Adam Schefter had a hidden little nugget in his Pat McAfee segment earlier

You’ll have all seen by now the Adam Schefter clip from the Pat McAfee show, talking about the Seahawks and the Commanders and their coaching searches. It was initially very interesting because Schefter poured cold water on the ‘Ben Johnson to Washington is a lock’ suggestion for the second time in 24 hours. He went on to suggest it’s possible that neither of the two presumptive appointments — Johnson to Washington and Dan Quinn to Seattle — would happen.

There’s one other thing I noticed that many people haven’t talked about. Schefter starts to talk about Seattle and how they could appoint Johnson if he doesn’t end up in Washington. Then he drops this fascinating nugget:

“Ben Johnson’s also in play in Seattle. So if he doesn’t get Washington, is he then in Seattle? Or, does Seattle pull an upset..”

Nobody seemed to pick up on that. What does Schefter mean by suggesting the Seahawks might pull an upset?

My interpretation of that is, at least in Schefter’s mind, he thinks they might do something unpredictable. I’d suggest that means not appointing one of Johnson, Quinn or Mike Macdonald.

Perhaps it keeps Mike Kafka, Patrick Graham or Ejiro Evero in the mix? Did one of them impress to the extent they are in the hunt and the Seahawks simply want to complete the process before appointing them? Is Mike Vrabel truly not under consideration?

Maybe it was just a throwaway comment from Schefter and means nothing?

Either way I think it’s interesting. When I was on KJR the day after Pete Carroll’s departure was announced, Jason Puckett made a point that has stuck with me. John Schneider loves to keep you guessing in the draft. Could he do the same here with this coaching search?

The fact the Seahawks want to speak to Johnson and Macdonald in person this week, especially given they’re travelling to them not the other way round, suggests they are the two top targets at this stage. I think that’s probably true. I just think the Schefter line about an upset is suitably intriguing enough to wonder, what if there’s a surprise in stall this week?

After all, Kafka gets glowing reviews from Andy Reid — someone Schneider clearly respects. He might want to tap into that offensive system and bring in a coach with a reputation for great QB development. Graham did an incredible job with the Raiders defense, showing he can do more with less. He’s also highly intelligent, creative and respected. Everyone speaks well of Evero’s ability to connect with players (and he was born in England, so he’s clearly a top bloke).

At least the finish line is in sight. I still hope the Seahawks meet with Johnson tonight, strike a deal and announce it quickly. I hope all the ‘not so fast’ stuff on Johnson to Washington is the Commanders saving face with a ‘yeah we were never that into you anyway’ type thing going on, having missed out on their guy.

But don’t be shocked if the unthinkable happens, either.


  1. MNF_Hawk

    I read pulling an upset as BJ currently believed to be the favorite for the WASH job and to be favoring the wash job, the upset being offered both wash and seattle and selecting Seattle.

    • Yimba

      Correct. I think that’s the context schefter meant It in.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree — because Schefter says, “So if he doesn’t get Washington, is he then in Seattle? Or, does Seattle pull an upset..”

      I’ve put the word ‘or’ in bold for a reason. He’s basically offering two scenarios — Johnson in Seattle, OR do they pull an upset.

      • JG

        He asked “ if he doesn’t get Washington , is he then in Seattle or does Seattle pull an upset”? To me , meaning if Washington chooses to go in another direction does Seattle pull the trigger on him or does Seattle pull an upset and sign him regardless of what Washington’s plans are.. Insinuating, Washington is in the drivers seat for his services. I could be wrong but that’s how I interpreted it.

        • Rob Staton

          I still think the word ‘or’ means he was referring to something else

        • Elmer

          It can be interpreted either way. If Johnson doesn’t get Washington, does he accept Seattle’s offer as a second choice.

          Or does Seattle pull an upset by signing Johnson in spite of what Washington does.

          Or does Seattlepull an upset by choosing a candidate nobody expects. Johnson either gets Washington or he doesn’t get a HC job.


      • Sea Mode

        On first listen I interpreted it as DET ‘or’ SEA, but listening to it again you are definitely right. It’s actually pretty clear from what Schefter says right after it.

