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Not as sold on the interior O-liners as others are

A lot of people have started mocking John Michael Schmitz in round one (often to Seattle). I also read a lot of mocks putting O’Cyrus Torrence in round one.

I just don’t see it.

I thought Schmitz had a decent Senior Bowl and there are some things he does very well. In particular for Seattle’s scheme — you see him chipping at the line then progressing to the second level well. He showed that in Mobile too. There’s a degree of aggression to his game which is appealing and he plays with a lot of effort. He has a chance to become a solid if unspectacular player.

When you’re talking about a first round center — a collectors item it has to be said — I think you need to see more.

Schmitz appears to be limited athletically. He isn’t a dominant force in college which makes you wonder about how he’ll make the step-up. He can be overpowered at times and his anchor isn’t top-level. He has a tendency to overextend and we saw at the Senior Bowl you can attack his shoulder and he struggles to take the correct angle, failing to cut-off the route to the QB. A lack of length doesn’t help. I didn’t think his tape was a very exciting watch.

A lot of Seahawks fans are on board with taking Schmitz at #38 and some are even open to the idea of taking him at #20 (or later in the first round after a small trade down). I can’t agree with that. I’ve given him a modest third round grade that I’ll revise up to a second rounder if he tests better than expected. I don’t think there’s a big difference between Schmitz and Luke Wypler or Joe Tippman (who is expected to have a great combine). I also think Cody Mauch showed in limited snaps at the Senior Bowl that his best position could be center at the next level — and he jumped off the screen during the game in Mobile when he lined up inside. I thought he was legitimately exciting as a center convert.

I even think someone like Juice Scruggs (who was the top O-line performer in 1v1’s at the Shrine Bowl) could provide far better value than taking Schmitz early. As noted earlier this week, I’d be very willing to take on Garrett Bradbury as a scheme-fitting reclamation project if the former #18 overall pick is available at a reasonable price in free agency. Either way, I’m not a fan of taking Schmitz in the top-40 and I’m not convinced the Seahawks are going to find their long term fix from this class.

Then there’s Torrence — possibly the most overrated player in the draft. I thought he had quite a poor Senior Bowl. He gained credit for a lot of losing reps. He received a lot of praise for reps where he was driven back 5-7 yards into the backfield. Typically that isn’t a win for the offensive lineman. There was also the ugly moment in the game where he was dumped on his backside by undersized linebacker Ivan Pace.

Torrence isn’t a great athlete. He had a sloppy frame at Florida and benefitted from a lot of support from the right tackle against key opponents such as Jalen Carter. He doesn’t overpower and smother defenders for a 337lbs lineman. To me he looks like someone who’s happy to hold blocks and contain. I wonder what the better athletes at the next level will do to him and I think he’s limited to blocking schemes that don’t ask their guards to move around.

I think we see players like this come into the league every year and they typically become average or below-average starters or backups.

I think in this draft McClendon Curtis would provide much better value. He has similar size at 6-5 and 331lbs. He has greater length (35 inch arms) and just looked more dominant at the Senior Bowl. He controlled and overpowered opponents and flashed more than Torrence did in the week of practise. I’d even say if you just want size at the position — take a chance on converting someone like Tyler Steen inside.

For a zone-blocking system I would prefer converted tackles Nick Broeker and Nick Saldiveri (both excelled during the Senior Bowl game). Matthew Bergeron and Jordan McFadden could provide mid-round value and we know the Rams’ blocking scheme traditionally favours guards who played tackle. I also think Ryan Hayes as a day-three pick has some developmental potential.

I can’t imagine Torrence going in the first round and I don’t think he’s the plug-and-play dynamo many think he’s destined to be. I think he’s an underwhelming player.

Quick-hitting thoughts on players

Anton Harrison (T, Oklahoma) — I went back and watched two of his games and moved him up to round two. His run-blocking is a lot more impressive than I initially gave him credit for. He’s a waist-bender and looks like he has athletic limitations but if nothing else, he could be a road-grader in the running game.

Rashee Rice (WR, SMU) — he just lacked any kind of juice or suddenness running routes in Mobile and he didn’t look like much of a playmaker, so he moves down the board.

