Video: QB starts, JSN usage, Seahawks & QB scouting

September 20th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. Palatypus says:

    I agree that you should not throw rookie quarterbacks into the Lion’s den.

    You should throw them in the Charger’s den.

    • LouCityHawk says:

      As long as it isn’t the brown’s den

    • Jimmy J says:

      I like how Penix goes through his reads and his pocket awareness/ composure.

      I love how he uses different arm angles to complete passes and his accuracy. The td to Westie almost sidearm was beautiful.

      Mahomes made a Ton of bonehead throws at TT and reason he didn’t go top 5.

      You can coach up Penix but where do you find a Michael vick arm and accuracy. Penix is a surgeon out there and you can always nit pick throws but his incompletions are throwing the ball away not missing a receiver.

      Husky receivers aren’t running free and when they are, the ball is on the money 30 yds with a flick of his wrist.

      Penix does benefit from the 50/50 balls odunze, polk and McMillan snag but the passes are on the money 50 yds down field.

      I think Penix deserves a lot of LOVE! Penix is amazing.
      I was at MSU and you could see the control, composure, pocket presence that is rare.

      I will take that arm talent, sit him for a year and coach him up. He’s AMAZING!!

      • Rob Staton says:

        I don’t recognise this review of Penix — and I speak as someone who has talked consistently positively about him.

        He isn’t making a lot reads in this system and he doesn’t need pocket awareness because he’s barely ever touched. He is not a ‘surgical’ passer. He is playing in one of the extreme-spread systems that create a lot of easy completions. He has a lot of deep-ball shots too — but we’re not talking about any need to be ‘surgical’ within this scheme.

        It’s not nit-picking to highlight these aspects or issues on certain throws. He spent the first two weeks overthrowing on some downfield shots (he just did) and against Michigan State there were a fair amount of throws that made life difficult for the receivers and because they are so talented, they bailed him out somewhat. Then there was the certain interception (which would’ve been ugly) that a defender mishandled, tipped into the air and was caught by a receiver (who ran it in for a very fortunate score).

        He does have an outstanding arm and he completes ‘wow’ passes every game to the sideline that many won’t even consider. Yet we have to be truthful here. In the NFL he is not going to be untouched and facing so little pressure like he is at UW. He’s not going to be throwing to receivers who are 10x better than the defenders they’re facing. He is going to need to do a lot more processing pre and post snap and he isn’t going to get a nice mix of open options over the middle and deep-throws. He’s going to need to become the surgeon you speak of, which simply isn’t part of life in his current system.

        This is all a fair review of what he is. He has outstanding tools but there is context that needs to be heard too.

    • cha says:

      Dumb move. With Boye Mafe held out last week?

      For Artie Burns? A 4th Tight End? And with Kyu Blu, that Las Vegas LB that was a “steal” and the OT from TB who hasn’t played on the roster?

      He better end up on the Practice Squad.

      • Peter says:

        New TE to play OLB?

      • Gaux Hawks says:

        Cha, what is our club control for TE Brady Russell ??

        2024 Draft Hedge (maybe someone they liked in 2023) ?

        Felt like Smith was a hedge against releasing Taylor in 2024… oh well.

        • cha says:

          He’s a rookie so they’ve got 3 years of club control.

          But that assumes they even want to use a roster spot on him long-term.

          • Elmer says:

            2 OL rookies and 1 TE rookie all poached off of other practice squads. Really? if you are looking for OL depth because of injuries, wouldn’t you look for a proven track record? If these rookies were great why were they on practice squads instead of active rosters.

            Maybe the moves have more to do with cost savings.

      • cha says:

        And now Mike Morris is on IR with the shoulder that’s been bugging him all offseason.

        Cutting Tyreke Smith makes even less sense now.

        • Rob Staton says:

          This is fine meme

        • Elmer says:

          Doesn’t seem to make sense. It must mean that something else is in the works.

          • cha says:

            Could be, but feels like the time they cut a guy then went ‘whoops, didn’t mean to do that.’

            I think it was when they were playing footsie with Josh Gordon.

            • Brodie says:

              They cut a DL a few years ago so they could add a special teams guy for a TNF game (if memory serves). The Vikings claimed him off waivers and we ended up eating dead cap and being down a DT.

              Sometimes they get way too friggin cute with their moves. As you said… “for who?” a 4th TE?

              Only way this makes much sense is if one of our TE’s is going to miss multiple weeks.

