Washington vs Stanford open thread

If you’re a Huskies fan or if you just want to talk about the game or a specific draft prospect… here’s an open thread.


  1. The Hawk is Howling

    Just read that Josh Gordon is going to rehab again and the Browns are going to cut him. It’s not like this kid is s jerk or anything he likes the way Mary Jane makes him feel. With our locker room full of leaders on and off the field it would be so great to get a talent as him for practically nothing. My vote is hell yes! He either stays off THC or not. Just imagine a professionally focused Gordon on our team. I’m sure some of you will be against this move, what are your thoughts?

    Huskies vs Stanford is going to be so fun to watch!

    Go Dawgs !

    • vrtkolman

      Gordon has major personal issues. These aren’t things that can be “fixed” by a good locker room. He needs professional help.

      • Daniel Bryan

        vrtkolman, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    • Aaron

      Hope so. His talent is undeniable.

    • sdcoug

      What is it, 4 suspensions already? And very likely entering treatment now, one game before being eligible to return, because he knew he wasn’t passing his next test.

      How many chances do you give a guy before you realize he’s just not gonna grab hold of them?

      Not sure babysitting Gordon and just hoping each week he’s going to still be eligible to play that Sunday is a smart move, not to mention the roster spot it takes, the cap it eats, and the message it sends

    • Kenny Sloth

      Let Joshy Smoke!!!

      Or he can work for Ricky Williams

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Hilarious Kenny!

  2. vrtkolman

    There is going to be a lot of NFL talent on display today. Greg Gaines is my future draft crush.

    • C-Dog

      Nice shout out for Greg Gaines. I like him a lot, as well.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I just looked Greg Gaines up, the Seahawks in the 80’s had a Greg Gaines as well. Wonder if it’s the Huskies Dad?

        • C-Dog

          I’ve thought that, too.

  3. Volume12

    Looks like Vannett, Morgan, Reed, and Spiller are all game time decisions.

    Couldn’t be more thrilled that Jimmy is a go. He could kill that Jets D down the seam.

    For as good as the Jets D-line is, they aren’t fast or quick. I’d be very surprised if they blitzed. If they do, hopefully RW will check down to C-Mike aka Uncommon as RB coach Sherm Smith calls him.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve seen Russell gash Todd Bowles’ defense from the pocket before using TE’s. Luke Willson @ Arizona 2014 springs to mind. With SEA’s interior OL intact hopefully they can handle the big bodies up front because the Jets don’t have a great EDGE. That should create opportunities for Graham and Willson. Can also afford to play a lot of 2TE stuff which should help protection generally and the run game. Bowles’ defense in Arizona also had talent on the DL but not at ILB or EDGE.

      If RW was 100% I’d be feeling very comfortable about this game. The knee/ankle issues add a layer of mystery (how healthy/mobile is he?) plus a fear factor (please don’t get injured again).

      • DC

        Bowles has loved to blitz in the past. Idk how Spiller is in pass pro but I like the idea of 2 TE sets with 1 RB who can blitz pick up or release into the flat and attack where NY is weaker.

      • Volume12

        I know what ya mean. The 10 AM start body clock wise is worrisome a little too. Not defensively, because as we know, defenses travel well. But combine that with RW’s injury/ies and I understand where your coming from.

        I’ve been wanting them to get TE Luke Wilson involved a little more because the opportunities are there. He was wide open against Miami that would a been a TD and against LA he was even more open. No one would’ve touched him. So the plays and yards are there for him. Hopefully Russ sees him this game.

        • C-Dog

          It’s a difficult game for me to get a feeling for. Part of Seattle’s great success against SF was getting the run game going, don’t think they are going to have anything near that kinda production against this D even with Ifedi back, but IMO, they need to stay with it to help RW in the passing game. If I were Bowles, not sure I’d blitz much knowing how RW have beaten my defense before when I’ve sent the house, and knowing he’s limited with his wheels, might just rely on sending 4.

          On the defensive side, not really thrilled if Reed can’t go. Forte is still looking like a really productive back, and Reed has been a big factor against the run, not only keeping LBs clean, but he’s quietly 5th in stops amongst all DTs. I expect Seattle’s D to still show up and play well even without him, but that’s a chip in the armor if he can’t go, and might present a depth issue if the Jets start getting something going offensively.

          Think it’s going to be a close game either way, but alas, my wife and I are flying across the Pond to Rob Staton’s land, and beyond, this weekend, and will most likely miss it. Really hope the Hawks pull this out, and most of all, RW comes out okay.

  4. Nathan W.

    WOOF. Matchups to watch: WASH D line vs. STAN O line, Browning and WASH WR’s vs STAN DB’s. And of course the front seven v.s. McCafferey.

