a Kicker, some OL competition, and probably DE project from Day 3. Be nice to get another RB, I really like Lavon Coleman. We can bring in a FA K and an UDFA K. I think the combine will be most revealing for the positions we’re targeting. Open up some options in the late rounds. It’s a crap year for TEs, so I bring back Graham and Willson on short deals (possibly franchise Jimmy).

    • Sea Mode

      Good stuff, Kenny.

      Not sure where we’re gonna get the money though to re-sign Richardson, Graham, McDougald, PRich, Maxwell AND sign a FA like Ziggy on top of that, especially considering you haven’t moved on from Earl or Sherm. Now that would be some serious JS magic right there. 🙂 I think you can pick 2-3 of those guys to sign.

      Love the Harris pick all day long. Secretly hoping we are over-hyping him a bit on this blog and he will last to the top of R2 because of the top-heavy RB class. Not holding my breath though. The good thing is, Chubb or Jones II would be great consolation prizes anyway.

      The early safety pick makes little sense to me though if we still have Earl, McDougald, Hill, and Thompson on the roster. Can’t invest so much capital into that spot. Would make sense if we let Earl go 🙁 and start McDougald at FS.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s an upgrade to McDougald and Hill at SS

  17. Ty the Guy

    Initial Offseason Thoughts (subject to change… go figure)

    1. Earl Thomas is playing out his contract as a Seahawk, barring a king’s ransom from Jerry Jones.
    2. Kam will be back. Put him at the strong-side LB.
    3. If Michael Bennett can net you significant draft capital or a veteran OL, go for it. He was probably playing hurt, but kind of disappeared in the second half of the season. We will need to add a pass rusher or two, but we have been building depth on the DL nicely the past 2 years.
    4. Resign Jimmy Graham. 10 TD’s. BUT for no more than $8 million a year.
    5. Let Sheldon Richardson walk UNLESS you do have key retired players money off the books. Jimmy>Sheldon>P-Rich
    6. Let Paul Richardon test FA. Be willing to pay him Kearse money.
    7. Draft a RB. My Wish List: Barkley, Harris, Johnson, Chubb, Penny, Guice, or Love.
    8. Sign a FA Offensive Lineman. Just like Joekel, but better.
    9. Draft for defensive depth: LB, DE, CB, S, and add at least one fat boy. We miss Mebane and missed Rubin this last year in the run game.
    10. Draft a Kicker in the 6th or 7th and sign an UDFA. Hauschka>Lacy….. should put the money to better use.

    • Rob Staton

      Kam is going to retire. Pete spelt it out today.

      • Ty the Guy

        …oorrr did Pete set Kam up for a feel-great story/comeback?

        My heart won’t let my mind be right on this one. Kam Bam will be missed whenever he does decide to hang them up.

    • Smitty1547

      Chargers run Defense was horrific with Mebane

      • Ty the Guy

        Was referring to the player type and his production/impact when he was a Hawk. His tank is running low now for sure. Seahawks have versatile, athletic, and young D-Linemen right now with Reed, Clark, Jones, Jordan, and a missing piece I think we could add to help bolster our run defense is a strong, big-bodied, 320+ hole stuffer to garble up running lanes and hold the point of attack. If he can also push the pocket a little, that’d be great. But someone like that can be found at later round/FA, in my opinion.

  18. C-Dog

    Raise you hands if you were at all surprised Pete Carroll would state that the running game and RBs would be the primary focus heading into the 2018 offseason?


    He sure does love the young depth of that defense, especially on the DL with Dion Jordan, Frank Clark, Naz Jones, and Sheldon Richardson (if they can keep him). We know how much he loves Shaquille Griffin, but he also seems pretty jazzed about how Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, Mike Davis AAAAAAAAAAAND Bradley McDougald AAAAND (interestingly) LB Terence Garvin could be the next generation of core members.

    He thinks Richard Sherman is coming along beautifully from his injuries, and he thinks Earl Thomas played a heck of a year.

    Other young players he mentioned as guys they can grow with are WRs Amara Darboh and David Moore, TE Nick Vannett, OG Ethan Pocic, and Germain Ifedi staying at RT.

    He gave zero insight into the football future of Malik McDowell, only saying essentially that it would be great if it ever got to a point someday that they could add him into the equation.

    He essentially said they have some pieces they like on the OL who should get better, but need to do a better job protecting Russ and giving him a better pocket that he can feel comfortable in (With Brock and Salk).

    Said they they would like to hang onto Jimmy Graham, if they can.

    As for the coaches, talked about how these are people’s livelihoods and families at stake, they could have opportunities elsewhere, but they are always assessing.

    He comfortably asserted that he believes John Schneider will remain in Seattle.

    Coincidently, they signed to futures contracts today QB Tevonne Boykin, OT Iaiah Battle, OG Willie Beavers, FS Alex Carter, WR Cyril Grayson, and DE Noble Nwachukwu. So there is that depth to play with.

    Lot to chew on, and some definite tea leaves to navigate through.

    Mock Draft Without Any Wild Trade Scenarios Involving Key Seahawk Players, But The Usual John Schneider Trade Back.

    Saints win the Super Bowl and Drew Brees feels like he can call it a career. They offer Seattle their R1, R2, and R4 picks to move up to 18 to draft the sliding Josh Rosen. Seattle’s agenda is to TCB on the run game, and add to the young new nucleus on the defense.

    32: R1P32

    Seattle is thrilled to land this talented and explosive RB who ticks almost every box for them.

    64: R2P32

    Seattle looks to continue adding to the OL with a guard that they will will help RW and the run game.

    120: R4P18

    Seattle adds depth at TE with player they think has upside to mold as an eventual starter.

