Final 2017 NFL mock draft

This is the mock draft I’ll be sending to the Huddle Report for scoring:

#1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
#2 San Francisco — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
#3 Chicago — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
#4 Jacksonville — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
#5 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
#6 New York Jets — Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State)
#7 LA Chargers — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
#8 Carolina — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
#9 Cincinnati — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
#10 Buffalo — Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
#11 New Orleans — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
#12 Cleveland — Mitchell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina)
#13 Arizona — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
#14 Philadelphia (via Min) — Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
#15 Indianapolis — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
#16 Baltimore — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
#17 Washington — Derek Barnett (EDGE, Tennessee)
#18 Tennessee — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
#19 Tampa Bay — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
#20 Denver — Ryan Ramcyzk (T, Wisconsin)
#21 Detroit — Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
#22 Miami — Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
#23 New York Giants — David Njoku (TE, Miami)
#24 Oakland — Kevin King (CB, Washington)
#25 Houston — Patrick Mahomes (QB, Texas Tech)
#26 Seattle — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
#27 Kansas City — Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
#28 Dallas — Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
#29 Green Bay — Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
#30 Pittsburgh — Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)
#31 Atlanta — Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
#32 New Orleans — T.J. Watt (EDGE, Wisconsin)

Why no Gareon Conley?

The recent reports about Conley are troubling and there’s no obvious way of clarifying the situation before Thursday. Conley has now opted not to attend the draft.

Thoughts on the Seahawks

Yesterday I listed the following players as possible targets (in no particular order):

Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
T.J. Watt (LB/EDGE, Wisconsin)
Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
Kevin King (CB, Washington)
Garett Bolles (T, Utah)

In the mock above, only Watt, Awuzie, McKinley and Bolles were available at #26.

Jackson is one of the most underrated players in the class, King will likely get a boost if Conley falls (the same could happen to Awuzie) and Melifonwu could surprise a few people due to his unique physical skill set and versatility.

I went with Bolles for a few reasons. One was Tony Pauline’s report yesterday. Another was Bolles’ incredible backstory and the ‘Seahawky’ nature of his character. It’s unusual to be able to land an offensive lineman as athletic and talented as Bolles in the late first round so this could be a unique opportunity. He scored a 3.00 in TEF. The Seahawks have also consistently shown a willingness to spend first round picks on the O-line.

The big reason I made the choice, however, is down to the fact it suddenly seems possible. We spent many weeks during the college season talking about Bolles. He was one of the first prospects we touted as a possible Seahawk. I remember killing time before Monday Night Football against Buffalo writing this piece about why he’s such a terrific prospect.

On November 4th in one of my early mock drafts I had him going to Seattle in round one.

And throughout all of this, there was always that feeling he wouldn’t be available. That he’d rise into top-20 contention and be out of reach. For a long time that seemed to be what was going to happen.

Tony Pauline’s report and his comments during our recent interview suddenly brought Bolles into range again. And while it’s very tempting to concoct a situation that has Seattle drafting Kevin King, Adoree’ Jackson or Obi Melifonwu in round one — and that could be what happens in the end — I feel compelled to stick with the name that had us all talking in the early stages of this process.

Garett Bolles is the player I’m pairing with the Seahawks in round one.

Why not a pass rusher or cornerback?

A lot of the better options are off the board. Tony told us on Monday he’s hearing there’ll be a run on EDGE rushers in the late teens. Takk McKinley is a legitimate option but he might have to start the season on the PUP list.

At cornerback, unless you’re willing to be the team to roll the dice on Conley’s situation or take someone like Quincy Wilson — a lot of the really attractive options were off the board.

Furthermore, there is some relative depth at EDGE and cornerback. They should be able to fill those needs with the four picks they have on day two. Once the top offensive tackles are off the board — that’s your lot.

What would it mean for rounds 2-3?

If they trade down from #26 and acquire another pick, such as a fourth rounder, they could repeat what they did last year and trade up in round two.

If Quincy Wilson lingers into the 40’s — keep an eye on him. His short area quickness, safety size at cornerback and confident personality could be a good fit in Seattle. We also know they met with Tim Williams and Malik McDowell, so pass rush could be an option here too.

If they stay at #58 is Jourdan Lewis an option? Or Fabian Moreau?

Zay Jones has been touted as a target so it’s possible they’d also consider someone like JuJu Smith-Schuster or Chris Godwin. If they go O-line with their first pick though, the odds would be stacked against back-to-back offensive picks.

There could be some wildcards too such as Marcus Maye or Justin Evans.

As for the third round, this might be an opportunity to bring in some safety depth (is it too early for Shalom Luani?). Vince Biegel ran a quick enough short shuttle at his pro-day to be intriguing. Would they bring in the other big-name Utah O-liner Isaac Asiata? Maybe.

Mike Mayock ranked Teez Tabor and Ahkello Witherspoon at #83 and #84 respectively in his top-100 rankings. Would the Seahawks go up and get one of them?

The forgotten man of the draft class, Demarcus Walker, could also be someone they look at. Defensive tackles like Carlos Watkins and Larry Ogunjobi could also be targeted.


There are two podcasts to check out today. I joined the Seahawkers Podcast for a pre-draft hit. The piece begins at 19:35. Click here to listen.

Kenny and I also recorded our final 3000 NFL Mock Draft podcast before the draft last night. You can listen along here:

So what about tomorrow? I’ll be publishing a new first round ‘big board’ and a seven-round Seahawks mock. I’ll be doing live pick-by-pick analysis on the blog and we’ll have an open thread. As soon as the Seahawks make their pick (or don’t if they trade down) Kenny and I will be doing an instant reaction podcast. If you have any other requests, let me know.

I’d also like to thank the community for another great draft season. I’m constantly amazed by the civility in the comments section. It’s so unlike the internet for a bunch of people to get along, disagree from time to time but not go over the top. I’ve been doing this blog since 2008 and it’s become a big part of my life. And while I’m looking forward to re-introducing myself to my wife, three-year-old son and three-month-old daughter in the coming weeks — rest assured I’m already looking forward to doing it all again from August. That’s all because of the great community here.

Thank you for everything.


  1. KD

    Fingers crossed that Bolles will be available. It will be very interesting to see if Pete Carroll tweets any draft clues. Not because they are an amusing side not, but when he does that, it generally means that he and John Schneider are at least 95% certain that their guy will be available.

    Anyways, thanks for all the hard work Rob.

    • Misfit74

      It’s amazing when you get the sense teams know what everyone else is doing. Fun part of the draft.

      • TCal

        Thank you for all your efforts. It is my ‘have to read before sleep site’. You are appreciated

    • Sea Mode


      #SeahawksDraftClues are coming…………!!

      10:51 AM – 26 Apr 2017

      • KD

        Awwwwwwwwwwww damn, IT’S GOING DOWN! My personal preference is Bolles, and i hope he is the target, but my hunch is that it’s Melifonwu, and I am 100% OK with that

    • Rick Darcy

      I really like your mock. However, I don’t think Zona will take a LB. They need a CB and will take one.
      Schneider won’t take Bolles because he’s not interested in a 25 yo that was physically
      superior to 20 yo kids.

      I see us grabbing the top remaining CB or Obi if available. If not, I hope we take Watts.

      I don’t see us taking Bolles but you’re the expert. We shall see soon enough.

  2. Hawksince77

    If they draft Bolles (and I think he has to be the odds on favorite at this point, even if they trade down) how do you see the offensive line in week 1?

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      That is the interesting question here. Does he compete at left tackle with Fant, or right tackle with Ifedi?

      My guess is left tackle and that he does not win the starting position this year without an injury impacting the top five.

    • Overtime

      I would put Bolles at RT. That allows the team to keep Ifedi at RG, Fant at LT and Britt at C. Only the OG positions would see much change with Joeckel at his best position of LG. Only if Fant has not improved after working his tail off all off season to improve his technique and add weight would you move him. Bolles will have an adjustment to make in the NFL just as Ifedi did. His run blocking is ahead of his pass blocking. He may struggle less on the right side. I think Glowinski, Odhiambo, Aboushi and Hunt can all play. I would not count out Meyer or Pericak, either. So, our line would be loaded.

      • David S

        Fant is expected to have a redshirt year with Joeckel expected at LT

        • Jujus

          ^ im sorry this is fake news. We always compete and PCJs have said they really liked what Luke Joekel brought at LG. They said its Fant and Odihiambo at LT possibly luke as well

          • Mr. Offseason

            Strongly disagree about this being “Fake News”. Pete Carroll said himself that they would like Fant to sit out this year to allow a veteran to play left tackle. Could be Joeckel.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would be a little disappointed in Bolles strictly because the Seahawks went out and got a couple free agents – at least one of whom could play left tackle, plus Fant is in his second year and should do a better job at left tackle. So I think there are plenty of players available for the spot, though Bolles could easily start over both.

      Right tackle is a different story. I hope that Ifedi does better at right tackle and locks down the spot. He never should have started at right guard in the first place as the first round value was not there on a team full of guards. Lets just pretend he got a year of seasoning at right guard and is now ready to play in a money spot like right tackle.

      Anyway – I will still celebrate as the offensive line is a hot mess. But I don’t favore switching Bolles to RT when Ifedi has played the position in the past and will probably play better at RT than RG.

      • Hawksince77

        So something like this (left to right):


        • Hawksince77

          That’s gotta be better than last year, don’t we think?

          • mister bunny

            Yes, we think. (We hope!)

        • Hawksince77

          That would be 3 first round starters and a second rounder (not sure when Aboushi was drafted – 4th round?)

          With Glowinski, Fant, Odiambo and Hunt as back ups (or competing to start)

        • AlaskaHawk

          I hate to see Glowinski lose a starting spot. But too many players to use them all.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Seems like a waste to not put him at LT. Other wise we drafted a player last year in the first round to play guard.

        • Misfit74

          Yes yes yes yes yes

      • AlaskaHawk

        My take on what the team would look like with Bolles.

        Joeckel has more pro experience and would start at left tackle while Bolles gets experience like Ifedi did last year. If Joeckel gets injured than Bolles would slide to left tackle.

        • D-OZ

          Per Snyder; Joeckel may not be ready at the start of the season. They are going to monitor the situation closely.

          • drewdawg11

            I still feel like he was a waste of a signing. They really fumbled that one, especially co soldering who else they could have signed. Let’s hope he can be a productive player for a year.

            • HawkTalker #1

              I have this funny feeling even though we doubt this acquisition right now, either at a starting position or feeling in adequate a good time when we need a replacement, we’re going to be very glad we have them before the season is over.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I see it as better than last year and that works just fine for me.

    • Phil

      I guess I’m showing my ignorance of the intricacies of OL play, but I don’t understand why we would spend our #1 pick on a guy when we are not even sure where he would play. Surely there are specific criteria for, say, a LT and they are different than those for a RT. And, both are different than the criteria for playing OG. Based on the reaction of the posts, it sounds like we are saying that the Seahawks should just draft Bolles and then we can find a spot where he can play. If Bolles is the pick, I sure hope that JS and PC have a specific need in mind and that they are sure that Bolles has the skills to fit that need.

      • Mr. Offseason

        All I know is, the offensive line was by far the biggest reason we didn’t reach the Superbowl the last two years. We have a hole at CB too, but it is minuscule compared to the holes at the tackle spots. Bolles might well be the most valuable player on the board for us, because he is a big domino toward getting this offense clicking again. If our offense can’t function properly, we have no chance.

        If Russ can play all the time like he did at the end of 2015 when the line shaped up a bit, we are a Superbowl squad again. Period. That should be the argument for Bolles being the pick.

        • AlaskaHawk

          After reading up on Joeckel I have some concerns about his history of injuries. In other words he might not be able to finish a season. So that would make Left tackle a more pressing issue that Bolles could solve. Maybe Fant could compete with Ifedi for right tackle.

          On the other hand, cornerback is a critical position if opposing teams can gain a third down passing to the side that doesn’t have Sherman. There is a reason why the defense can’t get off the field. And it starts in the secondary with a lack of aggressive interceptions. Though others might argue that it is the defensive lines fault for not getting to the QB. Either way there are at least two defensive positions that need great players.

          • Mr. Offseason

            But there were also issues with time of possession last year. Yes the CB play was down, but Jeremy Lane is at least serviceable at that spot. We also have a wealth of depth at that position where a player could step up and be better than we thought he was (Pierre Desir, Neiko Thorpe, Deandre Elliot, etc.)

            Part of the reason the defense suffered is because the offense couldn’t stay on the field at times. It’s hard for the defense to hold consistently if they are on the field for 40 minutes in a game. In retrospect the defense did well considering this factor. If Bolles comes in and can stonewall some DEs, that could go a long way toward fixing that problem.

            I would really love for the Seahawks to get a corner like King, Obi or Humphrey. And I won’t complain (much) if they do get one of those guys. But if at 26 we are picking between Bolles and King and we pick Bolles, that could be a highly consequential decision for the offense and the overall outlook of the team, don’t you think?

            • Mr. Offseason

              Sorry, I meant if we are picking between Bolles and King and we pick King (or another corner), that would be highly consequential.

              I hate when my point gets muddled by a typo!

        • Phil

          Mr. Offseason – so you are going to use 2015 as an example of when the OL played well. Could the real reason for their effectiveness be that RW wasn’t injured, and that Lynch wasn’t retired?

  3. Hawksince77

    Oh, and thanks for the hard work, intelligent analysis, and wide-ranging considerations. You have made this draft season another special pleasure. 🙂

    • PPast

      Second the thanks, Rob. This is one of the best places to get football information and different perspectives on how to assess skills. Thanks, too to the regular posters who add so much.

      • RealRhino2

        Yes, thanks for all the hard work and interesting commentary, Rob! Having this site makes me count myself lucky to be a Seahawks fan.

        Oh, and FWIW (almost nothing), I think you NAILED the Cam Robinson pick. I don’t know if he gets to #16, but I can’t see him getting past Baltimore if he does.

  4. Lewis

    I haven’t been around as much this offseason, but have started reading more in the last week or so and just wanted to say “thanks”, again, for the great work you do.

  5. HawkTalker

    Thank you so much for your hard work! I am always blown away by the quality and quantity of your pieces. This blog is truly second to none.

    • OCDavid

      Thank you so much, Rob – you’ve created an incredible atmosphere on a site that I check first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and frequently in-between this time of year. I have so much more knowledge now than I ever would have otherwise. Big shout out too to the community contributors – thank you much. Oh, and GO HAWKS!

    • Schuemansky

      The same goes for me. Thank you so much. I am really fortunate that my team has probably the best draft blog of all.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I appreciate your hard work, and enjoy the more detailed player analysis that we get here. Thanks Rob.

  6. Boneman

    There he is, that big talented WR PC has always coveted. Mike Williams! If he slides, how tempting is it to grab a touted top 10 talent??

    • FuzzyLOgic


    • BHarKnows

      But if he slides to the back end of round one that means he probably wasn’t a top-10 talent to begin with. Just the draft media touting him as such.

      • HawkTalker #1


  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    I don’t see where Awuzie goes before SEA @26.

    If he’s still available, does that affect your choice for SEA?

    • peter

      Same here.

      I went over the list about hundred times. If Awuzie is there in the second honestly I think Seattle needs to burn a pick and come on up to get him.

    • Rob Staton

      I had him dropping into early R2.

      He’s one of those players — could go top-20, could go 30’s.

  8. GoodHawk

    If we can somehow get Bolles in the first and Quincy Wilson in the second, I will be doing back flips

    • FuzzyLOgic


      • Misfit74


        • drewdawg11

          This would be a very nice scenario, and it could be possible if they trade back up in round two.

        • HawkTalker #1


    • PDXBen


  9. peter


    You have killed it once again sir. I’ve been here since Courtney Upshaw and before the great 2012 meltdowns about what QB was the best and you’ve just become better and better. Thanks.

    And thanks to everyone for keeping it open and realizing that none of really know and this is an awesome place to learn about a zillion more prospects than the top 20 like so many other places.

  10. Jujus

    At this point I dont care what we pick 1st, as long as we draft some PASS RUSHERS that make an impact.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Which ones and where? What uldntnit be cool if they could snag Tim williams and Dashon Hall in the third?

  11. Ukhawk

    Thank you Rob. Hands down highlight reel of a biog. Really enjoy it and appreciate what I know must take a lot of hard work

  12. Nate

    Hmmmmm, it doesn’t seem like Awuzie is listed on the mock?

    • Rob Staton

      I had him dropping into the first few picks of R2.

      Hard to fit everyone in this year.

      • Nate

        Gotcha. Lot of great options this year. Excited to see which way they go.

  13. Paul

    Thanks Rob for all the great analysis! I live for this blog every year at this time. Salivating at the prospect of Boles at one end and Ifedi at the other. Go Hawks!

  14. Ukhawk

    You had me at “Bolles” (or was it by the “…”?) …6 months ago. Like u possess a crystal Bolles and can see the future. If it works out, what a call by you, Rob! And the drama – you saying he’d go top 10 and some of us still believing there is a chance he might slip given his age, experience, past transgressions etc. Fiction is a distant second on this one..

  15. Sea Mode


    Some teams are still very high on #Utah OT Garett Bolles including the #Broncos, #Giants, #Raiders, & #Texans:

    2:06 PM – 26 Apr 2017

    Hope against all hope…

    • Sea Mode

      If we want to get in front of them…


      Buccaneers are talking with at least three teams about moving back in 1st round, and maybe even out of first round altogether, per source.

      5:00 AM – 26 Apr 2017

    • HawkTalker #1

      Really comes down to opportunity cost and value. Time will tell.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Is it possible to move Bolles to RT. I’ve seen the following OL posted on these comments already.


        But what if, for some reason, they wanted to move him to RT? That means a couple of different possibilities. Like:






        It seems like the possibilities are endless here because we have versatile players who can play LT. But not so many versatile players that can play RT. So if Bolles slid into RT, it could create the most optimal scenario since there are more line combinations that way.

  16. Darth12er

    No Rob, thank you! I’ve always loved the draft, I watch every second of it despite the complaining of my wife and kids. This site, between you and the regular contributors, has made it that much easier and better to prepare for. I know you spend countless hours studying for it, and it is much appreciated. If you ever start a patreon account, I would happily donate!!

    • Josh emmett

      Haha, me too dude with the kids going nuts, haha

  17. Sea Mode

    Very nice, Rob. Culmination of a whole draft season of work!

