Podcast & a first 2017 mock draft

This week we run through a full early 2017 mock draft. I’ve listed the picks below but listen to the podcast for more detail…

1 Chicago — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
2 San Francisco — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
3 Jacksonville — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
4 Cleveland — DeShaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
5 New Orleans — Tim Williams (EDGE, Alabama)
6 Indianapolis — Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
7 Miami — DeShone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame)
8 Buffalo — Malik McDowell (DE, Michigan State)
9 New York Jets — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
10 Tennessee — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
11 San Diego — Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)
12 Tampa Bay — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
13 Washington — Cam Sutton (CB, Tennessee)
14 Tennessee — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
15 Atlanta — Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
16 Houston — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
17 Oakland — Jalen Tabor (CB, Florida)
18 Detroit — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
19 New York Giants — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
20 Arizona — Malachi Dupre (WR, LSU)
21 Dallas — Brandon Facyson (CB, Virginia Tech)
22 Kansas City — Alex Anzalone (LB, Florida)
23 Cleveland — Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State)
24 Cincinnati — Jehu Chesson (WR, Michigan)
25 Pittsburgh — Budda Baker (S, Washington)
26 Seattle — Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
27 Philadelphia — Cordea Tankersley (CB, Clemson)
28 Carolina — DeMarcus Walker (DE, Florida State)
29 Denver — Josey Jewell (LB, Iowa)
30 Baltimore — Jake Butt (TE, Michigan)
31 Green Bay — Dan Feeney (G, Indiana)
32 New England — Lowell Lotulelei (DT, Utah)

Notable mentions:

Carl Lawson (DE, Auburn)
JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, USC)
Evan Engram (TE, Ole Miss)
Desmond King (CB, Iowa)
Damoreโ€™ea Stringfellow (WR, Ole Miss)
Dorian Johnson (G, Pittsburgh)
Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
Caleb Brantley (DT, Florida)
Bucky Hodges (TE, Virginia Tech)
Marcus Maye (S, Florida)


  1. cha

    Speaking as a masochist, Fournette in the NFCW? Oh yeah! Bring it on!

    (I may have had too much coffee this morning}

  2. RockNRowland

    Surprised you think the Seahawks would spend yet more high draft pick capital on the OL. I would think DL and LB would be more of an urgent need. I could see it being a case of just take the best player regardless of position.

    • DC

      Sowell is on a one year contract with no obvious heir apparent at the position. Heading into the off-season as things stand now we have a pretty clear hole at left tackle which may be addressed in free agency, the draft or both.

      • RealRhino2

        And I wanted to be the first to write, “Rob, how could you mock Player X to Team Y?!? Are you nuts?!?” Oh well….

        I don’t see the LB need. Wagner and KJ seem set, they’ve shown they aren’t going to put a ton of capital into the SAM position. I could live with McGlinchey. Good movement, good balance. Wish he showed a little more push in the run game and a little more punch with his hands, but at LT maybe we could live with that.

        • Volume12

          Why spend a 1st round pick on a position that is on the field only 10-15% of snaps and playing less and less?

      • RockNRowland

        Good point DC. You’re right they’ll need help at T – just not sure about yet another 1st round choice. They’ll probably be taking a T sometime in the next draft – it’s just a matter of when!

    • C-Dog

      I think this OL is about another high pick away from having a solid foundation put in place. Even if (kind of a big if) things suddenly click with Sowell, and he plays well the rest of the season and is resigned, Gilliam hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire at RT.

      • Volute12

        I like McGlinchey. Caught my eye last year at RT when me and CHAWK were discussing him. Damn I miss that dude!

        Anyways, he’s got bloodlines (cousin of Matt Ryan), former basketball player, and I like his on field demeanor. Tough dude.

        • Volute12

          I see a little bit of balance issues with McGlinchey. Good anchor. I think it might have to do with the fact he doesn’t drive off his inside foot.

          His punch is good, but he stops his feet when doing so. Which makes it look ineffective. Good play strength too.

          This is his 1st time playing LT, so to me that’s where his issues stem from. Which are pretty minimal.