        • Ben says:

          What’s up with drafting injured players?

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      4D CHESS ??

    • LouCityHawk says:

      Talking about Prez trade, contract, injury and play is so 2022

      Talking about the stubborness of trying to make Darrell Taylor happen at the cost of all else, so 2023

      • UkAlex6674 says:

        Over reaction much? It’s not like we’ve let go a perennial PB or AP……

        • LouCityHawk says:

          Hated the pick

          Think he is at best a situational, rotational pass rusher depth piece.

          He is so bad against the run that teams will target him in 3rd and long because they know he is incapable of setting an edge!

          I’m sure he is a nice guy, good teammate, but ffs

  2. vanhawksfan says:


    What do you think about Jer’Zhawn Newton as a replacement for Mario Edwards? I know that he lacks length but there is a bit of a Calijah Kancy vibe to his play. Thank you for all of the great writing.

  3. geoff u says:

    They are also using Anthony Richardson in the run game, which is getting him killed. Two injuries in two games running the ball, though I think the second was a scramble where he was blitzed and there was no hot read. They appear to be scheming ways to get him injured.

    • Seattle Person says:

      I’ve seen their games and Ant does a lot to injure himself too…More times than not he’s finishing a run like a RB….

      • geoff u says:

        That’s definitely true as well, shades of RGIII. That run were he was concussed especially, looks like he expected to walk in and then WHAM. Gotta protect yourself, bro. I think this could also comes down to coaching too. Have to teach him these things before you throw him out there and he’s playing on pure instinct.

  4. LouCityHawk says:

    I really would like to see one of those research oriented people do the work on QBs who were drafted and started right away versus QBs who sat with the idea of starting versus QBs who were thought of as backups, but became starters.

    My guess would be that QBs drafted with the idea they would sit for a year to three before starting have a high hit rate.

    I suspect immediate starters would have lower success rates than long term backups.

    This all makes a ton of sense in a real world sense, also bad franchises are the ones that Draft QBs high, and they are highly incentivized to start them right away and try to exploit the market savings as a way to jumpstart a turnaround.

    • BK26 says:

      I think the only knock would be that the better the quarterback as a prospect, the more likely that they were to start immediately. I can’t really think of anyone lately that sat and is an upper echelon quarterback. Other than Mahomes.

      • CHaquesFan says:

        Love is looking good, Rodgers sat, Hurts sat for most of a year, probably a lot mkre

        • BK26 says:

          I wasn’t considering as far back as Rodgers. Hurts wasn’t considered the QBOTF at the time, I think they were having him be the insurance policy.

          Love is a possibility. He’s at least proof of the plan of sitting them since you never know with an older QB1.

          • Peter says:

            Another variable to consider. We’re they considered QBOTF or person of interest?

            I suppose if Pete and or John moves from Geno in say two to three years and Lock can come in and do it on backup plus money you can start to see a case for developing.

            I think Robs overall point is completely correct. The cap control is awesome when it works which not nearly as often as burning through misses at QB when teams get it wrong.

      • Peter says:

        While a cool project to tackle I think there’s too many variables.

        The names in broadly modern times I could come up as developmental players: ( that did actually play )

        Steve Young

        I’m sure there’s been more. I’m not listing the mike whites who play accidentally and then get dumped on their butt.

        I’m not listing our very own Geno who did definitely get time to develop but not when he was drafted.

        Notice a pattern btw. The qbs selected to truly be developed extend from two connected coaching trees.

    • Jeff says:

      Hey I’m a research oriented person (data scientist by day).

      It’s unlikely such a study would reveal much of interest, unfortunately.

      * Talent matters more than anything else; you have to control for that as a coviariate
      * There are a *lot* of other covariates that matter: situation, players around them, etc etc.
      * The relevant sample size (really just a handful of guys each year) is too small.

  5. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I said Will’s off to as good a start as he had his rookie season

    PFF SEA Seahawks @PFF_Seahawks

    Will Dissly: highest graded TE in the NFL this season – 81.0 📈

    11:12 AM · Sep 20, 2023

  6. Blitzy the Clown says:

    The Prime effect

    PAFootball @jasrifootball

    Colorado’s coaching staff is about to get even more stacked: #NFL hall of fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp says that he’s planning to join the team’s coaching staff for the 2024 season, via

    “Imma get everything, get the paperwork, and go to work. When you have a quarterback like Shedeur, and my DLine will go hunt the other quarterback, our chances of winning just went through the roof.”