    I won’t finish my final Seahawks mock until tomorrow, but here is my board of favorites at each position. Of course, there could be many others, but I had to force myself to narrow it down to just one in each range. (some ranges are approximate if a guy is on the borderline)

    Enjoy and let me know what you all think!

    • michigan12th

      Really like the idea of Watkins, would take him in the 2nd but hope we can get him with a third. Also some of the guys on this blog got me high on Kittle for a day three pick. Great job, here’s to hoping that we have a really strong draft and get great talent no matter where they play.

  18. Totem_Hawk

    Great work again this year Rob..take a vacation you deserve it! GO HAWKS

    • OCDavid

      A vacation for Rob seems fair… just not before Sunday!

      • Totem_Hawk

        Fair enough..ha

  19. Misfit74

    Thank you, Rob for providing the best draft and Seahawks Draft content on the web.

    This mock makes a lot of sense. Excellent picks throughout.

    The only team pick I might battle on is Buffalo, who despite a scheme change has P. Brown, Ragland, and Alexander at LB already. Sure, someone might be odd man out, but need isn’t very strong to take a LB that hight for them, especially considering the huge voids at DB (CB), and TE.

    I also though Awuzie might sneak into round 1, or maybe Rivers, Willis, J. Jones, etc. All I can see going in round 2 easily enough.

    Despite the media ‘noise’, I firmly believe Corey Davis will go top-25. We shall see soon enough. Maybe even top 10. 😉

  20. Sea Mode

    Reminder: if anyone wants to submit their own R1 mock, we have an SDB group setup here:

    Group: Seahawksdraftblog
    Pwd: Robisking

    Best of luck!

    • Sea Mode

      We have 30 submissions as of now.

    • OCDavid

      I had mine in place for about three weeks but all the whispers finally got to me and I changed it all up today! Most unpredictable draft for a few years. Good luck!

    • Darth12er

      Obi is rated 81 in there 😱

    • Michael

      It’s telling me the password is incorrect… I typed it exactly as above.

      • Michael

        NM I got it

    • HawkTalker #1

      Come on man, mock the final rounds as well.

    • Hughz

      In my mock I had the choice of King, Jackson and Obi. I went with Jackson. He may not be as physically gifted as King or Obi but he just seems to have that attitude PC loves.

    • Grant G

      Nice! should be fun to compete with you gents! i went with a wildcard based on BPA as the need guys flew off the board.

  21. kevin mullen

    Another great year Rob, thanks again for all you do on this site. Been a fan since you were clamoring for Ruskell to draft Aaron Curry in 2008.

    On side note, I’d be mildly disappointed if Bolles were the pick, frankly I rather they go DB, LB, or Edge as JSPC have shown they can identify better prospects in those areas as oppose to the OLine. I think we don’t necessarily need to invest heavy draft capital on the OLine when it’s being subsidize to pay for the rest of the team. Rather they restock our Defense with early draft picks then let Cable pick guys in the 6th & 7th.

    • southpaw360

      I agree with everything you said. Please pick Defense with our first pick and THANK YOU ROB for another great year!

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the comments — but I never wanted the Aaron Curry pick! I remember letting out a horrifying yell at the TV when the pick was announced.

      (I was hoping for Michael Crabtree)

      • drewdawg11

        We could have had Julio…

      • Grant G

        i wanted Mark Sanchez….dark times.

      • HI Hawk

        Me too! I wanted Crabtree so badly.

      • STTBM

        Thats funny! I wanted Crabtree as well, but was stoked with the Curry pick. Boy was that a mistake!

    • Phil


  22. Josh emmett

    This is always so much fun, can’t wait for tomorrow! Thanks Rob! Get someone to make some merch for the blog dude, I’d buy a hat and t-shirt and maybe you could make a couple bucks, thanks for all you do and keep it up!

    • HawkTalker #1

      I need some action green Seahawks gear.

  23. Casey Ray Zachary


    I read your blog and listen to you and Kenneth back in the Casale River Valley in rural Haiti. My wife and I are still season ticket holders but have lived and worked in Haiti for a few years at a medical clinic (my wife is a physician). I miss being in Century Link and want to punch my brother in laws in the face when they send me pics from our seats, but life is heavy and hard working in rural Haiti and you and Kenneth give me some good laughs and make me feel like I’m back home again. Teche ology is amazing and I genuinely do appreciate all the effort you put into this. I mean, you got a fan in Haiti, so I think that makes you an internationally acclaimed blogger and podcaster and all around guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the support!

    • HawkTalker #1

      Make it happen in Haiti bro. I know the drill. My place is Ethiopia.

  24. Smitty1547

    My problem with Pete and his clues are 2 fold, one its just plane stupid to give someone and edge as to what you might be planning to do, and two it means you have predetermined your pick way to early. i understand this is what they do and they have a great feel for what and how things will plan out but what if someone much higher on your draft board starts to slide?

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, the clues are just for fun. Almost impossible to get most of them with any real degree of certainty.

      Sometimes they do actually have a target in mind, and get him, and it’s easy to see afterwards which clue referred to him (the clues don’t come in order either).

      But if they end up taking someone else, most clues could lead to any number of players anyway, so he’s not really giving anything away.

      But seriously, they are not to be taken too seriously! 🙂

    • Scraps

      Some people always gets anxious, to the point where one person will say Pete is “plane [sic] stupid”, etc. It never happens; at the end, nobody says “oh my god, Pete gave it away!” Pete’s “clues” are just fun. If anything, Pete’s clues are relaxing: at the end of the two or three jittery months, laughing is good. You know, Pete & John are good at drafting. Serious and funny, whatever they want to do, they are good at it. Relax.

      • Scraps

        Sea Mode cut me in. 😉

  25. vrtkolman

    Woo hoo! The offensive line could actually be a strength in the near future?? I’ll hope that Bolles is the pick.

    • D-OZ

      I would rather have an interior guy. That is where our weakness was last year. Guy’s blowing through the middle of our line.

      • drewdawg11

        The tackles were literally the worst in football. The interior actually did play better on several occasions than their overall game average. Seriously, the WORST TACKLES IN FOOTBALL.

  26. TCHawk

    In this scenario I’d much rather trade back with Atlanta for an extra 3rd (or reluctantly a 4th), and select T.J. Watt at #31. I like Bolles, but I think he wouldn’t start over Fant at LT or Ifedi at RT. Watt would be an immediate fill-in starter, and in year 5 of his contract we will be very thankful we picked him over Bolles IMO.

    • FuzzyLOgic

      I have a feeling Atlanta is trading up specifically for Watt themselves.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Just a gut felling, but he may never start over those two.

      Much better for 2017 to pick another position. Nickle or CB2.

      If they pick Bolles they do not trust Fant or Ifedi or maybe Agoushi.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Seriously, how could anyone trust Fant?

      • PDXBen

        Yeah, Fant is a developmental flier that started last year out of desperation. He might develop, he might not. I’d prefer a defensive player like King or Obi, but if you hit on a franchise LT that late in the 1st rd. would be awesome! I think I suffer from developing a man crush on who Rob analyzes….and early in the draft process Rob had me sweating Bolles and now I’m on the Obi train (just because I think King is a pipe dream)

        • Jusjamn

          Fant started with essentially no experience. Like him or not, he’s a freak to be able to do that. I look for marked continued improvement this year from him. I’m sure Pete/John have kept tabs on him and if they don’t select OL, that says Fant is doing great this offseason to me.

          I’m hoping for Watt, but after the Decastro debacle that just ripped my heart out, I hate to hope for any player under this regime.

  27. Sea Mode

    Just posting visits/meetings list again in case anyone missed it earlier:

    Once again, I recommend clicking on the filter icon and selecting “Turn on filter view” so you can filter/sort by visit type, position, or whatever you like.

    Also, V12, you said yesterday that Casey DeAndrade was a VMAC visitor. I had him just as a workout. Can you confirm that? He would make 21 known VMAC visitors!

  28. EP

    Cheers for all the work that you do Rob. Not been visiting this site for long but I get the impression that I will continue to do so for as long as it’s about. This is the first year I have really taken an interest in the NFL and College football. This blog has been fundamental in helping me understand the draft process and thankfully it is pleasant environment in which to do so. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the graft you put in and it’s nice to see that someone from the U.K is much more informed than the majority of the of the American draft media (who make it their full time job).

  29. Matt

    Great work Rob! We all appreciate the effort.

    Here’s my final thoughts/guess before the Draft hits:

    Seahawks Picks: Don’t know where they trade but here are the names I think end up here –

    TJ Watt – JS sounds like there was a “Come to Jesus” moment with the rather poor (last) few classes. As a result, R1 is a “safer pick” that has some upside. They will settle for a “double,” instead of swinging for an HR.
    Jourdan Lewis – This kid was born to play football. Size and Off Field stuff push him down.
    Demarcus Walker – Screams Seahawk IMO. Leader, driven, tough, productive.
    Isaac Asiata – Mauler. Hello run game.
    Tedric Thompson – Great safety depth.
    George Kittle – A classic TE that doesn’t forfeit athleticism.
    EWU LB (name eludes me atm) – Here’s your athletic freak. Sound redundant with Watt? Answer – he can rush the QB and has a great physical profile.

    Other General Draft Thoughts/Guesses:

    Gareon Conley falls, far. Later proven to be innocent of false accusations (I read a nice article about this).
    Budda Baker goes surprisingly early (football folks will pound the table for him). Top 20 (TB).
    Sidney Jones falls to R3. CB depth really hurts him.
    Garrett Bolles falls to a late R2. WalterFootball reports teams are worried about his mental health, with late breaking “gossip” that SEA wants to trade *down* for him + 9 on Wonderlic.
    Obi Melifonwu “falls” to R2.
    Tyus Bowser goes R1.
    John Ross slips to the 40s where a contender trades up for him.
    Seahawks don’t have a chance at Kevin King.
    Post Draft we find out the Seahawks made an attempt to move up to draft OJ Howard (who ends up in the 8-12 range).

    5 years later prediction:

    TJ Watt ends up a crown jewel of this class. Bias? Yes, of course. He eventually becomes the new face of the Seahawks D. Clay Matthews 2.0.
    Jourdan Lewis is considered the steal of the draft. Perennial Pro Bowler and playmaker.
    Pat Mahomes, unfortunately ends up an Arizona Cardinal and becomes Favre 2.0.
    Mitch Trubisky ends up flopping in Cleveland (bold call right?)
    Zay Jones (whom I really like) goes the way of Quinton Patton. Great combine doesn’t translate to the field.

    2017 Predictions:

    OROY – OJ Howard
    DROY – TJ Watt
    MVP – Aaron Rodgers

    SB Prediction: Packers vs Raiders

    Seahawks Prediction: 11-5 losing to GB in the NFCCG: Rumblings of continued locker room turmoil but nothing public/crazy. Offseason moves reflect a “new direction in 2018.”

    • Sea Mode

      Samson Ebukam must be

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Well done Matt. Excellent predictions. However, we are not losing to GB. FTS.

        The locker room actually comes together like never before, they get home field advantage and kick the shit out of GB with the help of the twelves.

    • peter

      Raiders better get that defense right. They can score a ton but as we all watched in the superbowl if you can’t stop anyone you’ll be letting the Patriots right on by.

      I like your enthusiasm for TJ watt. The TJ Watt fans on this board, love themselves some Tj Watt! I think he’s a good player that has some room to grow and needs to learn some more intricacies at LB.

      • Matt

        Haha, he absolutely needs work, but man – he has the athletic profile and seemingly has the drive (as much as I can tell). I have such confidence because he does a lot of little things better than most (ie hand usage) for a newcomer on Defense.

    • Jusjamn

      Matt – From your screen to God! Watt and Walker would be a dream come true for this franchise.

  30. Largent80

    Well we definitely need more OL help. Dude appears to be a good athlete and falling to #26 could be a blessing. I have to admit I seriously want Adoree Jackson patrolling the Seahawk backfield and running back kicks, but I’m not a GM.

    • HawkTalker #1


  31. Deryck

    Something of note here: Two tweets

    If Dalvin Cook is there at 19, he’ll be there at 28 too.

    Team moving up to watch? #Seahawks. Bolles the target. They plan on OL in 1st.

    “From all I’ve heard, I’d be VERY surprised if #Seahawks didn’t go OL in the first. Very surprised.”

    First one is in regards to Tampa looking to move down. A change from the narrative of DB with the first pick that I’ve seen/heard all over.

  32. Tom

    Long time lurker, Rob. I enjoy your work here tremendously and want to say thanks, you have a fun, informative site and great community. It’s always (surprisingly) insightful. Looking forward to next year already.

  33. Greg Haugsven

    How about a thanks to the whole community in here. Rob does fantastic work and we have thanked him alot. We are like fans in sports, it wouldnt exist without us. Extra thanks to the contributors who do the most such as Volume 12, Sea Mode, Trevor, just to name a few.

    • Trevor

      Thanks to you as well Greg for all the great posts and insight!

  34. Hawkfaninmt

    I can’t believe how many thanks are thrown around out here without mention to the one that allows this blog to happen…

    Mrs Staton! Cheers!

    • peter


    • Rob Staton

      Mrs Staton is the true hero.

      She’s incredibly patient and understanding.

      • Misfit74


        Cheers to Mrs.Staton and family.

  35. Producehawk

    Thank you again this year for your hard work Rob. I am one of the many that do not post often, but enjoy the blog very much.

  36. Scraps

    Thank you so much, Rob. You are an education. I know so much more now in the last few years; Seattle fans have you to thank. Cheers for another Seattle Seahawks year!

  37. Kenny Sloth

    If the Seahawks don’t take him, I don’t see Obi in the first.

    Hopefully we trade up for him in the second though.

    Him and Bolles would be my dream draft.

    I’d trade two thirds and our second for Obi at 40

    • FuzzyLOgic

      Oh please don’t give two thirds for Obi. He is not our only hope.

    • Victor

      My ideal draft is trade down for Obi and a trade up for McDowell in the second. Know i have nothing against Bolles i am actually excited to get Bolles if true. His age is a concern but he needs to add some bulk but i love his athleticism. Anybody we draft i hope they make an impact immediately. Go hawks.

  38. Overtime

    I am going to go out on a limb and predict two trades.

    TRADE 1: Cleveland trades #12 and #33 to Tennessee for #5.
    Cleveland selects Mitchell Trubisky at #5
    Tennessee selects John Ross at #12 and David Njoku at #33.

    TRADE 2: Cincinnati trades #9 to New Orleans for #11 and #103
    Jonathan Allen falls and New Orleans moves up for the big guy.
    Cincinnati selects Taco Charlton.

    Both teams want DE’s but Taco is from Ohio and fits better in Cincinatti who is happy to pick
    up a little extra draft capital.

  39. VM

    Just wanted to thank you for your year-round coverage, Mr. Staton, both here and on 3000 NFL Mock Draft — I never miss an episode!

    I feel very lucky your interest landed on American football and my favorite team.

    Go Hawks!

  40. Volume12

    Am I the only one who has very little feel for what Seattle will do? Maybe that’s the wrong way to put it. They can go so many ways this year.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Lets just say they have a lot of holes to fill. By my count, an outside cornerback, a slot cornerback, a buffalo or extra linebacker, and a defensive tackle. On offense a tackle, 2 receivers, and possibly one more running back and tight end. It should be interesting.

      • Volume12

        Are those holes or wants? Most of these picks should be for depth.

        I count 4, maybe 5 ‘needs.’ An O-lineman, CB, DT, pass rusher. A backup safety? Yes, buts that more of a future needs pick as is a pass catcher. We can fill holes next year too.

        A RB? Possibly. Although let’s see what Lacy, a healthy Rawls, Proxies with a full off-season conditioning program under his belt, and an Alex Collins who really came on late last year end up doing.

        You can fill that 3rd LB spot with an EDGE, late round pick, UDFA, PS member or one of the 3 (?) LBs they signed this year.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Your spot on about having a lot of running backs. I had forgot they picked up Lacy. No need to look for a RB in the draft. I still think they will pick 1-2 receivers. They got a couple great guys but the rest of the receiver positions will be up for grabs a year from now.

          • Volume12


    • Rob Staton

      I think everyone feels that way this year. They covered themselves well in FA. Didn’t leave many holes. Plus a lot of picks means they can fill several needs in R1-3 without needing to zone in on one position early.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Maybe we can know more if we look a bit ahead.

        If they are looking long term, at 2018 season, then there are extra holes on the OL, TE and RB.

        That, and the DB and DL are the big deals for 2018.

        Again, I want to see a “time of possession” offense to help out the defense, and a defense that can get off the field on third down. I trust the FO to get this done.

        BTW, this seems like a very exciting draft. Cheers!

  41. Poko

    Really great great analysis!! Thanks Rob!
    I’ve been Obi’s fan since I knew in this blog.
    However,I think Bolles has a high priority for us. I love this Mock!
    Go Hawks!

  42. MontanaMike

    yes thanks for your insight Rob and thanks everyone for the civility in such a big crowd.

  43. MontanaMike

    And i’m good with T.J. Watt in the first round.

  44. Volume12

    Final 2017 mock draft: *=comps +=trade

    1. Garrett Bolles, OL, Utah: Nasty, mean streak, athletic, over aged. Back story is incredibly ‘Seahawky.’ Could be the final piece to this puzzle they call the O-line. Love everything about this cat. The type of O-lineman that TC salivates over.

    2. Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado: Long, raw, tons of upside. Incredible ball skills, technique, and footwork. Another ‘Seahawky’ background (came from community college). Needs to improve his tackling, but for a team that teaches rookies a brand new way to tackle anyways? Not worried. He’s 1B to Kevin King’s 1A. Infectious swag. Seattle prides itself on being a great red zone D? Good look throwing against this guy down there.

    3. Tim Williams, EDGE/LEO, ‘Bama: What a pass rusher! Productive, PC loves him some ‘Bama boys. A bit of a ‘thug’ for lack of a better word. Grew up rough boy. Has red flags, yes, but that has not scared Seattle away. Just impacts every single game he’s in. Him and Frank Clark as our future bookends? Here. For. That!

    *3. Larry Ogunjobi, DT, Charlotte: Whoo! This dude is angry! On the field. Off the field? He talks and sounds like RW. Religious. Unique build. Shredded. Needs to work on his leverage, but he moves indredibly well away from the ball/play, highly aggressive. Reminds me of a poor mans ‘Shelly Rank’ or Geno Atkins. Fills that Clint McDonald role and like Jarran Reed can play 3-tech or 1-tech.

