Tony Pauline’s new mock draft

When it comes to draft insiders, Tony Pauline is the best in the business. If you’re not already (and you should be) I’d highly recommend checking out his website.

Today Tony posted an updated mock draft with some interesting scenarios to consider. The Seahawks pick Harold Landry at #18. At some point they need to add another pass rusher so the pick makes sense.

The chances are, however, they’ll trade down and fill the void between pick #18 and #120. Pauline mentions this in his mock, noting he believes they’ll move down to acquire extra picks.

I wanted to focus on the round two options — assuming the Seahawks do trade down to try and regain some of their lost stock.

Pauline predicts a second round rush on running backs (as we’ve talked about a lot on here). Nick Chubb goes at #34 and is the second runner off the board. Derrius Guice, Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson and Ronald Jones II follow (in that order) and all are gone by pick #51.

We’ve been discussing the possibility of six being off the board by pick #50. Here it’s by pick #51. Close enough. The two projections match up and show why it’ll be difficult to get a top running back if you ignore the position in the top-50.

Rashaad Penny and Royce Freeman are both on the board at the end of the second round. Both are talented runners. I’m not convinced either fits Seattle or will fix the running game.

So if they trade back and want to get one of the top running backs, the top-50 is likely the range they’ll have to work in. And then it’s just a case of identifying who they want and how far you can drop.

If they traded the #18 pick to Cleveland for #33 and #64 as speculated — they would have their pick of the running backs in Tony’s mock.

At #64 they would miss out on a number of edge rushers. Sam Hubbard and Josh Sweat are gone — as is Alabama’s Da’Shawn Hand. Dallas Goedert and Christian Kirk are taken off the board at #42 and #43. This kind of scenario could present a situation where they move down again. It could also bring into play a tight end like Ian Thomas who we talked about yesterday.

You only have to look at the names available in round two to see the fantastic value on offer in that round. The difference between the player at #18 and the players going in the 40’s is minimal.

This is a point further emphasised by Gil Brandt in today’s MMQB:

“This is a draft where 13 to 17 guys I could point to and say for sure, This guy’s a first-round pick. After that, there’s a lot of starting-type players who could go anywhere. Let me put it to you this way: My guy who I have 21st overall on my list could go 64th. The guy I rank 47th could go 19th.”

That’s this draft class summed up perfectly.

So why would a team want to trade for #18? Simple. If there are only two offensive tackles worthy of going in the first round and you don’t want to miss out — you move up. If you’re worried Dallas are going to take a valued receiver or linebacker off the board at #19 — you move up. If one of the top 5-6 quarterbacks are still available — you move up.

Sometimes it’s not about getting the player you want in the spot you feel he deserves to go. Sometimes it’s about addressing a need you cannot ignore. The league knows Seattle is open for business due to their lack of picks. They will make an amenable trade partner.

There’d also be no need to panic if they did go RB and TE early. This is a draft class that will provide plenty of day three value, talent and potential on defense. They will have options in the front seven and secondary. No doubt about it.

The other possible question mark is where do they take a quarterback, if at all? In Tony’s mock Mason Rudolph, Luke Falk and Kyle Lauletta are available at the end of round two.

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  1. Rowlandice

    If you believe that the Hawks have open starter positions available on the roster, what positions seem the most open? RB, TE, CB would potentially top the list. Your earlier article(s) about RB/TE for the top 2 picks and DEF value later in the draft lines up really well. Nicely done Rob!

    • SeaHusky

      OG would be another one, as well as potentially S.

    • Coleslaw

      In order so far.
      1. OG
      2. CB
      3. RB
      4. TE
      5. DE
      6. SS

      • DCD2

        Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have Wynn or Hernandez, but I don’t think OG is even in the top 5 of our “needs”. I would lean towards:

        1. RB
        2. DE
        3. TE
        4. CB
        5. WR
        6. QB
        7. DT

        I’d put S, OG, OLB all as spots to add competition, but I don’t see us using much draft capital on those spots personally.

        • Coleslaw

          Needs and where we draft them are completely seperate things

          • EBurgz

            Disagree with OG being a big need. Pocic and fluker should of be better than any rookie we could draft. Odiambo too.

            Hernandez would still be awesome though.

            • Coleslaw

              What makes you think Pocic is ready? It literally comes down to if he added enough power this offseason, if not, he’ll be below average. Odhiambo has proved nothing. In a year where PC has stated they want to fix the running game, I don’t see them being comfortable rolling with those guys. Unless they know Pocic bulked up, then that’s different. But from what we’ve seen, neither of those guys are going to help you much in the running game.

              • EBurgz

                Odiambo struggled at LT last year but he looked pretty good at OG early in the season. Pocic is a second year second round pick with lots of starts already under his belt (on both sides of the line). He has gotten bigger and stronger this offseason already. Fluker is a straight mauler in the run game (but looks a lot like ifedi in pass pro which is worrisome).

                The players on the OL need to play better but its on Pete, Solari and whatever runner gets drafted by us to be the change we need in the run game. Only so many 1st-3rd round picks you can draft/sign on the OL. I’m hoping they have to right guys and just need to figure out how to make it work.

              • TTownHawk

                Pocic was all rookie 2nd team, which speaks to the quality of line play in the league, but he was better than people realize. I think with proper coaching he could be an above average starter. I wouldn’t be mad if we drafted Hernandez or Wynn, or even Corbett, but I would bet against it, just purely on the comments made by PC/JC this offseason. They are tired of shaking up the starting 5 OL every year. And they expect Fluker to start. Factor in those 2 details and I would wager all starting 5 lineman are already on the roster. Just speculative though.

              • Chris

                I thought there were reports of Pocic adding 15-20 lbs?

              • lil'stink

                I wouldn’t be surprised if both Wynn and Hernandez come in an look better during their rookie year than any of the interior OL we currently have.

                • DCD2

                  Yes… they are 1st rounders. Davenport will likely look better than Dion. Rashaan Evans will likely look better than Mingo, Josh Jackson will look better than Maxwell or whoever our #2 CB ends up being, etc.

                  The question is how much better and if going from the 20th ranked guard to the 10th ranked guard (for example) is the best use of draft capital and lead to the most improved team.

                  You could argue that apart from Russ, we could use an upgrade at every position group on both sides of the ball. Upgrading any position, particularly at #18 means that one or more positions don’t get addressed.

                  • EBurgz

                    Lol you do realize Dion Jordan WAS a 1st round pick. So was Mingo. Now they are first rounders with years of nfl experience and development in pro systems. I’d say it’s possible that rookies look better than these established nfl players but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s likely.

                    Every single rookie is a roll of the dice that needs further development. We are trying to project them into the nfl but you truly never know. Even first rounders and top ten picks struggle to adapt to the pros every year. Especially in the trenches. Some rookie OL is not the key to establishing a successful run game. Would still be stoked for Hernandez or Wynn don’t get me wrong.

                  • DCD2

                    I agree with you EBurgz. I’m just saying that we would hope that our top pick would upgrade a position and be a starter. As the lilstinker said Hernandez and Wynn will likely be better than Pocic or Fluker…

                    my point was that OG isn’t the only position we could hope for an upgrade at with an early pick.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                He has bulked up considerably. Up to 322 from 305 last year.

            • Ben Ft. Worth

              I still have this memory of me Screamin at the TV just before we picked Odiambo, for Seattle to draft Dak Prescott!!!!

              Now everytime I see Odi, I think about that. It really sucked when he stepped on Wilson’s against the Falcons! Omg!! I came unglued right then. Lol

            • Michigan 12th

              You wouldn’t have said that about Zack Martin during his rookie year. What makes you think there is no one that will come in and play as well as he did. OL definitely needs to be a priority.

        • Coleslaw

          And he asked what the most open positions are. OG has nobody ready who’s got quality playing time to prove anything, corner is a little better with Thorpe and Elliot. RB has Carson, Davis and McKissik who all looked good. TE only has Dickson vannett and swooped so that might actually be above RB. DE has Jordan, Smith and Jefferson, pretty solid. SS is loaded as we all know. Every other position on the roster is filled besides possibly RT. You could argue WR should be on the list but I think Jaron Brown is gonna prove to be a great addition. Baldwin lockett and Brown could be a good group.

          • EBurgz

            Hopefully we sign Maxwell to shore up CB. OG I don’t think is a major need. TE we already have Vannett and Dickson (maybe swooops) and they only usually carry 3 te. We train late round guys for the secondary.

            Seems like Rb is our biggest need and it isn’t close (Carson, Davis, mckissic are all meh to me).
            Followed by defensive front 7 (De, Dt, Lb) then TE. This is with the assumption we sign maxi. Our depth at LB seems especially crappy after wags and kj.

      • Saxon

        1. DO
        2. TE
        3. RB
        4. OL
        5. CB
        6. S


        No way OG is that high. They like Fluker a lot, and Pocic was a high draft pick only a year ago. Also Ifedi is a possible solution if he loses the competition with Fant, and they still like Odhiambo, just not as a LT. would I take a stud? Yes. Will they, early? Unlikely as the roster stands right now.

        • McZ

          The OL is still crap, guards are still on the worse side of things, regardless how early Pocic was drafted. They also need to draft an eventual Brown-replacement at LT.

          • Coleslaw

            Agree with everything except we have our future LT with Fant

          • EBurgz

            Pocic was a highly regarded OL draft prospect this time last year. He now has a year of development in a pro system. He struggled as a rookie, like basically all lineman coming out of college these days.

            So now you want to draft another highly regarded OL draft prospects this year? Do you know the definition of insanity?

            I’m all for more competition but just seems like beating your head against the wall trying to throw more draft capital at the OL in order to improve the run game. The offensive lineman coming out of college ususlly arent ready to play in the league and get their asses kicked in the NFL their rookie years. Let’s see if the guys that we have can play better as a unit as they develop before burning our limited draft capital on another rookie OL (who will also get his ass kicked). Hopefully Solari can get this group playing well.

  2. drewdawg11

    If mason Rudolph were to fall to the end of round 2, you take him and develop him for a future high pick. He’s got size, arm talent, potential. I think he’s underrated.

    • Trevor

      I agree but I think he goes in round #1.

      • drewdawg11

        I would have thought so as well, but he’s got almost zero buzz right now.

        • TTownHawk

          I think that’s only because of the depth of the class and all the hype around the top 4-5. IMO in any other draft class, Rudolph would be a top 3 QB prospect, position is just deep this year.

      • Elmer


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Browns, pick #1 round #2 :O

      • C-Dog

        If 5 quarterbacks go by the time Arizona picks, I think Rudolph could end up there.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Jacksonville would make a lot of sense.

  3. Alex Higgins

    I remain convinced that the Hawks are simply waiting for the best offer before trading Earl. My suspicion is that they’re only going to get a 2nd and a 3rd — with one of those in 2019. If the 2nd rounder is high enough, that means we could end up with 3 solid picks in the 2nd round this year (after trading down as suggested in Rob’s post).
    But I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

    • Jason

      Might they stay at 18 if they get a 2nd and 3rd for Earl?

      • Rob Staton

        If the offers to move down are there, there’s little point staying at 18. The value just isn’t there.

        • EBurgz

          Depends who is on the board at 18 and what is offered to trade back…

        • GerryG

          Unless someone falls.

          If there are 17 true Rd1 values, it only takes one change to push a potential player down.

          Unless it’s a special player I’d still trade down due to the number of needs

          • Rob Staton

            Unless that someone is Saquon, Bradley Chubb, Tremaine Edmunds or Quenton Nelson — you still move down.

            • Cameron


              • Rob Staton

                It won’t happen. 13 is his floor.

                • Cameron

                  Don’t think it’ll happen either, but you listed players like Saquon, so I didn’t think feasibility was a consideration. 🙂

                  • EBurgz

                    Anyone have mad video editing skills and able to make a video of Vea smoking out of a gas mask bong?

                    I don’t think he will be there either. But I also thought Jarran reed was a top 15 player in his draft class. The DT market has been terrible and teams might think he has limited upside as a pass rusher? Maybe Washington prefers Payne or someone with more passrush upside like mo hurst?

                    I know, I know. He won’t be there. I bet my buddy $20 that he goes top 10 months ago. Still, a man can dream? Aaron Rodgers fell to green bay after all.

  4. Cameron

    Keep an eye on Logan Woodside as a potential end of draft sleeper for QB. I like him better than any of the options projected to go in round two and beyond.

    High football IQ, accurate, takes care of the football, described as “gritty and determined”, and biggest knock on him appears to be size. Sounds like a Seahawks QB to me.

    • JimQ

      I’ve been a fan of Logan Woodside for some time, I have previously had the impression that he would go too high in the draft (Rd-3/4/5) for the Seahawks to consider him, currently he is #273-overall, projected Rd-7/UDFA at draftscout,com. So, Maybe, if he’s there with their earliest Rd-7 pick, they take him?

      Woodside was MAC Offensive player of the year in 2017 and had some great games for Toledo, including the 2016 season when he was #1 in the NCAA with 45-TD’s.

      Career: 759/1166/65.1%/10514-yds, 9.0-YPA, 93-TD’s, 25-INT, 162.9-Passer Rating.

      Some interesting performance records worth consideration & IMO increases his draft value, his performances
      stand out, even at his level of competition, I think some team is going to land a diamond in the ruff with this
      guy, But many NFL coaches will pass because he’s only 6′-1″, Just too short for an NFL QB.
      -Career 9.0-YPA is #14 in NCAA, since 1956 (= Over the last 60+ years)
      -Career 9.6 Adjusted Passing Yd. per attempt is #10 in NCAA, since 1956
      -Career 162.9 Passer Rating in #12 in NCAA, since 1956,
      -Career 8.1 Total Yds per Play is #12 in the NCAA, since 1956.
      These seem like noteworthy accomplishments for any college QB.

  5. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Rob- Tony Pauline has the Bill’s drafting Dante Pettis at 53 which is the Highest I’ve seen him go, although I haven’t looked at many Mock Drafts this year mostly just yours.

    How much do you like Dante?

    As you all know I want him and Saquem the most!

    Go Draft!

    • Rob Staton

      He could easily land in R2. Instant special teams hit for sure.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Thank you for the response Rob!

        My all Dante Pettis mock!

        Trade Russell Wilson for the #1 and #4 picks to the Browns, draft you guessed it – Dante “The inferno” Pettis!

        At #4 draft Dante Pettis’s brother. Does he play football? Does it matter?He shares the Same DNA as Dante! Can’t loose there!