          Again, I think teams will love this dude’s character and work ethic. Doesn’t appear to be a super athlete or SPARQ god, but he’s not bad athletically by any means. I’d be willing to bet he’s gonna surprise some people with his combine performance in a good way.

          Would be great value late in the 1st or early in the 2nd.

          I can see why Rob mocked him to us beyond the fact that OT is our biggest need and his character. Like 90% of Seattle’s draft picks, McGlinchey’s best football is still ahead of him.

          • C-Dog

            I think I read something on him a few weeks back suggesting that the likelihood of him declaring for this years draft was perhaps unlikely because of his lack of seasoning at LT. This had me kind of reserved about him, but the lack of elite tackle prospects may have him think otherwise. I definitely agree with Rob that tackle is our biggest need.

    • Ukhawk

      Rob great, thought provoking 1st mock. Love how it differs from national media and you blatantly rank players you like above current consensus picks. The 3 arguably best players are right at the top but I think in reality they won’t get picked that way. Other pundits have Kizer at 1 and Watkins 2 but you go 4 & 7 in reverse order. Massive run at DB through the middle of the draft makes sense. Tim Williams is very high vs consensus however no Barnett, Smoot, Harris in R1?! Further, no Freeman nor Chubb.

      In terms of the Hawks pick, and as per my last post, watch McGinley vs Mich St…. He looked overwhelmed by speed rushers time and again. IMO he is not our answer at T (I’d rather have Bisnowatny).

      • Ukhawk

        I’d go Charles Harris R1, Chubb R2, Bisnowaty R3

        • Volute12

          I’m not Rob by any means, but Michigan St DL Malik McDowell is gonna give anyone trouble. He’s a top 5 pick for me.

          McDowell is the only guy I’ve seen McGlinchey struggle with.

          Bisnowaty footwork is clunky. Which isn’t a problem if your a great athlete, but I’m not sure he is. Bisnowaty seems much better suited for that guard/RT role at the next level. I like Bisnowaty, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see him as a LT.

          • Rob Staton

            Bisnowaty definitely a guard IMO

          • Kenny Sloth

            Agree re; McDowell

          • Ukhawk

            Love McDowell, he was very impressive vs ND and rumours of a bad motor. & taking plays off just didn’t show up in that game. He would be so awesome in the red Bryant 5 spot…drooling but will go too high. That said McGinley was facing other players mostly rather than McD. I just question if he can play LT as much as Bisnotwaty.

            Another thought is Joekel (sp?) is free agent next year, he’s young and good in the run… Maybe the Hawks free up some cap and go for him

  3. Drew

    Man if the Falcons can get White lined up opposite of Trufant, with Neal at S, that secondary would be much improved. Now they just need some pass rush

    • Volume12

      Beasley has been a huge disappointment.

      All he does is speed rush.

      After he was drafted, I went back and watched him take plays off at the POA. He wants no part of the physicality of the game.

      • Drew

        That’s mostly why he was moved to SAM….he’s a lot like Bruce on his rush, all speed around the edge, not much else to work with

        • Volume12

          Bruce had a better inside counter move.

  4. DC

    Tim Williams just arrested,

    “Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Tim Williams was arrested Thursday morning by campus police on a misdemeanor charge of carrying a pistol without a permit.” per espn

  5. Volume12

    Stanford vs Udub. Seahawks scoutin’ that one tommorow night.

    2nd time they’ve scouted Udub. Once was JS doing the scouting.

    • C-Dog

      Budda Baker, Sidney Jones, Kevin King, Azeem Victor, Joe Mathis, John Ross, Elijah Qualls, Darren Daniels, Lavon Coleman, etc.. it’s a big long list.

      • Volume12

        Udub LB Keishawn Bierria too.

        Stanford- RB ‘Run CMC,’ DL Solomon Thomas, LB Peter Kalambayi, WR Michael Rector (from Gig Harbor, WA and legit 4.4 speed), OG Johnny Caspers, OL Casey Tucker, DT Harrison Phillips, LB Joey Alfieri, S Dallas Lloyd, CB Alijah Holder, TE Dalton Schultz

        • icb12

          holder and schultz both out for stanford

          • Volume12

            Thanks for the heads up.