      • Hawkdawg

        The “upset” could be that the supposedly sure thing of Johnson to Washington doesn’t happen, because Johnson pulls an upset by picking Seattle OVER Washington, with offers from both.

    • Hawkdawg


  2. Raphael Sierra

    Out of all these candidates which hiring would signal we move up to take a QB in this draft? If we can’t beat mahomes and maauto then we’re playing for silver at this point.

    • BK26


      He was brought in and made into Mahomes’s babysitter. It is the one thing that puts him above every other coach and or candidate this offseason. He’s developed a guy, and he might be on a short list of GOATs when he gets done.

    • Brodie

      I’d put Slowik on this list too, as he’s done a great job with soon-to-be ROY Stroud.

      If we’re going with a ‘surprise’ HC pick, he seems to fit that bill as well. I’ve been thinking he bombed the interview, but maybe he knocked it so far out of the park that JS didn’t need a 2nd. Doesn’t seem likely, but him being forgotten about after his 1st interview was a bit odd too.

  3. Shibu

    Thoughts on Rapoport saying on NFL network how he doesn’t see Ben Johnson as the favorite for the Washington job? Might he have been tipped off a la Schefter so that Washington can ensure they fulfill the Rooney rule?

    • Rob Staton

      That would be my guess

      But it’s also possible Washington feels less confident about it and wants to get the message out there so it doesn’t look like they whiffed

      • LouCityHawk

        FWIW, a lot of the local reporters in DC are talking up Quinn and his leadership. And their GM gave some sort of peach about leadership being a high priority for HC.

        Their fan sourcing is worse than ours, but apparently JS was in Detroit today with the full team to interview Johnson. (Spotted by Commie oh I’m guessing?)

        They are stressing because Johnson met with the Hawks first, and their team is only spending a morning in Detroit to interview Johnson and Glenn, before flying home to meet with Quinn in DC.

        They are minor stressed though as they see Quinn as a win

        • Parallax

          I’m surprised by how much respect Quinn gets. I’m surprised too that so many in the national media think he’s front runner for our job despite the many clues to the contrary. Man, I’ll be bummed if Schneider makes that choice.

          • TatupuTime

            I see it as scenario specific. Quinn appears to be a good respected leader that is well liked around the league. Not dissimilar to Morris who the media looks at similarly. He brings a high floor with questions about his ceiling. For a franchise that needs some stability, culture and leadership I think he’d be a great hire. I don’t necessarily think he’d be a bad hire by Washington to kickstart a new era and start a culture/program from scratch. He’s highly unlikely to completely bomb and embarrass a franchise.

            The Seahawks are a very stable franchise that will derive decision making and culture from John to a certain extent. After years of being culture heavy and scheme light the Seahawks need to go in the opposite direction. They need someone that can come into a stable situation and get the most schematically out of the players.

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s the link:

  4. Scott

    Don’t think it will be McDonald either after reading this from an interview Brock and Salk did:
    Point being, if Macdonald comes to Seattle, his demeanor would be a departure from what the team and its fans have become accustomed to.

    “He does not have that kind of personality. He even describes himself, and a lot of his family members describe him, as an introvert,” Hensley said. “He is not a guy that I think really excels or feels very comfortable in large group settings addressing, but he is smart and he knows how to get the best out of players and he can relate to players one on one.”

    Doesn’t seem to align with JS’ comments that they are looking for someone that can carry on the “Culture and moving to the next level”.

    Could the surprise be Ejiro Evero?

    “He’s going to demand a certain standard. He’s going to show you that he holds himself to a certain standard and that he’s not perfect,” Hill said. “He’s relatable to the players. He’s a guy who can understand what’s going on but never let it affect who he is as a person. That’s what you want. He can lead men.”

    That sure sounds like a Seahawks-type guy.

    • Parallax

      I like Evero a lot but I’m really hoping for an offensive minded head coach. If we could pull him in as DC, I’d be thrilled.

    • BK26

      If that is the case there are two thoughts:

      1. the entire front office needs to be fired. Complete waste to have a coaching search with THAT mindset being the focus.

      2. fans and media are so wound up that they have zero clue what is good for the team or what is correct. Focusing solely on a culture and getting a guy that is “Seahawky” is stupid. And lazy for them to make a point of saying. Talk about fine-toothing something….

