Video: The final countdown as Seahawks’ coaching search nears the end


  1. Brian

    (Sorry if you mentioned this in the video or previously)
    If we miss on Ben Johnson, would you still prioritize Slowik and maybe Kafka, over MacDonald?

    • Rob Staton

      I would’ve considered Slowik, I’m a bit surprised he’s disappeared as a candidate

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Was thinking about this earlier today. He didn’t just go quiet for Seattle. He seems to have fallen out of the market entirely. Nobody else took him and there’s no buzz with him and Washington.

        I can’t imagine he interviews that badly. I think he speaks well. He sounds clear, easy to understand, direct. It must be that he doesn’t have good enough answers for things not directly under his purview in Houston, like defense and ST.

        But if that’s the case, what must it be like with Macdonald? At least Slowik’s been a defensive coach recently. Macdonald has never been anything but a defensive coach. Granted, there are personal differences and maybe Macdonald is just that much more impressive as a leader. Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        I’m concerned with Macdonald because who runs the offense and how long will he stick around. But I think I’d rather set sail on a ship with him as the captain than line up for another snooze cruise with ABQ

        • geoff u

          It’s possible he’s not ready to be a head coach and wants to continue his work with the Texans. Also, remember the timeline thanks to the playoffs. No one has interviewed Macdonald yet (other than virtual) and I think people are really jumping the gun on him.

  2. Sea Mode

    Payton Wilson measurements:

    6041, 234, 30 1/8″ arms, 9.0″ hands, 76 1/8″ wingspan

    • Nick

      Not as long of a wingspan as he looks like on tape.

      Still, those measurements are not a problem.

  3. God of Thunder

    Thinking about Mike Macdonald and the Ravens loss, I think it really was a missed opportunity for Baltimore. And it doesn’t reflect as poorly on Macdonald as on, say, Jackson or Flowers or the OC and Harbaugh.

    Zay Flowers arguably cost them. First the unnecessary dive with an unprotected football — it’s sometimes good to be aggressive but in hindsight it was a blunder.

    The taunting call — with the resulting 15 yard penalty? Inexcusable.

    There were two other errors (and 4 serious but entirely avoidable penalties in total I recall). I don’t see how these hurt Macdonald unless he couldn’t reign in his players’ emotions. I like his overall body of work. Not saying he’s my choice as Rob has made the case that Johnson is a better fit for the Seahawks. But he’d get more love if Baltimore had prevailed, which they really could have done if none of those penalties occurred.

  4. Nick

    Thanks so much, Rob. Your content has been prolific and thoughtful.

    Question regarding Mike M: This in-person meeting is their first interview with him, correct? Are we thinking they’ll do one more after this?

    • Rob Staton

      This will be the only interview I imagine

  5. Joseph

    Please no Dan Quinn! JS don’t do it!!

  6. Joseph

    The fact that Quinn’s name is still floating around has me nervous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with Quinn. Part of me doesn’t trust JS to make the right choice. Gotta hold out hope Quinn isn’t hired.

    • Brett

      I think his name is still floating around because everyone expected Seattle to hire him early on and Commanders have another interview with him.

      • Joseph

        It’s like they want it to happen outta familiarity.

  7. Sea Mode

    Spencer Rattler nearly 10″ hands (9 3/4″) at 6001, 219.

    Penix 10 3/8″ hands at 6024, 212.

    • Julian

      How would Spencer Rattler’s playing style compare to that of Drew Brees?

      Obviously, no one would project him to go on to have the same career Brees had, but in the sense of what’s type of offense can be run, they have very simular measureables?

  8. Julian

    Enjoyed the video Rob. My preferred combination continues to be Ben Johnson, Head Coach and Patrick Graham AHC DC.

    I’m still suspicious of the 3-4 E Eviro runs, Eviro being a strong Vic Fangio disciple.
    Patrick Grahams runs lots of variations in his defense, especially on 3rd down. He’s a Yale alumni, that’s got to mean something, when it comes to working schemes out? A thoughtful defence would be very 2020s in the NFL.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      +1 for Graham over Eviro

  9. cha

    Another Seahawks podcaster put out something today that was sponsored by a toilet company.

    That’s it. That’s my comment.

    • Sea Mode


    • STTBM

      Lol! +1!

    • Rob Staton

      Who? 😂

      And where’s my toilet sponsorship offer!?!?!