    Full Video Here:

  7. cha says:

    …aaaand, Mike Morris is done for the year.

  8. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Something’s rotten in Chi town

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Bears’ DC Alan Williams resigned this afternoon. He will not return to the team.

    1:12 PM · Sep 20, 2023

    • Rob Staton says:

      A shambles

      Everyone I know connected to that team has been acting like all their decision making has been spot on since the new GM/coach came in

      I think they’ve been bloody awful. I mean, they traded a high R2 for Chase Claypool

      Plus Fields has never had it — there’s another view I took some grief about back in the day

      Awfully run franchise facing another massive rebuild soon

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Bummer. If today’s roster moves indicate the new precedent, we should apologize to him now for his release next season.

  9. Ben says:

    I didn’t realize there was so much depth at QB coming up in the draft. Gives me some hope that they may finally pull the trigger. A rookie backup would be a nice way to get some cap savings.

    The JSN target range is a head scratcher. It negates his strength as a route runner. Whenever I see those line of scrimmage throws, it reminds me of Golden Tate turning those throws into yardage. Remember him juking defenders and picking up 10 yard gains.

    There used to be a lot of talk from coaches about putting players into position to use their strengths. Seems now like they’re trying to force players to fit into the system. The secondary is a jumble of good players that too often look lost on the field.

    • BK26 says:

      Has to be a qb that matters. Depth does no good if there isn’t anyone worth it (could push your guy along for a bit if another team or two fancies someone else).

      The cap savings is nice, but I want a kid that can be the difference maker first.

  10. cha says:

    I think you have a valid concern about JSN’s target depth, Rob.

    The Seahawks (yes, based on small sample) have tried the same dumb thing with Dee Eskridge. Instead of taking advantage of his route running and contested catch strengths, they’ve essentially tried to turn him into an “at-the-LOS-gadget” type player.

    So there is precedent for your point.

  11. Rob Staton says:

    A lot of people asking about Jer’Zhan Newton

    I just watched the Penn State game and that was his best performance I’ve seen. Very active, very difficult to block. A strong game

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Yep, that game really jumped out for me. If he can continue to play like that, he’s a very exciting prospect. Would be even cooler if he gained 15-25 lbs. Arms don’t look super long either, but plays with decent leverage still so I can see why someone might see a Kancey comp.

  12. Andy Heck 66 says:

    I think JSN is hurt and cannot be trusted to catch long passes now. Hopefully he will ramp up to better route tree in a few weeks. Probably still pretty hurt for 1-2 more.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      If he’s hurt enough that he can’t run routes that end up with him more than 5 yards down the field, he shouldn’t be playing. He’s a talented kid and so far they are wasting him.

      • Peter says:

        Like Rob I’m not an X’s and O’s guy ( while he proceeds to watch 5-6 games of college a week, goes on to break down why a college scheme might not work in the pros,)

        But if he was injured still but can play I would think you’d want him in a little space rather than dlinemen, ends, and attacking LOS db’s just sitting there to tee off on him.

    • GrittyHawk says:

      What about a wrist injury makes him unable to catch a long pass vs a short pass? Not sure I’m following your train of thought here.

  13. cha says:

    I can’t muster much enthusiasm for Season of Boom I’m afraid.

    Maybe it’s because we already have the Rain City Redemption series.

    Maybe it’s because the two main players have made such a hash of this team the last 4 seasons.

    Maybe it’s because I live at ground zero and we’ve had so many celebrations of that team shoved down our throat as opposed to having an honest conversation about the state of the current team.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ve not watched it TBH

    • Peter says:

      Saw that in my YouTube feed and thought pretty much what you just said.

    • Brodie says:

      I started it – thinking it was about this season.

      After I realized it was just another mashup of ‘the old gang’ talking about how they were the greatest defense in history, I made it another 3 minutes or so.

      Hard to get too excited for a movie you’ve watched 50 times and is 10 years old.

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      I’ve thought it was enjoyable, so far. I don’t mind reliving the glory days, so long as the organization doesn’t try to coast on the past for another decade, ala the M’s. At least the Hawks can celebrate a championship, whereas the Mariners have nothing but dust on their mantle.

    • James says:

      Skip it and go straight to Doug Baldwin’s interview with KJ. It’s intense.