Will McDonald (EDGE, Iowa State) — what a performance in Mobile, hinting at the potential to be something special at the next level. After the combine, I might give him a legit first-round grade.

Adetomiwa Adebawore (DL, Northwestern) — nobody else got the D-liners fired up during 1v1’s like ‘Ade Ade’. His combination of special athletic qualities, long arms and low centre of gravity make for an intriguing package.

Juice Scruggs (C, Penn State) — controlled most of his 1v1’s at the Shrine Game. Yes, the competition wasn’t great. However — he stood out among offensive linemen and it’ll be interesting to see how he tests.

McClendon Curtis (G, Chattanooga) — big, long and aggressive — one of the standout performers in Mobile.

Cameron Young (DT, Mississippi State) — if he tests well I might shift him into round two. I’m not sure why more people aren’t talking about him. He has ideal size (6-3, 304lbs) and incredible length (35 inch arms). He put on a show in Mobile.

Israel Abanikanda (RB, Pittsburgh) — he blew me away watching tape, much like Tyjae Spears. Abanikanda has a great frame, superb burst to accelerate from defenders in the open field, he has excellent cut-back ability and he can drive through contact. A very interesting player who should be on our radar at the combine.

General draft thoughts

This class is lacking in a number of areas. There isn’t a left tackle worthy of a top-10 pick. There isn’t a receiver you can comfortably say deserves to go in the top-10. We might see a cornerback sneak into the top-10 but it might be a bit of a reach.

Your blue-chip players basically come down to four quarterbacks, two defensive linemen, one running back and a tight end. At least in my opinion, pre-combine.

It doesn’t really matter for the Seahawks though. With the #5 pick they are guaranteed to be in position to draft one of the top-four quarterbacks or one of the top-two defensive players. This is a really attractive position to be in.

There’s even better news. I have nine players I’ve given ‘legit’ first round grades (would be first rounders any year) and a further 14 players with ‘fringe’ first round grades (would be happy to take them in the first round).

Basically, the Seahawks should be able to get a good player at #20. I wouldn’t pay much attention to these mocks that put Bijan Robinson in the 20’s (he’ll be the top player on many boards) but the realistic options include aggressive, quick linebacker Drew Sanders, the two hulking offensive linemen Dawand Jones and Darnell Wright, the brilliant interior rusher Calijah Kancey and classic Seahawks-style pass rusher Will McDonald.

As I’ve been discussing this week, I think McDonald is a player to put a ring around. He is exactly the type of player the Seahawks tend to love at his position. He’s 241lbs with 35-inch arms. He’s expected to jump a 42 or 43-inch vertical. He set a school record for sacks.

They already have Darrell Taylor, Uchenna Nwosu and Boye Mafe on the roster so whether they want another EDGE type remains to be seen. Yet McDonald showed at the Senior Bowl he has the rare qualities to bend around the arc and straighten to the quarterback with incredible balance and explosion. He’s strong for his size. He has a killer spin-move that we saw in Mobile when he beat the excellent Wright of Tennessee on back-to-back reps.

If you’re looking for special, difference-making traits — McDonald has them.

Seattle’s pressing need defensively is to get better in the trenches but as they try to create a defense that can scare opponents — it’s hard not to look at McDonald and think they’ll love what they see.

Can the Seahawks improve defensively if they take a quarterback at #5?

Undoubtedly, yes.

They could take McDonald at #20 to get a defender with elite-level traits. They could select Keeanu Benton at #38 — or perhaps after a small move up the board to ensure they get him.

You could keep adding. Alabama’s Byron Young continues to be underrated by many. Cameron Young at Mississippi State had a very good Senior Bowl. Moro Ojomo has intriguing potential at Texas.

I still believe if the Commanders tag DaRon Payne with the intention of trading him — you should be ready to offer a deal using one of your second round picks. That would immediately inject proven quality into your defensive front, taking the pressure off the draft. It would take a pricey contract but they’re going to have to spend to elevate to the next level. Payne is at a good age (he doesn’t turn 26 until May).

So while many people think the only right thing to do is pour resources into the defense — you can plausibly add a young, talented quarterback for the future and still reinforce your D-line.

