Saturday scouting notes — 2024 O-liners

I’m going to try and watch through a few games tonight and tomorrow (depending on availability in this wonderfully limiting British broadcasting landscape in 2023). However, I wanted to share a few quick notes today on the offensive lineman I’ve been watching.

Offensive tackle isn’t a position you’d necessarily expect the Seahawks to be attacking early in 2024 but there are some nice options eligible for 2024. I sat down to properly study Joe Alt from Notre Dame this week and he has, as many mocks are projecting, legit first round potential. Alt’s size stands out, he’s in control of his blocks, his footwork is good enough to seal-off edges and he has ample power. He looks like a very polished, capable player with a next level future.

Duke’s Graham Barton lacks Alt’s enormous size but shares his consistency, fundamental qualities and ability to excel in pass-pro plus in the run game. Barton plays with an edge — he’s very active, moves with plus agility and he likes to get after opponents. He can shoot his hands inside and finish. I’ve watched three Riley Leonard games and re-watched all of them to focus on Barton and he’s one of my favourites so far for the 2024 class. A very viable first round option.

Penn State’s Olumuyiwa Fashanu gets a lot of media love but I still see some of the same technical issues from last year. Fashanu clearly has great athletic qualities and upside but he lacks the control and structure of Alt and Barton. His upside might be higher but there are times where he fails to lock-on to blocks and when he has to move his feet get tied up. He passes the eye test in terms of physical tools but he might require a bit more technique work than the other two tackles mentioned so far.

I really like Wisconsin’s Jack Nelson. People are talking about him switching to right tackle in the NFL but I think his tape is great on the left side. He gets the job done. He can drop and set to wall-off against speed. He has a strong grip and locks-on to blockers when engaging. As a run blocker he can drive off the ball and gain push. I didn’t see anything to make me think, that’s a serious limitation. He’s underrated.

Alabama’s JC Latham is a former elite 5-star recruit and you can see why. He’s a great athlete for his size. He plays right tackle for Alabama and I half expected to see some challenges against speed given his blocky frame but he actually coped mostly well. He engages and finishes. He can get push vs the run. I think he might be dominant kicking inside to guard (and more tackles should be open to that possibility — there’s money to be made here) but he’s the type of high-upside talent that is often taken early.

I think all five of these players should be discussed as potential top-45 prospects.

At center, blog favourite from a year ago Sedrick Van Pran will turn pro in 2024. However, I’ve also been impressed with LSU’s Charles Turner. He has good size and length for a center. His frame is stocky yet his mobility is good, giving him the ability to latch-on and stun at the POA — plus when he needs to re-set his feet and adjust he can do it. The length also helps here to keep his frame clean. He has the athleticism to progress to the second level and play in attack mode. Turner plays with an edge and I sense that he’s someone with a lot of potential who might play his best football at the next level.

Arizona’s Jordan Morgan is getting a lot of love online and it’s fair to an extent. He’s athletic, talented and if it wasn’t for injury a year ago he could’ve been a high-ish pick this year. I think he’ll kick inside to guard rather than remain at tackle, which will limit his stock. He’s getting first-round love in plenty of places but I think he’s more of a solid day-two projection.

Cooper Beebe is a stud. He would’ve been a high pick this year but he opted not to declare. He does everything well at guard and will be a plug-in player at the next level. He possesses a ‘heart and soul’ attitude for the K-State O-line. He man-handles people at the POA, frequently creates running lanes and he’s a very able pass-protector. He’s a legit top-45 talent.

I’ve also been impressed with TCU’s Brandon Coleman, Jacob Monk at Duke, Troy Fautanu at Washington and Christian Haynes at Connecticut. From watching tape of last year, Yale’s Kiran Amegadjie also possesses a lot of high-upside potential.

This is shaping up to be a good, strong offensive line group.

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  1. Peter

    I think it’s always a position to consider.

    My super early priority positions:

    1. Dline

    2. Safety

    3. LB

    4. TE

    Knowing my team though they are going to go LG, edge (olb type), corner. I don’t include QB because Geno on his day can be pretty good and my gut says they won’t address it for bigger reasons. Such as impending sale. I agree with Rob that real team would consider it and be as bold as take a first rounder to prepare for the future. Something in my gut says they won’t.

    From Irvin, to Reed, to Bobby, and the preposterous extension of a player who has missed more than half his games here ( 9 plus sacks once upon a time when we’re paying him upper echelon DE money forgot the stratospheric safety money…)

    Our team is in equal measure great at finding young players ( recently) and really, really bad at preparing for the future.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I don’t agree they’d pass on a QB because Geno + new owner.

      I think Schneider will take the QB he thinks is worth the pick (or picks if they were to move up for someone). And I would be surprised if he doesn’t pick one this next draft.

      Btw, if they took a QB and hit on him, what would that do to team value?

      Conversely, if they took a QB and he’s nothing special, does that tank the franchise’s value?

      Besides which, there will be buyers for this franchise, regardless.

      • Peter

        I think the sale of the team is generally immaterial to most FO decisions. Not all. But most. Buyers of franchises are essentially in the art collection business. AZ, Houston, Cleveland are all fairly crummy franchises and each I’d assume would net billions over the previous purchase price.

        I just have this sense that you have two guys who have put in very little effort vs. the rest of the league in terms of finding qb’s and recieved results that are better than the league in transitions at the position and in some ways have actually been the best transitions in terms of value. Wilson a third round pick, Geno nothing. The current development plan if there even is one is Drew Lock who also cost nothing but dollars and even that can’t really be marked as a plan since he’s here for the year.