    134: R4P32

    Seattle adds a SAM backer who they think can set the firm edge and rush

    143: R5P4

    Seattle drafts a tall corner to groom

    149: R5P10

    Seattle drafts a fast LB to help with teams and groom as a potential starting WILL

    171: R5P32
    DL B.J. HILL

    Seattle continues to at to the DT rotation

    225: R7P6

    Seattle adds depth at OT

    249: R7P30

    Seattle adds further depth at G

    250: R7P31

    Seattle takes another shot at a TCU thrower who reminds them of Russ.

    • Kenny Sloth

      With the McDowell stuff… I wish people would stop asking Pete about him.

      He cant even legally say if McDowell is in a condition where he will ever play football in.

      Whether he just has some scarring and trouble sleeping or if he’s in a full on coma.

      It’s a nonfootball injury and Pete has no right to talk about it. In any capacity.

      He has no right to a timeline and neither does the nfl or media or fans.

      Put his big ass outcha mind. Either he’s ruined or he’s fine.

      There aren’t many black and white issues in the nfl but nfi medical privacy is one that many seem to grey up

      • C-Dog

        Dude, you stated this so profoundly, I got nothing to add to it, at all.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Onto the rest of your great post!

      Do you feel its perhaps wise to hedge against this new nucleus?

      I drafted a Safety with a second second round pick in my trade-polluted preview. I definitely didn’t like missing out on Melifonwu last year, and the talent is simply not there at DB this year. Perhaps thats why we drafted so many DBs last year

      Perhaps I also continue to miss the mark on my Luke Willson resigning prediction.

      I like the amount of front 7 players you add. Losing potentially all of Kam, Avril, and Bennett would be so hard on our strength in the box

      • C-Dog

        I actually do think it’s likely they hedge a bit there. In fact, I think there’s a strong chance that they play the depth at RB and the first pick might be an add to the new wave of defenders. (New Wave of Defenders sounds like a new Netflix serial)

        The Hernandez pick is just if they don’t pursue a veteran OL. I kinda think they pursue a veteran OL.

        I actually think there’s a pretty decent chance Willson is back.

        Personally, I’d love to see them bulk the front seven. I don’t ever want to see Gurley have a game at Century Link like that ever again ever.

        • Kenny Sloth

          LOB: Nucleus- hahaha I’d watch it.

          Yeah they really don’t like to go into the draft uncomfortable with their roster. We’ll see what they fill out and that seems to dictate the direction they go in, especially early. I could see a vet OL but the overspending is nuts right now. I’d almost rather convert another DT 😂

          I think you really want to see that franchise-back early. I’ve quite cooled on the late round/udfa that can’t stay on the field. You want someone with hype and expectations to really address that issue going into camp. Damien Harris most definitely looks like a franchise back.

          In your exercise you’ve left out players Carroll didn’t highlight and I rather appreciated that angle, I’ve always taken my parameters straight from what the coaches say. Pete’s tricky but he aint a liar. I start to speculate and think they really didnt like that 4th quarter drop and perhaps that and Vannett who was tabbed by Pete are big reasons we’ll be moving on.

          Gurley is so camera-shy I can’t even tell if I like him or not. Guy’s a load though.

          Speculatively? I think that 3 game stretch was when the team found out Kam was retiring.

          • C-Dog

            That’s an interesting speculation. It did kinda feel like at the start of the last home game, there might have been some going through the motions. Sheldon Richardson and Jarran Reed should not have been run on like that by a duct taped Arizona OL and a third string RB. But after a little sideline butt chewing by Clint Hurtt, they responded.

            As for taking RB first, if one of these RBs is a bonafide blue chip player, heck yeah I’m taking him first. I don’t care if it’s Harris or Jones, or Michel or whoever. If he’s the guy who can be the guy, how do you not want that guy? I totally want that guy.

            But if they got Vita Vea, I would be good with that, as well. I mean, I wouldn’t moan over it.. unless they made him an OG.

            • peter

              I know you’re big on Hernandez as am I but I recently made a wise-ass post about Frank Ragnow but now I’m hoping there’s a bit of a market inefficiency since he got a high ankle sprain and won’t participate at the combine and certainly at the senior bowl.

              Started 2017 on the Outland and all other watchlists, didn’t allow a sack in 41 career games, 6-5 317 Center who did start as a RG. I’ve watched two game tapes on youtube against Ole Miss and Texas A&m and can hold very well at the point of attack and can pull and get tot he second level super quickly.

              Obviously, I worry about injuries but since Seattle loves versatility on the line and with Joekel being gone (perhaps) maybe a big strong Guard/Center prospect in the fourth-fifth round?

              • C-Dog

                Durability has to be a consideration, but I would put OG as a position Seattle could and maybe should target in FA and the draft. Something in what Pete was saying on Brock & Salk that made me think they could be looking to add there. Ragnow should definitely be a consideration.

    • Sea Mode

      Great post, C-Dog!

      Funny, I wrote out that exact trade down scenario for my earlier post, with Saints winning SB and trading up for QB. Then I went to check what R2 pick we would be getting in return and… oops!… they have no R2 pick! (Kamara trade last year).

      • C-Dog

        Great minds think alike and over look that glaring fact!

  19. Ed

    Alright Rob, no more DB/TC talk, or even trade talk. Will adhere to article topic.

    Based on history, PC means what he says. We also know JS likes to trade back. Assuming Barkley is gone by 18, how far can JS trade back and still get one of:

    -Chubb (my number 1)

    Would best line be: Brown/Pocic/Britt/Ifedi/Fant

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to answer today but I could see Jones II, Harris, Chubb, Kerryon, Michel all going 18-45.

      • Kenny Sloth

        +1 this class is kind of nuts right now. 18 is a really strange spot for me. There might be a perennial pro bowler there, but thats ton of room to move down.

        What do you, Rob, have to get out of your trade down to make it happen?

        Would you go for a ton of day 3s or do you HAVE to get back into the 2nd and 3rd round

      • Seahawcrates

        I think I will set my tv to record the running back groups for the combine. Anybody want to come over that day to watch?😎

        • peter

          It’s going to be a show. Barkley, work out warrior. Guice? Pretty interested in how he tests. Harris/Jones two fairly different players who might be kind of great to get in one draft….

