Video: Why the Seahawks are on the right track


  1. Big Mike

    I enjoyed this earlier and cxommented on youtube that this is a very good summation of where the team is at this point in time.

    I urge everyone to read cha’s post after he watched the repeat of the playoff game vs. the 9ers in January that was re-shown on NFLN today. It is the last post on the previous thread (about the QBs). Or maybe cha or Rob can add it here. It’s definitely worth a read. Of the number of things he mentioned, this one stuck out to me because it’s been such an ongoing problem for several years and one that many of us have commented on several times:

    This defense needs a whole new approach to training their players to tackle. I don’t care if Bobby Wagner gives everyone the warm fuzzies. This defense isn’t going anywhere if they cannot tackle.

    We all have mentioned that even a league average D would go a long way toward this team being better than a 9 win WC team. This is an area that would go a long way toward getting the defense to that level. Cha is right, it’ll never happen if this shortcoming isn’t overcome.

    • Palatypus

      What’s a tackle?

      • geoff u

        I believe it’s when you surround a player so completely they are forced to either take a knee or go out of bounds.

    • Malanch

      What the hell happened to the ballyhooed “Hawk tackling system”? They had a hip-tracking method called “run and gather”, and then there were “compression tackles”, “Hawk tackles”, “Hawk-lift tackles”, “profile tackles”, and more. The only technique I saw consistently demonstrated last year was the “20-mph cartwheel into the Gatorade buckets whiff tackle”.

      • BobbyK


      • cha

        I will go to my grave thinking that the new CBA limiting practices and the NFL’s crackdown on physical practices has damaged the Pete Carroll philosophy and he has never truly adapted.

        In “Win Forever” he wrote that the easiest day of the week is gameday, because you’ve worked so hard all the other days that “only” working for 30 minutes is a piece of cake.

        • Big Mike

          Never thought of that but you’re probably correct cha.

        • Ely

          Not to mention it seems like there are more injuries early in the season because limiting the physical practices seems to not allow the players to get in as good of “football shape”.

      • Greg

        Or the diving at the ball carrier to tackle him technique where they missed and ended up on the ground while the opponent sprinted down field. I got so sick of the diving shoulder tackles and I think it’s possibly an understated reason why those LoB were really good — when they got to you, you weren’t going anywhere. They hit you hard and they wrapped you up and took you down.

        It’s always demoralizing to see the Seahawks hit a guy short of the sticks on 3rd down only to see him somehow get away for the 1st plus another 10 yards.

        • Malanch

          Jordyn Brooks epitomizes the ineffectual Seahawk tackler. He typically yields an extra two or three yards after initial contact, which really adds up over the course of a game (especially when such belabored drag-downs result in first downs rather than third or fourth downs). That one stop he made against Saquon Barkley last year was a shocking exception.

  2. Nano

    Thanks, Rob! Great stuff as ever. I put this on .NET, but it seems another cause for optimism re:Edge depth/Boye Mafe:

    Travon Walker (788 snaps) and Kayvon Thibodeaux (740 snaps) (the 1st and 5th picks in the same draft as Mafe) had 3.5 sacks/5 stuffs and 4 sacks/4 stuffs, respectively. Mafe only played 414 snaps and had 3 sacks and 5 stuffs.

    Granted, Kayvon also had some forced fumbles and pass deflections, but he also gets to play next to Dexter friggin’ Lawrence.

    Snap counts are here:

  3. Palatypus

    Mafe was my favorite player too watch at Senior Bowl practice.

  4. vichawkfan

    great stuff again Rob. It’s a breath of fresh air from Seahawk twitter that are in full blown panic mode over DT position. It’s a wash rinse and repeat.

    On another note, the revisionists – I believe Brady Henderson being one – but there’s a few that are claiming Seattle was going to trade back if Spoon was gone (presume at 3 by Cards), if Richardson was still there because the f/o was “split” on him. Has anyone seen that in black and white?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m bored of rumours

      • Big Mike

        Man I don’t know Rob. It’s still a great album after all these years.