        Sure. If there’s their guy and the pick fits. I just think Geno could rather easily get 30 tds /10 ints 4000 yards which is fine. Even great in a league wide down year. It’s not so much the sale it’s the term of both contracts. There’s no onus for Pete to spend any pick on a qb if what he has works for another year. And John is in a quandry. Auditioning potentially for a new job and if he picks wrong there won’t be any cover in the future….which we see on this blog from time to time in the perpetual debate over who has control of the team.

      • BK26

        I agree with it. We have nothing to say otherwise. They have woefully undervalued the position and have nothing to show otherwise. They have gone ultra-safe since Russ left. It fits too closely to Pete’s negative tendencies with the roster: go safe, go reliable with veterans.

        Could that change? Absolutely. If it does, it will be this next year. As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t take someone early, then that’s it for Pete and John, as well as the team until there is a new ownership group. Just treading water. I hope with everything that I can that I’m wrong, but I jut can’t say or believe otherwise until it’s done. All that that have really done is take a short quarterback in the third round, all while hedging their bets with a big, prematurely-paid free agent, and the back up who was already with the team. Geno was quite a bit of luck, as well as him being “fine.”

        IDK if John is too careful or they think that a young quarterback isn’t the right decision, but it’s been 11 years.

        Either way, whether they draft or don’t draft a quarterback, it doesn’t affect the franchise’s value.

        • BK26

          I’ll add this: since the draft, I’ve gone back to being much more negative about the team; the roster, the depth, the cap, the bad tendencies of the coaches and certain players. Week one really put that negativity on steroids. Not sure if that changes this year.

          I’m just at a more pessimistic spot with the team than I hope most people are.

    • Ben

      Agree with your positional priorities for the draft. It looks like a year to draft replacements considering our poor cap situation.
      They always surprise me, though. Witherspoon pick being one of those. Only for sure thing is them picking a RB.

  2. Big Mike

    depending on availability in this wonderfully limiting British broadcasting landscape in 2023

    Serious question Rob…..have you at all considered a move back to Vancouver? Would the Mrs. go for it?

    • Malanch

      Why be Canadian if you can be British?

    • Rob Staton

      No work there for a British sports broadcaster

      • whit21

        There is always a role for sports radio is Seattle. Seattle ESPN 710 has you on and other producers for 93.3 KJR. I feel like the market is there because you’re better than some of the producers/2nd tier guys that have gone on to better roles locally that are not that good on radio.

    • Ben

      No YouTube TV there? That’s where I’ve been catching most of the games.

  3. LouCityHawk

    I long for the day that I can say ‘the Seahawks have no need to draft a tackle’, today is not that day.

    Rob wrote a piece last draft cycle about the potential of drafting a tackle and sliding Lucas inside. Since I’m unconvinced on Cross’s ability to be elite and Lucas’s ability to stay healthy, I would love to have another quality backup or player who could compete for either tackle spot.

    A common media theme this year seems to be that there is impressive depth at QB, Tackle, WR, Edge, CB… as well as some of the other positions. While the narrative isn’t exactly right, it is consistent, and makes a certain amount of sense with the Covid induced bottleneck.

    My priorities aren’t exactly set, and I always think the BPA should dictate. My ideal draft right now would be

    1. QBotF
    2. DLine
    3. Off Ball LB
    3. Weapon (WR/TE/RB)
    4. DLine

    5-7: BPA

    That being said, should Jack Nelson be sitting there and they decide to upgrade LT, no argument from me.

    • BK26

      This matches my list. Always wiggle room for someone who falls, but generally the same list.

  4. Peanut

    which games are the “must watch” this weekend for Seahawk fans? I know its early, but a big board type list would be awesome for someone like me who isn’t that familiar with actually watching college games (Scandinavian life)

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Rutgers-Michigan was pretty good until Sainristil’s pick 6

      Michigan is too much at home, but Rutgers is for real

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Kalen DeLoach 👀👀

  6. Anthony

    Bo Nix starts off 11 for 11 vs a Colorado D missing Travis Hunter, but so many of his throws are behind the LOS or are little dump offs or throws off a read option. It also helps when the running game is averaging 10 yards per carry. He’s indecisive down the field and drops his eyes with a rusher in his face. With all that said plus his struggles at Auburn, I cannot grade him higher than day 3.

  7. Ben

    Good to see Colorado play a real team. I’m not a big fan of some of the trash talk/calling out opposing coaches etc. from Colorado. Deion is an inspiring coach, but I’m a fan of letting your actions do the talking. I’ve felt the same way about DK Metcalf.
    Oregon’s offense is legit. Should be a big game when UW plays them.

    • BK26

      I don’t remember anyone from Colorado saying anything that wasn’t a response to what someone else has said. That’s why no one has said anything for this game.

      Talk about what another coach does and you’d better be prepared to back it up. Nebraska and Colo State couldn’t do it. buffs actions backed it up.

    • Peter

      CO has a very nice schedule. Long thought Prime could win 7-8 of these games. Do that in year one I think that’s backing it. He already has dline recruits calling him and Sapp allegedly is going to work with him next year.

      He’s always been a talker but college has become stale. I like a new story rather than AL, OH, MI rinse and repeat.

  8. Forrest


    You talked about drafting a QB who we can develop and who can learn the system for 2-3 years so he’s ready to take over for Geno – isn’t that what we’ve been doing with Drew Locke? He was drafted with the 42nd pick four years ago. Under your theory, he should be ready to go. Why would we start over snd repeat this process? If we believe Locke will be ready, why don’t we sign him to a long term deal now (before he becomes the starter) for a fraction of what he’ll cost after he’s the starter (to avoid repeating the mistake we made with Geno Smith)?