      • Patrick Toler

        I feel like we should be able to at least get you one of those clip on bidets

      • RomeoA57

        Sheffield Watercloset and Sewage?

  10. Sea Mode

    Legette smaller hands (8 7/8), but good size at 6010, 223.

    Guyton is a monster! Wow!

    6071, 328, 10″ hands, 34 1/4″ arms, 82 3/8″ wingspan

    • Seattle Person

      Guyton might rise to the top 1 or 2 OTs by the end of draft season.

      • Rob Staton

        I think you can remove the ‘might’

        Alt and Fashanu are being overrated — Guyton, Latham — they are the top two OT’s IMO

  11. EP

    I find it really satisfying and refreshing that JS is going after the two clear leading candidates.

    After years of settling for mediocrity, the misguided trade decisions (camouflaged as bold) and some whacky draft choices, this decision seems like a no brainer. If you want to be the best you have to get the best.

    Going forward it’s obvious that he’ll build a team that wins (regardless of how) and not be stuck to an outdated philosophy that was becoming more important than the actual results.

  12. Nick

    Is Joe Milton a poor man’s Anthony Richardson?

    I believe he is an exciting selection for JS in the third round. Milton could sit behind Geno this year and then they could re-evaluate next offseason. Allows JS to go BPA with his first round pick…which I would not be opposed to at all.

    • Nick

      Okay third round is way too rich, but you get my drift.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll just be honest, I don’t see a NFL quarterback

      • Nick

        Trust your judgement more than mine lol. Will keep that in mind.

        • Rob Staton

          It also pissed me off he sat out of his Bowl game

    • BK26

      I’m not sure he’s draftable.

      They have already forgotten about him at Tennessee.

  13. Wilson502

    If we have to settle for Dan effing Quinn, either JS is a buffoon or Seattle isn’t as attractive a destination as people make it out to be. I suppose it could be a bit of both as well.

    • Big Mike


      • Blitzy the Clown


  14. MJ

    For anyone interested in the Lions 4th down decisions in last nights game, ESPN Insider just posted a comprehensive look into those decisions that goes over situations, analytics and team strengths, it’s titled “NFL playoffs: How Lions lost to 49ers and Chiefs beat Ravens”. If you don’t have insider, the gist of the article is that the Lions are a highly aggressive team and it plays to their offensive strengths which supported their decisions to go for it, situation considered and without hindsight. We will see if Johnson is an aggressive decision maker at HC or if that’s more of a Dan Campbell thing.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Reynolds hangs onto two passes and the DB doesn’t let the ball hit him in the facemask, Detroit wins. Kicking at least one field goal at least would have been very helpful no doubt.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Correct me if I’m wrong – I only saw highlights and not the game itself – but didn’t the DB with the facemask bonk get called for DPI anyway? If so, SF would have got the ball there regardless.

        • Seattle Person

          The penalty was picked up.

    • cha

      It’s hard to understand why people are focusing on the 4th downs and not the other massive mistakes.

      Actually no it’s not.

      This is old grouches trying to stamp out Moneyball.

      • MJ

        I agree, the mistakes (dropped passes, fumbles, etc.) were why they lost, no issue whatsoever with their aggressive 4th down calls. Pete was more aggressive than his peers early on with the Hawks, other teams progressed and passed him by. In 2022, he was dead last in 4th down aggressiveness and last year he was 22nd in the league. Hopefully whoever comes in next isn’t as conservative as Pete was. Playing not to lose isn’t the recipe for success.

        • cha

          I flew to Pittsburgh to watch the Seahawks play SNF with Geno Smith making his first start as starter.

          I watched Pete Carroll twice elect to punt on 4th down from inside the Steeler 40 yard line, once at the 38 and once at the 39. The 38 yard line, they actually chose to take a 5 yard delay penalty so Dickson would have more room to work with!

          Myers had been nailing 55-58 yarders at that end in warmups.

          Both punts, the defense held up and gave the ball back to the offense. Both times, the offense sputtered and punted it back.

          The game went to OT and the Seahawks lost by 3 points.

          • STTBM

            But Seattle lost that game because Carrol was overly conservative in every facet, not just because he ignored analytics. He had Geno on a leash so tight it was a choker.

            Analytics don’t work in a vacuum in the NFL. They don’t work as well as in baseball. I’m with Florio, you have to have a smart, experienced football guy to make in-game decisions, not just a math geek. Analytics can never take into account everything that’s needed to make HC decisions.