That doesn’t mean I’m against taking a defensive lineman at #5. I understand the argument and will not criticise the Seahawks if they do that. I think John Schneider deserves some faith when it comes to quarterbacks. If he passes on a player, it won’t be because they’re neglecting the position.

I also hope fans give him the benefit of the doubt if he does take a quarterback. It’s extremely viable to add a young QB at #5 and still improve your defense.

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  1. Ptrptrptr

    Could Skoronski work at center?

    If Bijan, somehow lasted till 20, would it make sense to have both Walker and Bijan?

    • Rob Staton

      He won’t last to #20 but yes

    • Roy Batty

      The more weapons you give a QB, the better off you are.

      I keep thinking about a defense, going up against those two RBs, who continuously sub for each other, keeping fresh legs on the field. Fast, powerful and extremely hard to take down, all the way until the last seconds tick off the clock.

      What a nightmare to face, especially when both are able to run it to the house on any given play.

  2. Seattle Person

    I like McDonald and he does really scream Seahawk. I’ve seen some Seahawks website suggest taking him in the top 10. I think that’s a little rich for me. The player he reminds me of is Leonard Floyd. Both older prospects with similar strengths and weaknesses. Floyd went in the top 10 after all though so it’s not a crazy idea for Mac to go that high. Floyd was solid for the Bears but didn’t justify the top 10 pick. He did however became a legit edge player with the Rams. I’m conflicted about McDonald. Top 10 is cringe for me but #20 is the sweet spot. His potential is massive though.

    • Rob Staton

      I could imagine him splitting the difference and going mid-teens like Brian Burns did

      • Seattle Person

        Yeah. I think he will end up rising up to the teens after the Combine. Top 10 won’t be too far away for teams that love him.

  3. Steve Nelsen

    I would love
    Downs Rd 2
    Ade Ade Rd 2
    Henley Rd 3
    Rush Rd 4

  4. Zxvo3

    So I know John Schneider said they’re going to draft by BPA and not by need. I could see them drafting a QB at 5 and Will McDonald at 20 for the talent and potential. Although you have enough players at the EDGE position, I think McDonald could be a truly talented player at the next level, like star potential. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

    Then in round 2 they can start digging into the iDL class by drafting Keeanu Benton at 38. But they shouldn’t stop there, especially if they’re not able to trade/sign DaRon Payne or Javon Hargrave. Draft one more DL in Byron Young from Alabama at pick 54. He could probably start for us next season.

    We all know the Seahawks had a terrible defensive line last season. Most of the players on the iDL should get cut to be honest, with the exception of Al Woods and Shelby Harris. They really need an injection of talent at that position group. Getting Benton and Young could basically get you two long term starters at the position from year 1.

    • Rob Staton

      I could see them drafting a QB at 5 and Will McDonald at 20 for the talent and potential.

      That makes a lot of sense both in terms of a plan and in terms of the types of player Seattle likes

      I just wonder if McDonald’s stock will continue to rise and rise

      • Zxvo3

        The league doesn’t let players who have premium EDGE rusher potential fall so you’re probably right. I could see him having an impact like Brian Burns or Maxx Crosby.

        • Rob Staton

          I could see him having an impact like Brian Burns or Maxx Crosby

          He has the tools to be a top-level player — what he showed in Mobile reinforced that

          I really fear he’ll be one of those players who just rises out of range in the end

        • DW17

          Sometimes they do. Crosby went in round 4. Still mad that Seattle didn’t take him, but I think it was character concerns. He ticked almost every box.

          • Rob Staton

            There were no character concerns

            People slept on him

  5. PJ in Seattle


    Tampa is in cap hell but there always seem to be ways to get around it. If Geno signs before the draft, I would expect we nail Lock down quickly and then have our hand exposed a bit. We were always going QBoTF at #5 anyway, right?


    • Rob Staton

      The handy thing is given the Seahawks spent all last year promoting Drew Lock, it won’t be a departure if they do that again having signed him to start

      Plus I think they’d sign another veteran (Darnold?) and would talk up their scheme

      • PJ in Seattle

        This is kind of a non-story, but if Tampa Bay wants to pay Geno top-10 cheese, good luck and God bless. Good for him and for them. Maybe makes sense with their aging squad to shell it out for a guy they think can put them in contention while their window closes.