  14. Big Mike says:

    Of all the players they struggled to use properly as cha mentioned above, Jimmy Graham is number one on my list. He was basically a wide receiver playing TE and they tried to make him an inline TE. It was insane.

    • Ben says:

      They tried to turn him into a blocking TE. His body language was of someone who had given up on his coaches’ leadership. Been a few players who’ve left here taking shots at our schemes.

      • Elmer says:

        Why do they like TE’s so much? It seems like they are often bringing in TE’s when filling other positions seems like a better idea for the team, And the signings usually don’t amount to much.

  15. Ben says:

    Real early, but how many 1st round grade QB’s, and how many looking like 2nd rounders?
    Question for anyone studying them.
    I’ve watched a few of them. Definitely not a talent evaluator though.

  16. Peter says:

    Hope this is nothing but just heard Corbin Smith say Will Dissly is dealing with a shoulder injury and was held out of practice.

  17. Gross MaToast says:

    My date and I were kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice over the weekend and as I was leaving the theatre, it hit me – this team is currently being run according to the results of a front office game of Mad Libs. It’s the only rational explanation.

  18. vanhawksfan says:

    Rob, here is the profile for Penix from the ProFootball Network website, home of Tony Pauline. Thoughts, especially on the lack of arm strength?

    Penix first broke out at Indiana in 2019, but injuries and inconsistent play led to burning out at the school. But he landed at Washington and immediately became a star again, completing 65.3% of passes for a whopping 4,641 yards, 31 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. The lefty pocket passer proved to be a Heisman contender and NFL talent.

    There’s a lot to like about Penix, as he’s an accurate, smart thrower who knows his own limitations and overcomes his average arm strength. His passing motion has improved greatly as he uses touch to deliver passes into the hands of his playmakers. He’s also willing to let his tremendous receivers go to work, trusting them in contested coverage.

    The concern with Penix is his lack of physical traits. As Teddy Bridgewater did as a prospect and pro, Penix struggles to drive the ball into tight windows, and his passes hang just long enough to be a problem in the NFL. He’s not a runner and, therefore, he must be dominant from the pocket to be a plus NFL starter.

    A very good collegiate player, Penix projects as a high-floor backup to a lower-end starter at the next level. That earns a late Day 2 grade. – Ian Valentino, 8/22/2023

    • Denver Hawker says:

      Not Rob- also not wrong

    • BK26 says:

      Bingo. Not saying he’s remotely similar to Bridgewater, but I could see them having similar careers. I think his game wasn’t supposed to translate well to the NFL. One worry for Penix: how much can he do despite of the system.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I would suggest not paying much attention to Ian Valentino’s work if he thinks Penix’s physical tools aren’t other worldly

      He has a golden arm

  19. Rob I have a question for you it seems like in today NFL there isn’t any middle class players in the league most teams pay 10 sometimes a little bit more 10 million dollars a year or more and the rest of the roster has guys making 4 million or less.i can’t imagine anything major happening at NFL trade deadline unless Arizona moves budda baker.

  20. Cambs says:

    Obviously there are good years and bad years for every position but I’m curious whether there’s a story to be told from the 2024 QB class and looking on down the line whether there’s been a leveling-up of QB development from the youth/HS level sufficient to change QB supply in the league generally — as in, it’s not necessarily just this one great class, but we expect the overall pool of QB quality to be less incredibly shallow in future years than it has been.

    I’ve no opinion on this either way, but if there really end up being 10+ day 1/2 QBs … and then we’re looking ahead to a Sanders-led 2025 class, a Dante Moore-led 2026 class, and what seem like a good bunch of freshmen arriving on campus next year, then that feels like fodder for draft season futurecast pieces about a coming sea change.

  21. CL says:

    Regarding JSN, just saw something interesting:

    Jaxon Smith-Njigba is currently averaging 4.6 yards of separation on every route he’s ran so far this season.
    That’s 2nd best among all WR’s and 4th best in the ENTIRE league.

    • STTBM says:

      Glad others are noticing Seattle won’t throw him the ball downfield. It’s freaking criminal. They are treating him like a raw division 2 UDFA, not a guy they thought was a top 5 pick.

      Target depth sucks for JSN. Get him the damn ball…

    • Big Mike says:

      Get the guy the ball down the field for heaven’s sake.

      • geoff u says:

        Seriously. I wonder if they’re waiting for his hand to heal, and just sending him out on routes as a decoy/dummie role to get the live in-game experience?