      • KA

        One of the greatest albums of all time. Bored and Rumours simply don’t belong in the same sentence.

        Turning to more mundane subjects, over the years I’ve truly appreciated all your hard work and informed insights about Seahawks football. I’m sure it’s made me a smarter fan, even if I understand and retain a mere fraction of what you share.

        Looking forward to more of this sober-minded euphoria as the team turns to re-ascend the pinnacle.

      • Palatypus

        Rumours is the best Fleetwood Mac album.

        • Big Mike

          Yes but not by much over the album before it. It’s underrated imo.

          When you spelled rumours in your native fashion, I couldn’t resist Rob.

          • Bmseattle

            I’ve always been partial to Tusk

            • Malanch

              Yeah, Tusk. In my heart, it’s still the closing track to Return of the Jedi, just before the credits roll. Ewoks trippin’ balls on giant mushrooms and dancing in the sparks of a falling Death Star, Luke going all I-love-you-man with a father several years his junior, Threepio losing his virginity…hey, good times call for good tunes (even if the specter of the Great Retcon yet looms).

    • seahawkward

      Sorry, but not sure how you can call it “revisionist.” Why? Just because it goes against your desired narrative?

      As Rob says, it’s just “rumors.” But so is the opposite perception. Nobody knows anything. So just as much as it’s an assumption to say they weren’t in on Richardson, it’s equally one to call the opposite revisionist. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Can’t make everything a tribal war of our truth vs theirs. And I say this as a full on Richardson Stan.

    • Paul

      Schneider said that himself in his final 2023 draft interview with Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton. They were concerned about ARI had a deal in place. Brock Huard quoted a FO as saying that the Hawks had Witherspoon above Richardson.

      Same at #20—they had a trade ready if JSN was gone.

    • Sea Mode

      I wouldn’t listen to Brady. He was claiming those things about Richardson basically at the same time PC was all but spelling out that they would have taken Richardson had he been there for them:

  5. seahawkward

    Fantastic video, Rob! Thanks for keeping up the continued incredible content! Appreciate it greatly!

  6. Ashish

    Great commentary on current state of Seahawks. I have not heard more on Hall and Mike Moris till we drafted them but after doing some research both have higher upside.
    Which new drafted player you are most excited/sure irrespective of their draft order? And who is/are most questionable?

  7. Rob Staton

    The guy from the Top Billin channel just sent me this via DM:

    @Rob Staton – I never even heard of your pencil-neck ass. Why are you clout-chasing me? What you said doesn’t even make a bit a sense, as I’m definitely not the one to ever blow smoke up anyone’s ass. The fact that you are going around watching other people’s channels and worrying about what they are doing is probably the reason you aren’t maximizing your own potential. And I can look at your lil bitty ass neck and tell you never even played football before. You do look like you play with feet and balls, though. Get off my dick and worry about yourself.

    • Big Mike

      You obviously got under his skin. Good job

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the next video sorted anyway

      • Glor


    • 509 Chris

      Wow I watch that dudes stuff sometimes. What a tool. I don’t understand why he’s gotta make it so personal.

      • 509 Chris

        Pencil neck is a righteous diss though! Haven’t heard that in ages.

        • LouCityHawk

          Channeling Classic Freddie Blassie?

    • BK26

      His videos are literally him trying to seek b.s. to fans. He’s one of those YouTube car sales men that has to make their videos “ah Seattle won the Super Bowl with the draft!”

      Sounds like someone is sensitive.

    • Nano

      Wow, dude is really overcome by the need to insult others to affirm his own masculinity.

    • cha

      For a guy who talks so tough and uses profanity to underline almost every single point he makes, he sure is sensitive.