    • UkAlex6674

      I think we need to move away from ‘Seahawks type’ or being ‘Seahawky’ or ‘gritty back story’.

      Let’s get people in the building with their own ideas and values that are fresh. Let them create their own culture.

      Otherwise let’s hire Quinn or get PC back.

  5. Sea Mode

    Wait, Rob, are you really up speculating and parsing rumors at 2am just in case something happens in the next couple hours…? 😁

    • 916miked

      Rob let me just say thank you for all the hard work . We all really appreciate you and we’re glad you’re a fellow Hawk ! ……Cha you’re not too shabby either . Thanks guys !

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you!

        The nice comments balance out the abuse 😂

        • DriveByPoster

          Or is it the abuse that keeps you grounded so that all the nice comments don’t go to your head?! 😀

      • cha

        Thank you!

    • Rob Staton

      I am 😂

      And I’m up early for my daughters birthday and a PT session so I am an idiot

      • Sea Mode

        Hey, no judgement here; I’m an hour ahead! (but I should really get to bed…)


  6. Denver Hawker

    I think they all know it’s a done deal (Johnson and Washington) and trying their best to walk it back (either to keep intrigue to the story or cover Washington Rooney rule).

    • Sea Mode

      Well, that’s exactly what it sounded like up until now, but Rob is right: Schefter tossing the possibility of Seattle pulling an “upset” on the table (and perhaps referring to even being willing to bet on it) adds something completely new to the speculation.

      At the very least, we can also infer as another possibility, that Dan Quinn is not a lock in Seattle and they have their eyes on someone else if they miss out on Johnson (‘OR’ even if he doesn’t choose WAS).

      • Denver Hawker

        Even the “upset” sounds like a toss in to me to further the intrigue and back-peddle. I’d love to be wrong.

        • Sea Mode

          Perhaps. That would certainly be some level of commitment to the WAS cause from Schefty.

          I think once he whips out a personal stake with the “I will bet you” that he probably has a little something to go on.

          But hey, we’re all just spitballing at this point…

          • Denver Hawker

            That’s a fair comment. I’ve thought Schefter does a good job playing the field for the networks when he’s already been fed the story.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        To be fair, Shefty said he’d be willing to bet on one of Johnson to WASH or Quinn to SEA not happening, not that Seattle would pull an upset, which was only a maybe.

        But you know, Johnson to SEA would satisfy that bet twice over.

        I’ve a strong feeling Johnson is top choice by a wide margin. I feel strongly that Quinn isn’t Plan B. I don’t think Macdonald is either, but I’m less sure about him than Quinn.

  7. Joe

    I don’t understand the Kafka hype.
    The Giants offense wasn’t that good the last 2 years.

    Kinda like saying, Clint Hurt was around vic Fangio’s glories years of defense. Let’s hire him back. So happy the Eagles got him.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure there’s any ‘Kafka hype’

      They interviewed him twice, which is why he gets talked about

      • Sea Mode

        I just realized it is no longer as easy as before to link directly to a comment here on SDB.

        Maybe there’s an option in the settings that can enable it again like before (by clicking on the timestamp of a comment)?

        Anyways, I wrote about Senior Bowl CB and S with 32″ arm length near the end of last thread if anyone’s interested:

        I don’t think we particularly need to look at CBs, but we are definitely interested in safeties, so let me know if anyone has any early favorites I should check out.

        • Sea Mode

          (reply fail 🙄)

        • cha

          I use Chrome as my browser. You can highlight a few words and right click and “copy link to highlight” and blam you’ve got a link to the post.

          • Sea Mode

            Thanks, nice workaround! (I use Chrome too)

            I had resorted to clicking on “reply” to get the comment id# and then adding it to the end of the URL format of a comment I had just posted.

        • Brodie

          Was TJ Tampa in there? He looks fairly big for a CB and brings a load on his hits. To me, he looks like he could play CB or S.

          Per your previous – Khyree Jackson looked great at times and not so great at others. He’s long and how he tests will be big. He got banged up, but UO was missing their other starting CB, so I think he played through. I’d guess he’s a day 3 pick, unless he runs really well.