    I fear there’s a recency bias that we always expect the next batch of developmental QBs to be better than the last batch. It’s a total waste to develop and invest in a Locke type, only to start over and invest in another Locke type.

    I also disagree with your take on the rookie contract. The ideal scenario is to sit for a year, learn for a year, then be good for two to three years, earning way less than market value. If you sit a 2nd round pick for three years, you only get him for a discount for one year. Then, if he happens to be good as the starter or show promise, he wants to reset the QB market for huge money. So what value or discount did you really get? All too often, you’re forced to sign a Daniel Jones, David Carr, Kirk Cousins type to a deal worth way more than their value.

    • Romeo A57

      Not Rob but the best way to get to Superbowl is with an elite QB. KC Chiefs are a threat every year because they have Mahomes. An elite Defense like the LOB or the Ray Lewis Ravens is the secondary way.

      Geno and Lock are nowhere close to being elite. The Seahawks Defense is much better coaching and at least 8 players away from being elite.

      The Seahawks should be looking for a potential QBoTF, immediately.

    • Ben

      If Geno plays well this year, I just can’t see Pete/John going high on a QB unless one they rate highly falls to them. Geno’s style of play should age well over the duration of his contract.
      I can see one in 2025 if there is new leadership. Not at all opposed to drafting a QB this year, just projecting based off of years of their draft history. Also see the QB talk coming from Schneider, but don’t recall much if any from Pete. He’s held strong to his desire for a point guard versus depending on a superstar.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s going to get pretty boring hearing people repeat this line over and over again

        It’s a deep QB class in 2024. You make projections based on talent not, ‘hey maybe we’ll just see what’s there in 2025’

        The Seahawks haven’t taken QB’s in the past for a number of reasons — none of which have been John Schneider’s disinterest in drafting QB’s

        And people need to remember they have nothing to spend next year and Drew Lock is a free agent. A cheap rookie backup and heir apparent is not improbable at all

        • Jabroni-DC

          If anyone thinks that Seattle won’t draft position X because of A, B or C, look no further than the selection of Devon Witherspoon this past draft. He didn’t ‘fit’ their typical CB size profile, was taken 2 rounds higher than they’d ever drafted a CB & was added to a relatively deep position group.

          They gonna do what they gonna do.

          My personal hope with at least 3 of our 1st 4 picks in whatever order is QB, DL, OL.

          • Rob Staton


            The draft is about talent acquisition not picking years to draft certain positions based on ‘ideals’

            Especially when next year might be the definitive ideal time to draft a QB

        • Peter

          It’s not improbable at all.

          Counter this team loves to keep the band together and run it back.

          It’s hard to see a qb taken to develop or for the future when there’s not been more than a single third and a single seventh spent in 14 years.

          There’s literally been zero other qbs in that time that could have been drafted? Seems odd to me. Even one Jack Coan, Mond type to ride the pine for cheaper than Lock?

          Like I said if the talent, slotting all comes together I can see it. Just gazing into the future I see Geno easily earning 36 ish million and that’s not cheap and getting a “who knows,” type to back him up.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s hard to see a qb taken to develop or for the future when there’s not been more than a single third and a single seventh spent in 14 years.

            And as Jabroni says, they didn’t take a corner early until they did

            People need to get it out of their heads that ‘not taking a QB’ has been by design

            It’s for several obvious reasons — having a franchise QB already and a settled backup, other needs, available options

            Schneider loves scouting and drafting QB’s. Maybe he’s picky, but QB’s are his thing

            If there’s one he loves he won’t hesitate to take them.

            • Peter

              I’m not saying they won’t. Not in the slightest.

              Apologies for being contrarian but the one time in ever they had a top five freebie pick not the strongest evidence for or against they’ll do something til they don’t.

              They have a type and largely stuck with it all these years. Pete sees the second coming of his favorite player ever of course he’s going to do that with Anderson off the board.

              The thing that sticks with me is that they’ve never, ever tried the development route prior to geno or even when geno honestly was not a proven back up. Before he became the geno any of us know he could have been tjax, Boykin, etc.

              Maybe it is a hierarchy of needs thing. On draft day that is. I honestly lean to John is picky to the point of paralysis. I don’t know.

              • Rob Staton

                Apologies for being contrarian but the one time in ever they had a top five freebie pick not the strongest evidence for or against they’ll do something til they don’t.

                Course it is. They literally didn’t take a corner higher than late R3… until they did

                We need to get well away from this idea that the Seahawks WON’T do something based purely on POSITION

                The thing that sticks with me is that they’ve never, ever tried the development route prior to geno or even when geno honestly was not a proven back up. Before he became the geno any of us know he could have been tjax, Boykin, etc.

                They had a legit franchise QB for years

                They didn’t need to develop

                • Peter

                  The witherspoon pick could very well indicate a sea change. I would never argue that.

                  We’re never going to come to consensus on the qb situation.

                  Seattle IS the outlier when drafting qb’s. This is just quantifiable. Whether it’s indifference to the prospect, luck, or other reason it just is.

                  You know I’m a big time nerd. The steelers, green bay, saints, giants, and patriots all teams with long tenured HOF qb’s all spent multiples of draft picks on the position. As high as second and first rounders while their respective qb’s played at exceptional levels.

                  You and I are circling the same arena.

                  I completely agree and have for years that picking your guy and developing is much more important than just hoping you get the cheap rookie run.

        • Ben

          That’s your point, and we have ours. Is it equally boring for you to continue saying the opposite of this?