            I’m just listing guys that I think are next level prospects, injured or not.

            Kinda got a hunch that this won’t be the last time Seattle scouts Stanford this year. They were in full force at Stanford’s pro day earlier this year where alot of the guys listed above were there. Whether they performed, probably doubtful. But, they get a chance to mett these guys at least.

            • C-Dog

              Interesting. I wouldn’t put it past them to take an interest in McCaffery even though the drafted Prosise. Really, I almost wouldn’t put anything past them. Thomas and Tucker make a lot of sense.

              • Volute12

                Me neither.

                Originally I thought McCaffrey was purely a 3rd down back. I do think he’s ideal for that role, however he’s really showed me something he his year in terms of toughness, running between the tackles, and shouldering the load.

                He carries that offense on his shoulders. And if he’s anything like his pops Ed, which I think he is, this dude is gonna be gritty as hell.

                I still see Prosise as more of a hybrid offensive weapon. Just listed as a RB.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I played Prosise at FB on Madden xD

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I’ve been doing the same thing, he’s $ in the flat. ๐Ÿ™‚

                • C-Dog

                  Good observation. He’s an interesting player, without question. Kind of a reminder that maybe we should avoid getting too caught up in the mold of these athletes, and what Seattle has done in the past, but just recognize the specialness of a player that the Seahawks might, in fact, be recognizing, as well. If that makes sense.

                • Kenny Sloth


                  • Volume12

                    IDK how the ‘T’ got in my screen name. I noticed it too. Was buggin’ the hell outta me.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m really looking forward to watching that game on Friday night. Will Udub finally beat Stanford and earn some respect? I wouldn’t count on it – but it sure would be a good story if they won at home. Udub has a lot of young players at key positions.

    • icb12

      Should be a good game.

      I wish the Trees weren’t missing so many players though. Both starting CB and the FB and TE are out.

      My 2 favorite coaches in CFB going head to head

      • Volume12

        Pretty big fan of HC David Shaw myself.

        I’d have to say him and Clemson HC Dabo Sweeney are my 2 favs. I like ‘Bama HC Nick Saban a lot too.

        Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Stanford HC David Shaw could be successful as an NFL head coach.

        • C-Dog

          I think he keeps saying he’s not interested, but he could simply be waiting for the right spot to open up.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Gotta love that Louisville HC.

          If you remember the progression of Teddy BW, it makes you excited for our future of Lamar Jackson.

          Unless he goes to the Cardinals or some fucking bullshit like that.

        • Drew

          I love Dabo…here in South Carolina everybody loves him, but since I’ve watched almost every Clemson game the last several years, he is certainly entertaining and truly loves his players

          • Volume12

            He reminds me of a young Pete Carroll with his upbeat, fun loving personality. And the fact he loves his players and enjoys re-loading and developing his young guys, Freshman like DL Dexter Lawrence and Micah Hyatt is why he’s my favorite. Hands down.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Duh it’s right in their backyard

  6. Volute12

    Get to watch a couple very exciting defensive players tonight.

    Houston’s EDGE Tyus Bowser- 6’3, 240 lbs.
    2016 stats: 18 tackles, 5.0 TFL, 3.5 QB sacks, 2 PBU, 2 QB hurries, 1 FF

    UCONN S Obi Melifonwu- 6’3, 217 lbs.
    2016 stats: 36 tackles (averaging 9 a game), 2 PBU

    Both are said to be freak athletes.

    And a couple good corners in UCONN’s Jamar Summers. Some of the best technique you’ll see. And Houston CB Brandon Wilson.

    • Volume12

      These DTs for UCONN are immovable!

      Big, squatty, day 3-UDFA types too.

      Folo Fatukasi and Mikal Meyers.

  7. Volute12

    Couple sleeper DEs:

    Illinois DE/EDGE Carroll Phillips-6’3,240-245 lbs. Said to be super athletic and twitchy. I read that some scouts said they like him more than his teammate DE Dawaune Shoot. Phillips is 2nd in the nation behind only Michigan’s Jabril Peppers in terms of TFL’s.