          • Sea Mode

            No, he is not at the Senior Bowl to my knowledge. But thanks for the name, I’ll check him out.

            Yeah, sounds consistent with what I’ve gathered so far on Jackson: quite up and down.

      • Joe

        Sorry, Let me rephrase that.

        “I don’t understand the Kafka interest.”

        Good coaches can make average players stand out. (See Johnson and Macdonald) I don’t see that on Kafka’s resume.

    • LouCityHawk

      Look, there are two things I implicitly trust Andy Reid on, the first is good, the second is football

      If he is offering an unqualified endorsement of Kafka, that is good enough for me.

      • BK26

        Third for me is bbq. He knows his places down here. Ate at his favorite spot Saturday night.

      • Big Mike

        I said he was John’s pivot if Johnson goes to Washington. I’ll stand by that even harder now.

  8. BrandoK

    All of NFL media have no idea what John is thinking at this point same goes for us fans too. John manipulates the media so well just for them to keep guessing things over and over again. They don’t have any concrete info coming for Seattle FO.

  9. Peter

    Kafka is the OR in the scenario. I think

    John was in Green Bay when Mccarthy was brought in. His offense was pretty bad at his previous stop. Reaching out to the future from that Green Bay also brought in Lafleur who basically did nothing with the Rams because that’s Mcvay’s show and then very poorly with Tenn.

    One thing we’ve seen right or wrong is the seahawks put a fair emphasis on what someone can be not what they are. F grade draft anyone.

    • Rob Staton

      You may well be right

  10. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    So much smoke. I’m wondering who the Seahawks will find to be the OC, DC and STC.
    You will need one no matter who you choose as HC. Some very intriguing guys might be available to fill out a staff…. a staff that is hungry to prove themselves.

    Several shows have insinuated that a selection will be made no later than 48-72 hours. There is also a “wild” report that the Seahawks might sport a new uniform for 2024. Exciting times!

    • Rob Staton

      They should go to the throwbacks permanently

      Best uni in the league

      • Peter

        The only thing I want to see “run it back.”

      • Huggie Hawk

        This needs 2 happen

  11. nfendall

    Thanks for continuing to crank out the content, Rob!

    At this point I am tired of speculating and just want to know who it is. Hopefully within the next 48 hours it will happen.

  12. Palatypus

    I saw that segment live earlier but didn’t want to comment on it.

  13. Patrick Toler

    I would be intrigued if it were Kafka. He was considered to be Reid’s successor until things got a little weird with Beinemie never getting the HC job most people thought he would, then NYG being a total disaster. All of that outside of Kafka’s control. Schneider and Reid obviously have a connection, and with Kafka’s role helping Mahomes, and possibly getting some credit for Jones playing over his head last year – I could see Schneider taking a shot.

  14. Lonnie Anderson

    Johnson as head coach with Evero as DC


    Macdonald as head coach with Kafka OC

    • Parallax

      One, please.

  15. Sea Mode

    Palatypus, we are going to require a picture of you next to this guy…!

    OT Patrick Paul, Houston, 6070, 333, 9 3/8 hand, 36 1/4 arms, 86 3/4 wingspan

    Elite pass-blocking grade, too.

    • Palatypus

      I won’t be able to get out on the field but you never know who you are going to bump into at a restaurant. The best I could do would be to go to one of the many events.

      • Sea Mode


        No worries! Just enjoy yourself there! We enjoy all the random nuggets you post. 😁

  16. Eric47d

    At first glance this smells like a cover story to give the impression of Rooney rule compliance, but would both Schefter and Rapoport allow themselves to be used in that way? They’ve both been around long enough to see it for what it is, if that’s in fact what’s going on. It gives me some small hope that it’s the Commanders saving face because they know they’re not getting their guy.

    If I were JS, my sales pitch to Johnson might start with the fact 10 head coaches have rolled through D.C. and been fired since the day Mike Holmgren arrived here in ’99 (I know, new ownership finally but still). If Johnson goes to D.C. and picks the wrong QB this April he’ll most likely be out of a job in 2 to 3 years, no matter how bright his star right now. He’s got a lot more rope if he comes here. He gets to start off with Goff-esque QB from day 1 in addition to whoever they may draft and a roster that’s far ahead, especially at the skill positions, not to mention working for one of the most established and successful GM’s in the game, as opposed to a rookie in D.C.