          • Rob Staton

            No, because my point is a direct response pointing out why ‘they won’t take one because they haven’t for a while’ isn’t a strong argument

            And it only ever gets made because of the repetitive argument, which I would argue is incredibly flimsy, keeps being repeated

            I also suspect there’s no counter to the points I made — otherwise we’d have heard them by now instead of retorts like yours

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve deleted Ben’s reply to this message

              Get a grip Ben

              • Rob Staton

                He’s still replying

                He still needs to get a grip

                I’d suggest a lie down and a cold beverage

    • BK26

      Signing Lock to a long term deal is like like signing a Daniel Jones: over market value. He’s 26 and has done zero in the league. He has never beaten anyone out. A guy has to be capable of being a long-term option. That’s not a Drew Lock at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      You talked about drafting a QB who we can develop and who can learn the system for 2-3 years so he’s ready to take over for Geno – isn’t that what we’ve been doing with Drew Locke?

      I’ve also pointed out a few times that Lock is out of contract next year, might want a better opportunity to start and the Seahawks might need a cheaper backup because their cap situation for next year is bleak AF

      I fear there’s a recency bias that we always expect the next batch of developmental QBs to be better than the last batch.

      I have also directly mentioned and addressed this many times. My views on the 2024 QB class are well fleshed out and based around a deep tape study, not a list of names presented by the media.

      I also disagree with your take on the rookie contract. The ideal scenario is to sit for a year, learn for a year, then be good for two to three years, earning way less than market value.

      Well, you’re talking about ‘the ideal’ scenario. I’m talking about ‘the realistic’ scenario.

      If you sit a 2nd round pick for three years, you only get him for a discount for one year.

      And if you start him when he isn’t ready, you typically end up cutting him and wasting the pick and the money

      So what value or discount did you really get?

      You’re making the exact mistake I talk about.

      We’re now so bloody obsessed with milking contracts, we’re forgetting that players actually need to be developed, coached, they need to learn and they need time. Especially at QB.

      Allowing that to happen isn’t a ‘waste of money’. It’s just giving yourself a better chance to have a long term solution at QB rather than spaffing picks and money down the toilet

  9. cha

    Practice squad elevations are S Teez Tabor and LB John Rhattigan

    Thur must be really ok with jarran Reeds injury status and Cam Young’s readiness

  10. CHaquesFan

    Hey Rob what sparked your interest in football especially the scouting side? Have you ever played before?
    Love your work

    • Palatypus

      Girlfriend, now wife, took him to a Green Bay game in snowy Seattle.

      • Tony

        I was at that game with my cousin! First snow game in Seattle. Alexander ran for 200 yds on like 40 carries. Also the first time I saw big Walt face to face during warm-ups. He looked like a grizzley bear. The first time a pro athlete made me understand just how freakishly big and strong pros are.

  11. Forrest

    Why isn’t anyone in the media asking Pete questions about extending Jamal Adams? Why was your highest paid player a 3rd string safety? You had the opportunity to cut Adams with a post June 1 designation and save a boatload of precious cap space. Why didn’t you? Even worse, why did you extend him? Now you’ve made the problem worse! Do you expect him to be worth $27 million next year?

    • Tony

      Cuz the media believes a healthy adams is an elite player.

      • Big Mike

        And because 99% of them kiss Pete’s ass 98% of the time.

        • Hawkster

          The other 1% picking up the slack and kissing it 102% of the time.

    • Peter

      Forget 9.5 sacks. Since the club will be paying him like a top ten OLB/DE it’s going to need to be about 12 sacks, two interceptions, a forced fumble, and a ton of TFL’s this year to square his price for next year.

    • cha

      I’ve asked a couple beat writers on twitter and gotten very lukewarm answers. Like it’s a non-issue.

      I really think they’re missing the boat, as fans feel very passionately about this and would like to know.

      For example: Someone posted my “Seahawks have $57m cap committed to safey position in 2024” tweet in the Seahawks reddit forum, and the thread erupted, split 50/50 right down the middle. The mod had to lock the thread it got so hot – something Reddit rarely ever does.

  12. Palatypus

    Jaxon Dart = stupid.
    Jalen Milroe = bad.

  13. Palatypus

    Hollywood needs to end the strike so that Colorado can be on Saturday Night Live.

    Clearly, they are the not ready for prime time players.

    • Big Mike


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      This game had many sudden Buffs fans trying to undo their Colorado merch orders, for sure. 😂

  14. LouCityHawk

    Sanders better sit his son down, getting hit hard

  15. Palatypus

    I think Shedeur Sanders will be signing with Adidas after this. They kept the receipts, but you can’t return liquor.

  16. Seahawkwalt

    Byron Murphy Dl Tx is a stud

    • Palatypus

      I am reminded of that music joke.

      How many lead singers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

      NONE. He just holds it up there and the whole world revolves around him.

    • Rob Staton

      He really is

  17. KnoxHawk

    How does Cameron Ward from Washington State project into the pros?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he looks like he’s taken a step forward this year

      I haven’t seen any of the Oregon State game but see his numbers, so hopefully the tape will be available this week

  18. ShowMeYourHawk

    Seahawks Twitter would explode but I like what I’m seeing from Deshaun Fenwick today.

  19. Kyle R

    As a Coug I’m watching and living the OSU/WSU game but what also caught my eye is both teams are so much better at tackling and the fundamentals compared to the Seahawks.

    • Kyle R


      • Big Mike

        Wazzu almost couged that game away

  20. Jabroni-DC

    I would LOVE to add Cooper Beebe to our OL.

    Sadly, he’ll be going to the Ravens or 9ers.

    • Rob Staton

      Great prospect

  21. KD

    Huskies could not have asked for a better start than that.

    • cha

      Spotting Penix 14 points before he’s even touched the ball is….a bold gambit.