          Chubb and Michel. Michel looks like he possesses ridiculous explosive traits but the guy who I think has the most to prove is Chubb. I think Chubb had he not been injured and not split carries would be considered in the class of Barkley. Now Barkley is an electric return man though any team that drafts him and has him do that is blowing it. But his pass catching ability is phenomenal which I think is the big separator. That said people need to revisit Chubb’s Freshman campaign when he filled in for the injured Todd gurley.

          What’s most amazing about this draft is the quantity of players that sit right in Seattle’s 5-11″ 220lb wheelhouse. Just a ton of players who fit and look the part.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    So great that development in football comes from good coaches with Talented players.

    The 46 defense is named after Buddy Ryan’s safety’s jersey number. He drew it up because Jim Plank could lay the wood and in my opinion it’s the best concept of a defense in American Football

    That crazy trick play with the punt misdirection was drawn up for oppo Devin Hester~ by Lovie Smiths crew in 2011
    Of course all eyes would be on the greatest returner of all-time. Aaron Rodgers called it the most incredible play he’d ever seen.

  21. Cysco


    Gone: Avril, Chancellor, Bennett, Rawls, Graham, Lane, Ryan, Richardson, Joeckel

    Focus: Impact running back, Increased speed throughout the defense, Improve offensive line where possible

    Got it.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not sure that either Richardson or Graham will leave

      • Greg Haugsven

        Or Bennett

        • Kenny Sloth

          Thats true. He could heal up and go on a tear.

          Would hate for it to be on another team ala Calais Campbell

          • Sea Mode

            I really can’t understand why they didn’t lessen his snap % this year, especially considering he was pretty seriously injured.

            Maybe he’s just one of those guys that wants to play every snap and gets upset when you take him off the field. Maybe they felt they didn’t have anyone else good enough. Maybe they thought his intelligence out there was more valuable than his freshness anyway. Who knows…

            • Smitty1547

              maybe they figured this would be his last year here, so use as much of him up as they could. No need in saving him for someone else. Not saying I agree with it, but a possibility

      • Ed

        My bet would be both are gone. Maybe MB too. Please add Walsh and Lacy to that list as well.

        • peter

          Not sure what they could get for Bennett, maybe a 4th? It’s his age. But last year, which felt like a down year he still managed 8.5 sacks.

          I could see him getting his snaps limited next year and still be good for around 10 sacks plus having a year to hopefully heal up he could make a nice mini comeback.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            He played through a foot injury suffered early in the season. With a position predicated and power and speed…. and gutting out each week and playing well north of 90% of the defensive snaps… a true professional and a true football warrior.

  22. Greg Haugsven

    The more I think of trading Earl and having a safety tandem of FS McDougal and SS Hill the more I agree with it. It’s not that I don’t like Earl as I love him but if he is going to want $13 mill a year at his next contract at 30 the more I say just move on. We could sign McDougal for 3 years $18 million and gain about $8.5 million in space for trading Earl plus what you get in draft compensation.

    • John_s


    • peter

      people don’t want to hear it but Seattle is in need of a pretty big influx of talent and few ways to address it both in draft resources or cap space.

      Sad to say but it may be time to let Earl go if nothing more than dragging him around for a few more middling seasons as Seattle opens cap space and maybe regains draft capital seems kind of lame to him and from a practical stance he’s sort of the last piece seattle can use to regain draft ground.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80

        I wouldn’t trade ET for at least a First round pick. I could see Dallas third round this year and 1st round 2019.

        • peter

          Oddly that kind of trade is how they got earl in the first place. Josh mcdaniels traded denver’s first to Seattle then tanked hard that following season allowing Seattle that extra first which turned into Earl Thomas.

          • SeahawkeyezSub80

            Wow I forgot about that! Good on you for the history lesson.😁

  23. vrtkolman

    Since the tight end draft class isn’t great, we can look at some other free agents if Graham is gone.

    Crockett Gilmore has been eaten up by injuries, but he’s only 26 and looked very promising early in his career.

    Trey Burton will probably require a significant payout, but he’s a very good receiving threat. He’d be an upgrade over Luke Willson.

    Virgil Green isn’t a weapon in the passing game, but he’s an excellent blocker.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the names. Definitely they will take a look in FA.

      • red

        roll the dice on an injury plagued Eifert?

    • Jacob M

      I would not be opposed to giving Eifert a one year prove it deal. Depending on his injury situation RN. ( if he is even healthy rn)

      • vrtkolman

        Love Eifert but two things scare me –

        1. He is constantly injured and has a nasty concussion history.
        2. He is a big name and thus some team will overpay for him.

        • drewdawg11

          This TE class isn’t supposed to be deep, but two guys who intrigue me are Dalton schultz of Stanford and Mike Gisecke from Penn state. Both around 6’6”, 260 lbs ish. Dalton ran really good routes and he’s a classic Y tight end. He could be a really big steal in round 3-4, (assuming we reload our picks), and I feel like Gesicki can really make plays with his excellent ventricle leap and hands. He made a big jump from last year to this year, and he can also block. He’s got upside that’s still untapped. If they do decide to move on from Jimmy, I would love to have either of these guys. Vannett can be the second TE. I’m not sure why Willson needs to be extended again. He’s ok. He’s fast… he is what he is. Maybe instead of paying him $3 million per, we can go younger and more talented.

          The more I think about it, the more I want Nick Chubb to be a Seahawk. If his medical check out, and his workouts are in line with what we believe, I think he’s the perfect back for us. He runs with power, with speed, with vision. He’s a tough runner. I actually wouldn’t mind drafting Harris or Jones, but I think Chubb is the guy. Now, where will he fall? Do we need to stay around 18-20?