    Every year there are 1 or 2 “up and coming, can’t miss” coordinators who get head coach jobs with high hopes, and many are fired and back to being coordinators within a couple or three years. If he’s smart, he’ll go wherever he has the best chance to put up winning seasons the soonest. JMO.

  17. Parallax

    So much tea reading, it’s silly. To be expected among us fans. Sports reporters need to keep finding stories to publish so I guess that’s no surprise either.

    My preferences are Johnson, then Slowik, then Kafka in distant third. Doing my best to expect nothing.

  18. Sea Mode


    Rob Staton

    Few thoughts on this here #Seahawks

    Dan Viens 🎙 (Seahawks Forever Podcast)

    This is interesting stuff here, especially considering something I heard from a connected source last week that told me it wouldn’t be a shock if Johnson didn’t get one of these jobs. I didn’t think much of it at the time but….

    • Seattle Person


      The plots and turns in this drama are crazy.

      • Peter

        Wonder about this supposed 15 million dollar contract ask.

        I know we all say “its not our money,” but I doubt owners are keen on paying a guy with no rings as much as Sean Mcvay and the other top proven coaches.

        If he doesn’t work that’s a ton of cash ro owe plus the next guy will want the same amount.

        Currently Lafleur, Mccarthy, stefanski would be making around 10+million less than Johnson if this is the true amount.

        Again. I don’t care. But owners might.

    • Patrick Toler

      Six teams have already gone in another direction despite him being the consensus favorite (among fans and analysts). It is interesting.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, I think that’s quite normal. Being the consensus favorite, he should get to have his pick of one of the most attractive openings, which are WAS and SEA.

        So what if he simply let those other six teams know that he wasn’t really interested in their offers, or they just deduced that and went ahead with someone else instead of waiting and losing out on other potential candidates on the off chance that he would choose them?

    • Rob Staton


      Maybe the salary demand stuff from weeks ago is legit? And it’s a turnoff for teams

      • Cysco

        That’s why I continue to like the Seahawk’s chances. They’ve been paying that level of salary to Pete for years. Clearly they’re OK with paying a coach that much.

        Not many coaches are being paid over 10m a year so teams must be adverse to it, especially for someone who has never held the position before.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure they’d be willing to pay an inexperienced coach that much, though

          Because if it doesn’t work out — you’re paying a fortune to fire him

  19. Gross MaToast

    Ranked preference.

    It doesn’t matter.
    Dan Quinn.

    • Big Mike


  20. Sea Mode

    Drats, we left the building without him…


    seahawks plane left detroit at 8:48pm local time and arrived at baltimore, probably to interview Macdonald tomorrow

    • Film12Hawk

      The possible good news to this is we are interviewing Mike Mcdonald in the morning while the Commanders aren’t interviewing Ben Johnson until tomorrow evening as they’re scheduled to do Dan Quinn and then Aaron Glenn. Ian Rapoport made it known over the weekend that Josh Harris wants to do a proper evaluation with each of their choices. So I can’t imagine they cancel dinner with Ben. So hopefully that means we’ll have a few hours to get a deal worked out with him.

      • Film12Hawk


    • Wilson502

      Welp…. Is this mission failed for JS? Or does BJ want to hear out the Deadskins? If BJ was his target then imo he failed if he left without him/deal in hand. We shall see ….

      • Cysco

        Could also be that the team wants to meet with MacDonald before finalizing an offer.

        Either way, I expect we’ll know who our next coach is this afternoon.

  21. Palatypus

    For those who didn’t see it in the last thread, this is how I’m going to stalk Jim Nagy.

    As “The UnaRobber.”

    Coming to a theater near you.

  22. RomeoA57

    Sources in my toilet told me that I don’t know shit.

    I am updating my browser onto the ESPN site every hour looking for any hiring news for Seattle or Washington. I haven’t been this anxious since my last flight on a Boeing made airplane.

    • Palatypus

      Sources from a Senior Bowl bathroom confirm that Drew Rosenhaus does not wash his hands.

      Also, weigh in information coming in from the Senior Bowl.

      Here is one of many sources.