        I would very happy to see us re-sign Lock on a cheap, incentive-laden 1-2 year deal, bring in a castoff vet such as Darnold or Mayfield or whomever ends up falling out of the scrap heap, and drafting one of the top-4 QBs at #5. From a dollars and options standpoint, it makes all the sense int he world. Another $30M+ to spend on some key free agents would do wonders for us.

    • cha

      FWIW Mike Garofolo reported on SB weekend that the Bucs were going to take their cap medicine in 2023 and start fresh in 2024.

      Maybe it’s more plausible that Drew Lock goes to Tampa.

      • Rob Staton

        I heard someone mention that. Apparently they are just going to eat the Brady cap hit rather than do it as a post-June 1st to spread it out

        That said, they will have to rework so many contracts to get under the cap. That means keeping all your big name players in their prime.

        I cannot imagine any way those players accept a situation where the team says —- “yeah, we’re trying to sort things out for 2025”

        Thus, I can well imagine them offering Geno a deal with a low cap hit in 2023 like we will and just going bigger in the future

        • Elmer

          Do you feel that they will be better served finding IOL help in free agency instead of the draft?

          • Rob Staton

            Guard, no, Center, yes

    • Ptrptrptr

      I wonder if they tag and trade him to Bucs ala Frank Clark?

      • Hawksorhiking?

        I don’t think the cap hit works for either team. A deal and new contract would have to be worked out first I’d imagine.

  6. Madmark

    The center position I always felt was really important. What do you think about going and getting Connor McGovern in free agency. Use the 6.5 million you save cutting Gabe Jackson.

    • Rob Staton

      I would happily consider it

      Go and get a proper, solid veteran center

      • Madmark

        Grab Dawand Jones OT Ohio St. with the pick 20.

        • Hawksorhiking?

          I don’t think the cap hit works for either team. A deal and new contract would have to be worked out first I’d imagine.

          • Hawksorhiking?

            Above comment was meant to be commented on another comment.,

  7. schwefelfell

    Rob, what are Darnell Wright‘s and Dawand Jones‘ weaknesses or your reason for not giving them a legit first round grade?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a case of having weaknesses. The legit first round grade is saved for the very best. I suspect they won’t be brilliant testers but believe the elite nine will test in the range to warrant being best in class — including Mayer in the agility testing

      The group that they are in is essentially ‘would take in round one’ anyway — the legit grade is ‘would go R1 in any year’

  8. PJ in Seattle

    BTW, totally agree on your IOL assessment. There’s no need to reach at center or guard in this draft. There’s a plethora of other intriguing snappers (Stromberg, Wypler, Scruggs, Tippman, Mauch, Avila, Saldiveri) that don’t look to my amateur eye to be a major step down from JMSchmitz. This a posittion to fade a bit for sure in this draft class.

    • Rob Staton

      If you’re going to draft a center in round one — or a guard for that matter — I think they need to be special. You need to look at them and be wowed. They need to have a degree of upside and strike you as someone who will be a positional leader in the league quickly in their careers.

      I don’t see that with Schmitz. I think he looks like a solid prospect and nothing more. Tippman and Mauch have more athletic upside and he’s not so overpowering of technically gifted to feel like he deserves to go in the top-40

      • PJ in Seattle

        I always go back to when we drafted James Carpenter at #25. Nick Saban was on cam going ‘Wow, really?’. Not a bad player, but 1st round? Even his coach was like, DAMN.

        We can beef up the middle of our OL with late picks in this class. It’s actually kind of rich later. So go BPA early and we can address those needs later, if we haven’t already done so in FA.

        • Luka

          Such a tom cable pick.

        • Madmark

          James wasn’t a bad pick he was what he was a OG that should never moved to RT his 2nd year. He had a pretty good career as a OG.

  9. Rob Staton

    If anyone cares about what I actually do for a day job, I commentate on football for the BBC.

    Today I was in London doing radio commentary on Millwall vs Sheffield United (one of the clubs in my region). The club use our commentary for their highlights video so if you’re interested at all, you can hear a little bit of what I do aside from writing about the draft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bkFAwdBs0A

    • no frickin clue

      I heard someone once say that the two words an English soccer player does not want to hear is “Millwall away”. How much truth is there to this?