    And Villanova DL Tanoh Kpassagnon- 6’7, 290 lbs. Said to be extremely raw, but apparently some scouts stamped him with a 2nd day grade.

  8. Volume12

    Do you guys think Seattle would bring back ‘Maxie’ next year in FA? Miami just demoted him. And they aren’t on the hook for much with him.

    I say add a veteran QB, a vet DT like they do every year or re-sign McDaniel, and possibly a SAM while they draft a guy there in the mid rounds too.

    Will be interesting to see if they gto for more of that OTTO type, or the more physical thumper there.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “Maxie” is out at the end of the year with the Dolphins. Owed something like 8-10 M for next 3-4 years… no way they pay him that much. I’m not sure they like him more than the guys they have currently on the roster. They certainty can’t afford another decent sized contract on the defense.

      • Volume12

        No he’s not. They restructured that deal. He’s got $3 mil guaranteed.

        Your probably right about them not being able to afford another big $ deal on defense. I hope Shead is more than a no.4 CB. I like the guy, but their CB group is not as deep as many thought.

    • cha

      If the Dolphins cut him, so no compensatory pick formula attached, sure. Why not?

    • C-Dog

      They might. They really wanted to hang onto him. I kind of get the vibe they might really try to hang onto Shead, though, and reward him. Not sure how much that would impact bringing Maxwell back.

      I keep thinking they will go get a SAM next draft or possibly FA, but they don’t seem overly concerned with that spot. How many snaps did Morgan play last Sunday? I think they had Kam setting the edge a lot, and Marsh is pretty much coming in as a 3rd down rusher.

      • Volume12

        That’s why I don’t see pass rusher as a need. This class is deep enough that you can find your 5th guy in the mid rounds. 5th guy? That sounds ridiculous to say. With Marsh and Clark coming on.

        As for LB? I’d expect them to take one in the mid rounds or late. They’ll replace Morgan with someone younger and cheaper.

        • Volume12

          I should say, I think the bigger need is someone more along the lines of a Bennett. Body type wise. Someone that can rush from the interior too. I hate it when people say, ‘Well, Frank Clark can.’ And? You can never have enough versatility along your D-line.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I think Frank has been doing most of his damage on the right side, with some stunts and whatnots inside, but I think he’s really going to be more edge. Some say Q Jeff is a Bennett type, but I kinda think his upside is more inside, possibly even growing into the 3 tech role, I think he has the frame for that, and I thought he showed up pretty well preseason smacking around against the run. Kinda while I’m liking the Taco Charlton, Solomon Thomas types. It will be good to get Q Jeff back into this rotation.

            You might be right on the mid rounds or later on LB. Azeem Victor R4 would be pretty sweet. Kinda sucks that they lost the 5th rounder last week, think the enhances the likelihood they drop back a bit in the first again.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, Victor would add some more physicality. And the LBs they expressed some type of interest in last year were the Brandon Marshall’s, Karlos Dansby’s, and Reggie Ragland’s.

              And then I notice all the guys they’ve tried out. So far, they’ve been more of the OTTO types.

              They’ve never had less than 8 picks in any draft under PC/JS. So a trade back somewhere is highly likely.

              • Volume12

                Let me say this.

                Whatever they do, I’d be very surprised if they don’t add a defensive chess piece. Only thing this defense is missing. Could even see them going for a S/LB hybrid too.

            • Volume12

              I like QJeft. See him more as that 3rd-4th rotational DT. Much more of a gap shooter than he is a pass rusher.

              • C-Dog

                Honestly, he pleasantly surprised me some against the run. I figured the gap shooting, but I thought he displayed some really good hand activity and stout against the run. Kinda had me wondering that, with a full offseason in their strength and condition program getting him up around 300 of good weight, he doesn’t end up factoring more inside in the base.

                • Volume12

                  Potentially down the line? Sure. I could see that. You a!ready said that though I think??