            Campbell lost that game for his team, not just by being stubbornly reckless, but by not having his players ready and able to perform under pressure. They screwed up left and right when the chips were down. And nobody is saying that, despite how obvious it is.

            But I’m right there with you on Carrol being too conservative. I been ready for him to go for 7 years.

      • Peter

        And yet I’m still hearing about the pass.

        When it’s been discussed ad nauseum that the pass was not the wrong call but the execution.

        Analytics are great. Tef, etc,…it’s all data.

        There’s something to understanding the situation you are in and shutting the game down.

        Also I find it hard to believe a TE for Chicago has a WAR of anything in a 17 game season. That’s where I think “analytics,” gets it wrong.

  15. cha

    Softy poll has 3400+ votes and Johnson with a 53/47 lead over Macdonald

    • Rob Staton

      Surprised — everyone I see online these days seems to want MM

      • cha

        “The voice of the people is the voice of a dog”

        • Blitzy the Clown


      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        The average Seattle Times reader and sports radio listener tend to be more in tune about doing the wave and wearing a 12 jersey ….

      • Matt

        These people didn’t know MM existed two weeks ago.

        “Defense wins championships!!!”

        I will never not laugh at the fact the most progressive fanbase in the world wanted to keep a 73 year old coach and clings to an outdated philosophy, like the bromide above.

  16. Big Mike


  17. Matt

    Great stuff Rob. If I hear “defense wins championships” one more time; I’m gonna lose my fucking mind on this fanbase.

    Andy Reid and Kyle Shananan are in the Super Bowl. What are we doing here???

    • Big Mike

      Counting this season, 5 most recent Super Bowls have all had offensive coaches. That’s 10 Offensive guys and ZERO Defensive guys.

      • Matt

        Yea but Mike…in 2001, the Ravens proved you can win without an offense. Seems reasonable to want to mimic an outlier.

    • Rob Staton


    • Wilson502

      Which goes back to my comment yesterday about this being one of the lowest IQ fanbases in the league.

      • Joseph

        That’s because they’re stuck on the early 2010’s.

  18. Sea Mode

    Good thing we don’t have a need at CB, cause it looks like slim pickings in the 32″ arm department this year. Usually the Senior Bowl is loaded with length, even from smaller schools. Maybe the underclassmen will add to it later. For now, this is it:

    (Side note: yes, I know PC is gone and the CB profile might have changed anyway, but length is still good and there is still that stat about all the elite outside CBs having 32″ arms)

    CB Cam Hart, Notre Dame, 6027, 204, 9 3/4 hand, 32 5/8 arm, 77 3/4 wingspan
    CB Khyree Jackson, Oregon, 6034, 203, 8 7/8 hand, 32 arm, 78 wingspan
    CB Max Melton, Rutgers, 5110, 193, 9.0 hand, 32 arm, 76 3/8 wingspan

    Cam Hart’s stats are uninspiring. Prototypical size, though, lots of starting experience and a solid 83.3 PFF grade for this season. Made Bruce Feldman’s Freaks List at #38:

    “The 6-2 1/2, 205-pounder from Maryland has remarkable tools, broad-jumping 11-2, vertical-jumping 38 inches and hitting 21.7 mph on the GPS. His power-clean peak output (2490) is also one of the best on the team.”

    Khyree Jackson had some decent PFF grades (80.5 overall in 2023, but looks like some real lows in there too). I’m sure some Ducks fans can chime in on him if he’s even worth looking into. Got beat a lot and lost his job at Alabama. Then got suspended (undisclosed reasons) and transferred this past year.

    Melton is on Rob’s board as a late-round pick for now.

    A couple guys from the safety list:

    S James Williams, Miami (FL), 6043, 230, 9 1/4 hand, 33 1/8 arm, 79 5/8 wingspan
    S Jaylin Simpson, Auburn, 5115, 178, 9 7/8 hand, 32 1/4 arm, 77 wingspan
    S Josh Proctor, Ohio State, 6014, 198, 8 1/2 hand, 31 7/8*, 78 1/2 wingspan

    James Williams is a bit of a weird eval because although he has elite size, he actually grades great in coverage and poor in run defense. He lined up deep about the same amount of snaps as in the box over the past three years. Even lined up on the DL 60 snaps this season. Only about to turn 21. Rob has him in R4.

    Proctor, in stark contrast, is… old. Six years at Ohio St.