        Next pick ask Dante who he wants to be teammate’s with and draft him or her. Just realized it’s teammate not Teamfriend no wonder UK people like American Football.

        Draft Saquem Griffin at some point, check!

        Change the name from The Seahawks to The Pettis’s

        Forgo rest of draft picks just to give a chance to the rest of the league because let’s be honest, We’re decent People.

        I believe we’re set for a long arse time with my plan!

        Oh yeah, Quarterback? Hmmm?

        • Hawktalker#1

          That is what too much caffeine too much time on your hands will produce. Hahaha

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            No I’m just in Manic Mode and having a Laugh. Yeah I could have spent that 4 minutes being more productive this is true. SDB and Carpo 719 on YouTube are my Blog’s. I am sorry for some of you!

            Go Hawks

            • hawktalker#1

              Never a problem and I sure don’t have any room to talk – doesn’t see to stop me though!! 🙂

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          Spoke with my buddy who is a die hard Cleveland fan about you’re trade for #1 and 4. He knows Cleveland football like we know Seahawks football, which isnt saying much lol! But he scoffed hard and said no way!

          But when I mentioned about Cleveland trading up to #18, he jumped and said, “Now that I can see them doing!” He was quick to point out that Cleveland is looking for young playmakers on offense. So coming up for a lineman would make sense. So Cleveland fan base seems to be on par with what Rob had mentioned. Right again buddy! Need to come up with a cool nickname for you!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Pettis was listed as a riser by after the combine. He was slated most likely 3rd round/4th round, but now is rising up into the mid second round possibly. Watch out for the Patriots and this guy.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Pettis to the Pats would make me puke.

        He’s gonna be a Hawk, I can feel it in the Air!

  6. Omar

    Hey Rob, I just wanted to know if you think Holton Hill and Isaac Yiadom are good fits in Seattle’s defense. Also, what round do you think Yiadom would go in?

    • Rob Staton

      They are. I think Yiadom is R4

      • Omar

        In your opinion, who do you think the Seahawks would draft Yiadom or Hill?

  7. Nick

    Hypothetical trade back scenario given this mock draft:

    #18 for CLE’s #31 & 63
    #31 for DEN’s #40 & 99

    Seattle then has 40,63, 99 — so 3 top 100 picks, and the ability to maybe squeak in one more if they trade three of their four 5th rounders.

    Clearly, this is all dependent upon them believing they can get “their guy” at 40. In this example, Kerryon Johnson is still available and would make a ton of sense for them.

    • j

      They would also have the ammo to move up from 63 if someone they like is there.

      • Nick

        Excellent call. Hypothetically, they could move up to, say, #55 by sending #141 and 146.

        Their picks would then look like: 40, 55, 99, 120, 156, 168, 226, 248

    • Ty the Guy

      Sounds about right. 3 picks in the top 100 is a heck of a lot better than 1.

      Believe me, I’d love to get “our guy” at RB. The run game addresses so many issues IMO.

      But I feel like Chubb, Johnson, and Michel will all be there at #40. Guice is nice, but I don’t see much difference in value compared to Chubb or Johnson.

      • Ty the Guy

        *I think Guice will go before #40.

        **Also, with the 3 in the top 100, we should target OL, Pass Rush, DB, WR,or QB. In that Order.

        QB only because they are instant draft capital and a contingency plan. But still sign a vet to be the backup

    • Nick

      Oops. #31 and #63 is NE, not Cleveland.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I want lineman who can BLOCK in all facets!

  8. cha

    Rob do you feel like there is a deadline for an ET trade? I would think a draft day/night trade might be hard to complete unless an extension can quickly be worked out after the trade framework is hammered out. Not impossible though.

    • Pedestrian

      ET trade on draft day is VERY unlikely..unfortunately due to Earl wanting a monster contract and his current being up at the end of 2018 season.

      I mean maybe an unlikely scenario on draft day is to trade up with Earl as part of the package. That team would have to willing to pay Earl top dollar and it likely wouldn’t bump up trade value by much.

      Another scenario would likely be with the Cowboys and there would need to be some sort of verbal agreement between Earl and the Cowboys that he’s willing to take less money to be with the team he wants. Again, idk how much we’d get in return. Would feel very much like a last ditch effort on our part to get rid of him. But maybe I’m wrong and Jerry Jones wants the deal done.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought there might be at the owners meeting but that wasn’t the case. So apparently not.

  9. James

    Would the Seahawks really pick Landry over Derwin James or Davenport?

    Considering the hype, I’d be disappointed not only if they chose Landry over those two but would kinda be surprised if they traded down with guys like that be available.

    But I know nothing, I just get an overall opinion from the interwebz.

    • James

      Then again, if a talent like Rasheem Green will be available in the 3rd round like this mock suggests, maybe a trade down would be a good idea even if James is still there at #18.

      • TTownHawk

        Man I would love that value! Trade down, draft an RB in Rd2 and Rasheem Green in Rd3. Where do I sign up?

    • EBurgz

      Landry’s 2016 tape is really good. He would be a good LEO candidate. Better than anything Davenport has put on tape considering the level of competition. Davenport has more upside because of he is much more lengthy than Landry but I prefer Derwin James to both of them as I feel he is a top 10 talent. Hurst is also reallyreally good.

      Those are the guys that I’d consider at 18 in tony’s Mock. (Landry, Davenport, hurst and derwin JAMES). Problem is you will either have to move up or miss out on all of the top runners if you stick at 18 and pick one of the defensive studs.

  10. Rik

    Rob, have you looked at P.J. Hall from Sam Houston State. Crazy athleticism for DL, plus insane production. I read (can’t remember which site) that he had the best non-combine pro day of any DL in 10 years.

    • DCD2

      One of my favorites! He also blocked 14 kicks and is only about 6 ft tall. Coaches raved about him, saying he volunteered for special teams, etc. and had to be dragged off the field. There was a really cool story about him running down Troymaine Pope from behind in a game where they were losing by 31!

      Here’s a good article on him:

      Seems “all football” to me.

      • EBurgz

        Nice article. How does he stack up to Poona Ford? They are both short disruptive defensive tackles.

    • Rob Staton

      I have but he has short arms and some significant character concerns. So not sure he’ll be on SEA’s radar.

      • DCD2

        What are the significant character concerns? He missed 2 games when his grades fell off a bit. Here’s a quote from that article above:

        It’s no wonder Hall was named a captain for the team this past season, an honor Keeler allowed even though Hall served a two-game suspension for an academic violation. Hall fell behind in classes while pledging a fraternity and got himself back on track to graduate. It was the only hint of any trouble he’d given the coaching staff in his college career, so Keeler made an exception to his usual rule of making sure all captains don’t miss any practice or playing time because of academic or conduct issues.

  11. SoCal12

    Interesting that Pauline doesn’t have Rasheem Green in the first two rounds. I’d run to the podium with a second rounder if he’s still available like in this scenario. Though I can say that with quite a few players. I think this just highlights the talent spread in the middle rounds like Rob’s mentioned.

    • TTownHawk

      I can’t get a good read on his draft value. I have seen him mocked in round 2 and round 3, so it seems others can’t either. But I am with you, if a guy like Rasheem Green somehow fell into round 3 and we drafted him, I would be giddy.

  12. RWIII

    Two points. First: In regards to Earl Thomas. Yes E.T. is fantastic. But the Hawks need to find a trading partner that works for all three parties(Seattle, E.T., Trading partner.) This is the best case senario. Brock Huard seems to think that it is still a possibility. We will see.

    I sure hope the Hawks can trade down from their overall 18th pick. To many needs.

    • James

      With all the losses on defense, the Hawks probably aren’t expecting a super bowl run this season. Too many holes to be addressed with one off season when you don’t have a ton of cap room to add high impact players.

      So I don’t think a trade down is a must at this point unless there isn’t a stud like James, Davenport, Edmunds ect available there at #18.

      • j

        I’d disagree. Don’t think the guys we lost are that big of losses. They sound big if you focus on the names. But if you look at what they contributed in 2017, replacing them isn’t insurmountable.

        I also think the Hawks are expecting to compete this year and will acquire players accordingly.

        • Mark Souza

          Think I’m with RWIII on this one. If we were to replace the talent from last year with what we do in free agency and the draft, that makes us what we were last year – a 9-7 team that misses the playoffs (that supposes no drop off).

          To make the playoffs we need to be better than last year. For a shot at the Super Bowl we need to be far better than last year. This will be a process. 2018 will be a recovery year. 2019 I think we get into the playoffs with maybe a puncher’s fluke chance of going deep (like 2012). In 2020, maybe the Super Bowl goes through Seattle again, and we’re the big dog.

      • DCD2

        Cap room isn’t all that important at this point. There aren’t really any FA’s sitting out there that would command a lot of money. Next year, we should have close to $80M in cap space, so that’s when we would be spending on FA’s.

        Trading down is pretty much a foregone conclusion in my opinion. Getting back that fire and competition seems to be a focus for us. You get that with many guys competing for few spots. Taking someone at #18 not only leaves us missing out on the next 100 picks (where many agree the value is), but also hands that guy a starting job almost regardless of camp or other factors because of where you drafted him.

  13. Thy Hawk is Howling

    How could you!


    It’s cool, we need an edit button almost as much as another ring!

    • DCD2

      ” we need an edit button almost as much as another ring!”

      quote of the day!

      • Kenny Sloth


    • Mishima



  14. Coleslaw

    Honestly, I don’t think a draft day trade is as unlikely as most people. Jerry’s not an idiot, he knows you can’t get anything close to earl at 19. If they come to an agreement, I could see it.
    It’s Seattle’s last piece of leverage, prove that if you want Earl, you’re going to have to come get him, if not, whatever. I could see the trade happening while the Boys are on the clock, after we trade down and really prove our point, and Jerry realizes he needs Earl instead of the 2nd round graded players at 19.

    • Trevor

      I think it far more likely Jerry makes the pick at 19 for the hometown crowd then overnight between Day 1 &2 they work out a deal for a 2nd and 3rd or a 2nd next year.

      Then he announce it on Day #2 and he gets to make a splash both days.

      I really don’t think the Hawks will do better than a 2nd and 3rd and if they don’t plan to resign him to an extension should make that deal.

    • EBurgz

      Jerry isn’t an idiot? News to me

      • Hawktalker#1

        Many seem to think you can negotiate and come to terms on an new ET contract overnight? And also right in the middle of the draft? Seriously? That’s even LESS likely than drafting a CB with our first pick, or trading up to get Barkley, or trading Wilson to get better draft picks, or thinking the RBs we have are good enough for us to “fix the run game”, or trading for and paying for ODB, or scouting some of the top 10 QBs this year for the purpose of replacing Russ, or picking an OL with our first pick, and the list goes on . . . Nope, not gonna happen. We WILL do the smart thing and trade down (again) and select a top tier RB with our first pick and get back on team back on track.

        • Coleslaw

          Do you have a Crystal ball? How do you know Earl wouldn’t take a deal that would work for Dallas? You know Dallas has thought about it and probably have multiple offers on hand. It’s just speculation. Lol. A lot of stuff happens in the middle of the draft, and a lot of stuff happens that is unimaginable. I mean we cut Richard Sherman this year lol. Anything can happen.

          • Mark Souza

            And more importantly, Dallas doesn’t need to work out a contract with Earl immediately. He’s already under contract for 2018. They have time. And if they elected to, they could tag him for 2019. They have the same options as Seattle.

          • FuzzyLogic


          • Hawktalker#1

            Re-read my post. I never said he wouldn’t take a deal. I just said putting together a deal at the time of the draft is super challenging and not likely. The same thought has been posted many times already. And if I did have a crystal ball, it would only be one of common sense.

            • Ben Ft. Worth

              Or Earl just walks in FA. I doubt Seattle will Franchise tag him. And then Dallas signs him next year.

    • Del tre

      I strongly agree, i know we’ve had disagreements on this subject in the past but this scenario is something that perfectly suits the Cowboys, it allows them to make their big draft day splash, Jerry gets his show, and the Seahawks are likely now the owners of 4-5 2nd and 3rd round draft picks.
      The Cowboys have as much of an opportunity as ever right now, especially considering they can probably pick up one of Chark, Sutton, or Kirk in round 2 while still taking a late round flier on a big receiver like Jaleel Scott or Equaniminous St. Brown. I doubt cowboys fans would be dissatisfied, i don’t think anyone comes away dissatisfied with that trade honestly. It would allow them to compete with the Eagles for the division, which in turn would allow them to be legit contenders, Seattle gets the depth and ammunition to fill roster holes.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Dallas would have to make some interesting decisions in the coming years if they took on Earl and gave him a new deal. they don’t have cap space this year for anything, barring more cuts/trades. they only have 13 players contracted for 2020 right now (per overthecap). I realize thats a ways off, but Zeke, Dak, and Collins are just some of the names that come due between now and then. Say what you will about Jerry, but he has never been stellar at cap management. He could really wreck the future of the team in a effort to make a splash move like this, that would really be an all in for this year type move. They have a TON of money tied up in half an OL too…

  15. EBurgz

    In Tony’s scenario I would either stay and 18 and draft Derwin James (pair him with ET and you have the best safety duo in the league again).

    Or (if you can) trade back with the browns/patriots and draft Chubb then draft Settle. Or Andrew Brown/ Rashan Green with the second pick instead of Settle.

    • Sea Mode

      Would love Chubb + Settle/Brown.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I heard an interesting scenario today.. regarding ET and a trade.

    So it goes something like this. Dallas with the #19 pick, picks a WR, they then cut Dez Bryant… then trade their 2nd and 4th and 6th or w/e for ET….. Seattle then would have a mid 2nd round pick. This pick would line up with a RB selection. (or could free up the first pick from CLE for RB, then dovetail into a DE pick with the mid 2nd rounder)

    So if you couple this with the Browns 2 picks, as suggested in the article for #18, you could come away with Sweat, Chubb and some one else with the 3rd and/or 4th round picks. Maybe even Griffin in the early 3rd round…… feel me now

    Not ideal, but could actually be a way to reload with picks in the middle rounds. JJ makes a splash and Seattle could get decent value, if they MUST trade ET for something.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not bad, but NO SWEAT. No picks in early rounds with too many risks. Don’t want a de ja vu all over again.

    • peter

      No sweat.

      Give me bj hill. Or better still I don’t care about his positioning I see Seattle going after dj moore.