          • vrtkolman

            I completely agree with you on Willson. I wasn’t sure why they re-signed him to begin with, and I’m comfortable moving on. Hopefully Vannett can make a big jump next year. I’ll check out Shultz, coming from Stanford he might be a good fit right out of the gate. You know he has experience blocking in that offense.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I’m thinking two running backs taken in the first round. Most will go top of second round on teams second draft pick. So the Seahawks could move back, gain a low second rounder and still pick up Chubb. After watching the Georgia game he is my pick also.

  24. Pran

    We all knew that Pete knew and Pete knew that every one knows..

    Unless you have elite talent at RB like Earl Bobby Russ you can’t make it work with current mess of coaching/scheming what ever is the underlying cause. Talent is never the problem..look no further than Patriots where average talent perform like great to elite!

    Let me repeat talent is not the problem, it’s the other part! We have the healthiest offense this season yet see how worse week in week out. Jimmy G, Rawls etc might prove it again like Collins.

    3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks on OL.. you won’t probably find another OL like that. Just wish cable gets another shot at HC.

  25. Pickering

    If Seattle go for several RBs, it wouldn’t be the first time.

    In the 2016 draft the Seahawks selected 3 RBs:
    3rd round CJ Prosise
    5th round Alex Collins
    7th round Zac Brooks
    Plus UFDA Tre Madden

    • Sea Mode

      Line up for the Marshawn Lynch Replacement Sweepstakes!

  26. murphkins

    Trade Rumors! Here are my concocted trades if Seattle does indeed want to get younger on defense:

    -Earl Thomas to Atlanta for their 2018 1st round pick and their 2019 3rd pick. (this is very similar draft capital to the Percy Harvin trade we are so fond of…)

    -Richard Sherman to NE for a conditional 2nd to 3rd pick.

    -Michael Bennett to Tennessee for a 2018 4th round pick.

    My rational is that Atlanta is in a superbowl window, and Dan Quinn would be in heaven with Earl Thomas anchoring his own version of the Legion-of-Boom. New England seems unlikely to shell out big bucks to keep Malcolm Butler after having signed Gilmore to a lucrative contract, and since they can be patient with Sherman’s health and still make the playoffs handily, they opt to trade for Sherman. They then collect two 3rd round compensation picks when Butler and then Sherman depart. Tennessee just needs guys who can chase quarterbacks around. After all, Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson will be back next year within their division. The Hawks get younger, cheaper and have more draft capital for the next two drafts.

    • C-Dog

      I could see ET or Mike B on DQ’s defense.

      I am pretty skeptical that a team would offer much at all for a $11 mill 30 yr old CB coming off achilles surgery, even if his name is Richard Sherman.

    • Smitty1547

      I would think Bennett to NE, Bellichick is a big fan of his and they need a pass rusher. Plus he fits nicely into what they will pay.

      • Smitty1547

        Rob is find it humorous, Ive been on your sight since the beginning and because i used the word suck and disagreed with you. You feel the need to monitor my every word. I can pretty much guarantee that damn near every person on this sight from Alaska and many from Seattle came to you on my recommendation.

        • Rob Staton

          The conversation ran its course. Creating a great community doesn’t just happen. Obsessively talking about Cable and Bevell, accusing me of ‘loving them’ because I don’t want every thread to be consumed by the topic and trying to argue that the Seahawks should just do what New England do (when their situation is totally different because of Brady) isn’t what this thread needs. I have to manage this site to make it as good as it can be and keep us on topic. Seahawks Twitter is awash with ‘Cable and Bevell suck’ hype. No doubt it’s the same on .net and Reddit too. That’s not what Seahawks Draft Blog is here to do. Sorry if that disappoints you but I’ve managed this thing for nearly 10 years.

          • peter

            whoa I can’t even imagine the gloom on Reddit!

          • peter

            also the fire the assistants stuff is boring because it won’t happen. it’s more likely seattle drafts Shaquem Griffin so that’s more interesting to talk about.

        • Del tre

          Just don’t be redundant, Robs pretty fair dude, if you have a point/response make it but dont overdo it. I got in trouble once for overdoing it because i couldn’t stand Jermaine Kearse. As far as I’m aware and I’ve noticed, Rob has never held it against me. I think he just tries to keep a more level head, if you have 5 comments bashing cable and Bevell witho ut saying anything new its gonna draw some attention from Rob. I doubt he wants to single you out, you wanna know what a bad comment/moderator system is? Fieldgulls still has me banned for critiquing Bevells personal decision on a play. I made the same comment on this site and several people agreed with me, Rob didn’t notice. We’ve got a sweet thing going on here man, and we do appreciate your opinions and perspectives, please try to remember Rob is trying to do whats best for the site, and if you want to blow off steam on Cable and Bevell, my throwaway twitter gets retweets all the time from fire Bevell accounts, i save the stuff thats actually worth saying for here though.

          • Smitty1547

            Ive followed this sight and been a follower since the year before the Aaron Curry draft, I remember it well because my Uncle was in hospital dying of cancer and I use to read all the comments to him off my laptop. This is why is find it so damn interesting that all of a sudden I’m a bad apple because I disagree with him, Just humorous to me to be honest. Ive finally reached my fill after 3 years of Beavell and Cable did I blow my top after the SB pass no, 3 years of the same crap.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re not a bad apple Smitty1547. It’s just it’s important for me as the person who runs this blog to keep things on topic and not repetitive. We have a great community here not by coincidence, it’s because we don’t just resort to the same endless conversations you see on Twitter and the forums. While other sites argue about Bevell and Cable, devote endless articles trying to argue the running game is pointless using Microsoft Excel and basically shout and swear and argue with each other — it’s different here. And I felt it was important to moderate the way the discussion was going. ‘Cable and Bevell suck’ and ‘You love the coaching staff Rob’ wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in.

    • pran

      Earl ain’t going anywhere at least in 2018 unless for a crazy trade or Earl forces the issue. I dont see any team willing to trade their 1st for a player approaching 30s with some injury concern.