      • KD

        Truly some 5D chess. Side note though, I don’t really care if Penix is a 1st round, 2nd round or third round prospect, I just want a Husky to win a Heisman. That’s all.

    • McZ

      Washington is #4 in rankings now, the PAC-12 has 4 teams in the top 10 (Huskies, Trojans, Ducks, Utes), while Cougars and Beavers are top 25.

      What exactly was the rationale to scrap the PAC-12? Apart from TV money?

  22. Rob Staton

    Don’t get any closer than that on a final play at the end of Ohio State/Notre Dame

    • Big Mike

      I really feel like Notre Dame deserved the loss after going 3 man rush when OSU had a 3rd and 19. Surprise, QB had plenty of time to wait for a guy to uncover.

    • LouCityHawk

      Fantastic game. Even if I didn’t like the result. Looking forward to your thoughts, saw so much in this game.

      • Rob Staton

        I only saw the end, I’ve been jumping between Miss State/South Carolina and Kansas State/UCF

  23. Thomas

    Well Rob, I believe you when you say Odunze is a 1st rounder.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic talent

      Great ball skills, elite athlete and a first class person (his interviews are first rate)

      Teams will love him

      • KD

        And another BRILLIANT catch by Odunze

      • KD

        Question: Why was John Ross a bust as a receiver? He had a brilliant year with the Huskies. Drafted 9th overall. Did he just not mentally click in the NFL? Was he mis-placed? Overrated? I’m honestly curious as to what went wrong.

        • Comfect


        • Peter

          Tons of injuries.

          37 games suited up out of a possible of 80.

          And the bengals probably didn’t help.

        • Rob Staton


  24. KD

    Good Lord, the Huskies might be one of the most fun teams in college football to watch. Kalen DeBoer has put together a brilliant crew.

  25. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The early projection of what Seattle needs in 2024 draft….

    Priority LG, DT and LB. I guess TE since only 1 is contracted through 2024 and RB, because…. why not. I’ve got faith in the young LT, RT and C they have chosen to roll with for the immediate future.

    One of the first years I’m not saying WR, CB or S as a need to draft position.

    CFB season is still young to find some gems to watch heading into the 2024 draft.

    • Peter


      No safety? Diggs is trending to old. The love experiment isn’t working so far. And adams….I mean we’ll be paying for him but will he ever get back?

      • Big Mike

        You already know Diggs and his around 40 PFF grade will be starting again next year after the contract restructuring. I admire your optimism this morning tho my friend.

    • Romeo A57

      The Seahawks number 1 priority should be acquiring a QB of the future. A young elite QB is more important than all of those positions you listed, combined.

  26. samprassultanofswat

    To me it just seems like John Schneider puts very little value in a run stuffing defensive tackle. I would be willing to bet that in next years NFL draft (2024). If the player with the highest grade on Seattle’s board (first round) was a defensive tackle Schneider would not take him.

    • Rob Staton

      Can we PLEASE stop saying what Schneider won’t do based on POSITIONS

      It’s about TALENT

      • Hawkster

        I must have some of this wrong but my memory is JS opinining 6-9 months ago NT was an easy fill, they are all over the place turning into a big interior DL is hard to come by and nobody let’s go of them.

        To me JS is spouting memes of most recent convenience

  27. samprassultanofswat

    “To me it just seems like John Schneider puts very little value in a run stuffing defensive tackle. I would be willing to bet that in next years NFL draft (2024). If the player with the highest grade on Seattle’s board (first round) was a defensive tackle Schneider would not take him.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of John Schneider. I am one of his biggest fans.

    However, I believe everything starts in the trenches. If just seems like John Schneider doesn’t place much value in a run stuffing defensive tackle. ie. Michael Morris beefed up to play defensive tackle. Brock Huard thinks that bulking up to that degree may have contributed to his shoulder injury. Also Jarran Read has now missed two days of practice.

    The Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand have no such problem. They are knee deep on the defensive line. The Eagles are stacked at DL.

    • Big Mike

      But we got plenty of Safeties. We good.

  28. LouCityHawk

    Trying to really think of a college QB who has looked as good as Caleb Williams.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      What’s crazy is his stat line doesn’t reflect how difficult it was for him during 90% of the game. Quick hat tip to the ASU defense for pushing him constantly.

      To my eye, he didn’t look as good as his reputation. But everyone’s entitled to a “down” game.

      TVD had a nice game, though I don’t know how good the Temple defense is.

  29. geoff u

    Penix sure can make some incredible throws, but this team is stacked.

    • KD

      I don’t care. I just want a Husky to win the Heisman

  30. Timmy

    Rob, do you think that most of the rookie QBs are struggling because they are not used to facing any pressure at all in college?

    While watching the Washington-Cal game, there was a stat that said Michael Penix Jr had only been sacked 6 times on 667 dropbacks. Bo Nix had similar numbers and is in the top 5 in college football along with Penix on percentage of snaps under duress. Bryce Young is already missing game(s) and Stroud is on the injury report and those guys were barely touched last year. Maybe that is what skews the QB evaluations so badly?

    • Rob Staton

      This is definitely one of the reasons

      A lot of these schemes are fool proof and not translatable

      It adds a layer to projections and makes it hard to get a definitive read on how they’ll handle increased pressure

  31. GoHawks5151

    I love this.Some names I know, and some to check out. Man I wish we could have gotten Van Pran this year. Both guard spots could definitely use an upgrade.

    Rob i’d check out Taliese Fuaga and Joshua Gray from Oregon State. Gray seems like a Rams style Guard concert who will be solid for years. Fuaga looks like he could stay at tackle. So many examples of him blocking at the 2nd and 3rd levels. He’s a menace

    • Peter

      I’m going to the Beavers v. Utah game next week and I am pumped to see those two slug it out.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m envious. That should be a real old school smash mouth contest

        Love what the Beavers are bringing to the gridiron under Jonathan Smith

        • Peter

          Yeah super impressed with Smith. I think OR St could play spoiler to a lot of the pac 12 this year.