      Let’s get some of that open field run after the catch magic going.

  17. Coleslaw

    Mock for fun * spoiler * no Braden Smith
    33. Nick Chubb
    51. Tim Settle
    64. Jessie Bates III
    120. Leon Jacobs

    Trade Earl for 51 and 2019 2nd.
    Resign Byron Maxwell

    • Hawktalker#1

      Although I’m HE*L bent on getting RoJo, AND want at LEAST a 2 and a 4 THIS YEAR FOR ET, I like that foursome a TON!!!!

    • peter

      No need for Braden smith. Just sub out Jacobs for Frank ragnow.

      Robs probably right about Radnor in the second but Pauline thinks he’s a fourth rounder and I’m sticking with that.

      Like your picks quite a bit btw

      • Hawktalker#1

        No thanks. Not interested in another center. We have enough of those . . . Jacobs any day over another Center.

        • Old but Slow

          Hey, now. We only have 3 centers, is that enough?

          • peter

            Well it’s as the old adage goes. a team may have three centers but if none are good do they really have any centers?

        • peter

          Ragnow was a guard. Before center.

          and a better center than pocic. and even if you agree with robs economic breakdown that Seattle has spent a ton on the line….the line still sucks. and there’s no stake with pocic that holds him Seattle, he’s just here.

          • peter

            so in the spirit of all football and always compete and not “you’re already here so why not….”. Which is a terrible motivational book title, a better center back up and competition for either interior spot for a fourth round pick sounds good to me.

            • Kenny Sloth

              You’re assuming any OLer is going to be any better

              Pretty asinine assumption if you asked me

              Why do you think a combo IL will be available in round?

              Ragnow won’t leave the second imo so what are we talking about

              How he’s going to have a similar learning curve to Ethan Pocic anyway?

              Better just start over

              • Eburgz


                • Kenny Sloth

                  Pocic is bad because a draft pick would be better!!

  18. white-salmon-hawk

    K Sebastian Janikowski is visiting Seattle tomorrow. Please make this happen! He may be 40 but I’m willing to bet he has some left in the tank. Raiders couldn’t keep him around with such a good/cheap option in Tavecchio.

    • peter

      82% last season…I’ll take a ten percent up grade….sea bass had 34 attempts least year and made three more than Walsh would have (by percent).

      • 12th chuck

        I hope not. He was injured last year, last thing I want is for him to get hurt again (he is 40) and end up scraping bottom of the barrel again

        • peter

          Of he misses time sure.

          But otherwise he’s better than Walsh and the futures guy that was signed.

  19. Hawktalker#1

    I would love to see an ET trade version mock draft from Rob.

    Anyone else on board?

    • Del tre

      Lets just say two seconds from whoever lol, trade back from 18 with NE for 23 and round 2 pick 31. Get Chubb at 23 and retool both sides of the ball with talent.
      Sounds like a fun draft, id love to hear robs perspective if they had that much capitol.

    • Rob Staton

      I won’t do an Earl traded mock until it happens. Too much guessing — the compensation, the team etc.

  20. Hawktalker#1

    Rob, given your high opinion of Tony, any idea why he rates RoJo so far down the list of RBs?

    • Old but Slow

      The broader question for me is how do these diverse sites come up with ratings and big boards that they do? Do they not read SDB? When I look at ratings from some that I have had a good opinion, Rob Rang, Tony Pauline, The Huddle Report, and NFL Draft Scout, for example, it becomes apparent why the whole draft is such a crap shoot.

      In idle moments, I have those as I am retired, I will do a mock on the Fanspeak site, and I usually end up with Vita Vea on the board. Please. I have tried various big boards that they offer, and each is as odd as the other.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well, boards use different criteria

        I could write you a personal top 100, seahawks top 100, and Al Davis top 100 and they would all look quite different.

        Some rank based on where they will go. Some lean towards pure potential

        Mocks are hard right now, because we probably are changing picks a lot

        • Tecmo Bowl

          “I could write you a personal top 100, seahawks top 100, and Al Davis top 100 and they would all look quite different.” Kenny

          Great point! Very true. Gil Brandt’s quote says it all.

      • TTownHawk

        Rankings are subjective. And SDB is Seahawks specific, most national pundits don’t have time to read team specific blogs (though in a perfect world they probably should). But if you take 5 draft analysts, all 5 are going to have considerably different rankings, save for maybe the ESPN guys who have the most generic rankings of all. Point is, even the best draft analysts mocks and big board are going to be wildly different from what we actually see on draft night. Just absolutely no way of knowing for sure what teams are planning to do. Part of why I love the draft!

    • Rob Staton

      Well he has him at #51 overall in his mock so he’s not that low. Just a difference in view on one player. I’m very comfortable with how I have Ronald Jones II ranked though.

      • Patrick Toler

        Pauline actually had him rated lower (if I remember correctly) earlier. I would never judge an evaluator on their ranking of any one given prospect. I think you have to look at the big picture and how do over the long term. Tony has done this for a long time and is very plugged in. I always think of him more as an insider than a true evaluator anyway, so don’t get too hung up on his rankings. It’s the tips he gives out about what teams are interested and how teams see a player that are gold.

        Anyway, I’m with Rob. Rojo deserves to be ranked as the second best RB prospect in this draft. He is ridiculous as a runner. Explosive, great feet, good decision making, great balance, long speed. He has it all. If he was a bit bigger, had more tape as a pass catcher, and was a better run blocker, he would be the top RB in this class, IMO. Given that Barkley tested better and has plenty of tape as a ridiculously dangerous open field weapon, I will give him the nod. But those two are much closer for me than most.

      • UKHawkDavid

        Hi Rob,

        I believe I read on another chain that you might have Tony P on sometime soon. If you do, would you mind delving a little further with him on what wold have RoJo at #51 please? I’d be interested to hear if it’s something to do with him as a player that we haven’t picked up on/are not concerned about, or having a decent selection of half a dozen RBs in the first two round driving his value down a bit, or just not many teams that he fits for an early selection, or something else. He looks like a 1st rounder (i.e. a top 20 pick in this year’s draft) to me.

        • Rob Staton

          Interviewing Tony on Wednesday

          • UKHawkDavid

            Thanks Rob, you’re the best. Oh, and Go Hawks!

      • Awsi Dooger

        As a USC alum I’ve never viewed Ronald Jones as a first rounder. The spotlight on him here has always been somewhat baffling.

        Good player but the Seahawks in the first round need higher aspirations than Ronald Jones.

        • Rob Staton

          Well we disagree comprehensively then

          And I might not be a USC alumni but I’ve watched pretty much every game he’s played in the last two years and I think he’s very, very similar to Jamaal Charles and a top-20 player in this class.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Two words that prove Rob’s credentials are more valid than all others. “JOEY BITONI!”

  21. Rad_man

    Tough selling market under those conditions. If there’s no significant difference between player ranking 20 and player ranking 45, why bother trading up?

    As far as RB, I like Kalen Ballage as a late rounder, ala Chris Carson, who I think should be the starter everyone should be happy and excited about, and not talking about a top 50 pick to replace him.

    • Rob Staton

      Re: trading up. Read the article again I explained that in the piece.

      Chris Carson — four games in 2017, 49 carries in 2016. You can’t rely on him.

    • RealRhino2

      Although *on average* a player at 45 isn’t significantly worse than a player at 20, that won’t help your team if you need, say, a starting-quality player at a certain position and there is cliff at that position where the last good one is likely to be gone by 45.

  22. Old but Slow

    For good info there is Rob, and because of that we are amazed when draft guys have us take a CB.

    Most of that is because the writer is not focused on us. Understood. Are there other Robs? I am interested in finding quality observers for other teams, so that I can get a grip.

    Of course, I am not expecting to find a site as good as this one, but if there is useful info, why not?

    Also, I don’t want links to team sites, but to real journalists who have perspective.

    Anybody have some leads?

  23. Millhouse-serbia

    It is interesting that Tony also mentioned CB as a potential early pick (1st round) for us.

    “I fully expect the Seahawks to try to move down and collect extra picks. If not, it will be a defensive lineman or corner at this spot.”

    • Just a guy

      It does make sense that they will draft a CB early as we don’t currently have a replacement for Sherman on the roster. As of now, Elliot is starting RCB, right? Is anyone OK with that?

      • Rob Staton

        They have consistently drafted, developed and plugged in cornerbacks drafted later on. Seahawks fans should know the way they do this by now.

        • Millhouse-serbia

          Since 2011, the earliest DB pick was 138. And last year they drafted Grifiin with 90th pick. So that is 48 spots earlier. I completely understand your point, but if they made “jump” od 48 spots last year, no one can’t guarantee they won’t do the same(jump od 45 spots) this year.

          • Rob Staton

            Just because they spent a late third rounder instead of a fourth rounder last year doesn’t mean they’re going to start drafting cornerbacks earlier and earlier.

            A year ago they waited until the very edge of the cornerback cliff before taking Shaquill Griffin. They watched loads of good corners come off the board and then right at the end of the talent pool, selected their guy.

            This wasn’t a shift in philosophy. If anything it was continuation.

            • Millhouse-serbia

              Ok. 😀

            • Just a guy

              I agree that they haven’t done it in the past, and I’m not suggesting they’ll go CB in round 1,but in years past I believe they were drafting for depth and this year they may be looking for a starter.

              Clearly this is all speculation, and it’s possible they are content with the current state of the CB’s on the roster. However, to me, it appears that CB is more of a need than OG or RB. I’m also not suggesting that PCJS do or will draft based on need vs BPA.

              Thanks for all of the great content.

          • Millhouse-serbia

            No one can…:D in my language there is double negation…

    • Rob Staton

      I just think it’s another case of a national writer not having intimate knowledge on how Seattle deals with this position.

  24. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, if JS evaluates that Justin Ried or Jessie Bates could be our FS for next 5-8 years and grade them as a first round talent, do you think that he is ready to trade ET for one of them? And would you do that?

    For example if one of them (who JS thinks is the guy) is there at 50th pick, and you grade him as a first round pick, then you are basically trading ET for first round pick right? 😀

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know how they will view either but if they trade Earl, yes they’re both in play.

    • Del tre

      Watching Reids tape, he’d be like McDougold plus at strong safety, and i don’t mean that as an insult instead that hed be an upgrade in coverage and he was a really ferocious tackler against the run, putting his speed in the box would be fun. i just don’t see him as an over the top safety in cover 3. I see him having a great career, and even having good to great games at free safety, but i think the position he would naturally arrive at is strong safety.
      Jesse Bates i see more as an over the top safety, but he is more of a gamble. If you take Reid you’ll probably have a solid starter even if you put him at free safety, Bates on the other hand has a real opportunity to be unable to transition into the NFL. I hope the est for both of course, especially if the Hawks select them. But honestly in terms of tape neither are anywhere near as impressive as Tedric Thompson was at Colorado in coverage. So really they could just stand pat at free safety, a bird in the hand is two in the bush and if Thompson looked special enough to replace Thomas in practice then that can only be good news.

  25. RWIII

    There are about a have dozen teams that have a need at free safety. However, all of those teams have bigger needs elsewhere. I don’t know where Jason La Confora got this silly idea of a first and third round pick for E.T. I don’t see any team trading away a 1st round pick for Earl Thomas. Let alone a 1st and a 3rd. Would a team trade a 2nd and 3rd that is unlikely.

    This Malik McDowell pick had turned into a disaster. John Schneider got burned big-time. In addition to the high 2nd round pick in 2017 the hawks used their 2nd round pick in this draft for Sheldon Richardson.

    At the time it did seem a like a good idea to take McDowell. And then later trading for Richardson. But neither move worked out. This McDowell sure turned out to be an egg head.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sometimes in young mens lives they need a rock bottom moment to change things around. If he does ever suit up again I hope he turns things around.

      • Patrick Toler

        For sure. It wouldn’t surprise me if he came back in a couple of years and turned into a worthwhile player, ala Dion Jordan. The range of possible outcomes for McDowell continues to be wide open.

    • lil'stink

      Smart – Reliable – Tough. It seemed apparent that MM didn’t really have any of those qualities before we drafted him. Rob wrote about it extensively here, and was (unfortunately) spot on. The pick made sense from a position of need, but not in any other sense. Character concerns aplenty and even without those concerns he was far from a finished product on the field.

      I mean, this tweet just about says it all:

      Hopefully we get back to the SRT formula in this draft, especially with our first few picks.

  26. Georgia Hawk

    Rob, I know this is about as easy to forecast daily clothing choices by a 4 year old, but just for fun: any thoughts on who and at what spot the Hawks “reach” for a guy? It seems it happens every year and all over the place. Any guesses?

    • Rob Staton

      Good question. Second pick I think. End of round two after a trade down, or early third. Could be a TE or QB. Or a DL.

      • DC

        Ade Aruna?

  27. RWIII

    Actually I feel sorry for McDowell he may have cost himself millions.

    • Trevor

      He already has!

      • Mark Souza

        He made a choice. Better choice would have been to wear a helmet. Best choice would have been to avoid high risk activities until the end of your NFL career when your money is already banked.

        That’s why the interview process is so important, trying to find people who have their heads screwed on right, make good choices, and “get it.”

    • FuzzyLogic

      Do we really think Mcdowell hurt himself so bad that he won’t ever play again? If he never plays do we get any compensation from the league for it?

      • Mark Souza

        We’ll have our answer at the beginning of camp. First he would have to report. Second, pass a physical. If both don’t happen, pretty likely he’s done.

      • Shadow

        No compensation. Caveat emptor.

      • Trevor

        No compensation he got hurt in the off season doing something non football related from what I understand.

      • McZ

        This is a serious spinal column injury. I’m pretty sure, the NFL will veto his reactivation. Just too high a risk.

  28. drewdawg11

    I honestly don’t think I am ever going to count on him to be any type of productive player. If he does, bonus. The Hawks aren’t counting on him, and they have way more information thatvwe have. That’s all I need to know. The kid is a knuckle head.

    • HawksBill

      I just hope PC/JS learned from the McDowell pick. Perceived need intersected with best athlete available right on McDowell name, so they probably talked themselves into ignoring his other issues.

      When I researched him before the draft, above all the character flags, I was more concerned about the hot/cold motor and only bringing the effort to big games. There is no room on the Seahawks for that kind of player.