    • icb12

      Wash receivers should feast on the the Cardinal DBs tonight. BOTH starting CB are out for Stanford.
      I’m guessing there will be a LOT of cushion given to receivers tonight, if the Huskies take whats given to them they should move the chains i’m guessing.

      Its going to be up to the Cardinal up front to make sure their young and inexperienced corners don’t get hung out to dry too long. If Browning has time, it has potential to get ugly.

  5. The Hawk is Howling

    The Huskies starting Left Tackle Trey Adams is from my Hood Wenatchee. Vol and others what do you see for his potential in the NFL?

    • Volume12

      Haven’t really focused on him, but what little I’ve noticed, he’s a guy to monitor for next year. Good looking pass protector, probably needs to bulk up a little, but I’ve pay closer attention to give ya a more thorough analysis or update.

      • Volume12

        Not for tonight’s game, but from the little I’ve seen of him too, OK St OT Victor Salako is very interesting. Plays LT for the Pokes, but his body and playing style seem much more suited for the right side. Big, strong kid at 6’5, 330 lbs. or so.

        • Kenny Sloth

          One to watch for sure. Like what I’ve seen from him, but this class really lacks in obvious cornerstone talent at LT.

          Would really like us to pick up Matt Khalil if he hits FA

          • The Hawk is Howling

            I agree with you on Khalil Kenny plus Pete recruited him. I have a feeling about Matt myself!

            Go Hawks!

          • Volume12

            Yup. Gotta think Seattle knew that ahead of time. Could be why they’ve essentially redshirted OT George Fant.

  6. The Hawk is Howling

    Vol, do you have any thoughts on Isaiah Brandt- Sims on Stanford? He was born is Spokane, and graduated as a Wenatchee Panther as well. He broke all kinds of Wenatchee rushing records in highschool.

    • Volume12

      Never heard of him honestly. I live in Spokane too.

    • icb12

      Burner. Pure speed.

      Not many opportunities come his way yet.

      Stanford secretly has a very under rated receiving corp. Blame it on the run game.

      • icb12

        Brandt-Sims has already broken multiple Stanford Track records. He’s fast.
        Maybe the fastest on Stanford. Rector is 2nd. Then Love. Then McCaffrey.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Thanks icb12! I know he’s a track star as well and that he didn’t see any action as a freshman. Hope he gets some snaps tonight. I believe he’s a wide receiver now where he was a RB in Highschool.

        Go Dawgs!

        • icb12

          Yeah, switched to WR.

          I’m guessing he’ll see some snaps tonight, with Owusu out with concussion.
          Probably see a lot of Arcega-Whiteside tonight. Very intriguing prospect at WR- 6-3, 218#, huge catch radius. Came down with the game winner last week.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Nice work icb12. Good research on those guys, you a big Stanford fan?

      • Volume12

        I really like Stanford WR Michael Rector as a day 3 option. Maybe even UDFA.

        That bigger kid they got Trenton Irwin looks like he’s gonna be a stud in 2-3 years.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Man, whichever of those local guys hit udfa are coming to camp, imho

  7. Volume12

    I’m liking this DE Joe Mathis kid from Udub man. Good looking later round pass rusher.

    • Volume12

      CB Sidney Jones looks like the next 1st round corner from the PNW. Lockdown.

  8. DavidM2

    Wow, this a Washington team is looking good.

    Chris Peterson’s got em coaches up and has done a great job of recruiting adding some big talent this year and last. Browning having a pretty good showing at QB, not NFL level mechanically yet, but seems to have sound decision making, is looking off the safeties and keeping his eyes downfield. His first TD pass really showed great field awareness.

    Washington defense lights out. I think we’ll see a few of those guys suiting up on Sundays. Gotta love Gains what a pork chop! Defense keeps up like this Udub could be playing for a Natty.

    • Volume12

      I count 9 guys on that defense that’ll be playing on Sundays.

      #Death Row defense!

      • DavidM2

        Seriously, offensive sure there will be a few too. Gaskin runs with amazing power for a little guy. Ross has elite speed. Should see Browning land somewhere. Have to see more of Tre Adams, but he looks like he has potential too, Pettis has potential as an UDFA.

        • Volume12

          Next year the offense will carry this team. And what’s scary about next year, some of these defenders will be back too.

          Udub might be playoff bound. Oregon don’t scare me. Wazzu sure as hell don’t. Do we play Utah?

          • DavidM2

            Play Utah October 29th

            • Volume12

              That’ll be the big one. Can’t have a let down game next Saturday in Autzen against Oregon.