  32. King Felix

    This guy is doubling down on his weird take on Penix’s arm strength.

    There are no doubt some questions about Penix’s future at the next level that Rob has layed out before, but to put his arm strength as one of them is a weird hill to die on.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely crazy

      No idea what this guy is on about

    • cha

      The replies below are shredding him.

  33. DriveByPoster

    Not sure why but I’ve been generally unexcited by the college games this year. I watched the Ducks hand out a football lesson to Colorado. Mainly because Colorado had no DLine, couldn’t stop the run & couldn’t get any pressure on Bo Nix at QB (hmmm, that seems like a familiar story). However, there was something yesterday that made me smile. So big shout out to Haley Van Voorhis, proving that there is still hope for the world! .)

  34. Don

    It will be an interesting season with Penix, Bo Nix, and Caleb Williams not only competing for the final Pac 12 championship, but also the Heisman trophy. Go Ducks!

    • Peter

      I guess it comes down to which of those will get the signature win to push them over the top.

  35. Big Mike

    The situation for today’s game summed up perfectly by a guy named Tim Weaver on Seahawks Wire (whatever that is):

    Normally a backup having to start over a top draft pick would be a good sign for the opponent. However, the Seahawks have a strange history facing backup quarterbacks during the Pete Carroll era – and it’s not a good one. Whether it’s Dalton or The Devil Himself Colt McCoy, backups have fared unusually well against this Seattle team in recent years. In fact, Dalton beat them just last season with the Saints.

    Every game is unique, but there does seem to be a pattern that repeats in these games where they lose to backups and boring game manager type QBs. First, they play zone defense practically the entire game, they get dinked and dunked down the field every possession, they lose by a touchdown and then coach Pete Carroll blames it all on not running the ball enough.

    • STTBM

      Truer words were never spoken.

      Nobody but Seattle allows backup QBs all day and soft zones to play against, and we keep doing it even though it usually ends up as a loss, or a squeaker win at the wire vs a vastly inferior team. Gear up for yet another…

  36. AlaskaHawk

    Ohio State and Notre Dame was the best game I saw Saturday. Not just based on talent but also on endurance and it being a close exciting game that was decided in the last second of the game.

    Go Hawks.

    • Palatypus

      I’ll pose the question again. How good is Sam Hartman?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      FSU-Clemson was also a burner

      • Palatypus

        I think Washington could easily handle FSU, even on the road.

        LSU and Alabama are another matter.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I’d enjoy that matchup — FSU’s pass rush vs Huskies’ pass offense

          • Palatypus

            And if Arkansas was playing at home they would have won that game. The had more “want to” but just didn’t handle the crowd noise well at all. Way too many penalties.

      • LouCityHawk

        Hi my name is Lou…this is my 10th year of not buying into Irish QBs

        • Blitzy the Clown

          The original Rick roll

  37. clbradley17

    Googled Rome Odunze 40 time, and this came up at the top of the page:

    “Scouting Report: Strengths
    This offseason, Odunze ran a 4.34 40, a 4.19 pro agility shuttle and also did 37.1 inches on the vertical and 10-1 in the broad jump.”

    And he has good size at 6’3″ 216.

  38. Forrest


  39. Forrest

    To Big Mike’s comment! In zone coverage, they also fail to get home with a weak pass rush that eventually allows someone to uncover. Every game there seems like 5 to 8 plays where three Seahawks are around one WR who is open and easily completes the pass. I think this is a coaching flaw. Knowing that we rarely ever get home, our corners and safeties should be taught to stick someone after an internal clock goes off. You can’t just occupy space for an endless amount of time. With a weak pass rush any team will exploit that.

    • Big Mike

      Wasn’t my comment but rather z quote and it makes a lot of sense. I’m no X and O guy but even I can see the Seahawks’ D had a lot of Swiss cheese level holes. Your point is illustrative of that.

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    There’s something about MarShawn Lloyd and it’s not his first name

  41. Palatypus

    You know that some weird things are going to happen today with tropical storm Ophelia going on. It’s a storm named after a crazy woman who drowned herself.

  42. Elmer

    Today’s status of QB’s from the 2023 draft: Stroud starting, Young injured, Levis inactive, Richardson inactive. Not surprising.

    • Palatypus

      But Houston beating Jacksonville is.

      • Elmer

        It isn’t over ’til it’s over. I am beginning to wonder about Lawrence though.

  43. Elmer

    Broncos will blame RW. The defense is a bigger concern. it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

    I do expect the Broncos and the Packers to be looking for a QB in the 2024 draft.

    • clbradley17

      Tua’s having a great game – 16/16 for 200+ yards at the 1st half 2 min. warning. 2 TDs and almost a 13 yd. average.

    • Peter

      Could see the Broncos looking for a qb for sure. They should also look for a d coordinator. This is a brutal drop-off from last year.

      • Elmer

        70 points. 700+ yards. 350 rushing yards. Ten touchdowns. An historically bad defensive performance. The head coach should be looking in the mirror. Not a time to piss and moan about the QB.

    • cha

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      it’s asking a lot of RW to put up 40 ppg to give them a good chance to win.

      • Palatypus

        Could you repeat that? I don’t understand.

        • cha

          The last 5 years of Seahawks fandom

  44. cha


    Jamal Adams
    Coby Bryant
    Riq Woolen
    Charles Cross
    McClendon Curtis
    Will Dissly
    Phil Haynes

    • Mick

      No Lucas, no Cross, no Haynes, sounds like a tough day.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I dunno. Same as last week, plus Haynes. And I don’t think Bradford is much of a drop off for him.