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      …to be fair, the DBs are also five yards off the LOS

    • Jeff says:

      As others have mentioned, this is because he’s running very shallow routes.

      I assume this is due to his injury, though I’m not sure. I honestly wonder if the whole “Russ won’t throw the middle crossers” was really a Russ thing at this point, or if it’s just the way Pete likes the offense to be structured. It’s not as if Geno’s hitting them a ton.

  22. dahveed says:

    Chemistry it takes awhile . Having played Qb its weird how in my head i could see where the reciever I new was running without even looking. Correct me but wasnt Lock throwing most to JSN in preseason

  23. cha says:


    Joe Person
    Andy Dalton will address media at the podium in about 20 minutes or so, which would seem to be an indication of what way the Panthers are leaning.

  24. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I enjoy a good Baldy’s Breakdown, and this is a good one because it demonstrates the coaching staff recognized a potential mismatch problem and schemed to address and overcome it.

    Would that they could do this in all facets of their game.

  25. Palatypus says:

    Our good friend Shawn Hocculi has got the 49ers game tonight.

    We get Ron Torbert this week. There are two women on this crew so expect a lot of flags for things that happened 20 years ago.

  26. Thomas says:

    Danny Shelton is available again…

  27. cha says:

    Tyreke Smith back on the Seahawks as a practice squad player.


    • Brodie says:

      Good news indeed. Waiting for news to drop about Dissly missing time now.

      With the OT’s banged up and Dissly as well, it could be that the guy we picked up from Philly is a good blocking TE. I don’t think that Fant and Parkinson add much in that area.

  28. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’ll keep saying it: Deion is something different

    COACH PRIME @DeionSanders

    Do u love people, do u want others to succeed, do u desire us all to unite & do u feel a certain way when someone is misused or abused? If yes is your answer to all of above i appreciate your heart & you’re what this world needs to make this a better place. Let’s do something about it. #CoachPrime

    4:06 AM · Sep 21, 2023

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m desperate to get some Colorado merch but it’s either sold out or won’t ship!

      • Denver Hawker says:

        I used to be offered free tickets to every game for years and would only go if there was another team playing that I wanted to watch.

        Now all sold out and no one’s even selling.

        Unreal turnaround.

      • nfendall says:

        Colorado has gotten their money’s worth for Deion three weeks into the first season. Brilliant hire.

        • Blitzy the Clown says:


          It’s like buying into Apple in 1980

          Barstool Colorado @CUBarstool

          The amount of exposure CU is getting is insane:

          “The university ran a report on the equivalent ad value of the media coverage since the season started and estimated it at $90.55 million.”

          (Via: @dailycamera)

          • geoff u says:

            NFL teams are absolutly going to be falling over themselves to hire him for that alone. He should have the common sense to choose wisely.

  29. Rob Staton says:

    This is ridiculous

    Two games in and feels like half the team isn’t practising

  30. Olyhawksfan says:

    Regarding the subject of not getting the ball down field to JSN…did anyone else notice Geno looks very hesitant to throw deep so far this year? Seemed like last year he was fearless.

    And in addition to not using JSN properly, one could argue the same about DK.

    • cha says:

      One game with nothing but 3 and outs and one game with both OT’s as backups.

    • nfendall says:

      One thing I appreciate about Geno is that he will take the short and intermediate stuff instead of trying to force it down the field unnecessarily. If he doesn’t hit many downfield shots because the defense wants to keep 2 deep safeties and take away DK but plays like he did against the Lions I am perfectly okay with it.

      They definitely need to manage JSN much better in that intermediate area to utilize his skill set. Crossing my fingers hoping they figure it out.

      • geoff u says:

        Agreed, that’s why his completion percentage hovers around 70%, yet he’s still pretty great at the deep ball. He hits it when it’s there.

  31. Rob Staton says:

    Interesting I noticed today. Top five graded receivers on PFF are all coached by Shanahan, McVay or one of their disciples

  32. Palatypus says:

    49ers by three touchdowns.

  33. Palatypus says:

    Interesting that Shawn Hocculi’s crew didn’t throw a flag until the second quarter after a really chippy first.

  34. HOUSE says:

    I’m curious if DAL has a replacement plan for Trevon Diggs? Looks like he’s done for the year and we have a deep CB room. I know PC mentioned Woolen could miss some though.

    • ShowMeYourHawk says:

      Until we’ve seen the starters get through at least a few games together, we don’t really know what we’ve got at CB. We were also told that Jackson had the best camp of anyone and dude lost his job pretty quickly.