    *3. Marcus Williams, S, Utah: Hedge for Bradley McDouglad. His range and closing speed is jaw dropping. Always around the ball, TO machine. Fits the athletic profile. Can possibly even play some CB. Love his personality and years of production. 11 INTs in 3 years.

    +4. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M: sdcoug opened my eyes to this guy back in October/November. Sidney Rice lite. Long, huge production, very good run blocker, skinny, but all he ever talks about his how much he loves competing. Seattle always adds guys from this program and the pipeline continues. Overcame the odds to get to where he is, and like Witherspoon, came from a community college.

    +5. Jerrod Evans, QB, VA-Tech: JS talked about needing to get back to drafting QBs. Huge kid, big time arm, rushed for over or right around 800 yds. Perfect backup for a system like Seattle. Love his leadership abilities.

    ?6. If they add a 6th rounder? We could see someone like Houston’s Brandon Wilson. Dynamic athlete. Or a a TE as well. Perhaps FIU’s Jonnu Smith or OK St’s Blake Jarwin?

    7. JaVancy Jones, LB, Jackson St.: What an incredible back story. Stayed close to home because of his mom who has a rare spinal condition that had her paralyzed from the neck down. She just regained movement in her arms. She is technically blind, but always listens to her baby’s games on the radios. He visits her in her nursing home frequently. Jones is unique. Built like Hassan Reddick, he can put his hand in the dirt, play SAM, cover the flats, and is a great leader. MLB is not of the question. Will be a beast on STs. Never stops talking. Vocal would be an understatement. His highlight clip? He’s barking/woofing at the opposing sideline. That’s a Seahawk fellas.


    Darrell Daniels, TE, UW: former LB who could probably still play there. Athletic, tons of upside, 13 STs tackles. Instant impact there and could replace Brandon Williams in that role

    Josh Tupuo, DT, Colorado: Huge, 2 down run stuffer that would replace the disappointing John Jenkins. Plays with a huge chip on his shoulder, productive, has not only battled injuries, but also was suspended for a year for a fight off the field. This could also be Houston DT BJ Singleton.

    Jeremiah Ledbetter, DL, Arkansas: Great length and athleticism, is built identical to DeMarcus Walker and can play inside and out just like him. We know JS loves this particular program (Brett Bielema).

    Dustin Stanton, OL, Oregon St.: Former TE, hits 2 out of 3 specs for TC. I mentioned yesterday how TC told him he wanted to select him here and was one of the only O-lineman he worked out this off-season that could juggle while pass-setting. Importance of that? Hand-eye coordination.

    Tueni Lupeamanu, FB, Idaho: Was a DT in college, Seattle ran this pro day and he worked out at FB Wil Tukuafu 2.0 man. Athletic. Goal line and short yardage specialist.

    Xavier Coleman, CB, Portland St.: Another former ‘hooper,’ don’t know a lot about him but Seattle and PC like drafting from this school. Coleman had some outstanding tape against Udub. Really impressive.

    Sorry to keep posting these. Thoughts? Comments?

    • Trevor

      Love the mock and player write ups Vol. I would be really happy with this group of players for sure.

      • Volume12

        Had a tough time with this one.

        So many defensive prospects to like. Really tough for me to leave out Wazzu S Shalom Luani and a nickel corner although I do think they can fill that role with a DeAndre Elliott, Pierre Desir, UDFA or day 3 pick.

        Most interested in seeing if they finally take a CB with less than 32″ arms.

    • nichansen01

      Really hope we bring in the other DT from Idaho as well, Glen Antoine.

      I don’t really like the first two picks, but getting Marcus Williams, Ogunjobi and Tim Williams in the third makes up for that to me.

      What trade would we make to get a fourth fifth and sixth though?

      • Volume12

        They swapped their 6th with Oakland for their 5th and if they trade with Atlanta like I’m assuming, they pick up that 4th.

        As for the 6th? Could be a trade back somewhere.

        • nichansen01

          Wasn’t the swap for 2018?

          • Volume12

            Maybe your right.

            So, change that 5th back to a 6th.

    • Overtime

      I would love to have Daniels and Tupou as UDFA’s. I think they can both make this team.

    • Misfit74

      Excellent draft. I’d be happy we solved several need areas with favorites. I am still nervous about Witherspoon and his tackling, physicality but cover guys cover and if we draft him he won’t play until he proves a dog like the others.

      I’m a huge fan of Tim Williams. Aggressive, effective pass rusher.

      M. Williams is very talented.

      Ogunjobi would look good next to Reed.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I absolutely get the concerns about Witherspoon.

        • nichansen01

          It’s not just about technique. You can teach the technique.

          It’s about willingness.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, let’s not bang the table for Malik McDowell and then talk about willingness. Dude disappeared for not stretches or plays, but games.

    • DC

      Protecting RW is the priority and OL remains our weakest position group by far. I honestly haven’t watched any of Bolles tape but if he or Lamp is available whenever we actually select then I’m all for it.

      You guys have shed light on so many players. Makes the off season almost too full. I used to give my Hawks addiction a break in the late winter/early spring.

    • peter

      Excellent work. Really is be stoked with all of that. If Chris Carson isn’t drafted if i’ d like to see him and Antoine as udfas. Other than that stoked to see m. Williams one of my favorite non discussed safeties this year awesome production.

    • C-Dog

      I absolutely love this draft, Volume 12. Bolles, Witherspoon, Williams and Reynolds are all guys I’ve thought about for Seattle all CFB season long, and lately I’ve really been feeling it of Larry Ogunjobi, and QB Jerrod Evans. If they go DT day two, my personal hope it is Ogunjobi. I think that dude is going to be a worker who could turn into something special.

      Javancy Jones I definitely feel could be a Seahawk by Saturday. I’m also calling it that Darrell Daniels and Xavier Coleman will be a Seattle Seahawks, as well. Would love it if they brought in both Tupou and Ledbetter.

    • Ishmael

      Dude, that would be a killer draft. I’d be doing backflips down the street if things fell like that. I don’t think Witherspoon is going to ever be a good tackler, but I’d hope the coaches could get through to him that he needs to *sometimes* put his body on the line.

    • Sea Mode

      Sweet mock, Vol! Even in our confusion, I’m glad we are going to converge on a few players we have talked about.

      You suprised me keeping kind of quiet about Marcus Williams though.

      Congrats on another great draft season and here’s to the Hawks knocking it out of the park!

  45. Coleslaw

    Thank you, Rob! This will be my 4th draft reading along, I remember my yearbook class in high school getting busted reading your articles lol. Such good analysis and consistently bringing solid coverage to all 12s. You’re great, man. Cheers.

  46. Trevor

    If Conely does not get drafted like L Collins a couple of years ago and is proven innocent wouldn’t the Hawks be one of the favorites to sign him?

    They have a spot open at outside CB and are well known to have the best DB coaching staff in the NFL. Think of all they guys who signed big 2nd deals after coming to Sea (Thurmond, Browner, Parker, Maxi etc.)

    If I am Conely’s agent the Hawks are the top of my list.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure anyone can take the chance in R1.

    • Smitty1547

      Hes gonna get drafted, just not as early as he hoped, nobody is giving Dallas or anyone else another freebe

  47. FuzzyLOgic


    Which duo would you jump from your couch in joy with in the first two rounds?

    A. A. Jackson & Z. Jones

    B. G. Bolles & T. Bowser

    C. O. Melifonwu & J. Lewis

    D. TJ. Watt & Q. Wilson

    E. T. Mckinley & M. Mcdowell

    F. C. Awuzie & M. Maye

    G. T. Charlton & J. Evans

    Personally I would jump for joy with B.

    • Volume12

      Any of them but E and F.

      • HawkTalker #1

        I love F

        • Volume12

          I really like Awuzie. Not high on Maye.

    • nichansen01

      For me, E and G are my favorites.

      • nichansen01

        I personally think McDowell is going to be elite if paired with the right coach and teammates.

        • RealRhino2

          I was going to ask if I could have McDowell and Q. Wilson. In each of those pairiings there is one guy I don’t like much! Tricky!

          • nichansen01

            Personally, I’m a fan off mckinleys personality, as well as his intense playing style.

    • Misfit74

      O. Melifonwu & J. Lewis
      G. Bolles & T. Bowser
      TJ. Watt & Q. Wilson

      I’d like any of those, but mostly prefer a Bolles and DB pairing.

    • Smitty1547

      B & D

      • bigsmooth27


    • Coleslaw

      C and D are tied for 1st, A and B tied for 2nd

    • BobbyK

      D. Any scenario with Watt wins with me.

    • PDXBen

      B then D

    • Hawkfan086

      Bolles & Evans

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think the rumor of the Falcons and Seahawks doing a deal might have some validity. The rumor however said the Falcons would give Seattle a 4th round pick, but that would not work out value wise… the late 3rd round pick would however almost line up perfectly.

    So Seattle would have the 31st pick, 58th pick and 4 picks in the 3rd round…… that could be very very very intriguing for who they could then draft. CB, RB, TE and WR would then easily be in play. I’m still thinking they might go OBI in the first round, then trade up in the second (perhaps with pick they acquire from the Falcons) for … ding ding ding DT McDowell. You would solidify the depth at S/CB and then you would add to the DL. Very strong draft… no matter who else they draft after that.

    • Rob Staton

      Value is totally skewed in late R1 though. In 2012 Denver moved down five spots from #29 to #34 and swapped fourth rounders with Tampa. They didn’t even get an extra pick.

      Seattle got a nice deal a year ago but there’s no guarantee they will again this year.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s bonkers. I can’t imagine the reason for making that kind of deal. I get that a team doesn’t want to overdraft a particular prospect (or prospects), and why not pick up an extra pick while trading down and still getting their guy. But there has to be some reward for taking the risk.

        Having said that, in this draft, I think SEA would take an extra late R4 pick to move down 5 spots. They still get to pick in R1, and have an extra pick to use or trade. Would be really nice to have 2 picks in the top 50, 3 in the top 100.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          What about a multi-pick swap with ATL?

          give…26 + 90
          get….31 + 67

          Then trade 58 + 102 for 48
          Then trade 106 for 120 + 160
          (for some reason I see MIN as a trade partner at some point in this draft)

          Roll with 31, 48, 67, 120, 160, 210, 226

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s a stretch to jump 23 spots for a five-pick drop at the end of round one.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              True. But still, a large drop mayn’t be as expensive as losing a pick entirely.

              There’s every chance another team will want to trade up ahead of KC instead, and offer a more usual exchange. Although the team that wants their QB badly enough will want to get ahead of HOU, the only QB-needy team between ARI and SEA.

  49. Volume12

    Just want to chime in on the shout outs and thanks to Rob for keeping this place civilized, informative, fresh, entertaining, and always a joy to talk some ball.

    Had another awesome season and off-season discussing and breaking down prospects with you guys. So, thank you all for that.

    Go Hawks!

  50. RWIII

    It seems like the people at ESPN think Bolles is a 2nd rounder.

    • Volume12

      Sounds like what they said about Bruce Irvin and Ifedi. Frank Clark was undraftable, etc.

      Over aged, too big, too small, too short, just an athlete, too raw, injury prone, off the field incidents, ‘red flags, overlooked, under appreciated, prospects with not a lot of heat sums up who they target.

      • RealRhino2

        To be fair, though, maybe they were right about Irvin and Ifedi. I mean, they were picked in the 1st, but I don’t think you get to prove them wrong by pointing to your own team’s drafting them in the 1st round. Looking at the list of guys from Irvin’s draft, he’s probably been about the 33rd-best guy, give or take a spot. And Ifedi was the last pick in the 1st round, but sure didn’t play like it last year.

  51. nichansen01

    Anyone know anything about Bolles’s alleged mental health issues?

    • nichansen01

      Also there are reports that Seattle is actually trying to move UP for Bolles , with Tampa.

      • nichansen01

        Which they would probably have to in order to draft him. One of the texans, giants or broncos would get him before Seattle.

      • Misfit74

        I’d be happy to see them aggressively move for Bolles or other prime player. We need a few impact guys this year.

    • James

      He had a very troubled youth, was kicked out of his own home by his father, lots of early drug use. But that was several years ago and he has been exemplary ever since, including completion of his Mormon mission. The mental issue that I am aware of is that he scored shockingly low on the Wonderlic, leaving many scouts to question how well he can pick up the complexities of the line calls and reads.

      • Phil

        Speaking of Wonderlich scores, has a list of scores for DBs, and my guy — Budda — scored a 14, the second-lowest of the DBs on their list.

        • Phil

          Awuzie scored a 34.

  52. Volume12

    LMAO at Seahawks twitter freaking out about PC dropping a Stars Wars clue. They will lose their sh*t and I’d love every second of it. 😂

    • Volume12

      Not that he has.

  53. Poko

    I ever dreamed of Star Wars.
    And now,I dreamed of MoneyBolles.

  54. Wall Up

    So, there just might be a chance Rob? I think you’re right as well as Pauline. He may even be there at 31. We’ll see.

    • D-OZ

      If he is there @ 26 I would think he would be there @31. He is a 2nd rounder for me. Maybe 35-40 range????

  55. DC

    If I wait another 20 minutes this will change and this is my window of time so here goes. We trade back somewhere and pick up a 4th or 5th rounder.

    1. Budda Baker, DB, Washington (yes I’m a total homer, Budda brings the pure fire that this D has forgotten)

    2. Akhello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado (again, Pac-12 homer but possibly the best cover man out there)

    3. Isaac Asiata, OL, Utah (can play any of the 3 interior positions)

    3. Carroll Phillips, OLB/EDGE, Illinois (just got a feeling after some of you talked him up months ago)

    3. Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (Mountain with ability to disrupt the pocket)

    4/5. Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU (I just love this guy, can’t help myself. Favorite RB of 2016)

    6. DeAngelo Yancey, WR, Purdue (Stood out on a horrible team)

    7. Shalom Luani, S, WSU (Everyone is familiar on this blog)

    • peter

      Keep it! That’s a super strong draft with good players throughout. People here sort of stopped thinking about RB’s but it’s been plain to see that PC isn’t totally happy with the current stable and even banking on Lacy could be great but what if the other two(ish) cogs get inured again? Could be a big workload jump for Lacy.

    • Volume12

      I dig it!

    • Drew

      I’d love Budda after a small trade back

  56. Aaron

    Thank you so much for everything you do Rob! You make this Pre-Draft season so fun, entertaining, and meaningful. I’m really excited to see PC and JS attack this draft in the next few days and over the weekend with UDFAs. Hope you get some good down time after the draft to spend with your family. Looking forward to your live reactions on Field Gulls. Seriously, your site is a breath of fresh air from all the social media madness out there about the Hawks. Can’t believe this moment is finally here, GO HAWKS!!!

  57. Heliopause

    I guess this is as good a place as any to post my final 2017 mock draft.

    1. Cleveland Browns — Mrs. Garrett, DE, Eastland — In a major embarrassment, the Browns accidentally select a sitcom character from the 80s as their #1 pick.
    2. San Francisco 49ers — Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina — Crossing up the pundits, the new Niner regime selects the talented but inexperienced Tarheel.
    3. Chicago Bears — Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina — The Bears select the top QB on their board, boldly ignoring the draftniks who insist that he’s already been selected.
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars — Blake Carrington, QB, Colorado School of Mines — The Jags desperately need an upgrade on offense, and have plenty of cap room to sign Carrington.
    5. Tennessee Titans — Nobody cares.
    6. Dallas Cowboys (from New York Jets for #28 + rights to Joey Galloway) — Gareon Conley, CB, .TOSU — Bold move by Jerry Jones to shore up the secondary.
    7. Los Angeles Chargers — Budda
    8. Carolina Panthers — Jesus
    9. Cincinnati Bengals — Mohammed
    10. Buffalo Bills — Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson — Watson just knows how to win, making him a perfect fit for the Bills.
    11. New Orleans Saints — Malcom Butler, DB, Alcorn St — Unable to pry him away through trade, the Saints try this unorthodox method instead.
    12. Cleveland Browns — Miles O’Keefe, SWING, Congo — Oh those wacky Browns. This time they get the last name wrong.
    13. Arizona Cardinals — The Edge, EDGE, Mount Temple
    14. Philadelphia Eagles — Taco Wallace, WR, Kansas St
    15. Indianapolis Colts — Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama — There’s nothing funny about Indianapolis.
    16. Baltimore Ravens — Roger Ramjet, T, Wisconsin.
    17. Washington — Brando Bogart, CB, Alabama
    18. Tennessee Titans — Nobody cares.
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma — Most mocks have them taking Dalvin Cook here but there are concerns about his character.
    20. Denver Broncos — John Elway, QB, Stanford — A once in a generation talent.
    21. Detroit Lions — Mike Williams, WR, USC — Reliving past glory.
    22. Miami Dolphins — Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan — Have you ever noticed that aqua is, like, not a real color, but at the same time it’s the most real color there is?
    23. New York Giants — OJ Howard, TE, Alabama & David Njoku, TE, Miami — For some reason the Giants get to pick two TEs here.
    24. New England Patriots (from Oakland, New England gets #24 + Marshawn Lynch in exchange for #32 & #118) — Jamal Adams, S, LSU.
    25. Houston Texans — Keanu Reeves, QB, De La Salle — Tall. stiff, and overpaid is just how the Texans like ’em.
    26. Cleveland Browns (from Seattle in exchange for #33, 52, 65) — On a bathroom break, they pass.
    27. Kansas City Chiefs — Pat Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech..
    27a. Cleveland Browns — Still on a bathroom break, shouldn’t have had that extra helping of brussels sprouts.
    28. New York Jets (from Dallas) — Davis Webb, QB, Cal & DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame — Top five QBs now off the board. Sorry, Browns.
    28a. Cleveland Browns — Miles Garrett, DE MIT — Finally the Browns get the name correct. Unfortunately, they get the spelling wrong. This Miles Garrett is best known for inventing a robotic bong in his dorm room.
    29. Green Bay Packers — Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M.
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers — Bill Leavy, R, San Jose St
    31. Atlanta Falcons — Albert DeSalvo, DE, Lyman School for Boys — DeSalvo’s unique talent a perfect fit for the Falcons.
    32. New Orleans Saints — Malik Hooker, S, TOSU — Another Hooker in the Big Easy?
    33. Seattle Seahawks (from Cleveland) — John Ross, OT, Washington — As they say, you can’t coach speed, so Tom Cable gets his biggest project yet.