              L’ville plays Clemson tommorow night. Two top 5 teams. One of them will get knocked outta the top 5. And Michigan plays Ohio St last weekend of November. If both of those teams hold steady until then, big if, one of them will also get knocked out of the top 5.

              Udub now has a shot at the BCS playoff (if they can win out). Rose Bowl berth at least.

  9. Volume12

    DE/LB Joe Mathis, CB Sidney Jones, WR John Ross, and DT Elijah Qualls were the standouts for me tonight.

    Qualls has an incredible back story too. His motor never stops man.

    Hey PC/JS, can we please add a defender or two from this Death Row defense? Oh my gawd!

    • 75franks

      not sure if I got the name right but that mcclatchens looks special

      • Volume12

        You did minus the S on the end of his name.

        He should stay and add another 10 lbs or so. He might end up a better receiver than John Ross. Chico has TONS of talent!

        • D-OZ


    • C-Dog

      I’d take any one of them

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Washington looks very impressive and the Stanford looks like a flaming pile of dog doo.
    To bad the game wasn’t a bit closer, I would hate to be stuck in 3 hours of traffic leaving the stadium after this game.

  11. Volume12

    BYU RB Jamaal Williams is a stud! 4 TDs, 200+ rushing yards.

    As a little inside joke, he also rocks the gold chain. ?

    • Volume12

      Oh yeah, game ain’t over. All in 3 quarters.

      • DC

        I know we talked about him earlier in the season after the BYU vs. AZ game. Dude looks legit! You comped him to C Mike which is who he could in theory be replacing depending on the contract $$$. I didn’t see him tonight but he was truckin’ the Arizona players in that game.

        Did Solomon Thomas get handled tonight by the UW OL tonight or did he still manage to show?

        Now let’s(UW) get the “soul sellers” monkey off our back. Go down to Autzen, win, and break that curs-ed streak. Ever since UO built their space station in Eugene things have been out of wack in the Pac. Let’s right the ship!

        • Volume12

          No Thomas was the only one that showed up I thought. He flashed for sure.

          Udub DE/LB Joe Mathis is a guy this keep ?’s on from here on out. Plays with the same kind of passion and intensity that Marsh does.

          I think Williams has a C-Mike like swag and personality. If he keeps playing like he is, I don’t think Seattle will let him go. They don’t have much $ tied up on offense other than RW, ADB, and Jimmy.

    • teejmo

      The QB for Toledo’s also pretty good. Sure, BYU’s secondary is nothing to write home about, but Woodside’s throws throughout the third quarter were on point. He didn’t miss once.

      • Volume12

        He is pretty good. Impressive. He’s got great poise and can make all the throws. That last one was in some tight coverage.

        This game in general is, as the announcer said, ?’s.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Wow what a loaded RB group across CFB this year.

      I kind of want to get a chain now B)

      • Volume12

        TD #5 for Jamaal Williams and over 270 yards rushing. Broke a 54 year old record.

    • teejmo

      Kareem Hunt is also pretty good. I’m not sure many RBs at 220 lbs are that shifty.

      • Volume12

        Yeah he is. This RB is loaded man. He had a down year last year. Was outta shape and his inconsistent.

        Boise St’s Jeremy McNichols is one of the most underrated backs in the country. He’s a workhorse and a complete, 3 down back. 35 TDs in 2 seasons with 7 games to go in this one.

        2015 stats: 1337 yds, 20 TDs, 5.57 YPC, 20 rushes per game
        51 rec, 469 yds, 6 TDs

        2016 stats: 372 yds, 6.31 YPC, 7 TDs, 2 TDs receiving

        • Volume12

          *RB class

    • Cameron

      I’ve watched a lot of the DraftBreakdown tape on running backs available so far and Jamaal Williams is one to lookout for.


      Check out the video above and go to the 5:39 mark. The run gets called back but it’s sort of ridiculous. In this run alone he displays tackle breaking power and creative elusiveness. Williams has great vision and ridiculous awareness not to mention prototypical speed and size for the position. He’s an early favorite for me.

      • Volume12

        He’s overcome a lot too. Appears to love the game.

        Very elusive for his size. And his vision is great.

        Thing I like most about him? He sticks one foot in the ground and will make defenders miss. He’s decisive.

        • HawkFan907

          He is a very good athlete who also ran sprints for the BYU track team. He may not be as fast as he once was, but he has put on what looks like 30 pounds of good weight since his freshman year. One underrated this about him is that his first and only fumble of his career came last week (a great hit rather than a ball security issue). A few weeks ago I mentioned he might rise up draft boards the closer it gets to April. I would be stoked if the Seahawks grabbed him in the mid-rounds.