      • Shadow

        The McDowell pick to me is the kind of move you make when you think you have a shot at a Super Bowl. You take the talent and take a chance that he will stay in line because he has the potential to put you over the top. And if you are winning, that plus a strong locker room helps keep him in line. Look at Percy Harvin as an example of both the good and the bad. He had talent coming out of his ears (that was about the only thing between his ears) and Denver had no answer for him in that Super Bowl. However, as we all know he was also frequently injured and was fighting his own teammates behind the scenes. For a time the Seahawks were able to survive his negatives and benefit from the positives because they had a strong team around him. Last year’s team, on the other hand, collapsed under its own weight and now some of the leaders in that locker room (for good or ill) are on other teams.

        Now we need to rebuild around the foundation. Whereas you could argue it’s worth gambling on talent when you think you’re on top, that’s the last thing you want when you are trying to get back up to the top. Now you want young and hungry guys who might not appear to have the elite talent at first glance but will wring every drop out of the talent they have. Hopefully they’ll strike gold with a couple of players with that mindset who do turn out to have the elite talent, like Chancellor in 2010 or Sherman in 2011.

        TL;DR version: I don’t think you have to worry about Pete and John taking a chance on another talented-but-troubled player like McDowell this year.

        • 503Hawk

          “The McDowell pick to me is the kind of move you make when you think you have a shot at a Super Bowl.”
          Agree. That had to be their thinking. They’re smarter than that.

          From day one, I did NOT like the Harvin trade. When McDowell was announced I rolled my eyes.

  29. Trevor

    When I look at Tony Paulines draft board I run to the podium if Derwin James or Marcus Davenport are on the board. They are legit Blue chip prospects in any draft.

    This team really lacks young elite talent and needs an infusion.

    I ask myself this if we trade back into the early second and miss out on the run game we end up getting Nick Chubb and perhaps a TE like Thomas who Rob highlighted a couple of days ago.

    In my mind James or Davenport is a much better pick than say Chubb + Thomas. It is not even close. The Hawks could then take an RB in round #4 to add competition and depth if they wanted.

    I realize the Hawks need to fix the run game but is Chubb that much of an upgrade over Carson, Davis, Prosise, Mckissic?

    James could be an impact defender Day #1 and a true replacement for Kam. it would allow the Hawks to move on from Earl easily by moving Mcdouglad to free safety.

    Davenport has off the charts potential at a premium position. The only guys who get paid more than elite edge rushers are QBs. Adding a guy like Davenport with Clark and Jordan could give the Hawks a young edge rush group as good as any in the league.

    To sum it up I think one elite defender is of far more value than a good RB and blocking TE.

    • HawksBill

      Hard to find fault in your logic, but i would probably lean toward Harold Landry over Marcus Davenport.
      Production vs lower level college competition(UTSA) always worries me with defensive players.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Think Landry>Davenport too. Landry is the most like for like player as Avril. Just as James would be for Kam. I’d be happy with either player. The thing is, without trading Earl, we are certainly going to trade down. Its difficult to see a situation where they last past 25.

      • D-OZ

        Think King, Holmgren’s first draft with Seattle I believe…

        • HawksBill

          Yes, Lamar King is a good example.

    • DCD2

      The problem with that is: what if you’re wrong?

      Dion Jordan is on our team because he was waived. He was a #3 overrall pick with every glowing thing that people are saying about Davenport, plus.

      Mingo (#6 in the same draft) is on our team because the Browns, Patriots and Colts got rid of him and no one else wanted to pay him what we did.

      Joeckel (#2 same draft) is unemployed after our failed attempt at discovering his potential.

      Malik McDowell: I think we’ve beaten this dead horse enough.

      How about the “safest, can’t-miss pick” of the Hawks recent memory: Aaron Curry? EVERYONE agreed that he was pro-ready, had a high floor, yada yada.

      Teams miss on these elite picks all of the time. This year we don’t have a 2nd or 3rd rounder to try to make up for it. Every draft pick carries a measure of risk. Spreading that risk around when you have needs/wants at every position except QB makes more sense than swinging for the fences in this case. At least in my eyes.

      • Tecmo Bowl


      • Trevor

        You could say that about any draft pick regardless of position. If anything the likelihood of 2nd round Rb being a bust is easily as great.

        • DCD2

          It is, but you also get the 3rd rounder. Maybe they both hit too.

          If we had all of our picks I think that staying at #18 would be a lot more feasible. As it is, I just think that there are too many holes to go 100 picks between picks.

          Then again, the Hawks rarely (never) do what I think they will, so they’ll probably trade up 🙂

        • Kenny Sloth

          If the bust rate is equal why not increase your odds by having more picks.

          Simple math at this point, not even draft related point you’re missing.

          2 lottery tickets are better than one.

          Every single time

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks currently don’t have a need at safety. Taking one and benching McDougald is a waste of resources and you fail to address your needs. Would be a waste of a draft.

      • Eburgz

        but what if he is really good? like a huge upgrade to Mcdougald and turns into an all pro type player. Was it a waste of a draft to draft Russell Wilson when we had just signed Flynn to a big money contract?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Russ was a 3rd round pick. So that’ll be an irrelevant point

          You’re talking about taking Derwin James and then waiting a whole day watching the best value fly off the board.

          That’s just bad drafting.

          • Kenny Sloth

            No player is worth 100 draft slots.

        • Rob Staton

          Very different situation.

          And for what it’s worth, I think James is completely overhyped. Great athlete, will be a decent player. Not worth taking at the expense of an improved running game.

      • Trevor

        If the hawks do nit extend Earl this year I would argue it is one of the positions they have the greatest need at. McDougald is a journeyman and no other player on the roster has started a game.

    • Eburgz

      Agree about James. Davenport is no sure thing in my mind. He looks just ok at the senior bowl. Okronkwo looked like a better edge rusher and I haven’t seen his name mentioned here hardly at all. Davenport has the potential to develop into a star but is he really that much better than someone like Ade Aruna?

      Tony’s pick of Landry would be nice as others mentioned but I feel like we lost a lot of interior pass rush with Sheldon and Bennett leaving this offseason.

      Mo Hurst is the guy i’m thinking if we draft a defensive lineman with the first pick.

      • Eburgz

        good article on Davenport

        Tons of upside.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Okoronkwo quietly had a good combine- got up to 252 pounds, fantastic jumps-explosiveness, but the 4.76 40 isn’t ideal. Bit of a tweeter, who is likely better suited as a 3-4 OLB. He was talked about quite a bit during the season, flashes routinely. I’m a fan, but think his fit into our system is filled by Mingo- the Bruce Irvin role. Been hearing he’ll likely slide into day 3, where he could be a nice value for a team.

      • D-OZ

        I like Bryan.

        • EBurgz

          Taven? Always forget about him. Another guy that would make sense.

  30. DCD2

    Rob: Can we do a post where everyone gets to list their top picks for this draft? Maybe one player for each round, or a top 7 type of thing?

    It would be nice to have a reference spot to see who actually DID say “I told you we should have drafted so and so”, and who likes to use revisionist history. A buddy of mine swears that I said Ladanian Tomlinson had “bust written all over him” when he was picked. Pretty sure that’s a crock, but it would be nice to have a spot where we could go back and see who indeed said what for each draft class.

    One post, one comment per person, no where to hide after the fact.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, usually in the comments section of Rob’s final mock draft, many people post their own.

      But if you want something more extensive, maybe make one prediction for each position group: who will become the best QB of the lot, who the worst? etc.

      And even if there is no special post put up for it, as long as you put it in writing in the comments, you can always link back to it and show your own predictions.

      • Dave

        Darnold will lead his team and be the best of this draft class. Rosen will be the worst. All the talent in the world can’t make up for the lack of his charisma.

  31. Coleslaw

    I don’t see why OG isn’t likely with our first or second pick, doesn’t matter how much draft capital we’ve spent on it if none of the players are any good! When PC state’s a priority for the team, he attacks it. Not let Pocic and Odhiambo compete for a starting spot.
    I don’t see any way the Seahawks are comfortable with this line. Especially since if you don’t fix the run game, they’re fired. We have 1 above average run blocking guard, he’s 26, on a 1 year deal and has an injury history.

    • Rob Staton

      They drafted Pocic one year ago.

      You might be writing him off, but I doubt PCJS are.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Cable had Pocic at 4 different OL spots last year as a rookie. Felt like Pocic showed really good feet and routinely plays to the echo of the whistle. With added strength and a OL coach not jerking him around Pocic should take a big step forward.

        • D-OZ


        • Kenny Sloth


        • BobbyK

          It boggled my mind how Cable “loved versatility” from his starters. Who cares? Seriously. Anybody hate Okung because he was just a left tackle, or Hutch because he was just a left guard, Kevin Maewae because he only played center, or, heck, anyone hate House Ballard because he was just a right tackle? So stupid.

          Now, when you get to your sixth OL guy, yes, you want/need versatility. Guys like Pork Chop Womack and McQuistan were nice to have. They could play four different positions. That’s important depth.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Well put Bobbyk.

          • RealRhino2

            I want to “plus” this comment so many times the number comes back all screwy on my calculator….

          • Kenny Sloth

            But if everybody’s a sixth guy off the bench….

            I guess all you have is a line of backups

          • Kenny Sloth

            I will say that being good at another position doesn’t diminish one’s ability at their regular spot.

            Some would argue that in many cases it can improve your awareness and schematic acumen.

      • Coleslaw

        I’m not writing him off, but I’m not pencilling him in as the solution to the run game that we need

        • Coleslaw

          And I don’t think PCJS are either. You think they’re gonna bet their jobs on Pocic or Odhiambo? No way. Take a RB/OG combo with the first 2 picks and fix the running game like they said they want to do.
          Every self proposed need has been a double dip solution, as you’ve point out before.
          I believe Pocic can be good and very well could be this year if he did add weight, but how do you bet on that with your biggest need?
          If we got Braden Smith, we’d had an excellent run blocker, and he’d fit into the future as well. Pocic eventually allows us to let Britt walk, or he could replace Ifedi if he never pans out. Or if we keep Britt, Pocic can play the other guard spot after Fluker leaves.
          Before Fluker we NEEDED guards badly, I don’t think that changed much.

        • Rob Staton

          And that’s fine.

          But the moment you draft a R1-2 guy to replace him you’re writing him off

      • BobbyK

        True. And Pocic got better as the year went on. There’s no reason to think he won’t start no matter what.

        • Coleslaw

          Why would you go about fixing your self proclaimed biggest need with a risk? Crap, even if Pocic did add weight he’s not a guy who’s going to move the pile.

          • BobbyK

            I think we’re going to see plenty of runs to the right side (Fluker/Ifedi) with a pulling guard (Pocic). Makes too much sense. In that case, Pocic might be a stud because he has that athletic ability to pull and hit on the run, which could, indeed, make us a run heavy offense.

      • DC

        “They drafted Pocic one year ago.

        You might be writing him off, but I doubt PCJS are.”

        You keep mentioning benching Pocic or writing him off if we draft an OL. That’s not how I see it at all. At worst he’s the 6th man on an OL that loses starters to injury each and every season. He IS going to play. He either wins a starting job or he’s backing up LG, C, RG & possibly RT.

        If we draft Wynn this year, Harris next year and then go on to win a Super Bowl is anyone really going to be disappointed? We need draft hits that produce results. I don’t care which position we draft or where as long as it’s leading towards another championship. I just happen to love IW and think he would finally gel a good blind side after some horrific years.

        • Rob Staton

          Eventually you have to back your investment. They spent a R2 on Pocic last year. Repeating the act to make Pocic the ‘sixth man’ is a waste of resources. Odhiambo or Fant can do that job. Eventually you have to move on to other positions. You just do.

          • DC

            My point about injuries is that he is most likely starting, either by winning a job outright or after someone else inevitably gets hurt. He will be on the field. That’s not a waste imo. We have different perspectives on how good this OL actually is. After another very bad year they could still use help, I’ll leave it at that. I’m simply not buying that we are fine on the line.

            Needs all over the place so whoever they pick just make it the right guy.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Just make it The right collection of competitive individuals that have unique and personal development paths and definitely not one shiny guy at 18*

            • Simo

              Couldn’t agree more that our o-line has been terrible for the past few years. How much of that is coaching and how much is the wrong players? I think we need to give the new coaches a chance to make a difference with these players, after all they are all 1st and 2nd round picks!! If there isn’t significant improvement this year then they can blow it up and start over next year.

              However, if one of the better linemen drops very far in the draft, they should pick him up in a hurry. Even it he isn’t gonna be a starter right away you gotta love getting value.

      • McZ

        We still need a LG, and a depth pick as a Duane Brown successor. Cannot see where Pocic plays into this at all.

        Now, you will say Fluker. At best, he is a patch, that costs us a year of player development. At worst, he is what he has shown so far, a one-trick-pony.

        Then you will say Fant, Roos, Odhiambo. If they were running backs, we couldn’t depend on them. And you would be right.

        This OL cannot get better without continuous talent infusion and by letting players play the position, where they are best. Ifedi is no tackle, making him one is a waste. Luke Joeckel was LT, we put him to LG (we can discuss, if his injury was down to that).

        I wonder, why we even discuss something, that we would never accept on the Seahawks DL.

  32. clbradley17

    Signed up for PFF’s free newsletters through e-mail awhile back, and just got an e-mail link to their PFF Draft Board: Top 100 Players for the 2018 NFL Draft today. After 2 QBs at the top, DT Maurice Hurst of Michigan is #3 and Derwin James is #4. Short paragraph evaluations/stats for those and a few others Rob and others have mocked or discussed for the Seahawks, and a 2-3 others I’ve never heard of but sound like great options for late day 2 or day 3 in the draft.