    • Greg Haugsven

      John Ross must have gone on a serious weight gain mission to play OT.

    • Mike

      That’s one of the better laughs I’ve had in a while…great job

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I would’ve sworn Carrington went to DEN. Can JAX afford him? I heard he costs a fortune.

    • nichansen01

      Best mock of the offseason I’ve seen yet

      • BradCanuck


    • Ocotillo25

      Pittsburgh got a steal

    • Phil

      I hope someone passes this on to JS & PC. It would provide some laughs at what must be a pretty stressfull time.

  58. Chris

    Thank you for your hard work and engaging writing style. It’s been a fun read

  59. GreginAlaska

    Just adding my thanks for what you do to those of all the others on here. You run a great site and I would love the opportunity to support your efforts by buying a hat or T-Shirt. Thanks to all of the other great comments posted on here also. In addition to Rob’s dedication, it is the knowledgeable comments and polite conversation from everyone that makes this a truly world class football site.
    On another note, I loved reading the comments from the reader in Haiti. It made me curious about the wide reach of this blog. I am writing from the northern most coast of Alaska, in Prudhoe Bay. Are there any other exotic locals that this blog is followed from? (Besides England I mean Rob) Thanks to all and “Go Hawks”.

    • Smitty1547

      Right up here with you Greg, small world

  60. CHawk Talker Eric

    You know those guys you just really want to come away from the Draft with? Not the crazy, pie-in-the-sky ones, the ones who actually could end up on the Seahawks roster.

    Yeah, well, these are mine:
    Jourdan Lewis. Buddah Baker is a close second. Both are gritty, tenacious, eager to attack, and pissed off for greatness. They play much larger than they are. I just think Lewis is more consistent in coverage, more capable of manning up against shifty slots and bigger TEs on a regular basis. Also, Lewis is in range of SEA’s R2 pick. Budda would require at least trade up (or down from 26).

    Tim Williams. This one is tough. I really like TJ Watt. It’s possible Watt ends up a perennial pro-bowler. Watt could end up being the better player overall. But I think Williams has the higher ceiling, especially as a sack artist. And it’s possible he’ll be available with 90 or a trade up with one of the comp picks. Watt would probably require the 26th pick, as it’s rumored GBP intend to take him at 29 if Lamp isn’t available.

    Chad Williams This was even tougher. I probably like Josh Reynolds better. But he also requires one of the comp picks (or a R4 pick if they trade down). Williams could be had at 210. Tough, gritty receiver with tremendous production. Reynolds offers better size, but he’s a lot more expensive.

    Brandon Williams. I love swiss army knife players. Weapons on whichever side of the ball they play. BWill is such a player. Instant KR/PR help? Check. Special teams gunner? Check. Offensive weapon/gadget player? Check. Backup at FS and slot? Check. I wonder if he can long snap.

    About Bolles. I love the pick. It’s clearly the best value relative to need. The class is deep enough at DB and LB/EDGE that they can put those selections off to Day 2. OL, particularly OT, is a crucial need and there isn’t anyone else in this draft like Bolles. If he’s available at 26 (or 31), he’s a wise, solid pick. SEA will have other opportunities to fill slot/pass rush in R2-R3. Guys like Jourdan Lewis and Tim Williams should be there in late R2-R3.

    • peter

      v12 brought him up but I love another Williams. Marcus out of Utah. I think he’d be an immediate impact for special teams, a good back up to either safety spot in a pinch. Not the hitter of Kam or the man possessed of Earl but a player who won’t get burned and keeps all the junk in front of him. Very, very good production from the safety spot for turnovers.

    • Logan Lynch

      Any more Williams we can add to that list besides Marcus? Kidding!

      I’m totally on board with Tim Williams. Love me some Watt too, but Williams just jumps off the tape like crazy.

      Adoree Jackson is my draft crush for this year. He could fill so many roles for SEA and just be a playmaker. Then again, my draft crush from a few years ago was Phillip Dorsett and I was down on Tyler Lockett so what do I know?

      If we’re looking for a 2nd/3rd round bigger WR I was really impressed with JuJu. His career highlight film is literally 10 mins of him making huge catches.

      Even though I highly doubt SEA will touch him, I think Mixon will end up as one of the best offensive players from this draft. Character concerns aside, he’s the best RB outside Fournette IMO.

      Let’s hope we have something to cheer for with a great SEA draft.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Haha that should be Brandon Wilson! Too many Williams in a row for me!

  61. bankhawk

    Well, this í what I get for weighing in so late-I can only mirror and amplify the admirable sentiments of those who have tove before.

    Rob-you have been thanked effusively by the bretheren-I want to add to that. My good man, as ever, I so do want to convey how much I appreciate your prodigious output, always tempered with amazing acumen and no small measure of humility. Re your thanks to the community-thank YOU for everything!

    And as has also been noted by others before me-gratitude to the gang for the access you grant to the collective Hawk-unconscious (okay-consciousness). And for the style and civility you express it with. Like-Yo! Fam, if our Hawks bring it next season like the SDB has this past year, 12s be in for a treat!

    In closing, Im torn-much as I still like the Bolles idea, I truly do favor the full-on D load-up! Anyhows, as we count it down, I get that old Ramones classic running through my head-20,20,20-4 hours to go, I wanna be sedated…

    So, bring it with the clues and let er rip! Lets do this! Go Hawks!

    • peter

      I feel the same way. I think Bolles since Rob brought him up since way back was the choice but then he highlighted about a dozen good to great Defensive players.

      This year I’m truly trying to be stoked by anyone they draft.

  62. BobbyK

    Rob – A sincere “thank you” for all you do. I hope this is worth your while, as I know you’ve now got two little ones who should/need to be priority #1 in your life (even more than a job or blog). Mine are now 5 and 10. You don’t ever get those years back and nobody in the history of the world (I don’t think) ever was on their deathbed thinking, “I wish I worked more.” But there are countless ones who say, “I wish I spent more time with family.” Don’t ignore your wife and love those kids. We are grateful, but those three are, by far, more important than any of us. Sorry my former student never got back about the Jarrad Davis story, too (but I know he’s extremely busy as well).

  63. Mack


    I have been following your blog since 2008. I really appreciate your dedication and insightful commentary about college prospects. I love for you to become a college scout for the Seattle Seahawks.

    Thank you for all of these fantastic years,

  64. James

    The Seahawks alleged trades up or down for Bolles have all the earmarks of a red herring. In the unlikely event that a GM leaked John’s trade proposal (for we know for certain the leak did not come out of the Seahawks), only a fool would think that John had also told the team the player (Bolles) he was trading up or down for. It simply doesn’t happen with him, never has and never will. If there are Bolles rumors out there, it is because the Seahawks want people to think that is who they are targeting.

    As much of a train wreck that our OL has been, I still question adding yet another rookie on top of the four rookies from last year, to go with Joeckel and Aboushi. Even a solid OL like Lamp, Bolles, Ramczyk or Robinson, as much as they would add to the OL in the years ahead, would not be likely to play this season. At some point, you have to go with what you have, and I think Ifedi, Joeckel and Fant will get the snaps this year to make or break. A R1 OL is hardly something we could complain about, but I just don’t think that is the way John and Pete will go. They have a two year window, and they need contributions right now.

    For this reason, I figure it will be a DB. There are so many good ones, that at least one is bound to still be there at #26, and another in R2 would be a far better than prospect than you would normally find at #56. I have even said that I would love to see Seattle trade next year’s R2 pick for Sidney Jones if he is still there early R3 of this year (though his encouraging medical reports have probably pushed him up into R2).

    My money is on Melifonwu… it is just so obvious he is exactly what Pete is looking for.

    • Hughz


    • peter

      I like Jones and it feels like he might be one of the players JS was being bit cryptic about in regards to re-evaluating their own draft process and his strange comment about the proximity to UW when viewing those players. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around a player his size for outside corner. It could happen and those one here that are huskies fans seems to love the dude.

      Melifonwu: I think if he makes it to 26 it’s a very good chance he’s the pick. Rob had a great piece a while back about Kevin King’s athleticism but Melifonwu is every bit the testing freak King is and has the same range of versatility. I think Melifonwu could give Seattle a real defensive “weapon.” Instead of having the offense dictate what goes on, switch it up by having a player in a 4-2-5 alignment that could be a line up as an LB, big Nickel, safety, Perimeter corner without having to sub out anything but the front 4. Could be a pretty special player.

    • Rob Staton

      The trade may or may not happen, and the Seahawks may or may not draft Bolles.

      But I never buy into this idea of a ‘misdirection’. For example Tony Pauline has reported interest in Ifedi, Odhiambo and Terry Poole in the last two years. All drafted by Seattle.

      So one way or another, some info is either getting out or it’s relatively predictable to work out.

  65. nichansen01

    The one player I really really want to leave the draft with is Carlos Watkins.

    • peter

      Watkins seems like a player who could quietly and effectively upgrade the Dline a position Seattle hasn’t really done anything about this off season.

    • Overtime

      Yes, and he seems to be dropping into the 2nd or 3rd round range.

  66. Ishmael

    Something to think about on the eve of the draft. As much as we all love the game, it’s worth remembering just how much damage the players are taking for our entertainment.

    • nichansen01

      OT isn’t a position I’d associate with concussion issues. For concussions, I think linebacker and runningback.

      • GoodHawk

        Less about concussions, moreso about repeated blows to the head. Even if they aren’t thundering hits, olineman take impact to the head just about every play. Adds up over time.

    • Ed

      They take for millions of dollars, not for us. And I knew playing high school and at small college, smashing my head into someone wasn’t the smartest thing I could be doing, but I loved doing it. Joe Thomas was cool about and said what I have been hoping someone would say since the whole concussion thing started. It’s dangerous and they know the possible ramifications, but they do it anyway. Like O’Bannon ruining NCAA College football game for all future kids that loved seeing their names in the game.

      But I digress. It’s draft time. It seems like a trade back day. Would love to see Hawks trade Sherman to NO for a 1st and maybe some change. Would be happy with first pick being 1 of (Jackson/Obi/Bowser/Watt/King/Reddick/Davis).

      • Ishmael

        The millions of dollars exist because of us. I do get your argument though, not looking to start anything.

  67. Ishmael

    My final, realistic chance, guy I want is Adoree’ Jackson. The special teams wizardry, the playmaking ability, the outrageous athleticism, the character… He’s undersized, but he just screams Seahawks.

    • vrtkolman

      Thinking hard over the last few days, I’m landing on him as well. If Bolles is gone, Jackson would be an equally WOW pick. He changes the defense and is someone the QB has to account for on every play, unlike a Kevin King (who is still a great prospect).

    • peter

      The final guy I want is Chidobe Awuzie. I just like him just a touch more than Jackson, just by the tiniest of margins.

      Either way I actually get the Bolles pick and think he’d probably be sitting Joeckel and Fant down on the bench. Tape doesn’t lie and Utah runs almost the nearest mix of zbs/power/some spread concepts to Seattle as anyone else in all of college. They pull an dcounter stunts with aggressive line movement and they love to run the rock and use a mobile QB.

      For me Awuzie represents a full commitment to the 4-2-5 with the blitzing and LB-like skills that they would need out of a nickel corner to be effective. Seattle has been getting torched fielding a mismatch of small LB’s to solve this problem and from a non-scientific fan perspective has been getting worked by any passing team that can go into a modern “west coast,” offensive attack with slants, etc.

  68. vrtkolman

    I have a hard time believing Tim Williams is going to be available in the 3rd… Probably even the 2nd. He’s being ranked with Myles Garrett as the best pass rusher in the class, and he has a huge ceiling. Those type of players don’t last long in the draft, even with his red flags. I would guess that Seattle would have to use their first pick on him, or possibly trade up on the 2nd.

  69. Mike

    Bob McGinn mocks Forrest Lamp to the Seahawks. Has Cleveland taking Trubisky #1..and the Niners taking M Garrett at #2 (which wouldn’t be great for us)..

    • vrtkolman

      I can’t see Cleveland doing that, but yeah this mock would suck. SF getting Garrett while we get a guard. Yuck.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Yeah, we’re not drafting a guard in R1.

    • nichansen01

      taking Trubisky would be the most browns thing to do… ever…

      • Hawksince77

        Book it.

    • Volume12

      Would be stoked for Lamp too. He’s gonna be a Zach Martin. Watch.

    • Drew

      That would be a Cleveland thing to do.

    • Phil

      Mayock’s draft that was released last night also had Lamp to the Seahawks at #26.

  70. Victor

    My hope is on a nickelback or a Buffalo. As you have pointed out earlier in the blog Rob, hawks play 4-2-5 on defensiva 70% of the snaps. If J.Lane doesn’t cut IT on the inside, it is time for a upgrade. Go for Obi or awuzie, which ever JSPC like most, doesn’t matter who.

    Really like bolles but that also makes the signing of joeckel for 7-8 mil a Really Really bad one..
    But I of course haven’t met the guy so if JSPC like him I trust them.

    The defense Will automatically improve when they don’t have to play 90 snaps (as they did in the Cardinals game) as a result of a better OL= longer offensive drives.

    Maybe Bolles first and then Lewis 2nd?

  71. BradCanuck

    I can’t thank you enough Rob. You’ve given me endless hours of insight with this blog and formed a truly remarkable Seahawks community. I rarely post, but I appreciate everybody’s input and knowledge. Rob, keep kicking arse and enjoy the next three days! I’ll be following along almost religiously as I have for the past five years. Thank you!

  72. Wiseman

    Love the blog and the comments! My favorite site to visit for the draft/hawks. I think Watt, King, Obi, or any of the top 3 WRs if they r true #1s helps us the most in this year’s championship window if any are there. But you take Bolles if you think he is the answer at LT

  73. HI Hawk

    Did you get the draft board/mock I sent to you earlier this week? I’ve been super busy since Monday and haven’t been able to check the blog the past two days.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey — yes I did. Thanks for sending it over.

  74. Eburgz

    This is my shot at a Mock.

    #1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
    #2 San Francisco — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
    #3 Chicago — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
    #4 Jacksonville — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
    #5 Tennessee — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
    #6 New York Jets — Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
    #7 LA Chargers — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
    #8 Carolina — OJ Howard (TE, Alabama)
    #9 Cincinnati — Ruben Foster (LB, Alabama)
    #10 Buffalo — Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio)
    #11 New Orleans — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
    #12 Cleveland — Mitchell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina)
    #13 Arizona — Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)
    #14 Philadelphia (via Min) — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
    #15 Indianapolis — Derek Barnett (EDGE, Tennessee)
    #16 Baltimore — Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
    #17 Washington — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
    #18 Tennessee — John Ross (WR, Washington)
    #19 Tampa Bay — Dalvin Cook (RB, FSU)
    #20 Denver — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
    #21 Detroit — Ryan Ramcyzk (T, Wisconsin)
    #22 Miami — Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
    #23 New York Giants — David Njoku (TE, Miami)
    #24 Oakland — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
    #25 Houston — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
    #26 Seattle — ????? Stud DB nicklebacker (one of Peppers, OBI, Baker, Jackson, Awuzie or a handful of others)
    #27 Kansas City — Kevin King (CB, Washington)
    #28 Dallas — Adoree Jackson (CB, USC)
    #29 Green Bay — Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
    #30 Pittsburgh — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
    #31 Atlanta — Budda Baker (DB, Washington)
    #32 New Orleans — Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)

    The Falcons get Baker in the first and Wormley in the second and I curse them for taking two guys we pass on that I really want in R1/R2. Good thing there are so many great options. Raiders get Jarrad Davis and Zay Jones for another envious R1/R2 duo.

    The Hawks get their stud defensive back in the first (if I have to choose…. idk…. Peppers?) then…

    R2 Tim Williams (Edge, Alabama)

    R3 Issac Asiata (OL, Utah) – The real Tom Cable target

    R3: Trade back for R:4+5

    R3 Grover Stewart (DT, Albany st.)

    R4 Michael Roberts (TE, Toledo)

    R5 JOJO Mathis (DE, Washington)

    R6 Brian Allen (CB, Utah)

    R7 Jehu Chesson (WR, Michigan)

    Obviously we will add lots of UDFA but most of all I want FB/TE/Longsnapper Tyler Scalzi on the condition that he is actually a serviceable long snapper.

    Tons of other players I would want but only so many picks and I’m trying to be realistic. I still think Obi is the most likely to be a hawk out of any player in the draft. Any of my picks from R3-5 could be switched with each other, no idea where some of these guys will go.

    We get a stud nicklebacker (and safety depth), impact pass rusher, A nasty OL for competition/depth, Defensive run stuffing DT with athletic upside, Big tough TE that can catch touchdowns and block, Inside out pass rusher and possible SAM, Developmental outside CB, athletic WR depth. A couple of these guys could be great special teams players too. How does that sound?

    • Eburgz

      Thought about pairing Corey Davis with Tampa Bay or Detroit and having Cook falls out of R1.

    • peter

      Bolles at 20 to Denver makes it seem like he won’t make it to Seattle. They need a tackle as bad as we need a tackle.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice! Would take Obi over Peppers myself, but love the rest of it.

  75. Strategic Dust

    Outstanding work for yet another year, Rob! Thanks for your efforts as always, we’re lucky to have such a talented writer covering the draft.

  76. Tomahawk

    Thanks Rob! Always appreciate the hard work you put into this.

  77. C-Dog

    Well, after days of laboring, infused with paralysis by over analysis, I think I’ve settled on a seven round mock. Here are the first three rounds. No trades (although I feel it’s likely Seattle trades down), but a few surprising moves, one particular that I kinda think we might actually see with the first overall pick.. because they are the Cleveland Browns.