  27. line_hawk

    The biggest takeaway from this conference to me is that Carroll is ready to be part of reloading the defense which is likely more than a one year task. The fact that there is a strong possibility of Kam/Avril/Bennett/Earl not coming back and Carroll still wanting to be part of building a new core seems to indicate that he is not going anywhere in the near future.

  28. James

    You lose your top two RBs (Carson and Prosise) and your running game is likely to be burnt toast. How good would the Rams or Saints running games have been without Gurley or Ingram/Kamara? The injuries were so devastating that Pete/John will likely try to have four good ones on the roster, but don’t they have that already in Carson, Prosise, Davis and McKissic? Of course, hoping that Prosise can stay healthy may be like hoping for world peace.

    The main problem, in my view, is Cable’s Zone Blocking Scheme (ZBS), which has been figured out by defensive coordinators. DLs were constantly jumping through the gaps our linemen left as they tried to implement the system, which was probably doomed as soon as the league outlawed the chop block. Athletically, Brown, Britt, Ifedi and Pocic should anchor a league-average line, at a minimum, and the fact that our line was the worst in the league once again is entirely the fault of a flawed (outdated) scheme.

    • John_s

      Great post! Agree about the ZBS and the chop block

    • Pran

      I think many teams are still running ZBS and having success in doing that.
      Wish Pete gets some outside consultant to do a review of the last 5 seasons and see what pops out!

    • GoHawks5151

      Cutting at the point of contact used to be a stake of the zone back when the broncos had Terrell Davis. Too much athletes on the d line now days. You are better off engaging your man if covered. At least make them work to get off blocks rather than simply stepping over a diving body. In the zone scheme a stalemate is a win. Don’t have to be an overpowering block every time

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. Hat on hat is enough for at least 4-5 ypc and occasionally a burst into the 2nd level. That’s why it amazes me that 5 OL can so consistently fail to get hands on or at least stay in front of 4 rushers.

        Anyone have any idea of how we could tweak the ZBS for today’s game, taking into account how athletic defenders are and the elimination of the chop block? The OL coach who figures that out first is going to make himself very rich.

        Maybe incorporate more 2 HB looks so that defenders have to account for playflow of ZBS, plus the motion to the weak side? Would this keep DL from trying to shoot the gaps so often? Then you also have the variation of HB blocking for QB keeper on the weak side as well, or sneaking out for the pass on a play action bootleg.

        IDK, just thinking. If we know we can’t dominate LOS on offense any more, maybe help the line out with a bit more misdirection.

        • cha

          There’s the thought that on certain plays the defense has figured the offense’s blocking scheme out and adjusted accordingly. So maybe more creativity is needed?

          I’ve gotten the feeling at times that the “RB gets the ball and immediately gets swallowed up by 2 DL’s” plays aren’t always necessarily failures of blocking or assignment mishaps. It’s that the scheme on that play calls for the OL to shed DLs and get to the second level quicker, and the defense is ready for it. When it works, it’s spectacular. When it doesn’t it looks like the Keystone cops.

          With Lynch, who could take a 4 yard loss and turn it into a 1 yard gain, it wasn’t as painful and visible as it is with others. Particularly Lacy, who always looked lethargic at the point of attack. So perhaps it’s tailoring your blocking scheme more to the runners you have and their skillsets? I don’t know.

        • GoHawks5151

          We just can’t cut as much as we do. The cut success rate I would guess is under 50 present. Can you imagine only contacting your man less than half the time? You can still run power and counter (guard and center pulling plays) and run a read off of both the back and front side. It’s what Auburn and Carolina Panthers do with Cam. Also what the Texans and Clemson do with Watson pre snap. WR or 2 back motions freeze backers and ends. We actually have a fly sweep threat in Lockett so it should fit. I also feel like going to be a good bubble screen guy. Built like an RB

    • Brazilianguy

      Teams that ran the ZBS in 2017: Falcons, 49ers, Texans, Titans, Cowboys, Vikings and , above all, the Saints. The zone blocking IS the way to go. It’s just about bad execution all around in the run game and lack of high end talent at the RB position.

      • pran

        Perfect..Cable’s time is up

  29. Kyle

    Nick Chubb vs Kentucky. Just super impressive with his cuts and speed. Not an easy get ever. And if you want to see something special, watch the last run of the video. Look at that speed. He is my choice at rb for the hawks. But I am going to watch some of jones II here in a bit. But man do I love this kid. Explodes through the hole, makes guys miss and has that third gear that people can’t seem to catch.

    • peter

      There’s going to be some great choices this year.

      I’m trying to just keep an open mind to the RB position since I’m not as locked in as of yet as to who is “the best.” not that I ever really know but I get a gut feeling at some point like everyone.

      Rob already posted some clips but Damien Harris has some awesome pass blocking chops and against Texas A&M has the silkiest smooth jump cut to the hole for a monster gain I may have ever seen.

    • H

      I agree on Chubb, he’s been my favourite guy for a while and the Rose bowl has made me double down.
      Can’t wait to see him vs ‘bama and the combine, he could do himself some serious favours. Only concern is obviously his injury history

  30. Kyle

    He reminds me of zeke. I didn’t think Lynch was the best comparison because no one is Lynch. But he definitely looks like zeke to me.

  31. Millhouse-serbia

    Brown, Odgiambo, Britt, Pocic, Iferdi starting 5. Roos, Fant, Tobin back ups and Hunt on ps. I think JS will not draft nor sign any OL player this offseason.

    He will look to clear SC for 2019 and reevaluate OL after 2018 and sign some.big name for 2019. Or not if all of 5 starters shows that they are good enoughe.

    • peter

      I think they’ll draft one but later like in the 4th if they acquire extra picks from trading down. or the Fifth.

      I do agree they probably aren’t signing any extra Free agents.

      • Jason

        How many years can players be on the practice squad? Will this be Hunts 4th year?