                  It’s possible they see him as Rubin’s eventual replacement in base.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I guess I did. This could also be me projecting a lot on a guy I glimpsed at in college and thought he might be a really good Seahawk. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    Only thing that gives me some pause is the knee injury he had in college and if added weight will be an issue. He looks like he has a frame that isn’t maxed out yet, though. I think the move up in the draft to get him shows some signs that they think he might have some starter potential one day, at the very least a solid rotational guy.

    • vrtkolman

      I’d say no. He looks like he’s just playing for a paycheck these days.

  9. HawkFan907

    Rob, speaking of OTs have you heard of Julie’n Davenport out of Bucknell? A few other sites are pretty high on him. 6’7″ 315 with 35.5 inch arms and 10.5 inch hands. Good be the Terron Armstead of this year’s draft. Unfortunately I cannot find tons of tape on him but he has basketball bloodlines and has quick feet. Could he be an upside pick this year, or would the Hawks play it safer this year on the line since Fant is waiting in the wings?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve heard of him but not seen any tape.

  10. East Side Stevie

    Hey V12, C-Dog, Kenny sloth I got some questions for you guys whichever of you has time for it. Its some questions that I think you guys would have some knowledge on, go over the comments section on the Rob’s CJ Spiller post.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Last year for us Fred Jackson had 257 snaps last year for us. Which is 24% of the offensive snaps. Only 30 less total than Thomas Rawls and 50 less total than Beast Mode last year.

      And 2 receiving touchdowns on only 8 touches.

      Certainly the newest CJ on the roster and the 3rd high profile Bills RB to join our backfield will have to earn whatever snaps he gets wherever he is on the field and it seems it’s only a one year contract for him at 29 years old

    • C-Dog

      Just replied to some of this in your questions in the Spiller post, Stevie.

  11. Kenny Sloth

    I figured we’d be taking McGlinchey in this mock, he’s the best player available at a position of need. I like the player ok, but it’s a weak class at tackle.

    I sort of feel a trade-down is coming and we’ll suffer another year of subpar tackle play.

    In light of this injury horror show we’ve witnessed, Germain Ifedi was listed as a full participant in today’s practice. Hopefully he loves up to the hype. Of which he has tons for an OL. I love it, I hope he dominates and stays in Seattle for 15 years.

  12. LordSnow

    Anyone hear any details of a Jimmy Graham back injury at practice?

    • C-Dog

      They haven’t said much. Carroll might shed some light tomorrow. That’d be a big blow not to have him against the Jets, IMO.

      • D-OZ

        Back and knee issue. Same surgically repaired knee. I think they may shut him down some against the Jets. I hope Vannett can contribute…

  13. Hughz

    I would think SF would have a hard time passing up on Watson given their current QB situation. Plus they already have a good back in Hyde. Is Fournette really that good?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I would say yes.

      They would instantly have the best backfield in the NFL.

      That’s a scary 1-2 punch

      • Drew

        That’d be a scary 1 punch. I don’t think there’s anything scary about Hyde at all.

        As good as Fournette is, they need a QB first in my opinion

  14. Frank

    Agree on the 49ers, although had a knee jerk no to him and Mcaferty going that high. Tackle makes a ton of sense early. The LB/S hybrid is intriguing to me, I just wonder with Cams size and physically ability if he couldn’t be dropped into the Sam LB on the downs we want three Lbers out at once and get another Db on the field in the SS spot. Just saying we have the original S/LB already and as he losses a step of pure speed maybe he can just play Lb. Any tall safety types that could cover TE and still be physical enough to fit in at SS coming up in the draft? Probably not a day one need. It seems too me we have had recurring needs in the draft for years, first Qb WRs and now RB and Tackles. It’s always impossible to know how the back up rookies are developing and if Fant, Poole, Odhimbo are showing any signs of being Starter quality Lt types, but given I haven’t heard any positive reports is hard to not believe they will once again Draft a Tackle 1st-4rd and maybe a couple of them. It’s kinda frustrating to feel like it’s ground hog day every year with our draft needs. Eventually it would be nice to feel like we have achieved a league average set of Tackles without just drafting them to move them to Gaurd. I get the why and it makes total sense to get better pass blocking guards by moving Tackles inside but maybe a whole team of Hybrid player types works everywhere but Lt. When this blog first started, I was so passionate about the need to win at the line of scrimmage that Rob had to delete one of my more passionate post about the need to invest in the line, instead of Bradford or Crabtree or other blog favorites in those years. I’ve learned a few things since and Robs player and team analysis has proven itself over and over to the point I would say it is the most intelligent voice in football I have ever ran into. Thanks Rob for doin your thing. One question, how far would Founette have to slide for the Hawks to consider trading up, and with the glaring need at Tackle is that even a possibility?