      • Rob Staton


        I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences there

      • NotAlNorm

        Now, I will hear your voice as I read your NFL analyses. I enjoyed your play-by-play call. That match appeared to be a fun one to call.

    • Trevor

      Really cool!

    • Charles

      Wow! Very descriptive and energetic commentary. I fell in love with baseball growing up with the play by play done by Dave Niehaus for the Seattle Mariners and really enjoy listening to Steve Raible as well! Good stuff Rob thanks for sharing.

    • PJ in Seattle

      That;s your day job? Good on you, my man. I thought maybe you were a personal trainer, LOL

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    O’Cyrus Torrance is this year’s Kenyon Green — why he’s a R1 draft darling I just don’t understand.

    Fun stuff Rob

    I keep thinking about Will McDonald and how he’ll be all irresistible at 20 for Seattle, especially if they go QB at 5. Not hard to imagine Schneider selling Carroll on that plan. Or that Carroll needs any selling.

  11. Sean-O

    Big board-wise, you have 23 total players that are either 1 or 1-2 worthy. With four picks in the top 52, that doesn’t ideal. It seems like a good year, as the article states, to send a 2nd round pick to WAS for Payne.

    I wanted to ask about Siaki Ika. You’ve got him pegged as a 4th rounder. He’s been pretty highly rated & consistently going in the 2nd in about every mock I’ve seen. Quite a bit to the Hawks too.

    Is it because of his overall play, potential or potential scheme fit for SEA? Just curious. Zierlein’s overview seems pretty favorable.


    • Rob Staton

      I think his run defense, for a man his size, is rubbish. It’s borderline a liability at times. If I’m drafting someone who is 358lbs — which is too heavy to begin with — he better be a dominant anchor versus the run.

      His run defense grade was a 69.1 in 2022.

      In total, he was the 174th ranked defensive tackle in college football with a 74.4 grade.

      I get that he has athletic flashes and I like that about him. But at the next level how much do we seriously think he’s going to be a factor as a pass rusher? Plus he’s quite streaky and inconsistent with it.

      I don’t think he’s the player many imagine him to be.

  12. Ciggy

    Saw it…. You’re a talented bugger….it’s so really terrific to have you as such an involved observer of the Seahawks….

  13. Madmark

    There was a guy who always wrote about 2 players that he wanted to on the team at the end of the draft. So that about that with so many out there and 2. My 2 are not trench but they cover the middle of field on Defense. The first is Drew Sanders we need to replace the Bobby Wagner. The next guy is J.L. Skinner safety. I know it will but I hard to give up so much dead money I’m willing to cut Adams now. So post 2 players you want?

    • Steve Nelsen

      Here are two guys a bit under the radar that I would love to see in Seattle

      WR Josh Downs – He can play the slot as a rookie and replace Tyler when the time comes. Love his fierce attitude. Has NFL bloodlines which show in his mature understanding of what it takes to succeed in the NFL. A starting WR on a rookie contract is good value.

      CB Darius Rush – He stood out at the Senior Bowl. Draft him to compete with Michael Jackson and Coby Bryant as a rookie but he reminds me of Deshawn Shead. Will support the run. Another starting CB on a rookie contract would also be great value.

      Madmark, I like JL Skinner too. He might seem redundant with Seattle’s safety depth so it is a bit of a luxury pick. But he could play ST as a rookie and at least one Senior Bowl scout thought he was a potential big nickel. He would also be valuable depth given the injury history of Adams and Diggs. And he would be able to step in next year if/when either of those guys gets released.

      Daiyan Henley would be a nice inexpensive off ball ILB. I like his athleticism, speed and coverage skills. Big upgrade from Cody Barton.

      • cha

        I’ve never used SIS before so I don’t know how legit it is.

        But they have Avg Tackle Depth, which I’ve always wondered about as a stat for LB efficiency.

        Of the top 40 tacklers at the LB spot, Cody Barton had the highest Depth at 3.7 yards beyond the LOS. The next highest player was at 3.3.