      • HOUSE says:

        Jackson is the tradable guy in my eyes. Especially when we bring Burns back up from the PS. I’m curious to see how Kelly’s development goes

  35. Rob Staton says:

    San Fran are the clear #1 team in the NFC

  36. Palatypus says:

    With all of these red jerseys in Santa Clara, it looks like a Chargers home game against the Chiefs.

  37. Palatypus says:

    Purdy is clearly very rusty, but he still makes great decisions, because he knows it.

    This is a David Krieg-like effort.

  38. Big Mike says:

    How is it the 9ers got 2 Thursday games on short rest? They play us on Thanksgiving night on a short week as well as tonight. Frankly, that’s lousy.

  39. nfendall says:

    BREAKING: Deebo Samuel is very good at football.

  40. Peter says:

    Tired of talking about how good that niners defense is?…..well….

    Now we can talk about how good that offense is as well..

  41. Blitzy the Clown says:

    According to StatMuse, Andy Dalton has a career record of 3-1 against the Seattle Seahawks.

    In four games against the Seahawks, he has thrown for 1,104 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions with a passer rating of 93.4.

  42. Palatypus says:

    I woke up today to Good Morning Football and was astonished that Jaimie Erdahl, for once, had a good idea.

    She made a game-day-inspired sandwich for the upcoming tilt of the Denver Broncos (0-2) at the Miami Dolphins (2-0.) It was a pepper-infused bison Cuban flatbread sandwich.

    Half asleep, I remembered I had goat cheese and pita bread left over from making gyros earlier in the week with doner kababs. I also had marinara left over from spaghetti and meatballs.

    So, I made a goat cheese pita pizza for lunch. I think I’ll do this again for the next Rams game. But it needs something.

    Fresh cilantro?

    • Big Mike says:

      Can’t ever go wrong with Cilantro.

      • Group Captain Mandrake says:

        Unless you’re one of those people who taste soap when they eat it. I feel sorry for that lot. Mexican and Thai just aren’t the same without it.

        • Palatypus says:

          According to my 23&Me test, I am one of those people who can smell asparagus in urine. Until I got the test, I didn’t know that there were people who couldn’t smell asparagus in urine.

          I love cilantro. Graffiti Pizza in downtown Pensacola will smother a pizza in fresh cilantro.

  43. Gaux Hawks says:

    Would be great to be able to pick up a 6th for Jackson…

    Thoughts on McClendon Curtis at G, could be a great hedge for 2024??

  44. icb12 says:

    Needs meat.

    Some sliced up lamb aught to do.

    • Palatypus says:

      I’m not a big fan of Greek-style pizza. There is a good place for that in Pensacola though, called Georgio’s out on Cervantes Street.

  45. cha says:

    Adam Schefter
    49ers announced they signed general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan to multi-year contract extensions.

  46. Zxvo3 says:

    Seahawks aren’t the only team that’s banged up in week 3, check out the Ravens:

  47. James Cr. says:

    Yes – let’s all start gushing over the fabulous run defense. WTF.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      13th against the run. Big improvement. 30th against the pass. Going in the wrong direction there, fellas.

      • STTBM says:

        And no pass rush. They’ve turned Nwosu from a pass rush terror to an invisible run stuffer. His salary isn’t as high as it is to stuff the run.

        Hurtt has no clue, and this defense is lost without Desai. I think it’s clear he was the lone bright spot on this dysmal defensive coaching staff.

  48. Thomas says:

    Thanks for checking out Cam Ward. I’ve liked him for awhile.

  49. Palatypus says:

    Looks like there are a lot of good matchups tomorrow.

    #4 Florida @ Clemson
    Florida did not look good last week against unranked Boston College

    Auburn @ Texas A&M
    Scout that DT!

    Rutgers @ #2 Michigan Both teams are 3-0.
    I know an upset is unlikely, but Rutgers is feisty.

    #22 UCLA @ #11 Utah
    Both teams are 3-0

    #15 Ole Miss @ #13 Alabama
    Ole Miss is 3-0 and how cool would it be if Alabama fell to 2-2.

    #19 Colorado @ #10 Oregon
    Do I really need to explain this to anyone?

    #6 Ohio State @ #9 Notre Dame
    How good is Sam Hartman?

    #14 Oregon State @ #21 Washington State
    The battle for the PAC-2 Championship!