  32. red

    Looking through list of UFA Allen Robinson interests me had a huge year in 2015 1400 yards and 14tds and had a decent 2016 tore his acl first game of 2017. Jax is up against the cap a little for 2018 so I think he is gone plus Marquise Lee is UFA so Jax might try to use their money to sign him. Davante Adams just got 4 year 58 mil if Robinson is 3 year 33 would you take him over 4 year 28 of Paul Richardson?

    • Schuemansky

      I think they won’t be buyers on the FA market before June because of all the potential comp picks they would not have by cancelling out their losses in FA by acquisitions.

    • Brazilianguy

      Allen In the Kearse role would be awesome.

  33. EP

    For arguments sake let’s say Avril doesn’t need to retire and wants to come back. Do you keep him or Bennett? In this case I can see the value of Bennett as he is the more versatile. Seems he did have a down year caused by his injury but 8.5 sacks is still pretty decent.

    • GerryG

      Malik McDowell is the wildcard here… Is he ever going to play?

      • peter

        For me I never even think of that guy. And it’s okay. I remember a few years back when San Francisco had a wave over two or three seasons of players retire which just sucked for them, good players, draft picks gone….

        It’s how I feel about Malik Mcdowell. Kenny has made some great points about confidentiality and I think football fans think they are privy to more info then they actually are. When Terrell Suggs tore his achilles playing basketball no one should have actually known how it happened. But even greater was when Jason Pierre-paul blew his finger(s) off someone at the hospital leaked his medical file to Adam Schefter I believe.

        Going back to Malik Mcdowell. I never thought he was some transcendent talent when Seattle drafted him. I think Seattle had a great draft last year if you just look at Griffin and Naz Jones. It’s hard for a team in any year to find that level of talent. But at the expense of being salty Mcdowell is the kind of pick that is too clever by half.

    • peter

      The thing is they both work in tandem. Their best years are when each one was at full strength. I’d almost keep Bennett over Avril because it seems it’s harder to find that inside/outside pass rush to go with the run stopping.

      Not that it’s “easy,” but Seattle has had a bit more success finding edge rushers: Raheem Brock, Clemons, Avril, then they have finding anyone like Bennett.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would want Bennett over Avril, plus the salary cap space you get by releasing Avril is over twice as much.

        • GerryG

          Losing Bennett saves you 2 million, but helps in ’19 I think.

          Not sure there is that much value there by cutting him, he’s too old for trade value, especially if the league thinks he’s going to be released

  34. EP

    On another note, I really like the way Pete is as a person. I think we’re extremely lucky to have an organisation that really cares about its players, something that is lost in virtually all professional sports. I like how he reminds us that these guys are actually people and have great and difficult things going on in their lives outside of football. It’s very easy to treat these guys like robots, which to an extent must be done but I’m very thankful that we’ve managed to have and sustain success in a way that allows these guys to actually be people and not just a number and a mark against the salary cap. I think that’s why it makes it harder to come to terms with losing some of our veterans because they mean a bit more to us. We’re not the Patriots and to be honest I don’t particularly want to be. I’ve not been a fan of the sport for a very long time and when it came to picking a team I wanted to support, this seemed like the perfect place to go. An organisation that is good and kind and bucks the trend that we normally see in sport. I like seeing and hearing real people, when Pete and most of these guys talk in interviews etc. I believe we are seeing who they actually are and don’t just adhere to the preferred model of a sportsman who says what the league wants them to and moves on from there. So a shout out to Pete Carroll, John Schneider and Paul Allen for letting us have a team of human beings and not being surprised when they behave like them.

    • Trevor

      I agree completely. It has its downside at times but it is well worth it.

  35. Del tre
    Rob i think this is a good video and gives some perspective on why the Hawks O line is struggling. Really good breakdown of a new technique thats more effective and being used in the NFL right now. Curious if the Hawks use it, doesn’t seem like they do.

    • GoHawks5151

      Interesting video. Not so sure it’s anything too new really. Again how many clips has Ben Baldwin put out where all of our lineman are trying and missing on a cut block and Russell is staring five men in the face? Really what is old is New Again. Fundamentally you should be striking and holding the chest pad on every play. You just can’t miss your aiming points. Ideally you should only be striking when a defender is 6 inches from your chest. Wait til you see the whites of their eyes! With all the length, speed, power freaks on the d-line they crave space and are waiting to counter. Take that space away and absorb contact or run them by. At some point every pass block turns into a run block anyway in that you are driving your man past the pocket. Asleep it’s never a hold of the hands are in! 😉

      • GoHawks5151

        Also it’s*

  36. no frickin' clue

    Fixing the running game would help in 3 ways. One, it would reduce the number of 3rd-and-long situations we find ourselves in all too often (which leads to a lot of 3-and-outs). Two, fewer 3-and-outs would mean more rest for the D, which is already getting long in the tooth and probably has something to do with the slippage in the pass rush. Three, nothing says ‘physical’ like the other team being powerless to stop your running game. Didn’t Pete and John talk last year about wanting to re-establish the bully mentality? I agree with the sentiment, but their tactics were wrong. They thought Lacy and a resurgent Rawls were the answer, and they just weren’t.

    If ever there was a year to trade down out of #18, this is it. You have a massive number of high-quality RB prospects, so slippage to round 2 seems very possible. You have a bunch of QB prospects who could induce teams to trade up into the latter half of round 1. Unless PC and JS have a man-crush on one particular player still on the board at #18, I would think trying to trade down in small increments is the way to go, assuming you can find a partner who wants to trade up.

    • Ed

      Yep. Chubb/Guice/Harris all stout backs that would work and hope attainable late 1st early 2nd. If Hawks could somehow find a way to come out of draft with Nelson/Price and Chubb/Guice/Harris, that would be ideal. A starting stud guard and starting potentially stud RB

    • vrtkolman

      If we are letting Graham walk, fixing the run also will help fill his touchdown production. Those touchdown catches inside the 5 would become rushing touchdowns.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Great point VRT. Most of Grahams TD’s were from 5 yards or less. We had 0 rushings yards this season from inside the opponents 10 yard line. that number is staggering.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Great point VRT. Most all of Grahams touchdowns were from inside the 5. Why? Because our run game was so bad.