    • Volume12

      If they add another LB/S/nickel back hybrid type it allows this defense to do sooo many things. They can leave that guy and Bam Bam on the field at the same time.

      Kind of like how we’re seeing this team go away from a true FB and using an H back, which fits a ZBS better anyways. Defenses now have to make very difficult decisions and quickly. It gives this offense even more multiplicity.

      However, I got my eye on possibly the next ‘M-Rob’ aka Michael Robinson.

      Texas H-back/TE Tyrone ’18 wheeler’ Swoopes. I could see Seattle really liking him.

      • DC

        Would love to get another Mrob type on this team. We haven’t won a Super Bowl since he left. Coincidence? I think not… ??

  15. cha

    “7 Miami โ€” DeShone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame)”

    After watching Tannehill last night, I’m ready to fully endorse this pick for Miami.

    Other than the playground football throw to a wide open WR, what a horrid performance. Very little pocket awareness, and that INT was inexcusable. How do you not see the guy in the blindingly white uni in front of your WR?

    The Dolphins probably structured his contract so they have to decide on him after this season with $10m in dead money and $9.9m cap savings for cutting him, as opposed to $22m after 2017 and only $3.3m in savings.

    • Volume12

      It should be interesting regarding the QBs come draft time.

      I like Kizer better than Watson. But, there might be some big or bigger name FAs at the position too. Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, possibly Ryan Tannehill, Colin Kaepernick, possibly Phillip Rivers. Not that any or these guys are franchise QBs, except for Rivers. Somewhat. If Rivers was on say Cincinnati, they’d have made a SB IMO.

      So it should be fascinating to see how QB needy teams go about addressing it.

      • cha

        Put Tony Romo and Sam Bradford in the maybe pile too. Depends on how things unfold with the other QBs on their rosters.

  16. Volume12

    Texas vs OK St. Seahawks scouting that one.

    OK St- OT Victor Salako may be a guy to monitor. WRs James Washington and Marcell Ateman, S/LB Jordan Sterns, TE Blake Jarwin, DT Vincent Taylor.

    Texas- RB D’Onta Foreman (love this kid), OL Kent Perkins (RG, but IMO he can play RT), DT Paul Boyette, Jr, H-back/TE Tyrone Swoopes

    Who am I forgetting?

  17. Volume12

    Texas- DE/OLB Naashon Hughes, WR Armanti Foreman (D’onta’s twin)

    OK St- CB Ashton Lampkin, WR Jhajuan Seals, LB Jordan Burton, S Derrick Moncreif (Auburn transfer, 6’2, 220), RB Rennie Childs

  18. David

    You think SF takes Fournette over QB? Especially if Watson is still on the board? I feel like Hyde is a good if not really good RB and it’s QB and WR that’s really holding back that offense moreso than RB.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very, very early. In the podcast I discussed a projection where Kaepernick returns to the line-up during the season and performs well in Chip Kelly’s offense, Trent Baalke is fired and Kaepernick goes into the off-season as the starter.

      Here’s the thing with Fournette — opponents will have to game-plan for him every week. They have to find a way to stop him the way teams had to with Marshawn and do with Adrian Peterson. Nobody has to game-plan for Hyde. People write off the RB position these days and it’s a mistake — because if you have a game-changer back there it draws so much attention. I won’t advocate average RB’s going very early but the great ones should. Fournette is a legend in the making.

      • David

        Good points! Lamar would be better in 2018 anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

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