    Round 1

    1, Cleveland Browns: QB Mitchell Trubisky
    2. San Francisco 49ers; DE Myles Garrett
    3. Chicago Bears: DE Soloman Thomas
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars: TE OJ Howard
    5. Tennessee Titans: S Malik Hooker
    6. New York Jets: QB Deshaun Watson
    7. Los Angeles Chargers: S Jamal Adams
    8. Carolina Panthers: RB Leonard Founette
    9. Cincinnati Bengals: Rb Christian McCaffery
    10. Buffalo Bills: LB Haason Reddick
    11. New Orleans Saints: CB Marcus Lattimore
    12. Cleveland Browns: DE Taco Charlton
    13. Arizona Cardinals: CB Marlon Humphrey
    14. Philadelphia Eagles: WR John Ross
    15. Indianapolis Colts: LB Jarrad Davis
    16. Baltimore Ravens: OT Cam Robinson
    17: Washington Redskins: DE Jonathan Allen
    18. Tennessee Titans: CB Kevin King
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Dalvin Cook
    20. Denver Broncos: OT Ryan Ramczyk
    21. Detroit Lions: CB Chudobe Awuzie
    22. Miami Dolphins; OG Forrest Lamb
    23. New York Giants; TE David Njoku
    24. Oakland Raiders: B Adoree’ Jackson
    25. Houton Texans: QB Patrick Mahomes
    26. Seattle Seahawks: OT Garett Bolles*
    27. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Quincy Wilson
    28. Dallas Cowboys: S Justin Evans
    29. Grean Bay Packers: LB TJ Watt
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: LB Takkarist McKinley
    31. Atlanta Falcons: DE Charles Harris
    32. New Orleans Saints: S Budda Baker

    Round 2

    33. Cleveland Browns: LB Reuben Foster
    34. San Francisco 49ers: S Obi Melinfonwu
    35. Jacksonville Jaguars: OG Dorian Johnson
    36. Chicago Bears: Qb Deshone Kizer
    37. Los Angeles Rams: WR Mike Williams
    38. Los Angeles Chargers; DE Derek Barnett
    39. New York Jets: CB Tre’Davious White
    40. Carolina Panthers: DE Daeshon Hall
    41. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Corey Davis
    42. New Orleans Saints: LB Zach Cunninghan
    43. Philadelphia Eagles: CB Cordrea Tankersley
    44. Buffalo Bills: WR Zay Jones
    45. Arizona Cardinals: LB Tim Williams
    46. Indianapolis Colts: LB Tyus Bowser
    47. Baltimore Ravens: WR Julu Smith-Schuster
    48. Minnesota Vikings: RB Alvin Kamara
    49. Washington Redskins: S Jabrill Peppers
    50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S Josh Jones
    51. Denver Broncos: TE Gerald Everett
    52. Cleveland Browns: CB Jourdan Lewis
    53. Detroit Lions: WR Chris Godwin
    54. Miami Dolphins: DE Jordan Willis
    55. New York Giants: DT Chris Wormley
    56. Oakland Raiders: RB D”Onta Foreman
    57. Houston Texans: OT Taylor Moton
    58. Seattle Seahawks: DT Malik McDowell*
    59. Kansas City Chiefs: RB Joe Mixon
    60. Dallas Cowboys: DE Derek Rivers
    61. Green Bay Packers: CB Ahkello Witherspoon
    62. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Cam Sutton
    63. Atlanta Falcons: OG Isaac Asaita
    64. Carolina Panthers: OT Antonio Garcia

    Round 3

    65. Cleveland Browns; S Desmond King
    66. San Francisco 49ers: QB Davis Webb
    67. Chicago Bears: QB Nathan Peterman
    68. Jacksonville Jaguars: C Ethan Pocic
    69. Los Angeles Rams: C Pat Elflien
    70. New York Jets: OG Dion Dawkins
    71. Los Angeles Chargers: DL Tanoh Kpassagnon
    72. New England Patriots: DE Trey Hendrickson
    73. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Raekwon McMillian
    74. Baltimore Ravens: LB Carl Lawson
    75. Buffalo Bills: CB Fabian Moreau
    76. New Orleans Saints: : DE Tarell Basham
    77. Arizona Cardinals: LB Anothony Walker
    78. Baltimore Ravens: OG Nica Siragusa
    79. Minnesota Vikings DT Larry Ogunjobi
    80. Indianapolis Colts: RB Jeremy McNichols
    81. Washington Redskins: RB Samaje Perine
    82. Denver Broncos: WR Curtis Samuel
    83. Tennessee Titans: WR Dede Westbrook
    84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DE Demarcus Walker
    85. Detroit Lions: LB Alex Anzalone
    86. Minnesota: OT Roderick Johnson
    87. New York Giants: OG Dan Feeney
    88. Oakland Raiders: : DT Dalvin Tomlinson
    89. Houston Texans ; CB Teez Tabor
    90. Seattle Seahawks: WR Taywan Taylor*
    91. Kansas City Chiefs: DT Montravius Adams
    92. Dallas Cowboys: CB Rasul Douglas
    93. Green Bay Packers: S Eddie Jackson
    94. Pittsburgh Steelers: WR ArDarius Stewart
    95. Atlanta Falcons: DT Eddie Vanderdoes
    96. New England Patriots: S Marcus Maye
    97. Miami Dolphins: CB Howard Wilson
    98. Carolina Panthers: S John Johnson
    99. Philadelphia Eagles: WR Josh Reynolds
    100. Tennessee Titans: TE Bucky Hodges
    101. Denver Broncos: TE George Kittle
    102. Seattle Seahawks: CB Shaquill Griffin*
    103. New Orleans: WR Chris Hansen
    104. Kansas City Chiefs: QB Brad Kaaya
    105. Pittsburgh Steelers: TE Jake Butt
    106. Seattle Seahawks: S Rayshawn Reynolds*
    107. New York Jets: LB Dawuane Smoot

    Cleveland does a very Cleveland thing, and passes on a potential generational rush end and take Mitchell Trubisky (Where is Kevin Costner when you need him?), thus sending this freak rusher to our hated division rivals the 49ers.

    I am willing to buy into a few things: 1) Jonathan Allen will drop into the teens, and this could impact a Seattle selection later on. 2) via Tony Pauline that Garett Bolles could slip into R2. If he gets to 26, as much as I am all about the defensive, I do not see how Seattle can pass up that opportunity to get a LT in the bottom have of R1 (Thank you George Fant, it’s been real).. and 3) Malik McDowell is going to drop into R2. Personally, I have him dropping to 58, but if he starts getting into them 40s, I would not be shocked to see Seattle make a move to go up, if Washington goes DL in R1 there may not be too many other teams in front of Seattle that wants to take him with his flags. Minnie I think might want to go RB with their first pick (they get my guy Ogunjobi in R3… grrrr). There could be a slide of McDowell and Wormley that put them both in range of Seattle.

    I’m conflicted by #3 because if Seattle were to go for an explosive interior DLiner early-ish, I would rather it be Larry Ogunjobi because, frankly, I think he’s my guy.. he’s my guy in this draft. Give me Bolles and give me Ogunjobi, and frankly, I could almost care less what happens else in this draft. But here’s the thing, McDowell might have the emotional IQ of an eight year old, but that dude has the physical skill set that is off the charts for his size and position, we could be talking routine pro bowler every year, he should be a top five pick. I also think in this Seattle locker room, and that DL room? Mike B, Avril, Frank Clark ain’t going to be putting up with McDowell taking the occasional play up, or potentially pouting. If there’s a situation in the NFL where McDowell could really benefit from, I can’t think of a better one than Seattle. That’s why I think they’d probably go McDowell over my guy Ogunjobi.

    How did Seattle fair with the rest of the NFL West?

    San Fransisco is the undisputed winner of the draft.
    R1 Myles Garrett,
    R2 Obi Melinfonwu
    R3 QB David Webb
    R4 OG Danny Isidora
    R4 OT Adam Bisnotwaty
    R5 LB Vince Biegel
    R5 CB Damontae Kazee
    R6 LB Ben Boulware
    R6 S Shalom Luani
    R7 OT Sam Tevi

    Arizona has a dandy draft, as well, going nutz on edge defenders.
    R1. CB Marlon Humphrey
    R2. EDGE Tim Williams
    R3. LB Anthony Walker
    R4. OG Damien Mama
    R5. EDGE Brian Cox, Jr
    R5. WR Stacy Coley
    R6. QB Alek Torgensen
    R7. EDGE Jimmy Gilbert

    LA Rams do kinda Rams things, they are already built up defensively, they go nutz on the offense.
    R2. WR Mike Williams
    R3. C Pat Elfien
    R4. TE Jordan Leggett
    R5. S Josh Harvey-Clemons
    R6. OL Avery Gennesy
    R6. NT Josh Tupou
    R7. EDGE Devonte’ Fields

    Seattle Seahawks with Miles Garrett and Tim Williams coming into the division, they would hit the jackpot if they land Garett Bolles.
    R1. OT Garett Bolles
    R2. DT Malik McDowell
    R3. WR Taywan Taylor
    R3. CB Shaquill Griffin
    R3. S Rayshawn Reynolds
    R6. CB Adrian Colbert
    R7. QB Jerrod Evans

    Alternatively, If Bolles is selected before 26, I think that only increases the chances Seattle trades down. They could target Obi, McDowell, Edge, maybe Zay Jones, and then maybe the target at 58 is Isaac Asiata. Definitely feeling like OL is going to be the pick either with the first pick, or the second.

    • Volume12

      Damn bro. That’s some great work. I was expecting you to do a full 7 rounder as I started scrolling down. Love how you mocked the division.

      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Brother!

    • Old but Slow

      Well thought out, and pretty much on line. Nice work, I appreciate having another strong point of view to bounce my head against. Bravo.

      • C-Dog

        Thanks man!

    • Trevor

      Wow that is a crazy amount of work! Awesome job and love the passion!

      • C-Dog

        Appreciate that, Trevor!

    • Sea Mode

      Props to you for going all out! Good stuff there, C-Dog.

      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Sea Mode!

    • Victor

      Don’t like it at all!!

      Mostly because I am now getting this ugly feeling that browns actually will pass on Garrett. And if they get Obi Also, hell they may celebrating SB win in feb 2019.

      A great Mock draft but too scary for my part to be honest.

      • Largent80

        Awesome post but I have to BLECH at most of Seattle’s haul, and SF?….OMG if that happens.

      • C-Dog

        I agree with you, Victor, my man. I am practically begging for the Browns to go Myles, but you know how much faith I have on that Browns franchise? Zip, zilch, nada, don’t have it, can’t win with them, can’t do it. If Myles goes to the 49ers and they get Obi (who apparently they’ve scouted heavily like Seattle), that makes the division a whole lot more interesting.

    • JimQ

      Interesting tidbit on WR-Taywan Taylor: (He could be the real target at WR, with Zay Jones as a smokescreen)
      “”WR Taywan Taylor produced 26 catches of 40-plus yards over the last two seasons, the highest number in the 2017 class. Source: Dane Brugler on Twitter””

  78. RWIII

    Seahawks trade with Atlanta. Receive Atlanta’ 4th round pick..

    First round
    31) Jordan Willes DE. Kansas dt.
    Brock Huard has me totally sold on Willis. Lindy’ s NFL draft magazine has Willis ranked as the strongest edge rusher in the draft. Willis put up Cliff Avril numbers at the NFL combine. Technically very sound. All out competitor on every play. Same head coach (Bill Synder) and school (Kansas State ) as Tyler Lockett. Brock loves the K-state program. Hard worker. Hgh quality person off the field. When the Hawks brought him in: John Schneider/Pete Carroll looked into Witherspoon’s eyes and asked Witherspoon about his tackling. Witherspoon told JSPC he was willing

    2nd round
    58) Ahkello Witherspoon CB. Colorado
    Witherspoon one of the best cover cornerbacks in the NFL draft. Witherspoon completely shut down John Ross. Has the height /length that Seattle loves. Understand Witherspoon’s tackling is an issue. When the Hawks brought in Witherspoon JSPC looked into the eyes of Witherspoon. Witherspoon told them that he was willing to do whatever it takes to become a top tackler in the draft.

    3rd round
    90) Isaac Asiata OG. Utah.
    325 pound roadgrader. Physically can move the pile. Consistently looks for a second block. That will make Tom Cable smike. Seldom gives ground in pass protection. Good hand usage.

    3rd round
    102) Davin Tomlinson DT. Alabama.
    315 pound run stuffer. Can handle double teams. Unselfish. Is willing to do the dirty work. Coaches will love him. Good at diagnosing plays. Can quickly shed blockers. Excellent tackling technique. Pete Carroll loves those boys from Alabama.

    3rd round
    Tawyan Taylor. Western Kentucky.
    Very good speed. Instant deep threat. Highly productive college career. Willing to block. Good upside could be a starter 2nd year.

    • Volume12

      I don’t even think Witherspoon has to be a great tackler. As long he he doesn’t get out of position, holds his block and funnels everrtything back inside to BWagz, KJ, ET, and Bam Bam.

      Yes at his size you want him to be more physical, but if I can get a guy with Deion Sanders swag and ball skills, not saying he’ll be anything like Deion, I’ll take that if it comes with ankle biting tackling.

      • HI Hawk

        Preach on brother! Witherspoon, because he should slide to the late 2nd round, is the best value CB in the draft.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Those first 5 picks would earn an A, from me! The Willis pick would disappoint some folks, but his tape, character, and athleticism just scream first round talent, IMO. It’s doubtful that he would be around at Seattle’s next pick, at 58, but if he somehow lasts to a place where they could move up from 58 to draft him, let’s say in the early-mid 40’s, then that would be great also. Thanks, RWIII!

      Huge thanks to Rob, and the SDB community, for another great year of draft-tracking! It’s been a lot of fun! Your work is definitely appreciated, Rob! Thank you, for providing us with this respectable forum! Cheers!

  79. RWIII

    Tired. Will finish my draft in the morning.

  80. Mike

    I know it’s been said many times, but thank you for this site and for the consistent, high quality content. As other sites have gone downhill over the years, yours has only gotten better. I am a more plugged in and informed fan because of some bloke across the pond. It’s actually rather remarkable. Thanks again and looking forward to another great year after you get a well deserved break.

    Cheers, mate.

  81. nichansen01

    Here is my finals mock:

    First Round
    26) Obi Melifonwu- Safety, UConn.

    Despite the Garrett Bolles rumors, I don’t think Pete Carroll is going to pass on this uber-athletic defensive back. Right now, seattle has three safeties on the roster. His physical and athletic profile is utterly unique. On tape, his “softness” is overblown. He could improve his tackling but the willingness is there. This guy is an athletic freak who could complement Sherman at corner or serve as the big nickel. He could even be the heir to Chancellor. I am not sure what he will end up being for Seattle, but to me, this is a no brainer pick to restock the secondary. Potentially being able to play three different positions is a major plus, not a negative.

    Second Round
    58) Carlos Watkins- Defensive tackle, Clemson

    The seahawks are extremely thin at defensive tackle. So for the second year in a row, they take one in the second round. Watkins had great sack totals and his very athletic, running a sub 5 second 40 yard dash at over 300 pounds. Watkins can provide the interior pass rusher that the seahawks so desperately need.

    Third round:

    90) Demarcus Walker, Defensive End, Florida State

    Walker is really more talented than a late third round player, but his lack of offseason buzz causes him to drop. On tape, Walker is hot and cold, but when he is hot, he is HOT. Walker has good athleticism and great production. The seahawks are looking for an inside outside rusher in this draft, and you’re not going to find a better option than Walker for that role in the late third. This pick would be at a great value. With Walker and Watkins, the seahawks might finally be able to generate some interior pass rush in 2017.

    102) Josh Reynolds, Wide Receiver, Texas AM

    Oh so smooth. Good deep speed. Gritty backstory. productive career against talented SEC defenses. Good height and very good hands. Needs to fill out his frame some more, but Reynolds is a very underrated receiver and again, is a great value pick at the end of round 3. The seahawks need another quality wideout, as Jermaine Kearse has regressed, Tyler Lockett is injured and Paul Richardson is still unproven. Reynolds reminds me of a fast stronger Kenny Lawler, who the seahawks drafted last year. I think seattle will love Reynolds combination of gritty backstory, great production and hands, and size.

    106) Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan

    I think Lewis is going to drop. He is a second round talent, but the off the field issues are concerning, and other corners are available in this draft. Again, the seahawks make a pick at a really really good value. Lewis isn’t the fastest or biggest buy, but his cover skills are exceptional, and he plays with passion. Perfect for the slot corner role. with Jeremy Lane competing at outside corner, Lewis would have a very good chance to play a lot of football his rookie season.

    Sixth Round:

    210) Josh Tupou, DT, Colorado

    The Seahawks seem to be keen on adding a massive space eater for the interior defensive line. That’s what Tupou would be.

    226) Dustin Stanton, OL, Oregon State

    I considered having Seattle take a quarterback here, but I think it’s more likely they bring another one in as a UDFA. Cable really likes Stanton and the seahawks didnt select another offensive lineman earlier. Also, very likely that Seattle ends up adding one more veteran.

    • Volume12

      I like it.

    • Trevor

      Love it!

    • Sea Mode

      That would be awesome, Nic.

    • C-Dog

      Another mock to love. Especially love the pick ups of Watkins and Walker, Reynolds, and Lewis day 2.

      • AlaskaHawk

        This would be a great draft!!! Plays to the defensive strength of the draft board.

  82. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Just get here already NFL Draft!

  83. Volume12

    You guys want my 2017 NFL draft hot take? I save these for this time of year. Last year was DeForest Buckner was overrated?

    Now? Texas A&M Myles Garrett is too. 😨

    Loved him last year. This year he checked out. Daeshon Hall outplayed him the majority of snaps. Yeah, he was injured, but Von Miller or Khalil Mack he is not. Meaning, he’s a talented dude, but not my cup of tea. Don’t like his personality.

    • Volume12

      I like my pass rushers to be these larger than life, bad a** characters who come with some sauce.

      • Sea Mode

        Would much rather have Solomon Thomas myself!

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          +1. Been of the opinion for a while that Thomas is the number one defensive prospect in the Draft.

          Garrett and Thomas both went quiet over stretches last year. The difference is Thomas actually took over a couple of games (especialy the Sun Bowl). I don’t recall seeing Garrett take over a game that way.

          Garrett may have the highest upside of any prospect in the past few drafts, but he’s far from a finished product.

      • RealRhino2

        Lemme get these out of the way: You’re just going for clicks, this is the typical hating of a top prospect, uh, you’re just a hater. That’s all I can think of that will let me just admit you might actually hold an honest opinion. Thing is, I think you’re right. But the question then is…..ok, who’s better?