    “#3 DT Hurst – The prototypical 3-technique defensive tackle, Hurst offers a pass-rushing toolbox that no other interior player in this class can come close to matching. His four-year career of grades is unlike anything we’ve ever seen at the defensive tackle position, proving his durability and sustainability at the position. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    #4 S James – James has all of the tools to become a game-changing playmaker at the next level. His size and athleticism allow him to make plays in coverage against the run and as a pass-rusher. All of James’ skills led to him becoming the nation’s top-graded safety in both 2015 and 2017. He can be a coverage weapon in a two-high safety look or in man coverage against tight ends and slot receivers, while his size allows him to be a force in the run game and to get after the quarterback. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    The class of this year’s linebacker crop, Georgia’s Roquan Smith is a talented and athletic linebacker who perfectly fits the mold of the modern NFL. Like Atlanta’s Deion Jones, Smith has the talent to be a matchup weapon on defense when it comes to coverage and has the speed and athleticism to make plays sideline to sideline, neutralizing some of the game’s most effective offensive weapons. There will be people that nitpick his game, but his PFF grades have been excellent and he had 74 defensive stops in 2017, the second-most among all linebackers. His coverage skills can be something special at the next level, he is the best linebacker in this class and should be taken high in the first round. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    If Landry came out a season ago, he may very well have been a top-10 pick. His high end as a pass-rusher is as dominant as anyone we’ve graded at the college level not named Bosa or Garrett. We can forgive an injury-riddled 2017 when athleticism is such a big part of Landry’s game. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    Iowa’s Jackson broke out with a huge season in 2017, not just leading all corners in overall PFF grade in 2017, but he had the highest grade we have seen from any of the corners in this class across their entire college careers. He allowed an NFL passer rating of just 36.5 when targeted on 91 passes, a lower mark than if the quarterback had just thrown the ball at the dirt every play instead. He is also extremely young at the position, having only moved to corner in 2015, so his potential is sky high. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Ragnow doesn’t have the rare physical traits that Nelson possesses, but he’s been arguably as dominant when healthy over the past couple seasons. He’s been PFF’s top-graded center in back-to-back seasons despite being only limited to 415 snaps this past year. In 2,603 collegiate snaps, Ragnow did not allow a single sack. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    A tackle at Georgia, Wynn’s height and length projects best inside at the next level. Wynn will give you déjà vu at times with how consistent he is technically. He allowed all of five pressures this past season, and only 26 in his 2,609 collegiate snaps. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    The third linebacker who has first-round value on PFF’s draft board, Boise State’s Vander Esch is something of a one-season wonder, but that one season showcased the kind of impact linebacker he can be. He’s an instinctive linebacker who excels in the run game and is able to work quickly to the back through traffic and bottle up those plays. He notched 57 run stops in 2017, which led all FBS inside linebackers along with his run-stop percentage (15.9 percent). His coverage is solid and his positioning is sound, but he doesn’t have the same coverage range and skills as the best players in this draft class yet, though he is still relatively inexperienced. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Hernandez may be limited to a straight-forward gap/inside zone scheme, but he should be a dominant run-blocker if he is put in one. The UTEP guard possesses an almost comically-thick build that makes him a people mover in the run game. He was PFF’s highest-graded guard in 2016. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    Vea is the definition of a disrupter, he moves the line of scrimmage and not the other way around. Only playing 62.2 percent of Washington’s snaps this past season is a little concerning, but there are few concerns about his on-field performance. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    One of the best offensive playmakers in the draft, Goedert is weapon both before and after the catch. He has the size and body control to make spectacular catches and also the athleticism to create after the catch as he tied for the national lead with 12 missed tackles forced and averaging a gaudy 8.2 yards after the catch per reception last season. Goedert dominated FCS competition, but also showed well when facing FBS teams during his career, and he has offensive mismatch potential at the next level. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    USC’s Jones had the highest overall PFF grade in the entire nation in 2017 (92.4), a mark that is also tied for the highest single-season grade posted by any back in this class over their college careers. Jones isn’t the receiving threat that Barkley is, with just 40 targets over the past three years of play, but his carries are something special and he is, to an extent, the antithesis of Barkley’s running style, as he usually maximizes what his blockers provide for him. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Penny has improved his PFF grade every season of his college career and enters the draft coming off of a dominant season in which he led the draft class with 80 tackles broken in the run game. He isn’t just a bowling ball of a runner though, he has the speed to make big plays quickly. He ranked seventh among all FBS running backs with a breakaway percentage of 55.8 and had an impressive Senior Bowl, which should help vault him up rankings pre-draft. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    If there is a player liable to make people lose their minds when it comes to the prospect of athletic potential, it’s Virginia Tech’s Tremaine Edmunds. A monster of a linebacker, Edmunds is 6-foot-5, 250-pounds at just 19 years old, and it comes on a long, lean frame. He looks unlike the rest of this linebacker group and is already a very good player. He is not, however, in Roquan Smith’s class, and projecting him above Smith requires the assumption that he will put all of his athletic tools together with improved technique and performance at the next level. He has been very productive, with 128 defensive stops over the past three seasons, only two of which were every-down seasons. Edmunds is likely a very good linebacker in any scheme and has the potential to be special, but at the moment that potential represents a gamble. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Davenport is a total work in progress at this point, but he comes with all the tools needed to finish that job. He was still very productive at UTSA, racking up 51 total pressures this past season, but he looked far more overmatched against better competition during practices at the Senior Bowl. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    Injury threatened to derail Nick Chubb’s career but 2017 saw him back to his best for the Georgia Bulldogs. He had an elusive rating of 95.2, the fourth-best mark in the draft class and posted the best overall PFF grade of his college career (87.8). Chubb has elite-level athletic skills, cutting ability and vision, and has a relatively low workload because he split duty in the Georgia backfield with Sony Michel. If teams are happy with how he checks out medically, he could be an early star. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Michel became the guy in Georgia’s backfield when Chubb went down injured as a sophomore and at this point, Michel may be considered a better prospect by many. He has just 592 carries across his college career, so he has been kept very fresh by the Bulldogs rotation. He has good burst, speed and acceleration, particularly after the first cut and overall he has very few flaws to his game, but he hasn’t hit the special heights of some of the players above him on this list. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    A prototypical back from a size and speed standpoint, Guice is another player that could make a strong impact right away. He averaged 4.1 yards after contact per carry in 2015 and 2016 before dropping to 3.2 yards after contact on average in 2017 with a heavier workload. There is again little to dislike about Guice and the only negative was that he lost a notable level of dynamism with a heavier workload at LSU in his final season. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Nelson has one year of elite play at Wisconsin, allowing just 36.9 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught and notching 14 pass breakups. He didn’t have a single interception over his career, and wasn’t the same dominant force before he transferred while at Hawaii, but the upside in his 2017 season is hard to ignore. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Turay was one of the nations best designated pass-rushers as a freshman and sophomore before putting on weight and becoming a full-time player as a senior. He lost some of that pass-rushing prowess, but still has rare flexibility for a big man. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    Price is one of the rare offensive line prospects who can claim starting experience at all three interior positions. Offensive line coaches will love that, as well as the fact that he plays every snap like he’s out for blood. Price is as aggressive an offensive line prospect as there is in this draft. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    Johnson has an Arian Foster-like gliding style to his play that jumps out when watching his tape and he can quickly accelerate through holes without making dramatic cuts. His overall PFF grade improved drastically over his career, ending with an 87.8 overall grade in 2017. He has some impressive plays after contact, but all too often goes down when first hit. He broke 98 tackles over his three-year college career and didn’t drop a pass in 2017. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    Virginia Tech has sent some quality defensive backs to the NFL in recent seasons and Stroman enters the draft off the back of some sensational coverage numbers. He allowed an NFL passer rating of just 26.8 when targeted in 2017, surrendering just 12 catches all season. Stroman has solid height and length, and multiple seasons of quality coverage grades to make him an intriguing prospect. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    With size, movement skills and two years of solid production under his belt, White has a chance to be a hot name during the draft process. He played West Virginia’s slot role, which consisted of mostly spot-drop zone play where White showed good range and ball skills. He attacks the run and screen game downhill, and his experience in WVU’s system should serve him well as a curl/flat defender in a box-safety role at the next level. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    One of the most intriguing players in the entire draft, UCF’s Shaquem Griffin is missing one hand after having it amputated as a child. He has been an exceptional pass-rusher in college, but would be remarkably undersized for that role in the NFL and will likely need to prove his abilities as an off-the-ball-linebacker. However, Griffen did generate pressure at a greater per-snap rate than 2016 first-round pick Hasson Reddick. Griffin has overcome long odds throughout his football career, but his true prospects at linebacker are all a projection. – Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam)

    The Nevada left tackle stepped onto the field as a freshman in 2014 and was already one of the better pass protecting left tackles in the nation. That season, he allowed all of 17 total pressures and has only gotten better since. Corbett is far more technically sound than most small school tackle prospects and could legitimately start in the NFL as a rookie. He likely profiles best to the interior at the next level. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    An excellent pro day (4.32 40-yard dash, 6.89 3-cone) has Moore flying up draft boards, but his on-field production matches the workouts. He had the nation’s No. 6 overall grade last season at 87.2, showing well both against the run at 86.8 and in coverage at 84.2. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Lewis may have been overshadowed by some bigger names on the Ohio State defensive front, but he’s a high-level prospect in his own right. Over the past two seasons, he’s generated 35 combined sacks and hits while displaying the ability to rush from anywhere along the defensive line of scrimmage. He was also one of the top performers at the Senior Bowl garnering six pressures in the game. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

    One of the bigger receivers in the draft, Wims has solid straight-line speed and some nuance to his route-running, making him a downfield threat after averaging 15.7 yards per attempt last season. He routinely uses his long frame to make off-target catches, but he has a chance to be more than a highlight-reel receiver at the next level. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Reid played a challenging role in Stanford’s defense as he had to cover shifty slot receivers, hurting his overall grade, though he has the skills to excel in more of a traditional safety role at the next level. He can stay in phase when covering down the field and he has the ball skills to create turnovers, though he must cut down on the big plays and ugly snaps in coverage that hurt his overall production. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Pettis is a solid all-around player, showing a good feel for getting open against zone and separating at the top of routes. He’s a dynamic punt returner who set the NCAA record with nine punt returns for touchdowns and he’s one of the most sure-handed receivers in the draft after dropping only seven of his 169 catchable passes during his career. Pettis projects as a dependable complementary option with added special teams value. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Another good athlete at tight end, Akins gets to top speed quickly and it shows in his ability to separate and create after the catch. He had an excellent showing during Senior Bowl practice after ranking fifth among draft-eligible tight ends with 1.93 yards per route last season. Akins has showed improvement in the run game where he has the ability to locate second-level targets, but it’s his ability to stretch the seam that gives him a chance to make an impact at the next level. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Fumagalli isn’t special in any one area, but he’s one of the better all-around tight ends in the draft. He knows how to create plays at the intermediate level, using his body and a good catch radius to give his quarterbacks a chance. He’s a sure-handed option with only 12 career drops on 145 catchable attempts, and he’s improved as a run-blocker every year where he’s able to handle defensive ends better than most tight ends in the class. – Steve Palazzolo (@PFF_Steve)

    Settle is a ball of power at this point, he’s unrefined and out of control at times, but you can’t teach 330-plus pound men to move the way that he does. As a redshirt sophomore, Settle has two years of solid grades under his belt. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)”

    Of course these are just PFF prospect grades and definitely Tremaine Edmunds is going to be drafted higher than 29, and Vita Vea was 22, but they mention some good stats for evaluation for a lot of the prospects. Had never heard of the safety Moore from Southern Miss., but with his 4.3 speed, seems like a good option in the mid-rounds or a steal on day 3, as do the 2 late TEs from UCF and Wisconsin.

    • 503Hawk

      Thanks for sharing. That was an informative and enjoyable read.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for the info. Certainly lots of great options. Makes only having 1 pick in the top 120 suck even more.

      Boy it would be nice to see Ronald Jones in the backfield with Russ.

    • Trevor

      . He allowed all of five pressures this past season, and only 26 in his 2,609 collegiate snaps. – Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike)

      This is a sick stat. 1 pressure every 100 snaps. Not sacks that is pressures. Wow that is consistency in the SEC against the nations best pass rushers. He would look so good in a hawks Uni next to Brown on the left side.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Wow! That’s impressive!

        • Mark Souza

          You look at his footwork, balance, speed, and hand placement, and it’s no wonder. He’s a Walter Jones clone, only smaller. Barring injury, he’ll be a perennial All-Pro.

          • Trevor

            Agree completely! Perennial pro-bowler at the very least. I like the Jones comp regarding consistency. I think it is the rarest trait of quality OL men and even rarer in today’s game.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Its interesting how late I consistantly see Kerryon Johnson drafted/ranked.

        • Del tre

          I saw him fall to the 5th in one draft. Crazy how name power works with the draft

    • Sean-O

      Thanks for the info! That was a nice, informative read.

      • clbradley17

        No problem Sean-O. PFF has some good free stuff. Was encouraged by seeing one of our FA signings at DT, Tom Johnson, with some good stats.
        “DI Tom Johnson 2017 Grade: 77.7
        An unsung hero of the Vikings’ defensive line, Johnson racked up an impressive 31 total quarterback pressures throughout the season, the 12th-most among the league’s defensive tackles.”

        But on the flip side, although they had Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark with good grades, several of our OL, including last year’s #2 pick Pocic rated terribly.
        ” – Germain Ifedi
        Was a head-scratching pick at the time. He’s earned a PFF grade of only 34.2 and 48.6 his first two years.

        – Ethan Pocic
        PFF grade of just 35.7 his rookie year, earning the worst pass-blocking efficiency among guards in the process.

        – Rees Odhiambo
        Thrust into a starting role at left tackle because of an injury to George Fant, Odhiambo lasted just 484 snaps in 2017 before the Seahawks were forced to replace him with Brown via trade.

        – Nick Vannett
        PFF grades below 50.0 each of his two NFL seasons

        – Mark Glowinski
        PFF Grades of 42.5, 48.3 and 34.8 in his three pro seasons, and was waived last December”

        Here’s that page from above of the top 100 prospects:
        Includes OG prospect Corbett of Nevada and a 4.3 40 safety I’d never heard of until yesterday – Tavarious Moore of USM. (See our OL grades above including last year’s #2 pick Pocic dead last in the league pass-blocking for a guard in 2017 as a great reason if we miss out on Wynn, Ragnow, or Price in the late 1st after dropping down 1-3 times, we should draft either Hernandez, Corbett or one of the other top OGs on day 2.)
        Includes not only 3 players who’ve been projected to us in Landry, Davenport and Griffin, but another LB/edge option besides Jacobs, Avery of Memphis. Has sub-4.6 speed and is 6’1″ 255 lbs., as big and almost as fast as Wagner, one drawback is 31″ arms.
        “Teams have already moved Avery to off-ball linebacker because of his height (6-foot-1) and the fact that he moved around quite a bit at Memphis, but he has the production and athleticism to stay at edge if he is presented with the opportunity. This past season, he notched 23 combined sacks and hits as well as 57 overall pressures on only 276 pass-rushes. Avery then lit up the combine with a 4.59 40-yard dash, a 10-foot-4 broad jump and a 6.9-second three-cone.”