  12. DC

    I expect Seattle to address OT in free agency. Hopefully we can land a capable starter there and then add to the mix.

    It’s still early on so far in this college season but I’ve got some favorites already.
    If we could land one of OL Dan Feeney, Dorian Johnson, Mike McGlinchey or Adam Bisnowaty with our first pick (after our obligatory trade back), snag Stanford’s DL Solomon Thomas with the second pick and then add BYU RB Jamaal Williams later in the draft I would be stoked.

  13. Nathan W.

    I watched this game live; as a lifelong UW fan it was wonderful. From the student section, however, I gleaned a few notes. Sidney Jones is not only a good lockdown corner, but quite willing to make tackles in the run game. He could be the complete package at the next level. The linebackers played lights out – whenever the line got push, the linebacker came up to limit potential 7-10 yard runs to just 3-4. Very impressive, played tough football. The Huskies hit the edge and got good blocks through the tackles to gash through the tackles and around the edge. Lavon Coleman could be a potential value pick. Quiet for three years, and then showing renewed determination and tenacity in his runs, if he continues to improve he could be a steal. Great win, WOOF!

    • C-Dog

      I’ve noticed that same thing about Sidney Jones. There is a very Seahawky vibe about the physical way he plays and tackles.

      • Volume12

        Love the way Udub plays defense. It’s exactly like the Seahawks.

        Nothing special or fancy. Just sound, disciplined football. They swarm to the ball and their collective speed allows their athletes to make plays.

        • C-Dog

          Stout up front and fast sideline to sideline. It’s a great defense.

          • Volume12

            C-Dog, do you live in Washington?

            • C-Dog

              Yup. Seattle’s my town.

          • Nathan W.

            The coverage downfield was incredible as well. I think I only saw the D give up maybe 1-2 explosive plays downfield. You can tell this defense just trusts the other to the job. Cardinal had no real running lanes. I was surprised at how well UW DT’s matched up against that O line

  14. East Side Stevie

    Up early ready for sum college football today fellas

  15. Volume12

    Seahawks are scouting an exciting game

    This Texas vs OK St game is lit!

    ’18 wheeler’ Tyrone Swoopes is unstoppable as an H-back.

    And this DT from OK St, Vincent Taylor- 6’2-6’3, 315 lbs. is a stud and pretty athletic. He’s blockerd 3 XP’s. Great story too. Was caught in Hurricane Katrina. Him and his dad drove all through the state of Texas before they settled down in San Antonio.

    • Volume12

      *2 XP’s.

  16. Volume12

    Syracuse WR Emba Attwa-Tawo almost has 1,000 yds receiving in 5 games! WTF?

  17. Rik

    Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel has 70 yards receiving and 60 yards rushing in the first half against Rutgers. I would love to see him in a Seahawks uniform next season. Amazing acceleration.

    • Volume12

      He’s electric. Slot receiver is probably his best position at the next level.

      • Volume12

        Would love Ubud WR John Ross who is DeSean Jackson 2.0, but he’s looking like a top 50 pick.

        I figured out who Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey could be at the next level. Tikki Barber.

        • HawkFan907

          Good call on the McCaffrey comp. Ross looked very elusive with breakaway speed. I’m just hoping he can put on a little bit more muscle. My main concern when we drafted Lockett was that he was be injury prone, just like DeSean Jackson has been throughout his career. It seems like any receiver under 200 lbs can’t handle the rigors of the NFL very well.

          • Volume12

            I don’t know about all that. All receivers get hurt. Even ones with great size. Megatron, Dez, Kelvin Benjamin, Decker, Gronk (TE), etc.

            Curtis Samuel reminds me of a poor man’s, for lack of a better word, Reggie Bush.

        • Kenny Sloth

          That is a good comp for me as well. Runs much heavier than he is and he’s quicker than fast.

  18. Volume12

    Seahawks got a good look at Syracuse WR Emba Attwa-Tawo today. I wonder if JS personally scouted that one since it was played at MetLife stadium where, obviously, the Giants play.

    Oh yeah. They got to check out ND OT Mike McGlinchey too.

    • Rob Staton

      EA-T… mixed views on him. Has a few drops. Not sudden. High points nicely at times and makes plays. But is he quick enough for SEA?

      • Volume12

        Fair question. Love his ‘ball in the air it’s mine’ mentality.

        Also like his deep game. Has 10 catches of balls thrown more than 20+ yards.

        He’s pretty raw. But, I like that big play, deep ball playmaking ability.

  19. East Side Stevie

    Christian Mcaff has still not scored a touchdown in a college football away game EVER

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