    • C-Dog

      That’s a decent hot take. There are those out there who would agree with this. I just wonder if Myles (and McDowell for that matter) didn’t decide to the the Clowney approach to the 2016 CFB Season and protect themselves a bit for this draft.

    • nichansen01

      sounds like the perfect Brown.

    • Mishima

      Hot take 2.0: Takk has a better rookie year than Garrett.

  84. Coleslaw

    If Cleveland takes Buttered Biscuit we’ll have to deal with Myles Garrett, Arik Armstead, and DeForest Buckner just from the 9ers. Chandler Jones and all the exotic stuff Arizona does, too. And of course our kryptonite, the Rams. I know where you think I’m going with this but… plot twist! No OL from this class will improve our line that much to stop these guys. I don’t believe Bolles is enough of an upgrade over Fant to warrant #26. I’d rather take Antonio Garcia and groom him. Also, I don’t think Lamp is a big enough upgrade over Glow or Aboushi. (Notice I havent even mentioned Joeckel) I think picking OL first would just be redundant

    • Coleslaw

      If anyone I hope it’s Lamp so we could have a future of

      • schuemansky

        Also thinking they won’t take OL early.
        As you said, probably will bring in another veteran.
        This year on the offensive side I can only see them looking for TE/WR in the mid rounds and maybe another QB at some point.
        I think (and hope) defense rules.
        Rob talked so much about the big nickel / slot that I want to see Obi, Awuzi, Adoree or Peppers taken in R1.
        Then its DL and CB.

    • Dingbatman

      The most plausible way of neutralizing the plethora of pass rushing specialist in the NFC west would seem to be establish the run. In that area I think Bolles may be enough of an upgrade over Fant. Add Asiata in the 3rd. Run it down their throats.

      • Coleslaw

        Nice, didn’t really think of that. Should be taken into consideration, they do love their hulking run blocking lines for sure

  85. Trevor

    Just watched John Ross as a guest on Good Morning Football.

    His injury history scares me but how do you not love that kid and root like heck for him!

  86. Trevor

    My Dream NFL Draft Day #1 and 2

    * This is not what I think will happen but what I would like to see happen.

    Hawks related Trades

    Browns trade up with Titans to #5 and give up #12, 33 and 52

    Falcons move up to #26 with Seahawks in Return for #31 and a 3rd round pick

    *Seahawks stun the crowd and trade Richard Sherman to the Titans for #33, 52 (received from Browns)
    Basically the Titans move back from 5 to 12 for Richard Sherman.

    Hawks Picks on Day #1 and 2
    31. Seattle Seahawks from / Atlanta Falcons – Kevin King, CB, Washington
    33. Seattle Seahawks from Tennessee /Cleveland Browns – Adoree Jackson CB, USC
    52. Seattle Seahawks from Tennessee /Cleveland Browns – Zay Jones WR, East Car.
    58. Seattle Seahawks – Daeshon Hall DE, Tex A&M
    90. Seattle Seahawks- Issac Assiata Guard, Utah
    95. Seattle Seahawks from Atlanta Falcons – Grover Stewart DT, Albany St.
    102.Seattle Seahawks –Sidney Jones CB, Wash
    106. Seattle Seahawks – George Kittle TE Iowa

    With this draft we restock the DL and get LOB 2.0.

    After the draft move #1 should be use the cap space from the Sherm trade to lock up Kam to an extension to teach these 3 young stud DBs (King, Jackson and Jones) how to become true pros.

    Then go out and sign Jaye Howard as an interior pass rusher to provide those 5-6 sacks ala Clinton Mcdonald. If he passes medical.

    Finally use any remaining cap space from the Sherm Trade to extend Britt and Jimmy Graham if possible

    • Drew

      I would like to see Sherm on the team, but I’m not against trading him if we’re able to turn it into a scenario like you got above.

      I love both Britt & Jimmy, but I think they wait until December to give either an extension. Britt only has 1 solid year, let’s see him be consistent first. For Graham, let’s see what if he can keep staying healthy first.

  87. Trevor

    40 Players I would love to see in a Hawks Uni out of this draft ( My Day #1 and 2 Big Board). I have to say There seems to be a ton of talent available in Rd #2 and 3 which sets up so nicely for us.

    #1 Garrett Bolles
    #2 Adoree Jackson
    #3 Kevin King
    #4 Forrest Lamp
    #5 Obi Melinowfu
    #6 TJ Watt
    #7 David Njoku
    #8 Jarred Davis
    #9 Ryan Ramczyk
    #10 Zay Jones
    #11Daeshon Hall
    #12 Tyus Bowser
    #13 Buddah Baker
    #14 Chudobe Awuzie
    #15 Jabril Peppers
    #16 Quincy Wilson
    #17 John Ross
    #18 Malik Mcdowell
    #19 Takkarist McKinley
    #20 Issac Assiata
    #21 Demarcus Walker
    #22 Tim Williams
    #23Corderea Tankersly
    #24 Jourdan Lewis
    #25 Akhello Withserspoon
    #26 George Kittle
    #27 Carlos Watkins
    #28 Grover Stewart
    #29 Sidney Jones (3rd Round Flier)
    #30 Gareon Conely (3rd Round Flier)
    #31 Justin Evans
    #32 Tewan Taylor
    #33 Chris Godwin
    #34 Josh Reynold
    #35 Eddie Vanderdoes
    #36 Rasul Douglas
    #37 Chris Wormley
    #38 Shaquille Griffen
    #39 Dalvin Thomlinson
    #40 Aviante Collins

  88. Sea Mode

    Wow, so I’m looking at Mayock’s mock draft going, “this isn’t too far off from Rob’s”. Then I see Malik Hooker at 19…!

    Lamp to the Hawks would be nice.

    Peppers to the Falcons would be a great pick too I think.

    And he totally stole my Kamara to GB I’ve had locked in for a while now! Mayock the SDB lurker…?! 😉 lol

    • Drew

      I see Hooker as Earl Thomas 2.0. He should be a top 10 pick, so what if he has issues with tackling, Earl did and still does and yet he’s a perennial pro-bowler.

    • Trevor

      If Hooker does not go on the top 10 I will be shocked!

      I think he is the 2nd most talented player in this draft after Garrett.

      Remember he played all year with a shoulder injury that required surgery this off season. I think that have may have played a major role in any tackling issues. You can teach a player to tackle better. You cannot teach his range, instinct and ball skill.

      I think Fournette, Adoree Jackson and Hooker will be the two rookies whom have the biggest impact year #1 in this entire draft.

      • HI Hawk

        Hooker is a one year starter, he looked good – but he got injured in his one and only year of playing significant snaps. I have him ranked as #11 overall, but still dropped him to #17 in my mock draft.

  89. Sea Mode

    Guys, the Armchair GM Challenge is up over on FieldGulls. Don’t miss out!

    (This is my year, I can feel it… 🙂 )

    • Trevor

      Brandon Wilson
      Daeshon Hall
      Isaac Asiata
      Obi Melifonwu
      Ahkello Witherspoon
      Vince Biegel
      Chad Williams
      Shalom Luani
      Zay Jones
      Taywan Taylor
      Tim Williams
      Anthony Auclair
      Brian Allen
      Demarcus Walker
      Carlos Watkins
      Rasul Douglas
      Xavier Coleman
      George Kittle
      Samson Ebukam
      Josh Dobbs

  90. Cysco

    Hey Rob, for tonight’s draft thread(s) would you mind asking people to please not spoil picks? Many of us like watching the draft in realtime on NFL network or ESPN while having the laptop open to the blog. Spoils the fun if people are rushing to be the first to post who twitter claims is going to be the pick before it’s read by the commissioner.

    Can’t wait for tonight!

    • Sea Mode

      Good idea.

      Not sure if it would be possible on a practical level, but maybe you or someone else who is going to be on the thread the whole time could post each pick in all caps or something as they come out, so people know not to post the name before that and that they can comment below it for reactions on that player, thoughts on who the next pick will be, etc.

      It’s always a hectic thread anyway, so that’s probably asking for too much order, but I thought I’d throw the suggestion out there. Maybe it will spark someone to come up with a better way.

    • Rob Staton


  91. Hawksince77

    Okay, after reading all of the comments, Seattle’s first pick became abundantly clear:

    Tim Williams, EDGE


    1 – because taking Williams in the first would be a massive reach
    2 – Williams comps to Bruce Irvin
    3 – PC mentioned the need for a pass rusher
    4 – Williams is the second best pass rusher in the class after Miles Garrett
    5 – Williams has serious off-field issues (ala Clark, Irvin)

    Remember – after trading down in the first, when Seattle calls Williams name, your heard it first, here, on

    • Hawksince77

      Just to add to the thought process of selecting Tim Williams with their first pick:

      1 – totally unpredictable Seahawk kind of move
      2 – as pointed out above, Seattle have starting OTs on the roster (Fant, Joeckel, Ifedi)
      3 – as mentioned above, all of us had Bruce Irvin as a second round pick, or later. I had Irvin in round two (and many people thought that was too high), and Wilson in round three, but couldn’t figure out Seattle’s first pick that year. Same problem here, and same solution.
      4 – plenty of safeties, CBs, DTs and WRs available in later rounds from which to choose
      5 – I had the same epiphany with Frank Clark, and had him as the number one probable pick for Seattle that year. It just finally seemed right

    • Rob Staton

      Williams didn’t test anywhere near as well as Bruce Irvin though

      • nichansen01

        Despite this, I think he’ll be a better pro.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe. I’m not debating his talent, just that he isn’t the same kind of physical freak as Bruce and that’s a big reason why Seattle drafted him when they did.

          • Logan Lynch

            Could be the first target in a trade down/trade up scenario. Tim Williams and Quincy Wilson or something like that. Get both in the 2nd. Fringe 1st round talent, but lowered expectations being 2nd rounders instead.

          • RealRhino2

            And can Williams set the edge and stop the run? Think he’ll get washed out on too many plays for our liking, though I’d like him as a situational guy.

            • Hawksince77

              No, that’s one of his current weaknesses. That’s something he would have to develop to play more than on passing downs as a rush specialist, the same as Irvin his first year.

              In the future, though, just as Clark can be considered Bennett’s future replacement, Williams could be the next Cliff Avril.

  92. Saxon

    Thanks for all the hard work, ROB!!!!

  93. Overtime


    1. Cleveland – DL Myles Garrett
    2. San Fran – FS Malik Hooker
    3. Chicago – S Jamal Adams
    4. Jacksonville – RB Leonard Fournette
    5. TRADE1: Cleveland #12 + #33 for Tennessee #5
    Cleveland – QB Mitch Trubisky
    6. NY Jets – QB DeShawn Watson
    7. LA Chargers – WR Mike Williams
    8. Carolina – DE Solomon Thomas
    9. TRADE2: CIN #9 to NO for #11 and #103
    New Orleans – DL Jonathan Allen
    10. Buffalo – WR Corey Davis
    11. TRADE2: CIN #9 to NO for #11 and #103
    Cincinatti – DE Taco Charlton
    12. TRADE1: Cleveland #12 + #33 for Tennessee #5
    Tennessee – WR John Ross
    13. Arizona – QB Patrick Mahomes
    14. Philly – CB Marshon Lattimore
    15. Indy – TE O J Howard
    16. Baltimore – ILB Jarrad Davis
    17. Washington – ILB Raekwon McMillan
    18. Tennessee – Gareon Conley
    19. TBay – FS Jabrille Peppers
    20. Denver – RB Christian McCaffrey
    21. Detroit – Edge Takk McKinley
    22. Miami – OG Forest Lamp
    23. NY Giants – OT Ryan Ramczky
    24. Oakland – ILB Rueben Foster
    25. Houston – QB Deshone Kiser
    26. Seattle – DL Malik McDowell
    27. Kansas City – OL Cam Robinson
    28. Dallas – DE T J Watt
    29. GBay – OG Dorian Johnson
    30. Pittsburgh – DE Tim Williams
    31. Atlanta – DE Carl Lawson
    32. New Orleans – CB Marlon Humphrey


    Round 1, Pick 26 (26) DL Malik McDowell
    Round 2, Pick 26 (58) DB Obi Melifonu
    Round 3, Pick 26 (90) OL Ethan Pocic
    Round 3, Pick 38 (102) WR Cooper Kupp
    Round 3, Pick 42 (106) QB Joshua Dobbs
    Round 6, Pick 26 (210) DT Josh Topou
    Round 7, Pick 8 (226) TE Darrell Daniels

    • Drew

      Only 1 DB? I think we need at least 1 outside/inside CB and 1 Safety/Buffalo. Plus I don’t see the Hawks having only 7 picks, you know they’re going to make a deal somewhere.

  94. Trevor

    My Final and Official Mock (No Trades Allowed) I do think the Browns with move up and trade #33 + a late round pick to Titans in order to get Trubisky however.

    #1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
    #2 San Francisco — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
    #3 Chicago — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
    #4 Jacksonville — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
    #5 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
    #6 New York Jets — Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State)
    #7 LA Chargers — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
    #8 Carolina — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
    #9 Cincinnati — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
    #10 Buffalo — Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
    #11 New Orleans — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
    #12 Cleveland — Mitchell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina)
    #13 Arizona — Pay Mahomes (QB, Tex Tech)
    #14 Philadelphia (via Min) — Kevin King (CB, Wash)
    #15 Indianapolis — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
    #16 Baltimore — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
    #17 Washington — Derek Barnett (EDGE, Tennessee)
    #18 Tennessee — Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
    #19 Tampa Bay — Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
    #20 Denver — Ryan Ramcyzk (T, Wisconsin)
    #21 Detroit — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
    #22 Miami — Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
    #23 New York Giants — David Njoku (TE, Miami)
    #24 Oakland — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
    #25 Houston — Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
    #26 Seattle — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
    #27 Kansas City — Dalvin Cook (RB,FSU)
    #28 Dallas — Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
    #29 Green Bay — T.J. Watt (EDGE, Wisconsin)
    #30 Pittsburgh — Tyus Bowser (LB, Hous)
    #31 Atlanta — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
    #32 New Orleans — John Ross (WR / Wash)

  95. STTBM

    I like your First Round Mock Rob. Nice work, as usual.

    Not going to do one of my own, but I will do one for Seattle.

    1st Round: Melifonwu
    2nd Round: Jourdan Lewis
    3rd: Isaac Asiata
    3rd: Vince Beigel
    3rd: Daeshon Hall
    6th: George Kittle
    7th: Brandon Wilson

    Theres a good chance Seattle trades a third or two to move up either in the third or the second, and an equal chance they trade down giving up a late third to get a pick in the fourth and fifth.

    I think Seattle could go after Shalom Luani, Brian Allen, Quincy Wilson (would have to trade up in the second to get him), Rasul Douglas, Carrol Phillips.

    Bolles’ Wonderlic scares me because Chris Spencer scored an 11, which is terrible, and could never get the line calls. He was so bad, Chris Gray was making all the calls from the RG spot and Holmgren wasnt even aware of it until a reporter asked him about it! But yeah, I think Seattle wants him bad.

    • Ed

      I’m in.

    • Trevor

      Nice goup of players for sure!

    • Sea Mode

      Good stuff.

    • STTBM

      Thanks. I also think they like Jehu Chesson. I know I do. Just couldnt find a spot for him unless they trade down.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Sold. Can you wrap them up and make the order to go sir? 😉

  96. Ed

    Rob, just want to say, you are the Man and your wife is an angel. Dude, you really need to be getting paid for your work. Send in all your scouting stuff. You pegged Reddick in the fall and nobody had him anywhere near the top few rounds of the draft. Now he is a top 15 pick, just incredible. With all ESPN firing, please takeover for McShay and Kiper. Or got to NFL network and takeover for the Sanders and Irvin and Mariucci.

  97. Sea Mode

    Uh oh, per Lance Zierlein:

    “Texas A&M’s Daeshon Hall will surprise: While Myles Garrett has been all over the draft coverage since day one, there hasn’t been much talk about his teammate being a hot name. I’m hearing that, despite a belief in the media that he would go in Round 3 or 4, Hall is actually being targeted within the first two rounds and might end up inside the top 40.”

    • Trevor

      I can see that and would not be surprised if he was the target if the Hawks to trade up. He has the ideal physical profile for and NFL DE and is just scratching the surface of what he can become IMO.

      Really hope to see him in a Hawks uni along with Akehello Witherspoon, Isaac Asiata and George Kittle.

      I think all 4 of those guys are under rated and have a chance to be really good pros.

      • Trevor

        Demarcus Walker would be the other guy. He had the best tape I saw all year from a DL.

  98. RealRhino2

    Who do people think is the QB that turns out the best, long term, no matter how ready they are to play? That’s who I’m starting to think SF picks, and I’m also starting to think it’s Kizer. But that could be crazy.

    • Drew


    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree with Watson. A proven winner in college.

    • Mishima


    • Rik

      I’m on the Mahomes bandwagon. Creative with a strong arm. I see him as a Favre-Rodgers hybrid.

  99. Sea Mode

    Daniel Jeremiah’s final mock up:

  100. Drew

    What is the OL draft class going to look like next year? Since we got a couple 1 year rentals from FA this year on the OL, I would prefer to load up on defense, get someone like Asiata in the 3rd, and then look for an OT next year (if we’ll even end up needing one). By then we’ll know if we want to re-sign Joeckel, or know if Fant or Odhiambo will be able to take over the starting LT spot for good by then.

    The last couple of days I just feel like the OL pick at 26 would be more forced than anything. Although I think Bolles would be a good pick, I think the early 2nd round is going to be too rich to pass up to reload the defense. I think a small trade down and then a trade up in the mid 2nd would be the best bet for adding instant impact players on the defense.

    • Mike’s hard for me to square JS talking about being too young on the OL last year with using another first round pick on the OL (Bolles being young from an experience perspective..if not age).

      Might just be smoke from our FO though..I wouldn’t hate a Fant/Joeckel/Britt/Lamp/Ifedi line-up to open the season though..very young/very athletic

      • Drew

        It wouldn’t be a bad pick. Personnaly I think Fant is the LT of the future. He was thrown in the fire last year and even though he had a lot of struggles, he made a lot of progress on his technique, he just needs to put it all together. I think he either beats out Joeckel or he sits a year behind Joeckel. Either way, after next year they’ll know if he’s the guy or not.

        It’s hard to read. This year is such a wild draft and the Hawks have done a good job hedging in FA, hard to tell what they’ll do. All I know is I’m sure I’ll be happy with who they pick.