        This from draftwire USA today: “A quick look on paper might peg Avery as nothing more than a classic, 2-down thumper, but a closer look at the tape shows a versatile defender with the athleticism to make plays all over the field on every down. Avery’s size allows him to be effective when used as an edge rusher, and his surprising athleticism is evident in his range and comfort level in coverage. One of the nation’s most productive players at the position, Avery is one of the best-kept secrets in this entire class, and will be a fantastic value pick if he makes it to Day 3.”

        More on Avery at

  33. Tecmo Bowl

    In Tony’s and Rob’s latest mocks the board is set up perfectly for us to trade down once, maybe twice. Pick your poison early on a workhorse RB- Rojo, Chubb, Kerryon, Michel, Guice, Penny(in that order). I’d be cool with any of them. Feel like its fighting the board not to partake on the strength of this RB class in the top 50.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Agreed, late first earlyish second is the RB zone. If they dont end up trading and do select at #18 (most likely wont happen) then I wouldnt want to select an RB.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Fair enough. Landry would be a great fit as a pass rusher. It just scares me to envision our RB core sticking with the status quo of Carson, Davis, Prosise and another day 3 RB. My confidence in that group to, stay healthy and contribute at an above average level, is low like 15%. My level of confidence in our pass rushers on the roster stepping up is much higher-say 70%. Not that we couldn’t use more pass rushers, just feel like RB is a higher priority to boost that level of confidence. Imo

        • Hawktalker#1


    • Volume12

      Don’t count out Ballage. IMO, Seattle wants a Prozise hedge and he’s perfect for that.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Ballage is intriguing no doubt. Looks comfortable running routes split out wide. Ideally we would have selected another RB before him. Ballage is dynamite in flashes had an eye opening Senior Bowl week, but got beat out as the lead RB at ASU. With Scotty running the offense its not clear that the Prosise/ Mckissic role is still in the cards. The power run game certainly is heavily involved in Schotty’s playbook, judging from his time as NYJ OC.

        • Sean-O

          Tweet from earlier this afternoon:

          Evan Hill‏ @EvanonHB
          No idea if this is out there — but Pete is spending time working out Christian Kirk & Kallen Ballage at an ASU facility today.

      • Sea Mode

        I’m thinking Jalen Samuels for the Prosise hedge.

  34. 503Hawk

    BTW; aren’t we missing our 2nd rounder next year because of the Brown trade?
    I wish JSPC would quit trading away our picks in rounds 1-3.

    • Trevor

      I agree but I for one am awfully glad we have Duane Brown and don’t need to find a staring LT in this draft class. Sucks that we lost the #2 because Lane failed the physical but I am still Ok with that trade.

      Loosing our 2nd this year for a 1 yr rental in Richardson who we likely will not even get a comp pick for is what really sucks IMO.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Of the 4 main trades, Harvin, Graham, Richardson, and Brown) the one I support the most is the Brown trade. It just sucks Lanes physical cost a 3rd instead of a 5th.

        • Darnell

          Seemed shady too. Duane is already in town with his new teammates getting acclimated, then they fail Lane, putting all the pressure on the Hawks to meet their demands, then Lane is active again for the Hawks shortly thereafter.

    • Darnell

      I’m okay with not having that pick since they have a franchise LT to show for it.

      • drewdawg11

        They don’t, though. They have a decent tackle who is in the last few years of his career, at least his effective seasons. They also have to resign him.

        • Malkavian

          I disagree. He is more than decent tackle. He is a pro bowler who may not be that last year (hurt/ getting accustom to Cables system -if you want to call it that) but I bet he will be or close to being a pro bowler this year. JMHO

          • BobbyK

            Good/great LTs can play longer. Brown is fine. Look at the Rams last year when they signed Whitworth. He’s like 394 years old and a gigantic addition to that team.

            • Rad_man

              Don’t be shocked if both whitworth and brown go up in smoke this year.

  35. Volume12

    This will be the 9th draft of PC/IS together? And in close to or half (yeah I know 9 is an odd #), they’ve spent one of their first two selections on a pass catcher.

    2010- Tate (second selection)
    2013- Percy Harvin trade
    2014- P-Rich (second selection),
    2015- Jimmy Graham trade
    2015- Lockett (second selection),

    Add Darboh as a day 2 pick and Prosise as well. While Prosise obviously ain’t a WR, when healthy he’s a big weapon through the air

    • Barry Vann

      Very good points.

    • Nick

      Think Kirk, EQ St Brown are squarely in their sights.

    • Chris

      Some of those picks might be due to the fact we had our RB position locked down with Marshawn.

  36. Barry Vann

    I think someone we might want to keep on the radar is Darrel Williams out of LSU. A lot to work with that matches the profile of the guys we take later.

  37. Volume12

    Would love Harold Landry. Top 12 talent that had a down year. But fits Seattle’s ‘scout the body of work’ m.o.

    Not many guys with his bend/dip. Might be the best in this class.

    Consider how rare a 250 lb man with a sub 7 3 cone is. We’re talking JJ Watt stuff.

    • Volume12

      * sub 6.9 3 cone

      • Trevor

        I like him a lot too and think he will have the most sacks of any rookie year #1 including Chubb.

    • Mishima

      I keep flipping from RB to Edge. Jones 3 to Landry/Davenport. I wouldn’t be surprised if Landry is the pick, hedge against Clark leaving.

      • Trevor

        Absolutely love Jones as an RB but and elite Edge rusher is so much harder to find than a quality RB.

        Any of those guys Rojo, Landry, Davenport would be a quality pick.

      • Sean-O

        We’ll end up seeing how the flow of the draft goes (as well as what picks SEA ends up with) but with the RB depth pretty deep, I’d think they’d address an edge rusher first.

      • McZ

        Jeff Holland, Auburn, will be available Day 3. Edge is not a problem in this draft. If we miss out, next years draft a monster in this respect.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Landry-Freeman Or Chubb-Sweat, Vol

      • Trevor

        Not Vol but Landry, Freeman all day for me.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Just because of injury? Because I’m not a trainer and if I’m a GM, I trust my doctors.

          If Not injury why?

  38. Trevor

    JS has twice drafted players between picks #10 and #20.

    Earl at #14 and Bruce Irvin at #15. Both were incredibly unique athletes on the defensive side of the balk coming out of college with unique traits. Both players have been good to great NFL players.

    That is why if James, Davenport, Landry are on the board you run to the podium for one of those guys. They are incredibly unique athletes who fit the Hawks scheme perfectly who the Hawks rarely have a chance to pick because of where they normally draft.

    It is a very easy decision IMO.

    There are really good RBs available in late RD #1 every single year.

    • Rowlandice

      Would you add any other player at 18? I keep wondering if Vea might drop to 18.

      • Rob Staton

        Vea won’t drop to 18

    • 503Hawk

      I agree with your logic… I could see that happening for those players. However, unless they are able to pick up more draft capital (such as trading ET), I think they are obligated to trade down to acquire more picks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      “Lets not pick for 28 hours, because we can guess with one guy and fix the run game next year”

      I definitely have never seen a professional draft like that

      • Trevor

        Kenny professional drafts say take a Blue chip talent when one is available. It is something this team sorely lacks right now. Do you think the Chiefs (Mahomes) or Texans (Watson) are upset they are not picking in Rd #1 this year.

        Last year Picks #16-20


        All quality starting Rookies.

        The Hawks traded back like everyone wants to do this year and had 2nd round picks Mcdowell and Pocic. Who would you sooner have one of the guys drafted between 16-20 or Mcdowell and Pocic?

        We used our draft capital in Rd #2 to get something we have not had in a long time and which is not available in this draft class a quality starting LT. People seem to forget that. The 2nd round pick didn’t magically disappear we already used it.

        You think a 2nd round RB is going to magically fix the run game? The team has already changed the OL, OC and OL coach that is a pretty good start IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          Yes, a good RB could easily transform the running game

          • Del tre

            In fact, a good runningback may have won us the superbowl these past few years. Controlling the clock is essential for the Hawks.

        • Darnell

          I think there’s an argument to be made that Allen, Jackson (as a CB), Howard and Bolles had far from quality rookie seasons.

        • Kenny Sloth

          McDowell and Pocic every day of the week.

          So much more potential value than one decent starter.

          “The team has already changed the OL, OC and OL coach”

          So you think theyre all done and can just take a nap and draft Davenport or something?

          Seems like they’re overhauling the run game and theres only one item left on the list.

          It rhymes with Ranch Fries Pack

          • Hawktalker#1

            Nice. Very funny!!!

        • Simo

          I will say you make some valid points, specifically about taking a blue chip talent over trading down for extra picks. This is a tough decision every GM has to make repeatedly, but I feel pretty certain about what our GM is going to do.

          We have multiple holes to fill and definitely need more than one pick in rounds 1-3. We need more young, hungry talent in order to get back to the competitive situation we need again. He’ll trade down for the best deal he can get, even if he trades ET I believe.

    • Rob Staton

      Completely different situations

      This isn’t about drafting an ‘athlete’. It’s about fixing this teams’ core. They have no running game.

      You pick once at 18 and then not again until 120.

      The easy decision is to move down into the proper value rounds (2-3) and come out of this thing with an actual competitive team, not a flashy big name.

      • Trevor

        Rob they have changed the OC, OL Coach and OL. I think this is already a pretty huge step towards fixing the run game. I am all for an RB if he is elite like I think Rojo is but this team has lots of other needs and has been gutted of talent on defense as well.

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’ve broken down this draft in some detail though. The third day is strong for defensive value. The early rounds are strong at RB and interior OL.

          They can address both areas.

        • Kenny Sloth

          “this team has lots of other needs” not just running back?

          Better ignore running back for two full days and take a LB then.

          Thatll fill all the holes

          • Mark Souza

            A lot of people look at football as offense and defense. It’s not that, one or the other. They work together. A strong running game helps the defense. Win the ball control and time of possession battle, and your defense will be fresher and more aggressive.

            Last year we had one of the worst offenses since our inaugural years in the late 70’s. We were getting killed in the time of possession battle, and the result, despite having a defensive roster full of All-Pros was loses. The defense would get beaten down. It’s mission was seemingly impossible – hold the opponent to single digit scores or risk losing the game because our offense couldn’t move the ball or stay on the field.

            I like the idea of making the run game the priority this year, and filling in on defense where we can. Next year will be all about D-line, with multiple picks there. I’m hoping 2018 will be better than 2017. But 2019 – Katie bar the door.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Especially OL. People forget almost every sack is the QBs fault.

              It’s so much more fair to blame a professional QB for a sack than any other player usually.

    • DCD2

      Here’s another analysis for a unique athlete. Any guesses who this guy is (hint: he was a top 20 pick and is no longer in the NFL)

      STRENGTHS: X has a blend of speed and power on a massive frame that combine to make an uncommon prospect for the defensive line. X has the ability to trigger off the line of scrimmage and use strong hands and overall girth to rush the passer. While he doesn’t have an array of pass-rush moves to beat NFL left tackles, his pure power allows him to be disruptive and productive at the position. X plays the run very well for a tall, athletic pass rusher, and has been productive defending the run both inside and out. He is strong and has body control through double teams that allows him to stay up and continue to make plays towards the ball. His footwork is slightly above average for his size, but he overcomes this through a natural ability and understanding how to leverage the point to overcome a would-be blocker. This will make him attractive to teams who run a 3-4 scheme, where they can mesh X on the line to both rush the passer and be a stout run defender. He has undisputed first-round athletic ability for his size, which is the lifeline of his game.

      • DCD2

        You could do this all day with guys who were taken in the 1st round at DE: Bjoern Werner, Quinton Coples, Shea McClellin, Datone Jones, Barkevious Mingo, Dee Ford, Shane Ray, etc.

        Remember the hype for Leonard Williams? Here’s a refresher:

        He had 22 solo tackles and 2 sacks last year and played all 16 games.

        I’m just saying that you never know with these guys. All of the best scouts in the world don’t know from year to year. The Hawks need a lot of things, and while the next JJ Watt would be amazing, the odds suggest that we are better off trying to fill 3 holes by trading down, almost regardless of who is there.

        • Kenny Sloth


          • clbradley17

            Totally agree. So many talented speedy athletes to choose from and help us rebuild, reload or whatever they choose to call it. RJ2, Wynn, Griffin, Hall, Jamerson, Jacobs, and several other speedsters at RB/WR/TE and all over the defense could be drafted and eventually start or play rotational roles and a lot of special teams if we inevitably trade ET at least for a couple 2s or a 2 and 3, plus drop down 2-3 times from our #18 to get some more picks.

            If we could get Wynn and Jones, a fast WR & good blocking TE, and several fast guys on D, would consider this an excellent draft. Wynn has looked like a future all-pro since Rob pointed him out a few months ago, and he just kept getting better until he dominated everyone – not losing once in the one-on-ones in the Senior Bowl. And keep reading and hearing how great Jones is at RB, a violent runner with maybe the best breakaway speed of any RB in the draft. One of his greatest attributes is he almost never fumbles – had just 2 in 591 carries in his career. Yet somehow he’s rated 4th or so behind obviously Barkley at 1, the GA duo and Guice everywhere but here.

  39. Mishima

    What to make of Cleveland meeting with L. Jackson?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Really just getting behind Hue Jackson and his process

      • Mishima

        I could get behind Chubb at 1 and Barkley at 4. Trade back into the first with Seahawks to take LJack at 18.

    • D-OZ

      Jackson is way underrated. No way he makes it to 18. If he did I think the Hawks would consider him. Or they could get a bounty for him. After all, he is one of the few prospects that has played in a pro style system and has improved every year with little talent around him. He sure fit’s PC’s system and is a lot cheaper than RW will be. I watched film on him this morning and I could see that he sees the field better than Russ. If it was me @18 I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. 🙂 GO HAWKS!!!!

      • peter

        hey now…..are you jslust trying to spice up the blog? sees the field.better? I love Jackson. thing he’s a super.talented dude. but how see that he sees the field better?

        this is how.i know you’re joking around. he may see the field better……if we could even know that. he is super.talented and rising. but Wilson was waaaaaayyyy beyond him as a passer at the same stage in college.

  40. D-OZ

    I think Landry will be gone by #18…..Ravens maybe?

    • D-OZ

      Everybody can’t go before 18….