      • RomeoA57

        This is great stuff to get our minds off of the coaching searches.

        • Palatypus

          Dude, I have been trying to figure out what to bring to Mobile tomorrow.

          1. Tripod/Selfie Stick
          2. Windbreaker/Hoodie
          3. Backpack
          4 Medicine
          5. Food
          6. Laptop
          7. Cooler & Thermos

          I know I am forgetting things. And they are starting practice early this year because of all the 75th anniversary events.

          • RomeoA57

            I have never been to Mobile, but I would think water would be important and maybe a jacket since it is still January. Maybe a towel if you are going to shake hands with any agents?

            • Palatypus

              It will be in the 50s tomorrow with a light wind and there are plenty of water fountains in the stadium. I need a big thermos of lightly sweetened tea for diabetes. I have insulin in my lunchbox. I’ve got all sorts of towels in my car because I Doordash.

          • Georgia Hawk

            I’m not in Mobile, but I’m not far.

            Would definitely recommend something to cut the wind at the very least. It doesn’t get very cold down here much, but the wind bites. Would also recommend something for rain. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t call for any, micro storms literally pop up in 10 min.

    • Cysco

      Eat more fiber

      • Palatypus

        Even if he can’t see it, I am sure he can sniff out the source.

  23. geoff u

    This is starting to feel like all the nonsense about Stroud falling in the draft weeks before only for the Texans to take him #2. Got my hopes up, then crushed them

    • Palatypus

      If the NFL Draft is football Christmas this is Halloween. During the next three days that I am in Mobile, there will be more bullshit kicked up than the rodeo at the Texas State Fair.

      That’s why I have eyes on it.

      I am at your service.

  24. Joseph

    Rob, saw a tweet that Seattle’s plane left Detroit for Baltimore.

    Looks like they moved on from Ben Johnson?

    • Palatypus

      It’s 4AM in London.

    • Murphy

      I don’t think you can read too much into it. The Seahawks are smart to conduct both interviews and I think Ben Johnson would be smart to hear both teams out. Don’t make a decision before you have to.

      • Joseph

        I get that. Well Raheem Morris was hired by Atlanta before his scheduled interview with another team. So I guess I was basing off that.

        • Murphy

          You may be right. I think the difference is that Ben Johnson is the belle of the ball, whereas Morris likely felt that he had to jump at an offer while it was on the table

    • Rob Staton

      Seen it

      So yeah, no getting a deal done with Johnson

      Which isn’t a good sign for him ending up in Seattle IMO

      • Wilson502

        Do u think JS made a tactical mistake if BJ was the top target and wanted to interview MM anyway and decide afterwards instead of trying to close the deal with BJ?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know what John’s tactics were so I can’t really review them

          I wanted a thorough search and we got one. I just hope now they get it right

          • Wilson502

            Fair enough, I just think if BJ was “The guy” you do everything possible to make a deal happen and you don’t leave without a deal done. Their interview with MM is in the morning so hopefully well have a decision right afterwards if they decide to go with BJ or MM.

            • Sea Mode

              Well, the holdup might not be on the Seahawks end, wanting to interview MM before making an offer. Maybe they gave him an offer and BJ insisted on hearing the Commanders’ pitch as well and/or is holding out for a certain amount of money, perhaps even hoping to use either team to drive up the final offer number.

  25. samprassultanofswat

    Here is my bluff( I mean guess). Mike MacDonald is going to be the HC. Mike Kafka will be the OC. Mike Kafka was with the Chiefs when they drafted Patrick Mahomes. In 2017 Kafka was the Offensive quality control coach. 2018 was Mahomes first full year as the starting QB. Guess who was Mahomes’s QB coach in 2018. you guessed it. Mike Kafka. Ian Rapoport also said that John Schneider is really high on Mike MacDonald. In fact Rapoport stated that Schneider was willing to wait until after the Super Bowl to interview MacDonald. I think the opportunity for Seattle to hire Ben Johnson is there. So there is a chance we could wake up in the morning and Ben Johnson is our HC. But it sounds like John Schneider really wants to interview Mike MacDonald.

    I am still pulling for Ben Johnson.

    Ben Johnson or Bust.

    • Peter

      I’d rather go Kafka with Graham or Evero.