  101. Trevor

    With (3) third round picks and possibly another if the likely trade back occurs what do you guys think about passing on CB in Rounds #1 and 2 to focus on OL / DL.

    Then take Sidney Jones, Gareon Conely in Round #3. Both are 1st round talents and the odds are both will overcome their current issues based on media reports at least. By taking both you kind of hedge you bets and likely get at least one 1st round talent in the 3rd. Potentially 2.

    • Overtime

      I am all for that. I think Conley’s issue is nonsense. If he drops to the 3rd I would be all over it. I am more worried about Sidney Jones recovering. There is plenty of DB talent, so I see little reason to go early for a DB.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree on Conley. Hear some teams say he’s off their board. Why? It’s just one more item in the risk assessment. One guy could have medicals, one guy could be drugs, here he might be criminal. I hear media types say, “If you’re the team that drafts him and it turns out he’s done it, you are going to have a lot to deal with.” Why? No, you won’t. You just cut him and say you misjudged his character. You believed in the guy, he let you down. Moving on. No different than what the Cowboys are dealing with with Randy Gregory. Thought he’d be okay, wasn’t.

        • Mr. Offseason

          I mean tbh, I am pretty wary of picking guys that have rape or to a lesser extent domestic violence on their record. He sounds pretty convincing in his assessment that he’s innocent. He also has plenty of motivation to say that whether the allegations are legitimate or not.

          That being said if he falls to one of our thirds and the Seahawks have enough evidence to feel okay about Conley the person, that would be a real coup.

    • Mike

      I guess to play devil’s advocate on the Jones pick…with the Seahawks facing a huge decision next offseason on whether to sign Sherman to a (very expensive) third contract..i think it’s going to be very important that we get a good long look at any cb we spend a high draft pick on this year (third round or earlier).

      i.e. it’s going to be difficult to make the Sherman decision next year without knowing what we have in Jones (assuming he misses most, if not all, of this season).

    • vrtkolman

      I don’t think either last to the 3rd myself.

  102. Trevor

    My Final Seahawks Mock

    We trade back in 1st to pick up a late 3rd. Then trade that to acquire a 4th and 5th.

    Rd#1 Tradeback Garrett Bolles
    Rd#2 Daeshon Hall
    Rd#3 Akhello Witherspoon
    Rd#3 Comp Demarcus Walker
    Rd#3 Comp Tewan Taylor
    Rd#4 (Acquired) George Kittle
    Rd #5 Acquired Brandon Wilson
    Rd#6 Shalomi Lunai
    Rd#7 Brian Allen

    • Drew

      Where’s the right spot going to be to draft Luani? I was thinking the 5th, but that’s just a wild guess.

      • Trevor

        Is is rated in the 7th or UDFA but if you really want him you are right the 5th likely. Tedric Thompson is another great depth Safety option on day #3.

  103. Trevor

    Going to be a crazy day. Seems to be growing consensus the Browns take Trubisky not Garrett.

    That would really suck for us and be huge for the 49ers.

    • Overtime

      I think they end up with both. They need to trade with Tennessee but the price is too high. Taking Trubisky at #1 is just a smoke screen, IMO, to put Tennessee on the spot. They are going to over draft a WR or CB at #5 if they stay where they are. Tennessee could bank some draft capital and easily trade back.

  104. Sea Mode

    Whoa, baby! The stakes are raised this year and they are actually going to say who got them (all) right!


    #SeahawksDraftClues coming soon…… whoever figures them all out correctly will win 4 tickets to a game of their choice! #GoHawks #12s

    8:53 AM – 27 Apr 2017

    • OCDavid

      If you were PC and wanted to give a heads-up but not give too much away, what would your clue be that could relate to Obi AND Adoree’ AND K-King AND Peppers? Surely he has to give one clue for multiple prospects in case some get taken, right?!

      Any clues he’s used before to signify trading places?

      Have a great day, Sea Mode!

      • Sea Mode

        Hey, OCDavid.

        Last year, the first clue was Eddie Murphy. He starred in the movie Trading Places. Plus the play on the name of Germaine “If-Eddie”.

        So yes, he has done that before.

  105. HI Hawk

    My Mock Draft:

    3 Bears Soloman Thomas
    4 Jaguars Jamal Adams
    5 Titans John Ross
    6 Jets Dakota Watson
    7 Chargers Marshon Lattimore
    8 Panthers O.J. Howard
    9 Bengals Rueben Foster
    10 Bills Jonathan Allen
    11 Saints Hasaan Reddick
    12 Browns Patrick Mahomes II
    13 Cardinals Marlon Humphrey
    14 Eagles David Njoku
    15 Colts Corey Davis
    16 Ravens Jabrill Peppers
    17 Redskins Malik Hooker
    18 Titans Jarrad Davis
    19 Bucs Garrett Bolles
    20 Broncos Ryan Ramzcyk
    21 Lions Taco Charlton
    22 Dolphins Mike Williams
    23 Giants Dalvin Cook
    24 Raiders Kevin King
    25 Texans T.J. Watt
    26 Seahawks Adoree’ Jackson
    27 Chiefs Cam Robinson
    28 Cowboys Gareon Conley
    29 Packers Takk McKinley
    30 Steelers Obi Melifonwu
    31 Falcons Budda Baker
    32 Saints Derek Barnett

    Seahawks Mock Draft:

    To explain the three different ones, it’s basically Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. If the #1 pick from Plan A is gone, based on what I see as potential targets and where they are valued – you move to Plan B, then C. But it’s also possible to mix and match from the three models, based on how other teams shape the draft. I tend to put the biggest weight on the back end of the draft (UDFAs & late round options), fill the spots there and then see what kind of game-changers I can find earlier. That’s why you won’t see any outside CBs really high on my Seahawks mock draft(s). I love Witherspoon, and would consider him in round 2, but I don’t think he lasts to #58.

    Plan A (If Jackson is available):
    1 (26): Adoree Jackson – Nickel – USC
    2 (58): Jordan Willis – LEO/SLB – Kansas State (Bowser if Willis is gone)
    3 (90): Eddie Jackson – FS – Alabama
    3 (102): Nico Siragusa – G – San Diego State
    3 (106): Roderick Johnson – T – Florida State
    6 (210): Brendan Langley – CB – Lamar
    7 (226): Cole Hikutini – TE – Louisville
    Priority FA:
    Jeremy Cutrer – CB – Middle Tennessee State
    Noble Nwachukwu – DE – West Virginia
    T.J. Holloman – MLB/WLB – South Carolina
    Nathan Gerry – S – Nebraska

    Plan B (If Jackson is gone):
    1 (26): Obi Melifonwu – CB/SS/Nickle – Connecticut
    2 (58): Tyus Bowser – SLB – Houston (Plan A is Willis, if available – but Bowser is plan B)
    3 (90): Montravius Adams – DT – Auburn
    3 (102): Justin Evans – FS – Texas A&M
    3 (106): Damontae Kazee – Nickel – San Diego State
    6 (210): Jermaine Eluemanor – G – Texas A&M
    7 (226): Jimmie Gilbert – LB – Colorado
    Priority FA :
    Ricky Seals-Jones – WR/TE – Texas A&M
    Aviante Collins – G – TCU
    Jake Elliott – K – Memphis
    Sefo Liafau – QB – Colorado

    Plan C (if Jackson AND Melifonwu are gone):
    1 (26): T.J. Watt – SLB/LEO – Wisconsin
    2 (58): Desmond King – Nickle/FS – Iowa
    3 (90): Issac Asiata – G – Utah
    3 (102): Tanoh Kpassagnon – DE – Villanova
    3 (106): Channing Stribling – CB – Michigan
    6 (210): Chad Kelly – QB – Mississippi
    7 (226): Jessamen Dunker – G – Tennessee State
    Priority FA
    Joe Mathis – LEO – Washington
    Jehu Chesson – WR – Michigan
    Shock Linwood – RB – Baylor
    Tyrone Swoops – TE – Texas (QB Convert)

  106. Robert

    If ET3 told Pete he’s retiring soon, Budda Baker? My final guess is Malik McDowell.

  107. HI Hawk

    My Mock Draft:
    1 – Browns – Myles Garrett – DE
    2. – 49ers – Leonard Fournette – RB
    3 – Bears – Soloman Thomas – DE
    4 – Jaguars – Jamal Adams – SS
    5 – Titans – John Ross – WR
    6 – Jets – Dakota Watson – QB
    7 – Chargers – Marshon Lattimore – CB
    8 – Panthers – O.J. Howard – TE
    9 – Bengals – Rueben Foster – MLB
    10 – Bills – Jonathan Allen – DE
    11 – Saints – Hasaan Reddick – EDGE
    12 – Browns – Patrick Mahomes II – QB
    13 – Cardinals – Marlon Humphrey – CB
    14 – Eagles – David Njoku – TE
    15 – Colts – Corey Davis – WR
    16 – Ravens – Jabrill Peppers – S
    17 – Redskins – Malik Hooker – FS
    18 – Titans – Jarrad Davis – MLB
    19 – Bucs – Garrett Bolles – T
    20 – Broncos – Ryan Ramzcyk – T
    21 – Lions – Taco Charlton – DE
    22 – Dolphins – Mike Williams – WR
    23 – Giants – Dalvin Cook – RB
    24 – Raiders – Kevin King – CB
    25 – Texans – T.J. Watt – EDGE
    26 – Seahawks – Adoree’ Jackson – Nickle
    27 – Chiefs – Cam Robinson – T/G
    28 – Cowboys – Gareon Conley – CB
    29 – Packers – Takk McKinley – EDGE
    30 – Steelers – Obi Melifonwu – SS
    31 – Falcons – Budda Baker – FS
    32 – Saints – Derek Barnett – EDGE

    Seahawks Mock Draft:

    To explain the three different ones, it’s basically Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. If the #1 pick from Plan A is gone, based on what I see as potential targets and where they are valued – you move to Plan B, then C. But it’s also possible to mix and match from the three models, based on how other teams shape the draft. I tend to put the biggest weight on the back end of the draft (UDFAs & late round options), fill the spots there and then see what kind of game-changers I can find earlier. That’s why you won’t see any outside CBs really high on my Seahawks mock draft(s). I love Witherspoon, and would consider him in round 2, but I don’t think he lasts to #58.

    Plan A (If Jackson is available):
    1 (26): Adoree Jackson – Nickel – USC
    2 (58): Jordan Willis – LEO/SLB – Kansas State (Bowser if Willis is gone)
    3 (90): Eddie Jackson – FS – Alabama
    3 (102): Nico Siragusa – G – San Diego State
    3 (106): Roderick Johnson – T – Florida State
    6 (210): Brendan Langley – CB – Lamar
    7 (226): Cole Hikutini – TE – Louisville
    Priority FA:
    Jeremy Cutrer – CB – Middle Tennessee State
    Noble Nwachukwu – DE – West Virginia
    T.J. Holloman – MLB/WLB – South Carolina
    Nathan Gerry – S – Nebraska

    Plan B (If Jackson is gone):
    1 (26): Obi Melifonwu – CB/SS/Nickle – Connecticut
    2 (58): Tyus Bowser – SLB – Houston (Plan A is Willis, if available – but Bowser is plan B)
    3 (90): Montravius Adams – DT – Auburn
    3 (102): Justin Evans – FS – Texas A&M
    3 (106): Damontae Kazee – Nickel – San Diego State
    6 (210): Jermaine Eluemanor – G – Texas A&M
    7 (226): Jimmie Gilbert – LB – Colorado
    Priority FA :
    Ricky Seals-Jones – WR/TE – Texas A&M
    Aviante Collins – G – TCU
    Jake Elliott – K – Memphis
    Sefo Liafau – QB – Colorado

    Plan C (if Jackson AND Melifonwu are gone):
    1 (26): T.J. Watt – SLB/LEO – Wisconsin
    2 (58): Desmond King – Nickle/FS – Iowa
    3 (90): Issac Asiata – G – Utah
    3 (102): Tanoh Kpassagnon – DE – Villanova
    3 (106): Channing Stribling – CB – Michigan
    6 (210): Chad Kelly – QB – Mississippi
    7 (226): Jessamen Dunker – G – Tennessee State
    Priority FA
    Joe Mathis – LEO – Washington
    Jehu Chesson – WR – Michigan
    Shock Linwood – RB – Baylor
    Tyrone Swoops – TE – Texas (QB Convert)

    • Ed

      Mathis is getting drafted and probably Chesson too. Like your ideas though. Really want a strong defensive draft. (CB/S/(LB/DE)/CB).

      • HI Hawk

        Well, when you look at the bottom of the draft, players rated from say 200-400 – it all comes down to personal preference. I mean Cutrer could be drafted, Dobbs could be drafted, so could 100 other guys that are rated below #253 (Mr. Irrelevant). In my mock, those guys missed the cut because of how many WRs and EDGE rushers went ahead of them.

    • abark

      Would be ecstatic about plan B!

  108. OCDavid

    What is it with all these highly rated prospects having first names for surnames? Is this common?! Is it an indicator of playing ability?!

    Garrett. Thomas. Adam(s). Howard. William(s). Allen. Humphrey. Davis. Ross. Lewis. Evan(s). Douglas. Stewart. Samuel.

  109. Ed

    Talk of Falcons trade with Hawks so they can get Harris and Hawks can still get Bolles.

  110. diehard82

    ***SMOKE ALARM*** Seattle has done a great job of hiding how much they covet TJ Watt. Major upside, all-pro potential. They brought in a bushel of LB in FA (all of which cost nothing) to make people think the are focusing elsewhere in the draft. Now a leak of a swap deal with Atlanta? If true, someone should be shot for leaking. More likely it is propaganda to give pause to Dallas, GB and Pitt from pulling the trigger on trade up in front of Seattle for Watt. Thanks Dan Quinn for the assist. Keep fingers crossed. Watt at 26!

  111. RWIII

    diehard: Aren’t you doing to same thing.

  112. nichansen01

    What’s the deal with all the Watt love? He has nice athleticism but looks pretty meh on tape.

    • Volume12

      Awful footwork. Its a mess. Will take a coach a while to fix those bad habits.

      Worst case though? He’s a great effort rusher.

      • D-OZ

        Gil Brandt did a break-down on Watt vrs. Biegle and said Biegle is the better pass rusher and run stopper at this point. Stating Watt has a lot of work ahead of him. He think’s he is a year away from making an impact. Believes he will get there because of his work ethic. Biegle is plug and play.

  113. Ed

    I really don’t want OL with first 3 picks. Too much defensive talent in areas of need as well (CB/S/LB). Would much rather go (Obi/Bowser/Douglas) or something like that.

  114. Sea Mode


    Plenty of teams want to move back; here’s one trying to move up. Broncos exploring options of moving up in draft, per sources.

    11:02 AM – 27 Apr 2017

    • Drew

      If a lot of teams want to move back, it’s probably going to be cheaper this year to move up. Make sense with the report on ATL trading up to our pick and us getting 31 and their 4th rounder, rather than a 3rd.

  115. CLB

    Thanks for all you do Rob. Listened to this week’s podcast with you and Kenny, and it was fantastic as usual. I remember last year you guys had podcasts after each day of the draft, listened to them several times after the 2016 draft and during the summer waiting on the season to start.

    Have to work tonight and the next few afternoons till after midnight, and won’t be able to catch your live podcasts of the draft or even live TV of it on ESPN or the NFL networks. Are you guys going to archive these live podcasts so we can listen to them later? Or have recap podcasts of each day of the draft like last year? Thanks for any info on this, looking forward to the Seahawks having a great draft and picking up 10-20 excellent UDFAs afterwards.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll do some ‘instant reaction’ podcasts after each pick and they will be archived — we’ll also do a general post-draft podcast reviewing what happened.

  116. Sea Mode

    It’s on! Let’s get to work!


    The first of the #SeahawksDraftClues! “Love and Happiness” by @Chrisbluelive on @NBCTheVoice!

    10:33 AM – 27 Apr 2017

    • Volume12

      You know who sang that song originally right?

      • nichansen01

        Written by al green co-witten by teenie hodges. Buckey Hodges? Jimmy Graham clone physically.

        • Volume12

          Al Green is the clue. You nailed it. Now it’s figuring out what thats about.

          That’s actually a great guess bro.

          • nichansen01

            out on a limb but the references can get pretty obscure

            • Volume12

              For sure. Its fun to throw names around thought. It creates a friendly competition, kilos time until the draft, and now? You win something like you used to.

              • SeaTown

                Twitter is saying Forrest Lamp. Al Green born in FORREST City ARK.

          • vrtkolman

            Al Green was a former NBA draft pick who grew up … former NBA star Bernard King. Kevin King? Hey, I’m going out of a limb here.

            • vrtkolman

              grew up with…

        • vrtkolman


    • vrtkolman

      The ups and downs of being in a relationship? Joe Mixon? However, if were going by the literal song title, no one is happier than Adoree Jackson!

      • nichansen01

        Jabrill Peppers is all known for being a happy player.

        • Volume12

          Al Green is from Arkansas.

      • Hughz

        I think your spot on with Adoree.

    • HawkFan907

      Al Green sings the original… he is from Forrest City, AR so… Forrest Lamp?

      Al Green was also in a play called Your Arms Too Short to Box with God so… Chidobe Awuzie or Adoree Jackson with their shorter arms?

      Al Green and Chris Blue… which college teams have colors of Green and Blue??? Notre Dame so… Deshone Kizer???

      Chris Blue is from Knoxville, TN. So is the University of Tennessee. So… Derek Barnett?

      I’ve never gotten a single clue right fwiw

      • vrtkolman

        Lamp has shorter arms too.

        • Drew

          So does Budda Baker and Jabrill Peppers

      • Volume12

        I’ve got 2. The P-Rich clue and the Frank Clark clue.

        Remember, the 1st clue doesn’t have to equal their 1st pick.

        • Volume12

          What it its as simple as the dudes 1st name from the voice? And not Al Green?

          • vrtkolman

            I always thought Pete did this just to screw with other teams. You know they have at least a few analysts trying to crack it.

      • Mr. Offseason

        New draft clue is out. Big emphasis on mountains. Chidobe Awuzie & Ahkello Witherspoon. Colorado. Mountains.

        • Volume12


          • Volume12

            Wait. Do the Rockie mountains run through Utah?