      The YT comments are always a reality show-style hissy fit. Even when fans 90% agree with him and make a 10% slight disagreement point, he takes it personal and insults them, resorting to the vulgarity like what he sent you in the DM.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I’ve had some run ins with him over Carter’s issues as well. Big mouth, doesnt want anyone else’s opinion except for his “cause he’s played college football and he knows”, but he is overly sensitive and IS absolutely “compensating”. Hahaha. Seriously.

    • LouCityHawk

      Some over commenters here and on other blogs have mentioned this dude to me, sounds like a real clown.

    • Malanch

      I watched a few of that guy’s vids about a year ago, but then he revealed himself to be openly racist (which YouTube finds perfectly acceptable…for certain people). So that was that: boycott.

      And I’m hard core with my boycotts. I mean ’em. I’ve got a big old long list of products I refuse to buy and businesses I refuse to patronize. And I’ll research all the way up to the parent company and boycott the whole package, too. Like, let’s say—just to conjure up a random fictional scenario merely for the purpose of illustration—let’s say…oh, I don’t know, let’s say a globally dominant beer conglomerate were to deploy its colossal advertising power specifically for the purpose of pushing a filthy-ass disgusting social agenda and further fracturing the lines of division within the populations of the world…say. That completely random fictional scenario would directly result in my total boycott of all products registered under the umbrella of that conglomerate, with zero chance of ever letting up, not even for half a sip.

      Of course, shitty beer and shitty YouTubers are easy to do without, so it’s hardly a Herculean sacrifice, but still…stop clicking, folks. Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Big Mike

        “…filthy-ass disgusting social agenda…” smells like a political agenda on your part.
        You’re right about their beer being shitty tho.

        • Malanch

          Just a completely random fictional scenario.

    • Rob Staton

      New DM from Mr Top Billin:

      Says the clown worrying about what other men are doing. I couldn’t care less about what you have going on. Some viewer alerted me to that piece of shit video your soft ass included me in. Yeah, let’s include the guy who fights with Seattle fans daily, FOR THE PAST 3 YEARA, telling them what sucks about their team…Man, fly your ass out here to Philly and let me show you what’s really good. You’re over here worried about me, and I never even heard of you and your 5K sub ass. Get an actual life.

      • Malanch

        Seems to be a serious IQ issue. “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

      • Huggie Hawk

        That last one is a physical threat, might be worth reporting him. It’s funny you made this video, I tried to watch a few of these recent Hawk YouTube videos (not his, there’s plenty of others) and they were all terrible.

      • Rob Staton

        Third DM now sent to me:

        Duh, WTF else is your fucked up teeth ass going to talk about? You’re an ass clown who has to watch everyone else, and it’s your dream to attach yourself to my success because you can’t get it on your own. Have at it. But I bet you won’t fly over here to really get some content for a future vid.

        • Roy Batty

          If you get unsolicited communication from another party whom you have never met, attacking your character and making physical threats, then whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing it right. It shows that the other party knows they’re stance is incredibly weak and their threshold for a differing opinion is non-existent.

          Baldwin is all about click baiting viewers. He posts bold headlines, routinely proclaiming a prospect will take a team to the Super Bowl. His film study is basic and glosses over profound weaknesses of his subject. Add in a little race baiting, and it’s a classic Baldwin production.

          In short, he over-hypes just about every player he reviews so he can get as many of the team’s or player’s fans watching his videos as possible.

          And he’s intimidated by a Soccer presenter from the UK who has a blog about an NFL team…AS A HOBBY!

          It’s absurd.

      • Sea Mode

        LOL. “couldn’t care” so much that he decides to write you not one, but three
        long-winded DMs. 😂

    • Rushless pass

      I said it a while back, the guy is a cartoon character. He’s had some unprovoked attacks on other Seattle content creators. People liking Will Levis really got under his skin, it also exposed him.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        What is this in reference too? Why is this guy all upset?

        Btw, i tried his videos. Hard to watch. Hard to understand him without subtitles.

    • Mc

      ‘Top schilling’ is a clown.