      Nothing against Mike. Just don’t want to be Quinn and Vrabel when the OC moves on if they are good.

      • Palatypus

        I had the sound off earlier today, but I thought I saw a scroll on the newsticker during NFL Live today that Andy Reid might call it quits if he wins the Super Bowl and that Mike Kafka would likely be his heir apparent.

        But I could be wrong because I was juggling a podcast, reading this site, and watching the television at the same time.

        • Peter

          Really? I’m not saying you are wrong at all. I’ve read from BK26’s comments and our reporter on the BBQ trail that it seems Reid will not retire.

          Would be an interesting move for them.

          Additionally won’t that put Kafka in the same position that found him in NY in the first place that he was stuck behind EB? If Reid doesn’t retire and he doesn’t get an offer somewhere else.

  26. Wallace

    It is incredible that by looks of it Belichick and Vrabel wont get a coaching job. I get the sense Johnson will love the chance to use number 2 pick on qb to build around. I have some bears fans saying they may stick with Fields and get Marvin Harrison instead giving Johnson chance to coach Caleb Williams.

    • UkAlex6674

      BB needs time to get over the Patriots. I wouldn’t feel happy if he took the Seattle job.

  27. Seattle Person

    Jimmy Lake as the Falcons new DC is an odd choice.

    • Jon W.

      Very odd considering his Dawg HC faceplant, but apparently he used to coach with Morris.

      Hoping that UW will receive some ongoing financial relief from paying the remaining years on Lake’s contract. I faintly recall that they are only responsible for paying the annual difference (if any) once he gets another job.

      • DK

        Morris will have a prettt big say in the defensive scheme, it will be like when Lake was working as Co-DC with Kwaitkowski. Lake has wanted to get back into the NFL for years. It was pretty well known that if he did well as UW HC and the NFL came calling he was going.

    • Rob Staton

      Morris was billed as someone who would create a great staff. Doesn’t really feel that way so far

  28. downtownjewelrybryan

    so schefter didnt mean upset as in we’re all gonna be upset when JS hires DQ?

  29. dragonhawk

    Does JS have a 49ers or Chiefs candidate on the list? or does he? Would make sense!

  30. Trevor

    I really want Ben Johnson as the HC but think he ends up with the Commanders.

    My prediction

    HC : Mike McDonald
    OC: Mike Kafka
    DC: Denard Wilson

    This would be a quality staff

  31. Alwayshopeful

    First time poster Be gentle if you think my logic is way off. I have been thinking this for a couple of days.
    We (including myself) have assumed that McDonald is heir apparent if Johnson goes to the Commanders. How can this be if he wasn’t even interviewed at that point. What happens if the interview goes badly and doesn’t mesh with JS?
    Johnson goes to Commanders – quite possible.
    McDonald doesn’t impress – not impossible.
    What then is plan C; there must be one. Revert back to an original interviewee I assume.
    2nd point – has JS ALREADY got his preferred candidate as he has been looking at this for months? Only needed one interview to confirm (Slowik, Graham who I am intrigued by)?
    So are these last 2 interviews due diligence to make sure one of them doesn’t blow JS’s preference out of the water?
    This puts the emphasis back onto the candidates to convince JS rather than the Seahawks having the begging bowl out.
    Pure speculation on my part. Thoughts anyone.

    • Cysco

      Quinn is the probable “plan C”

      The only other option would be that there is some candidate out there that no one has even mentioned as a possibility that would be the shocker.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      You realize that McDonald was not interviewable until BAL lost? JS was willing to wait.

      • Alwayshopeful

        Yes. I suppose that was my point. We were thinking McDonald or Johnson before McDonald even had his first interview.

      • Peter

        That’s been touched on and is not entirely true. They waited to long to ask and this had to wait until now. At least accord to Michael Shawn dugar.

      • Rob Staton

        There are mixed reports on this though

    • Peter

      Honestly pretty well thought out.

      That contrary to internet fans John has already worked it out and johnson/macdonald are the due diligence ends of the spectrum.

  32. MattyB

    My prediction

    who knowns! i had ideas for our first draft pick but did not think it would be Devon Witherspoon..

    i would suggested that from the rumours Johnson has priced himself out and only the Commanders are willing to meet this demand.