            Or could it be that Chris Blue is from Knoxville, Tenn. and the Smokey Mountains?

            • Mr. Offseason

              I’m just going off the content of the videos. But there is so many rumors flying around I do not know what to think. I just heard a rumor that the Hawks might pick a QB higher than they picked Wilson!

              Based on these clues, I think the Seahawks got Adoree as plan A and Ahkello as plan B. Just a guess.

            • Drew

              Or the Cascade Mountains?

              • nichansen01

                Samson Ebukam possibly

        • HawkFan907

          Garett Bolles is from Utah and served a Mormon mission in Colorado Springs… lots of mountains in both of those places

      • HawkFan907

        Also I’m not saying Seahawks will draft Kizer, but I think the whole Trubisky thing is a smokescreen and the Browns will trade up with the Hawks to draft him if he is available.

    • Mishima

      CHRIS Wormley, Michigan or Big BLUE

      • Ground_Hawk


    • Matt B.

      Keeping it real surface deep, I’m going to say Budda Baker, “love and happiness”…

  117. vrtkolman

    I’m getting too excited for Garrett Bolles now, imaging him at LT and Ifedi at RT. Talk about being the bully again. Those two guys will physically wear out defensive ends. What a difference from the finesse pair of Fant/Gilliam.

    • Drew

      Honestly, if you watch the tape on Fant, he was not a finesse guy. He’s not a big brawler like Ifedi since he was just shy of 300 lbs, but he was definitely not finesse like Gilliam. I remember when I rewatched the Cards game, he dominated Chandler Jones in the run game.

      • vrtkolman

        Fair enough, I just think Bolles would have him beat there.

      • D-OZ

        Fant has put on 20# and looking great.

    • Trevor

      + 1

      Bolles, Ifedi and Fant would make up the most athletic and nasty trio of OT in the league and we wouldbe set at that position the next 4-5 years + which is a huge bonus in today’s NFL.

      • DC

        Also possible that Fant & Ifedi stay where they are and Bolles plays RT. Ifedi & Bolles side by side should be able to crack skulls in the running game. Yes Bolles is smaller than their standard RT but get the best 5 out there.

  118. vrtkolman

    I would also like to add, thank you Rob for the great work you do. This blog has made the NFL draft one of the most exciting times of year for me.

    I’d also like to give a shout out to PC/JS. It’s really, really hard to keep a team competitive when 90% of the teams have more salary cap room than you, and draft before you in every round. Yet, we have still made the playoffs the past 5 years. The culture and player development is why this team is still near the top.

    • Ishmael

      Bang on man, we’ve become a very spoiled fanbase who don’t recognise this enough. Let the good times roll

    • abark

      yes, yes, yessir

  119. nichansen01

    Draft Clue #2 up, Brennley Brown signing “up to the mountain” on the voice 2017. Obvious connections I first made were trading up and a colorado player (colorado = mountains) so awuzie or witherspoon

    • vrtkolman

      Trading up in the 2nd for Witherspoon or Awuzie, I’m down.

      • nichansen01

        Too obvious…

        • nichansen01

          Marcus Williams is another possible “mountain” related player.

    • HawkFan907

      Easiest one of them all… Rasul Douglas is a Mountaineer 😉

      • nichansen01

        Or Noble Nwachwuku

        • Volume12

          So, Al Green is from Forrest City, Arkansas. ‘Top of the Mountain’ would be a…Hilltopper? W.Kentucky’s mascot?

          These first two clues tied in together?

          • Drew

            You might be on to something there

            • Mr. Offseason

              Okay here’s a real reach. The first video featured lots of Alicia Keys. As in the Florida Keys. As in Florida. As in Florida safety Marcus Maye.

            • Volume12

              I think these first two clues are the same. He did it last year with the Eddie Murphy clue. Did it for Jimmy Graham IIRC.

              • Volume12

                Its Lamp, Bolles, or Witherspoon IMO.

                • nichansen01

                  Lamp is making the most sense to me off of the clues.

                  • Mr. Offseason

                    Honestly if Lamp, Bolles, King, Obi, Reddick, Adoree, Humphrey, and Awuzie are all of the board, i might consider going for a BPA pick like John Ross or some other high upside pick.

                  • abark

                    “I Love Lamp” really does seem to touch on both of the first two clues.

    • Mishima

      Sung by Patti Griffin, so Shaquill Griffin, Florida?

    • Vista

      My guess is also a Colorado player. Boulder, CO has an amazing view and I believe has a higher altitude than, say, Utah. That’s my assumption off of the song lyrics. My guess is they are targeting Awuzie

  120. vrtkolman

    Jason Cole‏Verified account

    And there is growing chatter about Deshaun Watson to #Jaguars at No. 4. #QBHysteria

    Best QB in the draft IMO.

    • Drew

      He should go #2. 49ers would be smart to trade down from another team in the top 10 and get some picks.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Maybe then they’d do a draft day Bortles trade.

    • Volume12

      If Cleveland doesn’t take Solomon Thomas they’re idiots.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Wow tell us how you really feel? I mean where is the honesty here.

        Solomon Thomas is good but I think there are some other options that need considering. I mean, many people would say they’re idiots if they don’t take Garrett.

      • Volume12

        And if the Niners do? Good lord! There’s our arch nemesis, player wise, for the next 7+ years. And we already have to deal with they best DT in the game.

        Solomon is gonna wreck shop on us. Dammit! And the Miners will have taken the Seahawks rumored highest player on their board.

        • vrtkolman

          Wasn’t Aaron Donald the highest player on our board that year as well?

          • Volume12

            Yup. From what I heard, they don’t have Garrett in the top 10.

            • Volume12

              * According to Davis.

            • Volume12

              His laid back, kind of going through the motions attitude will not fit for certain teams.

              • Mr. Offseason

                I’m just not that worried about it. Ultimately the Niners are going to get either Thomas or Garrett unless they are dead set on a QB. Either way, they’re getting a guy that we are going to have to gameplan against ridiculously.

        • vrtkolman

          This is my worry as well. Donald single handedly wrecks our offense every time we play them. Thomas could do that as well. One player shouldn’t be able to do that to an entire defense, but here we are. This is why I really wanted the TJ Lang signing to happen. Gotta get that interior offensive line sorted out ASAP.

          • vrtkolman

            shouldn’t be able to do that to an entire offense* I am not proof reading at all today.

      • nichansen01

        At #1? I think thomas is very overrated.

        • nichansen01

          He just didnt show up against UW.

          • Volume12

            They double teamed him the whole game. He impacted it.

    • Trevor

      +1 I don’t know how any QB needy team could pass on Watson. After watching him against that legendary Alabama D two years in a row and he dominated even after taking a beating. That is the type of guy I want to lead my team.

      No other QB in CFB could even move the ball against that Alabama team and he puts up like 8 TDs

      • AlaskaHawk

        Agree 100%. I just hope that Watson isn’t picked by the Browns – as that would be a colossal waste of talent.

  121. Ishmael

    On the clues, is there something in singers names? Chris *Blue* covering a song by Al *Green*. Brennley *Brown*. Time to start looking at some uniforms?

  122. Sea Mode

    Hey, I just thought of something for the clues. I think they are connected, as in the past.

    And I wouldn’t go digging too far into who the writer/producer/artist’s pet’s name was. Usually the clues are right there in the text of the tweet or in obvious relation to them.

    Theory 1:
    Up to the mountain = trading up.
    Brennley Brown = with the Browns.
    Top 12 performances = guess who holds the #12 pick…
    Chris Blue = Big Blue. Michigan Taco Charlton!

    • Sea Mode

      Or just Seahawks blue and green trade up the mountain in the top 12 with the Browns, and the player is not referenced because they aren’t sure who will be there.

      • Ishmael

        Dude… That would be a wild trade. If Allen falls…

    • KD

      Think of an RBG color spectrum. Chris Blue/Al Green. Red is missing, so the clue may be in what he is NOT mentioning. Also, Utah is a mountainous region, and they are in the PAC12……

      I think I’m just shoe-horning the clues to make them sound like what I want to hear

    • Overtime

      “Up over the clouds to where the sky was blue” = Maize and Blue
      Chris Blue = Chris Wormley, Michigan DE

      • Coleslaw

        Maybe referencing the big sky conference?

      • Coleslaw

        Only one guy I know from that conference, Cooper Kupp. But Idk how else the clue ties into him

  123. Trevor

    If Watson actually falls to the Texans they could be this years version of the 2012 Seahawks with that D and SB contenders next year.

    • Drew

      I was talking to a friend about the Texans that it was surprising that Romo didn’t want to figure out a way to be on the Texans. With him, Nuke Hopkins and that defense, they’d be a serious super bowl contender.

  124. Volume12

    So Tennessee has a trade back locked in for that 18th pick. Seattle ‘moving up the mountain?’

    • Drew

      Rumors on twitter that Seattle has talked to the Titans about it

    • cha

      Based on what? A tweet or what? Who reported? Link for cryin out loud!

  125. Coleslaw

    I was bummed about no Obi clues, but….!
    Love and Hapiness was released on the London Records label and Obi Wa born in London. (This isn’t my theory)

  126. Drew

    I’m starting to get a feeling that 2-3 QBs go in top 10, and there’ll be a run on the OL in the early mid teens. No rationale for it, other than all the reports of Deshaun Watson going #4 to the Jags, that’s going to set off a chain of events.

  127. Awsi Dooger

    It has been a privilege to sample this blog. Such a departure from Dolphin forums that I normally frequent, where the offseason is now absorbed by nothing but adjusters. They try to pretend nothing is as it appears, that the Dolphins are annually wronged by the schedule makers, the league, the media, the referees, and you name it. Otherwise Miami is really a great team in disguise, and Tannehill is actually Top 5. I can no longer tolerate it, because it’s such a departure from the sharp guys who I surrounded myself with in Las Vegas.

    Rob touched on those aspects in a recent podcast, that every fanbase tends to believe that the league, media and referees are out to get them. True, but Dolphin fans take the absurdity to new level, probably because the team has been stuck in that frustrating Crowd territory of 6-10 to 10-6 in every recent season. I divide the league into Cream, Crowd and Crap. Cream is basically the 11+ win teams, Crowd is the vast range between 5 and 10 wins, and Crap encompasses the small batch of floundering teams that win 4 games or less. Betting tip: take +4 or higher on road teams within the same category. It is a great positive grind. You only receive the +4 or higher because there is overreaction to the gap between those teams. As always, fight subjectivity. It is a killer, a regulator. Don’t think of it as Dolphins vs. Chargers, and the corresponding players. That will only lead to flawed unnecessary decision making. That game is Crowd vs. Crowd, so +4 applies. Take it every time available. Suckers pick and choose.

    Lamp to the Dolphins sounds logical. I’d applaud that pick. But local reports indicate Lamp would be the fall back option, if all of the preferred edge guys are gone.

    I hope King is available to Seattle. Perfect playing style and seems like a great guy, based on all his interviews. Bolles, on the other hand, is everything I don’t respect in a prospect. Wonderful combination of shaky character, weird body type and late bloomer. That may click once in a while but you’ll go broke in a significant sample.

    Wasn’t Pete Carroll the guy who emphasized that if you rely on exceptions then suddenly you become I team of exceptions? Marvelously astute. I hope he listens to his own advice.

    I didn’t realize that George Adams was Jamal Adams’ dad. No wonder Jamal Adams has been so overrated throughout this process. I remember laughing like heck when George Adams was contemplated as a first round pick in 1985, and then actually went in round one to the Giants. Good plan…drafting a running back in the first round who averaged barely 4 yards per carry in college. That’s high percentage every time.

    Thank you for printing my comments. Best of luck to everyone here, and to the Seahawks in 2017. Intriguing franchise.

    • Volume12

      Adam Gase has your team on the right track. Just a couple pieces on defense and offense away.

      Losing Vance Joseph is gonna be a big blow I think, but I’m a huge fan of Gase.

    • vrtkolman

      Appreciate your posts! My college roommate back in the day is a huge Dolphins fan, so I follow them more than most. The Tunsil pick last year was superb and I think if Gase can land a new QB (I really do not like Tannehill at all), the Dolphins will be very good.

  128. Sea Mode

    From Pauline:

    “Sources tell me Missouri’s Charles Harris and Derek Barnett of Tennessee are the fastest last minute movers and will be drafted earlier than most people presently project.

    I’m also told the player being most undervalued is Colorado defensive back Chidobe Awuzie.

    Conversely I continue to hear Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey is the player being most overrated and could fall out of round 1.”

    • Volume12

      There’s a rumor that Atlanta might trade with Buffalo and get that 10th pick.

      • Drew

        Wow, moving up 21 spots in 1st round is going to cost a pretty penny. What can’t miss prospect do they have to have? There’s no Julio Jones in this draft at pick 10.

        • Volume12

          Well Pauline said they wanted Charles Harris. And if he’s quickly rising into that blue chip range, top 12-14, that would make sense.

          • Drew

            That’s going to be a pretty heavy price for the 4th or so pass rusher in this class?

            • vrtkolman

              Agreed. This also seems like a win now move for them, which is going to be quite difficult with the Superbowl Loser’s curse hanging over them.

              • Drew

                With how young their defense is, I guess they think they only need another piece or 2 to get what they can out of Matt Ryan while they can.

            • Volume12

              It would be, Atlanta likes to be movers and shakers on draft day. They really only need a pass rusher, DT, TE, and RG.

              • RealRhino2

                That’s crazy, though. Is Harris really that much better than about 4 or 5 other guys at that spot?

  129. Sea Mode

    Another clue:


    #SeahawksDraftClues! “Always on my mind” by @TSoulMusic on @NBCTheVoice!

    12:49 PM – 27 Apr 2017

    • Vista

      Someone pointed out that the person who sung the song went and sung for the Pope. There was a school who visited the Pope this year. That school was Michigan

    • Volume12

      This one is easy.

      Its David Jones, DB, Richmond. That’s where Tsoul was born and raised.

      • Sea Mode

        It’s from the album “God’s Problem Child” = Bolles reference?

      • Volume12

        They also look exactly alike. Very uncanny resemblance.

        • Mr. Offseason

          “Always on my Mind” is referring to USC. Pete treated USC as “second best” when he left the program. Adoree Jackson.

          • Volume12

            Makes sense.

  130. Drew

    Odds of trading up? Just saw on Twitter that there’s rumors multiple teams are talking about trading up. Us, Denver (McCaffrey @ 8 or OL in the teens) and the Giants. Apparently Seattle has talked to Tennessee about pick 18 to get either Lamp or Bolles.

    Personally I don’t think its worth it to trade up for an OL in the 1st unless they’re graded as a top 10 pick on their board.

  131. Volume12

    New clue is up!

    ‘Always on my mind’ by Tsoul from the Voice.

    • Coleslaw

      I think it’s Obi or a UW DB. Obi had so many visits he had to be on their minds all the time.
      The song talks about little things he could have done and said. (Like actually visiting with them) also says something about being 2nd place and him being blind for not putting him #1 (Could be that they had Sidney Jones behind Kevin King and now are overlooking his short arms and want to grab him)

      • Volume12

        That’s a damn good guess.

        • Volume12

          I still think it’s David Jones. Both are from Richmond, looks exactly like Tsoul, ‘always on my mind?’ What does PC always want more of on defense or thinks about? TO’s. Jones is a TO machine.

          • Coleslaw

            I like that one too!

    • Mike

      my guess..they are about to draft Blake Shelton

  132. Volume12

    New clue!

    ‘White flag’ by Stephanie Rice from The Voice.

    • Drew

      Do the Seahawks have an endorsement deal with NBC? All the clues coming from The Voice. Talk about a subtle plug for the show.

      • Volume12

        PC loves the show. The clues are always his favorite comedians or musical acts/videos.

        • Volume12

          That last clue is false.

    • nichansen01

      Stephanie Rice – Rice – Luke Wilson – Tight End?

      • nichansen01

        Or rice – Sidney rice – Sidney Jones

        Or maybe a hint towards Josh Reynolds, a similar receiver to Sidney Rice

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm. not seeing that clue.

  133. Volume12

    Wow. Someone is saying that almost every Seahawk defender is following Budda Baker on twitter. Interesting.

    • nichansen01

      Probably just because he’s a famous Seattle athlete

    • Jason

      Could that just be local ties? Baker is from the area and I am sure has come across the players at some point or another.

      • Drew

        I imagine he’s probably been around the locker room/training facility from time to time. But I would be ECSTATIC if he was our pick. Dude plays with his hair on fire, I don’t care if he’s undersized. Let him and Earl run all over the place.

        • RealRhino2

          I’d like him more than a lot of the guesses I’ve seen today. If we spend more than a 3rd on Chris Wormley I’m going to throw up in my mouth.

  134. nichansen01

    What would it take to get that 12th pick? Sherman?

    • Ed

      Hawks might need to add something to that too.

  135. SheHawk

    I keep pounding the table for Baker. Very possible especially if we do the trade back and grab Bolles at 31 we can use all capital necessary trade back up to top of 2nd and get Budda. He is LOCAL here plus plays with heart of a hawk and is eventual replacement for Earl

    PS – i was really bummed seeing Marshawn’s tweet thanking the 12s but saying to effect of “Im from Oakland “breath on me…” ” I say get Budda in top of Rd 2 – 12s can chant Budda at CLINK and let Baker wear #24 = Breathe on that beastmode!

  136. EP


  137. Vista

    Latest hint is:
    “Love is Like a Heat Wave by Aaliyah Moulden”

  138. JimQ

    Here is how I would like to see it goes down, assuming no trades.
    26: CB–Chidobe Awuzie
    58: DE–Jordan Willis
    90: OG–Isaac Asiata
    102: WR–Taywan Taylor
    106: DT–Carlos Watkins
    210: OLB/LEO?–Samson Ebukam
    226:: SS–Shalom Luani
    Priority-UDFA’s: OT-Jalen Ware, CB-Treston Decoud, TE/WR-Billy Brown
    UDFA’s: OT-Javarious Leamon, OLB-Jimmy Gilbert, DT-Roderick Henderson

    • Mike

      instant upgrades at about five positions that I can see..well done!!

  139. Misfit74

    I had Solomon to Bears at 3. I wonder if this deal is for him or a DB

  140. Misfit74

    I had Trubisky at 2! Sweet. SF not Chi but still. Fun

  141. Derron James


  142. Derron James

    Wow their first next year wow

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