        • LouCityHawk

          Upgrade in the run game.

          Although, I wonder if they have considered putting Olu in at center and sliding Brown over to guard…

        • Peter

          hoping the big man has himself a day at RG.

    • Peter

      will dissly out could be a watchpoint.

      Bradford in for Haynes or another combination? I’m big on Olu but I think brown at center has been working fairly well.

  45. LouCityHawk

    Lions looking very good this week, makes me feel better about the Seahawks.

    Also, Sam LaPorta …

  46. Palatypus

    I have family in Green Bay today from New Orleans. Last year they went to London.

    They are obnoxious and I hope they lose.

  47. Palatypus

    Speaking to USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, Payton said Nathaniel Hackett turned in “one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL” with the Broncos last season.

    And now you are 0-3.

    • LouCityHawk

      Let’s ride curse, needs fumigation, cleansing, rebirth

      • Palatypus

        You know, the best pejorative I have heard all year was by Steve Smith, when he called the Commanders the Commies.

  48. Volume12

    I thought Ohio St. DT Tyliek Williams was the best DL on the field last night.

    Watched the Mizzou/K-St game from last week this morning (it’s up on YT) and my goodness is Ty’Ron Hopper some.kind of athlete at LB.

    • Palatypus

      Jim Nagy has a DT from South Alabama, the site of the Senior Bowl named Wy’Kevious Thomas I might go scout. It’s less than an hour away.

  49. cha

    Guessing Rob is tied up with work. Here’s the Watch Points in comment section form

    Watch Points Week Three vs Carolina Panthers

    Challenges come in all different shapes and sizes during an NFL season. Sometimes, it is purely a very tough opponent. Others – like this week – the challenge comes from circumstance.

    NFL-watchers across the nation do not see much juice in this matchup. Most talking heads and the betting community at large are predicting a comfortable win for the Seahawks.

    The close-quarter fans of the Seahawks know different though. The 0-2 Panthers are a loss dressed in a win’s clothing. Circumstance is playing a heavy hand in this game.

    At this point, Bryce Young’s ankle injury is a blessing for the Panthers, as he had not looked comfortable in the offense and had been unable to throw the ball past the sticks effectively at all.

    Andy Dalton is no world-beater. But as a backup and a fill-in starter for this game, he is a stabilizing presence that can keep the offense afloat, and perhaps cook up some magic with Adam Thielen.

    And then there is last year’s Week Fourteen matchup, where Carolina clearly demonstrated they should not be taken lightly. The 4-8 Panthers came into Seattle and manhandled the playoff-bound Seahawks by dominating the trenches, rushing for 223 yards and only allowing 46 on the ground to complete one of the NFL’s most dubious feats of the year – an NFC South division sweep of the Seahawks. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks have not forgotten this.

    On the other side, Seattle is a very beat up team right now. They are still without their top two Offensive Tackles, and an impressive performance against the Lions last week should not lull anyone into thinking they can just move forward, business as usual. Brian Burns and Justin Houston will make sure to present a real test for Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan.

    The defense has arguably their three most important players – Jarran Reed, Riq Woolen and Quandre Diggs – dealing with injuries and as a unit are once again dragging hard to open the season.

    After two games they are:

    -31st in total yards allowed
    -30th in passing yards allowed
    -30th in sacks and 25th in pressures
    -Tied for 30th in first downs conceded
    -29th in scoring defense

    Yes, it is only a two-game sample. Yes, the run defense has improved. But this is a tune we have heard so many times we know it by heart. A sluggish defensive start could lead to losing games they should comfortably win, and cause them some heartburn come December, when they are scraping for a playoff spot.

    This is a thorny matchup that might not show up on the NFL radar as a key game, but this one will be a real test of the Seahawks’ mettle. After an embarrassment at home against the Rams to open the season, and an inspiring bounce back win against a tough Lions team on the road, this is a game where we get some insight into where this team is headed in 2023.

    Let’s dig into our watch points for this week.

    • cha

      Keep the Panther Rushing Game in Check

      This is obvious. Last year, every time the Panthers needed a play against Seattle, they simply ran the ball and the Seahawks were powerless to stop them.

      After two games, the Panthers are ninth in the NFL in yards per game, rushing for 127 yards. The Seahawks are thirteenth in run defense, conceding 97 per game. After a 223-yard rushing day last year, it is tempting to ask for ‘just an average day’ for the defense, and truth be told, that should help propel them to victory. Sam Darnold quarterbacked them to a win on only 12 of 24 throwing for 120 yards and one touchdown without any turnovers. Hardly the stuff of legend.

      Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard are the latest Panther running backs, and they both are able to run effectively between the tackles. With the pass protection problems Carolina has (more on that in a minute) and the fact they are currently not employing a dynamic passing attack, success in the run game is essential for them to take home a victory.

      The Seahawk rushing defense is putting up vastly better numbers than last year. But there is still much work to be done. A healthy day containing their ground game would go a long, long way towards earning them a victory.

      • cha

        Do Not Let Andy Dalton Play His Game

        It is being widely reported that Dalton has a career 3-1 record against the Seahawks. While that is true, a little context is in order.

        Last year, he contributed only sixteen caught passes for 187 yards to a win for New Orleans. 111 of those yards came after the catch. The Saints won by rushing for 235 yards. His other three games against the Seahawks came 4 years ago, 8 years ago, and 11 years ago. That is just too big a gap to put any credence into his record against them. It is not as if he has some kind of consistent iron grip on the current Seahawks.