  37. Brazilianguy

    What if this means they plan on chasing a big trade for the RB position, like Zeke or Bell?

    • Ed

      Highly doubtful. Too many good rookie RB, instead of high priced veteran with tread

    • Kyle

      I highly doubt they trade for zeke, although id probably go into a man crush coma. What would dallas get out of the deal? nothing close to him. He is their entire offense. Bell, as much as I love him as a rb, I think he would do poorly in our scheme. He is so patient behind the line, but behind this line, he’d be to patient. His work in the passing game would be huge, but as a runner? I don’t think he would fit at all. Unless they changed their scheme. I just don’t see any of those guys getting out from where they are. Dallas, never in a million years are they trading us zeke. Bell, doubt he goes anywhere really.

      I honestly think Chubb is the answer. His knee injury isn’t scarring me away. That wasn’t a no contact injury, it was a freak accident. Brutal to be honest. But he seems to be trusting it more and more and if medical checks out im all in on him being the bell cow. He has the vision, has the strength and burst, and to top it off, the dude has insane speed.

      He really does remind me of zeke. Not as good hands, but screens and short routes he could wreck some teams.


  38. Ed

    While I would like to see major changes in players by moving veterans (MB/CA/KC/RS/ET/KW/JR) and not keeping any FA (JG/LJ/EL/BW) and making coaching changes (DB/KR/TC), it really looks like the Hawks will tweak with getting a little younger and going into next year status quo. However, if another season like this happens, I could see PC and crew leaving and the major overhaul will be 2019 with all SB members outside of RW and BW gone.

    • AlaskaHawk

      At least in 2019 they will have all their draft picks and the cap should be more reasonable with injured veterans leaving. It would be a great year to continue the rebuild.

    • Volume12

      I think next season could be worse depending on this off-season. Teams can turn it around all the time in the NFL, but you need an excess of draft picks and not lacking young talent.

      KJ, ET, or Bennett. Gotta move 1 if not 2 of those to clear up cap space and get some draft capital back.

  39. Volume12

    So is this like last year when PC talked about LBs and then everyone was sure of the fact a high pick would he spent on that position and Seattle drafted not a single one?

    • Volume12

      Oh wait. They did address it. Wilhoite and Garvin. So who’s the bargain bin cast off they sign at RB and try to make a thing?

      • john_s

        My thought was Jeremy Hill?

        • Volume12

          No idea. 2017 was JS’s worst off-season by far. Those Lacy and Walsh signings were big blows.

          The coaching staff gets a ton of blame, some of it fair, some not so much. But JS seems to never be at fault.

          • john_s

            I agree ’17 was a hard year for JS. Lacy and Walsh were kind of DiPoto type baseball moves. You buy low on a couple of guys who are coming off tough years with the hope they can bounce back. It backfired big time.

            If McDowell does not play a snap, it will be a huge negative mark on him. Not just because of the pick, but it set up the trade for Sheldon which cost you a pick plus Kearse and potentially a huge chunk of cap space to resign him.

            I must say I gotta eat some crow on Kearse. I was done with him after 2016, but he had a kickass year in 17 for the Jets. I am happy that he was able to ball out.

      • peter

        hope it’s none. the free agent running back class looks pretty grim this year.

        • Volume12

          Isaiah Crowell is about it.

          • peter

            yep. I know people here like Freeman but I think he gets resigned and I’m not sure he’d be very good here.

    • Rob Staton

      Last year Carroll mentioned three areas of need:

      — Secondary
      — O-line
      — Linebacker

      The linebacker one got more attention because it wasn’t considered a need until Carroll mentioned it. But the Seahawks loaded up on LB’s in free agency. And then drafted a cluster of DB’s and Pocic with the second round pick.

  40. Volume12

    Seattle’s pick is worth the 32nd pick and a mid 2nd according to the JJ trade chart.

    If a Derwin James is off the board, likely, trade back. Other wise, try and get someone like him with your 1st selection and JS trade picks (one next year for thsi year could be one way for example) and obviously a player for picks trade is coming this off-season.

    Late 1st- 2nd round looks to be the sweet spot for RBs this year (other than Barkley & Guice). Day 3 go get some type of pass rusher, OL, and a TE. With your 7th round picks, get some projects at CB & LB.

    • peter

      you’ve got pretty solid hunches, you think guice is the 2nd back taken? mid first?

      Frank Ragnow Arkansas is my 5th round linemen. I think teans will sleep on him playing for a down Arkansas team and he’ll miss all the combine coming off if surgery.

      • Volume12

        Yes and yes.

        Haven’t watched a ton of Arkansas this year. However, Ragnow caught my eye last year and I was impressed by him then and in what little I did see out of him this year. He’d be a really solid addition.

        Just for going off my list of who they’ve scouted the most this year (that I could find. Probably more teams as well) I’m guessing this is who they could have an eye on for those particular teams.

        ‘Bama: HBs Damien Harris & Bo Scarbrough, S’s Minkah Fitzpatrick & Ronnie Harrison- Wildcard: LB Rashaan Evans

        USC: HB Ronald Jones II, DL Rasheem Greene, DB Marvell Tell

        Stanford: LB Bobby Okereke, WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside, TE Dalton Schultz, HB Bryce Love

        • Millhouse-serbia

          Volume12 are you “tyler” on twiter?

          What do you think about.crowel as new seahawk RB?

      • Rob Staton

        I think Ragnow is round two.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I believe that will be the Seahawks strategy also. A trade back to top of second round with a mid to lower second round draft pick thrown in. They will use it on a running back and on defense.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Good luck getting that. Maybe Clevelands pick 33 and 57-64 (depending on where the Eagles finish) Would people in here trade #18 for #33 and say #60?