        Which makes sense, as he only had 4 TFL all season.

        My unverified conclusion, getting his man to the ground happens after he’s gained the first down. A lot of the time.

        • Lord Snow

          Nice stuff Curtis. Did they mention Jordan Brooks?

          • cha

            Fifth highest depth at 2.7 yards.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Interesting. I’ve never seen this stat before. I would imagine part of it is due to lack of run-stuffing DTs to keep the linebackers clean. Combine this stat with Barton’s missed tackle percentage and that should end any discussion about whether to bring him back. Was he statistically the least effective starting ILB in the NFL?

        • Madmark

          Cody Barton looks lost in this 3-4 defense his reaction speed to a play seems to be a step behind. We need to replace Bobby Wagner and Brooks being injures we need someone to protect the middle and be fast enough to play both edges.

        • Old but Slow

          What is SIS, and is there a link? Thanks.

  14. Ian

    Rob, there’s been some recent chatter regarding the Bears drafting a qb at #1 and trading Fields. What kind of market would there be for Fields?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a very good one IMO

    • cha

      Wouldn’t surprise me if that talk was trying to create more of a market for the #1 pick.

  15. Scott

    Rob, curious what you think about Kirkland from Washington. Thanks

  16. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Good stuff. Love reading these horizotal boards together with your commentary.

    Just curious between Will McDonald, Darrell Taylor, Uchenna Nwosu and Boye Mafe. Can any of the guys kick inside on third to rush the passer?

    • Rob Staton

      No they are clearly all edge rushers

      • samprassultanofswat

        Thanks Rob

    • Madmark

      I think we have enough OLB/ Edge rusher. I’m trying to figure out who be left to play the other 3 spots on the DL. I think Richardson, Jefferson, and Mona are cap casualties, maybe even Woods. There only so much talent in a draft to replace what we need on the DL.

      • Roy Batty

        But they only have Nwosu under contract for 2023, then he’s an FA. If he has another solid year as a starter, hip is price tag goes up. Drafting another EDGE keeps the rebuild fully stocked up until the years they truly expect to start contending.

        If a really good prospect is staring at them, take him. This team needs depth.

      • cha

        If they go get Daron Payne, that fills a huge hole. He plays 75-80% of the snaps.

        It’s almost a 2 for 1 deal.

        Then you can use that extra spot on an edge and rotate your edges as much as you want.

  17. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: Brock Huard spoke highly of Hendon Hooker. It is going to be really interesting to see where Hooker ends up. If the Hawks really wanted Hooker (according to Huard) the Hawks would have to take him with one of their 2nd round picks. To much of a gamble to hope he is available in round three.

    • BK26

      To me it’s too much of a gamble to take him before round 4. I’m seeing Hooker start to get pushed up by guys, idk if it’s to have a different take or what.

      • Peter

        What a nightmare scenario:

        Spend a second on Hooker. He doesn’t play until he’s 26. Ostensibly we’ve paid Geno for three years. Geno plays well but just like he has maybe better, maybe worse.

        So when hooker is 27-28 years old after not getting in on any other qb we have to roll him out for between one and if we’re lucky two years left on his contract where if he plays well there’s a decision to be made on a then 28-29 year old with maybe one season under his belt to decide if he gets a new contract.

        Now I understand with an injury year some of this changes. But essentially instead of three years to decide on a new contract at best its two years but maybe less.


        • Peter

          Oh and under the sign geno/draft hooker paradigm we literally get no benefit of the purported rookie contract to build. Just hope every single pick hits. Which is pretty unlikely.

          • BK26

            And he needs to learn a pro offense. Maybe another year after the recovery year?

            Much sooner than later we are dealing with a 30 year old. It’s not a long term solution to me. 30 isn’t old but in football you are closer to done than not.

            It just seems like too much work at the most important position and nowhere close to the payoff balancing it. Like you said, cutting our margin for error waaaaaaay too thinly.

            • Roy Batty

              I’m in favor of using one of the middle round or day three picks on a qb every year. Keep one in the chamber, just in case. Injuries and out-of-control QB salaries are always in the background, waiting to rear their heads.