      • Sea Mode

        Wow, shuts down his own comment 15 min later…?! 🙂

  41. Bertelli

    An interesting article I read on CBS sports that highlights what it would take from other teams to move up/down in the draft or obtain players like Earl, OBJ. Was surprised to see Jordan Howard listed in here and the author indicating he thinks the Hawks have the best chance to get him if he were moved. I hadn’t heard anything about Howard being available. Anyone else hear anything about him?

    • j

      For a fifth – sign me up.

  42. BobbyK

    I have not paid as much attention to the draft this year so I’m especially thankful for this blog. I don’t have a TJ Watt this year (a player I’d almost kill for) and that’s a good thing – only sets one up for disappointment. In all the years of following the Seahawks – they have only ever taken “my” guy with an early pick I desperately wanted (Golden Tate). I just hope they’re able to trade down and still get an impact player.

    Chubb seems like the closest thing we could get to a recreation of Lynch. But we need a young outside target, too, imo. I saw nothing from Darboh to make me think he’s going to be good. And, obviously, the defense needs a good, young player added to the mix, preferably a pass rusher (Clark is set to be a FA if he’s not extended – and even if he is, they still need another one).

    • D-OZ

      You and me both Bobby. I was pounding the table for him last year as the most underrated defender in last year’s class. 🙁

      • BobbyK

        Just made me sick because we pretty much knew (and wrote – it can be found in the archives) he’d be a top 10 pick in THIS draft if he’d stayed in school another year. Blows my mind.

    • BobbyK

      If we could get lucky and BPA would be available with our top picks… I’d hope for:

      1. Pass Rusher (I’m crazy in that I love pass rushers – the more the merrier)
      2. RB
      3. WR

      It’s more complicated than that, because I assume Maxwell will be resigned and we do need a quality back-up QB. We also need improvement with a blocking TE. Some say we need a guard, but they aren’t benching their second round pick last year and Fluker is a nice RG option (plus, Rees was drafted to play guard and he played LT last year – not suited to his strength and it showed… still, he could be a viable guard option).

      Right now, safety is a team strength so I’m not going there. ET is a Seahawk.

      Off topic, but how motivated is ET going to be next year if he’s a Seahawk? The Hawks can essentially tell him, “Hey, we offered you to Dallas for the 19th pick in the draft and they don’t think you’re worth it.” Also, if the safety market stays where it’s at and Eric Berry is the only safety making big bucks… then the franchise tag value will not be prohibitive for the Seahawks in 2018 either and ET can’t be too mad at staying in Seattle because the FO can simply say that they offered him to everyone and nobody thought he was worth a good pick.

      • peter

        i dont disagree with you about pass rushers, for me I don’t think davenport, Landry, or sweat are all that elite. I think davenport is a potential based pick. I think sweat is a guy pc gets enamored with in a different year and I get landry was injured he’s just not my style of player…..and we all.have styles we like and dont.

        case in point I’m not that into Kirk the more I watch him. he looks.really good. but for me he’s Baldwin. which is great but doesn’t really add anything different.

        I’d like to see more speed or size. because right now the aerial attack is looking pretty thin.

        • BobbyK

          I agree. Watt would have been long gone if he were in THIS draft class by pick 18. Which makes it mind boggling that we passed on him last year so much later.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        3. WR/TE*…. someone with size and/or explosiveness. Not Jimmy Graham per sai, but someone who can create some mismatch opportunities. DJ Moore, DJ Chark or Saeed Blacknell come to mind.

  43. Trevor

    Players I hope the Hawks take with 1st pick in order of preference. Think Derwin James, Vea and Edmunds are long gone or they would be the top 3 on the list.

    #1 Rojo
    #2 Isiah Wynn
    #3 Marcus Daveport
    #4 Harold Landry
    #5 Wil Herandez
    #6 Dallas Goedart

    If the hawks take one of these 6 with the 1st pick I am happy. I think all 6 have the upside to be pro bowlers in a couple of years and that is what I want to see the Hawks take with the 1st pick.

    • Nick

      I like this list, Trevor.

      • Simo

        Like the list a lot, to bad we only have one pick in the range these guys will be picked!!

        • Hawktalker#1

          If we don’t take a RB with pick#1, we could end up with only a JAG available at pick#2 and have to wait another year to build the running game we need. If I’m PCJS, I’m not good with that.

          • Simo

            Can’t imagine we could pick more than one of the guys on this list, even with a good trade down. Trading back into the back of Rd 1 probably only nets a late 2nd, which will likely be to late to get two of these guys.

            Now if we get a good haul for ET we may have enough ammunition to do it!!

  44. RWIII

    Rob: Quick question. Which is the crucial number(s) that John Schneider looks at when giving a defensive end a grade. I don’t believe the 40 time is the most important. I was thinking that one time you mentioned the 10 yard dash. I was looking at Cliff Avril’s old scouting report. In the 10 yard dash his time was 1.51. Frank Clark had a 1.69 in the 10 yard dash. I believe in the past you have also mentioned the 20 yard shuttle and the 3 cone drill.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes the 10 yard split is very important

      • RWIII

        Thanks Rob

  45. Trevor

    I know everyone wants to trade back which would mean moving into the 25-40 range with our 1st pick.

    Can anyone name one good draft pick the Hawks have made in the PC JS era in the 25-40 range?

    The only two I can think of who are even close to this range are Wagner who went at 47 and P Rich who when at 45. The late 1st round, early 2nd round has not been kind to the Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      None of this is relevant to this specific draft class and the current needs of the team.

      • Trevor

        It absolutely is Rob because if 5 QB go in the top 15 then there will be a Blue chip talent in the board at 18 as you would be getting a top 13 position player. One of there guys is not on the board at 25 or later. That is my point.

        • Kenny Sloth


          You think they only rate the top 20 players or something?

          There aren’t 18 blue chip prospects in this class silly.

    • Darnell

      James Carpenter was picked at 25. Super Bowl Champion and going into his 8th year as a starter. One of the better run blocking interior O linemen in the league.

      But I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

      • BobbyK

        Guy who got benched in the 1st round of the play-offs in their Super Bowl winning year. What point are you trying to make?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Whoa!! Someone hates Carp!

          Jk BobbyK. I think the point is, he’s grown into a fine NFL player and that Trevor’s initial suggestion that perhaps there wasn’t any possibility of a good seahawk player coming from between these fifteen picks is a little unsupported and irrelevant to a completely different class.

          • BobbyK

            Great to hear he became a good player for a team that didn’t pay him. Seems like a good “use”of a pick.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Are we back to defining succesful draft picks by whether or not they sign a second contract with us?

              • Mark Souza

                In the PC-JS era – 8 drafts, we’ve only had 3 picks in that range, a very limited data set. We drafted Carpenter at 25 in 2011 – a disappointment as a tackle, but a decent guard who is still in the league.

                In 2016 we drafted Ifedi at 31 – jury is still out for me.

                And in 2017, McDowell at 35 – a likely bust, but we won’t know for another few months.

            • Drew

              All I remember about Carp is that he was pretty good in the run game and that he pretty much handled Justin Smith from the 49ers about every time they matched up. Was he a pro-bowler? No, but I think he was a valuable member to the OL.

              Remember, he also had Cable coaching him who was just fired….

    • teejmo

      Well, they’ve only picked in that range three times (Carpenter, Ifedi, McDowell). Two of those are starters in the league (even if they might be below average), and the other one hasn’t played a down yet. It’s certainly not the worst series of picks in history.

    • Kenny Sloth


      John Schneider can’t physically see who he’s actually picking in that range.

      Thats the real reason those fifteen spots NEVER WORK

      • Hawktalker#1

        Good point. Better odds by continually trading down until we get like 20 of them in the 100-300 range.

  46. CharlieTheUnicorn

    A term we need to think about more on here….. VALUE

    Which picks are good value at a certain point in the draft?
    Early 2nd to mid 2nd round would be an appropriate value for a RB (Chubb in this case).
    A guy like Sweat towards the back of the 2nd or into the mid 3rd round would be a nice value.

    Essentially, play to the draft strengths and avoid reaching on weak area… such as TE in the 1st for example.

    Currently, I do not see a single player that justifies being taken at #18, that realistically will be available. When you get to the back end of the 1st round, then there might be some very nice options available… and with a trade back… you pick up at least one bonus pick in the late 2nd or into the 3rd round somewhere. You could reasonable come out of the draft with 2 or 3 players in the draft sweet spot of the 2nd and 3rd rounds by trading back and playing the value game.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I also know there are some on here who love Davenport, but everything I’m seeing is saying he is going top 15 and maybe top 10 now. Talk about a draft riser.

    • Sea Mode

      This is exactly what Rob has been repeating for a while now. Not sure why you say we need to think more about it on here.

      Either way, agree with your points and I will say that it’s harder to focus on getting value when you have such a glaring need (run game) that has to be filled and only only one early pick to do it. We are so lucky the RB class is as deep as it is early on, allowing us to trade down and play the board right for value.

      We will be looking to trade down, no doubt, and that’s where we need to just hope we can get good VALUE. I, for one, would be very happy if we could find a way to recoup a 2019 R2 pick. We know they wanted a R1 pick for Earl, but would they take 2018 R2 + 2019 R2 at this point if offered?

      • peter

        I think they should consider that trade. though moving forward with he and kam at the top of the pay scale I wonder if Seattle can retain earl cost effectively moving forward? Meaning he won’t be looking towards a big increase, like the wide receiver market, since there is basically no “big,” market for safeties.

        I know as a site we ebb and flow to pass time but I couldn’t agree more with the value argument. Love pc/js but last year was a super rough year for them with the draft capital outlay. Unless they get some magic “1at and a 3rd,” for earl. …I chat see standing pay for anyone player at 18.

        We’ve all read the what if posts but honestly even Davenport isn’t more wins for the team at this point. the inability to control the clock, rest the defense, keep Wilson on schedule, and hopefully avoid games where you need multiple field goals to win is entirely dependent on a running game.

      • RealRhino2

        Because every handful of comments there are still people that say, “If [Player X] is still there at 18, I’m running to the podium to pick him!”? (As an aside, why would you have to run? You get 15 minutes. Just walk up there)

        We should know by now there is no Player X. Nobody is worth having to wait three rounds until the next pick. Not with this roster. (Unless we trade Earl and recoup more picks, but then we just have yet another hole to fill)

  47. Kenny Sloth

    Sure fire way to ‘win’ any draft conversation

    “I guess we’ll see”
    “You’ll see”
    “This time next year….”
    “We can’t predict the future”

    If you find yourself using these phrases, you’ve already “WON” at talking to another person and have the correctest opinion.

    Congrats! Enjoy your victory in a self satisfied keyboard silence

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      You’ll see Kenny Sloth
      *raises shaking fist*
      You’ll seeeeeeeee


      • Kenny Sloth

        In three years* at the earliest**

    • Hawktalker#1

      Kenny man you’re way funny. I’m laughing my head off from several of your recent posts. Keep them coming!!! Hahahaha

  48. DC

    How many folks had Malik McDowell to Seattle in their *official* final mock draft last year? I think there were some.

    I went with Budda Baker.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I kinda wish it wasn’t true now, but it was definitely Obi Melifonwu

      • peter

        Same. But you can’t predict injury. Still think with pc he could have been amazing.

    • sdcoug

      Hey I said Cam Robinson and was practically tarred and feathered by most posters here haha

      • Mac

        So far…… I have been super wrong about Cam Robinson lol

    • Sean-O

      In ’17 there were all kind of ideas.. Obi, Budda, some of the tackles like Robinson & Bolles, Forrest Lamp was a popular name, TJ Watt, Kevin King, Adoree Jackson, etc.

      If we could only have that McDowell pick back….

      • Hawktalker#1

        I’m glad we took him.

        I enjoy nothing more than long threads full of trash and bagging on that guy endlessly. And why not? What an idiot hurting himself by falling off an ATV and probably never being able to play football again. I Saw that coming a mile away . . . falling off that ATV and screwing us out of that pick. Who couldn’t see that? Not sure why PCJS couldn’t see it . . . I’m sure they’ll have their radar out this year watching for ATV riding draft prospects . . .

        • Mac

          Being drunk and disorderly doesn’t really increase in his maturity…. It is more than just his ATV accident. It is the worry that you took a player described as talented but lazy without elite production and yet he continued to do dumb things since.
          I wonder if alcohol was involved in his crash too.

          The positives were getting someone with the physical profile on the lines of Deforest Buckner, the negatives are getting someone who might be lazy with character issues.

          I just think we flopped with McDowell.

          • Del tre

            It’s easy to say that, but there’s a reason the team hasn’t just cut him yet.
            Besides ‘lazy with character issues’ was a lazy description of a player who played out of position at nose and had to battle through double teams every single play. If you watch his tape he is anything but lazy, he dominates off the ball every play, and i never saw him get pushed back. The guy chases backs across the field. He is anything but lazy. That was a report that came from Malik playing through an injury to stay on the field for his 3 win team. Sounds to me like a lazy reporter not a lazy player.
            He is 21, he wasn’t even legally allowed to buy booze when he was drafted, you probably made some bad decisions too at that age, imagine pairing that with all the talent in the world and the promise of millions of dollars? A teenage mind isn’t thinking i better be careful. They are thinking I’ve got it made.
            This witch hunt is BS if you ask me. We should hope for a full recovery for Malik, that’s all.

    • Sea Mode

      C-Dog had McDowell to Seattle with their R2 pick:

    • SheHawk

      Budda baker all day long still pains me he’s not a Seahawk

    • McZ

      Dalvin Cook
      Was so happy, when they traded out of day 1, and all my preferred targets still sitting nicely. Then they said, Malik McDowell, and I thought ‘awwwh, cr@p’. They got badly burned, they deserved it.

  49. Ben Ft. Worth

    SO I JUST RECEIVED THE GREATEST NEWS OF MY LIFE!!! My buddy text me up and said he had an extra ticket to the Draft for me!!! He won the lottery!!! So I’ll be the 1 Seahawks fan in the Cowboys section!!!!! I can’t decide if I wanna where my Home Wilson, Away Lockett, or Wolf Gray Sherman(j/k) jersey!!???? What do yall think? Wilson or Lockett?

    • Forrest

      Wilson all the way!

      • Hawktalker#1

        Congrats. Super cool. Anything in rush green works . . . 🙂

      • DCD2

        Awesome news Ben!! Go big and do a custom Jones II jersey!

        • 503Hawk

          Happy for you! Maybe one day the Emerald City will be able to host. We could have Rob as the MC.