        • Greg Haugsven

          Cleveland has 1, 4, 33, 35, (57-64) and 65. Thats Crazy

          • Trevor

            That is crazy! How much fun with this blog be if the Hawks had those picks.

            Maybe JS calls them and tries to pull a Ditka in reverse Russ for the entire Browns Draft. Still don’t think I would do it but it would be tempting.

        • Sea Mode

          Yes, unless an absolute blue-chipper at a position of need is staring us in the face.

          This was actually the exact trade I proposed in my scenario above.

    • Rob Staton

      I differ in my opinion here. Not that fussed about Derwin James. And for me Guice is a R2-3 type.

      But it’s possible the sweet spot is the late first or early second for RB’s.

  41. Kyle B

    Took an hour to watch Nick Chubb today. I have been loving on Sony Michel but I watched pre and post injury Nick Chubb… I can’t see a difference. I want Nick Chubb. This dudes strength is insane and I am not quite sure what to compare it to. He’s been a track stud and a weight lifting stud his entire life basically and man it shows.

    I also want to stop falling in love with 10 different running backs and want the hawks to just pick who I fall in love with lol.

    • peter

      ha! Nick Chubb +1

    • AlaskaHawk

      He is strong, hard to tackle, and has enough top end speed to be a featured running back.

    • Trevor

      I like Chubb but love Michel and the different dimension he would give us. I think Michel and Carson would be a great 1-2 Punch with Prosise as a 3rd down back getting 5-6 touches a game.

  42. AndrewP

    Rob- With Carroll’s presser, player comments, and the draft position now known, I was wondering the chances of seeing an ‘Hawks Offseason Plan’ post; complete with signings, trades and a mock..?

    • Rob Staton

      Will certainly be something I consider doing eventually. Maybe a tad too soon for now but will get into it.

  43. peter

    Josh Jackson cb any thoughts? is cb any kind of need moving forward?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would say no at this point. We could have this:

      Maxwell ( if resigned)
      Shead (if resigned)
      Sherman (if not traded/released)

      We are pretty set even w/out Sherman.

      • Trevor


        Jackson is my favourite CB in this draft and looks like a Seahawks CB but we have so many bigger needs.

      • Sea Mode

        I have to disagree. Maxwell is 30 in Feb. Shead is 29 in June. Add Mike Tyson to your list as well for youth, but I still think we need to add another CB prospect to Pete’s factory to step in across from Griffin in a couple years.

        Kentucky CB Derrick Baity could be interesting if he declares. If nothing else, because he’s 6’3 and aggressive in press.

        Another guy that just declared today is Tennessee CB Rashaan Gaulden. 6-1, 193. Really liked his intensity and willingness to tackle. Good blitzer too and versatile. Only one INT though his entire career. Take a look:

    • Rob Staton

      Not watched him fully yet. He’s in the R1 discussion. I think Seattle will continue to look at rounds 3-7 for cornerbacks and if they keep Sherman and Maxwell will feel good about that position.

    • JimQ

      2017 was Jackson only season of good stats., so is he a 1-year wonder or a late bloomer, that is the question.
      IMO- CB/FS?-M. J. Stewart, No. Carolina, 5-111/205, 4.53/40 +/-, #118-overall, projected Rd-3/4, would be a more likely draft value to consider, especially if Jackson goes in Rd-1, which is a possibility if not a probability.

  44. EP

    Intrigued to see what we have in Delano Hill. Karm wasn’t the Kam we know in his rookie season.

  45. Trevor

    My 10 Favourite Hawks Prospects for Rds #1-2 (Excluding Nelson and Barkley as both will be gone)

    #1 Edmunds (LB-VTech) Long, athletic LB who can do it all and even provide some pass rush. Think the Hawks have missed a Bruce Irvin type player and I think Edmunds is that and then some. Wags, KJ and Edmunds would be the best LB group in the NFL.

    #2 Derwin James (S-FSU) – People seem down on him but he is coming off a serious injury and was incredible as a freshman. He is the first guy in year who could truly replace Kam and be even more athletic. If the Hawks trade Earl and Kam retires this would make so much sense. Resign Mcdouglad to play FS and you are set with a quality Safety pairing.

    #3 Davenport (Edge-UTSA)- Wow incredible athlete and the upside is off the charts. Rob comped him to Demarcus Ware. Enough said.

    #4 Price (G-Ohio St.)Known as a blue collar guy with great leadership ability. Nasty athletic G/C this team has lacked in the run game. Could play any of the interior OL positions and he brings an edge this team sorely needs in the run game. Price, Britt and Pocic could make a solid interior OL for the next 5-6 years.

    #5 Wilkins (DT-Clemson) If they don’t resign Sheldon Richardson then this pick would make a ton of sense as he is the same type player IMO. He is also know as a great leader and character guy.

    #6 Sutton (WR-SMU)- The big prototype WR this team and Russ have never had.

    #7 Michel (RB-Auburn) – My favourite RB in the draft after Barkley. He is this years Kamara IMO and would be a great compliment to Carson, Davis and Prosise next year.

    #8 Josh Jackson (CB-Iowa) – We have good CB depth so I don’t think the Hawks take a CB but this guy screams Seahawk CB and has incredible ball skills.

    #9 Lorenzo Carter (LB-Georgia) Another long atletic LB with Edge rush potential.

    #10 Will Hernandez (G-UTEP)-Big nasty mauling LG this team has lacked in the run game. He brings an edge this team sorely needs in the run game. Much like Price but bigger and not as athletic.

    If we got any 2 of these guys in the draft I think they could be Blue Chip guys and have a real impact.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They could certainly get one of those guys from the #18 spot down to end of first round. Pete is so defensively oriented that I have to think he will go defense at #18 – and I’m guessing that guy will be Davenport with Avril ready to retire.

      If he trades down then it will probably be a running back around #33 position with an added second round pick. I wonder how far Hernandez might slip?? He will probably be gone in the first round, most certainly by mid second round.

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