      YouTube is full of sports channels that try to tell you what you want to hear, it’s a really good grift. I’ve seen so many YouTube thumbnails, ‘Seahawks are robbing the league’, ‘Pete Carroll is playing the NFL’ and the basis of the underlying information will be the Seahawks resigning Geno lol
      Don’t get me wrong, I think he did an amazing job for the first half of last year and an excellent overall job on the season but the hyperbole has gotten out of hand. I remember one YouTube channel a couple years ago was pumping out videos on how are defensive line depth was the greatest since 2013, because we had Hyder + Mayowa + Dunlap + Aldon Smith.

      When it comes to analyzing players, it’s fairly easy to go through a players highlights and say ‘this is the guy’. The legitimate channels will talk about what a player can/can’t do + worry/optimism. It’s like whenever the draft ends we look straight to the next class because we haven’t thrown them under a microscope yet so of course the future quarterback X will always look better.

  8. Nathan

    Anyone got any guesses as to who they were planning to take at 83?

    JS said they were planning to take someone then had to move back when they got picked.

    Few WR’s and a RB picked, can probably rule those out.

    • Rob Staton

      Byron Young from Alabama

      • Nathan

        Wow, just had a look, Don’t see much college football.

        Was his tape underwhelming, because his testing numbers are very good.

        • Nathan

          HAHA, just looked up the one from Tennessee with same name.

          I thought another DE with similar profile to Hall was an odd choice.

    • LouCityHawk

      Zacch Pickens….although someone told me some blogger had reported character issues with him, I’d never heard it.

      Pickens might end up being the best DL from this draft.

    • Sea Mode

      My best guess is that the upsets were Byron Young (Ala.) and Tucker Kraft.

      Explanation here:

  9. Palatypus

    Hey Rob, did you go to the coronation today?

    • Nathan

      Sorry to be a smart arse.

      But that is such an American thing to ask.

      Think Rob lives a considerable distance from London(if he hasn’t moved)

      • Greg

        You mean you didn’t know? All British people have “coronation-sense” and will immediately stop what they’re doing when it tingles and start walking towards Windsor while they simultaneously chant “For the greater good”. I learned about it in the documentary Hot Fuzz…

      • Palatypus

        I have no idea where Rob lives, but the coronation looks like one hell of a party. I have crossed Texas eight times. It can’t be that far, and I’m sure you could take a train.

      • Palatypus

        And I’m not going to apologize for being an American on a website dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks.


        Semper Paratus.

  10. Huggie Hawk

    I saw The Stone of Destiny when I was in Edinburgh (on my trip to see Hawks in London), funny to see it in use now

  11. Rokas

    Fcuk that Top Billin dude. Never gonna watch him again, i stumbled upon him a year ago, and found a few of his videos funny. But that style once you get used to that bores you quickly.

    Rob didn’t even mention him but showed for a quick second a video made my top billin. He should say thank you for a free ad.

    What a mofo, i’d bet 100 $ Rob would drop dude’s fat ass in the boxing ring. And then, “how does it feel to get your ass dropped by a pencil neck”😀😂

    • Spenny Dunks

      “My dad would beat up your dad!!”

      Doesn’t matter who would win in a fight. This isn’t SeahawksBloggerFightBlog. Lets stick to football.

      • Rokas

        Dude, I was joking, but for a guy who does not look fit at all, Top billin talks quite a lot of smack.

        • Big Mike

          But he played college football! Never mind that hes been drinking beer and eating french fries since and hes ballooned up he’s still a bad-ass dontcha know?

  12. dahveed

    Thank goodness for Rob and this Blog!! Im beggining to realize there is a very limited amount of places I can get REAL Seahawk info.
    Most other serious sites are just pushing a narrative defined by thier own limited perspective.

  13. Olyhawksfan

    I want to see the defense make more plays. Get a key sack on third down. Take the ball away. Make some plays that will tilt the game in our favor. I know it’s captain obvious but it’s been lacking for years. Make a freaking play.

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