    • Cysco

      I doubt there is any amount of money that would price the seahwaks out of a deal. They’ve been paying Pete carol 14+m a year for years. They are clearly willing to pay up for a coach they want.

      If they don’t land Johnson, it means that John liked another candidate more, or that DC offered the same money and Ben likes the situation there more than Seattle.

      • Sea Mode

        If they don’t land Johnson, it means that John liked another candidate more

        I certainly hope so. Whether the new coach pans out or not in the long run, I just want to know that JS got the guy he wanted, not settled for his second or third option.

        Otherwise, just like with the QBs, you live forever with the “JS really liked Mahomes and Josh Allen” rumors, but it ultimately doesn’t matter because neither ended up as our QB.

  33. Joseph

    I don’t know if Macdonald was the guy that JS wanted all along and is saving him for last. Or he’ll interview Macdonald and evaluate everyone and then make a decision.

    Either way it’s disappointing Ben Johnson wasn’t given the offer.

    I will be thrilled if it ends up being Ben.
    I’ll be happy if it’s Macdonald.
    But disappointed if it’s not either and it’s someone like Quinn.

    • Cysco

      Do we know for a fact that Johnson didn’t receive an offer?

      • Joseph

        Usually if coaches interviewed really well they’re usually hired right after. It was the case with Callahan in Tennessee and Raheem Morris was hired before his scheduled interview with another team.

        • Cysco

          Sure, but being hired requires Johnson to say yes and it sure sounds like he want to hear explore his option with DC as well.

          It’s very plausible that John gave him a verbal offer and was told “I’ll get back to you after my meeting with DC”. Or that John knew Johnson wasn’t going to accept an offer without hearing DC out and agreed to talk again today after that meeting.

          We just don’t know. I just have a hard time believing that if John wants Ben that they didn’t leave that meeting yesterday with an understanding of what Seattle is offering.

          • Bmseattle

            It puts John in the uncomfortable position of having to “beat” Washington’s offer, without knowing what it is.

            • Cysco

              Sure, but that’s how negotiations work. Someone needs to open. That’s why I trust that if Ben is who John really wants, that he would have told him, hey, that 15m a year you want? I’m good with that.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          unless BJ said he wanted to wait out of respect to WASH. We don’t know what was said in their meeting.

  34. Sea Mode

    Nicki Jhabvala

    On Ben Johnson’s rise from a walk-on QB at North Carolina to one of the hottest names in the NFL’s head-coaching cycle this year:

    I was able to read as a free article, but here’s my favorite part in case it’s behind a paywall for anyone else:

    Campbell made Johnson his coordinator the following season, and Johnson began to run an offense he has described as “calculated” with an emphasis on “speed and attitude,” which can “stress the defense in as many ways as possible.” He pulled from his own influences: some West Coast principles, a mix of run-pass options and a more concise verbiage to help control the tempo.

    “We’re not trying to get 100 plays in a game — that’s not our intent,” he said in 2022. “… At times we may go fast, and at other times we may let off the pedal a little bit and make sure we’re in the right play.”

    Johnson said his game plans are never truly done; he often adds plays up until game day each week. He also listens to his players and regularly considers their feedback, as Goff noted. He emphasizes technique and fundamentals and has followed a principle Shoop taught him at UNC: Make the same things look different and different things look the same.

    “It’s about conflict of assignment,” Shoop said. “… To a defense, he makes the same runs look like play-action passes and play-action passes look like the runs, and it just paralyzes that mid-level of defense.”

    Johnson loves explosive plays — “Every week we’re on a quest to find more explosives,” he said — and has noted that the Lions’ game plan always starts with the running game. And after he spent years as a position coach, it’s perhaps no surprise he loves to feature do-it-all tight ends such as Sam LaPorta — “The more multiple they are, the better off and more unpredictable we will be on offense,” Johnson said last year — and has an affinity for polished slot receivers such as St. Brown.

    • Peter

      Thanks Sea Mode.

  35. 805Hawk

    Ben Johnson chooses to stay in Detroit. Kinda pissed off that he wasted so many people’s time. Seahawks and Commanders have got to be a little frustrated that they flew out to see him.

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