    Best thing this yearly exercise turned up for me is Jaylin Simpson, especially since we should soon be looking to replace some safeties. That’s quite the disproportionate length and hand size! PFF wrote this about him at midseason:

    Jaylin Simpson was more of a cornerback than a safety over the past two seasons, with most of his snaps coming as a wide cornerback. This year, he’s been used mainly as a safety and the production has been stellar. He currently has a 90.4 overall grade with a 91.3 coverage grade, thanks to his four interceptions and just 32 yards allowed in coverage.

    Definitely one to look into further. Had 4 picks in the first 5 games this season. A couple were very ballhawky. Looks like an eager tackler in highlights at least.

    Jaylin Simpson 🔥 Mid-Season Highlights ᴴᴰ

    I’m definitely interested in a deeper look. The only big red flag is the weight. He will simply have to put more on if he is to play at safety. I couldn’t find a safety in the past 25 years under 180. And in the last 10 years only 7 of them under 190. Anthony Harris was 183. I guess Devon Witherspoon was only 181, so maybe…

    He’s not super short and he’s definitely toned (see his Insta) but if he hasn’t managed to add much weight up to this point, he may well be close to maxed out already and have to move into the slot to have any shot at the next level. Shame…

    • Seattle Person

      I’m a big of Malik Mustapha from Wake Forest. I believe he’s at the Senior Bowl too. I hope he lights it up down there.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, he’s there:

        S Malik Mustapha, Wake Forest, 5097, 210, 8 7/8, 30 1/8 arms, 73 1/4 wingspan

        Thanks for the name, I’ll check him out.

  19. Rob Staton

    • Wilson502

      What do u make of this?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Dinner interview. Lil wine n dine

      • Rob Staton

        Not much, just thought it was worth posting

    • ErickV

      Man , this is a very insightful fanbase. 😂

    • Murphy

      The passenger manifest better have a +1 the next time it’s wheels up

      • Sea Mode


    • Cysco

      In case you yourself want your own Gulfstream G650

    • Matt

      Is it possible they’re still interviewing him? Six hours (at this time) seems like a bit much, I suppose.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t know because I’m guessing they didn’t jump off the plane and hot-tail to the meeting. It might not’ve started until the evening

        Whatever time it started though — I hope the intention is to get this done now (and that they deliver)

  20. BrandoK

    Rob a question about the draft how different are the prospects in the draft going to be with a new HC and do you have to find a new trend in how or which prospect to link to Seattle?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, that’s what we’re going to find out

  21. Sea Mode

    Think this size dings him a round, Rob?

    WR Jacob Cowing, Arizona, 5084, 165, 9″ hands, 29 1/4 arms, 69 1/4 wingspan

    PFF (and probably his school) had been listing him as 5011, 175. Nothing new about that, I guess.

    Comps physically to Tank Dell, so maybe recent history is in his favor after seeing how Tank produced. (Or, then again, maybe it doesn’t seeing how Tank didn’t last his rookie season before getting hurt…)

    • ErickV

      I’d definitely wanna see his 40 time as it’d be nice to have a receiver who can also be the special teams returner like Lockett.

  22. Palatypus

    Out from the shadows of the dangerous streets of Mobile…
    Comes a warrior for freedom, truth, and justice…
    No one knows who he is, or what he’s done…
    But his legacy remains…
    He is…

    The Unarobber.


  23. MarkinSeattle

    I am going to continue plugging for Cam Hart at CB as an early Day 3 selection. He has the measurables. He also shut down the Ohio State receivers he covered the last two years, along with the USC receivers. He gave up less than 200 yards on the season at around 5 yards per completion. As a late round pick, I think he would be a steal.

    Nagy thinks highly of him as well.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Correction Hart’s season stats were:

      12 games played
      572 snaps
      308 coverage snaps
      15 receptions given up
      28 targets
      137 yds
      0 TDs
      0 INT’s
      3 FF
      67 passer rating against

      I believe that about 40 of those yards came against Navy on a trick play pass.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks, posted a bit about him above:

      Will take a closer look, though I think Safety is a bigger need this year.

      • MarkinSeattle

        Agreed, I just think he has great measurables and shut some good WR down, but the lack of INT’s has kept him off the radar.

        If we are going best player I thought he would be a great steal if he is there later in the draft. I am also not sure we will see continued great development from both Woolen and Brown.

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