        What does he do well?

        He specializes in the kind of play that has given the Seahawks fits in recent years – papercutting the defense to death by plodding down the field with short, safe passes that get the ball out his hands quickly.

        It is a big reason why the Seahawks have struggled so much against backup quarterbacks. Coaches rein the game plan in and give long-tenured veteran passers an easier game plan to work with, and it minimizes chances for turnovers and rewards patience and ball control.

        When combined with a lack of pass rush pressure, it is a successful formula for opposing teams.

        So that is where we start with beating Andy Dalton: pressure him and press the receivers. This is a golden opportunity for the Seahawks to disrupt the Panthers’ entire game with pressure.

        The Seahawks have invested heavily in players who can cause problems for the quarterback and the Panthers’ offensive line has been extremely poor in pass protection so far this season. In just two games, they have conceded six sacks, a whopping 31% pressure rate and Bryce Young has fumbled twice (and unofficially was strip sacked a third time, but the defense was flagged for a penalty on the play). Generating pressure without constant blitzing should be a reasonable expectation for this defense.

        The coverage team has an equally important job to fit this together and keep their offense from functioning well. They need to disrupt receivers’ routes or otherwise provide tight coverage to make Dalton hold onto the ball.

        Last year for the Saints, Dalton had one of the quickest triggers in the NFL, spending only 2.3 seconds in the pocket on average. His entire body of output was predicated on getting the ball out of his hands to playmakers like Alvin Kamara and Chris Olave and letting them be the offense. Look at this stunning gap in effectiveness when Dalton was forced to hold onto the ball:

        His completion percentage and quarterback rating drop from “Nearly NFL Elite” to “Use Him As An Emergency QB Only.” His sack rate quadruples. His touchdown and interception throws are equal.

        It all starts with covering and disrupting those quick throws. And that is also where Seattle’s weakness has lied.

        Matt Stafford and Jared Goff have mercilessly picked on defenders in the middle of the field with quick, short passes.
        The results are ugly:

        Julian Love is Seattle’s most-targeted defender so far this season with 19 targets, and he is allowing a 74% completion rate. Jordyn Brooks and Coby Bryant are tied for the third-most targeted with 10 each and have conceded 9 catches for an awful 90% rate. Bobby Wagner is conceding 100% on four targets. And what’s worse? Those four already have 12 missed tackles, including 3 from Wagner, who only had 2 missed tackles in 17 games last year. As a team the Seahawks are one of the NFL’s worst with 23 missed tackles so far.

        Coverage is a problem. Tackling is also a problem. Those are basically the only two things defenders behind the line of scrimmage need to do. This game is a fantastic opportunity to shore things up and give the offense a chance to really dominate.

        • cha

          Run On This Defense. A Lot.

          I cannot begin to tell you how much the Seahawks would benefit themselves if they decide to commit to the run game against the Panthers.

          First off, it would be a nice bit of revenge for last year’s game. The Seahawk running backs were plagued by injury, and they were only able to roll out Travis Homer and Tony Jones in the backfield. The 46 yards they gained on the ground were painful to watch.

          More importantly though, the matchup is excellent here. The Panthers are conceding an average of 132 yards per game this year – good for twenty-fifth in the NFL – but that is just a small part of the story.

          In only two games they have conceded thirteen runs of eight or more yards. Thirteen! The runs have come both up the middle and around the edges. Teams are gashing the Panthers at a time where their own offense is struggling and cannot make up the difference, and the Seahawks have a runner who already proven explosive in the NFL in Kenneth Walker, and another who is just waiting to break out in Zach Charbonnet.

          The Seahawks must take advantage of this opportunity. They have only run the ball with their running backs 39 times in two games so far. Yes, part of that is the fact they had a dismal second half against the Rams, but there is every reason to feature the running game against Carolina.

          It gives the defense rest and allows them to go all out. It does all sort of wonders for the passing game, especially proving that play-action will be effective.

          Perhaps most important, though, is that it protects the offensive line in a time where they are vulnerable. Brian Burns, Justin Houston and Frankie Luvu have already made their mark this year as excellent pass rushers. They can come from the edges or inside. But when a team is not defending the run very well, they can keep those pass rushers in check by running the ball on the ground and not even giving them a chance to get in gear.

          • Big Mike

            Thanks cha.
            Really concerned about this game

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I hope we load up behind Curhan and Bradford and pound the rock repeatedly.

            It’s the key to the game because it will mitigate what I anticipate will be a test to our run defense.

    • Mick

      Thank you cha, been looking around for these.

  50. Palatypus

    This Broncos@ Dolphins looks a lot like Buffaloes @ Ducks.

    • Peter

      Looking forward to Sean Payton’s “Wilson watch,” this week after his d coordinator crapped the bed.

  51. Big Mike

    My favorite announcing team today

  52. Big Mike

    Miami 70
    Denver 20

    Still 6 mins to go

  53. Big Mike

    Oh look no pass rush

  54. Blitzy the Clown

    Brooks read that play perfectly and still couldn’t prevent the completion

  55. Big Mike

    And on top of it it was thrown behind the receiver close to him

  56. bmseattle

    new thread up with Cha’s notes, fyi

  57. Peter


    Rob has a new post up.

  58. Blitzy the Clown


  59. Pran

    One must appreciate perfectly executed fair catch.

  60. Samprassultanofswat

    Hey guys. The Russell Wilson lead Broncos just lost 70-20. Sean Peyton must be pulling his hair out

  61. SeaTown

    Going to lose at home. Again. To Andy Dalton.

    • Pran

      We were surprised seeing Dalton play – Pete

      • geoff u

        They just wanted it more than us

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