  18. Mick

    Really nice work Rob. I wouldn’t spend a high pick on Schmitz, if anything I’d draft a C later for depth and hope that I hit someone better than Pocic and Blythe. And at 5 I’d just take Will Anderson if all 4 top QBs are gone. I think Wright and Jones might be gone by 20, so I wouldn’t force taking a guard – either solve the problem by free agency, or go for someone like Broeker, Saldiveri or Vorhees in the later rounds. If it’s not the year to draft a guard high we shouldn’t push it. I’d much rather get one of the WRs in the second round.

  19. DJ 1/2 way

    Thanks for the link. Really excellent play by play. We knew you were good but it was great to hear you calling that game. Please keep providing the links.

    • Mick

      I might not know much NFL but I watch and play soccer since I was 6. This is top class commentary.

    • Peter

      Agree. This was great to hear.

  20. Zxvo3

    Quick question Rob, you mentioned Anton Harrison from Oklahoma. What do you think about his teammate Wanya Morris and converting him into a guard in Seattle’s scheme? I think he’s certainly got the size for it.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, it’s an option for sure

  21. no frickin clue

    Mock draft time! I conducted a four-rounder.

    The first four picks went as follows:
    1.1 Chicago – Will Anderson, DE
    1.2 Houston – CJ Stroud, QB
    1.3 Arizona – Jalen Carter, DT
    1.4 Indy – Bryce Young, QB

    Not an unreasonable first four picks, leaving me to go with:
    1.5 Seattle – Will Levis, QB

    When we get to 1.20, both Bijan Robinson and Michael Mayer are still on the board. I trade 1.20 to the Giants for 1.25, 2.57 and 5.162.

    At 1.25, both of those guys are still there. I choose:
    1.25 Seattle – Michael Mayer, TE

    Now it’s time to do something nice for the defense. In round 2 I go with:
    2.37 – Calijah Kancey, DT
    2.52 – Keion White, DE
    2.57 – Steve Avila, G/C

    Round 3:
    3.83 Zach Charbonnet, RB

    Round 4:
    4.123 DeMarvion Overshown, LB

    I would have liked to take JL Skinner – he was still on the board in the 50’s – but I decided that talent in the trenches was a better use of capital there. Skinner went off the board at #60 overall.

  22. Foxseahawk

    Hi Rob,

    Great work as usual.

    Quick question, are the Running Backs tiered on there fit for the Seahawks or league wide??


    • Rob Staton

      Personal tiers

  23. AL

    Its fun to read all the discussions and speculations about Seattles draft picks and who will they draft, with the prevailing thought being they will most likely not trade their picks and take the BPA. With many being ok with whatever QB falls to you, Anderson or Carter at #5.

    Now envision yourself being John Schneider… Your a smart guy, great judge of talent and your coming off your best draft in years. You traded your franchise QB, your defense is a mess and you got a great year out of Geno, but you know he’s not the answer. You have a lot riding on your shoulders as you know this draft will define you and the Seahawks for years to come.

    So, what are you going to do John, whats the plan? Do you want to draft a QB and if so, are you ok with whoevers left at #5? Or, would Anderson just be to hard to pass on at #5?

    Tough questions forsure. You know you could probably be successful with any of the four QB’s, although the height challenged prospect might be a hard sell. Your also aware that next years draft isn’t looking great for QB’s. Or, picking Anderson would certainly be intriguing.

    Now, before you say anything John, were aware you like QB’s with certain traits and this QB class has that in spades. We also know you never forgot missing out on Mahomes and Allen. So we suspect that you may have a particular QB prospect that you just love and for the first time as a GM, the means to go get him.

    So John, whats the plan, how are you going to use this FA class and the draft to set your team up for success for years to come? This is your big moment John, don’t mess it up!

  24. Steve

    Great work Rob. What are your thoughts on Tavius Robinson from Ole Miss? He played a lot in the Senior Bowl and has unique length for DE

  25. Starhawk29

    Stoked to see a mention of Abanikanda! Very fun player to watch, I think a lot of teams will love him. Idk if the Hawks will be one of them, but man is he a fun player.

  26. ukalex6674

    Just had time to read this superbly constructed and researched piece.

    It’s excellent, thanks Cha!

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