    • Trevor

      Congrats that is awesome!

    • Simo

      Go with a throwback jersey my man! Curt Warner or Shaun Alexander should get some attention!! Also like the custom made Rojo jersey option– #25 is available now!!

      • D-OZ

        Pick yourself up a Thomas III jersey!!!!

  50. Josh Emmett

    The pro day numbers are up on 3sigma for the guys who weren’t at the combine. That’s always fun

    • Mark Souza

      I think those numbers are for last year’s draft.

      • Josh Emmett

        Nope, every year after the pro days right around this time 3sigma releases the pro day results for all the guys who aren’t at the combine. There are way more options out there for draft prospects then just the combine invites and this always shakes up the late round conversations for picks as well as the undrafted players. Since the hawks do so well with undrafted players it’s always a good fun conversation starter in the “dead period” right before the draft. Cheers!

  51. Millhouse-serbia

    I made a table of potential seahawks target for first 2 days, with grades and positions on draft boards. I use Lance Zeirlein, Tony Pauline, Daniel Jeremiah and Dane Bruglers boards. Here is a picture.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice work, Millhouse.

    • Trevor


    • peter

      Excellent work. Great to see it all types up like that.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Very nice!!!

      Can you make an excel version of that available?

      Would like to customize it with my rankings. Thx!!!

  52. Coach

    Watched a show on nfl network and they were high on these 2 and wanted to know everyone’s thoughts:

    1. CB Perry Nickerson Tulane – sounded like a difference maker at the position that we can get a little later in the draft
    2. DT PJ Hall – difference maker at DT that we can get a little later in the draft as well.

    Sounded like they were “all football” also, so thought they might be exactly what we need!


    Go Hawks!

    • clbradley17

      Really hope we get PJ Hall in the 4th or 5th – he’s 6’1″ 310, runs 4.7, squats 700 lbs., vertical jump is 38 inches and had 14 blocked kicks, 42 sacks and 86 TFL’s in his career.

      • Trevor

        Interesting guy for sure with great testing #s and stats.

        Any idea what his arm length is as Rob has hilighted they seem to have a 33″ cut off?

        • clbradley17

          Couldn’t find it at, but his Shrine game measurements had his arm length at 32 1/8″.

          • Trevor

            I love Nathan Sheppard as a small school DT prospect and he has sub 33″ arms as well. If the Hawks stick to form both these guys won’t be the pick unfortunately. Sometimes the Shrine game #s are a little off though so who knows. Still a fun player to check out.

            • clbradley17

              Sheppard looked great at the Senior Bowl practices until he hurt his hand. Went back and looked at Aaron Donald’s combine #s vs. Hall’s pro day #s. Donald 6’1″ 285: 4.68 40, 32″ vertical, 35 bench presses, 9’8″ broad jump. Hall 6’1/2″ 308: sub-4.7 with the wind, sub 4.8 against the wind 40s, 38″ vertical, 36 bench presses and 9’8″ broad jump.

              On the page for Hall, it states: “Tried to carry additional weight which may have slowed him this year, and Additional weight appeared to impact conditioning and fatigue levels” under weaknesses, so he may be faster and in better shape if he loses 10 pounds or more. One other drawback is that Donald played against FBS schools while at Pitt, and Hall played at a small school level at Sam Houston St. against OLs/TEs probably 20-50 lbs. lighter than FBS and definitely NFL size OLs. But it’s been reported he is very strong – could squat 700 lbs., and extremely fast and explosive with that 4.7 40 and 38″ vertical, seems like he would be worth at least a day 3 pick. Would like to see the Seahawks bring him in for a workout.

              • Trevor

                He will be a fun guy to monitor for sure.

                • DCD2

                  Really hope we take a look at PJ Hall and don’t use less than an inch of arm length as a disqualifier. If we can get him with a later pick: 5+ I think he’d be a great rotational player.

                  Rob said he had “significant character concerns”, but I didn’t find anything other than grades for a brief period. Maybe he was thinking of someone else.

                  Ctrl-F “PJ Hall” and there is an article I posted about him earlier in the thread.

                  • DCD2

                    Make that Ctrl-F “P.J. Hall”

        • Sea Mode

          On day 3 they might be more lenient with the cutoffs if a guy makes up for it elsewhere.

  53. Alex6674

    Good work Millhouse. If Settle is there in the 4th that would be good.

    • Hawktalker#1

      And IF Barkley is there in the 4th I’d take him too . . . LOL

  54. Trevor

    Last year the two SB teams NE and Phil had top 10 run games. So clearly the run was a major part of each teams offense and allowed them to be balanced, control clock etc.

    Was this because of one dynamic workhorse RB or because of OL play, offensive scheme and play calling?

    The running backs for Eagles Clement, Blount, Ajayi

    The running backs for the Pats Lewis, White, Mike Gillislie, Brandon Boldon and Rex Burkett.

    They were both top 10 rushing units as a team but the leading individual rusher on either team was Blount with 766 yards (now with the Lions ) and Dion Lewis 896 (now with Titans).

    It is pretty clear that for these two super bowl teams with good run games it was much more about OL play, play calling and scheme. Neither had a 1st or 2nd round RB and seemed to do just fine.

    I am not downplaying the value of a dominant RB as I saw first hand the impact Beast Mode had. I also think Fournette played a huge role in the turn around with the Jags last year. I am just saying it can be done without that one great RB and many teams are just fine without one.

    • peter

      don’t disagree.

      Empirically your post is correct. However Seattle’s line is suspect so the hypothesis is that a better running back will sort of balance out the line like lynch was able to do.

      also Seattle is going into the year with davis, mckissik, prosise, and Carson. I know there are posters who make an argument that the crew listed is just fine. But….if the oline has been referenced by the coaching staff as needing continuity then signs point to them not selecting an early draft pick on a guard, etc. Maybe that’s a smokescreen.

      the thing is pc stated that fixing the run game was the top priority. We are looking at the same players on the same team. How does anyone look at an off injured running back with two(!l good games two seasons ago, a small wr from a small school, a guy that has never really stuck in the league, and an injured back who never carried full load in his career and think that’s a good set up for next season.

      Furthermore, for me, I could accept John Kelley as an interesting prospect though not a game changer, bo Scarborough very late as value, ballage maybe later as value, and I’ll even respect Freeman for his consistently good career as an overlooked prospect. But outside of Freeman none of the others either were super productive or maximized their time at college so it’s hard for me to think 3 years later they are going to the NFL to provide a spark.

      Schottenheimer has had some smaller backs so Edmunds and ito Smith are intriguing but as change of pace backs sure. But what are you really expecting from edmunds? a couple hundred yards and two tds maybe?

      Bluntly for me if Seattle doesn’t make moves to improve the running game which can be any way they see fit, line men, five running backs from small schools for competition what ever it is and here’s the big thing….the results are more or less the same as last year I’m going to frankly step of the pc/js train. Not the seahawks train. Having a down year is totally fine for this fan. Stuff happens. Not fixing Your mistakes or process in any facet of life is not.

      • Trevor

        I am not disagreeing as I think an RB like Rojo could transform the run game like Kamara did for the Saint last year and I would be excited that he was the pick.

        I just think that the idea the Hawks have to take an RB with their 1st pick is a very narrow view. They will have a new offensive scheme and hopefully improved OL play. This should help and as long as they add RB talent in the draft to come in and compete I am ok with it.

        If it is a dynamic RB like Jones with the pick great. If it is another player they see as a true blue chip prospect at another position that is fine with me as well as long as they address the RB position later.

    • john_s

      Philly was unique in that they had 2 former 1,000 yard backs who complemented each other very well.

      Blount – power back
      Clement – 3rd down receiving back
      Ajayi – mix of 2

      • Trevor

        Agreed but none were high draft picks and Ajayi was a mid season trade.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I think the switch away from a straight ZBS will necessitate a back change as well. Prosise, could he ever stay on the field, should excel a lot more and I think that is where they will hedge with a RB in the draft. The Power scheme relies on backs that are more fluid runners and can improvise a little more. RoJo would fill that perfectly, but missing out on him may force their hand to go after another. ZBS is great for one cut runners that plant their foot and go or lower the shoulder and punch through contact. Outside Prosise, I don’t know that any of our current backs fit the new scheme all that well. Of course one of them could steal the show and prove us all wrong. Nothing would make me happier, but I still think they go early after a back before they miss out entirely.

      This is an interesting draft for me in that I can see both sides of the argument needing a D playmaker and a true #1 RB. I want RoJo more than any other player though and frankly he would be the only player I would be happy if the Hawks stood pat at 18 and drafted. Nobody else fills the value/need boxes in my mind.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Really really good points

      Maybe the best argument against taking an rb early

  55. SheHawk

    I agree either way is possible to get to end result of strong running game and trust JSPC to be open to either. Hope they take what the process gives them and not get too cute again.

    • Trevor

      You nailed it. That is my point exactly. You just said it better 🙂

  56. Trevor

    Really hope Ifedi had a breakout year. He is the key to the improvement and ultimate success of the OL if they want to be a top unit. I still think he has the ability to be a dominant RT and I hope Solari’s scheme is a better fit for him allowing him to just play instead of over think.

    Fluker and Ifedi on the right side will be enormous and if they click could be awesome in the run game. I am actually excited about the potential of the OL for the first time in years. If Pocic get stronger and Ifedi can improve as well as eliminate the stupid penalties this could be a really good unit.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah could use another depth pick to compete with Roos and the ilk, but there aren’t many possible moves to be made to improve the OL realistically.

      Adding another high draft pick in my estimation would be more detrimental to the development and continuity on the OL

      • McZ

        We need depth at LT and quality at LG. Even RG isn’t sealed, and depending if Solari is ready correct the mismanagement of Ifedi, you can scratch RG and put RT in there.

        To keep an OL running, you need one solid pick per draft. Or buy expensive in FA. It’s easy as that.

    • Drew

      I think switching to more power rather than zone will be huge. Big athletic guys like Ifedi should be able to dominate more blowing guys off the ball. I’m really excited to see George Fant get in the mix too, he showed some promise in run blocking, I remember watching him block Chandler Jones 15 yards down the field.

    • Logan Lynch

      Don’t forget, Trevor, Ifedi was already “fairly dominant” last year. He’s halfway there!

      I’m with you though, I hope he has a good year. He’s one of those guys that I’m rooting for just because so many people are down on him. I guess you could say I have a chip on MY shoulder for Ifedi, which is strange. It gives me satisfaction when guys like that figure it out and prove all the naysayers wrong. I’m weird like that.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Having a healthy Duane Brown for the off season and trading camp should help in Ifedi’s development. Ed Dickson’s track record as a top notch pass protector should make Ifedi’s job easier too.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        *training camp

        • Mark Souza

          I’d like to see Ifedi improve as well. Most (but not all) of his problems are in his head, missed assignments, losing track of what play was called in the huddle, not knowing his responsibilities on a twist, a stunt, blitzes. He also has footwork, balance and speed issues, where he routinely gets beat off the edge by speed rushers, so jumps the snap count trying to get a head start.

          I think he would be well served by moving inside to guard. Where he’s not on an island. Where he has help on both sides. Where he doesn’t need to worry about his speed, just overpowering the man in front of him. He would excel at that.

          The reasons for keeping him at tackle are mainly political. The team invested a first round pick into the guy to be a tackle. His agent wants him to be a tackle because tackles make so much more money than guards. I just wonder how long the team let’s him flounder at tackle before moving him back inside.

  57. Jason

    The draft needs to come soon. I had a dream that the browns took qb’s with the 1st and 4th picks. That would ultimately be the most browns thing to do.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I had a dream that we signed Cole Madison as an udfa before the draft even started

    • Mark Souza

      …and they would be the two that wash out of the league in a couple years – very Browns-like.

  58. RWIII

    Hopefully John Schneider can trade down from 18 in the N.F.L. draft. But if for some reason he can’t. I would hope he can take either a defensive end or an offensive tackle. The Hawks usually don’t pick this high (18) in the draft. So they might not get an opportunity to take some one this high again. Yes the Hawks have Duane Brown. But for how long. Plus they are unsure at right tackle. On the other hand you can ALWAYS use another pass rusher. So either OT/DE.

  59. FuzzyLogic

    Ian Rapoport

    Key members of the #Seahawks brass — including GM John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll — spent yesterday at Arizona St privately working out #TAMU WR Christian Kirk, #ASU RB Kalen Ballage and #UH QB Kyle Allen, I’m told. Sending the top decision-makers is interesting.

    Maybe trade down into the early second and end up with Kirk and Ballage?

    • Jason

      I think the QB might be the one of most interest.

      • Rad_man

        I posted above about Bellage. I have a feeling they really like him and will take him if he is around where they feel comfortable taking him. He strikes me as a JS type- great build and SPARQ, seems like his best football is ahead of him. I also remember PC talking about the ideal RB build and he basically described Bellage. He’d be a nice prospect to park behind Carson and wouldn’t need a second round pick to do it.

        • Rad_man

          autocorrect does not like “Ballage”. At any rate, would like to read Rob’s thoughts on him.

          • Jason

            Might we see a redo of the 2016 draft when they took 3 rb’s?

        • FuzzyLogic

          I am with you on not taking a RB with our first pick. IF a team is willing to give up 2 second round picks for #18 I think we should pick up someone like Kirk or Bryan with our first and whichever RB we like best that’s left at the end of round 2…..Like Ballage, Johnson, Guice or Freeman. I know many on here think all these RB’s will be gone by the 45-50 range but I seriously doubt it. You think all these guys will be gone before the 3rd round?


          9 RB’s….Not going to happen. I bet at least 3 of these guys will be available to us. Personally I would rather have Kirk and Penny then say Chubb and whatever non-RB is left at the end of round 2. Maybe I’m higher on Kirk than some but he strikes me as a dynamic/complete player that will be solid-explosive-competitive and steady for years to come.

          • Rad_man

            I think Ballage is more like a round 5 pick or later. But yeah, don’t see al those guys going by rnd 2 either.

  60. D-OZ

    A couple weeks ago I mentioned how much I liked Kyle Allen and Shimonek…Both as being underrated. Really like Shimonek… Our is it Shiminek?

  61. Barry Vann

    A player I’d like to pick up with one if the 5th’s would also be Trevon Young out of Louisville. He’s recovering from a nasty hip injury and like Nick Chubb only started to look like his old form late in the year. Like him as a Rush-End or shed a few lbs and try LB.

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